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2010.02.28 08:02 AgentConundrum I Want To Learn: Connecting people who want to learn with people that can teach

Have you ever wanted to learn a martial art, or to play the guitar, or how to program a computer? Have you had difficulty figuring out where to start, what path to take or just wanted some advice to get you to the next level? Well, that's what /IWantToLearn is all about! Tell our community what you want to learn, and let those who came before you help guide you towards success!

2010.07.17 02:42 Impudence AskWomen: Questions about women's thoughts, lives, and experiences

AskWomen: A subreddit dedicated to asking women questions about their thoughts, lives, and experiences; providing a place where all women can comfortably and candidly share their responses in a non-judgmental space. As part of our commitment to that mission, the AskWomen subreddit is curated to promote respectful and on-topic discussions, and not serve as a debate subreddit.

2008.04.26 05:53 hacking: security in practice

A subreddit dedicated to hacking and hackers. Constructive collaboration and learning about exploits, industry standards, grey and white hat hacking, new hardware and software hacking technology, sharing ideas and suggestions for small business and personal security.

2023.03.17 04:23 Daniele86 No7 Beautiful Skin Blemish Defence Serum 1oz Hard to find

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2023.03.17 04:20 code_hunter_cc How to handle facebook sharing/like with hashbang urls?

I am building a website where from the homepage i will open some other URI on the website into a lightbox (AJAX), and i want to use HTML5 push state and hash bangs as a fallback to manage changes of states.
Now i want the urls to be crawlable and Facebook shareable/likeable..
If the user browser supports HTML5 push state, no problem, he can share the URL (for example : http://myserveexample ) and Facebook will find the appropriate OG metas in the static content.
But if the user uses a HTML4 browser, he will have a url like http://myserve#!/example. and i want him to be able to share it through facebook anyway...
Now it looks like Facebook supports the _escaped_fragment_ replacement method, so i though i would simply redirect requests from http://myserve?_escaped_fragment_=/exampleto http://myserveexampleand everybody should be happy…
So i added a rewrite condition to my htaccess :
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^_escaped_fragment\_=([^&]*)RewriteRule .* http://%{HTTP_HOST}/%1? [R=301,L,NE] My problem is that i can't make it work with Facebook, with Facebook linter it seems to percent-escape all the time the part of the URL after the hashbang, resulting in urls like http://myserve%2Fexample which lands to a 404 :-(
Does anybody knows how to trick Facebook into not escaping this part of the URL ?Can i do something on the apache mod_rewrite side ?
I am also open to any other valid ajax crawlable/likeable URL strategy ;)
Answer link :
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2023.03.17 04:04 cavyqueen024 does teething and weaning ever get better?

My 13 month old girl is cutting her fourth tooth, and weaning from breastfeeding at the same time. I've slept six hours in three days, I feel like I'm back with a newborn except this newborn has claws and a deafening screech and adult textured shits. And even when I can get her to sleep she will just randomly scream and the whole process starts all over again. I feel so upset with myself for getting this upset with her and the things I think to myself are awful when I'm this tired, I just don't know what to do anymore. Shes nursed to sleep her entire life and now that we're weaning I feel like I have no idea on how to comfort her or put her to bed.. I'm just so tired of being tired of so many things.. There's no point to this besides an exhausted rant that just makes me feel better to say.
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2023.03.17 04:00 PristineInvite876 Episode 1 How to make the base

Episode 1 , more will be post
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2023.03.17 02:55 I_Saw_What_Ya_Did 2016 Honda Accord low beam issue

Accord has been burning through low-beam bulbs, 1-2 sets a year. Today both bulbs went out at the same time. Checked fuses and the relay and they all were fine. Pulled the bulbs and they are not blown. Want to check the location where they ground the headlights to but I can’t seem to find anything online with that info. Anyone know the locations or have a theory of what’s going on?
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2023.03.17 02:49 PenileTourniquet Concerned about kidney function issues. Following up with primary on Monday.

