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2023.06.09 09:13 ThrowRAnomil12 I am leaving my husband because of my Mother in law

Pre-edit: Mods removed my post but those who are interested:
I (34F) have been married to my husband for 5 years. Of those 5 years, I spent the last 3 years taking care of his mother. His mother is very sick. She can hardly go to the bathroom on her own. I have to wash her and clean her. He never discussed anything about it to me. He just moved his mother into our house without asking me. I suggested that we should hire a nurse and he said it was a waste of money. Why do we need to hire a nurse when we can take care of her. My husband promised he would help but he hasn't lifted a finger. I did everything. I fed his mom, I bathed her, I cleaned her after she did her business. I am exhausted and feel like less of myself. I don't recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I always on clock for her. My husband doesn't help me. But he expects me to help his mother. He just comes home and plays video games.
I complained about this and he yelled at me. He said he is very stressed about his mother and he needs video games to calm his nerves. The only time I saw him do anything was on his mom's birthday. We were about to start a family last year but he said not now and has the audacity to complain that I do not look myself anymore. I gained weight, I have eye bags, my skin looks dry, my hands started to resemble his own mother. I am just done now.
I sacrificed my job for him. I left my job and took a part time job just to take care of his mom. I should have left when 4 years ago I asked him to lend me some money for my dad's operation and he gave me a bunch of excuses. He even criticized me if I spend too much time with my own sick dad. Today at work he is going to be served. I have been planning my escape for few months. I am staying with a close relative. I have enough money saved for me. I am glad I didn't have kids with such an ungrateful man. Robert, I hope you enjoy cleaning your mom's shit covered ass everyday because I am done.
Edit: Just wanted to add, money was never an issue for us. There are good government facilities that take care of people like my mil. And we have enough money to afford private care too. I was willing to pay for half of the care just so I don't have to do it all by myself. If we hired private care I could have kept my last job that paid decent money and since my husband also earns more, it would cover up the cost.
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2023.06.09 09:12 CATBVYS AITA for not wanting to go to a boarding school?

I (17M) am a high school student who is approaching his final year of school. I am a few weeks off from my second semester and this means entrance exams for boarding schools are coming up. My caregiver is my aunt. She's been a great supporter of my physical and mental health (this already causes me to miss a lot of school.) The only flaw is she prioritises my education more than what I'm capable of. I'm also autistic and the school I'm currently enrolled into a accommodates that well with a separate education program. To add onto this, I don't see the point in me going to a boarding school for just a year. My aunt looked into last year, but we were too late to apply due to what we were going through. Now that things have settled down she's nothing more than excited for it. I've told her in the past that I don't want to go. She seemed disappointed in me and upset. I ended up giving in, and now I'm overwhelmed by it. I don't cope well with being away from home or in new environments. I'm contemplating on saying something to her again, but I don't want to spark something. I am aware that she sees potential in me and wants me to excel. I don't want to disappoint her.
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2023.06.09 09:11 Ok-Rice-670 Your labs/Disappointed RN

Discussion/Vent/Rant (For background I’m an ICU nurse with 5+ years of AI symptoms)
I do not understand the absolutism with lab work. The average time for AI diagnosis is 5 fucking years. The gold standard for treatment is to treat as soon as fucking possible for improved prognosis and to spare joints/tissues. A positive ANA/RF does not necessarily mean an AI diagnosis, yet you MUST have positive labs to be seen by a rheumatologist and/or to receive a diagnosis (in my health system at least).
I know people who have received a full blown SLE or RA diagnosis, but their labs weren’t positive until years after symptom onset. Then of course there’s seronegative RA. I’ve also had a patient require intubation, CRRT, and eventual limb amputation due to what was found to be severe SLE, but their initial labs were negative and this resulted in delay of care specificity; they required specialized testing in order to yield positives. Then psoriatic arthritis requires no positive lab work.
I literally just now found this community. The massive number of people experiencing what are obviously debilitating AI symptoms for years, but have gotten turned away because their “lab work is negative” kind of makes me sick. I’m disappointed in healthcare not only as a nurse, but as a fellow sufferer. The diagnostic process for AI and rheumatology is an absolute cluster fuck.
Anyway, tell me about your lab work journey and how it related to your eventual diagnosis (or lack thereof).
Thanks for listening.
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2023.06.09 09:07 Material-Paint6281 Help needed at Carian Study hall

