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2023.03.29 12:49 sonamedical What is Yoga Naturopathy?

What is Yoga Naturopathy?
Naturopathy and yoga are both part of the Indian system of medicine. Naturopathy is a scientific and holistic system that focuses on the balance between the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether. These elements form the universe and the human body, and the imbalance of these elements can result in disease. Naturopathy emphasizes the healing power of nature and has its own concepts for health, disease, and treatment. The term “naturopathy” is derived from the idea of being in harmony with nature and deriving benefits from it.
Top of Form
Naturopathy is much more than a mere system of curing physical discomforts. It represents a complete revolution in the art and science of living by emphasizing healthy living and drugless healing. Naturopathy is founded on a well-established philosophy and promotes the use of non-invasive methods for treatment. According to naturopathic principles, the accumulation of waste matter in the body is the root cause of disease, and elimination of this waste matter is the appropriate cure. The various therapies employed in naturopathy include water therapy, air therapy, fire therapy, space therapy, mud therapy, magneto therapy, chromo therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and diet therapy, among others.
This system advocates for a return to nature and a simple way of living that is in harmony with oneself, society, and the environment. The practice of nature cure is not new to Indians, as many of the practices are deeply rooted in the Indian lifestyle and culture. Leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Acharya Vino Bhavae, and Shri Moraji Desai have all been followers of this incredible system of medicine. Naturopathy aims to intervene at three levels: preventive, promotive, and curative, with the goal of removing the root cause of disease and promoting positive health.
The science of yoga has been around for thousands of years, long before the first religions or belief systems were born, and India is considered the birthplace of yoga. Thanks to great personalities such as Swami Shivananda, Swami Kuvalayananda, Pattabhijois, BKS Iyengar, and Swami Satyananda Saraswati, the science of yoga has spread throughout the world. The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj,” which means to join and unite all planes of the body. Yoga is not just about physical exercises; it includes other valuable components such as meditation, pranayama, mudras, and bandhas. From the physical body, yoga moves on to mental and emotional levels, harmonizing and balancing the body. Yoga is a self-care strategy for the prevention and maintenance of health and should be integrated into everyday activities as a lifestyle.
Today, naturopathy and yoga are emerging as some of the most reliable systems of medicine, with a high cure rate for a wide range of diseases.
#naturopathy #naturopathycourse
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2023.03.29 12:43 santhoshtbrc123 Oil And Gas Wells Drilling Services Global Market Report 2023 - Market Size, Trends, And Global Forecast 2023-2032

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2023.03.29 12:41 StepwiseUndrape574 Why Rockstar Is Banning Anyone From Talking About GTA 6 On Twitch

In February, Rockstar confirmed that development of Grand Theft Auto VI is well underway. In July, the TakeTwo subsidiary publicized that it would no longer work on Red Dead Redemption 2 or its online offering to focus on the development of the next title in the mega-popular GTA series. Despite this, talking about the next installment in the 25-year-old franchise is discouraged, at least on the official Twitch channel of Rockstar Games. This follows behavior the company started exhibiting on YouTube as well.
When users attempt to type GTA VI or GTA 6, they are greeted with the message that appears when a banned word or filter is applied on Twitch channels – "Your message wasn't posted due to conflicts with the channel's moderation settings." Publishers hushing people on their own platforms about titles is nothing new. Wild speculation can often draw attention to things the developers may not wish to reveal or may not have information about yet.
twitch chat no gta vi Screen Capture of Rockstar Twitch Chat Censoring GTA VI
Grand Theft Auto VI is not expected to be available until sometime in 2024. The belief right now is that Rockstar wants to focus marketing on the Grand Theft Auto Online portion of their business. GTA Online has shown a regular player base and persistent earnings for the company. There's potential for a loss of funds if people's focus is shifted away from what is currently earning them money.
There is very little known about the new title. Some people have ventured guesses that we may see a return to Vice City, the fictional city based on southern Florida cities in the United States. As of right now, the only information anyone has from Rockstar for sure is that it is being worked on. Anything else is most likely speculation.
gta cuban plane Screenshot of Cuban Airplane from Grand Theft Auto V
There are also concerns that Rockstar employees are not necessarily staying on very long right now. This follows some trends that have been occurring recently in the game development world. Poor worker treatment at Activision-Blizzard led to employees at one of its subsidiaries forming a union. Hopefully things remain stable enough at Rockstar and TakeTwo for GTA VI to arrive on time, though.
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2023.03.29 12:41 PCBCupid Some of the uses of PCB layout

Some of the uses of PCB layout

Printed circuit board (PCB) layout is a crucial step in the design and manufacturing of electronic devices. PCB layout involves arranging electronic components on a board and designing the copper traces that connect them. The layout must be carefully designed to ensure that the electronic circuit works correctly, and it is manufacturable and reliable.
Some of the uses of PCB layout include:
1. Providing a blueprint: The PCB layout serves as a blueprint for manufacturing the PCB. The layout shows the placement of electronic components, their orientation, and the traces that connect them.
2. Ensuring signal integrity: PCB layout plays a vital role in ensuring signal integrity. The layout must be designed to minimize noise, crosstalk, and electromagnetic interference.
3. Space optimization: PCB layout must be optimized to fit into the available space. This is especially important for small electronic devices where space is limited.
4. Manufacturing: PCB layout is used to create the physical board during the manufacturing process. The layout must be designed to ensure manufacturability, including correct drill sizes, minimum trace widths, and spacing rules.
5. Testing: PCB layout can be used to test and troubleshoot the circuit design. The layout provides a visual representation of the circuit, making it easier to identify any issues or errors.
Overall, PCB layout is critical to the success of electronic device design and manufacturing. A well-designed layout can help ensure a reliable and high-quality product.
👉 Read this blog to learn "How To Assemble A PCB: A Beginners Guide": https://pcbcupid.com/posts/pcb-assembly-time/
👉If you have any questions, feel free to drop them here: https://pcbcupid.com/
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2023.03.29 12:40 shadow_accord Hanging from cement wall

So I’m trying to hang some black out curtains over my existing ones and found out that not only is the beam where the curtains hang cement they GLUED the curtain rail into place! And since I’m renting I have to call them to come glue it back in if it’s fails.
Does anyone have any idea how to get some kind of idea for support that I can hand a curtain rod up from that doesn’t require drilling into cement? I can drill into the walls, but not the cement.
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2023.03.29 12:39 Alldaywithit Why are cleats so inexpensive?

