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Job advice 😬

2023.03.26 14:23 imagable Job advice 😬

I’m currently a barista but the lack of hours is really not cutting it for me. I have no major issues with my store or the job as a whole.
However I was offered a job at a different company for about $2 more an hour and hopefully with better hours. I really am unsure if I should take the new job or to stay at starbucks and beg my manager for more hours. Is the pay worth starting new again.
Please let me know any advice you might have :)
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2023.03.26 14:22 DayDreamBeliever18 Money or happiness

So a bit of background about me that's probably relevant to the decision; I'm 29, in an on off long term relationship which is more off than on so all my financial responsibilities are on me, and no dependents. Own my own home, have enough saved to clear the mortgage at the end of the year when the fixed rate ends, so in that respect I am very secure and comfortable financially and I'm incredibly grateful for that. But, I have been in a high stress and high responsibility job for the last 7 years, plus 3 years of training prior to that, and I feel like I'm getting close to breaking point. I've suffered with pretty bad anxiety and depression in the past and can feel the anxiety creeping back in, I'm also having therapy for ocd at the moment which is a new diagnosis for me although the feelings have been there since I was a child, they've just progressively got worse to the point I need help. The point I'm at now is I work full time and I feel so nervous before going to work that I wont be able to cope with the shift ahead, and after work that I've made a mistake or done something wrong that might hurt somebody, to the point that I feel like I'm going to stress myself out to the point I get ill again. Also I am so tired to the point I cancel plans on my days off because I just want to go back to sleep, they're 14 hour night shifts by the time you take into account the commute. I've been thinking about dropping my hours by a third but that would obviously mean losing a third of my salary. That looks OK on a month by month basis but when I calculated it over 10 years it works out that I'd be earning £96k less which written down feels like a massive pay cut to be taking so young. I could manage on that amount though. But it would slow down my real dream which is to buy and run a smallholding (lovely but expensive). But what I keep circling around to is other people opinions of me, I just know they will say I am too young to go part time, I don't need to because I don't have children to look after, it's lazy etc. I've even thought about leaving my profession completely but then I feel like I'll be judged for throwing all my training away and I've worked hard to get to a senior position, and I'm aware that I'm on good money for my age and for where I live (small town, not loads of opportunities) but it is making me miserable. What would you do if you were in my situation? Sorry it's a long first post but please be kind, I'm honestly not in the right place mentally for any unkind responses. Thanks
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2023.03.26 14:11 NoContextVent We are trapped and I have been backed into a corner

Hey people of reddit, I hope everyone has had a wonderful day/night! So I(21) am not really good at getting my thoughts on paper while still making sense, so please bear with me!
I have known my SO (20) since she was born, we were great childhood friends and did everything together whenever we could. Skip a few school years due to our parents moving to different sides of the city, while we stayed in touch as best as we could. We started to stop talking im guessing because "out of sight out of mind " but eventually our parents had a little get together decided to share a house and then moved in with us. It was great apart from my rapist sibling who sexually assaulted my SO from the age of 6 until she was 12, and myself from 5-10, we never spoke about what he was doing to us, we didn't know that we were both being assaulted. While that was happening my MIL was using my mother to look after her while she went off being an escort and doing drugs, and not even using that money to look after her child and somehow always being behind or skipping a month's rent (using my mum to pay more than her share). After a while my mum gave up and told her to move out, then my MIL decided to distance herself from us because my mum "abandoned her in a time of need" (lived together for over 1.6 years)
And again we stopped talking until I went to the same school as her(I moved nearby).
So when we finally realised that we had very strong feelings for each other, and decided to start seeing each other when we were 18 and 19, we decided since we already knew pretty much everything about each other's life (or so we thought) I decided to stay at her house (closer to my work) and help with her relationship with her mother as they were arguing and fighting a lot. Over the last 2 years things have gone from AMAZING to depression.
In my mind it is mainly because of her mum, when we started dating (MIL had way too many pets, we constantly stressed how bad this living situation is but she said 'at least cats don't stab you in the back!?' Like what the fuck?!) So her house always smells of shit and piss because she barely cleaned up after them and was embarrassed about it.. saying that it's never like this and she's going to get on top of it and keep it clean, well that lasted about 2 months until she gave up on cleaning and herself. MIL started drinking more and going back into party drugs slowly leaving more and more responsibility on us, and just when we thought things were getting better she "sheltered" fucking 3 pregnant stray cats when she already had 5 cats and other pets, to help with her motherly urge to protect and nurture things. In the long run her motivation to clean, look after kittens, and work was just too much for her and found comfort in a partner. Since finding this amazing person she has slowly left that motherly urge to protect, love and care for her daughter and pets to revert back into her highschooler self leaving us with all the responsibility and stress, no money, no help and no sympathy or empathy for us at all. Because as she lives ten blocks away from her own house (us) with her new partner she pretends that everything is fine and still has the nerve to pretend that nothing happened and invite us to dinner at his house because we can no longer use our kitchen because of the animals over running it.
So I believe that it is wired into her brain that she can do whatever she wants and if you don't like it, it's your fault and you have no right being mad at her cause her life was a lot worse. (She's gone through her own past traumas).
What's even worse is because of all this my partner is too anxious and depressed to get a job so we are trapped here until she starts to feel better, and also that her mum is the only family my SO has so my partner is really wanting to keep her friendship with her mum..(and that is completely understandable) but she has mentioned to her mum multiple times that we are not happy and really need help, but it never arrives so that's why I had a bit of a snap and wrote quite an emotional message for her.. and here it is....
Sorry for all the backstory let's hope this makes sense now. This was a message that I was very close to pressing send I just thought it might add some insight on how our life is going!😁
Hey _____
This is going to be shocking, arrogant and just straight up rude but i have had it, i am sick of playing pretend about our life being all happy and shit. I really dont know how to say it apart from this....
Just first these are my thoughts and a little of my partners she defends you to the ends of the earth but the truth is in my eyes you really do not deserve it.
How can a 40yr old woman treat her kid and myself like we are house maids for a irresponsible pet owner that has abandoned ship to go live with a great person so her life doesn't feel as shitty..
I dont want to say this but what makes you think that you can just give up on your responsibilities as a parent and animal owner leave us day in and day out to clean after stray animals you brought into the house on top of YOUR original pets (5) which is too many to begin with..
Making your daughter and myself either clean a whole house daily to avoid the smell of shit and piss(WHICH WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY OR WILLPOWER TO DO EVERYDAY!) And when we do clean it takes 12hours to get back to how it was or sit in the matchbox of a room and try to not to go crazy while listening to constant animal noises and the house falling apart
Just how do you stay there 10 blocks away doing coke and drinking alcohol like you are 18.. with no responsibility
Instead of being a adult and fixing your problems you decided to shift them onto kids with no money and if this continues no fucking future
How do you expect us to be happy ____ please I really want to know what you have been telling yourself to help you sleep at night because if you thinks this is ok... YOU NEED FUCKING THERAPY AND A LOT OF IT
How can we live and learn to love life if we are trapped in this fucking hell hole of house
Which I can say is doing absolute wonders for your daughters and my relationship
I really dont know why I posted this maybe so she sees this, maybe because I really need advice on how to keep our relationships because as you can hopefully tell by the "message" I am about to go ballistic and need another view on this😅
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2023.03.26 13:56 Reasonable-Onion-804 Is Masters in human resource management worth it?

I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Psychology, which will end this year. I am in my final semester, and I don't see much scope in this field unless I pursue an MPhil or PhD or obtain additional certifications. Basically, I believe that you will start earning well after at least 10 years in this field. I don't want such a job; I want a high-paying job, so I am considering shifting to another field. I applied for an MSc in Human Resource Management at the University of Liverpool and got accepted. My priority is a secure, well-paying job. Is it worth doing my masters from abroad in HRM? Also, if not HRM, which other field can I shift to after completing my bachelors and masters in psychology? I suck at maths, so is there any other field that I can go for?
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2023.03.26 13:55 Reasonable-Onion-804 Is a master's in Human resource management worth it?

I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Psychology, which will end this year. I am in my final semester, and I don't see much scope in this field unless I pursue an MPhil or PhD or obtain additional certifications. Basically, I believe that you will start earning well after at least 10 years in this field (at least in my country). I don't want such a job; I want a high-paying job, so I am considering shifting to another field. I applied for an MSc in Human Resource Management at the University of Liverpool and got accepted. My priority is a secure, well-paying job. Is it worth doing my masters from abroad in HRM? Also, if not HRM, which other field can I shift to after completing my bachelors and masters in psychology? I suck at maths, so is there any other field that I can go for?
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2023.03.26 13:51 Reasonable-Onion-804 Is masters in Human resource management worth it?