I got there, and was running around killing ghosts (you know, the usuals) but there was a witch (I think her name was Miriam if I'm not mistaken) that I couldn't kill.
She ran away 2 times to different floors when her health was down, but at the top floor I can't even reach her. She keeps on teleporting whenever I get near her.
I checked to see if there are any clues in the study hall itself, and near the entrance a ghost guy talked about Celestial Globe and Princess, can't make sense. But near the globe there's an Altar which has space for "something to be placed".
I'm not sure if the game is glitching or if I have to place something in the Altar to kill Miriam.
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1989 my two beautiful boys, age 7 and 9 were playing in the yard when an intoxicated man decided to drive his car, fell asleep and take their lives. My world changed at that moment. Family drama with shame and blame didn't help but I made it through the necessary acts to bury my boys. I froze up. I simply froze up. I took a leave of absence from my job as an RN in a hospital, my supervisor was so understanding and supportive. At home I had paint and covered with windows to let no light in and I sat in darkness for a year never leaving the house. My friends were wonderful, they fed me. They went shopping and brought me food, I ordered pizza. I sat in the dark not knowing if it was night or day. My friends never pushed me to do more than I could, they just fed me, visited, brought groceries and items I needed and let me work myself out of being frozen.
A year later, I was watching a talk show one morning. I didn't have cable so I had to only watch local stations. I was laying on the living room sofa and noticed some sparkling lights up in the corner of the room. I thought it was an electrical fire and sat up quickly to get a better view. It looked like sparklers burning, lots of them, beautiful white lights growing larger and in number until they were about a yard wide and 2 feet tall, a bundle of thousands of white, silver like sparkles flashing brightly. From this light source I clearly heard the voices of two men, maybe both upper 20's in age, very articulate, well educated and professional. They both took turns talking to me, very abruptly, sternly, with force, meaning and impatience with me. It was like I was being severely reprimanded. In part they said, "You have been holding us back from very important business we MUST attend to. We can not do the work we need to do that is so very important as you are constantly holding us back. We can not allow this to continue, you have to let go of us so we can move into our jobs and do the work we are suppose to be doing. Your constant attachment and holding on has stifled our ability to work and what we need to do is so very important. You just have to let go and let us move on. You are in the way of the great work we are assigned to do." I was being sternly spoken to by my two boys that now sounded like young executives. The only 'nice' thing they said to me was one of them said, "We appreciate what you did for us but now you just have to let us go."
I was berated on and on, like I was in court or in trouble at work in an HR meeting. It was not pleasant but it got my attention pronto. I replied, "I'm so sorry, I had no idea, yes, of course I'll let you do what you need to do. I miss you both so much but I had no idea I was holding you back from what you needed to be doing." It was like being pulled over by the cops, and told I did something wrong and I was trying to make it right. I admitted I was holding on to them but had no idea it was causing them grief from where they are now. Their voices stopped, the sparkling light diminished in size and brightness into just being a plain corner of the wall. I put my hand on that spot, it felt like a normal wall.
I got in the shower, got cleaned up, had to call someone to jump my car as it's not been started in over a year and drove to my old work place to put in an application again. My supervisor had moved on. I did a quick interview and got hired again. I started orientation the next day.
The encounter with my two boys was a jolt to my system. I went from frozen to thawed quickly. My deep mourning of my sons immediately changed to missing them, in a healthy way. There was no thinking about it, the stern talking to I got, the lecture, the demand that I let them move on let me move on, too. Giving them their freedom to do the work they have to do gave me the freedom to do the work I have to do still, too. I enjoyed letting the light back into my house as I slowly started using a razor blade to scrape the paint off the windows. It took months but it was so healing to turn from darkness to light again.
Hospice concepts were coming to America at that time, from the UK. I followed up with a local hospice and soon was the charge RN a 10 bed inpatient unit for terminally ill patients. I was a Hospice RN for 17 years, including 5 years as a pediatric Hospice Nurse. The loss of my children gave me the insight to support others that are transitioning into their next life, or career as I see it now. I had many, many amazing experience with many of my patients spreading their wings and practicing moving on before and after their deaths. My experience with my boys gave me the strength to support my dying patients and the family and friends they were leaving behind.
I've not seen my boys since. I don't want to disturb them from the work they need to do. That lecture I got that day was enough!! Of course I think of them so often but never clinging, but now knowing they matured, grew up, and have important work they do that is valuable to them wherever they are. That makes me smile. I hope my story can brighten someone else. We go on, there is no end.
I did a podcast interview about being a Hospice RN and some of the spirit encounters I've had, including this story about my boys. I know I'm not allowed to provide the link but it's on YouTube.
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2023.06.09 09:07 DBCooper_OG There is no place like Nebraska

I grew up in rural Lincoln, I lived in Lincoln for college, and moved to LA almost 20 years ago. There's a whole network of Nebraskans out here, it's really one of a kind. And we get a lot of compliments for our midwest accents, enthusiastic naivete, and our straightforward demeanor. We know how to work hard, we're polite, humble, hospitable, family-oriented, we're well educated, and generally a lot of fun to be around. And Husker football is literally famous, there's no lack of opinions on how... I digress. To put it plainly, there's a lot to take pride in for Nebraskans.
Generally speaking, and perhaps our hugest source of pride, is that we've always taken care of ourselves, and have thrived doing so. We have innovated and provided general access to state-of-the-art agricultural, medical, and fintech opportunities, have some of the cleanest environments in the entire US, we're a formidable player in green energy, we have a unicameral and divide our electoral votes, Omaha Steaks sets a worldwide standard, we give back to the Fed (Nation) more than we borrow, etc; and there is a sense from living there that you can go anywhere in the entire State and find fellow Nebraskans who are polite, well-educated, and eager to find common ground - at the very least we'll have a beer with ya. Much like out here in LA, by simply being a Nebraskan (or first degree acquainted) you're entitled to our kinship worldwide; very few Americans can claim such an honor.
Nebraskans also recognize that there isn't, or at least hasn't, been a wide gap in classism. You can be Warren Buffett and visit a drive-thru every morning, and we could think nothing of it. The Nebraska community is relatively small, and so the contractor who built your house, your insurance agent, accountant, teacher, pastor, organist, nurse, babysitter, bartender, barista, the student who you see at the coffee house, these are all folks who literally live next door to you and call Nebraska home. True Nebraskans understand that they're all our neighbors and are all entitled to the same world-famous Nebraska-brand respect. Although there was some distinction between neighborhoods when I called Lincoln home, there was literally nowhere in the city my friends or I would avoid. We're all in it together, trying to make it The Good Life for ALL Nebraskans. I love Nebraska.
But this year is certainly different. I haven't been away for so long that Nebraska should be unrecognizable. How is it that I read news of our neighbors hating each other over trivial, personal matters? That shit used to NOT be important! Nebraska used to be a SAFE haven against the crazy outside world, a place where you felt comfortable around your neighbors because, like you, they're Nebraskans! All of 'em!
Get your shit together folks, we have literally a GLOBAL reputation to uphold of being good people. Let's take care of our fellow Nebrakans, we bleed Husker Red all the same. I know we are better than this b.s. I'm hearing about, go out and vote to correct these mistakes. Please, vote for yourselves and for all the rest of your fellow Nebraskans out in the world upholding REAL Nebraskan values.
Show 'em what ya got, good 'ol Nebraska, you.
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2023.06.09 09:06 Traditional_You28 Pg27aqdm vs aqn picture quality look how much clear the oled is aqn looks like it has a haze over it just for the person who was saying the aqn has a better picture quality over the oled lol

