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2017.05.07 05:30 An_Average_Lurker The Hybrid Legion

We must unite to rule them all We're like the avatar but worse

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2023.03.30 19:56 kyle_fall Women who can't do their makeup properly and don't have good fashion sense are at a ridiculously huge disadvantage

For some reason I've been watching some female beauty content creators recently doing GRWM and showing their routine and seeing in details what goes into their makeup(and general beauty routine like nails, hair, outfits, etc) blew my mind big time. The difference in result with people of different skill level is insane.
A woman with perfect makeup for her face and aesthetic vs the same woman but with botched makeup or none at all can easily be a full 2-3 difference on a 10 point scale. Specifically things like well done eye and lip liner make a night and day difference.
If you assume as is generally done on here that most of what goes into female SMV is looks and appearance than you would think that taking a lot of time to watch different content creators, trying out different techniques, different styles and different brands would be mandatory for every single woman.
I'm sure a lot of them do it but a lot of the women I encounter on a daily basis clearly don't. A lot of women I see have really good fashion sense for their vibe and figure and do their styling and makeup really well too and it's really cool to look at and it makes them so much hotter especially now that I pay attention to it. The more content on it I watch and the more I notice it the more turned off I get now when I see a girl with no care on how she dresses, does her nails, hair, makeup, etc. A lot of girls could be totally stunning if they put a bit more care into it or if someone showed them how to do it better.
Of course I'm sure a lot of women just don't care a lot of days since it's a lot of work to do but I see people not even being able to do it when they specifically try for occasions and that's unfortunate.
I don't think there's an equivalent for men in terms a skill with that little time required to learn vs disproportionate good result that it gives women. Maybe like grooming yourself properly weekly, some guys easily drop 1-2 points by just having strange facial hair that they don't know how to do optimally(myself included.)
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2023.03.30 19:56 Born-Necessary9533 How often do you eat the same cuisine?

In Britain we eat a lot of different cuisines and for example my family will comment if we have Italian, or Indian, twice in a short space of time. Similarly we do eat British classics - bangers and mash, shepherds pie, roast etc - but probably max twice a week.
But I imagine the Italians don't think it's weird to eat Italian all week.
Is this a uniquely me thing? A uniquely British thing? Or just not a thing lol
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2023.03.30 19:56 anelson Legality of US Citizen overstaying Schengen short-stay visa waiver in Portugal awaiting residency

I'm a US citizen currently in Portugal, finding myself in what I bet is a pretty unusual situation and I'm not able to get clear answers on the legality of the situation.
I lived in Ukraine on a Ukrainian temporary residency permit for a few years before the Russian invasion in Feb 2022. My wife (who is a Ukrainian citizen and does not have a US green card) and I decided to come to Portugal in January to take advantage of the temporary protection regime they have for Ukrainian citizens and legal residents. We submitted our application for residency online in January ( As of today 30 March, my application is still in "Submitted" status. We went to a SEF (Portuguese immigration service) office to ask about the status, and they said it was probably because I was an American citizen and it's odd that I'm requesting temporary protection, although they confirmed that as a holder of a Ukrainian residence permit I do have a right to request it. Based on this feedback I also uploaded to our residency application a copy of our Ukrainian wedding certificate, and a letter explaining the unique situation.
I've talked to a Portuguese immigration lawyer, he agreed it's an unusual situation and probably that's why there's a delay. He has other clients (Ukrainian citizens) who applied for the temporary residency permits after we did, and already received them.
He advised me to be patient and await the residency permit.
My worry is that in three days we will have been in the Schengen zone for 90 days out of the last 180. I don't actually have this residency yet, so I will have technically overstayed the 90 day visa, right? We have a trip coming up to Italy, which now I'm re-thinking since I just did the math and realized that will be after our 90 days are up. Will Portuguese or Italian authorities notice, given that there's no passport control on flights between those two countries?
If for some reason I urgently need to leave the Schengen Zone (for health reasons or a death in the family or whatever) and I still haven't been issued this residency status, at the border as I leave would the border guards consider my wife and I as having over-stayed our visas? The only way we have to get back to Ukraine is via Poland, so if we were banned from the Schengen Zone for over-staying a visa it would be catastrophic for us both when the time comes to return to Ukraine.
I doubt anyone else has been in this exact situation, but has anyone else found themselves in a legal limbo awaiting residency or a visa extension in the Schengen zone? Any thoughts on the legality of my situation?
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2023.03.30 19:56 Extension-Cow935 Community concensus inquiry...

