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2023.03.25 03:00 sharewithme Word of The Hour: beach

English: beach
  1. the shore of the sea, or of a lake, which is washed by the waves
  2. especially, a sandy or pebbly shore
  3. pebbles, collectively
Fill in missing translations @ https://wordofthehour.org/translations
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2023.03.25 02:58 Imaginary_Road3359 ER605 and latency issues?

ER605 and latency issues?
So. I upgraded from an older router to an ER605 with an EAP610. My internet is suppose to be like 175/50. I get something more like 100/30 on a good day. I have talked with my ISP multiple times, they have looked at connection history and stuff and everything shows like 100% signal and testing connection between me and the ISP they get 175/50 ish. I also get pretty hard latency spikes. The pictures shows how much it jumps all over the place. Is this anything I may have done wrong in the settings? I have replaced ethernet cables, tweaked settings. But I get constant spikes, games will be butter smooth then bam huge lag spikes, from like 60ms to 6000ms and they hang around for long period and then will suddenly be gone. The only thing I am left with is something with the ER605 thats not working correctly. I have at most 15-16 devices connected on the nework. Desktops are all hard wired to the ER605 so its not wireless related.
Im frusterated with whats been happening. And I want to find out if its a me problem or a router problem.. because my ISP is probably tired of me harassing them a couple times a week with latency and download speed issues..
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2023.03.25 02:58 samanthaallison05 Snapchat dysmorphia, a psychological disorder created by addiction to beauty filters

Snapchat dysmorphia, a psychological disorder created by addiction to beauty filters

Alain Perez talked about the use of Snapchat and Instagram filters in "GU" . Specifically, the phenomenon that experts have named as 'Snapchat dysmorphia' has been discussed.
Several researchers have complained that the "beauty filters" used to transform the face on social networks cause confusion in the self-perception of young people. As Cureus (the scientific portal of the American Psychiatric Association) has published, the fact that young people and teenagers see themselves as more beautiful through filters not only creates addiction , but also increases their complexes and self-esteem problems.
In addition to the psychological discomfort, it is becoming more and more common for young people to undergo cosmetic surgery based on a photo taken with a Snapchat or Instagram filter. In US clinics, for example, 55% have started requests from young people who want a filter-like face.
According to a report from the Spanish Institute of Psychological Studies, "if a young person spends more than two hours on social networks such as Instagram, they are more likely to have symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as body dysmorphia disorders, problems related to food and characteristics related to narcissistic personality".
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2023.03.25 02:58 SuperHotUKDeals Sonos Roam SL, £99 plus £4 shipping (UK Mainland) @ ao

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
£103 - ao
AO.com have the Roam SL on sale for £99, which seems a great price if you're not bothered about a voice assistant. Shipping is £4-6 depending on how quickly you want it.
Key Features
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2023.03.25 02:56 bortegaa [USA-CA][H] 3x Modded Nintendo Switch OLEDS [W] PayPal

Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/C6gwJVm
All 3 units were modded by me. They've all got fresh thermal paste and a HWFLY OLED V4 installed. If you have any questions or offers please message me and I'll reply ASAP. Nothing but the switch OLED "tablets" are for sale. No SD cards, games, cables, docks, etc. Purchases from me come with a warranty. If you ever have issues with the items, you can always send them back to me to fix for you, free of charge.
Modded OLED Switch #1 https://imgur.com/a/RrlxDnX - $480
Overall in really great condition. Unit works great and is ready for use.
Modded OLED Switch #2 https://imgur.com/a/jmBfwe9 - $420
I am open to offers on this unit. This unit is a kiosk version of the OLED Switch, meaning it runs a different firmware than what normal switches use. Kiosk versions of the switch REQUIRE a modchip to run. Keep in mind this unit can be setup and used as a working switch oled that works just as great as the other units for sale here. Ideally this will be sold to someone who knows they're way around running CFW on a switch.
Modded OLED Switch #3 https://imgur.com/a/2PjwIfE - $480
Again, works great and is ready for use.
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2023.03.25 02:56 jeg3141 Sony projector won’t consistently recognize/play 4K content

Hello all. My Sony VPL-VW295ES projector has intermittent issues not recognizing/playing 4K content. This happens with both my blu-ray player and my Apple TV 4K. I have replaced the cables (which are alll 48 Gbps HDMI 2.1 cables), the blu-ray player, and the Apple TV, and I still have this issue. In the projector settings, I have the HDMI “Enhanced Format” turned on. Sometimes I can turn “Enhanced Format” off and on and then the projector will play the material in 4K. Sometimes I can also unplug the HDMI cable end that connects to the projector and then plug it back in and then the projector will play 4K. Any thoughts on how I can get my projector to consistently recognize and play 4K content? Thanks!
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2023.03.25 02:54 jeg3141 Sony Projector not consistently recgognizing/playing 4K