I am a 26 year old male who exercises regularly and stays in good shape. I have late onset T1 Diabetes, but other than that have been pretty healthy.
On Monday I went to the ER because I suddenly quit being able to urinate. I still have no idea what caused that, but it got better that evening while I was in the hospital.
The ER doctor diagnosed me with Rhabdo because I had been training for a trail race. That doesn't even make sense because I showed no other symptoms, and I have been working out like this for years. I was actually feeling GREAT and super hydrated when I suddenly couldn't pee anymore.
He told me to follow up with my primary immediately because some of my kidney function numbers came back "a little off".
5 months ago GFR was 110 and creatinine was 0.97.
GFR is now 54 and creatinine is 1.76.
I'm not sure how to see if they found protein in my urine, but there were ketones found. I'm not clear on if they are related. They did find a small lesion/cyst on the right kidney during CT.
I follow up with my primary on Monday. I'm a little concerned just from googling the hell out of everything. Let's say I did actually have Rhabdo (which I am doubtful), could it have caused my GFR and creatinine to get so much worse?
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2023.03.17 02:48 throwaway2938349492 23F been feeling dizzy and experiencing stomach pain after eating

I’ve been getting pretty bad pain in my upper stomach (kind of right below my chest) after every meal for a little over a week. The pain stays for a few hours and then wears off. Due to this I cut my meals to 1 or 2 times a day and basically had to stay in bed afterwards. I tried changing what I ate, cut dairy, gluten etc and nothing changed. For the last week I’ve also been getting vertigo randomly, I was outside and felt like fainting so ordered an Uber home. Now I’ve just been home all day and for the last hour have been feeling really dizzy in bed. I’m not doing anything new.
Not sure why this is happening, should I go to the doctor or wait it out? I am worried that I’ll be told I’m just being dramatic because i don’t know how to tell how bad the pain is or if the dizziness is serious.
I am relatively active and eat pretty healthy. I’m also on some medications, I started Spiro about a month ago and have been taking Wellbutrin for a year. I also had a tooth extraction about two weeks ago. I quit vaping at the same time as I had to but I didn’t vape frequently and haven’t in over 2 weeks.
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2023.03.17 02:42 ProfessionalCurve560 Attention psych students looking for electives

Hey everyone! Just wanted to recommend ECDV 110 Child Development as an elective to any psych students (or students in general) looking for an elective course this Spring. It’s an intro course and only has 4 people in it so far (including myself). Just thought I’d throw it out there because it’s sorta psyc related and it’s sometimes hard finding psyc related electives (imo). They can only run classes if there’s at least 10 students so literally it just needs 6 more people lol
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2023.03.17 02:20 PraiseDsun963 How to get an AO map that isn't black

Trying to make a livery for CIracesonline's Viper GT3-R but I can only get a pure black AO map and I can't get a wire frame either. How do I fix this so I see a wire frame and get a proper AO map?
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2023.03.17 02:15 tonnie_taller Renault’s new flagship SUV leaked

Renault’s upcoming Espace has been leaked ahead of its March 28 reveal, which will serve as the brand’s new flagship SUV. Autospy has published images from a what appears to be an owner’s manual, detailing how to access the third row. They show the Espace will measure 4720mm long, 1830mm wide and 1645mm tall with … Continue reading Renault’s new flagship SUV leaked
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2023.03.17 02:15 farklinkbot A few months ago I asked Fark to help find the missing Kenzie. Just got word her body's been found. Dammit

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2023.03.17 02:06 Cookie_Possible Why can't husbands ever seem to find their wallets?

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2023.03.17 01:54 hamburgerapplepie StubHub Phish Coupon

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2023.03.17 01:50 RoyalBat94 Deleted windows admin email account, how do I go about changing it?

