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Le Petit Prince

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This simple tale tells the story of a child, the little prince, who travels the universe gaining wisdom. He discovers how to love, appriciate, understand and truly live a happy and peaceful life

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Cleveland/Akron/Canton/Youngstown Music Scene. A place for local bands, venues and publications to share information about the local music scene.

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What is TRONbet platform all about? TRONbet is a truly decentralized e-gaming platform that utilizes the TRON blockchain to provide a transparent and fair experience.

2023.03.30 17:36 StepwiseUndrape574 Latest GTA 6 Rumors Allege Vice City Return But Its Release Date Is Another Question

It seems like we have been hearing rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 since the beginning of time, though in reality, it has only been almost that long. If you were hoping for some clarity with a release finally being around the bend, well, brace yourself—we could be in for several more years of rumors, not just weeks or even months.
Naturally, the folks at Rockstar Games are not offering up any juicy tidbits about the inevitable release. So everything we know, or think we know, has come by way of leaks and rumors. To that end, multiple leakers are reporting that GTA 6 might not come out until 2024 or even sometime 2025. As things stand right now, YouTuber Tom Henderson says the next version of GTA is very early in development.
Henderson notes that, historically, he has not been associated with GTA leaks (he's been more plugged into the Battlefield scene), but the information he shared in a YouTube video is based on what he has heard from multiple sources. He is not the only one that is hearing GTA 6 is still several years away from being released, either.
GTA 6 Tweet
Given the success of GTA Online, it seems Rockstar Games might not be in a rush to push out another major release. At the same time, it's said the developer is focusing "very heavily on employee well being," which in part means avoiding the crunch that precedes a game's release. However, there is at least one other factor at play as well.
It's said GTA 6 will launch on PC and the latest generation game consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S). By taking its time in releasing GTA 6, Rockstar Games will have a much wider audience of compatible console owners to drum up sales. And while not mentioned, the same could be true in the PC space, as hopefully discrete GPUs will be plentiful again by the the time GTA 6 arrives.
As for the setting, Henderson says GTA 6 will in fact mark a return to Vice City. Rockstar Games may opt to add more locations to the map over time (post launch), but it looks like a modern take on Vice City is headed to the GTA universe.
Given how much we had playing Grand Theft Auto V when it came to PC several years ago (and still holds up today), we're excited to see what GTA 6 brings to the table, even if it means waiting another 3-4 years.
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2023.03.30 17:35 Secret_Progress_6693 Oops! I did it again.

I have been on the sidelines. Over the past few months I have grown cold and accepted my db. I am attending a conference and had zero aspirations. On the buffet line I comment that the food does not look appetizing. Person behind me agreed and we have a 40 minute conversation concerning pasta. At the end of the dinner she stood in the doorway waiting around for me. I thought to myself this will either be heaven or hell. She took my hand and I followed her to the bar. I called over the bartender and said "Please bring me my wine" He said, 'We haven't had that spirit here since 1969" Voices were calling me from far away because the cold that taken over my life was thawing.
We were cautiously flirting touching each other’s arms. A song from our childhood comes on and she takes my hand “let’s go dance.” I was caressing her hair as we talked and she was grabbing my butt telling me how good I smell. It was so nice to feel noticed. I looked her in the eyes and I am not and was not looking to hook up but “It must be your skin, I'm sinkin' in It must be for real, 'cause now I can feel” and we kissed. We kissed all night in the Uber, elevator, and back to the room.
She told me she was single, so my mind was running for the door I had to find the passage back to the place I was before. "Relax, " said the voice in my mind. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave". We agreed that she would spend the night but no relations. In the middle of night I feel her legs wrap around mine and our hands embrace.
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2023.03.30 17:35 serviette0839 looks like it might be fibro

