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Memes about US Presidential Races. Open every 4 years.

2023.03.25 02:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - TikTok bans: will Asia follow West’s lead as US turns the screws on China-linked app? South China Morning Post

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2023.03.25 02:10 Boorobford We are being watched and a life update from me.

I have decided to cool down on the posting for now or at least for a good bit. I want to make sure that I am running this sub and more importantly South Asian Masculinity well by eliminating toxic, negative, and limiting content. What I did want everyone to know is that we are being watched. There is an entire sub dedicated to reporting, harassing, and targeting both this sub and South Asian Masculinity. A user DM'd me and said it is all from ABCDesis, a sub I am not even familiar with.
To a degree, even I got carried away.
My posts got too controversial for reddit and a lot of what I said, was, well kind of out there. They say crazy and genius have a thin line between them and a lot of them, those of us who submit great content also come off as crazy every now and then. My life has been too busy for me to write long posts now as worked has really picked up and I am also getting back into the game again after months of health problems.
This is for all others on here, do be careful of the content you submit. Even if I and others like it, other redditors are watching and reporting. Somehow, South Asian male self-improvement brings out the worst in people. It's not any other race than our own, typical mentality you find in South Asian men all over. Crabs in a bucket, they see one do well and there will always be enough of a chunk to drag that one guy or those one successful group of men down.
Meanwhile, I do want to spend my time on reddit cleaning up South Asian Masculinity.
It has to be done and has been long overdue. For months, trolls, spammers, incels, and guys who have been an infection to that sub have lingered around to stop it from reaching its true potential. I do think that by the end of the year, the sub can take off to new heights like DesiFluent would have wanted. We want discussions to go from "woe is me I am desi and can't get laid" to something more productive.
Right now, there are also trolls lingering around on other subs making up stories of how they are handsome and did an experiment as an Indian guy but their white friends were still getting more matches than them. I think it is all BS and these trolls are a drag on South Asian Masculinity as well as the development of South Asian men worldwide.
I've had to ban a good chunk of people in recent weeks because of just how much they were holding South Asian Masculinity back and I will have to ban a good chunk more. It is time SAM moved to a more positive direction where more like DesiFluent can freely post and share their content and we get less trolls and incels. We need SAM to truly be South Asian Masculinity, not some sad Incel echochamber.
I will be around, just less often. If you find any sketchy shit going on South Asian Masc, please DM me directly so I can deal with it.
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2023.03.25 02:10 inmyheadari Reverse ChanceMe for good safety/target schools!

I truly need just one or two safety and target schools to make a good, well rounded list.
Major: Marine Biology (a must!)
School Preferences: Medium/Large school, near a coast??, anywhere geographically but I’d prefer east or west coast, not southern states really
Stats: 4.0 unweighted GPA, not sure on 4.0 scale for weighted, but 104 on 100 point scale
Ranked 5/250 in a pretty competitive class
PSAT (just took SAT, don’t have that yet)- 1270, probably won’t submit SAT score
Okay ECS-
3 Normal School Clubs
100+ hrs community service
300+ hrs research projects relating to marine biology and environmental science
Leadership positions in Varsity sports
In FFA program
Financial Aid: Not really an issue, but would prefer schools that give good merit scholarships!
Ask me any more questions cuz I may be forgetting stuff if you want.
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2023.03.25 02:03 Queen_Etherea How does throwing someone in a literal pool of water not count as a “drowning kill” in Freelancer???

Ok so I’m playing on Miami and one of my main objectives is to kill a target by drowning them. I had 4 targets and I threw 2 of them into bodies of water yet NONE OF THEM counted as a “drowning kill.” What the heck?! First target I lured to the edge of the water and threw a hard melee object at him, causing him to fall in the water. The counter under drowning kill came up, did the whole 0:02, 0:01 thing and then nothing!! So ok I go to my next target and she’s by the fish tanks. I throw her ass in the fish tank and same thing!!
How are these not counting as drowning when they are actually dying by drowning? I already reported it to IO, so hopefully they’ll fix this nonsense; probably not, though!
How else can you complete this objective other than shoving their face into a toilet? This is especially hard on maps like Miami where if you use any type of emetic on someone, and they’re on the west side of the map, they won’t go to a bathroom and will usually go to a trash can or the edge by the water.
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2023.03.25 01:56 crazygrumpy Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD ends week in the $1,990s after mixed US data, forms bull flag

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD ends week in the $1,990s after mixed US data, forms bull flag
  • Gold price is consolidating after mixed macroeconomic data out of the US.
  • US Dollar has risen, weighing on XAU/USD despite lower yields supporting Gold.
  • Central banks to increase their Gold reserves due to geopolitical concerns, says report.
XAU/USD price is consolidating in a range in the $1,990s after stalling in its intraday rally. Pressure from a strengthening US Dollar capped gains despite yields falling due to renewed global financial crisis fears. A bull flag is forming, which suggests the precious metal will rise to substantially higher prices if it activates. Key US Durable Goods Orders and PMI data came out mixed failing to give traders a clear steer on the metal’s next move.