Am I the only one that wishes they never nerfed the loot to the ground after all the flack that kalandra league loot got?
I miss being able to play as a father and 40-60 hweek worker for the only 2-4hrs of sacrificed sleep once in awhile and still get the dopamine boosts from huge loot explosions from goblins. Honestly it was the only league since ritual that I truly could profit heavily from limited play time (given that trading is a minor nightmare of time sink and busy ppl like myself generally arnt online long enough to have requests roll in even when undercutting the entire market).
My request to devs:
For standard league, where gear is abundant and players are generally geared well enough that AN kalandra pre nerf was a welcomed difficulty boost finally having formidable enemies every now and again even for characters worth at least a few mirrors was a good addition. I entirely understand the backlash that AN kalandra got for league.. most players were struggling heavily to kill them or even to survive, either you had the dps but not the ehp or you had the ehp to tank them endlessly but in doing so generally huge ehp builds lack the extreme levels of dps. It was a tragedy. These issues however do not apply to standard, for the majority of players.
Another note for standard league is that it seems to be the only truly viable league to play as a busy irl person where playing leagues for a few months is really not an option, by the time you're really rolling through content and juicing maps to their fullest and have a close to fully geared out endgame character, the league ends due in part to the fact you have extremely limited time to play per week.
This request is for standard only, a simple mechanic retention just like all league carry over content.
Bring back AN and goblins in all their glory or at least bring back the previous juice which at a point(multiple divine/exalt investment per map) was incapable of grabbing all of the raw currency, div cards and scarab alone with all portals and full inventories per retrieval along side the astounding game crash when showing all loot.
A real message to devs: In the long run this makes standard league more enticing for the people that can't dump tons of hours into the game per week but still want a good experience aswell as some challenge every so often. Getting these people to decide not to leave the game to gather dust due to their life taking too much time and progression of min max taking immense in game wealth to accomplish is a hard barrier to hurdle. This however is a step into the right direction to maintaining the player base that generally has the most irl capital to invest in stash tabs, supporter packs and overall mtx. Which in the long run benefits not only your core team and investors but also the rest of the player base in the forms of, more company expenses to burn on future content creation and expansion,, more capital to throw at poe2, the in-game economy, supply and demand of overall items, crafting currency and juicing currency.
Anyone else feel the same way and think they're missing an opportunity in not thinking more about standard league and the impact that capitalizing on the content there aswell as leagues can have?
We need more content from previous leagues to be on demand accessible in standard, obviously not the legacy items persay but the content in general and absolutely all the league specific unique that the design team spent so much time and thought on that have been withheld and not carried over as drop able for one reason or another. In doing this it opens the doors for the newer players that join the game, blow up the league and then get into standard and get to experience all of the previous leagues in mostly their fullest form. The atlas passives really do a closeness to this but it could be even more focus able. This could be a massive draw for newer players to stick around when a league after the one they played first just doesn't interest them mechanically or they're still getting the feel for the overall game itself and really arnt up to the struggle of starting fresh in their second available league. Having standard still allow for them to progress through magic finding goblins or juicing maps is an absolute plus for everyone. With standards ever vast economy where items are generally more expensive definitely does cause newer players to hit a dead stop on progression after a league ends this is just one solution and it worked when it existed.
Note: we also need a stash filter ("discontinued" or example "version3.18.0") to highlight legacy items or stats in general that have been nerfed or buffed. Shouldnt be very hard to implement, it would be beyond surprising that the items files don't already have lines to indicate this.
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2023.03.30 19:55 LightSamus A list w/links of every song in Final Fantasy XIV that originated in other Final Fantasy (and friends) titles (updated for 6.35!)

