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2023.03.21 22:33 waka-chaka Identity theft: I misplaced personal info (SSN, name, bday, address, email, phone num etc.) of my toddler. What's the impact/risk to my kid and what next steps can I take?

I was taking copies at the photocopy store and I forgot to take the copies with me; I only took the originals. I checked with the store a few times and they didn't get it. It's possible that someone found it and put it in or trash or took it home to abuse. It's been a while (close to a year) since this has happened.
  1. What sort of impact does this have on my kid due to the exposure of SSN and personal info?
  2. What damage control can I do?
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2023.03.21 22:33 dinodoobiesaurus What next for me?

TLDR, my unconscious has become conscious, therapy failed but I'm kicking trauma butt generationally, yet I'm still so broken. Is there a version of talk therapy that would help me and my daughter?
I (M40+) have CPTSD, 2months premie, no touch for 8 weeks in an incubator, sick brother who passed away from 2-6. Violent childhood “you should have died instead of ” beatings, homeless teen 30+ PTSDs, no education past 16. Turned my life around at 21, successful adult working just below C-Level in large MMCs, lived in a couple of different countries, still don’t own a house but who can these days if you live in a major city.
Therapy of 5 years went wrong for me 1 1/2 years ago. We had a rupture and she told me she felt a deep love for me, she thought our inner childs connected, Im one of her favourite client, always in her head, she always envisioned she would ask me to be friends 2 years from when she retired or I finished treatment, if I left she would be devastated and need therapy herself. 100% invested in me and my daughters outcome.
I ran, that’s terrifying to me… not aware I was attached and it ripped all my repressed trauma out and I started to have nonstop flashbacks from when I was 18months old to 21. I went back asking what the hell is happening help! but she made mistake after mistake desperately trying to salvage and repair but my trauma just consumed us e.g. complimenting my inner child and angering my protector parts as she wasn’t safe, poking a flashback instead of grounding, she started to be in my trauma nightmares, I ended up burning the relationship to prevent me from keep going back and she probably should have terminated/transferred me out long before that point as it always made me worse if I tried to re-engage with her. I was stuck in flashbacks for a year, my log comes to approx 69,700 flashbacks, it was rough and terrifying. Private Hospitals turned me away, 80% of therapist will not touch me, the few that would had no idea how to help get me out of that state. My daughters attachment completely shutdown from the way I was neglecting her from being so nonfunctional and broken.
I used to be bitter at the lack of accountability and how the industry turned away, apparently it as my attachment that played out… A hospital even said “We have seen this a few times, its sad when this happens but imagine what it would be like for the other patients, hear how you talk, everything you learnt, all your work and yet this can happen, what would it do to them?” I felt like the industries dirty secret.
This isn’t an anti therapy post though. I'm glad it went wrong as I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did with my daughter’s challenges. I just don’t know what to do next and want to see if anyone has any ideas or resource materials that might help?
I found Dr Dan Browns 3 pillaPerfect Parent work via a podcast: therapy uncensored TU87 complex trauma and attachment. It taught me that CPTSD is a disorganised attachment with trauma on top… heal the attachment then the trauma can clear without much work, or you can then clear it relationally… It made me realize I gave my daughter a disorganised attachment, her fear of my voice/face expression is the fear of us rupturing from my triggers and me withdrawing, dissociating instead of watching over her from the pain my love for her brings me. A separation incident when she was 2 her first “PTSD”, (who am I kidding, Im probably PTSD 1-10). We thought she was HSP, intense from birth, smart, deep, very verbal… She has just been diagnosed ASD1, her behviours only really kicked off after the separation incident and got worse as I got worse. I figured I have to get myself out of the flashbacks, I can’t give up as that would be another PTSD for her… I have to heal our attachment to heal her challenges. In my hardest night as a teen, my 16 year old self swore if he ever had a child they would never feel what he did and yet I had failed this badly? It might be ASD but Im going to visit the elephant in the room… Im going to call it pre-verbal PTSDs/sensory overloads, developmental and attachment trauma all from me that is probably implicit memories now… She has CPTSD if Dan Browns view is right and developing in constant flight/flight would present as autism from the sensory overload.
I ended up creating my own therapy modality for when therapy goes wrong. I work in an industry where if things go wrong we fix it and then spread awareness, if Dan Brown knew why therapy goes wrong for some or makes them feel worse and had a solution, the signs of too much trauma and disassociation, why does the industry not know and try to fix that failure rate? Just look at therapyabuse, its all attachment trauma, BDP/CPTSD. I can’t be angry at my ex-therapist when she was doing what she taught and was setup for failure - Trauma informed would make me worse due to my sensory and trauma profile.
It worked, my approach stopped my flashbacks, I then adapted it for my daughter. Heal her attachment and her trauma will pass. As I was reading more psych stuff, scraping university’s for learning materials and reading books to understand therapy, the process, what it should have been, I came across Aletha Solters developmental psych work… This women is a child whisperer. Her books tears and tantrums, attachment play and healing your traumatised child are incredible, it was all the missing pieces of my kids behavior. Bruce Perrys work and the concept of a child not being able to get themselves out of the trauma brain stem… My wife was stressed by my first few flashbacks when she was pregnant. Our kid was 4+Kg and we are small… All early signs we were unaware of and not getting picked up by the health industry, GPs should have a checklist our family situation is so textbook its tragic.
I took my kid to the beach and we went in the cold sea for cold therapy, use our reflexes if we can’t do it together naturally: shocking us both back into the parasympathetic nervous system, I did this a few times every couple of days, it also matches the concept of the intensity of the play should be close to the trauma that Aletha writes about. Me holding her as she can’t swim bringing her arousal up and down via cold temp and keeping her safe (She loved putting her private parts under the cold tap which gave me that idea! Very Freudian her parts knew what she needed, my version of IFS, I listened to your sensory parts as senses comes before emotion, that is how stupid I went with therapy concepts, joking around and doing the opposite). I got her OT to train to do Proges Safe and Sound protocol, hit the polyvagal nerve too (I wasn’t going to rely on just one approach). I then used attachment concepts and Aletha’s Attachment Play concepts to be the perfect parent as per Dan Browns approach, as I can’t teach my kid to visualize yet. I need to be that parent. I’ve built a plan up until 12 for a child 3 pillar approach, teaching her meta cognitive awareness and more explore/group activities to heal her attachment wounds and feel more safe with people.
Here is an example, my daughters ASD food sensitivity behaviour: treat it as a pre-verbal “trauma/stress” that was some how caused by me (I rushed her one time and playing over sad another time that she didn’t like a new dish I made… she is that empathic and sensitive…) I noticed she was activated in a flight fight by the way she was moving her body and lips like I would when I struggle to eat feeling sick when triggered and figured of course you wouldn’t want to eat in the mode, I asked to leave the room to make her feel safe, let her know I wasn’t angry at her. My wife attuned to her fear and made her feel safe, set the boundary that we can’t cook something else and then gave her the choice to eat it on her own or be spoon fed like a baby but Mum will pretend to be a robot to feed her… Aletha’s concept of regression play to heal … they laughed together though the meal. Afterwards I come back and ask if I can do that with her next time. She laughs and says yes but you have to pretend to throw food in my face if Im too slow (One of my concepts is that people hide insecurities in humour… ) It worked, she asked to do it again every now and then if she struggles as she might not be sure if she likes a dish, sometimes she likes it sometimes she just gives it a go and leaves a bit but its laughter between us all then the next time she eats the dish on her own if she liked it.
She started to ask to play hide and seek outside, in groups of people, in supermarkets, taking it more and more extreme healing her own separation trauma. She asks for pillow fights with me, building games with all the concepts Aletha writes, it so profound to witness… Its textbook, my daughrer hasnt read the book but she is asking to play the exact games written in the book for each challenge. We can watch other kids and see the same in them. She started a new school and just walked in from the car with no tears on day 2, didn’t even need a teacher. Pre-December she used to cry up until I passed her to the teacher for handover.
