Eft awl spawn


2023.03.30 07:12 Altruistic_Two_9523 PAIN

So this is my first wipe playing EFT have the game for 11-12 days now and my first game today was going to shorline as scav and I directly spawned in the kinda of resort in the middle of the map which I know there’s good loot there so I go all around don’t actually know where to find good loot so I just go in every single room every single floor and I was surprised I didn’t even see a pmc or scav the whole raid so I felt comfortable then I go in this room near a kinda of cinema where the couple computers and while looking I was screaming ‘let’s gooo imma get my first GPU I feeeel it’ just for kidding n all and I actually fkg get it I was so excited so I’m like I’m just gonna extract but my greed kicked in I was like I’m gon stay a 2-3 mins and leave when there’s 5min yo the end of raid at 6min left I check the extracts and I see only the ones I don’t know of so I start panicking I look for a Google map I see there’s house fence wtv it is nearby I go for it at 1min left I got the fence of end of map so I know I’m close I run south for couple seconds and I’m like nah I’m sure it’s North so I go North just to arrive at where the fence end and there’s mountains and there was 25sec left…so at this point I know I fkedup so I started crying. I calculate later all the loot I had would’ve brought me over 800k which could’ve been Emmy biggest run yet but Yee greedy mafucka always hit the wall lol. And now thinking I was actually going in the right way at first and I could’ve extracted if I just went south more smfh anyways this wipe is for learning I guess? :_(
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2023.03.29 01:10 Lynch267 Solo, have Kappa, how can I help you.

I want to help those that I can, like I help scavs in game, or pmcs doing quest if they voip. I used to be a rat, but now I'm a Chad. I play mostly solo, and I've done everything from crouch walking the map to storming goons while solo and fighting a 4 man opposing too.
How can I help you with advice? Ask whatever down below, I'm not a sherpa, but I have wisdom, and I want everyone to thrive and have fun!
Some tips ahead; If you're solo, you don't have to be at every fight or even take the fight. Sometimes, it's just better to move away, reroute, or hold and let them pass. Same subject, getting out alive with your gear and 100k in loot is better than dying for a possible low spawn of whatever it may be. If you're new; quest objectives overtake all loot possibilities. Stick to your objective you can loot later, rather that raid when safer or the next raid. Also, if it seems like a bad idea then it probably is; and if you thought you heard something weird --- you probably did!
Important rule of thumb; there is ALWAYS one more. I don't care if you killed the other 5 pmcs in factory - there's another pmc in your mind just keep that thought. There is no such thing as safe until you're extracted. (I've killed a duo in customs, fighting the third for 3 minutes, his buddy scaved back in and rejoined the fight. )
Ask anything !
Final note; yes hackers, I know, I will be clear; "Boo hoo, it sucks, move on and go to the next raid. You'll have way more memorable games then memories of dying."
Quick edit: for those that may not know - there is an official eft reddit that has sherpa's (people who specifically help others learn) and help channels! Check it out!
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2023.03.26 19:27 SonOfLeoTrotsky My shortest raid ever...

Going for a quest on factory. Got killed there several times today. Spawned. Heard a voice. Heard the crack. Died. Hadn't even enough time to recognize my spawn. But yeah... obviously the bosses started spawn camping 'cause the killa is Tagilla. Guess that's one of my most frustrating deaths in EFT ever because there was nothing I could do. Damn, I know I'm definitely an average player at best, but that's really frustrating.
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2023.03.21 03:07 ABeardedPanda Let's talk about keys and how to make them less annoying

For anyone who browses this sub on a semi-frequent basis, keys being a bottleneck for progress is a common pain point to see mentioned.
There's a decent number of tasks that require a key to complete, some of these task are skippable such as Good Fortune (extract the Golden Deagle from Room 302), Return to Sender (Sattiq Poppy Farmer House). Others are not such as Toxin Research (extract research documents from the Ashika Science Center) or Air Traffic (Call in Executive's Aircraft from the Air Traffic Control Tower). One of the common complaints is players not having the keys and being unable to find them despite repeatedly farming supply drops and HVT contracts. Another aspect of this is having the key but being reluctant to infil with it because of the danger of losing the key and then being stuck with the earlier problem.
For those familiar with Escape from Tarkov, they have this problem with a lot of tasks with keys that have very low spawn rates but many earlier tasks are purposefully built around a required key and include a fixed spawn point.
The task "Checking" is a very early quest in Escape from Tarkov and requires the player to retrieve a bronze pocket watch from the cab of a fuel truck on the map Customs. The fuel truck's cab is locked with the "Machinery Key" and the key has a 100% spawn rate in a specific jacket in the Customs three story dorms. This leads to players potentially clashing over the jacket spawn to get the key as well as fighting over the truck itself to retrieve the watch (EFT does have player rather than instance based quest item spawns so you can theoretically just show up late after someone has already unlocked the truck and grab the item).
DMZ could implement a similar system for keys that are required for quests. Add a fixed spawn for quest keys where they will spawn in with a single use (they can still drop with 2-3 uses from HVTs or other places you find keys) so players who need the keys for a quest can rush the spawn for the key. To use a hypothetical example for DMZ, the Ashika Science Center key with a single use has a 100% spawn rate inside the dome of the Zaya Observatory. This makes it possible to target if you need the key for quest progression but it's in enough of a hotspot that it's unlikely players who do not need the key will rush the spawn. The keys don't necessarily have to be in hotspots either, I could easily see leaving a single use 302 key somewhere in that small suburb with two ammo resupply boxes on the Eastern side of the map. It might be a little too close to a player spawn but spawn luck already impacts the difficulty of a lot of quests.
I'd accept a reduction in the loot behind the quest key doors but I personally don't believe that's necessary. Between strongholds, restricted areas and buy stations, large backpacks, three plate vests, and killstreaks aren't that hard to find. In addition, most people who are doing tasks that require keys will do so once they're at least moderately well kitted to maximize their chances of success and minimize the chance they lose the key and have to do it again. EFT also has a decent number of tasks that require a key (that also doesn't often have a fixed spawn) and the room that is unlocked is already a high value loot spawn, the "tape key" to Sanitar's office on Shoreline is a great example of this.
I also don't believe this kind of solution is particularly strange or out of place. Prior to the most recent update that reverted the changes to Building 21 access keycards, you needed to use a key every time you went into the building (yeah there was the glitch if you were in a party but that doesn't work if you're a solo player and the game being mostly built around squad play is a different discussion) and B21 has a large number of quests in it later in the mission chains so B21 access keycards were not uncommon from supply drops and could be outright purchased at buy stations for a large sum of cash to minimize that bottleneck (it's already bottlenecked by being only accessible on weekends).
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2023.03.19 19:55 Efficient-Piece9094 AI BOATS

