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the good, the bad, and the ugly

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The role-playing video game by American indie developer Toby Fox.

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Homeless Movies: Making comedic reviews of the worst movies of all time to see if they're worth watching anyway!

2023.03.31 18:44 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA Online Fans Discover Possible Hidden GTA 6 Assets Rockstar Added Years Ago

It's only been a few days since some interesting GTA VI gameplay was leaked. The leak, which was authenticated by Rockstar Games, confirmed the location to be Vice City, and that there would be male and female protagonists. Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed something about GTA Online, though. What they found was an art asset that seemed quite familiar. A texture asset specifically.
Those viewers of the leak video noticed a Vice City Metro sticker in the Arena War update for Grand Theft Auto Online that hit a while back. ViceCityMetroMule GTAO White Back Art Asset from Grand Theft Auto Online showing the Vice City Metro Mule Logo
The original tweet no longer displays the side by side imagery, unfortunately. The Arena War Update for Grand Theft Auto Online was release four years ago after all. While this is interesting, it is not uncommon for developers to re-use assets, especially if there isn't a significant change to the artwork. Asset re-use can shorten development time in most cases and it is not limited to video games. Many people are familiar with the "Pixar Easter Eggs" in that film studio's pieces. It's an excellent way to not waste development cycles on things like debris and common texture work that is repeated throughout the virtual worlds -- whether in games or movies.
It is also not uncommon for Rockstar to hide Easter eggs in their games that may reference other games in the same series, or different titles altogether. Bully even included a Grand Theft Auto vehicle asset in its shop class. Sometimes the developers just throw in things to drive community interest, such as the inclusion of Bigfoot in a later patch of GTA V. Another fun Easter egg is known as the "Mount Chiliad Mystery." When it was found, players suspected it meant there was a jetpack somewhere in GTA V -- there wasn't -- but one eventually appeared in a GTA Online Mission
gta online arena war t shirts T-Shirts from the GTA Online Arena War Update
It's definitely an interesting inclusion, but it's certainly not the only reference to Vice City within GTA V and GTA Online. There's an entire wiki article on Vice City related Easter eggs on the fan wiki for Grand Theft Auto. Still, this particular metro logo was not seen until GTA Online, and now in the unauthorized leak, so in a way, players had confirmation Vice City would be used in GTA VI, if they were paying attention and connected the dots.
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2023.03.31 18:43 lilspark112 I bring you the ultimate guide to early 80s Stranger Danger

I bring you the ultimate guide to early 80s Stranger Danger
My local library had a copy of this book “Never Say Yes to a Stranger” that terrified and fascinated me. The use of photography instead of illustrations made it especially creepy to me. I would check it out regularly (I bought into stranger danger 1000% and thought I was always on the brink of abduction).
Years later after some internet digging I was able to find the title and find a used copy to buy. It’s just as bizarre to me now as it was back then.
Here’s the first chapter for your enjoyment.
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2023.03.31 18:43 Ok-Highlight1102 [In Progress] [1782] [Action] "Opus" This is my first piece of writing I have done, this is also my first draft, so it is definitely subject to change and I'll accept any constructive criticism happily. If you spend the time to read this, Thank you very much I really appreciate it.