After a very long grueling month of visiting doctors who didn’t take my pain seriously, one doctor from my hometown finally took a crap ton of blood tests to see if there was anything wrong with me, and the blood tests came back normal. According to these tests, I’m a normal healthy 20 year old.
I was really hoping that there would be something physical, besides my symptoms, that could be pointed at and then I could be reassured that I’m not crazy.
This month started out with me thinking that I pinched a nerve in my elbow to me dropping things constantly, and then to my jaw bone hurting so much it felt like it was being stabbed, and then now it hurts whenever I do anything that involves me moving. This also goes on top of the ever increasing fatigue, which doesn’t ease up if I sleep for 12 hours or don’t sleep for 30+ hours, I’m exhausted 24/7.
I feel so crazy and yet all my friends are saying it’s good that my blood work came back normal, but I kinda wish it didn’t, mainly so a doctor could point at it and say “here’s exactly what’s wrong with you and that’s why you’re feeling this way.” I was really really hoping that it wouldn’t be fibro, despite the fact my boyfriend thought it was when my more extreme pain started.
I don’t mean to sound so hopeless and disgruntled about it, but I just know it’s going to be a hard long journey to figure out how to properly manage my pain and mental health, and also a doctor to actually confirm that I have fibro so I can maybe get some help at work and not die from ordinary tasks.
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2023.03.30 17:34 Holiday-Mortgage-77 Going to start implementing the evil advisor gambit in my games

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2023.03.30 17:34 Ecstatic-Sun-2636 I (33f) need advice on what to do about a drunken chat with friend (34m) do I tell his partner (30f)

So I have recently reconnected with my childhood friend (34m). We stopped being friends because he got a gf who didn’t like our friendship.
I started working a job at his work and we stared being friends again, about 9 years after we stopped being friends.
We hung out a lot, I met his gf of 7 years (31f) she is absolutely lovely and does everything for him. Cooks, cleans and runs his four kids around. She was always so welcoming to me and never had an issue. If anything I liked her better than him! Lol
He was having a leaving party and she wasn’t invited because ‘she doesn’t work for the company anymore’ but she was so kind and took me there. I tried to convince her to just come out for a few drinks/meal with me and we would gatecrash together later in the evening. She didn’t want to, she wanted him to have a good night.
So later that night I was out smoking and one of the other managers and a girl told me in front of this friend that he said I had sucked his dick years ago. This was an absolute lie. He was stood there and didn’t even deny saying it. They also said he didn’t want his gf there because I was there.
This comment upset me because everyone at the company now thinks I sucked his dick. I’m in a happy relationship and soon to be married.
Later on that night my friend confessed to me that I was ‘ the one that got away’ that he will ‘always love me’ but he said that he’s happy with his gf and was so happy I was with a decent guy and that he would always look out for me. I told him that he shouldn’t say these things as I’m happy and about to get married which they are both invited to.
Turns out I drunkenly pocket called my partner. I didn’t know I had done this until my partner told me about it two weeks later!! He was ok about it as he agreed with everything I said. I just didn’t want to tell him and cause drama as I know how I feel and I would never go there.
Of course he’s unhappy about this friendship going forward and I respect that. I wouldn’t like it the other way around. So I told my friend who obviously can’t remember the conversation but apologised and wanted to talk to my partner about it even though he can’t remember what was said but he was happy in his relationship.
My question now is do I tell his partner, she’s going to know something is up ad they are supposed to be coming to the wedding and now they’re not. She’s desperate to get married and even before this event I’ve felt like he’s been stringing her along. She’s such a lovely girl but I also know he was probably just drunk and talking shit…. What would you do as I just have this guilt and thought after talking with my partner I wouldn’t still feel like this but I still do…
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2023.03.30 17:34 BoseJautista (Help) Creatures of Prophecy - Stuck in a Loop

Hi Guys,
I finished killing the Thief and am on my way back to the Wolves.
At some point, I have taken a wrong turn, and am now stuck in an endless loop running between The Abandoned Village, over the spear jump, over the waterfall, through the woods/cave and back to the Abandoned Village.
There doesn't seem to be any other turn I can take - i'm not sure how I ended up here! When I restart checkpoint/load manual/autosaves, they all take me back to the same place and I run the loop again.
Is there any way out of this? I really don't want to have to start again!!!
All help is much appreciated!
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2023.03.30 17:34 ic8readm8 Plat vs Deed Dispute?

Hi All,
I'm having a dispute with the city I live in in regards to my property. I've been at my home for 3 years now and was recently approached by a city building inspector stating a portion of my fence is extending onto city property. Lo and behold, he presents a city plat that shows that the tiny alley running between me and my nextdoor neighbor (I live in a duplex) belongs to the city and not to me. While not official, I added up the measurements in the city plat and compared it to what is written on my deed (x amount of feet from the corner of Blah Blah and Lah Lah). The math adds up to include that alleyway as my property and so I really don't think I am in violation of anything.
My title company agrees that it is my property, but can't really offer any other help while the title insurance denied my claim. I'm just confused on what to do since the city does not acknowledge my deed is correct. Do plats take precedence of lines over deeds? Any advice is helpful. I imagine this would require a lawyer of some sorts, but I'm trying to weigh if it would be worth the fight.
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2023.03.30 17:34 insertclevername7 Worried 10 mo rescue will not adjust to cat - what do I do?

