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A place for me to centralize my writing! I will put anything here that is not being saved for traditional publishing routes :D

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2023.06.09 10:36 carolineelizabethj A Separate Poem by Tennessee Williams pt 1,2,3

The day turns holy as though a god moved through it,
Wanderingly, unknowing and unknown,
Led by the sky as a child is led by its mother.
But the sky of an island is a wandering sky.
It seems bewildered sometimes, it seems bewildered as we are since the loss of our island.
Oh yes, yes, we’ve lost our island.

Time took it from us,
Snatched it out of our hands as a fresh runner snatches out of a spent runner’s hand the bit of white cloth to continue

We live on the island, but more as visitors,
Than as residents, now.

Still we remember
Things our island has sought us: how to let the sky go
(As a bit of white cloth to continue)
And other things of a smaller, more intimate nature.
Our island has been a school in which we were backward pupils but, finally, learning a little such as:
Lies die, but truth doesn’t live except in the truth of our island which is a truth that wanders, led by the sky
As a child is led by its mother, and the sky wanders, too.

I dreamed one night without sleeping that when I returned,
That night to a northerner island,
You put on the clothes of a god which was your naked body and moved from window to window in a room made of windows, drawing, closing the curtains, your back turned to me, showing no sign that you knew that you were building an island: then came to rest, fleshed in a god’s perfection beside me.

Even then,
I knew that to build an island is not to hold it always, but longing was so much stronger, yes, even stronger than the dread of not holding, always.
Perhaps it would have been better if I had touched only your hand,
Or only leaned over your head and clasped it all the night through.
But longing was so much stronger….

Our travels ranged wide of our island but nowhere nearly so far as out silence now enters the bare and mountainous country of what cannot be spoken.

When we speak to each other
We speak of things that mean nothing of what we meant to each other.

Small things
Gather about us as if to shield our vision from a wide landscape untouched by the sun and yet blindingly lighted.

We say small things to each other carefully, politely, such as:
Here’s the newspaper, which part of it do you want?
Oh, I don’t care, any part but the funnies or ads….

But under the silence of what we say to each other, is the much more articulate silence of what we don’t say to each other,

A storm of things unspoken,
Soiled, reserved, appointed,
Ticking away like a clock attached to a time-bomb:
crash, fire, demolition

Wound up in the quietly,
Almost tenderly,
Small, familiar things spoken.
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2023.06.09 10:35 Y0u_B3-7777777 Veracity or Truthfulness or Factual or Realism.

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2023.06.09 10:33 Valuable-Garbage My family does some wild stuff

Last week I got busy for a few days and didn't message my Nan or cousin. they then proceeded to phone my aunt and dad to text and call to check up on me my dad didn't call because he doesn't treat me like I'm five but I found out he was called when my brother told me my nan and cousin were saying they were worried I wasn't coping and had killed my self...
So yeah they're great and to top it off when I went to visit the other day my nan tried gaslighting/guilt tripping me into making sure I message every couple days so they know I'm alright like tf.
for reference I'm 21 was living with my nan because I was homeless. long story but it was because of abusive mother and dead relative I was staying with that I ended up homeless not because I couldn't take care of myself. I've been living alone for like a year now literally not had a single problem.
When I was living at my nans I was also never treated with respect and they told me multiple times that I should be grateful for how they treated me because they were learning even tho they treated me like a child and acted like they could tell me what to do and then got mad and called me rude and ungrateful when I wouldn't do what they told me to. Was constantly told how rude I was how I wasn't trying and throwing my life away and needed to do more. Just for reference the reason I moved in with them is because I was living with my brother and he died and the reason I was living with him is because I moved out of home at 18 due to a druggy alcoholic mother who was abusive and tried killing me multiple times and her partner off which they knew all of this and also know I was super fucking depressed yet they still tried playing the victim.
Oh and my fucking god does my cousin have a superiority complex about fucking everything and my nans just as bad it's her way or the highway almost everyone in my family acts like there understanding yet there the complete opposite.
They also fucking argue and get mad over the smallest shit and there so fucking two faced this is how much they try to understand my autism even for autistic people I have ridiculously good hearing. Tldr: Family had been over dad was leaving I was in the living room nan and cousin were at the front door the second my dad was maybe 30ft down the road walking to his car they starting talking shit about him of which I heard everything they then acted supprised when I got up and left without saying anything bearing in mind I've told them about my hearing like 100+ times over the last 3 years.
But yeah basically fuck family but mainly my nan and cousin everyone has there problems and they do genuinely care and love for the family but fuck me are they frustrating thanks for letting me rant autism
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2023.06.09 10:27 bigtree80 TV Shows / Movies about good parent-child and siblings relationships