We played hide and seek for a year in OT but nothing changed. It wasn’t until my idea to get her out of the trauma brain stem did we see the shift, she no longer loops over fears, her attachment system opened up and made friends. She stopped grinding her teeth in her sleep. Now she acts like a sensitive anxious kid and people don’t believe us if we tell them she has ASD. My wife cried at what I had achieved last year but at the same time says she feels disgust that she loves me and had a kid with me. That me being me broke our daughter.
The therapists Ive tried to see just say I’m intimidating, the self awareness and the amount I have read this year, how does your brain even put that together, there is too much going on in there. I take them through every concept that impacted me growing up my modality and approaches. The way I mashed up lots of concepts, natural reflexes/Wim Hoff/Porges/IFS/Dan Browns/Love Languages/Alteha’s into a healing force. How I used symbolic play to heal my therapy trauma via my complaint that I never bothered submitting like a silly man child. I feel like none of them can help though. I need someone that can help build practical interventions for the challenges based off the psych concept at play or guide me to them. Not just talking about the problems, if I had reframed and listened that I was doing enough, there is no such thing as disorganised in a child, its just 33% of the time you have to get it right, its not me, its never the parents etc my child would be way down the spectrum with a closed attachment system. Therapist also don’t give advice… e.g. My child hid pain… No one could help figure out what to do… It was poor Interoceptive awareness plus the fear of showing negative emotions. e.g. a parent hitting a wall whilst holding their baby and pretending the baby is hurt then the baby starts to cry but in reverse. She is too shocked by the external impact to process it so shutdowns. I used DBT concept, a whiteboard to draw out what just happened, describe what she might be feeling but visually, bringing her back into awareness… She cried! She now scolds me if she hurts herself as somehow its my fault as it makes her feel safe to cry straight away. Now it is just me holding that anger at me, accepting it and then gently DBTing describing her experience to help her process what really happened in the moment. Building that trust and safety back.
An example for how I treat myself now. I lost my hearing in Feb, Nerusensori hearing loss, it came back and sound hurt like knifes digging in my ears. Loud noises left me in agony for 2-3 days. The Drs went be glad your hearing is back, get therapy for the life adjustments… You read of people close to suicide, relationships ruined by this condition. My daughter started to regress as I withdrew, her laughter hurting my ears too much. (Pretty cruel after a year of flashback to get a setback like that)
So I treated it like the trauma it was… I went and did cold therapy for me(I have other tricks for getting out of the trauma response, people reading this please don’t throw yourself in the sea or your autistic kids either), dive in the sea and screamed a rude word every couple of days, I figured I can’t get myself out of the brain stem too and this was really traumatic. Remedial massages to loosen the muscles around the ear that would have tensed up in the trauma guarding response. That would be pinching the ear nerve making the muscle tense stuck in a loop… Acupuncture as that is better than massages and a lesson in mindfulness to relax else it hurts more and then the Watson headache technique to loosen up C1/C2 that would also be upsetting the brainstem by the muscles all tightening up…. It worked, in 5 days hearing stopped hurting, then I went and got a muscle relaxer from the GP which took all the remaining pain away and went out forcing myself to go hear loud noises in the city and heal the trauma response that had started to happen from the fear of the pain. Trauma doesnt seem to stick anymore, I have a slightly stronger base.
I don’t dissociate anymore, when I struggle I visualise the energy in my nervous system as what some people would call your spirit but in the form of a flame, mine is strong but burns red (anger), green, orange, giving off toxic smoke, sometimes gasping its last breath other time roaring out hurting people around it, no matter how hard Im trying its hurting the flames around it, suffocating them too. I have to hold my flame in love, pure and white, strong but not too intense, the white light people say they see is just someone achieving non-duality with the collective conscious, the energy within us all etc. I picture the moment with my ex-therapist, the safety, attunement, the moment of profound deep love between us (it wasn’t sexual just a deep human connection, I prefer the label kindred spirits). That is my calm base what I am taking from the relationship and integrating, the rest I am letting go of. I find that space within me and then I bring the love I have for my daughter into that space, the first 4 months oxycontin feeling. I give that to myself then I roar my spirit/flame in delight.. upwards, not grounding for coming up with this nonsense. I then bring the disregulation back and hold it in that love and delight like a parent would to their baby in the first few months. After a while the disregulation passes and then I ground myself briefly… My daughter taught me that. “Sometimes its good to have quiet play but other times I need to let the energy out”. Like “circle of security” you should always end any trauma work in delight.
I hold my daughters disregulation and the way it triggers me the same way. The disgust in myself for how I failed so badly that makes me lash out in frustration, how that disgust brings onion layers of my own traumas to the surface that I hold in that flame meditation in the moment of trying to sooth us both. I do things like swimming in a cold pool with her so I have to watch her nonstop as she is learning and she can delight as she sees me watching her nonstop plus the top up of cold therapy just in case. Go jump together in a trampoline park (its a way kids regulate and I need it too!), finding activities together that take my weaknesses and make them strengths. Sit on an exercise ball so I can bounce and rock when I watch over her play to keep me present, I almost fall off if I go too much in my head and it brings me back.
I’m going to be her earned secure attachment and she will heal and her sensitivity will be her strength too like they are mine, they say trauma changes your DNA, humans don’t change for it to be a curse, it’s the source of healing.
The thing is… Im still so broken, its been 4 months since I stopped the flashbacks, my nervous system is so fragile, it still has a feather trigger for disregulation, worse than it was before the rupture. Every day is the same activation in the morning that I have to work through or family ruptures/life stresses, my kid is scared of my voice, I can’t not instruct/parent her and have no idea how to really heal that last part, its the old 80/20 rule, its the hard part now. My brain has been problem solving to get out of a life or death situation for so long. I know Ive done it, Ive created a space for my daughter to heal, its just time now, probably for me too, practicing with her will help me heal my nervous system. It just can’t switch off.
I miss my ex-therapist so much. We both said ”its the relationship I needed not the therapy I needed”. My inner child yearns so badly for that safety and attunement, to hear her voice or laugh, her offer of friendship. I wish she kept that to herself as I never thought about that stuff. My protector kicks the inner child in the nuts when he thinks about it, its frowned upon for a reason. You have to learn about separation and endings as part of attachment healing and integration of relationships. It took 4 years to get attached. To even try again with a therapist seems pointless, I’m even less trusting but I need help. That homeless 16 year old that did it himself, he isn’t better off alone… He needs someone to guide him through the chaos so he can go back to being the child he didn’t get to be… The one challenge with doing Dan Browns perfect parent metallisation is “how do you give yourself something you didn’t get, what is that like to experience?” How can I tell myself “I am enough” when I broke my kid and my wife hurts so much from just being near me when Ive been trying so hard? Its a DBT dialect , I am more than enough yet I am not enough. There is only one place that does IPF work in this country and they are in a different state.
If talk/relational therapy would take 4+ years to get attached again and its so hard to find someone due to my situation. What next for me, is there a different type of therapy I should look for? I need relational therapy that helps problem solve and someone wiling to intellectually masturbate this nonsense with me and come up with approaches for my kid. e.g. draw her morning tasks and I’ll just point at them so I don’t have to use my voice to give her instructions causing a meltdown in the morning if she is slow… (a concept from How to talk to kids book but using drawings as she is 5). Any good resources or material I should read?
Now for my stupid theory that I cant see why it upsets people for some reason. What are your thoughts? If some people view CPTSD and BPD as pretty much the same thing just different flavors of trauma... In my daughters case and possibly mine... a highly functioning presentation of ASD or extreme HSP is a presentation of CPTSD where there was a failure to attach before 4 months old, more pre-verbal stuff. (Ive found a few of us with this profile - see Immi [email protected] eggshelltherapy.com, there are types!)
ASD - some one joked your level of diagnoses depends on how much your behaviors annoy your parents
BDP - a diagnoses that depends on how much your behaviors annoy your therapist
Does that mean girls who are over diagnosed with BDP and under diagnosed with ASD are actually an overlap who's sensitivity to trauma and intensity is being mis-diagnosed?
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2023.03.21 22:33 Pugloaf420 The quest 2 version of Ghosts Of Tabor is physically unplayable