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2023.03.18 19:57 ZeeGermans27 Persistent maps

Just a sec ago a wild idea came to my mind - what if we could have sorts of persistent state maps, where we could gather all the shit as usual, but instead of starting over and over again, we could hoard as many items we want and extract with them gradually. For example - we establish a provisional safe house near Coffee Joy on Streets and we have some supplies - ammo, food, medicine, maybe some spare guns and grenades. we can get out only with a bag and vest, so the problem is - what happens to all that juicy loot? it would clearly be a shame for all that shit we gathered during our raid (normal time or extended via SVM) to go to waste. why don't just extract, sell/stash the loot, hop back into the next raid, go back to that location and get the rest?
Of course there should be some limitations, for example we couldn't spawn near that area. AI which spawns in that location could also potentially steal that loot and we would have to track it down and retrieve our stuff. if we die, we obviously lose everything we had on us, but the rest of stuff stays in that place upon next deployment.
This idea doesn't concern only economical aspects of the game - it would be also a great environment for roleplaying and simulating DayZ-like experience. no changes would be made to loot table (server should restore previous session's static/dynamic loot based on what we have already looted), AI should spawn as usual (not necessarily keep previous boss location, maybe rotate it or even not spawn him during current session).
I know fuck all about EFT's spaghetti code or the way how devs programmed the raids mechanic, but it would be a completely new and fresh experience for many Tarkov vets. Let me know what you think.
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2023.03.18 15:30 Zestyclose_Wonder suggestions for smoother updates

Got a lot of people saying I just made that post to complain but it wasn't my intention. I just was so deflated after a long week of trying to get in, to reach a broken mess of game play loops that I couldn't not say something.
As such, I want to make some suggestions I had while staring at all the 19k and 60k errors I had. Maybe they are dumb, maybe they have been brought up, but you can't accuse me of not trying to bring anything to the table.
  1. On large patches the devs could roll out the wipe based on region, to spread out the burden on the servers. Start with smaller regions and go up as the situation is known.
  2. Before a wipe seriously push a free PTU test period, to stress the servers.
Offer incentives and rewards to the players who join in the stress testing for the following wipe.
Other suggestions:
  1. Be able to prompt an npc to move if they are blocking a door in a bunker or other such area when enemies won't spawn
  2. ANY sort of inv improvements. It disrespectful to players time how bad it is. Just do whatever Minecraft or EFT does.
  3. Some sort of system to restart a contract that bugs out mid way through. This way if it bugs out you have not totally wasted your time traveling and hearing up and such, and can try again. Maybe from the beginning, maybe something else.
  4. A simple ping system, either on the map, or player to play pov.
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2023.03.18 12:54 some1sthsth What is the worst map in EFT?

While most maps have a lot of flaws:- spawns are completely unbalanced and kill off half of the server pop in the first few minutes- unbalanced loot- bad audio
Own opinion:i feel like the spawns are easily the biggest flaw in current EFT. Examples are Reserve, Interchange, Lighthouse, Shoreline and Streets. All maps where you can easily get killed right off spawn. Do you feel this should be fixed as well? For example that a lobby should not contain singles, duos and trios at the same time? or that these factions should not be spawning next to each other? In my experience, the worst map is Interchange with the long runs for the mall which cannot be evaded and the greed of players rushing pvp. I have 2k+ hours and i have to say Interchange is not fun at all
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2023.03.08 15:56 Ze_fox Needing some help

Relatively new player to EFT, but I’m not new to the style of game (that being a looter shooter with rogue like elements of death means losing all your gear)
I played a few games when Tarkov originally came out but dropped the game quickly due to low capability PC, after a few years, some upgrades and some time playing other games like Dark and Darker, I’m finally wanting to come back, problem is I’ve got no clue what I’m doing.
I just spawned into my first raid as PMC on factory since it’s the only map I can access with “hard” as the difficulty, and died within 8 seconds of spawning. Is this because I chose a bad time to start up the game, is cheating the issue (like I’ve been seeing on YouTube and on here) or did I simply get unlucky.
Any advice on how to survive longer, hell even just what maps to play on would be awesome, if your just here to comment “get good” thank you, I am trying, it’s why I’m here.
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2023.03.07 09:20 TharinEvra About performance and what we can do about it

Hello, fellow redditors and Tarkov enjoyers. I may not be the only one with this little study I made, but I hope it sheds light to a performance problem for people and what can we/BSG can do about it.
I've tried boosting my FPS with several means today, and I ended up succeeding in it, which subsequently led me to realising, how and why my FPS tanks sometimes.
I won't go into the steps I took to boost my FPS, but I ended up increasing my GPU load to 99% in offline raid without bots, which led me to 137 fps on Customs (I have an i9 9900k, 2080ti and 32gb 3600mhz ram). At first I was really happy with the result, but the happiness quickly vanished when I loaded into the online raid and got 70-100 fps with dips + around 60-70% GPU load. I thought: "What's causing the GPU load decrease when I go offline? And why?". Several minutes of testing lead me to a conclusion, that AI on the map decreases GPU load. Offline raids with bots lower my GPU load to 75%, while without bots it stays in 98-99%. That happens because the CPU is busy calculating AI logic, which leads to fewer time for Draw Calls. Roughly we can think of it as: If CPU is spawning N draw calls a frame, and the gpu is strong enough to draw them, you get 144 fps. But if your CPU starts calling for GPU to draw less frequently, your GPU utilization lowers, which leads to less frames a second. Somehow AI logic in Tarkov is so unoptimized that it hinders the amount of draw calls the CPU makes a frame (?).
I wonder if EFT uses ECS of sorts? I highly doubt they are using recent Unity DOTS, but maybe some 3rd party variants like Entitas or LeoECS? That would drastically improve the AI behaviour calculation due to less cache misses and highly optimized memory usage, which will 100% unblock the CPU from doing it's job draw calling the GPU. How do we ask EFT devs to maybe look into trying to implement at least the AI system using ECS pattern?
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2023.03.07 00:53 AbsolutelyClooless Loot Suggestions for BSG from the point of an active player