Any good shows you've watched and learned something from the characters? Doesn't matter if it's old or new. Asking because we have a son and a daughter, now expecting to have another baby girl very soon. I only have a brother growing up so haven't had much experience dealing with girls in the family. I always wonder how do I cultivate positive brother-sister, sister-sister and father-daughter relationships, what to avoid and how do I raise them so the girls don't end up falling for bad boys.
I saw bits of Chesapeake Shores on Netflix the other day and started wondering what caused the family to be dysfunctional so that the mother left home when the kids were young, and the kids all had relationship issues in adulthood. I know it's drama but drama is based on writer's real life experience.
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2023.06.09 10:26 Vipiraz0r MIL talks behind my back to my fiance

My (20F) and my Fiance (20M) have been together ever since we were 16. In that time I got pregnant at 17 (right before birth I turned 18) and ever since the pregnancy my fiances mother has been hell to deal with. She continuesly kicked my finace out while he stilled lived with her (and even went so far as to say ”you will never see me again) only to start frantically texting him to come back when she realised he was coming over to my parents. She’s screamed at me for having a sore throat and when i started crying because of the pregnancy hormones she woulf scoff and say ”don’t be like that”. I’ve dealt with these sorts of thing for a few years now and my fiance wanted to move closer to his family, I was dumb and said fine. And now she won’t stop trying to talk about me behind my back not realising she’s talking so loud on the phone I can hear her. I had once snapped at her and told her that I didn’t need her help and can do things myself. Well when it came time to go give our old apartment keys she started telling my fiance I can go alone ”because she can do it on her own”. When I told her I heard her she immediately went quiet and told my finace she will call later. After that I sent a long message explaining that I want to be able to communicate with her without fighting and for her to tell ME if I did anything wrong, she hasn’t responded in 2 days now but she has read it. I’m considering going NC with her myself due to the constant lack of communication and her talking about me behind my back. For those wondering I don’t even know anymore if my fiance is hiding it from me nowadays because I saw a notification pop up with my name on it and when I asked about it he just said she asked about his work. Hopefully it’ll get fixed one way or another but right now I’m in hell.
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2023.06.09 10:25 fhashaww SCARIFICATION?

Did you do this shit as a teen? I can't remember who introduced me to it, but before I etched this on my skin, nilikua nimeenda ushago, nikafunza my shags friends, and became their "tattoo" artist. Next day was almost a beating from grandma, now that their mothers saw what i had done to their children (my friends). It takes days to heal and their mothers were shocked, needless to say, my Christian mother i wouldn't have wanted her to see the same, because tattoos=ungodly. This is how it has held up, I'm in my late 20s (don't want tats btw, although I've designed tats for people). How was it for those who did? Scarification is an old African art.
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2023.06.09 10:22 ShuXianJi Tsunagari - Wattpad

