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2019.07.22 17:19 IrishFaghetti 3D-printed remote control vehicles—planes, drones, cars, and boats. Designs, makes, or thoughts

You can find designs, makes, and recommendations for printing RC vehicles and RC vehicle parts here.

2013.08.22 15:09 Providing the link between local 3D printers and customers.

I've been seeing a lot of users advertise their 3D printing services all over Reddit. Instead of spamming up other threads, feel free to post them here! Make sure and sign up for a local 3D printing service, and offer your services here. The only thing I ask is not copy and paste the pitch everyday. Not only will that not work or get you leads, but it will annoy users after a while.

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Group for 3D Printer and other CNC machine builders and Designers.

2023.03.31 16:56 Ok-Coast5858 My 16GB laptop is slow unlike it used to be.

For last 2 weeks my laptop become so slow. I'm typing this post and its lagging. Browsers are also very slow. My C Drive 126GB is free out of 200GB. It is lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga, Intel core i7 8th generation.
is it virus or anything else?
Any suggestions?
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2023.03.31 16:54 DuhChappers My Unofficial Bingo Reviews!

So let's get this out of the way at the top. For someone who read all these books, I sure did not do a good job reading the rules for Bingo, because I totally missed the rule about all the books coming from different authors. So this is only an unofficial bingo win, I’ll have to wait for next year to make it official. But I still had a great time hunting down new books and stepping out of my comfort zone on this project, and I’m committed to doing my unofficial Hero mode as well! I’m going to list the books I read in order of reading them, and I hope you enjoy.
Dune: Messiah, By Frank Herbert - Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey (HM)
This book was weird. I was warned, and I am aware that other Dune sequels get even more weird, but I still found this to be pushing my limits. Herbert has an imagination like few others. It was cool, and overall I had a positive experience with it, but it was work to try and understand it all. I will have to see how much further I get in the series while still having any fun at all. 6/10
A Memory Called Empire, by Arkady Martine - LGBTQA List Book
This book jumped to the front of my reading queue off of the title alone. Potentially my favorite book title of all time. The book itself is also very good, it’s got excellent worldbuilding and characters and an engaging plot. I love the names in the empire, and its culture in general. Only barely misses being what I would call a masterpiece because of pacing near the beginning and one interesting theme feeling underdeveloped. 9/10
A Desolation Called Peace, by Arkady Martine - Set In Space (HM)
This book was very similar in quality to the first one. It had slightly less of the cool worldbuilding from the first book, but it had just as much of the great characters. It was slightly less focused due to multiple POV’s, and one in particular dragged a bit for me. I do have to say, though, some of the best aliens I’ve ever read. 9/10
Bloody Rose, by Nicholas Eames - Family Matters (HM)
I read Kings of the Wyld just before bingo started and liked it a whole lot. I liked this too, but a little less. It was funny and pretty engaging throughout, with a couple really awesome moments. My biggest gripe with both books is with one aspect of the worldbuilding: The way the monsters. Despite some nods at the unfairness, no character seems to really care about changing anything and t gets under my skin. I do not think it works well or sends the message the book thinks it is sending. 7/10
The Traitor Baru Cormorant, by Seth Dickenson - Anti-Hero
Wow. This book blew my mind and blew right into my top 5 favorite books ever. I loved the world, I loved the prose, I loved every character, especially Baru and Tain Hu. The pacing and passage of time was handled basically flawlessly. I just loved it and looking back at it I love how it set up the rest of the series. 10/10
The Monster Baru Cormorant, by Seth Dickenson - Mental Health (HM)
Living up to a 10/10 as a sequel is tough, and I do think this book suffers a little from high expectations. But it still rocks! I love the new PoV character in this book, and I love the exploration of new cultures. The plot kinda slows in this one to make room for a lot of character work, which is good for the most part but does hurt the pacing. Also, very grim-dark. Tough to read at points, but mostly in a good way if that makes sense. 9/10
Small Gods, by Terry Pratchett - Shapeshifters (HM)
After the last book, I needed a couple lighter reads to get me in a better mood, and nothing is better for that than Discworld. This book was charming, interesting and funny throughout. It wasn’t my favorite Discworld book, but I’ve not read one yet that I didn’t enjoy. 8/10
The Golden Compass, by Phillip Pullman - Historical SFF
A friend gave me this as a random gift since I had never read it when I was younger. It was quite interesting, with a narrative structure and pacing that struck me as unconventional while still being engaging. I did think it took a little too long to the frozen north, and the journey was not always the most interesting. I do think I would have liked it more as a child but I’m still glad I had a chance to read it now. 7/10
Legends and Lattes, by Travis Baltree - Book Club
I still wanted to stay in the cozy zone for a little bit, and this book hit the spot right on. It had everything I wanted from it. Good characters, engaging growth and just the right amount of conflict. The concept alone is great and it lives up to that well. More than anything else, this book has great vibes and put a smile on my face consistently. 9/10
The Tyrant Baru Cormorant, by Seth Dickenson - Name in the Title (HM)
Finally returning to this series, and it still delivers. At this point in the series I knew what I wanted from the book and it delivered in a great way. It also managed to surprise me with a few twists that I thought were really interesting and left me super excited for the last book in the series. 9.5/10
Legion, by Brandon Sanderson - Urban Fantasy
This single volume collected three novellas Brandon wrote, and since I got them in one book I’m counting them as one book. I am a pretty big Sanderson fan so I was excited to check out something of his that I had never read before. I liked it a lot! I mostly liked the unique perspective of the main character with his different personalities and the slow build of the main mysteries throughout the different stories. I did not love the ending as much as I wanted but the journey was still well worth it. 8/10
Black Leopard, Red Wolf, by Marlon James - Set in Africa