Orion Opus otherwise known as “Red” due to mutation at birth that covers his entire body in red pigmentation. Lives on a Planet named “Hyperion”, very distant from Earth. Hyperion is very diverse in species, Red belonging to a species known as “Zilics”, A highly advanced race, not only technologically but physically, with the physiology representing that of a human, but also a dragon. The human-esque side granting them an unpredictable level of agility, and their dragon side providing immeasurable durability, accompanied with highly compacted strength, and supernatural abilities manifesting in everyone. The entirety of Hyperion saw their power and was crippled by it. As the Zilics expanded their reach over Hyperion, they acquired more knowledge, and discovered hidden secrets, as their pursuit of knowledge grew, their malevolence dwindled. They lost their desire for conquest, and as time passed, they grew more remorseful for what they had done. To make reparations for their desire of conquest they set out to make a machine that was capable of providing the entire planet with a constant force of energy in an attempt to provide everyone a fair chance at life. In order for them to actualise their goal of creating this generator they had to use the life force of their own people, multiple members of the “Opus” family stepped up as they had a mutation that increased their energy levels, meaning less of their people would have to sacrifice themselves for the cause. This was a big sacrifice as it would either leave them dead or at the very best, weak and fragile. 2 out of the 53 volunteers survived after giving their contributions, Amelia Opus and Redwald Opus, but it worked, the machine powered on emitting unbelievable amounts of energy, and it was dubbed the “SpiritGen”. Years had passed, more and more nations, became prosperous, poverty and suffering, was at an all-time low you could feel hope and joy in the atmosphere. However, rumour began to spread, it was stated that it is possible that members of the “Opus” family had the ability to absorb power from the SpiritGen and gain unimaginable power, world-shattering power. With this newly bred Hope and Joy in the atmosphere, it also bred an unbridled desire to protect it. This influenced the nations of Hyperion to form a coalition in attempt to take the SpiritGen by force. They planned and prepared for what they imagined to be one of the most destructive wars ever, but it had to be quick, because if any Opus got their hands on the generator and the rumour turned out to be true it would be over.
They began their assault on the Zilics, primarily targeting members of the Opus family, and gained territory over the generator. The once former superior race, now taken advantage of because of their remorse, undertook great loss because they no longer had the fight in them that they used to have, a lot of the younger generation, never even experienced combat in their lives. The older generations stepped up immediately, to try and show the younger ones how to defend their territory, but realistically they knew this was not a battle that they could win, the only way possible was to somehow come into contact with the generator, so that was their plan. Magnus Opus, son of Redwald Opus, Father of Orion Opus, would lead his people into the fight, and he would take the power from the SpiritGen, the hopes, dreams, and lives of his people were placed in him, and he carried it with honour. Marching forward with his brother and sisters, through any adversaries they finally made it to where the generator was being held. The united nations were holding them back desperately, in fear of their life, and their freedom, but in an overwhelming effort, the Zilics pushed back and allowed Magnus to reach the SpiritGen, he confirmed the rumours and began to absorb energy from the generator, imbued with the power from the generator and the hope of his people he turned into the strongest being ever witnessed. The beat of his heart was like an earthquake, his voice like a thunderstorm, his skin emanated the heat of a star, and he raised his hand to release the most pulverising, atom-splitting attack on foes and three, two, o-… He disappeared, he just vanished, blipped out of existence. Everybody just stared in absolute shock as they saw reality warping itself back to normal where he used to be. All the Zilics faith and hope had disappeared after that, whereas everyone else never felt so courageous, and seeing that their opponents had lost all hope and their will, they slaughtered them. Some Zilics retreated to a small island, hoping to stay hidden, the rest of them were all killed.
Years had passed, they developed sustainable life on that small island that they were forced into, they could see their old home just past the horizon, a shaming slap in the face of their existence. They had no intention of going back, they couldn’t, they knew where they were, but they were lost, with no way of finding their way back. A young Orion, lived with his grandfather Redwald Opus and his mother, where he would try live whatever life they setup for him. Orion grew up to stories of his old home, and his father. But one day when Redwald decided that Orion was old enough he decided to tell him an ancient story, a myth. He began to explain to Orion about the idea of multiple realities, and how fragments of realities get placed into all the others in the form of creativity, whether its art, books, movies, stories and sometimes people, because to a small degree no matter if it’s on the smallest scale, all realities affect one another.
Redwald looks at his grandson sincerely “Young Orion, you have grown since your father’s departure, you are no longer a baby. I wanted to keep this from you until you had grown into your wings, and now that, that time has come, let me tell you about Abaddon’s paradise.” “Who is Abaddon?” Orion interrupted. “History speaks about a Zilic from the “Solitary Era”, this was before the time that we had developed society it was even before we knew of other nations, this was a time, where everything was about individual ambition. Some wanted peace, but most wanted power. Abaddon was one of them, but in some twisted fate he mutated to develop the ability to take life force from those he shared a genetic bond with. This power twisted him severely, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, these became just titles to him, he just saw them as a source of power, and after them aunt’s and uncle’s fell just alike. He became an unstoppable force, with the rest of the species under the palm of his hand. In fact, he was one of the primary catalysts to developing a society. Their society was built out of fear because they knew his insatiable desire for power would never fade, and if it did it would be because there was nobody left. We could not allow this.” Orion asked with a curious look on his face “What happened?” Redwald replied “They began caring for each other, their individual ambitions mixed and evolved into a community ambition, and their main ambition was to live.”
“It took them a while to realise in order to live, they must lose their fear of death if it means their brothers and sisters could live, because as long as there were some of them left, they could keep moving forward. So, they faced their fear and they faced it head on, for what is a single man against an army. It turned out to be more than they expected. The battle was long and gruesome, he would steal the power of those he was related to and kill the ones he wasn’t. As time drew he began to look less and less like a man and more like death, but they couldn’t stop, they had already lost so many.” Orion’s eyes filled with tears “Wh-what did they do after?” Redwald responded bluntly “Nothing.”, “They knew they couldn’t do anything, which is why what happened next was nothing short of a miracle… he disappeared. Everyone was waiting for something to happen but nothing ever did, he was just gone. It was never known what happened up until recently. Abaddon is the reason for some of our developments, it was through him that we found out that our life force could be used a source of energy. We also discovered through research and an unexpected traveller that there are indeed multiple realities, all intersecting at some level. According to our traveller we found out that when a being becomes strong enough to endanger the reality they live in they are transported to another to spend their lives with others at that level. Of course, we had our speculations in the beginning, and we just labelled it as a myth and dubbed it “Abaddon’s Paradise”, a place where he can finally rest as there is nobody left for him to fight. But then years ago we realised that it is no myth, because your father before he left matched the depiction of Abaddon, so it acted as confirmation. “I’m confused what does this all mean” Orion asked, “Boy, this means that your father is still alive” said Redwald “No, there’s no way!” Orion erupted with tears streaming down his face.
“Yes. That’s what we believe” Redwald grabs Orion’s face with big eyes “Boy I am not telling you this for you to hurt, I am telling you this because you need to train. You are your father’s son your potential is boundless. You need to find that generator and gain the power to bring your people back to the top of the food chain” “WE WILL SHOW THEM NO REMORSE NEXT TIME” Redwald shouts with grit in his voice. Redwald calms down and whispered “The rest of our hope and ambition is entrusted to you, and Orion as I said we believe that your father is still alive, but it is only up to you to find out.”
Redwald and Orion get up and walk to the shoreline. Redwald points to the horizon and implored “Do you want this? Can you commit to your people? Will you go there and take back what is ours?” Orion cursed at the horizon “I AM COMING, DO YOU HEAR ME?!! I AM GOING TO TAKE IT ALL BACK”
Redwald stood behind an enraged Orion and gripped his shoulders, looking up to the sky proudly.
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2023.03.31 18:41 fission56 Scrubs Keep Clothes Safe From Bacteria & Staining at the Steam Team of Austin

