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2023.06.05 12:04 Sallimus Cany you help out to complete beginner with learning the programming?

Hey, everyone, how is your day going? I am going to the university next year, and I don't want to look (and be) a complete dumbass. The question might be a bit long, so thank you for going through the post.

First question.

Okay, so university states that the first year of programming will include:
- Calculus I (Semester 1) and Calculus II (Semester 2) - Physics for Scientists and Engineers I (Semester 1) and Physics for Scientists and Engineers II with Laboratory (Semester 2) - Programming for Scientists and Engineers (Semester 1) - Performance and Data Structures (Semester 2)
How would I prepare for these courses and what are the resources I should be using for this purpose?

Second question.

For the second part of the question, I wanted to ask guidance on how to start learning programming with the focus on artificial intelligence. I asked chatGPT to write me a program, and I would be grateful if you would go through it, give some criticism and offer some changes.
ChatGPT study program:
Learning programming and diving into artificial intelligence and neural networks can be an exciting journey. While two and a half months may not be sufficient to become an expert, it is certainly a good starting point. Here's a step-by-step strategy to guide you through the process: Step 1: Introduction to Programming (1 week) Start by understanding the fundamentals of programming. This will provide you with a strong foundation for later stages. Here are the key areas to focus on: 1.1 Choose a beginner-friendly programming language: Python is highly recommended for beginners due to its simplicity and extensive support for AI libraries. 1.2 Study basic programming concepts: Learn about variables, data types, control structures (loops, conditionals), functions, and basic input/output operations. 1.3 Resources: Codecademy's "Learn Python" course: Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Step 2: Core Programming Concepts (1 week) Once you have a grasp of the basics, dive deeper into core programming concepts that are relevant to AI and neural networks. These include: 2.1 Object-oriented programming (OOP): Learn about classes, objects, inheritance, and encapsulation. 2.2 Data structures and algorithms: Understand common data structures (lists, dictionaries) and algorithms (sorting, searching) used in AI. 2.3 Resources: Coursera's "Object-Oriented Programming in Python" course: "Introduction to Algorithms" by Thomas H. Cormen et al. Step 3: Mathematics and Statistics for AI (2 weeks) A solid understanding of mathematics and statistics is crucial for AI and neural networks. Focus on the following areas: 3.1 Linear algebra: Study matrices, vectors, matrix operations, and linear transformations. 3.2 Probability and statistics: Learn about probability theory, statistical distributions, and statistical inference. 3.3 Resources: Khan Academy's Linear Algebra course: MIT OpenCourseWare's "Introduction to Probability and Statistics" course: Step 4: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (1 week) Gain a high-level understanding of AI concepts, including machine learning and neural networks. This will lay the groundwork for more in-depth exploration later on. 4.1 Study various AI subfields: Familiarize yourself with machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. 4.2 Resources: "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach" by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig Andrew Ng's "AI For Everyone" course on Coursera: Step 5: Deep Learning and Neural Networks (2 weeks) Deep learning and neural networks are at the core of AI advancements. Focus on the following areas: 5.1 Neural networks fundamentals: Understand the basics of neural networks, including neurons, activation functions, forward propagation, and backpropagation. 5.2 Deep learning frameworks: Get hands-on experience with popular deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch. 5.3 Resources: Stanford's CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition: Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera by Andrew Ng: Throughout this learning journey, it's important to practice what you learn by working on small projects, participating in coding exercises, and exploring open-source AI projects on platforms like GitHub.
Would it be better to focus on the topics that will be in the university undergraduate program or combine it with the chatGPT programming crash course? I really nned some help from more experienced programmers.
Thank you for reading my post!
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2023.06.05 12:02 Alliejam1 ACIM WORKBOOK LESSON 156

LESSON 156. I walk with God in perfect holiness.
Today’s idea but states the simple truth that makes the thought of sin impossible. It promises there is no cause for guilt, and being causeless it does not exist. It follows surely from the basic thought so often mentioned in the text; ideas leave not their source. If this be true, how can you be apart from God? How could you walk the world alone and separate from your Source? We are not inconsistent in the thoughts that we present in our curriculum. Truth must be true throughout, if it be true. It cannot contradict itself, nor be in parts uncertain and in others sure. You cannot walk the world apart from God, because you could not be without Him. He is what your life is. Where you are He is. There is one life. That life you share with Him. Nothing can be apart from Him and live.
Yet where He is, there must be holiness as well as life. No attribute of His remains unshared by everything that lives. What lives is holy as Himself, because what shares His life is part of Holiness, and could no more be sinful than the sun could choose to be of ice; the sea elect to be apart from water, or the grass to grow with roots suspended in the air.
There is a light in you which cannot die; whose presence is so holy that the world is sanctified because of you. All things that live bring gifts to you, and offer them in gratitude and gladness at your feet. The scent of flowers is their gift to you. The waves bow down before you, and the trees extend their arms to shield you from the heat, and lay their leaves before you on the ground that you may walk in softness, while the wind sinks to a whisper round your holy head.
The light in you is what the universe longs to behold. All living things are still before you, for they recognize Who walks with you. The light you carry is their own. And thus they see in you their holiness, saluting you as savior and as God. Accept their reverence, for it is due to Holiness Itself, which walks with you, transforming in Its gentle light all things unto Its likeness and Its purity.
This is the way salvation works. As you step back, the light in you steps forward and encompasses the world. It heralds not the end of sin in punishment and death. In lightness and in laughter is sin gone, because its quaint absurdity is seen. It is a foolish thought, a silly dream, not frightening, ridiculous perhaps, but who would waste an instant in approach to God Himself for such a senseless whim?
Yet you have wasted many, many years on just this foolish thought. The past is gone, with all its fantasies. They keep you bound no longer. The approach to God is near. And in the little interval of doubt that still remains, you may perhaps lose sight of your Companion, and mistake Him for the senseless, ancient dream that now is past.
“Who walks with me?” This question should be asked a thousand times a day, till certainty has ended doubting and established peace. Today let doubting cease. God speaks for you in answering your question with these words:
I walk with God in perfect holiness. I light the world, I light my mind and all the minds which God created one with me.
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2023.06.05 12:02 AutoModerator [Weekly - Rookie Mock Draft 2QB/SF] - R/DynastyFF Community 2QB/SF ROOKIE Mock Draft

Back by popular demand: The old draft sticky is back
There are no assigned spots for this draft, but rather redditors will take turn making their pick.
1. Each selection is a first come, first serve basis.
2. After each pick, you must wait for 4 picks or 12 hours before you may make another selection.
3. Please format your selection properly with Round, Pick Number, Player, Position, College i.e. 1.01 Bugs Bunny, WR, Acme State University
4. Each selection must be its own parent comment and discussion on certain selection must be child comments of the parent (selection) comment. All other comments outside those will be removed and any selection made in a reply of a pick will be void and removed. Simply put, make a selection by replying to this thread and discuss selections by replying to the comment of the selection.
5. Assume 12 teams and standard PPR scoring with no particular team needs in mind. Simply put, BPA.
6. Anyone that uses the terms “Crazy value”, “Can’t believe he is here?!!?” or anything similar, will be removed.
7. This is a Superflex mock draft. Standard will be posted on Thursday.
Feel free to offer up your opinion on why you made your selection and feel free to offer up video of highlights or stats.
Please consider sorting the comments by “new” (instead of “best” or “top”) to see the newest posts.
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2023.06.05 12:02 HyruleSmash855 Can you give me some feedback about my current path to graduation from college?