I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Psychology, which will end this year. I am in my final semester, and I don't see much scope in this field unless I pursue an MPhil or PhD or obtain additional certifications. Basically, I believe that you will start earning well after at least 10 years in this field. I don't want such a job; I want a high-paying job, so I am considering shifting to another field. I applied for an MSc in Human Resource Management at the University of Liverpool and got accepted. My priority is a secure, well-paying job. Is it worth doing my masters from abroad in HRM? Also, if not HRM, which other field can I shift to after completing my bachelors and masters in psychology? I suck at maths, so is there any other field that I can go for?
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2023.03.26 13:44 dulcetdreamer I'm feeling hopeless lately.

Hey everyone, 24F, diagnosed with RRMS in 2021.
I guess I need to vent, if that's okay. I work at a domestic violence hotline and it's becoming very stressful to me. The reason being is that I make 3 sick hours per pay cycle, which sucks because I'm on Ocrevus so I'm immunocompromised. This means that I need to not be sick/feel unwell for a total of 6 weeks to rack up 9 sick hours, which only covers a day. The silver lining is that the job is remote, which works, but I'm feeling overwhelmed, I feel sick today and have been up for an hour deciding whether I should call out. I'm also afraid me calling out sick today will result in the supervisors declining my requested day off for Sunday, April 2nd.
Honestly, it feels like I'm trapped. While I like helping others, the job can be very stressful. I don't know what to do. I've looked up other jobs and I don't think I'm gonna get a better one but I need the income. I can't be on my feet all day and traveling is a challenge for me. I feel so trapped and like I'll never find my ideal work situation. Or maybe this job is as good as it's going to get. But I'm so frustrated that I have to rely on my body to not be sick or feel bad for 6+ weeks at a time. Today, I have 15 hours but since I called out today due to not feeling well, I'll have 8 hours. The job is already remote, I feel like it's the ideal accommodation for people and I'm not entitled to want anything more. And yet I do. I'm just feeling so lost and helpless. That's all. Thank you for listening or providing any words, much appreciated. 🙏🏼
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2023.03.26 13:30 ThrowRA10221 I need urgent help with my family issue

Hi reddit, im 24 male and im writing in to seek advice from you all regarding my and my family and how i should face them.
My points may be all over the place as im thinking about it as i write so please bear with me.
To start off, my family consists of my dad, my mom, my older brother (25) and me.
My dad and mom's relationship is not good at all. Dad did alot of inconsiderate things that drove my mom to have paranoia and have a fear of not having money.
For context, he used to gamble alot and was in debt when me and my brother was younger. He took out both of me and my brother's money that my mom was saving up for us to repay his debt.
There wasnt any communication between mom and dad as well which made my mom feel very alone and no one to go to to seek help for.
My mom's paranoia got very bad and very often accused my dad of having a mistress outside which i fully understand why. I trust my dad that he does not have a mistress outside as growing up, he is always by our side (he is a night shift taxi driver, so he's always not at home at night, which i suspect made my mom's paranoia worse)
Mom fully hates my dad currently and is filing for divorce which my dad do not agree to and its very hard for me to convince my mom that dad does not have any mistress outside. Even harder for me to persuade her to seek help from therapist as she firmly believes she does not have a mental illness.
When i was in my teen, 15 or 16, dad would talk to me everyday about my mom saying that she caused all of this problem. I basically got treated as a therapist for my dad and an outlet to vent his anger to. He did not physically abuse me, but mentally, he did. He does not know whatever hes doing to me is wrong, so I just listened to him, everyday, and developed a fear of going out with friends as, if im not at home, they would fight, and im afraid that it would lead to physical fights.
Back then, i used to hate my mom alot due to the constant rants from my dad. However, growing up, i realized that whatever dad is doing is wrong and slowly learned to "forgive" my mom. Right now, i do not hate her at all, but whenever i were to talk to her, a little bit inside of me hated her.
Dad got diagnosed with terminal cancer 1 month ago and can pass anytime even though he is under chemotherapy. Dad chose not to tell my mom and my brother about this, so i have to bear this secret alone.
Currently, he and mom is going through a divorce, and dad is very anxious about when the letter is going to come. I am forced to go to the hospital everyday, as if i do not show up for a day, dad would he very angry at me saying that i do not care about him which adds more stress on me. I do not want him to feel more upset, so no matter how tired i am, i always try to visit him every single day.
My brother has slight autism and does not knkw how to think for himself. Growing up, me and him were not close at all as I did not understand his condition and tend to throw my temper at him when dad throws his temper at me.
Now, my brother had mixed witb the wrong group of friends which resulted him learning all the wrong stuff (gangs), etc. He was taken advantage of by every single one he met due to his condition. He does not voice out his struggles to us as i suspect he does not know how to.
He moved out of the house 1 month ago with his then girlfriend to rent a room outside, and then the girlfriend left him, plus asking him to pay her 3000 dollars for god knows what.
Today, i talked to my brother about it and he kept saying he wanted to end it all, saying he wont come home. He kept persuading me to transfer him money to buy beer to drink at a bar. But I am still a student and recently graduated and stopped working and really have no money. I offered him to buy beer from local grocery shop as it was much cheaper, but he wouldnt listen. He wants me to go down to a bar to drink with him, but i must prepare a sum of money which realistically, i do have, but there are other things to prioritize on such as food, next month house bills.
Im afraid if i dont show up for him, he really will end it, so im forced to go down tonight after he ends work. He havent told my mom or dad as he is not close with my dad, and im pretty sure my mom wont lend him any money. So for now, im the only one that knows about this.
I did try to consult my friend about all these problem, but all they said was to live my life and do not care about the problem. It honestly is hard to follow considering what would be about to happen. Brother depression, Father cancer, Mother paranoia.
I feel so drained having to deal with all these stuff. I need some advice. Please help me
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2023.03.26 13:19 SimbaTheSavage8 I don't think I'm normal, and I'm scared (Part 2)