You have a large tile project to take on and you found the perfect team to handle it. The Steam Team of Austin. But before they start, you notice that the crew has donned some rather unusual attire: scrubs. Why are they wearing scrubs? Are they protecting their clothes from something?
The answer is yes, and it could be more important than you think. Wearing scrubs helps keep bacteria, dirt, and stains away from their everyday clothes so they're not taking home anything that's been exposed to their project. Some residue could linger in your tile project like colors bleeding or paint and grout setting making it a wise practice for The Steam Team of Austin to don scrubs while working on your project.
In this article, we'll explore why The Steam Team of Austin wears scrubs while cleaning your tile and other safety precautions they take to ensure your tile is pristine when the job is done. Let's get started!

Benefits of Wearing Scrubs for Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning tile, it's important to keep your uniform clean to protect yourself from stains and bacteria. Wearing scrubs while doing the job is the best way to go not only are they comfortable and functional, but they can also help you maintain a professional look.
Scrubs provide a barrier between your skin and any potentially hazardous chemicals you're using or coming into contact with during your work. They also prevent staining on your clothes, so you don't have to worry about carrying around a change of clothes with you all day.
Additionally, wearing scrubs creates an air of professionalism. Most people recognize that certain professionals wear scrubs, so it helps to create an image of expertise in the eyes of customers. Scrubs are also designed for easy movement and access to pockets, so you can easily store cleaning tools if needed a great time-saver!

Reasons to Rely on Professional Cleaners

You might not know that when you rely on professionals like The Steam Team of Austin, they come equipped with a knowledge and skill set that most don’t possess. Not only do they know how to clean tile and grout, but they also understand what type of cleaning solution or scrubber to use for the job.
The Steam Team of Austin is one such professional we recommend you trust. They cover their uniforms with scrubs while cleaning, and this is done for a reason.
Not only do scrubs provide an extra layer of protection against staining when cleaning tile, but they also keep the cleaners' clothes free from bacteria. The material doesn’t absorb grease and grime as normal clothes do and it is easily washed with warm water and mild detergent before it has time to set into the fabric.
Scrubs are professional-looking which sets them apart from the typical t-shirt and shorts uniform many cleaners opt for. The uniform reinforces that The Steam Team of Austin is a team of professionals who can be trusted to work safely and quickly in your home or office.
If you need tile cleaning in Bellevue way or the surrounding areas, you can rest easy knowing The Steam Team Of Austin’s staff will complete their job professionally – right down to the last detail when it comes to protecting their uniforms from staining and bacteria while they work!

Keeping Uniforms Clean at the Steam Team of Austin

At the Steam Team of Austin, wearing the right uniform matters especially when it comes to keeping your clothes clean and protected from all the bacteria your job can involve. That’s why it’s standard practice to layer up with surgical scrubs.
Not only do scrubs look sharp and professional, but they are essential for keeping you sanitary while on site. A thick and tight weave prevents dirt, oils, and other materials from coming in contact with your clothing protecting them from any staining or bacteria. And not just any scrub will do disposable material is always preferable, as it’s easy to discard if contamination ever becomes a concern.
In addition, these scrubs make it easier to move around. The lightweight fabric is cooler than traditional workwear, which makes them even more comfortable in warm environments like a kitchen or bathroom.
So when you’re cleaning tile at the Steam Team of Austin or taking on any other job that might involve coming into contact with hazardous materials, reciting details like these can help maximize safety for yourself and others.

Types of Scrubs for Cleaners

You may be wondering what type of scrubs you should wear to protect your clothes from bacteria and staining from cleaning tile. The Steam Team of Austin recommends wearing disposable garments made from lightweight, breathable materials like polyester-cotton blends. These scrubs can be worn over clothing and thrown away at the end of the job.
There are also reusable scrubs, which may be more cost-effective for frequent cleaners. These are usually soft polyester-cotton fabrics treated with a germicidal solution and have pockets for quick access to tools and supplies. Reusable scrubs can be machine washed between uses, making them ideal for those who clean frequently or who prefer to invest in a garment that will last longer.
For those in the medical field, you may need specialized scrubs that offer protection from biohazards such as blood or bodily fluids. You should check with your employer to see what types of pants and jackets they require when cleaning tile before investing in any kind of scrub.
No matter which type of scrub you choose, make sure it's comfortable and fits properly so you can do your job safely and efficiently!
Cleaning tile can be a messy business, but scrubs keep you safe while you do it. Thanks to The Steam Team of Austin, you can wear professional-looking scrubs that not only protect your clothes from stains but also keep bacteria at bay.
Moreover, the brand ensures that you have a choice of colors and styles that fit both your body type and the job at hand. So if you're looking for a hassle-free way to stay clean and stylish on the job, you should consider investing in scrubs from The Steam Team of Austin. With the right tools and know-how, you can make sure your uniform is safe from staining and bacteria and you'll look great doing it.
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2023.03.31 18:40 StepwiseUndrape574 Grand Theft Auto is no stranger to add-on content,

