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2023.03.31 17:04 AdamLikesBeer Weekend Roundup 3/31-4/2

Around Town:





I have had suggestions for a patreon or something of the sort in the past. I do this because I like to provide whatever tiny help I can to the community. BUT I also like to raise money for Gillette's Children Hospital every year. So if you have some virtual loose change you can help me help dem kids here:


Be da real MVP and add anything I missed below.
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2023.03.31 16:53 traversing-wyvern Is this itinerary realistic for 10 days?

Hi all! I just booked my flights to visit Ireland in June and although I feel so incredibly grateful to have as much time as I do to visit Éire, I'm worried it's not enough, or that I'll be rushing around to see everything in our itinerary. I'm from the US and this is also my first international travel experience.
For context, we will be be leaving June 7th and will fly back to the states on June 18th. We will have the 8th-17th! We plan on getting a rental car and road tripping it!
I'm currently most worried about days 5-8 (see itinerary below) where we'll likely be in Killarney, at the Cliffs of Moher, or in Galway. I'm concerned about the time it takes to complete the Ring of Kerry, Cliffs of Moher, and also how much time should be spent in Galway since I'd also love to do Kylemore Abbey and Downpatrick Head, which is a decent drive away.
If anybody has a better sense on the time it will take to do some of the things on our itinerary, or to give insight into whether it's realistic, that would be amazing!!
Here's a general itinerary of some of the things we'd like to do each day, without necessarily accounting for meals or any downtime.
Day 1: Dublin Book of Kells Dublin Castle Temple Bar for photos (will eat somewhere else) General exploring (Grafton St., Dawson St., St. Stephen's Green)
Day 2: Dublin Guinness Storehouse EPIC Immigration Museum St. Patrick's Cathedral Kilmainham Gaol Howth
Day 3: Dublin to Kilkenny Visit Glendalough Round Tower on the way Maybe visit PowerScourt Estate on the way Visit Kyteler's Inn in Kilkenny Kilkenny Castle
Day 4: Kilkenny to Cork Ballysaggartmore Towers/Waterfall on the way Rock of Cashel on the way Blarney Castle in Cork Titanic Memorial Experience
Day 5: Killarney Drive the Ring of Kerry Dingle Peninsula possibly
Day 6: Cliffs of Moher??
Day 7: Cliffs of Moher or Galway?
Day 8: Galway/Travel? Kylemore Abbey Downpatrick Head
Day 9: Northern Ireland Dunluce Castle Giant's Causeway Carrick-E-Rede Rope Bridge The Dark Hedges Friar's Bush Graveyard (maybe)
Day 10: Game of Thrones Tour from Belfast (all day) Travel back to Dublin.
Thank you in advance and I'm happy to hear any and all suggestions!
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2023.03.31 16:50 WhatIsLifeEven_ Elopement Location Help

Hi, I've been camping a few times up at Blue Lakes just outside of Breckenridge. I've seen weddings happening up there while camping. Our elopement is planned for there for August of this year but Dillion Ranger Station got back to me this morning saying that the company who owns the reservoir is no longer allowing weddings/elopements/photography sessions up there! We tried looking up Sapphire Point as an alternate location but it's booked the day we need. Our photographer is only booked for 3 hours because we weren't planning to do any serious hiking as Blue Lakes Trailhead has a parking lot. We already have a cabin paid for out there. We need possible alternative locations on public land ASAP. We're staying between Alma and Breck. Please give us some recommendations.
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2023.03.31 15:54 th3_north3rn_monk3y Wedding photographer not provided all agreed services, next steps?

Hi all,
Based in Wales..
Our wedding photographer, while he’s provided our digital photos (saved away safely our side, not entirely happy as there seems to have been very little post editing at all), we’re still missing prints and personalised photo albums.
We also paid for audio audio recordings of vows, readings and speeches which we’d really like for sentimental purposes.
We paid a significant amount for the photographer and would like to receive what we paid for.
It took a lot of chasing to even get the digital photo’s but he’s gone completely cold on us now, not even picking up the phone and we’re nearly 6 months since our wedding.
What’s our best action here?
As he’s delivered part of what we paid for, do we look for some sort of partial refund and how do we quantify this? But also, how do we make sure we get hold of the recordings?
Thanks for any help
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2023.03.31 15:49 Happy-Tourist2511 Can anyone recommend a wedding photographer please?

Looking at a January 2024 elopement. Have done the usual Google and Instagram searching, but not getting many results and would like to consider a few options before making a decision. Thanks!
Edit: typo
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2023.03.31 15:19 ZapRowsdowerESQ Left my DM42 in the car overnight at 50*F. Now the screen is dull and the calculator won’t turn on. Help!

