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2023.03.26 14:41 Slade4Lucas How would you rank the games solely on their Nitro Course offerings?

  1. Super Mario Kart - the courses are reused way too many times and it makes most of them stand out far less.
  2. Mario Kart 64 - it has a couple of standouts but the vast majority of these are so uninteresting.
  3. Mario Kart Tour - don't get me wrong, this has some great ones, including a couple of its nitros and the RMX courses are a nice bonus, but overall the centralisation on City courses does affect it somewhat, even if it is also one of the cool gimmicks about it.
  4. Mario Kart DS - it has some killer standouts for sure the issue is that outside or those most of its courses are uninteresting and it has arguably amount the most forgettable Rainbow Roads and Bowser Castles in the franchise
  5. Mario Kart: Super Circuit - I can't in good faith put this any higher given the flat nature of the courses, but the actual themes for the majority of the courses are excellent and even when they reuse themes that ensure each one feels unique. Plus the actual layouts of the courses are really interesting. But yeah, can't justify it going above the midway point.
  6. Mario Kart 8 - the thing with 8 is that far too many of the courses simply don't stand out and even though there are some great ones, I honestly believe the only true classic that 8 has provided us is Big Blue.
  7. Mario Kart 7 - most of the courses are actually pretty good, and most have some interesting stuff in them but I don't feel like there are enough absolute top tier courses.
  8. Mario Kart: Double Dash - I don't think there is a course that is genuienly any less than good, and it has some pretty great courses.
  9. Mario Kart Wii - I won't say I am in love with every course in this game, but there is a reason so many of this game's courses have gone down as instant classics, more than any other game. Even the ones I would say aren't in that absolute top tier like Toad's Factory are incredibly well loved.
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2023.03.26 14:41 RedGazania My Favorite Brown Rice Recipe

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2023.03.26 14:40 Paladins_Archives [online][5e] World Record Marathon 2 - Rappan Athuk - You Ready For An Epic Megadungeon?

Hello, y'all! My name is Paladin, and I had previously beat the world record for longest continuous TTRPG session in December at 440.5 hours, and we are going to do it AGAIN!This time playing Rappan Athuk from Frog God Games! Frog God Games also has agreed to help us this time around as well by giving things such as free merchandise and all their resources to setup the game with expanded content! The next world record marathon is going to be from July 1st to August 1st - playing 30 days!
What is Rappan Athuk? (click link to see trailer)
"Many, many players have lost favored PCs delving into the depths of this dungeon, all the while giggling like children and having the time of their lives. Hundreds, if not thousands of players have combed the halls of Rappan Athuk over the years, seeking treasure and fame, making it one of the best-known dungeon locations the game has ever produced. Even players who have never entered its halls know the term: “Don’t go down the Well!”Simply said: this module is hard and deadly, really deadly. This game plays like Diablo meets Dark Souls meets DnD. The module does not hold punches, and neither are we. This game has a lot of darkness, gloom, doom, intense fights, a massive dungeon, and a true marker of what is a great adventure that reminds us all what it felt like to face off against our first skeleton or our first boss.
How Playing In This Type Of Game Will Work
The game will be played on Foundry, use Discord, and be streamed to Twitch- using video and voice. Video and headset is mandatory to join this game.Every 2 hours either the dungeon master or the party of players will switch and have a handoff over a break. Handoffs are mainstreamed with a tool to assist in ensuring that all the proper information is given between players or dungeon masters. During the game, additional roles will be given to the party to assist in keeping track of inventory, mapping out the dungeon, and writing recap information down to share with the whole group. We will use variant and homebrew rules to create an atmosphere of darkness and danger as we traverse the massive megadungeon that is Rappan Athuk- a module that is 59 areas big and 660 pages of brutal, awesomeness.
Player and Dungeon Master Signups
Signups start May 1st at 6 PM CSTThe game will feature 6 roles with 17 players allowed in each role and a total of 17 DMs. This averages out to about 2-3 games a week per person. Whenever signups open up, teams and groups up to 6 players will be first to signup in the first week, and they will get priority placement. After the first week of signups, individuals will then be able to signup to play the game.
Looking for People to Help Prepare This post is looking for either dungeon masters or players that are interested in joining in this adventure who can help to prepare it and get it ready by July! Surprisingly enough, we have most of the resources from the last marathon to piggyback off of, but we are still looking for Dungeon Masters or Players with unique skills and leadership capabilities to work along with us and the creators of the book, Frog God Games, to bring this marathon to the next level! To be quite fair, people that help prepare get priority for signups before anyone else which means that Dungeon Master spots will most likely be taken up unless they sign up to help prepare for the event as we already have 6 Dungeon Masters plus the 2 from Frog God Games joining, thus leaving a total of 9 spots left.If you are interested in meeting with me and learning more about what there is to do and how to help, please join my server and also add me personally. I hope to speak with some of you very very soon!
Paladin Reizo#4013
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2023.03.26 14:40 watermelone8000 What exactly are all the noises the charging case makes on the 2nd Gen Pros?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the case noises. It adds a little extra flair compared to the gen 1s, but Ive had these for about a couple of weeks now and I’ve noticed a new sound that plays sometimes when I put my AirPod back in it’s case and close the case? It’s weird because it doesn’t always happen. But it makes me wonder what other noises the case might make, other than when plugging it in or when tracking the device using FindMy.
Has anyone else noticed this?
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2023.03.26 14:40 jacklyle Magic up to his incredible insightful contributions to Twitter again