Backstory: We have a 1 year old lab we raised from 8 weeks old and trained her from the beginning to get along with our 4 year old cat. About two weeks ago we added a 10 month old lab rescue. The rescue did not think he’d ever been around cats so had no idea how he would respond. He’s been great with our resident dog and is a really sweet dog.
I am starting to worry that he might have a really high prey drive and will hurt our cat. We are currently working on basic obedience—he knows come and sit and just got lay down. Our poor cat has been hiding upstairs and only comes down when he knows the dog is crated. The first week the dog was obsessed with the baby gate that blocks the stairs and wouldn’t stop scratching at it —I think to see the cat. We’ve been working on getting him to leave that alone. We’ve had one incident where he got through the gate and he ran upstairs to go see the cat. Luckily my spouse was there and able to close the door to the cat. We’ve been working on bringing the dog to the cat to introduce him and this is where I’m worried. He usually is very treat oriented but when we are near the cat he doesn’t care. He completely focuses on the cat and doesn’t listen at all. He doesn’t try to attack the cat but does try to jump up to see him.
I’m at a loss. It was much easier with our other dog. I’m worried he won’t be able to live with a cat. What do I do?
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2023.03.30 17:34 Ashamed-Grape7792 Awkwardness when reconnecting with a sibling

Hey guys,
I've been trying to reconnect with a half sibling and we haven't talked in ages. They've messaged me a few times asking more open ended questions (eg How's it going, how's ur work going) and I'm finding it super awkward to answer and I end up not responding at all for weeks and they probably think I want no relationship now lol.
Anyone else get through the awkwardness with someone and does it take a long time? I feel so bad but I'm just stressed with life and it's too much energy to make a response.
I feel so scared of being judged.
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2023.03.30 17:34 haroonnazim_ Ollie Robinson on THAT Babar dismissal from Multan Test.

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2023.03.30 17:33 D_Sidd Audible experimenting with ads in audiobooks (aka another reason to buy direct from authors)

Before you check out the text copied from Audible below, YES, this is only a limited program RIGHT NOW but we know how these things go with Amazon. If they can make an extra buck, it's coming. And no, I'm not anti-Amazon but I am against anything that hurts the reader's experience and immersion with a book.
Here's another quick plug to buy direct from an author whenever possible. Honestly, the Bookfunnel app is working better for me than Audible lately. (How can my book not play via Audible when my cell service sucks when it's supposed to be downloaded to my device!? ..rant for another day).
Anyway, here's Wonderwall:
Why am I hearing advertisements in my audiobook?
We are currently conducting limited testing for non-members only that provides ad-supported access to a limited set of Audible titles.
Q: Is Audible planning to create an ad-based membership plan? A: We are currently conducting limited testing for non-members only that provides ad-supported access to a limited set of Audible titles.
Q: Why is Audible conducting this test now? A: Audible is dedicated to continuously optimizing how we deliver audio programming to listeners everywhere. From time to time, Audible tests new products and services to gain knowledge about the evolving needs of our customers and partners.
Q: Why are you only including these titles? How did you select these titles? A: This test features beloved audiobooks, well-known podcasts and Audible Originals. Providers whose titles are included were given the choice to opt-in or opt-out of ads.
Q: How many times will advertisements play throughout my title? Does this change periodically, or based on the title? A: A total of 8 ads can be heard within a 24-hour period, regardless of the title. Additionally, we’ve taken additional measures to make sure that ads won’t be heard too frequently within a short time span
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2023.03.30 17:33 AlpsAgreeable2782 Need help preparing to fight a GOD in Curse of Stradh

