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2023.03.21 02:34 BugRepresentative450 Rift between Carlin and the other Bates?

Have we seen Carlin post with (or about) any of her blood family besides Katie and Zach? I’m starting to wonder if maybe there’s a rift between her and the rest of the Bates clan because of her seizures. We all know how Gothardites view medical concerns as issues of sin. I can only imagine how they responded to her seizures 😔 She seems closer to Evan’s family even though they live further away. Maybe because they were so supportive during a very uncertain time in her life….
ETA clarification: I think the intent of my original post got lost. I was really wondering more about how her family may have responded to her illness(and thought said rifts may be a result of a lack of sensitivity). A lot of fundies believe that illness is caused by sin, and that seizures are almost like a form of being possessed (for lack of better word). I was actually concerned that they may have been insensitive to Carlin’s situation and maybe uneducated about things. I’m sick of all the feud speculation myself so maybe I should’ve been more clear in the intent behind my post.
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2023.03.19 17:54 History-Guy111111 Battle of Bentonville, American Civil War (19 - 21 March 1865) [1120 x 1316]

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2023.03.19 01:13 Cake-Technical Carlin quoting mean girls

In the latest video Carlin says “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom”. Do we thing she’s seen mean girls!? I kinda think she has. The more I watch the bates the more I think they’ve seen and heard main stream things they just don’t admit to it.
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2023.03.16 17:40 sbflower Rental

The owner of the duplex that Carlin and Evan lived in, and now Trace and Lydia do, should be giving them all a monthly discount on rent for all the work and updates theyve done to that little duplex lol. I know people like to make rentals homey but the amount of work the Bate couples have done really goes beyond what a normal renter would do. IMO.
Edit: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them doing the upgrades. Second, I clearly missed the part where the homeowner was a family friend and has paid for the renovations. My post wasn’t meant to come across as rude. It was only to comment that they’ve put a lot of work into the rental.
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2023.03.13 01:22 Society101 Younger Bates live private lives?

Do you all think the younger Bates coming of age and those marrying post tv show will forgo public lifestyles now that there is nothing to promote?
As it stands:
Teens & Unmarrieds-
Addee is 17 and Ellie will soon be 16. Neither have public social media accounts yet compared to Carlin who debuted at 18, Josie at 17 and Katie started her public IG at 16 yrs. Isaiah no social media either. Turned 18yrs last year.
Jackson and Warden barely use their accounts. They can be likened to Tori and Bobby only updating on major events or when they remember.
Tiffany was the last marry-in we met on tv. While she already had a public account, it looks like she and Lawson may take a break from couple influencing. Their public status is pending.
Emerson just got her ring, yet her account is still private. At this point Lydia had already gone public, influencing right away. Emerson and Jackson's public status is pending (though he does post updates).
So, is this just a lull or is a transition out of public life occuring?
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2023.03.12 18:21 TheJDOGG71 Bates Birthdays Section

Whoever runs this group,, just FYI but the Bates Birthday Section has a few things that are incorrect.
Allie's birthday is April 11th, not April 10th. Same with Carlin.
Zade Stewart's birthday isn't even listed. He'll be a year old on March 27th.
Zoey Webster's birthday is March 28th, not March 27th.
Just FYI.
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2023.03.12 06:34 jmfv716 Timeline question…

Dates we know: Lydia’s ultrasound 2/21 Vlog announcement 3/4 Engagement 3/10
Does this mean “we” found out the same day as the Bates family? I’m assuming ILY day was 3/4, and they “went live” with the news right after they told the Bateses? If so, the video is a little out of order (which is fine of course) because her ultrasound would’ve been before the party. This also makes sense— many people would like to see an ultrasound privately first.
Also, I find it interesting the video left out several family members. Carlin’s family was no where to be seen…neither was Esther…and probably others I forgot! I would think they’d announce when everyone at the party was present.
This family is so busy…I can’t imagine a big family party, finding out about another baby, and then jetting off to FL for an engagement. It’s so constant! Obviously this is the norm in a family with 19 kids, but it never ceases to give me second hand exhaustion!
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2023.03.05 06:52 no_one_ever__ J. Carlin discovers the thesaurus.

