Houses to rent in palm springs

Live It, Visit It . . . Gay Palm Springs

2018.01.21 08:07 SpikeNLB Live It, Visit It . . . Gay Palm Springs

Land Of The Never Ending Pool Party

2010.12.28 03:05 aheram Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley

Come relax—welcome to Palm Springs. A place to discuss travel, leisure, local artists, music and film festivals, and small businesses in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. No conflicts, just vibes.

2022.06.03 22:20 pikameta For fans of Trixie Motel on Discovery+

Trixie Mattel invests her life savings to buy and renovate a rundown motel in Palm Springs. Now available to stream on HBO MAX and Discovery Plus!

2023.03.22 06:37 Grown-Ass-Weeb Baby only sleeps when a fan is blowing on her

We hit our first regression at about 6 weeks. In an accidental moment of me placing her in a swaddle on the boppy to respond to a work message on my laptop, she knocked out after fighting sleep for a while with the air purifier loudly blowing on her. Tried this like, five times now to get her to sleep before moving her to her bassinet after 10 minutes. We watch her the entire time because of the risks, but I guess we just find it strange. I can only sleep with a fan blowing on me too, but I didn’t expect a baby to really notice it.
I was thinking about moving the fan next to her bassinet, is that okay to do? Once she’s out she’s out even after moving her. We live in Phoenix so it’s average mid 70s in the house.
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2023.03.22 06:37 db_deuce Patent deal debrief

A summary of the patent deal agreed to with KPI and why this is epic fail by JC.
1). This deal is 170M upfront with another 30M by 2026 for a total guaranteed of 200M. This is compared to 450M upfront and promissory note of 150M or 600M. JC accepted a deal that has 67% less in guaranteed payments. No wonder JC accepted the offer with KPI only after Catapult was terminated. It is like you selling a house for 600K, that buyer cannot get funding and you accepted a 200K offer instead.
2). Where JC tries to savage this is royalty upside and the headnote up to 900M. Except the royalty is back end loaded (stretch goals) with a profit level indicator, not revenue.
As an example, say profit is 75%, KPI achieves $1B in licensing revenue over say 5 years to earn 750M in profit. The royalty is 40M for the first 500M in profit and then 37.5M for the next 250M. The Total royalty is 77.5M putting the total value of the deal at 277.5M.
Good luck to KPI earning 1B in licensing to achieve 750M in profit. (It is possible the first 200M is not profit for KPI (return of capital) and that 750M in profit is just a mere 550M in royalty.
The Royalty % is upside down for BB shareholders and makes no sense. To earn the royalty, the patents have to hit a home run. To earn 900M, that KPI entity have to earn a 2.2B in profit, LMFAO. Might as well call it a 10B patent sales if KPI makes 30B from patents. This is basically a 200-280M sale.
3). Timing and execution failure. JC reported patents were up for sale back in December 2020 and identified Catapult as the exclusive buyer back in March 2021. In January 2022, they agreed to the 450M + 150M. 2020-2021 is characterized as the cheapest access to capital and they missed that window. Just like stocks, intangibles go down and patent value tanked while JC was waddling in 2021.
4) Failure to monetize? Why on this green earth did JC stop their licensing business back in March 2021 and missed 24 months+ of licensing revenue, in which they could have made 500M anyway? JC himself said 6-9 months and ended up 24+ months.
5) Failure to drum up interest. This deal was so called closed to non-Canadian companies so it is pigeoned holed to Catapult. Then KPI comes along and it is nothing Canadian. So which is it? How do you sell a house and only find 2 prospects globally in 2 years. Does JC even know what he is doing? If all you are looking to sell to patent trolls, of course it is all about ROI and risk for them and the offer will suk. Can't they find a strategic buyer that needs the patents like Nokia, Motorola did?

6) Failure in transparency: Let's be real here. JC have been unforthcoming and not trustworthy.
GL and look forward to your comments, good or bad
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2023.03.22 06:36 catchthesefists65 (F4M) Getting Back To The Way We Were (Lovers to enemies back to lovers)