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2023.03.26 14:40 xcantene Help on Taxonomies and Relations - How to create global tags to affect multiple CPTs?

Help on Taxonomies and Relations - How to create global tags to affect multiple CPTs?
Greetings everyone,
I am having some issues understanding how to properly insert a sort of global pool of tags that can affect multiple custom post types.
To give a better background on my project. I am building a site where users can post ads, courses, portfolio projects, articles, and videos. These are my CPTs or custom post types.
In addition, each CPT has its own set of Categories and sub-categories.
Ex: Portfolio projects have a category of programming, and a sub-category child: Software development.
This part is easy and clear as what I am doing creating a new CPT, adding taxonomies, and creating a relationship this way:
  • User (parent) CPT Portfolio project(child)
  • CPT Portfolio project (parent) Category: Programming (child)
  • Category: Programming (parent) Sub-category: Software development (child)
Now my issue comes that I wish to have a set of tags such as Interest, tools, and keywords to be used for all Posts and linked with the users. This way the posts can be queried by the selection the user did on the onboarding.
Ex: Interest can be: Programing, Microsoft, etc.. While another set a user can add is their coding knowledge: HTML, Java, etc.
Based on Interests and known coding that the user selects on their profile page or during registration onboarding, there will be a page called "explore" which displays ALL CPTS but queried by those selections.
So in a way My idea is to create a set of tags I call Global tags, where:
Users (parent) Global tag: Interest (child)
CPTs: Portfolio project (parent) Global Tag: Interest (child)
I made this sort of map to represent what I am trying to obtain for relations.
My question now is the following, In Wordpress, where should I create these Global tags? Should I create at individual CPT that contains these tags? or do I have to duplicate all those tags on every single CPT? wouldn't that create a duplicate?
My idea was to use the taxonomies within the basic "posts" and add tags, interests, and tools and then create a relation between those and the CPTs
But idk if that would make sense or even if it will work. I am using Jet engine which allows me to create all sort of CPTs, Taxonomies, Custom fields, and create relations.
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2023.03.26 14:39 Enali (Spoilers Extended) Mysteries aboard the Cinnamon Wind...

Hey asoiaf its your neighborhood seeress Enali, about to engage in another ramble on a minor topic. The Cinnamon Wind!! The Summer Isle swan-ship that's leaving Oldtown with Marwyn and the crew that maybe doesn't get talked about enough (or gets enough fan art). Where is it going to show up in the story? What's going on with its passengers? What's Marwyn's deal? There's no povs on it yet but... I was excited to brainstorm it a bit, its got some really interesting stuff going on, more than meets the eye. Going to be self aware here and warn you its not as short of a post as I hoped, even though I get it, attention span is the death of a lot of posts and I really wanted to format the points for readability.... I hope some of you will still stay and enjoy it anyhow and let me know if you've got some other cool insights to add!

