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The haps of Daytona Beach..

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For anyone in the Daytona Beach, Florida area.

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Everything Shady In Daytona Beach and Volusia County

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A subreddit dedicated to 'The 321' - Brevard County, Florida - The Space Coast! Home to Titusville, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Rockledge, Viera, Melbourne, Satellite Beach, Indialantic, old Eau Gallie, Palm Bay, and plenty more.

2023.03.21 22:26 WindDrawzz [PC/Linux][00s-2010s] Game with decoratable scenes, peanut/worm icon

I have been looking for this specific game for ages but i cant find ANYTHING. You would be able to choose a scene and get a set of "stickers" to decorate it with that match the theme of that scene.
All of the scenes i remember:
pizza (you could add toppings)
desert with a river (you could add buildings that look like they are made out of sand, the river may have been one of the "stickers" so im not sure if it was in the actual scene or not, you could also add some people that looked like ancient egyptians to me)
vibrant flower field (you could decorate a butterfly here, but i think you had to place all of the body parts of the butterfly by yourself and the body wouldnt be stuck to the scene)
medieval castle with a bridge over a river and a cliff with grass to the right side (you could pick from a bunch of different cartoony tiny tuxes, and some decorations for the castle. i specifically remember there being a drunk tux and the ability to add a wine glass, a pigeon and a letter)
I also dont recall the game being stretched across the whole screen, rather some gray parts above and below it? I think they had buttons or text, the bottom part probably had all of the stickers and i know that you would be able to change the scene by pressing something on the top part. Thats all i have for this game as of now, and i know im not making this up because i was talking about old linux game with my dad the other day, and he can recall it too. Really hope someone else remembers this!
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2023.03.21 22:26 soca93 Anyone else sometimes feel worse for the Catfisher than the Catfishee?

We all know Catfishing is bad and the show makes it clear that catfishing is bad. Of course because someone was hurt that doesn’t give them the right to hurt and trick others. Of course.
But it’s almost even more sad to me how outcasted people feel. I’m always more fascinated with the light it shines on how cruel we are in American schools and society to people that are othered (fat, dark, short, disabled etc) and that these people are so lonely they’re driven to catfish others just for attention and affection they can’t receive in their own bodies.
Plus one other thing I wish the show would touch on is that most of these people being catfished and in love would accept the catfisher fully back into their lives romantically if they looked at least equally attractive. They don’t really care about “trust being broken” lol. I remember this happening on one episode I believe.
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2023.03.21 22:26 imnlog I'm back at home

I live in a different country to study. Last weekend, I went home to visit my boyfriend (we're both 21) for his birthday. I met all of his extended family and his best friend for the first time and it was amazing to feel like I was part of his life properly. Even just being able to sleep in the same bed gave me the best night's sleep in months. We met in November and I moved away pretty soon after that so the long distance feels even harder when our relationship is so new. I got back to my flat and just cried so hard because I just want to be back home. This is my first long-distance relationship and I know I only have a few more months left but I'm grateful I found the subreddit and I can see how many people are going through the same situation. here's hoping the time goes by fast and we can be reunited again!
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2023.03.21 22:25 Public_Journalist_50 Jin Itadori’s seed is important

Kenjaku made Yuji similarly like Choso and his other siblings and since Yuji was a successful experiment Kenjaku decided to improve Yuji using the itadori kin sperm. Kenjaku was knowledgeable that Jin Itadori and his family were descendants of Ryomen Sukuna and wanted to use that knowledge to his advantage.
He first took over Kaori Itadori’s body and then followed that by planting Yuji into him in a similar fashion with how Geto Suguru eats curses. He followed that by engaging in primitive sexual activities with Jin. I’m talking neck kissing, toe licking, lip biting, toe gripping sexual behaviors the whole mile.
The end goal of such a deed was to have Itadori Kin blood, sperm and genes implanted into Yuji which is why he’s so different. The sperm is what is important. If Kenjaku didn’t suck, slurp and hawk Jin itadori the story wouldn’t have continued.
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2023.03.21 22:25 MakoKristo Soundgarden is really dark

I love this band, its like mirror of darkest parts of my soul. Chris Cornell voice and first Soundgarden albums are very addictive (same about Alice in Chains). But sometimes you fall in this music, and all your darkest parts like addictions, depression, bad memories float up. All darkest sh*t in your soul that you learned to handle for a long period by your willpower unleashes like demons from hell. This music is very lovely to me, but I need to close it from myself to be more sustainable person. Most favorite part of your soul, something that you can describe as 'You' need to be hidden from yourself to live like a normal person.
Did you found same effect? There is something ironic in the way how things work.
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2023.03.21 22:25 Amdiz Weapon Stash Bugged