Jeanette Jones grunted and panted heavily as she dragged her husband's suitcase up the stairs in an attempt to bring it back to their bedroom. The young couple had just purchased their first house and they should have been happy. They had wonderful careers, a beautiful home in a quiet neighborhood and a great circle of friends. But they weren't happy. In fact, Jeanette couldn't remember the last time she'd been so miserable. How the two lovebirds had gone from being madly in almost despising one another, she couldn't understand. "What does he keep in here, rocks?" the 5'7 woman huffed out as she finally managed to set the suitcase in the closet. Hot, sweaty and tired, she pulled off her sweatshirt in anticipation to take a shower. But when she turned, she caught a glimpse of the photo on her nightstand. It was a picture she and Nio had taken the first day he'd bought his first car. They both loved so happy and full of love, each holding the other in a tight embrace. Tears filled Jeanette's eyes and she swallowed the lump in her throat. Seconds later the front door was opening and closing. Nio was home.
~I'm looking for a long term partner to write out this story with me. We'd be playing two young newlyweds who are dealing with severe marital issues. I'd go so far as to say their marriage is downright toxic...but they weren't always this way. They used to be completely obsessed with one another. We'd be writing two timelines. The current one will showcase how toxic and dysfunctional they've become. The previous will showcase their younger years and the beginning of their relationship. At some point, I want our characters to make the decision that they want to save their marriage, ultimately leading to them falling in love again.
~18 and older only
~Three paragraphs per post. Please be literate and check grammar, spelling and punctuation
~Be okay with fcs of color
~Help me with ideas
~Provide a writing sample if you can
~Wr rp on discord
~Expect one reply per day
~Include the word "toxic" somewhere in your message.
Have a great night everyone!
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2023.03.22 06:36 Valuable_Question200 My 6-year old is bored of soccer and doesn't like baseball. What are the best activities to put him in in Richmond in spring/summer?

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2023.03.22 06:35 vertebraker [H] Necromunda Zone mortalis terrain, Assorted books [W] $$, Slaves to Darkness, OBR, Chaos Demons, Necrons, Orks, [Loc] WI, USA

Have some stuff looking to move on to make room for new items in the backlog.
Verification link:
Necromunda Hive War Rule book , Zone mortalis Terrain, dice/tokens and House Delaque models -$120+shipping
Warcry Ghur Core book and Rot and Ruin book $20+shipping
Blood angels codex +code - $20+shipping
Chaos knights codex + code and cards from box set $40+shipping
Tempest of war cards - $20+shipping
Rotmire creed- built mostly painted - $25+ship
Guardsmen kill team from the box - NOS - $25+ship

As far as trades I am open to anything Chaos demons, world eaters and some CSM
Slaves to darkness depending on what it is.
OBR want Morghast, Necro stalkers, immortis guard, nagash or katakros or the bone tithe
orks - anything
necrons - depends, the vehicles mainly or big boys like monolith
black templars - anything not from the starter box or combat patrol.
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2023.03.22 06:35 DelayedEcho1 Thoughts on the 92nd and Capitol Area?

Hello! I am a first time home buyer and looking at a house on 92nd and Capitol and was wondering what are your thoughts on the area. It seems nice and I've heard the golden valley neighborhood is nice and close to Mayfair and mount mary but I am concerned about the proximity to the appleton/fond du lac corridor and the reckless driving on capital itself.
Thank you for any and all thoughts in advance.
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2023.03.22 06:35 Any_Strawberry_131 Are there cheaper ways to rent or buy a graduation cap and gown if I can't afford it?

I am a 3L and will be graduating in 1.5 months. My school requires me to pay around $150 to rent a cap and gown for the graduation ceremony. Sadly, I am unable to afford this expense. I have tried looking for alternatives on websites like Ebay and Amazon, but the options available are quite different from what my school requires. Can you suggest any affordable ways to rent or purchase a cap and gown? I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thank you.
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2023.03.22 06:35 BlueEyedBoggleFish Is there a type of survey for non-movers to see the condition of their own house that they currently live in?

When buying a house we expect to be faced with expensive fixes urgently required on the house. But, in most cases the previous owner was living there without fixing them. Is there a refresher-type survey that can be professionally done to see what fixes need to be done to keep the house in good condition during ownership, or would that be a normal Level 3 survey?
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2023.03.22 06:35 topman20000 Want to move to Germany for Opera… But Am I in over my head?

