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Painkiller Already (PKA) is a weekly online podcast produced by Woody (WoodysGamertag), Kyle (FPSKyle) and Taylor (MurkaDurkah). Episodes usually range from three to four hours long, often include an additional guest and feature a varied selection topics.

2023.03.28 18:41 RBsh0tzz Question about CPU usage.

Hi !
just got back to the game after not playing for the past wipe and a half. and i noticed that my CPU usage is trough the roof while my GPU is barely being used. I am still getting good FPS tough (80-120 avg depending on map) but I cannot remember that I had this in the past and would like to know if there is a fix for this?
My specs:
3070 Gigabyte Eagle I7-9700KF 32GB DDR4 Ram 2xM.2 SSD // 2x Normal SSD Windows 10 Nothing is overclocked.
Also for ingame settings for graphics I use LVNDMARK his settings:
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2023.03.28 18:40 jonmoon04 What makes the Vortex Razor scope worth 100k?

I was watching Lvndmark and I noticed that they use this scope on every gun, then I went to the flea market and found that it costs 100k+ roubles. Why? What makes this scope different than the other 1-6x scopes such as the Valday or the Vudu?
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2023.03.25 07:28 Mito_rhandir Why aren't ghosts banned?

As in the case of Asmongold in Final Fantasy 14, where users who were sniping on his live were all banned. Why not do this in Tarkov too? Obviously this doesn't happen recurrently on big streamers like lvndmark, Glorious_E, Trey24k, Gingy etc. In smaller people, who intend to create content around the game, bring views to the game and their channels. Maybe it's time for more levels of reporting both in and out of the game? We need to have a clean and honest community with everyone.
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2023.03.23 23:24 AdSuccessful991 Got rage hacked on

Some fuckhead named LVNDMARK__TV just laserbeamed me in the head only with six bullets (and more whizzing/impacting my head on the way down) in a row from over 100m away on interchange because I popped a shot at him and his carry buddy with the mosin I had.
Don't stop making racket about this just because PR week is over, I can't even play during workday hours on regular daytime maps anymore without a fucking cheater present and they're running in groups.
Edit: playing Ghost of Tabor now, Tarkov in VR basically
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2023.03.23 02:02 BunBunGunGun This is usually my "sit back and chill" game.

But not today. Today, thanks to my new fondness for playing while stoned, I decided to try some new gun mods in practice mode(No gun range). This time I'm trying out the ATACR 7-3. I'm not great at this game or anything, and to prove that, I enter the raid with the stock ADAR gas block. I let my head fall back in frustration just as I realize my mistake as the DEPLOY timer starts.
Welp, nothing to do now except reload the match. I forgot to take my other items off anyw- wait, why is the timer so long?

I entered an actual raid. With the worst loot pinata cosplay I could have on. Some of my more decent armor, my only helmet, oh AND A 20 KG trooper 35 that holds the majority of my healing stash. Now, I'm a rat. There is no Chad-ing my way through this. Even if I came in with a proper kit, kills are rare. I'm still working on the "Friend from the West-Part1" quest. I only started playing this game a few days before the "that" video came out. I have not learned anything that is going to let me wield this energy-sucking vampire of a backpack while I John Wick my scav shotty and even more disappointing custom built meme-rifle.

Now, I'm not looking for sympathy or criticizing the game at all. It is what it is, but also... I immediately started googling how to quit a raid early without leaving everything. Nothing was insured in the pack. Come on man, just give me a pass. I know I fucked up, I won't ever get high or masturbate or anything again, just let me have this one early quitsies. Of course, nothing came up.

I start looking up the "how to drop my pack hotkey". Ya, I don't even know that, but I see streamers do it, so maybe it will help me just enough to get the kill in a fight. Not that I planned to fight. Like I said, I'm a fucking rat.
Now I say that with pride(for some reason), but I'm not like one of the rats that's scoring a couple chads a session. I'm also a bitch. I hate fighting. The guns are so loud, but I refuse to lower any of the audio because I like it all when it works. Except the wind. Fuck the wind. Any way, I'm sticking to the wall like broken scav sniper AI.

