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Old homes for sale. Looking for a place to share and find old homes for sale…. This it the sub….

2014.11.12 09:55 PropertyPointerIndia Homes for Sale

Listings of new homes for sale.

2015.02.25 16:19 Herself24 List of Brampton Ontario Homes for Sale

Brampton Real Estate for Sale Residential New, Resale, Investment, Lease, Sublease Commercial Sale, Lease, Sublease

2023.03.21 22:15 r3crac BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Pro RGB Gaming Monitor Light Bar for 25.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $27.99) [Country limited!]

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Have fun.
Pretty good deal with big price discount.
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2023.03.21 22:15 randagio AppImage .desktop file not showing on dock

I have two .desktop executable files for the Keet AppImage in my .local/share/applications folder. I didn´t create them they have been created by the app I suppose. However they are both not showing on my dock. All the others AppImages are showing. If I run them form the terminal with gtk-launch keet.desktop the app starts succesfully. What can be the reason and how can I solve the issue? The content of the files is:
[Desktop Entry] Name=Keet Exec=/home/giovanni/snap/Keet_7695b52a4e54b87f751f760f6ab65255.AppImage %U Terminal=false Icon=keet Type=Application StartupWMClass=Keet X-AppImage-Version=1.0.1 Comment=Keet MimeType=x-scheme-handlepunch;x-scheme-handleholepunch and : ``` [Desktop Entry] Name=Keet Exec=/home/giovanni/snap/Keet_7695b52a4e54b87f751f760f6ab65255.AppImage Icon=appimagekit_8d9752879526b100ab8504901c9bd0a4_keet Type=Application Categories=Network;AudioVideo;
TryExec=/home/giovanni/snap/Keet_7695b52a4e54b87f751f760f6ab65255.AppImage X-AppImage-Old-Icon=keet X-AppImage-Identifier=8d9752879526b100ab8504901c9bd0a4 Actions=Remove; X-AppImageLauncher-Version=2.2.0 (git commit 0f91801), built on 2020-09-29 21:36:15 UTC ```
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2023.03.21 22:14 geckogeeked kinda corny idk

i don’t want the past to be erased or done over. which sounds bizarre but i appreciate the mindset and empathy it gave me so that i could be the person that i needed in the past for others.
i realized this when i was discharged out of a recovery facility and came home to be informed my step brother (22) was diagnosed with schizophrenia. This had been a life long problem for him but the symptoms had peaked, i felt like i lost my best friend, it seemed to have altered him. when i was unintentionally trying to save my step brother by informing my family on how to help him and suggest what action to take-he eventually got kicked out anyway (it had gotten too bad) then i relapsed and went back into rehab due to other circumstances).while i was in recovery i was told photos of him that i kept had been thrown away. it sent me into a depressive episode and i was petty about it. after finally opening up to my therapist about it she said that maybe i reacted like that because i was someone with mental health issues who wasn’t given a chance.
i did what i could and he’s much better today. in the end i allowed myself to see both perspectives. but i unintentionally put myself into his shoes with the trauma i had been through and psychology i had been taught to try to help out someone i cared for because no one was there to do that for me.
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2023.03.21 22:14 steakforkx Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Updated Program)

If you want Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator, contact us on + 447593882116 (Telegram or WhatsApp).
If you want to run a successful agency and wonder how, look no further than Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator course.
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Inside the Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course, you'll find:
The Core Curriculum for starting an agency A custom e-learning platform just for agency owners Website templates, funnels, ads, and more Template contracts, sales scripts, and agreements With this course, you'll learn how to:
- Start your agency
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To get your hands on Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator, contact me on:
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Reddit DM to u/steakforkx
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.03.21 22:13 CherryBlossomLeaves- My opinion

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2023.03.21 22:13 rogerflies96 My dreams in life