Hi, I'm a recent high school graduate who's trying to figure out how to get my mechanical engineering bachelor's degree without bankrupting myself. I wanted to give a very general idea of my current plan so I can get feedback on it to make sure I'm not setting myself up for failure.
Step 1:
I'm going to get a engineering transfer associate's degree from a community college in my local area. My parents said they will pay for tuition, can live at home for those two years, and will help support me so I don't take on debt. I'll hold a part time job over this time so I pay for gas, my phone bill, and other general stuff. I have a good relationship with my parents and I'm comfortable doing this. Do you think this is a good plan, to take advantage of the help I'm offered?

Step 2:
Once I get the engineering associate's degree after two years, I'll transfer to the state university in my area. The CC is part of the same university system as the big state campus, so all of the classes I'll take will transfer directly to that school. I plan to apply for CSPI (Coast Guard version of ROTC that pays for two years of college then commitment to four to five years in coast guard as an officer), Navy and Air Force ROTC scholarships to pay for school. If not, I'll apply for as many scholarships as possible and take out loans to pay for school. I'm currently in a summer internship at a local farm that pays a monthly stipend to show I'm involved in my community for these programs, going to do marching band at the university, allow CC students to join, to show that I'm active, possibly do venture scouts, and maybe other stuff if I want to do more. I want to do as much as possible to make my chances of getting any of the military scholarships possible, (yes I am willing and have found stuff that I would at least somewhat like doing in the military).

I'm going to apply for scholarships to pay for CC as well, since the extra money above tuition goes into my pockets. I'll also stay active doing different stuff so I can make friends and have somewhat a social life. What do you think of this plan? Any flaws? Advice? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Also, last question. The current summer farm internship I'm doing will turn into a youth leadership training internship, still work on the farms three days a week until 1 pm, but they would pay full tuition for the community college on top of a stipend each month. I'm not thinking of continuing to do it though because that limits what time I do classes at, limits what else I can do with my time since my parents can pay for school, and the farm is a 50 minute drive away from my home so it's not close. I don't think I'll keep doing it over the school year, so let me know what you think about it.
I just want to get some feedback on my current plan to make sure I haven't missed anything and to make sure I'm on a good path. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for any feedback you give.
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2023.06.05 12:00 AutoModerator Daily r/LawnCare No Stupid Questions Thread

Please use this thread to ask any lawn care questions that you may have. There are no stupid questions. This includes weed, fungus, insect, and grass identification. For help on asking a question, please refer to the "How to Get the Most out of Your Post" section at the top of the sidebar.
Check out the sidebar if you're interested in more information on plant hardiness zones, identifying problems, weed control, fertilizer, establishing grass, and organic methods. Also, you may contact your local Cooperative Extension Service for local info.
How to Get the Most out of Your Post:
Include a photo of the problem. You can upload to for free and it's easy to do. One photo should contain enough information for people to understand the immediate area around the problem (dense shade, extremely sloped, etc.). Other photos should include close-ups of the grass or weed in question: such as this, this, or this. The more photos or context to the situation will help us identify the problem and propose some solutions.
Useful Links:
Guides & Calculators: Measure Your Lawn Make a Property Map Herbicide Application Calculators Fertilizing Lawns Grow From Seed Grow From Sod Organic Lawn Care Other Lawn Calculators
Lawn Pest Control: Weeds & What To Use Common Weeds What's Wrong Here? How To Spray Weeds MSU Weed ID Tool Is This a Weed? Herbicide Types ID Turf Diseases Fungi & Control Options Insects & Control Options
Fertilizing: Fertilizing Lawns How To Spread Granular Fertilizer Natural Lawn Care Fertilizer Calculator
US Cooperative Extension Services: Arkansas - University of Arkansas California - UC Davis Florida - University of Florida Indiana - Purdue University Nebraska - University of Nebraska-Lincoln New Hampshire - The University of New Hampshire New Jersey - Rutgers University New York - Cornell University Ohio - The Ohio State University Oregon - Oregon State University Texas - Texas A&M Vermont - The University of Vermont
Canadian Cooperative Extension Services: Ontario - University of Guelph
Recurring Threads:
Daily No Stupid Questions Thread Mowsday Monday Treatment Tuesday Weed ID Wednesday That Didn't Go Well Thursday Finally Friday: Weekend Lawn Plans Soil Saturday Lawn of the Month Monthly Mower Megathread Monthly Professionals Podium Tri-Annual Thatch Thread Quarterly Seed & Sod Megathread
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2023.06.05 11:59 happy_piggie IN SHAMBLES BC OF USC HOUSING?

i’m an incoming transfer (rising-sophomore) and i’m (practically) at risk of being homeless! i saw on the usc housing page that housing is not guaranteed and their housing priority application deadline has long passed (i was accept just recently). im low-income and out-of-state (from nyc) so usc housing is cost-effective, convenient (i don’t have to constantly keep track of utilities/meals) and i can meet people! one of the main reasons why i wanted to transfer is bc im a commuter at my current university and want to get the dorming college experience. i don’t know or have any connections in LA, or let alone california, so the high prospects of not getting housing is super DAUNTING! i’m happy to hear recommendations or suggestions on what i should do or how to be proactive about my situation! and anything about usc you wish you knew as an incoming student would be awesome to hear as well!
side question: i haven’t received my financial aid letter yet, but their net price calculator estimates i’ll get roughly 61k in aid. my EFC is low-100, does anyone know how much aid a student usually receives with an EFC in the low-100 range?
thank you! 🫶
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2023.06.05 11:58 pawarsonal Exploring English Language Courses in Pune: From Online to Spoken English