Hello! Please read, vote, comment and follow! \(//∇//)
Original story
Title: Tsunagari ("Bonds")
Author: Shu XianJi
Setting: Contemporary Japan
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Tragedy
Number of Chapters: 80
Status: Completed
When Hime Kirigakure, who recently moved in the City of Kokubunji, is sent on an errand by her grand-father to the Shigeizumi Mansion, little did she know that her life was about to take a fateful turn. She becomes acquainted with the young master of the Shigeizumi family and, soon afterwards, she obtains a scholarship to join Shigeizumi High School, a prestigious school reserved for the country's best students from upper-class families. Hime and Shunsui crosses path again and she makes acquaintance with his best friend, Gōjun Shoran.
From the first day of school itself, Hime is determined to avoid the two young men the best she can. However, her plan is thwarted by karma, or rather, Shunsui, who seems to have decided otherwise. Unbeknownst to Hime, it is thanks to Shunsui that she obtained the scholarship, the young master seeming to have some hidden agenda regarding her. After she accidentally breaks Shunsui's cell-phone, the latter judiciously declares Hime his 'slave', i.e., his personal assistant who is to follow him everywhere and accomplish all his wishes.
This is how Hime starts hanging out with these two young men. Slowly, she discovers their past and their intricate relationships with their parents. Will Shunsui be able to let down the wall he has built between his mother, Tsubasa, and himself? Will the distance Gōjun has set between his father, Kenren, and himself ever melt away? But also, why did Shunsui become a flirt overnight? Why did Gōjun stop dating girls completely when, not so long ago, he was the city's most famous playboy?
On her side, Hime is struggling in her relationship with her grand-mother. Will things be alright for her? And, will she, and her friend- Natsui- come out unscathed of the various plots devised by the latter's scheming cousin?
#brotherhood #bullying #comedy #drama-air #family #friendship #graduation #highschool #highschoollove #highschoolromance #japan #lostandfoundlove #love #lovestory #manga-air #marriage #originalstory #parents #relationships #romance #scheminggirl #scholarshipstudent #socialclass #teen #tragedy
Wattpad link:
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2023.06.09 10:18 Pogomars What TV Series you would love to watch over and over again?

Out cat dies few days ago and im far away from home. I felt so sad and loney. Now i watch my fave TV series " How I meet your mother" it help me forgot the sad feelings and sorrow. After this maybe i watch "The Big Bang Theory" from start since its me me smile. Okay din ung "The Inbetweeners".
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2023.06.09 10:12 Blueblue-whiskey69 I can't live with my family anymore

I (18M) have just completed 12th from the IB board and I came back home to be greeted with enormous pressure and I can't take it anymore. Its not like I have not faced pressure, its a combination of things. First off, my goddamn boards are over so I deserve a break and not be constantly bombarded with tasks and tensions from every family member. And I as a student have shown great achievements, first off I have an additional subject as music (cause extracurricular is needed for foreign universities) where in my performances have been played in IB virtual conferences at a global scale. On top of this I do 6 subjects and I have a consistent 35 above points out of 42 (which translates to about 95 - 96 percent or more than a 3.7 3.8 GPA, which according to me is insane since I passed 10th with just 89 percent (not really fancy at all.) On top of that in my CAS portfolio I have taken tasks which have leadership and organizational qualities (not a lot but I do have them nonetheless) (which is a necessary extracurricular component in IB). On top of that (yeah it continues) I have made a research paper draft of about 6000 words all while juggling the IB curriculum (a pretty intense curriculum according to world standards) and transferring between two schools and teaching probably 70 percent of my physics and math portion to myself since I had missing teachers in the first school (wow)). I know it sounds like I am blowing my own trumpet and its probably due to a couple of things.
First of all both the schools pampered me like crazy, I was treated like some sort of genius and that's probably why I have such a high sense of self worth, but I know that it was nothing but mere stupidity since the competition was shit and I didn't achieve excellence in any particular subject. Also the second reason is that I alone with my father whose strong suit really isn't directly supporting me and he basically left me to figure things out on my own and never really asked about my academics at all which makes me really irritated when someone does ask me (which happens on the regular with my mother and the rest of my family who welp constantly tell me to do this and that and so on and so forth). Its a difficulty I have on my end and I am trying to improve. At first I used to get angry at this, something for which all of my friends having the time of their life during these vacations was the catalyst for (and I mean EVERYBODY irrespective of their economic class or even academic performance, it not neither the trope of the business man's son who screws around all day, it was even with my middle class friends who were gaming all day enjoying non-stop, and not even the trope of the student who fails every time so he just does time pass all day everyday, it was everyone from my topper friends to those average students who were again going on trips having the time of their life) now I just get sad thinking that I am not even enough for them, it makes me feel as though all I did was worth nothing to them.
Now, from their shoes they are correct too because I will be facing global competition when I submit my application and anything that bumps up my score will be useful and they have pushed me in doing good things as well, like learning python which is interesting and useful and also really accentuates my profile a lot, they also made me enroll in an engineering mechanics course which was really interesting for me and probably holds great value, but they have sort made this prison of sorts where I can't really enjoy. Like, they want to me (and will probably force me to) continue my piano lessons and tell me to give examinations which is a weekly commitment that is going to drain my weekend of 3 hours (I know this does not sound like a lot but hear me out) coupled with the fact that they are pushing me to do another course, and have already enrolled me in a IIT Bombay course. They have also enrolled me in a German language course which is about 5 hours daily which is going to start from next month and although they teach me good things like cooking and keeping track of my applications, all of this combined makes me feel so claustrophobic and chained to be honest.
I feel (and this is my opinion which I am ready to mold because I have my flaws like blowing my own trumpet constantly) that it is wrong for them to literally make a prison cell for their child in a time where this probably my last vacation as a child free of responsibilities, and make an environment where in I have to hide from them to even have any fun (like playing games or watching series) since I will be dead if I got caught slacking off all of this while I am the only one who seems to studying and burdened while others are enjoying. Like I feel I am in right but also in the wrong so I would like to know your opinions on it, also thanks for reading till here if you have :)
I planned to post this yesterday but I got sucked into my daily routine (yeah I have a fucking routine in my vacations (wow so fun) and as you can see by my tone I am now tired of this prison at this point like I am fed up of my family)
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2023.06.09 10:11 Undoingthedo AITA for breaking up with my bf?