I feel like everything in my life that I wanted as a child is pretty unattainable for me with the state of the economy.
I used to want the cookie cutter life, ya know.
A nice little home to raise my kids in.
But these days everything has changed for me.
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford a home.
And I’m not sure anymore if I want kids either. I sure wouldn’t be able to afford them. I don’t have the time or the energy or the money. And the idea that something could go wrong and my child would need extra help that I just couldn’t afford, kills me.
What I wake up dreaming of these days, is a nice trailer.
Not a trashy beat down one, sorry and no offense to the people who live in those.
But I think I want a nice little trailer, that is reminiscent of a small apartment.
I want to be able to go camp in different places and wake up everyday in the middle of the trees and nature.
I want a humble, easy life. Where I don’t have to wear down my body or my mind just to get by.
That’s all I want.
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2023.03.21 22:13 Anmordi Should I get this game guys

For the sale its 10 euros only and I can afford it, should I buy fallout 76 or fallout 4
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2023.03.21 22:13 pndjr 30 minute fat burning home workout for beginners. Achievable low impact results.

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2023.03.21 22:13 millionlightrays for Sale

For sale
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2023.03.21 22:13 whatdothesubssay How to get into Paintless Dent Repair

Hi everyone,
I am currently working a corporate job and I’d love to have a business I can run on weekends and after work for extra income. My company is also doing massive layoffs so I need to brace myself for a potential layoff. I have been looking at starting businesses for a while. From starting a photo booth business to starting a windshield chip repair business. I’ve kept an eye on my city’s Facebook page and it seems like windshield chip repair, dents, and wheels are in a lot of demand as they are requested a lot and any sort of ads get like 300 comments whereas businesses like the photo booth businesses only get one or two if that. So needless to say I want to go where the demand is. I like the idea of repairing windshield so I figured that I’d buy some windshields, shoot them with my BB gun, and then repair them as practice but it seems like for PDR, you need to attend a school in order to learn it. I have no jobs hiring anywhere near me so that’d be my only option. I know that PDR is cutthroat but so am I. I work in sales so I know how to fight through rejection, burn out, and slow times.
So is PDR school the only way to learn the trade if you can’t find a job anywhere? It definitely seems like one of those trades where you need hands on learning so I’d imagine it’s the only way to go but I was just curious before I started calling up schools for pricing info. And would it be possible to run a PDR and windshield chip repair business? Or is it better to focus on a specialty?
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2023.03.21 22:13 No-Bullfrog-6786 Verified Fan Presale Waitlist

I just got waitlisted for the NH shows and I’m wicked bummed. I’ve never been to a concert with presale before, and was curious if I still have a chance of getting tickets once I can get them at the public sale on Friday? I don’t really know how ticket sales work. Any advice on the best way to get tickets still would be great!
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2023.03.21 22:13 dollarBillz007 Can someone explain this too me? Check comments

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2023.03.21 22:13 isaysomestuff Possible to have a different home screen layout (apps/wallpaper) for different routines or circumstances at the click of a button?

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2023.03.21 22:13 ChipNDaleNCats MOD PSA - Let's talk about our sub resources!

Hello! We keep getting a lot of the same questions, but most would be answered if our members were familiar with our sub's ample resources. So I thought I'd do an outline of what we provide and where it is. All members should be checking out these PSAs every time I post them; there could be something relevant to you in them! They are always stickied at the top of the subreddit until the next one comes along (to see sticky posts, sort the sub by "hot").
Heads up - I am not a fan of the Reddit App, I think it does not serve the users very well. The mobile site and desktop site are much superior when talking about how to use reddit and find things on our subreddit. So unfortunately, if you use the App, we will not be talking about that here - we will only be referencing the MOBILE SITE on your phone's internet browser and DESKTOP SITE. I highly recommend the actual sites (either phone or desktop) rather than the app.
First, we do expect all members to read all of our subreddit rules PRIOR to posting or interacting on our sub. These are found in our "About" section on the mobile site (using your phone's browser) or in the sidebar on the desktop site (if you are using a desktop computer).
Also in those same sections are a lot of good resources such as:
A link to info on trade flair and how to get it.
A list of our online pin trading basics.
A list and links to our trusted sellers of authentic pins.
A list of links to pin identification sites.
A list of links to our sister subreddits.
And at the very bottom, a list of moderators and the famous "Message the Mods" button! We ask that you always use this button to message us rather than using our personal PMs/chats. When you use this button, ALL of the mods can see your message in our shared inbox. This way your question/concern will be answered the quickest, and we will have a mod record of it. Going forward, us mods will not be conducting official mod business in our personal PMs/Chats - we will ask you to only use the modmail button.
Also, we do have a wiki section with lots of info - on flair, how to obtain flair, FAQ, pin trading basics, cleaning pins, info on sales, how to create a shipping label, pin valuation, and a complete list with links on previous MOD PSAs. Here is a link to our wiki, but you can find it on our sub normally.
And here again is the link to a post I made on how to ID a scrappecounterfeit/fake versus an authentic pin. This link is also always found in our rules under the rule on scrappers.
That's it for now!
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2023.03.21 22:12 yasniy-krasniy How hard to restore?

