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A safe space for physically unattractive men to vent about being hindered from living a normal life due to being physically unattractive.

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An offshoot of /Discworld, for the sole purpose of running a book club dedicated to the Discworld.

2023.03.31 18:57 Apprehensive-Mud-932 How would you interpret this?

In a college program where we just started in our second semester. In our program, we have a lot of accepted candidates so during lab, its nearly impossible to work with everyone.
I worked with guy #1. He developed feelings for me, I rejected him. Now he is “punishing” me my spreading rumors to other guys that I am a creep that way they do not talk to me.
Guy #2 i worked with after wards and he is friends with guy #1. He was very rude to me. Just speaking rudely and acting rude. After 2 weeks, he started to blush and surround me. I thought that was weird.
Today, I have certain rotations in the hospital and guy #2 saw me and his face turned red. He began to pass by me and said “oh ffff” and then went somewhere doing nothing just to tell me whats up. It gets better. He kept passing by me to see if I look at him.
Would you say this correlates with rude behavior with his friend or a stupid way to display interest? I’m not sure of interest since he is friends with him and he was rude before. Would this not go against his friend for liking me?
Thank you for your time :)
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2023.03.31 18:57 Fragrant_Spinach868 Annoying Co worker

There’s this guy I work with who sits opposite me. I’m 24 and he’s 19 years old. He’s kind of sexist. He always makes snide little comments about women being imcompetent. Being a feminist I find this pretty offensive and last week I finally called him out on it.
He told me that there was no need to get emotional because there were studies that proved his point. He told me about research he read that proves men are naturally smarter than woman and the iq gap grows each year. The more he spoke the more annoyed I got and that just seemed to amuse him. The more I argued the more cocky he got and he started talking down to me which was pretty infuriating coming from somebody who was younger than me.
I stormed off and refused to talk to him any more and he burst out laughing and said I was proving his point. The bad thing is when he was belittling me and being sexist I got a bit turned on and I’m just really ashamed and I don’t know why I felt that way. I feel like I’ve betrayed myself even though I didn’t do anything. I really hate that guy and am thinking about making a complaint to hr.
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2023.03.31 18:56 PepsiMax0807 I feel so good and so bad at the same time - recovery from surgary

I had a lap back in 2020. That time it was diagnostic only, and besides the biopsy taken, nothing was removed.
Recovery then was horrible. I have looked back on the notes I took while recovering, and it was tough, and horrible. It took over a week to just feel a tiny bit better and more normal.
I had my second lap on wedensday this week, so I am on day 2 post op. And I feel both so good and so bad at the same time.
I am doing so much better this time than last. Which means I think I overdo things, do too much, and make myself worse that way 😅
Recovery is different. This time I don’t feel quite as bloated, but I am having bad period cramps comming over me, hours inbetween them, but bad cramps. They seem to happen when I am close to taking new painmeds. Also I am having vaginal bleeding and discharge that I did not have last time. But I guess this might be due to the removal of endometriosis from on and around my uterus.
I also had a bowel movement today, and I almost cried when I did not feel the pain in my left side as I have for such a long time now. My sigmoid colon was adherred to my abdomen wall, creating a kink in it, and sort of a partial obstruction. Making passing of stool difficult. And also giving me this constant feeling of pain in my side.
But I am also a bit scared now a bit after that, that I am feeling pain in my left side, that reminds me of this same pain I have had. But hope its just recovery, and not my bowel adherring again to my abdomen wall again 🤞🏻🤞🏻
My surgeon said she removed everything, she removed the adhesions, and lesions. I believe she used both cutting and burning depending. But she could not make any promises as to whether or not it will come back. She also did say «it will get worse before it gets better». So I am on the road to recovery.
My two goals for this surgary was to try and get the pain in my left side gone. And to have the adhesions that was sticking my uterus and bladder together removed as well. And now I am 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 crossing everything I have that it wont grown back just quite jet.
I had a shower today, first one, and it felt great!
I need to give myself time to recover. I need to walk before I run. My cat is watching over me. He is way more clingy than he usually is. I think he is sensing that I’m not all well, and he is trying his best to keep me resting on the sofa 😸 The rule is that if you have a sleeping cat on or near you, you can not move 😸
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2023.03.31 18:56 Radiant_Locksmith508 AIAH for reporting this to my boss?

The gentleman I've had the pleasure of working with is lazy and negligent. He repeatedly has run a generator we use for work near several windows of customers houses. I've asked him several times not to do so because I don't want someone's death on my conscious because of his negligence. He now unemployed and in a danger of losing his home and making empty threats of sueing me and attempting to make me feel bad because of my decision.
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2023.03.31 18:56 Thinpaperwings Opinion: DJ "logos" are tacky and you shouldn't use them. Thoughts?

