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2023.03.30 16:51 KCLightning Club rental companies near Tampa?

I need to find the dreaded lefty junior set for son for vacation next week. Striking out with local courses. Anyone have good club rental companies near Tampa? And does this post count as a hole in one?
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2023.03.30 16:50 _lippykid Is Ted Lasso losing its charm?

For me, the first season was a complete breath of fresh air. The overall optimism and positivity of the show was incredibly charming and unlike anything else on TV. Any hint of negativity felt balanced and there was a sense that no matter what, everything will be ok. But the transformation of Nate into an cartoon villain overnight has kinda ruined it for. The whole dynamic now has shifted from a low-stakes fun show, to a dichotomous high-stakes Star Wars-like, good VS evil plot line. Nate’s Darth Vader, Rupert’s Emperor Palpatine, and West Ham is the Death Star. Even the red colour scheme of the club in the show is the same moody dark/red palette. It’s totally taken the show from a quaint bunch of misfits in a cute little British town, dealing with regular nuanced problems to this whole other gotta-win-big vibe.
I miss OG Ted
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2023.03.30 16:50 Working_Target_5073 Laptop recommendations

I am a student in cs. I am wanting a new laptop. I have a msi katana but the battery life sucks for a student in college. I am wanting a Mac pro m2. But if there is a good laptop under $1800 that has good battery life and windows that would be good for cyber security and forensics. I would be happy. Any suggestions?
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2023.03.30 16:50 mandamwright Is it weird to use the first borns middle name on the second child?

When we were pregnant with my first daughter, we had a rough time and thought we were one and done... 4 years later we have a surprise pregnancy and are working through names.
I gave my first daughter our favourite second name. And now I feel sad I can't use it as a first name for our new daughter but also think it could be odd for her to have my first daughters middle name?
For clarity:
1st Daughter - Samantha Evelyn
2nd Daughter (not born yet) - would it be odd if her name were also Evelyn?
We have a back up name that I like a lot, but not as much as Evelyn so just thought I'd get some opinions before we decide...
Options for 2nd Daughter:
- Evelyn Michelle (my and my mom's middle name) - Evelyn Samantha (my husband keeps suggesting but I hate this) - Evelyn Marilyn (my grandmother's name... but the two lyns might be weird)
Otherwise we really like Ellie/ElanoEleanor and are trying to decide if it's nice enough to give up on Evelyn.
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2023.03.30 16:50 emster131 6 week 4 day heart beat of 122bpm - is this a good sign?

Hello - just had my ultrasound and found that the baby is measuring at 6.97 CRL with a heartbeat of 122 at 6 weeks and 4 days. My nurse practitioner at my RE said this was good and the baby was measuring a day ahead. However, I would just like to hear some success stories as I am traumatized from my first miscarriage where they heard a heart beat of 125bpm at 7 weeks and 1 day and then she stopped growing at 9 weeks with normal NIPT results.
Thank you for your stories in advance.
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2023.03.30 16:50 Myran117 Pikmin Bloom Keyboard app (iOS)

Hello! I am playing Pikmin Bloom (made by Niantic and Nintendo who made Pokemon Go)!
I would love if someone could take their time to try every single Unicode symbol to find out which ones is working in Pikmin Bloom in the names of your Pikmins. Then creating a keyboard app with only Pikmin Bloom approved symbols and characters!
Everytime I wanna rename my Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom, I want to be able to access Pikmin Bloom approved symbols from a keyboard so I easy can use symbols directly without having to test before adding symbols in the names of Pikmins!
I am a iPhone user using iOS but would love if keyboard app was available for both ios and other phone operative systems too, so people using Android or other phone operative systems can use the app too!
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2023.03.30 16:50 cappienator Does anyone use peelable latex during gel/gel extension application?