US Dollar rebounds, putting pressure on Gold

The Dollar Index (DXY) has recovered from new monthly lows set on Thursday in the 101.90s, when it formed a bullish hammer candlestick on the daily chart, suggestive of a reversal after March’s sharp decline. The strong bullish confirmation so far displayed on Friday has started to become a negative factor for XAU/USD.
Data releases out of the US failed to impact either the US Dollar or the Gold price substantially. Durable Goods Orders recovered from the -5.0% print of the previous month to come in at a better -1.0% in February, but not as good as the 0.6% forecast. Both Durable Goods ex Defense and ex Transport also failed to meet expctations, coming in at -0.5% and 0.0% respectively. Capital goods orders, meanwhile, was the one bright spot, beating expectations of 0.0% to come in at 0.2%.
US Manufacturing and Services PMI both beat consensus estimates by over two points, coming in at 49.3 and 53.8 respectively – helping undo the damage caused by the underwhelming Durable Goods data.
Comments from the Federal Reserve’s James Bullard played down risks to the banking sector from too high rates and focused on how the Federal Reserve could now concentrate on bringing down inflation to target instead of worrying about further bank runs.
US Treasury yields have stabilized after declining sharply earlier as fears resurfaced concerning the stability of Europe's banking sector. European banking stocks suffered heavy losses, with Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank shares falling more than 10% following a spike in credit default swaps. The decline in yields had provided support to the non-yielding Gold price, since lower yields are reflective of lower interest rates which makes non-yielding Gold more attarctive to investors.
The support to the Gold price provided by lower yields may not continue for long, however, according to a report by analysts at Commerzbank. They think market expectations for Federal Reserve policy are too dovish in expecting the central bank to cut rates this year.
“Currently the market expects key rates in the US to be lowered before year’s end, which has recently lent buoyancy to the Gold price again. However, we believe that the market will be forced to correct its expectation of a rapid interest rate turnaround again. This is likely to put XAU/USD back under pressure,” said Commerzbank in its note.
“The fact that the price level has repercussions for physical demand should not be ignored: Swiss Gold exports indicate that demand for Gold in China and India, in February at least, was considerably higher because prices were lower then. China’s Gold imports from Hong Kong should likewise turn out to have been correspondingly robust.” Added the bank.

Central banks diversify into Gold

A report from French bank Société Générale, argues central banks in parts of the world not aligned to the West are ‘de-Dollarising’ due to geopolitical polarization, and diversifying into Gold instead.
“The longer the Russia-Ukraine conflict endures, the faster countries not aligned with the West will be willing to isolate themselves from the USD. This will encourage central banks to continue their strong Gold purchases,” says the report.
“The central banks of non-aligned countries should continue to de-Dollarise their portfolios and keep buying Gold (6% of our allocation, unchanged) which, at a later stage, will be backed by lower real yields,” Soc Gen adds.

Gold gently pulls back after breaking above key $2,000 level

XAU/USD trades at $1,993 at the time of writing. It is in an uptrend on a medium and short-term basis, so bullish bets are favored. On Thursday it breached above the key $2,000 psychological mark but overnight it has undergone a gentle pullback.
The pair may be in the process of forming a bull flag pattern on the 4-hour chart shown below, consisting of a flagpole that began at the March 22 lows and the flag itself composed of the correction that occured between March 23-24 and is still underway. If Gold price breaks back above the $2,003 highs of the flagpole, it will confirm and activate the pattern, leading to a probable run up that is an equal distance to the pole. In this case that will suggest a target at $2,050. A more conservative target would be at the 61.8% Fibonacci extension of the pole, at $2,023.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) momentum indicator is supporting the current recovery climate and rising more or less in line with price, showing no bearish divergence.
The next resistance cap lies at Monday’s $2,009 highs where a confluence of technical levels presents a tough ceiling. A decisive break and close above $2,010 would be the breakthrough that is really necessary to invigorate bulls to continue the uptrend to new heights.
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2023.03.25 01:29 JeffGhost One simple thing i want in a new NFS...

One simple thing i want in a new NFS...
...I think it's time for devs to start getting more creative with the open world activities/side missions...
I'm tired of long jumps, billboards, silly colllectibles, speed traps and speed runs.
idk, bring back free roam npcs even Payback had free roam npcs you could race against and unlock a whole sub-side quest tree with them.
I don't know, bring back Challenge Series from og games, anything...
Also, wouldn't hurt adding a sorting/filter option to the map on Unbound, even completed activities still shows up both in the menu and in-game making it even more of a pain in the ass to complete them...
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2023.03.25 01:00 AutoModerator Weekly Current Conflicts (other than UA)

The 'weekly current conflicts' post (WCC) focuses on various conflicts around the globe. WCC posts every Fri. at 5:00 PM, West Coast time. The post is for asking questions or sharing related media. Post photos, videos, articles, or links to other places covering ongoing wars.
Please keep direct discussion about Ukraine to the Ukraine discussion post. Previous discussion or content may be carried on into a new post. Please do not spam.
Wikimedia map of ongoing conflicts
Wiki list of ongoing armed conflicts
Conflict and national subs including countries where low-intensity conflicts are present:
AfghanConflict Algeria Benin
BurkinaFaso Cameroon Colombia
Congo Egypt Indonesia
India IsraelPalestine IvoryCoast
Kashmiri korea Kurdistan
Maghreb Mali Mauritania
Mozambique Myanmar NarcoFootage
Niger Nigeria Pakistan
Paraguay Peru Philippines
PoliticaDeMexico RepublicofChad Senegal
Somalia Somaliland SouthSudan
Sudan Syriancivilwar Thailand
Tigray Togo Tunisia
Turkey Uganda Venezuela
Westpapua WesternSahara YemeniCrisis
List will be updated periodically using mentions from these posts about subreddits and sites.
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2023.03.25 00:55 Bumblebe5 Palisades Center Trip Report: Friday Fun (3/24/23)