Grand Theft Auto is no stranger to add-on content, but the latest in a long line of leaks suggests Rockstar might be taking a bit of a different approach for the long-awaited sequel — splitting up parts of the game to repackage as DLC.
The rumor comes from established Rockstar leaker Tez2, who says Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently targeting a release in holiday 2024 “which has been pushed back multiple times.” Tez2 adds the game may be pushed back again, into to 2025.
Furthermore, Tez2 claims Rockstar is considering breaking up the game’s content into post-launch DLC, to ensure the game can meet a release date. If GTA 6 launches in 2024, it will be a whopping 11 years since the last release in the franchise.
This wouldn’t be an unprecedented move from Rockstar, considering the approach the studio has taken with GTA Online, incrementally releasing massive updates and new story content. Notably, however, GTA 5 didn’t feature any additional story content, just updates to the Online portion of the game.
GTA Online GTA Online has managed to stay relevant for a decade with consistent updates, and it makes sense Rockstar would pivot to that same approach to single-player content.ROCKSTAR Taking this approach would let Rockstar more easily hit whatever internal timeline is established for GTA 6, and provide a road map of content to make post-launch more appealing to players. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time this kind of rumor has been brought up by Tez2, as last August the leaker reported GTA 6 would “expand over time,” adding on new cities after launch.
The easiest approach would be to create content that ties into both the single-player and multiplayer aspects of GTA 6, and creating new cities in-game could do just that. New locations could be fully playable in the online portion, while also adding on hand-crafted stories and missions. This would allow Rockstar to continue the overwhelming success of GTA Online, while story content could help attract new players or those that might not care to engage with multiplayer.
This tactic of splitting up elements of the game as DLC is something Nintendo has been using for years, to great success. Mario Strikers: Battle League, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Nintendo Switch Sports, have all seen scheduled add-ons for new content, even years after their initial release. At this point, it’s not clear how much of a live-service element there will be for GTA 6, but this Nintendo-like approach would allow Rockstar to retain players who are primarily interested in single-player experiences.
GTA 5 Although GTA 5 never received single-player DLC, Rockstar’s director of design said in a 2017 interview the studio would “love to do more single-player add-ons for games in the future.”ROCKSTAR Nintendo stands apart from other developers, though, in that typically these updates are free or bundled with a Switch Online subscription. It’s a smart move, as games like Mario Strikers, which would typically have a very short shelf life, suddenly provide players with more of a reason to stick with it for the long haul. It also allows Nintendo to continue to sell its older, first-party titles with minimal discounts.
There’s no video game property in existence bigger than Grand Theft Auto, and a report in 2020 estimated GTA Online made a staggering $600 million in 2019. Even in 2023, it continues to hold an enviable place in the sales charts month after month. The popularity of GTA Online has only continued to increase over the years, and that mainstream success is exactly what’s poised to make GTA 6 such a massive success.
Breaking up content into DLC lets Rockstar bring GTA 6 back into the conversation every six months, year, or whatever release timeline suits the studio and the community best. Seeing a big GTA 6 update in a State of Play or other presentation will likely bring thousands of players flocking back to the game, and considering GTA 5 and GTA Online are still alive and kicking a decade later, it’s easy to say Rockstar is hoping for lightning to strike twice with GTA 6.
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2023.03.31 18:39 WoahThere_124 Always invalidated

I always try to hide having mental problems. I’ve lived a very fucked up, unfair life (I’ve witnessed about any and everything)
2 weeks ago my friend asked me if I had any mental health issues because our other friend told her I was in the 7th floor a few times (she had to come get me, I didn’t drive then)
I told her I diagnosed with C-PTSD, major depressive, borderline personality disorder and generalized anxiety disorder along with a few other clusters. I’m currently in group therapy 3x a week and seek frequent help for. She told me I’ll be fine that she has PTSD and it’s way worse and more severe than C-PTSD. I didn’t really know what to say back. Caught me very off guard. I’m not open about my mental health for many many reason (I am seriously never okay. I cry in my sleep from trauma flash backs and faint from how hard I get worked up but I do my fucking best to hide this flaw and how beat down I am) I try to act as normal as possible because I never let me guard down with anyone and constantly paranoid what could be said. I just agreed with her while she went on to tell me about all her trauma. She also said what I have must be wrong because she doesn’t have flash backs so that she didn’t really understand why they told me that. It’s been 2 weeks and it’s still bothering me this was said. I feel invalided. I feel I’m a suck up.
I had to force myself to get out of the house in an attempt to have a good, normal time so I can just be normal and like everyone else and like always, fucking always somehow mental health ruined it for me. I feel invalid, I feel I’m a phony, I feel like every night I’ve woke myself up bawling, every time I’ve just stood there in a trance remembering a traumatic event, every time I’ve fainted, completely soaked my shirt from sweat, broke down, beat my head in for the thoughts to go away was for no reason because mine is easier and I’ll be okay that I just overreacted. I’m NEVER FUCKING OKAY!!!! It ended in me cutting again and now my 14 month free self harming has ended. I can’t tell anyone anyways. But I need it off my chest. Maybe I can breathe better now.
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2023.03.31 18:39 Vicki_Gonzalezxs Antman