Going to be playing baseball this year for the first time in years and have to get some new gear. I am looking at baseball cleats, for example the UA Harper 7 Mid RM, these look great and are $60 CAD! I am a golfer and golf cleats are going for $150 plus. The cleats looks great, why the low price? What’s the difference between these and the Harper 7 Elite TPU which is almost 3 times the price? Just want to make sure they aren’t too cheap and will perform well
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2023.03.29 12:35 go_get_the_guitar The Stirling Bomber and 'The King of Swing'

The Stirling Bomber and 'The King of Swing'
I'm reading 'A Thousand Shall Fall' by the Canadian Murray Peden, telling the story of his war, and that of his friends, as heavy bomber crew with the RAF.
He writes about his time piloting the Short Stirling bomber, which had a tendency to swing wildly during take off, something that many pilots struggled to master and prevent, leading to many accidents and deaths early in their time with the aircraft.
He talked about his admiration for one unfortunate pilot, named Tutt, and his crew in particular. Three times their heavily laden aircraft swung off the runway and crashed as they attempted to take off, earning Tutt the affectionate, if unfortunate, nickname 'The King Of Swing' in the pilots' mess. The author of the book tried to comprehend the courage it must have taken to get back into that behemoth of an aircraft and try the same thing again after each instance, knowing how lucky that the crew were to survive the last accident. Eventually Tutt was transferred to single engined aircraft, perhaps in an effort to beat his apparent undeniable misfortune in piloting bombers. Unfortunately he was killed in an accident flying a Hurricane a few short weeks later.
Murray Peden's memory of him was not of a hapless young pilot, but as a figure of strength and determination, a young man determined to do his bit. Peden said "He may have lacked something, but it sure as hell wasn't courage".
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2023.03.29 12:35 AutoModerator [Get] Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course

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2023.03.29 12:32 Agginmad [Loot Tavern] A Griffon's Saddlebag Inspired Item - Griffon's Cloak - The act of crafting this feathered cloak is seen as a test of skill and patience by the followers of a powerful astral griffon. [OC-Art]

[Loot Tavern] A Griffon's Saddlebag Inspired Item - Griffon's Cloak - The act of crafting this feathered cloak is seen as a test of skill and patience by the followers of a powerful astral griffon. [OC-Art] submitted by Agginmad to Dungeons_and_Dragons [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 12:32 SSRoobks 30M on my way to the gym lf [friendship]

Good morning whoever is reading this. I'm looking for online friendships. Would like to turn small chats into long term friends, something where we are both excited to hear from each other.
I prefer girls, it's easier to converse with you, but will talk to anyone. Prefer someone who can share their life, dreams, ups and downs, memes, can freely vent if needed, become best friends. I would like you to be okay with casual friendly flirting (maybe online FWB after some time if that kind of connection is there)
A little about me, 30, bi, I enjoy working out, learning how to fix things, I have a lot of life experience in a lot of different areas, and playing golf are probably the main things but I have a lot of other interests too. Let's become friends!
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2023.03.29 12:31 xtremexavier15 TSA 24

