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2023.03.30 09:43 fDiKmoro Legion gen8 RGB question

the gen8 legion 7i is my first Lenovo Laptop and i wonder if it's possible to let the keyboard rgb be controlled from other Apps than vantage.
I played the D4 beta and figured out that you could control D4 the rgb (if a legendary drops the rgb flashes yellow, low health -> red, ability buttons flash when the cooldown is finished). I didn't found a way to use this on my legion, but it would nice if there would be a way to make it possible.
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2023.03.30 06:12 YesILoveHentai Ideapad gaming 3 15ACH6 Laptop doesn't work if it is not plugged in! Please Help :(

Ideapad gaming 3 15ACH6 Laptop doesn't work if it is not plugged in! Please Help :(
I was using my laptop when it was at 95% battery percentage, then it suddenly turned off and wouldn't turn on without plugging it in. When I turned it on battery was at 0%, and it doesn't go up. I also generated a batter report in which everything seems to be normal.
-I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling battery drivers
-I've already disconnected and reconnected the battery
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2023.03.30 03:41 MavFan1812 Comparison of used batteries vs new (of questionable lineage from eBay) batteries on my T480.

I recently picked up a lovely condition (and recently sticker-bombed) T480 for $190 but wasn't super impressed with the battery life from the included batteries. Lenovo Vantage showed low cycle counts but also showed each only has about 2/3 of the max charge of the stated capacity, leading me to believe this laptop spent a lot of time on the dock, perhaps without the battery charge threshold set.
I have a 72whr battery I ordered with the laptop, which does greatly extend battery life to on-par with any Windows laptop I've ever used, including modern AMD ones. However, it is a bit chunky, so I decided to spend around $65 on a new internal battery and 24whr battery from eBay, links at the bottom. The external battery has Lenovo branding but doesn't match the original exactly, and the e in the Lenovo logo is weird. The internal battery doesn't even pretend to be original.
With all of that origin story out of the way, I decided to test the two sets of batteries. My testing methodology is not designed to be a representative test of battery life, but was simply designed to be consistent and to complete the test as quickly as possible for my own convenience. I did this by fully charging the batteries, putting the screen at full brightness, and then starting Prime95, before unplugging the laptop.
The original batteries took 1h32m to drop from 100%/98% (the 2nd battery seems to top out at 98%) to 13% on the 2nd battery after the first gave up at 5%. The new batteries took 1h48m to drop from 100%/100% to 5%/16%. If I normalize the runtime for the slightly different percentages, we have the following.
79% battery drain
Original Batteries: 1h31m
New Batteries: 1h48m +18%
As mentioned, I spend around $65 on the two batteries, so an 18% increase in battery life seems reasonable, though a bit underwhelming. My 72Whr battery was $50, though the seller only had 7 and I think it might actually be legit. Hope this helps if anyone is considering doing the same.
External battery: https://www.ebay.com/itm/394417298405
Internal battery: https://www.ebay.com/itm/165290999143
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2023.03.30 01:57 galacticjuggernaut My love for Lenovo just waned

I touted how this was my favorite computer for a year (Yoga9i). Now i am hesitant.
Lenovo Vantage told me i needed to update my BIOS. SO I did.
Problem 1: It got stuck and would not complete. Called support as i have premium, (after searching revealed this is actually common and i saw inconsistent answers). They said do a clean install of windows. No problem, except for the part where they say to "do a backup" when you cant even access your files. But lucky for me, I backup everything. SO no issue lets do this.
Problem 2: Windows would not install. And I mean every and all available options outside of a recovery USB failed. Reset BIOS to default config, still failed. Something really got gummed up during that update.
Problem 3: ok, so anger level is now increasing. Support has me get the lenovo specific download tool which proceeds to error out every single time, after 5 minutes of waiting - each time we tried.. (Support and I tried this 4-5 times.) It kept getting a "Validation error" which makes NO SENSE in what we are doing. What a shitty POS tool, wasted everyone's time. So now we are getting closer to looking at a brick.
Problem 4: Now even angrier, I decided ok no prob, i will make a windows recovery drive. Proceed to do so on another computer. BUT, that is when i realized that for the first time i ever experienced on 100+ fresh installs on any other computer, this Yoga laptop would not accept basic drivers required to work the mouse, keyboard or basic Wifi. The keyboard! And now windows 11 will not let you proceed w/o connecting to wifi. So i have to now search for each and every single hardware specific driver, because the hardware on this laptop wont accept basic device drivers.
Anyway, this is where i am giving up for now. TO be fair Lenovo is going to overnight me a "lenovo" recovery disk, but i lost a half day of work and massive headache. After these discoveries i am not so sure going forward I would toot my lenovo horn as much that is for sure.
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2023.03.29 22:38 Lee_The_Wyrm Refurbished Thinkpad T480 (Mystery Partition?)