Part 1
I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what to think even.
Emily knows my biological mom?
“Why didn’t you tell me before?” I asked.
Emily’s smile was as thin as ice. “I didn’t think you were ready. Now you are.”
“Ready for what?”
“You’ll know soon enough. Sleep tight, Skye. You have to go to school tomorrow.”
I couldn’t sleep. All I saw, in my nightmares and painted on the ceiling, was Alfie’s face. He whispered my name while I dreamed and wriggled into my happiest memories. I woke up screaming as his body twisted and swelled.
We will meet again. Alfie hissed through a series of clicks.
It was too quiet when I woke up the next morning. I was used to Emily yelling for me to wake up for school or my dad rushing to get dressed for work and brushing his teeth or the smell of burned bacon and pancakes and eggs down from the kitchen. Or at the very least Alfie ringing my ears off to tell me he was waiting too long outside.
But the silence whispered through the halls, sneaking into my room and tickling my heart. I rubbed my eyes and sat with my knees tucked against my chest, watching the sun rise. The sky was lit in gold as the darkness slithered away, but it was as if dawn had never arrived at all.
I got dressed and headed downstairs. At that point I realised exactly why the house was so quiet and my heart stopped cold.
Most of the stuff we owned was packed up into boxes; and anything that was too big was covered by translucent tarps. Emily and my dad were huddled together in the kitchen. They looked so lost, so hollow, like they’d just come back from Alfie’s funeral and had not stopped crying since.
“Hey morning,” I said tersely.
“Morning,” Emily said. She still wasn’t looking at me. “Did you sleep well or do you still look like a panda bear?”
“Ha ha.” I made myself some coffee. It tasted like muddy water.
Emily looked at the clock. “You better hurry up or you’ll be late for school, Sleepy Skye.”
“But—” The night before was still spinning in my mind. Questions bubbled to the back of my throat, dying on my lips.
Emily placed a hand on my shoulder.
“Don’t worry, Skye. I’ll explain more later when the time is right.”
School felt like forever. All of my classes passed in a blur. Everyone avoided me like the plague, and whispered behind their hands when I walked past. I didn’t really care. I rested my head on my hands and wished Alfie was here. Whispering that everything would be okay.
When the last bell rang I plodded through the halls. The chatter around me had blended into a monotonous stream of nothing. I looked around me and saw Alfie’s face around me, in the couples making out near the lockers, in the teenagers huddled together like penguins.
My heart ached again.
My dad’s van was waiting for me at the school entrance, coughing up smoke like an old, retired dragon. It was jammed full of boxes and things wrapped in bubble paper. I was surprised it could even move a centimetre without something breaking inside.
“Hop in Skye,” said my dad, poking his head out of one window.
“Um, where are we going?”
“To my old place,” Emily explained, poking her head out of the other window. “I—we—thought it would be good for you, for…for the both of us.”
Alfie died.
The wind was still once more, as if mourning over him in its deep grief too. I crumbled against the side of the van, letting hot tears stream down my cheeks.
Without a word more I climbed into the van and my dad sped off immediately. I gazed outside the window, watching country roads blend into billboards and highways, and let the van rock me into a soothing sleep.
“We’re here. Wake up, Sleepy Skye.”
Emily’s house, as it turned out, was a two-storey monster tucked away from the heart of the city. The paint was peeling away and the bricks underneath were slick with slime. Mold crawled between the bricks and stayed there, dying the house green. I turned away and nearly threw up.
“This way,” Emily said, climbing a set of stairs. It was really dark, and everything was covered in shadow. The only source of light was a small Gothic window that shone through the gloom in a weak white arm. Set at the side of the stairwell was a black iron door. I started towards it, but Emily glared at me, so I abandoned the door and followed her.
The second floor was surprisingly well-kept. The floors were swept and the walls clean of dust. Picture frames depicting bugs and scarabs hung onto the wall, polished until it shone. There was even a pot of tea on the table.
“Knock yourself out,” Emily said as she collapsed onto the couch. She closed her eyes.
“Make yourself at home.”
“It stinks,” I observed, wrinkling my nose.
In fact it was the worst stink I had ever smelled in my life. It tore through the walls and floors like it was made of paper and I gagged. I sprinted to the window, stuck my head out and breathed in relief.
Emily raised an eyebrow.
“There’s some…construction going on downstairs,” she explained. “We just got here, so bear with it a little longer, okay Skye?”
“Yeah,” I choked. My eyes were watering. If I could see the smell it would be a big black cloud hovering in the air, howling and shaking in its stinky fury.
“Can I explore the city? I need some fresh air.”
“Go ahead,” Emily said, turning away. “Just be back for dinner.”
I nodded. I had never sprinted out of my old house so fast in my life, rubbing my smarting eyes. Even at the distance I could smell it, and once again I felt like throwing up.
After some time I slowed to a walk and really started to look around. It wasn’t much of a city—and it also wasn’t much of a town—but somewhere in between. It was getting quite late in the day with the sun streaming slowly in from the west, but the town felt…alive in a way. Shopkeepers hollered their wares from the inside of their ornate walls, and people were strolling on the streets, their arms interlocked laughing and whistling.
I tried not to think of Alfie.
A couple of blocks away I saw a large diner, its neon sign beckoning me inside. Getting closer I could smell heaven: char-grilled meats, fresh cakes and cookies, and something else in a fryer or oven.
My stomach growled. I wiped off my drool with my sleeves.
Pushing the door open, I went in.
The diner was abuzz with chatter and laughter; people were toasting each other with glasses of beer and ale. Yet everything died the moment I came in. Time stood still; heads swiveled to look at me and a collective gasp rose from the frozen crowd. I felt like an animal in a zoo as I navigated through the chaos and found a table to sit.
“Don’t mind ‘em.”
The speaker was a living Popeye, with a big, floppy nose and bigger arms that bulged with muscles and fat and a tattoo of a beetle instead of an anchor. He was wearing a greasy, bloody apron and a cap that was too small for a nest of blonde hair.
“It’s been a while since we had anyone new around here. Thirteen years, in fact. Also, hold on…”
He squinted hard at me, his eyes moving from my head down to my legs.
“Are you Skye?”
Goosebumps pricked my skin once more. I looked outside and realised the wind had once again stood still.
“Yes! How do you know?”
The man opposite me thought for a moment, then shouted something to the kitchens. Then he sat down opposite me and grinned, revealing yellowed teeth.
“Your stepmom talks about you a lot. She adores you, you know.”
He cupped my head in his hands and brushed a lock of hair off my head. Tears welled in his eyes.
“You look a lot like your mom. Same face, same eyes.”
He knocked on my face like it was a piece of wood.
Click clock
“Rock solid too.”
My hair stood up on my skin as I stared straight into the eyes of this man who I just met.
“Y-you know my biological mom too?”
The man’s smile grew even wider. “Let’s just say…kind of.”
He extended his hand. “I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself earlier. Call me Mr Lancaster. I’m the owner here.”
“I’m pleased to meet you too,” I replied, shaking his hand.
“Boss? Everything is ready.”
One of the waiters skidded to a halt near our table. He was a handsome youth—freckles and curly red hair. He held out a huge plastic bag to me.
Mr Lancaster smiled at me in a way that made my heart melt.
“Fish and chips. And I threw in some strawberry milkshakes as well. It’s one of our best dishes on the menu. Emily is always going on and on about how crazy you are for ‘em.”
“Wow! Thank you Mr Lancaster!”
“It’s on the house too. A welcome gift from me. Tell your stepmom she doesn’t have to pay back a single cent.”
He glanced out at the darkening sky, sweat mopping his brow.
“You better be going now. It’s getting late. See you soon, Skye. You’re always welcome here.”
And with that, he practically shoved me out of the door.
The bell tinkled as I stumbled onto the street, nearly tripping over the food. It was really heavy, mind you. Like a thousand dumb-bells made out of solid gold. By the time I reached my flat my arms ached.
I dropped the takeaway on the floor and sat down on one of the stairs to rest. The sun had completely set at this point; long, thin shadows crawled across the wall to the corners. Soon I was plunged in darkness. I could barely see my hand in front of my face.
My vision suddenly cleared, and I realised I could see. Somehow. Dark shapes shifted and twisted before my eyes, but I could still make out details of every brick, every scratch on the stairs and wall. The takeaway sat untouched before me.
It was like looking through an extremely grainy CCTV.
As the bangs echoed throughout the hallway I froze, the excitement of my discovery gone.
My name was shouted with great abandon, the call tinged with sorrow and pain. I inched closer and realised that it was coming from the iron door.
Whoever was calling me was thrashing against the door, making the hinges shake. I backed away, my heart in my throat. All the hair on my skin was standing up straight.
The stink slapped me in the face, making my nose itch. My eyes didn’t leave the door as I scrambled up the stairs to the main apartment, leaving everything in the dust.
It was only when I slammed the door behind me and sprinted down the hallway to my bedroom did I realise I forgot the takeaway still sitting at the bottom of the stairs.
Oh well I told myself, trying to calm my shaking heart. I can go back in a few minutes.
I’m sure Emily and Dad won’t mind.
The city had fallen asleep. The hustle and bustle seemed to have vanished with the last of the sun. The streets were illuminated faintly with lamps that shone like a halo. My room looked like it belonged in a horror movie.
I lay on my bed for a while, squeezing my eyes shut and listening to my heart beat. The screams had long died down, but I somehow heard them long and clear in my mind, as if blasted by an invisible loudspeaker.
Low and loud, like a foghorn from a ship lost at sea.
“Shut up!” I screamed, my eyes welling with tears. I curled up in a ball and squeezed my head with my pillow. Even then the screams rammed against the sides of my head, over and over again, and I was dizzy from the pain.
Eventually I got out of bed and wandered throughout the house, hoping for something to distract myself from the eternal noise. The apartment was shaded in the same grainy darkness, except for the dining-room, which was glowing invitingly like a crackling campfire. Something clanged and tinkled. Cutlery probably. Either Emily or my dad setting the table. My stomach grumbled. The smell from the diner was making me hungry.
I started towards the dining room but then I heard it. A strange chitter-chatter. Like crickets, even though we lived so far from nature.
It was coming from the pictures hanging on the wall.
I hadn’t paid much attention to them when I first came in, but now it was drawing me closer like a moth to a flame. The bugs chittered again, and their legs twisted and struggled, almost like it was dancing. Looking closer, I realised that all the pictures depicted the same figure. A woman in various poses with the head of a bug with too-large eyes. She was wearing a dress that shone like fire and was glaring at the camera.
I clapped my hand over my mouth. I didn’t know where that came from. I looked nothing like her. I didn’t know her. It was my first time seeing her.
But Alfie…
No, no, no! I’m mad! I must be going mad! It’s the screams, I thought, the screams were driving me cuckoo! Making me think crazy thoughts!
I forced myself to look away and shove those thoughts out of my mind. I didn’t know what to believe anymore.
“Skye? Dinner time!”
Emily’s calls broke through the confusing mess in my head. I was grateful that she came to my rescue. Glancing back at the photo of my mum (no, she isn’t! How can I be related to…that?), I scurried down the hallway and into the dining room.
Emily had saved the takeaway.
It sat between us on the newly-dusted table. Emily pulled out foil containers and set one each before me and my dad.
“Mr Lancaster called about the fish and chips,” she explained. “He was delighted to have met you, Skye.”
She ruffled my hair, and chuckled as she handed me a strawberry milkshake. “But it looked like his little delivery girl got cold feet on her first order, eh?”
“Emily!” I groaned. I took a long sip and licked my lips. The milkshake was delicious. Rich, creamy and filled with enough sugar to make my insulin go straight into overdrive.
“Hey,” I noted, sitting down after a while. The pure sweetness of that drink was enough to make my head spin. “Mr Lancaster made some extra fish and chips.”
And it stank too. Almost as much as whatever is behind that iron door.
“Oh, that’s nothing,” Emily said quickly, sweeping the bag off the table and rushing it to the kitchen. “Mr Lancaster always makes me extra. He knows I’m always hungry after midnight!”
I chuckled nervously, feeling the weight of my worries lift off my shoulders. Emily did eat a lot after midnight. A couple of times I had spotted her sneaking to the living room with the television on and a bag of chips.
Yet this particular container stuck out like a sore thumb. Not just the smell, or how big it was compared to the others, but…but, was it me or was it glowing?
I buried that thought into the deepest recesses of my mind. No. I had enough wild and crazy thoughts and visions for one night.
Succumbing to them was not what Alfie would have wanted.
That was not what any of us would have wanted.
Once we had finished dinner, I helped to clear the table and wash the cutlery. Emily turned to me and said:
“I’ve got some things to do tonight. Take care, Skye, and take care of your dad.”
“He does not look well.”
Sick actually. Dad looked like he was going to throw up. He staggered to the couch and passed out on the leather. I couldn’t help but pity him. Fifty-six years old, and all that oil into the fish and chips was not doing his heart any good.
“I’ll look after him,” I promised.
“Good girl.” Emily gave me another thin smile. She pulled on a jacket—a black jacket with a golden rim—and gave me a kiss on my forehead.
“I won’t be long.”
Emily strode out of the house, taking the last box of fish and chips with her. There was something clinking in her pocket, like suits or armor banging together. And just as she stepped out of the front door, she pulled out that something from her pocket. I only saw it for a brief second, but it was enough to make my heart race.
It was a key. But not just any key.
This one was black. Like evil. Like ash. Like the iron door.
It smirked at me as it hid back in her pocket. A shiver ran up my spine.
“Emily, wait!”
“Is there a problem, Skye?”
“Yeah. I wanna ask you something.”
I took a deep, shaky breath. There was a lump in my throat and my heart was beating way too fast.
“The iron door on the first floor…what’s behind it?”
“It’s nothing, Skye,” Emily said. Her eyes darted to somewhere behind me and fixed on one of the bug women. “Just some of my old stuff, y’know? From before I met your dad?”
“Now I have to go. I’ll be late otherwise. I’ll see you later, okay Skye?”
I swallowed as I watched her leave. Uncertainty still sat tight in my stomach, wound up like a spring, and wouldn’t let go.
“Dad? You okay?”
No response. My dad was out like a light.
Then his eyes shot open.
I gulped.
They got bigger and bigger. I saw each individual vein popping out and weaving into each other like mini spider webs.
Then it bulged and swelled. His head enlarged to accommodate it.
Chills shot down my spine as I realised exactly what was going on.
Click click click.
His lips split and burst into mandibles. I scrambled over and held his hand.
“Don’t do this to me. Don’t be like Alfie.”
I was crying. I was shaking. Oh god, I was shaking so bad it felt like I was in an earthquake.
Click click click
I scrambled over and held his hand. It only seemed to make it worse, however. I watched as it shrank and turned black and folded into itself.
“Dad! Fight it!”
He hunched over and coughed out so much more blood.
Ack ack ack
His spine was curving over and hardening into a black shell. I dropped his hand and backed away into a corner, my face white.
Ack ack ack.
The floor was blooming. Grass spread thin like a carpet and tall trees grew. I saw red flowers explode onto new branches, like a bundle of fireworks.
My dad clicked and clacked, as if enjoying the new scenery.
My skin was crawling. Literally. I looked down and saw bumps pulsing beneath the folds, marching along to my heartbeat. Then it broke and a cockroach popped out. It took a deep breath, bowed, clicked and clacked in the same rhythm as my dad’s—slow and steady, a pulse
And I SWEAR I heard the cockroach say:
“Your Highness.”
I screamed. It bounced off new grass and fresh flora.
I’m really going mad now.
I pinched myself, wondering if I was living in some kind of nightmare. But I wasn’t. It was as real as the still lights from the street lamps shining in through the window.
Click clack.
More cockroaches were spilling out from my skin like a dam left unchecked. My dad looked at me inquisitively. Cement was quickly turning into dirt.
Click clack
My thoughts were clambering over each other as I squatted, paralysed in my corner, watching the cockroaches with my mouth open. My dad—no longer human—crawled into the walls and towards me. Staring at the roaches and slowly reaching out to them. They squeaked and climbed over him.
This was too much. I did the only thing I could think of.
My phone was butter in my hands. My vision blurred and I kept on punching in the wrong numbers.
Thankfully, Emily answered the phone on the first ring.
I took a deep breath and screamed into the receiver. My voice was shaking so bad I was surprised I could say anything at all.
submitted by SimbaTheSavage8 to nosleep [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 12:55 understanding_life1 Going LTFT during F2 - logistics?