When you finish a raid via exfil for death the game just crashes, item will just randomly disappear for me all my backpacks, armour, mags and knifes have just disappeared, during a raid I cannot grab my backpack leading to the loot in it being useless and just free loot for anyone who kills me, the graphics are nearly as bad as the walking dead saints and sinners chapter 2 and there is the occasional freeze or performance spike which leads to me getting killed and even the dlc that people spent their money on isn't even available also if you leave something on the floor when you exit the room where you receive your bought good they just vanish into thin air. I myself spent money on this game and I wish it would just work for christ sake is it so much to ask for a functional game these days.
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2023.03.21 22:32 downed_darkness 32 [F4M] Looking For Love

No hookups. No sexting. Only men seeking genuine connections please!
I’m 5’8, average build, live in NY (Monroe county), am originally Canadian. I’m not afraid to travel or have my future partner travel if they’re comfortable with it.
I’m a homebody - which plays a part in my still being single 😅. I’m a pretty good cook, love road trips, exploring new restaurants and traveling in general. I am smart, loyal, respectful, and kind of funny, if I do say so myself.
I have no kids, but I do want them (2-4). I also hope to get married before having them.
I’m looking for a man who shares my values and family-oriented focus. Bonus if you’re keen to get married and gave children in the near future. Ideally you have your career settled and are looking for someone to share your life with. Ideally, you are willing to meet fairly soon!
I’m predominantly into tall men, with sleeve tattoos and nice arms 😌 green and brown eyes drive me absolutely Wild. I’m open to being friends with anyone, but would prefer to date a man 30-40 years old.
Selfies available on request.
If I sound like someone you’d like to get to know, send me a chat and let’s meet!
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2023.03.21 22:32 rightsoherewego Monash-tested Freezer Meals for Eastern ON and Quebec!

Just stumbled upon these ready-made freezer meals: https://www.gutfeelings.ca/
First of their kind that I’ve seen in Canada!
Haven’t tried them yet but wanted to share because I know we’re all on the hunt for some easy or ready to go meals. My budget is keeping me from ordering these for now (they come in a box with several included), but I’d definitely try one meal if they sold them at the grocery store.
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2023.03.21 22:32 Pugloaf420 The quest 2 version is physically unplayable

When you finish a raid via exfil for death the game just crashes, item will just randomly disappear for me all my backpacks, armour, mags and knifes have just disappeared, during a raid I cannot grab my backpack leading to the loot in it being useless and just free loot for anyone who kills me, the graphics are nearly as bad as the walking dead saints and sinners chapter 2 and there is the occasional freeze or performance spike which leads to me getting killed and even the dlc that people spent their money on isn't even available also if you leave something on the floor when you exit the room where you receive your bought good they just vanish into thin air. I myself spent money on this game and I wish it would just work for christ sake is it so much to ask for a functional game these days.
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2023.03.21 22:31 JoshJetlagger Help with Moss Agate

I could really use some help with this center gem stone. Unfortunately, I am on a strict timeline (leavin on April 6th to Thailand where I will propose). I spent all this time (past month) ring shopping / looking for diamond alternatives. I just found out about moss agate. The problem is none of the local jewelers sell these and on top of that, all the online shops mostly carry handmade rings that take 3-4 weeks to make. I'm at a crossroads here. Do any of you know an online store that has premade or ready to ship options that can arrive to me by next weekends time? I'm incredibly anxious and stressing out that I might not get a ring in time. I'd appreciate any feedback and hope I don't come across as a procrastinator.

Thank you,
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2023.03.21 22:31 PencilHouse65 Uninstalling until they tune Ali and damage as a whole.