English is the language of global communication and has become an essential skill for personal and professional growth in today's world. The English Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis (ELTIS) offers comprehensive courses to help learners develop English language proficiency, communication skills, and cultural understanding. This blog post provides an overview of ELTIS and its online and spoken English courses in Pune.
About the English Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis
ELTIS is a part of Symbiosis International University and has been offering English language courses since 1971. The institute's mission is to provide high-quality language education to learners from diverse backgrounds and equip them with the skills necessary for success in a globalised world. ELTIS has state-of-the-art facilities, including language labs, multimedia classrooms, and a well-stocked library.
English Speaking Online Course
The English speaking online course offered by ELTIS is designed to help learners develop English language proficiency and communication skills from the comfort of their homes. The course is divided into modules and covers topics such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation practice. The study also includes interactive sessions with experienced faculty members who provide personalised feedback and support to learners. By the end of the course, learners can expect to have improved their spoken and written English skills significantly.
Symbiosis Spoken English Course in Pune
Symbiosis spoken English course in Pune is a comprehensive programme designed to help learners develop English language proficiency, communication skills, and cultural understanding. The course is delivered by experienced faculty members who use various teaching methods, including role-plays, group discussions, and real-life scenarios. The course is divided into modules that cover grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation practice. The course also includes field trips to help learners explore and understand Indian culture and society better.
Admissions Process
Interested students can apply online for admission to ELTIS's English language courses. Eligibility criteria vary depending on the course, but applicants need to have completed their secondary education. The application process involves filling out an online form and submitting relevant documents such as academic transcripts and identity proof. The institute has rolling admissions, and interested students are advised to check the website for important dates and deadlines.
Fees and Scholarships
ELTIS's English language courses are reasonably priced, and the institute offers flexible payment options to make them more accessible to learners from diverse backgrounds. The institute also provides scholarships and financial aid options to eligible students based on merit and need. Interested students can check the website for more information on scholarships and financial aid options.
Campus Life
ELTIS provides a vibrant campus life with various extracurricular activities and events that help learners develop their skills and interests. The institute has a student council that organises cultural and sports events, guest lectures, and community service initiatives. The campus also has facilities such as a cafeteria, gymnasium, and health centre.
ELTIS is a leading institute for English language education in India, providing high-quality courses to help learners develop their English language proficiency, communication skills, and cultural understanding. Interested students can apply online for course admission and explore scholarship and financial aid options. In addition, ELTIS provides a vibrant campus life with a range of extracurricular activities and events that help learners develop their skills and interests. Learners can choose between the institute's online course or the spoken English course in Pune, depending on their convenience and preference.
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2023.06.05 11:51 DexterousWebtech66 Top 10 private Engineering colleges in Bhopal

Top 10 private Engineering colleges in Bhopal
Top private college in Bhopal,MP
Shubham University, Bhopal is established under M.P. government act and approved by UGC as per section 2f of UGC act. University is also approved by Pharmacy Council of India. Shubham University have its campus at Semra Saiyad. Bhopal. The University is providing various courses in different discipline under one roof. The University have tie ups with industries, government and private organisation for student's training and placement.
#Admission2023 #bhopal #BhopalUniversity #BCA #BBA #MBA #graduation2023 #postgraduate #bestuniversity #ShubhamUniversity #education #degree #student #university #bhopal #law #bba #bca #study #student #Msc #Bsc #bhopal #india #study #student
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2023.06.05 11:39 ThatJaneDoeForever How to meet people?

Hi everyone. I (F23) am bisexual, but have a preference for women. I unfortunately don't have much experience with dating as I come from a household with a disapproving helicopter parent, and also have some pretty severe social anxiety. I have been single for about a year now and recently moved away from my home state, so am feeling a new sense of freedom. I would love to try and meet some people, but I have two major problems. 1. I believe the majority of people infer that I am straight, and I am unsure how to present myself in a way that negates that assumption because/and 2. Social anxiety. I'm working on putting myself out there and being more outgoing with people I don't know, but it's been a hard journey so far.
I guess the advice that I am seeking is, Where/how can I meet people? Is there something I can change so that it's more easily known that I am bisexual? Would anyone even want to date me with my lack of experience at this age? I know I'm still young, but a lot of people I know from high school/university are already engaged/married, and I've felt super alone/insecure about this lately.
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2023.06.05 10:54 aurouniversity7 "Best Colleges for Diploma in Contemporary Bakery & Patisserie in Gujarat at Auro University"

"Auro University, the top-ranked private university in Gujarat, offers the best Diploma in Contemporary Bakery & Patisserie programs. Discover the finest colleges in Gujarat for pursuing your passion in the art of baking and pastry-making. Explore comprehensive coursework, expert faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring a transformative learning experience and empowering you for a successful career in the culinary industry. Start your journey towards becoming a skilled baker and patissier today at Gujarat's premier institutions."
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2023.06.05 10:53 adani_ji DU topped again

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2023.06.05 10:44 Constant_Living_8625 Does the idea of libertarian free will make sense?

My rough understanding is that libertarian free will basically asserts that we have a free will which operates independently of the deterministic and probabilistic forces in the universe, so that our choices couldn't even in principle be accounted for simply in terms of the prior state of the universe. But I can't make any sense of this.
If our choices are made by us (necessary for them being free) and we are made by the world (our parents, upbringing, environment etc etc), then how can our choices not come from the world outside of us?
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2023.06.05 10:22 Glittering_Law_3658 Looking for volleyball pitch

Good morning to all!
I'm looking for pitch hire in Hull, specifically for volleyball game play for 10-15 players. Some place where we can just pay and play, without any memberships and one time only.
Do you have any idea where I can find places like that? i know University of hull is offering pitches but £46 of 1 hour seems a little too expensive, looking for something up to £35-40 / hour
Cheers and happy monday everyone!
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2023.06.05 10:18 Tigrannes On this day in History, June 5