Old version:
Whew, it's been a good while since I last updated this! Includes the latter additions to Shadowbringers (primarily Eden and Bozja) as well as everything in Endwalker so far up until 6.35. A few previously missed tracks were also added!
Naturally, there are no holds barred on this list and spoilers aplenty! Anything bold is newly added since my last list.
I'm very aware a lot of the links for music used in the past are very much dead now, so I'll be going over everything as soon as I've a bit of time and replacing as much as I can.
If there's anything missing or any mistakes, let me know!
Soundtrack name Location Origin Game Title
Prelude Many Locations Final Fantasy Prelude
A Victory Fanfare Reborn Victory Fanfare Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare
The Seventh Sun Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Final Fantasy
The Mushroomery Matoya's Cave Final Fantasy Matoya's Cave
Battle Chaos Battle Theme Final Fantasy Battle Scene
Eorzea de Chocobo Chocobo Theme Final Fantasy II Chocobo Theme
Battle Theme 1.x Certain Instances Battle Music Final Fantasy II Battle Theme
Hubris/Ever Upwards Labyrinth of the Ancients Final Fantasy III Altar Cave
Tumbling Down Labyrinth of the Ancients/Syrcus Tower Boss Theme Final Fantasy III Boss Theme
Now I Know the Truth Doga and Unei's Theme Final Fantasy III Dorga Theme
Out of the Labyrinth/Shattered Syrcus Tower Theme Final Fantasy III Crystal Tower
Blind to the Dark World of Darkness Theme Final Fantasy III The Dark Crystals
Hunger Cloud of Darkness Theme Part 1 Final Fantasy III Dark Cloud Appears
The Reach of Darkness Cloud of Darkness Theme Part 2 Final Fantasy III Dark Cloud Battle
Eternal Wind Crystal Tower Ending Theme Final Fantasy III Eternal Wind
Forbidden Land (Endwalker) Eureka Orthos Theme Final Fantasy III The Forbidden Land
Dancing Calcabrina Calcabrina Theme Final Fantasy IV Dancing Calcobrena
Big-boned Fat Chocobo Theme Final Fantasy IV Fat Chocobo Makes an Appearance
Lunar Whale (Shadowbringers) Lunar Whale Mount Theme Final Fantasy IV The Big Whale
Tower of Zot (Endwalker) Tower of Zot Theme Final Fantasy IV Tower of Zot
Welcome to Our Town (Endwalker) Mare Lamentorum Inside Theme Final Fantasy IV Welcome to Our Town
Battle 1 from FINAL FANTASY IV Mare Lamentorum Inside Battle Theme Final Fantasy IV Battle 1
Somewhere In The World (Ambitions Writhe) Golbez Cutscene Theme Final Fantasy IV Somewhere In The World
Troian Beauty (Endwalker) The Fell Court of Troia Theme Final Fantasy IV Troian Beauty
FINAL FANTASY IV: Battle 2 (Endwalker) Dungeon Archfiend Theme Final Fantasy IV Battle 2
Sorrow and Loss (Endwalker) Thirteenth Cutscene Theme Final Fantasy IV Sorrow and Loss
Battle with the Four Fiend (Buried Memory) Barbariccia Theme Final Fantasy IV Battle With the Four Fiends
Forged in Crimson Rubicante Theme Final Fantasy IV Battle With the Four Fiends
The Seven Jesters/Good King Moggle Mog XII Moggle Mog's Theme Final Fantasy V Moogles' Theme
Battle on the Big Bridge Reborn Gilgamesh Trials Final Fantasy V Clash on the Big Bridge
The Interdimensional Rift Interdimensional Rift Theme Final Fantasy V Interdimensional Rift
Omega² Deltascape Boss Theme Final Fantasy V Boss Theme
Decisions Exdeath Theme Final Fantasy V The Decisive Battle
Final, Not Final Neo Exdeath's Theme Final Fantasy V The Final Battle
The Day Will Come (Endwalker) Sharlayan Cutscene Theme Final Fantasy V The Day Will Come
Magiteknickal Difficulties Magitek Armor Mount Theme Final Fantasy VI Terra's Theme
The Decisive Battle Ultros and Typhon Trial Final Fantasy VI The Decisive Battle
The Phantom Train to Sigmascape Sigmascape V1 Intro Cutscene Final Fantasy VI Phantom Train Theme
A Battle Decisively Sigmascape Boss Theme Final Fantasy VI The Decisive Battle
Dancing Mad Kefka's Theme Final Fantasy VI Dancing Mad
Battle to the Death - Heavensward Warring Triad Battle Theme Final Fantasy VI Battle to the Death
Cyan's Theme Doman Theme Final Fantasy VI Cyan's Theme
Gogo's Theme Gogo Blue Mage Battle Theme Final Fantasy VI Gogo's Theme
Four-Sided Circle Gold Saucer Theme Final Fantasy VII Gold Saucer
Sport of Kings Chocobo Racing Theme Final Fantasy VII Fiddle de Chocobo
Crazy Motorcycle SDS Fenrir Mount Theme Final Fantasy VII Crazy Motorcycle
Shuffle or Boogie Triple Triad Theme Final Fantasy VIII Shuffle or Boogie
Blue Fields The Empty Theme Final Fantasy VIII Blue Fields
Force Your Way Eden Battle Theme Final Fantasy VIII Force Your Way
Ami Eden Cutscene Theme Final Fantasy VIII Ami
Don't Be Afraid Eden Battle Theme Final Fantasy VIII Don't be Afraid
The Legendary Beast Eden Fatebreaker Theme Final Fantasy VIII The Legendary Beast
The Extreme Oracle of Darkness Theme Final Fantasy VIII The Extreme
Shuffle or Boogie (Shadowbringers) Triple Triad Tournament Theme Final Fantasy VIII Shuffle or Boogie
Vamo' alla Flamenco Dancer Theme Final Fantasy IX Vamo Alla Flamenco
Festival of the Hunt (Endwalker) Crystalline Conflict Theme Final Fantasy IX Hunter's Chance
Run! (Endwalker) Crystalline Conflict Overtime Theme Final Fantasy IX Run!
Battle Theme FFXI Event Battle Theme Final Fantasy XI Battle Theme
Iroha Reisen Temple Theme Final Fantasy XI Iroha
Gates of Paradise - The Garden of Ru'Hmet** Baldesion Arsenal Theme Final Fantasy XI Gates of Paradise - The Garden of Ru'Hmet
Onslaught Baldesion Arsenal Boss Theme Final Fantasy XI Onslaught
Turmoil Baldesion Arsenal Ozma Theme Final Fantasy XI Turmoil
Ascent Ridorana Lighthouse Theme Final Fantasy XII Ascent
Boss Battle Ridorana Lighthouse Boss Theme Final Fantasy XII Clash of Swords
The Mystery of Giruvegan Ridorana Lighthouse Upper Level Theme Final Fantasy XII Giruvegan's Mystery
Flash of Steel Yiazmat Battle Theme Final Fantasy XII Clash of Swords
Victory Fanfare (FFXII Version) Ridorana Victory Fanfare Final Fantasy XII Victory Fanfare
Unrest (ZAV) Bozja FATE Theme Final Fantasy XII Unrest
Discord: Imperial (ZAV) Bozja FATE Theme Final Fantasy XII Discord: Imperial
Into the Fortress (ZAV) Castrum Lacus Litore Theme Final Fantasy XII Into the Fortress
Battle with an Esper (ZAV) Esper Battle Theme Final Fantasy XII Battle with an Esper
Life and Death (ZAV) Lyon Battle Theme Final Fantasy XII Life and Death
The Sochen Cave Palace (ZAV) Delubrum Reginae Theme Final Fantasy XII The Sochen Cave Palace
Giving Chase (ZAV) Delubrum Regiane Battle Theme Final Fantasy XII Giving Chase
Blinded by Light FFXIII Event Battle Theme Final Fantasy XIII Blinded by Light
Saber's Edge FFXIII Event Battle Theme Final Fantasy XIII Saber's Edge
Hammerhead FFXV Event Theme Final Fantasy XV Hammerhead
Valse di Fantastica FFXV Event Theme Final Fantasy XV Valse di Fantastica
Relax and Reflect FFXV Event Theme Final Fantasy XV Relax and Reflect
Veiled in Black FFXV Event Theme Final Fantasy XV Veiled in Black
Apocalypsis Noctis FFXV Event Theme Final Fantasy XV Apocalypsis Noctis
A Quick Pit Stop Regalia Type-G Mount Theme Final Fantasy XV A Quick Pit Stop
Character Creation Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics Character Making
Save/Load Screen Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics Data Screen
Protagonist's Theme Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics Hero's Theme
Background Story Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics Backborn Story
Trisection Rabanastre Theme Final Fantasy Tactics Trisection0
Precipitous Combat Rabanastre Boss Theme Final Fantasy Tactics Battle on the Bridge
The Enemy Approaches Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics Enemy Attack
Ultima's Transformation Rabanastre Final Boss Theme Final Fantasy Tactics Ultima
Victory Rabanastre Victory Fanfare Final Fantasy Tactics Battle's End - Victory Theme
World Map Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics World Map
A Chapel Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics A Chapel
Apoplexy Construct 7 Theme Final Fantasy Tactics Apoplexy
Under The Stars Orbonne Monastery Theme Final Fantasy Tactics Under The Stars
Pressure (No. 1) Orbonne Monastery Mustadio Theme Final Fantasy Tactics Tension 1
Antipyretic Orbonne Monastery Agrias Theme Final Fantasy Tactics Antipyretic
B.E. Orbonne Monastery Theme Final Fantasy Tactics Bloody Excrement
St. Ajora's Theme Orbonne Monastery Theme Final Fantasy Tactics St. Ajora's Theme
Descent Orbonne Monastery Ultima Mid-Battle Theme Final Fantasy Tactics Descent
Ultima's Perfection Orbonne Monastery Ultima Boss Theme Final Fantasy Tactics Ultima, The Perfect Body!
Final Struggle Orbonne Monastery Victory Theme Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfare
Hall of Worship Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics Pray
Brave Story Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics Brave Story
Alma's Theme Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics Alma's Theme
Poachers' Den Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics Fur, Meat, and Bones Store
Epilogue Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics Epilogue Movie
Credits Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics Staff Credits
Intrigue Ivalice Cutscene Music Final Fantasy Tactics Unknown
Siren Song Little Ladies Day Theme/Beehive Theme Nanashi No Game Me True Ending Song
A Man Consumed Orbonne Monastery Thunder God Theme Vagrant Story Grotesque Person
Fog of Phantom Palace of the Dead Music Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Fog of Phantom
Notice of Death Palace of the Dead Music Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Notice of Death
Blasphemous Experiment Nybeth Obdilord Theme Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Blasphemous Experiment
Proof of a Hero - Monster Hunter: World Version The Great Hunt (Rathalos) P2 Theme Monster Hunter: World Proof of a Hero - Monster Hunter: World Version
Savage of the Ancient Forest The Great Hunt (Rathalos) P1 Theme Monster Hunter: World Savage of the Ancient Forest
Cornerstone of the New World - Astera Monster Hunter World Cutscene Theme Monster Hunter: World Cornerstone of the New World - Astera
Significance YoRHa Dark Apocalypse Cutscene Theme NieR:Automata Significance
City Ruins (Rays of Light) YoRHa Dark Apocalypse Cutscene Theme NieR:Automata City Ruins (Rays of Light)
Voice of No Return YoRHa Dark Apocalypse Cutscene Theme NieR:Automata Voice of No Return
Alien Manifestation Copied Factory Theme NieR:Automata Alien Manifestation
Song of the Ancients (Atonement) Copied Factory Hobbes Boss Theme NieR:Automata Song of the Ancients (Atonement)
Bipolar Nightmare Copied Factory Engels Boss Theme NieR:Automata Bipolar Nightmare
Weight of the World (Prelude Version) Copied Factory 9S Boss Theme NieR:Automata Weight of the World
Crumbling Lies - Front Copied Factory Cutscene Theme NieR:Automata Crumbling Lies - Front
Vague Hope - Cold Rain Copied Factory Cutscene Theme NieR:Automata Vague Hope - Cold Rain
Amusement Park Puppets' Bunker Cutscene Theme NieR:Automata Amusement Park
Broken Heart Puppets' Bunker Cutscene Theme NieR:Automata Broken Heart
Fortress of Lies Puppets' Bunker Theme NieR:Automata Fortress of Lies
Grandma - Destruction Puppets' Bunker 813P-operated Aegis Unit Boss Theme NieR: Automata Grandma - Destruction
End of the Unknown Puppets' Bunker 905P-operated Heavey Artillery Unit Boss Theme NieR:Automata End of the Unknown
Torn from the Heavens/The Dark Colossus Destroys All (Medley) Puppets' Bunker The Compound Boss Theme NieR Replicant/Gestalt The Dark Colossus Destroys All
The Color of Depression Tower at Paradigm's Breech Cutscene Theme NieR: Automata The Color of Depression
Widespread Illness Tower at Paradigm's Breech Cutscene Theme NieR: Automata Widespread Illness
Emil - Despair TaPB Knave of Hearts Battle Theme NieR: Automata Emil - Despair
Mourning TaPB Theme NieR: Automata Mourning
The Sound of the End TaPB Red Girl Theme NieR: Automata The sound of the End
The Sound of the End: 8bit TaPB Red Girl Hacking Theme NieR: Automata The sound of the End: 8bit
Posessed By Disease TaPB Her Influorescence P1 Theme NieR: Automata Posessed By Disease
Kainé - Final Fantasy Main Theme Version TaPB Her Influorescence P2 Theme NieR: Replicant/Final Fantasy I Kainé
Weight of the World - Instrumental Version TaPB Ending Theme NieR: Automata Weight of the World
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2023.03.30 19:55 MoonFame my mental health is getting worse every day