Our lvl 11 party (Artificer, Rogue, Cleric, Barbarian) just finished Curse of Stradh, but we wanted to keep playing so DM put a couple homebrews together and now we're fighting Vampyr (the Vestige that gave power to Stradh).
Long story short Vampyr is pissed with us, so he's keeping Barovia cursed. We now need to perform a Ritual to trap Vampyr inside the Amber Temple.
The Ritual involves: Summoning Vampyr and then holding him in place for many rounds (like 10, 20 or more), protecting our Cleric while he completes the Ritual, praying to not die.
We have no idea on what to expect or how the DM is gonna run it, if it's gonna be some kind if puzzle battle, or a straight combat, maybe Vampyr will send waves of enemies, NO IDEA. Only thing I know is that DM hinted this is going to be SUPER CHALLENGING, and we better prepare ourselves.
So I was thinking a couple things:
At the moment there are no hurry, we could spend could weeks, maybe months preparing (but I'm pretty sure if we wait too much, Vampyr will start attacking the cities)
- What would be good uses of Glyph of Warding for this fight?
What other clever preparations can we do to face a GOD?
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2023.03.30 17:33 iamasinglepotassium Florida Ounces

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2023.03.30 17:32 ic8readm8 Plat vs. Deed Dispute? (Maryland)

Hi All,
I'm having a dispute with the city I live in in regards to my property. I've been at my home for 3 years now and was recently approached by a city building inspector stating a portion of my fence is extending onto city property. Lo and behold, he presents a city plat that shows that the tiny alley running between me and my nextdoor neighbor (I live in a duplex) belongs to the city and not to me. While not official, I added up the measurements in the city plat and compared it to what is written on my deed (x amount of feet from the corner of Blah Blah and Lah Lah). The math adds up to include that alleyway as my property and so I really don't think I am in violation of anything.
My title company agrees that it is my property, but can't really offer any other help while the title insurance denied my claim. I'm just confused on what to do since the city does not acknowledge my deed is correct. Do plats take precedence of lines over deeds? Any advice is helpful. I imagine this would require a lawyer of some sorts, but I'm trying to weigh if it would be worth the fight.
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2023.03.30 17:32 jroth95 A Quick One Before First Pitch

I've been thinking a lot about this but hadn't quite resolved it enough to post, but a Tim Williams article today is making me pull the trigger in talking about the Pirates future two-headed catcher tandem.
Endy Rodriguez has obviously emerged as the Pirates #1 catcher of the future, while Henry Davis' shortcomings behind the plate have always cast some doubt on his ability to stick there. His injury-shortened playing time has kept those concerns alive, but to be honest, everything I've read from people who aren't hand-wringing, Nutting-damaged Pirates fans agrees that he should be adequate defensively.
But here's what's more important: the days of the #1 C who starts 140 games while some replacement-level backup manages the other 22 are simply over, just like the days of starters completing 10 games (let alone 20) a year are. If you don't believe me, read the intro to the FG article about positional depth charts at the position. It's too long for me to even block quote, but I'll cherry-pick one stat: "Only Realmuto started 120 games at the position last year, and only Salvador Perez managed that in 2021."
So it's obvious to me that the next 5+ years of catching in Pittsburgh will look like a Rodriguez-first tandem with Davis. Maybe 100 starts from the former to 62 of the latter. Both of them can hit, and the simple move would be to have the resting player get PAs as DH. But here's where things get interesting: Endy is not a bulky catcher, and has significant playing time at 2B as well as some other spots. Meanwhile—and this is where the PP article comes in—Davis has reps in RF, and apparently looks good out there.
Now, I wouldn't want either guy starting 155 games in the field, but when you're talking about the severely reduced workload behind the plate that we're contemplating, pure rest on off days is a much lower priority. Davis might only catch consecutive days when Endy is hurt, while Endy might only do it every 10 games or so. So we're not looking at how Clint used to handle Russell and Cervelli—it's a whole new paradigm.
So what would I like to see? As I said let's start from a 100/60 split between the two. For Endy, that leaves him as no more than a second second baseman; maybe it ends up 20 starts there plus 20 in RF, with DH on remaining days. But for Davis, I could see him getting a full 80 starts in RF. What I like about that in particular is the flexibility across the defense. Assuming something like Crews as an OF stud flanked by a couple lesser lights, the alignment on any given game can lean defense or offense, speed or power, and regardless, one of your best bats (meaning Davis, fingers crossed) is in the lineup. And if you end up with 3 better OFs than Davis, then there's always DH/1B. Rodriguez won't get enough starts in the field to really change the balance, but his versatility does mean that no-bat UTs should be seeing a lot fewer starts. And since neither of them has to play DH very often, you can either play a classic, slugging DH if you find one, or else use it as a platoon/day of rest position for the whole team—again, flexibility not only in daily lineup, but also whole roster construction.
By '25, the daily lineup could/should include Crews, Cruz, Davis, Rodriguez, Johnson, and Hayes—5 potentially elite hitters plus whatever Hayes ends up being. And that's before getting anything out of our other OFs and IFs, at least a few of whom are almost certain to hit decently. I don't think we have to wait that long for the team to be good, but it does suggest that, when the time comes, it will actually be good.
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2023.03.30 17:32 Lidiflyful How is this getting HARDER rather than easier?