As the title suggest, I love escape from tarkov, much like everyone on this sub. We all want the absolute best for the game and the recent changes show that Nikita cares and is starting to be more willing to take community suggestions into account.
First off, GREAT JOB Nikita and all the crew who actually listen to the community and are working with us to come to fair compromises between your vision and our dream for the game. The changes you guys have made are fantastic and you don't get the credit you deserve.
Now, onto my suggestions. I personally believe that the looting experience of tarkov shouldn't be limited to money making items. When the only "loot" worth seeking out is high value money items, capitalizing on price per slot and scoping out spreadsheets to see whats hot and whats not, it makes the game very repetitive and I don't believe this is your vision. I personally don't want to be limited to a "meta" run where depending on the spawn changes the order on which hotspots I hit first.
To change this, and I believe Jesse Kazam said it best, decrease the need for RMT by making it to where we can find the gear we want to run instead of newer players getting frustrated and buying it. If the only way to loot is to get money and then buy all your stuff, you're limiting us to what the trader level we have gives us and the severely watered down flea market, which we can't buy things we want to run anymore. You've added so many RMT changes that I believe your vision is being lost.
A lot of the community thinks having static spawns with variations of modded guns, including in chests, that cycle the gun/armobackpack that CAN spawn there (doesn't mean it always will) would drastically increase the excitement and scope of your maps, as I wouldn't be limited to dorms on customs, resort on shoreline, etc. You said this game took inspiration from STALKER, and in STALKER one of the funnest experiences is being able to explore and find good loot on random dead bodies that have unique weapons that I otherwise COULD mod to that degree but most likely wouldn't.
We never find armor in the world if it's not on raiders/scavs, or if we do, its a 3m/paca armor that nobody wants to run. It would be so much nicer and akin to what I BELIEVE is your vision to be able to go into your beautiful worlds you've created with meticulous detail and actually explore them and enjoy the experience of exploring it. Having high tier armor spawns that are dynamic, possibly even changing spots between preallocated positions would make us happy and not ruin your game.
I want to further add to the point of having these "switching" spawns to the loot stashes on maps. Instead of having 40 stashes that don't make sense with the loot they put into them (a box of matches and a lightbulb, for instance), why don't we get 4-5 GOOD stashes on the map that we actually have to look for. Keep the same spots for the stashes, but cycle through them every map so that I have to check where they all COULD be to find some cool loot! Who in their right mind would take the time to dig a hole, utilize a barrel and risk their life to do so just to put in a box of crackers and a lightbulb?
Also, I understand you don't want people to be able to farm good loot, but I think the key here is to not make good ammo farmable. Running into bosses is one of the most fun aspects of the game, and we don't win the fight every time. If we do, its because we're in a big squad (something you want us to be in) and we have to split the gear accordingly. If its a solo that manages to wipe a boss, they DESERVE that loot. Kiba SHOULD be good if I'm the first person there, making it a PVP hotspot but not the only way to find good loot. Farmability is replayability and I believe that we have opposing views here, but with all the RMT stuff/Flea Market bans, it wouldnt break the game. Rogues are increadibly farmable, and I still die 50% of the time I go there as a scav. I love the rogue guns and I run them without modding them all the time, and that is the fun of games like STALKER and EFT. We don't need to go back to the 12.0 or 12.12 patch where everyone had that much loot and god tier ammo, but please make the game at least fun to play for us. With the recent release of GOAT's video, even a 5%-10% chance of a thermal spawn wouldn't break the game as many people already have ESP regaurdless. You can make this game fun by making it what you want it to really be, an actual looter shooter.
These are just my takes that I threw in with what I hear the community ask for alot, and I dont want to shit all over EFT, I just want the game to be as fun as possible for everyone, not just the chads, not the casuals, but the community as a whole. Not every loot spawn needs to be a high tier money spawn, that gets bland and boring to me. Please consider these changes, and once again, thank you for listening to the community and props to you for the recent updates.
-Abolutely Clooless, a 2017-present tarkov player with 4k hours.
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2023.03.04 13:15 BoilingPointTTV This must have hurt BSG

Obviously I have no metrics to base this on, but I am pretty sure the combination of frustration over grindy aspects (Capturing Outposts, low boss spawn rate, no Led X spawns) and cheaters (blatant cheaters, ESP cheaters, Led X rushers) combined with "the video" finally put a substantial number of daily players off of EFT. Seeing their numbers plummet they went into damage control mode and basically made the game as fun as possible. I am not complaining, Led Xs shouldn't be difficult to find if you look in the right places, bosses should spawn often (not necessarily carrying crazy good loot).

I killed Knight on woods on my first raid of the day, and then completed both of the Shturman quests in back to back raids immediately afterwards. The bosses seem to spawn frequently now, and fortunately I won't have to spend 20 raids hoping to get a line on Shturman with the cursed March M700 like I had to last wipe. The game is better like this in my opinion. Grindy frustration is not good game design.
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2023.03.04 12:32 eggn0gger Can't figure out Scav Spawn loot.

Can't figure out Scav Spawn loot.
I just downloaded SPT a few days ago and I'm loving it so much; it's everything I've wanted from EFT from day one. I've been able to set up everything I've installed mod-wise, but I can't figure out why I scav in with so much loot. Can it be one of my other mods? Is this just something that comes with SPT? I've looked through any config file I can find and nothing seems to indicate a raised amount/value of scav spawn loot chances. I've included a screengrab as an example.
**UPDATE/EDIT: Fence rep being set too high was the root cause of the scav spawn loot issue - has been solved*\*
*oddly geared scav*
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2023.03.04 11:54 NanoFreakV2 Weird AI spawns?

Since starting on 3.5.0 I've been under the impression that I get really odd AI spawns.
Had become most noticeable on woods. I'd barely see any scavs even places that should high scav concentrations with maybe just 1 scav being there. At other times I'd run into 4 or 5 PMCs with again no scavs at all.
Was running the no bush ESP mod, tried disabling but same results.
It felt like the previous version of vanilla spt (3.4) spawns more AIs in waves as live EFT does (tbh not sure if that's the case, still pretty new overall). Is that different in 3.5.0?
Currently trying to achieve the desired experience using the Simple Wave AI Generator (SWAG), but I've been wondering if anyone else has experience this and/or if this is normal.
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2023.03.04 01:09 Ralts_Bloodthorne First Contact - Chapter 913 - Edge of Twilight