My mom and brothers went to Buffalo, NY. So me and my dad went somewhere better. Of course I mean Palisades.
We left at 5 pm. I brought my Knuckles stuffy. I filmed a video (actually a sequel to a Black Friday video I filmed at the Bergen Town Center with a Sonic stuffy) about Knuckles exploring the Palisades Center.
Dad let me go thru a few corridors, though I never got to see where they led to. We went to Burger King and had the Impossible Whopper, since it is Lent, and I can't eat meat on Fridays. It wasn't filling.
Then we went to Target, and I bought a bottle of Sparkling Ice (I need those to survive, since I gave up soda for Lent.) We went to Dave & Buster's after that.
I played Fruit Ninja (no bombs), Injustice Arcade (I got Green Lantern on my team this time round, but he died, and my dad hit the Special Attack button for me), Star Trek, SpongeBob, and the Terminator VR game. I told the guy running the game about how Terminator reminds me of the Superman TAS "New Kids in Town" episode, and he actually got that. I made his day. Then I played Mario and Sonic (played as Knuckles, got up to Day 2 Gymnastics and failed) and Ring Toss.
Then we went by the Ice Rink to find that storage room where all the old stuff like the Brazeiro animals were. We didn't find it, but we did find some old logos on the floor, including Oscar Meyer and DiGiorno (which weren't even in the mall. Why would they put them there?) I have some questions about some of the stores that were on the floor, but I'll save it for the Knuckles video's release, since I got them on tape.
Then we went over to the west parking garage to see if we could find the Rainforest Café props and Food Court stuff. We ended up finding some Home Depot storage and Best Buy auto shit. Then we left.
Funny things: when we were at Target, there were these two guys talking about SpongeBob. "Will you increase my wages? Will you let me play my clarinet? Then I'll give you the secret formula!" Then we heard a guy say, "Jamar, what the fuck?!" in a different aisle. They were probs employees. Whoever you are, thank you for making me laugh.
I can't wait to go back. I don't think I've seen everything.
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2023.03.25 00:49 IbnyourMum Forebears, an Imperial invention - How the Reman Empire split Hammerfell.