Day 4. I thought the cravings would be easing off by now but they are intensifying. Im very VERY close to running out to the shop for tobacco.
Please help this is awful, how long does it last??? I just read Allen Carrs Easy Way to Stop Smoking and he said I wouldn't notice the pangs.
Well Allen, I AM NOTICING.
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2023.03.30 17:32 Huaiquilaf Ron Burgundy here. Farewell NBA Clash community.

Ron Burgundy here. Farewell NBA Clash community.
Not much to say, but to thank mainly the discord community for being helpful and friendly these past few months. It felt like a small family.
I've seen a lot of people playing until the last minute the servers go down, so that might show the devs how everyone feels for the game, now that is being shut down. The product is good, it just needed more promoting and bug fixing.
It was nice to play with everyone, take care!
PD: Formerly known as Lameloscocos, just a word game with Lamelo Ball's name with spanish words.
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2023.03.30 17:32 Spidermonkeyres Analysis of Martial Melee Damage & Action Economy - Fighter

Analysis of Martial Melee Damage & Action Economy - Fighter
I plan to present a series of posts looking at damage and action economy of the martial melee classes across levels 1-20. This is not an optimization guide looking at all the nitty gritty details of weapon selection and such. I am sure you can present cases that provide options with better damage. Here, we are mainly looking at general class progression and how feat/class ability choices impact damage and action economy. Previously, I presented the damage of attacks a function of MAP (Objective Value of Third Actions: How to quantify : Pathfinder2e (, here we expand on that analysis to look at how these translate into actual damage and how feats/class abilities affect the more general results.
Most of the simulations are performed with the amazing calculator by Ben Halbach (Pathfinder Damage Calculator PF 2e build dpr compare tool (, and graphs are generated using his website. I believe he (or maybe someone using his tool) did an analysis of damage of some classic build options ( Expected damage comparisons by level : Pathfinder2e ( ). The focus here is to look a bit more into the feats and the value of individual actions. There can certainly be mistakes.
The baseline assumption is that the character will start with an 18 in their attack/damage statistic, the foe is equal level with high AC and moderate saves (Based on the Creature Building Rules). Progression of potency and striking runes are based on Automatic Bonus Progression, and weapon property runes that add to the damage are included at level-appropriate times. We will use a single Strike (MAP 0) by a Fighter with a d12 weapon as a baseline for all damage comparisons. The expected damage at each level for the baseline is presented in the following figure.
Baseline Damage Curve
All damage will be presented as a % of this baseline damage. For example, we might say that an attack does 50% of the baseline damage, so to get the real damage at a specific level, multiply the % by the value presented in the graph above.
Tl;dr; General Two-Handed and Free-Handed Fighters do slightly more expected damage than Dual-Wielding Fighters until high level. Fighters have a number of feats that improve the value of second and third attacks. Their second attack can be very strong for all these builds, and the third attack also has decent value. The Dual-Wield Fighter at high level has the strongest third attack, so if you want to play a class that just keeps attacking, that might be an appealing build.
For Fighter, we look at three different builds: two-handed, free-handed, and dual-wielding.
The Fighter does not have much feat support for only 1 attack action in a turn. Many of the feats have the press trait. For two-handed Fighters, we will assume a d12 weapon. For free-handed weapon users (1 weapon, 1 free hand), we will assume a d8 (Two-handed d12) weapon, like a Bastard Sword. They can use Dual-Handed Assault to increase damage to that of a d14 weapon (two-handed d12), or they can use Snagging strike to make the enemy flat-footed to help out their subsequent attacks or teammates. Note that Dual-Handed Assault is a level 4 feat. Dual-wielders suffer the most as they are stuck with a d8 or d6 weapon as Double Slice requires two actions. A comparison of the damage is provided in Figure 2.1. The Two-Handed fighter is the highest damage until Dual-Handed Assault is acquired at level 4.

