Tcl 50 inch tv wall mount

Need help mounting TV on paneled, non-flat wall

2023.03.30 19:43 YankeeInTX Need help mounting TV on paneled, non-flat wall

Need help mounting TV on paneled, non-flat wall
I'm looking at getting at getting a large OLED TV (77" or 83") for my new house, but I've got an issue with the wall in the media room where the TV will (ideally) hang. The previous owners installed some sort of 6x3 grid frame with panels seemingly glued to the wall. The vertical beams are 28" apart, while the horizontal ones are 30" apart. The beams themselves are 1.5" wide.
center of wall where TV would go

close-up of frame and panels
The TV I'm looking at comes with a flush mount, which can't be installed directly onto the framing, and installing it on the paneling would mean making it off-center (not ideal, but not a deal-breaker (yes, it would require securing the TV mount extra-well, since the panels are only glued on)).
The 83" version of the TV is only 90 lbs. Could I use one of those no-stud TV wall mounts, that have a single horizontal bracket that the TV hangs from? I found one on Amazon that says it supports up to 99 lbs, but is for 12-55" TVs. I would think the weight would matter more than the size, unless the bracket is too short and the TV could tilt off one end or the other.
Anyone have suggestions for how to best and properly hang a TV on this wall? Should I try to fill in the areas around where 2 pieces of framing meet, to make a wide, flat area suitable for the flush mount?
One other note...I have considered using the stand on a media console, but I want to use a soundbar with it, and the depth required for the TV stand and soundbar is at least 18". I need a console table that has well-ventilated compartments, as my XBOX produces a lot of heat. If anybody has suggestions for console tables, I'm all ears.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 19:29 r3crac BANGGOOD Deals (30.3.2023)!

BANGGOOD Deals Compilation (30.3.2023)!
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Products compilation image: or
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2023.03.30 18:55 VeeTeeF Sanity check for 85" QN90B on TV stand

So I recently bought an 85" QN90B, awaiting delivery. It's around 124 lbs including the stand. I have this TV stand. Yes I know it's MDF but I got it for $80 due to a pricing error and it looks quite nice assembled.
The stand manual says the top can support up to 150lbs (75 lbs over each intermediate support) but I'm worried about the QN90B causing bowing since all the weight will be in between the two intermediate supports. I'm considering getting a 16"x36"x3/8" thick piece of tempered glass to sit on top and distribute the TV's weight across the intermediate supports and keep the top flat. Does this make sense?
The glass is about $100 so not a huge expense. I don't want to wall mount as I'm renting and may be moving sometime this year. Any feedback is appreciated!
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2023.03.30 18:14 eyefuckinghatereddit Budget 4k TV 32-43 inch (EU)

I'm stuck between these 3 TVs (All €283) 1. Hisense 43A6BGTUK (43 Inch) 4K UHD Smart 2. TVToshiba UF3D 43 Inch Smart Fire TV 3. TCL 43P639K 43-inch 4K Smart TV, HDR
My cheap 6 ywar old 1080p 32 inch 50 hz JVC tv broke while cleaning my room. So I will not be waiting for black friday.
I already have a good ips 144hz 1080p 24 inch monitor in my office for gaming. So Ghosting isn't something I'm very concerned about. This will mostly be for watching movies and TV. Mostly Anime.
I'm not willing so spend more than around €300 range. I'm a student that works part time. No, I don't care about HDR. I just want a bog standard 60hz 4k panel for my room and am more than fine with SDR.
I will be buying a Nvidia shield so I don't care about the UI.
Don't recommend TVs only available in America.
I'm looking at these at the moment.
  1. Hisense 43A6BGTUK (43 Inch) 4K UHD Smart TV
  2. Toshiba UF3D 43 Inch Smart Fire TV
  1. TCL 43P639K 43-inch 4K Smart TV, HDR
I'm well aware of their hardware not being able to display HDR.
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2023.03.30 17:55 findingmewanahelp909 How to Diagnose/What to Call Random Black Splotches with Red Outline When Gaming on my Xbox Series X?

I recently spent 1500$ on a gaming setup.
I got the Vizio MQX 50 inch model M50QXM-K01 which seemed like a great buy got 120hz 50 inch at only 497$
When pplaying Assasins Creed: Odyssey after about ten minutes of playing and happening during high frame rate moments like fighting sequnces I notice a very quick, split second "glitch" in the screen where part of it goes black with a small red outline then back to normal.
I called Vizio and they first had me change the HD Mode to 2.1 instead of auto. That helped alot but it still happens although less often.
What is this symptom called?
I do have the Series X Xbox plugged into the one 120hz HDMI input and just recently switched out cables to HDMI 2.1 cbale although ive been told the Xbox comrs with one already which id what I was using.
Any other input welcome. Thoughts on the TV, etc.
I'm thinking of returning it and getting a UH8. Hisense to play the Xbox on but am open to suggestions.
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2023.03.30 17:30 hallach_halil Halil's top 10 offensive tackles of the 2023 NFL Draft:

Halil's top 10 offensive tackles of the 2023 NFL Draft:

We’ve arrived at the big-boy portion of our positional draft rankings! After already breaking down the best running backs, linebackers, wide receivers and cornerbacks of this class, we will spend these next two weeks talking about the guys inside the trenches both inside and out for offense and defense – and we are starting with the offensive tackle position!
I believe there are four small-dunk first-round players among this group, who can all be week-one starters, with varying degrees of technical advancement compared to physical upside. After that, there are five names, who I’d have no problem with all going inside the top-75, including a couple of athletic specimen, who aren’t close to the potential of players they can become one day. At number ten, there’s one more highly talented prospect, who may actually go earlier than a few names I have listed above him, based on the ceiling he presents. After that, you’re looking at more so serviceable players, who will largely be backups, along with a couple of underdeveloped kids you may want to take a flyer on day three, if you have the edges of your O-line secured for now.
Just to clarify – North Dakota State’s Cody Mauch will see his name listed among the interior offensive line.
Here’s how I have this group stacked up:

1. Paris Johnson, Ohio State

6’6”, 315-pounds; RS SO

The top-rated offensive tackle in the 2020 class, Johnson saw the field for just 22 snaps as a true freshman, before taking over as the full-time starter at right guard in ’21 and earning second-team All-Big Ten honors (13 games). Last year he improved to consensus first-team and second-team All-American this past year, when he moved out to left tackle. His steady presence on C.J. Stroud’s blindside enabled the Buckeyes to finish first (45.7) and second (44.2) respectively in points per game in FBS these past two seasons.