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2023.06.09 09:05 calminchaos0423 are my neighbors being extremely rude or am I too sensitive

So I (25F) just moved here like 3 years ago. This is a 7 floors building, there are approximately 20 apartments I believe and all of the neighbors are like really close to each other and know each other for decades and most of them are older than 40 fsr and had always lived here. I first move in with my former fiancé (27M), we had been together for 4 years, he is an extrovert and introduced himself to the other neighbors that same day. He is a physician assistant student and he immediately made some friends like a doctor from the 3rd floor and some nurse. When we first moved in I was going through a very bad depression episode. I was diagnosed with depression at 12, I used to handle it but at 21 I went to a traumatic experience (that actually lead me to move here from an apartment that I used to love) so when I was settling in I wasn't in the mood of meeting new neighbors or small talk so I never actually got to know them, but my ex fiancé did. I work from home so I dont usually hang around the building cause I almost never leave my apartment because of my social anxiety and my allergies to the weather of my country most of the year. My ex fiancé on the other hand was always coming and going so he met a lot of the neighbors when going to work or running errands.
So last year I was actually starting to feel kinda better and I began to leave my apartment more often to meet old friends etc. But my relationship with my fiancé was not going too well. We still loved and cared about each other but we weren't working as a couple, it got kinda platonic. We decided to end our relationship and to stop the wedding plans but we continued living together with no drama until he found a nice place to move. He decided that he would be the one who moves because the apartment was too far away from his work anyway and he didn't want me to stress out with another moving after all I went through. There was no rush from me, I wanted him to find his perfect place so he moved temporarily to the guest room and we were living peacefully almost as roommates while he kept looking for apartments. In my opinion we were even happier that way than as a couple. My mental health was improving. I started a new job, mostly from home but hybrid so I had some meetings and it involved some events I had to attend. I was going out the apartment more often and I started to run errands and go to the store almost as a normal person. I was doing my best effort. When I had to share the elevator with another neighbor they used to get really surprised by my presence. They all used to ask if I was visiting or if I was new in the building. I found rather odd the interrogations all the time but I just used to reply that I live in the 7th and that Ive been living here for 2 years now. They were at first usually shocked and then they were like oh yeah you're the physician's fiance. I never got the guts to correct them by saying I was his ex, mostly because he was still around and it just makes no sense so I would wait until he move out to do so.
But 6 months passed and my ex was no where near to move out. It was ok to me to stay as roommates and I didn't felt like it was a big deal that the neighbors believe that we were still a couple. He never corrected them either when they asked him stuff like when was gonna be the wedding. But at that time Ive just met someone at an event from work that I was really into (24M). He asked me out and we went to a few dates that were amazing. There was an awesome connection and we started dating.
We usually hang up at his place because my apartment is kinda far anyway and also I didn't knew how to tell him the situation with my ex/roommate. After 2 months dating I already knew I wanted a relationship with him, I was happier than ever I never had felt that way before, we were both so truly in love so I told him everything and he was totally fine with that and he understood that it was not uncommon for exs to live together for a while until one of them find somewhere to go. He didn't knew that almost 9 months had passed tho.
On the other hand when I told my ex about my new bf that was coming to visit he lost it. I didn't expect him to freak out that way because he used to tell me about his crushes and his dates in that time we were living only as roommates and it was fine I already saw him like a friend amd even gave him advices with girls but he got real mad when I mention the word bf and that he was visiting anytime soon. He said how can you this to me and that he thought I was just sleeping around but he didn't expected something like that.
I immediately realized that maybe he still had some feelings for me so I tried to be as kind as possible and he started to look more seriously for places to move. My bf only came to visit whenever my ex was working all night at the hospital so we don't disturbed him and I was really careful they never crossed knowing how my ex feeling about him. The situation was really awkward and my new bf one day told me that he had very weird encounters at the halls of the buildings with neighbors asking who was him and who was he visiting. At that time I'm pretty sure that most of the neighbors thought that I was having an affair. They never liked me anyway because I was quiet because of my mental issues and they might have take the wrong impression but I was just unable to small talk. They adored my ex fiance tho so they kinda hate me now. He found a place to live and he moved out right away.
4 months had passed from that, my bf and I are so happy together and he started to work from home too so he is spending a lot of time in my place because some issues with his roommate. We aren't talking about living together yet but he comes at least 5 days at week. My sister came one weekend to visit for the first time and she heard some neighbors chatting on the elevator about me without knowing who she was. They were saying that I was cheating my fiance with a some much uglier guy that I used to have over anytime my fiance had a shift at the hospital and that he one day found out and left me. It was really disturbing to know that but I didn't wanted to get involved and I didn't really care about their opinions of me. It was awful the looks I got from them but I didn't went out too often anyway. The president of the neighbors, the doctor from the 3rd that was friends with my ex, called me on Sunday to complain about my sister's car staying to long on the garage and they didn't recognize the car and it wasn't allowed to have visitor's cars on our garage. It was actually on my spot because I don't own a car and there was literally nothing wrong with that. So I avoid confrontation and told her ok and hang up but actually I was not going to make my sister move her car at night it was ridiculous and she was leaving early in the morning anyway. But I didn't had the courage to reply her what I actually thought because of my social anxiety. So when the doctor left in the morning the car was still there because my sister decided to stay until 10am to avoid traffic and I told her it was fine because she has every right to have her car on my spot and it doesn't bother anyone that her car is there but the neighbor just hates me and wants to give me a bad time for no reason. I didn't expect the rest of the neighbors to support her but they convocated a meeting of neighbors only to accuse me for what I did. It was everyone against me at the meeting. It was terrifying for me and my mental health, like a public amonestation at the lobby of the building where everyone got together to complain about me. I tried to defend myself without crying about that there's no rule against the visitor's car on the owner spot. But they said they didn't care, it was just disrespectful to tell the president on the phone that I was moving the car and then just don't move it. I can't stress enough that all of the neighbors are older than 40, at least the ones that were at that meeting. They started to complain that I was also rude, that I never talked to anyone not got the time to know them or to participate on the building's reunions and parties and that I had a guest over visiting too often, probably a bf, that doesn't pay rent and that they need to know his name and last name because I have to inform to the building if I'm having a new partner or roommate. Everything was surreal and I just left the meeting without saying a word. I couldn't stand it anymore. I locked in my apartment and I am trying to understand that they must hate me because of a misunderstood about me cheating my fiance but I actually felt so angry because even if that was true they had no right to do something like that. They are always rude to my new boyfriend and I have to keep living here for at least 2 years and I don't know how to do so with all this bad energy and I am scared and I haven't left my apartment today and I don't know what to do and I just can't stop crying and having no appetite and feeling like another depression episode might be coming back.
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2023.06.09 09:04 vilitrum The First Magician