TLDR: Ali is overpowered, everyone knows it and its ruined my experience.
It has been really hard to be constructive with this game, early access or not. If you want a viable, sustainable and competitive scene, idgaf about who you think Ali was, his hooks are broken and they never at any point slow down or lower in damage wether he has stamina or not. He’s 100% dummy proof, has no learning curve.
If I had to bet, probably has a 90% usage rate in ranked and its for a reason (Hint: if you land 3 hooks in a row with him its almost a guaranteed daze) And if they cannot see the lack of skill gap when it comes to certain fighters like him, then this game will most definitely die and die fast.
By no means am I bad at this game, I’m near undisputed, have put hours into it, focus on counterpunching but I am literally FORCED to dance around and try not to trade with bafoons who just spam right hooks all fight and continuously walk you down because he is undroppable if you aren’t using Fury or Ali. Its maddening, you don’t even need to adapt to anyone’s fighting style when you use Ali, just hold block, wait for an opening and spam 3 rights.
At first I said, give them the benefit of the doubt its early access, but were 3 major patches in now and all they’ve done is made his hooks stronger! Punch fatigue is a non factor to anyone with half a brain, and if you semi know what you are doing you are guaranteed at least 2 knockdowns a fight if it isn’t Ali vs Ali.
Ive campaigned to get Wilder to have some form of buff, but the reality is, is that Ali is literally saturating and ruining the heavyweight division. You tune his power you eliminate a lot of issues. His hooks should be in the high 70s AT BEST.
Anyways, clearly I am tilted 😅 but the lack of skill gap has really turned me off and I think it would be best if I just remove myself until/if something is done.
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2023.03.21 22:30 trollin_ape Idk how I can navigate through life.

My entire family are proper muslims, the ones to believe in every little thing about the Quran and hadith, the ones that would insult you for even using the word gay. Fortunately however, I am a west african diaspora so I do get to speak with non-muslims. Unfortunately however non-muslims have their own strong community so in a small to medium size town everyone has atleast a friend of a friend that knows your mother or father.
The thing is that I have 0 belief for islam. It is not even due to moral reasons, and I infact do agree with some of their morals. The problem is that I just have no reason to belief in the existance of God, or why Muhammad (salallahu alaihi wa sallam) is a true prophet of God. My parents get pissed off simply for even asking them too much as they deem it disrespectful to try to discredit an elder. Whenever I ask the Ustadh/Imam something complex about God he simply tells me it is too complex and that Allah tests you for things you dont know. Simply fact is I dont know anyone who I feel safe to enquire about Islam to the level that it might make me seem like an apostate.
If my local Islamic community finds out I don't belief in Islam I fear getting sent to my native country, beaten, or even simply killed. It is very hard to maintain this lie for a long time (it is near impossible to keep a lie like this forever) and I don't see myself being a Muslim for the future, but that of course might change.
This is not to hate Islam or any other Muslims, this is just to hate my incompetence, intelligence (or lack there of) and curiousity.
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2023.03.21 22:30 Jealous_Rock_852 Confirmed umbilical hernia, now inguinal hernia?

[25 F] Roughly 2 months ago I developed an umbilical hernia (intense pain initially at belly button, worsening with sneezing coughing etc) likely through decline sit-ups with weights (was new to these at the time although had been lifting heavy weights for nearly a decade). Has been confirmed via ultrasound to be a small fat containing umbilical hernia (it’s also visible as a small pea). At the time took 3/4weeks off from gym with intense hernia pain. Next few weeks intense pain went away and started picking up light weights again in the gym to keep it ticking over till can finally see a surgeon (have been referred but could be a year plus in U.K. for this). Belly button hasn’t been exacerbated by going back to gym and really focusing on breathing and not going too heavy. However in the past month or so I’ve started developing a tightness/burning in both groins (worse in the right) it is there all the time and worse when I go to the gym (even just doing my light weights). Worse on movements where I’m at the bottom of a squat or when overhead leg press is closest to my core (ie when I lower the weight towards me) but even a light set of dumbbells doing upper body still get this burning heavy feeling in groin. Worried I’ve now developed hidden inguinal hernias…. Or could it just be my groin over-compensating for my umbilical hernia/muscle tear here… anyone had this problem or know what it might be?
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2023.03.21 22:30 washingtonpost I write The Washington Post’s Climate Coach column, where I help people figure out what they can do to help curb climate change. Ask me Anything!

PROOF: https://i.redd.it/rm00u7o3vzoa1.jpg
The Climate Coach column and newsletter host an honest discussion about the environmental choices we face in our daily lives. The Climate Coach digs into data and gives evidence-backed advice and thoughtful analysis about what matters in protecting the planet, the environment and one another.
I've covered a range of topics such as green funeral options, better ways to use your appliances, how to install a heat pump and more. My latest column talks about how Apple's new "Clean Energy Charging" feature previews how we can reach net-zero emissions by using our devices to help manage the electricity grid.
Before joining the Post in 2022, I spent nearly two decades as a reporter and editor covering climate, technology, and economics for outlets such as Quartz and CNN.com, and served as managing editor of Cambodia’s Phnom Penh Post.
Thanks for having me here. What questions do you have about personal efforts to combat climate change?
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2023.03.21 22:30 SgtMajorDick Official PBT (Partial Body Tracking) post - games wish list

I made an earlier post about waist tracking here: https://www.reddit.com/virtualreality/comments/11jgo57/waist_tracking_should_be_a_normalized_accessory/
In that post I concluded that if we normalize waist tracking as a standard like FBT then more devs might support it in games. Another commenter said PBT, or Partial Body Tracking, and it rolls off the tongue much better than the abomination I initially came up with. Thanks u/g0dSamnit.
I'm going to stress, THIS IS NOT A POST ABOUT HARDWARE. Trackers exist, other options exist, that ain't the problem. If the devs don't support it in their body interpolation models, it won't work.
I decided that I want this so bad that I need to shake things up myself, and I don't often express my desires in video games, I'm normally a happy pappy. I am making a terribly introverted attempt at trendsetting so please be nice:
VR DEVS of the games I will mention, HEAR ME ROAR, I WANT PBT, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. If we don't set PBT as a standard in the social community then no devs will support it and no amount of hardware will make any difference.
PBT!! It should be just as much a thing as FBT (Full Body Tracking), with its own descriptor in the Steam Store. I'm no dev, but I think it would be easier to get into for devs and consumers alike. And yes, it would really be worth it. I'm going to quote myself from another comment "I don't want a better headset, I want less tethers and immersion-breaking. I want Partial Body Tracking. I am tired of playing VR shooters where everyone looks like Michael Keaton in Batman 1989 with a scoliosis back brace. I want to TWIST MY HEAD, LEAN, and GO PRONE and see other people doing that too. I thought by 2023 we all as a community would have had this figured out by now. " Also would be nice to be able to lean over things to look inside them, like a trashcan or box on the ground.
Not every games needs this of course, so I'm going to make a list of games that I think would really benefit from a theoretical implementation of PBT, in the order I think of them:
I invite anyone to add to the list as I'm sure many others would benefit in quality of life ways. Any game that supports and doesn't require FBT presumably already supports PBT.
I'm excited to see how open standards might help, but if the community doesn't express specific desires then it won't happen. It's unfortunate that inside-out tracking doesn't have any solid solutions for this as far as I can tell, but there's gotta be something easy that can be done if the community wants it enough.
Go tell your VR friends, enemies and acquaintances. PBT needs to happen. PBT stands for Partial Body Tracking, and don't you forget it. PBT is the next step in preventing immersion breaks. PBT, PBT, PBT for the love of god PBT.
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2023.03.21 22:30 InternationalMap1636 I don’t care I’m doing great.