To understand the Forebears, you need to understand the role of warriors in Yokuda and their real-life parrel, the Samurai https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samurai
The Forebears are the self-proclaimed descendants of the Ra Gada the Warriors of Yokuda. The history of the Redguards on Yokuda is basically an exact parallel of Japanese history, specifically the Sengoku era, so we can definitely make the assumption that the role of the Ra (Warriors) is equivalent to the Samurai irl. In contrast to what the Forebears and Imperials will tell you, the Forebears were and are NOT of Low Class, as read above the Samurai, and therefore the Forebear's ancestors were quite wealthy and relatively High in Class when compared to 95% percent of the population.
The role of the Samurai was specifically to enforce the Feudal Lords'(Daimyo) power onto Japanese Peasants, brutalizing the peasants if they didn't comply with the taxes imposed by the Daimyo. Samurai were the hereditary military nobility and officer caste of medieval and early-modern Japan from the late 12th century until their abolition in the 1870s during the Meiji era. They were the well-paid retainers of the daimyo, the great feudal landholders. They had high prestige and special privileges. These warriors often times had the power to kill Anyone of a Lower Class, peasants, etc. They were not an oppressed class, in fact, they were more times than not the oppressors of the masses than not. They enforced the rule of the State, the State their Employers. They had a Monopoly on inflicting Violence.
As seen in the writing Divad the Singer "The Emperor's men were either very lucky or very unlucky depending on how you choose to view it. Being no fool, Hira sent 100 of his best guards, for even an unarmed Singer was a very dangerous foe. The luck was that they were able to capture Divad and place him in chains, for they came at him as he sat dining with his elderly mother. The disaster was that as he surrendered, they rashly struck the pleading old woman. Too hard, it would seem, for she fell dead with that single blow." these warriors had no problem killing the innocent. The point being they were not an oppressed class.
Ignoring, the War of the Singers, which the Warriors or "Forebears" ancestors supported Emperor Hira in, showing that the Forebears were NOT Singers. Frandar and his son David were the first Ra Gada (Warrior Wave) to head to Hammerfell. Frandar was neither part of the ruling Kings nor their Warriors, but he was likely an aspect of Hoonding the Make Way God of the Redguards, considering him an ancestor to the Forebears, the descendants of those he fought and helped kill 300,000 of, is ridiculous and likely a Forebear invention for Legitamacey. The Forebears aren't even the first in Hammerfell, as Frandar and his son were an entirely different group. Even during the 2nd Ra Gada (Warrior Wave) came to Hammerfell, the "Crowns" Led the armies as strategists and leaders. Also, Frandar being an aspect of Hoonding, which would later choose to fight against the Empire as Cyrus (an aspect of Hoonding) in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, it wouldn't make sense for him to be the ancestors of the Forebears the pro - Imperials.
The Forebears are naturally situated between and on major routes, and centers of trade. To ensure profitable trade between non-Redguards, learning the language and customs of the Bretons, Nords, Imperials, etc, was necessary. Those who were able to monopolize this trade could become rich or even lords themselves. It was in the material interest of the Forebears already ruling to keep ruling, and so they opened up their ports. Soon enough these "Forebears" didn't have to rely on the Na-Tatumbu to pay their checks, they could hire Warriors for themselves to enforce their rule on the peasantry. The Warriors were being Lords. The Forebears were gaining power a little too fast and the ruling "Crowns" felt the power they had over their warriors, paychecks, privileges, and legitimacy to enforce violence waning, they could no longer give the Elite Forebears more than what they already had. The Crowns in a desperate attempt to ensure their continued rule outlawed Forebears from owning too much property, a gamble to prevent the Forebears from replacing them as the ruling class. However, this wouldn't cause the official split between the Redguard Elite. The Elite of the Forebears would just marry into the existing Nobility and assimilate into the Na-Tatumbu if they wanted to gain power. A full-out war would just drain the very thing which made them gain this power and wealth in the first place, ceasing trade between the outside world and Hammerfell itself. Not only to mention they did not have enough power to win, by themselves at least. (this is not progressive btw, would just be replacing the Na-Tatumbu with Na-Taumbu Lite. Would actually be a stronger Monarchy actually)
After the Conquest or even during possibly the Forebear Political Faction was "formed". "When the province of Hammerfell was annexed into the Second Empire, two political parties were formed to contribute to Cyrodiil's administration over the land. The Crowns were created from what was left of the Na-Totambu, who retained their high-ranking status in the Empire, using Hegathe as their capital. From there, they were represented by the Phyllocid Dynasty, who maintained their relationship with the Empire throughout its lifetime. The Forebears was the other political party founded in Hammerfell, from the warrior-lords that descended from the Ra Gada and governed tribal districts in the south. For the longest time, these groups were sworn enemies, a rivalry that had existed far longer than the Empire itself." - https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Forebears.
Notice how these factions are only "formed" after the conquest of the Reman Dynasty, and wonder why these two "sworn enemies" needed an invasion to split. Consider how the Redguards were actually united by an outside invasion by the Thalmor, but for some reason, the Redguards conveniently split into two political factions right after the Imperial invasion, Pro-Imperial, and Native Resistance.
Imperials state that the Forebear Faction was a "natural and inevitable" outcome of "sworn enemies " whose hatred for each other was "older than the Empire" itself. That the Empire had no part in its creation and simply followed the already existing lines when creating the administration of Hammerfell. While yes, there were multiple fairly large Samurai rebellions in Japanese history, these rebellions were to increase their own power in feudal Japan, higher pay/privileges, lordship, etc. The Daimyo and the Samurai were not "sworn enemies" by any means. A Samurai got his power through the state and the state tough the Samurai, it wouldn't be in either of their interest to disrupt the status quo. Them being "sworn enemies" only makes sense if you consider the Singers or Ansai (Sword Saints) to be the ancestors of the Forebears, which we know wasn't the case.
The Ansei, while warriors, were NOT comparable to samurai. They were closer to a specific Order or school. Closer to that of Japanese Warrior Monks than swords for hire. They did not work for the Yokudan Lords, they were entirely separate, which is why Emperor Hira wanted to purge the Singers. instead of utilizing them to exert control over Yokuda. They were uncontrollable, not paid swords for hire.
The split between the Crowns and Forebears is correlated with the arrival to Tamerial. I would argue that the Reman Dynasty split Hammerfell in two for good, in the same way, a Colonial power like the British Empire creates groups and funds others in Subject Nations, to breed conflict. The Reman Empire played a significant role in the creation of the Forebear Political Faction as a permanent Imperial puppet state in Hammerfell. To ensure Hammerfell like every other province other than Cyrodil is a Subject Province. In fact, my comparison of Japan and Yokuda wasn't just because of the obvious parallels, but another, more obscure reason, the Meiji Restoration and the role of the Imperial power of the time the British Empire.
The Imperial view of the Forebears is quite clear, they are the "cosmopolitan", "flexible", "progressive", "and modern", Redguards, rightfully accepting the rule of the one true Empire. Unlike those damn Crowns, who are "traditionalist", "conservative", "supertesuous", "primitive", "alien", and "oppressive" resisting the rightful rule of the Imperialist Empire. This language is disturbingly similar to how The West, specifically Great Britain described Japan after and Before the Meiji Restoration of Japan.
Let's get to the point, after the Sengoku Era (Warring States) of Japan and a failed invasion of Korea, Japan became extremely isolationist, and the arrival of European weaponry revamped Japanese warfare which was one of the reasons the new Shogunate came into power. Knowing that European influence in Japan resulted in the Shogunate taking power it was also the way the Shogun could lose their power over Japan. This isolation period lasted 200 years, in which they only allowed trade from Europe to come from the Dutch, until the U.S. came knocking and forced Japan to open up trade in 1853. The Shogunate had the correct assumption, as in the 1860's the "Mejji Restoration" coup would occur where power was restored to Imperial power, wonder how that happened. The British, THE Imperial Power at the time. Western capitalists, especially the British saw how exploitable Japan was and let's say was a HUGE player in propping up the Emperor. The language which is used in describing Mejji Japan is identical to how the Empire describes the Forebears, "honorable", "renewal", "rebirth", "modern", and "westernization", basically legitimizing their rule as it is in the interest of Britain.
This actually correlates well with the Redguards, the "Sengoku Period" of Yokuda was basically a carbon copy of Japan except for the Yokuda sinking into the sea part. After Yokuda sinks and the Redguards make a home in Hammerfell they are very isolationist at first, not trading with the other races for quite some time. However, the "Forebears" start to trade with the rest of Tamriel, including Cyrodill. Upon the Rise of the Reman Empire and their Imperialist ambitions, the Forebear Faction is "formed". Since the Forebears weren't powerful enough to conquer Hammerfell themselves, they had to rely on the support of someone who could, in exchange for vassalage. They would be given greater power than the Crowns in this Empire.
The Forebears don't care about morals they care about power. The Empire Doesn't care about how "progressive" the Forebears are, what's "progressive" about supporting a hegemonic power invading your home province just so the Empire can exploit you and your people? The Forebears are choosing power over their people's freedom from an Imperialist power. That is not progressive, in fact, it's quite the opposite. The Empire used pre-existing strife between the Redgaurds to achieve their Imperialist ambitions. The Empire allows subject nations to enslave indiscriminately as long as they can continue their rule. They are a State, more powerful and deadly than the Crowns. I believe the Forebears were deliberately created and or supported by the Empire to create conflict and social strife. All the better when a political faction like the Forebears is largely dependent on the Empire for strength and political influence. As seen here -
Circa 2E 862, when the Crowns monarchy left their ancestral throne of Old Hegathe and took over the Forebears kingdom of Sentinel, it caused a schism between both factions. Baron Volag was chosen by the Forebears to strike an accord with the Crowns King, Thassad II, for a short-term truce.[9]:25 But, when Thassad II passed away from natural causes in 2E 862, Volag and his Forebears launched a wide-scale rebellion against the Crowns that has since been remembered as the Purge of the North. After the first massacre, the Crowns of Sentinel, led by Prince A'tor, were forced to flee the kingdom to the west, to the island-kingdom of Stros M'Kai.[10]
On the island, the Crowns prepared for their counterattack and managed to provide a strong retaliation against the Forebears.[10] But, when the Forebears pleaded for assistance from the Third Empire, the tide of the war quickly shifted back against the Crowns until they were cornered in Stros M'Kai.[7] Some people believed that Volag was used by the Empire, for his ambitions for the throne.[11] As the conflict proved out of favor for the Crowns, Baron Volag and his Forebears disappeared from the public eye, but it is unclear whether this happened after he claimed Sentinel[12] or if it happened after the Battle of Hunding Bay in 2E 864.[10] In any case, Sentinel was without a figurehead and, much like other human realms, a Colovian Officer,[7] in the form of Senecus Goddkey assumed the title of Provisional Governor for the Kingdom of Sentinel and the Forebears principalities. - https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Forebears.
The Forebears are an Imperial invention to ensure domination over Hammerfell.
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2023.03.25 00:46 md00150028 Gauss Rifle Numbers