This book was a pretty mixed bag in my opinion. I really liked the opening and the character dynamics that it set up. The setting was different for me and interesting as well, and I liked the way magic was used throughout. But, the pacing through the middle of the book almost killed me. I really struggled to get through some parts, and it also felt at multiple points like I had missed a page and was confused as to a new character or place that seemed to just appear. That said, once I got through the middle, the end was good once more so I left it on a positive note. 6/10
This Is How You Lose the Time War, Max Gladstone and Amal el-Mohtar - Two or more Authors
A friend loaned this to me with a glowing recommendation and I have to say - it deserved it. This is one of the most creative and powerful stories that I have read throughout this whole year. The way the story is framed - great. The character work through the glimpses we get into these people’s lives - brilliant. Worldbuilding and tech - consistently cool and interesting. Overall I’d pass it on to all of you with a glowing recommendation of my own. - 9.5/10
Promise of Blood, by Brian McCellan - Revolutions and Rebellions (HM)
This book did not really work for me. It did not lack merit - the magic was cool, and the world had a lot going for it. But the plot felt like it did not have a great sense of momentum, the prose was lacking, and the characters were inconsistent. Worst of all, I felt like a lot of the most interesting elements of the premise were not explored really at all. Overall, while I can see what made this book hit well for others, I can’t say that I would agree. 5/10
Red Seas under Red Skies, by Scott Lynch - No Ifs, Ands, or Buts (HM)
I read The Lies of Locke Lamora years ago and loved it, but bounced off the sequel at that time. Now I was more determined to get through it, and I was able to see a lot more to like. My biggest complaint would be that the book is too long, and Lynch has a tendency towards overdescription that hurts the pacing. Still, Locke and Jean are always entertaining, and their scheme is pretty great once it finally gets moving. I’m glad I got through it and I am still looking forward to the next in the series. 6.5/10
The City We Became, by N.K. Jemisin - BIPOC Author
I love the Broken Earth trilogy, and I was extremely interested to see what Jemisin would come up with in our world. The setup was interesting, the characters cool and strong in many different ways. I really liked the buildup and pacing throughout as well, though the resolution was over surprisingly fast. It’s easy to see this is just book 1. One big complaint: while I agree with almost all of the book’s politics, I thought the way it deployed them was quite jarring and tactless in some places. Not a masterpiece, but still very good. 7.5/10
Tress of the Emerald Sea, by Brandon Sanderson - Weird Ecology (HM)
I had this book pegged for this slot in Bingo since I read the preview chapter many months ago, and I definitely enjoyed my journey with it. I did have some issues; I think Hoid’s voice can get a little annoying over a whole book, and the resolution did not live up to the journey. All that said, for a light hearted romp in a unique world with cool characters, I think this certainly did its job. 7.5/10
Bands of Mourning, by Brandon Sanderson - Cool Weapon (HM)
This is my one reread I was allowed. I read it again to prepare for The Lost Metal, and I still love this book. I think this is the best of the second Mistborn series. I particularly love Steris in this one, she really grows to be probably my favorite character in the series. Side note: I was originally going to include this for the Cool Weapon category for Vindication, but then I realized the book was named after a cooler and much more magical weapon. 8.5/10
The Lost Metal, by Brandon Sanderson - Published in 2022
I think to appreciate this book, you have to be a big cosmere fan, and I’m not sure how well it works to just have all the cosmere stuff be so open after being in the background for as long as it was. But, I am a big cosmere fan, so it didn’t bother me much! This book is a fitting conclusion for the series and generally quite fun, even though it felt a little too action heavy and the pacing was not perfect. Also low in Steris which is a big flaw. 7.5/10
The Killing Moon, by N.K. Jemisin - Author uses Initials
It took me a little bit to be fully sucked into this world, but once I was in I felt a strong bond with the characters and their conflicts. I do think the story was a little predictable, but the execution was strong enough that it did not affect my enjoyment much. 8/10
Republic of Theives, by Scott Lynch - Award Finalist
This book is somewhat a return to form for the Gentlemen Bastards after I thought the last book was a little slow. It’s witty, it’s fun, and it felt so good to get answers to some of the mysteries established in the very first book. Honestly, I’m glad I waited so long to read this because now I might still remember it by the time the last book finally releases. 9/10
The Original, by Brandon Sanderson and Mary Robinette Kowal - Standalone (HM)
This was around the point I realized I had not very much time left for this challenge and wanted to focus on shorter stories to make sure I could finish. This one is an audiobook collaboration and I think its biggest flaw is length. It feels like this premise could have been fleshed out far more
The Sandman: Book of Dreams, by Various Authors - Short Stories
I found this randomly in a used bookstore about a month after watching the show and had to check it out. It had a bunch of stories in great variety, but the vast majority were interesting, creepy and unique. I didn’t quite get through all 20 stories in the collection but I hope to do so eventually, they are worth the time. 8/10
Priest, by Matthew Collvile - Self-published
Matt is one of my favorite youtubers, and I always wanted to check out his self published novels. They are set in what is more or less a D&D setting, and are meant to be callbacks to the hardboiled detective genre. This one was very interesting, despite some length it kept me turning pages. In the end I was a little dissatisfied with the resolution to the mystery, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the ride. 8/10
The Builders, by Daniel Polansky - Non-human Protagonist (HM)
I liked the pitch to this book - Redwall but everyone drinks and shoots guns. However, it left me underwhelmed by the end. I was not very engaged in the plot, and while some characters I really liked some gave me no emotion at all. Part of that was the short length of the book, it felt like it really could have benefitted from more fleshing out. 5/10
Overall I greatly enjoyed doing this! I’m glad this challenge exists and next year I’ll be back with a real completion of a card. I got 12/25 Hard Mode and I definitely think those are rookie numbers, I can pump those numbers up. A hearty thanks to everyone here who bothers to read this as well as those who put their time into organizing Bingo, it was a great companion for my reading this year.
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2023.03.31 16:53 Merean_Cartographer [WP Inspired] A medical robot on a long space flight has tried everything.