I wasn't even aware of gel polish allergies until I came upon this sub, so now that I am I definitely want to do anything I can to avoid developing one! I am typically pretty good at avoiding my cuticles with gel polish, but I'm not perfect and sometimes it's difficult to avoid getting gel under the free edge of my nail when I'm applying extensions (short natural nails). I just stumbled across peelable nail latex for polish application overflow and ordered some to give it a try.. Has anyone tried it before?
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2023.03.30 16:49 coffee_and_cats18 Sick of life, need advice

Life is such a struggle I just need some advice.
Hi all,
I'm (31F) not officially diagnosed but my psychologist has suggested I should undergo an ADHD assessment based on what he's learnt about me. There's a bit of a waitlist where I am so I won't be able to do the assessment for a few months. I'm a bit worried though that they will look at my performance at school and decide that I'm normal. I did pretty well in school and got good grades but I've realised that I wanted to work hard to please my teachers and my parents. I'm a serial people pleaser. Is that an ADHD thing?
If you're undiagnosed do symptoms ever get worse with age? I'm 31 now and I'm really struggling with life.
One of the most annoying things I've developed in the last few years is that I get really obsessed with a topic I'm interested in and everything else in my life gets pushed aside so that I can research said topic (I'll stop focussing on my job, shower less, forget to brush my teeth, stop exercising and talking with my friends). It drives me insane, so insane. I work from home and am not enjoying my work atm (grandiose narcissist boss destroyed my passion for my job), so just waste so much time researching things I'm interested in. It's almost impossible to pull myself away from this. Its like it's become impossible to focus on things I don't care for. But then I feel so empty if I'm not obsessed with some topic of interest.
I also have issues with emotional regulation and have scary emotional outbursts when I'm angry or upset. I hate this and I'm aware of it but I get really overwhelmed and have a really hard time controlling my emotions. These outbursts have occurred throughout my life and often lead to me doing things like pulling out my hair, saying hurtful things and physically running away from the situation that triggered me. I hate it but I can't seem to control it. I was always told by psychologists that I have GAD but these outbursts have never stopped with anxiety treatment. I also have bad trichotillomania which has led me to destroy my eyelashes which used to be long and something people complimented me on. I feel ugly now.
I also feel as though I'm the clumsiest person alive. I hate it. I'm always covered in bruises but never really know how I got them. I knock glasses over, walk into things, trip over, and drop things on a daily basis. One time I even left my laptop on the roof of my car and as I drove away it slid off the roof and I ran over it. I can be really absent minded and when my mind wanders I can't concentrate on things I'm doing and I make mistakes. Ive had car accidents because of this. Is clumsiness an ADHD thing?
I have sensory issues, particularly with hearing and visuals. I cannot be productive when other people are around because it's so distracting. If I'm in an office with other people I have to go to a quiet room with no people to be productive. I get extremely irritated by loud noises and feel like I'm going to have a rage outburst in these situations.
I also have issues with oversharing my personal issues and opinions. I feel as though this has caused certain people to become distant in my life. When I do this I feel really anxious and ruminate over what I said for a few days. This makes me want to keep to myself tbh.
I dunno what the purpose of this post is but I just wanted to vent I guess. Life is so hard and I just want it to be easier for my own sake and also for the people close to me. I guess there are a few questions in this post that people could address which I would really appreciate. I also want validation I guess that I should go ahead with the assessment. It's very expensive to do one where I am and I don't want to waste money as I don't have much. I'll also mention that I have tried IR dexamphetamines and they are very calming for me and reduce the scatterbrain I experience.
Thanks so much to everyone that reads this and replies.
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2023.03.30 16:49 Myran117 Pikmin Bloom Keyboard app (iOS)

Hello! I am playing Pikmin Bloom (made by Niantic and Nintendo who made Pokemon Go)!
I would love if someone could take their time to try every single Unicode symbol to find out which ones is working in Pikmin Bloom in the names of your Pikmins. Then creating a keyboard app with only Pikmin Bloom approved symbols and characters!
Everytime I wanna rename my Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom, I want to be able to access Pikmin Bloom approved symbols from a keyboard so I easy can use symbols directly without having to test before adding symbols in the names of Pikmins!
I am a iPhone user using iOS but would love if keyboard app was available for both ios and other phone operative systems too, so people using Android or other phone operative systems can use the app too!
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2023.03.30 16:49 Winterbeers Would you say the litter robot is worth the price?