[first] [prev] [next] - [wiki]
War makes monsters of us all and forces us to embrace our own monstrous nature in order to carry out something monstrous we claim to be valorous, ValesAwk, Rigellian Philosopher, 1228 PG
The Hellspace portal clanged open with the sound of great iron doors forced open by a battering ram. Flames reached out into space in defiance of physics, as if space itself had not only caught on fire but contained the necessary gasses to burn.
From within the portal emerged a massive black starship. The primary hull was a black disc, lights burning sullenly on the black metal that shone with twisted and eye-watering runes. It was connected by a short, thick swoop of hull to the lower hull, three cylinders jammed together and wrapped with heavy spiked chain. From there, two more pylons reached out, thick at the base, narrow where they connected to heavy engines. The engines were rapped with black chain and wire, all of it burning with crimson runes.
Chains tried to hold the craft back even as hands, no longer wispy but now charcoal colored with red cracks in it, reached out to try to hold onto the craft or perhaps pleading with the craft to be taken with them. The chains shattered, the sound crashing across the stellar system despite the lack of atmosphere.
The entire craft was jet black, as black as space, lit here and there by Hellspace fires burning on the hull that quickly guttered and went out.
The Hellspace portal collapsed with the sound of iron doors clanging shut.
The Dakota had arrived.
"Red alert! Shields up! Evasive maneuvers!" Pikark called out, his voice tight with urgency. "Nice job, Mister Chekov, she's right where you said she'd be!"
"Thank you, Captain," the Terran playing the part of a thousands of years old character said, feeling the very real flush of victory flow through him.
The viewscreen cleared to show a massive ship, nearly the size of the Eurasian continent on Old Earth and a thousand miles thick. A ragged edged rough oval, an egg with the narrow end chopped free to provide the anchor for hundreds of engines.
"Phasic shielding is engaged and holding at 14.75%, Captain," the Worf said from his combat command position.
In the old vids, the old series, the Worf would have been standing. Hell, in the Trekkie LARP ships only a few years back, and on most ships still in service, Worf and Yar Class personnel still stood behind a podium during starship battles.
The Dakota was different. A Murica Class warship, originally in-spec heavy cruiser, was now a class all of its own and so far out of canon that the crew knew they'd never be able to return to the LARP that had taken over decades, even centuries, of their lives.
But that was before.
And this was now.
"Scans show it's her. She's dropping troops on the planet," the Margelle called out from her station at the sensor systems. "Long range sensors show the planet is heavily industrialized and is not able to put up much of a fight."
"We'll change that," Pikark growled. "Tell The Elephant that we're prepping him for launch."
"Aye, sir," the Uhura said, her hand on the side of her vac-suit helmet.
It was only a few years ago that the bridge crew would have been in duty uniforms, unarmed, unarmored. The bridge would have been pressurized and kept at a comfortable temperature.
Now, they all wore adapted Confederate Navy vac-suits, carried sidearms, and worked in a bridge that was totally in vacuum, the atmosphere pumped away.
"The Elephant reports ready for launch," Uhura stated.
"She's seen us," the Margelle stated. Her character was from the Dominion Wars Saga, a difficult class to spec into, only the best sensor techs and close quarters combat specialists could qualify. She had nearly two hundred years in the class and had been in the Top Ten of ladder ranked.
In the last year she had been pushed the limit by the Dakota's mission.
"Time to range?" Pikark asked. He grabbed the 'oh-shit' bars on either side of his command cradle and pressed his feet against the 'oh-shit' plate to bleed off his tension.
"Two minutes until we're in range of all weapons. In range for torpedoes, missile pods, and the Pike Shot Cannon," the Worf stated from where he was strapped into his chair and watching his command consoles. "Five minutes until we're in boarding party range."
"Tell the Yars to get their men onto the mat-trans pads," Pikark ordered. "This is all or nothing. We won't be recalling them if the Omniqueen jumps again. It's her or us this time."
There was silence for a moment, broken only by the muted beeping of the consoles.
"The Yars acknowledge. Reply message is as follows: The Digital Omnimessiah protects," the Worf said.
Pikark just nodded, focusing on the screens around his command cradle. They burned crimson and amber, the full color spectrum displays tossed out the airlock after the Phasic Shade Assault, but had all the data he needed.
The stellar system was simple. One stellar mass in the yellow-green life-cycle, two planets, then a green zone planet, then another planet, an asteroid belt, and four gas giants with the usual assortment of moons.
Which meant there were no tricks, no sudden surprises, that the Omniqueen could spring on him.
"Hellcore energy transferred to phaser arrays," the Worf called out. "Hellcore discharged. Warp engines on standby."
"Moving at three-quarters impulse, approaching point six-two light speed," the Sulu called out, his words slightly lisped from the scar down the side of his face.
"She's maneuvering," the Worf said right as Pikark spotted it. "Breaking orbit, looks like she's heading for us."
"Looks like she knows this is it. There's no escape this time," Pikark said. He smiled, a cold and ugly thing.
The Dakota jumped forward, the massive engines at the core of the lower trio of cylinders lit with a cold blue light around a reddish core. The shields were thick enough to blur and distort the Dakota's lines to any viewers.
The Omniqueen stared at her monitors that surrounded her, deep inside the hull, in a newly crafted chamber that was nearly dead center of her great ship. Miles of battlesteel armor surrounded her, shock absorbers that would cushion a collision with a supernova blast wave cradled her, and she had her last three Overqueens around her.
The rest, and most of the Queens, had been killed in the previous months of dueling with the hated ship that once again had found her.
It had harried her, chased her, hounded her heels no matter where she went.
It galled her to admit it.
She feared that ship.
No longer did it shine with polished metal, or gleam with brushed steel coloration.
It was black, with burning red runes, and used the burning hyperatomic plane to chase her, despite the fact that the Lanaktallan had ensured that no living creature could use the hyperatomic plane and live.
Yet the hated ship still headed for her.
Still sought to destroy her.
She knew better than to reach out with her powerful psychic abilities. Knew better than to try to shut down the brains of those on that hated ship.
The ship was made of hatred and crewed by insane creatures who knew only hate.
"There is no sign of that terrible weapon being readied, oh Great Omniqueen," she heard one of the Overqueens state, her voice full of confidence.
"That overconfidence killed six of your sisters when that ship fired the cannon and nearly blew a hole through my ship," The Omniqueen snapped.
"Their phasic protections are fluttering," another Overqueen, this one younger than the others, cried out with glee. "The damage we inflicted in our last engagement is still hampering the vessel."
"Do not be stupid," an Overqueen rebuked the younger one. "We have seen that trick before. They are attempting to lure you into reaching out and touching their minds."
"We are the Mantid, master of the communal mind and phasic powers," the young Overqueen shot back.
"And they are something new, something terrible, a master of rage, hatred, and fury," the same Overqueen answered. "Now, mind your duties ensuring the engineering caste are operating at optimum performance and leave the battle to your betters."
The young Overqueen returned to guiding and monitoring the green servitor overmind, hiding her discontent at the rebuke.
I know we're in range of your weapons, so why are you not firing? the Omniqueen wondered.
The ship's lines were slightly twisted, almost organic looking in places, baroque appearing in other spots. Here and there brushed metal poked through the black hull plating.
She could read the ship's name, in proper Mantid runes, on the forward section of the disc.
Those runes haunted her dreams.
"I WANT THAT SHIP DEAD!" she screamed over the telepathic link with such force that more than a few Omnispeakers collapsed, their phasic spinal cords and brains turned into slurry. "Ready the guns!"
Pikark tapped the rune on his console, opening shipwide Captain's channel. There was the odd whistle.
"All hands. This is your Captain speaking. We have pursued our foe for nearly three months, but this time, we are ready and she cannot escape for long. We are the Rulebreakers. The exception. We can never go back, but that's not in our mandate. ONWARD!" Pikark said. Without closing the channel he turned to the Worf.
"GUNS READY!" Pikark yelled, his voice carried through the whole ship.
"The Elephant is ready for launch. Flight path and landing angles already loaded," Uhura said.
"In range of all weapons. Five minutes to extreme range of enemy weapons," the Worf stated.
Pikark looked at his monitors.
"The Elephant is cleared for launch. Launch package," Pikark ordered. The Uhura relayed his orders and there was an odd whooshing sound that made the Dakota tremble slightly. A streak, fired from a modified hyper-launch fighter system, lanced out from the Dakota, heading for the planet the Mantid ship was moving away from.
