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Tomorrow X Together (TXT)

2019.01.10 16:06 AnpanMae Tomorrow X Together (TXT)

Subreddit for TXT (투모로우바이투게더 ) boy group under BigHit Music, who debuted in 4 March 2019.

2019.05.11 15:51 RokanPohan ShittyYAFiction

You're not like other kids your age. Maybe you're the only one willing to stand up to the Regyme. Maybe you're inexplicably incredible at fighting because your dad was the last of the Crimson Fists. Maybe you have an horrific but extremely romanticised illness. Maybe you're unconventionally pretty in the most conventional way imaginable. Maybe you're just a self-involved prick. Regardless, this is your story.

2015.11.07 03:00 F-Tip for free memers

any type of memes go. anytime. anywhere.

2023.03.31 17:30 LittleRascal47 Am I overthinking?

A friend always asks when we are going to talk again. At the end of most phone calls, he will say, "Am I going to talk to you soon?" I usually say in a few days. Or he might say, "Am I going to hear from you tomorrow or the next day?" I sorta feel like there is something more to it. No one ever asks, "Am I going to talk to you later?" It's usually talk to you later. No?
In the distant past, he had said to me, I was clingy. I was calling every few days. I thought that's what friends do,or so I thought. We have had an on again off again friendship. After my father passed away. "He says to me I'm really bad at making phone calls and that he wanted to have a closer friendship." Can we talk once or twice a week. I said fine. He was diagnosed with adhd and because of this, he gets hyperfocused or forgets to call back or call people at all. Can I help him with this. Out of sight out of mind type of thing. The adhd also makes him speak before he thinks.Again, I said fine. When I do call, most of the time, he doesn't answer or doesn't call back. He says, "Wait a few hours and call back." I do. To try and knock him out of his hyperfocus or whatever he is doing. It may be the adhd and insecurity in asking what he asks. It's just weird to me. Am I overthinking?
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2023.03.31 17:29 Melangolic-Giraffe Two month project I just wanted to show off

Made this project together with a designer and a 3D modeler. Tomorrow it’s going live on a 43” touch screen at an event in the Netherlands.
We still have some nice to haves on the list, that we unfortunately didn’t have time to build, but we’re still happy with the end result! 😄
What do you guys think?
(Also: everyone who’s still trying to decide if Bruno’s course is worth it - we couldn’t have done this without Bruno’s course)
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2023.03.31 17:26 SnappingTurt3ls Is there any way I can download interactive CYOAs to play offline?

Specifically I want to download Lt. Ourmovs Worm CYOA v6.
Deadline by this time tomorrow as I will be going offline for a week then
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2023.03.31 17:26 VanesMurr What to do about Best Buy

I just wanted to vent and see what others have to say. It gets me a little emotional each time I think about it.
I went in a few days ago to my local Best Buy to see if I could get a trade in for my iPad air 3 which was in perfect condition. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. I had a screen protector on it which had some damage but that's all.
At first, I went in without my iPad and Jay said Best Buy is kinda weird with what we accept for trade in. I said ok, I'll be back with my iPad to see if you guys could take it in.
When I arrive back he finds me and says, "Ah, I was hoping you'd come back tomorrow so I wouldn't have to deal with the trade in. I don't know how to do it.'' Which should have been a red flag for me. I've been bad in listening to my guts. But after this I'm gonna step up a lot more.
He calls over someone who could help and eventually Andy comes over. Jay starts to fiddle with my iPad. Struggling to take it out. As soon as he got half of my iPad out its plastic case Andy said to stop touching it. I look back at my iPad and see it's bent. I immediately type out a message to my fiancé standing next to me that he bent the iPad. Fiancé snapped his head up and his eyes bugged out cuz we both know my iPad has never been like that. I've had it for three years and only took it out four times in that time frame and I never damaged it. Because Apple products are expensive and we don't have the money to replace it.
Any way, after getting a terrible trade in value, Jay puts my iPad back in I'm holding a waterfall of tears behind my eyes and I hear and see the plastic case crack as the bent iPad gets put back in place. As soon as we turn away from them I'm immediately bawling my eyes out. I've taken such good care for all of my devices that this ruined me.
Fiancé asked me to go to the car and he'll try to talk to a manager. Between the two of us, he's more confrontational and level headed. I get to car and the waterfall breaks free and I'm waiting for fiancé to come back.
He gets in the car and said when he talked to the manager he sighed annoyingly and asked his team through the ear piece if they bent it. A second later manager says 'no, my guys couldn't have had enough force to bend it.' Which sent both of us over the rail.
We know that Best Buy won't do s*** for my iPad. I had a picture of my case before this incident but it's not a good one. We're just gonna go to a repair store and have them bend the iPad back as normally as possible. The iPad still works and all but the reason I'm so distraught about this, I bought the iPad with my own money, my second biggest purchase at that time. I have a virtual plannebudget app as well. And considering I've had it for so long to not have a single dent or scratch on my iPad is amazing. But it's apple and it's expensive. Which is also why this incident bothers us. We've tried to contact support but to no avail.
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2023.03.31 17:24 IwantToLivePlease A shorter post, meeting Korrina, and the end of my Kalos trip.

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2023.03.31 17:22 weareamnet Are You Paying a Premium for Your Content Production?