I have 2 cats and looking to purchase my 1st automatic litter box. I know this company has been around for a while and I've heard good things, but I'm wanting to know if it's worth the price, if you've been happy with it or if you think someone else made a better one. Please be honest because I'd hate to spend this much on something that'll only last a year or 2.
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2023.03.30 16:49 FreshFrog05 The N-word should get banned and not be used by anyone.

WARNING// I haven’t made any research because I want the opinion of everyone and their own viewpoint. When I’m saying that the n-word should not be used by anyonethen I mean everyone, the N-word was made for the black slaves basically meaning that if u get called for the n-word it would mean that ur a black slave. Why use a word that has been used for generations in a unforgivable way? The black people didn’t do anything to deserve getting called for it and they became slaves just because of their skin colour is messed up. Why is it still even okay to say the n-word if the word behind it basically means a black slave?? As for the black community, why are some of you still using a word that was used to call your ancestors for black slaves, why use it for almost anything now days? And for the people that isn’t black but still say it, is there any actual good reason for you guys to say it and disrespect the black community when they haven’t even done a single thing to you guys?? “Oh my friend is black I can say it” “oh I’m 8% black I can say it” are literal examples of childishness trying to find a reason not to say that they were wrong and trying to say that they’re right. They can’t say it and make up excuses that doesn’t give any kind of reason that they can say it. The n-word should just get banned like all the old words that existed before 100 years ago if everyone wants at least a bit more human equality, why even keep a word that is used to call others for black slaves? What is your opinion about this?
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2023.03.30 16:49 Ok-House-3026 Need a little help

Hi, I hope this is a good place to post this. I want to build a pc for my mom for mother's day. This pc won't be for gaming, more like a work station. This pc will mainly be used for her cricket machines, printers, spotify, downloading pictures, using the cricket editor for stuff, etc. If i could get help with a decent pc build I could do for her. Right now she's using some older raggedy omen I picked up for her like 5 years ago, it freezes alot, finds things deleted, bluetooth no longer works. I'd prefer to just build her something decent that won't kill my wallet, but still work far better than what she has now. Everything helps, thank you!
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2023.03.30 16:49 Barncore I spent 15 hours watching/reading about apps that provide Project Management + Note Taking, thought i'd share my findings