So I (F22) recently broke off my ldr with my ex (M20) because he was extremely dependent on me. We would be on calls 24/7 and most of the time we would be scrolling through IG and not talking to each other. Whenever I had to go to work he would get really sad and told me to be back soon even though I had an 8 hour shift. He would get even more upset when I was going out with either my sister or my friends, trying to get me to stay home and on call with him.
He didn't want me to sleep over at any of my friend's houses and if I had to I wasn't allowed to sleep in the same bed as them. If I did sleep at their place I'd come home the next day to a sad face and him telling me that he thought I was cheating on him.
Whenever I'd stay longer than I originally said I would I'd get a phone call from him about 10 minutes after the initial time that I said I'd leave, he'd be crying, freaking out wondering where I was and why I hadn't texted him.
In the beginning of our relationship there were times where I had said something small that he didn't like and he wouldn't talk to me for an entire day and then right as I was about to get ready for bed he would drop it on me and I would have to apologize for hurting his feelings even though I didn't know what I had done hurt him the way that it did.
I broke up with him 4 days before I was supposed to fly to him and he begged me to still come. Asked me if I didn't want to fight for us anymore even though I had been fighting for us for almost 8 months while he did no such thing. In the 8 months that we were together I barely saw my friends or my sister because he'd (unintentionally sometimes) make me feel bad for leaving him cause he doesn't have any close friends himself. I lost 8 months of my life because of him, because he needed me so much.
He begged me to take him back the next day because he can't lose me, though he never took my feelings into account, feelings I clearly expressed to him when I talked to him, none were ever mentioned. I always felt overlooked and underappreciated when I was basically a mother to him. So am I the asshole for breaking up with him because I couldn't handle being this boy's second mother?
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2023.06.09 10:11 ScholarNeonBot reality of this sub and its mudssss. kodo ban bkc tumari

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2023.06.09 10:11 Ahsaam_A Any health insurance experts here?

So I got a new insurance for my mother on April 27th while she was perfectly fine. On may 7th, 10 days later she experienced some abdominal pain so we consulted a doctor and 5 days later we find out that she has ovarian cysts and needs to get a hysterectomy. The insurance company rejected the surgery saying it was "undisclosed medical condition" and they've been ignoring my emails when asked for a solution.
My question here is, how does the insurance work in such situations when we as patients had no idea about a certain condition? Is there any way that this surgery can be covered by insurance?
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2023.06.09 10:11 ricebagnahi reality of this sub and its mudssss. kodo ban bkc tumari

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2023.06.09 10:11 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Arielle Phoenix – Bulk Publishing System ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 10:10 cjnshrmpoby Angirans, the not so bad "orcs" of my setting.