As per the title. If you are an F1 currently working full time and are considering going LTFT for F2, how would it work? Specifically the questions I have are:
1) Would your rotations have to change? Bearing in mind that your current programme would have you down for three 4 month rotations in F2 at the moment. 2) How do you agree your hours? Let’s say you want to do “80% LTFT” is this 80% of the 48 hours we currently are expected to do - so 38 hours a week? And if so, can you make further arrangements i.e. You want to work 80% but are willing to work long days as well as NWDs, but not night shifts (or vice versa). Can you arrange to simply work NWDs? 3) I know this will vary depending on the rotation people do, but roughly what kind of take home pay is someone on 80% LTFT looking at?
submitted by understanding_life1 to JuniorDoctorsUK [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 12:50 tatslanger Can I afford to quit my job that is making me miserable?

For context 28m currently a support worker for one client I do about 45-50 hours a week have a 430k mortgage on a place worth around 900k I refinanced to 430k for lower repayments but pay the same amount. I make about 170k as I work privately and do big shifts on weekends. 12 hours Saturday (80hr) 12 hours Sunday (100hr) 12 hours Monday (55hr) and one 9 hour overnight shift at 60 an hour. After insurance, super, no entitlements it’s still great money obviously and I’m lucky as to be in this position.
However, the guy I work for is an elderly man who seriously doesn’t need the amount of support he has. He’s done very well for himself fooling doctors and the NDIA to get the level of support he has. He also sexually harasses us with crude comments and inappropriate touching which he conveniently does when “asleep.” He treats his staff pretty terrible and justifies it by paying higher rates.
I’ve tried to find other clients but can’t get the hours I need and honestly am just done with support work from this experience. I’ve been here two years and have mostly spent savings on renovating and a new car I have about 20k in my offset no other debt. I recently finished a diploma is work health and safety and looking for jobs in this field start at about 65-70k. My partner makes about 40k.
I feel like I have golden handcuffs even though I hate going to work and the client I’m making way more than I would doing anything else should I stick it out for two more years and pay down the mortgage or just bail and try and make it work with 105k dual income? What would you do? And before you ask: if I report him he will blame his disability and if I report him to NDIA the countless doctors notes and referrals will discredit me. Thank you!
submitted by tatslanger to AusFinance [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 12:48 Radiant-Yogurt-6842 Real Talk: Help choose my next steps...

