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Edmond, Oklahoma

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Edmond is a city in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, United States, and a part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area in the central part of the state. /Edmond is run by volunteers and is not endorsed by, or affiliated with the City of Edmond.

2012.05.30 04:48 TheAwesomeJonesy Richardson, Texas!

A place for all Richardson citizens to discuss!

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This group is about life in Hoboken - New Jersey.

2023.03.21 22:49 Dom4157 Can someone please draw Spider-Man for me?

This is a 17 year old Spider-Man
The suit is a mix of homemade and semi-professional. The color scheme is classic Spider-Man red and blue with a little bit of black thrown in. The material is a mix of spandex and cotton making comfortable yet stretchy feel. The suit starts with a red hoodie, similar to the one in Spider-Man Homecoming. The hoodie has been modified to include black webbing on the front and back, which extends out to the sleeves. The hood itself is replaced by a red and black webbed mask, with white lenses for eyes. Underneath the hoodie, Spider-Man wears a tight-fitting blue spandex shirt with a spider emblem on the chest. The shirt has black webbing on the sides and down the arms, leading to blue gloves with red webbing accents. The gloves have the same white lenses as the mask, allowing Spider-Man to see through them. On the lower half of the suit, Spider-Man wears tight-fitting blue spandex pants with black webbing on the sides and down the legs. The pants have built-in red boots with black webbing accents, and the soles of the boots are designed to provide good traction for climbing walls. Finally, Spider-Man wears a web belt around his waist, made of black webbing and with a spider emblem buckle. The belt allows him to carry extra web cartridges for swinging through the city.
Overall, the suit is a blend of the homemade suit from Spider-Man homecoming, the original suit drawn by Steve Ditko, and Spider-Man’s costume from the spectacular Spider-Man
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2023.03.21 22:49 ads5531 BARCELONA EXPATS HELP

Rentals and neighborhoods
Hello everyone,
Im planning to move to BCN and i need your help with the followings:
Thank you for your time !
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2023.03.21 22:49 fwaig Munster Senior Cup final sees a Cork derby while Leinster Senior Cup semi-final line ups are also set.

The Munster Senior Cup is set to gain some added interest this year as Cobh Ramblers are set to take on county rivals Cork City. The Rams overcame Treaty United to book their place in the final. Premier Division City this evening saw off Waterford to despite being a man down. Cobh, while in the First Division, are current holder of the trophy.
In the East of the country, our final 4 are set... in theory. Bray Wanderers will host Usher Celtic in one of the semis. This means that the final will have be guaranteed to have a non-Premier Division team in it. The other side of the bracket is a little messier. Bohemians will have to wait to find out their opponents. It could be any of Wexford, Dundalk or Shelbourne.
In an all-too-familiar LSC trope, we still have a Round 4 game down for decision. Dundalk will play Shels to see who plays Wexford... before the winner of that hosts Bohs. Following so far?! The Lilywhites were booted from the contest for failing to fulfil their fixture with the Drumcondra side but were later reinstated after an appeal. This has ruffled Damien Duff's feathers this week in the media as his Auld Reds should be enjoying time off.
Munster Senior Cup Final
Cobh Ramblers vs Cork City
Leinster Senior Cup Quarter Final
Dundalk or Shelbourne vs Wexford
Leinster Senior Cup Semi Final
Bray Wanderers vs Usher Celtic
Dundalk or Shelbourne or Wexford vs Bohemians
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2023.03.21 22:49 AnonFuckFace333 SF Ways to Make Friends

Hi! I’m pretty new to the city and don’t know anybody! What are some of your recommendations on how to make friends in this city? Appreciate the help, thanks! :)
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2023.03.21 22:49 GustavVaz What even is an adventure?

You see this in like half of all dating profiles: "Let's go on an adventure!"
Excuse me, what? You wanna go find the lost city of Atlantis? Find El Dorado?!?
I'm joking, but I am curious as what counts as an adventure?
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2023.03.21 22:48 The_GongOOzler802 The girl I’m subletting from is threatening to give away my spot if I don’t pay her fees.

