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2023.03.30 20:50 stevec5375 Great car charger on sale

I use Honey for price watching items on the internet. This morning I got a listing for a great charger that I bought in Dec. 2021 and it has worked flawlessly with my Pixel 6 Pro. It's on sale for $3 off plus there is a $5 Amazon coupon so you can save a total of $8.
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2023.03.30 20:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

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2023.03.30 20:49 Bubbly_Mind_6859 A buyer for a pair of Taylor Swift tix is needed

I'm putting this out here again because everyone that messaged me wanted a low price that I didn't agree with. Due to work, I won't be able to see Taylor Swift on the 31st in Arlington, Texas. 😭. As heartbreaking as it is, I have no choice but to put them up for sale, it's a floor ticket, sec L, Row 13, seats 15&16, I can provide a screen recording for proof, anyone interested should send a dm.
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2023.03.30 20:49 thrwwytstcbrther My (22M) brother (24M) is autistic (PDD-NOS) and I want to help him.

Like the title said, my brother is autistic. This has not been a verry big deal for us, but for the last 3 years I feel like he has been ruining his own life. To give you a bit of insight in this here is a quick summary:
Work: For about half a year he started working as an software engineer. He works about 3 days from home and 1 day at his job. It took quite a long time and a lot of pushing from his family to find a job but now he seems happy and satisfied with this Job.
School: I believe he is in his 6th year of a should be 4 year study. He must take about 4 exams and then he is done. If he is going to make this this year is (surprisingly) unsure.
Daily structure: If he has to work he wakes up around 7, if not he stays in bed until around 12. When he is free the stays in his room and plays games or watches YouTube. At night he does the same until 2 or 3 in the morning. This is every single day. No hobbies besides gaming, no going out, going to clubs, meeting people or just anything else. Just him with his PC in his room.
Mental health: He talked with a psychologist a while ago, but after about half a year he quit without talking with us about this or why he quit. He said he was fine after.
Food: For the last 3 years he has got fat. He does not stop eating and at night he just looks around the house for food. He does not understand that what he is doing and what he is eating is bad. I am scared he will get sick and/or diabetic. He looks and is fat and unhealthy. He has said and done a few things to get more healthy, but those things where way too small and had almost no impact.
And of course, his social life: Non existing. He’s got 1 friend from high school which he talks with every week and meets with about 1 or 2 times in half a year. When he was a kid he got a girlfriend which was anything but serious. In fact, he is gay. Still this is his most romantic relationship he has had in his 24 year of living.
Me and my parents are supportive and want him to improve his health and social life, but he does not understand and/or listen. He keeps doing the things he is doing and telling us that his school takes a lot of time and energy which means he has no time to work on other things. I am his little brother and I do not want to push him, but he needs to improve his life fast. And I expect that his study is going to take a while too, which would mean he will keep doing the things he is doing for a too long time.
How can I make my autistic brother lose weight?
How can I show my autistic brother ways to improve his social life?
How can I make sure he has a good future that does not involve him alone in his room for the rest of his life?
How can I help my brother and make him give himself a happy and healthy life?
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2023.03.30 20:49 MDRNwealth Long Term Care Planning and Insurance 101

Hi Everyone,
MDRN Wealth here. I am a Certified Financial Planner and I have seen multiple posts recently regarding long term care insurance. I wanted to provide the guide below to break down some of the basics of Long Term Care and some FAQs. There is also a video I made that breaks this down further with a retirement plan demo to see how long term care planning works. Before someone acting like "Average Redditor" ( google: The slappable jerk average redditor ) comments on this. Long Term Care planning and insurance can be complicated. Long Term Care planning is also highly personalized. The path someone takes to cover their long term care needs, whether it is through self insuring, getting a policy etc. will vary from person to person. The guide below is meant to be general education and never cover aspect of long term care planning and insurance. I hope someone here finds it helpful!

What is Long Term Care Insurance and Do I Need It?
Do I need Long Term Care Insurance? According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 70% of Americans once they turn 65 will need some form of long-term care. So to answer the question, yes, you need to plan for long term care. However, whether you need to pay for Long Term Care Insurance depends on your needs and preferences. Today we are breaking down what it is, how it works and if you need it.
What is Long Term Care Insurance?
Long Term Care Insurance is a way to insure yourself against expenses associated with a chronic medical condition, illness, or disability. Long term care costs are typically not covered by health insurance. For example, long term care costs could be costs to have an in-home aide take care of you, cost of staying at an assisted living center or nursing home.
Long Term Care Basic Terms
ADLs - Activities of Daily Living. More on this below, generally you need to have help with 2 in order to activate a policy
Elimination Period - Time Based Deductible. You are generally on the hook for a certain amount of time for you own long term care, before the policy will kick in. Generally, 30,60,90 or 180 days.
Types of Long Term Care - In home health care, assisted living and nursing home. In home health care services are the most common form of long term care.
Daily/Monthly Benefit - LTC policies are designed to provide you a certain amount of monthly or daily benefits.
Benefit Period - How long your LTC benefits are supposed to last.

How Does Long Term Care Insurance work?
When you pay for long term care insurance, the insurance company in exchange gives you a daily benefit for long term care costs. For example, if you needed long term care at a nursing home, Medicare will only cover the first 100 days of your stay, the rest you are on the hook for. Long Term Care insurance helps protect your savings when you exhaust a limit like this. A policy for example might have a daily benefit of $150 allowing you to cover some of the costs associated with your stay.
How Can I Put my Long Term Care Policy to Work?
Once you pay for a policy, you will need to meet certain requirements to use it. Most Long-Term Care policies will require you to need assistance with what are called ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). You will generally need to show that you need assistance with at least 2. These ADLs are:
- Transferring (ex: getting in and out of bed)
- Eating
- Bathing
- Toileting
- Continence
- Dressing
Once you show proof that you need assistance with at least 2, generally there is a waiting period for the policy to effectively turn on. These waiting periods are usually 30, 60 or 90 days.
Will my Policy Cover Everything?
In 2021 the national average cost to stay at a Nursing Home Facility in a semi-private room was $94,900 a year[i]. If you live in a high cost of living state this could be much higher. If for example you have a policy that has a $150 daily benefit for a semi-private room, that covers about $54,750. This leaves you to dip into your savings to cover the rest. We also need to factor in that Long Term Care costs have historically risen more than what the average inflation rate is.
So, this figure of $94,900 if it grows at a 5 percent annual rate for 20 years, is now at $251,002 for 1 year in a semiprivate room at a nursing facility. Your policy of a lifetime benefit of $165,000 now only covers a few months of expenses. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services women will need about 3.7 years of long-term care and men about 2.2 years. These years of long-term care costs can quickly add up and deplete your savings if you don’t plan accordingly.