I need some thoughts on what I should do come August 2023:
I quit after completing FY1 and since August 22, took up a job in consulting with a small firm, specialising in NHS consulting. I'm paid c. £60k per year (with a 14% bonus after 12m) and probably only do actual work for about 20-25 hours per week, almost always from home and flexibly.
The deanery suggested I defer my FY2 post rather than resign completely and they've offered me a 50% slot share to return in August. In the meantime, I've done a few evening locum shifts as an SHO at my old DGH but not many.
I'm now struggling to decide what to do! Ask for 50/50 consulting and FY2? Forget medicine altogether? There is still a slight pang for the clinical side of things and I had always loved the idea of becoming a GP but I also remember how awful the nights shifts and weekends and pay was of FY1.
What are people's thoughts?
submitted by Radiant-Yogurt-6842 to JuniorDoctorsUK [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 12:47 Anxious_Position1470 Tracking the Legacy of the Japan Employment Ice Age: A Data-Based Assessment
Hikikomori and widespread NEETing are mainly seen as products of the employment ice age after the 1980s Japanese bubble burst. The main takeaway is in addition to the 80/50 problem, a lot of people who were from the employment ice-age but were rehabilitated in some cases via government programs have a precarious existence and not the usual amount of savings one would expect. Employment was able to be found for many. It also shows the real wages are less than for previous generations. You can look at the data more in-depth if you want.
These are the passages I consider most relevant and they're at the end.
In recent years, the media has begun to highlight the worsening economic and social plight of hikikomori and other SNEPs as they advance through middle age while their retired parents, on whom they depend, are nearing the end of their lives. Mounting public concern over the “80-50 problem” (referring to the age group of the parents and their children, respectively) may well have been a political factor behind the government’s decision to launch an employment program targeting the ice-age generation. Henceforth, however, the focus of government aid to the ice-agers is likely to shift from individual employment assistance to welfare programs for impoverished households.
Many gainfully employed ice-agers also face an uncertain future. Working for relatively low pay, they have often had difficulty saving up for old age, particularly in this era of rock-bottom interest rates. As a result, retirement could be a long way off. Partially overlapping with Japan’s second baby-boom generation, the ice-age generation will be a key focus of Japanese policy makers as they grapple with the challenges of a dwindling labor supply and an aging society.
Why do I bring this up? It feels like it'd be a similar outcome for American people from the 2008 recession generation and the years following.
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2023.03.26 12:30 FappidyDat [H] TF2 Keys & PayPal [W] Humble Bundle Games (Also Games From Past Bundles)