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2023.06.09 09:02 aakar-pools Benefits of Having Swimming Pools

Looking for the Best Swimming Pool Builder in India? Look no further than Aakar Pools. Our team of experts will help you design and build the perfect swimming pool for your home or business. With our high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, you can trust that your new pool will be a beautiful and functional addition to your property. Plus, with all the health benefits of swimming, having a pool is an investment in both your physical and mental well-being. So why wait? Contact us today to get started on your dream pool.
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2023.06.09 09:01 Impossible-Change-39 How to get rid of flies

How to get rid of flies in your home Here are some tips to help you get rid of flies in your home: 1. Keep your home clean: Flies are attracted to food and garbage, so make sure to keep your home clean and free of crumbs and spills. 2. Use fly traps: Sticky fly traps or fly paper can be an effective way to catch flies. 3. Use essential oils: Essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus can repel flies. Mix a few drops of essential oil with water in a spray bottle and spray around your home. 4. Use a fly swatter: A fly swatter can be an effective way to kill flies. 5. Use a bug zapper: A bug zapper can attract and killflies. 6. Keep your windows and doors closed: Keep your windows and doors closed to prevent flies from entering your home. By following these tips, you can get rid of flies and keep your home clean and comfortable. Check out: https://honesthoneyreviews.blogspot.com/ 2023/05/how-to-repel-flys-and-gnats-from-your.html
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2023.06.09 09:01 Impossible-Change-39 How to get rid of flies

How to get rid of flies in your home Here are some tips to help you get rid of flies in your home: 1. Keep your home clean: Flies are attracted to food and garbage, so make sure to keep your home clean and free of crumbs and spills. 2. Use fly traps: Sticky fly traps or fly paper can be an effective way to catch flies. 3. Use essential oils: Essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus can repel flies. Mix a few drops of essential oil with water in a spray bottle and spray around your home. 4. Use a fly swatter: A fly swatter can be an effective way to kill flies. 5. Use a bug zapper: A bug zapper can attract and killflies. 6. Keep your windows and doors closed: Keep your windows and doors closed to prevent flies from entering your home. By following these tips, you can get rid of flies and keep your home clean and comfortable. Check out: https://honesthoneyreviews.blogspot.com/ 2023/05/how-to-repel-flys-and-gnats-from-your.html
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2023.06.09 09:01 Impossible-Change-39 How to get rid of flies

How to get rid of flies in your home Here are some tips to help you get rid of flies in your home: 1. Keep your home clean: Flies are attracted to food and garbage, so make sure to keep your home clean and free of crumbs and spills. 2. Use fly traps: Sticky fly traps or fly paper can be an effective way to catch flies. 3. Use essential oils: Essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus can repel flies. Mix a few drops of essential oil with water in a spray bottle and spray around your home. 4. Use a fly swatter: A fly swatter can be an effective way to kill flies. 5. Use a bug zapper: A bug zapper can attract and killflies. 6. Keep your windows and doors closed: Keep your windows and doors closed to prevent flies from entering your home. By following these tips, you can get rid of flies and keep your home clean and comfortable. Check out: https://honesthoneyreviews.blogspot.com/ 2023/05/how-to-repel-flys-and-gnats-from-your.html
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2023.06.09 08:57 toi-news Pitch Perfect star Adam DeVine says a man was killed outside his Hollywood Hills home

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2023.06.09 08:57 Madagascar003 Analysis and interpretation of additional pages