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2023.03.31 18:38 TheSecretNaame Fun Fact: the deleted scene (which no longer exists) is Rocky training with the speedbag with the t shirt "Win Rocky Win" can be seen in the training montage of the movie.

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2023.03.31 18:38 Ok-Construction9542 Customs from EU to Taiwan for clothings

Hello everyone I moved out to Taiwan recently and I am about to do my first order online from outside of Taiwan. It’s through the website endclothing to get T-shirts from Europe and I would like to know what I am expected to pay in extra when receiving my package. Cause from what I saw on the internet it’s pretty blurry and the number is between 0-30% so if anyone has any experience or insight on this topic I would be glad to hear it
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2023.03.31 18:38 WoahThere_124 Always invalided

I always try to hide having mental problems. I’ve lived a very fucked up, unfair life (I’ve witnessed about any and everything)
2 weeks ago my friend asked me if I had any mental health issues because our other friend told her I was in the 7th floor a few times (she had to come get me, I didn’t drive then)
I told her I diagnosed with C-PTSD, major depressive, borderline personality disorder and generalized anxiety disorder along with a few other clusters. I’m currently in group therapy 3x a week and seek frequent help for. She told me I’ll be fine that she has PTSD and it’s way worse and more severe than C-PTSD. I didn’t really know what to say back. Caught me very off guard. I’m not open about my mental health for many many reason (I am seriously never okay. I cry in my sleep from trauma flash backs and faint from how hard I get worked up but I do my fucking best to hide this flaw and how beat down I am) I try to act as normal as possible because I never let me guard down with anyone and constantly paranoid what could be said. I just agreed with her while she went on to tell me about all her trauma. She also said what I have must be wrong because she doesn’t have flash backs so that she didn’t really understand why they told me that. It’s been 2 weeks and it’s still bothering me this was said. I feel invalided. I feel I’m a suck up.
I had to force myself to get out of the house in an attempt to have a good, normal time so I can just be normal and like everyone else and like always, fucking always somehow mental health ruined it for me. I feel invalid, I feel I’m a phony, I feel like every night I’ve woke myself up bawling, every time I’ve just stood there in a trance remembering a traumatic event, every time I’ve fainted, completely soaked my shirt from sweat, broke down, beat my head in for the thoughts to go away was for no reason because mine is easier and I’ll be okay that I just overreacted. I’m NEVER FUCKING OKAY!!!! It ended in me cutting again and now my 14 month free self harming has ended. I can’t tell anyone anyways. But I need it off my chest. Maybe I can breathe better now.
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2023.03.31 18:38 DawnstanPark3666 Young woman and brother find dead bodies telepathically

The adult novel is not explicit.
It is about a young clairvoyant who finds dead bodies. She’s sought after by individuals trying to find their deceased family member after police have stopped searching. Often the deceased died violently.
Her brother is colliver (it’s an audiobook so I never saw it printed and don’t know if this is how it’s spelled). He drives her around the place - to various appointments. She’s paid for this work. Sometimes this clairvoyant collapses during the seances - colliver gathers her up and protects her. There’s a growing romantic connection between the narrator and colliver. He’s not really her brother. Maybe step brother.
Their parents are a bit alternative and the two in the story have a younger sister.
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2023.03.31 18:37 Bloodberry525 Lost my brother 6 months ago & my dog 2 weeks ago

(34F) I lost my brother unexpectedly 6 months ago and my beloved dog to bladder cancer 2 weeks ago (and my mother from breast cancer 16 yrs ago, childhood dog 12 yrs ago). I thought that I had a lot of practice with loss and grief, but it does not get any easier. Each loss is unique, a stab wound at a new angle.
It sometimes helps me to step outside my grief and categorize my pain, so here's the breakdown of the different facets of my grief over the loss of my black lab/boxer mix Cooper:
  1. I miss Cooper's presence. I miss his face poking into the bathroom. I miss the soft thuds of his tail wagging against the floor when he sees me in the morning. I miss him kissing my face. I miss the light in his eyes when we're hiking or doing something fun.
  2. Selfishly, I miss his unconditional love and dutifulness to me. I miss him following me around and simply wanting to be where I am. I miss him welcoming me home and being happy to see me.
  3. I feel guilt for not doing more to save him. In hindsight, if I had only done XYZ sooner...
  4. I feel sadness when I see reminders of my life before he passed away, because it brings me back to a time when things were somewhat normal and okay, and I want to shake my shoulders and warn myself of what's about to happen. I was concerned about this or that, when really I should've been more in the moment with Cooper and maximizing every second.
  5. I wonder if and when I will see him again.
  6. I worry that one day I will be okay, but I don't want to move on without him. I don't want to overwrite the last time I did things with him, with new memories without him.
  7. I feel empty and lost because so much of my day to day life was spent thinking about him and taking care of his end-of-life needs. I feel like a protector without a ward.