[sorry if i got any spelling wrong or other mistakes, English is not my first language]
oof, i don't know how to start explaining what's wrong with me, i don't even know myself. Im, 22f suffering from depression from age 5. i remember the first time i had this weird feeling in my chest while walking alone in the school yard, i told myself that i will never forget this feeling, so when i will grow up i will find out what it is. after a few months, 3 or 4 bad bad people (or monsters) tried to kidnap me, they told me they had lots of candys in their car, i ran away. a few years later, an old alcoholic man from my neighborhood tried to hit me on my way to the store near my house, i ran away. after a few years, my neighbor molested me. i dont remember the ages clearly. but i remember what happend to me. at my first job, i was 14, my manager almost molested me, o ran away just in time at my second job, i got molested. and the man was vey old, and drunk. he died 2 months later, but i still hear him whisper in my ear that i cant tell anyone. at age 16 i had my first breakdown. i had nobody and nothing. my family was abusing me, hitting me, and mentally abusing me. i am the first, of 4 more brothers and one sister. and my parents didnt care. my dad is drug addict and my mom is just ripping her ass by working 12 hours a day. i no longer live with them, i live with my boyfriend for 3 years, we together 5 y. i was diagnosed with PTSD, Derealization Disorder(no longer suffering from that), eating disorder, anxiety and lots more. i had therapy from age 16/17 till age 18. i dont take any pills. and my life was "ok" until a year ago that i got lots of my mental problems "back" and maby lots of new ones. i always had thoughts in my hed "maby i shuld die, my luck is so bad and i dont wanna suffer anymore" but they where only thoughts in my head. in the last year i feel every day that those thoughts are gonna be true some day, and every day its worse. now i work 9.30 hours a day, with 2 days off, and im out of energy even if im not working. i also have lots of physical problems. so thats not helping too. i told my bf, but no help from him bec hes suffering too from really bad ocd in the last 6 months or so. i cant tell anyone, i have no friends, and my family wont help too. idk what to do, therapy is very expensive here where i live. i feel hopeless. sorry for the long story.
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2023.03.30 19:55 DisastrousTarget5060 "It's tastier when it's from you"