In my setting, Angirans are a humanoid race native to the north of the continent; preferring to dwell in the mountains, taiga forests, and the southern tundra. They're taller than humans (males averaging 6'3-6'6 and females 5'10 to 6'0) with ruddy brown skin, muscular builds, hair that can be black, grey or white, chiseled features, and short pointed ears similar to the Djinn (humanoid fey which I'll reveal at a later date). Angirans are a proud, independent people with an iron age level tribal society that emphasizes unity and familial bonds. Although seemingly primitive, they are expert smiths (being one of the few outside of the Djinn capable of forging Adamant weaponry) and are highly skilled in natural medicine and alchemy, using animal and plant oils to craft leather armor that rivals steel chain mail in durability. Tribes are lead by a chief and a council that includes their version of a Seior (a Nordic sorceror priest similar to a Celtic druid) the head warrior, and the head of the women's council, usually the wife or mother of the reigning chief. Male and female Angirans are both taught to fight and while the Tribal council oversees major decisions, the Women's Council has reign over day to day affairs. They are brutal and merciless in combat but abide by a code of honor that forbids killing the weak and defenseless and are equally fierce allies to those who earn their trust and respect. Angirans prefer weapons that play to their immense strength and reach such as axes, iron clubs, spears, and hammers. Thrown weapons like Javelins and tomahawks are their preferred ranged weaponry though bows are also used for surprise attacks. Despite their size, Angirans can be surprisingly stealthy as hunting is a key part of their culture, taking advantage of surprisingly little cover before seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Angirans living in human cultures typically work as mercenaries, hunters, scouts, trackers, and smiths. One of the potential backstories for my protagonist is that in his youth; bandits, drowe (human sized goblins) or some other enemy attacked his family's farm and left him the only survivor before he stumbled into the territory of an Angiran tribe who took him in and raised him until he reached adulthood.
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2023.06.09 10:08 TheMagicalHealer Looking for creative roleplay partners!

Good day everyone!
I go by the name Guardian Angel here. You can nickname me however you want!
I am a 23 year old boy who is looking for some creative roleplay partners! I try my best to be as open as I can and generally like to just have some good fun with a fellow friend.

What I offer and expect:

My playstyle goes along more of traditional tropes you'd see in animes, but don't let that scare you! I am very willing to twist ways for very interesting ideas!
I can play both canon and OC. You might want to elaborate if you wish for something.
I generally enjoy the themes of romance, slice of life, some action and really creative ideas you want to bring too! The worst I can do is just give you a polite decline, if we really do not fit, so no worries!

Idea section:
Awakening of a Shikigami
An old legend says, that shrine maidens had their own Shikigamis. Those shrines have been long abandoned and people have respect to not frequently visit these sacred places. Though, perhaps through some circumstance, you might find yourself coming close to one of these shrines to explore it. And eventually, you might find some weird artifact, that binds you to a new entity: a spirit fox boy! It all happens so fast, that you have no idea what just happened.. and then, he appears in front of you.
He is a mute, but boasts some powers that you might not even have imagined ever to exist in this world! The catch? He is only as strong as you are.

Meeting your guardian angel in person
Heaven surely is strict about what angels have to follow and what not. The interesting part of it though is, unlike contracts in the real world, heaven does not set up rules for every little loop hole angels have to follow. The guardian angel that is assigned to you might be more curious about what you do and who you are, so he might try to make some sort of first contact with you. Whether it be anonymous or even blatantly telling you is all up to the situation and flexibility!

Android relationship
You are a living machine! An android to be exact. You might not understand life at its fullest and have some trouble running away from some sort of corporation that built you, but luckily you can meet an engineer, who can keep your mechanical body clean and fixed! He might be a bit of a dork though, since the workshop he has is just some old shack at a beach. But he always has the right tool at hand to help you out!
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2023.06.09 10:08 TogetherV-com Gift Ideas for Him: 5 Best Father’s Day Gifts