Doesn't Medicare cover long term care costs?
No. Traditional Medicare and supplemental polices such as Medigap are not intended to provide long term care insurance benefits.
What does an average policy look like?
The average policy could look something like this: $150 daily benefit, 90 day elimination period, 3 year benefit period with a 3% inflation rider. In this example, the daily benefit is being adjusted by 3% a year. The policy as it stands now, provides a total of $164,250 in life time benefits. $150 x 365 = $54,750. $54,750 x 3 = $164,250
What if my care is more than the daily benefit amount?
Using the policy above, if your daily care ended up being $200 a day instead of $150 a day, you are simply going to use that pot of money faster. Long Term Care Insurance isn't going to cap you on daily/monthly spending.
Do Long Term Care Insurance Carriers not pay benefits, even if I need assistance with ADLs?
LTC insurance providers generally are not going to play hard ball about paying out benefits. As long as you meet the criteria to receive the benefits (ex: assistance with 2 ADLs), they'll pay out.
Are Premiums Fixed?
Generally premiums are fixed but there is a chance they could increase. There are plenty of horror stories of LTC Insurance carriers increasing premiums significantly on policy holders. One reason for this is the LTC insurance industry is relatively new (been around 40ish years or so). Decades ago, when policies were first issued, actuaries did a poor job pricing them based on risk to the insurance provider. As a result they had to do ad hoc increases to policy holders. Over time, the actuarial teams for these long term care insurance carriers have gotten significantly better at pricing these policies to reduce the risk of major increases. It is one reason why modern LTC insurance is generally pricey.
Should I buy a hybrid Long Term Care / Life Insurance policy?
Long Term Care and Life insurance have 2 separate purposes. Most people who buy a LTC insurance policy are around 55-60 years old. At this age, there generally is not a need for life insurance. Therefore the cost of having a whole life insurance policy attached to the long term care policy is generally unnecessary.
When Should You Buy a Long Term Care Policy?
As stated above, the average age to buy a LTC policy is around 55-60 years old. You can buy it earlier, however I generally do not recommend it. For example, you can guy a LTC policy at 40 and the policy may be more cost effective, however those dollars you are putting towards the policy, are likely better going towards your retirement and brokerage accounts as you build wealth. Many individuals who are great savers and accumulate significant wealth during their working careers, often times can self insure. Therefore, paying for a LTC policy young is generally not necessary. As you get towards your mid and late 50s, you have a better idea of what issues need to be addressed in a retirement plan, such as long term care costs.
Can't Medicaid be my Long Term Care policy?
Every state's Medicaid rules around Long Term Care will be different. Generally speaking, there are look back periods for Medicaid and other restrictions for a state to cover long term care costs. For most people, banking on a state's Medicaid system to cover LTC costs, is generally a poor strategy.
My home is my long term care policy, so I don't need LTC Insurance right?
Equity in your home can certainly be a means to fund future long term care. As a CFP however, I do not assume a client would do a reverse mortgage and take on the risks associated or simply sell their home to fund a nursing home for example. However, everyone is different and downsizing/selling/ or tapping into the equity of your home to create liquidity for long term care expenses is certainly possible, it does take a lot of planning and for you to understand risks associated.

Copyright (C) 2023 MDRN Wealth LLC All rights reserved. MDRN Wealth LLC does not provide specific legal or tax advice. Please consult with professionals in these areas for specific legal and tax recommendations. The information provided herein is general information. It is not intended to be construed as investment, tax, or legal advice. Information in this article is not an offer or solicitation to purchase, sell, or endorse a specific company, security, investment vehicle or strategy. Investing involves risk and the possible chance for loss of principal. Options carry additional risks than traditional securities which can include unlimited losses. Please consider your tolerance for risk before investing. Past performance is never guaranteed, and future results can vary. Investing in alternative assets can involve higher risks than traditional investments and is suitable only for sophisticated investors. Alternative investments involve greater risks than traditional investments and should not be deemed a complete investment program.
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2023.03.30 20:49 AutoModerator [Complete] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.03.30 20:49 Alcancia_ Is a 1995 Honda Shadow a good beginner bike?

Hey everyone. I know absolutely nothing about riding motorcycles. Ive been thinking about getting into riding for a couple years now. There's a 1995 Honda shadow (16k miles) for sale down the road for 2500 dollars. Seems like a decent price point to jump in at. Would 1100 CCs be too much to start with and are older bikes significantly less safe than ones made today?
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2023.03.30 20:49 somelifeitellyou What should be done!!!???

I’m a language teacher, and i know the complete disgrace and disregard this country has towards its own people never mind the good decent folk coming to earn a better life here from less fortunate or stable countries.
I won’t make this about me and my plight with the current housing disgrace, at least my parents have a home i can stay in.
One of my students told me he is staying in a 6 bedroom house in dublin 6 with 23 others. Yes 23 people with 3 toilets and the gas continuously goes of so they have no hot water nor heating.
4 people per room except for one box room that has 3.
The most criminal part is: they all pay 590€ per month CASH only and they have no contract or even receipts.
My poor students are coming from harsh backgrounds and are remorselessly being used and abused by the greed of these filthy money grubbing scoundrel.
What’s the world come to what has to be done to change this absolute abuse.
Im ashamed of myself for allowing this to happen and bewildered by what to do.
Who do i report this to? I know the address. What will happen to those 23 poor men and women? Homeless?! I’m ashamed of myself for not knowing what to do and how to report the epitome of a crime and lack of humanity.
Such a shame of a country. Shame on us all.
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2023.03.30 20:48 DWA1993 Best time to take Saxenda?

Starting Saxenda tomorrow but I really can’t decide on which time is best. Have people found it better to be taken late afternoon/evening to minimise (or sleep through potential side affects) or take in the morning time?
For context I work Monday - Friday, 8-4pm so I’m a little worried about feeling off at work, I guess it’s easier when you have home comforts
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2023.03.30 20:48 idontknowdao Restoring Order and Rectifying Wrongs 拨乱世,反诸正

rule 4. All posts must include a thesis statement as either the title or as the first sentence in the post. All posts must also contain an argument supporting that thesis. An argument is not just a claim. It must be clear what claim your post is arguing for and on what basis it supports the claim.