Every time I take a shower, Trinity has to drink the water from my hair. It's kind of cute. I don't leave any product in my hair after my shower and I do my best to rinse my hair out really well so no shampoo is left in. She hates being in the shower but loves what comes after. I think she also enjoys the steam because she doesn't leave the bathroom until I'm done
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2023.03.30 19:55 braingamer3010 Guess what is this ?(photo below)

Guess what is this ?(photo below)
It's my first post on chemistry , please have mercy
Solve this riddle"The more I work out, the weaker I get.I come in all sizes and colors, and several shapes.Each of me has a name, a label. Be sure to get the right kind!I can be used for many complicated machines, yet am found in childrens' toys around the world."
What am I?
>! (riddle is not made by me i found it on internet) (please don't bash me for poor image quality, I only had a webcam at this point of time will update if possible)!<
I also want to question a little about this mystery compound so stay tuned! EDIT: didn't knew I had to tag photo into post, my mistake
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2023.03.30 19:55 Terrified_Bacon Anyone with any experience moving out of a shared house after only moving in?

I've just moved to a 5 bed houseshare roughly 3 weeks ago. Everyone in the house is nice and keeps to themselves, however, the person above me is playing music with heavy bass almost all times during the day & night. I can't hear any music just the bass thumping, I can't relax in my own room and feel anxious when I know I have to go home after work. I've asked him to turn it down as one night it was thumping until 3am. Fair enough he said he'd turn it off after 10 but hearing bass all day is driving me crazy. Ive had to sleep with earplugs just so I can relax but I don't want to be wearing earplugs for the foreseeable future.
I've seen his speakers and it's two huge DJ speakers. The house I'm in has rules written by the landlord and one of these rules is "no loud music, keep volume to a minimum" as this is a professional house. I don't hear anyone else in this house just the bass from above.
Do I have any grounds to terminate my contract with the landlord as i was told it's a professional quiet house but that is no longer the case and I'm more anxious than ever to come home. I've signed a 12 month contract with a 6 month release clause. But if I can't sleep at this property I'd think I would be able to leave without any repercussions.
I'm wordering if anyone has any experience similar to this and what did you do?
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2023.03.30 19:54 Kit_Songbird Sneak peak at the epilogue I'm writing

After their victory was announced, Jules and Gary had a lot of people to talk to so many of the old Islanders were now waiting to chat with them again. Everyone had a lot to say but it was also overwhelming. In the middle of Bobby telling another funny story, Gary reached for Jules and pulled closer to him. His beard tickled against her ear as he whispered, "let's get away from here."
No one seemed to notice because Bobby’s story was very engaging with lots of hand motions and talk of cupcakes. With their fingers entwined, Gary led Jules over to the pool. He let go of her and started removing his shoes and socks. He rolled up the cuff of his pant leg just a little and sat on the edge of the pool, putting his feet in. He looked up at her with his blue eyes sparkling and said, "have a seat, love."
Jules smiled wide and took her heels off and sat next to him. The pool water was a little chilly on her feet but she didn't mind. Gary pulled her closer with his large, muscled arms. She leaned into his chest and let out a happy sigh. Gary stroked her dark brown hair as they sat there doing nothing and saying nothing. After moments passed Jules said, "it's been lovely to celebrate with everyone but now that it's over this is all I want. All I want is just to be with you."
"I can't think of anything better, " Gary leaned over and kissed the top of her head. After another pause he said, “you know, you had me worried there when you took my envelope instead of yours."
"I did?" Jules sat up and put her hands on his chest looking at him in shock.
"I knew I trusted you but I've seen enough love islands to know sometimes it's not what you think it is." Gary took her chin in his hand and stroked it slowly, “and I really wanted this to be what I thought it was."
Gary pulled her face towards him and she gave him a soft kiss before she pulled away, "I didn't mean to scare you. I was trying to be cheeky. Maybe it wasn't the best time to be cheeky."
"I love your cheekiness. Besides, I trust you. It was only a little alarming," Gary winks at her
"I'm sorry," Jules cheeks turn a soft red.
"Don't be. It made you splitting the money feel all the more special," Gary smirked. Jules blushed more as she thought about the way Gary had picked her up and spun her around after she chose to share the money with him. In his strong arms she had felt lighter than air and safer than she ever felt.
Jules bit her lip and then said, "yeah, you might have to spin me again like that someday."
Gary stood up and said, "how about right now?"
Jules laughed and stood too. They moved away from the pool and he grabbed her and spun her in his arms again, not unlike in a Disney movie. When she came back down, he said, "I love you."
"I love you too," she smiled.
"I'm never going to get tired of hearing that." He pulled her in for a kiss. It was soft, tender and warm. It was intentional and purposeful. Gary and Jules had had their secret moments and passionate minutes but now wasn't the time for that. Now was the time for slow, sensual kisses. The kind where you match each other's breaths. Inhaling as they inhale and exhaling as they exhale. The kind that has such a warmth to it that there's no feeling in the world that quite compares . The closest thing to it could be having a cuppa on a brisk english morning or having cocoa at the fireplace in the middle of winter. These kinds of kisses weren't the kind that made you longing for more, they were the kind that made you think this is my person.
They pull apart and rest against each other's foreheads. Jules' green eyes looked at Gary's blue ones and they just stared for a few moments. Gary heard soft slow music and began to sway with her slowly. Both were mesmerized by this quiet moment. Jules closed her eyes and played with the hair on the back of Gary's neck. Although she can't see him, she knew that his eyes were closed now too as he says," I could stay this way with you forever."
Jules let out a happy sigh as I swayed together listening to the music.
How could heart like yours
Ever love a heart like mine
How could I live before
How could I have been so blind
You open up my eyes
You open up my eyes
The music washed over them as they swayed. The words seemed to go straight into their hearts. It was truly like their love was all they've ever known. And they were so entranced by the music that even when it stopped they continued to sway. Another song was playing but they didn't care.
"So that's where the winners of Love Island went off to," a male voice interrupted their swaying. They both opened their eyes and looked at the voice. "Dad.." Jules trails off. Gary can feel his pulse quicken at the thought. He hadn't expected her father would be less than 5 feet away from him so soon. Jules lets go of him and runs to hug her father, "I thought you weren't going to come to the finale."
"I wasn't but I figured I should meet this Mr. Love Island who stole your heart. So your mother worked it out so I could come," Gary made his way over to the man speaking and offered his hand. As he shook the man's hand firmly, he couldn't help but have a nagging thought. His own father didn't care for him, why would hers? He shakes off the thought as he says,
"Hello, sir, it's good to meet you, Mr. Albright."
"Likewise, Gary. Please call me David." David shook Gary’s hand firmer. He looked like an older, male version of Jules. He had the same wavy auburn brown hair as Jules but only going to his ears. The same green eyes too. He was tall but somewhat broad. His skin was darker than Jules' beautiful sienna brown.
"No, sir, that wouldn't be right. My Nan says you have to earn the right to call your girlfriend's father by his first name,” Gary stated.
“She’s a wise woman,” David smiled at Gary.
“Don’t know what I’d do without her,” Gary agreed.
“But that brings us to another topic,” David turned to Jules, “Would you mind giving me a moment to talk to your boyfriend?”
(I'll eventually post it on Archieve and I'll link it here and in the fusebox reddit once I have a full first chapter)
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2023.03.30 19:54 johnarthuss Prodentim Reviews 2023 (CUSTOMER ALERT SOFT TABLETS CHEWS OR CAPSULES) Safe Probiotic Ingredients? Visit [Official Website] USA,UK,Canada!