I’ve been trying to study my German for my B1 certification, but I’ve been bogged buy a slew of family issues back in the states.
In addition, although I’ve been saving up money to prepare to pay rent for a few months, after traveling to Germany this July for two productions with a young artist group, I can’t seem to get straight the order of things I need to do. Do I need to find a place to stay and then apply for permits and then apply for work? Do I find a place and then apply for jobs and then apply for permits? I asked some of my colleagues living in Weimar and Frankfurt about the process, but nobody’s talking. And just a few minutes ago I just read another post on the sub Reddit about how the OP’ Ausländerbehörde essentially jerked them around to the point where they were dirt broke in terms of getting permits to work and live in Germany…
Is something going on I’m not tracking? Am I just not getting the right information? I could certainly use some personal guidance
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2023.03.22 06:35 Background_Bad_7807 Dreams

I got a weird dream today as always .I was an adult boy working as a helper in other beautiful south women's house. I was helping in almost each n every work like making food, arranging things. Her husband was angrily jelous of me coz of her wife spending more time with me . The last night we all three went to the kitchen garden at backyard and started digging turmeric (it's common to grow turmeric in Indian houses) and then n there only we started to make turmeric juice by grinding small peices of turmeric through mortar and pestlel . At this moment the woman told me that there is a spirit which always Try to contact them through that juice (they told the spirit is of one of there relative) (let the spirit be 'K' ) which try to tell them the reason behind her death. With the help of 'pital' Brass stick we try to listen 'K' , but the husband was not believing her wife and I wanna explore so I touched my ear to that stick and unexpectedly I could hear some voice saying that "mera khoon hua he yaha" means, I have been murdered here. I was shocked n I made her husband listen to that voice n when I try to listen more boom... I was awoke .
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2023.03.22 06:33 Remon82 96 VAC between laptop and radio scanner ground

Something strange is going on:

- All my stuff is plugged into the same grounded power strip that's connected to a grounded outlet.

- The laptop charger (that's always plugged in) is also getting power from that power strip. 3 prong at the AC side, DC connector at the other side.
-- Plugged into my laptop: charger (as mentioned above), docking station over USB-C and headphones.
--- Plugged into docking station: wired keyboard, dongle for wireless mouse, printer and monitor over HDMI

- Monitor has no external brick. The 3 prong grounded cable is directly plugged into it. Monitor is getting power from the same grounded power strip.
- Printer has no external brick. The 3 prong grounded cable is directly plugged into it. Printer is getting power from the same grounded power strip.

- My Uniden Bearcat BCT15X is connected with a 2 prong power brick (no ground at the AC side) in the same power strip. From antenna connector it's just one piece of coax to the attic to an antenna that makes no contact with any metal or conducting part in the house.

If my hands touches the painted side of the scanner while my arm touches the painted metal keyboard, it hurts. Same for when my arm touches metal outside of the female jack extension cord for my headphones..

I had a similar issue when I had a Macbook Pro (2013 model) in the past. It had a full aluminium casing. When I was working on it (resting my hands while typing) with the charger plugged in, I did also feel a tingle in both hands.
I did a test to make sure ground is connected. Multimeter set to AC: 231.4V between GND en L and 0.4V beteen GND and N.
Multimeter (still set to AC) between laptop headphone jack ground en scanner headphone jack ground: 96.3 VAC..
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2023.03.22 06:33 Retrania Just Purchased my first bike, a Ninja 400. Some questions about its condition.

Just Purchased my first bike, a Ninja 400. Some questions about its condition.
Hey all,
I just purchased my first ninja 400. I had a grom before this but I barely rode it and it was stolen a week ago. I intended to ride it more as spring came about with some hotter temps, but unfortunately it was stolen. I decided to get something in the 200-400 range and this bike kind of fell into my lap for a great price. I got mine today for $3k with 8,108 miles on the dash one owner, 2019 model. I picked it up in the BLARING rain one hour after it was posted on FB and freeway drove it through wind, rain, and hail with zero visibility back home (30 miles). I thankfully had a support driver behind to make sure I was ok through the trip. It was my first highway ride! Yippe! I think I got a great deal though and the bike feels good (powertrain wise). The same cannot be said for a few physical components with rust being prevalent and and there being some VERY aggressively placed foot pegs. I was hoping to get your guys' help with a few things I want to do to the bike to get it un-trashy.
Below is an image of the foot pegs and clearly there are some aftermarket foot pegs and foot peg supports. I was hoping someone could direct me to where I can purchase a replacement for these to revert them back to stock. They force my driving position and my SOs driving position to be super aggressive as they are pretty high up and far back compared to the nearby dealer's stock ninja 400 we checked out today. Any help would be appreciated. I guess this is problem 1.
After market foot peg assembly that I would like to swap back to stock ^
I would also like to address problem 2: There is rust in the handle bafront fork tube. An image is below. I am not sure if a bolt is supposed to go on top of this or if the entire handle bar assembly is after market. If someone could clear what going on in the photo up for me and let me know a fix or what to purchase to bring it back to stock, please let me know.