All About the Cinnamon Wind & its Route

So GRRM has mentioned that we will actually see more of the 'captain and crew of the Cinnamon Wind' in future books so that's a good sign right?
•A quick note on the name, Cinnamon Wind, it seems similar to Black Wind and Grey Wind (which have been tied together in the past) though I'm not sure if there's a unifying theme there or just happenstance?
The Cinnamon Ship is a Summer Isles swan-ship in any case, so that means its got some really awesome stuff going on in its design:
•Swan ships are said to be able to sail farther and faster than ships of other nations. Kind of makes sense because the Summer Isles are fairly isolated which would push them to innovate to connect with the world.
•They are tall and graceful ships with large billowing sails, and bird-inspired figureheads. But they are wind dependent as a result (no oarsmen really to pull it along in doldrums).
•Their hulls are said to be fitted together without nails and walled with rare native hardwoods that are rumored to be hardened with magic. So much so that slaver ships that try to ram them splinter against their hulls. Cool.
•This all means that they can sail deeper and more dangerous stretches than most ships. Its even noted that its one of the uncommon ships that can skirt around the Stepstones entirely when crossing beneath Westeros and Essos. And that's got to be an enticing option because just recently on the way to Oldtown they were attacked by pirates. Things here in the islands are getting pretty spicy, and while I'd love to talk about them more much to my dismay it seems this ship may slip right through without incident lol. Perhaps the hull design makes it one of the few ships that could potentially sail a rescue mission into even more dangerous areas like the Smoking Sea if needed too (just conjecture).
Anyways here's my rough estimate of the typical route the Cinnamon Wind takes for trade: image - red route, we mostly know this from Quhuru Mo's explanation to Dany. Basically stops in Oldtown, Dorne and Lys are confirmed, then he vaguely refers to other unnamed ports until they reach Qarth and then goes on to do the trader's circle in the Jade Sea.
So if precedent is any indicator they will take something like that on the way out, however... there's some x-factors to keep in mind in this trip (aside from the Stepstones):
•Marwyn will try to persuade the crew to not make too many trade stops... afterall the whole point of the voyage is to beat the maester he believes the 'grey sheep' are sending out by galley to catch up with Daenerys. So urgency is key.
•Quhuru Mo was offered a great reward by Dany for bringing her news about Robert Baratheon's death (although she assumed she'd next see him after she is sitting the Iron Throne in King's Landing), so he's also motivated to find her outside of whatever Marwyn offers.
•The Cinnamon Wind calls Tall Trees Town their home port. As it happens Tall Trees Town just got raided by a corsair king from the Basilisk Isles, so they might see that as a priority (see the optional purple route on the image), but actually... either path doesn't really matter too much because the overall distance to Meereen isn't that different.
But that kind of brings up another point.. will the ship even meet them in Meereen? If they were going to show up early in Winds we'd probably have already seen signs of the crew there at this point. With the siege on the horizon it'd be really difficult to land there now - The Bay has been entirely blockaded for awhile, and when the Ironborn arrive the shore becomes a dangerous litter of splintered vessels. There's also a gigantic Volantene fleet on its way too that could crush any ships in its path. So the Cinnamon Wind will either have to a) wait around at a distance until Dany's forces somehow prevail and clean up the pale mare infecting the city, or imo a more likely option, b) catch up to Dany's forces at some point as they evacuate tf out of Meeereen. Marwyn might be able to guide them to Dany's forces wherever they end up because he has peered into the glass candle and has studied other types of divining magic. But what do you think?

The Crew Manifest & Unlikely Passengers?