To add context, I (F20) am a sophomore in college. The college I go to has a shortage of campus housing from over admitting, so I’ve been trying to get into an apartment for a year now. Apartments in this city are expensive and hard to come by considering the housing crisis for college students. I recently got a job, and am hoping to stay over the summer to work, so I am now desperate for somewhere to live. I joined a sublease group for my area on Facebook, and found a listing from a girl my same age. I went through all the applications, payed $900 in fees, and have signed the lease. The apartment is waiting on her signature and relet fee payment to approve the lease. The girl I’m subleasing from them told me that she wants me to pay HER fee, and if I don’t then she’ll give the lease to somebody else. At this point, if she relists the apartment, she’ll end up having to pay next months rent of $700 (if they approve the lease that rent will go to me). The relet fee is $350. Do I point this out to her? I’ve tried being nice and civil, but at this point there’s just over a week left before my supposed move in date. Can I be bitchy? Will that make it worse? What do I do?
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2023.03.21 22:48 invirtualskies Dead Cities Turning 20 Next Month

It's as the title says. On the 14th of April, it will have been 20 years since Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts was released in Europe. I mention this because I am at the moment writing a piece on the album, and what makes it still so special two decades later. I have a few ideas myself of course, but I would like to get an idea of what the fandom as a whole feels about the album, and what makes it special to all you fellas.So. What does Dead Cities mean to you?
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2023.03.21 22:48 Key_Brother Atelier Ryza 3 Theory: More Evidence That Kala Ideas Is The Frozen Moon Witch

so when i was doing my analysis of the Story trailer for Ryza 3 a reddit user pointed out a few more details about her that made it more likely she is the Frozen Moon Witch.
in case you have not read my theory on Kala Ideas being the Frozen Moon Witch, here it is:
credit to reddit user SnowGames for pointing these out in the comment section of this post: (
ok so onto the details that i missed
the most obvious one that i missed was chest ornament:
now compare this to the Flame sun symbol in the Mana Workshop:

notice the sunrays are the same design as the sunrays coming out from the chest ornament that Kala Ideas is wearing. if you read the legends about the Mana Workshop you will know that the Frozen Moon Witch was working with the people of Mana Workshop to develop fairy stone based weapons to fight the Philusca. so the chest ornament maybe a memento to remind of her of her time together. plus its made of made of metal so its not a stretch to think they made it for her. so she can remember them.

next we move onto her staff:

SnowGames suggests the imagery on the staff could be Gemini imagery which the Sunken city referenced. i don`t have the time to go and look for it so you will have to do it yourself. he also mentions the hammer has an opening which could hold something perhaps flame sun stone used in the Mana Workshop or the dragon blood stone floating the Dragon bone Valley. i would guess its the flame sun stone snice in the picture above the hammer is on fire indicating a fire source of some sort.
as for where she got the staff from she most likely got it from the Sunken City of Stars because in the memory fragment Great Elementals Staff directly after that ask "A staff used by a great elemental spirit with great power. There is a number of such staffs with varying designs. Could it be that multiple great elementals used to live in this city?:
credit this unknown reddit user for this comment in comment section of this post for pointing this out:
so the Frozen Moon Witch got this staff from one of the Great Elementals that you fight in Ryza 1 or might have got it from the star child's apprentice and used the flame sun stone which the Mana Work shop used power their furnaces to smelt fairy stone, to add the extra boost of power then fighting the Philusca, both melting and smashing the Philusca at the same time. it might be the star child's apprentice staff snice it was used to find the place to offer the Flame Sun to seal away the Philusca.
i also must mention unless it was not clear the the Frozen Moon Witch is from the hidden valley thats the exact same place as the Dragonbone Valley just a different name. in case someone thought they were separate places.
so thats all of evidence SnowGames points out. i was just expanding upon it in this post. feel free to correct or add this theory in the comment section down below. i hope my theory is correct, not long to go to find out.
what do you think Fellow Alchemists?
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2023.03.21 22:48 Ford2059 question about getting documents from city hall