Chips on the edge and tip and looks like edge towards the handle also chipped.
It's a pretty large deba, so curious if it makes sense to purchase it and try to restore. Seller wants around 100 bucks for it.
Purpose would be just all around knife for home with occasional salmon/tuna filleting.
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2023.03.21 22:12 Klisz Karn the Betrayer

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2023.03.21 22:12 emmdotdee Help with scheduled feeding!

Hi! Apologies if I’ve used the incorrect flair, but I am new to posting here and looking for some advice.
We recently brought a new puppy home and introduced him to our 7 y/o female dog, who has a history of resource guarding with other dogs. Something we have struggled with a LOT is figuring out meal times, as we are trying to switch from free feeding our female dog to scheduled mealtimes where both pups are separated as otherwise our female will guard both bowls and not allow the puppy to eat.
Recently, it seems the only way either of them will eat is if we sit on the floor and hand feed them together (our female has never been aggressive with humans where food is concerned, only dogs). This is pretty inconvenient and poses the risk of our resource guarder getting snippy with our new puppy.
They get along fantastic otherwise, lots of snuggles, playing together, and grooming. The only issues we really have are with breakfast and dinner time.
Everyone I’ve spoken to says to simply separate them (different rooms, separated by a gate) and if they whine/don’t eat, they will when they get hungry enough. It makes me feel SO guilty when they don’t eat, though - any advice?
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2023.03.21 22:12 danny0428181 Anyone know what the cut off is in at home drug tests from Walmart ? Smoked 2 blunts of weed for first time in 13 months last Friday, been chugging water since then

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2023.03.21 22:12 shaypoeisis Silence from programs...

Yall I'm in a masters program and applied to med schools for this cycle in late December bc i was waiting for fall grades to come out. I only did like 5 secondaries because I was so short on time as I was focused on maintaining grades. Kind of banking on getting into the DO program at my home institution but is it weird that I haven't heard back from any programs? 2 programs in particular I was hoping to hear back from and haven't.. NYIT & LECOM. Am I supposed to follow up with them or send a letter of intent or something? My spring grades look great so not sure if thats relevant at this point in the cycle.
I might've fucked up by applying so late and not doing more secondaries. But I was focused on maintaining grades..taking a heavy course load and I know my admission heavily depends on it so if i need to apply again next cycle, it is what it is. But not sure what I'm supposed to be doing at this point in the cycle.
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2023.03.21 22:12 bubbleberry0 International psychologist wanting to work permanently in Canada

I’m a licensed psychologist in el salvador, and I’m looking to study a Master’s degree in Canada. I wanna eventually work there and potentially get a residence or citizenship eventually. I have 3 years of experience in research and clinical assessments and would love more input on this.
My questions are 1. If I do a Master’s degree in Canada, will it be the easiest way to achieve this? 2. If I do a Master’s degree elsewhere (eg. in my home country) will that severely affect my chances? 3. Is it true that online Master’s degrees are frowned upon to the point that it’ll be unlikely for me to achieve this? 4. What other things can boost my chances of saying there?
Thank you in advance and if anyone has gone through this process (especially if you’re Salvadoran) PLEASE dm me. I will greatly appreciate it. 🙏🏼!!
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2023.03.21 22:12 jordanoia Barely Survived MIL's Last Visit - Potentially Visiting Again