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2023.03.30 19:54 AverageOmission Working "with people"

This is funny. It is always "funny" to describe the kind of people - entitled, misinformed, rude - that people working in many customer service jobs have to deal with daily.
I am doing this again now. Maybe I am too old for this shit.
Okay, I have never been the patient kind of person. Maybe some people would say I am too impulsive. I could even agree with them. Anyway, the thing is: some people seem to love to torture the person that is just taking the call (order, job). I don't like this kind of person.
It is okay to be angry, upset, or even furious about a situation caused by any problem with a product (purchase, service, whatever). It is okay to go online and SCREAM the crap out of the situation on social media. What is not okay is to treat badly a person paid to handle your requests.
I am working now with a big company whose business model is to offer products from different partners. Could the company select better partners? Maybe, but they would not profit so much. So people who are unhappy with whatever they got from these partners call this company for support.
Some requests are legit, and most people never read whatever they sign and feel entitled to special treatment. And boy, they get pissed when they don't get what they want.
It is always "funny" to hear - sometimes for more than thirty minutes - all the bragging about how much they are worthy of the special treatment because they have high degree paid jobs and have spent so much in the past, so they demand a refund of twenty dollars.
- I bought a (whatever) at your website (my website, ok? cause I am the owner of a big company) and I am not happy. I want a refund and compensation for the trouble.
- Ok, I am sorry about that. Unfortunately, this (whatever) is non-refundable. It was disclaimed when you agreed to purchase it, so...
- What? I have no time for this bursit. I want my money back, and I didn't see it was non-refundable. I am a (insert high-paid job) and a client. Check my history! I will never buy from you again, and I will go to the media, I will call my lawyer, the police, and the avengers.
- I am sorry about this situation. You can get in touch directly with them to request your refund if you are not happy. I am sorry, but there is nothing we can do.
- I don't care if you are sorry. I don't need your sorry. I want my money back. I needed this (whatever) and paid for that, it is not what was advertised, so you are lying and misleading the customer. I don't want to contact the (whatever's responsible) that caused this situation. It is easier to call you and request this from you! I have spent a lot of money on your company, and you should know what a fantastic customer I am!
That is when I remember that Informative Murder Porn episode from South Park. That is when I get why they constantly hammer the empathy mantra so hard in our heads during training. There is no empathy resilient enough when dealing with clueless, entitled people.
I hope I get a better job soon.
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2023.03.30 19:54 sushibass New Budget PC vs PS5 vs Xbox

Hi there,
so I'm a little torn on what I should buy as a new gaming setup. My budget is quite small (500-750€) and I want to play some of the new releases (Hogwarts,... ) and some older demanding ones (Cyberpunk, RDR2, Elden Ring,... ) in 1440p, maybe 4k in the future with an upgrade or when I can afford a 4k Display/TV.
My current setup is an upgraded old Xeon Server PC with a w3680 (6 core, 3.6Ghz), 12Gb and a 1650 Super. Unfortunately this is barely upgradeable, since there are no ram slots left and the PSU is only a 475Watt. (Upgrade not worth the money imo) It runs fine and I can game most titles with pretty good fps at 1080 up until now, but since new games also require more Ram and I would like to upgrade to 1440p, I want to see what is the best thing I can do with my budget.
Do you guys think it is worth building a PC right now (I probably have a better budget in 3-4 years) or buy a console and be done with it. I'm kind of leaning to the console because it has good value, and since I should be able to use my current Setup another 3-4 years without problems (hopefully) for my day to day.
But I would love to hear your ideas.
I would also like to be able to play starfield when it comes out, so if it is the console it is probably gonna be the xbox, although I like the PS controller more..
Current Setup: old 6 core xeon, 12gb ram, 1650 super (unupgradeable, but working fine)
want: play games like HL, Cyberpunk, Starfield, RDR2 in 1440p, maybe 4k
budget: 500-750
Time till next upgrade(estim.) : 3-4 years
Console or budget PC?
Bonus: Ps5 vs Xbox
Sorry for my baby english, don't write too often in english
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2023.03.30 19:54 Phoenix_3717 iPhone 14 pro 256 GB or 512 GB