Hello quick question.
In order to get my visa extended one of the things I need to bring to immigration are my tax documents (納税証明書).
I need to get this from the city hall. However, I recently moved 3 months ago to a new city.
Will I need to go to my old city hall for these documents? Or is it ok to just go to my new city hall?
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2023.03.21 22:48 jallen1227 Another day in SF - CNN crew had their bags stolen out of their rental car

When even CNN turns on the Progressive message:
“Got robbed. Again,” CNN senior national correspondent Kyung Lah wrote in a tweet on Friday.
While she and CNN producer Jason Kravarik were conducting an interview at city hall, thieves broke into their car and snatched their bags “in under 4 seconds” despite the crew having hired private security to keep watch.
The security was unsuccessful in trying to “grab the crooks” but was able to stop them from stealing other bags and was also able to snap a picture of the getaway car.
“San Francisco is a beautiful city. This is our 3rd day here and I’ve loved my time here. But if you do visit this city, know that even with hired security watching your car, it is not enough,” she wrote, explaining that she was in the city “doing a story about voter discontent” because of “rampant street crime.”
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2023.03.21 22:48 Mysterious_Relief738 I believe my cat is having problems with his teeth, but his eye is also half shut.

I have a vet appointment scheduled in a few weeks but I’m still wondering.
He stopped eating his hard food which is weird from him and his breathe has smelled rancid so I’m thinking his teeth are going bad or need a check up.
What confuses me the most is that one of his eyes are half shut. If he is having teeth issues why would his eye also be half shut like that?
Or is this more than a dental issue?
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2023.03.21 22:48 RoswaalMathers [LFG][Caster][NA][WP][HC][6.4][Static]

Yo, I'm Visenya or Glenvel (or both), I'm an omnicaster player with a preference for BLM > RDM > SMN and can play all 3 at high levels. Looking to join a group for the long term and am willing to play on any DC with a heavy preference towards NA. I've never hardcore progged on tank but have played them enough to where, with enough practice, I would be comfortable becoming a tank for the right group Goals/Expectations
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2023.03.21 22:48 coole106 Great Military Leader strategies?

Whenever I get my first leader, I pretty much always use them to rush the FP. IMO the FP is kind of a Catch-22: it's very valuable in a city with really high corruption, but in such a city it takes FOREVER to build. I pretty much never bother building the FP and count on the fact that I will eventually have a leader I can use. However, I wonder if it's better to use the first leader to build an army, the second leader to build the heroic epic, and the third leader to build the FP. Obviously, this is a pretty big risk since it could take a long time to get those next leaders, and that's a lot of lost production from not having a FP. What do you do with your first couple leaders?
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2023.03.21 22:48 felinasaurus Showering HR vs sitting down after.

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2023.03.21 22:47 oliver_stoner what to do with christian books

I’ve been going through my books lately and I have a lot of the left behind kids books, secret keeper girls, and a bunch of books that are purity culture centered. I’m curious as to if anyone has ideas of what I should do with them? Some of them are so bad I don’t think I should donate them, I don’t want to subject anyone else, especially young people to that mentality. But the ones that are slightly less bad, is it even worth it to donate them? Should I trash them all? Opinions?
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2023.03.21 22:47 stillsadforit My friend might be cheating on his wife

I recently came across a Facebook profile with my picture on it with my face cropped. I was confused because I had sent that pic to a few close friends from the gym after a workout two years ago. I specifically remember this one friend taking a screenshot but I didn’t think much of it at the time.
I dug into that profile and reported it but Facebook doesn’t find any problems with it. The last name of the profile is the same as my friends last name. He also has pictures posted from his own profile of places he’s been. Like aerial shots from a plane and just some random scenery. The exact same stuff is on his actual profile.
This profile’s friends list is just hookers/models and women who are dressed immodestly. All who are local to the city I’m in.
I know this ‘friend’ has been around weird company lately and he takes random trips to other cities with just another one of his friends for the weekend.
It’s really bothering me because he has a sweet 2 yo daughter and his wife seems like a great Muslimah.
Any advice on what I can do?
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2023.03.21 22:47 No-Nebula2258 [Meta] How is this possible?