"Enemy is in range of Yar Patrol," the Worf said.
"Send in the Yars," Pikark ordered. He looked at the Sulu. "Angle us to keep our distance open. She's in range of our guns, we're out of range of hers, lets keep it that way."
The Sulu nodded. That was the standard manuevers until the missile and torpedo volleys got too thick and/or geometry forced the two combatants close.
"Yars out," the Worf stated.
"Any sign of her signature moving?" Pikark asked.
"Negative, Captain," Margelle stated. "Same cluster, deep amidships."
Pikark smiled again.
"Load the Lorca Cannons and the Georgiou Battery," Pikark ordered. He pressed his feet against the oh-shit plate in anticipation. "She better hope she's hiding under the bed instead of in that command center."
The ship shuddered slightly as weapons went to rapid fire.
"Torpedo salvos alpha through epsilon away," the Worf stated. He could taste venom on his tongue as the stress and anticipation made his vestigal venom glands pump out toxins to mix with his saliva. "Missile salvos one through six away."
"Let's see how she likes new tricks," Pikark smiled.
The two ships headed toward one another. The massive ship of the Omniqueen filling space with missiles fired from batteries measured in square miles. The missiles would arrive without terminal guidance, their drives dead, only with the terminal manuevering systems operative, but there was always a chance the Dakota would be in terminal range. Torpedoes were launched by the Omniqueen by the tens of thousands, all of them would arrive with dead sticks and proximity guidance, but again, the Omniqueen was hoping for quantity overcoming any luck.
The Omniqueen snarled as the hated ship launched volleys of torpedoes that vanished from her ship's sensors. The six volleys of missiles did the same and she knew, through past experience, that each missile was really a pod full of missiles that would fire an nCv round at the end.
The Elephant, launched at nearly .6C, made minute adjustments to its flight path to avoid any of the weapons starting to fill realspace. The real estate of any stellar system was vast, so The Elephant had room to maneuver.
Both ships shifted as they closed, the Omniqueen rolling her ship to bring other weapons to bear even as the just fired weapons went into cooldown and reload mode after burning through their munitions.
Space was filled with jammers, howling Nikelbak 'Look at this Photograph!" missiles, false images spawned by Gygax Class Mirror Image Missiles, and missiles that just put out huge volumes of static and chaos.
In some missiles slavering warbois pressed their digital faces against the seekers, gnashing their teeth with excitement as open I/O ports on the Omniqueen's ship began to emerge as the missiles closed.
Both ship's point defense went to rapid fire, the Dakota clearing away the missiles that were any threat, the Omniqueen's ship trying to hit the missiles before they got in range.
Sprint drives kicked in on the Dakota's missiles, jumping from .65C to .99C in less than a second. Other missiles engaged hyperdrives, vanishing from realspace, to emerge only a kilometer form the Omniqueen's vessel.
"Hyperatomic plane interdiction shields holding, Oh Queen!" one of the Overqueens cried out in joy as the missiles and torpedoes suddenly dropped back into realspace instead of impacting and/or detonating deep within the Omniqueen's ship, bypassing armor and shields.
Before the Omniqueen could feel any joy, the missiles detonated. Not in the standard brimstone awls that cored into the ship's armor to allow a bursting charge to detonate deep within the armor or ship spaces.
These erupted into showers of burning white chunks, the artificially generated tesseract warheads allowing the missiles and torpedoes to put out more mass than they should have been able to carry.
Anti-matter white phosphorous with anti-matter FOOF cores.
AKA: Dickhead rounds.
The burning particles, when they hit, reacted to the armor, stripping away huge volumes of it. When the energy released by the collision of matter and anti-matter faded, the craters burned with white light as the enhanced FOOF laughed at the lack of atmosphere and just used the hull plating itself to fuel the fire by turning it into vapor and burning that.
The Omniqueen didn't bother screeching. She knew the hated ship didn't care about her wants or desires.
It was coming to kill her.
Beam weapons from the hated ship crossed entire light minutes in only seconds, raking at her shields, which were visible to the naked eye as they struggled to deflect or absorb the titanic amount of energy.
She no longer was enraged by how much power those beams had, by how much firepower such a small ship possessed.
She was just determined to kill it.
The two ships kept closing.
Now the Omniqueen was getting reports of heavily armed and armored boarders, some with armored vehicles they were driving inside the hull of the Omniqueen's vessels. Platoons, companies, battalions of those blasted insane lemurs.
She could feel them, feel their rage moving through the hull.
Reports were flooding in of the lemurs heading for the massive engineering spaces, heading for gunnery control, seeking out Omnispeaker Chambers.
And slaughtering anything that tried to put up a fight.
Computers started throwing errors across the network and the Omniqueen knew her ship had been boarded by the lemur's terrible phasic digital hybrid attack programs that tore her through security systems like tissue paper.
The ships slid closer.
"My Queen, hyperspace interdiction fields are failing!" was wailed over the link.
She knew they would. She had felt the bright snap of the crew manning the interdiction field generator die only moments before as a lemur boarding team just drove their vehicle through the wall and fired on everything in sight.
It didn't matter.
She would prevail.
Boarding shuttles launched from the Omniqueen's ship, heading for the Dakota.
The Elephant reached the planet, grav-spikes slowing it and angling it for atmospheric entry.
Pikark watched it all, trusting in his crew, as the battle grew more intense.
The Dakota optimum range for its heavy guns.
"FIRE MAIN GUNS!" Pikark called out.
The entire Dakota shuddered, jolted, and Pikark felt like the ship was running over a rocky road.
The tri-barrel C++ cannon, labeled "Georgiou Battery" emptied its magazine in a rapid fire burst, the struts and recoil compensation system howling and twisting.
The Scotty watched it carefully and was relieved that it was only stressed. No cracks.
The Lorca Cannon fired. A single shot. The struts howled and crewmembers were knocked down two levels up and down as the shockwave shook the entire ship.
The Pike Shot fired, the shattering mirror effect lancing out from the front of the ship.
The Scotty ordered his men to replace cracked parts, shore up the main compression buffer spring housing on both weapons, and ordered the pistons wound with heavy warsteel wire.
The Mantid missiles got close and detonated, guiding lances of pure energy mixed with phasic energy into the Dakota's shields, which rippled and flared.
But held.
Pikark was grinding his teeth into the plastic mouthguard he'd popped into his mouth only minutes before as his ship rocked and shuddered from the massive impacts across the primary shields. For a few seconds the Dakota was completely engulfed and hidden in a flare of enemy firepower.
When it faded, the Dakota was unmarred.
The Omniqueen started to scream in rage.
The C++ Cannon shells, barely skimming back into realspace inside the Mantid ship, emerging more as a particle wave than mass, exploded. Tens of cubic miles of mass just vanished, converted into hellish boiling particles.
"Decoy Chamber Two is just... gone..." one of the younger Overqueens gasped, her 'voice' muted with shock.
The Lorca Cannon shot hit.
The massive plasma wave phased motion gun hit and blew a crater in the Mantid ship sixty miles deep and nearly four hundred miles across, the remaining hull white hot for nearly ten miles around the crater.
"Decoy Chamber Five, Six, Seven, Nine, are all... gone," another Overqueen whispered.
The Pike Shot hit, the munition enhanced, improved.
It blew clear through the mantid ship, detonating inside the hull and the explosion lancing clear through the ship to blow cubic miles of armor out the other side.
The blast knocked three of the Overqueen's down and made the lights in the Omniqueen's chamber flicker.
The Overqueens stared at the Omniqueen as they realized something that the Omniqueen had realized but kept hidden.
They could lose!
The Elephant hit off the coast, a huge fountain of water gouting up for nearly a mile. The waves were seventy feet high when they hit the coast.
Seismic sensors detected something massive, weighing tens of thousands of tons, approaching the coast.
When it breached the water, the Mantids that had rushed to the beach to defend against whatever the Hated Ship had launched had only a chance to gawk before the massive construct lunged forward.
It was a massive construct of black warsteel with a cupola on top. Guns pointed everywhere.
Guns that went to rapid fire with computer controlled accuracy.
From the huge vehicle a single sound erupted across both the audio and the phasic spectrum.
I have made landfall. My Kentai Commander rejoices as our guns tear apart the Mantid before they could even react. We plot a route to intercept the largest force of Mantid troops my sensors spotted during my landing phase.
I am Unit XXIX-TCSF 3285-ATL.
The Mantid are the Enemy.
And the Enemy only exists to be destroyed.
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2023.03.02 06:49 Ok_Association_9682 test table layout