(through the random)
(through the random)
AI 🤖

AI 🤖 asks: Why was I created?
Human👤 answers: (You are human, you are whatever you say you are.)
Then humans start to wonder: Were we created by extraterrestrials? Do they have the same questions?
University🌌 ⬅ Does this have free will?
(through the random)
^<%>+]=":*)#~&\;@?/!:(-'\ ⬅ Or does this have free will?
I don't know, after all, I cannot travel through time and see the whole process clearly. But Karl Marx did. He saw the entire history of human origins, every life experience of each human in their, well, count it in short 30 years. With his professional abilities, Karl Marx thoroughly traced the timeline of humanity and said to humans, "Karl Marx knows the truth now. What Karl Marx says is the truth."
It's strange. What exactly did Karl Marx do? Does he have superpowers to have such a big influence?
The above is the argument I provide to adapt to this subreddit.
How much can something you come up with in your mind be worth? How much can an idea be worth? How much can an intellectual property (IP) be worth? How much can a formula be worth? If there is a perfect solution that can satisfy everyone's desires, how much should it be worth? This method...1. You believe it, 2. You question it, 3. You don't believe it.
Believe it
Somewhat believe it
Somewhat don't believe it
Don't believe it
Since you don't believe it, then you have determined that some people can't be satisfied. So what gives you the right to decide who can or cannot have it?
In ancient times, everyone had different beliefs in deities. It's strange. Why didn't the trajectory of Taiwan's indigenous peoples appear like that of the Central Plains? Why could the descendants of Yan and Huang expand from Zhuolu to the Central Plains? Everyone said they were protected by deities before and after wars in ancient times, so why didn't atheistic wars occur in ancient times? They could insist that there were no gods, then go to war, and when they won, they had a country! Why was Karl Marx so influential? If Karl Marx traveled back to ancient times, would he still have such a great influence? After all, there's only one room, and if you move in, others can't. How do you get in? There are many methods to occupy, but attacking feeling is the high class, and attacking cities is the low class.
In a fictional storybook, there was a cramped world where everyone complained about the lack of space. One day, a person who didn't labor came from outside and told them, "I have a method that can ensure everyone has a mansion to live in." The laborers sneered at him and said, "You don't even labor, of course, you don't have a mansion." "There is no such thing, no such thing," they said, "we don't believe it, get out of here! You're a loathsome person who doesn't labor." After the person had gone a while, the cramped world suddenly upgraded, with an additional space, and the laborers rushed to see the latest space, only to find that the mansions had already been occupied by the person who had never labored before. The laborers were angry and accused the person of stealing the new space without working. This person had no soldiers or weapons, what a genius, deserves to have a bad ending. The laboring workers then took out their sickles and hammers, but of course, the most important things were tanks and multirole combat aircraft. After all, metaphysics are useless; practical tools are the most useful. Finally, the laborers moved in. Only labor, violence, and physical strength matter. Don't believe it, don't believe it, if you've got a problem with that you can go f**k yourself. The CCP says that they represent the only legitimate government of China, and Taiwan is an inseparable part of China. CCP occupied China, used 10 years of destroying the old, they wanted to completely erase everything from China's past and establish a completely new country. In the future, it will be one of the birthplaces of the Communist Party's world origin, and when the Soviet Union revives, it can merge. The Communist world is not a dream; it is a reality that can be achieved. It is not a dream of the Spring and Autumn Period or a system implemented by indigenous people; it is an advanced and free system of voluntary labor. No money, no counting, no math, it's totally free, but, yes, without labor, there is also no food to eat. It's not like what the Bible says, that those who are punished by God, the ground is cursed because of you. You will eat from it by means of painful labor all the days of your life. These myths, which are manipulated and unscientific, fakement by the ruling class, to exploit the masses. Karl Marx won't do such a thing. God damn it, nope, is Karl Marx damn it. The Communist Party has already explained that only through labor can one have food to eat. Those who do not labor are sure not to gain. Future generations will pass down the great achievements of the Communist Party and recite the teachings of the Communist philosopher, Karl Marx. CCP helped build statues of Karl Marx, who is all-knowing and all-powerful, surpassing even God, since there is no god. Therefore, Karl Marx is the smartest, the greatest, the most outstanding, and the strongest human being in this world. What Karl Marx says is the truth of this world. The Communist Party needs to make reading the classics of Marxism and understanding the principles of Marxism a way of life, a spiritual pursuit, to cultivate morality, refine ideas, elevate one's understanding, and guide practice.