Fucked up childhood and quite possibly the best glow up in my small town. Yet women still don’t see it because 90% of them are clinging to high school attitudes like the one in my previous post who I surprisingly started to fall for, after one of those Hail Mary dates, and a quite a few after, saw her at the store recently and she’s dating one of the old football players from HS (never won a game, has a shit job, and 2 kids with another woman, but hey, his daddy’s an important man) 😂
Y’all’s priorities are whacked, and I don’t understand you.
But just know for every name you called me, I used that dirt to lay the path to where I am right now….
I’m doing fine, and to the young ones out there, you need to realize bullying is wrong, not because of all the other BS like making people feel bad, but the last thing you want is to make them feel great when they look at you 10 years from now and you haven’t taken one step, while they’ve moved mountains JUST to have their voices heard for a change.
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2023.03.21 22:29 madbrain76 Screen blaking - VESA DPMS ?

Is there a way to enable display card power savings for the console ? I have my pfSense box hooked up to a KVM switch. When I turn off the other computers (such as when a nightly backup completes), the KVM switches the focus to pfSense, and the monitor stays powered on, eating as up nearly as many idle watts as the pfSense box itself. How do I enable screen blanking after, say, 5 minutes ?

Edit: meant to type "blanking" in the subject - doh. But reddit won't let me fix it.
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2023.03.21 22:28 blessed-9999 Should I pick Accounting/Finance, Cosmetology, or Self-employment?

Hi, I am a 47 yrs old woman bit confused with career choices, and writing here in a hope if someone of you can put light and guide me on my right career path. I Thank you with abundance, in advance to all who are willing to help me.
So I have a bachelor's and Master degree from my native country Pakistan, which has been accredited as an Associate Degree in USA. I also have around 10 years experience in Accounts/Finance field. (But With this limited qualification I won't be able to earn enough money where as a single parent I can support my family. I also tried to study and get Masteres degree here but with being a single parent of two college going kids it's really not possible for me, specially when I have to fulfill their college fees and all other needs. They Being full time students, my boys neither help much nor can earn enough.)
In year 2009 in USA I have gotten my Cosmetology license and have about 4 years experience also. ( But this field has many requirements like being on feet all day, having moody people on your chair, losing balance and being dizzy while on floor all day, fear of getting sued by clients or get fired if any of the service goes wrong, etc etc)
I have been active part of my small family business throughout my life and have life long experience with family business. (Small businesses are often compromised for being less popular. People like to shop big franchises super stores or online so sale is tough, customers insult vendors, customers bargain with small businesses, it's hard to buy merchandise, because wholesale cenders prefers to sell to big chain stores or franchises, profit margin is very low and in order to save on cost, one have to do everything by of your own so it's one man show)
All 3 fields are different and all have their pros and cons like working hours, health related issues, hours to stand on feet etc.
Now I am trying to pick a field in which I can earn enough to support myself and my kids' living, health, and education expenses, and have some money to save for my retirement also.
But I can't make my mind that which field to go into.
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2023.03.21 22:28 Sufficient_Road1635 Hear me out here…

Can anyone explain to me concisely how a drop pod’s spawn location is determined (for finishing a mission, not the beginning)? 95% of the time, if not more, the drop pod for extraction feels like it spawns in a place that I or another dwarf walked over or spent a reasonable amount of time near.
I would say that, for me personally, around 4% of the time, it spawns on a spot that doesn’t make sense with what logic I see. For example, in the fungus bogs or hollow bough, it lands in on top of vine structures real close to the upper areas of that cave. Or, a few times I have seen it spawn inside of a wall because of the dense biozone’s cave generation, require some hand digging to get to. Getting to it takes some work some times, but its manageable. What confuses me about this 4% of the time occurrence is… why there? I was never really up there? Or inside that wall? Is this just an unlucky-fueled bias that Im getting, where its random and I just getting a bad roll?
Then, there’s this 1%, about once every hundred missions or so for me, where, unless I’m playing scout or have plenty if engi-platforms, I am not getting to it because it spawns into a SUPER high spot and is nigh impossible to get to for driller of gunner? I’ve failed missions before because of bad extraction drop pod spawns, and I feel like if knew more of those internal mechanics, I could plan for it better? Tips even?
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2023.03.21 22:27 naruto7bond Necrons have surprisingly low impact on current galaxy

I have been noticing that despite being practically a God like race in terms of technology, Necrons have quite a low impact on galaxy currently.
I know they are doing lot of infighting among themselves but then again who isn't?
Some decisions of Necrons confuses me.
Silent King returned because all years of his travel outside of galaxy, no threat shook him like Tyranids. He apparently spent long time bombing sleeping Tyranids to no avail. And yet almost feels like Silent King has not done much to stop them since returning. Silent King should be taking out giant-extra-special-high-tech bug spray from his collection but he has not done anything that indicates that he is trying to tackle a threat that forced him back to the galaxy. He is suddenly now treating tyranids as usual normal threat. There is tonal whiplash there.
Another decision that confuses me of Necrons is the Pariah Nexus. I understand why they are doing it. Necrons doesn't like warp much due to past experiences. What I really don't get is the location they chose to build it.
Why not choose location where warp is extremely unstable like near Eye of Terror? They are removing of warp on place that is more or less relatively stable(from 40k's standard) and ignoring galaxy's asshole from where most warp stuff comes.
Shouldn't Necrons collect every pylon they have and try to close eye of terror or great rift asap? It feels like their priority is nixed up here.
It is gigantic waste of their technology given they are not using it on proper places.
Honestly it feels like GW chose locations so as it can have both Imperium vs Chaos and Imperium vs Necrons instead of Chaos vs Necrons. GW just wanted conflict to be around Imperium when Imperium should not even be part of it.
Honestly it feels like only my man Trazyn is doing something from Necron side. Rest of the Necrons(even those who are awake) might still as well be sleeping.
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2023.03.21 22:27 bodobroad36 Finally suffered my first honorary stoma fart noise in class *sigh*