In the current time of economic volatility and uncertainty, it’s no surprise that financial considerations remain a critical measure of success for most content producers. Right now, it’s more important than ever that spending on content production not only delivers value for money, but also produces measurable results.
Against that background, the figures in TKM’s latest Benchmark Report on Offshore Production, sponsored by We Are Amnet, show that companies and agencies in pretty much every sector are turning to offshoring: 60% of respondents currently offshore some elements of their creative production or post-production.
The offshoring trend that began with big corporations in the 1960s and ‘70s, and saw a new wave during the IT revolution of the ‘90s, has disrupted every sector. Some have adopted the model more readily than others: in the pharma sector, for example, there is still some room for companies to catch up. In our recent online forum Outperform Your Competition With Content at Scale, Puneet Srivastava, Head of Digital Content & Services Lab at Roche, said “Pharma is still on a learning curve at the moment compared to other industries, when it comes to how to operate to be most effective in the digital space.”

Offshoring adds value beyond just cost—but the numbers are unarguable

One of the principal barriers to offshoring content production remains concern about the quality of the work. It’s clear that the critical importance of this metric hasn’t changed: it’s one of the top three assessment criteria when considering offshoring as part of a content production model, cited by 45% of respondents. Furthermore, quality of work remains an important measure of success for 91%.
Having said that, in the current economic climate, money talks: 81% of respondents rated access to lower-cost skills and resources in their top three drivers for offshoring. Given all these figures, the levels of satisfaction from organizations that do offshore creative production are illuminating; 69% of respondents are either satisfied or very satisfied with their offshore partner.
In the pharma sector, the approach to content production has changed considerably in the last few years. According to Puneet Srivastava, “A few years ago, everything was driven by one agency. But pharma has really learned a lesson, and actually created roles in production that challenge what can be done.” So it’s clear there has been an evolution in content production models in the search for quick turnaround at high quality, and cost savings—41% of companies expect typical savings of 40–60% across all services lines. Put bluntly, these days, if you’re not leveraging the opportunities to make the savings that new content production models offer, you’re overpaying.
73% of participants agree or strongly agree with the Smartshoring® approach to offshore creative production.

Save money without compromising other metrics

The models continue to evolve; even for organizations that are already offshoring or are committed to doing so, there is a more cost-effective and scalable solution available—Smartshoring®. Born out of a need to invest in smarter content production solutions, and a hybrid model of in-country teams and offshore expertise, Smartshoring® makes use of the best talent, wherever it may be. Particularly strong for Tier 3 and Tier 4 content production, it’s proving such a successful model that we’re increasingly seeing Tier 2 work being tasked to Smartshoring®.
It’s a model that goes beyond just cost saving. As Puneet Srivastava pointed out, retaining talent is another problem companies and agencies are facing, and Smartshoring® is the scalable, flexible solution to that problem. Combining offshore expertise with local quality control and management, Smartshoring® is tomorrow’s model for producing global content at scale.
In creative content production nowadays, those who aren’t offshoring are running the risk of not only paying a premium for their creative production but being left behind technologically and operationally, especially in the sectors like healthcare where it’s still an emerging model. Talk to us to see what Smartshoring® can do for your organization.
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2023.03.31 17:21 thelastcorndog The Run for the Roses

Spewing into the infield the pastel polos and hat-brims bob, jostling tumblers of mint and bourbon.
The gentry are drying raisins in the rafters, building temples to red demons—the pagans' laughter is laced with asbestos. They adjust sweat-darkened collars in the bathroom mirror, look with disgust at wrinkled wives, leer at the cool fruit jumping
in tube tops, guts aproning their belts. Tee time tomorrow at 12 sharp they think, desperate for their castrate lawns and whiskey malts poured two fingers strong.
And when the horses burst across the dirt track they'll go rabid watching the muscles' knit and pulse, the riding crop flail the flesh like it's theirs. A cloak of red roses but the nose of sauvignon is ripe horse droppings. They'll watch the losers weep to the bookies like Aquinas looks at the souls of the damned.
Blocks away the homeless gather under the viaducts of the Watterson like lepers, or stoop in a clump of shadows by a vacant lot, their camps scoured clean by the locusts of industry. Your eye can hardly pick them out amid the pinks and blues. The green jewel in the julep is gently stirred by the thunder of hooves.
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2023.03.31 17:21 srchreddit You treated me like an asshole? Here's your revenge :)

With an ex-boyfriend, we lived together for a long time, but nothing lasts forever, as they say. One late evening we had a very strong argument, and in the heat of the moment I shouted that I would leave him tomorrow morning! I must say that Denis was a big fan of sleeping until dinner. Yes, so hard that you shoot from a cannon - you won’t wake me up. And at work he had a very strict discipline, in case of being late, the boss arranged a terrible thrashing and appointed a decent fine. Therefore, in order to wake up and arrive on time, my missus set himself two alarm clocks - electronic and on the phone.
In the morning I woke up early, turned off both alarms and set the time back three hours. Then pulled out all his clothes from the closet, sat down at the sewing machine and carefully stitched down all the trouser legs, as well as the sleeves of shirts and jackets! Then I carefully put everything back in the closet, gathered my things and left.
I can imagine how he, the poor fellow, was blown up by the boss's angry calls, ran to get dressed, but could not get into any trousers, not one shirt and not one jacket! :)
P. S. Not my story
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2023.03.31 17:21 JustcallmeGlados NGVC: “You passed up a guy who would care about you” says that guy who called me a cum dumpster lol

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2023.03.31 17:21 BleedingEyehole A reminder that big companies don't care about your well being. Never let Amazon forget they sacrificed human lives for profit. (Text messages from the 2021 tornado that killed 6 people in an Amazon warehouse).

