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2023.03.30 17:15 purplegoblet CVS testing for T13 in U.K.

I am in the U.K. so our care options are different to other countries, especially the US, and I’m particularly interested to hear from others who have successfully navigated the NHS in regards to a high risk result. I have been through many posts, but didn’t see my exact question(s) answered so I hope it’s ok to post. Sorry for the length, I am just confused and this is moving quickly.
I am currently 13+2. At my 12 week NT scan, my scan came back normal but my blood tests came back as low PAPP-A, indicating a higher chance of T13 and T18 (1 in 147). From there, I opted for Harmony NIPT, which came back today as high risk for T13 (I didn’t get more clarity on how high - not sure if that’s normal or not).
I asked to be referred for diagnostic testing, and I am booked in for a CVS tomorrow. Since then, reading here and looking at my pamphlet from the NHS, I have read about CPM and that there is a risk of a false positive with CVS due to this, especially when there is a normal scan.
The pamphlet says if the first CVS result (FISH I think?), confirms NIPT and is accompanied by an abnormal scan, it’s pretty conclusive. This seems to align with the information I’ve read here. It then says if there was no abnormality on the scan, you should wait for the second result (array?) as this result “reflects the DNA of the baby rather than the mother and will not be affected by CPM”. This seems to be in contradiction to what I’ve read here. Have I misunderstood something?
When the midwife called to book me in for the CVS I asked about this. She said the initial CVS result was conclusive for T13, T18 and T21 and that they wouldn’t even do an array for those conditions. She then acknowledged CPM when I brought it up and said my scan was normal. She then quoted the 2% figures and said it was rare, and then said that if it was a problem it would be indicated by the initial result and they would refer for an amino, which again, doesn’t seem to align with the other information I’ve read (that CVS will identify CPM).
I’m perfectly willing to advocate for myself, but I don’t know what to ask for. Should I do the CVS and if positive push for amino? Just wait for amino? If it’s a negative CVS can I just relax? At what point are T13 abnormalities present on ultrasound?
The stakes are incredibly high as this is a devastating condition and I would terminate if given a clear diagnosis. I’m just not sure the best way to get that. Luckily I am protected by law in the U.K. to do this but obviously knowing sooner would be better for both me and the baby, so I fear waiting much longer. Thank you for your help.
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2023.03.30 17:15 sempraoccultus Hi, 23F hoping to make a friend to relate with the struggles of life 😇

Looking for a girl/trans bff because it would be nice to have someone who can relate with low self esteem given how we're expected to be love dolls instead of someone who has a voice and brain. As off putting as this may sound, I am Literally depressed. Hibernation mode and struggled to get up because my spirits were literally limp and my body just was lethargic, too. I have had no one to rely on for a while now. Having a female bestie who may be able to relate with how hollow it feels to be sexually objectified even by boyfriends who speaks of monogamy and values, would be a reassuring first step to friendship. Just so you know, I am struggling because unseeing nihilism once you learn enough facts of history(brutality), society(how unkind & thoughtless people are) and life(bureaucracy & paradoxes, cruelty) and how we literally can't do anything against masses, just like how the majority of the US decided to make Abortion Illegal BEFORE even making adjustments on content projected on Television to teenagers, including the entire tiktok and Instagram oversexualisation of sexes for the sake of "social validation"?? I wish there was either a button that could erase all of life in all universes and galaxies, or one where the seven deadly sins did not plague mankind and the innocent curiosity and open mind we had as children weren't tainted and ruined and even shamed for being "too childish". Children being shamed and invalidated, forced to "grow up" without Any Context for all the traumatising extreme exposures bred these generations of overly sexual youths and the cycle of abuse just goes on and it's becoming worse. I'm here posting, hoping to meet a good friend. Even though I'm someone neurotic and nihilistic. There seems to be a lot of people online who don't know when to pause or how to pause before sending messages or leaving comments; either it's out of loneliness, boredom or whatever it is. So in case it's a redundant action/message unhelpful to the point of my post on this online bulletin board, please take a moment to evaluate and make a sound decision as a responsible adult. :)
In short: It would be lovely to meet a friend with a reasonable mind who's empathetic, aware and in a similar mental place/stage wanting or hoping to get better with the help of a sister or friend. (Sisters unfortunately sound more hostile than bffs, unfortunately. From what I've learned socially, at least, that's what's insinuated; whispers I'm sorry, autocorrect the sentence on my behalf, please xD)
p.s. More info on my profile, curious stranger. Looking forward to see you soon :)
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2023.03.30 17:15 jash7557 Told I'd be working a ton during busy szsn, kept reaching out with barely anything, now being put on a PIP this week to "help me"