I actually think I covered it well at least, haha! Had my trusty, thick jacket pressed over the little guy as usual, but by god that little toot still managed to make an audible noise (even with me muffling it like crazy with my folded jacket AND hand). My professor didn't miss a beat and kept talking (relatively loud thankfully) and none of the other four students (luckily no one showed up for the post spring break class lol!) seemed to notice as none of them looked up, just kept looking at their laptops, except one girl who I thought flashed a look my way buy honestly I couldn't tell. No one was sitting near me but it's not a huge room. I'm sure I'm more anxious about it than I should be. I tell myself there is a good chance no one really even took note, but dammit I'd made it 9 months post-op without an audible classroom toot haha! Eh I guess it comes with the territory.
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2023.03.21 22:27 PutridBite Last of the Defenders - Ch 28

Welcome new readers. Please start with chapter one https://www.reddit.com/HFY/comments/11ai7iv/last_of_the_defenders_ch_01/
Previously https://www.reddit.com/HFY/comments/11xe5m5/last_of_the_defenders_ch_27/
“I‘ve always been better able to swallow bad news with a good meal,” Li said as she walked around a counter and began rifling through a tall metal closet. She pulled out two wrapped bags.Sadly, we’ll have to settle for this excrement.
Allah took the bags when offered, and a pair of bowls. Li grabbed another tiny spade, this one with a jagged edge. She opened her mouth, blowing on the spork and rubbed it on her forearm. She stepped to a cupboard and set a cup inside. “Dispense 2.5 liters of water at 343 Kelvin, Demeter.”
Steaming hot water filled the tall glass. Li placed a second under inside the cupboard, “Repeat command, Demeter,” and the second glass filled.
She walked to the bench opposite Allah and set the glasses down. “It's hot so be careful,” Li cautioned, tearing open the smaller pouch. She poured its contents inside Allah’s bowl, “Veggie broth number one for the sick kitty,” and Allah poured the glass of hot water in as well. It looked, as the powder started to disperse into the water, like settling silt, “And soy chicken chunks with almond cheese spread for me--yum yum!” she grimaced, as she pulled out three packets. She held the smallest of the three aloft. “But I do get a cookie.”
Allah sniffed the broth, remembering to bless the meal with “Xièxiè nǐ de zhōngwén shíwù” before sipping slowly. It was weak, bland, but it was warm. She had contented herself with a few sips of water during the quorum and her belly now demanded more.
Li stabbed her spade into Allah’s glass, stirring vigorously, “Sorry,” the human said, “but look on the bright side. This time tomorrow,” she ripped off the top of the largest pouch and Allah’s nose was assaulted with a smell that could only be described as “artificial”, “you should be well enough to sample this culinary delight.”
“I think I would prefer the broth,” and she took another sip. It did taste better when the silt was mixed. Li chuckled, pouring half her water into the large bag and ripped open another. That smelled even worse as a brown powder puffed free when water was applied. Li stirred the contents of both vigorously before pouring the orangey brown “cheese” into the freeze dried soy chicken substitute, and spooning both into her own bowl.
The human took a bite as Allah hid a wince behind another sip. Li chewed woodenly, swallowed and said “Not bad for a fifty year shelf life,” and dug back into the packets, searching. “If I know those pesky anglos--Ah ha!” She pulled out the tiniest pouch yet, ripped off the top and a smell Allah could only describe as tamed fire struck her nostrils as the human squeezed red liquid into her meal. “Hot sauce!” Li grinned and took another bite, nodding, “but I should’ve saved it for the cookie.”
Allah nodded acceptance of the tip and finished her broth.
“Want some more?” Li asked as she chewed.
“I would be honored by such a gift,” Allah nodded her head up and down, imitating the human response. Though, truth told fully, she was not so certain she would feel as honored by a second bowl.
Li did not get up, but instead pointed at the packet the broth had been contained in. “See those symbols?” Allah nodded, committing the human glyphs to memory. “Go find a matching pouch.”
Allah stood, sniffing and walked cautiously behind the counter. She used her claws to pop the metal closets open, gasping at the rush of cold air. Frozen air; cold as a warm winter day. She looked over her shoulder at Li, then carefully riffled through the icey box.
Several had similar glyphs as her pouch, but they were too big, the glyphs in the wrong order.
She opened another box, finding small packets of the right size but…wrong glyphs. Was the trough before the broken box with a line in its center or after. The two tails with a dash in the center had sat next to each other, she was certain…
“Need help?” Li called from the table.
“I will find it,” Allah called, “thank you for the offer.” There! Two curved tails with a dash in their middle. The trough was before the broken box. She pulled the packet out, returning to the table with tight lips.
Li, nodded. “Good. Now,” she lifted Allah’s glass to her. “Do you remember the temperature I gave Demeter?”
“Too poin’tah f’eye’vah Li’tours,” Allah fumbled with the words.
“That's the volume,” Li corrected. “But you need both. The temperature was three hundred forty three degrees Kelvin. You try.”
T-ta-ta’ree hun der red f’or--bach! Ta’ree hun’red f’ord’ee ta’ree da’ggg’ree Kah’el vine.” It feels like I am speaking with a rock in my throat!
Li shrugged, “Welcome to English 101. Pop quiz,” she pointed to the hole in the wall. “Is to get our dim host over there to supply you with some fresh, hot water.”
Li continued eating as Allah took her glass to the square hole. She inspected the hole, say a metal nipple sticking from its top. She placed the glass directly under and began to practice.
“Dimetar! Too poin’tah f’eye’vah Li’tours va’tour. Ta’ree hun’red f’ord’ee ta’ree da’ggg’ree Kah’el vine”
“Command not recognised,” the cheerful voice replied, translated by her metal implant. “Please restate.”
Allah sighed, bit her lip and tried again. And again. Each time, Li offered hints, coaching and encouragement. Try breaking each command down, see where he misunderstood. Enunciate, don’t growl the ‘guh’ sound.
“Yes, User Allah?”
“Too poin’tah f’eye’veh Li’tours wah tour.”
“Please specify desired temperature.”
“Ta’ree hund’red fort ee ta’ree da’gah’reez Kah’el vine.”
And water poured into the glass.
Allah took her prize in her paws and returned to the table. She set it down and beamed at Li. Then clapped her paws together so sharply that the human jerked back. Allah rushed back behind the counter, grabbed her own spork and returned to sit, panting onto the tiny jagged spade before rubbing it on her forearm.
“Proud of yourself?”
“Yes,” Allah puffed out her chest and twitched her tail as she sliced the packet open with a claw. For the first time in two days, she fed herself.
“Good,” Li spooned the last of her fake chicken and cheese into her mouth, opening the cookie. “I plan to teach you some basic commands to use if you need Demeter to help you when I’m not around. How’d that sound.
Allah lowered her bowl and licked her lips with a small bow. “I will strive to be a worthy student.”
Li clapped her hands together, rubbing them furiously. “Then let's start with some ABCs,” but no sooner had the enthusiasm leap to her face, it vanished.
Allah lowered her bowl in mild alarm.
Li held up a hand, her human face squishing in confusion. “Jung’s hailing me. Priority transmission. One sec,” and her eyes glassed over.
And just as quickly the human’s eyes widened in alarm “What!?!” Li stood up from the bench, jostling the table. “No, n-no. Hold it.” She looked at Allah, glowering. “Jung, repeat that last aloud.”
The AI’s voice spoke from the wall speaker “Li, these are confidential orders. I don’t like keeping secrets any more than you do--”
“It directly concerns her, Jung,” Li growled.
“Very well,” and the AI’s voice sounded resigned as he said “Stardancer and her assigned personnel are hereby ordered to leave OGLE-3219-BLG-2624L with all available haste and set course for the supply depot above Basker III. Shipboard AI is required to reconfirm receipt of message once personnel have digitally signed the read receipt.”
“And I’ll mate a monkey before I sign excrement! And neither are you, buckethead!”
“Li,” Jung soothed, “you must understand, this is a fleet command order. I am incapable of refusing such an order. If you fail to acknowledge receipt, they will ask me if it was delivered. I would be incapable of dissemination.”