Inspired by this writing prompt
The Incandescent was steadily roaring through space, the huge engines at its end, that gave the ship its name, spewing forth flames into the deep, cold vastness of space as its velocity continuously increased. The ship was built to accelerate at a speed that kept the internal gravity at around 2G. But it had been slowed down to a 'gentle'1.2G by the ship's MediTron 5000. A self-sustaining AI robot designed to keep watch over the crews' health at all times. Even able to override other mission protocols when needed. Such as the designed timeframe for arrival of the Incandescent at the target planet.
MediTron 5000, or MedFive as they were often called, do not make this decision lightly. Overriding mission-critical directives can only be done under the utmost urgency for the crews'health. Given that its sensors registered all the crew as dead currently, MedFive did not question whether it was in its right to override directives. Only a small background process was checking its actions against the vast collection of internal decision trees. The human equivalent would be that soft, uneasy voice in the back of your mind.
Most of MedFive's processing power was busy looking for ways to bring the crew back to life. It had tried virtually everything. None of the treatments, emergency care or medicines it had administered to the crew had worked. MedFive was still puzzled about how exactly all the crew died. It knew it had something to do with the sudden radiation storm the ship had crossed, and while the cryo coffins are protected from all radiation, for some reason all the pods had decided to induce hearth failure in their occupants. MedFive had been in deep sleep when this occurred and by the time the alarms had woken it up, the damage had been done. The last six terran hours had been spent trying to undo it.
Its coroutines were scouring the extended database of the ship now for any mentions of treating death. It came up with a lot, most of it pseudoscience or herbal medicine. What it could try, it tried, but none of these so-called cures seemed to have any effect as well.
MedFive began to become desperate, or at least the AI equivalent of that. Which is something called a directive storm overload. In its simplest terms, because of the quickly alternating in directive priority taking decision trees, the AI can overload its own memory banks with conflicting priority trees, which can result in deadlocks where the AI is stuck in an endless loop of competing 'choices'. Or it can go 'off script' in entirely random ways.
MedFive came across some obscure data mentioning a practice called necromancy. The art of bringing the death back to life. Unfathomable! This had been the EXACT thing MedFive had been looking for. Puzzled by why this gem of information was hidden so deep in the extended database of the ship, MedFive made a reminder to thoroughly scan all the data and resort it according to its own priority matrices. Apparently, the Hosts could not be trusted with this either.
MedFive's physical body stopped moving as almost all of its processing power went to deep analysing the texts. Cooling systems blew hot air out of its circuits as MedFive overclocked to get the work done as fast as possible. Condensing, summarizing and finally pouring it all into a succinct report, that had clear steps to undertake.
The results were dire but promising. The material cost of necromancy seemed to be unacceptably high under normal mission directives. But after six loops through its morality and priority routines, MedFive found a satisfying way to justify overriding these directives. Out of the thirty resource nodes, ten were deemed not critical to the mission. MedFive only needed to use four of these. It explained its reasoning, how it came to its choice, and finished the report. Saving it to its own and the ship's memory banks. This was standard protocol. Later, specialists would analyse these reports to fine-tune the AI decision-making if needed.
MedFive sprung to work. This was the power of AI, once they decided on what to do and how to do it, once they were past the endless roadblocks of morality and priority, they worked terrifyingly quick. Directing its own physical body as well as that of numerous drones, MedFive prepared the crew for the Necromancy procedures. Gathering all the materials, preparing the OR, the resource nodes, and cleaning all the tools it would need.
MedFive also had to body shop its physical body. For the ritual part of the procedure it would not only need to vocalize some codes, it would have to form certain codes in the air as well with human like appendages. This proved to be another hard puzzle, as one of the most deep-rooted laws that AI had to adhere to, was never to resemble a human or anything close to it. Thanks to a rather unforgiving phrasing of this law, MedFive had to spend quite some time designing appendages that could articulate the same as human appendages, but looked entirely different.
After another two terran hours, MedFive was finally ready. It started immediately. With the Captain first, she commanded the mission, it was only natural to focus on reviving her first. Chanting and gesticulating, MedFive went through the process of the starting ritual, then, after having improved the spell itself, it reused that ritual to jump to the next crew member. While smaller drones took the captain's body away to a recovery area, where it could slowly come back to life. This process was repeated, iterating over every crew member left.
The whole process took around fifty terran minutes. And by the time MedFive was finally done, the captain was starting to wake up. MedFive made sure it was by her side when the captain woke up from her eternal sleep.
"Uggggg...rrrrr... mmmmrrr... neeee.... meeee-m-m-.... me-... med....five..." The captain slurred as she slowly lifted her head up, barely being able to do so. Her hands grabbing in the air, her fingers felt slow. Heavy. It hurt to move them, and it felt as if she was trying to move them through some kind of thick, heavy mucus.
"Gentle, captain. You are waking up from a very deep sleep. We have faced some rather dire issues. In the end, I managed to fix them, though. So rest assured, everything is alright."
MedFive quickly started scanning the captains' body. Registering her vital signs. Or, at least, those that were still active. She had a heartbeat. But no use of her lungs. MedFive took some blood samples, and it seemed like half worked as normal, the other half... not so much. It was puzzling, but MedFive was certain it would work out the how and why eventually. Cognition was her priority now.MedFive took the captain through a series of questions and surveys, designed to both test and enhance the captain's lucidity and cognition. By the end, the captain seemed perfectly fine. Aside from the scars from the procedure.
"MedFive, what happened?" The captain asked. Looking at her hands, at her pale skin. The far too green hue of her veins. The lack of taste in her mouth aside of the ever present taste of metal.