I know I am because it's a checkin with my PML and Partner, with my PML saying they'll be going over some stuff with HR. What do I do? I've literally been studying for certs/CPA but to my PML it looks like he just blows me off everytime we "grab coffee" and tells me we don't have good "connection".
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2023.03.30 17:15 Ryerybread Octogram series Rimu

Whoever finds or makes any art of the new drip from the game, please send it to me. I am having withdrawals, sincerely, a simp
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2023.03.30 17:14 NotJamilByTheWay Not mewing vs mewing. Cannot breath while mewing and cannot suction hold. I am pushing here. Also notice a snoring sound when I do try to breath. Would like some help on fixing this.

Not mewing vs mewing. Cannot breath while mewing and cannot suction hold. I am pushing here. Also notice a snoring sound when I do try to breath. Would like some help on fixing this. submitted by NotJamilByTheWay to Mewing [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 17:14 SadOne4938 Harassment, Hypocritical and false claim bans

Over the last few weeks and months a user know as ***** ****** has been constantly harassing and attack members of the community by making false claims to staff, following people around recording every conversation and editing and taking clips out of context of conversations. And you may say why not talk in private, they have people following around, into condos getting close to friend groups to spy. There is 5 known people that do it for her. Even if we in a private area they following some how. This user is known as trans, and that's great, Most people support that. But don't be a hypocrite about it. Don't hate someone else who is also trans because they trans.
The amount of bans from there false claims and twist "evidence" is negatively effecting the community. The user has stolen content (ripped files and posting copies of YouTube videos from staff), creates bots, uses macros, pretends to be a staff member. The amount of rules they have broke and nothing done about it. The people banned for harassment have not harassed you, in fact you are harassing them. Leave people to do there own thing and mind your business. This is a follow up to the last post about this user and in no way am I the same person, or do I know who posted it. I am my own person with my own views.
Someone needs to ban the copy right Nintendo pink gumball that's brains are squished on the ground.

User name removed so the person can read this and do better but its clear and everyone knows who it is.
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2023.03.30 17:14 icecreamlover43 I F19 feel as if I’m not a real girl

So the issue isn’t that I want to transition into becoming a male. I want to be a girl so badly but I just don’t feel like a girl even tho I am a biological female. My desired gender is to be a female. I try my best to look as feminine as possible but people still tell me that I’m ugly or gross or that I look like a man. It doesn’t help that I am a tall woman of color. I wish I could be dainty and conventionally attractive. How can I overcome this?
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2023.03.30 17:14 tetrahydrocannabiol Looking for hobby suggestions that more or less fit the criteria below

So as a physical hobby I do rock climbing, but I've hurt my finger, and I am grounded for a while. This amplified my need for an 'intellectual' type of hobby. Also Id rather it be some kind of 'doer' kind of thing than a passive hobby 'like reading or collecting something'.
Heres a list I made about what I would prefer:
My interest are (but anything else could be great advice as well):
I have tried instruments, programming (I had no idea what to use them for, I did not want to build a todo app just for the sake of building a todo app), I am a terrible writer. I tried chess, as well.
I appreciate any advice.
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2023.03.30 17:13 Eastcoastbunni He never sends me anything