So currently the familiar faces we know onboard are:
Quhuru Mo - the captain of the Cinnamon Wind (doesn't speak common tongue but does speak high valyrian on top of the summer isles tongue which all the crew can speak)
Xhondo Dhoru - a mate on the Cinnamon Wind who saves Sam's life. He can speak a little common tongue and is very fond of the word 'fuck'
Kojja Mo - captains the red archers aboard the Cinnamon Wind and loves her goldenheart bow. can speak common tongue fluently and helps translate for Quhuru in farflung Westeros.
Marwyn the Mage - well that's where all the mysteries are leading to isn't it? We'll talk about him more later but its said he can talk to the Summer Islanders in their own tongue, so that's going to be a pretty fun on the trip! (and I get the feeling he can hold his spiced rum)
But here's where things get uhh.. interesting....
So Aemon's body and Gilly and Dalla's baby are still on the ship. And I know Sam has planned to send the body off to the maesters and Gilly to Horn Hill with his family, but the timing of the Cinnamon Wind's departure brings up some odd possibilities. I still think its entirely possible, maybe even likely, it goes to plan, but its worth considering the alternatives for a second:
•You see Sam's plan revolved around meeting with the Seneschal to inform him of Aemon's body for pickup and then afterwards he could arrange transport for Gilly and the unnamed baby (Aemon Steelsong if he can get to two years old). But Sam never gets the chance to meet them... remember the attendant delays him until he meets Alleras who introduces him to Marwyn, and he ends the night explaining his story and being introduced to his sleeping quarters and told to try to pitch the Seneschal again the next day (with a story that won't make them want to kill him). So nothing's been sent in motion.
•All the while Gilly is told to wait aboard the ship during this time with Aemon's body stuffed into a cask of blackbelly rum (Quhuru wouldn't allow a pyre aboard the ship for understandable reasons to cremate him in the typical Targaryen fashion).
•Meanwhile Marwyn is rushing off to try to hire the crew to head out to catch up to Dany, and he doesn't like to waste time we are told. Though on the other hand Quhuru Mo's original plan wasn't to rush, but to take some time, spend two to ten days unloading his wares and selling off the rare books he took from Aemon to the maesters. So will Marwyn convince him to leave sooner? Or will Quhuru push back? But how long is Marwyn willing to delay until he seeks a faster ship? (as its implied they will leave together)
•And if the ship does disembark what happenes with Gilly and the babe? Let's see things from her eyes... Oldtown is probably a very new and confusing and overwhelming place, she's going to have a lot of trouble finding Sam on her own. The Cinnamon Wind has been a second home for her, she especially trusts the women aboard including Kojja who loves the baby more than her own bow. Gilly's also been invited to stay aboard as long as she likes. And... Sam just kind of broke up with her, he has that whole talk with her before he leaves about how he needs to remain a crow and he 'said the words' and internally he's trying to find the courage to be able to leave her. Gilly does like him though, and Sam's been her constant companion, but she's going to have to ask herself which future fits her better. I really can't say what may happen. I can see both possibilities, and I've built on theories in the past assuming she's at Horn Hill, but I'm not really attached to that point either.
•Also if the ship rushes out sooner than later its hard to imagine Quhuru taking the time to coordinate a dropoff of Aemon's body with the notoriously evasive maesters. Maybe he just leaves it on the dock though if he doesn't forget.
•Jon Snow actually has two visions concerning Gilly in ADWD, the first already seems to have come to pass - where he hacks off the two baby's heads and switches them around and tells Gilly to sew them back together (unless there's additional dark foreshadowing there), the second dream he has is one where he sees Sam drowning (which probably ties to the red tide of Euron coming to Oldtown) and Gilly weeping tears of blood. So something bad is on the horizon for her either aboard the Cinnamon Wind or at Horn Hill...

Quhuru Mo's Book Sale

Another interesting thing going on is Quhuru Mo trying to offload the books the crew took from Aemon to the maesters (perhaps with Xhonda or Kojja along to translate).
Which books exactly? Rare ones... ones specifically chosen by Aemon that Castle Black had copies of that the Citadel may not. Though Sam is only capable of finding one of every four on the list.
•We know that Septon Barth wrote one of them - Sam reads passages from a book of his about dragons to Aemon onboard. This very likely refers to 'Unnatural History.'
•Sam also seems to bring Maester Thomax's 'Dragonkin' (Death of Dragons) to Aemon as requested right before his meeting with Jon where he learns of the trip (though he drops it in the dirt). I think its likely this is also on board because Aemon was in on the plan and maybe making preparations at that point.
•Sam also brings Colloquo Votar's 'Jade Compendium' to Aemon, but this is not on the ship because it is a farewell gift to Jon. It contains information on the Azor Ahai legend learned from the writer's adventures around the Jade Sea. Why do I bring this up? Because the crew of the Cinnamon Wind also just got done sailing around the Jade Sea, so they may be familiar with the Azor Ahai myth and offer some interesting information.
Of course someone who would really appreciate all of these books would be Marwyn, he may just buy them up on the spot, if not because of his interest in the higher mysteries because it expedites the voyage out. Marwyn did write The Book of Lost Books himself though which is said to have three pages from Signs and Portents detailing Daenys the Dreamer's visions of the Doom of Valyria, and he spent years looking for missing books, so he'd really be a fan of these I think.
But if Quhuru Mo tries to sell these to other maesters, well, he may unknowingly be taking a big risk.... as Marwyn tells Sam its not a good idea to give news of prophecies or dragons to the maesters, unless you fancy poison in your porridge. And the books we've seen so far kind of make those topics their centerpiece. The Citadel has even openly condemned Unnatural History in the past...