Any child’s first relationship with a superhero is with their father. Children, as they grow older, require someone to act as a role model for them. The best example of a superhero is a father. The bond between a father and child cannot be explained, it’s unique. So to grow this bond, surprise your dad with some Father’s Day gifts. Thank him for all his love on this special day. Here are some best gifts for Father’s Day that will make him happy easily. Greet your dad with some classy gifts.
With a beautiful box of fresh flowers with a personalised message, you can make your dad feel special. Along with it, you can order a cake online and win his heart with simplicity and elegance.
When a child is in difficulty, the first person he thinks of is his father. So this time, it’s your turn to think about him. Get him gifts like clothes or a watch of his favourite brand. A wallet is another good option. Notice the thing he requires and get it to him to show care.
Let him open the door to a Father’s Day special balloon bouquet. There are a variety of options available. Make the day memorable by gifting it. You can even surprise him at home with a Father’s Day balloon decoration.
Make him happy by getting him a customised gift like a photo frame or a caricature or a mug or a cushion. Such gifts will touch his heart so try gifting unique gifts like these.
No celebration is complete without a cake, so order a Father’s Day cake that looks awesome and tastes awesome too!
If there is someone who is very dear to our hearts after our mother, it is our father. Although the love of a father may not appear to be the same as that of a mother, it is the father who strengthens us from within. So make sure you make this Father’s Day memorable for him. Apart from these gifts, you can even take him some classy experiences like a dinner or a spa session. Book them and let him relax!
View Poll
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2023.06.09 10:04 thepinkypalace AITA for ignoring my mom

(18F) haven't decided to stop communicating with my mother(53F) unless it has to do with my schooling. I decided to do this after a argument with my mother. She had drinking problems in the past that almost got her arrested for public indecency. She stopped for a while but then continued after a while. At first it was at social events. I was upset about this but my therapist told me it's okay if she drinks. So I just let it be. However recently she has drinking almost everyday and going to see her bf. (only coming home at 1 in the morning). I told her I don't like when she does this as it hurts my feelings and reminds me of what she had done in the past(getting drunk and leaving me alone to look after my disabled father) she told me that my father is in a care facility and I should get over the past. She said I am restricting her from doing what she wants to do. I was tired of arguing so I just let it be.
That was until she picked me up from school drunk. I was upset and she tried to convince me that she wasn't drunk she was high, which I believed. The day after though she confessed she had 2 bottles of wine. I was furious. We had an argument that went no where. I brought up that she is going back to her old ways and she told me she is not and my therapist said it was okay. She said I was overreacting and acting like a child. That was when I decided to stop talking to my mother. I saw no point in communicating her anymore. We always have and argument about the same thing and it always hurts me. So I felt that if I stopped speaking to her, I wouldn't feel hurt and she could do whatever she wants.
It's been 2 days since I last spoke to her and she has been trying to speak to me. Last night she went to her bf and only came back at 1. I said nothing. This morning she tried talking to me and I didn't engage. She called me spiteful and rude. She said she can't deal with a miserable child like me anymore. When she said that I felt like an asshole. I thought she would be happier I'm not speaking to her? Is what I am doing fair?
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2023.06.09 10:03 Bright_Initial [OG] - Diavolo's Parents

Alright gang, this is something I was thinking about the other day, but what do y’all think about how the demon king looks and the type of relationship he has with Diavolo?
In the game, we don’t really know much about the demon king except for the fact that he was there when the brothers first fell down to the devildom and has been asleep ever since. I’ve always gotten the impression that Diavolo didn’t really have a good relationship with his father, mainly because of the lesson in OG where Diavolo opens about his childhood, which was honestly just depressing. I forgot what lesson this was, but Diavolo speaks about how his mother died giving birth to him and how his father was very harsh with him as a child, and he doesn’t know if that was because he was raising the future demon king or because he blamed Diavolo for the death of the one he loved more than anything.
Anyways, this got me thinking and personally I feel like Diavolo looks exactly like his mother. I think that he doesn’t really resemble his father and looks more like his mother, which is another reason why the demon king was harsh with Diavolo because he reminded him of her. It also makes me wonder what kind of person his mother was and whether she was also a demon or some other species, which might be another reason why Diavolo is really set on peace between the realms?
Anyways, just a thought! What do y’all think?
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2023.06.09 10:01 imsosad_throwaway I believe my mother is an animal abuser.