This calculator is less than a month old. I left it in a backpack in a car parked in my garage with ambient temps around 40-50F. Now the display doesn’t turn on and has a ghost image from 11pm last night. Reset doesn’t work, and I’m really disappointed.
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2023.03.31 15:01 DesperateLibrary3618 Court Marriage in Ghaziabad

Court Marriage in Ghaziabad

Court marriage in Ghaziabad is becoming an increasingly popular option for couples who want to get married without a lot of fuss and ceremony. This type of marriage is conducted in a court of law and is legally binding, making it a great option for couples who want a simple and hassle-free wedding.
To get married in court, couples need to fill out an application form and provide some basic information about themselves, including their names, ages, and addresses. They will also need to provide proof of their identity and residency, such as a passport or driving license, as well as two passport-sized photographs.
Once the application is processed, the couple will be given a date and time to appear in court for the marriage ceremony. On the appointed day, they will be required to appear before a judge or magistrate and exchange vows in the presence of two witnesses.
After the ceremony, the couple will be given a marriage certificate, which is a legal document that proves that they are married. This certificate can be used to apply for various benefits and services, such as a joint bank account, insurance, and visa applications.
One of the benefits of court marriage is that it is simple and affordable. There are no extravagant wedding expenses to worry about, and the process is relatively quick and straightforward. Additionally, court marriages are recognized throughout India, making it easy for couples to move and settle down in different parts of the country.
In conclusion, court marriage is a great option for couples who want a simple and legal wedding without the fuss and expense of a traditional wedding. In Ghaziabad, the process is relatively straightforward and can be completed with minimal hassle.
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Part 2 is on its way. All comments, suggestions and observations are gratefully received as ever.
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“Yeah you too” I reply as she skips away. I just smile and head to get lunch.
“You are going to stay right there;” she said in the most seductive voice she could muster “while I do this.”
She met my eye again. She was so afraid to say it, whatever it was.
“that’s what I though, you better cut me loose”
Jack grinned at his cleverness and aimed the gun at the correct pin. He fired the rifle and the stack of pins came tumbling down. He smiled in victory and the girls cheered.
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I laughed a little.
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"Ok." I said gently, "It's Ok. You can stay for a while."
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“So he’s here but he’s been in the school office,” I ask Romeo.
I sighed, and felt my dick twitch yet again at her admission. The first night we'd been together, I'd been worried that she'd just been saying things because I wanted to hear them, and that feeling of paranoia had stuck around for a while. But now it was clear that she meant what she said, the emotion in her voice, the guilt, the shame, the lust. It was unmistakable. She'd even added "your", when I hadn't told her to. Could there be anything more perfect than this?
His face smirked slightly. “Oh really.”
Beth cried, tears ran down her cheeks again.
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the story built up nicely until you got to the sex part and then it went along too fast with a poor description of the sex itself......... it was just wam bam thank you mam
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"I can," was all his sister said, then she continued staring out the window.
“Are you okay?” I asked her, full of concern.
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“It’s the smallest of thank you’s for everything you’ve done Robbie!” She said, her cheeks becoming rosier.
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“Fair enough, funny that some girls do actually fake it.” I chuckled “not that I would know.”
He replied to my bullshit story with, “Well where are your parents now and why have they not returned the kegs yet.”
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I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, it just happened so fast I didn’t have time to warn you.”
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They leaned Kelly against the wall with promises that once they had taken their shoes off that they would help to remove hers. Zack untied his bunny ears and slipped off his shoes. He put them in a bin full of other shoes which is where, he guessed, everyone puts their shoes.
"Oh don't need to thank us. And in no way over stepped your bounds. If anything you helped dad and I in a very big way. Thank you so much." She said as she hugged me.
A silence passed between them, and Nami felt the need to correct a possible misconception. “I didn’t hear you two. It was just… I was thinking about Jeremy. My mind wandered, and I lost myself, and… yeah.”
“Why? What is it?”
“Could say that” I smirked as I shifted myself down so I free my cock for her. “Happy?”
“It doesn’t matter who you get involved with, the plan must come to fruition.”
“No, I want more and frankly I think you should get something too,” I turn to face her and she’s confused and a little nervous.
“Lying in his arms I realized I was happy. I was not just feeling cheerful, but truly happy, secure and content. It was a nice, almost forgotten feeling. It was almost as if I was lying in Donald’s arms again, far away from all the difficulties of life. I asked Charles if he loved me. He said he did, more than anything else.