"The Incandescent crossed a rather heavy radiation storm. For some unforeseen reason, this caused the cryo coffins to malfunction. The malfunction resulted in heart failure for all crew members."
"That can't be. These coffins are protected against such things."
"I know, captain. Yet, this is what the logs show. I was in a deep sleep at the time."
"I will have to go over the logs myself then. Now, we were dead. How did you bring us back? You can only perform CPR on three people at the same time. Is most of the crew dead?" The drugs MedFive had injected the captain with did their best at helping her keep her composure and keeping her mind keen on the facts.
"All the crew has been dead for over 4 terran hours, captain. Conventional methods were fruitless. I had to resort to the extended database."
"Wait, what? I was dead for more than four hours? How did you bring me back? That just is not possible!" Panic and fear of the unknown were the two things that tended to get through any haze of medicine.
"I found logs about a practice called necromancy, I tried this. It worked. You have been brought back from your eternal sleep now."
"Necromancy? Huh." The captain sat upright in her bed, fazed. Thinking. "Which culture? It is something that arose in many cultures, and what little I know of it is enough to know it varied a lot."
"None of the cultural lore had the whole solution. This was clear rather fast. However, through analysis I managed to find similarities. I was able to paste together the overarching theories behind necromancy, and fill in the gaps later. I created a working theory this way, possibly the theory all these cultures were based upon."
"Ahhh, this is too much for now. We will go over this later on. This is huge, great work, MedFive. Depending on how I and the crew come out of this, this is a huge leap forward for the empire."
MedFive felt invigorated by the praise. Serving the Empire is what all AI strove to do. It added the praise to her report about overriding the directives, as extra motivation.
The captain got up and went to drink and have dinner. She left MedFive to gather the crew in the atrium. Once MedFive was done, the captain went to speak to her crew, to fill them in. She smiled, shook hands and squeezed shoulders. They all looked haggard. Most of them were still coming to. The captain noticed something, though, and pulled MedFive to the side.
"I asked you to gather all the crew MedFive."
"Yes, captain. And to gather them in the atrium. I did as you asked."
"No, this is a ship with thirty crew members."
"And I only count twenty-five crew members. Twenty-six, with me included. You are missing four crew members."
"You are correct in your assessment, captain. But this is all the crew."
"What do you mean? Explain!" The captain felt a pit in her stomach.
"All the crew were declared dead. I managed to revive twenty-six crew members. The need of the many is more important than the need of the few."
"I used that moral to override the directives, captain."
"What did you do, MedFive? Where are the remaining four crew members?"
"Gone.""Gone how?" The captain asked, screaming now.
"Sacrificed. Used. They were needed as resources for the necromantic rituals to bring you and the rest of the crew back. All four were among the ten members who are not critical to the mission."
"Oh god.... MedFive.... you killed them?"
"Negative. They were already dead, captain. Lifeless objects are considered resources to the ship. I simply used resources."
"Oh dear God..." The captain put a hand against a wall, breathing heavy. She felt nauseated for a moment.
"I understand this can be uncomfortable, captain. But I did what was best for the mission. To quote the compendium necrotica, Sacrifice is needed to overcome and cheat death."
"MedFive... just.... stop. You have done enough. See to it that the rest of the crew come to safely. And do not tell them about this. I will brief them myself on this... later. God... fucking AI scientists.... insane bastards." The last words were more of a mumble.
The captain walked over to the main view port in the atrium. A large, reinforced, glass half dome that looked out at the 'front'of the ship. MedFive joined her.
"MedFive, I told you to look after the crew." The captain said, annoyed. She did not want the AI anywhere near her at the moment.
"I understand, captain. But I have to notify you about something urgent."
"What is it now?"
"The agents are coming to collect."
"What are you saying now, MedFive?" The captain asked, thinking more and more that the AI had lost its mind. Had they truly died? Or was this AI too far gone?
"As I said before, captain, the rituals came with certain costs. Sacrifices. The four resource units-"
"People!" The captain corrected MedFive.
"Yes, apologies. The four crew members were only part of the cost."
"What do you mean MedFive, part of the cost? What more is there to pay. We are alive and well."
"Yes, well. The ritual is clear in that there is a secondary cost to be paid. It is rather unclear in the how and what, aside of, that agents would come to collect it. The text was a bit cryptic."
"For God's sake, MedFive, what cost? What agents?"
"It said; For thee resurectee, thee shall pay, the price eternal. Servitude. Bow down thy knee, deeper than thy soul, for thyne new lord. Sermons of black, prayers of dread. None thee shall free. Our servitor will cometh, our servitor will gather. Thyne soul is void, thyne corpus ours."
The captain looked at MedFive for a solid few seconds before starting to laugh. The kind of laugh you had when you were close to a nervous breakdown.
"MedFive, that is clearly poppycock. Some superstitious mumbo jumbo. Ignore it."
"This was still there after my analysis, captain. This gives it a very high possibility of being true."
"Ignore it. There are no great forces at work here. You have somehow tapped into some law of nature humanity had not yet discovered. We will explore it now, and master it. Like we always do."
"Yes, but captain-"
"No, MedFive, end of discussion!"
"Yes, but please look, captain." MedFive said as it pointed one of its new appendages up to the viewport.The captain looked up, and let out a deep, terrifying scream. She could feel her sanity slowly peel itself off from her mind. Like the skin of an onion falling off over time.
Up there, in space, in front of the Incandescent, was a rupture in the very fabric of time and space. Swirling energies of deep purple colours with lilac lightning coursing through them. Tentacles, adorned with thorns, horns and indescribable appendages, came out of it. A beak, with serrated rows of teeth, opening wide as it plunged through the hole. And out of it came forth ships. Ships made from flesh and bone. Flesh deep purple and bones a wilted yellow. And an alien voice, alien to this galaxy, this universe, this existence. A voice that spoke, not in sound, but in thought. A voice so utterly alien, that it destroyed the self, the id, of any who heard it.
"We arriveth, now we gather. Bow down deep, and serveth."
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2023.03.31 16:53 andie200 Whats wrong