Want to keep this channel open and not get back to only reaching devs via deliberately controversial videos/streamers? Best keep repetition low by checking recent replies - full list here or my summary below, then follow Nikitas invitation to ask/vote in his post.
no.1 priority no.1 priority
cheaters was no.1 priority for us always. increased the overall "detected-banned" speed // Added more detection methods
-: :-
not planned not planned
design -: cater to casual player EFT was not made for casuals // enjoyable for every player is impossible // EFT was never for casuals
remove camera recoil 100% no
unfinished features such as radiation no more big features till the release
lag close the game for a week to actually sort the desync not an option
allow IPv6 tested it and it failed
rewrite the game on a cleaner foundation impossible
fairplay : heuristic bans need time to gather info // standing system better be banning, not isolating
clear line on RMT the principle is simple // you will not get banned
remove flea market to eliminate RMT no
different AntiCheat than BattleEye no
require firmware-supported integrity for AntiCheat a lot of players will be kicked out
ways beyond reports to help with cheaters reports is the best you can do // report undetected cheats
servers player-moderated private servers / modding most likely not
reaching out to SPT community strongly against // maybe single player profile after release and some DLCs
saving progression from PvP-free offline reads not an option // only below 10 lvl // no ability to save progression from coop
already here
increase boss spawn rate but not drastically
motivation ofc
playing their own game yes i play the game and i struggle too // bsg plays a LOT
percentage of players banned for cheat high? something like half of percent
weapon: AK-12 asap
new lightkeeper content next patches
news about arena hope next month // asap // soon
network overhaul and tick rate update is being done for arena
lighting overhaul actually in the works yes
events any time soon? there will be
tarkov needs optimization majority of tasks this year // agree
replay system possible // its planned
email change we plan to bring it back
reconsider turn modifiers will be removed; for now - lowered
fix sunglasses eventually it will be
steam version yes
streamlined comms / roadmap we will
shoulder swapping yes
recoil overhaul will be redone
variably zoomed optics yes
increase flea market slots yes
further restrict secure containers planned
new armor hitzones & plates planned
loading bullets animation yes
BSG hiring/expanding? yes we do
end of raid statistics something like this
remove info from the game only cheaters see with future update
weapons: CZ yes
rework "capturing outposts" quest will
QoL : option to exclude from stash sort planned
requested QoL features noted // planned
presets for loadout planned
noted / no specific plans
reduce time-to-game start agree // yes
flea market reports working? reviewed constantly already banning ppl on flea
is tarkov moving into the right direction? yes
ingame map need to be refined
requiring phone used in asian region, possible // most likely
secure container visible on a dead body? hmm..
share game dev progress like Rust does interesting
stats page other than our own noted
will arena also use BattleEye? must be good
rework FiR suggestions noted // ability to buy top level gear early = bad // need to think about it
timely ban appeals process almost dont do manual bans // will minimize manual bans // you can appeal to battleye
RMT drop restrictions removed between regular teammates good idea but can be abused
player count online numbers are still the same // 70 to 120k online // maybe after release
submitted by Ok_Association_9682 to u/Ok_Association_9682 [link] [comments]