The Motives of Marwyn the Mage

Of course the main mystery aboard the ship has got to be Marwyn... all the plots really converge on him, we've been teased of his existence since the first book when it was revealed that he taught Mirri Maz Duur common tongue and she tells us he "opened a body for me and showed me all the secrets that hide beneath the skin." (associated with a dark deed or is this just a parallel to an early autopsy for medical knowledge?)
•Qyburn also name drops Marwyn. "If we leave our smells behind us when we leave a room, surely something of our souls must remain when we leave this life?" Qyburn spread his hands. "The archmaesters did not like my thinking, though. Well, Marwyn did, but he was the only one.""
•There's theories he may have come across Oberyn at some point too where he learned about poisons at the Citadel and 'perhaps even darker arts.' And its said that Marwyn studied with warlocks and shadowbinders too.
•Marwyn's also been seen in the undercity and its said that he sacrifices to queer gods at the little sailors' temples down by the wharves. And we know that one of those wharfside temples is one for the red priests (Sam hears the red priests singing to welcome the sun at first light).
So with connections like these we should probably start to feel pretty uneasy about Marwyn's role in the story, what his plans are for Daenerys given his mistrust of prophecy, and what he's capable of: Shadowbinding, fire magic, divination, medical knowledge without ethical consideration... but maybe the rumors mischaracterize him.
•And he has lit one of the glass candles too. The ceremony the maester's take where they fail to light the glass candle is supposed to remind them that knowledge can be dangerous, to temper their arrogance and to remain humble. Which is maybe a clue that Marwyn isn't. Or that the maesters' scope of vision is just limited.
•Glass candles can allow users to communicate over long distances, enter dreams, give people visions, and according to the tentative Cushing Library finds may be used to grant immotality, keeping its owner alive as long as the flame doesn't go out. Fire and blood seem to be the roots of magic in ASOIAF, and as 'dragonglass' its hinted they harness the magic of dragons (maybe its fossilized blood or something). The glass candles flame needs to be renewed from time to time with the owner's blood though, which maybe ties back to Sam's question of what feeds the fire? (or a dragon's flame) And does the connection extract other prices on their users for this gift? Marwyn habitually chews sourleaf, perhaps just recreationally, but it is also said to be able to dull pain.
•So Quaithe and Euron are also hinted to be users of the glass candles and both are connected to dark magics in their own way. Are they in communication with each other? They probably at least have the ability to spy on each other as Quaithe seems to be aware of the other candles burning.
•The Citadel is said to have one green and three black glass candles from Valyria, though in the Cushing Library finds it was originally going to be more (one for each Archmaester) so those texts can't entirely be trusted for consistency. As for the green candle that could makes sense as Sam does hear that the obsidian beneath Dragonstone can come in a variety of colors, mostly black, but green too, and occassionally even red or purple. "Under the sea, smoke rises in bubbles, and flames burn green and blue and black," Patchface sang somewhere. Perhaps that's relevant too (not sure about blue though).
So there's a lot of interesting potential for Marwyn aboard the ship for some kind of dark ritual magic or dragon knowledge to come into play with someone like... Daenerys, or Tyrion, or Victarion, the dragons and Dragonbinder, bringing Dany to where Quaithe wants, or even performing something on Aemon's body (as weird as that could be). Hopefully no babies are involved this time (Kojja's arrows will probably have something to say if he tried).

~Thanks so much for Reading~
tldr: The Cinnamon Wind is trying to catch up with Dany and due to the unique design of swan ships has the potential to take some very interesting routes on the way out to Meereen, or perhaps catch up to her forces as they evacuate to somewhere on the way back (the open ocean, Lys, the Smoking Sea, etc..). Aside from the Summer Islander crew (notably Quhuru Mo, Xhondo Dhoru, and Kojja Mo), and Marwyn there's some odd possibilities that Gilly, Dalla's babe, and Aemond's body may not be offloaded in Oldtown due to Marwyn wanting to rush out and Sam getting delayed before he can get word to the Seneschal's Court and then enact his plans. Quhuru Mo has rare books from Aemon he's trying to sell off to the maesters which Marwyn may pickup, or he may get in trouble with the Citadel over their controversial topics. And Marwyn seems to have a powerful understanding of magic but may be connected to some pretty dark forces in the series, which should give us pause to his motives.
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2023.03.26 14:39 lolsbot360gpt How much do you need to get “zillionaire”?