On this day in History, June 5
Middle Ages
1257 – Kraków, in Poland, receives city rights.
1284 – Battle of the Gulf of Naples: Roger of Lauria, admiral to King Peter III of Aragon, destroys the Neapolitan fleet and captures Charles of Salerno.
1288 – The Battle of Worringen ends the War of the Limburg Succession, with John I, Duke of Brabant, being one of the more important victors.
Early Modern World
1610 – The masque Tethys' Festival is performed at Whitehall Palace to celebrate the investiture of Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales.
1644 – The Qing dynasty Manchu forces led by the Shunzhi Emperor take Beijing during the collapse of the Ming dynasty.
Revolutionary Age
1798 – The Battle of New Ross: The attempt to spread the United Irish Rebellion into Munster is defeated.
1817 – The first Great Lakes steamer, the Frontenac, is launched.
1829 – HMS Pickle captures the armed slave ship Voladora off the coast of Cuba.
1832 – The June Rebellion breaks out in Paris in an attempt to overthrow the monarchy of Louis Philippe.
1837 – Houston is incorporated by the Republic of Texas.
1849 – Denmark becomes a constitutional monarchy by the signing of a new constitution.
1851 – Harriet Beecher Stowe's anti-slavery serial, Uncle Tom's Cabin, or Life Among the Lowly, starts a ten-month run in the National Era abolitionist newspaper.
1862 – As the Treaty of Saigon is signed, ceding parts of southern Vietnam to France, the guerrilla leader Trương Định decides to defy Emperor Tự Đức of Vietnam and fight on against the Europeans.
1864 – American Civil War: Battle of Piedmont: Union forces under General David Hunter defeat a Confederate army at Piedmont, Virginia, taking nearly 1,000 prisoners.
1873 – Sultan Barghash bin Said of Zanzibar closes the great slave market under the terms of a treaty with Great Britain.
1883 – The first regularly scheduled Orient Express departs Paris.
1888 – The Rio de la Plata earthquake takes place.
1893 – The trial of Lizzie Borden for the murder of her father and step-mother begins in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
1900 – Second Boer War: British soldiers take Pretoria.
World Wars
1915 – Denmark amends its constitution to allow women's suffrage.
1916 – Louis Brandeis is sworn in as a Justice of the United States Supreme Court; he is the first American Jew to hold such a position.
1916 – World War I: The Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire breaks out.
1917 – World War I: Conscription begins in the United States as "Army registration day".
1940 – World War II: After a brief lull in the Battle of France, the Germans renew the offensive against the remaining French divisions south of the River Somme in Operation Fall Rot ("Case Red").
1941 – World War II: Four thousand Chongqing residents are asphyxiated in a bomb shelter during the Bombing of Chongqing.
1942 – World War II: The United States declares war on Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.
1945 – The Allied Control Council, the military occupation governing body of Germany, formally takes power.
Cold War
1946 – A fire in the La Salle Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, kills 61 people.
1947 – Cold War: Marshall Plan: In a speech at Harvard University, the United States Secretary of State George Marshall calls for economic aid to war-torn Europe.
1949 – Thailand elects Orapin Chaiyakan, the first female member of Thailand's Parliament.
1956 – Elvis Presley introduces his new single, "Hound Dog", on The Milton Berle Show, scandalizing the audience with his suggestive hip movements.
1959 – The first government of Singapore is sworn in.
1960 – The Lake Bodom murders occur in Finland.
1963 – The British Secretary of State for War, John Profumo, resigns in a sex scandal known as the "Profumo affair".
1963 – Movement of 15 Khordad: Protests against the arrest of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini by the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. In several cities, masses of angry demonstrators are confronted by tanks and paratroopers.
1964 – DSV Alvin is commissioned.
1968 – Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan.
1975 – The Suez Canal opens for the first time since the Six-Day War.
1975 – The United Kingdom holds its first country-wide referendum on membership of the European Economic Community (EEC).
1976 – The Teton Dam in Idaho, United States, collapses. Eleven people are killed as a result of flooding.
1981 – The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that five people in Los Angeles, California, have a rare form of pneumonia seen only in patients with weakened immune systems, in what turns out to be the first recognized cases of AIDS.
1983 – More than 100 people are killed when the Russian river cruise ship Aleksandr Suvorov collides with a girder of the Ulyanovsk Railway Bridge. The collision caused a freight train to derail, further damaging the vessel, yet the ship remained afloat and was eventually restored and returned to service.
1984 – Operation Blue Star: Under orders from India's prime minister, Indira Gandhi, the Indian Army begins an invasion of the Golden Temple, the holiest site of the Sikh religion.
1989 – The Tank Man halts the progress of a column of advancing tanks for over half an hour after the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.
Modern World
1993 – Portions of the Holbeck Hall Hotel in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK, fall into the sea following a landslide.
1995 – The Bose–Einstein condensate is first created.
1997 – The Second Republic of the Congo Civil War begins.
1998 – A strike begins at the General Motors parts factory in Flint, Michigan, that quickly spreads to five other assembly plants. The strike lasts seven weeks.
2000 – The Six-Day War in Kisangani begins in Kisangani, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, between Ugandan and Rwandan forces. A large part of the city is destroyed.
2001 – Tropical Storm Allison makes landfall on the upper-Texas coastline as a strong tropical storm and dumps large amounts of rain over Houston. The storm causes $5.5 billion in damages, making Allison the second costliest tropical storm in U.S. history.
2003 – A severe heat wave across Pakistan and India reaches its peak, as temperatures exceed 50 °C (122 °F) in the region.
2004 – Noël Mamère, Mayor of Bègles, celebrates marriage for two men for the first time in France.
2006 – Serbia declares independence from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.
2009 – After 65 straight days of civil disobedience, at least 31 people are killed in clashes between security forces and indigenous people near Bagua, Peru.
2015 – An earthquake with a moment magnitude of 6.0 strikes Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia, killing 18 people, including hikers and mountain guides on Mount Kinabalu, after mass landslides that occurred during the earthquake. This is the strongest earthquake to strike Malaysia since 1975.
2017 – Montenegro becomes the 29th member of NATO.
2017 – Six Arab countries—Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates—cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing it of destabilising the region.
1967: The Six-Day War begins as Israel launches preemptive strikes against Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.
The war resulted in a swift Israeli victory and had lasting implications for the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East.
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2023.06.05 10:17 PrasadBharadhwaj కపిల గీత - 188 / Kapila Gita - 188

కపిల గీత - 188 / Kapila Gita - 188

🌹. కపిల గీత - 188 / Kapila Gita - 188 🌹
🍀. కపిల దేవహూతి సంవాదం 🍀
📚. ప్రసాద్‌ భరధ్వాజ
🌴 4. భక్తి యోగ లక్షణములు మరియు సాధనలు - 42 🌴
42. సర్వభూతేషు చాత్మానం సర్వభూతాని చాత్మని ఈక్షేతానన్యభావేన భూతేష్వివ తదాత్మతామ్॥
తాత్పర్యము : జరాయుజములు, అండజములు, స్వేదజములు, ఉద్భిజములు అను నాలుగు విధములగు ప్రాణులను వేర్వేరుగా తోచుచున్నను వాటి దేహములన్నియు పంచభూత నిర్మితములే. ఐనను, వాటిలో చైతన్యరూపమున విలసిల్లుచున్న ఆత్మ ఒక్కటే అనియు, ఆత్మయందు సకలజీవులను అనన్యభావముతో అనుగతమై యున్నవని ఆత్మజ్ఞాని తెలిసికొనును.
వ్యాఖ్య : సర్వభూతేషు చాత్మానం - దేవ మనుష్య తిర్యక్కులూ స్థావరాలు ఈ నాలుగు రకముల ప్రాణులూ ఒకటా వేరా? వీటన్నింటిలో ఉన్న ఆత్మలు ఒకటే. అనేకమంది జీవులలో ఉన్న ఆత్మలన్నీ జ్ఞ్యానస్వరూపాలే. అన్ని ప్రాణులలో ఆత్మ ఒకటే. ఆన్ని ఆత్మలలో ఉన్న ప్రాణులు (శరీరాలు) కూడా ఒకటే. ఎలాగంటే దేవ తిర్యక్ మనుష్య స్థావరాలు కూడా వారి వారి పాప పుణ్యాలతో జన్మించినా, అన్ని శరీరాలు పాంచభౌతికములే. ప్రతీ ఆత్మ ధరించే శరీరాలన్నీ పాంచభౌతికములే. ఆ శరీరాలు ధరించే ఆత్మలు జ్ఞ్యానాధికరణములే. వీటన్నింటిలో ఉన్న పరమాత్మ ఒక్కడే (ఏకమేవ అద్వితీయం బ్రహ్మ) . ఆత్మలకు ధారకమైన అన్ని శరీరాలు పంచభౌతికములే, అన్ని ఆత్మలు జ్ఞ్యానాకారములే, అన్ని ఆత్మలకు ఆత్మ అయిన పరమాత్మ ఒకడే. మనకు వేరు వేరు అనిపించేవి ఏవీ వేరు కాదు. అన్నీ పాంచ భౌతికములే. ఇలా చూడగలిన వాడే యోగి. అన్ని ప్రాణులలో పరమాత్మ ఆత్మగా ఉన్నాడని చూడాలి
🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