A reminder that big companies don't care about your well being. Never let Amazon forget they sacrificed human lives for profit. (Text messages from the 2021 tornado that killed 6 people in an Amazon warehouse). submitted by BleedingEyehole to antiwork [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:19 bananaramaworld Did I dodge a bullet or did I miss an opportunity?

So this company asked to interview me after seeing my resume. I was excited because I’m relatively new to the salaried positions world and this job paid $40k. The recruiter said she was very impressed with me and asked when I would be available for an interview. At my current job I can take my lunch whenever I feel like so if I wanted to take a breakfast I could. I told the recruiter I’m free anytime.
Well today I get a notification that my interview is tomorrow at 10am. Okay a bit last minute and on a Saturday but whatever… but then I get another email saying my NEW interview was in THIRTY MINUTES. I was in the middle of a work thing I could have cancelled if I knew what time the interview was going to be but at that point it was too late for me to just up and leave. I missed the interview.
I feel sad I won’t get the job :( but then again they didn’t give me much notice. What if I was sleeping or something and didn’t see the email (the email came in at around 8am). Im not sure how to feel. Should I call them?
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2023.03.31 17:19 buckethead7777 Calling into work alot

So for some context, I just got back from a vacation, we've been to this place 9 times and every single time without fail I get stomach sick from the food, it's not the way it's prepared or that the quality isn't there, it just doesn't agree with me at all and I think my stomach just goes into shock with me coming home and even drinking our own water..
I usually ask for 2 days off after getting back from this place for that specific reason, to try to get my stomach back in order so I'm not spending half my shift in the bathroom. She only gave me the one and I was somewhat ok with that. The day before leaving for this trip I had to call in due to my elderly cat not doing so well... We ended up having to put her down that day and they didn't hassle me about that. So last night my boss texted me THREE times asking if I was coming in tomorrow, I told her yes, my stomach was feeling up to par and I had full intent of coming in, even packed my lunch. At 4AM I woke up with awful stomach pains, ended up being in the bathroom for an hour and decided to shoot her a text to let her know I wouldn't be able to make it in. I haven't heard back from her but was this the right call? I feel bad calling off right before and right after my vacation but to be fair on my part I did ask for today off to begin with and she said she couldn't give it to me because she had an appointment.
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2023.03.31 17:19 haloumiplease How can you show support to someone who isn't used to relying on others?

My partner is currently going through a tough time and hasn't been open about his thoughts/feelings (possibly not ready to talk about them yet). He's a pretty independent person and doesn't rely much on other people. I've asked if there's anything I can do to help/give support, he said no. I know tomorrow is going to be a very emotional and big day for him. Since he's given me "no", I'm inclined to take it at face value. I feel like he would appreciate emotional support but I don't know how to approach it because I've always been met with a "no" whenever I've asked
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2023.03.31 17:15 kratomdude67 Please read if you’re thinking of or have recently quit.

I am hoping that this message reaches at least one person who is thinking about quitting or is in the early stages of acute’s or pause. Tomorrow represents 9 weeks clean for me…I can completely relate to where you are. The uncertainty, the fear, the anxiety, the list goes on and on. Take it one day at a time. There’s no other way to do it. Just keep looking to those of us who have broken through to the other side. Life will change dramatically in a positive way. It’s been said it’s always darkest before the dawn, and that is so true as it relates to this journey. please don’t give up. I wasted four years of my life and can’t even count how many areas of my life were impacted negatively. I awaken each day today with a huge smile on my face, knowing that I don’t have to face the day with all of the shame and other negative thoughts that I did for those four years.
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2023.03.31 17:10 DovahSrdce TX closure

Does anyone know at what time the TX close for the Leeds game tomorrow?
Just want to know till when I should hold hope for a ticket lol
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2023.03.31 17:07 irishchinadoll Panicking from a variety of things and I can't calm down

I just got back from a work trip where I had to be "on" the entire time, for 5 days. Surrounded by people and a ton of responsibility. Tomorrow I have a home inspection and I'm trying to prepare for it, get the house spotless. That in and of itself is a lot but I was able to prepare and plan. Then today my boss asks me to do something a different way than we usually do and I can't immediately figure out it and cue instant anxiety attack. I can't look at my computer, I locked myself in my room, I can't clean anything because I'm just feeling overwhelmed. Any advice to get me back on track?
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2023.03.31 17:03 zion-r Hal's little fan

So yesterday I had my son over, and he usually can't stay still when watching anything except for Cocomelon, he loves that. But yesterday we it was almost time for him to leave and I usually play Cocomelon to calm him down and relax him. But I saw that Hal was doing scrims yesterday so I decided to watch that with him instead and he very much enjoyed it and I thinks Hal's he's favorite thing to watch now but we'll see tomorrow.
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2023.03.31 17:03 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA Online Is Shutting Down For Good On PS3 And Xbox 360 Later This Year