I spawned in the PMC spot closest to "Factory Far Corner". If your too new to know my extract options immediately, then just know, my only real choices at least are vehicle extract or other side of goddamn map. So, it's vehicle extract. And I have the money, actually a couple of wallets wor-OOPS LETS JUST MOVE THAT TO MY SECURE CASE.
Now vehicle exfil isn't exactly close. I spent longer than I wanted looking up keybinds and googling get out of jail free cards so my PMC has been in this bush peeing his pants for 5 minutes while everyone spawns and gets frosty with early kills. I start sprinting in the direction of military CP, and no more than 10 steps later, I hear the 1st shots of the raid.

The shots are followed by a volley of grenades detonating. Everything is going down at the Gas Station, multiple PMCs and SCAVs are exchanging fire. I panic and hope I make it across the street at least, but I don't even reach the 1st curb before my heavy breathing starts. I HAVE NO ENERGY! It's not coming back either, or at least not when I move. It dawns on me that the 1st 5 minutes didnt just screw my positioning. This backpack is still killing me! I'm already at 55 Energy. I crouch by the sandbags. I'm somewhat exposed, but hopeful the nearby Gas Station war will draw most eyes. I stand up, satisfied with my stamina and start walking across the street. The gun fire is still going, explosions still booming, but my eyes are fixed elsewhere. Scav snipers spawn here.

Despite my double- thriced over pissed pants, I make it across and into the woods. The gunfire dies down around then, and the snipers are caught sleeping. I follow the wall, avoiding barb wire, letting a PMC pass near the military base railroad, rely on my eyes to spot shooters while I walk through common kill zones,ect. My rat training is taking over.

I finally reach the trees behind the 2 story dorms. It's quiet, but the back door is open. My PMC starts panting again. My energy is so low that just walking with the pack is draining. I'm walking through a slight break in the trees, so once I get to the next bush I wil- SEVERAL ROUNDS LAND IN THE WALL BEHIND ME. Someone is shooting in my direction.

My heart starts fucking racing. This is it, It's a cheater or fucking LVNDMARK and he heard me fart 8 minutes ago and used echolocation to somehow know I would walk right here. I hear glass breaking, but only one gun. It's has a suppressor, the direction only given away because of the glass breaking. Seems like a SMG. I crotch behind a tree. Shots hit the tree after some more glass breaks. I pull out my shotgun. I hope the rain is enough to cover up the sound of the gun. Some more shots, more glass breaking, and I wonder if they're just shooting out the back windows. I'm eating my sprats to get my energy back and get ready to fight. The shots stop. Was he really just shooting out the windows. It appears to be the case. My relief is short-lived, now that the shots have stopped, I notice another absent noise. The car extract, isn't here.
I feel completely defeated, but I just can't stop. Not now, it's too hot here. I stand up, it's time to make my way to the boat extract. I don't know if rain always keeps it from spawning, but I have to try. As I stand I hit the barbwire above me and instantly freeze. I curse my stupidness as I listen for LVNDMARK's giggling. Nothing, obviously, I scared him off. I quickly take my based Chad energy and leave.
I'm not going to try to draw this out to much more. By now I realize that the sprats have given me enough energy to actually run and recover my energy while walking now. I thank my fortune and make my way to the boat. Of course, it wasn't there, and now I stood upon the edge of the abyss. The river of death itself. Not once have I ever EVER crossed it except in a dead sprint with the lightest of gear. I take my 1st step on the crossing. And begin the world's longest walking serpentine. I was a carnival attraction waiting for some lucky sniper to claim their grand prize. Gunfire erupts around me, but I'm numb to it now. It's not flying by my head, but let's be honest, if one comes in this direction, I'm not going to hear it until it's too late.

Explosions now. It's all on the bridge above me, but I don't stop walking. I can't lose this. I don't have a lot keeping me in this game. I don't play with anyone, and I'm not at StankRat levels of awesome. I don't have a lot, and what I got, took forever. I play this game for the satisfying drill and screwdriver noises when I put a flash flight on a gun. Sometimes I will get a kill, and I step outside for a smoke after it still feels so good. I can't come back from this. The sound of metal gives way to wood, the sound of wood gives way to the dirt, and I found myself on the other side of the river.