Enough people ask about Gauss Rifles, which prompted me to write this up. Initially, I was going to keep it as a draft, but since mobile has trouble opening it, I decided to post this. Note that everything here is for a full health, VATS, sneak build. This is generally how this write-up is organized:
  1. The Loadout [Opinion]
  2. The "Best" Gauss Rifle for each application [Opinion]
  3. The case for each Legendary Effect for a Daily Use Sniper [Opinion]
  4. One-shot Capabilities [Tested In-game]

The Loadout

In my opinion, the optimal way to run a Gauss Rifle as your main is to carry at least three Gauss Rifles.
  1. Daily Sniper: highest damage per bullet without a critical hit with maximum accuracy. You use this 90% of the time in instances such as clearing West Tek or Daily Ops Decryption or events in which you aren't going to be overrun by enemies.
  2. Boss Killer: this gun looks for maximum damage over a period of time and is used for things like Earle, SBQ, etc. You may even swap to this for Daily Ops bosses/Pitt Bosses.
  3. Event Gun: for specific events like Radiation Rumble or Daily Ops Uplink with weaker enemies.

The "Best" Gauss Rifle for Each Application

Defer to the numbers below and longer explanations, but if you just want an opinion straight out of the gate, here is -- in my opinion -- the best three for each of those categories:
  1. Daily Sniper:
    1. Instigating/Vats Hit Chance
    2. Two Shot/Vats Hit Chance
    3. Quad/Vats Hit Chance
  2. Boss Killer:
    1. Anti-Armo50 critical damage
    2. Quad/50 critical damage
    3. Aristocrat's/50 critical damage
  3. Event Gun:
    1. Quad/Vats Hit chance (if you plan to charge it)
    2. Quad/50 critical damage (if you plan not to charge it)
    3. Two Shot/Vats Hit Chance
  4. If you were looking to carry only one: Quad/Vats hit Chance
These selections are supposing you are actually carrying three different Gauss Rifles. For the Daily Sniper, I think you could make an argument for any of the top prefixes, as each has their pros and cons.
For the boss-killer, the debate will be between DPS and Damage Per Bullet. If you are a Rifleman in the first place, DPS probably isn't your primary concern, which is why Anti-Armor takes the first place, but I would never argue with someone against Quad for the Boss Killer.
For the event gun, I am supposing you are looking strictly for a Gauss Rifle. For simplicity's sake, I did not include other guns.

Daily Sniper Prefix: A Case for Each

Two Shot
Bonus: Case for Second Star:

One-Shot Capabilities: the Numbers

The following is the max level a Gauss Rifle can one-shot. All Gauss Rifles can one-shot level 100 Mutants from sneak with a headshot with a proper full health build and when properly modded. All Gauss Rifles are primed on a full-health build. Here's the build.
Some Quick Notes:
Body Shot (with sneak)

Effect Super Mutant Mole Miners Scorched Human Ghoul
Instigating 50/60.1/75.2 75 100 75 75
Two Shot 50/60.2 75 100 75.1 75
Aristocrat's 50/60.2 60/75.1 100 75.1 75
Anti-Armor 50 60.1/75.2 75 60 75
Quad 50.1 60.1 75 60 75

Non-sneak (head-shot, no "Taking One for the Team")

Effect Super Mutant Mole Miners Scorched Human Ghoul
Instigating 60/75.1/100.2 75/100.1 100 75 75
Two Shot 50/60.2/75.2 60/75.1/100.2 100 75 75
Aristocrat's 50/60.2/75.2 60/75.1/100.2 100 75 75
Anti-Armor 50/60.2 60/75.2 100 60/75.1 75
Quad 50.1 60.1/75.2 100.1 60/75.1 75
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2023.03.25 00:27 Port-Gentil Looking for friends

I (45F) moved up from down south and I’m looking to make friendships around here. I enjoy reading, gardening, crocheting and hiking. I’m in the inner West but happy to connect with people from all over. Thanks.
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2023.03.25 00:21 BadTakeBrian Enterprise Group ($E.TO, $ETOLF.OTC): Cash Flow Machine, Deep Value, Squeeze Potential

Enterprise Group ($E.TO, $ETOLF.OTC): Cash Flow Machine, Deep Value, Squeeze Potential
I should start by saying that the search for a company like Enterprise began under the following pretense: I have a bearish view of where I think broad markets are going by the end of 2023 and wanted somewhere to hide out while still maintaining the potential to double my investment under any broad market scenario.
Enterprise Group fits that bill. The Company is a niche energy service company that provides site infrastructure services to remote western Canadian production sites for pipelines, construction and oil and gas sectors in western Canada. I believe Enterprise is a fantastic and deeply overlooked company fit for retail investors (like me) who have the ability to enter a position ahead of institutions catching hold of the name.
The core thesis on Enterprise is:
- Low correlation to broad markets
- High growth and 30% cash flow yield
- Healthy balance sheet providing ~$20M in dry powder for potential non-dilutive M&A
- Share buyback in place to support stock
- Unique low-emission fleet of equipment to grow market share
- Structural market expansion

Enterprise was founded in 2004, though as it stands today, is a much leaner and higher growth business compared to what it was in the last bull market for energy in 2008-2014. Where many competitors went out of business during the bear market between 2014-2021, Enterprise wisely divested from lower margin business units, preserved its balance sheet and due to its unique fleet of equipment – was able to maintain cash flow positive during this time. M&A is part of the corporate DNA of Enterprise and has had a successful track record on that front.
While others were still reeling from previous years downturn or still trying to repair their balance sheets in 2020/2021, Enterprise was able to utilize the strength of its balance sheet and positive cash flows to countercyclically invest into new business units to position themselves for the eventual return of energy markets we are now experiencing. A great example of this is the launch of Evolution Power in 2022, which offers a fleet of low-emission microgrids that power the entire production site with natural gas, replacing diesel generators. In doing so, EP reduces CO2 emissions by 30%, gives Enterprise higher margins, is safer and more efficient for the customer. As one of the few “green options” in the energy sector, they are becoming the first choice for larger oil and gas clients subject to Canada’s “heavy emitter” penalties.

