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2023.03.30 12:48 Heavy-Page7245 Graph editor + Viewport issue (Maya 2023 student vers)

Graph editor + Viewport issue (Maya 2023 student vers)
For School project it came necessary to use graph editor but for some reason its totally bugged out. PrtSc doesnt show my cursor but i circled it in both pictures. This is tried on a super clean new Maya file where the same issues occur. (Ive had the viewport mouse position bug since start but i've gotten used to it so i never bothered to fix)
What I've already done to try to solve the issue without any success:
Updated drivers (Tried Studio Driver too) , Reinstalled Maya with Arnold, Deleted Prefs, I only put Graph editor to full screen so you can see better. It doesnt matter if its small windowed, tear off or attached somewhere, the issue doesnt go away.
Maya only works with DirectX11 as OpenGL for me has the viewport blank screen bug ( <-- like this thread for example
My Spec:
Ryzen 7 3700x ,GForce RTX 2060 ,I have a 4k display as well. Maybe my 4k monitor causing the issue?
I would be super glad for any kind of help as i cannot do (especially to fix graph editor) anything on my school project.:(
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2023.03.30 12:48 Fearless-Insect25 Unable to recover

I am trying to recover using the chrome100 website using a slightly older version but it doesn't work - i used the google utility extension to do it and added a 'local file' tried it both unzipped and zipped but both still ended up corrupted i think - anyone got a fix or another website that has recovery images? i have a dell 3100 and right now it is literally just sitting there but if i open it then it does the 'critical update' loop by turning on and off in a second
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2023.03.30 12:48 completemoontard Horror story Buyer PC VS ME

Horror story Buyer is PC vs Me working directly with the CEO Jordan Howard.
I was already in Nashville doing an Little Caesars cloud upgrade. I was waiting for the images to download to the devices and scrolling through FieldNation. I found a job listed as quick job install cash registers and APs. I applied as it paid $150. Jordan called me and told me there was 12 cables to terminate 5 AP to hang and two to four cash registers to install. I promptly ask him for $200 as that's a lot of work. I'm very experienced and figured I could bang it out in an hour or two if I move fast. When I arrived I was required to wear a hard hat as the site was nowhere near ready for possession from T-Mobile. I arrived with another field nation tech punching down cables in the MDF. He said there had been several other techs before us and the site was a mess. I could not find the materials needed to do the job. I finally got a hold of the GC and walked out to the conex box where I found the four port face plates needed to punch down the cables. We then looked for the APs which could not be found. I went on with the job and installed the cash drawers and texted Jordan. When I got done he asked if we could do a Google meet call. I got on the phone with him and showed him around the site and we did not find the APs. The GC had went to lunch at this time and I was already 4 hours in. He asked me to stay but I asked for more money as this was supposed to be a 2-hour job per Jordan job post. He would not give me more money and I told him that I had to leave then and he said that's fine. He later docked my pay $70 for not completing all the work. I searched for about an hour and a half for his materials. This guy did not have a shit together and is a poor buyer. Be careful guys he's winning bids and using Field Nation techs to trying to capitalize and make most of the money. Make sure you do hourly with this guy not a fixed rate. He may still screw you either way.
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2023.03.30 12:48 FOX_ITA Speaker group keeps Spotify music stuttering/buffering