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LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham 0.4 TF2 $0.82 PP -
LEGO Batman Trilogy 1.4 TF2 $2.93 PP -
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 0.5 TF2 $1.03 PP -
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 0.7 TF2 $1.48 PP -
LEGO Lord of the Rings 0.5 TF2 $0.95 PP -
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PP -
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga 0.5 TF2 $1.04 PP -
LEGO® City Undercover 0.7 TF2 $1.53 PP -
LEGO® DC Super-Villains Deluxe Edition 1.9 TF2 $3.9 PP -
LEGO® DC Super-Villains 0.4 TF2 $0.83 PP -
LEGO® Jurassic World™ 0.4 TF2 $0.82 PP -
LEGO® MARVEL's Avengers 0.4 TF2 $0.76 PP -
LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition 1.2 TF2 $2.34 PP -
LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 0.4 TF2 $0.9 PP -
LEGO® Ninjago® Movie Video Game 0.3 TF2 $0.71 PP -
LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens 0.6 TF2 $1.18 PP -
LEGO® Worlds 1.7 TF2 $3.6 PP -
Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective 0.7 TF2 $1.46 PP -
Last Oasis 0.5 TF2 $1.12 PP -
Late Shift 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PP -
Layers of Fear 2 3.4 TF2 $7.1 PP -
Layers of Fear 0.5 TF2 $1.11 PP -
Legion TD 2 0.9 TF2 $1.97 PP -
Len's Island 3.0 TF2 $6.23 PP -
Lethal League Blaze 0.9 TF2 $1.91 PP -
Lethal League 0.7 TF2 $1.54 PP -
Library Of Ruina 3.1 TF2 $6.36 PP -
Life is Feudal: Your Own 0.4 TF2 $0.83 PP -
Little Misfortune 3.3 TF2 $6.89 PP -
Little Nightmares Complete Edition 1.6 TF2 $3.26 PP -
Little Nightmares 0.8 TF2 $1.64 PP -
Lobotomy Corporation Monster Management Simulation 4.9 TF2 $10.21 PP -
Lords of the Fallen Game of the Year Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.7 PP -
Lost Ember 1.3 TF2 $2.73 PP -
Lost Planet™: Extreme Condition 0.9 TF2 $1.81 PP -
Luck be a Landlord 2.6 TF2 $5.45 PP -
METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Definitive Experience 1.2 TF2 $2.55 PP -
MORTAL KOMBAT 11 1.6 TF2 $3.44 PP -
MX vs ATV Reflex 0.4 TF2 $0.8 PP -
MX vs. ATV Unleashed 0.3 TF2 $0.73 PP -
Mad Max 1.4 TF2 $2.58 PP -
Mafia II: Definitive Edition 1.3 TF2 $2.62 PP -
Mafia III: Definitive Edition 2.2 TF2 $4.09 PP -
Mafia: Definitive Edition 2.2 TF2 $4.54 PP -
Maneater 0.6 TF2 $1.08 PP -
Manhunt 1.2 TF2 $2.52 PP -
Mars Horizon 1.0 TF2 $2.04 PP -
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - Deluxe Edition 2.8 TF2 $5.79 PP -
Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition 6.5 TF2 $13.54 PP -
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne 0.6 TF2 $1.2 PP -
Max Payne 0.9 TF2 $1.85 PP -
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries 2.3 TF2 $4.84 PP -
Medal of Honor 2.0 TF2 $4.14 PP -
Mega Man Legacy Collection 0.6 TF2 $1.25 PP -
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Deluxe Edition 1.2 TF2 $2.21 PP -
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 War Chest Edition 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Messenger 0.5 TF2 $0.9 PP -
Metro 2033 Redux 0.6 TF2 $1.31 PP -
Metro Exodus 1.5 TF2 $3.04 PP -
Metro Redux Bundle 1.1 TF2 $2.3 PP -
Metro: Last Light Redux 1.1 TF2 $2.23 PP -
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.65 PP -
Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ 0.7 TF2 $1.44 PP -
Middleearth Shadow of War Definitive Edition 1.2 TF2 $2.48 PP -
Mini Ninjas 0.4 TF2 $0.94 PP -
Mirror's Edge 2.3 TF2 $4.85 PP -
Miscreated 1.4 TF2 $2.88 PP -
Monster Hunter: World 3.3 TF2 $6.96 PP -
Monster Sanctuary 0.5 TF2 $0.96 PP -
Monster Train 0.4 TF2 $0.77 PP -
Moonlighter 0.4 TF2 $0.93 PP -
Moons of Madness 1.8 TF2 $3.74 PP -
Mordhau 1.6 TF2 $3.41 PP -
Mortal Kombat X 0.7 TF2 $1.55 PP -
Mortal Kombat XL 0.9 TF2 $1.88 PP -
Mortal Shell 1.5 TF2 $3.18 PP -
Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 0.8 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Motorsport Manager 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Move or Die 1.0 TF2 $2.0 PP -
Moving Out 0.7 TF2 $1.49 PP -
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Deluxe Edition 1.5 TF2 $3.04 PP -
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden 0.9 TF2 $1.93 PP -
My Friend Pedro 0.6 TF2 $1.27 PP -
My Time At Portia 0.5 TF2 $0.96 PP -
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Road to Boruto 2.5 TF2 $4.72 PP -
NASCAR Heat 5 - Ultimate Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 1.9 TF2 $3.59 PP -
Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker - Deluxe Edition 1.4 TF2 $2.63 PP -
Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker 0.4 TF2 $0.82 PP -
Necromunda: Hired Gun 0.7 TF2 $1.56 PP -
Neon Abyss 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PP -
Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant Kingdom - The Prince's Edition 2.6 TF2 $5.33 PP -
Nine Parchments 1.4 TF2 $3.0 PP -
No Time to Relax 1.7 TF2 $3.57 PP -
Northgard 4.5 TF2 $8.55 PP -
Not For Broadcast 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PP -
ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS 3 Gold Edition 1.0 TF2 $2.13 PP -
Offworld Trading Company™ 0.7 TF2 $1.44 PP -
One Step From Eden 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PP -
Opus Magnum 1.2 TF2 $2.56 PP -
Orcs Must Die! 3 1.8 TF2 $3.42 PP -
Outlast 2 0.4 TF2 $0.91 PP -
Outlast 0.5 TF2 $0.95 PP -
Outward 1.4 TF2 $2.91 PP -
Overcooked 0.8 TF2 $1.49 PP -
Overcooked! 2 1.5 TF2 $3.1 PP -
Overgrowth 0.5 TF2 $1.08 PP -
Overlord II 0.4 TF2 $0.84 PP -
PC Building Simulator 0.8 TF2 $1.74 PP -
Paint the Town Red 2.0 TF2 $4.23 PP -
Parkitect 4.6 TF2 $9.55 PP -
Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Plus Edition 1.0 TF2 $2.11 PP -
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous 0.9 TF2 $1.89 PP -
Pathologic 2 0.8 TF2 $1.46 PP -
Per Aspera 0.7 TF2 $1.52 PP -
Phantom Doctrine 0.3 TF2 $0.73 PP -
Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.55 PP -
Pistol Whip 5.9 TF2 $12.21 PP -
Plague Inc: Evolved 1.7 TF2 $3.27 PP -
Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.79 PP -
Planet Coaster 1.7 TF2 $3.48 PP -
Planetary Annihilation: TITANS 4.6 TF2 $9.55 PP -
Portal Knights 0.8 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid 3.4 TF2 $7.15 PP -
PowerBeatsVR 0.9 TF2 $1.97 PP -
PowerSlave Exhumed 1.7 TF2 $3.51 PP -
Praey for the Gods 0.6 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $1.32 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Heroines: Warriors, Dreamers, and God Slayers
Prehistoric Kingdom 1.5 TF2 $2.9 PP -
Pro Cycling Manager 2019 1.2 TF2 $2.58 PP -
Project Cars 3 10.6 TF2 $22.11 PP -
Project Hospital 2.3 TF2 $4.83 PP -
Project Wingman 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Project Winter 0.9 TF2 $1.97 PP -
Propnight 0.7 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $1.36 PP Refer To My Other Thread Scary Games to Play in the Dark Bundle
Pumpkin Jack 0.4 TF2 $0.9 PP -
Quantum Break 1.4 TF2 $2.91 PP -
RESIDENT EVIL 3 2.1 TF2 $4.41 PP -
RUGBY 20 1.2 TF2 $2.55 PP -
RUINER 0.4 TF2 $0.84 PP -
RWBY: Grimm Eclipse 3.2 TF2 $6.56 PP -
Ragnaröck 3.3 TF2 $6.8 PP -
Rain World 1.2 TF2 $2.57 PP -
Raw Data 1.0 TF2 $2.13 PP -
Re:Legend 1.0 TF2 $2.12 PP -
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered 0.5 TF2 $0.95 PP -
Red Matter 4.2 TF2 $8.83 PP -
Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER 1.0 TF2 $1.86 PP -
Resident Evil 0 / biohazard 0 HD Remaster 0.7 TF2 $1.3 PP -
Resident Evil 5 GOLD Edition 1.4 TF2 $2.83 PP -
Resident Evil 5 1.0 TF2 $1.92 PP -
Resident Evil 6 1.5 TF2 $2.82 PP -
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Deluxe Edition 2.0 TF2 $4.23 PP -
Resident Evil: Revelations 0.5 TF2 $1.02 PP -
Retro Machina 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PP -
Risen 2 Dark Waters 0.4 TF2 $0.88 PP -
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 0.5 TF2 $1.04 PP -
River City Girls 1.4 TF2 $2.91 PP -
Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos 0.6 TF2 $1.1 PP -
RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe 1.0 TF2 $2.1 PP -
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack 1.2 TF2 $2.51 PP -
Rubber Bandits 0.7 TF2 $1.5 PP -
Running with Rifles 1.8 TF2 $3.86 PP -
Ryse: Son of Rome 1.7 TF2 $3.49 PP -
SCUM 2.8 TF2 $5.72 PP -
SHENZHEN I/O 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PP -
SOMA 2.0 TF2 $4.19 PP -
SONG OF HORROR Complete Edition 0.5 TF2 $0.98 PP -
STAR WARS™: Squadrons 2.0 TF2 $4.17 PP -
SUPERHOT VR 2.1 TF2 $4.49 PP -
SUPERHOT 0.8 TF2 $1.57 PP -
Sable 0.5 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $1.04 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Heroines: Warriors, Dreamers, and God Slayers
Saint's Row The Third Remastered 2.1 TF2 $4.48 PP -
Saints Row 2 0.6 TF2 $1.23 PP -
Saints Row IV 0.9 TF2 $1.82 PP -
Saints Row: The Third 0.6 TF2 $1.29 PP -
Sanctum 2 0.5 TF2 $1.08 PP -
Satisfactory 6.1 TF2 $12.71 PP -
Scarlet Nexus 2.8 TF2 $5.84 PP -
Secret Neighbor 0.5 TF2 $1.14 PP -
Serious Sam 2 0.7 TF2 $1.53 PP -
Serious Sam 4 2.6 TF2 $5.47 PP -
Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem 2.2 TF2 $4.5 PP -
Severed Steel 1.2 TF2 $2.58 PP -
Shadow Man Remastered 1.0 TF2 $1.98 PP -
Shadow Warrior 2 0.8 TF2 $1.73 PP -
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 3.2 TF2 $6.78 PP -
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse 0.6 TF2 $1.18 PP -
Shenmue 3 0.7 TF2 $1.43 PP -
Shenmue I & II 0.7 TF2 $1.43 PP -
Shining Resonance Refrain 0.4 TF2 $0.94 PP -
Sid Meier's Civilization V 0.8 TF2 $1.65 PP -
Sid Meier's Civilization VI : Platinum Edition 2.8 TF2 $5.87 PP -
Sid Meier's Civilization VI 0.9 TF2 $1.84 PP -
Sid Meier's Civilization® V: The Complete Edition 2.0 TF2 $4.15 PP -
Sid Meiers Civilization IV: The Complete Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.74 PP -
Siege of Centauri 0.6 TF2 $1.15 PP -
SimCasino 0.6 TF2 $1.35 PP -
Skullgirls 2nd Encore 1.0 TF2 $1.97 PP -
Slap City 1.1 TF2 $2.25 PP -
Slay the Spire 2.7 TF2 $5.56 PP -
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.57 PP -
Slime Rancher 1.7 TF2 $3.3 PP -
Sniper Elite 3 0.5 TF2 $1.14 PP -
Sniper Elite 4 1.4 TF2 $2.67 PP -
Sniper Elite V2 Remastered 0.8 TF2 $1.72 PP -
Sniper Elite V2 0.4 TF2 $0.94 PP -
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 0.7 TF2 $1.37 PP -
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 0.5 TF2 $1.11 PP -