Lemme preface this by saying that i haven't actually used any of these apps, so i'm not an authority on the matter. I'm just on the seach for the right app for me, and in the spirit of not letting my research go to waste, i thought i might as well throw my little slice into the chasm of the internet rather than let it die alone in my notes (which is currently Evernote btw, looking to change).
I've spent probably 15 hours of watching videos and reading articles and then parsed all the data into my personal notes. I feel quite grateful for all the people that go to the effort to share their knowledge/experiences with productivity apps so this is my way of giving back i guess. Productivity apps are so personal, and with people's needs being uniquely specific there's so much noise to sift through with how many options there are, so i thought this might be helpful for people looking to cut through the noise.
It'd also be useful to see where my findings get validated or disagreed with, as i'm still yet to make a final decision.
Just as a sidenote, personally i'm looking for something that can help me manage my freelance projects with music & audio as well as something to catalog all my research with various hobbies/work areas, so my thoughts might have some bias towards that. Other personal needs are: it's gotta be able to sync between Android to PC. Also it's gotta have as little resistance/barriers to making notes+tasks as i have ADHD and my short term information retention is crappy.
I did deeper dives on some more than others, but i spose you can tell that by the amount of words written.
Hope it helps...
  • Notion -- It's like a DAW for your life/brain (IYKYK), it's got a bunch of plugins/templates. You can do heaps of different stuff with it. Endless use cases, covers heaps of needs, so wont likely wont need to install multiple other apps. The way Notion comes across to me is that it's basically like a universe of interconnected excel spreadsheets with pretty bows. This is valuable because of the sheer amount of possibilities that comes with how you set up your data expression. Super customizable/flexible, but by the same token this makes it very "heady". It looks like a lot of work to use, it's easy to feel a sense of resistance. How productive can you be when your productivity app involves so much work? You have to think a bit like a coder or mathematician to get the most out of it. There's a loooot of functions/terminology, and it would require doing a course or something to optimize using it to its fullest potential. Definitely a nerd's wet dream, but how easily can you get into a state of flow with it? Only after a long period of initial study, i imagine. Has a nice minimalistic look/feel to it so it doesn't feel overwhelming to look at. You can really personalize it which is why i think so many people fell in love with it. You can have collaborative workspaces that you use at the same time and see each other's cursor. You can upload files (incl audio) with unlimited storage (!). You can express your data in various tables, AND it integrates with Whimsical (Flowchart/Mindmap app, which has a generous free plan btw). It's the most popular productivity app, so it's "future-proofed" because the "network effect" tendrils are firmly planted. LOTS of community templates are available, which can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your brain style (option overload?). It's also among the most reasonably priced. They added an AI element too (for extra charge) for "input data" side of things. Some drawbacks include: reports of sluggish load times once your databases get bigger, being forced to place each note into a hierarchy, and being TOO robust lol.
  • Motion -- (Or "Use Motion") Kind of a one-trick pony but the trick it does is cool: it's like a "smart scheduler", you put in the tasks you need to do and it populates your daily schedule based on its special algorithm. Basically tells you what you need to be doing without you thinking about it. 2 problems: the web app is apparently crap and it's expensive.
  • Akiflow - similar to Motion, planner app
  • Sunsama - similar to Motion, planner app
  • Obsidian - Knowledge base "2nd brain" style note taking app with a cool visual representation of how the notes link together, kinda looks like neurons connecting. Overall it's a lot like a personal wikipedia. An academic's best friend. The linking of notes is its main value, it's like an interconnected knowledge vault. The formatting is good, it's similar to GitHub (markdown). It seems to have some basic to-do list functionality but there's not much info on how deep it is. No collaboration features. Works offline, it doesn't save to cloud or sync devices unless you pay extra, which makes the free version fairly useless for note taking if you can't write notes while you're out away from your computer (cos that's when note inspiration hits the most). Paid version seems better than Notion for note taking, but not as good in other ways, much less features. More of a specialty app for note taking specifically. Would be VERY useful for students and journalists, or someone that's researching for writing a book/documentary/podcast. Not so much for freelancers or project managers.
  • Mindmanager - mindmaps and flowcharts of all kinds. pricey but very visual and seems to integrate with a calendar
  • Xmind - a cheaper alternative to Mindmanager but with no calendar? It is cross-platform though
  • Mindgenius - Has all the features i need, but the affordable subscription is web only, there's no app, and the desktop software costs heaps. But definitely one of the more appealing options for project management. It lacks in the note-taking "2nd brain" field though.
  • Ayoa - looks good, bit pricey. Fully cross-platform too. The UI design is a bit too "cutesie".
  • Maps of Mind - nice and cheap, seems to have good features, web based only