I decided to rely in here on Reddit to try solve my issue. Since roughly 3 weeks, when all of the sudden all speakers got updated with a more louder volume by default, music streamed from Spotify, if played in a group speaker, keeps pausing/stuttering/buffering.
If i do play the music on a single speaker, all good. If i do play the music on a group created on the fly, all good. If i do play the music on the saved (which i had since years) group, then the issue appears.
Current setup: - Google Home 2012 - Google Nest mini - Google Nest Hub - Google Nest Hub Max
> All connected devices are on the same 2.4Ghz network. > The avereage distance from devices to the router is like 7/8 meters max. It's a small apartment with thin walls. > They used to be on preview program but since 3 weeks, when volumes were changing all alone, I factory reset all of them and they're now running with stable (no preview) updates. > Router is the same since 3 years, no updates afaik.
Anyone has an insight why the issue appeared all of the sudden and if anyone had the same, or similar, issue ? In around 2 weeks i will have a new router (more updated one) from my broadband provider, so my hope that could fix the issue. Still i can't understand what might have messed up the setup.
What is odd, is that if i make a group on the fly (from google home app or nest displays), everything works great. Then if i dare to save the group, and playing from it, they all get the choppy play. So weird.
Thanks everyone for any insight or even for just reading :)
Have a nice day :)
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2023.03.30 12:48 Wonderfully_Wonky Bugs, glitches and janky AF motion on series X.

As a sad act who pre ordered the top tier ed. of dl2 not only for herself but for her (at the time) new bf (170 something pounds! Boy oh boy do I regret that, art book and sound track were essentially out before the game anyway! We now live together and game share anyway!!!) imagine how p.o'ed I've been at the perpetual issues with DL2?
The bloody ties dlc was literally impossibly glitched until January. We didn't get our claws (anyone else?) during or after the event even though the objective was met and went green (did get the rooster suit and paraglider), so many glitches and issues even now...
So last night the completionist in me thought she'd go for the true nightrunner trophy. I have a physical disability called ehlers danlos syndrome, I dislocate joints when I parlour, trial III was a killer for it. I did all 10 and guess what? Trophy never popped! I'd waited because of the bugged trophy but heard it had been fixed. I saw the thread here for playstation, but didn't see any xbox posts. Is anyone else still having issues with this? I did all 10 trials last night. I redid some before I thought f it. Is there something I can do to make it work?
I had been tempted to play in my ps5 too, but I'm not really keen to throw anymore money at the game with the disappointments still rolling on and on.
If anyone has any advice on how to make the trophy pop or on how to mess with settings so movement on my series x less janky I'd really appreciate it.
Kind regards
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2023.03.30 12:48 Disgamer How do I learn to mod cars?

I want get into car modding, but I know nothing about cars and have a very, very rudimentary understanding about how they work. I understand knowing what I am doing would be a good start, but that is where I am getting hung up. I have no idea where I would even start to learn.
I'm a very hands on learner, but I have no idea what to do. I have an end goal in mind. I have always loved the idea of sleeper, and hope that I will one day have the skill to make one.
I've been looking into JDM and love the idea of taking one of those cars and tuning it to make it perfect for me. I have a mental list of things that I want to do, some of which I dont even know are possible, I just have no idea where to start.
I have looked into starting with something smaller, like a dirtbike or something. I know that the engines and mechanics are different, but the basics are same, but even then, I cant make heads or tails of it. I have no idea what I am looking at and dont know where start.
I cant view the 'A Beginners Guide to Modifying A Car' because of an issue with the MySQL extension. I've tried looking into it but haven't been able to fix it.
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2023.03.30 12:47 Aggravating-Skill-26 PUP Change Review Part 1