Has this happened to anyone?
So last night my weapon stash was bugged to hell. The last time I played DMZ was a few days ago and I extil with one of my insured and two random player weapons I found in the street.
I tried to swap out the weapons, and changed my insured weapon and it would load up the three weapons I had and not equip any tacticals. I would destroy them un-equip and re-equip multiple times. I even restarted the game and my PS5. Still nothing worked.
Another part of the issue is I could not equip a new mission because my stash was full. I deleted my shit down to 5 guns and still nothing.
I finally decide to infiltrate with my friend again, and try to kill the chemist for Untraceable a third time. I finally almost got him down when a squad rolls up and wipes us. I’m pissed but what ever. We decide to regain on Ashika and move on.
Well lo and behold my weapon stash issue is gone. I equip some trash and load in. The game went ok, but we called it after and I haven’t played DMZ again yet.
Any ideas or similar issues?
TLDR: Weapon stash was bugged and would not let me change my load out.
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2023.03.21 22:25 gingland I think my ex hacked my phone.

When my ex and I were together, told me that he found evidence to confirm his exes were cheating on him through his ability to hack text messages and call logs.
I asked him how, he said it depends on the carrier, he said he has to make a couple phone calls and that it’s a long process of which he no longer does anymore because of the traumatizing stuff he’d find.
My ex was a straight up sociopath, he’d hide things and act like all is well until he’d get mad and accuse me of something ridiculous or bring something up that bothered him in the past of which I had no clue about, then he’d punish me for it. He’d also make up lies and stories to scare me.
He’d often tell me things he’d do for revenge if he were to ever find anything out. The things he told me and the things he told me about his past absolutely scared the hell out me and made me lose all feelings for him. I broke up with him a month ago and he told me he’d been snooping on me secretly and keeping tabs on me secretly the whole time and accused me of many things that weren’t true.
Regardless, I’m scared he’s hacked my phone somehow and is trying to contact my family and/or friends to hurt them or get to me. They’ve been getting strange calls.
I changed my number and many passwords. Is there anything more I can do? Thanks.
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2023.03.21 22:25 DumpyBurr My ex committed suicide

I am going through so many different emotions
I’m sad that he felt like he had no other option. Im sad that he felt that alone. That he had no one there for him. None of his friends suspected anything. He was always so happy, but I know he had his struggles. I never thought the would actually follow through.
I’m angry that he did that. I keep crying and just screaming at the ceiling. Why did you have to do this? You didn’t have to do it this way. Why weren’t your kids enough for you to stay? Just, why
I feel tremendous guilt. I know I was the only person is his life at the time that actually made him happy. I know he had a terrible childhood, struggles with the mother of his children, battling cancer. And then his mom died. They were never really close but it still hurt him. I had my own issues too and I wasn’t able to be there for him like I should have been. Then I found out he had stolen from me, and I had to end the relationship. I still tried to talk to him and work things out, but he wanted all or nothing. I needed time. So I had to cut him off. And then his grandmother who raised him passed away. I don’t know what happened to him after this.
He always crossed my mind and I wanted to reach out again. But I needed to work on my own issues, and I wanted him to work on his. When we broke up, I hand wrote him a letter telling him all I wanted was for him to be happy. We had the conversations before. He told me the thoughts he had. He told me how he didn’t want to get older. He told me he couldn’t live anymore without me in his life. I always told him that I’m nobody, I’m nothing, and he needs to stay here for his kids. To just please be happy.
I never had the connection we had with anyone else. Not before him, and not after him. He made me happy. He brought my confidence back. He showed me how a relationship could be and should be. And he told me how happy I made him. I made his life worth living. He always had a smile, always laughing.
We hadn’t spoken in about a year but I thought about him often. I found him on Hinge over summer and tried to match with him, but no luck. Then around Christmas time I seen he had viewed my TikTok profile. It’s like we always crossed paths online but neither of us sent that first message. This past Thursday night I had a random notification on my Instagram that made me think of him so I went to his profile. I seen he was still single, and I debated reaching out to him. I ultimately decided not to, I didn’t want to open up any wounds if he had finally healed. The next morning he was gone.
I really wish I would have just reached out. I feel like it was a sign from the universe that he needed me at that moment. I don’t care what anyone says. I know if I had reached out, I could have saved him. I would’ve stopped him. I would’ve made him change his mind. He would still be here, and no one would be feeling all this pain.
I’m so sorry.
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2023.03.21 22:25 Meneedfoodnow Am I overthinking my pathology report because it’s hand written?