Figure 2.1 Damage of Fighter with Single Action. Target level = PC level
Next, we add a second attack action. To compare the options, we took a simple approach. We calculate the expected damage for various actions assuming they are the second attack action in a turn.
For two-handed Fighters, we considered a second strike, Advantageous Assault, Certain Strike, Brutal Finish, and the additional damage that would be granted if this were the second action of a Power Attack. Power Attack is the worst of these options (assuming that it is not being used to overcome damage resistance), adding around 40% baseline damage. A second strike adds approximately 55% baseline damage. Advantageous Assault, Certain Strike, and Furious Finish are all similar in damage, around 70-80% damage of the baseline, and they all remain similar for target level +/-2. Note, we include Advantageous Assault mainly to see its value if the target has the conditions for it be used (compared to Certain Strike for example), but we do not consider how to apply the condition.

Figure 2.2. Damage of Two-Handed Fighter with their second action. Target level = PC level
Next, we look at 2 actions for the free-handed Fighter as shown in Figure 2.3. Certain Strike provided ~60% of the baseline damage, Advantageous Assault ~55%, and a second strike ~45%. While Snagging Strike provides lower damage than Dual-Handed Assault for the first attack, it can apply the flat-footed condition. The sequence Snagging Strike -> Certain Strike is still approximately 15% lower damage than the sequence Dual-Handed Strike -> Certain Strike. We did not consider Combat Grab here because it does not increase raw damage, but it provides good tactical value.
Compared with two-handed fighters, the Dual-Handed Assault with two-handed d12 weapon provides strong value such that the expected damage of the free-handed Fighter’s two-action sequence is comparable to the two-handed Fighter.
Figure 2.3. Damage of Free-Handed Fighter with their second action. Target level = PC level
Next, we consider dual-wielding Fighters. At low levels, using Double Slice as the first action provides much better damage than any of the other two-action sequences considered, with the second attack in Double Slice adding 70-80% of baseline damage. At high levels, Strike -> Two-Weapon Flurry with either d6 agile d6 agile or d8 d6 agile and Agile Grace provides slightly higher (<5%) damage than Double Slice d8 d6 agile, but it does not have the advantage (or disadvantage) of adding the dice before applying weakness (or resistance).
Figure 2.4. Damage of Dual-Wielding Fighter with their second action. Target level = PC level
Adding the damage of the first and second actions, we see that two-handed Fighter and free-handed Fighter are very similar in damage, about 170% of the baseline (two-handed slightly ahead). Dual-wielding fighter is slightly behind, by about ~10% of baseline damage.
Finally, we arrive at the three-action scenario. The expected value of a third attack is low relative to the first attack. However, there are feats that can improve the value of the third attack action.
Things are becoming a bit complicated. We have two additional feats to consider, Exacting Strike and Furious Focus. First, we will ignore those feats. In Figure 2.5 we show possible third actions, which includes Advantageous Assault, Certain Strike, Brutal Finish, a Strike, and the additional damage if the second attack was Power Attack. Striking was the worst second action and the additional damage from Power Attack is the lowest damage here. That means that of the actions considered, Power Attacking as a second action is the worst option. A second action Power Attack is comparable to striking twice at MAP 1x-5 and MAP 2x-5. Advantageous Assault, Certain Strike, and Brutal Finish are all similar damage with one another, about 40% of the baseline damage.
Figure 2.5. Damage of Two-Handed Fighter with their third action. Target level = PC level