The large majority of Enterprise’s sales are derived from western Canadian energy producers, with a greater share of natural gas producers compared to oil producers within its book of clients. Though Enterprise profits have less commodity risk than their actual producing clients, the Company nevertheless is derivatively exposed to energy prices (though I believe there are some factors that reduce the correlation that I will get into later). After years of producers not investing into large exploration projects due to ESG mandates, regulations and low prices, the outlook on energy markets looks extremely promising for producers and has already begun to see a notable uptick in production levels that are expected to continue for a market that looks undersupplied in years ahead.
More specifically to Enterprise’s western Canadian market, there are some very visible demand drivers on the horizon based on new pipeline capacity that provide a near certain increase in demand for services like Enterprise. This demand is structured within tens of billions of dollars of sunk infrastructure capital to provide a roadmap of oil and gas (mostly gas) production expansion in western Canada. Beginning in 2023 with the completion of NGTL network expansion (gas) and TMX pipeline (oil), there will continue to be major new export capacity to come online nearly every year this decade, with recent first nations LNG projects advancing on the west coast.
For Canadian gas producers, the pipelines will allow them to access higher priced Asian markets, where prices are often multiples of those received in Canada or the US. You can bet there is going to be prompt increases to production to ship whatever they can to those markets, given the preferred economics.

Enterprise just recently released their full year 2022 financials March 20, 2023, where they posted fantastic results. Rather than do a deep dive into financials today, will simply share some important highlights and suggest reviewing their financials below: (https://www.sedar.com/DisplayCompanyDocuments.do?lang=EN&issuerNo=00020838)

Additional items:
- Bought back 1.8M shares in 2022
- Secured US OTC listing to increase access to US investors
- Renewed buyback program
- Available tax losses of $0.17/share
- Purchased $5.6M of new equipment
- Subsequently signed one of largest contracts in company history in Jan 2023

Share Structure
Enterprise currently has 50.3M shares outstanding, with another 5M options exercisable at $0.45. Notably, management/board were buyers in the open market over the last few years and now hold over 40% of all shares outstanding.
This is where I think it gets uniquely attractive for us retail investors.
Since the last energy cycle, nearly all of the research analysts that covered the sector have moved on, meaning the few analysts left covering the space are focused on large-cap players and there are none covering companies the size of Enterprise. There is a window for retail to build a position in a hugely profitable company with a tight share structure subject to a potential squeeze before institutions begin to take notice.
Finally – and maybe most importantly – 2022 saw a unique trading dynamic occur due to a large shareholder selling down their position. This shareholder accidentally accumulated a >10% ownership position, unknowingly triggering a requirement to file any purchase/sale of stock (see sedi filings to confirm). That shareholder then spent the entire year reducing their position below 10% but because there was not a large float of shares trading hands, effectively put a ceiling on the stock the entire year and single-handedly compressed the multiple. This does not appear to have been done with ill intent but explains why the stock bounced between a floor of around $0.38 (supported by the buyback) and $0.42 (where the shareholder was selling) despite everything going right for the company operationally. In January, the company bought back the final tranche of shares needed to get that shareholder below the 10% threshold, thereby clearing the way for share price to better track the improving cash flow of the company.

Enterprise is currently trading at a deeply discounted valuation and historically low multiple, which is ironic considering this may be the best market they've ever operated in. As a particular point of reference, a comparison below for the 2020-2022 periods for EV/EBITDA and some other metrics that could influence the deserved multiple such as growth, profitability, and credit risk. I’ve also already listed a few reasons to be bullish on their future market (pipelines coming online beginning this year), which is consistent with management’s outlook from their MD&A that “…customers have indicated they will continue to operate at increased activities through the remainder of the year”. Though a 10-11x multiple shouldn't be expected moving forward, you can see the impact of having a large shareholder exiting with a small float and how a lack of share price movement can lose investor attention. Over the course of a year, Enterprise added over $5M in EBITDA (+175%) and barely saw its valuation change at all!
*2022 year using current share price
At a current 4.2x EV/EBITDA, Enterprise is trading far below the 6x it has traded in previous cycles and which seems very reasonable as a base case scenario. It would take very little notional buying for that re-rate to occur and for those able to establish a position at these prices, it would represent a 74% return.
Finally, if Enterprise is seen through a different valuation lens, the company just released in their earnings that equity holders would be due $0.68/share ($0.39 current share price) if the company simply sold all of their equipment at book value. Multiple arguments to show that Enterprise is undervalued.