Chapter 24: Top Dog
Boys: Shawn
Girls: Heather, Lindsay
Episode 24: Top Dog
"Last time on Total Drama Action," Chris said over a shot of the film lot. "A sweet, surprise package from the outside world left Heather bitter," Heather was shown looking at her jawbreaker with disgust, "and the cast got a taste of life in zero-gravity conditions," the four were seen floating in the space shuttle.
"But all was not well in the universe as Shawn and Courtney continued to spitefully hate each other," the two mentioned were shown making comments at each other.
"In the end, Heather won the challenge," she was shown to be covered in barf, "but lost her sweet smell. Lindsay fixed things between Courtney and Shawn" she, Shawn and Courtney were shown talking, "but lost her chance to stay in the game almost. Thanks to a tiebreaker, Courtney lost the game, but won a Lame-osine ride back to the real world?" She was seen puking into her pot and entering the limo.
"Can Lindsay breathe once more now that she barely got lucky?" The dumb princess was shown in the confessional.
"Will Shawn be able to carry on without his sole alliance?" The conspiracy nut was shown looking at his tinfoil hat.
The scene flashed to Chris in front of the cast trailers. "All this and more, on today's out-of-this world episode of, Total! Drama! Action!"
The episode opened on a shot of the morning sun before panning down to the cast trailers. The camera centered on the girls', then cut inside as Lindsay woke up.
"That was a nice dream I had," Lindsay talked to herself while sitting up in her bunk. "Marshmallow pillows and candy rainbow pieces have never been so tasty."
She soon looked around for a bit. "Where did Heather go? I thought she would be back from showering last night."
The door opened and Heather walked in, though she was looking groggy and tired.
"Where were you all night?" Lindsay asked her roommate. "Were you out on a secret trip thanks to your immunity? Let me guess where you went. The cheese factory, Niagara Falls, or did you go to the mall?"
"Zip it!" Heather shouted. "I spent the entire evening in the bathroom."
"Why did you sleep in there?" Lindsay asked.
"That ghost slash vampire fighting freak soaked the last of the gumbo on me!" Heather complained. "It took me hours to wash the food off and make sure I smelled exquisite."
"I don't blame Shawn for what he did," Lindsay shot a glare at the queen bee's direction. "You made him get into a fight with Courtney. Things could've gotten worse if I didn't solve their problem."
"Shut up, Lame-say," Heather insulted. "That homeschooled reject is going down, and once I deal with him and you, I'll claim the grand prize."
"I have no idea how Amy could tolerate you," Lindsay told her. "You worked with her, sure, but you decided to strategize behind her back just because she had standards."
"Amy and the other contestants mean nothing to me," Heather said. "Just watch your back!"
Confessional: Heather
"I knew I'd make it to the end. Big shocker," Heather filed her nails. "I just can't believe the zombie weirdo and brainless blondie made it. So they may as well just give me the check, I mean come on. I think we all know who's gonna win."
Confessional Ends
Heather yawned and laid down on her bunk. Just then, the trailer door burst open. Chris walked in and promptly and joyfully blew a few notes on a bugle into the room. "Wake up, sleepyheads!" he announced with glee. "Breakfast is served, along with today's movie challenge. You've got ten minutes to get your sorry butts down there!" He backed out of the room.
"I bet today's genre will be "guy in a coma" movie," Heather suggested as she lied down.
"I doubt it, but I'm just going to eat breakfast," Lindsay said before leaving.
The scene flashed over to the craft services tent. "Wow Chef!" Shawn said in awe as the camera cut to a close-up of his plate as Chef ladled a portion of something that was pale yellow, lumpy, and slightly hairy onto it. "These scrambled eggs actually look pretty good!"
Chef looked at the theorist, then burst out into raucous laughter. "Scrambled eggs," he repeated before resuming his laughter and even falling over.
Shawn shot his food with a worried look and put it back before walking away. "I'll just eat on the leaves I've gathered."
Confessional: Shawn
"The way Chef was laughing made me believe that the scrambled eggs were too good to be true," Shawn confessed. "Or maybe they were poisoned. Or maybe they were drugged with sleeping medicine. But worst of all-"
Confessional Ends
Shawn sat next to Heather, who stopped eating once she saw him. "I gotta say, you smell pretty good," the theorist told her teasingly.
"It's just lavender soap," Heather glared. "I used three bottles of it thanks to your stunt."
"Now you know how I felt when you messed with my mind and got Courtney eliminated," Shawn said. "Zombies may eat brains, but they don't have any control over what they're doing."
"It's always supernatural stuff with you," Heather groaned. "I'm stunned Jo even likes you, but it makes sense. You two are ugly and can't dress fashionably to save your lives."
Shawn furiously got in Heather's face. "She likes me for me, and I won't change myself for her."
Confessional: Shawn
"It's one thing to be manipulative, but to insult my feelings for Jo? That's crossing the line," Shawn ranted. "Like Jo did before, I will make sure Heather loses."
Confessional Ends
The scene cut to Lindsay approaching the serving counter, only to look confused when she didn't see Chef. The cook then lifted his arm up and dropped a ladle of fake eggs onto her tray.
"Scrambled eggs?" Lindsay wondered as she looked at her plate. "It's the second episode all over again." Chef broke out laughing again behind the counter, but he managed to sit back up and wipe a tear out of his eye.
Lindsay sat down next to Shawn. "Hey Shawn. Where's your food."
"A heads up," Shawn whispered. "The eggs aren't cooked well. They're just fake."
"They looked real," Lindsay slid her tray away.
"So anyways, me and you are up against Heather, Lindsay" Shawn told her. "I know what you're gonna say."
"Let's team up and take her down," Lindsay grinned.
"It's almost like you read my mind," Shawn said, "but without being an alien."
Confessional: Lindsay
"Shawn is really cute," Lindsay admitted. "His constant nagging about his theories do bug me and he could really use a shower every once in a while, but I can see why Jo is into him."
Confessional Ends
"What can I do about the eggs?" Lindsay asked Shawn. "Chef will totally kill me with his eyes if I throw it away."
"Leave it to me," Shawn told Lindsay.
Shawn grabbed the eggs with his two hands. He mushed them together and created a ball out of the eggs. Twirling it on his finger for a brief moment, he tossed the ball away and it landed in the pot Chef was using to cook a meal. The cook stopped whistling to see what slipped in, but went about his business without a care.
"I can't believe he didn't even care," Lindsay commented.
"I don't know what Chef uses to make his food, but it's probably leftovers," Shawn said.
"Attention, cast!" Chris said, the camera cutting to him standing on the other side of the tent with a blue-and-yellow macaw perched on his shoulder. It squawked as the three contestants walked up.
"What is that parrot doing on your shoulder?" Lindsay asked.
"That's my new BFFF!" Chris explained with a grin. "Best Flying Friend Forever. That brings us to today's movie genre: the Animal Buddy flic." The three teens gave him skeptical looks.
Confessional: Chris
"You try coming up with twenty-two movie genres," Chris accused in the confessional. "It was either animal buddy, or guy in a coma movies."
Confessional Ends
"The hallmark of any good animal buddy flick is the human-animal bonding," Chris explained as his macaw watched him. "First, the human and the animal start out as enemies. Then, through many misadventures, the animal and human grow to care about each other," the camera zoomed in on the macaw as it seemed to be touched by the host's words, "and become fast friends."
The parrot rubbed Chris' chin affectionately with its head, and the host responded by extending a finger to rub the bird. However, the macaw decided to playfully chomp on the finger and squawked laughingly as the human winced in pain.
"You guys just hang tight for a sec, 'kay?" Chris told the cast with a calm look on his face. He walked off camera, and the castmates watched in mild horror as sounds of an attack were heard. Feathers flew, squawks were heard, and the host yelled "Let go of my coif!"
He walked back into view moments later, brushing the feathers off his shoulder but ignoring the ones in his now-ruffled hair. "So...where were we...?" he asked idly before smiling in realization. "Right! The first animal buddy movie challenge will be to pick an animal and teach it to be just like you," he explained as the camera panned across the wary faces of Heather, Shawn, and Lindsay. "That shouldn't be too hard, since you're all animals." A rimshot played, but none of the cast were amused.
Chris got serious again. "The cast member whose animal most resembles them at the end, wins the challenge." The contestants were shown again, and Lindsay in particular was looking pleased.
Confessional: Lindsay
"I love animals, especially dogs," Lindsay gushed in the confessional. "I even have one of my own. One time, I told my math teacher that his new hair piece looks like my dog's butt. But he totally took it the wrong way. My dog has the cutest curly little butt!" the blonde explained. "It was a compliment!"
Confessional Ends
The footage resumed at a shot of the contestants outside. "Alright cast," Chris announced, "time to meet your future BFFFFFs!" He motioned behind him, where something large and covered in an orange tarp was stationed between him and Chef. "Best Furry, Feathered, or Finned Friends, Forever!" he explained further, earning an eyeroll from the cook as he pulled away the tarp.
The four teens gasped as the four cages were uncovered. The camera focused on each animal one-by-one. First was a brown bear that roared at the cast, then a bigger cage holding a rather agitated looking shark, then a smaller cage holding a raccoon that tried to claw at them, and finally a bird cage holding a chameleon that rolled out its tongue.
"Pick an animal," Chris told the cast, "and get training. You have three hours."
"I got the raccoon!" Heather said immediately, shoving Shawn to the ground and dashing forward towards the small cage before either of the others could react.
Confessional: Heather
"I had to pick the raccoon," Heather reasonably told the viewers. "The chameleon is gross, the bear is huge, and the shark is murderous."
Confessional Ends
The scene returned to Shawn and Lindsay standing with the other animals. "I'll take the chameleon," the blonde said. "If it can change colors, I can't pass that up."
"And I'll take the bear," Shawn announced. "It has a lesser chance of eating me alive in comparison to the shark."
Chris saw that the final three have made their decision and chosen their animals, but noticed that the shark was lonely.
"So it seems they left out the shark," Chris mused. "I paid good money to bring all four of the animals out here, and I won't let any of them go to waste." He thought to himself. "What to do, what to do."
Ezekiel suddenly ran up to Chris. "Hey Chris. I'm here to help judge the animals."
"Ezekiel! Great timing," Chris piped up. "Say, do you want to pet sit for an animal while we wait for the judging part?"