Review - Bad
  1. Remove Gambesons (So no Meso Civs get the tech, Aztec Champions are already good)
  2. Increase Jaguar Warrior speed from 1 ▶ 1.15 (Helps them support eagles and also are more of a threat to Infantry)
  3. Hate the Nomad change
  4. Eagle Changes is terrible, if you what Militia more just increase the bonus vs eagles.
Review - Good/Bad
  1. Bengalis finally have counter to Eagles with cost effective Champs
  2. Mayayana change is nothing, but honestly the tech needed a decrease in cost if anything!
  3. +2 vs Skirms (Buff completely misses the mark for Bengalis, makes no sense and doesn’t help there Castle Age. Rathas too weak, BE too slow and if your making light Cav in castle age just GG or stop trolling noobs)
  4. Rathas need as way of being separated from Ele Archers, with more Ele Archer buffs.
  5. Bengalis late game is S tier and getting better.
Review - Poor
  1. Why, just nerfing stuff to Nerf . AoE2 is strategy game and vil rushing and laming is fair game.
Review - Good
Review - Poor
  1. Team Bonus change is crap, Britons should lose their free range on Xbows
  2. Longbows by default should get the range built in.
Why no Gamebsons?
Review - Poor
  1. LS still suck in Castle Age. Just make THS a Castle age tech already.
  2. Late game Bargains/Gambesons THS with Siege however is quite strong.
  3. Hate the Nomad change
Review - Awesome
  1. Hardly tested it, but hopefully this keeps everyone happy.
  2. Still no change to their relic food bonus, been low key OP (kinda) since release.
Review - Awesome
  1. Arambai are already good enough, but keep buffing them.
  2. LS still suck in Castle Age. Just make THS a Castle age tech already.
  3. Give them Ele Archers & Siege Ele
Review - Weird
  1. Give them Fire Towers, allow Greek fire to give the +1 range to Fire Ships, Fire Towers and BBT
Part 2 in testing!
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2023.03.30 12:47 freeflush1 Rainwater harvesting system

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2023.03.30 12:46 Schele_Sjakie From cobble phobia to revelation of spring: Movistar's remarkable metamorphosis

From cobble phobia to revelation of spring: Movistar's remarkable metamorphosis

The cobblestone fever has reached Spain. No longer does Movistar send a meaningless team to the Flemish classics, but the formation is competing for the prizes. With yesterday's 2nd place for Oier Lazkano in Dwars door Vlaanderen as a result. The story of a remarkable metamorphosis into a full-fledged spring team.
Look no longer for buckling Spanish knees in the peloton. Nay, the cobble phobia really is a thing of the past at Movistar Team. The team used to be known for sending a glorified B-team to Flanders to dock on the rough roads. Because, well... The main goals were the grand tours, right?
Lean climbers traded a scorching sun for cutting wind and rain in hopes of cashing in on some unexpected UCI points. What a stark contrast for the historic first podium finish in a Flemish classic: Oier Lazkano's 2nd place finish yesterday in Dwars door Vlaanderen. For the first time in the team's history, it proudly displayed the white "M" to supporters along the road. A top 10 finish, which has only succeeded a handful of times in recent years, is no longer a pipe dream.
This season, the Spanish team's results can be seen. Standouts: 4th place for Matteo Jorgenson and 5th place for Ivan Garcia Cortina in Harelbeke. And yesterday a heroic race by Lazkano, who cashed in after 166 attacking kilometers. "It's the story of investments three years ago that are now starting to pay off," shares team manager and former rider Jürgen Roelandts.
Structure as the cornerstone of success
2020, the year of change. Former Basque pro rider Patxi Vila comes aboard a wandering Movistar ship. Those who thought he would continue the old Spanish tradition were profoundly mistaken. Vila no longer settled for the Grand Tours, put down a solid structure and invested in youth.
The goal? To be good everywhere. Something 23-year-old youngsters Lazkano and Jorgenson are succeeding at for now. "Although at the time they were certainly not brought in just to shine in the spring," Roelandts knows. The fact is that one Tadej Pogacar inspires them to take their chances in full.
"The framework has become a lot better."
"The guys are motivated at the start, so why shouldn't we let them gather a bunch of UCI points in the spring?" the team manager wonders aloud. "The race breaks open quickly, with their big motor they can show themselves." That provides a bonus that Movistar could use. And which is entirely the credit of Vila's new structure.
"He lifted the training and structure to a higher level. Everyone is monitored well. Also the contact with the staff is much closer. Since I stopped being a rider in 2020, the framework has gotten a lot better." The scouting apparatus for domestic and foreign riders and the succession of young riders is also on point. "In that, you cannot underestimate the importance of smaller satellite teams in Spain," Roelandts stressed.
"Going for a top 10 in De Ronde with Jorgensen"
The time when one fixed team came to all spring classics is definitely over. "Now we can give our range of good riders a full program," says Jürgen Roelandts. Unthinkable in the last decade. "It happened that guys came to the start who had never ridden on a cobblestone before. Then you can't come and do much in Belgium, where there is a very different way of racing."
Nervousness, drumming for good positioning and power explosions on speckled cobbles. Something the former Movistar enclave did not experience on wide Spanish roads. That turned around and in a few years the bar rose dramatically. "I think Matteo Jorgenson could very well be in the finale on Sunday," it sounds determined before the Tour of Flanders. The goal? "Top 10 for now, but we'll see how it goes. The atmosphere is extremely good in the team after a first podium ever in a Flemish classic. So there's time for a small party first."
Translated with (free version)
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2023.03.30 12:45 MattTheGamer20 Why would my 15” Macbook Pro’s Left USB Ports not output display nor get Ethernet from dock?

