Light brown with caramel highlights


2012.09.18 09:27 CaptainTurtle Cubone

2010.04.17 18:15 Calgary Flames: Welcome to the C of Reddit!

Welcome to the C of Reddit! Join our community to get news and discuss your favourite NHL hockey team, the Calgary Flames!

2022.10.19 05:09 BlackHarbor MisrachEwunetie

Misrach Ewunetie, 20, was last seen about 3 a.m. Friday in the vicinity of Princeton University's Scully Hall. Ewunetie is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. She has brown eyes, black hair and light brown complexion. Anyone with information on Ewunetie’s whereabouts should contact the Princeton, NJ Police Department: 609-921-2100

2023.03.26 14:46 SmashSix [WTS] Vortex Viper PST Gen II 3-15x44 FFP MRAD, Switchview SV-5

Lightly used Vortex Viper PST Gen II 3-15x44 FFP MRAD. The only salt is on the battery cover and near the logo as shown in the photos. This has seen no use from me and minimal use from the previous owner. Comes with all original accessories but no defender caps (decided to keep those) - $525
Vortex SV-5 Switchview Throw Lever. Minimal to no salt. - $45
All prices are shipped USPS. Will take PayPal F&F or Venmo only. Hit me up with any questions 🤙
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2023.03.26 14:46 PumpkinBusy2791 Hello, my Forgetti leaves have been deformed/damaged for a while. The last 5 leaves? It in PON. In room temperature setting. Bright indirect light. The leaves keep cupping? And the new leaves have brown damage on the edges. I try to keep the PON moist.

Hello, my Forgetti leaves have been deformed/damaged for a while. The last 5 leaves? It in PON. In room temperature setting. Bright indirect light. The leaves keep cupping? And the new leaves have brown damage on the edges. I try to keep the PON moist. submitted by PumpkinBusy2791 to Anthurium [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 14:46 transhumanism1998 My (27F) gf (28F) just revealed to me that she's trans (MtF) and I'm fucking reeling. I desperately need unbiased advice. I don't know what to do.

No one knows. No one. She has friends she's been close to for years who don't know. She had all the surgeries in a foreign country when she had lots of money saved up a very long time ago and now passes so well that you can have sex with her with the lights on and not notice that she isn't cis. She is extremely secretive about it and refuses to discuss it through text to avoid creating a record, even.
I just don't know how to feel. And I feel like I'm not allowed to not know how to feel. I want so badly to get real advice without a political agenda that isn't just "magically force yourself to completely get over it now or else you're an evil transphobe" or "omfg that's a man in a dress who has committed rape by deception, dump him immediately."
My feelings are so complicated and contradictory right now. I keep swinging wildly between "I don't care at all" and "I'm absolutely fucking enraged and deeply hurt." I don't really even know how to explain my feelings, and maybe people who don't have my background wouldn't get it anyway.
I am a lesbian who grew up in an extremely, notoriously misogynistic and homophobic culture. I am a gay conversion therapy and corrective rape survivor. I am disowned by my entire family. I have been homeless before and I am a suicide attempt survivor. I have been through a lot of really horrific things in my life due to being female and gay. Gf grew up in the same culture. We bonded over having similar experiences a lot. Like, this is a BIG part of why I fell in love with her. But now..... I know that she spent those years as a boy, not as a girl like I thought, and I don't know what to do with that information. I feel lied to and deceived. I thought she knew what it was like to be told from childhood that your purpose in life is to be a a sexual and reproductive slave for a man of your family's choosing one day. But she doesn't.
When she told me, I was in total disbelief at first. I didn't believe her and thought she was playing a joke on me. Then, I thought she must mean that she was transitioning from a cis female to something else, but she clarified that no, she was MtF. And then I started crying. I was in complete shock. I felt like she had died, or like our entire relationship was a beautiful dream I'd woken from to find myself facing a cold, dark morning alone. She said she was sorry. She didn't get mad at me for reacting this way and she understood.
I don't really know what I want. I guess I just want someone to help me sort through my thoughts and feelings without judgement of me or her. It's the deceit that bothers me a lot more than the actual physical/medical fact of her being trans. I just don't understand why she didn't tell me until now. I thought we were fellow survivors of the same thing, but we're not. She was enjoying the extreme privileges males receive in our culture of origin for 20 entire years while I was fighting to psychologically survive being female every day. I don't know how to get over that. I just don't.
What I feel more strongly than anything right now is that I wish she had never told me. I just wish I could go back to not knowing so badly.
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2023.03.26 14:45 Salem13978 Engineering fail on Select batteries IMHO

So I picked up a live rosin cart, very good very yummy ... hits like a hammer tastes like kissing cornflakes but the Select battery has a light on the tip that only the end user cannot see.I know you cannot expect the battery to be full charged but after a few pulls I went into the bathroom at work (was that wrong if someone had told me #Seinfeld#George) and looked at the mirror to see a flash that indicated low battery. OK, but that's the only time without assistance I can tell the battery is low is with a mirror.
I do like that you can charge the battery with the cart installed but the rest is an engineering fail IMHO.
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2023.03.26 14:45 beatleswmc01 08 Focus Auto: Difficulties Uphill

Hey everyone. My mother’s vehicle is having issues. It was having a metal scraping noise in the same wheel that used to be vibrating but the shop she took it to replaced the spindle and said it was the worst one they’ve ever seen (I would have fixed that if it was my vehicle but I didn’t wanna mess with something like that on hers), that noise is gone.
When she got it back the traction control and the drivetrain wrench light were on and the MAF sensor turned out to be unplugged. However, the lights eventually came back on (when she drove it, not when I was idling). The transmission fluid is burnt and there was also a drag feeling when you let go of the gas.
Before I discovered the MAF sensoon the way home from the shop we were going up a mild hill where the speed limit was 45 but it was only going like 30-35. (In a working vehicle most people go 55 on that road).
I haven’t rode in it yet since I plugged the MAF back in but she said it’s okay after you get it up to speed.
Without Googling it again, from my mind I’m thinking the main possibilities are any engine problem including an exhaust blockage as well, transmission, or something wrong with that back left wheel still (some possibilities are a lot more likely than others)
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2023.03.26 14:43 Meshstickle I should’ve seen it coming tbh 💀