Refurbished Thinkpad T480 (Mystery Partition?)
Hello, I recently purchased a refurbished T480 from a Best Buy third-party seller. The computer appears to be in good condition other than the aftermarket battery and charger. It came preloaded with Windows 10 and I am wondering whether there are any security concerns if I proceed with setting up the computer this way? Should I reformat everything and reinstall from an image? I am asking because I use a password manager and am trying to do my due diligence.
I installed all the Windows updates, Lenovo Vantage updates, BIOS is up to date. Checked Device Manager and it appears as though there are three partitions on the drive: 500 MB EFI, ~41 GB Windows, and a lone 4.77 GB partition that has no description. What's this partition for or is it cause for concern? I am a computer newb and this is my first Reddit post so bear with me as I try to include a snip. Is there anything else I should definitely do before committing to this computer? Thanks in advance and have a good day friends.
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2023.03.29 21:15 wookieface How to keep Yoga Slim 7 Pro drivers updated?

I have a Yoga Slim 7 Pro (14arh7), which I'm pretty happy with.
I am a bit confused about how to make sure I have the newest drivers.
I have installed Lenovo System Update, but it has not found any drivers for my laptop at all.
Using System Update in Lenovo Vantage has updated my BIOS back in February to version KHCN25WW, but now scanning, it doesn't find any new drivers.
I also tried automatic driver update on pcsupport.lenovo.com, and it says there are no new drivers either.
But looking manually under drivers on pcsupport.lenovo.com, there's a newer BIOS driver version KHCN26WW for my laptop.
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2023.03.29 12:56 Shashmahal Legion 5 15ARH7 bios issues?

Hi everyone is it only me experiencing issues with the latest bios updates for the laptop?
The laptop got shipped with jucn55ww, I did a fresh W11 22h2 install, fully patched and all the latest drivers.
I was offered jucn57ww from the vantage app and I did the upgrade... With this version everything seemed to work but occasionally the laptop started freezing after reboots, hard reset was the only option.
So i checked the lenovo site and there was a new version jucn58ww, did the flash, but today after an update restart i got a freeze again...
Now I did a backflash to jucn55ww...
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2023.03.29 09:51 carvo225 High Battery Temperature

High Battery Temperature
Just got my Legion 5 yesterday and I went on the Lenovo Vantage App and saw that my battery temps are high. It's 32 Degree Celsius here. Is this normal or something that I should be worried about?
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2023.03.29 07:30 Dextructor28 Legion 5, plugged in, not charging.

Hi. I got this Lenovo Legion 5 15ACH6H on January. It's the best computer I've ever had and I've had no troubles with it. Since I've had it, I activated the power conservation mode on Vantage, the one where your battery stays at 60%. I've only had 5 charge cycles so far thanks to it.
However, a few days ago I noticed that the battery fell below 60% while plugged. I didn't give it much thought, it has happened to some other laptops I've owned. Everything was fine so I didn't care that much about 4 or 5% less. But as I kept using it unplugged (I usually use it only plugged, rarely unplugged unless I'm checking outside stuff out of home), the battery kept lowering but never going back up.
Yesterday the battery reached 10%, and now troubles began. Procesor sometimes lowers to 400mhz as if it were overheated when it's barely 60º. The graphics card doesn't use the full 130w, only 30 to 40w, leaving it to a mere 500MHz that makes playing an extremely unstable experience.
For further information, I'm using the maximum performance power plan, with processor minimum and max value both plugged and unplugged at 100%.
I decided to let it completely discharge, then removing the battery, pressing the power button for a few seconds, and then plugging back the battery. It still didn't charge. I've tried resetting the BIOS. Still doesn't charge. I've tried activating the disable charging-in option on BIOS, since I read a lot of people did this and their performance got back to normal, and it kept not charging.
Lenovo Vantage says the battery is indeed charging and working perfectly fine, but it doesn't charge. I'm stuck at 0% battery, with the graphics card not being able to get to 1/3 of its performance. I've tried re-installing both Vantage and some of the drivers given on the support page, but either nothing changed or the drivers asked me to have over 30% battery in order to be installed.
If someone has any tips, I'd gladly read them. If not, I will just contact support.
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2023.03.29 06:13 yesthatactuallyhapnd Yoga 9i Keyboard Backlight not Turning on!