28F I received a vaginal vestibule biopsy almost 2 weeks ago for due to 10 years of painful intercourse and external burning.
He said it was a 3mm punch vestibule biopsy at the opening.
Doc said results where Lichen Planus and recommend nightly clob and estrogen every morning at the entrance.
I expressed my confusion as visually I have zero symptoms besides a small clitoral adhesion on the left side. No open sores/discoloration anywhere on my body.
One of my other docs asked for a copy of my pathology report and the office manager just emailed it to me and the results are hand written in? Isn’t this odd?
The notes include:
Microscopic: performed, H&e good
Diagnosis: vestibule biopsy Lichenoid vestibulitis, favor evolving lichen planus
Then it has I believe “cpt” and some numbers in the corner and his signature and date
This is the pathologists signature and not my doctor.
At the top it is printed and has items like collection date/ material I’d/ source/gross description.
What do we think about this?
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2023.03.21 22:24 Clamour_Time Help resolving old paid off debt sent to collections

I got a debt collection notice today about an old AT&T account closed in 2016. At first I thought it was a scam, but after more digging and checking old emails, it appears to be real. The thing is, I'm pretty sure I already paid them because, while searching through my old emails, I found one from AT&T approving my request to unlock my phone so I could switch to a new carrier. Surely they wouldn't have unlocked it if I hadn't paid, right? It's also worth noting this has never appeared on my credit report, and I'm fairly certain I did pay it, but I have zero proof. The bank I had at the time doesn't even exist anymore, so I can't look through old statements to find the payment. I did check the AT&T website, entered my old account number, and sure enough they say I owe them money still. I know that since it's so old I could safely ignore it without hurting my credit, but I was actually planning to switch to AT&T later this year (they have a good plan for public servants such as myself and I want to take advantage of it) so I'd like to get this sorted out. Any ideas on how to get proof of a payment made 7 years ago from a bank account that no longer exists?
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2023.03.21 22:24 tamamadi420 i feel more alone now that we’re back together than when i did when we were broken up

my boyfriend and i of 3 years split in october. this was my decision and for my own mental health. we were codependent and didn’t have friends outside of each other. this breakup broke his heart but over the time we were split he found a friend group he flourished in. he started pursuing music and hangs out with this friend group all this time. i reached out to him a month ago realizing i wanted to rekindle what we lost and felt like i made significant strides in my mental health, ability to control my emotions, and cope with being more independent. though getting back together has unlocked new insecurities we haven’t faced before. i love that he has a friend group he feels supported in, but i feel an overwhelming sense of jealousy when he prioritizes making time for them over me. i only feel this way because i value quality time with my partner but every time we’re together he cuts our time short if he’s invited out to the bar with them that night. this happens multiple times a week and nearly every time we’re together. there is an extra layer of insecurity because there are girls in the group i know he follows on ig and likes their pictures. not only that but he revealed to me he’s discovered he’s bisexual and told me he’s kissed all his boy friends, and i don’t think he realized how divulging this information to me makes me spiral when we’re apart and i know he’s with them. when i asked to go out to the bar with him he said no that it was too early. this makes me feel rejected and eats at my self esteem everyday thinking i’m just sitting on the sidelines in his life, only coming over after hes home from the bar and when it’s convenient for him. i try really hard to monitor my reactions and know my jealous tendencies are just a projection of my own emotional wounds….but i almost feel like it would be better for us not to be together as i won’t have to feel triggered like this all the time and put my emotional well being on someone else expecting them to cater or adjust their behavior to my triggers. i’ve brought this up to him several times and how my abandonment wounds are constantly triggered but nothing’s changed, and he just acts mad that i’m going to break up with him again but i know he doesn’t take my feelings seriously and gets in a sort of defensive state whenever i bring up any jealousy i feel towards these friends. any insight or advice would help. thanks for reading.
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2023.03.21 22:24 AveragePuroEnjoyer Mad Max character found in The Patrick Star Show

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2023.03.21 22:24 Current-Dog43 I made my mother cry and I don't feel bad

I am (15m) and my Mom is (51f). Today I made her cry and I don't feel bad. My parents got divorced a while back and now my mom has been dating other men. Her current boyfriend is John (49m) and he just so happens to be the father of this one asshole in school that bullies me. I only found out he was John's son yesterday when, during school, he showed me a nude photo of my mom. I was petrified and demanded to know where he got that and he told me he stole it off his dad's phone and that his dad was fucking my mom. I yelled at my mom about it when I got home and she seemed surprised to learn. I told her she had to break up with her boyfriend, she said she loves him and doesn't want to choose. I told her she is going to have to choose between her own son or that douchbag's father. She cried and I left her there and went to my dad's. She has been calling me and texting me nonstop begging me to talk to her and saying she broke up with him and blocked him and that she loves me more than anything and will always chose me but I have not responded. In all honesty I don't think I want to talk to her for a while. I feel like she betrayed me by dating that guy and then almost choosing him.
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2023.03.21 22:23 DybaTube i'm feelin' that this Dear Nostalgists version that I found will be verified in a quick time...