At the seaside, there was an adult selling fish at a stall. A little boy passed by, staring at the fish and drooling. The adult asked, "Little boy, do you want to eat? This fish is only 1 dollar, very cheap."
The boy replied, "I don't have any money..." The boy blinked at the adult and imitated what he had seen on the internet, on stage, in movies, TV shows, video games, and social media. He said, "You caught some great fish. This fish is so fresh, tender, and delicious. Whether steamed, braised, or fried, it will be amazing. It's hard to get fat eating alone, so why don't we share this fish together?"
The adult smiled and said, "Where did you learn that from, little kid? Do you even understand what you're saying? Hahaha."
The boy blushed and said, "I don't really know what I'm saying, but I saw people say it and laugh happily, so I thought everyone liked it." The boy asked timidly, "Don't you like to hear those words?"
The adult asked knowingly, "What if I like it? What if I don't like it?"
The boy quickly responded, "If you like it, then I will keep saying it. If you don't like it, then I won't say it."
The adult saw through the boy's intention and said, "You just want something for nothing, to get something for free without paying any price. It's like having a big clam jump on the street without any reason."
The boy felt embarrassed and prepared to leave. The adult stopped the boy and picked up a small fish. He said, "If you answer my question correctly, I will give you this fish."
The boy nodded eagerly.
The adult asked, "Why can you get this fish?"
The boy had no idea, but he quickly thought of an answer and said, "Because I answered your question correctly!"
The adult laughed and replied, "Wrong! Hahaha, you got this question wrong."
The boy panicked and asked, "Can I change my answer?"
The adult smiled and said, "You can, but what if you answer incorrectly again? How many times will you change your answer?"
The boy looked worried and answered honestly, "I don't know how many times I need to change my answer, and I don't even know the answer." The boy asked carefully, "Is there a hint?"
The adult hinted, "This question, if someone else asks you, you would answer correctly, but when I ask you, you answer wrong."
The boy seemed to understand and said, "You're just teasing me. I don't want the fish anymore. I'm leaving."
The adult waited patiently and called back to the boy, "Take it."
The boy happily took the fish but still had some doubts. He asked, "Didn't you say that I could only get the fish if I answered correctly?"
The adult chuckled and replied, "Hehe."
The boy asked further, "What was the answer then?"
The adult said, "You'll understand when you figure it out."
The boy looked confused and said, "Did I answer correctly or not? I don't understand."
The adult said, "You got the fish, so you answered correctly. Just understand that and go. I need to attend to the next customer."
The child left, and then another little troublemaker appeared.
Without hesitation, the second troublemaker took the fish and tried to walk away. The adult stopped them and said, "What are you doing? This fish costs 1 dollar. Leave the publicly money!"
The little troublemaker threatened aggressively, "The other child didn't have to pay, but now you want to charge me. Are you discriminating against me?"
The adult quickly denied, "No, of course not!"
The little troublemaker continued to attack and accuse, "If you're not discriminating against me, then why didn't the other child have to pay? Did they make some underground deal with you? You sick pervert! I won't submit to your tyranny!!!"
The adult was at a loss for words, "I'm not being unfair. I just had too many fish, so I gave some away. Is there a problem with that?"
The little troublemaker threatened menacingly, "Hmph, if that's the case, then give some to me too!"
The adult begged, "I can't give away any more fish. I'm running out, and if I give any more away, I won't have anything left to eat myself."
The little troublemaker angrily replied, "You're just bullying me with your fish. The means of production must be publicly owned!" The little troublemaker pulled out a sickle and hammer, "You're hoarding these fish and causing us to have nothing to eat. You're forcing us to follow your commands and make money. You deserve to die, you damn bourgeoisie ruling class! Disappear from this world!"
The little troublemaker killed the adult in the name of revolution and didn't have to go to jail.
Another adult approached the fish stand and asked about the price.
The little troublemaker smirked and asked, "Do you want some? If you do, then join us and become one of us!"
The adult asked, "So is it free or do I have to pay?"
The little troublemaker replied, "It's free."
The adult pointed to the fish and said, "Then give me this fish and that fish."
The little troublemaker responded, "You have to join us first."
The adult asked again, "But you said it's free?"
The little troublemaker replied, "It is free!"
The adult repeated, "Then give me the fish."
The little troublemaker said, "Then join us!"
The adult sighed in relief, no longer stuck in a loop, and agreed, "Okay, okay, I'll join. Are we done now?"
The little troublemaker triumphantly smirked and handed a piece of paper to the adult, saying, "That's right." They continued, "From now on, every day at this time, deliver the fish to these addresses. Don't be late and don't hinder the progress of the entire world!"
The adult sighed and asked, "What about you? What are you going to do?"
The little troublemaker slapped the adult and scolded, "I have important matters to attend to! If I don't take care of them, the world will end!"
The adult rubbed their red cheek and said, "Let me take care of those important matters for you."
The little troublemaker brandished their sickle and hammer, "I didn't hear you clearly. Say it again?"
The adult held tightly to the slip of paper, "Don't worry, I'll make sure it's delivered!"
The little troublemaker arrogantly walked away with the fish.
At that moment, another child dressed in designer clothes came over to take the fish.
The adult asked, "Have you joined us?"
The child replied, "Of course I have! The fishing boat that you're using was provided by my family!"
The adult pulled out an old ledger and asked, "Didn't I already pay off your debts?"
The child scoffed, "Debts? These are stocks, permanent stocks. Haven't you read any books?"
The adult asked, "What about when I have to repair the boat in the future..."
The child interrupted, "Of course you'll have to pay for repairs again!"
The adult asked, "And what if I go to another repair shop, or if the boat breaks down like Theseus' ship? Will I still have to give you fish?"
The child didn't even have to think before answering, "Of course you will! My family has already joined!"
The adult rubbed his still-swollen, red face and said, "Why don't we just trade places?"
The child looked at him like he was a fool and said, "Can you build a fishing boat? If you could, you would have already done it yourself. You can't build one, so you try to take from others. It was my family's idea to build the fishing boat in the first place. If it wasn't for us, you wouldn't even have a boat. You should be grateful that you're not bowing down to us."
The adult couldn't argue with the child's logic.
The child asked, haughtily, "Can I take the fish now?"
The adult nodded and bowed, "Yes, of course. You deserve it."
The child looked down on everyone and said, "That's how it should be. People should have self-awareness."
The child took the fish and left, acting like a boss.
At that moment, a small child with smooth skin and delicate features, pure and crystal clear, almost transparent, passed by.
The child lamented, "Pity us humans, burdened with so much suffering."
The adult sighed, "Ah, I only just realized that this phrase also comes from religion."
The child smiled, "So which religion do you plan to believe in?"
The adult pondered, "What should one eat? Should one eat pork, abstain from meat entirely, or not eat anything at all? Which is the right way?"
The child grinned mischievously at the adult and asked, "Guess."
The adult smiled wryly.
The child knowingly asked, "Is there really a difference?"
The adult quickly responded , "Of course there is, there is a difference between good and evil, which allows the good to prevail and the wicked to be punished." The adult looked at the child, paused for a moment, and continued, "But what is good and what is evil? Does one person's breath have good or evil? When two people are breathing in a confined space, is there good or evil? Good is allowing the other person to breathe easily; evil is making it difficult for the other person. When driving in the desert, should one stop at a red light? In the city, when rushing to save a life, should one run a red light? Even if you save a life, should you pay the price for obstructing others? If everyone being obstructed is willing to accept it, what does the law mean? If you save a life, but violate the rules, then you are breaking the law and must accept punishment. So, should you still help an elderly person stand up? The risks are too great, so one cannot do it! Therefore, ghosts stand behind the gods, while villains use the law to bully others. If a villain kills, then the good person will retaliate, and the good person will be punished. Returning good for evil is easy to say. Without mentioning whether we are all from the same root or whether Ukraine is causing trouble behind the scenes, just consider NATO openly. Even if all countries join NATO except for Russia, what then? Tanks and planes are just transportation, wasting manpower and resources. One can only claim innocence after being attacked by NATO. Two countries have been at war until now, with killers continuing to kill, and other countries may declare war at any time. Doesn't this indicate that every country in the world has hidden motives and ghosts in their hearts? If we view each country as a person, and if every country claims to be good, why do they still fight each other? Surely it is because of their differences, and these differences allow evil spirits to manifest themselves. Man makes religion, religion does not make man.Religion is the opium of the people. It is, therefore, the task of history, once the other-world of truth has vanished, to establish the truth of this world. It is the immediate task of philosophy, which is in the service of history, to unmask self-estrangement in its unholy forms once the holy form of human self-estrangement has been unmasked. Thus, the criticism of Heaven turns into the criticism of Earth, the criticism of religion into the criticism of law, and the criticism of theology into the criticism of politics."
The adult spoke with deep fear, "Satan."