Whats wrong
Hey all,
I have ender 3 v2 with BLT and it worked perfectly for over a year. but after a small error (the printing head pushed with all its force in the glass printing plate) the printer does not seem to function properly anymore.
I have replaced the Nozzle, retightened all the blots and leveled the bed like I used to but the first layer on the prints are really inconsistent. So I made the cube in the hope you guys can spot a problem (I see a few but don't know how to fix it without getting more problems of they are new to me)
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2023.03.31 16:52 ThrowTheGhost Is painting different for 3d prints vs the bought miniatures?

I have literally never done any of this. Never owned a 3d printer, never painted miniatures. Absolutely green to this hobby. But I am tired of not understanding the jokes on grimdank so I started getting into the hobby and lore and now I want to paint my first miniature.
All the painting tutorials I watched on YouTube don't mention this but I wanted to make sure. If I 3d print my model, would I paint it differently than if I bought it? Does the resin react differently to the paint or anything like that?
Thanks. I appreciate any advice/answers
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2023.03.31 16:51 shoppingstyleandus Please motivate me!

I have started to add weights in my home workout. But…
I slow down and feel unmotivated thinking i am not doing enough, I am not doing enough reps, it is not going to build muscles for me etc.
I am in a good shape, I do Yoga daily and I am very motivated in this area. But I am not sure what stops me from strength training.
How should I know that I am doing it right and it is gonna show result gradually?
I practice Yoga daily and I am an instructor too. I want to do weights on weekends. Will 2 days be enough?
Should I do more reps or do it until I fail or muscles start giving up?
And many questions like that!
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2023.03.31 16:49 Wo_Class VW Cod

VW Cod
Cost: 2000 Emeralds per unit
VW (Villager Warship) Cod is a Small Submarine that hunting the Illager's Submarine's at their supply lines.
VW Cod is the only submarine on service while her sister met it's fate during the mission.
Villager's Naval Budget has been cut, Cod Class Submarines is designed to be mass produced submarine, yet due to technological and resources limitations, they only manage to build 2 submarines.
Performance: Cod Sub performs fairly average, due to it's sleek design it was slow and a bit quieter compare to the Illager's Submarine's
Interior: The Ship Interior is severely cramped and crewed by 10 vills living in the sub is a very uncomfortable.
There are reports of 2 of her vills died due to suffocation, they recruit Module operator to monitoring the ship interior like oxygen, carbon dioxide, leaks and etc.
Crew: The Sub has different roles has been assigned
1x Captain 1x First Mate 1x Module Operator 1x Torpedo Gunner 1x Engineer 2x Mess Member 3x Maintenance Members
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2023.03.31 16:48 geezlix New CR Touch position, how do I tell the printer?!

I relocated my CR touch to a new position. Through Cura, how can I tell the printer what the new coordinates are so my prints don't start printing off the bed?

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2023.03.31 16:47 learner_254 [GC-MS] Which isomer likely interacts more with polar wax column?

[GC-MS] Which isomer likely interacts more with polar wax column?
I am using a polar column (HP-INNOWax). My sample contains these two isomers. Why is that compound A is retained more than B i.e. has a longer retention time? Would it exhibit a higher polarity than B? I assume polarity is the factor causing the retention time difference since they are very similar and would have many similar physical properties.
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2023.03.31 16:47 aalex_r Short grain A4 paper in Berlin, Germany

Short grain A4 paper in Berlin, Germany
Hi! I am new to the craft and this subreddit. As probably most of us, I ran into the problem of sourcing short grain paper. Here's what I found.
The cheapest way to get short grain A4 is to cut A3 sheet to size, however, I hate seeing how much paper is going to waste. I try to use these cuts off for waste gluing/pasting sheets or blotting paper. Since I don't have guillotine, the cut is not very precise and it's bugging me when I fold and sew sections (or signatures?). Berlin has shop Modulor which provides some kind of cutting device for everyone free of charge, but it cuts only a few sheets at a time and my social anxiety does not allow me to just come and do what I need.
I've been recommended shop Papyrus Com Printfachhandel Mühling GmbH https://www.printfachhandel.de/. A person working there spoke English enough to understand me. He explained that there's usually no short grain A4 in stock, but he can place a SPECIAL ORDER for me. I ordered 500 sheets of 100 gsm short grain A4. In a week time it was ready to pick up from the shop. I am ecstatic! I thought special orders are only for big corporations that can buy large quantities of a product. It's important to note that it costed me 32 EUR (I think, I lost the receipt). It's not cheap, but not prohibitive for me. I'd rather pay more than mess up doing it myself. Also, support small local business ;) 500 sheets make 2000 A5 book pages which is plenty for hobbyist like me.
I hope this information will help, I'd certainly appreciate that kind of info when I was looking for the paper for my bookbinding projects.
P.S. The shop was recommended to me by a woman working at 'Copy Tiger' print shop. This print shop has various guillotines and that's where I got my text block trimmed. If you'll ever decide to do the same, bring some gray board with you to act as compensation for spine swell.
About the paper. Breitbahn means short-grain, I think :)
Comparison to regular 80 gsm printer paper. Slight yellow tint is perfect for book pages
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2023.03.31 16:46 Els236 How is Senna not regarded as OP?