Sonic Adventure DX 0.5 TF2 $1.04 PP -
Sonic Adventure™ 2 0.6 TF2 $1.16 PP -
Sonic Lost World 1.6 TF2 $3.44 PP -
Sonic Mania 0.8 TF2 $1.58 PP -
Sorcery! Parts 1 & 2 0.6 TF2 $1.27 PP -
Soul Calibur VI 1.2 TF2 $2.34 PP -
Source of Madness 0.5 TF2 $1.13 PP -
Space Engineers 2.2 TF2 $4.56 PP -
Space Haven 0.6 TF2 $1.33 PP -
Spec Ops: The Line 0.8 TF2 $1.65 PP -
SpeedRunners 0.7 TF2 $1.38 PP -
Spelunky 0.7 TF2 $1.5 PP -
Spirit Of The Island 1.4 TF2 $2.91 PP -
Splendor 0.6 TF2 $1.34 PP -
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated 1.4 TF2 $2.6 PP -
Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy 3.9 TF2 $7.48 PP -
Star Renegades 1.4 TF2 $2.91 PP -
Star Trek: Bridge Crew 3.6 TF2 $7.49 PP -
Star Wars Republic Commando™ 0.4 TF2 $0.75 PP -
Star Wars® Empire at War™: Gold Pack 1.0 TF2 $2.07 PP -
Starbound 0.8 TF2 $1.58 PP -
Starpoint Gemini Warlords 1.7 TF2 $3.44 PP -
State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition 2.9 TF2 $6.08 PP -
Staxel 0.6 TF2 $1.18 PP -
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech 0.9 TF2 $1.88 PP -
Steel Division: Normandy 44 0.7 TF2 $1.38 PP -
Stellaris Galaxy Edition 1.2 TF2 $2.58 PP -
Stellaris 1.2 TF2 $2.6 PP -
Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack 1.0 TF2 $1.88 PP -
Stick Fight: The Game 0.4 TF2 $0.75 PP -
Strategic Command WWII: World at War 2.0 TF2 $4.21 PP -
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection 2.3 TF2 $4.82 PP -
Street Fighter V 0.8 TF2 $1.44 PP -
Streets of Rogue 1.2 TF2 $2.44 PP -
Stronghold 2: Steam Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.95 PP -
Stronghold Crusader 2 0.8 TF2 $1.43 PP -
Stronghold Crusader HD 0.6 TF2 $1.07 PP -
Styx: Shards Of Darkness 0.6 TF2 $1.29 PP -
Subnautica 4.1 TF2 $8.55 PP -
Summer in Mara 0.4 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Sunless Skies 0.7 TF2 $1.36 PP -
Sunset Overdrive 1.3 TF2 $2.67 PP -
Super Meat Boy 0.4 TF2 $0.72 PP -
Superliminal 2.0 TF2 $4.11 PP -
Supraland Six Inches Under 1.6 TF2 $3.34 PP -
Supreme Commander 2 0.9 TF2 $1.93 PP -
Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality 0.9 TF2 $1.82 PP -
Survive the Nights 0.8 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Surviving the Aftermath 0.5 TF2 $0.95 PP -
Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet - Complete Edition 5.2 TF2 $10.86 PP -
Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition 1.0 TF2 $2.13 PP -
Syberia: The World Before 0.9 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $1.84 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Heroines: Warriors, Dreamers, and God Slayers
Synth Riders 3.3 TF2 $6.89 PP -
TEKKEN 7 1.4 TF2 $2.91 PP -
TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2 1.7 TF2 $3.56 PP -
Tales of Berseria 0.8 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Tales of Berseria 0.8 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Tales of Symphonia 1.6 TF2 $3.25 PP -
Tales of Zestiria 0.6 TF2 $1.24 PP -
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.5 TF2 $0.98 PP -
Tank Mechanic Simulator 1.0 TF2 $2.13 PP -
Team Sonic Racing™ 1.9 TF2 $3.9 PP -
Telltale Batman Shadows Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.9 PP -
Terraforming Mars 0.9 TF2 $1.88 PP -
Terraria 2.0 TF2 $3.71 PP -
The Ascent 1.1 TF2 $2.09 PP -
The Battle of Polytopia 0.4 TF2 $0.9 PP -
The Beast Inside 0.4 TF2 $0.79 PP -
The Blackout Club 5.9 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $12.21 PP Refer To My Other Thread Scary Games to Play in the Dark Bundle
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope 1.5 TF2 $2.88 PP -
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan 1.8 TF2 $3.46 PP -
The Darkness II 0.5 TF2 $1.0 PP -
The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos 0.5 TF2 $1.08 PP -
The Escapists 2 0.9 TF2 $1.83 PP -
The Escapists 0.6 TF2 $1.34 PP -
The Henry Stickmin Collection 0.7 TF2 $1.5 PP -
The Intruder 1.3 TF2 $2.38 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 1.2 TF2 $2.58 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 3 3.6 TF2 $6.87 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 4 2.0 TF2 $4.21 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 5 3.6 TF2 $6.8 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 6 2.6 TF2 $5.53 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 1.1 TF2 $2.33 PP -
The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame 0.4 TF2 $0.75 PP -
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 1.4 TF2 $2.91 PP -
The Long Dark 2.2 TF2 $4.17 PP -
The Long Dark: Survival Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PP -
The Ship: Murder Party 0.4 TF2 $0.83 PP -
The Stanley Parable 2.2 TF2 $4.69 PP -
The Surge 2 0.7 TF2 $1.46 PP -
The Survivalists 1.0 TF2 $1.99 PP -
The Talos Principle 0.7 TF2 $1.41 PP -
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 0.3 TF2 $0.71 PP -
The Walking Dead: The Final Season 0.4 TF2 $0.71 PP -
The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series 2.0 TF2 $4.17 PP -
The Witness 4.5 TF2 $9.48 PP -
The Wolf Among Us 1.2 TF2 $2.34 PP -
This War of Mine: Complete Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.56 PP -
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.36 PP -
Tomb Raider 1.4 TF2 $3.02 PP -
Torchlight II 0.8 TF2 $1.44 PP -
Total Tank Simulator 0.4 TF2 $0.79 PP -
Total War SHOGUN 2 1.5 TF2 $3.23 PP -
Total War Shogun 2 Collection 1.8 TF2 $3.44 PP -
Total War: ATTILA 2.1 TF2 $3.93 PP -
Total War: Empire - Definitive Edition 1.5 TF2 $3.07 PP -
Total War: Napoleon - Definitive Edition 1.6 TF2 $3.0 PP -
Total War: Rome II - Emperor Edition 2.5 TF2 $5.17 PP -
Total War™: WARHAMMER® 3.0 TF2 $6.17 PP -
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 3.3 TF2 $6.8 PP -
Tour de France 2020 0.6 TF2 $1.33 PP -
Tower Unite 3.6 TF2 $7.55 PP -
Townscaper 0.6 TF2 $1.17 PP -
Trailmakers Deluxe Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.91 PP -
Trailmakers 0.9 TF2 $1.91 PP -
Train Simulator Classic 0.7 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $1.44 PP Refer To My Other Thread Train Simulator Classic: On the Fast Track Bundle
Train Station Renovation 0.4 TF2 $0.93 PP -
Tribes of Midgard 0.7 TF2 $1.52 PP -
Tricky Towers 1.7 TF2 $3.57 PP -
Trine 2: Complete Story 1.1 TF2 $2.3 PP -
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince 0.6 TF2 $1.25 PP -
Tropico 5 0.4 TF2 $0.74 PP -
Tropico 5 – Complete Collection 0.8 TF2 $1.65 PP -
Tropico 6 El-Prez Edition 2.5 TF2 $5.24 PP -
Tropico 6 2.2 TF2 $4.61 PP -
Turmoil 0.4 TF2 $0.75 PP -
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil 0.4 TF2 $0.75 PP -
Turok 0.4 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Two Point Hospital 2.2 TF2 $4.65 PP -
Tyranny - Gold Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.39 PP -
Ultimate Chicken Horse 1.6 TF2 $3.24 PP -
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 1.8 TF2 $3.37 PP -
Ultra Street Fighter IV 0.5 TF2 $0.98 PP -
Undertale 2.0 TF2 $4.19 PP -
Universe Sandbox 3.4 TF2 $7.15 PP -
Unrailed! 1.1 TF2 $2.04 PP -
Until You Fall 0.7 TF2 $1.39 PP -
VTOL VR 5.3 TF2 $10.16 PP -
Vacation Simulator 4.9 TF2 $10.21 PP -
Vagante 0.4 TF2 $0.79 PP -
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition 1.1 TF2 $2.37 PP -
Valkyria Chronicles™ 0.9 TF2 $1.98 PP -
Vampyr 1.5 TF2 $3.04 PP -
Visage 5.9 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $12.24 PP Refer To My Other Thread Scary Games to Play in the Dark Bundle
Viscera Cleanup Detail 2.2 TF2 $4.09 PP -
Void Bastards 0.4 TF2 $0.83 PP -
Volcanoids 0.9 TF2 $1.91 PP -
Vox Machinae 3.2 TF2 $6.74 PP -
WRATH: Aeon of Ruin 0.4 TF2 $0.82 PP -
WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship 1.1 TF2 $2.23 PP -
Wargame: Red Dragon 6.3 TF2 $13.18 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Master Collection 1.3 TF2 $2.77 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Grand Master Collection 1.9 TF2 $3.62 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution 0.6 TF2 $1.18 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War 0.6 TF2 $1.23 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Tyranids 2.8 TF2 $5.78 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Collection 1.6 TF2 $3.3 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 1.6 TF2 $3.27 PP -
Warhammer: Chaosbane - Slayer Edition 1.0 TF2 $2.11 PP -
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Collector's Edition 0.6 TF2 $1.33 PP -
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Collector's Edition 1.2 TF2 $2.51 PP -
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 1.3 TF2 $2.41 PP -
Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® III 1.6 TF2 $3.42 PP -
Warpips 0.7 TF2 $1.54 PP -
Wasteland 3 1.2 TF2 $2.48 PP -
We Happy Few 0.7 TF2 $1.54 PP -
We Need to Go Deeper 1.5 TF2 $2.91 PP -
We Were Here Too 1.5 TF2 $3.23 PP -
White Day : a labyrinth named school 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PP -
Who's Your Daddy 2.2 TF2 $4.23 PP -
Wingspan 1.1 TF2 $2.02 PP -
Winkeltje: The Little Shop 1.0 TF2 $2.09 PP -
Witch It 2.1 TF2 $3.93 PP -
Wizard of Legend 0.9 TF2 $1.91 PP -
World War Z: Aftermath 3.9 TF2 $8.2 PP -
Worms Ultimate Mayhem - Deluxe Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.74 PP -
Worms W.M.D 1.0 TF2 $2.17 PP -
Worms World Party Remastered 0.4 TF2 $0.88 PP -
Wrench 3.0 TF2 $6.23 PP -
Wurm Unlimited 0.7 TF2 $1.5 PP -
X4: Foundations 5.4 TF2 $11.34 PP -
X4: Split Vendetta 1.8 TF2 $3.83 PP -
XCOM 2 Collection 1.2 TF2 $2.24 PP -
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack 0.8 TF2 $1.57 PP -
XCOM: Ultimate Collection 0.9 TF2 $1.86 PP -
XCOM®: Chimera Squad 0.3 TF2 $0.71 PP -
Yakuza 0 1.3 TF2 $2.74 PP -
Yakuza 3 Remastered 1.2 TF2 $2.53 PP -
Yakuza Kiwami 2 1.9 TF2 $3.57 PP -
Yakuza Kiwami 1.6 TF2 $3.44 PP -
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles 2.0 TF2 $4.17 PP -
YouTubers Life 0.8 TF2 $1.57 PP -
Yuppie Psycho 0.3 TF2 $0.71 PP -
ZERO Sievert 3.6 TF2 $7.56 PP -
Zeno Clash 2 0.3 TF2 $0.71 PP -
Zombie Army Trilogy 0.9 TF2 $1.67 PP -
biped 0.9 TF2 $1.86 PP -
rFactor 2 1.3 TF2 $2.44 PP -
while True: learn() Chief Technology Officer Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PP -
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2023.03.26 12:29 Excellent-Tune-2586 If water worked like mobile data in South Africa.