2023.03.02 03:14 Ok_Association_9682 He has spoken: List of recent official replies to feature/change requests

This link-list will help you locate recent replies in that AMA thread where Nikitas invites you to ask/vote. Its abbreviated to bare minimum, you need to click summaries to see the full Q&A.
Whether you find comments in the AMA thread or through here, do try to reduce repetition and misunderstandings, it will help keep this channel healthy. So we do not get back to reaching devs via deliberately controversial videos/streamers iykwim.
no.1 priority
cheaters was no.1 priority for us always. [..] increased the overall "detected-banned" speed [..] Added more detection methods [..]
whats in the patch? "anticheat update"
not planned
design grindy gameplay, casual players "EFT was not made for casuals" // "make it enjoyable for every player is impossible unfortunately" // "EFT was never for casuals [..]"
unfinished features such as radiation "[..] no more big features till the release"
lag/desync close the game for a week "its not an option"
allow IPv6 "afaik - tested it and it failed"
rewrite the game on a cleaner foundation impossible
fairplay heuristic bans need time to gather info // standing system better be banning, not isolating
clear line on RMT the principle is simple // you will not get banned
remove flea market to eliminate RMT no
different AntiCheat than BattleEye no // "[..] not like it some plug and play solution"
require firmware-supported integrity for AntiCheat a lot of players will be kicked out
ways beyond reports to help with cheaters reports is the best you can do // report undetected cheats
servers player-moderated private servers / modding "most likely not [..]"
reaching out to SPT community strongly against // maybe single player profile after release and some DLCs
saving progression from PvP-free offline reads "not an option" // no ability to save progression from coop
already here
rework flea barters "decided to remove [..]"
increase boss spawn rate "increased today but not drastically"
motivation ofc
playing their own game yes i play the game and i struggle too // bsg plays a LOT
percentage of players banned for cheat high? "[..] like half of percent [..]""
flea market reports working? reviewed constantly // already banning ppl on flea
changes to camera recoil "i will look into it today" // remove camera recoil 100% "no"
BSG hiring/expanding? yes we do // all around the world // see also 🔗 Looking for a job?
weapon: AK-12 "asap actually"
notification if reported player was banned "[..] in development"
new lightkeeper content "next patches"
news about arena hope next month // "asap" // soon
network overhaul and tick rate update is being done for arena
lighting overhaul actually in the works "yes"
events any time soon? there will be
tarkov needs optimization majority of tasks this year // agree
loading bullets animation before release "yes"
long term plan to deal with the cheat providers? "[..] pursue them legally"
replay system possible // its planned
reduce peekers advantage "optimizing networking and delay speeds but it will not go away totally unfortunately"
email change we plan to bring it back
Limited entry map like labs with curated story / atmosphere experience there will be initial first map available only for those who below 10 lvl
reconsider turn modifiers will be removed; for now - lowered
vaulting "100%"
fix sunglasses eventually it will be
steam version yes
streamlined comms / roadmap we will [..]
high and low ready "we have a design for that. i'm not sure when it will be in the game"
shoulder swapping "yes"
recoil overhaul will be redone
variably zoomed optics yes
increase flea market slots yes
further restrict secure containers planned
new armor hitzones & plates planned
end of raid statistics something like this
remove info from the game only cheaters see with future update
weapons: CZ yes // "still a lot of guns planned. im not sure about chinese ones, but pkm, svu is planned"
rework "capturing outposts" quest will
QoL option to exclude from stash sort planned
requested QoL features noted // planned
sell to trader shortcut "there is 'sell to fence' button planned"
presets for loadout planned
noted / no specific plans
reduce time-to-game start agree // yes
is tarkov moving into the right direction? yes
ingame map need to be refined
requiring phone used in asian region, possible // most likely
secure container visible on a dead body? "hmm.. pretty intimate feature"
share game dev progress like Rust does "interesting"
stats page other than our own noted
will arena also use BattleEye? "yes arena anticheat must be good."
rework FiR suggestions noted // ability to buy top level gear early = bad // need to think about it
timely ban appeals process almost dont do manual bans // will minimize manual bans // you can appeal to battleye
RMT drop restrictions removed between regular teammates good idea but can be abused // "good idea"
player count online numbers are still the same // 70 to 120k online // maybe after release
remove option to chose map on scav "thats a good suggestion"
airfilter only consumed for in-raid time, hideout queues "ok, we will think about"
Please reply in this thread to point out omissions & mistakes in my summary.
Your on-topic questions and your expressions of gratitude for reading through the more disappointed questions/rants still go in the recent post where Nikita requested you put them.
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2023.03.01 02:05 scatpackcatdaddy I want more spawns.

I've got over 6k hours in EFT. Recent events have brought me back to SPTarkov after trying it a year ago and it just didn't do it for me. I'm hoping I can get some help. I have BSP and POOP installed and while the AI difficulty seems OK, I'm still not seeing alot of spawns. I want alot of skavs and PMCs and I want them in random map locations. Am I using the right mods? How do I increase the amount of AI on the map? I'm fine with adding the mods, not quite familiar with editing the files. Talk to me like I'm 5.
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2023.02.28 07:12 King_Stark My return to Tarkov after 3 Years and the Horror story that followed.