As time marches onward, new developments and technologies come along, requiring the sunsetting of that which came previously. It appears that time has come for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as Rockstar has announced the shuttering of Grand Theft Auto Online on December 16th for the antiquated yet beloved consoles.
Around 2005 and 2006, the original Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were revealed, bringing gaming into more people's living rooms. Then in 2010, both consoles got a facelift with a "slim" version that gave upgrades and fixes to both platforms. Three years later, GTA V and GTA Online released on both consoles, beginning the saga of one of the most played video games in current history. After being enjoyed by millions of people racing, stunting, and engaging in general shenanigans akin to the Achievement Hunter group of Rooster Teeth Productions, the game moved on to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 before more recently going to the Xbox Series XS and PlayStation 5.
vehicles gta online being shutdown in december on playstation 3 and xbox 360
As we are now two console generations deeper, it is time to say goodbye to where we started the GTA Online experience. "PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA Online, including website stat tracking via the Rockstar Games Social Club, will officially be shutting down on December 16th, 2021," says Rockstar's blog post. This is change comes because the company is "mov[ing] forward with updates and support for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto Online." Furthermore, Rockstar is working on "this Fall's launches of the new expanded and enhanced versions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XS."
With this announcement, Rockstar states that it would "like to thank the GTA Online community for their continued support and look forward to seeing players continue their journey in Los Santos with us on new platforms." Though this may ultimately be a sad sunset, the future is bright for GTA moving forward.
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2023.03.31 17:01 OAL1718 Past Love

Love is a choice that Everyone makes. And I got my own story To add to the mix
I only felt heartbreak and sorrow I told myself it will be gone tomorrow. All I wanted was to do was forget But my heart was just full of regret.
I had time to react But I just couldn’t act. I did my best and I tried But now I know that was the day my heart died
You said you would be my friend For eternity… But where were you When I was losing my sanity?!
In the end I was never the one And the solution I found was I will never be the one for anyone…
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2023.03.31 17:00 Direct-Translator905 Veronica Santangelo and the Halcyons

Veronica Santangelo was a courier making her way through the Mojave Wasteland, a treacherous and dangerous place full of raiders, mutated creatures, and other hazards. Her mission was to deliver an important package to the New California Republic, a powerful faction that controlled much of the region.
Despite the many dangers she faced, Veronica was skilled and resourceful, well trained and quick on her feet. That's what made her a good courier, and one who survived through quite a few dangerous deliveries. She had managed to make her way through the wasteland largely unscathed. As Veronica walked through the outskirts of the ruins of an abandoned city, she heard a strange noise coming from a nearby building.
Cautiously, she approached the source of the sound and saw a group of what turned out to be space travelers emerging from a crashed spacecraft. They were clearly in distress, and Veronica could see that their ship was badly damaged.
The leader of the group, a woman named Ellie, approached Veronica and explained that they were from a distant colony known as Halcyon. Their ship had crash-landed on the planet, and they were in desperate need of supplies to repair it. It was the first time Veronica had ever heard such an extraordinary thing. Rumors of aliens, even humanoid ones, crash landing on Earth was a common thing in the wasteland. But human colonies existing beyond earth, in a remote system was a bit of a shock.
Veronica was initially skeptical of the travelers, but as she spoke with them, she began to see that they were genuine and in need of help. She agreed to assist them, knowing that she had seen enough hardship in her own travels to know what it was like to be stranded in a harsh and unforgiving environment.
Together, Veronica and the Halcyon colonists scoured the wasteland for the materials they needed to repair their ship. They faced fierce opposition from raiders and mutated creatures, but their determination never wavered.
As they worked, Veronica and Ellie struck up a friendship. They found they had much in common, despite their vastly different backgrounds. Both had seen the worst the universe had to offer, but still held onto hope for a better tomorrow.
Despite the dangers they faced, the group managed to gather the supplies they needed to repair the ship. It was a grueling process, but Veronica and the Halcyon colonists worked together with a sense of purpose and determination.
As the repairs neared completion, the group began to make preparations for their departure. Veronica felt a pang of sadness at the thought of parting with her new friend, but she knew that their time together had been meaningful and worthwhile.
But as she turned to leave, Ellie called out to her.
"Hey, if you ever find yourself in Halcyon, come look us up. We'll show you a good time."
Veronica smiled, knowing that even in the darkest of times, there was always room for a little bit of joy and camaraderie. As she made her way back into the wasteland, she felt a renewed sense of purpose and hope for the future.
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2023.03.31 16:55 splotchy_boi the translation of the Yuri character file.

If you found this note in a small wooden box with a heart on it, then *congratulations!* You are probably the first person to read this. I didn’t really plan on sharing this with anybody, but for some reason I think it’s exciting that somebody out there, a complete stranger, will come across this note and read my story. Someone I will never meet, sharing such a personal bond with me. I’m fascinated that either one of us could die - even as soon as tomorrow - with the other being completely clueless to the fact. To you, my entire life is within this note, and so I will live for as long as your memory can carry me. Writing this, I’m wondering if that makes you feel fascinated or violated. It’s so exciting.

I’m sorry if my story is a bit disorganized, but I’d like to get it down while it’s still fresh on my mind. First, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a first-year college girl and have led, by most standards, a pretty unspectacular life up to this point. I grew up in an upper-middle class school district with decent teachers. I did track in middle school and some of high school, and I’ve had two boyfriends. Now, I’m studying for a career in occupational therapy, because I feel the field is undervalued and provides tremendous help to people.

I’m giving you this background because there’s this strange misconception that if you want to kill someone then you’re either sick in the head or you have anger management issues. But, it’s very apparent that I don’t fall into either of those categories. It’s true that most murder cases are in a domestic setting where someone loses control of their anger or something. But the thing is that those people kill under provocation, whether by a singular outburst or by a slow-burning series of misfortunes. Those people kill because in that brief moment, they want a specific someone, for a specific reason, to be hurt or killed.