  • Amplenote - It's basically a better version of Evernote. Really streamlines the process between 'conception' and 'action'. The main philosophy being that it intends to reduce barriers between having an idea seed and having it go through the funnel into action with the least resistance possible. Actually looks like the perfect combo of simple but versatile/useful. Probably more elegant than Notion purely because of the "streamlined" nature of the way notes and tasks are integrated together. It's a clean and minimalist look/feel, similar to Evernote (not a "cool/inspiring" look though, unlike something like Taskade which looks sexy af). It's divided into 4 main sections: Jots, Notes, Tasks, Calendar. Jots become Notes, Notes become Tasks. And they all sorta merge together behind the scenes due to tags and contexts, which allows for a more seamless process of note taking. It has linkable notes like on Obsidian and Notion. You can insert pics etc. Good formatting options. Task management seems good. You can set task priority, and it creates a "task score" where it automatically ranks your tasks list based on various factors. I really love that automatic ranking. It's better than Evernote for sure. It's like Evernote + a deeper Google Tasks + elements of Notion/Obsidian. Apparently much snappier app than Notion too. Def gonna start using the free version of this instead of Evernote (which i'm currently using). Drawbacks include: can't upload audio files (Notion can), weak support for real-time collaboration, less support for table-like data and charts, doesn't have a fully-fledged desktop app yet (it's a PWA app that's powered by your browser. It's fine, it works as a dedicated software would, just a bit more resource heavy than a dedicated software would be, i assume?). Not as "cool" as others, but it might the easiest to get along with out of the fully-featured apps like this. The biggest drawback for me is the lack of task dependencies / sub-tasks. My brain has such a hard time keeping up with "A can't be done until i finish B, B can't be done until i finish C, etc" that not being able to map it out in whatever app i decide on is kinda a deal breaker. P.s. worth noting that the devs seem active, secure and dedicated. As do their community.
  • Coda - the go-to for data processing, table formulas, data views, charts.
  • Mem X - more of a competitor to Evernote (purely note taking app), but it's next level. It uses AI to categories your notes automatically, so you don't have to think about it yourself, which REALLY removes resistance barriers. Bunch of other cool AI features. There's also some task mangement stuff there but i think it's still in early development. Not on Android though (might be in future??) but a workaround is you can SMS notes to Mem and it saves it for you. This seems like the future of note-taking. It's early though.
  • Taskade - Has the coolest looking UI design, kind of a Discord look/feel. It has recently added AI integration included for writing notes (with generous generation amounts). It has mindmaps and flowcharts, which a lot others don't have. Task management looks good. Calendar sync, and at the highest subscription cost it has google drive and dropbox integration. Cross-platform. Has a video chat feature. You can attach audio files (handy for music producers/engineers). Generous free plan. Lacks in the way of creating personal wiki's or custom databases though. Seems like less of a "2nd brain", more of a streamlined project management tool. It definitely has "2nd brain" capability though and the dev team seem motivated, with a dedicated community too. Can see this one growing in popularity among the younger remote workers if more people catch wind of it amongst the noise.
  • ClickUp - (note that i'm talking about ClickUp v2 here. V3 is on the way apparently) Less of a "2nd brain" sort of thing and more geared towards team project management. For those use cases specifically it is SUPER feature-rich. It's all cross-platform too with good integrations. It looks like it has a learning curve, but not too bad, and certainly not as steep as Notion because ClickUp uses pre-made widgets, and Notion is more like building from scratch with building blocks that end up looking like widgets. I know you can get Templates in Notion but finding the right one in the sea of noise is a lot of work in itself. ClickUp has built everything already, you've just gotta pull it up on the dashboard. And that's where ClickUp really shines for me, the dashboard, and the widgets you can pull up onto it. Super cool. Some widgets require higher subscription plans. At the highest subscription plans, ClickUp suuurely has everything you need for the development and tracking of any kind of company. All kinds of charts and graphs and productivity monitoring widgets -- the best offering i've seen of anything on this list. The disdvantage to everything being made for you with widgets is that stuff isn't as customizable. You can't "personanlize" it as much as Notion, which means you can't "build a relationship" with the app in the same way. Some might say that getting in the weeds and tinkering stuff is a form of procrastination though, so i guess it depends on your personality what you prefer. ClickUp isn't as powerful for note-taking specifically, as the Doc Tags are limited to 100 tag uses except in the most expensive plans, so it comes down to whether you think it's a worthy sacrifice for the project management capabilities. If you're a stan for seeing your project's productivity data expressed into various charts then ClickUp is the one for you. That element alone almost has me saying "fuck note-taking, lets go graphs!". The big question mark is how well inputting notes (Docs) and tasks integrates/aggregates with the widgets. Is it all interconnected? Or do the notes/docs live on an island? Hopefully V3 brings it. Some other drawbacks: Apparently it's a bit "notification trigger happy". The biggest drawback is probably how there are various reports of it being a bit buggy at times, lets hope they roll V3 out slowly enough to where they can iron bugs out before it scales up. Oh also the Windows desktop app doesn't work for me at all, not sure why. Edit: Actually, the ClickUp community seems pretty frustrated in general, not a great sign. It's possible the team is TOO big and they are struggling to merge all their contributions together without bugs, and it doesn't sound like the support team are able to take much accountability. I'm also reading a recurring theme from people in the clickup subreddit saying that the features are really only 70% realised / a bit half-baked (seems like a real love/hate relationship with ClickUp in there btw). This leads me to believe that ClickUp more interested in customer conversion rather than retention. Still, at the end of the day i don't see any other project management centric apps that provide THIS many tools in one place. As convenient as that is, it also seems to come with all the usual pitfalls of trying to be everything to everyone.
TLDR: ClickUp: Best for team project management. Notion: Best for personalized 2nd brain / LifeOS. Amplenote: Best for individual efficiency. Taskade: Best for new-gen remote workers. Obsidian: Best for researchers and academics. Motion: Best for daily planning guidance. Mem X: Best for automatic aggregation of notes.
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2023.03.30 16:49 Possible_Fig4168 Since Thea has already come out, can we talk about Artemis?