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2023.03.21 22:47 The-Codeman Dlc

So I bought the fire fades version of ds3 and was wonder If the ringed city was a part of it. If it is, knowing how to access it would be much appreciated
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2023.03.21 22:46 NoahL1998 My Study plan

I created a digital version of the study plan/study schedule I developed during my physics studies at the University. I would like to share it with everybody who is also learning about physics.
Find it with the link above.
Good luck with your studies!
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2023.03.21 22:46 luumia133 [EU][Chaos][LFM][Static][HC][WP] Looking for serious individuals for World prog - early w1.

We're looking for individually skilled players with the proper mindset and experience in either world prog or early week 1 clears. Following roles will be up for recruitment as of now:
x1 Tank (any job as our tank can flex) x1 Melee (any job as our melee can flex) x1 Healer (any job as our healer can flex) x1 Caster (up for discussion as we might not be in need of it, entirely depends on release date, but any exceptional applicant can be considered).
Also in need of 10th, refer to application form and specify relevant information.
Our end result and ranking for TOP with a HC schedule week one transitioning into sHC week 2-3: r35 World r7 EU Guild page:
The core group has played together for about 2 tiers, with healer being a new addition since the release of TOP. All of which have multiple week 1 clears, and some with WP experience. We're looking for individuals that can first and foremost carry their own weight, no hand holding should be required, but also that you provide as much attention and dedication to the group as you'll be getting from the group. Research and external help if necessary should be made through your spare time outside of prog or during breaks if needed be. We do NOT tolerate uncontrollable tilt mid prog, whether it's frustration or whatnot, you should express yourself in a constructive way rather than being passive-aggressive. The maturity level of the group is high and we expect you to be on par with that. However we obviously do enjoy some banter when the time is right for it. Other requirements for joining is somewhat self explanatory, relevant experience to what we're looking for, whether it's world prog or early week 1. We'd prefer an outspoken social person who can mesh well with the group in general but also keep playing together after prog, whether it's for optimisation or speed. You should have a stable internet and lifestyle with little to no disturbance during prog to make it as smooth as possible, using voice is also mandatory. We'll also be doing split clears, so having a prepared alt is a necessity.
If you consider applying to the group, kindly make sure to fill the application form and we'll get back to you -
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2023.03.21 22:46 trying_to_be_amelia What plants, if any, would survive coffee grounds tossed in them daily?

I live in a top floor apartment and have not found a reasonable way to dispose of the last 1/4" of my french press coffee grounds. I scrape out 90% of it, but some grounds get stuck to the apparatus and have to be rinsed off. I can't let the slightest bit of grounds down my drain or it will cause a nightmare clog scenario (old pipes, rooter can't reach my floor, let's just say I traumatized my maintenance man and learned the hard way).
After rinsing, I used to pour that coffee ground infused water into a filter, and throw out the grounds and drain the liquid after it filtered, but apparently even that liquid was too much for my sink.
The only solution I can come up with (that doesn't involve putting a cup of liquid in my trash) is pouring that liquid into a flowerpot.
The internet tells me there are several plants which theoretically do well with the acidity of coffee grounds. This is the list I found, but I don't know enough about plants to know which I can grow in a small pot (ideally not bigger than 12" circumference because I'm small and lack arm strength and have to carry it up 3 flights of stairs).
Would any of these plants work in a pot without outgrowing it quickly, and also sustain daily dumping of a cup of water with some coffee grounds in it?
Also, will this plan result in growing mold and/or attracting bugs?
Hypothetically I could also just toss coffee grounds into a pot of soil, but I feel like that would probably turn me into Patient 0 of some crazy moldborne disease.
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2023.03.21 22:46 BIG-BOB-MUGABE Can't miss States on American trip

What States in the good ol' USA would you consider to be worth visiting?
Whether it be for cool cities, beautiful national parks, home of the Dallas Cowboys or whatever reason.. what are the can't miss States?
So far I've got New York and California. Maybe Washington, Maine, and Alaska for the nature?
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