Maybe it's an EDM thing? I don't know, but I do know I cringe at ugly, hard to read DJ logos. Nothing like a flyer covered in nearly impossible to read over stylized DJ logos to tell me the event isn't my thing. Tell me why you disagree!
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2023.03.31 18:56 Nekokama Dumb Things the Imam Says - 22 - "Islam is so Easy!" (Apparently)

I was recently temp banned from Reddit a week ago, as you guys may know, from a post I made mocking a Muslim tiktok where he made a cringy comment in regards to someone saying that Islam kills LGBTQ people. So apologies for this delayed episode.
I was going to post this yesterday, but I took a shot of tequila in preparation for seeing some of my family, and needed a rest. Lol
Today's khutbah was an interesting mix of celestial contradiction and obsessive compulsive gaslighting.
"My brother's and sisters, I speak today to tell you all that the blessed month of Ramadan is upon us, and it's as I say to the youth who attend our Islamic classes, as I say to the dedicated people who come to the masjid every single day, every night, and do their salat, and I will say it again for those who have come and did not know this, but our beloved Rasul SAW, has told us, 'that the one who comes to the masjid at night and does his dua, his salat, his sadaqah, and does it in the holy month, will be guaranteed by Allah, by all that is decreed, to have his sins TOTALLY forgiven' Alhamdullilah!!!"
The crowd all chant Alhamdullilah in unison.
"And this is the beautiful Islam, this is what makes islam so great, something the disbelievers will never understand, unless they open their hearts and remove the corruption of the Dunya inside them, and I tell you this, to all who keep complaining, especially those who say evil things about our religion, that Islam is too difficult, it's too hard, it's too complicated. NO IT'S NOT! I came back from Saudi, and I tell you, Islam isn't difficult, it's not challenging, it's as easy as you make it to be, who said that our Deen had to be difficult? I spoke to another sheikh, who said that he has Muslims who come to him complaining that they're so scared or worried about missing their rakats, or doing their whudu wrong, I was in the men's washroom, and walked inside, wallahi I tell you, I walked in, did my whudu, and did my salat, came back downstairs and the saw the same person still in the same position doing whudu!
Everyone found this awkwardly funny. There was some mumbled chuckles, whilst the rest of them looked at each other with smirks or faces of embarrassment.
"Wallahi, I was thinking what is wrong with you. Are you mentally ill? We have ex Muslims, so called murtads, who leave our religion saying Islam is too hard, Islam makes me OCD, mentally ill, I can't handle it!? Islam is easy, it is you who make it hard! I told you already the rules about whudu, I told you that in Ramadan, if you get water in your mouth, it doesn't break your fast. I told you that bleeding doesn't break your fast, only if it begins to run and it's enough to spit out, then it breaks your fast, accidentally swallowing water will not break your fast, that is not water! That is saliva, the water is so minimal it won't change anything, in fact in hot countries it's encouraged to let a small amount of water go into the mouth, make that saliva! Islam is not hard!"
"I also told you last week the rules about giving zakat, non Muslims cannot have zakat, poor people who don't earn over 300 in whatever currency, that person is acceptable for zakat, but cannot give that away to someone else and also say it's zakat, if you give nafli zakat, and it's not for anything else, then you must say so. Syeds, those who are of the family of the Prophet, cannot accept Zakat, do not give them zakat, you may offer them food, help, money to go towards something if they are poor, but they cannot accept zakat. As for fasting! Who is exempt from fasting, nobody, yes the traveller, but these days you have no real excuse, unless you have an urgency, you have a plane or a train, bus or coach you need to take, and you know you miss the times for salat or for breaking your fast, then that's fine, but these days travelling is so quick and easy, so if it's easy for you, then fast!! You have no reason not to, and the same goes with people with a sickness, Allah won't accept anything other than that he would exempt that person with a terminal illness, if they are on a machine, have to take medication to survive, or know they only have a short time to live, can be exempt from fasting, but even that last person, it would be better for them to spend their last days dedicating all their time to the obligations that is for all muslims! Don't you dare come to me saying Imam Saab, my doctor said I get headaches, and I'm exempt, no you are not! Not even pregnant women are exempt, only if it's a risk for the child and the mother, and only I will accept a doctor saying if it's a danger, and this is where I say to you, don't go to these non Muslim doctors, get a second opinion, these non Muslims do not understand us, our Deen, our way of life, and our complex understanding of the benefits of fasting. So go to a Muslim doctor. ONLY if that Muslim doctor says that you cannot fast for whatever health issue, then I will accept it, otherwise Allah is watching you, and he knows if you're lying and if you're telling the truth!"
"I once had a person come to me, Imam Saab, if I miss some of my salat during Ramadan, can I come and make it up on a Jummah in the masjid, and ALL my previous missed salat will be forgiven? I looked at him and said where are you getting this idea from? What hadith? There is no hadith! You miss a salat you can't make up all those ones you missed by simply doing nafli namaazi, or what is wajid upon you on a Jummah namaz, oh I'll do my nafl and sajdah with the Imam, and it will all get forgiven... NO! No! The Prophet SAW, said, ANYONE who misses a salat their name will be written onto the doors of Hell! The ONLY way you can get that removed, is if you make up for ALL the namaaz you missed and continue to not miss any more! And then the man asked me if I forgive a person who did me wrong, I'll be forgiven by our Rasul and that's what counts, and yes I said that counts but it won't go ANYWHERE if you don't do what is OBLIGATORY of you! Sure you read your salat, but do you know if you've done it right? Under the right conditions, many of you will be so shocked to learn that you come here to this mosque, you do your salat, and your duas are NEVER going to be accepted. A Muslimah came to me and said I've been doing all I've been commanded by Allah to do at home, my salat, Qur'an, dhikr, I make sure I'm in a state of purity, I dress modestly, and yet I told her, have you done ghusl properly? Do you know how to do it the correct way?"
"You sure you're not in a state of impurity? Allah said COMMANDED YOU "NOT TO TOUCH MY QURAN" in a state of impurity, you bring haram to yourself and THAT QUR'AN BRINGS HARAM TO YOU DOUBLE!"
"All of you, who come here to Jummah, you don't know if you're in a state of purity, because you did not follow the correct guidance, the rules, the specific instructions telling you what clarifies that requirements, and this knowledge is obligatory on you! It's not optional, it's not a side thing and salat and charity and Qur'an comes first, no no no, you want to be able to recognise Muhammad SAW on the day of Judgement? You want him to say that you are part of his Deen? You want him to increase your chances of forgiveness by Allah? He said in the Hadith, anyone who increases their respect for me, I shall increase their good deeds, their chances to get into Jannah, Alhamdullilah! If you don't respect and learn the example, the history, the life story of our prophet, how will you be able to recognise him, he won't recognise you, and you won't know him, and this is an obligation on you! Your Deen is not complete without this obligation being fulfilled, you will not escape Jahannam without completing this obligation. You want correct knowledge on salat, whudu, zakat, ghusl, inheritance, marriage, divorce, manners, treating your parents right, you will not escape Jahannam, you will ALL go into Jahannam without this obligation being fulfilled."
"Don't think you are secure, no you are not. You come to this masjid, and you bring your haram with you, this salat with do now, it will not benefit you, it will increase the fuel of the fire! And as I said before, what feeds Shaitan?? Yes I know he's locked away, but what feeds his Dominion?! His home?! You! Haram! Haram feeds the fires of Hell! And you bring that Haram with you, the salat you do, is double haram! You touch that Qur'an! The Qur'an is now a haram upon you!!"
"Islam is easy, do not make it harder upon yourself! And all those who complain, it's you who made Islam difficult, if you understood your obligations, had a basic level of the knowledge that you need to recognise and be counted as a Muslim on the day of judgement, bring your children, you even over the age of 50, come to the masjid, come and learn these courses, I am doing it for free whilst others are charging you, you have no excuse, I have people on social media who are going to attend my video stream, and they're outside the city, but you are in the same city, what is your excuse not to come! And do come! Bring your wives and children, aunts, grandma's, every one, we will even do iftar, you can eat in the masjid, and give the women of the household free time away from the kitchen! Isn't that easy? Look at how everything is being given to you so easily by Allah SWT, you have no excuse!"
As we left the mosque, I got an elbow into the shoulder by my cousin, winking and grinning, and he said in a smarmy way "looks like you could learn something, you should go!"
I replied; "the day I need to learn all of that shit, is the day you pick up a book that's not the Qur'an, and genuinely learn something from that."
He shrugged and said something along the lines of "those books won't get me into heaven."
I laughed. "According to this Imam, you never will, all those times you touched that book in the evenings, you got nothing but haram."
He started getting irritated. "What you trying to say?"
I burst out laughing, a little to obnoxiously, I know, but the thought of him realising all those years of devotion to the cult got him nothing was too funny.
"Wiping yourself off with a tissue isn't ghusl. In fact, ghusl isn't even ghusl."
Hope you guys are having a great week! Keep on going, this month will soon be over!
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2023.03.31 18:55 Leather_Abrocoma4121 Do I have a possible malpractice lawsuit on my hands?