And here's a list of some comforting thoughts:
  1. Cooper would want me to be happy and make the most of my days. He’d want me to hike and explore. It would make him sad and so worried to see me like this.
  2. He is no longer in pain. His world was becoming smaller due to his body aging, but now he is FREE!
  3. He never had to feel the pain of losing me.
  4. I bought him as much time as I could (and not just any time, but high quality adventure days with hiking and camping and good food). I didn’t let him suffer long.
  5. He died peacefully in his bed surrounded by his loved ones. I played our cards right to spare him a frantic, hectic death in an ER.
  6. I tried to make every day the best day from the moment we brought him home, not just when he was diagnosed. We went on roughly 3,000 hikes over the 8.5 years we had him (we adopted him at age 5 and he passed away at age 13.5).
  7. There’s literally nothing more I could have done. I went $30K into debt for the best vets in the country, cutting edge treatments, medicines, supplements, food, handicap aids. I postponed taking classes and graduating so I could be home with him this past year. I researched medical journals day and night, and contacted doctors all around the world. And because of that, we paused the cancer and he managed to heal his spine and knee injury and we were still walking on trails the day before his death. He thrived 14 months post-diagnosis.
  8. His life energy and our bond don’t just evaporate. He is in the best place possible and we will see each other again.
Anyway, it hurts, I'm in pain. I don't know what more to say.
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2023.03.31 18:36 RedBeardMoto [WTS] P365 Complete Slide Cerakoted, budget optics, belts, parts, machete, holsters, etc

Trying to clear out some stuff I don’t use, and looking to possibly make some trades. OR TAKE IT ALL FOR $400 AND MAKE MY RANDOM STUFF INTO YOUR RANDOM STUFF
Slide is from my p365 and was originally coated to be a gift for my brother, who wanted a rifle instead. Host gun was purchased in 2019. Has seen approximately 500 rounds. This will be a complete slide, with all internals, barrel, and recoil assembly. Cerakote is battleworn red/black with the assassins creed logo on top. Figured I’d put it up for trade before just sending it for a cut. I’m looking for a 365/x/XL complete slide with factory optic cut. Can add cash if you have a threaded barrel. I strongly prefer Sig brand/factory. TV: $275 SV: $250 video
Sig P226 15 round mags, USA made, stamped Sig brand. 2 for $70 pic
Leupold PRW2 34mm medium height rings. SV: $55 pics
Centerpoint 4-16 x 40mm with red/green illumination scope. Battery is replaced new. Glass could use a cleaning. Was mounted on my .17 hmr. SV: $40 pics
CVLife 2.5 - 10 scope with push button laser and illumination. SV: $20 pics
SOG Sogfari machete with sheathe. Never used. SV: $35 pics
Arisaka momentary tailcap. Came off my 300. SV: $27 pics
Magpul polymer 5 slot Mlok pic rail. SV: $9 pic
Some old school Choate PMag connectors/mag couplers. They fit standard 30 round 5.56 pmags. They may also work with steel mags but I don’t have any way to verify. These things range from salty with lots of surface rust, to barely any surface corrosion at all, but still salty They are steel with polymer cores and I have 3 of them, 1 still with the factory bags and instructions. SV: $12 for all 3 pics
Glock 48/43/X IWB adjustable Kydex holster with foam wedge. Also comes with additional cut to size foam wedges as well as an alternative clip. SV: $25 pics
Uncle mikes left hand size 15 soft holster. SV: $9 pics
Sig MPX OEM charging handle. Salty. SV: $18 pics
Bianchi Competition buckleless belt, says 1.5” but I measure it to be 1.75”. Size 34-40, hook and loop, inner and outer belt. Inner belt has wear, but outer belt was hardly used. SV: $27 pics
Bianchi 7200 duty belt, 2.25”. Size 34-40”, hook and loop. Inner and outer belt. Both have wear but still functions well. Buckle locks up tight. SV: $30 pics
Open to some trades, looking for a cheap Romeo 5, TLR7A. I would greatly prefer trading the p365 slide, but willing to sell.
PPFF, CONUS. Will ship USPS, discounts for bundles. Please PM, I don’t get chats. More pics upon request.
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2023.03.31 18:36 bellapitts My little brother (15 m) is starting adhd medication this weekend and I want to know what I can do to prepare and help him.