How would Furious Focus change these results (see Figure 2.6)? The trade-off is pretty simple, is the value of Power Attack (MAP 0) plus one of the MAP 1x-5 actions more than that of taking an action each at MAP 0, 1x-5, and 2x-5. Power Attack (MAP 0) was worth around 150% of baseline damage and the MAP 1x-5 actions (Certain Strike, Advantageous Assault, Brutal Finish) were worth around 70-80% of baseline damage for a total of ~210-220% of baseline damage. The sum of the three actions is about 210% baseline damage (MAP 0 100%, MAP 1x-5 70%, and MAP 2x-5 40%). Essentially, Power Attack (Furious Focus) -> Brutal Finish/Certain Strike is similar value as Strike -> Certain Strike -> Brutal Finish/Certain Strike. The Strike -> Certain Strike -> Certain Strike option takes only a single feat, whereas the other option takes 3 feats.
Next, let us consider Exacting Strike. The damage of a second action Exacting Strike is about 55% of baseline damage. If Exacting Strike fails, but not critically fails, then the MAP does not increase and the damage of the third action can be given by the damage of one of the MAP 1x-5 actions already discussed. The value of these second actions were 70-80% of the baseline damage. However, we cannot simply add those values because we need to account for the probability of the second action failing or succeeding.
In Figure 2.6 we compare the results of Exacting Strike with Furious Focus Power Attacks and the Strike -> Certain Strike -> Certain Strike sequence. Overall, the value of Strike -> Exacting Strike -> Certain Strike is comparable to Strike -> Certain Strike -> Certain Strike as well as Power Attack (Furious Focus) -> Certain Strike. From a feat cost perspective, Strike -> Certain Strike -> Certain Strike has the lowest cost. However, Exacting Strike provides some utility at the mid level range before you obtain Certain Strike. Exacting Strike also provides flexibility in actions because you can choose not to make the third attack if the Exacting Strike succeeds. For both of these reasons, our recommendation would be to skip Power Attack and Furious Focus and instead obtain Exacting Strike and Certain Strike. The Power Attack (Furious Focus) sequence provides similar damage, but is less flexible and has lower value if you only want to use two actions to attack.
Figure 2.6. Damage of Two-Handed Fighter three action combos. Target level = PC level.
Next, we move on to the three-action sequences for the free-handed Fighter. Figure 2.7 shows the expected damage of third attack actions versus the baseline. A MAP 2x-5 strike provides 20-25% of the baseline damage and Certain Strike increases the expected damage to about 35-40%.
Figure 2.7. Expected damage of third attack actions for free-handed Fighter. Target level = PC level
Figure 2.8 shows the overall expected damage of some three-action sequences – this is particularly important to assess the value of Snagging Strike. Overall, the free-handed Fighter does about 10% less damage than the two-handed Fighter for the three-action sequence. Dual-Handed Assault with a two-handed d12 weapon is only about a 10% damage increase over Snagging Strike sequence when considering a three-action sequence because the value of the two-handed d12 property only applies to the first attack in the sequence. We did not consider Combat Grab here because it does not increase raw damage, but it provides good tactical value.
Figure 2.8. Expected damage of three-action sequences for free-handed Fighter. Target level = PC level
Finally, we examine third actions for the dual-wielding Fighter. Figure 2.9 shows a comparison of various options. We see that the value of the third action starts low and grows massively at level 14 when Two-Weapon Flurry is obtained, and again at 16 when Graceful Poise is obtained.
Figure 2.9. Expected damage of third attack actions for dual-wielding Fighter. Target level = PC level
In Figure 2.10, we plot the expected damage of the three action sequences at various levels based on the results of Figure 2.9. Dual-wielding is slightly behind Two-Handed Fighters until very high level (>14) when dual-wielding provides about 10% damage increase over two-handed and free-handed Fighters.
Figure 2.10. Expected damage of three action sequences for dual-wielding Fighter. Target level = PC level
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2023.03.30 17:32 ThrowRA24357 Boyfriend (30M) tells me (27f) that he misses the “old” me because I don’t want to have sex with him everyday