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2023.03.01 12:56 Society101 The curious case of Esther Bates
u/gerbileleventh made a poignant remark recently
Esther just exudes some type of self-confidence that I don’t see in anybody else in this family. I see why Nathan still looks so smitten.
...and I think I absolutely, whole-heartedly agree. In looking at all the adult kids, marry-ins included, the only two who seem like they have strong self-esteem is Esther and Kelton.
Just looking at Esther because more of her life story was made availble before the great UPTv PR purge could occur (thank you, Carlin!!!!) it is clear that her family has similar religious and cultural values as the Bates. She was homeschooled, she comes from a big family, conservative beliefs, pro-Trump, rural ¡america stand-up!, etc.
So what is the difference?
I think it's the parents. Esther is the product of parents who (although uber crazy religious in their own right) seem to support and encourage their children's individuality.
Because of parental support, Esther has worked a "regular job", lived outside her parents home? (this has not been confirmed), allowed to date, travel without chaperone, choose her own wardrobe without modesty restrictions and allowed to choose her own friends outside of their religious circle. She was given space to explore her own identity. She was able to do all of this WITHOUT being married and she still kept her Faith intact. THIS BUILDS the SELF-CONFIDENCE needed to live in the real world.
THAT my friends is the difference between being raised in a cult ( which strips away self-esteem to create a hive mentality) vs. regular old religion and having healthy parenting vs. the alternative and fear agendas vs. hope agendas.
Please note I am not saying Esther and the Keyes family are perfect. I am sure they have problems like all of us. Just noting difference.
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2023.03.01 03:07 Agitated_Pin2169 Bates YouTube #s- February 2023