+ The grip strength, demeanor and leg-drive are all there in the run game and he really works up through contact to create that momentum
+ Out at tackle, he can really widen that edge and cover up guys responsible for contain, routinely allowing backs to stretch out and get out to the corner or cut underneath, At guard, you saw him come in from the side on nose-tackles to push them over into the opposite A-gap, so that guy can’t two-gap
+ Shows the hip mobility to reach-block three-techniques, as well as come off combos late and get a piece of the linebacker, while having some extra room for error if his angles up to the second level aren’t perfect
+ With the way he covers ground on zone concepts, Johnson can execute fold-blocks and make the job easier for the guard inside of him, to just seal the down-lineman
+ Swiftly establishes the inside foot and gets his base turned, in order to force edge defenders to have to go through him on the backside of gap schemes
+ Gets after second-level defenders with tremendous urgency and you actually see him seal off true MIKEs straight over the center at times
+ His dexterity to twist defenders and get his lower body turned simultaneously to open up lanes is highly impressive, You saw that when LBs try to blitz the play-side gap and he pins them away from it, to present a wide hole (B-gap at guard)
+ Displays good awareness for defenses walking down a linebacker late outside him and how that changes responsibilities on run schemes
+ Clearly has that mobility to play in space, with impressive success getting his hands on corners and safeties in the screen game

+ Johnson features a well-coordinated, patient kick-slide and uses his wingspan well to not present a free B-gap
+ Arms for days at just over 36 inches and edge rushers have to take wider angles consistently, while being able to stab with the inside arm at the near-shoulder to actively elongate those
+ With those long branches and strong upper body to control rushers even if his elbows are outside his frame
+ Smooth lateral mover, to stay in front of inside counters and help out on the interior in a hurry, if his man drops out
+ It also enables him to slide in front of interior linemen in the play-action game and full-line slides before they can even get that first step down regularly
+ When defenders sell out for the bull-rush and create movement, Johnson can increase his step frequency and knee bend to re-anchor effectively
+ No problem at all flipping and riding aggressive upfield rushers towards his own end-zone
+ Shows the ability to recover and still ride loopers off track, as he has to transition on delayed T-E twists
+ Playing at guard, you saw Johnson actively looking for work if he doesn’t have a direct assignment, delivering some significant chips from the side, And that transitioned along with moving out to tackle, where week one against Notre Dame, the next-closest rusher ended up being in the A-gap and he still made sure that guy hit the ground
+ Did allow two sacks last year, but only one other QB hit across 910 pass-blocking snaps since the start of 2021 (26 non-sack pressures)

– His base can get a little narrow as he churns his legs in the run game and it may lead to him landing on the turf more regularly against pros
– Tends to stop his feet when he throws his hands and heavily relies on the two-handed punch – he will need to adapt more independent hand usage
– His hands overall are pretty high and wide, particularly picking up loopers and blitzers
– There’s room to still get stronger, when it comes to swallowing initial power and snatch guys late, not allowing them to escape as plays are being extended
– Can overstride at times selling play-action and allow his D-end to slip inside of him

Based on his height and general skill-set, Johnson was a miscast at right guard as a redshirt freshman in 2021, but did show he can excel in the run game right away. Once he moved to his designated position at left tackle this past season, the pass-blocking skills were able to shine as well. He’s one of the smoothest athletes you will find for the position, yet has the strength in his hands to take control in both facets of the game. Where I do believe he needs to improve is not using two-handed punches regularly and his base to anchor against power leaves things to be desired at this point. Considering what an easy mover he is and the length he possesses to counter-act that, those should be fixable areas though. I do believe he’s best suited for a zone-based rushing attack, where his mobility and leg-drive can really shine, rather than just blowing defenders off the ball vertically, but there’s upside to utilize him even more as a puller across the formation or out towards the perimeter. I don’t see Johnson making it out of the top-15.

2. Broderick Jones, Georgia

6’5″, 315 pounds; JR

Right outside the top-10 overall recruits in 2020, Jones only started four games over his first two seasons (all at left tackle in 2021). He ook over on the blindside this past season and was absolutely dominant, paving the way for a Georgia offense that averaged 500 yards and 41.1 points per game (fifth nationally), which made it all the way to an undefeated championship season (their second straight title). Jones himself was named first-team All-SEC.

+ Jones has good girth in all the right areas, without any excess weight in the mid-section
+ Imposing road-grader in the run game, Gets after people whether the score is 0-0 or his team is up by 50
+ This guy regularly tosses the edge defender on the front-side of zone runs out of the way and forces linebackers to fill the B-gap in a hurry
+ Can absolutely blow D-tackles off their landmarks when coming in on an angle on double-teams, particularly in short-yardage and goal-line situations
+ If he gets underneath the arm-pit of linemen, he can wash them down and create significant cutback opportunities, And he has the grip strength to twist defenders out of running lanes, even if he can’t block down on an angle
+ Understands when he has to add a gather-step against wider alignments, to not presents easy opportunities for edge defenders to jump inside of his blocks
+ On combo-blocks his eyes are usually up and he doesn’t struggle to work up to the backer with space, with the force in his hands to shove them to the ground
+ Regularly was utilized as a puller on GT power, where he’s light on his feet as he skips out of his stance but heavy at contact, and has the reactionary agility to adjust on the fly
+ This dude is scary to be in front of on screens and pulling out to the corner, where most defenders try to go low on him, to avoid getting thrown around

+ Even if his technique isn’t perfect yet, Jones presents the athletic lower half and strong upper body to ride edge rushers off track
+ If defenders go into the chest of him, they quickly realize there’s not much they can do anymore
+ You rarely see guys turn the corner when engaged with Jones, where they try to dip-and-rip, but he still guides them enough off track to not affect the QB
+ He packs a lot of strength in those hands, to widen their arc significantly or push them into the pile, if they try to quickly crash inside
+ Linebackers trying to get around Jones on delayed blitzes seem to have no clue how to actually approach this and are content with just standing there with his arms extended
+ When Jones’ guy slants away from him and he’s unoccupied, he delivers some devastating rib-shots on somebody tangled up with one of his teammates
+ Watching the 2022 season-opener 49-3 destruction of Oregon, the pass-pro reps for Jones was so clean throughout the day and he completely shut guys out trying to work against him
+ Wasn’t responsible for a single sack and just nine other pressures across 470 pass-blocking snaps this past season
+ Ran the best 40 time among all O-linemen in Indy this year at 4.97 and his movement during the on-field drills was well-coordinated

– His feet can get a little heavy late and defenders are able to work off his blocks, where you’d want more flexion in the lower rather than upper half, and that’s in part due to imperfect hand-placement
– Too often in 2022, you’d see Jones drop his eyes when initiating contact in both facets of the game, and defenders being able to pull him off
– Makes himself vulnerable to inside counters on a regularly basis, when he should keep his shoulders and hips squared, but instead opens up to the edge rusher, who doesn’t even have the angle to beat him around the corner
– When he did face a legit speed-rusher in LSU’s B.J. Ojulari, you saw him punch with the outside hand and had that left foot in the air as well, creating a soft shoulder to get past
– Has to do a better job of coming to balance at times when working up the field in the screen game, as guys have the ability to side-step him

This is still clearly an ascending tackle prospect, who won’t turn 22 years old until after the draft and only logged 19 career starts at the Bulldogs. However, his natural talent stood out right away and he was already one of the premiere players at his position in his first season as a full-time starters, despite facing a loaded slate of SEC edge defenders. Now, some of those guys were actually the ones who gave him trouble, because they could threaten the edges of his frame off the snap and were more technically advanced, but there’s no reason to believe he won’t be able to get to that level sooner rather than later, with the natural power he possesses and the awareness he showed as a young player already. I want to see him eliminate this nasty little habit of not keeping his chin up, but in terms of brute force in the run game and ability to snatch up pass-rushers, he has a chance to turn into the most complete guy of the bunch.