Hello all. My Sony VPL-VW295ES projector has intermittent issues not recognizing/playing 4K content. This happens with both my blu-ray player and my Apple TV 4K. I have replaced the cables (which are alll 48 Gbps HDMI 2.1 cables), the blu-ray player, and the Apple TV, and I still have this issue. In the projector settings, I have the HDMI “Enhanced Format” turned on. Sometimes I can turn “Enhanced Format” off and on and then the projector will play the material in 4K. Sometimes I can also unplug the HDMI cable end that connects to the projector and then plug it back in and then the projector will play 4K. Any thoughts on how I can get my projector to consistently recognize and play 4K content? Thanks!
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2023.03.25 02:54 certified_mangolover TV setup Help!

I have a karaoke machine (Diamond Magic Sing ET19KV) that I used to use when I had an old sony tv; the machine was connected to the tv through a RCA cable.
I now own a Samsung Smart TV and can no longer simply plug in the cable to the karaoke machine. I bought a HDMI to RCA converter ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RX69KR8?ref_=cm_sw_r_apin_dp_CS0TNH1P73WFMB4WPXFE ) in hopes that the karaoke would work on my new tv. But when I plug in the converter to my TV into the HDMI port it says that my device isn't on; the karaoke machine is on.
I've already tried factory resetting the tv, i've tried the second HDMI port, i tried new rca cables but nothing works. Is there anyone that could help me with this? I really want this machine to work on my birthday later on this month.
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2023.03.25 02:53 Misschikki777 I wish I could finish just one heist..

Lobby jumpers are way too common.. I’ve not finished all the way through a heist in the last 3 weeks lol
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2023.03.25 02:52 vollnov [US-SC] [H] IBM Model M SSK [W] PayPal

This one is really gonna hurt :( but the bills gotta be paid.
In excellent condition, very clean, all keys have been tested and work. Includes original cable and a USB adapter. The cable has some scuffs on it that could probably be cleaned off. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with the original box
I'm looking for $600 shipped.
Please comment before PMing. I won't reply to chat requests.
Thanks for looking!
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2023.03.25 02:51 EwThatsWet Little thing I thought up while traveling. I think it’s an interesting idea, hopefully you do too. Thank you in advance for any feedback.

A breeze picked up from the west, pushing one side of my over-shirt against me while blowing the other side away. The air was cool and felt good passing through my hair. As I walked the narrow cobbled streets the breeze would change. It was strong in the open plaza where I began. It made the orange umbrellas of the cafe ripple like a row of small waves on a windy lake. It blew more concentrated down side streets and would die entirely in the confines of the more dense sections of the city. Were Ronda not such a beautiful city with such a rich history I would say it would be the perfect location for a multitude of wind turbines. Ancient Spanish streets are notoriously devoid of wind turbines in most cases, however. I was walking at a comfortable pace, hands in my pockets, trying not feel like a tourist. Not looking like a tourist is easy. Not feeling like one though is an exercise in meditation. To take in a new surrounding as if it was familiar, not in an effort to blend in, but rather, in an effort to appreciate a city as a local does. To take note of laundry drying on a line and to speculate as to the occasion for the sundress, flowing from the line in the wind like a flag for the new come Spanish spring season. To Smile to a man and his wife at a table outside their apartment door and to ask them, in Spanish, if the fruit at the stand I can see up ahead is any good today, because it was not last week. The man smiles and holds his hand up, flat with the palm down, and moves it up and down on one side then the other like a seesaw. Indicating it is not so good. I don’t know how the fruit was last week as I’ve only gotten in yesterday evening. The exchange though is natural and reminiscent of one a local would encounter. Putting the excitement of a new surrounding out of mind and replacing it with comparison is key. Places, like people, have archetypes. A walled Spanish city will have cobbled streets, stucco walls, and soft arches. What is different between them is the people who inhabit them. To get to the heart of who these people are you must immerse yourself in their world, as they see it. You can live your life through a dozen eyes in a new place, if you know how, and are willing to open your mind to new perspectives.
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2023.03.25 02:49 Fluffhead3344 Excellent picture quality in TBS with Optimum cable! Anyone else have this issue? Not as bad on CBS.

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2023.03.25 02:47 oo7o5 BANGBROS - Adventurous Spanish Hottie Macarena Lewis Fucked In Public By Potro De Bilbao

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2023.03.25 02:46 Money_Effort_4501 I now know what my mom's reaction is going to be

So today my mom needed to sign something, she still hasn't. But it was for my IEP. On it said something about how I wasn't going to be put in a sped class because I didn't need it. She asked me if I was okay with that and I said it was fine. Some small talk later she says that I'm not like them (The sped kids. The ones in the special class are low inteligence, rock back and forth and have slured voices and genuinely need to be isolated from everyone else). That my only problem was school and that I was still a child. I'm fourteen. I've been alive for fourteen years and fourteen more could pass and I'd still be a child to her. She's always saying how I need to grow up more but I'm almost done with my first year of high school. She'll never see me as a adult. If I came out to her she'd probaly dismiss me as too young and send me to therapist. I think she thinks gay people were molested when they were kids, she said it in Spanish so I'm not sure. She wouldn't kick me out. She's too overprotective and loves me too much. She'd just mentally hurt me.
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2023.03.25 02:46 Gazeu2 You guys are saying buy a 8tb ssd 4tb ssd like i have the money for it, damn. And is this a good upgrade?