My monthly YouTube update! Like I mentioned in January, I am now only using videos posted in 2023, so the numbers are different than they were in 2022 as I am using a different set of videos. This is also my third quarterly update, so more information that usual.
Since I get asked every month: Josie does not currently have a personal vlog, so she is not included. However, she did recently post a link to her YouTube with some short videos, if she updates it this month then I will add her to this list.
Total Followers: 1. Carlin 134k (5/14) - 151k (6/12) - 156k (7/12) - 160k (8/12) - 165k (9/13) —> 167k (10/13)—> 169k (11/26) - 171k (12/26) - 174k (1/27) - 176k (2/28) 2. Alyssa 90.7k (5/14) - 92.1k (6/12) - 92.6k (7/12) - 95.6k (8/12) -99.7k (9/13) —-> 101k (9/13)—-> 109k (11/26) → 110k (12/26) - 111k - 113k 3. Erin 84.3k (5/14) - 90.6k (6/12) - 91.6k (7/12) - 92.6k (8/12) —> 95.3k (10/13) —> 97.7k (11/26) - 98.8k (12/26) → 104k (1/27) - 107k 4. Katie 53.3k (5/14) - 55.7k (6/12) - 56.7k (7/12) - 62.6k (8/12) - 68.6k (9/13) —> 71.9k (10/13) —> 74.5k (11/26) - 76.1k subscribers (12/26) - 78.3k (1/27) - 90.5k (2/28) 5. Lawson 59k (5/14) - 61.1k (6/12) - 62.6k (7/12) - 63.8k (8/13) - 65.4k (9/13) —> 67.4k (10/13) —-> 68.7k (11/26) 69.9k (12/26) - 71.2k (1/27) - 71.8k (2/28) 6. Trace 16k (5/14) - 20.3k (6/12) - 23.8k (7/12) - 25.3k (8/12)- 28.2k (9/13) —-> 32.5k (10/13) —-> 35k (11/26) - 36.4k (12/26) - 39k (1/27) - 41k (2/28)
Monthly Growth: 1. Katie 2.4k - 1k - 5.9k - 6k —> 2.3k - 2.6k - 1.6k → 2.2k - 12.2k 2. Erin 6.3k - 1k - 1k —> 2.7k - 2.4k → 1.1k - 5.2k - 3k 2. Carlin 17k - 5k - 4k - 5k —> 2k - 2k → 3k - 2k 2. Trace 4.3k - 3.5k - 1.5k - 2.9k —> 4.3k - 2.5k - 1.4k - 2.6k - 2k 2. Alyssa 1.4k - .5k - 3k - 4.1k —> 1.3k - 8k - 1k - 1k - 2k 6. Lawson 2.1k - 1.5k - 1.2k - 1.6k —-> 2k - 1.6k - 1.2k - 1.3k - .6k
Views per Video Average: 1. Carlin 150k (5/14) - 161.7k (6/12) - 191.2k (7/12) - 198k (8/12)- 208.3k (9/13) —> 218.9k (10/13) - 202k (11/26) - 199.9k (12/26) → 163k* (1/27) - 165.2k* (2/28) 2. Katie 120k (5/14) - 116k (6/12) - 117.9k (7/12) - 122k (8/12) - 139.5k (9/13) —> 145.4K (10/13) - 143k (11/26) - 144.6k (12/26) - 86.3k* (1/27) - 144.5k* (1/28) 3. Erin 83.8k (5/14) - 113.8k (6/12) - 106.9k (7/12) - 102k (8/12) —> 96.3k (10/13) - 82.4k (11/26) - 80.5k (12/26) → 134.7k* (1/27) → 88.6k* (2/28) 4. Alyssa 59.5k (5/14) - 60.8k (6/12) - 61.9K (7/12) - 67.3k (8/12) - 73k (9/13) —> 75.3k (10/13) - 82.9k (11/26) - 83.2k (12/26) → 65.3k* (1/27) - 83.2k* (2/28) 5. Lawson 112k (5/14) - 113.8k (6/12k)* - 101.9k (7/12) - 112.9k (8/12) - 106.6k (9/13) —-> 111.2k (10/13) - 108.2k (11/26) - 105k (12/26) - 78.3k* (1/27) - 79.5k* (2/28) 6. Trace 75k (5/14) - 79k (6/12) - 71.6k (7/12) - 73.7k (8/12) - 74.1k (9/13) —> 79.8k (10/13) - 82.7k (11/26) - 82.8k - 83.3k* (1/27) - 74.1k* (2/28) *Using 2023 videos instead of 2022
Quarterly Growth 1. Erin 8.3k - 5.1k ---19.3k 2. Katie 9.3k - 10.9k - 16k 3. Carlin 26k - 11k - 7k 4. Trace 9.3k - 9.7k - 6k 5. Alyssa 4.9k - 13.4k - 4k 6. Lawson 4.8k - 5.2k - 3.1k
Quarterly Views 1. Erin +18.2k - -19.6k - +6.2k* 2. Katie +2k - +21k - +1.5k* 3. Alyssa +7.8k - +15.6k - +.3k 4. Trace -1.3k - +9k - -8.6k* 5. Lawson +.9k -- -4.7k - -28.7k* 6. Carlin +48k - -4k - -36.8k*
*Used a mix of 2022 and 2023 video data.
These are a bit of a mess because I am using two completely different sets of data. But I am still including it, for the sake of having the data.
We are seeing several big drops, but we are also losing all the 2022 numbers (which for the Stewarts involved Zadde's birth and the worst of Carlin's health crises as well as both Trace and Lawson's weddings).
I am begging Lesson and Tiffany to hire a social media manager. They have only posted one video this month, so maybe they are re-evaluating? Trace and Lydia are also floundering with a lack of interesting content.
The Bates daughters are all doing well. Their steep drop in quarterly views not-withstnading, the Stewart Fam is still winning the YouTube race, but Katie and Travis are making a strong race for second place and Erin has regained her footing after a brief slip. Of course, Baby Boy Webster will be here soon and will likely give Alyssa a huge numbers boost.
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2023.02.26 22:42 GolfOk7579 Trace and Lydia’s leisure activities

Does anyone else have secondhand embarrassment for Trace and Lydia, who JUST GOT MARRIED, and frequently post on Instagram about spending the night playing card games with Ma and Pa Bates. Sometimes there’s more family there, but a lot of times it’s just those four. I mean, if I were in their shoes I would probably be able to think of other things to do, and not just the obvious. Maybe when Carlin and Evan finally look up the true definition of “party,” they can share it with some other family members.
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2023.02.22 20:52 lillyarchive Am I Missing Anything?