For the past 6 months I have been dating someone that I met in a game that I have been playing for years. We have gotten very close and are meeting next week. We have a lot in common and emotionally he is everything I have dreamed of. We talk on the phone all day and night and are feeling in love. I send him pictures and videos and small gifts like candy and letters to show my affection. I don't have a lot of money or I would send him even more. My only concern is he has never offered to send me anything, nothing. The game we play together he has been blowing hundreds of dollars a day and it is making me feel jealous. He has an amazing job and I do not expect him to spoil me especially since we have not met yet but he has not even offered even on my birthday that recently passed. I don't know why I'm feeling jealous about his spending and I'm not sure if this is how it will be in real life but if so I don't think I would be interested in a man who invests more in his hobbies than me. Am I wrong? Why am I feeling so jealous and kind of angry about what he spends on his game?? I am NOT materialistic but I suppose I would like a little affection in that sense. I am also driving to him which is almost a 22 hour trip. I just feel like I have given way more and not sure if I should keep investing in it. He has not even offered to help with the trip cost. Thoughts?
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2023.03.30 17:13 backwardshatmoment My niece and nephew have sister sign Sun & Moons. Nephew 0’ Scorpio Sun, 18’ Sag moon, niece 7’ Taurus Sun, 26’ Gemini Moon. Any significance to that or no because they’re not directly conjunct?

For bonus context, my sister is a Leo Sun and I am an Aquarius Sun. Lol
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2023.03.30 17:13 Ok_Chocolate7496 Would Boeing match an internal offer?

I am a current L2 engineer. I just found out I am being considered for a L3 engineer role at a site on the other side of the country. I am hesitant to make a move as I am pretty settled where I am. If I were to get an offer, would I be able to ask my current manager to match it? Does Boeing do this for internal job offers? I am currently in BDS the new offer is a BCA role
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2023.03.30 17:12 berlinrain Pep talk for all of you!

It's almost the end of the semester! I am so proud of you guys for getting through the semester, no matter that you have gone through. Remember to stay positive during finals, as being positive brings positive things to you.
You had to withdraw from two classes? Good on you for knowing your limits and taking the W instead of an F. A lot of people don't know their limits and this is a great learning experience.
You are on track to get two A+? I'm so happy for you! Good job and keep it up! Strive for three next semester and outdo yourself!
You made a friend this year? Friends are great! Keep them close to you!
You reinvented yourself this year? Good job on developing yourself! Becoming a new and better version of yourself is always a good thing. Keep it up!
You're on track to fail a class? It's okay, my friend! Things happen and life get the best of us. Just remember, if you have your all, that's all you can give and that's enough. Have a restful summer and bring your A-game in the fall.
You're going to drop out? Good luck and godspeed on all future endeavors! You're going to do amazing no matter what you do!
You're graduating? Good luck and godspeed on all future endeavors! You're going to do amazing in whatever you pursue after.
Have a good rest of the year, buddies!
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2023.03.30 17:12 erdossy Custom color way switch housings

Custom color way switch housings
3 years ago a started down the path of custom mechanical keyboards. It lead me to learn many skills including CAD, 3d printing, machining and injection molding. After learning these skills I had an ambitious project to begin producing complete mx switch clones. My ambition quickly dwindled after realizing I wasn’t comfortable enough with my knowledge of business and finance to see my project through.
Today I am back with a new take on the same project, after filling my knowledge gap.
I would like to see how much interest there’s is for MX type switch components purchased unassembled with a choice of color for the top, bottom, and stems. This would be a great way to match the switches to your case and caps.
I have yet to find a reasonable priced manufacturer for the contact points so another switch would need to be utilized to complete each switch for now. Maybe it would be possible to adapt the design for Hall effect instead of a physical contact.
I plan to supply sprit springs with the components if the demand is there.
I had injection molds designed for higher tolerances and dimensionally stable polymers to hopefully provide a more consistent typing experience than the switches we are used to, although I have yet to test this as mold making is expensive.
Let’s add even more customizability to this hobby!
Ps. DM me for a link to those stickers.
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2023.03.30 17:12 brofession Saw a weather forecast for my return flight tomorrow and my anxiety is driving.