So to preface, I had my windows account made a long time ago. Let's say it was [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Due to some events that had happened last year, I had deleted my email for preventative purposes. It was still put in as my administrator account email on my Windows OS and it still is. So now today I created a new hotmail account so I can play halo and do some other shit on my PC but my account info still has [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).com as the admin account email.
Is there a way to change this? Maybe get rid of it and create a new admin account? I've been using PC for god knows how long but have never had this kind of issue. Any input is appreciated.
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2023.03.17 01:45 hamburgerapplepie Phillies Tickets StubHub Discount

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2023.03.17 01:12 LoveMangaBuddy Read Dating My Best Friend’s Sister - Chapter 16 - MangaPuma

She’s got the perfect guy, she’s just graduated, and she’s about to go on vacation! Kaitlyn’s life was perfect… until it wasn’t. After getting dumped and finding out she has no place to stay, Kaitlyn is forced to crash at the Dune Scape, a dilapidated motel owned by her childhood crush and her brother’s best friend, Cole Thomas! Will sparks fly between the two of them? Or will Cole’s loyalty to he ... Read Dating My Best Friend’s Sister - Chapter 16 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.03.17 00:46 Issun_TWA 25 [M4F] Ohio / Us - Oh look you dropped something... It's just your standards

Hi there! I have been told I am the poster child for the INTP personality. I'm a huge nerd and I'm filled with social awkwardness. I'm looking for another person with similar interests to hopefully get to know and spend time with! Bear with me because I am awful at intros like these.
Overall I'm very carefree and you can usually find me playing games on pc after work. I play a lot of different games, and I'm always looking for new things too! I have been wanting to play an MMO but have someone to play with!
I like watching shows curled up on the couch too. Bojack Horseman, Arrested Development, Community are some of my favorite shows. I also watch anime too! Some of my favorites are Jujutsu Kaisen, Hunter x Hunter, and Stein's;Gate.
I'm working a 9 - 5 Monday to Friday in a software / IT related job currently. I'm also a big foodie and love to cook and try new restaurants. I'm currently living with family while I am saving up to buy a house at some point. I would love to have 2 dogs one day. I love animals in general but I love the companionship of a dog.
Physically I am white with brown hair, eyes, and a beard. Also I am short (5"4') so sorry if that is a dealbreaker! I didn't really stand a chance with my genetics on that one. Currently working on losing weight as well!
Hopefully that wasn't too bad of a read. If any part of this post catches your eye send a message with an intro about yourself! I'd love to talk and get to know someone before working up to talking on a call and playing or watching something together!
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2023.03.17 00:45 AutoModerator Joe Lampton - Pussy Money (Complete Program)

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2023.03.17 00:44 ser-17 My car doesn’t get into first gear properly

Sometimes, when I put my car into first gear, it won’t go in properly and then the car won’t move and gear box shakes etc. It’d take me a couple extra tries to get it to work and go into gear properly.
How to address this situation? Should I replace the entire gear box?
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2023.03.17 00:44 soulfly06 Is it possible to find a job in the UK after obtaining a Msc degree in Civil Engineering?

I have completed my undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering in Turkey and do not have any work experience. I am considering pursuing a Master's degree in the UK but do not have enough financial resources to apply to top universities. I am curious about the prospects of finding a job after graduating from universities such as Uwe Bristol and Brighton, and would like to know your opinion on the best university with a maximum cost of £18,000. Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.17 00:35 likeam0th visa gift cards for billing?

hi!! i apologize in advance if this is a stupid question, but i created a website and an ready to buy the personal annual plan. i was wondering if it was possible to pay for the fee partially with visa gift cards i have. i have about $75 between 2 gift cards.
i know a lot of websites won't accept multiple cards for payment (ie: for a $20 payment, let's say, using $10 in gift cards and then using a debit card to pay the rest), as they want you to do just one transaction with one payment type.
does anyone know if this is possible to do? has anyone tried it? if so, do you know how i might go about doing it?
thank you, and apologies again if i come across as moronic :*)
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