What I’m talking about is wanting to kill someone for no specific reason, maybe just to see what it’s like. Do you ever get that? I wouldn’t know how others feel, because it’s not something I ever talked about. But I’ve been curious about what it’s like to kill someone ever since I was a child. Not killing anyone in particular, just a random person. It’s always just fascinated me that if I put my mind to it, I can approach anyone, and in five minutes they would be completely gone from this Earth.

But I’ve never done so for a couple of reasons. First of all, for most of my life it was logistically impossible for me to do it without getting caught. I only got my driver’s license a couple years ago, and even then, the preparations would take too much time, definitely stirring suspicion. It was only once I started college that I realized this was no longer an obstacle.

Another reason is that I was afraid of causing harm to too many people. You might laugh reading that, at how hypocritical it sounds. But, let me explain: Why should I feel bad about killing someone if they’re too dead to care? Who would I be feeling bad for? Contrarily, it’s the grief of the living that I’d rather not be responsible for. Because of this, I knew it would take a good deal of research before finding a suitable person to kill, and I’ve never had the means to do so - again, until I started college.

And now, having just experienced it, I’d say it was pretty satisfying in the end. Something I would try again? Probably not, since my curiosity has already been satisfied. It really wouldn’t be the same a second time.

But anyway, if by any chance you’re also curious to kill someone, then you’re welcome to take notes. :)


I started a hobby of people-watching soon after I entered college. People-watching is interesting to me because it’s taking one of the infinite extras in your life and turning them into a main character - without them knowing, of course. It’s so easy to forget that every single one of the hundreds of strangers you pass every day has a life story as deep and complex as your own. One thing I noticed about people-watching, and wanting to kill someone, is that you are in more constant awareness of this. When I find a person to observe, their story slowly becomes more clear to me over time, gaps being filled - it really is amazing.

I usually went to grocery stores on weekends and looked around in people’s shopping carts. If I saw something that interested me, I decided to observe the person for a little bit. Of course, since my goal was to find someone to kill, I ruled out anyone who had children or a partner with them. Wedding rings were another tell-tale sign.

So maybe once a weekend, I would find someone who fit my criteria, at which point I would follow them home and note their address. From there, it became incredibly easy to investigate a little bit more; most people have normal work hours, meaning I could spend afternoons going through their mail or looking around in their house. I repeated this with several people (and had one close call), but for varying reasons I didn’t really feel satisfied enough with them to kill any of them.

I started getting a bit impatient and thought that I might just settle for killing the man named Devon, even though I didn’t really want to kill someone wealthy. But then, I came across someone new - someone who just, felt perfect. The feeling only strengthened as I investigated her further, and I knew that she would be the one for me to kill.

A young-looking woman I met at the grocery store, as per usual. She was doing some light shopping with a basket. Her hair was wavy and dark brown, sitting inelegantly on her slumped shoulders and surrounding her tired-looking face. Her bare fingers told me she might be single, but beyond that, my gut was almost certain of it. This woman just seemed so…plain, really. I guess I felt a greater acuity for the personal lives of strangers ever since I started my people-watching. But the way she carried herself, I just got the feeling that if she suddenly died, nobody would be around to miss her. Of course, I still wanted to investigate her a bit.

I followed my usual routine of checking out her place during her work hours. I learned immediately from her mail that her name is Linda Watson. Linda lived in a quiet apartment complex, her mailbox easily accessible right outside her door. Instead of quickly shuffling through it, I decided I could take her mail back to my dorm and return it before she was finished with work (she only lived about 15 minutes from me). I did some research and learned how to open and reseal the envelopes without damaging them, which took some technique along with a hair dryer, rubbing alcohol, and Q-tips.

This made it easy for me to learn a little more about her. Linda was a 33-year-old woman who worked for a small accounting firm - I’d rather not name the place outright. Her birthday was December 11th which, coincidentally, was approaching in a couple weeks. I also managed to find a bank statement that gave me a nice look into how she’s been spending her past month. It was at this point I realized that my assessment of Linda Watson as an extremely plain woman was pretty spot-on, because there was absolutely nothing interesting on the list. A trip to Old Navy, a bunch of Starbucks, something about $40 from Amazon - no restaurants, no movies, nothing that would really imply she was spending any time socializing. That aside, I also found a cooking magazine, so I guess she was into cooking.

Apartments are harder to break into than suburban homes, because there are fewer doors and windows. Every time I got Linda’s mail, I would check the front door and the windows in the back, but they were always locked. This was a bit frustrating because I was really interested in getting into her house. So, I came up with a sort of plan that I thought would be fun, even if it didn’t work.

Last Saturday, I visited Linda Watson’s apartment complex as I would on weekdays. The difference is that this time, I wanted her to be home. I thought it would be interesting to have a conversation with her. If I got lucky, I could take advantage of the situation to discreetly unlock a window from the inside. So, I walked up to her door wearing nothing warmer than a light sweatshirt, and knocked. The adrenaline rush was crazy. I was afraid I might screw something up.

The door opened, and in front of me stood Linda Watson, exactly as I remembered her from the grocery store. It was at that moment, making eye contact for the first time, that I realized I was running the risk of beginning to care about this person. As selfish as it is, I couldn’t kill a person I cared about, even if it’s a 33-year-old woman standing in a doorway with a slightly perplexed look on her face, giving me a reserved “Hello.”