3. Peter Skoronski, Northwestern

6’4”, 300 pounds; JR

Slightly outside the top-100 overall recruits in 2020, Skoronski stepped in at left tackle as a true freshman and was named to the All-Freshman team, when Rashawn Slater decided to sit out the season due to COVID concerns. Then he improved to a first-team All-Big Ten performer in 2021, which he repeated this past season, along with being a unanimous first-team All-American. His grandfather Bob Skoronski was a starter and team captain for all five of Vince Lombardi’s championship teams.

+ The best compliment I can give Skoronski is that his tape can be almost boring at times, because every rep is clean and there’s not much to note
+ His aiming points and angles are excellent for such a young player
+ Operates from a wide base and with good leg-drive, while lifting up through contact with his elbows in tight
+ Does well to establish positioning with the inside foot sealing edge defenders on the backside of run concepts
+ Gets underneath the arm pit of D-tackles on angular blocks and rides them down the line
+ Brings plus grip strength and ability to twist bodies to expand running lanes, along with the dexterity to keep his hands latched as defenders try to slip or turn away from contact
+ Consistently works with square shoulders and stays tight to his teammate on vertical combos, to maximize force and not allow defenders to split those
+ Patient and under control working up to the second level, being able to get under the chest with great consistency
+ Also getting out to the corner on fly sweeps or those completely horizontal handoffs, he rarely overruns targets, just blindly hustling out there
+ Somehow people are inferring that Skoronski isn’t a great athlete, when he tested in the 70th percentile or better among all combine events other than the three-cone and his jumps were 96th and 97th percentile respectively

+ Already a very sound and comfortable pass-protector, who consistently is first off the ball, gets to his landmarks and doesn’t throw his technique out of the window
+ Shows an understanding for the depth of the pocket and how to manipulate rush angles, along with the easy lateral movement to mirror guys across multiple moves
+ Adjusts the length of his initial dependent on where combat will occur and is able beat wide-nine alignments to the spot
+ His hands are so consistent with landing inside the frame of rushers and controlling reps, because they typically stay attached throughout
+ Varies his approach and excels at using his arms in independent fashion, whether he’s trying to widen guys with the inside hand or wants to take charge off them on power rushes
+ Rarely does his weight shift too far to the outside foot and he’s ready to negate angles as guys are trying to slice through the inside shoulder
+ Extends his inside arm when deciphering through the pressure and is ready to redirect towards guys slanting to the B-gap if there’s no threat off the edge
+ His feel for shuffling along and how to pick up loopers with the two-handed strike, to guide their path is impressive for a young player
+ Allowed just two sacks on nearly 700 snaps as a true freshman and did the same in ’21 on over 800, along with 18 additional pressures, However he quietly just had his best season in that regard (one sack, two QB hits and three hurries)

– The big hold-up with Skoronski of course is only having 32 and ¼-inch arms, while I also believe he played below 310-pound mark
– You see edge rushers really create problems for him with long-arm maneuvers, where he can’t place his hands or has the kind of super-strong base to just swallow those
– It can also show up in the run ground where guys can just out-reach him and therefore pull him off when leaning into contact
– Doesn’t create a whole lot of knock-back at first contact with his strike generally and you rarely see him take linebackers for a ride, the way you’d like to
– While I love with how much control he plays, at times I’d appreciate a little more urgency to just negate space in the first instance rather than trying to establish position

At the risk of sounding like a cop-out, it’s pretty easy to find a comparison in terms of player profile for Skoronski, if we just go to the guy he replaced at Northwestern, in Rashawn Slater. I do believe the now-Pro Bowler was a greater athlete, particularly with some of the insane stuff he did in the weightroom, to balance out length concern. However, Skoronski is clearly the most technically advanced tackle in the 2023 class. The way he fits his hands and is able to transfer force from the ground up in the run game, along with reading rushers and using different combat-maneuvers to counter them, are tremendous. There’s not much to criticize on tape, but you just wonder how high his ceiling may be, due to always having a disadvantage in that one area. Ultimately, I believe a team will start him out at tackle and he will play it at a pretty high level, but he transitions inside a couple of years into his pro career. Having him down at number three almost feels wrong, but it only speaks to the strength of the top of this class, as Skoronski will be a top-15 overall prospect for me.

4. Darnell Wright, Tennessee

6’6”, 335 pounds; SR

The number two offensive tackle recruit in 2019 behind only Alabama standout and now-Giant Evan Neal, Wright started seven of eleven games as a true freshman (five at right tackle, two at right guard) and then nine of ten available for in year two (all at RT). In 2021 he started all 13 games at left tackle and helped the Tennessee offense score a team-record 511 points, before moving back to the right side this past season, when the Vols immediately broke that record (599) and Dwight was recognized individually as a first-team All-SEC performer.

+ When you look at this guy, everything you see screams “power” at you
+ Shows a natural ability to sink his hips and work up through contact, to create movement on angular blocks
+ You’re just not going to rock this guy’s pads backwards or squeeze him down on backside seal-blocks
+ Has the explosiveness out of his stance to work cross-/fold-blocks and skip pulls in the run game
+ For a man his size, the agility in short areas and flexibility in his lower half to reach-block edge defenders on fly sweeps is pretty impressive
+ Just engulfs smaller bodies stepping down or replacing edge defenders, when he comes across the line on kick-outs
+ Really strong with that inside arm, to extend and create that little bit of extra movement, while riding bodies on the interior into the trash when given the opportunity
+ Can create some significant momentum on B-gap defenders as the angular element to combo blocks by accelerating his feet through the target
+ Showcases the dexterity to keep his hands in place with the hips of the man he’s responsible for, as they’re trying to slice past, and he rides them off their landmarks
+ Doesn’t look uncomfortable getting out in space and has the natural power to put defenders on the ground by just getting a hand on them

+ His feet are quick enough to match legit speed off the edge and then sit down to not allow himself to be ridden into the quarterback’s space at the top of the arc
+ Shows good awareness for that platform of the guy padding the ball back there and when to flip with the rusher, to ride him past that point
+ His base is so strong, that even when rushers seem to set up speed-to-power well, Wright can stymie their charge and force them to look for different strategies
+ Can work in some independent hand usage to keep rushers in line with his frame, along with really snatching cloth and dropping his hips, in order to take control of reps
+ Displays impressive body-control, to quickly puts his outside foot back down and mirror inside moves, even by twitchy guys at nearly 100 pounds less
+ Once rushers get off balance, he can quickly put them on the ground and exploits of the opportunity to jump on top of them
+ Extremely battle-tested against a collection of impressive SEC edge rushers and more than held his own – Allowed just one hurry all day against Alabama in 2022, largely going up against a lock for the top-five in Will Anderson, who simply couldn’t work his typical speed-to-power against him
+ Didn’t give up a single sack and just eight total pressures across 507 pass-blocking snaps this past season

– Carries a little excess weight in the mid-section I’d say and he’s not quite up to par with the top-three guys in terms of foot quickness
– Doesn’t consistently play up to his size and brings the aggression to create displacement in the run game, while other times he gets his weight shifted too far out in front as he really goes for it (partially due to the type of offense the Volunteers ran)
– Gets too far over his skis at times and ends up stumbling forward when he can’t connect with his hands as D-linemen reduce their surface area
– While you like the mobility to get to the second level, he doesn’t break down and secure blocks consistently enough to take care of his assignments
– Regularly late off the snap and has a certain up-kick to his pass-sets, which didn’t become as much of a problems with less than a quarter of his work being labelled as “true pass-sets” by PFF (tons of RPOs, screens, etc.)