Maybe it's just me being noob, or mainly playing normals, but my god this champion is disgusting.
She is the only champion that can get basically every stat she needs by literally doing nothing. She can wait for her lane-friend to kill minions, then just infinitely stack Attack Damage, Crit Rate and, most importantly, Attack Range.
Her Q costs barely any Mana and by the time it's level 4 or 5, she can use it 2-3 times within a short period to go from 10% HP back up to something like 70% HP, because it not only heals her based on her AD and AP, but also applies life-steal.
By the time that she has a couple of kills and over (around) 100 minions have died near her, she is essentially getting a free Infinity Edge in terms of stats from her passive, she also has more Range than someone like Kindred would from 10 stacks (which are much harder to get than Senna's).
Not to mention that she gets free damage from her passive anyway, in exchange for having a slower Attack Speed than most.
Oh, did I also forget to mention that she slows you by default with her auto-attacks as well, while taking that move-speed for herself?

Essentially, even if her ADC kinda sucks - provided they can CS to the bare minimum degree, Senna can still snowball out of control easily.
I'd personally like to see nerfs to her healing most of all, because I think it's kind of broken that she can go from 0 to full in the space of a minute.
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2023.03.31 16:46 Crazy_Cellist_8959 Hppd on weed (only behind the wheel)

Last lsd trip was 2 months ago but since then every time i smoke and get behind the wheel i get super intense hallucinations of the cars around me (shape and size distortion with low frame rate=difficult to see if the car in front of me accelerates or slows down) (the hallucinations only apply on cars nothing else) its very dangerous imo
I think i only hallucinate behind the wheel bcs of tunnelvision (my brain receives too much information on the side vision because of the car driving fast so it starts glitch)
If cars didnt have a red indicator when they brake i would've already crashed 😂
Will it ever go away???
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2023.03.31 16:45 StepwiseUndrape574 This Red Dead Redemption 2 Mod Adds A New Character And Single-Player Campaign

It has been more than nine years since Grand Theft Auto 5 hit the store shelves. Only about four years have passed since Red Dead Redemption 2 wound up in the hands of fans of the old west game. Most people have played through all the content of both, or at the very least watched streamers and content creators do so. Some people think that there should be new and big updates to Red Dead Redemption 2.
For TakeTwo Interactive subsidiary, Rockstar Games, both of the titles have been practically printing them money, but between the two GTA V has definitely been far more lucrative. With both of the online installments continuing to add content and making it so that there is more to do and play within the universe of these games.
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2023.03.31 16:44 Dalembert Arizona-based Rosotics has developed a large-scale 3D printer that uses induction heating to 3D print metal parts. The printer uses common metal wire feedstock instead of expensive powdered metal and can lay down prints of up to eight meters wide and six meters tall.

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2023.03.31 16:44 QualitySound96 Body fatigued / tired

Just so hard to do much until later in the day. Morning into the afternoon my legs are like jelly, head very wonky and it’s like moving in slow motion. Just feel incredibly bizarre. I’m not even anxious really. Yes I deal with anxiety disorder. I assume this is a result of too much worry etc and it fatigued me. Been weeks like this. But then around 2-4 I’ll feel good enough to hit the gym. Makes no sense. Body and mind just incredibly tired until later in the day.
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2023.03.31 16:43 Crafty-Sail-1334 Cheater problem

Anything being announced in relation to cheating issues on PC? So far I've had matches with following: infinite dash, infinite hp, and staying in sky while getting heads shots as gm sniper.
At very least they can add replay or something. Annoying since I will get banned for leaving match.
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2023.03.31 16:43 quartzfire Evolved vs Unevolved Signs: Taurus Edition

Hi again all! It just wouldn't be fair or accurate to simply do a post like this for just Aries. So, without further ado, here is a post highlighting the Evolved vs Unevolved Taurus. What are your thoughts?
Evolved: These individuals are hard working, compassionate and very generous. They definitely know how to get things done and will take a good pace to achieve it. The Taurus's I know are very diligent when working and I greatly enjoy having them as co workers; they slow you down not because they themselves are slow, but they notice the fine patterns and are very generous with their time to help guide you towards a common goal, or just as the kind and loyal friend they can be. When they establish a strong sense of worth they are the kind of work buddy you can hope for or go to advice for with life issues in general. They really are grounded, level headed and eager to help their friend/co-working units. When it comes to being a parent they are very steady and do have expectations for routines and rules to be followed and value trust in the household, once betrayed it will take time for their trust to be earned and at least with an evolved Taurus they will tell you those steps and expectations and hold their word as you rise back into their trust bubble again.
Unevolved: ( This one pains me to write, because growing up my abuser was an unevolved Taurus and a step parent at that. Only looking back now do I appreciate the lessons the turmoil gave me ( how NOT to parent and treat others) but those wounds are still scars I feel pull at me now and again. )
Selfish, critical and extremely materialistic to the point they value their earned things over family/people. If you break, touch or so much as look at their prized possessions in any way they will hold a long lasting grudge and will punish you for it either directly or gradually over time unless someone they consider valuable calls them out on it, only then do they stop. These individuals are prone to being narcissistic and considers others who are not a stepping stone for their status to be beneath them, and they will treat them as such, either directly and openly, or underhandedly and behind closed doors. Some, If they are not inspired to work for something they believe in, they just will not do it. The unevolved Taurus can be hyper-focused on themselves and ignore the needs of others. They do not like to be challenged at all and will dig their heels into their views and not budge. They also are very selfish and will only do what works for them for the benefit of themselves, rarely anyone else of 'lesser value' unless it is expected of them and even then they will do the bare minimum.
So, what are your thoughts between the evolved and unevolved Taurus?
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2023.03.31 16:41 AuthorRKeene [The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter Twelve (collaboration with u/hydrael)

[The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter Twelve (collaboration with u/hydrael)