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2023.03.26 14:43 JustlyWebbed Utopia p2p an eco friendly project

Have you at any point felt that the use of notable web administrations in light of a unified web engineering expands the nursery impact because of colossal intensity discharges? Luckily, cognizant organizations track down ways of tackling this issue by picking decentralization. One of such organizations is Utopia - an untraceable and uncrackable lattice organization, portrayed by insignificant yearly outflows of 42,500 kg. The idea of the venture establishes in maintainability, multifunctionality, and complete protection for individuals who can all the while use it as a courier, an email administration, an electronic wallet, and an internet browser without harming nature.
Utopia is harmless to the ecosystem arrangement on the grounds that rather than focal servers, whose activity incites multiple percent of the complete carbon dioxide discharges around the world, it utilizes just end-client gadgets, which are evidently scattered all over the planet and essentially don't warm up the climate.
Moreover, because of decentralization and strong traffic security instruments (AES-256 encryption), it has prohibited the hacking of client gadgets. This implies that these gadgets will not the slightest bit become piece of the botnet and won't start to consume irrationally a lot of power for the individual advantages of hackers.
Furthermore, they will not be hopelessly harmed, and you will not need to purchase another gadget, which is awful for your financial plan as well as for the planet on which we live.
One more benefit of Utopia as far as maintainability is the shortfall of spam and promoting, the execution of which likewise includes the arrival of countless tons (up to 160!) of carbon dioxide.
Obviously, today numerous undeniably popular advanced organizations like Twitter and Facebook effectively put resources into decreasing the emanations incited by the arrangements they send off. Notwithstanding, every one of them are business minded in some ways, making publicizing one of the primary instruments for monetization
That is the reason the more individuals utilize this really extraordinary item, the better it's for the climate. With everything taken into account, any individual who needs to get an eco-accommodating apparatus that epitomizes the thoughts of security is welcome to the authority site of Utopia.
Utopia website:
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2023.03.26 14:42 CallOfKyle Night Shift Nursing Home Story

This happened about 6 years ago during my first year as a CNA. Names obviously changed for privacy. I've recently gone back to school for writing and thought it'd be fun to convert some journal entries into stories. Primarily some of my favorites/creepiest. Hope you enjoy and I'd love to hear some feedback to improve my writing!