Just looking to vent a little and also hoping for some advice for a future visit.
My MIL lives in another country but came to visit for about a month and a half during summer of last year. It was honestly one of the most stressful periods of my life - we are very different people on a personal and cultural level.
Some examples of her behaviour: - She had some decorations that we kept for her when she used to live in this country that she pulled out of old storage boxes and started decorating our house with them (think old 70's floral table cloths) - DH asked her to put them away
- We had just recently moved into a new home and without our consent hired a locksmith to change all our locks, though she missed the garage lock and we don't know where that key is now
- We had new bathroom fixtures we were pending to install on our own, without our consent she hired a handyman to enter our home and do it instead
- She would try to do our laundry and entered our bedroom without consent
- She is a super consumer and would buy new groceries / throw away groceries that were still good; wouldn't use the organics disposal and threw organics in the trash - this eventually attracted mice
- She and DH do not have a great relationship so most days it was a tense atmosphere as they often argued with each other - she was here for a month and a half and they had 2 outright screaming matches
All this to say, I tried to really tough it out but it wasn't easy; eventually the week before she was set to leave we had the watermelon incident. Due to her constant grocery shopping we were out of space in the fridge, so a watermelon had been sitting in the sink for two days - that evening I decided let's just cut up this watermelon because it can't just be in the sink. I went to cut the watermelon and MIL was hovering over me, I said I was going to slice it horizontally and she said no that's wrong, so I said OK I'll slice it vertically and she said no that's also wrong. At this point I was very annoyed (there had been some incidents earlier in the day that were putting me at my limit) and I just placed the knife on the cutting board and said, "OK you cut it" and I walked away.
I did this because I knew that if I stayed I would have argued and I just wanted to avoid a conflict, but apparently she'd seen the look on my face and all hell broke loose. She started screaming at me and DH about everything she was unhappy about in regards to living with us and then stormed off to live the rest of her time with her sisters. I almost had a mental breakdown that night due to the stress that I'd insulted her so deeply (in our culture respect to parental units is really important) and the next day I got my period early which was a blow as DH and I had been trying with difficulty to conceive.
In the end it all blew over and I apologized to her to keep the peace, we gave each other a hug and she went on her way back home.
Now - onto this year; I am pregnant and about to give birth to our first LO and DH has informed me that FIL and MIL are planning on visiting - which means they will be staying in our home with us. As soon as the words left DH's mouth I felt a wave on anxiety hit me. Culturally it's impossible for us to tell them they can't stay with us as well as the fact that FIL has an illness which means he might not be with us much longer, I don't want to deny DH that time with his dad.
As much as this was a rant, I also want to know about any advice anyone could give me in terms of trying to set boundaries with MIL's from eastern cultures. What's the best approach? I feel like any kind of boundary might be seen as an insult and I fear another screaming meltdown especially with LO in the house.
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2023.03.21 22:11 globetrotter1000G Had a fantastic week spotting trains around Sydney and NSW. Here are some of my photos

Had a fantastic week spotting trains around Sydney and NSW. Here are some of my photos
My 3rd post on this sub.
I had a fantastic week spotting trains around Sydney and covered all the suburban and intercity trains. The train people at Sydney were very nice and I had very good memories here!
I hope to be able to come back again in the future for more spotting (hopefully I get to see the D sets and new regional sets on the road by then!). Didn't have a chance to see the Zig Zag Railway and the tram museum at Loftus, so I will have to do those some time in the future.
Turns out my concerns about photos were overthinking... the staff I have met at Sydney were all very nice, and few had also gave me recommendations on where I should go to see interesting things. I hope some of our own railway community people back home stops treating us train-spotters like security threats (sigh…)
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