🌹 Kapila Gita - 188 🌹
🍀 Conversation of Kapila and Devahuti 🍀
📚 Prasad Bharadwaj
🌴 4. Features of Bhakti Yoga and Practices - 42 🌴
42. sarva-bhūteṣu cātmānaṁ sarva-bhūtāni cātmani īkṣetānanya-bhāvena bhūteṣv iva tad-ātmatām
MEANING : A yogi should see the same soul in all manifestations, for all that exists is a manifestation of different energies of the Supreme. In this way the devotee should see all living entities without distinction. That is realization of the Supreme Soul.
PURPORT : As stated in the Brahma-saṁhitā, not only does the Supreme Soul enter each and every universe, but He enters even the atoms. The Supreme Soul is present everywhere in the dormant stage, and when one can see the presence of the Supreme Soul everywhere, one is liberated from material designations.
The word sarva-bhūteṣu is to be understood as follows. There are four different divisions of species-living entities which sprout from the earth, living entities born of fermentation or germination, living entities which come from eggs and living entities which come from the embryo. These four divisions of living entities are expanded in 8,400,000 species of life. A person who is freed from material designations can see the same quality of spirit present everywhere or in every manifested living entity. Less intelligent men think that plants and grass grow out of the earth automatically, but one who is actually intelligent and has realized the self can see that this growth is not automatic; the cause is the soul, and the forms come out in material bodies under different conditions. By fermentation in the laboratory many germs are born, but this is due to the presence of the soul. The material scientist thinks that eggs are lifeless, but that is not a fact. From Vedic scripture we can understand that living entities in different forms are generated under different conditions. Birds evolve from eggs, and beasts and human beings are born from the embryo. The perfect vision of the yogī or devotee is that he sees the presence of the living entity everywhere.
🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹
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2023.06.05 10:15 Top-Cupcake7310 If someone would lose their Memory and the first thing they learn about is LOA? Wouldn't they have 0 resistance to it, therefore manifest instantly for believing this to be how reality always worked?

This question just crossed my mind.
If that's true. What actually is resistance really?
i mean, many who get into LOA it doesn't work just for the mere reason of subconscious resistence to their desires. That's why so many recommend to start with Self Concept, while letting go, or going to forget about their manifestation,
they are working on living their most fulfilled and happy life as possible even without their wanted Desire.
Upon this raise, and change in frequency they're emanating cause they are starting to actually feel fulfilled, happy and whole on their own. Belief systems change and their known or unknown resistances which held them back from allowing their Desire to come into existence, just melt away like it's never been there in the first place.
Their manifestations naturally are showing up in their life in areas and forgotten manifestations are going to hunt them down. For some it takes a couple days, some months and others even years. (Seen so many success stories, who were like they got it after 4 or even more years and now they didn't even wanted it anymore. In case for a sp it's really sad imo, but also really awesome since well wow they are happy regardless.)
My thought was just. When Resistance, is nothing more than, a conscious or unconscious Belief about something which contradicts your Desire you want to manifest.
What would be the most easiest, and fun way to let your resistances melt away. Since resistance is coming from some kind of Belief.
The chain is like
subconsciously stabilized Beliefs > (create) thoughts > (create) Emotions
Beliefs > (create reality)
Imagination (= reality = subconscious mind = god according to neville ) > (impresses) subconscious mind / Beliefsystems (cause the mind looks at an imagination/visualisation being literally the same as an event actually lived through if it where happening in the physical reality)
From a affirmation view:
You can impress your subconscious mind & belief system just from even "robotic affirmations" > affirmations repetition & persistency > (impresses) your Mind through repitition and accepts it as being true eventually (some isntantly, some take longer) > (impresses) subconscious mind > creates reality.