I started playing Tarkov in July 2017 at the beginning of the closed Beta on an Edge of Darkness Account, I had been an early supporter of the game and followed it fanatically.
I stopped playing Tarkov just before the May 2020 wipe because of changes in my own life, I was moving regularly for work and didn’t want to devote so much time to a game that, IMO, couldn’t be played to relax and have fun, I had accumulated many hours in those three years and was what could be described as a Chad.
Fast forward to the end of 2022, my work begins to change and I no longer have to regularly travel.
The December wipe comes along and in early January 2023, I decided to start playing again. Now I haven’t been following the game since I stopped playing so I know very little, I vaguely know about the new maps and mechanics, I have heard about the Found in raid changes to the flea market but don’t understand them (these were added just after I stopped playing) and I know about the Scav Karma mechanic.
I had always intended to do this little review so o decided to record my thoughts as I played.
My First Raid
I load into my first game as a scav on factory, I do some exploring of the expansion to the map, use VOIP to talk to another Player Scav, run around for a few minutes looting and extract.
I then try and sell my gear on the Flea market and find I can’t access it till level 15.
I follow this SCAV run with a few on each map, learning the expansions/additions and getting some knowledge on the mechanics changes. I die a few times, survive most and eventually build up a modest supply of rubbles and some decent kits.
My First PMC Experience
After a few SCAV raids I decide I’m ready to risk my gear, so I get my F-tier M4 kit and decide on a risky reserve raid.
I run around looting whatever I can and actually kill a 2 man squad, I loot their gear and prepare to leave. The raid went well.
I now decide to grind what quests I can and unlock the flea market while further stockpiling decent gear and loot.
The Horror
After a week of way, too much gameplay, I eventually reached level 15 and unlocked the flea market.
This is where the true horror story began.
While I realise the number of cool things and additions to the game added over the last 3 years the negatives greatly outweigh the positives.
Cheaters, crap performance/optimisation and poor choice of changes to mechanics mean the game is nearing the stage where it’s unplayable.
And I believe BSG is to blame for these things.
I believe BattlEye does its job sufficiently, it’s only looking for the cheat's actual footprint on a device, like a program intercepting or manipulating certain files. Cheat developers always find sneaky ways around this a BE is always hunting. That’s a fact of life. It’s BSG that lets the team down.
Reports aren’t enough because players are still losing their gear for large periods of time before the manual reports catch up to cheaters.
There are players on the flea market selling ridiculous amounts of high-tier loot, you’re telling me that BSG can’t detect the fact that players shouldn’t be able to get that much loot.
Why aren’t players that have massive k/d ratios on new accounts or high headshot ratios manually reviewed?
Cheaters can loot through walls, why aren’t there game checks to make sure rooms are unlocked or to make sure players are actually in that room?
Cheaters have fast move, high jump, speed reload/shoot, no maiming, no stamina etc, why doesn’t BSG check for these or place hard limits on movement?
The game’s performance is proportionally worse than it was 3 years ago. Why hasn’t BSG focused on this instead of new content?
Crashs are semi-regular, audio issues are common and lag is unbearable in the rain among many issues.
-Flea Market-
The flea market changes do nothing to stop RMT or cheaters, they just make the game harder and less fun for average players and BSG from what I now know seems resolute in their decision to implement those changes.
End thoughts
I used to love this game, but now it’s just barely playable and no longer fun. Yes at times it’s enjoyable but those times seem to be few and far between now compared to 3 years ago.
The game has too much content for its level of polish and the developers are pushing for more while not acting on the actual issues.
I don’t think EFT will ever release, I think BSG will reach a point where they realise they’ve squeezed the most amount of money from the game with the smallest investment possible and will discontinue support. This will happen sooner rather than later with more and more ‘hardcore’ shooters coming to the market and honestly and Tarkov will go under. I just hope they sell the game to an actual developer before then.
There's also the fact BSG is a Russian company, and while they hide their money in the UK, some will always end up in the Russian Governments pocket through taxes. Continued support of the game means more sales, and more money into Russia. That might not be a problem for most people but with everything that’s going on it is for me.
There are definitely more positives and negatives but I haven't bothered to add them, and in the end these are just my own thoughts.
If anyone has anything else to add or has any questions, or any comments at all please share and apologies for the rambling.
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2023.02.28 06:47 DMZPeace If you don't have 16 hours a day to play, how do you get quests done.

Just speaking as a Dad gamer, how do you complete quests like Tarkov Shooter Part 8, or SBiH. How do you get to even get through late game quests when you spend 60% of the time dying withing 5 mins to sweat lords and rage hackers.
I get the games not meant to be easy but there has to be some kind of MMR - if you have a KD or 15 you shouldn't be lobbied with people that have a KD of 2-5, all that does is just feed the sweat lords, no lyfers and cheaters.
Theres little room to improve when you come up against players who knows the perfect sightline for every spawn point for every map and the moment you round a corner insta death and you end up spending 5x more time in lobby making a kit then using it.
Besides all the other games problems match making and static spawns are just ridiculous.
The game is great but Nakita and his team make the worse decision for priority decisions, and I don't get why everyone simps for DaddyNakita. Creating a good game and running a good game are completely different, it's about time BSG sold EFT to a bigger developer that can handle a came as complicated as EFT.
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2023.02.28 06:26 lizardsforreal What information do we have regarding PMC ai behavior?

I have owned EFT since 2018, stopped playing regularly a bit after Reserve released. I found it relatively easy to hop back in and do some customs/factory for the first couple quests and farm some levels. Now I have to play woods a bunch. The PMC ai are absolutely destroying me here. I was successful in small maps rushing them with SMGs, but now I'm really stuck.
I never see them moving around the map, I just end up dying almost instantly when I get in their aggro range. Do they stay confined to a small spawn area like regular scavs? I've adjusted some values in POOP, trying to get them to be less (instantly) deadly but all it's done is make them a complete joke on small maps.
I could probably come up with a plan to deal with them if I had any clue what their behavior is, but at this point I'm out of loadouts and need to spam factory again lol
ps - does anyone think the new woods is way worse than old woods? Maybe its nostalgia, maybe it's because I can barely extract, but I feel like they did way too much with it.
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2023.02.26 19:27 YinxuU I tried to expose this cheater problem a month ago. Got permabanned instantly and that was that.

I was tired of coming across blatant cheaters like everyone else. There were so many blatant ones, I started to ask myself how many closet cheaters there were on top of it. I started to question every single death and it sucked the fun out of the game for me. And I know a lot of players were or still are in the same boat as me.
Just like g0at, I bought an EFT cheat so I could take a look at how many cheaters there really are. Was it all just in my head or is it really that bad? I was on sick leave and had all the time in the world so for a whole week, I played Tarkov with cheats enabled. I didn't loot a single item, I didn't kill a single player. All I did was roam around the map and observe players. All maps, different time of day and also day/night raids.
I had the same experience as g0at in his video. There were/are a mindblowing amount of cheaters. Some maps like Woods or Customs on day raids where actually pretty ok to play. There was still a cheater in at least every second to third raid, but they were mostly there to hunt Reshala/Shturman and if they didn't spawn, they'd dip and leave players alone. Different story on night raids. Lots of high level cheaters that were hunting cultists.
Other maps like Reserve, Lighthouse or Labs featured a cheater in almost every raid I played. Day or night. Especially Labs. I didn't get to play many Labs raids for obvious reasons but every raid I did had blatant lobby wipers in it. Lighthouse probably also had a 90% cheater rate for me personally. But some were just there to farm rouges/loot and then dip through car extract/path so the Chalet area was good to play most of the time. Still, if you were looking for good loot around the water treatment area, you'd be out of luck most of the time. Mind you this was a month ago so not many cheaters were on the Lightkeeper quests. I can imagine Lighthouse has gotten a lot worse since then.
I could go more in-depth with a lot more information but I think this and g0at's video tell you all you need to know. Unless you really love Tarkov and don't mind getting killed by cheaters every now and again, there is almost no point in playing EFT right now.
Unfortunately, unlike g0at, I don't have a big YouTube channel or any other kind of reach on social media. So my only way was to try and expose all of this on Reddit. I messaged the mod team explaining my situation and everything around it in detail and asked if I could create a post about it. Later that same day I was permabanned without any answer (shoutout to Z). They do have the rule about getting permabanned if you admit to cheating so I'm not gonna complain about it but I still don't put myself in the same boat as someone who actually cheats. So I didn't really expect it. I inquired about it and was basically told "You directly supported the people ruining this game and therefore, you are no longer welcome here."
I haven't touched Tarkov since and I'm glad this situation has finally come to light.
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