TW: animal abuse, hoarding
So... well, I don't even know where to begin. I am 25 and I am currently low-contact with both my parents, especially my mother. I haven't visited home in months and I dread the day I will have to.
There are lots of things that disturb me about my mother, but I want to specifically talk about the relationship she has with animals and I am looking forward to your opinion. My mother has 11 animals in total in her house: 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 parrots, 2 turtles and 1 fish. Keep in mind that she lives in a first floor apartment with no garden or whatsoever. She has never let her dogs out, apart from yearly vet visits. She always claimed that letting them out will make them dirty so she just decided not to. She also never potty-trained them, which means that they pee and defecate all over the house, everyday. They will also pee on the sofa sometimes, and though she somehow cleans you can clearly smell the stench if you sit down. She also never trained the cats and parrots to get along. This is why another parrot of hers was killed by one of the cats. The other two are visibly stressed since the cats try and attack them on daily basis; they pluck their own feathers, have scars because of the attacks, and one of them almost lost his eye. The litter-box her cats use is located in my brother's bedroom. Yes, this means that he wakes up in a room that smells of cat urine. The fish is also kept in a very small bowl. She posted a picture online and someone pointed out that a small bowl isn't adequate and she threw a fit.
As I am telling you this, I know that this is not normal. But, the abused part of me still thinks I'm over-exhaggerating, that I'm just sensitive and that I have no right to judge her. Please tell me what you think.
Also, I have no animal service to speak to in the city where she lives, trust me I would if there was any possibility. I couldn't even speak to someone about my situation when I was a child, let alone her animals' situation.
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2023.06.09 09:59 DopeLife92 MIL Needs Everyone to know she will be Raising my child.