Arms crossed from the cold, I shyly returned Linda’s greeting. I explained that I was walking my dog near the woodsy area behind the back of her apartment, and that he had gotten away. I had been looking for my dog for an hour and was wondering if Linda may have seen him roaming about. Of course, Linda sympathetically apologized for the situation and that she couldn’t be of use to me, but that she would keep an eye out. I wore a defeated expression in response, apologizing in return for troubling her.

It somehow went exactly as I had hoped - Linda invited me inside to warm up a bit with some coffee. I outwardly hesitated before accepting her offer, although on the inside I wanted to jump through the door and hug her for cooperating so well. And that’s how Linda Watson ended up with a 19-year-old girl next to her on the couch - who knows if it was just a nice gesture or if she really has no better way to spend her Saturdays than talking to some kid she just met (who happens to be interested in killing her).

Linda soon learned that my name is Maria (it’s not) and that I attend the nearby community college (I don’t). I was a little bit nervous that she would ask me too many questions because I didn’t have many answers prepared. I was able to steer the conversation toward her, and she was pretty happy to talk. I asked what she does, and she told me that she works for the accounting firm I already knew about, communicating with outside clients and keeping records. I told her I was pretty nervous about growing up. She told me to enjoy college and to make lots of friends because there’s less opportunity once you start working.

When I asked if she was married or anything, she laughed. Of course I knew she wasn’t married, but I wanted to hear more about her love life. She said that she doesn’t currently have a boyfriend (I guess she’s at least had boyfriends, but who knows how long ago). When I asked her about kids, she said she doesn’t want them until she gets a better job. On top of that, she told me that her family has a history of some genetic diseases such as arthritis and depression, which she is afraid to give to her kids.

It’s funny that she mentioned that because when I asked to use her bathroom, I noticed a tube of prescription pills on the sink. It was labelled duloxetine, which I looked up later and discovered that it is in fact an antidepressant. I had a joking thought that maybe by killing her I’d be doing her a favor, but quickly decided I was a terrible person for coming up with that.

The rest of the visit was pretty dull. We talked about food and some other mundane stuff before I eventually made an excuse to leave. I didn’t get the chance to unlock a window or anything like that, but I didn’t really feel the need to go through her apartment anymore. As early as the drive back to my dorm, I was already thinking about how I would best like to kill Linda Watson.

The choice was between effectiveness and fun. I decided to go with fun, because it would be way more satisfying to kind of dissect her as I killed her, rather than just getting it done and calling it a day. Fast-forward one week to December 13th - today, actually. Linda Watson turned 34 two days ago. I made a fun little wager with myself where if Linda was spending her birthday weekend alone, I would pay her a visit and kill her. If she was out or had company, I would stop by next week or something instead.

So this morning, I drove over to Lowe’s and bought an axe. Again, I expect you’re laughing, but that’s also kind of the point. An axe is so kind of cliche and a “movies” thing that I actually thought it would be the most fun. Swinging it at someone and everything, it’s a really entertaining image. They actually had a bunch of different axes, so I picked one that had a good weight but was still light enough for me to swing quickly.

The drive after getting the axe was when the adrenaline really picked up. All that kept going through my mind on the way over was “Wow, I’m really doing this.” Not in a bad way, just like a surprised this is real life sort of thing. I also got this strange rush of recollections of the time I spent with Linda. It was like my life was flashing before my eyes, except it was just the rather mundane hour I spent with Linda - like snippets of our conversations, the sound of her laugh, her facial expressions and stuff.

I also wondered to myself what the crazy serial killers would be feeling at a time like this - schizophrenic delusions? Sexual buildup? I have no idea, but what I felt was kind of like ridiculously alert and numb in the senses at the same time, however that’s possible.

Before getting out of the car, I had the sense to stuff the axe into my backpack to look a little less ridiculous walking across the parking lot. The handle was sticking out, but that didn’t really matter. At that point my heart was pounding so hard I could feel my throat throbbing. I tried controlling my breath, but it’s really hard to not breathe fast when your heart is pounding like that.

I reached Linda Watson’s door and quietly put my ear to it after setting down my backpack. I heard a voice that wasn’t hers - company? No, it was just the TV, mixed with her occasional tapping footsteps behind the door. I actually kept my ear there for a really freaking long time, because I wanted to make absolutely sure nobody was over. Probably 10 minutes of that and a lot of reassuring myself convinced me.

I quietly opened my backpack zipper and held the axe in my hands. My fiercely shaking hands. What the hell was this kind of reaction that my body was making? I told my body to shut up, that it’s no big deal, but of course it wouldn’t listen. It was actually bizarre how much my hands were shaking. It must be the adrenaline buildup. I rolled my eyes at myself and got my hand to rest on the doorknob. If it’s locked, I’ll knock, it’ll be basically the same. I took a deep breath and forced my muscles into action.

I swiftly turned the doorknob. Not locked. In one movement, I opened up the door and slipped inside. Linda Watson, just a few steps away into the kitchen. I see - she was in the middle of cooking. She immediately jumped and turned around, startled. I expected that. Quickly, I let go of the doorknob and adjusted the axe into both hands. In the following split second, I realized that she would probably start to make a lot of noise. Looking back, I’m an idiot for not considering that. Just as Linda’s mouth opened to speak - maybe even started speaking - I forcefully swung my axe into the side of her head.