Today's the last day of my vacation trip and I was hoping to spend it chilling on the beach, but I saw a weather station alert saying to expect gusts of 33-36 mph and thunderstorms on the landing. Turbli is saying to expect some bumps along the ride and a bumpy landing.
I wasn't anxious yesterday, which is one day less than when I was set to fly out. I'm attributing that to the fact that I have to get on that plane; I have no other way to get back home.
But now my extremities are numb and fear is setting in. Any tips are appreciated. If anyone wants to track, I'm Frontier 2491 departing at 6:20 am ET.
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2023.03.30 17:12 InvestigatorFew7232 Getting attached to multiple people

Hi, so I’ve got a problem where I keep attaching myself to anyone of the opposite sex who’s nice to me, it’s becoming too much, example, I’m a gamer, I played a couple games with someone earlier who lives in another country, I don’t know what they look like, I don’t know their name, but I’m now feeling an attachment, I’ve also got an attachment to someone else who I haven’t seen since highschool (10 years ago) but we’ve been talking as friends for a couple days now, I am not expressing these feelings as I know it’ll become a lot worse if I do, I’m happy to have these people as friends, I obviously want something more with the person I went to school with but I really, really don’t want to ruin a friendship or worse, hurt another person, I do have the love bombing problem, I’m a professional at hurting others, does anyone have any tips on how to get these feelings to leave?
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2023.03.30 17:11 Secret-Razzmatazz-76 EdFinancial servicer response

Evidence of positive forward movement!!!
I am part of the Sweet v Cardona class and have been neurotically checking my EdFinancial account daily for discharge. EdFinancial is my servicer for all of my loans. I sent them an email a few days ago asking about the status of my discharge and got the following response on 3/30:
" Thank you for contacting Edfinancial Services. Our records indicate that our Finance Department began processing your Borrower Defense Discharge on 03/02/2023. "
I do wonder though, if they have been processing my discharge on 3/02, what is taking so long?
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2023.03.30 17:11 Euchr0matic College Distress.

Hi everyone.
I am a 17 year old high school senior. For a while, I was a little lost on where I wanted to go to college. A family friend of mine recommended one university in New York to me, and after visiting, I absolutely fell in love with it. The program for my major is great, the internships are perfect, and they have very impressive placement rates for my career. And, as it turns out, it was my girlfriend’s top school as well, adding even more of a reason to attend. I applied a few months later, hoping and praying to get in.
A few weeks ago, I got a waitlist decision. I was crushed by this. It felt like everything was going wrong and all my plans are ruined. I sent them a letter of continued interest and talked with my admissions counselor. She then responded and told me that the reason I was waitlisted is because I was missing a required course, Pre-calc.
Now, I go to a trade school, so my school doesn’t have much in terms of academics. The only way I could get this pre-calculus requirement was to jump up to AP Calc, which I obviously wasn’t ready for. When selecting courses my junior year, I attempted to get a pre-calc course, since I felt behind. However, my guidance office would not grant my request. And now, its biting me in the ass again.
I really love this school. I want to go so bad. But it really hurts that something outside of my own control is going to limit me from attending this university.
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2023.03.30 17:11 Long_Ad6182 Am I being impatient?

I've known my boyfriend for 11 years. We were friends with benefits for around 9 of those years, with him telling me constantly how much he loved me. Long story short, I didn't take him seriously and he moved on. We went about 18 months without talking and I reached out to him about 7 months ago and we have moved in together and aside from a few issues, we actually have a pretty great relationship. We both talk about marriage, him mostly, and I have told him that I would like to be engaged, even though I'm fine with a long engagement. Meaning just because we are engaged doesn't mean l'Il be a planning the wedding anytime soon. But I do want the permanence and commitment of an engagement, which he tells me he agrees with. But we have been "official" for just over 6 months, have known each other well for 11 years, and I am loved by his family who constantly ask him what he's waiting for. How long should I wait before I move on? I feel like we have this discussion every few weeks and when we do, he's all for it, but once the conversation ends, nothing ever comes of it. I don't want to waste more of my life for something that won't happen. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.03.30 17:11 Maximum-Case-3445 Tutoring