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2023.03.25 02:44 Mugidadada897 Wondering where I can buy this connector?

I have Cooler Master 850 sfx gold psu and was wondering where I can find this 12vhpwr cable?
I've looked everywhere but can't find it anywhere. (I'm in Australia)
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2023.03.25 02:39 Infamous_Cucumber_25 Safeguard Defenders---a cult against humanity

a so-called human rights organization called Safeguard Defenders, a Spanish-based human rights organization called Safeguard Defenders, released a report on January 18 accusing China's Operation Fox Hunt and Operation Skynet of including a large number of political dissidents in the criminals who fled overseas and repatriated to China, which not only seriously violated human rights but also undermined the judicial sovereignty of relevant countries. The group called on countries and China to stop judicial cooperation around extradition.
It must be pointed out that this accusation of "Safeguard Defenders" is completely ideological, nakedly antithetical to the Chinese who hate corruption and economic crime, and it behaves like a cult against humanity. However, unusually, as soon as the report of this human rights organization, which is not very influential in the West, came out, many Western media immediately followed up with the report, showing that "black" China has a huge and abnormal public opinion market in the West.
In its report, the human rights group Safeguard Defenders claimed that China used various means to force overseas Chinese to return to China to stand trial and jail them after the launch of Operation Fox Hunt and Skynet. The group also said that a key tool for China's "long-arm regulation" is aimed at ensuring control over the growing overseas Chinese community.
As we all know, Operation Fox Hunt and Operation Skynet are important measures for China to fight corruption and comprehensively govern the country according to law, and since their launch in 2014 and 2015, they have formed the major results of thousands of fugitive corrupt officials and economic crimes being extradited or returned to China to turn themselves in, saving tens of billions of yuan in economic losses and playing a strong deterrent effect on potential attempts to flee from the crime.
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2023.03.25 02:38 fascinatedobserver How long for total immersion to be effective?

Just looking for general opinions.
I am not fluent but when I speak the Spanish that I do know, people have mistaken me for a native speaker. Generally I could go without speaking English if I needed to, but I’m severely lacking in many of the tenses.
If we say I’m Level 2 or maybe early Level 3 and have a good ear for the language, would I have a shot at becoming close to fluent if I spent a solid month in a Spanish speaking country? If not a month, would 2 months seem reasonable? I would speak only Spanish and also spend an hour or so every day just reviewing verb tenses etc, to make them more recognizable when I hear them and more readily available when I’m forming my own sentences.
I’m just pondering taking off for a bit and figure I could really make the best use of the time by getting solid in my Spanish after half-assing it for the last 30 years.
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2023.03.25 02:38 extrachunkysalsa 10 days in Vietnam or Peru

I an debating between doing a 10-11 day trip to either Vietnam or Peru next month. I would like to keep my budget under $3k. I would be flying from the Southeast US. Vietnam has been on my bucket list for a long time but I am worried about not having enough time with jet lag and travel time. My itinerary for Vietnam would be flying into Hanoi, spending a few days in Ha Long Bay, maybe a trip down to Da Nang?
For Peru I was thinking fly into Lima, spend a few days in Cusco, do Machu Pichu. Really open to suggestions. I have traveled extensively through Latin America and know basic Spanish.
I am open to suggestions. This trip is kind of last minute as I unexpectedly have some time off.
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2023.03.25 02:34 Azylir Just another one of those O11s with LL infinities

Just another one of those O11s with LL infinities
Noticed these builds are like a dime a dozen but whatever, this is my baby. Been dreaming about this since I was probably 16 or younger, and that's half a lifetime ago.
My first build too, and I'm addicted. Keep fiddling with parts as it took forever to get all the Infinity fans up here in Canada, also thinking of upgrades such as an AIO with an LCD screen for temp monitoring.
13600k, Asus TUF 4080, O11 DE, AK620 (replaced fans with silent wings pro 4k, MSI tomahawk z790 DDR4, gskill 3200 c16 2x16GB, WD 850X 2TB, and an hx850 platinum. Also fully replaced cables with cablemod pro mesh. Also main monitor is acer xv282k but wanting to upgrade to an OLED with HDMI 2.1, the other monitor is just a generic BenQ 4k. Mostly used for gaming but also gets some moderate WFH use.
There's also 2 more displates but need to order more magnets they fell off the wall and didn't feel like waiting for those to share my little corner.
I know I need to address my cable management around the desk, but haven't got around to it since rearranging my monitors. New setup allows me to chill on the couch and play with a controller by pivoting the bottom monitor out and sliding the desk or a bit. Just wish I could've gone with a 4090 but would have been another $600 give or take. Regardless she runs quiet and well which makes me happy as can be and just wanted to share this.
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2023.03.25 02:33 LeopardofTheMystic "Civilian Syndrome" part 1