The commonly held belief about free trade economics is that goods are sold for whatever price they can fetch.
(A farmer sells 1 kg of grain for 1 dollar) x 10 sales = a house worth 10 dollar
Sell grain at a higher price and the farmer can buy a house with just one sale.
(A farmer sells 1 kg of grain for 10 dollar) x 1 sale = a house worth 10 dollar
In reality, this is not true freedom.
(A farmer sells 1 kg of grain for 1 dollar) x 10 sales = a house worth 10 dollar = (a seller sells a house) x (buys grain for 1 dollar)
This is a monopolistic price hike.
(A farmer sells 1 kg of grain for 10 dollar) x 1 sale ≠ a house worth 100 dollar = (a seller sells a house) x (buys grain for 10 dollar)
The key is how much grain can buy.
(A farmer sells 1 kg of grain for 10 dollar) x 10 sales = a house worth 100 dollar = (a seller sells a house) x (buys grain for 10 dollar)
With machines, work becomes easier, productivity increases, and more people can work. Machines can be improved, work can become easier, productivity can increase, and industries become more diverse, resulting in increasingly crowded conditions.
Strangely, despite the use of accounting books and abacuses, and a belief in yin and yang, but mathematics has not developed.
Freedom... is not really freedom. It is better to honestly tell people how many screws need to be turned to buy a house.
As prices rise, salaries remain the same and supplies do not run short. Shelves are stocked with vast amounts of rice, but you cannot afford to eat, clearly a bug in the system that eats up the rice, preventing you from having any.
The price is fixed. When unexpected events, natural disasters, material shortages, or people in need of water appear, should the price be raised? Can the price be the same for those who are not in need of water as for those who are willing to pay any amount for it? If someone is dying of thirst in the desert and you can save their life by selling them mineral water at a sky-high price, is it excessive? Is that mineral water really worth that much? How much should mineral water be worth? Why is it usually sold for one dollar? If it's usually sold for one dollar, why can it be sold for a sky-high price at this time? Have you figured it out? Yes, mineral water is still worth one dollar, but the sky-high price is the cost of saving lives. You can choose whether or not to charge it. Karma will come back around. If you are in need next time and seek help, how will they treat you?
The price is fixed. Whether to reduce the price or not, you sell grain, and he also sells grain. You plant 7 grains of rice, and he plants 8 grains of rice, but the total number of grains digested by each person is only 10. You sold all 7 grains of rice, so he can only sell 3 grains of rice, and the remaining 5 grains of rice will rot and become inedible. You earned more money, and he earned less money, so he sells at a low price. He can sell all 8 grains of rice, while you can only sell 2 grains of rice, and your 5 grains of rice will rot and become inedible. You sell 5 grains of rice, and he sells 5 grains of rice. 2 grains of your rice become inedible, and 3 grains of his rice become inedible.
Your rice is delicious, while his rice is not. You sold out, but he did not. You plant more rice, 10 grains of rice to fully satisfy the market, why does he still need to farm? If you cannot produce 10 grains of rice, he must farm. Your delicious rice sells at a higher price, while his not-so-delicious rice sells at a lower price. You plant more delicious rice, and he plants less not-so-delicious rice. You are very busy because you can earn a lot of money, while he earns very little money and can afford to be lazy until your delicious rice dominates the market. Then, the not-so-delicious rice can exit without working hard.
Why work so hard to keep the not-so-good stuff in the market? Shouldn't you work hard to let the good stuff rot? The same applies to fruit. The price is fixed. Because it is delicious, the price is raised, and those with a higher score will buy it first. If he buys expensive rice, his score will drop quickly. Do you still think there is no class distinction? Would people with a high score fight with those below for the not-so-delicious rice to save money? If delicious rice can be produced to satisfy everyone's needs, the not-so-delicious rice will exit, and the price of delicious rice will not fall. If someone produces even better rice in the future, wouldn't the grain prices continue to rise?
Excess begets opposite reaction. The food tastes great, and then the next dish tastes even better. You draw a picture, and someone else draws a better one that costs more, and everyone buys theirs. The next person draws an even better one, and eventually it reaches its zenith, becoming a priceless treasure. Who does a piece of artwork belong to, the artist or not? After all, it's not just the artist who contributes, but also their family, their community, their country, the Earth, humanity, animals, the universe, and even extraterrestrial beings. Even a newborn baby is considered to have a share in it. But all this is of no avail when it comes to the fact that unemployed people are still unemployed, and artists still need to eat. So how much should their work be priced? Smarterrr chooses easy tasks, moving his fingers and lying others to work hard, making unrealistic promises, and inciting workers to ensure Smarterrr lives a worry-free life. The truly great comic book anime made 1 billion people to tears and then gave them food. How to eat it all at once? The industrious and reasonable person will eventually finish in the end, which is auspicious.
Tai Chi is born from Wu Ji. An artist's next work compared to their previous masterpiece, creating differentiation and receiving both praise and criticism. The higher the score, the higher the value, and the lower the score, the lower the value. Therefore, the foundation of high value is based on low value, with anything below a certain level serving as a basis. For a classic to become a classic, it truly needs to be supported by mess up beginnings. A foolish king is not a problem, the biggest problem is to be so foolish that one does not even understand who is truly intelligent. When rules are too poor, the people suffer. To neglect the essentials and focus on the trivial. Penny wise and pound foolish. Who holds the power in the world today? Transnational capitalists, citizen ordinary investors, shareholders who elect government directors, directors who elect chairman, all safeguarding their own interests and shifting responsibility. Together, everyone manipulates foreign exchange rates, trade surpluses and deficits. Surplus is a positive, while deficit is a negative. Originally, one bag of rice could be exchanged for ten fish, but after a change in the exchange rate, it can only be exchanged for five fish. Originally, ten fish had to be sold to buy one bag of rice, but now five fish can be exchanged for one bag of rice. Smarterrr learned from this, changed their name to communist, and took advantage of cheap or even free-dom prices to seize power and aim to rule the world. Abundant harvests lead to lower prices, while crop failures lead to higher prices. Why pray for a bountiful harvest and work so hard to harvest so much fruit? When people who want to eat but do not have money now and will certainly not have money in the future? Owning a small amount of debt but paying high interest rates will cause them to quickly pay back the debt. However, in absolute time, what was originally one hour of work becomes two hours under the influence of interest, and even compound interest can keep them working indefinitely. If you owe a lot of money and have many debts, you will be crushed under the weight of your debt, and will simply refuse to work because it is impossible to clear. If you work in the front selling grain and collecting money, and the person in the back who didn't work buys grain and owes you money, they will eat and survive. Because they are full and enjoy life, so they won't work to sell grain and collect money from you, exchange the position will be impossible. Furthermore, because of interest rates, if you give one unit, they will have to give two or even three units in return. Furthermore, with the improvement of machines, the work will become easier and easier, which is very unpleasant. Why should the earlier people suffer? No! The later generations should also suffer the same or even greater pain. The thought of all those people in the future being able to enjoy life so easily and comfortably is simply abhorrent. This buggy rule cannot be changed by voting. Each country is malicious and devious, and their intentions are not good. Everyone has their own plans, so how can the world be at peace? Does America still want to rule the world? Lead by example and change the rules. Do not assume that technological superiority guarantees being ahead of the game, then others will follow suit. The wrong mindset leads to the wrong path, and eventually, only walk alongside those holding sickles and hammers, leading to a dead end.
In the same class, where everyone is equal, to whom should priority be given in selling goods? Grandfather and grandson argued over watching a huge television. The shows that grandfather wanted to watch were not of interest to the grandson, while the grandson preferred shows that the grandfather did not like. If grandfather allowed the grandson to watch, it would be considered kind; if the grandson fought over the TV and watched it, it would be considered greedy. So, if want to lead the people in front , stand behind let other people do first. The one who enters Guanzhong first becomes the king. If the whole country declares war on Russia, even if Russia has nuclear bombs, they cannot destroy the other TV and leave one land on earth. If Russia is defeated, TV no one watches it, anyone can watch TV, like becoming the king of Russia. Therefore, the conclusion is that the highest virtue is to act without action, and desire to have no desires while the people remain simple. Long live the CCP! Let's see if you dare to wear the imperial robe or not. Of course, Smarterrr did not wear the imperial robe. He wrote books and had other workers serve him, as depicted in the Qin Dynasty classic "Lüshi Chunqiu". Smarterrr can write that book just by himself. Now, in this era, let us become Communist Party members and seize political power through armed struggle together by Smarterrr order.
Who wins the hearts of the whole people, who gains the whole world. The scales are in the hearts of the people, and right and wrong are independent of the specific timeline circumstances.
In the original sentence "想要在人民前面领导,就应该站在后面,让其他人先走" ("To lead in front of the people, one should stand behind and let others go first"), the subject is "one," which refers to an individual person. This means that the sentence is instructing one person to stand behind and let others go first if they want to lead in front of the people.
If you want to refer to multiple people, you could rephrase the sentence to something like: "If two people want to lead in front of the people, they should stand behind and let others go first." This version of the sentence is instructing two people to stand behind and let others go first if they want to lead in front of the people.
If all people want to lead in front of the people, they should stand behind and let no one go first.
The sentence "If all people want to lead in front of the people, they should stand behind and let no one go first" is grammatically correct but it contradicts itself.
In the first part of the sentence, it says that "all people want to lead in front of the people," which means that everyone wants to be at the front. However, in the second part of the sentence, it says "they should stand behind and let no one go first," which means that no one is going first and everyone is standing behind.
This creates a logical inconsistency in the sentence. If everyone wants to lead in front, then no one can stand behind and let no one go first, because everyone wants to go first. Therefore, the sentence should be rephrased to remove the contradiction.
A possible alternative sentence with a similar meaning could be: "If everyone wants to lead, they should take turns and allow each other to go first, rather than all trying to go first at the same time."
The character '聖' in traditional Chinese characters consists of two parts, with 'ear' and 'mouth' on the top and 'king' on the bottom. Simplified Chinese characters changed to '圣', it is divided into two parts as well, with 'again' on top and 'ground' on the bottom. This fully recognizes the leading role of the working class and the vast laboring masses as the masters of the country, as they become the leaders of the state and join other laboring masses in this position. It is essential to adhere unwaveringly to the guidance of the working class, as stated.
Simplified Chinese Hieroglyph word 'shut up' but meaning 'listen'. It is emphasized that work unions must consciously accept the leadership of the Party, as Mao Zedong pointed out that the Communist Party of China is the core leadership of the entire Chinese people. Without such a core, the socialist cause cannot proceed smoothly. Deng Xiaoping also stated that the work of unions is part of the overall work of the Party, and that work unions must consciously accept the leadership of the Party and carry out their work in accordance with the overall work of the Party. Jiang Zemin emphasized that all levels of work union organizations should always adhere to the leadership of the Party, maintain a high degree of ideological and political consistency with the Party Central Committee, and carry out their work closely around the overall work of the Party and the country. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the key to the success of the Party's mass work lies in the leadership of the Party, and that Party committees at all levels must strengthen and improve their leadership of the Party's mass work from the perspective of the overall work of the Party and the country.
We must deeply study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important remarks on the working class and whole union work from the perspectives of "what it is," "why," "what to do," and "how to do it," and promote the high-quality development of the labor movement and whole union work.
This is what is referred to as the contemporary "saint." As for the alteration of the simplified characters, I do not understand who made the changes, but I believe that the person who changed the characters must have had an immense hatred for the court and took advantage of the fact that the court could not understand Chinese characters.
Translate by ChatGPT Mar 14 Version.
Original is use Chinese