I got Covid November 2020. Nearly died, was on the ventilator for 6 weeks and spent 3 months in several hospitals. The last hospital I went to for a month was a rehab hospital, where I had to learn to walk again and regain all the strength I lost. My life was completely turned upside down. I came home in February 2021 and continued with home health care and physical therapy. March 2021 I went to the ER due to trouble breathing and low Oxygen levels. I was admitted due to a Saddle pulmonary embolism in my lungs and blood clots in my legs. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks and then sent home and put on blood thinning medication for 6 months. They told me I was lucky I came in when I did as it could have spread and caused heart attack or stroke. This hospital was the same one I initially went to when I had Covid in Nov. While there for the blood clots they mentioned that it was noted in my medical record of blood clots in my legs WHILE I was there with Covid in November 2020. During my Covid hospital stays I was receiving shots in my stomach that they told me were to prevent blood clots since I was bed ridden. But at no point while initially in the hospital or when getting discharged were the blood clots mentioned or was it suggested for me to be sent home on blood thinning medications. As the patient who just had a near death experience and trauma from it all, on top of not being in best mental or physical state, I had no reason to think to ask about this.

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2023.03.31 18:55 SuperThrowAway50005 Round ligament pain 0-0

I'm 23 weeks today and I had my first bad moment of round ligament pain last night 0-0 I leaned and reached for the hubby's phone on the coffee table so I could answer a text for him at his request. Apparently the angle I went to wasn't okay and I was hit with a super sharp pain up the side of my pelvic region into my stomach. I yelped and readjusted and it went away in a moment or two but ouuucchhh.
Scared my poor husband because he heard me yelp and came to see what happened and I was holding/rubbing my belly so he momentarily freaked out thinking something was wrong. I quickly said it was absolutely round ligament, nothing to worry about it just really hurt for a minute 😕
I felt so bad for scaring him I damn near cried. The joys of pregnancy lol
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2023.03.31 18:55 Weird_Assignment4745 Women over 30, did you find dating at 30+ much harder than in your 20s?