"Uh, sure," Ezekiel agreed. "Which one do I have to watch over?"
"Chef, bring the pet here!" Chris ordered, causing the cook to drag the shark over to the home schooled guy."
Ezekiel's eyes almost popped out. "I have to take care of a shark? They're dangerous looking eh!"
"That's not my problem," Chris laughed while departing. "Just make sure it doesn't try to hurt the other animals. They didn't get picked, so they're sorta jealous."
All Ezekiel could do was gulp at his predicament.
Heather and the raccoon were sitting on a table. "I don't know if you've been tested for rabies, but I have my eyes on you, so don't try any funny business."
The raccoon snarled at her. "Hey hey! I don't want any trouble. I just want to win this challenge."
Heather pulled out a box of doggy treats. "If you behave, I'll feed this to you." This caused the raccoon to sit up straight, and Heather gave it a treat. "Good."
After devouring the treat, the raccoon held out its paw, causing Heather to awkwardly shake it.
The camera went to the chameleon, who's colors changed from red to bright yellow. It was supposed to change to Lindsay's hair color, but it didn't obey.
"That's not the color," Lindsay told her animal. "It's supposed to be blonde, not bright yellow. Let's try this again." The chameleon turned dark green in response.
The scene flashed to Shawn and the bear inside the service tent. "I know something that we share," Shawn told the bear. "We both like food, but the only difference is that I can cook and you can't."
The bear growled at that, causing Shawn to retract. "I'm not saying this to insult you. I'm just saying that I teach you how to cook. That way, you won't have to eat out of the trash can."
The bear smiled in response.
Ezekiel was looking at the shark still in its tank. He touched the tank with his hand, and after the shark chomped its jaws, he recoiled back in fear.
"You know what I like to do?" Ezekiel said. "Play songs on my harmonica."
The home schooled guy took his harmonica out and played "Ocean Man" by Ween. Just as he was going to get to the third stanza, the shark howled in boredom and pretended to fall asleep by rolling over.
Ezekiel stopped playing to see what the shark just did and sighed. "I know music doesn't kill animals eh. I'm not that naive."
The scene flashed to Heather and her raccoon lounging about. "I've already taught you manners, but I don't have anything else to do."
The queen bee's face lit up with inspiration. "I know." She lifted up the raccoon. "Want to help me sabotage the others? I'll give you the entire box of treats if you do."
The raccoon thought about it, but complied.
Confessional: Heather
"This will almost be like sabotaging my competition in the ballet competition, only this time, it's on a reality show," Heather said.
Confessional Ends
Lindsay's chameleon was now orange-colored. "My hair looks like it's colored orange, but that's not the case," Lindsay expressed her frustration.
Behind her, Heather had hooked her raccoon to a fishing line. She swung it over Lindsay's head, allowing for the raccoon to use a can of spray paint on Lindsay's hair.
Seeing what color the hair was now, the chameleon turned white.
"That's definitely wrong," Lindsay said while the raccoon resprayed her hair brown, causing the chameleon to turn into that color. "Wrong again!" Her hair got sprayed pink. "My hair isn't even close to pink!"
Not wanting to be exposed, Heather quickly reeled her raccoon back and took off.
The camera flashed back to the kitchen. The bear was stirring pancake mix and flour in a big bowl as Shawn watched him.
"I work in a bakery, so making cake is my first lesson in cooking," Shawn instructed. "I need to use the bathroom. Keep stirring until I come back."
After Shawn left, the bear decided to search the cabinets for more ingredients. The raccoon, who was under the table, crept from under there and stood near the bowl.
They took out a bottle of maple syrup, and quickly squirted it all onto the bowl. As soon as the raccoon was done, they went back to hiding when the bear came back with the ingredients.
The bear added some sugar into their bowl and resumed stirring the mix, unaware of the syrup. Heather saw her pet return back and they smiled at their sabotage.
Meanwhile, Ezekiel was bringing a set of books with him. "Alright, shark. I think you'd like to read a story."
He took out "The History of Canada" and turned to page one. "This book is one of my favorites. It describes how Canada was made."
Seeing the book that was picked, the shark silently whined before taking out some earplugs and placing them into their ears. Afterwards, they faked a smile just to show that they're paying attention.
"I knew you'd like the story," Ezekiel looked up from his book, unaware of the fact that the shark wasn't listening.
A flash took the scene to a stock shot of the film lot before another cut took it to Ezekiel, Chef, and Chris sitting at a judge's table, the contestants and their animal buddies waiting around in front of it. "Alright cast," Chris announced, "time to judge the animal buddies."
"Why does the bear have frosting on their lips?" Lindsay asked Shawn after seeing the animal lick their lips.
"It's a secret," Shawn replied.
"Heather!" Chris called, earning the attention of the mean girl and her partner. "You and your raccoon are up first!"
"About that," Heather walked up. "I didn't teach my raccoon much of anything," she said, causing Chris to frown at her.
Heather soon whispered to her raccoon, and before anyone else knew it, the raccoon sprung up and snatched Ezekiel's crochet hat.
"That's my hat you're taking!" Ezekiel protested as the raccoon returned to Heather.
"But I did teach it how to snatch and grab," Heather said.
Chris and Chef looked at each other and held up two signs with numbers on it. "Ten!" Chris announced with a smile.
Ezekiel revealed his score. "I give it a six personally!"
Heather glared at the boy and hurled his hat at his face.
"Alright chameleon," Chris said next, "give it all you got."
The chameleon stood on Lindsay's shoulder and turned its color blonde like the girl's hair color.
The three judges clapped and gave Lindsay an eight.
"Shawn," Chris told the remaining contestant. "Time to see what your bear cooked up." He opened the pot and saw a chocolate cake with maple syrup surrounding it. "Why is there maple syrup?"
"I don't know," Shawn shrugged. "The bear must've put it in as a surprise." He got slapped in the head by the bear. "What? I didn't give you any syrup."
Chef took the first bite. "This is an eight. The cake is good, but it gets hard to scrape off your teeth."
Chris was next. "Nine out of ten. I'd like the dessert better if you had properly planned it out."
Ezekiel was the last one. "Maple syrup goes great with everything," he smiled. "Especially cake. This scored ten points!"
"If it makes us look good, I applaud you for your skills," Shawn complimented the bear.
"Points have been tallied," Chris announced. "And the winner of the first challenge is Shawn!"
"Yes!" Shawn cheered, but noticed Ezekiel still eating the cake. "Uh, Ezekiel, are you gonna share with us?"
Ezekiel stopped eating when he heard him. "It is your cake, so yeah."
"I do get first dibs," Chris grabbed a piece before turning to look at the camera. "Be right back," he said with a wink.
(Commercial break)
The scene faded back in to a shot of a dirt road running through some unidentified forest just as a bus pulled up. Its door opened with a hiss, and Chris stepped off. "Here we are gang! Don't you just love field trips?"
Following him off the bus were the raccoon and Heather, then Lindsay with her chameleon on her shoulder, and finally Shawn who had to pull his bear through by the paw.
"The woods? Again?" Heather asked.
"Your next challenge is to find your way back to the film lot," Chris told them as an angled shot of some trees nearby was shown. "A ten mile hike through these woods," the camera panned back to the castmates, "using only your animal buddies to guide you," the host added and the shot moved over to the raccoon, chameleon, and bear as they shrugged in ignorance.
"But be careful," Chris warned. "Several vicious and life-threatening traps have been set up along the way."
"Who would do such a thing?" Lindsay got scared.
"Hint; it's the only guy here," Heather said.
"It wasn't me, so obviously it was you," Shawn accused Chris.
"Correct!" Chris confirmed. "First one back wins invincibility. Shawn gets to shave thirty minutes off his final time for winning the first challenge. Everyone ready?"
"Wait, where's Ezekiel?" Lindsay asked. "And where's that shark?"
Chris chuckled a bit. "They're just spending time together."
Ezekiel was standing on a rock supervising his shark. "I only have a couple of hours left before I can go home, and it's just you and me."
He realized that his pet had brought more sharks into the stream of water. "What the heck? Chris never told me I had to watch all of you."
"See you all back at the film lot," Chris told them as he took a step onto the bus, "and good luck." He boarded the bus, and moments later the door slid shut and it sped off in a cloud of dust.
The three teens lingered in the area for a moment, then slowly split up. Heather and the raccoon went left, Lindsay and the chameleon went right, and Shawn and the bear stood still.
Shawn saw the girls going their own ways. "I know how to get back. I'm a bit of a navigator," he told her companion, who smiled at the knowledge.
Confessional: Shawn
"If you want to know the inside of my bunker, check it out!" Shawn said before pulling out blueprints and showing his first page. "Entrance chamber with eye-scan entry and remote lasers here, here, and here. And here and here. And here." He turned to the next page. "Master bedroom with bite-proof bedspread and weaponized pillows, and just in case…" the page turned, "this is the panic room." He flipped one last time. "And this is the panic room inside the panic room. Can't be too careful."
Confessional Ends
Heather and her raccoon were shown wandering through the woods and searching around.
"How did Jo manage to do this part of the challenge?" Heather rambled. "It was a stranded episode, but I still don't know which way she went."
The raccoon rolled their eyes, but still followed Heather.
The camera flashed to Lindsay walking through the woods. "No offense," she said to her companion, "but I think I should've picked the bear. Shawn must be lucky riding on their back."
Whether or not the chameleon got offended, they turned themselves invisible. "What the? Where did you go? I can't lose you!" Lindsay frantically ran about trying to locate her pet.
The camera moved to show her stepping on a string hidden behind a small shrub. It snapped, and a rock was launched out of a nearby bush by what looked like a small catapult. It hit Lindsay in the stomach, causing her to kneel over.
"Those were the traps," Lindsay wheezed out before collapsing.
Confessional: Lindsay
"One of the things I would've liked to do with my money is spend it on a lifetime supply of lip gloss, but I canceled it because there's more things to value," Lindsay confessed. "Like creating a brand new style of lip gloss."
Confessional Ends
Back with Ezekiel, he was sitting down as he watched the sharks racing each other. He pulled out some cake pieces from the one Shawn and his pet created and proceeded to eat them.