I'm going to switch from Android to iPhone 14 Pro, but I don't know which size to choose 256 GB or 512 GB. My current phone is 128 GB and I delete things all the time to make more space. I have more than 1300 photos on my old phone for 4 years, I often watch videos and play games, but I constantly listen to music. For music, I will download songs (about 500) from Spotify and also want to use Apple Music and save songs from there. From large applications, I will use 3-5 games and Lightroom. I plan to rarely shoot video and take photos in RAW so that it is easy to process and crop. What can you advise, I know that you can buy iCloud, but I don’t know how well and quickly it works and will be able to upload photos to RAW
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2023.03.30 19:54 GreatLamingtons 25/EU/PC/GMT/ - Lets play games and munch lamingtons

Hello, I hope everyone is having a good day.
I'm searching for a gaming buddy who enjoys the same games as I do or who is ready to suggest some games to me. (I am willing to purchase good co-op games). I have plenty of time to play after work, so I don't mind the time difference. Aside from gaming, it would be fun to watch some YouTube videos or have casual chats every now and then. I am usually quite cheerful, so you will not be bored while talking with me.
I mostly play Europa Universalis IV, Hearts of Iron IV, Dead by Daylight, Rainbow Six Siege, and other multiplayer co-op titles.
If this post piques your curiosity, please contact me via chat, comment, or message. Please have a discord account and be around my age.
Have a wonderful day and some great lamingtons :)
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2023.03.30 19:53 Playful-Meet-9716 Is this weird?

I am new to relationships. So it might be silly. But i had to ask this. I am in ldr since 6 months. We met online. Never saw each other (not even a picture). We just text, no calls or face times. But the both of us are serious about each other. Recently we advanced to voice notes but we stick to texting most of the time. He has no problem to show himself or have a normal ldr with facetime or calls. It's me who is not comfortable with that. Why? Because I'm awkward with people, my own family sometimes. I feel comfortable texting because i get time to think before i say something. Not because of any other reason.
And fortunately he doesn't have a problem with that for now, but i don't know how long he wouldn't. He was a little upset when i first said this to him but later he understood.
I feel like it's selfish of me to ask this, and also because i love him so much i feel bad for him. What do I do?
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2023.03.30 19:53 13OCTOBER2019 I'm terminal and I've been having premonitions that I need to really take my estate preparations seriously. I'm not surprised I am so angry at this point in my life but I wish the idea that it's all maya was more liberating.

I've been having premonitions that I need to really take my estate preparations seriously.
So... Kubler Ross was right about the denial and anger and bargaining. The acceptance bit remains to be seen. I want to get there because I don't want to be one of those hungry ghosts that torments anyone trying to clean out their house after dying very reluctantly.
My main issue right now: I read stories from death doulas about people in the winding down phase and they all seem to have really peaceful transitions. I feel cheated; lately all I can think about is how seriously dysfunctional my childhood was. I feel a fair amount of grief and regret at how pointless all that suffering seemed.
My parents suffered at the hands of my grandparents, and that was transferred to my siblings and me in spite of my parents' best intentions. Even though I try to have compassion whenever this comes up, there's a well of anguish and anger that seems inexhaustible and I feel concerned I might not get to the bottom of it and find peace for my transition.
I have strong Christian beliefs and a Buddhist point of view about death and dying but none of that seems to be helping.
And I'm spending a fair amount of time and energy wondering what I can do to make this all go away so I can go back to work, make some real money, go back to my hangar and work on my airplane, go flying, and follow up on all my inventions and writing and home remodeling and permaculture projects and video production and businesses.
The only thing that really helps: I believe in reincarnation. I am getting the strong impression I need to let go here so I can be reborn in the next life which is waiting for me, because that incarnation will be important.
This life seems to have been a mere placeholder when I consider the horror and futility I lived.
I was born highly talented and intelligent but mercilessly browbeaten to the point that I was offered a career in entertainment (rock and roll, stage and TV) at a very young age but turned it down, three times. One will seldom live beyond one's self image. As a child I was told I was ugly and stupid and would never amount to anything. The curse came true, even though I did some modeling and eventually learned to fly. My professor at college told me I should have gone to Harvard. My professor friend told me he couldn't understand why I never got a PhD.
Everywhere I worked, underemployed, I attracted the bitter jealousy of people who knew I had it easy because of my gifts. I also attracted contempt because of my self defeating personality. I had all the envy directed toward successful people and all the contempt shown to a failure. The worst of both worlds. I'm not surprised I am so angry at this point in my life but I wish the idea that it's all maya was more liberating.
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2023.03.30 19:53 Linsanta Advice for dropping a course and GPA

Hi! For context, I'm in my third year of health sciences and I don't know if I should drop this one course before the deadline on Friday (it won't show up on my transcript if I drop). My prof is TERRIBLE, midterm questions did not make sense even after I studied so hard and assignments were graded so harshly. For the midterm, I got a 60 (I know, def not great but she also said I got one of the highest marks in the class :/) and for the assignment, I got a C but went to talk to her about her harsh marking and she raised it to a B because of her issues with referencing and formatting, which I am very surprised about but also grateful for. The midterm is worth 10% (bc everyone failed) and the assignment is worth 45% with the final also being 45%.
Idea #1:
I drop the course, and not have the grade on my transcript, but I have to take it again next year because it is a required course for my program. This could be beneficial as it won't bring down my GPA and I'm applying to Med schools this summer, BUT I've already gone this far in the course, and I already have to take 6 courses in the fall to fulfill the rest of my credits to graduate. As well, I will have to take a condensed summer course (May to June) and I am also writing my MCAT this summer in August while also working part-time. I also don't know who the profs are going to be for the course next year, but they usually offer 3.