Enterprise has a strong outlook on market fundamentals to support top line growth, increasing pricing power to maintain/increase margins and new revenue potential coming online with equipment additions.
Given history of M&A activity, balance sheet flexibility and the fact some targets are still not fully recovered from 2014-2021 period, it would be very surprising if the company did not make one or more acquisitions in the near-future. Management has said as much on their recent twitter spaces interview.
Fortunately for equity holders, management does not have to dilute shareholders while its equity remains undervalued. With $20M in unused credit at their disposal (their current market cap), they would have the ability to make a material acquisition without needing any equity at all. Even if they were to make an even larger acquisition, their debt providers are Ninepoint Partners (via Waygar Capital), who are home to none other than Eric Nuttall, who is the largest and most bullish energy fund manager on earth. You can bet that if the right target came along with the right assets/cash flow, Ninepoint would be more than happy to increase the size of that facility if they aren’t able to secure some seller's financing. If we assume a slight liquidity discount on a PrivateCo acquisition, $20M at 3x EV/EBITDA could buy around $6-7M of incremental EBITDA, effectively doubling the “cash flow” of the company before considering any synergies. Prospect of cross-selling new rental equipment would be high.
If something like this came to pass and they grew to a $15M EBITDA business, there would undoubtedly be a whole new supply of small institutions that would be interested and could be an attractive buyout candidate for private equity, who they’re currently competing with for acquisitions.
Commodity Risk:
This being the most obvious risk to the company. If we were to go back to the dark ages (2014-2021), there would be a material impact on Enterprise financials. I believe commodity risk for Enterprise is mitigated for 3 reasons:
1) A decade of underinvestment in global energy supplies has the entire spectrum of energy prognosticators projecting supply deficits for oil and continued growth in global natural gas demand. Continued regulatory hurdles, ESG capital restrictions, end of US shale hypergrowth, and return-of-capital mandates by EnergyCo shareholders make it less likely we see reckless supply additions. Adding to that, we’ve now got China reopening, OPEC defending prices, and US supposedly refilling the SPR at some point (we’ll see).
2) Infrastructure Developments: Canada has abundant reserves, with some of the cleanest and lowest-cost natural gas in the world with a painful lack of export capacity. A number of pipeline and LNG export facilities are set to come online, incentivizing a production increase to fill that pipeline. To me, this is the most powerful reason why I believe Enterprise has much lower commodity risk and has been repeated by recent research put out by RBC on the prospects of NE BC natural gas outlook.
3) Tier 1 Client Book: Enterprise’s clients are some of the largest energy producers in North America, meaning they plan their development programs with a multi-year outlook that is less sensitive to short term price action. Further, many of its clients are actual providing the supply for LNG Canada (Sinopec, Petronas,
Market Downturn:
No doubt we are entering a period of uncertainty, with global liquidity being reduced and the risk of recession on the horizon. I think this should be viewed in two ways:
1) Operations: Looking back, more often than not a significant global recession is more likely to reduce the rate of growth in oil demand rather than actually reducing demand. Natural gas is mostly used for heating and electricity generation, making it relatively inelastic as well. Global GDP is also more evenly spread between OECD and non-OECD, meaning growing countries like India will be less responsive to tightening financial conditions.
2) Share Price: Enterprise is tracking towards a trailing 4x EV/EBITDA, with structural growth catalysts on the horizon (ie. pipelines) and excess cash flow available for buybacks. Even in a market panic, it is likely cash flows can continue to grow, providing continued support to the share price via buybacks.
3) Recent meltdown in energy markets had almost no impact on Enterprise share price and would suspect that increased buybacks would be there for support if share price were to slide further.
It is the risk-adjusted return with fundamentals to back it up that make Enterprise special within the micro-cap space.
1) Operating conditions look very strong for the company based on energy cycle and the foundation of new pipeline-related production increases in western Canada.
2) Enterprise is a pure-play on western Canada with major well-capitalized nat gas clients poised for growth.
3) Small size and cap structure provide potential for significant torque in share price.
4) Enterprise has debt flexibility such that they don’t need to dilute equity at these valuations if M&A opportunities arise.
5) Extremely profitable with 30%+ cash flow yield and optionality for buybacks or further investment in expanding equipment fleet for evolution power.
6) Significant selling pressure from large shareholder has now ended after tendering shares to treasury in January 2023.
7) A single large new shareholder has potential to re-rate the stock to base case of 6x EV/EBITDA multiple.
8) Equity re-rate and M&A could see this company become very large, very quickly – drawing further flows of capital to the name at sufficient scale or be a prime takeout candidate for PE.
I own shares in Enterprise. This is not financial advise. Please do your own due diligence.
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2023.03.25 00:15 Shevek99 The Kingdom of Lotharingia (imaginary map by HouseOfHesse in DeviantArt)

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2023.03.25 00:12 Jhyrjhyr I'm looking for a critique or review for review of my work.

Jungles, beasts, priests, and corruption. Thacia, a large country with deep scars from conquest, segregation, and betrayal, is about to lose the fragile peace it has struggled to maintain. To the north, a mysterious plague turns men into flesh-craving beasts. A young priestess raises her forces to contain this infection. To the east, a baleful Emperor plots invasion and revenge. The Titans of old are born again to defend their country from foreign invaders with a young bastard boy at their helm. To the south, thousands of freed and fleeing slaves, find their home on the island of Phevia. Once a slave-soldier now their King, it is up to one man to keep his people safe from the clutches of slavers. To the west, the old gray-wood fort that separated the civilized people of Thacia from the horse-riding warriors of the steppe is soon to be besieged and destroyed. A poor farmer's son must find a way to keep his lands safe from the horse-born conquerors. Amid the blood and chaos, whispers of a fiery winged serpent emerge on a shadowed island where ominous winds rise and stir. is a low-ish fantasy in a classical antiquity setting. Here is the blurb:
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2023.03.25 00:06 Jhyrjhyr Anyone interested in critiquing my work or maybe review for review.

It's low fantasy in a classical antiquity type of world setting. Here is the blurb: Jungles, beasts, priests, and corruption. Thacia, a large country with deep scars from conquest, segregation, and betrayal, is about to lose the fragile peace it has struggled to maintain. To the north, a mysterious plague turns men into flesh-craving beasts. A young priestess raises her forces to contain this infection. To the east, a baleful Emperor plots invasion and revenge. The Titans of old are born again to defend their country from foreign invaders with a young bastard boy at their helm. To the south, thousands of freed and fleeing slaves, find their home on the island of Phevia. Once a slave-soldier now their King, it is up to one man to keep his people safe from the clutches of slavers. To the west, the old gray-wood fort that separated the civilized people of Thacia from the horse-riding warriors of the steppe is soon to be besieged and destroyed. A poor farmer's son must find a way to keep his lands safe from the horse-born conquerors. Amid the blood and chaos, whispers of a fiery winged serpent emerge on a shadowed island where ominous winds rise and stir.
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2023.03.25 00:02 TheePaulster V2: I Tried My Hand at Designing the Worst Dashboard I Could Imagine

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2023.03.25 00:01 sloop35 65th Kilometer

A game about the Polish legend/urban legend of a Nazi train filled with riches hidden in the south west of Poland.
In my eyes there are too little games about slavic folklore or slavic countries in general, without implications or only negative or WW2 or USSR games
More information: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_gold_train
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2023.03.24 23:50 Hoovy_hoovikins War score bug. NEGATIVE on the lend lease sent?