I seem to have tried everything, but the keyboard backlight won't turn on anymore for some reason. I've updated all the drivers, power drained it, reinstalled Windows, and tried turning it on in Lenovo Vantage. This issue started a few days ago. At that point I power drained it, and that resolved the problem until today. However, power draining no longer fixes it. Given that it worked before, I don't think that it is a hardware issue.
Any suggestions/fixes?
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2023.03.29 02:07 Spiritual_Error_2731 Need help Identifying which replacement power adapter to buy

Thinkpad e14 gen2 20TA. Lenovo vantage, smart find and 38 minutes on hold were absolutely no help. "click here" to check compatibility, sorry no product info available, Thanks Lenovo.
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2023.03.28 21:28 MoltenHydrogen t480 battery 2 issues

Sometimes my battery 2 will just drop from 70% to 0%. I say sometimes because unlike normal cell degradation the battery will start working with normal capacity again. There's only about 100 cycles on each battery as reported by Lenovo Vantage.
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2023.03.28 19:57 gosmap New Lenovo Battery Not Holding Charge Despite Testing Ok

I have a Thinkpad X1 6th Gen laptop. Recently it would no longer hold a charge. It output the message: “A battery error has occurred. The battery cannot be charged. Replace the battery.” The Vantage scan test confirmed a battery error. I replaced it with a new Lenovo battery and I still get the same battery error message (above). I ran the Vantage Battery Scan on the new Main Battery and all tests passed. The laptop needs to be plugged in all the time to work. Any thoughts on what might be the issue? Thank you in advance, for any help.
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2023.03.28 18:37 Vhelkhana 38 driver updates suddenly showed up. All say install error. Windows 11

Laptop Name: Legion 5-15IMH6
Model: 00AFPH
Windows Edition: Windows 11 Home Single Language
Version: 22H2
Installed on: ‎07/‎10/‎2022
OS build: 22621.1413
I regularly check for Windows updates from time to time so I know that the updates didn't pile up, all of it just suddenly appeared. I checked Lenovo Vantage (because if there's an OS or BIOS update it also shows there) but Vantage said everything is already updated. What happened? Did I get a malware or is this a bug?
Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/59Ui5E0
Edit: Did a quick scan, full scan, and offline scan on Windows Defender. All returned "0 threat(s) found". Edit 2: Idk what happened but the driver updates are gone now.
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2023.03.28 18:35 Vhelkhana 38 driver updates suddenly showed up. All say install error. Windows 11

Laptop Name: Legion 5-15IMH6
Model: 00AFPH
Windows Edition: Windows 11 Home Single Language
Version: 22H2
Installed on: ‎07/‎10/‎2022
OS build: 22621.1413
I regularly check for Windows updates from time to time so I know that the updates didn't pile up, all of it just suddenly appeared. I checked Lenovo Vantage (because if there's an OS or BIOS update it also shows there) but Vantage said everything is already updated. What happened? Did I get a malware or is this a bug?
Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/59Ui5E0
Edit: Did a quick scan, full scan, and offline scan on Windows Defender. All returned "0 threat(s) found".
Edit 2: Idk what happened but the driver updates are gone now.
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2023.03.28 18:04 Emphasis_Ruler_42 Please help guys 😅😓 🫠

Please help guys 😅😓 🫠
Lenovo vantage behaving like this after ram upgrade,not other apps have problems
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2023.03.28 17:51 Emphasis_Ruler_42 Lenovo Vantage Behaving Weird after Ram Upgrade

Lenovo Vantage Behaving Weird after Ram Upgrade
Should I be worried?? I just upgraded my ram now? 😅 Kinda Scared since its my first time. I unplugged the battery before putting in the ram, and the ram upgrade is a success , only vantage is behaving weirdly. Should I vr worried??
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2023.03.28 10:34 Round-Landscape-4232 Ram problem

Ram problem
Hello, I bought a gaming computer about three months ago and it was working great, but overnight it started bouncing and slowing down in task manager. I see that my ram is used at 60%, without anything starting. Someone would have the solution and without virus or my ram which is defective.
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2023.03.28 00:51 MJ__11 Problem with a Microsoft Store - only few apps are visible.

