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2023.03.31 19:00 Repeat__ Andronia Vikings Join Information


Are you interested in sailing the seas, plundering loot, raiding towns, and still having a place to come home to? Well, then you might just be interested in the Andronia Vikings.

We will have:
  1. A Well Developed home village
  2. Training grounds to develop your skills
  3. A Raiding force that travels by sea

Given how Pagans are not currently in the game, we will be apart of the Ancients faction for the time being

If you are interested, join from the discord link stated above.
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2023.03.31 19:00 BeProfessional23 Need some help.

Okay, my son(Henry) he is 14 and has special needs(autism, ADHD and ODD). I work outside the home and my SO is a stay at home father.
Henry use to go to therapy until his behavior has been going good in school. He would do his school work like told and everything until about 2 week ago. There was a change in his routine, the change is still there so I get that he will have a behavior change. I didn't know his behavior changed at school til about a week ago.
I get an email from his SPED teacher stating that he has be refusing to do his typing and his typing teacher has been marking him 0 for not doing his typing. Natural consequences from not doing his work.
On Wednesday, his other SPED teacher walked him out to talk to me. We was talking about his typing and other things and Henry got pissed off. He stated he was walking home and I ignored him. He went to my van and grabbed his phone, destroying his phone. Again, he faces the consequences of doing so. He cussed at me, he then did threats. This is when I had it, I could have handled him cussing and being angry but the threats is it for me. I told him I am going to the police department, as we are driving he opens the door and I pulled over and told him to calm down. He wouldn't, I proceeded to go to the police department and as I parked my van, he jolted and ran. I went in and the despatcher told me to meet the officer at my house. Now, Henry is 2 blocks down from our home and I told him the cops are coming to talk to him. My SO was making things worse by following him and trying to reason with him. The cop came and I explained what was happening and the cop heard him throw things and then Henry went in back and was throwing things. The cop did call for another officer to assist but Henry was getting calmed so the other officer left. Once Henry was to where the cop could talk to him, Henry listened but my SO kept talking over and I had to tell SO to be quiet. It was a bad day.
Now, my SO is mad over the fact I can't call in every time Henry is out of control. He is also mad because I am not buying Henry a new phone right away because I want to teach Henry a lesson. It is frustrating because we are not on the same page when it comes to parenting and I believe I am doing the right thing by not buying Henry another phone.
As I said before I am not home like SO is. SO does let his emotions arise when Henry or even our daughter(Sue) does something bad. His reaction makes things worse and I have told him before that his reactions to Henry and Sue is the reason they keep doing the behavior that isn't wanted. SO like to rub it in my face stating I don't understand, I am not there like he is and he needs a break, etc. I do understand, I wish I could be there like he is and he gets a break when the kids are in school. SO keeps stating how he just wants to leave and never come back but he can't because I work. I told him, I am not stopping him from leaving, the door opens the same way it closes and I am not forcing him to stick around. I will have to just figure it out.
Anyways, SOs mom is in a nursing home, has been since 2 weeks ago. So, the routine did change. Henry use to go spend the night over at his grandma's house every weekend. He use to go say hi and hug her before school. Yes, we are neighbors. Now, that doesn't happen and it is affecting Henry a lot. I am considering therapy again for him to help him with this. When his grandma passed away, it will be worse. So, I believe therapy now will help him with everything that is going on.
I guess I needed to get this out.
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2023.03.31 19:00 _pumkinhead title transfer/signing and bill of sale form

When purchasing a car from a private seller can you just take the title or is it typical to sign it on the spot after they do? If I dont sign it do buyers care and will they try to terminate the sale?
Also, you bring a bill of sale form to show police in case you get pulled over while driving the car home?
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2023.03.31 19:00 adrian_7101 Accountants of Reddit ❤️