Idea #2: Keep the course and grind for the final. My prof said the final is going to be easier because "she understands now that we are at a lower level than she thought" but I don't know if I believe her. Could be beneficial as I don't have to stress in the summer about a summer course, part-time work, and the MCAT, however, it could risk my GPA if I somehow bomb the final.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.30 19:53 quantims Picking new MVP winners helps insure against voter biases: a defense of voter fatigue in award voting, and why I think voters should give Embiid the MVP

I have a bit of a background in voting theory, which has made me think about this fiery MVP debate in a bit of a different light than I've seen in the back-and-forth. Specifically, I've been thinking about the limitations of the MVP voting system and what the NBA and the awards voters can do to make the system work better. (I have a longer version of this argument here for those more curious about the voting angle of this.)
The points-based voting system (an adaptation of Borda Count) used to pick the MVP is extremely good at picking the winner that is the most agreeable to the MVP voters. This means that a weirdo voter who puts De'Aaron Fox first on his ballot doesn't put the MVP award at risk, but systematic bias (whether from narrative, looking at the same stats, aesthetic preferences, etc.) does.
The good news is that one-off goofball voters won't send the MVP to the wrong guy.
The bad news is that the MVP voting system is going to capture whatever incorrect biases voters have (virtually) every time.
Because of this, voters should be really confident that a player deserves several MVPs before they give them to him. But voters shouldn't be confident that Jokic deserves the 2023 MVP over Jokic; they're extremely close by any measure, and a lot of the advanced metrics (especially defensive metrics) that drive the conversation are ...uh... in a beta stage.
So, from my perspective, the MVP voters can either:
Voter fatigue helps push voters toward the second outcome, which, in my opinion, is the better option. So a little voter fatigue can act as a counterbalance to whatever aesthetic or statistical biases voters have at a given time.
Since MVP voters don't know which way they may be misjudging players, we know that the objective advanced stats are underbaked at this stage, and the MVP race is extremely close, I think breaking the near-tie in favor of Embiid is the smarter choice.
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2023.03.30 19:53 CannibalCorpse13 experience, i guess

(bad english, sorry)
i started a treatment in 2019 in a public psychiatric clinic. i had 5 psychiatrists and they didn't look me in the face the first just gave me pills and diagnoses, never asked how my day was going or whatever. it was strange, but was my first time going to psychiatrist so i didnt questioned he wrote everything i said, thought it was crazy. any worker in this place could just pick up my file and read it, i felt paranoid everything was pills, everything was diagnoses. the way they see the patients is so strange i will not talk about every psychiatrist i had, but i had one that said i dont need treatment and should just to get off. this man just took all my pills too my last was a woman, she was "better". i saw her to the last time in october they canceled my query what should have happened in november. i tried to hard to get another, but the clinic did nothing today i went there, they just said me to find another place cause the clinic was becoming a place for serious cases (i have schizophrenia) i never had good experiences with therapy too, i dont like to talk about feelings and i always thought its strange pay a person to listen your problems as i said, it was a public clinic. i guess they just want to have fewer patients to work less, so they only expel patients who "need it". a lot of my friends they have experience like this
thats it. so, sorry again for my english
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2023.03.30 19:53 GreatLamingtons [25/M] Looking for [Relationship] - Let's talk about anything and everything, including lamingtons, and see where it leads from there

Hello, I'm a 25-year-old European man.
I came here hoping to find someone like-minded with whom I could spend time. I absolutely love spending time in nature, which is largely due to the fact that I live in the country. Going on lengthy treks or trekking to talk about pretty much anything is one of my favorite pastimes. Along with that, I enjoy touring historical sites, national parks, talking books and cultural trends, and browsing antique book stores, among other things.
Faith, history, politics, music, and agriculture are among my major pursuits. In addition, I enjoy playing computer games with my pals. I have a bachelor's degree in history and am presently employed full-time. Politically, I'm a conservative who is forthright about my views, so please feel free to inquire. Friends and family mean the world to me.
You may be wondering what I'm searching for. I'd love to meet someone who is humble, moral, and compassionate. Ideally, you would be a Catholic like me, but I am willing to meet someone from another Christian denomination. Open to an LDR since you never know where you will meet someone. Some additional details about myself: White/European; 173 centimeters (5'8") height; dark brown hair; beard and mustache; brown eyes; average frame; busy exerciser. I don't smoke, I do drink socially. If this post piques your curiosity, please contact me via chat, comment, or message. Have a wonderful day or night.
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2023.03.30 19:53 mikayak Birthday trip ideas and first time planning/traveling tips?

I was hoping to go on a trip with my boo the week of my bday (May 17th) but I have no idea where I should go. I'm an outdoorsy person (but not super athletic) and I don't want to spend my whole trip just relaxing and drinking (maybe for like a day) but I would like for it to be an adventure of sorts; see some sights, experience some experiences, eat some good food. Ya know, all that. I live in the US and would like to stay in the US. Somewhere with good weather in May that’s worth a 5ish day trip. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
That said, I have never planned a trip anywhere before. I was hoping to get some advice on how to do research on areas and itinerary planning, booking flights and accommodations, getting around, budgeting, things to remember, etc etc. What do you wish you had known the first time you planned your own trip?
Thank you!!
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