But, my axe was facing backwards. I hit her with the blunt end of the blade. I actually did this on purpose, because in that split second I somehow decided that it would be the way to keep her noise to a minimum. It actually worked. I felt barely any resistance in the swing as I collided with her head, knocking it clean aside. Linda’s half-formed syllable came out as a kind of weird grunt - a noisy exhalation is probably the best I could describe it. That happened at the same time as her head smacked into the cabinet from the force, and she fell backwards without any ability to keep her balance. I didn’t hesitate at all to keep swinging at her while she was half lying down on the ground, this time my axe facing the right way. I didn’t really know where to swing, so I kind of just started hacking at her collarbone area and chest. It didn’t feel like the axe was going too deep, but there was a nice “thunk” sort of sound every time the axe embedded into her. I even felt the soft sinking sensation ripple into my hands, like the axe was a kind of physical extension of my sense of touch.

On a whim, I swung once at her throat, but most of the swing actually missed and I hit the floor by accident, causing a loud, dull whack to resonate through the apartment. I didn’t have time to think about it. I swung again with better aim and got a more centered hit, feeling the bone or cartilage or whatever is in there, so I must have split it open. Right after that, I decided to swing at her face, and I got this diagonal cut along her nose and mouth, which felt pretty good so I did it once more.

I finally briefly stopped to survey the damage. Linda was bleeding ridiculously. The blood was kind of coming out in waves, in sync with her beating heart, probably. It was pooling all around her and riding along the cracks between the tiles. Her light blue shirt was all torn up and stained dark, kind of mixed with a fleshy mess around her chest. It was all just glistening red. Her face wasn’t much better, covered in dripping red at this point, and her lip was kind of hanging off, revealing red-stained teeth in a really weird way, like a zombie or something.

Linda wasn’t dead, though. Her limbs were kind of weakly, aimlessly trying to move while she was stuck on her back. More than anything, she reminded me of a bug that you crush but it still pitifully moves its legs around before it dies completely. That’s basically what she was doing. But I didn’t know how long it would take for her to die, or what kind of condition she was in. I ended up grabbing a big knife that was on the counter that she was using to cut up meat. Trying to step around the blood, I reached down and carved into the upper half of her neck, trying to sort of saw it from the left side to the right. It was a little awkward because the area was so soft and squished around the knife as I was cutting. But the sensation was completely different from the axe. It actually felt like I was cutting a tough piece of raw meat (which I guess technically, I was).

The blood started pouring out, and I hoped that I severed the most major arteries in there. It must have worked, because after a moment Linda’s limb movements kind of just had the strength drained from them, soon resting still on the floor. I took a few seconds to catch my breath. No time to stick around and think about the experience. I shook the knife blade through a dirty pan in the sink to clean off the blood, then threw the knife into my backpack. I did the same with the axe. I also took her laptop that was sitting on the counter. It had some recipe open for veal and mushrooms. I didn’t really take the laptop to use it, since I have a perfectly good one myself that I got for college. I just wanted to look through it for fun.

I finally went outside and closed the door behind me. I got some blood on my sweater and jeans. But funnily enough, I actually anticipated that so I wore dark colors.

The drive back to my dorm was just a constant replaying of the experience in my head. I guess that’s still kind of happening even now, actually. But it felt pretty nice. Linda Watson is dead. I kind of let the weight of that sink in. The sensation of having completely removed a human life from existence. It’s crazy. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Anyway, I threw the axe and knife into a dumpster on campus, which I think is picked up every Monday, so they’ll be gone by then. My roommate goes home on the weekends, so I have the dorm to myself today. It gave me the chance to go through Linda’s website history. I was right in thinking that’s where her deepest secrets would lie.

There was actually a lot of dirty stuff, like the names of websites for porn videos and stories and things like that. Same with her searches. A lot of the websites were boring, like cooking websites and recipes, and game websites like Bejeweled and stuff. I eventually got to the “one week ago” section of her history, and it gave me a chill.

There were a whole bunch of searches like “methods of suicide”, “how to tie a noose”, “dangerous household chemicals”, “carbon monoxide poisoning” - like a lot of them. She was probably ready to write a book on suicide after all the research she did. So I guess Linda was contemplating suicide. I wonder if it was influenced by her depression.

The irony is actually striking. Maybe Linda was going to die anyway. Or maybe she couldn’t find the courage to do it. If that were the case, I almost literally gave her a birthday present by killing her. That’s actually really comical in a messed-up way, and it leaves a weird taste in my mouth. The part I don’t get is that I didn’t see any of those searches up until the “one week ago” section, nothing more recent than that.

I ended up throwing the laptop in the dumpster with the other stuff. It’s been a few hours since then, so I’ve had some time to calmly think about everything. Like I said, it was pretty satisfying and I’m glad I finally got around to it. I feel like I can finally cross it off my bucket list, or like I’m tying loose ends with myself. This is probably the first and last time I’ll write the name Linda Watson - it’s back to living a normal college life, except I might do some people-watching every now and then because it’s definitely fun and interesting.

But I’ll always wonder how many people there are like me. I’m sure there has to be a lot, because there is just nothing strange about it to me, being curious about killing someone. Sadly, it’s something that people can’t exactly just talk about, so I guess I’ll never know. I’m sure that anyone would just lie about it even if you asked them. But you can’t help but wonder if that person in the grocery store, who stares at you as you pass by, might be considering what it would be like to kill you. If I could, I would tell them all about it, so they could decide for themselves. But who knows, maybe I got lucky, and that person is you. I actually really, really hope so.