I am a bit of a late bloomer and didn't really start dating until my late twenties (and most of my late twenties were spent in the pandemic). I'm now 30 and actively using dating apps trying to find a serious partner. I'm having a lot of trouble finding men that I'm interested in - in fact it has months since I met someone I was excited about. I have a lot going well in my life - I am active, reasonably attractive (I think), have a well-paying job that I love. But I lack a partner to share it all with. I also want kids so don't have a ton of time.
Part of me worries that I simply waited too long - that most of the men I would be interested in are already taken and that the competition is intense for the few that aren't. I keep kicking myself for not dating in my early to mid twenties. I wonder if I "missed my chance" to find a partner who is truly compatible with me and if I just need to settle for someone I'm not super excited about. Are other women experiencing this? (Because I wasn't dating when I was younger, I don't have anything to compare this to)
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2023.03.31 18:54 Loni1082 Looking for air vent tab/slider for '16 Soul

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can buy these air vent tab/sliders. I'm not sure what the technical term is but it's a small plastic piece that attaches to the air vent to change the direction of the air on the vertical vents that are behind the horizontal vents. I'm missing all four and am unable to find the on ebay. I gotten in contact with kia parts websites but they are only selling them as whole unit assembly (vents and all) I just need the small plastic piece not the whole entire assembly. I found one on Amazon but they want 17.00 for one slider. I need 4 and I can't reconsile paying nearly 70 for 4 pieces of one inch piece of plastic. Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.31 18:54 ColdBlackWater Ghost Cannons of Antietam

Ghost Cannons of Antietam / by Cindy R.
About a year ago my husband and I went to Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland on a hot Sunday afternoon. While I loved the beauty of the countryside, my husband was interested in learning more about the place where the bloodiest battle in the Civil War was fought.
We drove through the battlefields, stopping and reading the monuments to dead soldiers. After a while we stopped and parked and began walking around an area we later found out was known as Burnside Bridge.
Maryland summer days are notoriously hot and humid and the bugs and gnats were unrelenting. We thought going down beside the bridge, where the Antietam Creek ran coolly underneath it, would give us a break from the heat. To get there we had to hike a bit, but finally we came down to the bridge.
There were a few people on it, staring into the water. My husband and I walked around it and remarked how pretty the area was, that it would be a nice place to picnic, then we went off a little ways under some trees. Suddenly, we both felt a terrible feeling -- a horrible sadness or feeling of doom, I'm not sure which. The bridge no longer looked pretty, the whole area seemed menacing.
Then my husband remarked to me, "Where are all the bugs?" The area was unnaturally silent: no crickets, and no gnats, which is strange near water.
"I wonder if something bad happened here," I said.
We looked at the other people, enjoying themselves and wondered what was wrong with us. "Must be the heat," he said.
Suddenly, I heard a booming in the distance. "What's that?" I asked. "Is a thunderstorm coming?" Then I heard another one and my husband did too. It didn't sound anything like thunder.
"Those are cannons," he said. Having been in the military, he knew what one sounded like. We looked at the people on the bridge, but they seemed oblivious to the sound, or else didn't think it remarkable. We heard cannon after cannon. "It must be a reenactment," I said.
But still, both of us felt such a feeling of doom that we decided it was time to leave. "We'll check at the main building and see what reenactments are going on today," he said. Quickly leaving the area, we stopped and looked once more at the bridge. The bad feeling didn't stop and neither did the cannons.
As we drove away from the bridge toward the visitor center, the cannon sounds stopped.
We went inside to inquire about the cannons and the man looked at us strangely and said, "There are no cannons going off today." "How about fireworks?" we asked. "Nothing like that at all," he said.
As we drove away, we discussed what had happened, sure of what we had experienced. We sort of hoped for a thunderstorm to roll in and explain it all away, but that never happened either.
Later that night, as I was reading some material I picked up at the visitor center, I read that the Burnside Bridge area was the site of the bloodiest and final battle at Antietam. More men were killed or wounded on that day, September 17, 1862, than on any other day of the Civil War. More than 22,000 men were killed or wounded.
And we had imagined going there for a picnic.
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2023.03.31 18:53 NoWalrus8849 Unchanged