I was always pretty comfortable working at night. Staying up late playing video games was all I did on my days off anyway. I didn't think much of how different it would be somewhere else.
I had picked up at the job as CNA at a nursing home. I had done this kind of work before but in this case the home I worked at needed night shift aides. I was pretty familiar with how easy going the night shift usually is. A few patients will hit their call lights every now and then. And the patients who couldn't move I turned and changed every couple hours. The hardest part of the job was staying awake. If you've never worked in a nursing home, don't. The companies that run these places always gut the staffing ratios. The night shift got by okay because most of the patients were asleep, it did get overwhelming at times. There were two long hallways throughout the building. Housing about 60 patients or residents. The residents were there to stay long term. They had problems with memory, were on hospice, brain injuries, or whatever else. The dementia residents were my favorite. At least once a week I would get a fun story out of them. Anyways, on the night shift we had 3 CNA's and 2 Nurses. About 20 patient's a piece for the aides. The nurses were always elbow deep in charting and handing out medications. That left the aides to work amongst themselves. On the residents wing of the building, called long term, there was one nurses station. On the rehab side, which was a bit bigger, there was a station as well. I always got put on the long term wing of the building. Being a larger guy made moving and turning residents around in their beds a lot easier. The job wasn't half bad and always felt pretty rewarding. There wasn't much to complain about.
It was a hot August night that I came in for my shift. I knew I was going to be assigned to long term and headed down the hall. I met with the night nurse, Holly, at the nurses station. There, the two swing shift aides were eagerly waiting to give me their report and go on their ways. I won't bother with their names, it's not important. They had told me the usual rundown of the residents and I had been familiar with them for almost 6 months now. However, they had told me that David in 312 had been acting weird. They said he didn't really eat his dinner and he refused to be put in bed. David was this sweet, old, mostly blind man in his 90's. He had dementia, which made a lot of what he said hard to believe. They said that David doesn't like sharing his room and that's why he won't go to sleep. They had explained to David that he did in fact have a private room but he insisted and refused to go to bed. The aides told me that night shift has just been waiting for David to fall asleep in his wheelchair and then taking him to bed then. I figured that would be my case that night.
I parked David next to Holly at the nurse's station and started my first round. I usually worked down the left half of the hallway and back up the right. The hallway is quite long with a big emergency fire door at the end. An alarm would sound if anyone were to open it. I had worked my way down to the end of the hall. David's room was at the very end. Room 312, with a terrible construction paper name plate taped to the door. There was some clothes on the ground in David's room that I'd picked up. I made his bed in the event he was asleep when I finished my first round. I noticed the bathroom was open and the light was on. I checked and nothing was in there so I closed it. All the bathrooms in this hall were shared between two adjacent rooms. I know David was incontinent and wouldn't have used the bathroom. I figured it was either the neighboring room or one of the aides washed their hands in there. I carried on and finished my round.
By the time I had finished my first round it was already 12:30 at night. I sat at the nurse's station next to David and Holly to start charting what I had just done. David was telling Holly all about his job as a photographer for the newspaper. He said he was getting photos for a story on the Black Panther Party in Oakland. I thought that was really incredible. Both that he thought it was the 60s and that he had actually photographed the events down there. You really got a lot of neat stories from the old people we kept down here.
At about 02:30 David finally fell asleep in his chair. I wheeled him down to his room and started to change his brief. I went to close the blinds when I felt a warm breeze under my shirt. David's window had been slid open a crack. I hadn't noticed it earlier, but I didn't really go near the window. I closed it up and finished putting David into bed. He was fast asleep when I was pulling his blankets over him. I headed back down to the nurses station and had a pretty calm second half of my shift.
The next night I came back to work. Same place, same time. The evening aides gave me their report, told me again about David not wanting to go to his room. I figured the night was going to be the same as last. I parked David next to Holly and started working. I was getting sheets out of the linen closet when I heard a toilet flush towards the end of the hall. I headed down towards the sound until I reached the end of the hallway. The faint sound of game shows on Room 311's TV was all I could hear. I looked into David's dark room, the bathroom light was on. I stepped over toward the handle and quickly flung the door open. There was nothing in there. Then I realized that it smelled. Someone had used the toilet. I walked through the joining room door. The resident's name was Patrick. He was an old war vet that had a stroke. His left side was weakened and he needed a lot of help to get around. I asked Patrick if he'd gotten himself up to the bathroom. He said no. I said okay and started walking back. He then told me that he was tired of the neighbor forgetting to unlock the bathroom door on his side. I froze and my heart sank as he told me that. I didn't want to freak Patrick out so I carried on with my round and got back to Holly. I told her what Patrick had said and that I heard the toilet flush down there. She decided to call the cops and have them search the backyard of the building. One of the officers said that the screen was missing from room 312, but that was it. I told the officer that that was the room I heard someone using the bathroom in. He said he'd look around again but there's nothing out there. They still found nothing and suggested we put a stick in the window to block it from opening but that's all that came of it that night.
The next night I had a sense of dread coming into work. The evening aides talked to me about how creepy it was and how they're afraid to go to David's room now. I did my best to ignore it but I was terrified to put David to bed that night. I was making my rounds again when I heard some shuffling down the hall. The hallway seemed to get longer and longer as I stared down toward room 312. A lump in my throat formed as I stood frozen. I was jump scared by my coworker Mindy. She was the aide for the center wing. She asked me about what happened and I told her. I also told her that I had just heard something from that room. She invited herself to investigate with me. We walked slowly towards the room. We approached the doorway and I reached for the light switch. I flicked the light on and the room seemed normal. No bathroom light on. Nothing. I asked Mindy to help me make the bed and we started. I kicked something on the ground and realized it was the stick that held the window shut. I looked up at Mindy and held up the stick. Her face turned pale white as she looked at it and me. She let out a scream and pointed at the window. A set of eyes over a dark silhouette stood on the outside of the window. It was a crazy looking guy. His hot breath was making fog on the window as he stared at us. Mindy had run out of the room already and I was left staring at him. I stood frozen as he leaned toward the window. "Thanks for making my bed again." he said with a smile that made my heart drop. Grabbed the window and tried sliding it open. I quickly put my hands on top to hold it shut. He started yelling at me and banging on the window with his hand. Telling me all of his things were in here and cursing at me. Holly and Mindy had come back into the room screaming. The man picked up a rock and started breaking in the window. I held up the stick ready to beat the man. Holly and Mindy pulled me back from the window as the man climbed through the broken glass. I then could see Mindy was on the phone with the police. The man's hands were all cut up from the glass. We eventually managed to fend the guy off and he climbed back out of the window and ran. The cops caught him later and said he was pretty deranged. They had me help them go through David's cabinet, they said the man insisted his things were in the room and that he lived there. Going through David's closet I slowly came to realize that a lot of this stuff wasn't his. Two bags of clothes and a dirty backpack were stuffed in the bottom of the closet. It made me realize that this guy had been living in David's room for at least a little while. David wasn't able to tell us what was going on. He really did think he just had a new roommate. We moved David closer to a room closer to the nurse's station while his window was being repaired. I never heard anything else about the guy that broke in. I figured he was admitted to a mental hospital somewhere. Hopefully he got the help he needed.
All this wasn't enough to make me quit the night shift. I do take noises I hear a lot more seriously now. I started working at the hospital a couple months later and security is a lot tighter there. Dark hallways still make me uneasy to this day and I always find myself checking for open windows."
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2023.03.26 14:42 jacqui1997 What are your thoughts of ACT: Sweet Mirage?

TXT just successfully finished their 2-day concert in Seoul at KSPO Dome! It was amazing! The performances were great, I loved seeing them interact with Moas and them revealing "Blue Spring", one of the most beautiful songs with the prettiest meaning, for the 1st time.
I watched both days online and from the beginning I could feel how much more confident TXT were than during their previous tour. You can feel how much they've grown over time in terms of stage presence, performance skills, vocals, interacting with the audience, etc.
Some of the highlights for me were them finally performing "Tinnitus", the unexpected choreo to "Farewell, Neverland, perfomances of songs that we have not seen for a while like "Drama", "No Rules", "CWJLTMA" and "We lost the Summer", the insane run from 0x1=Lovesong - Loser=Lover - Dear Sputnik to Magic (Dance Break ver.) and of course the performance of "Blue Spring".
Any Moas that was either at the concert, watched it online or saw some clips, what were your highlights of the show? How did you find the setlist? And how do we feel? I wasn't event there physically, but I'm already feeling PCD hahah
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2023.03.26 14:41 evermoree1 other Christians: how would you answer these questions ?