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2023.03.21 22:23 hnsl93 How would you handle this?

I try to be as open-minded as I can, and I try to be kind all the time. ☹️ But I don’t really know how to handle this situation.
Long story short, I’m in 3 different IVF groups on Facebook. A girl from my state found me; apparently we use the same doctor. She added me as a friend, and we’ve been in touch a good bit.
This is our second round of IVF, but we have been trying to grow our family for 10 years. We finally got a positive beta yesterday. We’ve never had a single positive pregnancy test—ever. So I was elated. I shared with her when she asked. I also told her we go for our second beta in 2 days. I said I felt great about it because our clinic told us we had a good number to start with for a first draw.
She responded to that by telling me her numbers doubled for her second beta but it ended up being a chemical.
I know the risks, but I just wanted to enjoy being pregnant, no matter how long it lasts. Now, that’s all I can think about. I feel like she inadvertently took my joy. 🥺 I know she didn’t mean anything by it, but I can’t get it out of my head now. I’m not sure what to say to her or how to move past this mentally. It probably wouldn’t stick with me so badly but on the occasions I would share our good news throughout this cycle when she checked in, she always responded with her bad experiences. And my heart, man… That always made me sad and left me confused about an appropriate response (and usually caused some panic). I’m just having a hard time.
Am I a terrible person? Please help me think about this from a different perspective.
And any potential “I had a good first beta and everything was fine” success stories wouldn’t hurt. 😭
Thank you.
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2023.03.21 22:23 whereaboutwheres Embody not "fitting" my back?

Hi, so I bought an embody chair (not gaming) as I was in urgent need of a better chair.
However I don't manage to "fit" the backrest of the Embody chair to my back. Whenever I try to sit good, there is always a gap between the backrest and my back, especially above my lordosis. And when I keep my good posture while using the chair I feel like I get a herniated disc when I leave the chair. My quadriceps seem to tighten up giving me a hollow back after leaving the chair and lower back pain.
I had this problem on many, many other office chairs I tried and had. It always felt like the lumbar support was too low and there was a gap above it, forcing me to slouch to fit the chair. Heck, I even tried ergonomic stools but those also give you tight quadriceps.
I have slight scoliosis and strong scapular winging, don't know if that's part of the problem. I do lots of strength training exercises for my upper body to get better posture. It works. But the moment I sit down in an office chair it feels like the chairs want to give me bad posture. Including Embody.
It feels like my shoulder blades/upper body is being pushed forward because of the gap around my lordosis. I'm 6'1''=186 cm tall, my legs are pretty long, but my torso is rather average. Any advices on how to properly adjust the backrest so it fits my body, or advices how to sit properly? In the Embody chair?
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2023.03.21 22:23 Clamour_Time How to prove I paid an account 7 years ago?

I got a debt collection notice today about an old AT&T account closed in 2016. At first I thought it was a scam, but after more digging and checking old emails, it appears to be real. The thing is, I'm pretty sure I already paid them because, while searching through my old emails, I found one from AT&T approving my request to unlock my phone so I could switch to a new carrier. Surely they wouldn't have unlocked it if I hadn't paid, right? It's also worth noting this has never appeared on my credit report, and I'm fairly certain I did pay it, but I have zero proof. The bank I had at the time doesn't even exist anymore, so I can't look through old statements to find the payment. I did check the AT&T website, entered my old account number, and sure enough they say I owe them money still. I know that since it's so old I could safely ignore it without hurting my credit, but I was actually planning to switch to AT&T later this year (they have a good plan for public servants such as myself and I want to take advantage of it) so I'd like to get this sorted out. Any ideas on how to get proof of a payment made 7 years ago from a bank account that no longer exists?
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2023.03.21 22:23 Dismal_Advantage_388 Testosterone cypionate and liver function