I’ve been a fan of Wright for a while now and he’s been ascending his draft stock throughout this process. He came in at a massive 342 pounds for Senior Bowl week, yet he showcased impressive movement skills, effortlessly mirroring a couple of spin moves, along with taking the fight to more power-based string, showcasing his strong upper half. Then he moved around extremely well during the on-field drills at the combine and you heard those bags pop when he landed his punches in pass-pro. This guy has 2746 career snaps with full years starting at both left and right tackle, put together an incredible track record against a murderous row of SEC edge defenders. So I have no doubt that he should and will go in the first round. I’d like to see him enforce his power on a more consistent basis and there’s a little bit of a tweak that he has to work on his kick-slide, but I don’t think there’s much of a gap between him and what is generally accepted as the “big three” at offensive tackle.

5. Dawand Jones, Ohio State

6’6”, 350 pounds; SR

Just outside the top-1000 overall recruits in 2019, Jones appeared in nine games as a true freshman and then in six of eight contests in the COVID-shortened following campaign, including his first start, In 2021, he started all 13 games and was a second-team All-Big Ten selection for the Buckeyes, which he repeated this past season, Then last year he was a second-team All-American, as a mainstay on that right edge

+ Massive upper half and can knock defenders off balance when he just lands those hands in the run game, And with the long arms he can deliver that last push to get the man further off track to create room late
+ I thought overall Jones’ urgency off the snap and willingness to impose himself physically was a lot better in 2022
+ You see him dish out some literal two-handed shoves to blow the front-side wide open
+ When he grabs the shoulder-plate and extends though, you see put guys flat on their backs at times, especially linebackers mugged up in the gap
+ If D-ends try to crash across him face on the backside of zone runs, he will wash them way down the line and optically show the ball-carrier to cut back behind him
+ Because of how massive he is, when he tries to reach-block guys on the edge, they often try to peak around and get off balance, to where he can ride them along and allow the back to stay behind his block
+ Yet, if he’s tasked with simply sealing the back-side, extending that outside arm in the chest of edge guys and bringing the opposite hip-around is very effective
+ When he arrives at the party, with no direct assignment, he can help move the significantly and allow the ball-carrier to hide behind that wall or push through it
+ Some of his tape is just hilarious to watch, when he puts guys on the ground seemingly without breaking a sweat

+ Offers a quick jump out of his stance to cut off the angle for edge rushers, has his hands ready at his mid-section and is patient with his punch
+ The way he snatches and traps guys when they do get closer to his body makes him basically negate guys completely
+ His insane 7’6” wingspan allows him to constantly put a hand on defenders before those guys could even get to his frame, and it gives him a ton of room for error in his technique
+ If guys try to loop wide around him and don’t actively try to find an angle, he’s fine sitting back and waiting there, but if he does go for it, those long arms can really stymie rushers in their approach
+ Even if the outside hand is swatted away, he can push guys further off track by still reaching them with the other arm
+ When he does overset and rushers create that lane to the quarterback seemingly going underneath, Jones is typically able to ride those guys across the QB’s face, to leave him unaffected
+ Buries guys underneath himself with regularity, if they shift their momentum too far out in front
+ After surrendering three sacks and eight other pressures in 2021, Jones didn’t even allow his quarterback to be hit once due to him last year and only hurried five times
+ PFF awarded him with their highest pass-blocking efficiency of any draft-eligible tackle at 99.4 last season

– You see Jones just throw his hands and not move his lower body at times, when he can’t get his body positioned accordingly throughout run plays
– Appears disoriented when his initial assignment is changed post-snap and he has to come up solutions on the fly in that regard
– The way he puts his hands on the face-mask of defenders and some of the pull-downs will be flagged more regularly at the pro level
– Short-setting guys and forcing them to go way around him, because of his size and length, was an effective strategy at the college level, but that won’t fly in the NFL
– At this point, Jones does get by with his massive frame and length along with natural strength, which won’t be as prevalent going against pro players, who will force him to get on their level technically

Jones only took part in the first practice at the Senior Bowl, but he just stood out from the moment he stepped on the field with his giganteous size and unheard of wingspan. Edge defenders quickly realized that they weren’t going to get through his chest, but the one rep that really stood out to me came during individual run-blocking, where he was supposed to reach-block his man but didn’t gain enough ground laterally with that first step, yet he was able to create so much torque on the far-shoulder of his man, that he ended up turning and pinning that guy inside anyway. That’s what you’re dealing with here – an absolute mountain of a man, whose strength and length give him a lot of room for error and when he puts it altogether, he can dominate people. Now, while he has definitely shown technical development, he does heavily rely on his natural gifts and will have to overhaul his pass-sets in order to actually cut off angles for more talented and crafty NFL rushers than he’s faced so far. However, he has things you can’t teach and the potential(!) to become a more athletic version of Orlando Brown down the road.

6. Anton Harrison, Oklahoma

6’4″, 310 pounds; JR

A four-star recruit in 2020, Harrison already logged over 1000 snaps at left tackle through his first two seasons with the Sooners. As a junior, he started all but on one of 12 regular season game on the blindside yet again (one at right tackle and opted out of the Cheez-It Bowl) and received more recognition on a national scale, when he was named a first-team All-Big 12 performer.

+ Presents an athletic frame with minimal excess weight and long arms (34 and ¼)
+ Can create some knock-back as he lands his hands inside the frame of defenders, shoving linebackers off track regularly
+ Last season I thought he was more assertive near the point of attack, to drive-block edge defenders or block down on three-techniques and get guys off their landmarks
+ You see him lift stand up D-tackles in order for fellow linemen wrap around behind him regularly
+ On the backside of wide zone runs, if linebackers try to shoot the B-gaps Harrison hits and rides them way down the line, to open up massive cutback lanes behind him
+ When guys try to dip underneath him or get around blocks, Harrison typically rides them towards his own end-zone to blow the front-side open
+ Has the quick burst to help secure the down-linemen on combo blocks and then deliver some force to open up a lane inside of them as somebody from the second level behind it steps down
+ Bends off the inside foot and uncoils force through defenders in the hole wrapping around on powecounter schemes
+ Frequently is able to face-plant defenders as he catches them off balance, with one foot off the ground, with the triceps strength to extend and push them down
+ Makes the job of his teammates a lot easier, when he’s passing off down-linemen on front-side combos by extending with the inside arm and allowing the guy next to him to bring his base and secure the block
+ Rarely overruns his targets in space and forces guys to work around him consistently, being able to put his hands on third-level defenders in the screen game
+ His 4.98 in the 40 was tied for the second-best mark among all offensive linemen at the combine