Sorry just getting thoughts out here now lmao.
When someone is plagued by recurring thoughts which are not in alignment with their Desire. This means, they still got some resistance aka belief which produces these types of thoughts.
Ways to change these Resistances/Beliefs the fastest. Through a little bit of Self Concept work, or people call it shadow Work. Options:
Note: Not every strategy works for everyone, though it could, but everyone is wired differently therefore certain techniques just work like a charm for someone, while others seem to just not be their cup of tea. And that's just great as it is.
Don't know who said it but probably many great teachers.
"No techniques are required, anything can manifest with just 1 mere thought about it, and it's done."
"any technique is just a Tool, to get us into the state of our wish fulfilled." (and hell yeah find your one or even make your own tools, use what works and discard anything which doesn't vibe with you. That's why there are up to unlimited tools for creation. Also that's why this path of living a conscious life of manifestation is called the Pathless Path. Cause there is no right or wrong, just different Tools for working good or better for differently wired people.)
Note 2: All of them require. Trust. Trust in the Universe that everything works out better than expected. Trust that it is so after Claiming it to be this way. Without a shadow of a Doubt and without Judgement of your Desire.
When i say trust the Universe, it could be God for you. It could be the Source of all existence. Take whatever fits your worldview. Nothing is outside of You. Neville says your Imgination is reality, is God. You are God. In a course of Miracles or 40 days and nights a teaching of love, its said supposedly channeled Jehoshua Ben Joseph aka jesus, that everything said in these books should be looked at as if you are saying these things to yourself to make yourself remember who you are, cause you quite in a literal sense are God, Jesus, Buddha anyone. When everyone is You, you develop love, for you can only love yourself, you wouldn't want to hurt yourself right, so treat everything as you want to be treated. If you can start to love yourself, you can love everyone, and everyone can loves you. This came to mind "They love Jesus because jesus loved them first." it was something like that. So ultimately you can trust yourself, for "the son is within the father, and the father is within the son. They are one." So are you one with God. It's okay to Trust in yourself as being God. I say that because it can feel very weird for some people to claim I Am that I am. Which means I am God as god is referred to I am. I looked at it like some ego thing, how could someone say i am god that's narcistic. But no it isn't it's just the truth even though publicly you would never say that might be weird, but for yourself, for your inner Power for your true might. You are worthy, we are all the Universe, we are all Brahman, we are all God, put ourselves into an human experience making ourselves belief we forgotten that we are god to have a fun experience in remembering ourselves to who we actually are. with these words, just whatever belief systems fits you the best Trust that the Universe or God or Source the infinite intelligence within ourselves is creating everything we manifest for. Without the Shadow of a doubt. And all we have to ever do is, ask for it. "ask and it shall be given unto you." If you just believe it to be true, and give thanks to it as if it's already yours. It's yours. Sorry if it's too bible heavy but i kinda dig jesus words here even though im more leaned into a yogic hindu type of concept.
  1. Do nothing. Yeah lol literally do nothing, and just keep doing your Favorite technique which puts you into a State fulfilled. It's how neville teaches it. Through just Persistence, and Trusting the Universe, living from the end. Your Wishfulfilled over a longer period of time. Beliefs change, and therefore old beliefs starting to vanish therefore their resistances too. From the book Seth Speaks also A Course in Miracles talks about it saying: "There can only be 1 belief at a time." or for those who like the Bible more "You cannot serve 2 Masters." as in You cannot have 2 opposite beliefs at the same time, one is going to take over and it's your choice which one it will be.
  2. For those who Option-1 doesn't work. I found Revision, also teached by Neville, and Mental Imagery by Colette Aboulker-Muscat or dr. jerry epstein. Can work wonders. Simply look at one of your neurotically reoccuring undesired thoughts. And ask yourself: "Is there any type trauma, event involved which creates these thoughts?" For you already thinking about that past event, or memory. Now Visualize take 3 deep Breaths, make it a short one, if you prefer longer then longer, but shorter ones tend to be just as effective like 1 round of a 10 second scene which you may want to just loop once or 3 times. - Make this scene and turn it into an event how you would have liked it to have turned out, your ideal case. try to live it, with all your senses, feel it. (if you can't visualise or see images, You can, but it still works even if you can't feel anything about it, your intention counts.) feel this scene to be real up to a point where you just think, okay i felt it, it's done, for some reason i just know it's done. - Then. Take a deep breath in and out. Start to get back into your body wiggling your toes and stuff you know it. Open your eyes. - Just feel happy, be grateful and Trust that is how it happened. Usually, for many at this point. It's done, you might even totally forget whatever you thought about it before. For others, if it still comes back, start to relive your REVISED version every time and feel grateful for this day and event because it played out exactly like that. After some time, you'll start to forget about it, or even just get reminded of this revised version. - Note here: "Whatever you can Visualize. Literally exists in a timeline. Everything is already created, as neville says. The Fact that you are even able to visualize it, is the fact that it exactly happened like that in one of the infinite universes so Claim it, it's yours anyway." "Also we are not here on earth to be punished by the universe, We are the universe and the only person who is going to be able to punish you is yourself. Karma is not a thing, any karma is self inflicted as Bashar says."
  3. Affirmations: With a pencil Write down whatever undesired thoughts and beliefs trigger you. Let empty a few spaces. You gonna need it afterwards. Keep going, write everything on it which relates to that. Now take a Pen and write down the opposite Desired state of this belief or thought. This sentence has to be an I AM in the Present tense desired outcome statement. Like Nobody loves me > "Everyone and everything loves me." Money doesn't grow on trees > "I'm great with Money. Large sums of money always flows to me from all kind of different sources." My dad spanked me with a tree branch on christmas eve in a scary nikolaus costume while saying bad kids don't get gifts. That's why i believed myself to be unloving and evil. > "I'm the most loving person. People around me always keep telling how loving and kind i am." (yeah that's a real one, shame lul) - On Day 1 you this paper, and read both of it. Without any judgement. Read your pencil writing once and just don't judge it, read it as its the most normal thing to read, without any reaction, just acceptance, okay cool. (The purpose is to take off any resistence or loaded energy you got on them, by just reading it without reacting or judging it, just acceptance, you just made meets and with it, became indifferent to it, took your power back and dislodged charged energy from it, freed it to be put into something else. Congratulation, unknowingly your problem might have just been solved by itself. Sometimes, these thoughts, or beliefs, are just like a crying inner child which wants to be acknowledged and once it got its acceptance, love and attention, its free to go and make room for another child. "Whatever you observe without judgement, is instantly accepted and healed." If we would understand the weight of this saying i think it's from Zen Buddhism, we could literally just observe our thoughts and they would vanish like clouds into nothingness just by looking at them once with acceptance and without any judgement.) - On day 2 take a rubber and remove what you have written down in pencil. Now read your new Beliefs, statements like Affirmations. You can do it robotically or put emotion into them, your choice. Read them once in the morning and once before you go to bed. Some may just feel a sense of piece after day 1 or after day 2. - Keep on reading it once or twice daily. You are done when your old stuff vanished, or your new beliefs and thoughts align with your desired statements, or just got that type of feeling of peace knowing it just doesn't bother you anymore. Or even all of those 3 together or even just one. - Your can start a new list, if new things come up you want to change.
  4. The Blank State: Joe dispenza does that, in his meditations. Recreate your Life meditation. Other youtubers made a Blank State meditation too. I like that one from Neyah how she explains it, you can do it on your own Her version is like a Hooponopono approach but put into a Blank state joe dispenza style meditation.
  5. The Hooponopono. Whatever thought is bugging you. Look at it nonjudgmental, accept it. Say to it. I'm sorry. Forgive me. Thank You. I love you. - trust it's released now. - Note: On forgiveness, the only one you really ever have to forgive is yourself. If you can forgive yourself, you have forgiven everyone. Everyone is You, Separation as yogic teachers say, everyone of them. There is nobody else than You. If you Forgive yourself, everything has forgiven you. Also makes us understand that everything we inflicted upon ourselves. And Before that triggers some people, because it just can seem like a brutal truth, how could i have brought this upon myself rage, or sadness. i gonna jump to another topic swiftly and get schwifty. Just some words though, It's not your fault, especially being unconscious about it or being a kid and stuff happened. At some point we just have to take responsibility for it and accept it, for whatever reason it may have happened, we have the opportunity to make sure it never happens again by taking responsibility, taking our own power back to us and off the charged event, circumstance or thought and belief. I don't know how it works and nobody can give like proof for it, but Dolores cannon, and others who claim to be able to channel and stuff. They say we kind of chose things we are going through even before we decide to incarnate into an body, for reasons i don't really get, but it's supposed to just have this experience, or just learn something from it. Even though on a grand scale, we are the means to give live meaning. Even though i don't belief in Destiny, there seems to be something like a destined life path some people are going to follow through. The best astronomy life readers in india, there was one who always been accurate and he said, it's very rare that someone differs from his destined life path, people are always on it, even without knowing it, most people he got he can tell their past to a accuracy of 99% like weird stuff, when they found their partners, how many partners how it turned out, what type of injury they or illnesses they gotten at what age, and stuff like that. And it only differs as for the people he was able to read from like 1%. Now even though there might be a path of destiny, it doesn't matter. Because it's the season of Aquarious of truth, of breaking from Chains, and everyone got the right, and ability to life your life how you want to be at all times and it ever has been like that. It really doesn't matter if there is destiny or not. You are always exactly where you want to be right now, it's what neville says. (This sentence is quite more profound then it seems like, but everything up to this point, we have manifested, we are literal masters of manifesting and we don't even wake up to that fact. Because we are flawless in creating our life second by second. Even if some might not like to belief so we always manifest it couldn't be any different. So when do we chose to manifest what we do want and get out of our victim state, into the state of wishful filled. And that starts by being Happy and fulfilled now, by working on yourself, start to do things which excites you the most, having a short manifestation session of our desire and keep on focusing on what does make us happy right at this moment at all times. Then our beliefs change, our thoughts, our frequency vibration raises, and things we desire are starting to chase us because we are fulfilled and happy with ourselves. Desires start to chase us even without doing manifestation techniques because that is our natural state Abundance and Love.)
  6. Rip your Contract. From Dolores Cannon about karmic relationships. Here is a nice explanation of it.
  7. Invocation: Choose your subject of Trust, the Universe, God, Buddha, Jesus, angels. And just say I'm giving all of my worries, all of my burdens to You, to transmute it. Thank you for taking care of everything. - Just trust in your heart it's done. You might feel a sense to weight having taking off your shoulders.
  8. Burning a piece of paper: - write down whatever bothers you. - read it again observingly, non judgmental, accepting without reaction. - If a reaction comes up, Observe it, its a thought? a Emotion? Pain somewhere in your Body? feel into this sensation, try to focus on it in your Body like if you would go with your mind into that sensation as a small soul ball energy ball like in a way. Stay there non judgmental just having mere presence pure awareness of it until this feeling, this pain subsides. - Say or think: I forgive you, I thank you for your Service and what i learned from it, I don't need you anymore, You can leave now. I love you. - And just burn the paper.
  9. Please show me your coolest techniques, im striving to be something like a coach some day and appreciate to learn new things at all times, to have in store what flows, vibes best for all types of people :D
Just put down my thoughts here, i don't expect any replies regarding this chit chat, just about the titles question. Kinda written all of that and now i just leave it. May it be helpful for someone who comes across lmao.
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2023.06.05 10:11 universalquantumzen The Preciousness of Human Life