I am working on a project and trying to get all the Bates updates together from late May 2022- the current day for each kid. I feel like my memory is failing me and I'm missing some stuff. If ya'll could help me out that would be so awesome.

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2023.02.19 03:38 unfilteredajay the bates family; updated list as of feb 2023!

the bates family is from rocky top, tennessee and consists of kelly jo, gil and their 19 children + 24 grandchildren. i’m going to list the children and grandchildren names + middle names. leave your thoughts in the comments!
  1. zachary ‘zach’ gilvin - father of bradley gilvin (b), kaci lynn (g), khloé eileen (g) and jadon carl (b)+ baby bates due in aug ‘23
  2. michael ‘michaella’ christian (g)
  3. erin elise (g) - mother of charles steven IV ‘carson’ (b), brooklyn elise (g), everly hope (g), holland grace (g) and finley marie (g)
  4. william lawson ‘lawson’ (b)
  5. kenneth nathaniel ‘nathan’ (b) - father of kenna joy (g)
  6. alyssa joy (g) - mother of allie jane (g), lexi mae (g), zoey joy (g), maci jo (g) and rhett alan (b) due april ‘23
  7. tori layne (g) - mother of robert ellis IV ‘kade’ (b), kolter gray (b), charlotte raine (g) and cambree layne (g)
  8. trace whitfield (b)
  9. carlin brianne (g)- mother of layla rae (g) and zade patrick (b)
  10. josie kellyn (g) - mother of willow kristy (g) and hazel sloane (g)
  11. katie grace (g) - mother of hailey james (g)
  12. jackson ezekiel (b)
  13. warden justice (b)
  14. isaiah courage (b)
  15. addallee hope (g)
  16. ellie bridget (g)
  17. callie-anna rose (g)
  18. judson wyatt (b)
  19. jeb colton (b)
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2023.02.18 21:29 Society101 Bates Siblings Saga ~ In-Laws Edition

Howdy good folks of this sub! For those new to the ongoing conversations about the Bates siblings relationships with one another, please check *below for links to previous discussions.
Recently, there has been lots of speculation on this sub about how the Bates marry-ins are received by the siblings and vice versa. With Alyssa's Q&A confirming not all the siblings get along, it's time to look at how some of the in-laws factor into the overall interactions of Gen2.
Okay so let's start:
There are a few theories about Erin's husband, Chad and the BSB gang. It is believed that Chad has a strong play in the possible ongoing rift between Erin and Carlin (+Whitney). Is it true he hasn't been seen parlaying with Zach or Evan in quite some time? What could have caused Chad to get mad enough to create this level of distance between Erin and one of her sister-daughters to continue for almost 2yrs now??
Then there is Lawson's wife, Tiffany. Many believe that publicly Tiffany is a tryhard who has received the cold shoulder from most of the siblings/inlaws. A small yet burgeoning minority wonders if it's her, hi...she's the problem, it's her. Tiffany seems very unsettled at times traveling back to Cali or around the world more than she is in the Bates home county. This subs wonders if that translates into jealousy/ annoyance from the larger family especially Lawson's sibling who ain't never been any where except fundie sanctioned locations. Another theory is that the family has racial bias toward Tiffany ... and Lawson should have known better to bring her into that mess before it was sorted out. Personally, I wonder if the problem is that Tiffany not gothardist enough for many of them.
Now, another questionable in-law status in the saga is Nathan's wife, Esther. She seems to have a cordial relationship with Kenny's siblings at best( except Lawson who she seems to get along well with usually). During Esther's wedding planning phase she did not seem entirely enamored by the sisters which was once a prerequisite to family approval. Instead, she's found a solid friendship circle in Duggarland AND (correct me if I am wrong) she is the only sibling, in-law or not, to wish Tiffany a public happy birthday this year. These two seem to genuinely be sisters.
New to the saga is Trace's wife, Lydia . Some are trying to figure out if the shade thrown toward the Stewarts cleaning habits stems from ongoing issues Trace has with Carlin (and Evan), if her obvious allegiance to Josie plays a role OR if she is standing by her man who chose the Paine's side in the BSB debacle. Is it just me or does all roads lead back to BSB when it comes to this corner of the saga?
And...that lands us on the true mystery, Kelton. Rumors flew around a few years ago that Josie's husband is controlling. This was debunked a couple of times, but many posters continue to highlight that Josie's sibling relationships have wiltered around her possibly because Kelton does not play friendly with her closest siblings (except maybe Warden and Trace). So is there a chill between Kelton and the other Bates siblings especially Josie's girls Alyssa (former) and Katie? Does Kelton not want Josie around Evan any longer because there was some pre-marrital flirty stuff going on causing mad [email protected] between the two sisters?
These are the questions...
Did I miss anybody?
*Bates Sisters Saga Update
Bates Sibling Saga Quarterly check-in
Brothers Drama:
The Original Factions:
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2023.02.14 05:30 Altruistic-Sport-821 Carlin Bates and Josh’s Trial