Personally I don't think Mikasa married Jean or someone else after Eren's death. For those who say or think that she married Jean, let me clarify this: throughout the series it is true that Jean has always had a crush on her and this since their first meeting, to the point of fantasizing about a life with her in a rich and lively neighborhood. Mikasa on the other hand has never given Jean a single romantic look because the only man in her mind is Eren. This attention she paid to Eren is one of the reasons for Jean's animosity and jealousy towards the latter. Throughout the series, Mikasa has always displayed a calm, stoic and somewhat introverted personality and she has never been interested in any man in the series. The only man in front of whom she displayed a different personality is and always has been Eren. As for Jean, Connie, Armin, she sees them as her friends, her comrades, her companions. I have marked in the photos below with blue arrows the clues on which I rely to demonstrate that Mikasa did not marry after Eren's death. I will go deeper with detailed explanations:
1) The red scarf : Throughout the series, we saw Mikasa wear and keep the scarf that Eren gave her after saving her from the traffickers who had killed her parents, specifically after she let him know she was cold. As you know, this scarf originally belonged to Eren. After saving her, Eren welcomed her into her family. It was this selfless action that laid the foundation for Mikasa's deep love for him, so much so that at the time of his death, when Eren, in the chapter "A long dream", asked her to forget about him and get rid of the scarf, she categorically refused. In the official book, Marina Inoue (Armin's VA) stated that the scarf is Eren and Mikasa's "Engagement Ring". Isayama declared that this scarf is the red thread of fate. The red thread of fate means that 2 people are made for each other, and Mikasa continued to wear this scarf when she died. As you surely know, the red thread of fate binds the souls of two people who love each other deeply and passionately. No matter how stretched, tangled or frayed, it can never be broken.This scarf, I marked it on the 2 pages.
2) Roses: In most cultures there is what is called the symbolism of flowers. As you know, during the years after Eren's death, Mikasa never stopped thinking about him and constantly visited him at his grave so that he wouldn't feel lonely. She always placed roses on his grave to let him know that her feelings for him and her desire to be with him did not change, as the end of the manga and the extra pages show. Although the official manga is not in color, there is no doubt in my mind that these roses are red roses. If you wonder why the red color, then read carefully the explanations below 👇👇👇👇.
The color red is a symbol of love, beauty and passion par excellence in the language of flowers as in the common language. Red roses will be perfect for a declaration of love. They will send a message of true love to the loved one. Of all roses, the red rose is considered the queen of flowers. I'm going to dwell on the number of roses Mikasa left on Eren's grave and their meanings.
✔️At the end of the manga and on the 1st additional page, Mikasa put 4 roses on Eren's grave. 4 roses: this is a message of confidence in the future since four roses mean that nothing will come between you and your lover. It shows your commitment and the strength of your feelings towards the person you love.
✔️In her old age, more precisely when her life is coming to an end, Mikasa is seen on the following additional page laying a rose on Eren's grave. 1 rose: giving a single rose is telling the other person that you have fallen in love with them at first sight. One rose is a strong symbol of the uniqueness of the person you love.
Mikasa's message to Eren is clear: "She fell in love with him at first sight, when he rescued her from human traffickers and welcomed her into his family without knowing anything about her, and that love has remained intact and is still strong, even after his death. She can never love another man the way she loves Eren, Eren is unique in her eyes."
Given these elements of analysis, I don't understand how there can be people who still believe that she married Jean. As for the significance of the number of roses, I have done some research on this and it is very reliable. But even so, I know that those who support the JeanKasa ship will find ways to contradict me.
3) The inscription engraved on the tombstone: Mikasa did not put Eren's name on the tombstone. Instead, she said on the stone what Eren was to her all this time. Here is the inscription according to some fans of the couple who did research: ''Here forever, rest in peace my beloved, my dear''. Mikasa finally gave here the answer to Eren's question in chapter 123: "What am I to you?". Eren was her beloved, her dear. However, I heard that it's a mistranslation. The actual message is even sadder and deeper. "Here lies my dearly beloved, the love of my life, forever drifting off to sleep." Also, the characters she uses to refer to Eren as typically used to address one's spouse, so she's talking about Eren as a wife would speak about her husband. According to this logic, this means that the kiss, in addition to expressing her love for Eren and sealing her promise to see him again in another life, was also Mikasa's way of sealing their union. In conclusion, Mikasa became a widow on her wedding day.
4) The deathbed dotted with lilies: Once again, I will mention the symbolism of flowers. The lily in common traditions symbolizes purity and virginity. The fact that Mikasa's deathbed was dotted with these flowers means that she remained a virgin until her death. So she didn't have a child. The man who appears with her on the 1st page cannot be her husband, nor is the child hers.
5)The Azumabito emblem on her right wrist: According to the tradition of the Azumabito that his mother instilled in her when she engraved the seal, Mikasa had to pass on the same seal in turn to her children(precisely on their right wrist) and erase hers to make it clear that she had transmitted it. But on the 2nd page, we still see her with this bandage during her old age, which means that she has not passed it on to any child. In other words, Mikasa did not have a child, nor did she adopt one. If she had adopted a child, she would have passed on her seal to him, even if the child is not of her blood. For those who want to contradict me, I will get ahead of them by raising a fact: the scenes where Mikasa's mother appeared in the series, whether it was the anime, the manga or the OVA, she no longer had the seal of the Azumabito on her right wrist. It means that she had passed it on to her daughter.
There are clues outside the pages that support my thinking:
A) Mikasa's refusal to forget Eren after his death: As you know, Mikasa's dream in chapter 138 represents the alternate reality that shows how things would have gone between her and Eren if she had confessed her love to him. In this reality shows that Eren gave Mikasa back the feelings she has for him and gave up everything to run away with her in order to make her happy for the remaining 4 years of his life. In this reality, Eren asked Mikasa to forget him completely when he died. In the 2 realities, Mikasa refused to conform to Eren's last wish and wrapped her scarf around her neck. Through this action, she let Eren know that she would eternally cherish all the memories she has of him, especially this red scarf he gave her to protect her from the cold and which is the symbol of their love.
B) The fact that she said "See you later Eren" instead of "Goodbye Eren'' and the kiss she gave him after beheading him: Usually when a person we care about dies, we tend to say "Goodbye". The fact that Mikasa said "See you later Eren" shows that she doesn't see her encounter with Eren in the titan's mouth as the last. She remains hopeful of seeing him again in another life. The kiss she gave him was not only a kiss of love, but also a kiss to seal her promise to find him in another life so that she would never be separated from him again.
Anyway, Isayama did not make an official statement regarding Mikasa's life after Eren's death. Everything written above is just my own interpretation. The only thing we know, from the end of the manga and the extra pages, is that she left the army to live a normal life. What is certain for me is that Mikasa by her fertile beauty and beautiful exotic traits aroused the desires of many men after Eren's death, but none of them managed to ignite her passion and heart as Eren did.
✔️Throughout the series, Mikasa has always wanted to be alongside Eren and she even clearly let Armin know. That's why she joined the army, it's also why she joined the survey corps. If Eren had chosen the military police, she would have joined the military police as well. If Eren had chosen the garrison, she would have joined the garrison as well. Even though Isayama did not show Mikasa's grave on the additional pages, I can safely say that she buried alongside Eren at the time of her death.
✔️Mikasa's character theme song, ''No Matter Where You Are'', is sung from Mikasa to Eren. In the song, she begs Eren to not go, not to leave her alone in the cold, and that he is her home to return to, no matter where he is. It is sung by Yui Ishikawa, Mikasa's voice actress.
✔️Isayama mentioned in the Final Attack on Titan Guidebook that Mikasa was going to originally kiss Eren back in Chapter 50 but he felt too shy drawing the scene.
✔️On page 45 of the official final guidebook, there are sketches representing the original appearance Isayama wanted Mikasa and Armin to have at the end of the manga. If we look closely, we notice that Armin here has the same hairstyle as the person next to Mikasa in front of Eren's grave on the additional pages. This is enough to convince me that it is Armin who stands next to Mikasa on the 2 additional pages of my publication. In fact, the tree at the foot of which Eren was buried is the same one the three of them used to play at as children. These sketches were drawn by Isayama himself and are the 3rd image above.
✔️Isayama has stated that separating Eren and Mikasa permanently won't be satisfying for him.
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2023.06.09 08:56 curodocforyou Hire NICU Nurse at Home in Gujarat