It’s now four in the morning. Micheal gets up and throws on his running shoes. His clothes were already laid out for him so he can navigate his house without the lights being turned on. Trying not to wake his wife or children.
This is nothing new for him. He is in his mid 30’s now. He was once a all time athlete for the Olympics. Running has been his passion. It was his time to release and start a new. A normal run would take about a hour. His distance was always the big ten mile marker. If he didn’t hit ten miles. Well he would keep going tell he did.
The light of the day has yet to shine. The pitch darkness gave him a sense of calm. Being able to completely lose himself within his own mind. Thinking about his job, his family, and whatever else comes on through.
As he was cutting across a four way stop. He felt a hard push from his right shoulder. It was so hard that Michael nearly went flying onto the pavement. A loud yell came from him “ Hey what the fuck!” As he turned his head to see who hit him. There was nothing there at all.
He stopped on the side of the road looking around to see if anyone could have hit him. Maybe a animal hit him? A random dog maybe? His mind flooding with random answers from birds, wind, and another super fast runner that he just happen to not see?
This shook him up quite a bit but he regained focus and looked at his watch. Now he is way out of place. He was supposed to be already hitting the six mile marker but instead he is still at five miles. Now he needed to hit the road hard. Speeding up his pace.
As he was nearing the six mile mark. A police officer zoomed on past him. Then another and a fire truck too. “ wow “ he thought to himself. There must be something crazy that happened. Then a cold chill went down his spine. “ Did the temperature just drop out here? God today is just weird.”
Turning his head he saw a young woman. She was there but she wasn’t. She was see through and his eyes glued on her. She came up to him and gave him a hard push on his right shoulder. Just like he felt earlier down the road. This one didn’t throw him off his feet. Just tripped him up a bit.
Finally he got to a large intersection and where all the officers were at. They were already blocking off the roads. It was a really bad car accident. The ambulance was rolling away a body bag. A officer shined his light at him and told micheal that he needed to go back the other way. All of this is blocked off.
Micheal did as he was told and ran back home. He didn’t complete his ten mile run but he felt okay about it. As he got home and opened his front door. Something was telling him that he should go tell each one of his children how much he loved them. Then got a cup of coffee for his still sleeping wife.
His wife woke up with a comment “ Oh you must be feeling guilty for something. Did you go see your girlfriend this morning?” She said with a little smile and a laugh. He just looked at her and said “ I want to make sure that you know I am here and I love you.” She again gives a small laugh. “ okay, I love you to.”
Later that morning, the news report shown that a young woman had died this morning. She was running late to work and looked to have missed the stop sign. She went head first to another vehicle. His wife taken back by this. “ did you see anything? This is on your run route?” Micheal glued to the TV and tried to brush it off. “ No, I didn’t see a thing. Just police cars zooming past me and telling me the road is blocked off.”
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2023.03.31 18:53 zipped_chip I wish things were different, please give a brother some support.

I apologize in advance for the book I'm about to type, but to those who read it all and reply, thank you very much.
Me (24m) and my ex (22f) have been broken up for 6 months from our 4.5-year relationship, NC for 4 months. In short, I broke up with her after falling into a depression from not being able to find a job, and felt I was inadequate to give her the life she deserved. It was NOT to pursue other women, let me make that clear. After a month apart, I realized that she didn't care about the job mess I was in, and loved me for who I was, and I tried to fix things. She has one friend who's always been a bad influence on her and has never wanted her to do better than her in life (long, long story), and put her on dating apps. I guess she figured out how easy it was to meet new people, and she decided to not give me another chance. I begged and pleaded, and made myself look like a pathetic loser, which was probably my biggest mistake.
I'd never felt so empty, hollow, and worthless in my life. I lost 20+ pounds and went through mental hell. To make things worse, I had to see her a few weeks after she gave her decision at a mutual friend's birthday party. Having to pretend like you never knew someone you still loved and called your best-friend for 4.5-years was the worst thing I've ever been through in life. Funnily enough, a week after the wedding is when I got the call that I got the job. I was ecstatic, and immediately wanted to tell her about it in hopes that it would fix things. But I knew after making a fool of myself to get her back, the only way things would work is if she reached out to me wanting to try again. I needed to regain my confidence and dignity.
Since getting the job, I replaced my old clunker of a car with a much nicer one, got back into the best shape of my life, and got my own place. After getting my place a few weeks ago, her dad called me randomly one day and asked to meet up, to which I agreed. When he got there, he immediately started telling me how downhill she was going. Summing it up, she'd become a habitual liar, trashes her family to everyone, drinks a lot, and had lowered her standards for men to the floor. It got bad enough that he said that he had to kick her out of the house because, as he put it to her; "I can't watch your destruction anymore". He said that the guys she's been choosing to see since not giving me another chance have been shocking, disturbing, and sad to say the least, and that she'll never find a guy that's better than me. He says he feels like she's going to realize her mistakes soon and want to rekindle things with me, he said there are signs that she's fighting feelings. When she was kicked out, the first thing she grabbed was my old jackets and hoodies. She couldn't bring it upon herself to erase an old whiteboard drawing I did for her when we first started dating, she refuses to take down old pictures of us on social media. When we had to see each other again at a mutual-friends party, I followed her lead of avoiding a conversation, and she balled to him and her mother that she thinks I hate her now. He said that they've made it apparent that they think she's fucking up big time by not giving me another chance. All of this being said, I told him that it doesn't give me satisfaction knowing she's not doing good, but I thanked him for thinking of me and hope that everything gets better with them. I respect her father enormously, but it was a mistake talking to him as it just brought up old feelings.
So here I am now, typing all of this. I have no plans to reach out to her, as I've previously stated that the only way, I'd know that she truly wants to possibly try again is if she reaches out to me. I'm not waiting for her by any means, but there is that slight part of me that wants the choice. It's gotten easier, but I feel like this pit in my chest will just never go away. I've tried going on dates, and all of the girls I've seen since have been attractive (honestly, looks-wise an upgrade), and I just can't find myself caring for them. I've stopped dating to focus on myself and to avoid hurting other people as a result. I think I've hit a bit of a plateau in my healing, and I don't know if this is just as better as it's going to feel until I find someone else or if me and her try again. If anyone has felt like this for a prolonged period, I'd love your input. Thank you again for taking the time to read all of this.
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2023.03.31 18:53 Los-Da-Boss [WTB] MFK Gentle Fluidity Silver, The Harmonist Hypnotic Fire, SHL God Of Fire, Electimuss Imperium or Roja Apex PC (Bottle)