I've been speaking with a friend who identifies as atheist. We've had many civil discussions about Christianity, as he seems to have a lot of questions, seems genuinely curious about the faith, about God, and the Scriptures. Admittedly, I don't have all the answers, and I thought I'd ask this community what their thoughts are on some topics. I've taken a class or two on the Bible, been a Christian for more than 10 years, studied enough to have a basic gist of what's going on (I haven't been able to work through the *entire* Bible yet, but I know that even if I do manage to read it cover to cover, I won't ever know everything or have all the answers), so we've had several great, productive conversations, but some things, I just don't have a concrete answer for him.
Here are some of the questions we've been grappling with:
  1. In the Old Testament, God wipes out certain groups, communities, and locations as He sees fit. What about the potential of innocent people within those regions? Why do you think God would allow those people to die (men, women, children) if they aren't part of the guilty ones?
  2. When it comes to human sexuality, why are folks in the LGBTQ+ community seen as "abominations," yet the bible itself contains instances of rape and incest (Lot and his daughters)?
    1. To piggyback off the previous question, if God created mankind in His image, why are LGBTQ+ folks demonized so much when they're human, too?
    2. (My friend also happens to be part of the LGBTQ+ community so this question particularly troubles him; he said it seems like God has a long history of "smiting gays," as he put it)
  3. If God is truly loving and good, why would He ask Abraham to sacrifice His own son? Why would He allow Job to be tormented by the devil? Why would He allow believers to suffer without intervening?
    1. (he reasons that if God is good, then He would be more active in preventing acts of injustice, and I think it's fair to say that most of us have thought about this as well)
  4. If God is all about love, then why are there so many books and instances dedicated to Him destroying nations, killing people, and waging war? And if we are ALL created in God's image, why would He be okay with wiping out so many human beings?
  5. In the instance of the great flood (story of Noah's ark), how could God just destroy everyone and everything and be okay with it?
    1. (he said that he doesn't see how God can be seen as good when He just wipes things out and offs people willy-nilly; he actually said that he sees God as this mass murderer figure who is chaotic and dangerous, and he doesn't see how or why anyone would want to spend eternity with a figurehead like that)
  6. If we have the freedom to choose, why is it that God nudges our hand? For example, in the book of Jonah, God punishes him and chases him down until Jonah agrees to do what He wants. Isn't that an example of forcing someone to do His will, and if so, how is that fair or trustworthy?
  7. How is the bible a story of great love when there's so much violence, pain, death, and cruelty within its pages?
  8. Why would God create the Tree of Knowledge if He knew we were gonna screw up? Why set us up like that and then blame /us/ and make /us/ suffer the consequences for all eternity?
There are more questions, of course, but these are the main ones we keep revisiting. I personally know God to be very loving and fair, but as someone who was once on the agnostic side, I can understand how a non-believer would have these questions. I wish I had definitive answers, but I find myself stumped as well. I can see how some of the scriptures can be seen in this light. How exactly does one explain the constant violence and bloodshed as being part of a "loving" theme?
What are your thoughts? Sorry by the way, I know these aren't exactly "light" questions, but I figured since many of you are seasoned in your faith and know the scriptures well, maybe you could offer your two-cents. It would be much appreciated!
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2023.03.26 14:40 Draft-Used Screen flashing white black & rgb colors on boot

I one day went to boot up my pc as normal but when I booted up everything seemed fine expect the monitor just kept showing white red black blue green on repeat. Tried doing my own research but that just went to other problems. Tried a bios update with the bios fblk button on my motherboard witch then made my vga led light up. Changed pci slots back and forth then my vga light got turned off and it’s on like normal just flashing white red green blue and black on the monitor. Please help. I’ve also tried changing DP and HDMI cables and it has not worked.
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2023.03.26 14:40 pali_x70 summarize for me

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2023.03.26 14:40 Electronic-Bid6472 Project Destroy All Teabers Progress Report: Even larger organisms tested against Entity SF-1368793.

Project Destroy All Teabers Progress Report: Even larger organisms tested against Entity SF-1368793.
Previously, the tests B1 to B4 met with partial failure. It is now estimated that the entity SF-1368793 possessed combat capabilities compared to a medium-sized shark. However, six (6) days after the tests, SF-1368793 has increased its size again. In its current state, it is approximately 1.5 meters long. It is theorized that the entity has fully or partially absorbed the biomass of the Sphyraena barracuda specimens used in the previous tests.
Prior to the tests listed below, the combat capabilities of SF-1368793 were assumed to have increased substantially, as SF-1368793 similarly increased in strength two weeks after ingesting the Katsuwonus pelamis specimens from tests A1 to A4. Following the tests C1 to C4, said assumptions were proven true. It has also started to display more anomalous properties comparable to the original SF-368793. True tea🅱ers such as the Orcinus Orca and Architeuthis dux specimens mentioned previously will be used in future tests to determine its combat capabilities.

Test C1 - 20▇▇-03-22
A large (approximately 3 meters long) specimen of Thunnus thynnus (Atlantic Bluefin Tuna) injected with hormones to further increase its aggression levels was placed in the containment chamber of SF-1368793.
The specimen of Thunnus thynnus approached SF-1368793, which slowly swam backwards while vibrating its gills to produce buzzing vocalizations comparable to those recorded in Test B3. Its skin and eyes also emitted bright blue light. After buzzing for approximately four (4) seconds, it rammed into the body of the Thunnus thynnus specimen, breaking its bones and inflicting severe damage to its vital organs. The specimen died shortly afterwards and its carcass was consumed by SF-1368793.
The blue light emitted by SF-1368793 during the test was comparable to the blue light constantly emitted by SF-368793. Upon closer examination of the skin of SF-1368793, the light has been proven to be bioluminescence generated from bioluminescent cells on its skin.

The bioluminescence shown by SF-1368793. Its glow has been compared to SF-368793, which previously breached containment and escaped into outer space. Note the widening of its fins, which is yet another attribute comparable to the original SF-368793.

Test C2 - 20▇▇-03-23
Two (2) specimens of Thunnus thynnus injected with hormones to further increase its aggression levels were placed in the containment chamber of SF-1368793.
Both Thunnus thynnus specimens rapidly approached SF-1368793. However, before they could cause any physical damage to SF-1368793, it lunged at the closest specimen and bit through its cranium, immediately terminating the specimen. Afterwards, it turned towards the remaining specimen and fired what appeared to be a glowing blue orb at it, which exploded into a cloud of glowing blue liquid and killed the specimen. Both Thunnus thynnus specimens were consumed by SF-1368793 shortly afterwards.
Yet again, the blue orb fired during the test was comparable to those fired by SF-368793. Traces of the residual cloud left over from the orb were collected and confirmed to be samples of mucus mixed with the bioluminescent cells of SF-1368793.