Curodoc presents an innovative solution for parents seeking the highest standard of care for their babies. With our Nursing services at home, you can hire a qualified nurse to provide expert care for your baby in the comfort of your own home in Gujarat. Discover how Curodoc's dedicated team of experienced nurses can elevate baby care, providing unparalleled peace of mind for you and your precious bundle of joy.
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2023.06.09 08:55 BirthdayJason IT’S BEST IF YOU DON’T REACH OUT

The unexceptional late thirties male against COVID-19, genital herpes, and $18 an hour employment
Jason Kinkade http://bestifyoudont.com (new content may be available)
Part 1 I’m a poop criminal https://youtu.be/NCEL99pkhe0
Part 2 What even is this book? https://youtu.be/dLBphJU9gl0
Part 3 The years 2019, 2020, 2021 https://youtu.be/m9O7r4CPMGI
Part 4 A brief history of adolescent trauma https://youtu.be/3t3bf9bFG7M
Part 5 Life goals https://youtu.be/iGORJ7eJl74
Part 6 I rage quit my job, and have nowhere to work https://youtu.be/AZhJdjr72e4
Part 7 I rage quit my apartment, and have nowhere to live https://youtu.be/GxbzDSH7Das
Part 8 I get a Jewish landlady and an obese housemate https://youtu.be/gJIbphSUOdg
Part 9 I get assaulted by a former coworker https://youtu.be/5ZXwAxswPj4
Part 10 I discover substitute teaching is an instant-job https://youtu.be/LxKFjaYLa10
Part 11 I go to the state’s education career fair https://youtu.be/0Z74O6yKXj8
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Part 14 I have the best job of my life https://youtu.be/yduBn3X6el0
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Part 16 I watch my boss turn into Trump https://youtu.be/FsF_ucm3zvA
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Part 19 I start meeting women from home https://youtu.be/24IYLrWcY00
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Part 21 (August) I start the school year https://youtu.be/FReBZJ4CShI
Part 22 (September) I get to know the teachers https://youtu.be/DwIY1B4z4n0
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Part 25 (December) I make out at the Christmas party https://youtu.be/T8T7wlyWExE
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Part 74 Capitalism is (still) Bullshit https://youtu.be/d-HvYZ1d1Y8
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2023.06.09 08:53 Why-SoShy You Matter The Most