+ There’s good rhythm and a certain calmness in his kick-slide, with the light feet to guide edge defenders around the loop
+ Times up his strike as rushers try to throw their hands, frequently hitting them as they’re off balance and taking them to the ground every once in a while
+ His initial hand-placement may not be great always and he gets caught with his elbow out wide, but he does work to re-fit them and finds way to gain control
+ And he finds ways to maximize his length to out-reach his man
+ Can really snatch rushers as he grabs cloth of guys trying to work through him, without giving them a lane to escape
+ Plays under good control generally and doesn’t overreact to defensive movement, picking up games and mirroring guys with space to work
+ Smoothly transitions from the slanting linemen to the looper on E-T twists
+ Has some impressive recovery moments on tape, where rushers have him on skates and he’s somehow able to drop his anchor due to his high-level balance
+ Allowed just one sack and eight hurries (no QB hits) across 447 pass-blocking snaps in '22

– Can’t reduce his height very well and you can see them roll his weight over his shoulders at times trying to establish contact with smaller linebackers
– Doesn’t set the tone in the run game like you’d want to see for that size, having to become more effective with his hand-placement and re-work the way he transitions force from the ground up
– You see some of that as well in the pass game, when his chest folds forward instead of working with sink in his hips and then he kind of tries to chase after guys up the arc, where if timed correctly can leave the inside lane to the QB completely free
– Carries his hands fairly low and comes in wide with the punch, to where guys who sell out on attacking his chest can take him for a ride a few times, as he doesn’t seem ready to land his hands – You see that at times when he’s not ready for somebody coming his way on twists
– There’s a few reps, where he tries to ride edge rushers up the field, but he doesn’t maintain contact and that guy is able to slip underneath him

It’s never easy projecting tackles in particular going from offensive systems that relied heavily on a few run concepts, off which they build their RPO game and offer limited reps for pass-protectors to prove themselves. The areas of weakness in Harrison’s game right now are pretty clear – he struggles to bend at the knees and maximizing his power in the run game, while his hands and feet aren’t married regularly enough in pass-pro. On the Brightside, he does bring plenty of shock in his hands and well-coordinated movement to work to the second level, while being light on his feet to deal with speed off the edge and being able to clamp down on guys once he takes control of reps. There is a fairly steep learning curve in front of him, but he has all the physical tools and the mindset to become a plus starter on the blindside, which is why he regularly finds his name late in first-round mock drafts.

7. Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse

6’5”, 320 pounds; RS JR

Just inside the top-1000 overall recruits in 2019, Bergeron played in 12 and started five game as a true freshman. Other than missing two games this past season, he started all of the other 34 games, with all but three of those at left tackle. He earned honorable mention and then second-team All-ACC accolades most recently, whilst being a team captain in 2022.

+ Nice girth throughout his frame and effectively rolls his hips through contact to create movement in the run game
+ Even with sub-optimal hand-placement, he can widen the edge pretty consistently on the front-side of zone concepts
+ Shows a strong grip with the inside hand, which doesn’t allow edge defenders to back-door or slip his blocks typically
+ When having to block down on three-techniques who aggressively try to get through his gap, Bergerson does well to get his hand on the defenders’ hip and use that momentum against that guy
+ Does well to on hinge-blocks and just get the job done when tasked with sealing guys on the backside of concepts
+ In formations with a tight-end next to him, where the C-gap was uncovered, Bergeron effectively was able to able to pick up and ride smaller bodies at the edge of the box out of the picture
+ You really like what he presents blocking on the move, sweeping around the edge and taking linebackers for a ride or blowing DBs trying to set the edge out of the picture
+ Was utilized on some skip-pulls, where he would wrap around on GT power plays and looked pretty light on his feet to get to his landmarks

+ Shows a real plan in his approach as a pass-protector, changing up between quick sets, jumping out of his stance aggressively versus speed-based rushers, etc.
+ Covers a ton of ground in his kick-sets in order to counter true speed-balls off the edge
+ Carries his hands at his hips and is ready to punch and counter the movement of rushers
+ Will land some surprise stabs quickly at the chest of rushers, to throw off the timing of the moves they want to set up
+ Displays the body-control to re-anchor even when it looks like power rushers are under control of reps
+ Transitions well on twists by the D-line, whether it’s the strong base to absorb force by the initial slanter or the lateral agility to slide in front of the secondary looper
+ Quickly redirects from the initial kick to a lateral shuffle in order to help out or take over stunting interior defenders, if his man on the edge peels off
+ Generally can use the momentum of defender to guide them away from the quarterback
+ Takes advantages of chances to pull off-balance rushers to the ground and pins them down there
+ While he was officially charged for five sacks by PFF last season, in terms of total pressures he was at 12 compared to 11 the year prior, with 770 combined pass-blocking snaps

– His hands regularly start off high and wide already and he minimizes the force he can apply in the run game, as well as make him vulnerable to get flagged, because the refs can see everything
– Pro Football Focus only credited his with 33 positively graded run plays last season, which I wouldn’t judge as such (in terms of a net plus), but in terms of having his hands latched onto the aiming points, that number is probably about right
– Tends to pick up his inside foot too much, as he’s trying to gain ground vertically in his pass-sets and becomes vulnerable against guys with a great long-arm – Clemson’s Myles Murphy was in control of that matchup for most of the day, even if Myles didn’t get to finish many plays
– Edge rushers frequently are the ones to get their arms inside and Bergeron ends up with his elbows out wide, which limits his ability to slow down power

Bergeron has nearly put together the exact same resume during his pre-draft process as Tennessee’s Darnell Wright. Throughout Senior Bowl week, I thought his movement skills in pass-protection were highly impressive, not allowing guys to gain an angle on the quarterback, as well as being able to mirror and shut down some challenging counter moves. And while he didn’t test at the combine, he had a tremendous on-field workout. He looked so light-footed, changed directions and reacted to the coaches’ indications without any issues. His hand-placement in both facets of the game drove me wild at times on tape, but that area already looked improved down in Mobile and I also understand that he will receive the type of coaching to see major benefits. How well he carries 320 pounds, being able to cover ground vertically and horizontal in protection, is rare – and he doesn’t even yet take great advantage of his play-strength all the time. I would not be shocked if he ends up being one of the last few picks of the first round and he’s probably a top-50 lock.

8. Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland

6’6”, 320 pounds, RS SR

The rest of the analysis can be found here!