Test C3 - 20▇▇-03-24
A very large specimen of Carcharodon carcharias (Great White Shark), approximately 6 meters long, injected with hormones to further increase its aggression levels was placed in the containment chamber of SF-1368793.
After the Carcharodon carcharias specimen was placed in the containment chamber of SF-1368793, it lunged towards SF-1368793 and bit its body. However, SF-1368793 was not severely injured by the bite, which was not strong enough to penetrate through the bones of SF-1368793. SF-1368793 produced a cloud of bioluminescent mucus to release itself from the bite of the Carcharodon carcharias specimen before ramming into it and causing significant injury to its tail. The specimen proceeded to bite the anal fin of SF-1368793, ripping off a large part of it. SF-1368793 used its fins to propel itself backwards before firing two (2) mucus projectiles comparable to those seen in Test C2 at the specimen. The Carcharodon carcharias specimen died to severe injuries to its fins and body after approximately six (6) seconds, and it was consumed by SF-1368793 shortly afterwards.
SF-1368793 took approximately 5 (five) hours to regenerate from its injuries. Notably, its regeneration speed appears to have become considerably faster.

Test C4 - 20▇▇-03-25
A single non-anomalous specimen of Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) was placed in the containment chamber of SF-1368793.
SF-1368793 turned towards the Mola Mola specimen while slowly flashing its bright blue bioluminescence. It proceeded to approach the specimen and [DATA EXPUNGED].
After the test, the Mola Mola specimen was separated from SF-1368793 and placed in a separate containment chamber. It produced roughly 130 million eggs, most of which confirmed to be sterile. The anomalous entities that hatched from the surviving eggs of the Mola Mola specimen, hereby designated as SF-1368793-B, will be described in a separate report.

End Of Report
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2023.03.26 14:40 IcyCartoonist1955 Some Strange Temples in India with bizarre stories

India is a mythical land, and we have many temples that have fabulous architecture and tell us unique stories of the beliefs, cultures, and mythologies of the people residing around it. In the land of cultural extravaganza that is India, every temple acts like a neon light, proudly advertising the nuances of rich history and vibrant people surrounding its aura of brilliance.
Here are some strange Temples in India with bizarre stories and customs
  1. Mahendipur Balaji Temple in Rajasthan
  2. Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple in Kerala
  3. Bullet Baba Temple in Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  4. Chinese Kali Temple in Kolkata, West Bengal
  5. Sri KaalBhairavnath Temple in Adegaon, Madhya Pradesh
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2023.03.26 14:40 drewbsterz [WTT] Send-It-Sunday - Timex and Fossil Watches

Howdy all,
Looking to clean up my watch box with some pieces that fell out of my rotation long ago.
Family photo

Fossil CH2801 Flight Chronograph - This watch was my daily driver when I first got my job and as such, will have slight "desk wear" on the case. I replaced the band and battery. Chrono and date functions all work perfectly and it still keeps great time. The crystal has 0 scratches on it, but the bezel does have some light wear marks. This watch is fairly large with a case diameter of 46mm, so not recommended for small wrists. I'll include the original straps with spring bars if you want them.
- Trade Value: $30
Fossil ES3843 "Jaqueline" - Nice watch, my wife received this from work for doing a "good job" (whoopie). She wasn't a fan, so it's been sitting my my watch box for a couple years. Never worn, no wear marks. Still has the original plastic on the crystal. Battery was replaced, one scratch on the case back from when the case opener slipped as well as a few small ones near the pry notch. Case diameter is 36mm, suitable for smaller wrists. Rose gold colored vase with dark navy blue strap.
- Trade Value: $40
Timex x Todd Snyder collab Mid Century - eBay find, looks nice but not a fan myself. Used, there is some slight scratches on the crystal (seems to be acrylic?) an some slight wear on the band, but nothing bad. Overall, watch is in very good shape with signs of use. Comes in original box, with original tag and packaging. Case diameter is 37mm, so again good for smaller wrists, or that cool retro look.
Note: there is one strange thing about this watch. The day and date feature appears to work correctly when the watch runs normally on it's own - however, I've noticed that when pulling the crown out to position 1 and manually changing the numerical date it will eventually stop rotating to the next date and just "click". To fix this, you need to push the crown completely back in, and manually wind the watch 24 hours. Both day and date will flip, then you can pull the crown out to position 1 again and change the numerical date. Additionally, I've found no way to manually change the day of the week aside from running the hands 24 hours. Normally, this shouldn't be a big deal if the watch is only off a few days (month doesn't end in 31) but could be a minor annoyance. I tried taking it to a local watch repair place to get their opinion and he basically just laughed in my face and told me to GTFO.
- Trade Value: $40

Not a whole lot of things I'm looking for right now, but here are some:
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2023.03.26 14:40 Krysco30e I’m so upset

Bit of a long story but oh well
So I woke up this morning and started my rounds checking on all of the pets. I walk into the room where my crested gecko is and find that his light is inside his tank and the screen top is broken. I had no idea what could have caused this, but I see that my gecko isn’t in his cage. I start looking around, and after 5 minutes of panic searching I find him laying in the middle of the carpet, with no tail. I run over to scoop him up and he is hardly moving at all. He’s breathing fine and moving his head a little, but usually when I hold him he is very active. I guess he must be scared from what happened. I put him back in his enclosure (I’m still sitting here beside making sure he doesn’t get out the top) and he freezes for a moment and then goes immediately to hide. Now, here’s the part where I realized what caused this. I was sitting here trying to fix the top of the cage, when I thought about the only thing that could have caused this screen to cave in. My cat. My cat is not one that is interested in the various animals I have around the house, he more so sticks to himself and sleeps. I guess his instincts must have kicked in or something. I go and search for my cat, only to find him sitting in the kitchen playing with something. When I got over to him, I see that he’s playing with my geckos dropped tail 🤮. I took it from him and decided then and there that he is not allowed in my reptile room ever again. I feel like such a bad owner for what happened last night. I’m just sitting here watching my gecko do nothing and hoping he’s alright. Thankfully he has no scratches or bites on him from my cat. There was also no blood at all on the carpet or anything. If he doesn’t start being himself again soon, he’s going straight to the vet. I am just so happy that he was able to drop his tail and that was enough to distract my cat and let the gecko live.
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2023.03.26 14:39 Enali (Spoilers Extended) Mysteries aboard the Cinnamon Wind...