"I should've packed them in a bag if I didn't want syrup in the pockets, but I'll make do," Ezekiel shrugged before a shark swallowed all of his pieces. "Hey! If you wanted a piece, you should have just asked!" he said angrily.
This wasn't the smartest thing to say as the sharks chomped their jaws and went towards his direction.
Not wanting to potentially die, Ezekiel took out the last of his cake slices. "If you want these, go get them!" He threw them far away, causing the sharks to forget about Ezekiel and swim for the cake. "That was close."
The camera cut to Heather as he followed the raccoon. "Are you sure you know where we're going?" she asked. "I am not going to lose because of you leading us in circles."
The raccoon growled, but still stayed by her side.
"Of course I'll be upset," Heather replied. "I have plans for when I win the million bucks."
Confessional: Heather
"When I win, I'm thinking of my own spin-off series. The World According to Heather," Heather described it. "Luckily, I'm up against the dimwit and the nutcase. So they may as well just give me the money, I mean come on. I think we all know who's gonna win."
Confessional Ends
"Chameleon, where did you wander off to?" Lindsay yelled as she walked through the woods, "We have to be together so we can make it to the film lot."
The camera followed her to show that she was rapidly approaching a large patch of ground with a suspiciously large number of sticks and branches on it. "Could this be the way home?" As soon as Lindsay stepped onto the odd patch of ground, the branches snapped and she fell with a holler into the pit that had been hidden. "Booby traps!"
Shawn and his bear were strolling along. You know," he told his companion, "I can say that I trust you. If you were robotic or built by Chris and the producers, there wouldn't be any trust." The bear giggled happily.
The camera followed them as they came across a pile of leaves. As soon as they hit it, a net seemed to appear in the leaves under their feet and dragged them up in a suspended bundle.
"This isn't good. We have to get down," Shawn mentioned.
Confessional: Shawn
"I never thought I would see the day where I got captured in a booby trap," Shawn said.
Confessional Ends
"I have an idea!" Shawn said as he grabbed some nearby blueberries and gave them to the bear. "You eat as many blueberries as you can. If we're lucky, your increased weight can get us out."
Shawn took out a piece of wood bark carved into a knife. "I'll use this to cut holes into the trap just to help us."
The camera flashed to Heather and the raccoon outside a small cave. "I don't think there's a time for breaks," she told her companion. The raccoon snarled viciously and crawled into the cave. "As long as we're quick," she complied and followed her pet.
Inside the cave was the raccoon's surprisingly luxurious den. There was a reading corner, a kitchen, a ping-pong table, and even a big screen TV.
"You guys are civilized?" Heather said in shock upon seeing the den. "This resembles my house, but much smaller." A raccoon walked by and offered her a sandwich from a tray. "One sandwich? I'll take more than that," she said as she took three.
The raccoon, holding a paddle, chirped at her from the ping-pong table. "Ping pong? Like I would pass up on that offer," Heather said before going over.
The camera went to the pit Lindsay fell into. She had dirt all over her body along with leaves, her boots were gone, leaving her barefooted, and she was drifting into insanity.
"I'm so hungry," Lindsay croaked out. "What can I eat that's edible?"
She pulled out her lipstick and took the tube off before biting into it. "Tastes just like cherries."
Meanwhile, as Shawn was sawing through the net, the bear had its belly and mouth covered from all the berries they were currently eating on. After a few more seconds, the net finally burst and the duo fell into the ground.
"We're free!" Shawn whooped. "Time to get back to the lot."
The scene skipped ahead to a shot of the afternoon sun high in the sky, the camera panning down and to the right to show Chris standing alone by the cast trailers. A little ways to the left was a meager finish line flanked by tall red flags.
"Shawn and his bear!" Chris announced as he saw them coming to the lot. "Nice one!" He proceeded to high five Shawn. "You're the first team to arrive, and for being the first one back, you get a guaranteed spot in the final two."
Confessional: Shawn
"Going to the finale!" Shawn whooped with the bear next to him. "Training pets can be a hassle, but as long as they're not your enemies, you can bond well with them!"
Confessional Ends
"Where is everyone?" Shawn asked the host, both watching the woods along with the bear.
"Sure they'll be here any minute," Chris answered while looking at his watch.
"I'm back!" the voice of Ezekiel announced as he entered the scene.
"Where's the shark, Zeke?" Chris wondered.
"It met some friends in the water," Ezekiel described the situation, "or its family."
"As long as a mammal is reunited with their family, I'm cool with it," Chris shrugged.
The camera panned to the sun as it set, then the moon rose, then the moon set and the sun rose. The shot panned back to them waiting for the remaining contestants, with Chris having grown a large and bushy beard, and the bear asleep.
"Any... minute... now," Chris said weakly, still looking at his watch.
"It's been days," Shawn pointed out. "Maybe we should send out a search party."
"And here they come now!" Chris announced brightly before speeding off screen. The camera pulled back to show Victor and his raccoon and a soaking wet Heather and her fox walking up to the brickhouse.
"Are you guys ok?" DJ asked. "What took you so long?"
"I lost track of time when spending time with Lord Montague," Victor said while gesturing to the raccoon.
"And I wound up taking the wrong river," Heather explained through chattering teeth.
A familiar shout caught their attention and they turned to see Kitsune, now sporting and eye-patch and the parrot on her shoulder, swing into the film lot on a vine. "Argh!" She said in a thick pirate accent. "It be good to be back in me home port."
"Welcome back cast," said a clean shaven Chris. "Better late than never. DJ and his bear buddy easily won the challenge, which means invincibility. DJ gets a free pass into the Final Three."
"Shiver me timbers!" Kitsune cried. "Good job me boy!"
"The question is; Who will join him in the Final Three?" Chris asked. "And who will be the next one outta here? The answer will be revealed on the most exciting Gilded Chris ceremony ev-ah!"
"Now be the time to make the treacherous wench walk the plank!" Kitsune told her allies, who just gave her confused and concerned looks.
"Faith!" Heather groaned. "You're so annoying!"
"Who be Faith?" The goofball asked in genuine curiosity. "I be One-Eyed Foxy, the deadliest pirate on the Seven Seas! And this here's me faithful parrot, Eddie," she added with an affectionate rub of the parrot's head.
"She spent too long in a pit," the parrot explained. "Rawk!"
Heather walked up to the goofball, then slapped her across the face. Kitsune's pupils shrunk and she blinked a couple of times. "Thanks," she said begrudgingly. "I needed that."
"I must say," Victor said, "this has been one of the strangest few days of my life. At least I do not have to vote for DJ now. And maybe Chris will realize that a mole is no longer necessary"
[A grand theme played as the camera zoomed in on the amphitheatre. Several film strips of the host's highlights from the previous season flew past the screen, then the camera panned out from a solid gold screen to show a Guilded Chris.]
"This is a big one cast," Chris told the four teens from his podium. "DJ's safe from elimination which means the rest of you, are fair game. So," he mined a cat's claws scratching, "sharpen those claws and cast your votes. Someone is going home for the last time."
"Pfft," DJ scoffed. "Sorry girl, but you gotta go." He made his vote, and the screen shrunk into the top-left of the screen.
Kitsune sighed in relief as she made her vote. "Now that's satisfying." She shrank into the bottom-right.
"Like it matters at this point," Heather spat bitterly as she made her vote. She shrank into the top-right.
"There really is one choice," Victor said as he made his vote. He shrunk into the bottom-left.
A close-up of Chris grew from the center of the screen and stopped just before it overlapped with any of the castmates' faces.
"The Gilded Chris goes to..." the host announced. "DJ! And Kitsune!" The screen cut to Chris at the podium. "Heather, since you were the only one who didn't vote for you, it's time for your ride home."
"Finally!" Kitsune cheered.
"And Victor will be joining you," Chris added, causing everyone to gasp.
"But why?" DJ asked.
"Let's just say he had some special caused in his contract that he is now in breach of," the host answered.
"But DJ was immune!" Victor protested. "What would you have me do?"
"I don't know," Chris answered with a shrug. "Maybe sabotage DJ like we told you to," the other three gasped again.
"So Sugar was right?" Heather asked in disbelief.
"Confession time," Kitsune said. "I kinda knew Sugar was telling the truth. Seriously guys, Victor's a terrible liar."
Victor sighed and stood up. "I apologize for my actions and I hope that you will forgive me," he told his allies. "Please know that had I not been contractually obligated, I never would have influenced your votes like I had."
"Don't sweat it," Kitsune said with a wave of her hand. "We can't help the things this show makes us do."
"And it's not like you gave anyone an advantage in the competition," DJ added. Victor, upon hearing their words, beamed brightly.
"I'm not okay with it!" Heather shouted. "What was the point in the vote if you were gonna boot him anyway?!"
"Huh," Chris said. "I did not think about that."
"So that means that I can stay and he can go right?" Heather asked.
"Not really, all votes are final," the host explained. "And even so, technically he was disqualified after you were voted off."
"Well you'll be hearing from my lawyers!" Heather threatened.
"Considering that his being here kept you in the game for like three more episode," Chris replied, "I doubt you have a case."
The camera cut to a long distance shot of the film lot as a frustrated growl from Heather shook the screen.
The scene flashed ahead to Heather and Victor getting escorted to the Lame-osine by Chef. "You'll be penniless! Jobless! Your name'll be mud on every blog from here to Cape Breton!" Heather yelled back at the host. "You think you were in trouble when Alejandro sued?! I'll make you wish you never met me!"
Victor got in the limo, Heather was thrown in by Chef, and the cook slammed the door shut. It sped off in a cloud of dust, and the shot cut back to the start of the red carpet where the host stood flanked by the two finalists. "DJ! Kitsune!" he announced, putting his arms around their shoulders. The two
Victor got in the limo, Heather was thrown in by Chef, and the cook slammed the door shut. It sped off in a cloud of dust, and the shot cut back to the start of the red carpet where the host stood flanked by the two finalists. "DJ! Kitsune!" he announced, putting his arms around their shoulders. The two smiled brightly at the camera. "The Final Two! One of you will become a millionaire! And the other...will
The host rose his arms and knocked the two down in the process. "Tune in to our most controversial episode ever, of, Total! Drama!
(Roll the Crdits