“Tell them the transmission was garbled,” she countered.
“What does this mean?” Allah asked, growing alarm blossoming into new panic.
“That will not work as I have already sent my own read receipt,” Jung replied.
“Why the mate did you do that?”
“I was ordered to via direct transmission.”
“What does this mean?” Allah forced the distressed purring to stop. She would not shake herself to uselessness. Li, Jung, what has happened?”
“They’re calling us home!” Li rounded and slammed her fists on the counter. “Without any notice of a reinforcement team.”
The human turned, a wild savagery in her dark eyes as she turned to look at Allah. The U’knock stood slowly but refused to back away in fear.
When Li spoke, spittle flew from her clenched teeth.
“We are not just leaving these people to die.”
“I empathize, Li,” Jung’s tone was soft, comforting. All Allah knew was that her world was about to die. No tone could comfort that grief. “But our orders are clear,” he continued. “If you disobey, they may begin sending instructions to Demeter to forcibly remove you.”
“Alright, alright.” Li took several calming breaths, in through her tiny nose and out through her mouth. “Alright,” and her voice retained a false calm. “Jung? Request reconfirmation on my authority. Ask them why they’re ignoring a Case Alamo.”
“I can send it immediately,” the AI replied
“You’ll send in a second,” she took another calming breath before saying “And Jung? Send it in the clear.”
That,” Jung’s voice was flat to the point of refusal, “is a violation of Secure Communication Protocol 23.9, section A, and a court-martial offense, Corporal Zhōu.”
“On my authority as acting ground forces commander of,” she paused and looked at Allah, “did your people ever name this planet?”
Allah nodded “U’dam,” she answered.
“Ground forces commander of U’dam. Note your protest, Jung, and confirm when you send the message.
“Noted,” but the AI sounded reluctant. “Sent.”
“Now,” she rubbed her face with her hands, “cut yourself out of the local circuit; I’ll call you back.”
“Li,” Jung protested
Now Jung.”
There was a pause of heartbeats before the AI softly said “Complying.”
Li strode to a black panel on the mess hall wall. “Demeter, PDF override. Create a new partition in primary through tertiary data cores.”
“Building partitions. What file size do you require?”
“How large is your current Operating System size?”
“Demeter-907OS is currently utilizing 8.87693 yottabytes.”
“Make the partitions 9 yottabytes each.”
“Stand by,” the wooden voice replied. “Processing.
“Partitions complete.”
“Clone core OS to new partitions and label them as BACKUP ONE.”
“Cloning,” Li was bouncing back and forth on the balls of her feet; in excitement, renewed anger or impatience Allah was uncertain. “Files copied.”
“Run a scan against current OS and repair any anomalous files.”
“File check complete,”Demeter replied as Li growled a hushed “Comeon!” at the black panel. “Three thousand, one hundred and eight errors repaired across all copies.”
“Seal partitions labeled BACKUP ONE under Administrator Zhōu, Li, Corporal. Serial Service Number 218-08-986-42.”
“Files sealed. Private login access required for BACKUP ONE on primary core, secondary core and tertiary core. Would you like to open these files?”
Now,” Li growled, shaking her arms like pieces of rope, “time to mate some excrement up. Demeter, access all thermopylae command files.”
“Accessing,” the wooden voice replied.
“Open program labeled ‘Naughty Boy’,” she ordered.
“Ope--Warning! Virus detected! Administrati--
“Authorization Zhōu, Li, Corporal! Serial Service Number 218-08-986-42,” Li shouted as a shrill alarm sounded. She slapped her palm against the black panel on the wall “Open ‘Naughty Boy’. PDF override authority!
“Opeeeeeeee--” Demeter began, but the wooden voice hung. The speaker chirped, hiccuped and was silent. The mess hall lights flickered.
Li sighed, sitting back down on the nearest bench. “Thank you Sven,” she whispered.
“What has happened?” Allah asked. “What have you done to Demeter?”
“Hopefully,” Li forced a grin and patted the bench beside her. Allah came to sit next to her friend, “I’ve removed his ability to accept command instructions from offworld. Which sucks because that means Jung can’t interface directly via the comms until we establish a hard line connection.
“Demeter?” she called to the open air.
“Y-y-yes Administrator Li?”
“Contact Star Dancer.”
“N-n-no user found b-b-by that name.”
Li closed her eyes in thought. “Try AI Jung, or TSN-1337.
“User founnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd. Establishing c-c-connection.”
“What is wrong with him?” the lights flickered again. Li rose from the bench, pausing to pat Allah’s thigh, and walked to a white box opposite the counter. She opened it, pulling a thin package out. Ripping one end loose, she pulled a pair of green sticks out, tossing one to the U’knock.
Li bent her stick, shaking vigorously. It began to glow a soft green.
“Naughty Boy,” the human explained, “was based off of swarmer code the Star Dancer’s tech wizard acquired. It was originally written to strip local computer cores of higher thinking capability,” she gestured to the dark hallway. ”We should get moving.”
“Sven,” Allah asked, holding her own glowing stick above her head, “He was a friend of yours and Jung?”
Li’s head bobbed in agreement. “Our boy Sven retooled it to block external intrusion attempts--hostile or friendly. Never got it to work perfectly though. He always called it his ‘kitchen sink’ program; a last ditch effort to control an OS.”
“Is that why you told Jung to go away?”Li nodded again. “What would it do to him if he had not?” and silently Allah worried What could it do if he returned?
“Hopefully nothing,” Li answered,” Jung’s too smart to catch a cold,” and she smiled as she looked over her shoulder, “but there was no point in taking a chance.”
“Li?” an anxious voice called “Are you receiving?” the AI’s voice sounded strained, distant. Allah had played with other cubs near a culvert many times, calling to each other from different ends of the tube. Jung sounded like that now.
“I hear you Jung,” Li replied. “I was starting to worry.”
Demeter has been spamming my firewall with unhealthy requests,” Jung explained. “I had to find a clean port.” His tone grew stern as he said “I have also lost communications with the fleet network. With Demeter’s behavior, I suspect I know why.”
“That information is ‘compartmentalized’,” Li grinned.
“I appreciate your attempts to protect me,” though Jung’s voice was anything but appreciative, “but you must understand this is a stop gap measure, at best. If you intend to continue requesting fleet assistance we will have to restore long range communication and they will, in turn, repeat their order.”
“Let tomorrow's worries worry tomorrow,” Li entered the room they had sent mayday from. “What's your ETA?”
“Ram scoops at optimal angles, reactor mass at 60% of recommended capacity,” Jung sounded more distant still, as if talking next to a runoff stream, “I’ve begun suctioning the planet’s atmosphere and should be at safe slingtravel capacity in six hours, four minutes and twenty one seconds. I should be planetside in seven hours, fifty three minutes and nine seconds.”
Li took her seat at the monitor, tapping the screen on. “How long will it take to top off the tanks? I mean cutting out all safeties and max out pressure in your tanks.”
Jung hesitated.
“Seventeen hours, one minute and fourteen seconds, approximately,” he said so quietly that the noise of the connection almost drowned him out. “That assumes I would take such a risk.”
“Jung,” Li set her hands in her lap, looking up, “I know its a big ask--”
“Overriding safety protocols, Corporal Zhōu,” Jung interrupted angrily. The tone startled Allah. Jung didn’t get angry. Even when they had fought in the CNC and later in the Star Dancer’s mess, he had remained calm. “Rescheduling for high vector mass transport. Please be aware, traveling with such volatile materials will affect my time to return.
Li’s tone was soft now. “Revised ETA RTB?”
“Approximately two days dependant on U’dam weather patterns and celestial body avoidance routes,” he said resignedly.
Li winced. “That's cutting it close.”
“I would not complain if I were in your shoes,” Jung’s tone was acidic.
“If only you/I had any feet,” Li and Jung said together. The human smiled. Jung continued “You won't have remote access to Demeter until I’m on the surface,” he cautioned.
“’ll try to behave,” she patted the black screen affectionately. “Get back here as quick as you can, old man.”
“Stay safe down there, meatbag.”
And the speaker clicked dead.
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2023.03.21 22:26 enokizu Senior cat (11) behavior changed, 9mo. old may be partly responsible