I am looking for a Math AA HL tutor & Physics HL tutor to help me see off grade 11 with a 6 & 7. (IBY1). Where can I find experienced IB tutors or just good tutors?
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2023.03.30 17:11 No-Pomegranate4726 False accusation

I am really interested in how someone who meditates on the Tao would think about this situation. I am being falsely accused of theft. The person who did it, confessed to me that she did, but when the time came to tell the truth, she lied. In me there is a storm of utter and complete despair, a need for justice, a need for my name to be cleared. What would someone who practices the Tao tell themselves to deal with this situation? Thank you so much in advance.
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2023.03.30 17:10 jelly-mindz i’m so sick of my friend

I’ve been friends with this girl since kindergarten. She’s genuinely very smart, talented, and cool— but so self-centered!! Ugh!!! Her family is insanely rich (like, owns a private island type rich) and her parents seem like decent, hardworking people, but they’ve instilled her with this mindset that she’s the specialest, most interesting person in the world.
Spoiler alert: SHE’S NOT. But she acts like it. It is frustrating to no end.
We’re in a group chat together, and 90% of the time she only texts to talk about herself and her achievements, completely ignoring other people’s texts. I understand that most of the group chat is just me rambling about random stuff, and it would be impossible to reply to all of those texts, but at least I pay attention to other people! I try my best to give everyone a decent, well thought out response, and everyone else does too, and then she doesn’t even do the bare minimum. Even when her texts are relevant to whatever’s being talked about, they still manage to bring the topic back to herself (ie, joke about getting sex trafficked trying on swimsuits in Target -> “i need more swimsuits”) Honestly, I feel terrible saying this but sometimes it feels like talking to a toddler with the level of self-absorbency.
I dunno. She just has this way of making me feel completely inferior. Like, I’ll be talking about something mundane and then she’ll barge in, without even acknowledging me, and announce that she won some debate competition or something. Which is like, good for you, I’m proud! But please at least pretend to give a shit…
This might be hypocritical— like I said, I’m easily the most active member of the group chat, and most of the texts I send are about stuff in my life. But I feel like I put in effort for other people too, and the texts are really just mundane, I don’t just talk about my own achievements (that’s another thing! Her parents, being super rich, enrolled her in this fancy private school and paid for a ton of extracurriculars, and of course part of the success is that she’s so smart, but she seems to think she’s the shit because of it. Like, I’m smart too! I’m talented too! I just don’t have all the opportunities you do!!)
Is it bad for me to wish she would realize she’s not the specialest person ever, and that people don’t exist just to cheer her on, when maybe I want her to realize that so she’ll pay attention to me and cheer me on? Is that reasonable or am I just entitled?
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2023.03.30 17:10 AcadiaSpirited5729 Should I stay or should I go?

Not really. But I am looking for some advice.
I'm 29, and I started at this job as a Help Desk Level I contract position at 40k a year. I am finishing my Cyber Security bachelor's degree, so this actually counted as my required internship for that.
Got hired on full time at month 4, bumped to 50k.
Fast forward to month 6, a round of layoffs hit and one of them was my Supervisor. Got spooked, so I started looking around and found a contract position for $27/hr, but then ended up accepting a counter offer at my company.
I'm now in month 10. I'm a Jr. Systems Administrator, and I'm making $30/hr salary, $62400 a year. I am learning a ton right now. I have gotten my Azure Fundamentals cert. Working on Security + now.
My question to you guys is, would you say it's worth sticking around to try to work up the ladder here (possible Security position) for this pay for a while, or should I start looking to make a jump once I finally get my degree and a cert or 2 under my belt? I want to be making 80+ asap, and I truly don't think that's an insane ask. But maybe I'm full of shit. Thoughts?
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