Open hole with rust. Not sure what it is exactly but I would like to fix it ^.
Issue 3: There is rust on the headers and I would like to get it off. Not sure if that is possible without replacing headers. An image of the headers is below. If someone could help me figure out what to do here I would be super grateful.

headers with rust that I would like to fix ^
And finally, problem 4: The ABS light is on and will not turn off. I am not really sure about what needs to be done here as I am very new to the platform. Please give any advice possible.
Thank you all so much for reading this and I am super happy to enter this great community. I absolutely love to contribute to where I can after I have learned a few things. I hope I can give back after i have been given to. Take care!
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2023.03.22 06:32 kdn86 Window leaking. Next steps?

I'm in SoCal and experienced high winds and rainfall. Today, I heard dripping inside the house and on investigation, I found that one of my windows was leaking from the head of the interior casing (apologies if this isn't the right name for it).
This is the first time I have encountered this issue since moving in ~2 years ago, and this window had not shown any prior problems. Here are some images of the issue: During the hardest part of the rain and wind, it leaked as shown, and stopped leaking after about 20-30 minutes.
On examination of the exterior, I noticed some cracked stucco above the window frame which may require sealing. Beneath that, there is a caulk line with a few small holes in it. It's possible that the wind and rain pushed water through those gaps and caused the leak. Inside, aside from the leak shown, the rest of the window and the area above the window/wall are dry.
After reading some previous threads, I read that similar issues could be related to the roof. I recently had a roofer replace a different section of the roof, and they didn't identify any problems in this area.
Possible next steps may involve re-caulking and patching or sealing the stucco above. I'm running a dehumidifier by the leak. Anything else I should consider or do?
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2023.03.22 06:32 PelotonMod [WRFL 23] & [WSRFL 23] Results for Trofeo Alfredo Binda

WRFL and WSRFL results for the 2023 Trofeo Alfredo Binda


  • The second monument of the WSRFL season delivered a cracking race. With the exception of players who picked late non-starter Cecile Uttrup, nearly everyone finished in the points!
  • There was a three-way tie for first place! A trio of players finished with 175 points: u/AwakenTheBacon_ was a solo winner with Mavi Garcia while u/MacJokic and u/ZBGT split the spoils from winner Shirin van Anrooij! Congratulations to all of you!
  • Three others managed scores over 100: u/Mjkittens and u/Salty-Level took home 140 points each from second place Elisa Balsamo while u/burden321 earned 112 from Kasia Niewiadoma.

Full Results!

WSRFL Standings
  • u/mcrorigan scored points with Elise Chabbey for the third time and climbed to second in the Love Struck classification, just behind burden123 who leads after scoring points with Niewiadoma for a second time.
  • Mjkittens broke their duck in a big way after making their fifth pick. Meanwhile, burden123 and ZBGT both extended their season opening streaks to seven successful picks! 11 others made their best pick of the year, too.
  • u/KhaledHisham_22 keeps the overall lead, but saw their margin shrink to "only" 300 points!

Complete Standings!

Anyone can join the game! To start playing, send u/Ser-Seaworth or u/GregLeBlonde a message and they will make an code for you!
Entries are already open for Brugge-De Panne on March 23 and Gent-Wevelgem on March 26. Click here to enter!
If you believe there is a scoring error, please message u/GregLeBlonde


  • Predictions. We didn't do so great on this. Only 3 of us picked Shirin van Anrooij on our team at all. We figured the 2nd and the 4th place. Half us had 6 and 10. 0 picks for 3,7,8, & 9!
  • We scored a pretty low average of 36.2
  • Leading the way in this race, u/ZBGT scored 56.2 with this team. Rounding out the podium are u/mcrorigan (54.8) and u/nahgoe16 (53.4)
  • Full results
  • Full GC
  • This race qualifies for Overall, Spring Classics, Veni Vidi Vici, and Better than Vos.
  • You can check your entries in the entry thread.
Flair updates
  • With their podicum our new GC Leader is u/nahgoe16
  • The Points Competition is still u/mmitchell30 with 20. There is now a 3 way time for 2nd with 16 points though.
  • u/MrR2D grabs the Ghost Flair as our previous owner podiumed this race!
  • The race of VVV and Better than Vos have the same races so far. The leader is u/ZBGT Veni, Vidi, Vici Scores
  • Spring Queen is heating up. Current Standings also have nahgoe16 leading that race.
Join us next for Brugges on March 23, and don't forget to participate in WRFL, WSRFL, RFL, SRFL and TFTPT! Plenty of exciting fantasy games hosted right here in peloton and all of them will give you the opportunity to become a Hall of Legends voter!
As always: If you have any concerns about the scoring or about these updates please send a message (not a chat) directly to u/fewfiet or u/iamczecksy or the mod team using the "Message the Mods" button.!
2023 Fantasy Guide
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2023.03.22 06:32 No_Presentation_1678 [TOMT] [YOUTUBE VIDEO] This weird RowdyRuff boys horror video with the banana dancing man meme😭