I would like to ask, if someone had similar problem like mine with Microsoft Store on Windows 11?
The problems is only few apps are visible like "installed" in apps library section. However, it seems that updates are still working.
For example, I use Lenovo Vantage - if I search it in Store, the app page opens up, and I see button on the left "Open". If I come back to apps library, Lenovo Vantage is on the list.
I tried:
  1. Resetting Store via Settings app.
  2. Resetting Store via wsreset.exe
  3. Delete cache files manually.
None of above works - the problem is still there.
However, when I create new local account, and log into it, then Store works properly and I can see all the installed apps in Library.
My Win 11 installation is up-to-date (with drivers). Also checkef system files integrity via SFC /scannow and DISM - no problems there.
What could be the issue?
Thanks in advance for every suggestion.

Windows 11 22H2, build 22621.1413
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2023.03.27 19:03 Alfons-11-45 How can Win11 be such an unfinished piece of Garbarge?

I use Linux. Dualbooting into Windows once in a while for weird software.
And I have to say windows 10 and all that "corners are sexy" aesthetic is really weird. I think corners are objectively looking ugly, especially on HiDPI screens. This maybe made sense back in the days...
So Win11, preinstalled. Booting into it, damn thats nice! Awesome animations, lockscreen, best taskbar I have ever seen.
Okay looking at the Appmenu, Tiktok, Whatsapp and more preinstalled? WTF??
Looking at the File manager, I heard it has tabs now. Middle clicking on a folder, nothing happens. Right click, in german "IN NEUER REGISTERKARTE ÖFFNEN" yes I know what a Tab is thanks. You had one job, one of the best translation engines in the world and translate "Tab"?
The buttons are huge, completely unusable. Tabs okay but still the piece of garbage it always was. No file extensions, I download a "user.js" file and it shows as "user", I rename it to "user.js" and it becomes "user.js.txt" REALLY??
Windows updates? Dont work anymore or something? Never saw such a lagging piece of garbage.
Edge? Looks nice, has a nice game, but just no.
List of preinstalled Bloat doing connections
New Tiling? Admirably awesome. Opening Windows not fullscreen like macOS? Horrible!
Restyled Task manager? Like that. The amount of OEM and 3rd party garbage running in the background? Awful.
The systemwide darkmode went pretty well. Apart from the real systemsettings, that are not made for 9 year olds. And like its a dark theme. How many people were paid to do that?
I tried installing firefox. It lagged so much, it opened the installer twice, and crashed.
The installer of Portmaster was blurry as hell. So thats not fixed either.
A single Windows update, no firmware update, not even the system itself just some Defender bullshit, took 4 minutes !
Cant wait to put Fedora Kinoite on that machine...
Edit: installing Fedora Kinoite took 9,42 minutes, and this is pretty much the slowest to install Linux there is.
If Linux devs had that amount of money... [insert Futuristic meme here]
Btw Fedora Kinoite runs pretty awesome.
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2023.03.27 16:58 gelypse Taskbar menu icon glitch.

Shows as a weird Spotify icon but supposed to be Lenovo Vantage app. I've tried restarting, installed updates (there was only one bios one), uninstalling and reinstalling Lenovo Vantage, wondering what's causing this. Thanks!
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2023.03.26 21:02 ElPayoKundsen Dropped frames in 6600M - Any idea?

I have a Lenovo Legion Vantage with and Ryzen 7 5800H and a 6600M running windows 11.
My notebook is having issues with dropped frames every 10 or 20 seconds or so, during those events the GPU utilization and Clock Speed will decrease (there is also a little decrease in the power consumption). It happens in every game.
I've tried some different Adrenalin versions and had no luck so far.
Do you know if this issue could be related to the GPU (hardware or drivers).
Radeon stats screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/E05aktX
Thank you!
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