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2023.03.24 23:49 Rckstr12531253 Has hell frozen over?

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2023.03.24 23:30 delipity [25 Mar] 1,495( ↓ 101) New Cases; Rolling 7-day avg: 1,574( ↑ 9)

Daily New Covid Cases by DHB reported 25 Mar 2023 (as at midnight Friday 24 Mar 2023)
Location New Cases Change Seven Day Rolling
Total 1495 -101 1574 ( ↑ 9)
Auckland 146 +10 134 ( ↑ 7)
Bay of Plenty 65 +7 59 ( ↑ 2)
Canterbury 263 -4 271 ( ↓ 1)
Capital and Coast 99 +8 104 ( ↑ 3)
Counties Manukau 109 -32 127 ( ↓ 1)
Hawke's Bay 40 -10 51 ( ↑ 0)
Hutt Valley 47 -4 49 ( ↑ 2)
Lakes 36 +6 34 ( ↑ 0)
MidCentral 50 -14 51 ( ↓ 2)
Nelson Marlborough 66 -1 61 ( ↑ 1)
Northland 31 -10 43 ( ↓ 1)
South Canterbury 16 -7 22 ( ↓ 3)
Southern 156 -19 167 ( ↓ 4)
Tairawhiti 10 +1 14 ( ↑ 1)
Taranaki 37 -14 45 ( ↑ 1)
Unknown 2 -2 3 ( ↓ 1)
Waikato 94 +2 101 ( ↑ 1)
Wairarapa 18 -3 18 ( ↑ 1)
Waitemata 174 -12 182 ( ↑ 3)
West Coast 22 +2 21 ( ↑ 1)
Whanganui 14 -5 17 ( ↓ 1)
Last 10 days of the Rolling 7-day average Reported 25 Mar 2023
Date 7-day rolling avg
Fri 24 Mar 1574 ( ↑ 9)
Thu 23 Mar 1565 ( ↓ 7)
Wed 22 Mar 1572 ( ↑ 0)
Tue 21 Mar 1572 ( ↓ 17)
Mon 20 Mar 1589 ( ↓ 4)
Sun 19 Mar 1593 ( ↓ 9)
Sat 18 Mar 1602 ( ↓ 23)
Fri 17 Mar 1625 ( ↓ 6)
Thu 16 Mar 1631 ( ↓ 28)
Wed 15 Mar 1659 ( ↓ 8)

No hospital data today

source: MoH GitHub data
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2023.03.24 23:30 whirlwind_observer Millrock Reports Operations Update, Aurora Target Drilling and Geophysical Surveys, West Pogo Block, 64North Gold Project, Alaska - Marketscreener.com

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2023.03.24 23:20 Macross137 A basic invocation ritual

There are many ways to invoke, and not all of them require ritual work. However, rituals can be very helpful, especially when you're trying to establish contact with a spirit you haven't communicated with before. I'm going to outline a basic ritual that can be used to facilitate invocation. I have used rituals like this to satisfactorily invoke Beleth, Bune, Vapula, and other goetic demons.
1. Do your research
Before invoking a named spirit, learn as much as you can about them. Study old grimoires like the Abramelin, Lemegeton, and Grimorium Verum, and look them up in contemporary guides like Jake Stratton-Kent's Pandemonium and David Crowhurst's Stellas Daemonum. Prioritize scholarly research over individual UPG. You want to get a good sense of the spirit's history, key attributes, and personality.
2. Choose the right time
Most spirits will have associations with particular astrological signs or decans, or specific days of the week. In my experience, you will often get better results by factoring these associations into the timing of your ritual.
3. Set up your ritual space
Choose a space for your ritual where you will have some room to move around and will not be interrupted. Then set up the ritual implements you will be using. I suggest the following:
As we are not trying to compel evocation with this ritual, there is no need for circles or triangles.
Most spirits are associated with one of the cardinal directions (north, south, east, west). Arrange your space so that you will be facing the appropriate direction during the ritual.
4. Extend the invitation
Take a shower, put on clean clothes, and you're ready to begin. Perform the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram (instructions can easily be found online, and you can adapt or simplify the ritual if you want), light the candles and incense, then call out to the spirit. You can say (out loud, or mentally) something like this:
"Prince Stolas, I invite you to make your presence known to me, remain with me for a while, and teach me all I should know about astronomy, herbalism, and precious stones. Please accept the offerings I have prepared for you, and allow me to benefit from your wisdom."
The specific wording doesn't matter. I'd say to try to make it sound semi-formal but not corny. Sincerity is the note you want to hit.
5. Meditate
After you have spoken, stand in silence for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths, let the incense and candles burn for a bit.
When you're ready, put out anything that's still burning, dispose of the offerings (you can eat them yourself once the ritual is over, it's fine, really), put away the implements, and go sit down to meditate.
Try to let your mind go blank so that you can receive communication from the spirit. It takes time, practice, and experience to get good at discerning spirit communication from your own thoughts. What you want to pay special attention to are images and concepts that come to you fully-formed, without having been shaped by your conscious cognitive processes.
In the days ahead, you may receive signs and synchronicities related to the spirit. Make a note of these, they are indications that the ritual worked.
Over time, the spirits you work with will get easier to invoke, and you will be able to communicate with them more clearly.
A final note
It's entirely possible that you will perform a ritual like this and feel nothing. No presence, no communication. This is not uncommon, especially for new practitioners. It takes a good deal of knowledge and grounding to invoke named spirits, and while some people may be inherently better at it than others, it almost always involves a long learning process. Be patient, stick with it, and keep up a daily meditation practice.
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