Okay so like, I’ve been looking for this video for years after watching it when I was like 5-7. So it might’ve been made around 2011-2013, not too sure. So first off, the setting was like dark and the screen was like shaded, kinda like when u turn ur brightness down on ur phone. So basically it had Brick, Boomer, and butch in it, and all 3 of them were having a sleepover. It started off with all 3 of them in the living room just watching movies, eating popcorn, etc, and as time when on boomer would make comments about how their house is haunted by the dancing banana meme thingy. So all 3 of them then fall asleep on the couch, then in the middle of the night boomer wakes up to find brick missing, he wakes Butch up and tells him he’s gone, Boomer was telling Butch that he believes the banana man did it. Butch didn’t believe it was the banana man but was still worried about brick missing. They decided they would look for him in the morning and they both went to a bedroom. Butch was put on night watch while boomer slept. Next thing you know the banana man pops up and I assume he kills them. A message soon later pops up on the screen and says that butch’s body was found underneath the bed (I think it said he was found decapitated but I’m not sure), and that boomer was missing and hasn’t been found. I don’t remember it saying anything about bricks disappearance but I could be wrong.
I’ve tried looking up keywords but nothing has popped up for it, I hope at least somebody on here can tell me if it exists or not. Because I genuinely think it existed and it wasn’t a fever dream, but who knows.
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2023.03.22 06:32 earthcurious31 Top-Rated Attractions & Places to Visit in Switzerland

No matter if you're an adventurer, skier, or just enjoy being outside in Switzerland, the Switzerland Itinerary has something special for everyone. Spring (April through June) is the ideal time to discover Switzerland's hiking trails - surrounded by wildflowers and blossoming trees. Plus, take a ride on one of Switzerland's cable cars for breathtaking views of its mountains and lakes.
For More Details Read Our Blog:-
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2023.03.22 06:31 fairysalad Family going against wishes of Grandmother's will; do I have any rights?

Hello all. This all feels very complicated, so apologies in advance if I am not very clear. Happy to answer any questions. I'm in England.
My grandmother passed one year ago, and her will stated that her estate be left to her children (father, aunts), and the house contents to her grandchildren (myself and one cousin). Probate has only recently been granted.
Not sure how relevant, but to make sure the information is complete, my grandmother's property is divided into two, and I have lived in the smaller part for 12 years (paying rent, apart from the two years of covid and the year since my grandmother passed). I had been caring for my grandmother from around 2015 through to her passing.
My family have been taking items from the house since she passed, throwing items away, or telling my cousin and I 'you can't have that, it's mine'. I have not said much about this, having expressed disappointment but that I don't want to fall out over possessions.
I'm asking for advice now, as my family have started clearance of my grandmother's property while my cousin and I are abroad and unable to be there. This is because they want to put both properties on sale as fast as possible. Of course this means I am on countdown to having to leave my home, and I don't want my sadness/resentment about this to inform my feeling that their actions are wrong.
I guess I am asking what, if any, rights my cousin and I have. Should the property be being cleared of contents while we are not there, and do they have a right to pressure us to do it quickly in order to sell the houses? I wanted to investigate some worthy charities for some of the items, and some antiques shops to sell others that the family don't want. The family did not want my cousin and I starting this process without them, but are now starting it without us. If helpful, they are all executors of the will.
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2023.03.22 06:31 Fun-Pop-141 I asked chat gpt to make Pierre Trudeau the leader of the Canadian empire and it kinda made him OP