This is super Long!!
I’m not sure if this post is within the scope of this Subreddit… but I will try again.
Ok so my original post was removed before I was able to defend/ explain my side of this story. This was definitely not our brightest moment and I am in no way proud to sit here and tell everybody I was once addicted to heroine. It’s actually really hard due to the fact of what was said in the comments of my last post. But that isn’t why I am here. I’m not here to talk about my past and how I need to fix that issue because I’ve done that. That being said if you could please put yourself in my shoes and look at how my SO and I were treated during this time when we needed support and compassion, not betrayal and fake love from my MIL. MIL did try and manipulate the whole situation for no good reason other than to make herself look like she cared and make herself out to look like the “hero”. So this is another story but with a bit more explanation and background.
So me (31M yes,I forgot my age) and my SO (32F) have been together for about 4 years. Shortly after we made things “official” I found out that she was a long term heroine addict. She has been using for 10+ years. I explained earlier that at the time I was having trouble sleeping at night, but not why, but it was due to drinking too much red bull and I was on Adderall for my ADD. I drank to come down every night and when I found out about my SO and her heroine addiction she started openly doing around me so I became more and more interested in it over time because I seen how it just put her out!! I had to drink almost all day to barely fall asleep, so when I say inevitable, I mean if something is in your face like her shit was in mine, it more likely than not, is going to end up being very difficult not to try. Most people who have a heroine dependency know it only takes once or twice to be hooked. Kinda like someone eating ice cream in front of a lactose intolerant person. Not at all, I know, but I’m not trying to get too deep because I’m really here to talk about my MIL so don’t linger on our addiction.
So 2 years into our relationship my SO gets a feeling she could be pregnant. It wasn’t planned and I wish it could have waited until we were committed fully to sobriety, but that wasn’t in our cards. My MIL caught wind of my SO believing she was Pregnant and on Valentines Day gave Her a pregnancy test and a Flower. The results were in fact positive and we absolutely knew it was time to grow up and do better. MIL said she understood and made us believe we could confine in her and she would have our backs and she would Pray for us.
MIL called CPS on us when she was AROUND 7 months knowing we had a plan!We explained our situation and to CPS and they told us that they ultimately were not able to look into our case until LO was born. So she in essence tried to get him taken away right off Rip. It was later in the pregnancy when we found out we were expecting (LO Birthday is 6/27/21) so only giving my SO less than a month to find a doctor, to see Dr, and make a pretty drastic lifestyle change is definitely a little harsh. Maybe SO took a minute to get on Suboxone but how can you try and fuck with someone knowing they are putting in an effort to get better? And behind their back? (Rhetorical questions,To me it’s BS)
Anyways, she was all supportive to our faces but after we left or whatever she was off telling people we were 100% going to lose our LO. She told her sisters, her co-workers, and anybody else who knew us that we were handing rights over to her after birth because we couldn’t kick our addiction. She continued to fill her house up like she was truly going to come home with our LO. MIL completely child proofed her home to set the scene for her lies and delusions. We didn’t know. We thought MIL was just being extra and buying stuff for herself for when we “came to visit” but, nope!! She told people that “there was no way CPS will allow them to take that baby home” and “they plan to hand custody rights over to me before leaving the hospital” I even heard she had no faith that when our LO was born he wouldn’t have to go through withdrawals. All of which were UNTRUE. She KNEW SO was getting help so MIL wouldn’t have to be stuck raising our LO. We didn’t want that, we planned on getting Sober before baby came and that’s exactly what SO did. Unfortunately I wasn’t sober until after, but there wasn’t a time where both of us were using, one of us has always been sober taking care of our LO.
We did talk to everyone, even CPS, before leaving the hospital that needed to be informed and we were cleared to take him home! MIL still somehow convinced my SO that our LO was better off in her care and so CPS was called again to write up a “legal contract” (it was written with a marker on yellow lined tear-away type of paper) stating she had temporarily guardianship of our child for 6 months. All this entitled MIL to do was to go to his Drs appointments without us and to make critical decisions for him without our consent. Nothing else, we were not limited to seeing our LO or anything like that. She just needed to feel less like an idiot so I let her have her victory.
It didn’t last but maybe 2-3 months and she realized how time consuming and difficult it was to raise a newborn. She wasn’t able to do any housework and her sleeping schedule was abruptly interrupted and she just couldn’t handle it, so we of course, took him back and have been caring for him 125% since then like we always planned on doing.
Months later I don’t know what the reason was for my SO to be in her mothers closet, but she came across photos, along side court documents motioning to get full custody of our child. These were like the photos you wait an hour for at your local supermarket, but they were of my SO and I asleep with our LO in our arms, sleeping himself. Every picture it was one of us nodded off, looking as though we were high as a kite, looking after the LO. When In actuality we were napping with our NB, just like most new parents do, I’m sure!! But!!! she was snapping pics of us without our permission thinking she could carry out this delusion of us neglecting our LO.
She never admitted to doing us dirty, never once did we make any kind of remark, request, or even have a need for her to think she would be raising our child. She just needed everyone to see how great of a person she would be for stepping up. She needed validation for some weird reason.
As I speak my so is getting a text from her aunt saying MIL plans on taking in a homeless woman. AND SHE PROBABLY ISN’T EVEN HOMELESS!! Like she really has a problem!!!
My parents think she is unhinged, hopefully this completes the picture.
Edit: spelling/ grammar
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2023.06.09 09:56 meowmeowO9 I just want to leave

I know I will be judge to feel what I feel but I don’t want to be a mother anymore. I am tired, I have two autistic children(3 and 2) and a single mother. Both where born with complications, I had believe their father would be here for us but he was gone before the second one was born. He isn’t dead, he just wanted drugs, women and fast money more then us so prison. He has us all fooled, he had a good job but wasn’t exciting enough. I am just tired, I’m trying everyday to hold myself together. I feel like I’m dying inside more and more. I know it’s not their fault but everyday I hate being a mother, I look at myself in the mirror and realize that I haven’t showered in 5 days because I can’t even leave them alone for a second or oldest will smear poop on the walls. My youngest won’t eat, even though he cries from hunger and when he does he cries all night because his stomach isn’t used to solids. Everyday is a struggle, and I’m trying but I’m so tired. I tell myself hold on just hold on a little longer because they are worth it. Then one cries all night, and I can’t sleep and I just lay their rocking him hating my life, hating being his mother. I remind myself it’s not their fault, they don’t know why their body does this. I don’t blame them, it’s not their fault they have a weak mom. I hold myself bad from screaming at them to shut up and leave me alone. I just want some peace and quit. I want to feel like I can breath again. I hate being a mother but most of all I hate that I have failed them.
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