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2023.03.26 14:39 SilverC3ll JS: Double- Or Singe Quotes Shouldn't Matter; But They Do

I have just begun learning JS at W3 Schools.
At the Introduction(, it is stated that JS is insensitive to the use of either single- or double quotes.
The Introduction states these two lines are the same:
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = "Hello JavaScript";
document.getElementById('demo').innerHTML = 'Hello JavaScript';
The first uses double quotes and the second singe quotes.
However, the exercise for changing the src of an image reveals a quote-sensitivity:
"myImage" src="" />
Here, getElementById('myImage') uses single quotes. This functions properly when ran; please see JSfiddle for example:
However, in the following code I use double quotes to enclose myImage, yielding an apparent syntax error:
"myImage" src="" />
See JSfiddle:
The JSfiddle console states the following (as a neophyte to me yet unintelligible):
"39:129 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input" "41:130 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input"
This is strange, because the above two codes mentioned earliest use singe- and double quotes without yielding a syntax error:
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = "Hello JavaScript"; document.getElementById('demo').innerHTML = 'Hello JavaScript';
It is as if the sensitivity suddenly lies within the parenthesis:

(This one works) (This one doesn't work)
Thank you, should you be willing to explain the necessary principles.

P.S. I apologise, the code has become cluttered because Reddit is buggy with its markup codes.
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2023.03.26 14:38 CodeMode63 Need a little help for creating custom armor

Hey, I am very new to modding with fabric and I dont have that much experience with it. I tried creating a little mod which should add a custom version of the elytra and it enables the user to fly similar like in creative mode but it is expensive and powered by rockets. Despite all the other problems of having to code the flying stuff I cant even make the item so that it is an armor piece. Ive fond several online tutorials that show all the same method of how to implement that. But they are mostlikely outdated because they use a different syntaxt than fabric 1.19.4. My java knowledge is kinda okay but I could really need some help or maybe some ideas in order to make my created elytra item wearable as a chestplate. Thanks in advance :)
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2023.03.26 14:38 Strange_Charity_ [For Hire] Accounting, Mathematics (Statistics, Calculus, Algebra, vectors, complex & real analysis...), Chemistry Finance, Case Studies. Discord: Brains#9490. Email: [email protected]

I major in ACCOUNTING, MATHEMATICS (Calculus 1-3, Algebra & Statistics), Chemistry, FINANCE, CASE STUDIES. For excellent grades in these courses, my team and I got you covered on all your homework, tests and exams. [Discord - Brains#9490] Email: [email protected]
I'm an academic expert with several years of experience. I guarantee quality, timely, non-plagiarised solutions that will get you a distinction in your areas of purpose. Please contact me if you need help with any of the following:
ACCOUNTING (Financial accounting, Corporate reporting, Performance Management, Financial reporting, Cost accounting......).
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FINANCE (Advanced Financial Management, Financial Markets & Institution, Strategic Financial Management, Financial and Data Analysis).
CHEMISTRY (Organic Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Naming Molecular compounds, into and core level chemistry).
I would be willing to decrypt sample questions to my prove competence before taking on any task.
Assignments: ( $50 - $100) Tests: ( $100/hr or less) Edgenuity ( Negotiable) depending on the complexity of the job.
Kindly hit me up via: Email: [email protected] Discord: Brains#9490
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2023.03.26 14:37 Gozz1988 Am I wrong here or at least partially wrong?

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2023.03.26 14:37 Kiramadera The couch and the dog stay…

Hello! My partner and I use this room off of our kitchen for drinking coffee/tea in the am, and doom-scrolling on our iPads in the evening. On occasion, our teenaged son or a friend or two joins us in the evening.
The ridiculously huge couch, the sofa table, and of course my sweet pup are staying; everything else including the TV is going.
The room is 193” long and 132” wide.
Soooo…I’d like to add more comfy seating that doesn’t block the flow to the room or the window. Hoping for a super casual style, with rounded rather than straight lines. I’m in Canada. Any ideas?
Edited to add: budget would be about $2500-3000 CAD for a chair.
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2023.03.26 14:36 soliloquy-of-silence it’s bowel prep Sunday 😵‍💫

Any others out there having their procedure tomorrow going through a bowel prep today? I’m already missing my regular breakfast and solid foods 😭
Clear liquid diet this morning and a whole jug of GoLytely starts at noon… whoever named it that, I hope your pillow is always warm and your shoes come untied 😾
Edit to add: Did not even mention any deets of what I’m having. I’m 34, about 70kg/155lbs, married, no kids, having a total hysterectomy with bilateral salpingectomy, leaving my ovaries but my surgeon will take them if needed. She’s going in robotically. I’ve never had a laparoscopy before but she believes I have endo, with definitive fibroids and cysts to boot. Constant pain for a while now with years of menstrual issues and abnormal cells on my cervix. So ready to be pain free 😞
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2023.03.26 14:36 MasterGeologist7476 Part 2 😂😂😂😂 providing context is a real danger to the Christian/non Christian community