I bought a 2019 15” i9 Macbook pro from a friend for a few hundred. I knew going into that the left side USB-C ports worked like 80% of the way. They will charge the laptop, and when connected to my HP G5 USB dock, will connect a USB device connected to it (wireless mouse) and that is all. When plugged into the right side USB ports, they do everything; USB devices, charge, video out, Ethernet in, etc.
I have a small USB-C part on the way from iFixIt to see if replacing it will help. But outside of a damaged port, what else could be wrong with it and causing them to not work fully? I’ll add that it isn’t stopping me from using the laptop by any means, and I most likely won’t attempt a fix past cleaning/replacing the ports unless it’s a simple enough fix. It’s more curiosity right now.
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2023.03.30 12:45 Nattends_ Where and how do I start ?

Hello everyone !
In order to complete my programming experience, I figured that adding JS on my resume could be a big plus. However, I have no clue how and where to start ? Is there any course or project that could taught me a lot ?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.30 12:44 herofincor Understanding Reverse Mortgage Schemes

As the world's population continues to age, the financial needs of older people become more pressing. Many older adults are unable to make ends meet, especially if they are living on a fixed income. One option for seniors who own their homes is a reverse mortgage scheme, which can provide them with much-needed financial support in their golden years.
A reverse mortgage is a type of home loan that allows seniors to convert part of their home equity into cash without having to sell their homes. The loan is repaid when the borrower sells the home or dies, and the proceeds of the sale are used to repay the loan balance. Unlike a traditional mortgage, the borrower does not make monthly payments on a reverse mortgage.
The amount of money that seniors can borrow through a reverse mortgage depends on several factors, including the value of their homes, their age, and the interest rates at the time of the loan. Typically, the older the borrower and the more valuable the home, the more money they can borrow.
One of the most significant advantages of a reverse mortgage scheme is that it can provide seniors with a steady stream of income to supplement their retirement savings. This extra income can help them pay for living expenses, medical bills, and other costs associated with aging.
Another advantage of a reverse mortgage is that it allows seniors to remain in their homes while still accessing the equity they have built up over the years. This can be particularly important for seniors who have lived in their homes for many years and have strong emotional ties to their communities.
However, there are some disadvantages to reverse mortgages that seniors should be aware of before deciding to apply for one. For example, the fees and interest rates associated with reverse mortgages can be higher than those of traditional mortgages. Additionally, the loan balance can grow over time, reducing the amount of equity that the borrower will have left in their home when the loan is repaid.
It's also important to note that reverse mortgages are not suitable for everyone. Seniors who plan to sell their homes in the near future or who have heirs who wish to inherit the property may not benefit from a reverse mortgage.
To qualify for a reverse mortgage, seniors must be at least 62 years old and have significant equity in their homes. They must also meet certain financial criteria, such as having enough income to pay property taxes and insurance.
Read More:
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2023.03.30 12:44 gdarslan06 How can i gain insight