9. Tyler Steen, Alabama

6’5”, 315 pounds; RS SR

10. Blake Freeland, BYU

6’8″, 305 pounds; RS JR

The next names up:

Jordan McFadden (Clemson) Wanya Morris (Oklahoma), Ryan Hayes (Michigan), Richard Gouraige (Florida), Warren McClendon Jr. (Georgia), Asim Richards (North Carolina) & Carter Warren (Pittsburgh)

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2023.03.30 17:17 logical_space Questions about switch to electric appliances and modifying/repurposing a portion of ductwork

Hi everyone, I'm about to take the plunge of making a few big, coordinated changes in my small (~1300 sq ft, not including basement) Baltimore row home, and could really use some advice/a sanity-check. I'm comfortable with plumbing/electric/carpentry/some HVAC, so this is all potentially what I'd spend the summer working on...
Basically, I'm thinking of getting the 2-3 ton Mr.Cool universal pump+handler to replace my current HVAC, an induction cook-top, wall-mounted electric oven, smaller refrigerator, and heat pump water heater. Here's the kitchen, which is the source of most of my questions/hurdles:
I want the refrigerator to remain where the current one is, so that the counter can be as long and continuous as possible, but the HVAC return and furnace/boiler exhaust on the wall will make even a small one jut out. I'd also like to add a real stove hood. So, I'm wondering if I can kill two birds with one stone by finding some alternative way of handling HVAC return, and by repurposing one of the exhaust ducts for the hood vent.
I'll just add that I'm not sure how important the return is for my particular situation: every door in my house has >1 inch clearance, I think air moves quite easily throughout, and since these changes would mean everything runs on electric, there wouldn't be the worst-case danger of accidentally pumping gas into the bedroom etc...
Advice on any of these ideas is much appreciated!
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2023.03.30 17:11 Skinny_Dan Seeking 3-axis (XYZ) adjustable wall mount for 43" TV

I have an extra TV that I want to use as my computer monitor. However, I also want to be able to adjust it into multiple positions for different use cases—mainly two.
Firstly, I want the screen to hover at an appropriate eye height while seated at my desk for PC use. Secondly, I want it to be able to move up and to the left for use as a gaming TV for when we have company. We do a lot of hosting, and the room is used as a secondary social space when we have lots of guests, so I plan to hook up my Nintendo Switch as an entertainment option, and moving the TV into a higher and further left position would be put it in the optimal viewing position for the most people.
In my search for full-motion, height-adjustable, 3-axis wall mounts, it would seem that such a thing is not in huge demand. There just aren't that many out there. For the most part, the only ones I can find are actually cheaper mounts ($40-100 range) from brands I don't recognize. Here and here are some examples.
Does anyone know if these are reliable? Or does anyone know of a reliable high-quality XYZ mount?
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2023.03.30 17:00 Cleverly_Clearly Respect Alucard! (Hellsing)

My name's Alucard. I'm an agent who takes out the trash for the secret service "Hellsing". A hit man, for the likes of you.

Alucard, the No Life King

In the 15th century, Vlad Dracula was the Voivode of Wallachia and conducted many military campaigns against the Ottoman Empire. Although he was a hero to the Romanian people he ruled, to the world at large he was a genocidal butcher famous for his acts of cruelty, gaining the name "Vlad the Impaler" for the way he would display the skewered corpses of his enemies. Although he was eventually defeated and brought to the gallows for execution, he decided that living by any means possible would be better than an ignominious death at the enemy's hands. He drank the blood of the execution grounds, and was resurrected as a vampire.
In the 19th century, Count Dracula was defeated yet again, this time by the vampire hunter Abraham Van Hellsing. Rather than killing the vampire completely (if such a thing was even possible), Van Hellsing sealed and buried the creature deep in the Hellsing mansion, binding him to be under the control of the Hellsing vampire hunters.
Now, in the modern era, Sir Integra Hellsing is the current head of the Hellsing Orgainzation, the British Crown's vampire-hunting agency. When she became the head of the family as a child, and a jealous splinter faction of the Hellsings sought to have her assassinated, Integra went to the one place she had been told to run to when all hope was lost--the tomb of Dracula. When her blood touched his skin, he was revived once more, now a loyal servant of Hellsing. He goes under the name "Alucard", and works for the government, dispatching other vampires to protect the humans he once terrorized. Although, perhaps, given the opportunity to break free of his restraints, the true monstrous power of the legendary vampire would be far more dangerous than the threats he fights against...
Credit to NegativeGamer for gathering Hellsing: The Dawn feats for me.
Notes: Alucard is under a restriction system starting at Level 5 and ending at Level 0, with lower numbers having less restrictions on his power and Level 0 meaning "no restrictions". Feats from without these restrictions are marked.


Vampire Scaling
Walking Through Walls


Tubalcain Alhambra
Alucard absorbs Tubalcain Alhambra into his body as a familiar (anime). Tubalcain's RT can be found here.
Rip Van Winkle
Alucard absorbs Rip Van Winkle into his body as a familiar. Rip Van Winkle's RT can be found here
The Army
During the Battle of London, Alucard unintentionally devoured the body of the familiar Schrodinger Anime

Casull and Jackal

Alucard's weapons of choice are the .454 Casull Auto and the 13mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol: Jackal, "The Jackal" for short. The Casull uses 13mm explosive steel rounds, alloyed with steel melted from a church cross; these bullets are highly effective against monsters when normal ammunition isn't (anime). Similarly, the Jackal uses 13mm armor-piercing explosive rounds with pure Macedeonium silver casings and mercury tips (anime)
VS Objects
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Durability and Regen



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2023.03.30 17:00 MolyPrim Guild Quest Week [March 30 - April 02] P2 (10) : Espada Ranged Bonus

Guild Quest Week [March 30 - April 02] P2 (10) : Espada Ranged Bonus
Get ready ! Put the entirety of your spirit on the line and crush them here ! Even if your flesh is torn asunder, be as a steel wall down to your last shard of bone !
This is it, the final battle against the Espada assembled in front of you above Karakura. Head Captain Yamamoto gave you orders, slaughter them all with but don't go too close Head Captain's Ennetsu Jigoku is still there so RANGED bonus

► Welcome to another round of GQ for both Normal and Hard mode. ◄

Share your build/tips/tricks here for clearing GQ, both normal and hard mode.
Enemy Affiliation: Arrancar, Espada
Bosses: Stark (Speed), Szayelapporro (Power), Grimmjow (Mind), Aaroniero (Heart), AnniUlq (Tech)


Normal Mode GQ: Espada Killer damage x3, Ranged Attack Damage x2.
Hard Mode GQ: Espada Killer damage x3, Soul Bomb damage x 0.5, Ranged damage x2, Weaken map

Recommended Units:
But also :

Key Points (Normal GQ)