Hello! First off thank you for taking the time to open this post. Second I recently found myself in with a great opportunity. So hear we go.
Back story: I have worked at a restaurant for the past 3 years heading the kitchen. We did some pretty fun stuff. We found ourselves in a position to open a stand at one of the local sporting arenas in the city. Big opportunity and we did pretty well this last year with t the operation.
Fast forward to end of 2022 my wife and I have made the decision to move back to our home state and start our own businesses. Missing family and events ultimately made that decision pretty easy.
Start of 2023 we start our very first baby LLC we are excited over the moon even. With my notice into the restaurant and a good and friendly departing on the horizon. The owner comes back and offers my LLC 4% of gross sales to run the baseball sporting event for his company. I would be compensated in tips and the 4%. WOW at this point I’m over the moon. What an opportunity for both parties. Which brings us my friends to my simple question. So again if you are still here thank you again. I hope I get the opportunity to feed you someday and shake your hand.
My question: Is it a good idea to have the tips paid to me personally. Or should I have it all go through the LLC for tax purposes. For reference. LLC is registered in Illinois Scope of work will take place in CO.
Thank you so much for your time
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2023.03.31 19:00 Haho9 Michigan HOAs

We bought a house in Michigan recently. The title company received notice that an HOA has claim over the property, and so contacted the HOA to get approval for the sale and due info (first right of refusal is a thing apparently). The person representing this HOA sent them a generic form (title company provided this form) stating the dues and not much else. There were no CC&Rs, bylaws, or any other documents provided. The title company just decided that this was sufficient documentation and paid a year's dues out of the sale escrow, without verifying thus HOA actually existed.
Now we are trying to build a fence on the property, and in an attempt to not fall afoul of potential bylaws, we have been trying to get any sort of information regarding this HOA. What I found so far is that the HOA is not registered in Michigan (at least not with LARA), the contact we were given is not answering phonecalls, and there is precisely 0 online footprint for the HOA name we were given.
Does anyone know how to verify the existence of a non-incorporated HOA in Michigan? Or what I should look into doing if it turns out to be fraudulent?
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2023.03.31 19:00 Remarkable-Mess8188 Is i normal that my husband wants to travel alone?

We’ve been married for 2 years and have always traveled together since we started dating.
5 days ago while watching tv he got a phone call from his uncle and after hanging up he said that it was one of his cousins birthday over the weekend and that his cousins and uncle will be celebrating it and that it would be cool to go (6 hours away from home) I said yeah, we kinda have to go work on Saturday. He responded that he could talk to his boss and I laugh and said sarcastically, yeah and I could call in sick.
Next thing I know is he is texting me next morning saying. I’ve got the saturday day off. Will be buying my ticket this evening.
When I got home from work. I got into the shower and when I came out he is celebrating that he bought a flight ticket.
It felt really odd, not sure what did I miss. But he is now on a weekend trip with his family.
And it feels really weird. Not sure if it’s a normal thing to do. I feel like I am very new to marriage and not sure if something is wrong. Some advice?
One thing to mention is that I got a bit annoyed with all the situation. And he realized and kept trying to convince me that travelling solo it’s okay and that I should do it too. When I express that I don’t have that need. That I enjoy to travel just with my partner he told me it’s not healthy.
It feels to me almost like if he needed space? Not sure what to think, It’s confusing.
For some reason I feel hurt.
Any advice?
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2023.03.31 18:59 LostSoulNothing Pay Now or Take Advantage of 0% APR?

I recently opened a new card which offers 0% APR for 18 months and made a fairly large (about $7,000) purchase. I have the cash on hand to pay in full immediately but am inclined to leave it in my High Yield Savings Account (collecting 3.75%) since I wouldn't be paying interest on the card. However I'm concerned the sudden increase in balance and utilization will hurt my credit score because I rarely carry a balance on any of my cards. Any idea what the impact would be?
740 FICO score About $60,000 available credit across all cards (plus Amex Gold and Platinum Cards with no set limits which I typically charge $8,000-10,000 a month to and always pay in full) Currently owe about $2,000 at 0% APR to CareCredit (financing for elective surgery) and about $380,000 at 3.5% to Chase for the mortgage on my home All accounts currently in good standing with no late payments for 5+ years
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2023.03.31 18:59 Nablings Midnight Apocalypse 6.0[Modded] [RPG] {1.18.2}{Custom Quests}{Space Exploration}{Custom Races}{Custom NPCS}