Hello everyone,
Today i woke up at 5.30 am did some workout and took a shower. When i was taking shower i realized i've been able to maintain my mental health more efficiently so i wanted to talk about that.
I've always had interest in music. I was playing violin when i was little and around high school i stopped taking lessons and right now i am living in a dorm so it's literally impossible for me to practice it lol (so damn loud). So instead i am more focusing on guitar. Also started learning music producing on fl studio and i believe i am doing ok with both of those. I made more friends in my dorm, went parties, significantly lowered the amount of weed i am smoking. Trying to get up around at 6-7 am and starting the day with working out. Long story short, i am trying to change something. I mean is everything all good and pink? Of course no lol. for example;
I still don't have a girlfriend (lmao), usually i waste my time listening to music instead of doing something more beneficial (which i think listening music is can also be considered as an activity but if i listen music all the time instead of practicing... You got the idea), I am studying medicine and not studying for my exams, for the past 3-4 weeks i was waking up around 6-7pm and sleeping at 8-9 am etc... But you know what? It's fine. Life is not that great but it's what makes life great ( read that again).
Because if it was always perfect all the time, than it wouldn't have any meanings. Imagine getting anything whenever you want, then it wouldn't be any special. I believe it's the journey that makes things we achieved magical to us. Always keep that in mind. Life has upsides and downsides for everyone. And i think it is more true for infps since we tend to have emotional swings all the time.(Even when i am typing this, i went between so many different emotions lol) So when things are not that great, try to go with the flow. Don't try to escape from your feelings, it will eventually get you if you ignore them. Instead, acknowledge them, feel them, live them. That's the beauty of life. When you are happy, be happy that you are happy while keeping in mind that nothing is permanent and be more grateful that you are happy. And when you feel sad, again remeber that nothing is permanent. Soon the good will come back again.
One other thing i can say is try to befriend that voice in your head. It may sound dumb but it worked for me. Just sit and talk with yourself. I usually do it as, i am imagining i have personality disorder (lmao again) and i have 2 different versions of myself. One is me and other one is the voice in my head. Then just have a conversation.
He is more like my coach actually. Sometimes he can be very mean but i know his intentions are good. He just wants me to turn into a better version of myself so instead of having fight with him i am trying to be in good terms with him. Also when you befriend your inner voice you start to feel less lonely. I am thinking it as a little grumpy grandpa who sits in his couch all day, reading his newspaper lol
I used to think life has no meaning because it's gonna end one day (sometimes i still fight with those thoughts) but it's the opposite actually. I even tried to suicide last year when i was at my one of my lowest points. Why am i telling you all this? Because i know how it feels. I also know that probably you are sighing and saying ''yeah whatever'' as you read it. When someone used to told me that ''life is not that bad, i've been there, everythings will be fine...'' i would say go fuck yourself (with my inner voice ofc xd) So please don't be like me.
We all must become the better versions of ourselves. I believe this is what life is all about. Love you guys. You matter the most, take care of yourselves :)

Don't do suicide people. That shit kills you
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2023.06.09 08:53 princessvibes After nearly a year of seeking official diagnosis, I finally got medicated!

Well reddit, I did the challenging series of tasks that are, ironically, required to get diagnosed
  1. Find psychiatrist, one that will not shame your marijuana use and self-medicating methods. One that also is willing to prescribe stimulants. Many in this city won't even consider it.
  2. Talk about your problems at length, try to impress to yet another mental health professional that you do not think you're bipolar.
  3. Work with psychiatrist to get a blood test and rule out anything else. Repeat blood test a week later, after waiting in the lobby for two hours when first sample didn't make it to the lab
  4. Start supplements for vitamin deficiencies, deficiencies not helped by irregular and challenged eating habits
  5. Go to a neuropsychologist as recommended by psychiatrist. Sit in a bleak little office repeating back a list of random words from memory and drawing exercises. Cry, even when you didn't think you were going to.
  6. Get take-home work to express your personal challenges based on ADHD criteria. Get ADHD partner to fill out one from his perspective. Oh, and you have to mail it in.
  7. Mail in your forms 5 months later...lol
  8. Attend final appointment with neuropsychiatrist to go over results. Cry again, even when you didn't think you were going to. Get ADHD diagnosis
  9. Attend yet another psychiatrist appointment. You now have a diagnosis, and you get to try meds!
I'd previously been put on short-term release Adderall from my random GP years ago, and I honestly hated it. It worked, but I also crashed multiple times a day, and frequently forgot to take my second dose. Woof. I quit cold turkey once I ran out.
Now I'm on the extended release version, and it's like night and day. I don't feel as jittery because it's not so concentrated, I'm not in a bad mood once it's worn off, and I can feel its support even a little past my workday.
Today is the second day in a row I sat down and got my work done in a timely fashion. Tidied my apartment without internally wrestling with myself and lying on my couch paralyzed. And, felt present enough to enjoy quietly lying next to my kitty and petting her soft fur without the need for extra stimulus.
I know it's the honeymoon phase, but I couldn't really conceive of what it would feel like to get something done for work without thinking about it in a million ways and then ultimately not doing it because I feel too anxious about doing it wrong. Turns out, people can just do things they vehemently don't want to do? I've been missing out!
Anyway, thanks for reading my goofy essay. I appreciate this sub and wouldn't have gotten as far as I did without the support and insight from all of you lovely people. Very psyched to post a success story. :-)
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2023.06.09 08:53 lmcmasonry The Importance of Basement Waterproofing in Boston: A Comprehensive Guide

The Importance of Basement Waterproofing in Boston: A Comprehensive Guide


Basement waterproofing is a crucial aspect of maintaining a safe and functional home, especially in areas prone to heavy rainfall like Boston. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the importance of basement waterproofing, the signs of water damage to look out for, various waterproofing methods available, the role of professionals in the process, factors affecting costs, and the long-term benefits of waterproofing your basement.
Whether you're a homeowner or a property manager, understanding the significance of basement waterproofing can help you protect your investment and ensure a healthy living environment.