Hey. My doctors wont believe i have schizophrenia i probably just have psychosis. But my problem is lack of insight it really the cause of all of this shit. I get the main idea of what is insight but i dont have a clue how the fuck i can practice or gain insight. Is there any achiever of this in this group can you help me pls.
I should let go of resisting i understand that But still need to be observer i understand that too accept whatever comes your way on mind and choose or just watch from inside this is insight with basic writing.
Probably even normal people does not have perfect version of insight. Maybe we have a better chance to improve it maybe this is a opportunity idont know.
This post really felt like a diary lol probably i should start to writing diary. Im finding most of the solutions while i write highly recommended ahaha see ya xxbye
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2023.03.30 12:43 SadManVerySad96 Fix/maintenance advice needed. What is this discoloration caused by ?

Fix/maintenance advice needed. What is this discoloration caused by ?
Hi folks
Last year I finally bought a BMW of my own after years of using my fathers R1100RS, a used R1150R gen 2 (twin sparks ver) and have been loving it ever since. The thing looks and rides awesome and this year I am finally getting around to doing some more major maintenance and adjustments work I have been neglecting (clutch plate, valve check, forks, risers for the handlebar, etc...). Well most of it is done and I have some time left over before I really start riding daily and I wanted to see if I can somehow fix this weird discoloration that the metal has. I am not sure what it's from I SUSPECT it's weather rain, but can't prove it, it was like that when I got it, and since it was from a re-seller I don't know when and why it appeared. If anyone has had to fix something like this I would be grateful for the knowhow, if it is chemically treatable or manually, without having to repaint all of it.
Thanks in advance
Not sure how well it comes across on screen but it has this yellow/green-ish tint.
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2023.03.30 12:43 effortdawg Is this a 120 or 240 wiring?

Hey all,
Looking for a little help, I am planning to replace my old pool timer with an upgraded WI-FI one. I am trying to figure out if the current wiring is setup for 120 or 240, so I will know which wiring diagram I can follow in the video:
I believe it’s wired for 240 because there are TWO “line” wires, is this correct? If it was 120 I should expect one “line” wire, is my understanding of this correct?
This is my pool pump
This is my pool timer, the wires coming from the bottom conduit is from the pool pump, the wires coming in from the right is from a breaker box.
Really appreciate any help on this!
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2023.03.30 12:42 SuperCurve Poco x3 pro dead

My POCO phone is out of warranty and started showing volume fluctuations (volume going down randomly) issues about 2 weeks back. 3-4 days later, it stopped and phone started with reboot issue. It rebooted randomly multiple times a day. Yesterday night, while watching a YouTube video, it randomly blanked, screen went gray and it started a long beep (10-15 seconds) since then it doesn't charge and doesn't reboot.
I want some data but chances of getting the data or this phone repaired from official service centre is very slim. My friend had this issue and asked to take a replacement phone. Now that phone's out of warranty, I have no hope of fixing this.
If anyone from Mumbai, India has faced the issue and got it fixed from official or local repair person please DM me. I would like to give those repair shops a try. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 12:42 Venkyy570 Indian Artificial Intelligence startup gets investments from Rajat Khare - the Venture Capitalist

Boundary Holding, a European investment fund, has invested in Bengaluru-based robotics and AI company, Asteria Aerospace. Asteria specializes in providing unmanned aerial platforms to industries such as mining, construction, and law enforcement. Their products include fixed-wing drone Cygnus, multi-rotor drone A400, and Genesis, a software stack for drone control and fleet management.
Rajat Khare venture capitalist and also the founder of Boundary Holding, believes that Asteria is well-positioned to succeed. The investment in Asteria follows a global trend in AI and drone technology, which has great potential in surveillance and intelligence gathering. Boundary Holding has also invested in XRVision, a facial recognition startup from Singapore.
Boundary Holding's investments in different parts of the AI value chain aim to create a comprehensive portfolio of companies that offer amazing AI solutions to different sectors. The investments in Asteria and XRVision could help Boundary Holding leverage the potential of AI-based video content analytics as well as actionable drone intelligence from drones.
These technologies could shape the future of various industries, especially security and surveillance. The AI-compliant video analytics and facial recognition technology have the power to drive decisions and increase operational efficiencies. XRVision's advancements in video analytics and facial recognition technology show huge growth potential, which has attracted investments for the startup.
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2023.03.30 12:42 InthefaceScalping Full launch