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2023.03.26 14:35 EveryPeace MIL forcing herself into the wedding

Hey everyone, I need a space to rant and also get some validation/ thoughts on my situation. We’re less than a month out from the wedding and everything is pretty much sorted & paid for. We’re just enjoying these last few weeks to add smaller personal touches to the day with whatever budget we have left. My partners step-mum got in touch with me today to ask if she can order two buttonholes for my partners dad and his grandad. Ordinarily, we would have already ordered them buttonholes if we wanted them to wear them but none of my family will be at the wedding so we decided to keep buttonholes exclusive to the wedding party only (this is pretty common now anyway!). She said she would pay for the buttonholes and wanted something to help tie their suits in with our colour scheme. We’ve never asked them to match our colours (actually we’d prefer if they didn’t but didn’t want to dictate what they wore). She has also recently shown me her dress for the day and it’s the exact same navy colour & cut as my bridesmaids. I was a bit surprised she had gone for the same colour after showing her what the bridesmaids would be wearing but thought I’d let it go as I can’t be bothered with unnecessary stress at this point. The buttonhole request however is a touch too far in my opinion. We’re 28 days out from the wedding so it feels pretty 11th hour and also doesn’t seem like a request that considers us and where we might be in the planning process, but more of a way to butt their heads in… again. Also want to point out, she has previously asked if my partners dad can walk me down the aisle (without ever really asking about my family situation and what I’m planning to do about walking down the aisle - my preference is to walk myself for a million different reasons that are important to me) and asked if he could make a speech?! It’s been really awkward trying to navigate all these requests without risking hurting their feelings but I’m starting to lose my patience now. Do we need to be more blunt with them about their involvement on the day? We recently asked them to be a part of our hand-tying ritual and thought that would appease them.
Anyone else had similar experiences with their wedding planning?
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2023.03.26 14:35 Opening_Plantain8791 I love point buy. I hate point buy.

Nothing feels better than having free choice in a vast universe of character components. Here a +1 in tinkering, there a cyber eye, the balance feat that requires nothing but dex 6 and lets add a connection to the president and the greatsword of clairvoyance to the mix. Yea. I love the uniqueness. I love the plasticity. I love point buy. That's my character. It required me to read six 400-page source- and rule books, had me pondering about 500 possible branching decisions for the bare bones concept, iterating and trial-and-erroring through 60 iterations of different feat combinations to flesh it out. And I dont even have a clue, if the character is even remotely living up to or even exceeding the power level that the system is balanced for. I hate point buy.
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2023.03.26 14:34 No_Influence_1781 Which is the best chemical engineering coaching for gate?

Which is the best chemical engineering coaching for gate?
"Hello, based on extensive research and analysis of user feedback, some popular and highly recommended coaching centers for chemical engineering GATE preparation are: 1. Physics Wallah: This is a well-known institute that offers comprehensive study material, video lectures, online tests, doubt clearing sessions and personalized mentorship to ensure students' success in the GATE exam.
  1. Engineers Institute of India (EII): EII has been providing quality education for over a decade now and has produced numerous top rankers in various competitive exams including GATE. They offer classroom as well as online courses along with regular mock tests.
  2. Made Easy: Another reputed institute that provides excellent guidance to students preparing for GATE exams through their expert faculty members who provide one-to-one doubt solving sessions.
  3. Chemical Guru: This coaching center specializes exclusively in Chemical Engineering GATE preparation making it a suitable option for those looking for targeted training in this field.
  4. T.I.M.E: TIME is known for its structured course content designed according to the latest trends of the examination pattern which helps students get an edge over others preparing individually.
Ultimately choosing any particular coaching center depends upon your preference and convenience factors like location or fee structure but these institutes can be good starting points before making any final decision about where to begin your journey towards cracking the challenging GATE exam! "
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2023.03.26 14:34 Epic2017YT Need help with finding replacement.