Does anyone else follow Carlin Bates youtube account? She started having seizure like activity right around the time of Josh’s trial and investigation (please correct me on timeline if I’ wrong). I am wondering if she could be experiencing somatic symptoms/traumatic response/conversion disorder due to years of oppression and realization she has likely made about her father, faith, and family since being married. This is pure speculation, but she was involved in the trial to a certain degree and likely experienced chronic, sustained stress during her upbringing. It’s a recipe for anxiety disorders that manifest as somatic symptoms because these women are taught to disconnect from their bodies and emotions. I’d love to hear you thoughts…I’ve been thinking about this for a while.
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2023.02.07 13:05 Society101 One Word to describe the Bates siblings

If you had a chance to describe each Bates siblings public persona in one word, what would it be?
Y'all I am still obsessed by Michaela's response to the Q&A question asking her to describe her siblings in one word. It was so endearing. Imo, we get guardedness and phony gestures from this family often. So moments of sober authenticity get to me.
Here is the thread discussing Michaela's list.
Edit: here is my list
Zach - Jack (of all trades)
Michael- Calm
Erin- Wise
Lawson - Indecisive and Heartfelt
Nathan - Compassionate
Alyssa - Flawless
Tori - Bold
Trace - Unbothered
Carlin - Collaborative
Josie - Fun
Katie - Witty
Jackson - Focused
Warden - Popular
Isaiah - Shy
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2023.01.25 01:37 Agitated_Pin2169 Callie Opting Out of Family Events At a Young Age

I am watching some old episodes since I have never seen the show on a whole (I started following the Bates unrelated to the show) and I got to the one with Papa Bill's birthday and how Callie (who would have been about to turn 6) opted to stay home with Michael instead of going.
It is interesting to see (and the fact that her parents just let her run back in and left her with Michael) especially when you consider that she never seems to be around now and often ducks from the camera when she is with one of her siblings (noticed it recently in Erin, Carlin and Lawson's stories).
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2023.01.16 23:10 SwissCheese4Collagen Reheated Leftovers The !'s Try A Full On Road Trip/Family Trip to Magnolia Silos