My (27f) boyfriend (30m) and I have been together for almost 5 years. When we first started dating I had a pretty high sex drive and we had sex almost every other day. As time went on, it started becoming less and less but still a couple times a week at least. Within the last year, my anxiety had gotten increasingly worse and worse and when we moved out of state together it got debilitating and I had to start medication. I couldn’t drive, go to any stores alone, or really leave the house at all.
When I started my medication, my life changed entirely. I could finally live like a normal person, the only negative thing that came from it was it lowered my sex drive even more.
I think it’s also fair to mention that he has also stopped contributing to any of the housework since we’ve been here, he leaves his clothes and shoes everywhere, and he stays up all night because guess what…he doesn’t have a job right now. I have asked him multiple times when he’s gonna start working and he doesn’t give me a real answer. I ask him to put his dishes in the dishwasher when he’s done with them so they don’t pile up in this sink and he fights me, saying he would rather do them all at the end of the night (which I will give it to him, he does). I have to pay for all our groceries, he never offers to get them or buy them. This has only started since we moved, he has never been like this before.
Almost everyday he talks about how he misses the “old” me. The girl who was horny everyday and wanted to have sex with him all the time. He has said “this is what it must feel like to be married”. When I get upset about it, he turns it around and will say “oh so I’m just not supposed to say anything about it and how it’s gonna be like this forever?”
I have told him if he did some stuff around the house and started working or contributing in any way that maybe some of my sex drive would come back but apparently that’s not good enough for him.
I literally moved across the country for him, and I do love him but things need to change. How can I voice it so we can have a civil conversation and try to work things out?
Edit: for clarity
TL;DR! My boyfriend is constantly telling me he misses the old me because I won’t have sex with him everyday
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2023.03.30 17:32 Exotic_Clue_4242 Questions about gold farm

  1. Which class is best to choose in WoW Dragonflight for versatility? So that you can easily try different ways of farming gold for it.
  2. What are the best ways of farming now and how much can I farm per hour on them?
  3. Can you also advise a farm and a class for earning gold in WotLK Classic?
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2023.03.30 17:31 jouxplan ‘School Dinners’ - Chocolate and Toothpaste Tart. A popular request / query. Yes, it has pastry, cocoa, hot chocolate, milk powder, icing sugar and butter. No, it doesn’t have Colgate or any other brand of toothpaste! Yum? Yum?

‘School Dinners’ - Chocolate and Toothpaste Tart. A popular request / query. Yes, it has pastry, cocoa, hot chocolate, milk powder, icing sugar and butter. No, it doesn’t have Colgate or any other brand of toothpaste! Yum? Yum? submitted by jouxplan to Old_Recipes [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 17:31 Salty_Ad_3350 Pool Leak Detection Company Can’t Find Large Leak.

So for the past couple months I’ve noticed about 1/4- 1/3 of an inch of water loss in my pool daily (eyeball estimate). I’m in Tampa Fl and it has been hot and dry, but in the 8 years I’ve lived in my home I’ve never lost this much due to evaporation. Leak detection company came by Tuesday and did their thing. He was at work an hour and a half and looked to due a really thorough job with dye and pressure testing. Guy was super nice and professional. Told me he found no leak and set up a bucket test. His theory was that it was just evaporation. He told me to leave the pool off during the bucket test. If the levels are the same there was no leak.
Right away this put me off because the bucket test with equipment off would only detect a suction side leak but he was telling me it would detect all leaks. Bucket test after 24 hours showed water dropped an undetectable amount. Yesterday was hot and dry so obviously I was not loosing water by evaporation at a rate of 1/4 inch. When I texted him the results his response was “great you don’t have a leak”. I said hold up, now I’m going to do the bucket test on service mode for 24 hours and get back to you the results.
Today after 20 hours with the equipment on the pool dropped 1 inch. Service mode does crank up the motor to a higher speed so it likely leaked more on service mode as apposed to the regular running mode. I texted him the results and his first reaction was that it was leaking from the equipment they don’t handle equipment leaks and that he would put me in touch with another service company. I told him his explanation doesn’t make sense. My pool is huge! 20k gallons plus. I don’t know the math but 1 inch is a lot of gallons. If my motor or filter was leaking this quantity of water it would be visible or at least pooling near the equipment. I looked at the equipment up and down and I can’t find a drop. Where could the equipment be leaking that is not visible? The filter pad is dry and the soil in the entire general vicinity is damp, not wet. Definitely damp near the pipes, dry near the heater. I pointed out the damp soil on Tuesday as the grass in the area is also a lush green while the rest of my yard is dead (I live on a couple acres and don’t irrigate). No other area near the pool has green lush grass.
After pushing back on his equipment theory he said he would come back tomorrow and take another look after talking to his supervisor. He said the pressure test was normal and he doubts it’s a pipe. I asked him what their policy is if the leak is evident but they just can’t find it. It was a 445$ fee. I’m just going to have to hire another more competent person. I don’t want to name the company because they are coming back and I’m hoping they will figure it out.
My theory is that it is a pipe issue near the equipment. Any other ideas? Should I still have to pay if they can’t find the leak? Help and advice appreciated.
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