Now that we’ve had discussions on many wide-ranging topics with regard to human beings, it is time to reflect on the preciousness of human life. In this chapter, we will see how closely the miracle of life and the preciousness of human life are connected and linked together. As an opening remark, it is worth noting that not everyone is able to see that human life is precious, not everyone has the capacity to think about and reflect upon such things. It follows, naturally, then, that not everyone has the appreciation for the deeper aspects of the human experience; such appreciation that some curious individuals who are initiated to the mysteries of life would have; such appreciation that some individuals who are involved in with understanding of the same would have. It is, of course, possible to awaken such curiosity within, and with it, the appreciation for the deeper aspects of the human experience, for the miracle of life and the preciousness of human life, you see?
That said, a good way to start the discussion about this topic would probably be through something that evokes a sense of awe and wonder, if not sheer mystery and marvel, don’t you think? As we have learned from the previous chapters, the probability of life existing at all is infinitesimal — the odds against the existence of life on Earth are said to be on the order of 10^10^123 — a figure so large that one could not possibly even write the number down. And yet, amidst all the odds against — here we are. This gives us some perspective with regard to the rarity of intelligent life in the universe. And not only that, but it also gives us the perspective needed to see the preciousness of human life with more clarity. The creation of our fine-tuned universe and intelligent life in it — the two unfathomably rare, if not mystical occurrences, makes it clear that the universe we find ourselves in — has a purpose: to facilitate intelligent life, which makes it a purposeful universe, does it not? Wouldn’t this then suggest that also human beings have a purpose? If we really think about it, wouldn’t the improbable odds of life existing in the cosmos suggest that everything that exists is a result of a miracle?
By now, at this point in the book, it must have become obviously clear that everything that exists is indeed a result of a miracle. Does it not, indeed, require a miracle to have living beings come out of non-living matter? But how can something come out of nothing, how can living beings come out of non-living matter, and how can intelligence, unparalleled to anything else we have come across — intelligence found in nature, emerge from nothing? Well, it can’t — not without a miracle, you see? Does it not, indeed, require the involvement of a Higher Power to initiate, cause, and bring forth such a miracle? In this sense, life is a mystery, one that may not be resolvable by means available to us, that is, by usual, traditional means of logic and reason as we know and practice them today, including, but not limited to, astronomy, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, and ontology.
By virtue of the aforementioned with regard to the mystery of life, it is worth highlighting the following truth: if one wishes to get a glimpse of this mystery, one would need to aspire to go beyond the thinking mind, to go beyond traditional means of logic and reason; one would need to use their faculty of intelligence to its fullest — to unleash its full potential to cover such aspects as intuition and inner knowing. In so doing, one becomes dissolved in something far more powerful — becoming part of something much greater, beyond ourselves; and in this becoming, one is able to pierce the veil between ordinary life and the mysterious regions of the Soul — into greater Innerstanding, wherein the transcendent nature of Life is experienced. This transcendent part of life can only be experienced through one’s innermost being — it is here — within, where the preciousness of human life crystallizes; it is here — within, where understanding, overstanding, and Innerstanding meet to form a clear, powerful, alive, and vibrant comprehension. And so you see, the answers lie beyond the limits of the known, and the truth lies beyond the narrow limits of conditioned perception.
If we move beyond our preconceptions, transcend beyond limiting beliefs, ideas and concepts that has been handed down to us from previous generations, if we go above cause and beyond effect, above birth and beyond death, above happiness and beyond suffering — we discover what lies beyond the limits of the known. Therein, can we find true knowledge and wisdom, memory and information, universal love, peace and serenity that connects us all; therein, beyond the limits of the known, the mystery reveals itself to those who seek it — see? Furthermore, if one wishes to get a glimpse of what this mystery entails, it requires one to appreciate paradox; accommodating different viewpoints within a broader perspective; seeing the opposites as complementary rather than contradictory — they are, after all, equally important parts of the whole. You see, wisdom and understanding lies in paradox — even if something contradicts itself, it can still be true; some would call this ‘coincidentia oppositorum,’ or just simply Unity of Opposites. A thing is both what it is and what it is not, and yet it somehow escapes contradiction — that’s how the Miracle of Life is possible, that’s how something can come out of nothing, and living beings come out of non-living matter — see?
While one marvels at the extraordinary nature of life, we cannot but conclude that life is, truly, a Living Miracle — something to be cherished and nurtured; to be alive is the greatest gift of all, is it not? Indeed, each of us is a living testament of the miracle called life. Is it not, indeed, a miracle that you exist? Is it not a miracle that you exist as the unique you that you are? Is it not a miracle that you were born as a human instead of, let’s say, an insect, or a jellyfish, a frog, or a bird? Is it not a miracle that you were born with a capacity for intelligence incomparable to any other life forms we are aware of? Is it not a miracle that Intelligent Life can evolve to a level of consciousness, to a point where it can trace back its history to understand its own origin and its true essence? Is it not a miracle that Life can become aware of itself through the vehicle of a living form that has the capacity for self-reflection? You see, as far as we know, human beings are the only form of life that has this capacity of being able to reflect on the nature of its own thinking and feeling, its own past and future, its own life and death, on the nature of consciousness, and on the nature of awareness itself, which makes self-reflection possible.
By virtue of the aforementioned with regard to the miracle of life, it is worth highlighting the following truth: life really is precious and transient — it is a window of opportunity, and it won’t last forever. To someone who is observant and has a keen eye for detail, it may be impossible to notice that people don’t really understand how precious human life really is — far too many take it for granted, failing to see, recognize, and acknowledge not only the immeasurable value of human life, but also the deeper implications and possibilities that the human life presents us with — those of spiritual in nature, you see? We can see this in the way we humans are going about things — from cradle to grave, people are sleepwalking through their lives. Not only do they have any sense of how unique and precious human life is, but they also have no idea that they are asleep; people are dreaming dreams that are influenced by external stimuli. In this state of enchantment, their minds are open not only to the influence of the will of others, but also to all external circumstances, primal drives and desires that keep the vicious cycle alive — keeping people distracted, keeping their minds focused on anything but the true nature of their existence — preventing them from seeing the true value of their lives.
Learn more: Book on Amazon
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2023.06.05 10:04 SolitaryIndividual25 Bank loan for tuition fee

I was wondering if it's a thing here in the Philippines? Wala kasi akong kilala that did this but I was wondering if there is a bank that would loan me money for medical school. I could get into good state universities but I cannot be sure if I could get in or maintain high grades for scholarship, etc. So just in case, I'm looking into this. Amount would be 1.3M to 1.8M PhP. Is this possible?
Salamat po sa sasagot. We can DM rin sana if pwede po ako magtanong sayo/sa inyo.
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2023.06.05 10:03 MasterBaitingBoy I wish god was out there somewhere