I would like to purchase a full or near full bottle of any of the above listed fragrances at a good price and from a reputable seller ONLY. To put it bluntly, please do not waste your time or mine by PM’img me if you haven’t first commented on this post or have no flair, otherwise I’m automatically assuming you’re a scammer. If you accept everything but PP F&F (unless you have the flair and trustworthy reputation) I’m assuming you’re a scammer. I’ve had several people recently try scamming me. If you have one of the above that you’re trying to get rid of? Hmu, I’m interested. If your prices are higher than Aurafragrance or, I’m not interested.
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2023.03.31 18:52 FoxCharacter5108 i don’t understand why i crave concern and care from men so bad?

i crave concern and care from men so bad. i’m constantly craving a man worrying about me or showing concern towards me or somehow noticing or validating the pain in my heart in some way. i have no idea why. and i don’t mean men in a romantic sense necessarily but any man — male teachers, male relatives, male doctors, etc. anyone.
i feel so good when my boyfriend seems concerned about me or asks if i’m okay. the other day i went to the ENT for some issue and he seemed genuinely concerned because my issue turned out to be induced by poor mental health — felt so good seeing him concerned. played that moment in my mind over and over again. i remember many years back when i was in school and was crying in an empty classroom and a male teacher found me and comforted me and was super concerned. i’ve played that in my mind a million times. and hundreds of other examples like these. i daydream about certain men being worried about me and showing me care, etc.
it doesn’t have anything to do with my father because he has been the best father in the world to me and i love him more than anything. he’s been my biggest emotional support, calms me down when i’m stressed and the most loving to me. so i know it isn’t anything to do with having an absent father.
i really want to understand why i feel this way. if it’s anything — i’ve been rather depressed ever since i was a child (maybe 12ish) and i never told anyone. so i always crave being seen in my sadness to fill that void of neglect. but i don’t understand why only men?
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2023.03.31 18:52 Top-Philosopher-9792 Help. am i missing a prayer bead.

So these are the enemies I've defeated. 1) General Naomori Kawarada 2) Shinobi killer 3) Chained ogre 4) General tenzen 5) One near Tengu 6) The Drunkard 7) Blazing bull 8) Seven ashina Spears
So i used the initial 4, had 3/4 when i defeated the bull. Defeat lady butterfly (ik i don't get one here). What happened is i was fighting the seven ashina Spear guy, and while i was clearing the fences to make the area clear, i fell off of the cliff, and i spawned near the stairs and not near the recent idol. Seeing this, i went into the castle as he didn't see me yet thiniing I'll get the 2nd stealth death blow on him. To my surprise, he fell off the cliff too, and all i got was an emblem & a heavy coin purse. Didn't receive the prayer bead. If i did, i would've gotten a dailog box right.. I still have 3/4. Is there anything i can do to get it now? Is playing from the beginning the only option.
If it matters, I'm at Atk Power 3 & Vitaliy 11 after using Butterfly's memories.
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2023.03.31 18:51 Responsible-Trash761 cyclic gender dysphoria? (Pre-anything, questioning AFAB, CW - anatomy)

Hi all, I’m trying to get some advice or at least see if anyone has experienced something similar. I get severe feelings of gender dysphoria in the days before and the week of my period. This starts before I actually have any bleeding, cramping, etc (all of which sucks and I loathe).
I start feeling increasingly uncomfortable in women’s clothes after the midpoint of my cycle, and start doing things like looking up top surgery, trying to bind (I’m a 32 G…it’s a no-go to get flat), and generally wishing I could get that inverted triangle physique.
Early in my cycle I still hate being referred to as a woman or by my (female) name, but it’s more of a wish that people didn’t see my gender and just saw me, not “a woman.” A lot of times I feel okay-ish about my body (hey, it’s reasonably healthy), and I sort of enjoy playing with makeup and stuff like that.
Did any of you experience anything like this? My psychiatrist wondered if adding in a small dose of estrogen in the second half of my cycle might help, but I have endometriosis so yeah…that’s a no-go.
This feels broadly hormonal, but I worry that because I feel better near ovulation, when my E is high, that it means I’m not actually transmasc, and T would make everything worse.
Searching for “worsening gender dysphoria near period” just yields a bunch of articles about how menstruation can worsen gender dysphoria because or the more obvious reasons (reminders of natal anatomy, blood, etc). I loathe my body during that week, too, but this seems like a separate thing.
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2023.03.31 18:51 zandylewwho A Friday Surprise