Let me explain, Thea is a speed legend which fast signatures BUT those signatures have very low force, it is really hard to kill with them if you aren't near the edges of the map. Artemis is also a speed legend with fast sigs but she can actually kill with them, so they're fast AND strong, can't we have the same deal for both these characters? I played Thea and it felt really good so I don't think she needs a buff, so Artemis should need a nerf on her sigs, since in high elo sigs spamming is not used it won't affect them.
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2023.03.30 16:49 DJHarrison94 How to recover from bad first placements?

So I’ve mostly played normal draft to understand the role and usually do decent but finally decided to do my placements for ranked and lost the first 3. Seems like I’ll be at the very bottom of the placements any advice to climb?
I feel like I can track enemy JG decently well and have a good understanding of what different champions do.
I almost feel like just farming the whole time because so far my team has been proven to be unreliable, would this be the way?
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2023.03.30 16:49 NickLeavitt900 Noticing a pattern….

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2023.03.30 16:49 Confident-Dot-7637 #Who_Is_AadiRam On the occasion of Ram Navami know about the identity of the Supreme God (The Aadi Ram). Kabir Is God

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2023.03.30 16:49 bobbobross What are my chances of getting rescinded?

Hello, I am currently a high school senior who got accepted for early application to UGA Honors. For my last semester of high school, I made the mistake of taking the intro computer science course at Georgia Tech through dual enrollment, and the way things are looking right now there is a good chance I will finish the course with a D or an F. On top of this, I have been struggling with AP Bio both last semester and this semester since it is my first AP science course that I have taken in all of high school, and I will most likely finish this semester with a C in that class. Are those two poor grades enough to get me rescinded? I am doing good in my other classes, and I’ll probably end with A’s and high B’s in those classes.
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2023.03.30 16:49 ImXolum Not fully charged?

Hey guys!
I bought my fiancé and I some tickets to California next Friday. I just purchased the tickets last night. Everything seemed all good.
I logged into my bank account today and noticed that only half of the payment was processing, last night it showed the whole amount. I called my bank first who stated it was something on AA’s side so I gave AA a call.
My rep stated everything was all good, she saw I was ticketed for the whole flight and should have no issues.
Basically I’m asking if I’ll be all good? Obviously I’m not touching the money in my account I’m leaving it and hoping it will process but has anyone else had this happen before?
Just want to make sure we get to San Diego and back with no issues.
Thanks guys!
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2023.03.30 16:49 Tall_Part5108 Rename Alexa

Hi; I’m caring for my Dad and he has really enjoyed having Alexa to interact with since we are housebound until a ramp gets installed (a long ongoing issue in itself). My Dad is now wearing a neck brace which really helps for support, but also restricts how much he opens his mouth. He is also struggling to say full sentences at this time. Was wondering if people have had success changing the name of Alexa to something that is easier? I also heard of an app called Voiceitt that can help, but no personal experience with it. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 16:49 SufficientFroyo-661 Bam Margera Arrested for Public Intoxication After Getting His Son’s Name Tattooed on His Face

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2023.03.30 16:49 SufficientFroyo-661 Bam Margera Arrested for Public Intoxication After Getting His Son’s Name Tattooed on His Face

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