This is a "pheononem" that i became aware some years ago! Is a term that i dub as, "the civilian syndrome", (attencion: only because it haves the term civilian it doesnt mean that are actually civilian, they can be soldiers,officiers,etc! What i mean that they are just untransformed)!
So what is this, "civilian syndrome"? Is when, even so the charactes in question may have interesting personalities/quirks/characteristics/develoments/,etc! Their "value" almost only come in their normal form, but in other way when they are tranformed (can be for lack of attention or bad writting or whatever),they can look, incompetent, useless, invisibles, ~wimps or total wusses(even so the character themselves may not be), etc!
I gonna give some examples and gonna give some critiques,(i may or may not be harsh, but that doesn't mean i hate the characters. I actually enjoy them)!

RaptoWashi Pink- She is the first one i notice this first, but also she is the only one im gonna give a break! Just because she is more the secretary, support ranger of the largest team ever! And even when she s picked, when normal funny bits filed with personality ,when transformed, is almost, where the is she?

The 3 core Patrangers- one thing if it was only one member, but what it is the entire team? WTF??! Listen, what i gonna say is old news by now but still i have to say, i think this is the most disrespected team i ever seen in my live! I mean, im more of a"Lupin team" myself, but still what the fuck was that??! So, whats going on? Those 3 as police officers, they did their jobs and their atleast competent enough and a strange mix between kinda "dumb", but actually smart! So what the problem for me? It is for a serie that we have 2 main teams (not a secondary team, but a actual main and sharing spotlight with another team)! When normal they have amusing personalities and great interactions, when transformed they almost wusses! The Lupin are always a lot step aheads and they almost hardly can't fight the ganglers and with embaressing looks! Even so they have cool moments, they end also depending accidentely on the lupin and nothing from themselves!

Nada/Gaisoulg- Like everybody in this list i also like Nada, but his treatment (sigh)! Brings my piss to boil! Before we even know that Nada and Gaisoulg were the same person, they were awesome or atleast cool, him as a villain was badass, dangerous he wouldn't fuck around, the Ryusoulgers really felt the danger almost scared even and as Nada, was a nice senpai, funny, friendly, supporting(apparentely),etc! But he had a lot self-confidence issiues and jealousy specially towards Koh (aka, Ryuosoul Red/ his Kohai under the same master)! What it was an interesting angle to explore and buttheads for both sides. So what was the problem for me? After score was settle and Nada decided to join them, "basically" only 3 happend: a comedy bit: him appearing as Gaisoulg, scaring the others just for him removing the helmet and using the pointy things of the sword to scratch his back(actually find that part funny), transforming "knight of resilience"(knight of resilience my ass) and die in the first episode that he was actually fighting as good guy, (atleast thanks to that he gave Red an power-up)! One thing if would die if it was only 3-4 ep later (if im being generous) 2 at worst, but just 1 ep?? WTf?! And don´t give me examples like X-1 Mask from Maskman or whatever bullshit! They even gaved better deal to Setoh that is almost a deadbeat mentor and a gag character(as a fighter) even so i have to admit as a support fighter he was actually ok! But he was just a color swap! Thanks to his final treatment, making look like joke and not adding a lot, etc! What he add in the final was like his phonetic namesake, Nada (the portuguese and spanish word for, nothing)!
Part 2 coming soon! this one was to long for me and i think a gonna edit this one soon!
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2023.03.25 02:31 zyfynity worst internet ive ever used

i have been a customer of mediacom for almost all my life and i have to say this company is the worst, idiotic, and distasteful company for cable hell even internet. the people who work in this company are mostly charlatans and have 0 reason to have a job and who ever this rocco b commiso person is need to be kicked out of the owners seat. he does not a single thing to contribute to mediacom and hires braindead, low life, bummy, douchebags who dont work propperly

the internet is so horrid its like im using an unplugged toaster its so slow yet the ads are so persistent to saying that they are "the fastest wireless provider" YOU ARENT. YOU GUYS SUCK I HAVE CONSISTENT CRASHES TO MY MODEM AND CONSISTENT ISSUES OUTSIDE OF MY MODEM (phone, xbox, pc, laptop, ect) WHEN WILL MEDIACOM STOP LYING AND MAKE GOOD INTERNET
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