The Gentleman and The Queen Bee both sat in the limo in an awkward silence. "So," Victor
"Don't talk to me," Heather
"Pardon me for attempting to dispel the tension," he replied
"Well I'm sorry," Heather said in frustration. "But I just lived through six weeks of torture, the guy I kinda have a crush on is head over heels with the most annoying person on the planet, and to top it all off I was just voted off. By you! So excuse me if I'm ot in the mood to talk. Especially considering if you'd done your job as a mole, I'd still be in the
Victor pursed his lips. "You do realize that even without my vote you still would have been voted off. Also, the fact that the producers had to hire someone to keep you on the show should tell you
Heather opened her mouth but Victor cut her off. "But by all means, continue your sul
13th: S
8th: Mik
7th: Amney
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2023.03.29 12:30 LDelicious Manchester Cigarette? Where can I find it? I have been told only Sydney and Melbourne. I can definetly confirm Melbourne has it I have been living there for 14 years. Sydney visited recently I got a few packets. Just to be safe. Plane baggage. Anyone in Gold Coast?

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2023.03.29 12:28 md707909 23[MF4MF/F] Melbourne - Inner north couple looking for fun!

Hey all,
We are a young couple seeking casual fun with either a bisexual couple or a bisexual woman. We can host at our place in the inner north!
About us:
Her - 23, Blonde, curvy, 5”9ish, corporate girly who loves a boogie on the weekend. Has had a tiny bit of experience with woman and very keen to change that! Very interested in eating out/being eaten out (you know the drill)
Him - 23, brunette, slim/average build, 6”0, full time musician. Very open sexually, and will try anything once 😆. Definitely majorly turned on by butt stuff, giving or receiving, though this is not a deal breaker, totally cool if you’re not into it!
What we are looking for:
An open minded couple where both partners are not straight, for maximum fun! Any experience levels welcome, this will be our first time too!
A bisexual woman who wants to receive a whole lot of pleasure, in a comfy, fun environment
What we offer:
A safe, fun environment to explore sexually together!
Very keen to go for a drink first, and also keen on discussing wants/boundaries in DM, open communication is key!
Would love to exchange pics in DM/on snap
Hope to hear from you soon! X
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2023.03.29 12:25 BMI49Loot AI & NPC Writing