  • Character Choices If possible, you should ALWAYS bring units that match the corresponding killer rule. The killer rule for this game mode is such that units with the corresponding killer have a x3 damage multiplier. You'd need this to have an easier time clearing the rooms.
  • Status effects Consider Freeze/Paralysis/Weaken. Burn/Lacerate/Poison are nerfed in this game mode. Freeze/Paralysis would stop mobs dealing damage to you, allowing you to maintain full stamina damage boost run, while weaken allows you and your bots to deal +50% damage to the mobs.
  • Transcendence This game mode requires transcendence to clear and to make it easy.
  • Team set-up Ideal team set-ups vary for this week, as there are limited Espada:
    • fastest is 3x SP units (5/5 units)
    • You can also run 1 or 2 NAD units.
  • Building your Lead SP unit Lead SP units with 2/5 or above (or your runs finish in under 30s), you should use Tenshintai, Missanga, Fortification Pill or SP+50% accessory. If you're finishing slower, you could replace Tenshintai with Hollow Bait or Boxing items (Heavy Bag/Speed Ball). Links should be Senkaizen/on-colour 25/off-colour Senkaizen.
  • Building your supports NAD support unit have several build options, depending on strength/ability to clear the GQ.
  1. Gold Chappy/Chappy/Missanga all with 30% ATK - Senkgetsu/on-colour NAD+25 links
  2. Gold Chappy or Chappy, Heavy Bag/Speed Ball, Missanga - Senkgetsu and on-colour NAD+25 links
  3. Gold Chappy, Chappy, Heavy Bag/Speed Ball - Senkgetsu and on-colour NAD+25 links
  4. Situational 5/5+500ATK - Hollow Bait, Heavy Bag, Missanga - only for recent NAD units with STRONG Berserker and good SAs. This could be paired with Full stam (if certain not taking damage) or NAD/SAD hybrid links, or pure NAD links.
  • Boost For this week, Boost depends on your team composition. It's nice to run one for the Normal GQ, but you don't have to. Only three boosters exist: TYBW Nanao, Parasol Grimm, BroKen.
As for clearing the quest itself, focus on clearing the first few waves with your main SP unit and then retreat to recharge cooldowns while your NAD units focus the bosses. With NAD unit leads you basically just need to clear mobs as efficiently and quickly as you can with NAD and then focus down the bosses.
Advanced clearing (weakening nuke at 5/5 +250SP minimum): Time your SAs with a beam type SA2 from a 2/5 unit. Generally this gets you through to 5th boss from the get go.

Suggested Accessories Builds

HARD GQ - Tips, thoughts

Reminder that last boss has 3,600 DEF. So you need to break this threshold! For equipment/build guide, please see here. The TYBW Rukia build exception is also discussed here.
  1. Best team is SP Lead, NAD bot and booster. There are three on-killer boost: TYBW Nanao, Parasol Grimmjow and BroKen. I don't recommend using BroKen because of his lack of Enhancer.
  2. If you don't have a booster with the killer, consider alternatives : LF Rukia (Mind), WH Orihime (Speed), Qmas Yoruichi (Power), Anime Chad (Power), SK Yhwach (Heart), Viz Shinji (Heart), TYBW Aizen (Tech), SAFWY Ukitake (Speed), Masaki (Heart), OS Orihime (Speed), Tokinada (Heart), SpS Chad (Heart), CFYOW Tsukishima (Speed), Oh-Etsu (Tech), Giriko (Mind), etc. Boosters are required to clear hard GQ.
  3. Consider having your booster with SALDS or NAD/LDS to either upkeep the attacks or to reset boost. Upkeeping boost makes a big difference. New Senkaimon Tatsuki is an assist.
  4. Build your SP lead with Missanga, Pill, Teaset, with a combination of SASAD or Senkaizen or variants with Low Stam/LDS. You can work around the weaken pool. Exception is TYBW Rukia - you can use Sticker instead of Missanga.
  5. NAD bots: The strongest build by far is Gold Chappy, Chappy, Hollow Bait. This is because DEF stat significantly offsets your ATK Stat.
  6. If you have a choice in units, Paralysis/Freeze would be helpful in keeping your bots alive.

Help and Advice Request

If you ask for some suggestions please mention if you try to achieve Guild Quest or Hard Guild Quest as answers will be subject to change from one to another

Special Thanks

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2023.03.30 16:54 BasuKun 2 changes for many killers (WARNING: hot takes & probably dumb takes)

Missing killers are either because I find them completely fine, or I have no idea what to do with them lol. Goal is to go beyond just tweaking numbers, but to go crazy with the changes, because why not.
Feel free to suggest anything for missing killers.
Trapper: - Now starts with all his traps in his inventory - Now gains a 10% haste effect for 6 seconds after placing a trap Reason: So he doesn't need to sacrifice 3 gens just to make his initial setup, and get a mind-game tool for chases.
Hillbilly: - Now goes through pallets & breakable walls with his chainsaw by default, at the cost of only damaging the survivor on hit afterwards - Turn rate slightly increased from 32°/s to 38°/s Reason: So he doesn't get absolutely countered by every single little obstacle in the game.
Nurse: - Walls & obstacles now require twice as much charging to blink through - Can no longer perform a lunge attack after the second blink Reason: For obvious reasons.
Myers: - Can now always mori survivors on death hook during T3 - Tombstone now changed so you can mori survivors after first hook (down from anytime) Reason: Because Tombstone is almost a requirement for Myers to be viable, so let's give him a smaller version of it.
Hag: - Can no longer place traps close to hooked survivors - New Power (cooldown: 45s): Can now force any trap to trigger from a distance (without teleporting to it), which makes nearby survivors scream and become oblivious for 20s. For each survivor affected by this power, obtain a 2% haste effect for the same duration Reason: To stop the lame playstyle, and give her another tool in return
Doctor: - Illusionary doctors now always start outside of the affected survivor's view, then runs towards them and disappears after 10 seconds, or after faking an attack. At Madness 3, the illusion also has a red stain and triggers the chase music - Illusionary pallets are now basekit, which spawn every 40s (down from add-ons' times which are 30s / 20s) Reason: To make illusions more scary / seemingly real, and because almost every doctor is pretty much forced to run illusionary pallets add-ons.
Bubba: - Can no longer use his chainsaw near hooked survivors - Tantrum duration reduced by 35% Reason: To prevent camping, and because the tantrum lasts absurdly long for nothing.
Freddy: - Dream pallets are now basekit (alongside dream snares) - While chasing a survivor in the dream world, gain the ability to walk through walls and obstacles (at 35% movement speed) Reason: Freddy shouldn't need to choose between 2 abilities, and to make him more scary (+ fun to play) in the dream world.
Pig: - Changes stance (from walking to crouching / vice-versa) 25% faster - Now has 3 other traps she can swap from and to (same system as Clown's bottles). Those new traps take 3 seconds to install on a window or a pallet and can be seen by survivors. A survivor using the window or the pallet triggers the trap, which injures them. The trap deactivates, and the Pig can reactivate it (5s action). Survivor can also safely deactivate the trap (10s action). Reason: Give her more chasing tools.
Legion: - Hitting a survivor with Feral Slash now inflicts a new status effect to survivors called "Shallow wound", which increases mending & healing speed on that survivor by 50%. Status effect is removed after being healed, or hit by a normal attack - Can now put survivors into the dying state from a Feral Rush at the 4th hit (rather than the 5th hit). Legion's huffing audibly becomes more enraged after the 3rd hit Reason: So that Legion games stop being mending / healing fests, but give him an easier time downing survivors in return.
Ghost Face: - Now gets revealed properly by survivor looking at him even if more than half of his body is hidden - Marked survivors are now oblivious Reason: Pretty sure the first one is just a bug but whatever. Second one is to give him better mind games when chasing a marked survivor.
Deathslinger: - Spearing a survivor at the utmost limit of your range now makes them exposed while they remain speared - While aiming down sight, survivors in view are now slightly highlighted depending on their distance from you (white: within range, orange: range limit, no highlight: outside range) Reason: To make Deathslinger an actual sniper-oriented killer, and reward high risks plays.
Twins: - Switch between Charlotte & Victor twice as fast - After hitting a survivor with Victor, Charlotte now gains a 15% haste effect for 5 seconds Reason: For very obvious reasons.
Pinhead: - When a new box spawns, a random survivor that's -if possible- not in danger (in a chase / hooked / downed...) gets chosen to solve the box: an icon appears on top of their avatar, and sees & hears a heartbeat on the box's aura. The next box respawns 25% slower if solved by the chosen survivor, but respawns 25% faster if solved by anyone else - Chain Hunt's chains no longer interrupt actions (they still slow you down). Instead, if a survivor lets chains accumulate up to 6 chains, they all explode, making the survivor scream and injures them in the process Reason: Make Pinhead games less painful to play for solo queues, and for everyone else in general.
Sadako: - Hitting a survivor with a basic attack now adds 1 stack of Condemn to them, and to any survivor witnessing the event - Teleport out of a TV 40% faster while in a chase, and the chased survivor gets revealed by killer instinct for the next 5 seconds if within the TV's proximity Reason: To make Condemn actually somewhat useful, and make teleporting to TVs an actual mind-game during chases.
Skull Merchant: - Drones no longer detect / track survivors that are standing still (including working on a gen / healing...) - Raise her haste status effect by trackable survivors, from 3/5/6/7% to 4/6/8/9% Reason: To completely remove the 3-gen playstyle, but raise her chasing abilities in return.
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2023.03.30 15:59 jasyinzoxl 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