Custom made modpack by your´s truly...(We got around 8-15 active players on the server daily)
PS. Read the description of the modpack!
Unique server using Unique modpack only used by this server.
Loading in first time...Once you join you will be greeted with various selections of different races to choose from (out of a total of 12 races) (RPG THEMED RACES)
You got 3 lives (Can be obtained by Trading with and completing Quests given to you by NPC´s or by crafting them) ONCE YOU ARE DEAD - You can be revived by other players (Othewise you would be a spectator till then).ps. They will also be displayed in chat coloring your name with however much lives you got left.
Helpful commands : /TPA/TPAHERE/SETHOME/HOME (Cooldowns of 15minutes).Waystones cost xp with a cap of 50max lvls.There is no Claiming system and there will never be a claiming system, but there are security blocks to reinforce your walls,doors etc... anything found unprotected you can take.
There are 4 Factions with each having their own capital,Quests,Dungeons,Shops and more.PvP is enabled (you can kill anyone you see giving you bad karma, bad karma gives you worse reputation in the server meaning people can setup HIT´s on you for other players to hunt you down for a reward)
There are 5 big capitals around the world (THE WORLD BORDER DOES NOT EXCIST!) In the start you would probably want to go to spawn capital to help you survive your first days.
Dimensions - There should be around 10+ different dimensions to discover (Solar system included)
World-gen - Lots or random generated dungeons above ground and under, Biome o plenty enabled,lots of bosses to defeat and secrets to plunder
Randomly generated chests in the world spawn loot seperately for each player, meaning if you bring your friends on your adventures you will both have seperate loot in the same chest even if someone else allready looted it before.
Server Lifetime - been up for 5-6 months in total with 2 resets on its history, (had to remove some mods previously what corrupted the world file). The map is quite fresh and for the future reset, unless there is a really big change in the modpack, i promise it wont be coming in the near future.
Community - Super chill community, no one atm is really killing anyone everyone is mostly helpful towards new people, you wont be finding yourself being instantly spawn camped on your arrival rather you would find someone trying to help you or teach you the basics.We have events happening every month or 2 AND THEY ARE BIG! You can find pictures and info about it on our discord.(Community sugguestions as future modpack updates)
Timezones - Most People hop on at Eastern European Standard Time : 21:00-10:00Server is in NA
Honestly before judging the pack come check us out and join our server to see what we are working with here :)
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2023.03.31 18:59 kabirsingh84 PS Plus Exclusive Discounts in new sale: Great deal on isometric/top down games X-Morph Defense and Postal Redux. Little Nightmares 1 and Little Nightmares 2 are also at their lowest ever price, only for EU/UK/India/Aus region. Little Nightmares 1 was a PS Plus free game last year.

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2023.03.31 18:59 Argos_of_the_Embassy My mom's bf just asked for my blessing to marry her

So I was home alone a while ago and he pulled into the driveway without telling me beforehand. He walked in, seemed a bit anxious, but mostly in normal demeanor. Then he dropped it on me by showing me the ring and everything. I told him he had my blessing to marry her. I know my mom is going to be very happy, and I want her to be happy. My dad and her got divorced after we moved and I started 2nd or 3rd grade. I'm 16 and her oldest son for reference. However, I can feel a sense of dread in me. This is a wonderful thing, it really is, but even after a decade, the divorce still kinda rings in my mind after hearing about his soon-to-be proposal. Maybe I'm afraid of my mom hurting again, or having to go through another divorce (even though ill most likely likely be out of the house by then if they were to divorce). I guess just experiencing a divorce at a very young age and seeing the effects of it everyday has left me aversive and cautious with the idea of marriage. The change too, like who's moving in with who. I'm not sure how to feel right now.
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2023.03.31 18:59 TheDETTigersTrain Tigers have acquired first baseman Dillon Paulson in a trade with the Rays for cash considerations. Paulson, 25, hit .224 with four home runs, 18 walks and 13 strikeouts in 24 games in the minor leagues last season. He tore his ACL in 2021.