I wish god was there. That there was something out there making me feel a bit of calm when I feel at the lowest point and when I feel dead on the inside. On the nights where I feel traumatized and feel existential dread. I wish there was something out there that understood me better than I understand myself, something that loved me and showed me the deeper truths of life. I wish there was something that made me act the right way and made me learn without completely breaking me and destroying all of my hopes, mental state or making me feel like I’m being ripped apart with emotional pain and trauma. I wish there was something that took it easy with me, at least once in a while. I wish there was something that made me feel like I’m not completely alone in the universe, that I’m doomed forever and that I’m a complete failure. I wish I could find that in some vision, some sensation or some dream. I wish I could feel like there’s something resoundingly true to my life, not just another fake passing sensation being brought to my already hollow body and barely sensing mind. I wish I could live in a world where I feel my existence. But I’ve begged, and I’ve asked, and I’ve looked and all I’ve found is silence and emptiness. And I have had to grow and mature based on that premise. That I’m all alone and that there’s no hope. Despite my hardest efforts and my hundreds of attempts to find that innermost peace and love. Instead I have to face the disbelief that I don’t know in what kind of hell I live, the panic of having failed and missed the opportunities of being happy, knowing that I have fucked up so bad that there’s probably next to nothing I can do that will ever make things right and I will pay the consequences for the rest of my life. That I ended up in the worst version of my life. And there’s nothing I can do but keep going even if there even isn’t a reason anymore. Even if it’s pointless or irrational.
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2023.06.05 10:03 GeoffLeng Top 8 Best Play-to-Earn Web3 Games: June 2023 Edition

Top 8 Best Play-to-Earn Web3 Games: June 2023 Edition
There currently is no shortage of ambitious play-to-earn Web3 games in the industry, with even massive AAA productions entering the market to compete. Every month, we handpick the best Web3 games that are poised to roll out bigger plans in the next few weeks. Everything will be presented to you here in a nutshell.
Please note. This article is updated monthly to properly reflect the latest trends and upcoming game events.

Top 10 web3 games to try this month

The play-and-earn gaming industry moves too fast. Don’t waste time on a game no one is playing anymore. Here’s a list of the best games you gotta try in the next month – in no particular order.

1. Ascenders Simulation

Ascenders is one of the most anticipated games of the year and the launch date for the browser game Ascenders Simulation is set for 8 June 2023. Players will soon get to make their first steps in the Ascenders universe. Secure a plot, collect resources and build your base.
Ascenders Simulation is just a first step into the game’s universe. Ascenders aims to have a fully decentralized and player-centric economy, where you may earn ACG tokens from playing, and craft or purchase in-game items as NFTs.

2. Illuvium: Zero

Speaking of promising alien-based adventures, let’s move on to Illuvium. This June, the sci-fi fantasy web3 games universe is finally taking Illuvium Zero to Alpha Season One. This simulation game allows you to create and manage your industrial complex in your own Illuvium Land and is already available on PC, Mac and Android mobile devices.
With this update, Alpha players will get to experience new gameplay as they discover blueprints that can be, after playing for some time and upgrading specific buildings, minted as in-game assets (skins) to use in all games of the Illuvium universe.

3. Champions Ascension

This month, Jam City’s Ethereum-based AAA fantasy game Champions Ascension is migrating to Polygon. As it’s currently in Pre-Alpha, this means gamers can already download and have a taste of the intense combat games in the ever-expanding open world.
The game first launched its NFT collection Prime Eternals, in-game fighters that players can own to play, in February 2022. Now, we’re closer than ever to a better user experience with Polygon’s speed and low transaction costs. So far, you can only play the game on Windows PC, but Champions Ascension will announce when Mac and other platforms are supported.

4. Life Beyond

Life Beyond is another shining star in bringing updates to their gameplay to the public. The MMORPG on Polygon is now allowing all agents on planet Dolos’s Hub to try out Solo Combat Trials. What are you waiting for to join and see your name on the leaderboard?
While the game has been in active development for almost a year, it has never lacked in bringing its community new updates to the gameplay and lore – or including test gamers in it. The sci-fi metaverse powered by Unreal Engine 5 and blockchain is correctly building its name through quality gameplay and community engagement and remains a top game to check out this month.

5. Planet Mojo’s Mojo Melee

The autochess battler game by Planet Mojo, Mojo Melee, is also worth your attention this June. At the end of May, it released a new roadmap for the upcoming summer months announcing new updates. Including the official launch of its Mojo Melee Season Zero.
For 30 days, players will get to try out the mobile version of Mojo Melee and the new Premium Battle Pass. The game is free-to-play and you can already play its browser version.

6. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a popular Web3 metaverse where players can own virtual land plots as their own NFTs, and build experiences on them for people to enjoy. While it offers a variety of benefits to landowners, including access to special events and the ability to join a limited SAND staking pool, most players don’t even own land yet.
We enter the month with the Korean wave swapping the metaverse with the Hallyu Rising Raffle and LAND Sale. This is the second K-verse LAND Sale to come to The Sandbox, the first one in partnership with big Korean brands and helped the game increase prominence in the very relevant to the industry Asian audiences. As stated by the company, over 317 thousand people joined the game in the first K-verse event, with an average playtime per user of 1h33min. Want to see what this is all about? Go check out The Sandbox in June.

7. Cashbox

Enter the captivating realm of Cashbox, an enchanting blockchain gaming platform that seamlessly blends the wonders of ancient civilizations, legendary gemstone NFTs, and mythical creatures. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey through NFT auctions, land trading, mythical creature nurturing, and prophecy card games. Unveil the hidden treasures within meticulously crafted treasure boxes, housing valuable diamond NFTs. Immerse yourself in a metaverse-like virtual space, where endless exploration, interactive experiences, and virtual land ownership await. With the power of blockchain technology, the transparency and authenticity of your digital assets are ensured, granting you full ownership and control. Step into Cashbox and unlock the boundless possibilities that await in this mesmerizing world.

8. Blocklords

There are also some OG Web3 games you should always keep in mind, and such is the case with Blocklords. This month, the medieval strategy game continues developing with its Blocklords Community Beta, rewarding loyal early adopters with fun and games – literally.
This year, the game has moved on to integrate with Immutable X and has been hyped again with its in-game NFT collection Blocklords Banners. Definitely worth trying out if you’re into immersive, strategy multiplayer experiences.
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2023.06.05 09:58 DexterousWebtech66 Best Private College in Bhopal

Best Private College in Bhopal
Best Private College in Bhopal
Shubham University, Bhopal is established under M.P. government act and approved by UGC as per section 2f of UGC act. University is also approved by Pharmacy Council of India. Shubham University have its campus at Semra Saiyad. Bhopal. The University is providing various courses in different discipline under one roof. The University have tie ups with industries, government and private organisation for student's training and placement.
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2023.06.05 09:48 Mighty_L_LORT Conservatives seek control over public universities with state bills

Conservatives seek control over public universities with state bills submitted by Mighty_L_LORT to politics [link] [comments]