A Friday Surprise
I was having a rough morning (due to personal issues) and one of my parents came in during drop of and gave me cookies. I nearly burst into tears and told her thank you so much. Parents like this makes me feel that I am making an impact in my classroom.
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2023.03.31 18:51 jsgunn The Mother of Heroes Part 15

It was five days before class started and murderously hot. The kind of heat that left the air shimmering above every surface. The kind of hot that meant you had to peel your clothes off of yourself to get them away from your skin. Nevertheless, people had to move into the dorm, and there was nothing to it but to do it. The AC in the dorm was shoddy at best, and with all the traffic in and out the ground floor wasn't much cooler than outside. I'd prepared for this, and several days in advance had stocked all the fridges with bottled water and gatorade, and swapped out the butter pecan for otter pops and other water based frozen treats.
Usually when school was starting I was accustomed to parents of freshmen bringing in bags and boxes and both the new students and their parents hiding churning emotions behind a veneer of enthusiasm, intermingled with their upperclassmen with a wide variety of emotions. Of course there were the girls that didn't bring their parents, or brought only one, or couldn't wait for their parents to be gone to finally, for the first time, taste freedom.
This was not the case today, thanks to the heat. Instead of emotions or enthusiasm there was only dogged determination, dragging bags and boxes in sweat drenched arms. I helped everyone I could, when I wasn't fetching boxes I was handing out water and otter pops to everyone. I was determined to not have anyone pass out or get heat stroke. Of course everyone but the freshmen knew me, and every water or frozen treat I handed out was met with "thanks mom", "you're the best, mom", or even one instance of "you cool me right down, mommy." That last one felt really weird.
As by now five-ish years had passed since the prophecy, people weren't as aware of who I was and that was fine with me. Although it did mean that in a week or so someone would mention it and it would be the hot gossip of the dorm for an hour, a tradition I'd come to dread. In the meantime, my reputation as an RA was what I wanted known. Word was shared fairly quickly as the older girls made my staus known. To my chagrin, all of the freshmen started calling me mom. Sometimes in front of their actual mothers which also felt weird.
Finally the day was drawing to a close, there was still work to be done but there wasn't a Shannon to help, only a hot, sticky, smelly, exhausted, dehydrated Shannon who could barely muster the energy to take an occasional bite of sandwich. My clothes were drenched from my sweat, my hair was plastered to my scalp and neck, and my deodorant had been overwhelmed several hours before. Every bite and chug of gatorade (gotta get those electrolytes) I told myself to get up and take a shower. Every bite and chug I said I'd do it later. There was still a trickle of traffic, and every now and then I'd muster up the juice to say "cold waters in the fridge."
"Thanks for your help today, mom." I heard the slap of her hand falling on my shoulder, such was the state of my sweatiness. I looked up to see Sara, one of the new freshmen. "You really worked hard today. It means a lot. Can I get you anything? You look exhausted."
I looked at the sandwich. It was a Greek gyro, nearly finished but I was still hungry. "I could really go for a bahn mi." I said, struggling to form words.
"Oh, mom, that does sound good. Is there a good place nearby?" I gave her directions and began to pull out some cash but she stopped me. "This one's on me. Thanks mom!" Then, trying to be cute, she bent down and kissed me on the forehead then stood and sputter "ah gaw what no, I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking and gah it's so salty." I chuckled and kinda zoned out for a moment before I heard her by the front door. "Oh thank you! Room 308. I'm going to grab a bahn mi for me and dorm mom. Want one?"
Someone put a box on the table in front of me and sat down beside me. "So you're 'dorm mom' now?" I looked up to see Ethan the heart throb from my sophomore year. He extended a hand. "I don't know if you remember but we met a few years ago, it's Shannon, right?"
I looked at him, with his brow dappled with handsome little beads of sweat, his shirt sleeves rolled up to reveal his forearms. I went to shake his hand, thought better of it, wiped my own palm on my pants which did little to dry them, then completed the handshake. I said "yeah you're Ethan Winters, age 27, sisters named Lyla and Sara, graduated with honors a with a degree in cellular biology with a minor in physics, you like brown beer and don't have any qualms about drinking bad tequila to save a drunk girl from giving herself alcohol poisoning, who dated a harpy for a number of years and who admitted to being scared to graduate as you didn't know what you'd do afterwards, however from what I see of you now with the $75 hair cut and designer watch I'd estimate you're doing pretty well for yourself and I shouldn't admit this but sometimes when I'm lonely I'll have day dreams where I think about being married to you and living in a house with a white picket fence and three dogs and I still think about you carrying me to the dorm that night and it's one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me and by the way the maple bar and Bavarian cream filled donuts you got me for the morning after were actually my favorites so that was a pretty good shot in the dark." Just kidding. I'm neither that articulate nor creepy. Instead I said "oh it's uh… Ethan right?"
"Oh you do remember!" He said, smiling.
"I was pretty drunk, but I believe a few days later I offered to take you to dinner for being such a gentleman, but I never got the chance. The offer still stands." I looked down at myself. "Maybe not tonight, though."
"Yeah, Sara is brining you food anyway. Another time though, I'd love to." He said.
At the words "I love" my heart went THUMP THUMP and I had to stop myself from drooling. "So, uh… what have you been up to since graduating?"
We talked for a while as the day cooled off and my sweat evaporated into a thin crust of salt crystals. Eventually Sara returned with not only a bahn mi, but a huge basket of really cripsy fries, slathered in salt. I could have kissed her. I ate myself into a near catatonic state and afterwards felt quite refreshed. While I was inhaling my food I occasionally stopped long enough to watch Ethan and Sara together. They were so comfortable with eachother. The little quips and inside jokes, the way he teased her with things that sounded at first derogatory but after an instant of consideration turned out to be compliments. I'd had a crush on him before, but watching him interact with his sister, I think that was when I first started to fall in love with Ethan.
WHAT? No, spoiler alert, forget that last sentence. Cover your ears and shout "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU."
The kindness, the consideration, the wit. I saw it in him. In that conversation I saw how it had helped to shape Sara into the young woman she was. I saw how she, in turn, had helped to shape him into the man he was today. In that conversation I saw the faintest outline of their relationship, and it was a relationship so beautiful it made me want to weep. Here were siblings who knew and loved each other as only siblings could.
Eventually evening turned into night and Ethan gathered himself to leave. I watched him go, and sat feeling sad for a moment before I realized that I didn't have to. In a snap decision I stood and ran after him, and caught him by the wrist. He turned and seemed surprised to see me. "I meant what I said about dinner. Please, let me take you out. My treat."
"Sure. Let me give you my number." He said with a smile.
I punched it into my phone and sent him a text so he'd have my number. "Hey it's Shannon. ❤️😉. Looking forward to dinner! 🍽" he smiled when he read it and immediately typed a reply "🍽? I was hoping for 🥩".
I chuckled and went to give him a hug but stopped myself. "Oh, sorry, I'm kind of gross right now." I said, stepping away, but was immediately caught off guard when he grabbed me in for a hug.
"That's because I know you'll take good care of Sara." He then held me at arms length, and looked into my eyes with a serious expression on his face, before cracking a wide smile. "Get some rest, Shannon. I hope I hear from you soon."
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2023.03.31 18:50 FoxCharacter5108 i cannot figure out why i crave concern and care from men so bad