Need help with finding replacement.
So I am a total newbie when it comes to PCs. I have had my current tower since September 2014 and it has worked fine.
The only mods I have done to it are add some fans because of an overheating issue.
I mainly use my PC for gaming, animating and the occasional piece of college work.
Recently, my PC has been running games quite poorly in my opinion. Constant frame drops, lagging, even if I am playing on the lowest possible settings with nothing else aside for the game running. I'm mainly playing a rotation of, Fortnite, Minecraft, Overwatch and Sea of Theives with my mates. Overwatch and SOT run fine, it's the first two which are running poorly.
I have attached a screenshot of my PCs specs.
I want to know what I need to replace to help make my pc run like it used it. Or if I just need to get a new build.
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2023.03.26 14:34 kaori14112 The way to access the English translation of 86 Side Story on

Unfortunately, the site is already down due to domain expiration. I was desperate to find a backup or a way to access it. Luckily, the DNS record history still remains, and the host is still available. You just need to add this line to the hosts file (to force your PC to access the host without resolving DNS via the domain): Remember to run Notepad++ as Administrator, otherwise, you won't be able to save the file.
The 86 side story english translation link (only available after edited hosts file):
As I checked the chat on the page, someone backed up the side story to an alternative site:
In summary, you have two ways to access it: use the hosts file to force your PC to ignore DNS resolution to the main site, or access the alternative backup site.
Here's the video tutorial I made for those who don't know how to edit the hosts file (I'm sorry for the audio, I forgot to disable sound recording from the system, and I was too lazy to edit the video):
I wrote this post just in case someone searches for it and finds this post via Google search just like me. I hope you find what you need. Have a nice day!
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2023.03.26 14:33 OLukioO 1.21 should be a Structures Update

All the previous updates have updated certain aspects of the game and have definitely improved upon the adventure aspect of Minecraft with the cave and nether update and although the new structures that have been added such as bastions and ancient cities are quite fun to explore, it still follows the same format that has been used for a decade.
I think they could definitely upgrade the current structures we have like desert temples and jungle temples into huge adventurous structures with a ton of randomly generated rooms consisting of trap rooms, puzzle rooms and treasure rooms as well as having unique mobs to fight in them, for example, jungle temples could have mossy skeletons. It would also be cool to have structures come in a lot more varieties and shapes like you could find a huge colossal desert temple or a small harmless desert temple or a desert temple that looks small on the surface but it goes underground and has a ton of rooms down there.
Another thing they could do is add curses where you cannot break parts of structures nor place blocks on them to ensure you don’t “cheat” and break into only the chest rooms. They could also have it where if you complete the final room or kill all the enemies inside them, the curse is lifted and you could turn that structure into your own cool base.
Something that would definitely fit inside a Structures Update would be new bosses found inside them and they could be in the final rooms of structures. They could also make it where some structures have bosses and in other there aren’t. An example of a boss could be one in jungles where you have to fight a huge mossy stone golem or in an updated version of pillager outposts, you could go up against the Illusioner mob that they haven’t added to the game yet. As for drops, maybe the Illusioner could drop some sort of special enchantment book that you can use to enchant bows and crossbows which gives them a special ability that can only be used once per Minecraft Day, where you can create a decoy of yourself that tricks mobs and causes them to try and attack it.
As for loot, each structure could include new unique blocks and items you can only find in that structure as well as blocks found outside of them like with desert temple and the new pots they added in 1.20. As for new stuff, an example could be a new green totem found in jungle temple chests called the ‘Totem of Resurrection’ that summons 3 green skeletons that protect you when your swarmed by enemies. Of coarse, you’d have to sacrifice a shield or totem of undying in you second hand slot for this and, unlike the totem of undying, it cannot be farmed since it’s not dropped from a mob. For blocks, maybe you could find new types of sandstone in desert temples like sandstone pillars, chiselled sandstone blocks representing different mobs like a skeleton and maybe even come across quicksand in a trap room that can be collected if you lift the curse.
Personally, I think an update like this would give Minecraft that old feeling of not knowing what your going to come across and would make exploring feel so much more adventurous.
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2023.03.26 14:33 Spec-o-Space Did I fuck up the redose?

Me and my friend took a pill each and for about 2-3 hours we were dancing, getting mild psychedelic effects but mainly euphoria, energy and laughter. This was when we took half a pill each to try extend the trip.
In a few hours of the effects from before continuing, we very suddenly got these intense psychedelic effects and everything felt very alien. We both panicked as we both felt as thought we were very close to slipping away from reality and not coming back. (The panic wasn't too bad, we can handle challenging experiences)
After that initial wave of things ramping up, it kept getting more and more intense but this time we were okay with it. I just didn't expect something like that to happen.
Did us redosing add on to the trip instead of extending it? Should we have timed it differently? I'm glad it happened because it was extremely fun and interesting but I'd like to know for next time. Thanks!
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