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2023.03.31 16:54 Theory_HandHour892 My experience DMing a False Hydra one-shot

In 2021, I used the false hydra for a Halloween session. My players were shaken and scared the whole time. For the session, I created a thrilling playlist full of White noise static and creepy Pokémon music. I would play the white noise whenever the hydra was close or fed near my players. I kept the sounds very low. I had to do some research about the characteristics of the False Hydra, as well as watch some let ’s-play sessions where the monster was used. This is a crazy difficult thing to pull off, but I would like to mention that I haven’t been DMing for a long time. This is only my second official year of taking that role, and only recently have my games become for organic and less forced. I had to create maps, create all the NPCs, and place hints all over the town that there was a memory-stealing, carnivorous beast living in the city sewers. I had a poem written in Finnish that described the myth of the hydra. Again, this will take a lot of work because I had to keep my PCs interested enough to stay in town or do something stupid, like getting themselves killed. But it is super fun when done right and will be something your PCs will talk about for years.
My party had three members, the first being a Ranger Half-Elf named Reymanus (but I’ll call him Rey for now), a half-orc named Muridash, and finally a halfling named Falorin. It is also important to mention that there was also a DMpc named Gobby; because he was a goblin. I generally hate running Dmpcs because they’re so time-consuming, but Gobby was popular around the table so I kept him.
First, we were playing (and still are) the Storm King Thunder campaign, but because it was Halloween we wanted to do something scary-themed. So, as my players were traveling searching for some unlucky giants, they came across Olostin Hold being raided by Barbarians. So, of course, the right course of action would be to chop down a tree and use its trunk as a battering ram to take out the first offensive line. After the battle, they found a map with the town Rivermoot “x”ed in red, signaling that another faction of the barbarian group was targeting that town. So, after promising to send help to the Hold, my players traveled North to warn Rivermoot of the attack.
They arrived in 5 days, traveling across the Evermoor lake, with help from their favorite Boatkeeper Orc: Karloff. Setting: Rivermoot is based on the top of the lake, held together with wooden planks holding the town above the water. The town smells of fish, a low mist west the air, and the town is nearly empty in the morning they arrive.
*It was here when I called for a 15-minute break to eat some food.*
Ok, the first thing my PCs do is move the town gates. There were two guards keeping watch, so the PCs move to warn them of the attack. After one guard asked for proof, they quickly hand him the map. The guard becomes annoyed and gives back the map saying, in a sarcastic tone, “Mates, there ain’t nothing on this map. But if ya' stay come back tomorrow, I’ll fight by yer side!” By this point my PCs are confused and they reexamine the map again. The shock that flushed their faces is something I’ll never forget! Before they arrived at Rivermoot, we took a break for 15 minutes. I used that time to switch their map with a copy, but with the red markings being placed on a different town. They were screaming for about 15 minutes and trying to figure out what their next move was. Finally, they decided to rest at the local Inn for the night.
The inn was more crowded and lively than the outdoors, with lights and somber music. They found a table and met the Inn Wife and her husband, as well as a few other patrons. The PCs also noticed an old dwarf huddled in the corner of the building trying to grab everyone’s attention, yet was ignored. Feeling pity for the dwarf, Rey moved toward the old creature and began speaking to him. The dwarf looked up at the elf and whispered, “I saw it. It’s out there! It’s out there!” Paired with the map change and this crazed dwarf, Rey was a little on edge. He left the dwarf immediately after that and rejoined his friends. Muridash, who is essentially the party leader, felt that he needed to speak to the town officials about the map and the barbarian threat. So after asking where the guard barracks were, they headed off into the night determined to voice their concerns. It was after sunset, so I described the night sky, the swampy smell that emanated from the lake, and the suffocating feeling of isolation od Rivermoot. I also play a little creepypasta Pokémon music, not to be truly heard but for their subconscious be feel uncomfortable.
When they made it to the head barrack they slammed onto the door, waking the captain. This building was adjacent to another barrack with regular guards, so two other guys are awoken by the aggressive knocking. They enter the main hall where the captain and the party are speaking. Muridash shows the captain the map and explains their predicament. The captain isn’t too pleased by this intrusion from his sleep, but he tells the party that he will change into more formal clothing and speak with the group in his office. After he left (while he was gone, I turned up the volume of the music), the party hear the sound of breaking glass and a blood-curdling scream. They rush in the direction of the noise and find a broken window stained with fresh blood. At this point, Rey’s player started hyperventilating and Falorin’s player became stone quiet. Muridash, however, regrouped his comrades and led them back to the main hall where the other guards were. They asked and try to urge the guards to help, but the two were confused by the party’s urgency and asked what was wrong. Muridash explains that their captain was taken. The two guards remained aloof and stated that they haven’t had a captain since the last one retired 3 years ago. This is when Rey’s player screamed “WHAT?!” making everyone at the table jump. Falorin tried to speak were the guards, but they quickly kicked them out of the barracks. This is where I called for a break. The table burst into conversation with my players asking “what just happened,” and “what’s the game plan?” It was a great moment in my short DMing career.
*I'll add more later, just busy at the moment*
submitted by Theory_HandHour892 to DnD [link] [comments]