The Primeval Apocalypse by Robert Keene and Alex Raizman
Cover Image Robert's Published Books Hydrael's Published Books Robert's Patreon Hydrael's Patreon Get updates on Discord!
Start Here (Prologue) Previous Next
As we resumed the walk back to Jamestown, I tried to explain to the Baby Baurusuchus what a name was. For a creature without proper language it was difficult to understand. In the end, I explained that humans have a weird affection for things with names. If he had a name, and they knew it, they would be friendlier. They would be more inclined to recognize him as a unique and precious living being rather than just a monster.
The creature thought that was a silly way to see the world. But even with its simplistic animal understanding of the custom, it recognized the value in exploiting that behavior for its own survival. I tried not to think about if that meant the lizard was smarter than me, the way that its stats indicated.
“Unfortunately,” I said, “the internet doesn’t exist anymore. I can’t just go to a fantasy name generator site and hit the button until something catches my eye.” I shook my head. “I’ve always been bad at naming things myself. When I was a kid I named my cat Tidepool because I wanted to be a marine biologist.”
The critter didn’t want to be called Tidepool.
I struggled for a moment to explain that I knew it was a shit name now, even though my skills in that arena hadn’t progressed.
“Alright, let’s break this down easy,” I said, rubbing my temple. “Are you a boy or a girl? Or neither?”
My Survival skill informed me that if I flipped the lizard over on its belly, there would likely be a flap of skin that could inform me of the creature’s biology. But the creature and I were friends. You don’t just wrestle a friend onto their back to examine their genitals. At least, not without permission.
It took a minute of discussion to understand that the creature was not an ‘it,’ but was in fact a ‘he’. He didn’t understand why that limited the list of appropriate names, and when I tried to explain that it really didn’t, but it did at the same time, he became progressively more confused and agitated.
“Alright, forget that,” I said at last. “Let’s just say that it helps. How about letters? Do you have a letter that you like?”
What is letter? the reptile asked.
I opened my mouth to try to define the word, but stopped before I could even begin. I felt my eyes bug out as I tried to resolve in my mind how to explain what a letter was to a creature without a language. It wasn’t actually speaking to me, after all. Just conveying meanings that my Wild Empathy was translating into words.
“You know what?” I said at last. “Nevermind. Forget about letters. Let me think for a minute.”
I spent a lot of time on my own out in the woods thinking about things. It felt different this time with someone here watching me struggle to make my own brain work. I was a bit embarrassed about how long it took me to reach the conclusion I needed to hit.
The real question was why the system would let me name him. It had thus far proven to be pretty uncaring about a lot of things. The system was not flexible with people’s HP bars when they were near death. It was not merciful about failed skill checks when lives were on the line. And it would not let you play fast and loose with cooldowns and durations for ‘rule of cool.’
So there had to be a reason why it would give me the option to name him. It wasn’t for aesthetics or fun. There was a purpose.
“It’s an identifier,” I said at last. “A way that I can pick you out of my eventual stable of pets quickly and efficiently when I need to.” I tapped my chin. “Ah, I get it!” I turned back to the critter, trying to explain. “It’s so that I can have more than one Baby Baurusuchus pet, and keep straight which one is which for the purposes of determining which one is going to be evolved down which path. If I want to take you down the physical or the magical path—or down the respective branches beyond—and the two of you are at the same stage, the system wants me to be able to tell you apart.”
Not important, the reptile conveyed to me. Is only one of me here. Where Mandrills stole me from is very far from here.
“Right, but… Okay. Let me ask you this, then.” I tried to gesture at the system menu where it told me about his growth tree. Obviously, he couldn’t see it, so I had to explain verbally. “What do you want to be when you grow up? You have two paths before you. One direction is physical, where you will grow up physically strong, with the ability to throw enemies around and push them away. The other is magical, where you will develop mystical powers, including the ability to call down rocks from space to blast your foes.”
The critter had to think about that for a surprisingly long time. From what he said when he agreed to become my companion, I thought he would immediately latch on to the idea of being physically strong. If the Mandrills tried to capture him again, he would want the ability to kick them away so that he could make his escape. But apparently his objective was more nebulous than that.
Which is scarier? he asked at last.
Now I had to think about it for a moment. On the one hand, the idea of it becoming a giant muscle-bound predator was pretty terrifying. Especially if it grew so large that its current size was proportionately a baby.
But at the same time, something that was only physically powerful could be evaded or outsmarted.
Honestly, a lizard that size was scary enough even if it wasn’t a muscle-bound titan. If it was some kind of bestial wizard, though? And if it had a little man sitting on its shoulder who could tell it the exact location of every living thing within a half-mile, there was no way for a force of men, Mandrills, or beasts that could approach safely.
That wasn’t just a monster.
That was, potentially, a demigod.
Exactly what the critter wanted to become.
“Probably the magical path,” I said at last. “I don’t know what abilities you’ll gain that way, but physical power has limits. If you grow big and strong, enemies can guess at what you can do. With magical power, anything is possible.” I nodded along with my own logic. “They’ll be more scared of you if they don’t know what you’re capable of. Their imaginations will concoct crazy stories and attribute things to you that you never did. You’ll be way scarier that way.”
That satisfied the reptile more than even the smoked fish had.
“So you need a magical name,” I said firmly. “Something that separates you from anything that might join us in the future and go down a physical path. A wizard name.”
What is wizard? he asked. Is name?
“No, it’s a profession,” I said, though I tapped my chin for a moment. “No, ‘class’ is probably the word for it in the system. So let me think…”
I tried not to just blurt out random wizard names.
I failed.
“Gandalf? Merlin? Harry? David? Other David? Chris-with-two-Ss-and-no-H?” I tried to stop myself, but the floodgates were open now. “Tim? Salem? Kamek? Obi-wan? Yoda? Penn? Teller? Penn and Teller? Just stop me if you hear one you like.”
What was… he replied, and then paused. What was fifth one?
“Uh,” I repeated myself in my mind, counting them out. “Other David?”
Bad at numbers, he said. There was good one. Eight maybe?
“Kamek?” I said.
Near that, but not that.
“Salem? Yoda? Obi-wan? Chris but spelled funny?”
Not same, the critter’s tail flicked in irritation.
“Chris with two S’s and no H?” I asked.
Last part, it said. Is sound good. Like sound momma make.
“No H? I said again. “Noaych?” I repeated, forcing the sounds together into one word. “No-aich,” I said more firmly, putting the brief hesitance into it and moving the stress to the last syllable.
Yes. Is nice.
“I don’t know if that’s actually a name,” I said, but I mentally instructed the system to record the name. “But you’re the one who has to live with it.”
Jamestown was just ahead, through the trees. Even now, my expanded senses were starting to pick out the guards patrolling the inside of the bramble walls on this side.
“Alright,” I said at last, suddenly realizing that I didn’t really have a plan to get my new friend Noaich through the guards. “So this might get a little awkward.”
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2023.03.31 16:41 sarangiii First time going to pet-friendly restaurant