Been having fun using GPT-4 writing content for modules. Imagine GPT-3/other tools could do similar. Ever struggled to write notes on the personality of your BBEG/important NPC? Give get GPT to give them a personality profile using the Five-Factor Model. Example:
The NEO-PI-R, also known as the Five-Factor Model, consists of five main personality traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Here is a personality profile for Thrasios based on these traits, including scores on a scale of 1-5:
  1. Openness (4/5): Thrasios is intellectually curious and open to new experiences. As a scholar, he has a strong imagination and a deep interest in the unknown. However, this openness has led him to delve into forbidden knowledge and dark arts.
  2. Conscientiousness (3/5): Thrasios used to be very disciplined and reliable, but his tragic past has made him more obsessive and less focused on his responsibilities. His determination to resurrect his wife has taken precedence over other duties.
  3. Extraversion (2/5): Thrasios has become more introverted and withdrawn since the death of his wife. He is less likely to engage with others, preferring solitude to work on his dark pursuits.
  4. Agreeableness (2/5): Once a kind-hearted and empathetic individual, Thrasios' grief has made him more self-centered and less concerned with the well-being of others. His actions are driven by his personal desires rather than concern for the greater good.
  5. Neuroticism (4/5): Thrasios has become emotionally unstable due to his tragic past. He is prone to mood swings, anxiety, and feelings of guilt and helplessness. This emotional turmoil has pushed him to make a pact with a malevolent entity, further exacerbating his instability.
In terms of behavior and character, Thrasios is likely to be secretive about his dark pursuits, isolating himself from others. He may struggle with decision-making, as his emotional turmoil and obsessive nature cloud his judgment. Thrasios may also demonstrate a lack of empathy towards those affected by his actions, focusing solely on his goal of resurrecting his wife.
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2023.03.29 12:21 trumpetwall Final Girl. First time lucky