I just switched to cypionate from compounding cream (and gel before that). The gel had been working fine - too well even at one point so that I had to cut my dose.
I originally switched to cream when I got a new job with insurance that did not properly cover the gel. For the four months I was on it, my testosterone levels apparently slowly tapered down to about 100 (was more like 600 before).
I just happened to get this test before my annual checkup, and my doctor instantly implicated the cream, saying he knows it to be worthless. I'm a little preplexed by this, as I've seen plenty of anecdotal reports on Reddit and elsewhere that the creams work fine. This has me wondering if the local compounding pharmacy's cream is a scam. But that's a question for another post.
Not a full 24 hours after injection I started getting relief from problems I either didn't realize I had developed or didn't attribute to low t - as far as I know right up to the test the cream was working just fine.
Now 4 days after first injection I feel great. I was thrilled to welcome the injections into my life - they actually work unlike the cream and are dirt cheap on my insurance.
However I randomly stumbled on a potential issue that concerns me - the possibility for liver dysfunction.
I know most responses are going to pile on the "testosterone does not harm the liver or raise enzymes" - and most likely you are right! About straight testosterone, that is.
Dig a little deeper and you will see that cypionate is NOT pure testosterone. It has extra chemicals bonded to it that your liver has to chop off before your body can make use of it. This is what slows the absorption and metabolism of cypionate and makes it a viable treatment. If you injected pure testosterone, you'd probably have to inject every few hours to maintain something resembling normal, steady concentrations (okay I pulled that figure out of the air; I don't know how much more often you'd have to inject. But it would be more often)
I basically just want to gather some anecdotal evidence about how liver enzyme levels have been affected in other cypionate users. I have had elevated enzymes in the past and also have a mass in my liver that was diagnosed as a large hemangioma (basically a big, MOSTLY harmless birthmark in the liver). Such a diagnosis is never 100% certain without a biopsy, however.
Liver levels were normal in my most recent test maybe 5 months ago and I'd like to keep it that way.
So... How are your liver enzymes on cypionate?
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2023.03.21 22:23 x_ujutae_x Is there anything actually wrong with my cat?

Hello reddit. I am coming here before forking out hundreds for a test that I feel will come back negative.
Backstory: I have a senior cat approx. 10 years old. She's a rescue and suffered a pretty terrible URI at some point and is now called a "chronic sniffler" per my vet. This means constant rhinitis and sneezing but it never seems to bother her much and the vet says there's nothing I can do for her. Her past medical history is dodgy at best but she does have records of teeth removal and was checked for stomatitis which was found to be negative a couple years back. She is strictly indoor now and UTD on all her shots.
Recently I did a routine blood panel on her that showed slightly elevated WBC and my vet said it could indicate a parasite but they would need a fecal sample. She has no change in appetite, her stomach isn't sensitive, her bathroom habits are normal and I haven't noticed anything else suspicious. Could the WBC be due to her chronic URI or is it more likely she does have a parasite?
TLDR; My cat have a slightly elevated WBC that my vet things might be parasites but I think it could be due to her chronic URI.
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2023.03.21 22:22 bepositivern Remicade to Stelara

Hello! First time I’ve ever posted here. I have had Crohn’s since I was 14 and am currently 30. I have been in remicade since 2015 and my drug level has consistently been low. I recently had a small bowel resection due to severe stricturing. We switched from every 8 weeks to every 6 weeks and after my last infusion I’m not feeling great. So, it’s probably time to switch medications and my doctor highly recommended Stelara. Has anyone switched biologics? I’m nervous about how my body will react (I’m a nurse so always anxious about allergic reaction). I am looking forward to injection at home instead of 3 hours spent getting the infusion. I just wanted to write here and see if anyone has anything positive to say about their experience switching biologics. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 22:22 Ky0zLeVrai Stone island x Supreme paintball camo puffer

Stone island x Supreme paintball camo puffer
Hi guys, I finally found the down jacket of my dreams, I've been looking for it for years in reps. a big thank you to Octopus who finally replicated this product and launched into very technical pieces. Glad to see new sellers offering gorgeous pieces. I'm very happy with this down jacket, I don't find a lot of notable faults, and what do you think?
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2023.03.21 22:22 dzzik Looking to forward a tiny package to Poland

Hi there!
As I'm not (YET!) fortunate enough to be living amongst you guys, I'm quite desperately asking a bunch of completely unknown internet strangers for a favour. I'm currently rediscovering my childhood passion, which is Lego Star Wars, and I'm currently head over heels into collecting minifigures.
I found a great deal in Denmark, but the seller is reluctant to ship abroad, so what I'm looking for is someone kind enough to forward the package to Poland. It would be a tiny package, about 15x15, maybe 100g. I would have no problem if it were to be opened, to make sure nothing fishy is inside.
Please let me know if you can help :)
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