Understanding Basement Waterproofing

  1. What is Basement Waterproofing?
  2. How Does Basement Waterproofing Work?
  3. Why is Basement Waterproofing Necessary?

Signs of Basement Water Damage

  1. Visible Signs of Water Intrusion
  2. Musty Odors and Mold Growth
  3. Efflorescence and Stains on Walls
  4. Cracks in the Foundation
  5. High Humidity Levels

The Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

  1. Prevention of Structural Damage
  2. Protection Against Mold and Mildew
  3. Improved Indoor Air Quality
  4. Increased Property Value
  5. Expanded Living Space
  6. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Basement Waterproofing Methods

  1. Exterior Waterproofing
  • Excavation and Drainage System Installation
  • Waterproof Membranes and Coatings
  • French Drains and Sump Pumps
  1. Interior Waterproofing
  • Interior Drainage Systems
  • Vapor Barriers and Sealants
  • Crack Injections
  • Dehumidifiers

The Role of Professionals in Basement Waterproofing

  1. Expert Evaluation and Assessment
  2. Customized Waterproofing Solutions
  3. Quality Workmanship and Materials
  4. Compliance with Building Codes and Regulations
  5. Warranty and Aftercare Services

Factors Affecting Basement Waterproofing Costs

  1. Size and Complexity of the Basement
  2. Severity of Water Damage
  3. Waterproofing Method Chosen
  4. Accessibility and Site Conditions
  5. Additional Factors to Consider

DIY vs. Professional Waterproofing

  1. Pros and Cons of DIY Waterproofing
  2. When DIY Waterproofing Is Suitable
  3. When Professional Waterproofing Is Recommended
  4. Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Basement Waterproofing

  1. Neglecting Early Warning Signs
  2. Inadequate Surface Preparation
  3. Poor Drainage System Design
  4. Incorrect Waterproofing Product Selection
  5. Improper Application Techniques

How to Choose a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

  1. Research and Reviews
  2. Licensing and Insurance
  3. Experience and Expertise
  4. Written Estimates and Contracts
  5. Warranties and Guarantees

Basement Waterproofing in Boston: Challenges and Considerations

  1. High Water Table and Hydrostatic Pressure
  2. Freezing and Thawing Cycles
  3. Aging Infrastructure and Drainage Systems
  4. Historical Building Considerations
  5. Building Permits and Regulations

The Cost-Effectiveness of Basement Waterproofing

  1. Comparing Costs and Potential Damages
  2. Long-Term Savings and Return on Investment
  3. Insurance Coverage and Premiums

Maintaining a Waterproofed Basement

  1. Regular Inspections and Maintenance Tasks
  2. Proper Ventilation and Dehumidification
  3. Prompt Repairs and Addressing Issues
  4. Landscaping and Exterior Drainage Maintenance
  5. Professional Check-ups and Servicing

Long-Term Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

  1. Structural Integrity and Home Safety
  2. Healthy Living Environment
  3. Extended Lifespan of the Property
  4. Peace of Mind and Reduced Stress
  5. Higher Resale Value


In conclusion,basement waterproofing is a critical investment for homeowners in Boston. By proactively addressing water intrusion and moisture issues, you can prevent costly damages, protect your health, and increase the value of your property. Whether you choose exterior or interior waterproofing methods, consulting with professionals like LMC Masonry can provide tailored solutions for your specific needs.
Don't wait until water damage becomes a major problem – take action now to safeguard your basement and enjoy the long-term benefits of a dry and functional space.
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2023.06.09 08:52 swarnavihar Geriatric Nursing Care

Swarnavihar Retirement Homes integrates health care and psychological care with other needed services such as Nursing Care, nutritional, assistance with activities of daily living, socialization programs, as well as Counselling and Support.
Swarnavihar Oldage Homes provide geriatric care in pune, Our friendly and expert team will understand the importance of geriatric care and are devoted to the unique health care needs of older adults.
Visit us https://swarnaviharoldagehomes.com/service/geriatric-care/
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2023.06.09 08:50 lenaughtycouple Part 3: Rachel is smarter than we think… hear me out 🫣

I have been considering the option that Ratchel is smarter than we give her credit for. Playing the good girl with James for year only to prepare for the after pageant life, only to acquire enough notoriety to build a solid plan of becoming the number one girl in the group and if this didn’t work have one those come to Jesus moment at the end. Say you’re sorry, fake cry, look for forgiveness and pretend that you’re working on it.
In her first attempt at redemption, I seriously could not see a single tear… sure she’s moving her shoulders up and down, breathes heavily, looks up and pretend to wipe invisible tears but then she’s almost smiling saying that Tim will kill her and she promised not to say anything about sleeping with him at the house.
At this point she sounded like my girlfriend who’s wants to tell me a secret but she can’t but she really wants to because it’s major secret and ends up saying anyway to all of us, on national TV😂🤦🏾‍♀️
I mean the one thing she could have admitted to really show that she regrets was that she went to St Louis but she didn’t because that would make her look bad. And we want to stay on track with the “I’ve been manipulated by Tim” storyline..
Somehow her weird manipulative ass is convinced that if she plays the victim in Tim’s machiavelic plan she will look like a better person because she came clean and she should be forgiven and accepted back. She is taking all the appropriate actions to being a good girl again. No more drinking and no more fucking her friends partners.
A few things remain unclear:
1) why continue to send Tim postcard if she’s truly remorseful about what she did to Ariana?
2) what type of comeback? I can’t see much of the cast forgiving her but filming with and Lisa forcing them to be nice maybe…
3) what happened to that story that she would focus on her career of becoming a nurse or something?
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