“Cya.” Was the reply.
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The first light of day came, filtered through the curtains into the room from the large window that connected the room to the garden to the beach and the first warm rays of the sun caressed our naked bodies exhausted and still together.
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"I can't take the credit for these pancakes: I'm already good at so many things that they'd never believe that I can cook, too!" I whispered into Ashton's ear.
Note to self; be wary of a mother's hug. No matter who it is, she will all but crush your bones.
" no not at all, can I use the computer ? "
“Well we only donate to colleges and to scholarships,” the man states when a woman next to him bumps his arm.
"Was I really that bad?" Paige stroked her face, echoing Zoe's thought.
The temptation of surprise and adventure spread across her face. “What is it?”
“Speaking of Maggie, is she working with Michelle today?” I asked curious as I hadn’t seen either since I saw Maggie and Penny sunbathing earlier. Penny actually avoided my eye but smiled slightly before clearing her throat.
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While we lounged in the yard our mothers were in the kitchen preparing food and, I was sure, talking about us. “They make a lovely couple, don’t you think, Martha?”
She turned back immediately. “His hands went under my shirt! We’re making out and I’m on his leg and he actually grabbed my boobs first and – ugh! When I got home I, like, immediately masturbated.”
We got in the car and Nicole started it, beginning to drive without a word being exchanged between us. Almost out of a sense of obligation, I justified myself again. “You could have texted me if you needed to get out of here.”
“Mmph, missed you…more.” I staggered the final few steps to my car and dropped her bag, leaning her up against the car.
once im done, i get up and leave her there.
farm. It was the yearly family picnic which meant lots of good
Liliana gave him a small thank you as she rubbed her wrist and flopped of to the side, exhausted but beyond happy.
those gorgeous blue eyes.
I had to.
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I looked at her for a moment with an evil grin, the plan in my head already working. I reached down and undid the towel around my waist, letting it drop to the floor. My cock was hard as stone and popped right out to greet her.
“Doesn’t she look good in black?” I asked.
We finished the run without a word having been spoken; arriving at the front door winded and
“I can't walk, my legs feel like jelly after that.”
Remy went further, bringing his hand down to her neckline of her green and yellow body suit. He gently palpitated the zipper, revealing it from its inner lining in the costume itself. He could feel Rogue shivering with delight; He knew that most mutant powers emerged with the onset of puberty, and figured that the poor lass hadn’t ever had anyone touch her in a remotely sexual way at all. This was going to be a first for the both of them.
Cameron got up and straightened out his clothes. They were made of fine cloth and only the finest material, comparable to the clothes he wore as nobility back home. But unlike the bright colors of his House that he used to wear, these clothes were grey and a blood red, the colors of House Darcy.
“Sounds fair enough. I'm still going to end up sticking to my gut on what I pick, but I will definitely try to make them reasonable. Then again, this one seemed reasonable, its just that everything fell into place extremely fast. I do think it will be nice to be able to explore each other's interests and curiosity through helping others. Which leads me to a question. When I look at you and we are touching, I don't see fantasies. Can you see any for me?”
2011-12-06 14:43:30
"Whatever you want."
As we got dressed to walk home Stephanie said, “Next time you had better capture it all with your camera or I’ll have to punish you.”
“Holy shit, you’re not joking, are you? You’ve never had an orgasm!”, I exclaimed.
"Should I come up with you?" asked her father at the front gate.
asked quickly.
"So, are you getting her something back?" she asked the second Jessica walked out the door.
Ed put his face in his hands. "Remember something?" Samantha asked in her same calm voice. It felt like another stab in Ed's heart though.
I moved behind her and reach around to grab her c-cup tits. My cock brushed her hands, but she made no move to grab it. “Good girl,” I told her.
"Well, I'm a girl. I think I should understand."
Kelly was the live wire of the three, full of energy, questions and a sense of vibrato that sometimes shocked the other two. Being the middle child, she was a little precocious both physically and emotionally and she definitely not shy when it came to her questions about anything to do with sex and this, as it turned out, was her downfall.
‘We’ve gotta go now!’ Harry said urgently. Hermione nodded quickly and grabbed Harry’s arm and turned on the spot. Harry experienced the uncomfortable feeling of appartion as they appeared at the door of Harry’s new but depressing house, Grimmauld Place.
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I shrugged. “Do you know any other Morgans?”
“Bzzzzzzz...” Slap snooze button again!
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“Mind if we go somewhere a bit pricey,” Jenna asks and I think for a second.
“What’s it to you?” I answered.
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For the next few days me and Sophie avoided each other. Neither of us wanted to talk about what happened. I knew we couldn't do this forever because the school holidays were coming up and that would mean me and my sister alone in the house for 2 weeks.
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