Final Girl. First time lucky
First time lucky.
Victory Laurie over Hans at Camp Happy Trails in Final Girl.
Bonfire setup.
Laurie heads off to the Utility Shed where the bow & arrows are showing. First card, Things are Looking up. Bow and Arrow For the Win.
Hans heads towards the campfire to claim his first victim. Laurie moves towards Make Out Point. There's bound to be a couple there and something just doesn't feel right.
Our two lovebirds are the only ones to see Hans eviscerate the single councillor away from the group around the fire and are more than happy to be led away to safety.
Hans stares at the group around the fire and flashbacks to a previous time arouse the brooding power of Unholy Rage. Or would have if his pausing hadn't allowed Laurie within bow shot range.
This completely unprovoked attack, (after all he's only got the blood of one victim over him) enrages him with the power of Unholy Speed. Or again, would have if Laurie hadn't have had moved closer and performed an outstanding critical attack to put paid to that.
Here Laurie learns that she just can't go toe-to-toe with this guy as he backhands her hard across the campsite to draw blood and moves towards the crowd at the campfire.
The party at the fire is in full swing and isn't prepared for this new arrival in the slightest.
Two more go down in an instant and three of the survivors panic and run away screaming.
One just stands there frozen.
It's the last thing they'll ever do.
Dazed, but unshaken after a Short Rest, Laurie heads towards the Docks managing to take a couple more survivors to safety along the way.
But after a fantastic start, she's running out of steam and Hans is getting stronger. The slaughter at the campfire was just the beginning. Another victim on his way to the Docks just adds to his bloodlust.
Desperately searching for something useful at the Docks just gives Laurie some Mysterious Pills but also time for a cunning plan.
It's time to go down fighting. On the pier of the Docks is as good a place as any. The battle commences. Hans comes in hard. Laurie's got nothing but single arrow. This can only go one way.
Except when you're dealing with a girl who knows her self defense and can really Retaliate with the best of them. The follow up attack might have been weak, but Hans had just taken a severe beating. The subsequent smackdown on Laurie wouldn't kill her. But he knew the next one would.
The noise of the fight scared the few remaining survivors and they ran into the night. The noise also woke a sleepy head in the cabins. Hans stared across the lake as the bleary eyed straggler stumbled out, his upraised weapon poised to deliver a coup-de-grace.
Laurie saw the giant stride off. She knew she was in no state to do anything about. Trying to walk and ending up sprawled in the dirt proved that. If there was ever a time to trust in dodgy pills you found at the docks, this was it.
A second search turned up a first aid kit. Good but not useful. A couple of other survivors realised it might be a good idea to get Laurie's help and headed off to where they last saw her.
She could see Hans making a beeline for the cabins at an unnatural pace. Maybe there was something at the Shed she could use and get those two knuckleheads to safety. Well, at least one of those plans came to fruition.
Hans moved with inhuman speed now and got to Laurie just as she was about to reach the Sheds. Whilst his speed may have increased, his intellectual capacity hadn't and he found himself falling for exactly the same trap as he did at the Docks, except this time he had no more to fall back on and was finally dead.
Of course, he rose again. It's practically impossible to not have the psychopath not be dead in a horror film and my random choice of final health counters was no exception.
Laurie's no wilting flower and this time a double starred roll of eleven even on a weak attack was enough to put Hans down.
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2023.03.29 12:19 bigballswong This is why ETC is worse in the current meta despite not receiving nerfs (and how to play him now)

Update: Sorry for the confusion, but what I mean by nerfs refer to direct nerfs changing his hero power cost and the effects of his hero power. I am aware of the Elise change, but beyond that, I believe other content within this post is still accurate.
Hi everyone! To introduce myself, I am a player playing in the NA server who has mostly been floating around 8.3k rating and I spend most of my free time watching and learning from top players such as XQN, RDU, superJJ, dogdog, SBR, Shadybunny etc.
I would like to contribute to this subreddit by sharing some of my thoughts on BG patch notes and hypothesize their quantifiable effects on meta and heroes, which you may find intriguing.
With that, I would like to discuss about my first topic, which is why ETC feels worse to play despite not receiving nerfs.
Most of us might have noticed that ETC feels worse to play on the current patch, assuming you follow the same curve as you did when he first came out (i.e level on turn 2, hero power on turn 3,4 etc.).
It might be hard to pinpoint why at first as he did not receive any direct nerfs to his armor or his kit, but if we take a step back on what happened surrounding him, it will make more sense.
The biggest indirect nerfs that really hit him hard is the shift of the buddies that were good for him from Tier 2 to Tier 3.
Examples of this include:
which have been popular for giving tons of value to ETC early, allowing him to snowball games.
Does that mean that ETC is unplayable now? Well, not really, just that he is 1) much more lobby-dependent now than he used to be, or if the lobby doesn't suit him, 2) he has to be played in a different way.
More lobby dependent
Played in a different way
I hope you found this post informative and helpful! Aiming to definitely do more of these in the future, and do let me know if you have any feedback or questions!
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2023.03.29 12:16 in_the_flowers Anger outbursts but unable to FEEL anger in my body?

So, like many...had a difficult childhood. Grew up with a single mum who I suspect had borderline personality disorder or something similar. She would swing between very maternal and then very distant, avoidant and busy with boyfriends. She very sadly took her life when I was in my 20's. It's created a myriad of issues of course, the usual anxiety and feeling responsible for other's feelings, anxious attachment in relationships though I've grown a lot in that area.
One thing which keeps coming up for me is ANGER. I'm 37 and a first time mum to an almost 2 year old with my partner who I've been with for around 8 years.
My partner who I love dearly can also drive me absolutely bananas with his forgetfulness and carelessness. It's like it all builds up and I will suddenly just lose my shit at him. It's understandable to not want to have to do all the thinking in a relationship and he has definitely stepped up over the years and tried to improve himself. But it's like my reactions can be just so over the top.
I can also just suddenly SNAP at my bub... again it's understandable when you are sleep deprived and toddlers push every last button. I do my best to follow gentle/respectful parenting so it's important to me to know myself and become better at self regulation. But it's like I just can't feel the anger in my body until my mouth has already opened and I'm yelling!
Anything you read about self regulation or gentle parenting it's about feeling the anger and finding the pause before you react.
For me I feel a sudden surge in my head, my heart will race and before I know it my outburst has happened.
But my therapist has explained that these sensations are more to do with anxiety rather than anger.
In several of our sessions she has tried to help me get in touch with how anger feels in my body and it's like I just can't get in touch with it, I feel like it's physically BLOCKED and I just feel so vague about it. She seems to think anxiety comes up to mask the anger.
I mean yes sometimes I can feel my jaw tense up in the moment of anger but that's about it. If she asks me to talk her through different moments past and present where I've had an outburst I just can't get in touch with the feeling of anger.
I wonder if because I felt responsible for my mum's happiness while growing up I somehow blocked feelings of anger? ie she didn't love herself, so if I didn't love her or if I showed anger then what would become of her?
So if I can't feel my anger how am I supposed to ride the wave of it and stop these outbursts? It's beyond frustrating.
My therapist is helping me to chip away at it but meanwhile I wanted to know if anyone can relate?
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