i crave concern and care from men so bad. i’m constantly craving a man worrying about me or showing concern towards me or somehow noticing or validating the pain in my heart in some way. i have no idea why. and i don’t mean men in a romantic sense necessarily but any man — male teachers, male relatives, male doctors, etc. anyone.
i feel so good when my boyfriend seems concerned about me or asks if i’m okay. the other day i went to the ENT for some issue and he seemed genuinely concerned because my issue turned out to be induced by poor mental health — felt so good seeing him concerned. played that moment in my mind over and over again. i remember many years back when i was in school and was crying in an empty classroom and a male teacher found me and comforted me and was super concerned. i’ve played that in my mind a million times. and hundreds of other examples like these. i daydream about certain men being worried about me and showing me care, etc.
it doesn’t have anything to do with my father because he has been the best father in the world to me and i love him more than anything. he’s been my biggest emotional support, calms me down when i’m stressed and the most loving to me. so i know it isn’t anything to do with having an absent father.
i really want to understand why i feel this way. if it’s anything — i’ve been rather depressed ever since i was a child (maybe 12ish) and i never told anyone. so i always crave being seen in my sadness to fill that void of neglect. but i don’t understand why only men
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2023.03.31 18:49 ShortyStrawz Recreating Yugi's deck?

Recreating Yugi's deck?
My cousin and I are big fans of the Pokemon card game and play it whenever we visit each other. However my cousin also collects Yugioh cards. Something I'm relatively new to; my only exposure being a blue eyes themed deck on Master duel. Going to be visiting said cousin next week and want to surprise him by having a Yugioh deck of my own.
There's a Ma & Pa shop near me that sells Yugioh cards; his old collection (17 tubs worth!) at first I wanted to recreate my blue eyes deck, but that sort of fell apart when he didn't have Blue eyes...But he suggested I could recreate Yugi's deck and I thought that could be a fun place to start.
What I have:
The guy at the shop picked these out for me. I've agreed to go back Monday before I leave for cousins to pick out the remaining cards (I need 40 total to my understanding?) as he'll bring all of his tubs then. So far I have:
  • Brain control (Spell)
  • Celtic Guardian
  • Dark Magician
  • Kuriboh
  • Magic hats (trap)
(Sorry, my camera quality is awful...)
I expect he'll help me pick them out as he did today, but he suggested I also try and have an idea of what to get. Thought this would be the best place to ask what remaining cards I need to complete Yugi's deck? Please could someone help me out??
I'd like to keep as close to what Yugi uses as possible (think a themed deck). If people could even link a database or something that lists it, that would be much appreciated because I'm struggling to find one that lists it in plain English. I think the only thing I can't/won't replicate is Exodia; I doubt he'll have all 5 cards...
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2023.03.31 18:48 Fit_Document700 How do I download a “Target Branch”?

How do I download a target branch? When I select a target branch it tells me it will download when the car is off and parked near my Wi-Fi. How is it going to do that without power? And why hasn’t it done that ? It’s been about 4 days since I selected one for the 23 Elantra Hybrid that I’m hoping will make it run smoother while in experimental mode.
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