Hey asoiaf its your neighborhood seeress Enali, about to engage in another ramble on a minor topic. The Cinnamon Wind!! The Summer Isle swan-ship that's leaving Oldtown with Marwyn and the crew that maybe doesn't get talked about enough (or gets enough fan art). Where is it going to show up in the story? What's going on with its passengers? What's Marwyn's deal? There's no povs on it yet but... I was excited to brainstorm it a bit, its got some really interesting stuff going on, more than meets the eye. Going to be self aware here and warn you its not as short of a post as I hoped, even though I get it, attention span is the death of a lot of posts and I really wanted to format the points for readability.... I hope some of you will still stay and enjoy it anyhow and let me know if you've got some other cool insights to add!

All About the Cinnamon Wind & its Route

So GRRM has mentioned that we will actually see more of the 'captain and crew of the Cinnamon Wind' in future books so that's a good sign right?
•A quick note on the name, Cinnamon Wind, it seems similar to Black Wind and Grey Wind (which have been tied together in the past) though I'm not sure if there's a unifying theme there or just happenstance?
The Cinnamon Ship is a Summer Isles swan-ship in any case, so that means its got some really awesome stuff going on in its design:
•Swan ships are said to be able to sail farther and faster than ships of other nations. Kind of makes sense because the Summer Isles are fairly isolated which would push them to innovate to connect with the world.
•They are tall and graceful ships with large billowing sails, and bird-inspired figureheads. But they are wind dependent as a result (no oarsmen really to pull it along in doldrums).
•Their hulls are said to be fitted together without nails and walled with rare native hardwoods that are rumored to be hardened with magic. So much so that slaver ships that try to ram them splinter against their hulls. Cool.
•This all means that they can sail deeper and more dangerous stretches than most ships. Its even noted that its one of the uncommon ships that can skirt around the Stepstones entirely when crossing beneath Westeros and Essos. And that's got to be an enticing option because just recently on the way to Oldtown they were attacked by pirates. Things here in the islands are getting pretty spicy, and while I'd love to talk about them more much to my dismay it seems this ship may slip right through without incident lol. Perhaps the hull design makes it one of the few ships that could potentially sail a rescue mission into even more dangerous areas like the Smoking Sea if needed too (just conjecture).
Anyways here's my rough estimate of the typical route the Cinnamon Wind takes for trade: image - red route, we mostly know this from Quhuru Mo's explanation to Dany. Basically stops in Oldtown, Dorne and Lys are confirmed, then he vaguely refers to other unnamed ports until they reach Qarth and then goes on to do the trader's circle in the Jade Sea.
So if precedent is any indicator they will take something like that on the way out, however... there's some x-factors to keep in mind in this trip (aside from the Stepstones):
•Marwyn will try to persuade the crew to not make too many trade stops... afterall the whole point of the voyage is to beat the maester he believes the 'grey sheep' are sending out by galley to catch up with Daenerys. So urgency is key.
•Quhuru Mo was offered a great reward by Dany for bringing her news about Robert Baratheon's death (although she assumed she'd next see him after she is sitting the Iron Throne in King's Landing), so he's also motivated to find her outside of whatever Marwyn offers.
•The Cinnamon Wind calls Tall Trees Town their home port. As it happens Tall Trees Town just got raided by a corsair king from the Basilisk Isles, so they might see that as a priority (see the optional purple route on the image), but actually... either path doesn't really matter too much because the overall distance to Meereen isn't that different.
But that kind of brings up another point.. will the ship even meet them in Meereen? If they were going to show up early in Winds we'd probably have already seen signs of the crew there at this point. With the siege on the horizon it'd be really difficult to land there now - The Bay has been entirely blockaded for awhile, and when the Ironborn arrive the shore becomes a dangerous litter of splintered vessels. There's also a gigantic Volantene fleet on its way too that could crush any ships in its path. So the Cinnamon Wind will either have to a) wait around at a distance until Dany's forces somehow prevail and clean up the pale mare infecting the city, or imo a more likely option, b) catch up to Dany's forces at some point as they evacuate tf out of Meeereen. Marwyn might be able to guide them to Dany's forces wherever they end up because he has peered into the glass candle and has studied other types of divining magic. But what do you think?

The Crew Manifest & Unlikely Passengers?