I climbed the hill, but truly, I climbed to victory, and made my escape from Tarkov at the crossroads. Ugh anyway, I guess don't be like me. Don't eat a bunch of edibles and jump into raids with your whole stash.
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2023.03.20 20:29 MunkenDk 30mm ring mount

I see a lot of people (including Lvndmark) use the Nightforce Magmount 30mm ring scope mount which has a -1 ergo penalty.
why use that over the Recknagel Era-Tac 30mm ring scope mount which does not have the -1 ergo penalty
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2023.03.19 12:39 Helldiver_of_Mars Even LVNDMARK rattin

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2023.03.18 05:28 Jimmy_Valmerz Ran into the LVNDMARK-TWITCH that sold 77 LEDX's in labs

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2023.03.16 09:18 legohhhh Is tarkov a game for gun enthusiasts, where guns are useless?

Hi all, I've been playing EFT since 12.10, and I love the uniqueness of the game. I've friends that have played since 12.7, and they all told me I've missed out on the best phase of EFT. I went back to see big streamer's and their old videos, and I can't help but feel that way too.
From watching the game evolve, I find that its basically a game where guns and PvP are just poorly rewarded now. One of the main draws of tarkov, is its risk-reward scenarios. Each raid poses you a question of what are you willing to risk to obtain some reward. Now, I've seen and read posts where basically players with poorer aim mechanics, advocated for less PvP. They find it unfair when better players can charge at them, abusing poor netcode implementation, to kill them. The game seems to have been balanced towards rewarding multiple playstyles.
I do agree, that the average player should be able to play the game how he wants. Heck, I've a mate that basically averages a K/D of 1.0 with a survival rate of 30% and he still enjoys the hardcore draw of the game. But I also feel that, over this span of time, the non-PvP styles have been rewarded far more than the PvP ones.
It does not make sense to challenge most fights now, you are better off running away, and trying to loot somewhat high-tier spots. When they nerfed all the key rooms and loose loot, it seems that there was not much incentive to gear and try to fight for those spots. You even see this in labs, where players like lvndmark used to carry the very best gear, in order to maximize the best fighting chance to get a chance to loot the map.
Ultimately, one of the EFT's greatest draws is its weapon customization. With the recent recoil changes, you can now build very cool-looking guns. But the objective of every raid, is to minimize shooting that gun, so as to reduce loss of income from using rounds, or you just end up shooting scavs. Even when there is PvP, you find that opponents might not be bringing the best gear. This basically results in you risking a million rouble kit, against someone that uses a 300k kit. Now, EFT's draw is also that any kit is viable, and I get that. But why would someone really maximize their survival chance, if the reward of it is insufficient? Labs used to be the fighting ground not just for loot, but for kits. It was such that you could die 5 times in a row, but potentially make it all back by winning a good fight. These scenarios are now few and far between.
Is this game actually even an FPS, given the way it has evolved? As a player, if I invest time in the game, shouldn't there be some reward, such as being able to win fights more frequently? The game has rewarded passive playstyles, and that's great. But why has it come at the expense of other playstyles?
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2023.03.15 02:30 LocoRico_ Sooo close ✊🏽💯😤 can’t believe it only took 3 month’s appreciate all the love and feed back! Les goooooo

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2023.03.12 01:04 rClipsBot TARK !GFUEL !NORDVPN LVNDMARK_TV On Socials

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2023.03.09 14:11 kctan8363 Did fake lvndmark still surviving?

Or get banned? Haven’t seen him for a long time. Miss him. /s
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2023.03.08 06:16 No_Pizza_3893 Tarkov has ruined gaming for me

After watching Welyn and lvndmark play this stupid game I wanted to play, so I sold my Xbox and build my current computer. Once I got Tarkov I couldn't stop playing it, and it felt amazing...for the first couple of months. Now I'm three wipes in and can't even bring myself to play it, let alone other games. The constant dying with good loot, getting no kills, and blatant cheaters makes me want to kill someone. It feels so bland and repetitive. I played so often and I tried my best every raid, but didn't get better, and seeing all my buddies kill people with ease but I get killed by a scav who's fucking my own mother, and when I do play other games I get bored, or lose interest immediately. I dont know what to do.
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2023.03.07 05:51 sazzam2 SUS AF!! 76 LEDX's FOR SALE? right......

People still defending this guy (Lvndmark)? LMAO.... right......
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2023.03.06 15:46 WiseRevise The last sub shadow banned this post. BSG claims to have cracked down on cheaters/RWTing, but these still exists. I even sent one of LVNDMARK one to NoiceGuy and it made it in his last video.