If you want to wash dishes, then you can only buy it in small amounts but at rediculous prices. And if you don't do all the dishes right now, sorry for you, we're taking what's left of the water back.
Want water in the shower? Then you have to get a different type of water with a contract.
Want to drink it? Then buy premium water, but if you have quenched your thirst early in the month you may only drink 5 drops at a time.
Want all your taps open all at once? Then buy rain water but you can't take a bucket with you of this water to wash your car.
And remember, you need different water for every type of tap and water bottle.
Mind also, some types of water will expire in 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, one month or in 1 year.
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2023.03.26 12:06 Typical-Estimate-371 Have you noticed the coworker who lectures everyone on how to do their their job is the laziest and less productive member of the team? Doesn't this sounds like your shift supervisor?

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2023.03.26 10:34 white_sack Did you “surf”?

Be me, finishing up shift at starbucks wearing boots, flannel, and jeans with medium length wavy hair. Dude in another department walked over and started chatting me, finally asked “did you surf?” “Nah man, is it because of the hair?” “Oh not the hair, the boots and your clothing.” “Haha yeah nah I didn’t surf.” End of a odd conversation and I went home.
I explain to my girlfriend who immediate said, “did you serve?”…oh
Am I retarded?
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I resigned from a stable job (sales) that I had for a decade because it felt like I needed a change in the environment. I like what I do, the people I work with are nice to me, I am familiar with every single thing in the office and it came to a point where I became uncomfortably comfortable. I was planning to take a rest for like 3 months before I work again but a job was offered 2 weeks after I resigned. I felt like I couldn't let it pass because it is a permanent remote job and the pay and benefits are great. So I took it. I had breakdowns on my 1st week because of the night shift so I decided to live with my parents the following week and everything felt better because I had support and my body adjusted. I never had the same breakdowns before so I was really devastated why this is happening to me. I felt like some weakshit newbie who just came out of college and having their 1st job. I wasn't understanding why my body and mind are betraying me. Now I am in my 4th week and I came to realize that I felt stuck. Another reason why I left my 10-year day job was because I wanted more freedom and getaway from being a corporate slave. I wanted to go whereever I want and visit my parents anytime. But now, yes I am working remotely, I can work anywhere I want but I feel stuck. It's like I have no other choice but to continue to work. It's like I eat and sleep and look at my phone and then work overnight. I felt like my freedom to enjoy life was taken away from me in an instant. I don't feel happy anymore even though I have so much love and support around me. I fee like if I leave my parents' house, I'm going to have breakdowns again, I can't risk that. I am not sure if remote work is really for me or that maybe I am just a people person. I just don't know what to feel anymore. People would say that I should give it time and let myself adjust but how can I do that when I missed the person I was. I miss the person who was after a long day, would just slouch in the couch and watch Netflix, eat unhealthy dinner and sleep and then work the next day and repeat. Now, I actually have more time, but why does it feel like I have nothing more to do? Help.
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‘I saw you and Rob in the kitchen’ I said evenly.
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"Oh grow up, will you?"
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2011-11-25 23:45:14
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I loved this story!!! I am just wondering why a person like READER 2007-04-12 06:04:36 DON'T read what a story is about and then decide if they want to read it or not. The choice is yours.
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“Don’t worry I don’t care and won’t say anything. Was she any good?”
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After about 5 minutes of talking, she got another call, from her so called sister, Beverly. She came back after a minute. It seems like she wanted her sister to call her as an excuse to get off the phone with me if I seemed like I was a creep. However, she started to like me before she even called.
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“Yea mom must have bought it. It was brand new, why?”
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She settled for another stilted conversation that served to establish bathroom protocols and convey brief biographies. When Melissa asked, Rich confirmed he had a roommate -- "technically" was the word he used. Rich said the grapevine reported Ray Guck, the sophomore in question, planned to live in his girlfriend's room elsewhere on campus. Melissa could guess from Rich's behavior that the grapevine had plenty to report on herself, as well.
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I thought, “Does he really not know hair grows down there?” Then I said, “Uh... well I just have hair down there.
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“Shush Aaron,” The tall, scrawny looking angel standing in the middle scolded him.
“I am. This whole business is done. I can finally go back with no ill feelings about it now.”
“Mike, that doesn’t…”
“I’m sorry but that’s just the way I was raised, it’s kind of ingrained in me.” I blushed again. “I was kind of hoping to see Michelle when I got here and saw her car, perhaps some other time.” I admitted, breaking eye contact knowing I was going to be blushing beet red again.
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To my amazement she said, “This is my first time too. Don’t worry.”
“Yeah.” I almost said Hun, but didn’t. I cursed myself inwardly for it, calling myself a damn coward.
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“Hell no. I’m not giving my friends brother-on-sister entertainment. C’mon, you’re a little drunk.”
Looking forward to seeing you soon.
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I went to my room and got on my computer. I opened my journal. I
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Mike turned his head and kept on walking. The day was so good that he thought, “If everything goes right, I’ll try to talk Ted out of turning Clair and Kate, mother and daughter, into whores. I think he must do it for his old friend. No big deal!”
“So that’s where they are,” Adrian said softly.
“What do you mean? There's nothing wrong with us,” dad replied.
She opens the door a crack, and I push it closed again. "I'm sorry Holly. I didn't mean that." I say. "Let me out Daniel. I don't wanna be around you right now." Again she tries to open the door only for me to push it closed again. I can see she's angry and she grabs me and pushes me away. Now im angry again and we just stare at each other. "I'm sorry, I don't want you to go. I just got angry. It seems like everyone's against me. I feel like an animal being backed into a corner." I say and she hugs me tight. "I'm not against you. You're my friend. And you're definitely not an animal." She says. She looks up at me and we stare into each others eyes. I don't know what to do, then without any thought, I lean down and kiss her. She returns the kiss and places her hand on my cheek.
A first attempt at a series, hoping to develop more at writing and keep them coming.
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"Oh, well um.." she was caught off guard, stammering. "My boyfriend's a cheapskate. So whenever I have money, I end up paying for everything." Her voice was hushed, but Justin knew he had won this mini-feud.
My heart broke, I truly hated to see her cry. I loved her too much to want to see her like that, and over a fight we could have avoided made it seem even worse. I scooted over to her and put my arm around her and pulled her into me. “Don't apologize, we both got caught up in the moment, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Even though it hurt hearing you say it, I know you didn't mean it.”
She smiled and unbuttoned my pants. As I pulled the condom out she tugged my jeans down and looked at me.
I had received my driver’s license a while back, but due to having only one vehicle, I never drove. However, when I told Mr. Johnson that I was ready for him to take me to Tasha’s, he tossed me the keys. He said that he and Mrs. Johnson had a nice evening at home planned and they would not need the car.
“You rushed it,” he whispered into her fox ears.
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He would never hurt her, or force himself on her, or try to do anything without her permission.
“Is this true?” Aaron asked.
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