How does the cycle go full launch multiple maps, no more wipes in just 3, and fucking tarkov is going to take a legit 10 years.
Do you know what is possible in 10 years with a few mil and a bunch of Devs?
Any fucking thing.
Bsg, wtf son, wtf son.
Fix your shit with the 120$USD PRICETAG.
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2023.03.30 12:42 niemertweis my cpu randomly started to overheat like crazy playing games like CSGO and clash of clans

sooo my cpu get over 100*C when i check on GPU-Z and i dont quite know why.
its a i7 10th gen with the lian li 360mm AIO cooler with 6 fans. the aio is firmly mounted. when it gets really hot when i play a game like CSGO which should not happen it also dose not cool down after i close everything. only shutting my pc off and waiting 15min helped. once i turn it on again and check for temp its still hot like 85*C but the AIO actually works now the temp is going down fast within 2 mins it back at 40*C.
so the AIO works but only up to like 95*C and if no game is running. now im wondering is maybe the pump broken and not moving as much volume as it should? or is it maybe only the thermal paste is the problem or is it even the cpu? im really confused and do not know where to begin with trouble shooting. also worth noticing is when i open task manager and look for a cpu heavy task which maybe running in the background i dont find anything.
Thanks for your Help.
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2023.03.30 12:41 Snoo37734 Moondeck Keyboard Input

I have set up the MoonDeck Buddy Plugin on my deck because Steam Remote Play does not work well for me. I don't really have any problems with Moonlight. However, it seems that no keyboard input is sent. When I put a keyboard key on the back paddles it does not work in the game. I then used the WASD controller layout and saw that no keyboard input is sent at all. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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2023.03.30 12:40 LocationOk1668 What is DirectAdmin? A Beginner's Guide

Are you in search of a reliable and user-friendly web hosting control panel? Look no further than DirectAdmin. It is a web hosting control panel that allows you to manage your web hosting account with ease. In this article, we'll dive into what DirectAdmin is, its features, and how it compares to other popular control panels.
DirectAdmin is a web-based control panel that simplifies the process of managing web hosting accounts. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it a popular choice for both beginners and experienced users. DirectAdmin offers a range of features, including website management tools, email management, and database management, among others. It is also customizable, allowing users to add their own branding and logos.
One of the key benefits of DirectAdmin is its affordability. It is priced competitively and is an excellent option for small to medium-sized businesses or individuals looking for an affordable web hosting solution. DirectAdmin also offers excellent security features, including SSL/TLS encryption, password-protected directories, and IP blocking, among others.
When it comes to comparing DirectAdmin to other popular control panels such as cPanel and Plesk, DirectAdmin stands out for its simplicity and ease of use. It is a lightweight control panel that runs smoothly even on low-resource servers. DirectAdmin also has an active community and support system, with regular updates and bug fixes.
In conclusion, DirectAdmin is a reliable and user-friendly web hosting control panel that offers excellent value for money. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, DirectAdmin is a great choice for managing your web hosting account. And if you're looking for a reliable hosting provider that supports DirectAdmin, look no further than Raksmart. Visit their website at to learn more about their hosting plans and features.
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2023.03.30 12:40 onlyyouonlytrue Help! Rescue cat driving us crazy at night

No judgement please! Looking for help. Our rescue cat is a night owl so sleeps till about 2-3am and then wakes the whole household up going crazy trying to get out! In desperation of sleep we let him out and he reappears around 6am. We regularly find dead animal bits around the yard. He has a kitty litter he uses so it’s not a toilet break and has plenty of food. He is fixed and the rescue centre said he’s about 3-5 years. We don’t have a cat run but take him out on a lead once a day Please help!
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