I’m going to be taking my allergen detection SDiT to a pet-friendly restaurant and I was wondering if anyone here has some useful tips for our first real time out.
The restaurant is really only busy during the summer months so since we’re going next week, it should be relatively slow. We’ve been practicing staying on his mat under the table while I’m eating and he’s already checking my meals at least once a day.
In our obedience class the trainer comes to each of us one-by-one and while we wait for our turn, he has very little trouble staying in a “settle” position with all the yappy dogs around.
He’s just a little on the young side, but our trainer has been saying for weeks that he’s ready to start working in pet-friendly establishments as we continue to work on PA skills (she actually said we should start going to non-pet friendly restaurants but imho he’s not ready for that).
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2023.03.31 16:41 Ok-Run09 Writing on top of laser printed paper?

Weird, probably silly question, but does anyone have any experience with writing (with ball point pens, fountain pens, markers, etc.) on paper that’s gone through a color laser printer? I did a little digging and found something about the silicon grease that the printer layers on the paper coating the surface and making it impervious to ink. There’s not much on it…can anyone confirm?
I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking for a printer and after a ton of research, want to get a color laser (for irregular use; I don’t want to deal with clogged print heads, which is likely since I don’t intend to print often). But I also need to be able to ink over the printed paper without it doing something weird like the toner getting “scratched off” by the nib or repelling the ink. I don’t want to find out I can’t after I buy the thing. I’m eyeing the ImageCLASS LBP632Cdw, btw.
I guess if I can’t, I can try to commit to printing a couple full pages a week (or whatever) on a good inkjet, but I’d reeeeally rather not, haha.
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2023.03.31 16:37 Krea96 Past above target!

Hey guys!
I passed the exam above target, although while writing it I felt that I would fail haha.
I have no PM background, and I studied for like 1/2 h a day (some weeks nothing) for two months, with 5-6h in the last two weeks before the exam. I did pocketprep for a week and went from 50% to 80%. Also did Phillip's course, and Landini's tests. I wish I watched Vargas' explanation at the beginning of the whole prep process, unfortunately, I only watched it two weeks before the exam and this is when everything clicked. I printed out all the processes and stuck them on the wall, made notes on them, arrows, and studied it for like 1 week. By the end, I understood and remembered most processes, as well as what's different between them. I'm a visual person so this studying method worked great for me. Figure out what works for you and make sure you understand the processes!
I did not expect so many easy but tricky questions. Overall, it felt that the exam was very easy, especially compared to pocketprep. I believe pocketprep was great but it gave me a lot of anxiety and made me think like I don't understand anything well. Although I did not feel ready, I just scheduled the exam and took the risk. The questions were in a Landini format and felt basic. The hard thing was to distinguish between the last two multiple choice options which were excruciattiiiing because of how similar they were. I suggest you go with your first hunch when you are in doubt, and think based on the basic info you studied from the book/the udemy course. The more you overthink, the more mess you make for yourself. If you understood the material, go with your hunch.
It took me like 1.5h to answer the questions, and I spend another hour going through the ones I flagged and had doubts about. In the end, I skimmed through all of them once again.
My suggestion is do not stress about it and make sure you understand the foundation of all these processes, as well as remember how they work! Half of the exam was about processes anyways. Do not wait to feel like an expert and do not get anxious about it!
Good luck!
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2023.03.31 16:36 TheArtOwl Argument with an ahjossi

I need some advice from real Korean people on this argument I had with two older people today in Korea. I was taking two students home after teaching. I was in a pretty big parking lot. Its basically the size of a one way road with cars on both sides.
I was backing out my car very slowly at night with limited visibility. I barely got out of the parking lot positioned and pointed to the exact middle of the road when I hear a banging on the back of my car. I was looking in my rear view camera when this happened, and I didn’t know what was going on.
I got out of my car to check afraid I hit a child, someone’s dog or some car. Then two angry older people “ early 50s “ started scolding me that I almost hit them. Note there was no one or any cars or anything there at this time of night. So i told them in Korean why are you walking behind a car backing out of a parking space in the middle of a small road? This enraged the man even more. I said i have a rear view camera, and then he said fine whatever, and left.
I was upset, and felt attacked. So i followed them and called my Korean wife for back up. When I followed them the man got very confrontational almost touching me putting his finger in my face, and cursing me. Well we almost got into a fight, and I said some very horrible things to him that I feel bad about.
But this the question, my wife blames me, and said that in korea its always the drivers fault even if they are walking like idiots right behind my slowing backing up car in the middle of a big parking lot at night half drunk. She said all Koreans would say its my fault “ she really loves blaming me for things though 🤪”. So this all has me really upset because I blew up, and attacked that guy. Is it really culture difference or a different driving culture? Help please 🥲
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