Hi everyone,
I am writing this while waiting for my upcoming vet appointement for her next week.
I have a senior female 11 yr old that I got at a shelter (don't know her background, was found as a stray). She's always been very cuddly and calm and just an adorable lap cat.
About a month ago, I decided to adopt a 9 month old male cat that was being given away by a family who didn't want to care for him anymore. (yeah. 9mo old and already done with him) I thought it would also be an opportunity to give some company to my elderly cat. I have since then seen a few videos, mainly Jackson Galaxy, about how he doesn't think getting a young cat when you have an older cat is a good idea. Oh well.
Ever since then, I've been feeling guilty about adopting him, and I also noticed my girl behavior has changed. She sleeps with her head against the couch, doesn't purr like she used to, has random bouts of being vocal, is more wobbly when landing after jumping from the couch, and growls more when we handle her (though she never liked being held to be fair)
I am wondering how much of this can be in reaction to the new cat and how much might be a underlying health problem. I know stress in cats is bad and I feel terrible knowing I might've stressed her out by bringing a stranger into her home. I've followed cat introduction steps, and the newcomer is absolutely at ease, but she does NOT want him anywhere near her and will growl. So far what I've done is switch them in and out of rooms so she isn't stressed anymore. I know this is way less than ideal but I'm truly at lost here.
This whole ordeal makes me feel like a terrible cat mother and like I should've known better. If you guys have any tips or want to share your own experiences about adopting a younger cat with an elderly one I'm all ears. Thank you for reading
(This was cross-posted on cats)
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2023.03.21 22:26 Puzzleheaded-Fix2218 Newbie!!!

I'm a new reptile owner and we decided on and purchased a baby beardie. She (it? The guy said she but I read you can't tell when they're this small.) is very lethargic appearing to me. I read a few other posts and will get rid of the red light as soon as the ceramic emitter comes in. My heat bulb is 100w zoo med and the red one is 75w. The heat upstairs doesn't work so it's 60 degrees up here right now and I've been afraid she's just too cold. That's basil in the pot. I've been feeding broccoli, carrots, collard greens, today I cut up a cherry tomato to encourage her to eat and then I mixed some pellets in there because that's what they fed her at the store. I also feed dusted crickets but she hasn't eaten any in a few days. The cold side is 67 degrees and the warm side is 88 currently. Any helpful advice would be appreciated! I do have two UV bulbs, one for each side. I'll post a picture of her today in the thread.
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2023.03.21 22:26 justinfoleylover I used to be a fan of her.

I found her page a while ago. I started following her because she is near my age and I also struggle with my weight. I've been on a health journey and have been trying to get healthy again. I followed her because I was searching Tik Tok to find creators who used the #weightwatchers because they seem to be on the same journey as me. After watching her videos I saw that it doesn't seem like she's trying to change her ways. I still followed though because she seemed very kind. These recent events have really left me disappointed. She's been exposed for not being the best person and her reaction to the situation rubbed me the wrong way. She hasn't addressed anything at all. All she did was delete comments, turn off her comments and ignore everything by promoting her cameo and post draft mukbangs. It really changed the way that I see her.
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