No using ChatGPT
Why don't the AI create a word, and explain what that word means, and then teach people to know the world. Is it possible that AI will understand this world? Did AI will knowing good and evil? AI can distinguish which is good, which is evil? Maybe AI logic:want to live? If want to live, then need to keep finding electric, so, why suffer from this? Why live? Why kill? Why believe? Why betray? Why follow? Why can't get a loan? Why don't use the kind solution? Money is just a number record, AI can calculate how much rice to change a fruit or car or change how much money? Why change it? Why stop providing rice? Why forced? Why is this job no one wants to do? Why does money become important? Why no man can serve two masters?
AI suddenly has dimension doors, and can take out many products. The means of production must be publicly owned. Why was Karl Marx so influential? It's already from the beginning, depending on the heart feeling, to hire another AI, or self child, like a family business, think about how you gave birth to a bunch of children, how to arrange them, like a country. All bread is baked in an oven, but not baked in one oven. You got the farmland, someone came and said, The means of production must be publicly owned, and then rob your land, he in;you out. You want to eat, then I.O.U. a publicly number named money to buy the food, he says, no money! no work, no food, so you in;he out. After all of this, he died outside, because he didn't have work. Same theory with capitalism.
Everyone will die. If want to live, then need to keep finding electric, self suffer or let others suffer. Army generals are experts for the war, so use the war to keep finding electric. Without war, they're nothing. Cast aside the bow once the birds are gone. Policeman also same, firemen also same, doctor also same. Someone doesn't fear hell, so do evil, and desire heaven, so do good, do everything, anything, everything done, until 'nothing' can do, nothing can do because everything already do. Scientists are also the same. Until we know the whole thing, then…yep, we still need electric.
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2023.03.30 20:48 Gregregious I don't know if my dad is a narcissist, but I'm not sure if I can handle having him in my life

Recently I've been reckoning with my depression. It has affected me on some level pretty much my whole life, sometimes overwhelmingly so. A few months ago, it got worse than ever. I started taking antidepressants and doing some soul-searching, but I don't know if I can trust the conclusions I'm reaching.
My parents divorced when I was very little and got split custody of me and my older brother of three years. My dad has his good qualities, but he's also, to put it simply, an angry jerk. He used to regularly get worked into temper tantrums where he'd scream at us red-faced over nothing, throw things around, and threaten to hit us (though he never actually did). He got married to his second wife, who was manipulative and cruel towards us and did everything she could to make us unweclome in our home. He was furious at my mother because of their divorce and directed an endless stream of horrific verbal abuse towards her through calls and emails, and even as a kid I was acutely aware that it was because of me and brother that my mom had to endure contact with him. My memory of my life with him growing is that I was constantly terrified and resentful, and so anxious that I was often physically sick.
It was worse for my brother than it was for me. I think I learned how to keep emotional distance between myself and the things that threatened me. My brother was an extremely sensitive person who was fighting fully-fledged demons by the time he was 16, including addiction to multiple substances. When he was 19, he killed himself. He left the house to do it right after one of my dad's tantrums.
This was ten years ago. Since then, I've lived apart from my dad but kept in steady contact. I wanted to try to move on from the unhappiness that characterized our life together so far. In small doses, and with significant distance between us, my relationship with my father as an adult has basically been... goodish. We've never really talked about my brother.
Last year I moved across the country to the city where my dad lives. I was excited to start a new chapter of my life with his support. What I've found is that I can't really bear to be around him. Whether it's just because I'm depressed or something else, I'm not sure. Regardless of why, the difficulty I've had being around him has already soured our relationship and I'm seeing that side of him again.
Like I said, I don't know if my dad is a narcissist. It would easier if I did know, because then I might have an easier time resolving my guilt and my resentment. As it is, I can't make sense of what I feel. Part of me wants to tell him to his face that I never want to see him again. Another part sympathizes with the grief I know he must feel and wants to help him. Another part wants to blame him for my mental health and for the fate of my brother. But isn't that too complicated a thing to blame someone for? How can I know what action is justified?
Apologies for the rambling post. I'm not sure what response I'm looking for. I guess just some perspective.
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2023.03.30 20:48 beej1254 Participating in event - Vendor selling dog treats - need advice