So currently the familiar faces we know onboard are:
Quhuru Mo - the captain of the Cinnamon Wind (doesn't speak common tongue but does speak high valyrian on top of the summer isles tongue which all the crew can speak)
Xhondo Dhoru - a mate on the Cinnamon Wind who saves Sam's life. He can speak a little common tongue and is very fond of the word 'fuck'
Kojja Mo - captains the red archers aboard the Cinnamon Wind and loves her goldenheart bow. can speak common tongue fluently and helps translate for Quhuru in farflung Westeros.
Marwyn the Mage - well that's where all the mysteries are leading to isn't it? We'll talk about him more later but its said he can talk to the Summer Islanders in their own tongue, so that's going to be a pretty fun on the trip! (and I get the feeling he can hold his spiced rum)
But here's where things get uhh.. interesting....
So Aemon's body and Gilly and Dalla's baby are still on the ship. And I know Sam has planned to send the body off to the maesters and Gilly to Horn Hill with his family, but the timing of the Cinnamon Wind's departure brings up some odd possibilities. I still think its entirely possible, maybe even likely, it goes to plan, but its worth considering the alternatives for a second:
•You see Sam's plan revolved around meeting with the Seneschal to inform him of Aemon's body for pickup and then afterwards he could arrange transport for Gilly and the unnamed baby (Aemon Steelsong if he can get to two years old). But Sam never gets the chance to meet them... remember the attendant delays him until he meets Alleras who introduces him to Marwyn, and he ends the night explaining his story and being introduced to his sleeping quarters and told to try to pitch the Seneschal again the next day (with a story that won't make them want to kill him). So nothing's been sent in motion.
•All the while Gilly is told to wait aboard the ship during this time with Aemon's body stuffed into a cask of blackbelly rum (Quhuru wouldn't allow a pyre aboard the ship for understandable reasons to cremate him in the typical Targaryen fashion).
•Meanwhile Marwyn is rushing off to try to hire the crew to head out to catch up to Dany, and he doesn't like to waste time we are told. Though on the other hand Quhuru Mo's original plan wasn't to rush, but to take some time, spend two to ten days unloading his wares and selling off the rare books he took from Aemon to the maesters. So will Marwyn convince him to leave sooner? Or will Quhuru push back? But how long is Marwyn willing to delay until he seeks a faster ship? (as its implied they will leave together)
•And if the ship does disembark what happenes with Gilly and the babe? Let's see things from her eyes... Oldtown is probably a very new and confusing and overwhelming place, she's going to have a lot of trouble finding Sam on her own. The Cinnamon Wind has been a second home for her, she especially trusts the women aboard including Kojja who loves the baby more than her own bow. Gilly's also been invited to stay aboard as long as she likes. And... Sam just kind of broke up with her, he has that whole talk with her before he leaves about how he needs to remain a crow and he 'said the words' and internally he's trying to find the courage to be able to leave her. Gilly does like him though, and Sam's been her constant companion, but she's going to have to ask herself which future fits her better. I really can't say what may happen. I can see both possibilities, and I've built on theories in the past assuming she's at Horn Hill, but I'm not really attached to that point either.
•Also if the ship rushes out sooner than later its hard to imagine Quhuru taking the time to coordinate a dropoff of Aemon's body with the notoriously evasive maesters. Maybe he just leaves it on the dock though if he doesn't forget.
•Jon Snow actually has two visions concerning Gilly in ADWD, the first already seems to have come to pass - where he hacks off the two baby's heads and switches them around and tells Gilly to sew them back together (unless there's additional dark foreshadowing there), the second dream he has is one where he sees Sam drowning (which probably ties to the red tide of Euron coming to Oldtown) and Gilly weeping tears of blood. So something bad is on the horizon for her either aboard the Cinnamon Wind or at Horn Hill...

Quhuru Mo's Book Sale

Another interesting thing going on is Quhuru Mo trying to offload the books the crew took from Aemon to the maesters (perhaps with Xhonda or Kojja along to translate).
Which books exactly? Rare ones... ones specifically chosen by Aemon that Castle Black had copies of that the Citadel may not. Though Sam is only capable of finding one of every four on the list.
•We know that Septon Barth wrote one of them - Sam reads passages from a book of his about dragons to Aemon onboard. This very likely refers to 'Unnatural History.'
•Sam also seems to bring Maester Thomax's 'Dragonkin' (Death of Dragons) to Aemon as requested right before his meeting with Jon where he learns of the trip (though he drops it in the dirt). I think its likely this is also on board because Aemon was in on the plan and maybe making preparations at that point.
•Sam also brings Colloquo Votar's 'Jade Compendium' to Aemon, but this is not on the ship because it is a farewell gift to Jon. It contains information on the Azor Ahai legend learned from the writer's adventures around the Jade Sea. Why do I bring this up? Because the crew of the Cinnamon Wind also just got done sailing around the Jade Sea, so they may be familiar with the Azor Ahai myth and offer some interesting information.
Of course someone who would really appreciate all of these books would be Marwyn, he may just buy them up on the spot, if not because of his interest in the higher mysteries because it expedites the voyage out. Marwyn did write The Book of Lost Books himself though which is said to have three pages from Signs and Portents detailing Daenys the Dreamer's visions of the Doom of Valyria, and he spent years looking for missing books, so he'd really be a fan of these I think.
But if Quhuru Mo tries to sell these to other maesters, well, he may unknowingly be taking a big risk.... as Marwyn tells Sam its not a good idea to give news of prophecies or dragons to the maesters, unless you fancy poison in your porridge. And the books we've seen so far kind of make those topics their centerpiece. The Citadel has even openly condemned Unnatural History in the past...

The Motives of Marwyn the Mage

Of course the main mystery aboard the ship has got to be Marwyn... all the plots really converge on him, we've been teased of his existence since the first book when it was revealed that he taught Mirri Maz Duur common tongue and she tells us he "opened a body for me and showed me all the secrets that hide beneath the skin." (associated with a dark deed or is this just a parallel to an early autopsy for medical knowledge?)
•Qyburn also name drops Marwyn. "If we leave our smells behind us when we leave a room, surely something of our souls must remain when we leave this life?" Qyburn spread his hands. "The archmaesters did not like my thinking, though. Well, Marwyn did, but he was the only one.""
•There's theories he may have come across Oberyn at some point too where he learned about poisons at the Citadel and 'perhaps even darker arts.' And its said that Marwyn studied with warlocks and shadowbinders too.
•Marwyn's also been seen in the undercity and its said that he sacrifices to queer gods at the little sailors' temples down by the wharves. And we know that one of those wharfside temples is one for the red priests (Sam hears the red priests singing to welcome the sun at first light).
So with connections like these we should probably start to feel pretty uneasy about Marwyn's role in the story, what his plans are for Daenerys given his mistrust of prophecy, and what he's capable of: Shadowbinding, fire magic, divination, medical knowledge without ethical consideration... but maybe the rumors mischaracterize him.
•And he has lit one of the glass candles too. The ceremony the maester's take where they fail to light the glass candle is supposed to remind them that knowledge can be dangerous, to temper their arrogance and to remain humble. Which is maybe a clue that Marwyn isn't. Or that the maesters' scope of vision is just limited.
•Glass candles can allow users to communicate over long distances, enter dreams, give people visions, and according to the tentative Cushing Library finds may be used to grant immotality, keeping its owner alive as long as the flame doesn't go out. Fire and blood seem to be the roots of magic in ASOIAF, and as 'dragonglass' its hinted they harness the magic of dragons (maybe its fossilized blood or something). The glass candles flame needs to be renewed from time to time with the owner's blood though, which maybe ties back to Sam's question of what feeds the fire? (or a dragon's flame) And does the connection extract other prices on their users for this gift? Marwyn habitually chews sourleaf, perhaps just recreationally, but it is also said to be able to dull pain.
•So Quaithe and Euron are also hinted to be users of the glass candles and both are connected to dark magics in their own way. Are they in communication with each other? They probably at least have the ability to spy on each other as Quaithe seems to be aware of the other candles burning.
•The Citadel is said to have one green and three black glass candles from Valyria, though in the Cushing Library finds it was originally going to be more (one for each Archmaester) so those texts can't entirely be trusted for consistency. As for the green candle that could makes sense as Sam does hear that the obsidian beneath Dragonstone can come in a variety of colors, mostly black, but green too, and occassionally even red or purple. "Under the sea, smoke rises in bubbles, and flames burn green and blue and black," Patchface sang somewhere. Perhaps that's relevant too (not sure about blue though).
So there's a lot of interesting potential for Marwyn aboard the ship for some kind of dark ritual magic or dragon knowledge to come into play with someone like... Daenerys, or Tyrion, or Victarion, the dragons and Dragonbinder, bringing Dany to where Quaithe wants, or even performing something on Aemon's body (as weird as that could be). Hopefully no babies are involved this time (Kojja's arrows will probably have something to say if he tried).