Reheated Leftovers The !'s Try A Full On Road Trip/Family Trip to Magnolia Silos
Hey hey everyone. Since it's raining, and Mondays suck, here is a recap I missed along the way to cheer you all up. In this one the !'s take a tiny Tru! to pick up an actual RV since the one they took to the Dugglet RV Summer Summit was "just sitting on the lot." I knew that damn thing was a dark web French RV. After picking up the new RV, they swing by Magnolia Silos and the Dr. Pepper Museum despite their hating museums. Buckle up folks, here we go.
Tru! travels with half his nursery furniture from the look of this vehicle. Jed! needs to travel with sunglasses
Katy #5 is filming this take
Off the !s go to Texas to pick up an RV in 102° temperatures so Katy #5 takes the reins and pops in to watch the baby. Tru! does his usual chill firstborn routine and wakes up to be liberated from his car seat.
Katie #2 reporting live from the now air-conditioned RV
Perfect fit, giant closet
Day 2 Kath! is back.
The A/C is fixed, and it's party time now. Magnolia Silos and Dr. Pepper here we come!
Jed Diggar is his alias
They prayed for the A/C to work and it does so God Loves Us- the Diggar! Family probably
Hola! I'm just surprised he didn't make any jokes about smuggling back tacos in the cupboards
After threatening to visit joking that they may just drive to Mexico, the Diggar!s decide to stay stateside and annoy people at Magnolia. Mr. Swiss wants to know "Who is this asshole?". My answer "the idiot with the chili".
Kate #7 is filling in to stand in line for the food trucks that weren't there the last time they were.
Kath! finally understands that the grilled cheese is different than the mac n cheese. Or maybe Kate #7 didn't understand it...Idk
A quick game of Crosses & Halos
Based on how they act in museums I'd be surprised if they knew what a library looked like, let alone smelled like. It's like they are allergic to learning anything.
The comedic gold that is Katie #9 saying "Do you wanna know what a library smells like?" before both of them gag at the smell is just....chef's kiss. In all fairness, I hate bergamot and I probably would have done something similar. After wandering around to get a cupcake it's time to head back to the RV, and Kath! is slightly miffed that the presentation was ruined. I mean...I'd be more pissed that Jed! exaggerated a $4 cupcake so he could compare it to $18 for a grilled cheese and a cup of mac n cheese.
Hold up, when did Carlin Bates get here?
Katye #3 explains they don't like museums so they pay the admission and speedrun it.
So in the worst case of logic ever, they pay $10 per adult and then run through not learning anything. But there is a free Dr. Pepper at the end. Jed! points out they paid for it at the front door. Kath! is still excited. Jed! launches into how they wanted him to donate to the museum at the door because it's non-profit. He follows up with "I donate every time I drink Dr. Pepper". Yep, he's Rimmy J's kid alright.

She says it's flat but they made it in front of her. I can't tell, are they Dr. Pepper fans or aren't they?
So they spent the night in an RV park in Waco, and the next morning go to get a Duggar favorite "Free Breakfast".
$20 they tossed a tract in the tip bucket
The sunglasses only stay on because his giant dome hasn't stretched them beyond repair.
If this is glitter, they really did want a HairBow before a Headship. If not, I'd bet this was an instance of Take Your NewBorn to Work Day.
Jed! says Kath! wants a 5th wheel. "You know me so well", she coos. I may lose my iced oatmeal cookies over here. Kath! says Jed! wants a Tear Drop. He actually doesn't fucking know what he wants to eat. Idk if he is just trying to keep from admitting Kath! was right, but eventually says he might get the Class A. Mr. Swiss says "He doesn't sound very Class-A". But off to Buccee's where Jed! buys a gas canister and some sandwiches. I'm not sure why Tru!s car seat has splashes of neon paint on the shade or why Jed! has his glasses on backwards. They get home at 11:30 and go to bed after Jed! opens a package he didn't know was coming. I bet it was addressed to Jed Diggar.
We Love You All. that a threat???
Alrighty everyone, hopefully this made your Monday evening a little funnier. Catch ya later!
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2023.01.02 22:09 aas3231 Other Major News/Events/Snark that occurred in 2022