Sure, here are some potential ideas for a Civilization based on Canada with Pierre Trudeau as the leader:
Civilization Ability: Just Society
Leader Ability: Trudeaumania
Unique Unit: Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Unique District: Hockey Rink
These are just some ideas for a Civilization based on Canada with Pierre Trudeau as the leader. Of course, the actual stats and abilities would need to be balanced with the rest of the game for proper gameplay.
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2023.03.22 06:31 duncecapwinner grad school suggestions needed - MS in CS (chanceme)

interested in systems, distributed systems, high performance computing, computer architecture
I am clearly really late to the cycle. Looking to apply to top schools that have rolling or stay at my undergrad alma mater and transfer in the spring. I'm wondering how much of a shot I have as I have somewhat of a unique background. Started college extremely depressed - bad grades, no extracurriculars. Completely turned it around my junior year and have since been doing exceptionally well - several internships at FAANG+ companies
3.7 / 4.0 GPA, Average CS state school (T50). pass/failed a few classes around covid - unsure how negatively that will impact my application
Internships on high performance compute engines (fairly well known), and an incoming one at a well known AV company
LoR - two obtained that will be very strong (explicitly state that I am one of the best students they have ever had). good to average third letter.
GRE - not applicable
I'm hoping that I can make up for my lackluster gpa and early-college mistakes by writing a strong personal statement about my growth as a person and passion for the subfield that I choose.
do I have a shot at any top schools? Some I'm considering right now:
UC anything
Georgia Tech
UT austin
Penn State
Please let me know if I have no shot so I can save some application money, or if I am missing some schools.
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2023.03.22 06:31 myfavoritefoodispeas Spring Break (not going great)

I’m on spring break this week. Last spring break of college and I’m working the whole week. Been on a bit of bender lately (haven’t drank this much liquor in awhile). I’ve also not been taking my naltrexone nor prozac. And I have an insane amount of shit due next week. Just absolutely sobbed to ‘Imagine’ by the Beatles as well. I forgot how sentimental this song is. How’s everyone else doing?
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2023.03.22 06:31 ferahs AITA for refusing to look after my grandmother?

I (20F) come from an orthodox South Asian family. Fortunately, I am moving away to another country in a little less than six months, so I don't have to put up with any of them for much longer now. Some background info here, my grandmother (90F) lives with us, and has ever since I was a baby. My grandfather also lived with us until he passed away. Because of this, I've been subjected to looking after them all my life in the absence of my parents. I couldn't go out with friends, focus on anything I liked or have a normal teenage life. I also have a brother (15M) who I've all but raised and helped with studies all my life.
On to the problem at hand, my mother is currently living with my maternal grandmother because of her recent knee surgery. Before leaving, she asked my father to wash my grandmother's clothes. It is kind of important to mention here that my grandmother has bladder control issues with age, and soils her clothes. That is the one thing my mother asked my father to do, as I was looking after the rest of the chores in the house. However, as I had expected, the morning before my father left for work, he asked me to wash my grandmother's clothes and told my mom that I would be taking care of it, in spite of agreeing to do it only a day earlier. This really made me angry, but I let it go initially because I didn't want any fights in the house. I also let it go because my father threatens me with my plans to go abroad, and says he won't sign my No Objection Certificate (its backwards but it is needed) anytime I argue with him about anything. However, when I was on call with my mother, she said something that really pissed me off. She told me to wash the clothes myself and not let the responsibility fall on my brother as he is the youngest in the house. Now of course I wasn't planning on dropping this on him, but her statement really made me angry for two reasons, 1) I was 13 when I was made to do things for my grandparents and she didn't think to protect my childhood then, and 2) She couldn't give the same statement to my father, whose responsibility it actually is. She didn't think to protect me and tell him what she told me for my brother, so that the responsibility doesn't fall on me either. An argument ensued, and I flat out told her I wouldn't be washing the clothes as it is not my responsibility. She said that I'm the "mother" when she is not present and that it is my duty. I promptly hung up, and since then, I've been called irresponsible, immature and selfish.
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2023.03.22 06:31 cooking_bacon_naked_ I’m struggling with depression so bad tonight and I hating on myself

I’ve lost pretty much everything including myself this past month and the tears just won’t stop. I’m very alone and so lost on this planet that I’m wondering what the purpose even is. I’ve never been religious but I am so desperate to fight for my life even though I can’t stand to be in my own skin.
I want to live. This world can be so beautiful but I’m only attracting darkness. If there’s a God they are definitely wanting me to breakdown so I can find myself but I don’t know where to start.
I lost my housing, relationship, family connections, belongings, and sense of self in such a short amount of time and have been coping by self sabotaging what little I have left. My mental state is suffering and I want so damn badly to see past this doom but every day gets worse. I feel unlovable and a burden and have no idea who the heck I am.
I’m begging for God to let me know something…anything. Thank you and I will pray for you all tonight as well but I’m not sure I’m doing it right. I’m so tired of making mistakes.
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