~Thanks so much for Reading~
tldr: The Cinnamon Wind is trying to catch up with Dany and due to the unique design of swan ships has the potential to take some very interesting routes on the way out to Meereen, or perhaps catch up to her forces as they evacuate to somewhere on the way back (the open ocean, Lys, the Smoking Sea, etc..). Aside from the Summer Islander crew (notably Quhuru Mo, Xhondo Dhoru, and Kojja Mo), and Marwyn there's some odd possibilities that Gilly, Dalla's babe, and Aemond's body may not be offloaded in Oldtown due to Marwyn wanting to rush out and Sam getting delayed before he can get word to the Seneschal's Court and then enact his plans. Quhuru Mo has rare books from Aemon he's trying to sell off to the maesters which Marwyn may pickup, or he may get in trouble with the Citadel over their controversial topics. And Marwyn seems to have a powerful understanding of magic but may be connected to some pretty dark forces in the series, which should give us pause to his motives.
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2023.03.26 14:36 BeardedLady81 The Bearded Lady remembers a time when Zippos had a "permanent" wick and were "evaporation-proof".

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2023.03.26 14:36 reddituser2185 Weird seedling leaves

Weird seedling leaves
Can anyone tell me why these seedling leaves look so weird? They are mushroom basket and black beauty tomatoes, they are in corner cells, the rest look great, what could be the cause of this? Lighting, spraying them with water, from a fan hitting them, or something else? Thank you!
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2023.03.26 14:36 TheRedShadow1 Questions regarding copyright status on Fawcett, Quality, and other publications

I'm well aware that a lot of comics from the Golden Age did not have proper copyright statuses or renewed for various reasons. I have a question on the copyright of a shared universe of public domain superheroes. DC Comics has a lot of characters originating from multiple publishers, such as Fawcette, Quality, Charlton, and more. Material from the original books is free to use, but does DC own the copyright to have these characters in the same universe?
Though the event that I ever do create books with these many characters is unlikely, I want to know in case I run into any legal trouble with DC and/or Warner Bros. For example, DC made the Quality Comics hero Kid Eternity related to Fawcette hero Captain Marvel, Jr. when they licensed Captain Marvel from Fawcett in the 70s. If I were to have a crossover with the Marvel Family with, say, Plastic Man and Ted Kord Blue Beetle, would DC send a cease and desist notice to me?
I also want to know about changing elements of the characters to make them different from their more iconic versions. With Captain Marvel, (sorry for bringing him up so much, he's one of my all-time favorite superheroes), if I make the trimming in his side buttoned jacket outfit yellow with a collar added to the top, would this infringe on the Captain Marvel design from the 2010 "Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam" animated movie? (Link below) I want to give those changes to Mary Marvel and Cap Jr. to complete the military-inspired look given to Captain Marvel.
I also have a question revolving around changes I thought about to Mary Marvel's design. I want to give her the same jacket top as Captain Marvel with the changes listed above while keeping the skirt and the paratrooper boots. However, in light of the recent "Shazam: Fury of the Gods" movie, Mary received a new suit based on that movie with the sleeves and gauntlets (Image below).
Based on recent cover art for the upcoming volume of Shazam!, Mary is based on her original costume, but would this still be considered copyright infringement? Because DC made Mary transform into an adult post-Crisis, I imagine having her turn into an adult would certainly fall under copyright infringement.
I also question how I could implement the wizard Shazam since the Wizard he became an influential character at DC. If I have Shazam become a god-like character in terms of raw magical power, would that infringement on DC's version of the character, who in the 90's attained godhood and in the current reboot is the Aboriginal God of Thunder. In the original Fawcett comics, Shazam only appeared when the Marvels lit a torch that summoned the ghost of Shazam. Will I be limited to that version only, or can I expand on that and bring him up to the levels of a God?
Naming is also a question I have. Because DC owns the trademark to "Shazam!" and Marvel "Captain Marvel", I decided to re-name the character "Captain Thunder ". Captain Thunder was his original name, but another company owned the trademark to the name, and Fawcett changed it to Captain Marvel. I was originally going to follow this theme, re-naming the other characters Captain Thunder, Jr. and Mary Thunder. However, I wanted to give the team a military influence as Captain Marvel was based on the founder of Fawcette, Wilford "Captain Billy" Fawcette.
Because the Lieutenant Marvels (a team empowered by Billy Batson) are public domain, I had the idea of naming Jr. Lieutenant Thunder, and because Mary was the third member, giving her a name like Sergeant Thunder. However, the animated series Young Justice follows this trend with the characters, and I could possibly infringe on that copyright if there is one. Will I have to stick with the previous names I created, or will I be fine?
If anyone is able to answer these questions, I'd gladly appreciate it.
Captain Marvel:
Mary Marvel:
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