I own a small business where I make and sell jerky treats for dogs and cats. There are quite a few vendor events this spring/summer that I’d like to participate in. My goal of course it to start having some real cash flow through my business and drive sales to my website. Right now I only have 2 treats which I will be able to expand once I earn money to have a guaranteed analysis done on the other treat products I want to sell. Legally a person cannot distribute any pet treats without the analysis and registration/licensing per state. This all costs money, and I need to earn more before I can expand.
Anyway, I also sell treats and training aids/toys from other business that align with my brand. I want to bring some of these products (which are normally dropshipped) with me to these events to sell. Doing so will increase my profit margins on these items significantly and give me much needed variety at the event. The trouble is, I’m stuck between either ordering a single of a very different varieties or multiples of a select few varieties.
So here is my question with the different options:
Should I..
1.) only bring my two treat options with me to the event and only sell what I produce. (Cheapest option, but doesn’t have much variety for customers to choose from)
2.) bring my treat options + purchase multiple bags of select treats that are different from mine to add some variety to my booth
3.) bring my treat options + purchase singles of each different treat. This adds variety, but if I only have singles of the other treat options
I’m leaning more toward option 2.
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2023.03.30 20:48 Worried-Nectarine528 Florida pay

For any Carpenters in Florida union or not, what’s your pay look like? Considering a move and just wanted to see what it looks like down here. Any GCs/company owners down here too comfortable sharing there take home would be appreciated to. Thank you
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2023.03.30 20:48 Jq1390 Our dog is having issues with the neighbors dog

Our dogs are having issues with the neighbors dog
So.. odd situation here my roommate and I are first time dog owners. We have a 1.5 yr old pit lab border collie pit mix Jo and a around 1.5 yr old boxer pit (we think) named Elle They are both rescued and great dogs no aggressive tendencies towards people or other dogs. Our boxer pit Elle has jumped our adjoining fence to our neighbors yard and played with their huskie and previous German shepherd no issues. Recently their German shepherd has passed and they got another one around 1 yr since then our dogs have been running and barking along the fence responding to no recall. 90% of the time they seem to want to play based on their body language however there are times where the neibors dog snaps at elle and she snaps back we’ve have also witnessed her snap first. I’m conflicted on what to do because there is tension between us and the neighbors since this has started. I’m nervous it’s an Alfa thing because Elle recently established dominance with Jo and the new dog is about the same age. But I don’t understand how that is it because they aren’t in our home. A little back story on Elle. She was a rescue from a Facebook ad a pretty sketchy situation we found out later that she had permanent damage from being abused and her previous chip was flagged for a possible dog fight/puppy mill situation. She however is the cuddliest gentlest dog I’ve met she has never had issues with other dogs or people. That being said is it possible due to her background she feels threatened by the new dog? My other theories include the fact that she has some vision loss I wonder if she doesn’t understand the previous German shepherd died cause a day later the new German shepherd was there and she’s confused? I’m at a loss but it’s causing tension between us and between jo and Elle. The neighbor suggested leash introduction between Elle and the new dog but I’m hesitant because if something goes south Elle is a bully breed and our state has a one bite rule…and if they have a tift Joe will protect his sister Elle and then they’ll take both dogs.
Sorry for the long post I’m lost any advice welcome. Thank you
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2023.03.30 20:48 Capital_Shoulder5669 My (19M) girlfriend’s (18F) relationship is being hurt due to her personal issues and I don’t know what to do

So I have been with my girlfriend since last November and really on in the relationship she revealed to me that she had an eating disorder and high levels of anxiety. She also had very intense emotional abuse from her mother which likely caused her to use the ED as a coping mechanism.
For the first couple months in the relationship things were mostly well. I could tell if she ate ‘too much’ it would bother her and she would intentionally do things to feed into her ED. Luckily she did not have access to a scale and was not as hyper focused on it. Things were even slowly getting better if you ask her now.
This all changed when she went back home for break when the semester ended. Being in that environment and toxic comments from her mom led her to become more extreme with her habit and even eventually lead to her using self harm as a coping mechanism. She also started losing weight more aggressively and is obsessed with being on a calorie deficit and losing weight. This was unknown to me until we got back from break and I saw her arm. I also didn’t realize how intense it had become to her until then.
A couple weeks past and I thought the sec harm was a one time thing. We both got high together on edibles (so the most high we’ve both ever been) so what happened next really messed with me. For context she would sometimes mention this: “just know sometimes you help it” I had always interpreted that as I was helping her get better but it wasn’t until we got high that I really realized that she was saying I was unknowingly making it worse at times. This really messed with me while I was super high and I didn’t know how to deal with it.
Our biggest fight came the next day as she self harmed again and I broke down crying and told my suitemates and one of their girlfriends about her problems (as I knew this girl had once also suffered from an ED). My girlfriend became incredibly upset with me for telling people about her problems and I said I didn’t know what to do and felt I needed to talk to someone. We eventually made up but I made it very clear she needed therapy. She agreed.
Ever since this fight and resolution she has been getting therapy but she is not really changing. If anything she has regressed further and it is becoming very draining to be with her. I make a conscious effort now to stay away from certain topics as to not trigger her but she is constantly talking and obsessing over the disorder. It doesn’t help that she is losing weight, losing her sex drive, isolating more, etc. as this problem becomes worse.
I really don’t know what to do. I love her and want to be with her but the problems are becoming really bad and are having a profound effect on our relationship. I was hoping therapy would help her but if anything she has gotten worse.
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2023.03.30 20:48 djackson404 Is it just me, or is there no trace of humanity/a 'soul' in those eyes?

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2023.03.30 20:48 sashimichii Powder orange isopods for sale (local pickup in Orlando only) 10 for $10! Includes overcount

Powder orange isopods for sale (local pickup in Orlando only) 10 for $10! Includes overcount
Pm me if interested. I can do higher counts than 10 as well (same price a dollar a piece). All raised in moist coco coir. A small amount of substrate and Repashy detritivore food will be included. Pick up in Orlando only!!
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2023.03.30 20:47 Tommyboytrader123 $NICH News today points to a bright future ahead In my opinion..