My little brother (15 m) is struggling with school and deals with anxiety. He once was on medication when he was 8 but it was too high of a dosage and he didn’t want try a new one. My parents didn’t want to force it on him.
Now he’s becoming more self aware and realizing that my parents can’t help him the way therapy and medication could. So he’s starting on Saturday.
I’ve only seen friends on medication so I’m not sure how it effects you at home and on a daily basis. I want to know where I can help him and what to look out for if it’s maybe not a good dosage. He also told me he feels ashamed and I know telling him not to be isn’t going to just flip a switch. Is there anything I could do with my actions to help him feel lass ashamed and afraid?
Please any advice would be so helpful. I’m worried about my brother and I just want him to feel okay.
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2023.03.31 18:35 Beautiful_Ocelot5254 Stuffed animal dog

Stuffed animal dog
PLEASE HELP!! My brother recently had his first child. Without going into too much detail this has been a very stressful time for my brother as well as my parents. My mom is excited to have her first grandchild and wants to get a stuffed animal dog for the baby that was similar to a stuffed dog my brother got when he was born.
It’s a beige colored dog that was bought in 1996 somewhere in Tennessee. I’m looking for a dog that looks similar to this or this exact dog if any one can find it.
I’m begging for anyone and everyone’s help. I know it won’t solve everything with the situation, but it would mean the world to my mom and my brother. Thank you in advance
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2023.03.31 18:34 papyuu002 Toxic family

Why is that immigrant families are always the most toxic? My mom is so frustrating and sometimes I wished she would just shut up. All my life she has told me what I should do. She has never once encourage me in a positive way. I’m too fat, I’m not pretty enough, I’ll never graduate, too lazy etc. Like damn lady! You’re not all that either. I know people will say that she’s just looking out for me and she’s the only mom I got but no!
She’s not looking out for me. She is a hater and she hates me the most out of my siblings. I’m not even being funny or victimizing myself. She HATES me and I’m convinced. I remember being five years old telling a boy who had a crush on me to not like me because I was fat and ugly. You know why I said it? Because my mom told me no boy will ever like me because I’m fat and unattractive. I’m fucking five years old, why the hell would I be worried about that.
2021, I missed one credit in high school. I had to go to summer school to make up that one credit. That means I only had class for 3 weeks. My other friends missed a bunch of credits so they had to go for the entire summer. My mom accused me of not finishing summer school and said I was going to hang out with friends instead. She said that I was stupid and I would never go to college now. I’m a failure. I’m not good at anything, that she hated me. She wished I would just move out. That I’m the worst child to ever exist. You know why she accused me of those? Because I didn’t know the graduation date for summer graduates. She asked my friend multiples time but my friend didn’t know either. Why? BECAUSE THEY DIDNT TELL US! I walked across that stage and I hope she fucking felt embarrassed.
Every time I do something that she doesn’t like, all of sudden she hates me and wishes I would disappear. She’s always calling me stupid. God I wish I knew what it felt like to have a mom that loved you. There was once summer where our dryer and washing machine didn’t work so we had to go to the laundromat. Sometimes I had homework to do or I was in a meeting. She called me lazy and insulted me because clearly I didn’t want to go. Ok what about my brother then? Oh no, he’s a Saint. He precious he can’t do anything. He shouldn’t do anything because he’s her baby boy. She’s fucking obsessed with him. I’m sure she wants to fuck my brother at this point. Everything she does is for him. NEVER ME. She’s always on his side.
I used to be close to my sister and vent about her all the time about my mom but now I’m not talking to my sister either. My sister is an immature bitch. She’s 24 years old, doesn’t work, doesn’t go to college, just sleeps in her room all day. And she has the audacity to call me lazy. Oh yeah cuz not washing my dish a few times is soooo lazy. She has bullied me and called me names which is the reason why I stopped talking to her. She wanted me to move out so she threatened to call the landlord to kick me out. She wrote notes with stuff saying “stop eating fat hippo” and many other that I threw away. She texted our family group chat calling me names and insulting my boyfriend. She’s fucking crazy. All of my is fucking crazy and I can’t stand this shit anymore. I’m so goddamn tired.
It’s gotten to the point where I’m literally wishing something bad happens to my mom and sister. I just don’t care anymore. I just want them out of my life. No I can’t just move out. I’m 19, I have a minimum wage job and am in college. I’ll be stuck here for at least the next 5 years before I can make a living for myself. I would rather just die.
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2023.03.31 18:34 Ichikasuto WTS assortment of clothes (mostly Uniqlo and J. Crew ranging from sizes S to L)

Selling a bunch of old clothes I don't wear anymore (mostly Uniqlo and J. Crew). Sizes range from S to L. Would prefer to sell in bulk. Add shipping and 4% for G&S.

T-shirts $6 each
Long sleeve shirts/sweatshirts $10 each
Button down/up shirts and polos $10 for polos and $20 for button up/down shirts (for some reason my local dry cleaner wrote my name on the inside of some of the shirts but they should fade away as seen in some of the pics. here are approximate measurements for the J. Crew shirts:
length: 24.5"
pit-to-pit: 19"
sleeve length: 35.5"
closest sizing would probably be an XS in the body but M-L in the sleeves which you can probably get shortened by a tailor)
Outerwear $24 for H&M bomber, $63 for Patagonia Retro-X fleece, $36 for Uniqlo +J reversible vest
Bottoms $15 each
Sweaters $15 each

See my post other post on outliermarket for more things I'm selling
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2023.03.31 18:34 badshitbootleg666 blank t shirts and hoodies?