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2023.03.06 13:10 Winter-Ad7753 Should I wait for some time or start playing now?

So basically I've been playing this game since 2019 I believe and I usually quit around lvl 25 as I get burned out.
However recently I upgraded my rig a little bit and I've been watching LVNDMARK and figured I miss the game, however I don't want to go into it and run into wigglers and inv players and such.
So anywho, should I wait for some time or just jump straight back in? Also I don't know if I'll stand a chance against players now as it's been 3ish months since wipe now right?
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2023.03.06 03:42 lostinformation_ That's our boy, up on top, above the man that left him on read.

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2023.03.03 18:47 thing85 Gingy streaming right now with a camera on all of her monitors.

As a follow up to the discussion a couple days ago, thought I would point out that she has taken the LVNDMARK route in proving that she either does not use radar or does not need it to play well.
But I guess I’ll wait for everyone to comment on why she’s still a cheater or why “she just turned it off for this stream.”
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2023.03.02 23:52 Euphoric_Coat_4223 Lvndmark

You people that think Lvndmark cheats are something else. (I would like to call yall something else but I would probably be banned from the sub-reddit) I have seen him make plenty of mistakes and get punished for it. Reading through these post from some you have me dying. Like surely you people have a brain right?

I always used to cringe when Lvndmark would complain about being called a cheater. Like sure he is mega great at the game but I never considered him a cheater. Then I came to this sub-reddit out of curiosity and boy did I find what I was looking for. It is sad really. Now I understand why he complains a lot. It is a joke lmao.
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2023.03.02 04:43 IFiOffendYouSMD Nikita doubling down on “this game isn’t for casuals”

I know that this post doesn’t change anything and people will come in and say that all that matters is Nikita’s vision. I agree, so spare me with these comments.
I am just here to express my disappointment that this amazing blueprint of a game is going to end up like some DayZ shit or worse.
Having the most elaborate, complex and detailed weapon modding system of any game in the market thus far, only to see that potential go to waste because the company that makes the game wants most of it to be inaccessible, I can’t help but to feel like this doesn’t sit well with me.
Sorry players but you will have only use a tiny fraction of the weapons and mods in this game because we don’t want you to have fun. Just use a rusty broken AK platform that looks like an early game gun of some single player game, while more badass looking platforms are reserved only for a tiny minimum of no lifers and streamers. Maybe you’ll get a lucky headshot with your mosin or SKS and get to loot something a bit fancier.
Sorry players but you will have to use garbage ammo for over half the wipe because strong ammo brings TTK down too much and people complain that they die before they can do anything.
Sorry players but if you want to use a high class armor or helmet you will have to spend dozens of raids looting stashes and you maybe will end up finding one eventually.
I personally fell in love with Tarkov right around the time Summit1g was playing the game, Lvndmark and Pestily had just started their ascension on the content creator world and that was the best time to be around! The game was fun, PvP was better, PvE was better, we could run meme guns, have fun. The weight system didn’t even exist and looting was so much more fun.
The ONLY change the game really needed was a bit of inertia and slower movement speed. Every other issue the game had was mostly due to server performance. Dsync was a massive issue then as it is now. I still think that the game was a lot more fun back then all these changes to slow down progression only shifted the advantages towards the no lifers and robbed everyone else of so much fun.
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2023.03.01 15:05 Conserliberaltarian A suggestion for Lvndmark

Hey Tony,
We all know you cheat, We've all seen the factory flash bang clip. Sure, I'm not entirely sure what you're looking at on your second monitor, but that doesn't prove your innocence.
I regularly hate watch you several hours a night in an effort to learn your play style. I noticed last night that you were streaming with a webcam taped to your forehead. Obviously, you had to turn off your cheats for this since the webcam swept over all 3 of your monitors on numerous occasions.
I noticed last night you seemed to be doing a little better than usual. You were getting 4-5 PMC kills on streets numerous raids in a row. You even managed to kill Gluhar and all his goons without being hit a single time.
My suggestion is, maybe you should play more often with your cheats turned off? You seem to be doing better without them. Just a thought.
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2023.03.01 09:38 Terra_Force This is fine

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