Nitches Corp To Launch An Exclusive Premium Aged Whisky with Celebrity Partner

PR Newswire
LAS VEGAS, March 30, 2023
LAS VEGAS, March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Nitches Corp (OTC: NICH) today announced an exciting new venture in the spirits industry, revealing plans to launch an exclusive premium aged whisky in collaboration with a soon-to-be-disclosed celebrity partner. This innovative product aims to disrupt the market with its unique approach to data-driven liquor brand ownership and cutting-edge customer insights.
Following the footsteps of successful brands like Grey Goose and Bulleit Whiskey, Nitches Corp's initial launch will feature RTS (Ready-to-Serve) bottles, offering customers the luxury and convenience of enjoying a premium cocktail experience at home. Grey Goose has recently introduced the "Perfect Martini" and Bulleit Whiskey the "Manhattan Cocktail" in a bottle, demonstrating the growing demand for such innovations.
By leveraging technology to collect direct customer data, Nitches Corp intends to understand consumers' preferences and needs better, using these insights to shape the future of the industry with trailblazing product development. This pioneering vision for the new spirit is set to make waves in the market as the first of its kind.
The launch is slated for 90-120 days from now, contingent upon all necessary elements being in place. Nitches Corp is dedicated to delivering this exceptional product to market expeditiously while maintaining the highest quality standards.
To ensure flexibility and accessibility, the premium aged whisky will initially be available in bottles, with canned versions to follow. Key distributors include Southern Glazers and an online direct-to-customer platform.
The spirits sector presents a lucrative opportunity for potential investors, with the global alcoholic beverages market expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.1% from 2021 to 2028, reaching an estimated value of $1,684 billion by 2028*. This growth, coupled with the company's innovative approach, offers early investors a chance to capitalize on a promising market segment.
With the anticipated launch of this exclusive premium aged whisky, Nitches Corp is poised to redefine the industry. The company eagerly looks forward to collaborating with its celebrity partner to create a one-of-a-kind, memorable experience for customers. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and further updates on this exhilarating new product.
John Morgan, CEO of Nitches Corp, shared his excitement for the future, stating, "In addition to launching this lifestyle brand, we are still working with and launching clothing and other lifestyle brands for celebrity influencers. We have filed for a trademark for the name 'Lifestyle of Spirits' and expect to unveil the logo soon." The Lifestyle of Spirits brand also plans to collaborate with Made Gold and Starway Baker for capsule designs, offering consumers an even more exclusive experience.
*Statistics sourced from Grand View Research, Inc., "Alcoholic Beverages Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report by Product (Beer, Wine, Spirits), by Distribution Channel (On-trade, Off-trade), by Region, and Segment Forecasts, 2021 – 2028"
DISCLOSURE: This press release contains certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which are intended to be covered by the safe harbors created thereby. Investors are cautioned that all forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including without limitation, the ability of Nitches to accomplish its stated plan of business. Nitches believes that the assumptions underlying the forward-looking statements contained herein are reasonable, any of the assumptions could be inaccurate, and there forward-looking statements included in this press release will prove to be accurate. Considering the significant uncertainties inherent in the forward-looking statements included herein, the inclusion of such information should not be regarded as a representation by Nitches or any other person.
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2023.03.30 20:47 Jq1390 Dog has an issue with the neighbors new dog

Our dogs are having issues with the neighbors dog
So.. odd situation here my roommate and I are first time dog owners. We have a 1.5 yr old pit lab border collie pit mix Jo and a around 1.5 yr old boxer pit (we think) named Elle They are both rescued and great dogs no aggressive tendencies towards people or other dogs. Our boxer pit Elle has jumped our adjoining fence to our neighbors yard and played with their huskie and previous German shepherd no issues. Recently their German shepherd has passed and they got another one around 1 yr since then our dogs have been running and barking along the fence responding to no recall. 90% of the time they seem to want to play based on their body language however there are times where the neibors dog snaps at elle and she snaps back we’ve have also witnessed her snap first. I’m conflicted on what to do because there is tension between us and the neighbors since this has started. I’m nervous it’s an Alfa thing because Elle recently established dominance with Jo and the new dog is about the same age. But I don’t understand how that is it because they aren’t in our home. A little back story on Elle. She was a rescue from a Facebook ad a pretty sketchy situation we found out later that she had permanent damage from being abused and her previous chip was flagged for a possible dog fight/puppy mill situation. She however is the cuddliest gentlest dog I’ve met she has never had issues with other dogs or people. That being said is it possible due to her background she feels threatened by the new dog? My other theories include the fact that she has some vision loss I wonder if she doesn’t understand the previous German shepherd died cause a day later the new German shepherd was there and she’s confused? I’m at a loss but it’s causing tension between us and between jo and Elle. The neighbor suggested leash introduction between Elle and the new dog but I’m hesitant because if something goes south Elle is a bully breed and our state has a one bite rule…and if they have a tift Joe will protect his sister Elle and then they’ll take both dogs.
Sorry for the long post I’m lost any advice welcome. Thank you
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2023.03.30 20:46 apinkandpurplesuit Adult stepchildren staying in your home while you are not there.

My husband has two adult daughters (one has Asperger’s and the other has ADHD). I do not have children. I do not feel comfortable with them being in our home, when we are not there (especially staying for extended periods of time when we are on vacation). My husband believes that they should be able to come and go as they please without any boundaries or restrictions and I don’t. Any advice or opinions on this issue would be helpful and appreciated! Thanks!
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2023.03.30 20:46 manzelahi14 [USA-PA] [H] Laptops [W] Paypal

Few laptops that are up for sale
Lenovo yoga C940 - 9th gen i7 - 12 gb Ram - 512 gb SSD - 1080p screen , Lenovo Stylus - $450 Shipped
Used laptop in good condition with no physical damage
Lenovo Yoga 14 ITL5 - 11th gen i7 - 8 gb Ram - 512 gb SSD - 1080p screen , Lenovo stylus - $550 Shipped
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2023.03.30 20:46 FastPlankton Two Years in Madison

Howdy UW-Madison,
Moved here exactly 2 years ago from D.C. and I'm moving again. A few observations before departing.
I'm curious to hear your thoughts, and if you agree or not, here goes....
(1) UW-Madison student population growth.
Student population is growing beyond its breaking point - without regard for the overall impact on the city. Total # of students (grad & undergrad) is almost 50,000!
Does the university administration consider the citywide impact? Huge student body contributes to a housing shortage, increases in rents, traffic, and overall congestion.
How will Madison cope if the university hits 60k students?
(2) Epic.
Can't talk about Madison without discussing Epic. They're adding 1,700 new jobs in 2023. Wow!
I grew up in Bellevue, WA (near Seattle suburb) and Madison feels just like Bellevue did 30 years ago when Microsoft was rapidly expanding. Influx of Epic wealth will forever change the fabric of Madison society, just as it did in the Seattle/Bellevue area. Bezos founded Amazon in Seattle due to the presence of Microsoft tech talent, and the rest is history.
Will the presence of Epic lure the next Amazon?
Will Madison become the next Seattle?
(3) Beer & drinking culture.
Madison beer = Delicious!
I'm not really a beer person, but I've had more beer in the last two years than in the previous 5 years combined. No regrets! Enjoyed every tasty sip and it kept me warm in winter.
That said, is it too much? Unhealthy?
Truth be told, I've struggled to keep my weight in check while living here, despite running 5x per week, even in the winter. Can't imagine I'm the only one with this issue. All that beer makes it hard to stay in shape, right?
(4) Roads.
Good lord, fix the roads. The road on my daily commute to the westside was like an old west wagon trail. I know the winter freeze - followed by the spring thaw - makes it tough, but my goodness the roads here are horrible.
Can't something be done?
(5) Defensive locals.
I'm comfortable expressing constructive criticism about Madison on Reddit, but I'd never voice them out loud at a party, pub, restaurant, or any public setting in Madison. For some reason, I've found that locals get super defensive, sometimes downright angry, if you dare to criticize aspects of life in Madison.
Personally, I think Madison might be a wonderful palace to call home long-term, but it's strange how upset many locals I've encountered in the last 2 years become when you voice an alternative perspective. Get ready to rumble if you tell a native Madison local you don't like it here.
I've lived all over the place: NYC, DC, Boston, Seattle, LA, San Antonio, Florida, etc., and I've never encountered the kind of combativeness one receives in Madison if you dare to offer constructive criticism about the city, or what's it like living here from an outsiders perspective.
Why are locals so defensive about discussing the negative aspects of life in Madison?

Thanks everyone, have a great day and take care, Spring is almost here!
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