hey there, anyone know good places to buy high quality blank t shirts, hoodies, sweaters etc. for reasonable prices? I'm in the fourways area of Johannesburg so places close by would be ideal OR good online stores to order. (interested in starting a clothing brand) any help would be appreciated, much love
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2023.03.31 18:32 Afraid-Emotion-5102 James JP Grealis – Went missing, Netherlands, October 2008

James “JP” Grealis, a joinecarpenter from Achill Island, County Mayo, had been living in the Netherlands, at the time of his disappearance, im October 2008.
He was 24 when he went missing. Going by various articles, he had been living there since 2007, but finished work/got laid off on October 17th, 2008, and it has been said he was travelling from Eindhoven to Breda to seek more work.
He was still in touch with his family at the time, but after checking out of accommodation in Breda on 23rd October in 2008, he hasn’t been seen or heard of since.
Prior to living in the Netherlands, he had lived in the UK. The fact that he hasn’t made contact with his family or friends since October of that year, when up until that point, he had kept in contact with them, was out or character.
The family have put out various appeals over the years, have also hired a private investigator, without any progress as to his whereabouts.
One of the articles suggested that he had had a bit of a drink problem, with a couple of examples of him being stopped by the police – no idea how true this is.
There was further speculation at the time of his disappearance he had been potentially planning on coming back to Ireland.
Sisters of missing James Patrick Grealis make moving Dutch TV appeal to find brother
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2023.03.31 18:32 Luke0SRS Crystal Crabs

So I’m learning solo chambers, not got to the big boy at the end yet, I’m finding it alright so far. Vespula is a bit of a pain but these crabs man. They’re sending me under. They’re supposed to be the best/quickest points and I just can’t help but panic. It’s like fighting Jad for the first time a decade ago. Is they’re a guide or can anyone help a brother out. Thanks
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2023.03.31 18:30 wetsilk Positive Thoughts and Ideas for CR's Future

While I do agree the latest update has not been good and that's partly because I play 2s with my brother and we go on these marathon win streaks and just have a blast winning and being in sync with each other. We both agreed there's no incentive for us to play the game as before. We are both maxed out cards and have been playing for 5+ years. With all the negative posts I decided to create something positive and bounce some ideas off:
I just wanted to provide some feedback for this game because it's really the only game I play and I enjoy it the most. One of the things this game lacks is player interacting with other players and making friends. I understand that's probly not the model this game would benefit from but it gives more incentive to log in the game and just play instead of doing the same boring mode then logging out.
Also I just wanted to say I appreciate the devs acknowledging the userbase about the most recent patch and I know it takes a lot of work, testing and bi-weekly sprints to create updates to the game so hopefully some positive changes are afloat in the future.
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2023.03.31 18:30 val_eeu AITA for missing my brothers bday?

Last weekend, I (20) went to the mall with my mother, we had a really nice time. She invited me to see the new John Wick movie. I had already promised my BF we’d see it together for the first time when he comes to visit next month (long distance). I explained to her why I can’t go with her. her response (jokingly) “ohhh how could you do this to your family!!” we giggled it off. Fast forward, my brothers 15th birthday is today. for the past few days, my mother has been bouncing between plans, when my brother just wanted to cut a cake at home. at 5:20 in the morning today (bday) she’s texting me that my brother wants watch the new John Wick movie and afterwards we were going to go eat at a restaurant. She asked what time works best for me, which I then explained to her that I had already told her previously why I couldn’t go see the movie and proceeded to explain again my reasoning, and even told her I could go with everyone to have dinner at the restaurant I work at, and then go to their house and cut the cake with them. All i would be missing is the movie. I don’t want to break my word with my BF or with anyone. My mother calls me “fucking rude” and that she’s tired of my “moodiness in person/ through text”. when I had asked her to elaborate, she ignored it and moved on to belittling my reasoning. I was simply explaining why I couldn’t go watch the movie, and the last time I saw her, which was at the mall, we actually had a fun time. Im unsure where she is getting that i’ve been moody. I am very self aware, so I would know if I was moody. Plus, she’d eat me up alive in the moment if I was moody. She continues to say that me not showing up to my brothers birthday really shows my priorities, to which I responded by telling her it’s not a reflection of my priorities, but a reflection of me keeping my word with people. I even told to her my BF also rejected the offer his family presented to him to watch the movie with them. She was passive aggressive the rest of the convo, told me she was disappointed in me the past 4 years (context, im assuming this is bc of me distancing myself due to the fact that I have to walk on eggshells to be near her), then proceeded to tell me to talk to stepdad because she’ll be busy “celebrating my brothers bday”. I then messaged my brother to explain my reasoning and the conversation with mom in detail because I know how my mother would respond when my brother asks her “where is my sister?”. something along the lines of “she chose her boyfriend over you”. He said “oh that’s okay. i’ll see you after the movie”. BF tells me I should just go (he doesn’t want my mom hating him) and i was even considering just going and not paying attention to the movie, until my mother belittled my boundaries. regardless I want her to learn to learn respect my boundaries, especially since it’s always been an issue. Should i feel guilty for setting this boundary? I could have just gone/not told my BF but the guilt would eat me up alive.
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