Willow gave the middle finger at Trace & Lydia's wedding
It was revealed that Carlin frequents this sub
An AMA on DuggarsSnark said that Erin is the rudest Bates
Alyssa got upset with someone on IG when they asked why she didn't go to Lawson's wedding
Tori bumping Trace into pregnant Carlin at a family photoshoot and Trace, Carlin, and Josie getting upset about it.
Josie showed her panties on an IG story
Erin had gallbladder surgery
Tiffany unfollowed all of the Bateses family members IG accounts
Lawson copyright striked FundieFridays and almost made them lose their channel
Josie launched a jewelry line
It was found out from a photo that Lawson and Tiffany did kiss before marriage
Trace & Lydia's groom's cake topper that had beer cans on it
John & Alyssa got a puppy
Warden liked some IG posts that would be considered inappropriate in their circles (e.g. sex & swear words)
BSB did a 9/11 post in which they made the Twin Towers beige
Katie found out the gender of their baby "accidentally". Also, Katie actually told Carlin that she was pregnant before Travis.
Katie started wearing pants more in public
Trace and Lydia were complaining about the cleaning status of Evan and Carlin’s old rental.
Katie made fun of and mimicked one of Carlin’s seizures.
Also, Katie did a sister reel and didn’t include or tag Erin in it.
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2022.12.31 22:01 aas3231 Predictions for 2023

What are your predictions for 2023?
Zach & Whitney: Announce a pregnancy around I Love You Day. They will have another boy in early Fall.
Michaela & Brandon: Don’t see much changing for them.
Erin & Chad: Erin struggles to adjust to FL. They become indoctrinated into an even worse cult than IBLP and they will abruptly stop posting YouTube videos and IG stories. The only time we will see them is at other Bates gatherings or if they get together with Alyssa. No pregnancy announcements.
Lawson & Tiffany: Announce a pregnancy around their one year anniversary. It will be a girl. Will continue to make horrible YouTube videos.
Nathan & Esther: Move out of the camper into a house in Arkansas. Esther continues to get together with the Housewives of Medicorps as well as provide TMI about her and Nathan’s sex life. Pregnancy announcement around Christmas.
Alyssa & John: Webster boy is born in late March. They adjust to having a son and he becomes the new golden child.
Tori & Bobby: Have another son in September. Not much other news from them.
Trace & Lydia: Announce a pregnancy in summer. It’s a boy.
Carlin & Evan: More medical tests. Will potentially find out a diagnosis. Evan will continue to work at the boutique.
Josie & Kelton: Announce a pregnancy in early spring. It’s another girl.
Katie and Travis: Hailey is born late February. They will struggle the rest of the year to adjust to being parents.
Jackson & Emerson: Get engaged in February around his birthday. Get married in December.
Warden: Will announce a relationship. I think he’s in a relationship with one of the Langdon sisters.
Not much else happens with the rest of the family.
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2022.12.23 23:10 Educational-Trash232 Road Trip through Knoxville (part 2): Are bubble shorts on toddlers a fashion trend in this part of Tennessee? I don’t think I can snark on Carlin’s fashion choices anymore.

Like before, posting here because my husband doesn’t know who the Bates family are, except for “that guy who can’t sing”.
When we arrived at Buc-ees it was zero degrees outside, and with the wind it was even colder. Anyway, I saw quite a few toddlers being held by their Moms, and ressed in a long sleeve (varying shades of beige) t-shirts. In linen bubble short dungarees (in varying shades of beige and brown), knee high socks and black doc-Martin lace up boots. The only acknowledgement that it was “Jesus doesn’t love you any more” cold, is that each toddler was wearing a pompon knit hat. Those babies were miserable. They were so cold.
It made me wonder if Carlin is just dressing her daughter like the other moms are dressing their daughters, or is Layla becoming mini influencer?
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2022.12.04 00:28 stavingoffdeath Attitudes on earrings

I’m watching the show from the beginning. In the first season, Alyssa says her family doesn’t believe in wearing earrings & now that she’s married she has chosen something different. Later in the first season, I see Carlin wearing large dangly earrings (they don’t look like clip ons to me) to the grocery store & in the talking head segment. This was while she was still young & at home. I tried doing a Google search to figure it out, and all I found were old posts sharing how Kelly has put on the family blog that they don’t want the girls to get their ears pierced while still at home. Is there any info on their attitudes towards earrings & how it has evolved? I used to watch USoBates & BUB but I know very little about them recently, except for what I read here.
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