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“Hey, Becky, what's up?” I asked.
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"Like the book bag thing, I did things that other people probably would have stopped
I was anxious to go but Mom said that the store had to be open a couple of hours for the girls to need a break. She was right of course. I hated the wait but she really was right.
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well I'm gonna go find Haymitch,Effie,and Katniss. See you guys after the show." Part two coming soon!
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Lucy woke to the sound of what she thought was an alarm clock, which didn’t quite make sense. She was on summer vacation to start with, and didn’t remember setting her clock. Groggily trying to focus, she also couldn’t think of anywhere she had to be. So why would she set an alarm clock? Or had she forgotten something important?
Steve opens his eyes. The shadow of his half-open roller blinds is painted on the wall. He knows he got a few more minutes before he has to get up. Steve turns off the alarm and as the room goes back to silence, he goes back to sleep.
“Call me Carol” she said “I don’t want to be a Mrs. Yet” she laughed.
She slammed the door and went to her bedroom and laid down on the bed. She reached for her iPod and slipped her headphones on. She flipped through her playlist until she got to Lit Up by Buckcherry and then reached into her nightstand drawer to pull out a ziplock bag of marijuana and some rolling papers. Before her 15th birthday she never would’ve considered doing drugs or fucking anyone except for Naruto. But shortly after her birthday she got the guts to stick it to her father and leave to find her own place. It all began with Shikamaru.
I look closely in the mirror at my brown eyes and plump lips and imagine the boy I recently have a crush on, Jacob.
“I’ll send you a picture, OK?” Becky quickly sent Jason one of the pictures she had of Susie.
“Careful not to let mom hear you say that, Kyle... there we go, this’ll work.” He pushed the clothes off the bed and sat up, taking a breath and then sneezing. The dust thrown out of his closet was thicker than he though it would be. He looked up and Casey threw a pair of jeans, a plain blue t-shirt and a black pull over sweater.
His bedroom was on the side of the house, and his window faced her own, separated by a privacy hedge.
"It's tearing. It's gonna tear. You're ripping my ass open."
"And I also know you love that feeling Andy... English class is on so much more fun with you around to play with. Scratching down your arms, stroking your fingers..."
“Thanks and what do I owe this too. I mean why giving me a beer you never did that before.” He was staring at her now in the bikini. The small yellow outfit covered very little and he got an erection. He was confused and a little troubled about the thoughts he had about his mother.
“Well…” Tyler blushed. “It just means we would have needed to talk about it a bit more. And talked about some other things. Where we stand on X, Y, and Z.”
I apologize for any lack of paragraph spacing and indentation as I am still figuring out how the format works on this site. Also I do tend mix different ‘encounters’ for a more condensed and interesting story-line, but the characters are of Devin and I and the basic story-line are true. kisses x
Candy chuckled, then shook her head. At first I thought she was kidding, but then her smile faded and I knew she was being serious.
“Mom, Danny’s going to be super pissed if I’m late again.”
The twenty-three year old girl spun around hopefully.
“all aboard the Hogwarts express” I said.
-Jealousy of existing child (see adjoining case) caused a backlash of hate and advanced social skills turned to manipulation, bribery and blackmail to force a wedge in between new mother and brother.
Phil stared at her weirdly, but then thought about it for a second. “I guess it depends on the status quo of the situation. Like, if the guy is a nervous wreck but she reassures him she’ll take care of him or something, then she’s in control. But if he demands she gets on her knees then fucks her face…”
I poured a bowl of cereal and went into the living room with Jake. I sat in the couch adjacent to the chair he was sitting in. We sat in the room for a while, not saying anything. Then, he went to his room and continued watching TV from there.
I knew what I had to do, and there was simply no way around it. I had to call my dad. He was going to fix this and send this little strumpet packing. I grabbed up my PSP and stomped off to my room. I had no idea where she had gone and I didn’t really care, I was going to have her tight little ass thrown out and that was the end of it!
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"I own you." I repeated. "I have all this...control over you, and I didn't even have to take it from you. You gave yourself to me."
"Oh yes."
“Left hand blue.” He watched Kylie reach over her brother and place her hand next to his. Tommy was going to use the same spot, but not being available, he moved his hand under his butt and looking behind him was satisfied it was in the circle. Jason now realized this game could become very erotic for him and them . . . if he gave the right commands.
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Chris: "brittany you know this is going to hurt for a minute right?
I told Rina to stop it... I then told Rina “I love you baby , I have loved you from the first day that I saw you. The first day since you sat down by me. I love you Rina. So why are you still crying baby”. I am afraid that I might lose you. So that’s why your crying. Baby I am not going anywhere. When the spring semester ends you are coming home with me to NYC. Rina still was crying but then she hugged me and kissed me. I said baby I am not going anywhere. I then kissed away the remaining tears from her pretty face. I then told Rina let’s go to “The Cellar” or do you want to take a nice walk.
“Good” . . . . I’m sleeping like the dead these days. Why, didn’t you sleep well Ric?”
“Good point,” Zoe replied, and Nami looked back at Tyler to see his reaction to what she was saying. He was still nose-deep in his phone. Clearly he moved on from the meme and was just checking his Instagram or something.
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“Will...I know you don’t mean tha-”
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Her parents we not thrilled about their daughter being pregnant at an early age, but they grew to accept it when she told them that I was going to be there for the baby. My parents were mad at me, but that did not last long. Everyone agreed that it wold be better for her to move in with me, and before long, we were making love every night, in our bed.
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Well, I hope you enjoyed the story. Look soon for part 3, and give me any comments you would like below!
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