Tigers have acquired first baseman Dillon Paulson in a trade with the Rays for cash considerations. Paulson, 25, hit .224 with four home runs, 18 walks and 13 strikeouts in 24 games in the minor leagues last season. He tore his ACL in 2021. submitted by TheDETTigersTrain to motorcitykitties [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 18:59 Cer4ikuse Pursue an english taught Computer Science B.Sc in Europe

Hi there, I'm a high school student from Eastern Europe planning to attend a Computer Science undergraduate in Europe in this or next autumn. I'm going to learn the language of the country where the university would be located, but I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to learn the language in this amount of time to a level sufficient for studying at the university. Therefore, I plan to apply to an english taught program.
Basically, the question is, do you know in which countries I can find an inexpensive and good program? My choice is rather limited for several reasons. There are only 11 grades in my home country, so I won't be able to attend the undergraduate course this year in Germany or Italy, but I can attend the foundation year or study one year at another university. Some countries do not issue study visas. My budget is approximately 13,000 euros per year for tuition fees and living costs.
So far, the only country where I have found a good option is Hungary, where I can start studying this year. Do you think that education from here could be bad for my career opportunities at EU (university ranked 400th in Computer Science)? Are there any english taught programs in Germany, and how hard is the competition for admission? Could you write which other countries I should consider?
First post here, let me know if someone has already asked similar questions. I would like to know the experience of other people who studied in Europe. What needs to be taken into account? Please write; I appreciate any help.
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2023.03.31 18:58 ConsistentReturn5758 [WTS] Garmin Instinct, Damned Designs Titanium Oni XL, Boker Auto Strike Fett and Civivi Odium

As I am new to selling here I am willing to ship first for established members. I am also willing to use a middleman ( a moderator from this sub ) if you are willing to pay shipping from middleman and also cover tip. I do have some various trades in GameSale and Knife_Swap if that helps
Payment methods are Cryto (BTC/LTC/ETH/USDC/USDT) or PayPal F&F
All sales will be shipped by USPS Priority. I will send you a tracking number and pic of box if you like. My packing is excellent. Will give discount for multiple purchases. Will be shipping from San Diego, California. Prices include shipping to CONUS. Thanks for looking!
Timestamp and Image Gallery
Garmin Instinct = $80
Purchased it a few months ago, wore it some, but couldn't get used to it. Screen protector was placed on the screen the second I took it out of the box. I don't see any scratches or dings on the watch. Watch is in full working order and still under warranty. The silicone band has a few tiny scuffs but are not noticeable unless you look for them under a light. Comes with box, charging cable, and paperwork. Remind me to send you the extra screen protectors.
Damned Designs Titanium Oni XL = $125
Never used or carried, never sharpened. I stripped the pink anodization off of the hardware, which is an irreversible modification, so it gets a grade C, but the knife is in excellent condition. Comes with box and cleaning cloth.
Boker Auto Strike Fett = $35
Never used or carried, never sharpened. Came directly from SMKW with small marks on the blade, see photos. Comes with box, pouch and paperwork.
Civivi Odium = $40
Never used, carried, sharpened, etc. Comes with box, pouch, stickers, cleaning cloth, paperwork.
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2023.03.31 18:58 Wifeyandmomof5 marriage, divorce, pregnant, this is a lot

My husband and I got married October 1st. We planned on getting married for a while but not until this year or after or whatever. He asked early because he wanted a VA loan so we could buy another house, etc.. He is into investing which makes sense. It made sense for our relationship. So no big deal. We planned a quick beautiful wedding with our kids and family and friends. Literally it was the best thing I could have ever expected. We planned on having a baby too. We had three losses in 2022.
We get married. Everything is fine and dandy. I have four kids from a previous marriage. My ex and I coparent really well compared to most. He moved to Idaho in September which him and his wife needed to do. So now we had my four kids full time instead of 50/50 or whatever the kids needed.
Then I planned a fun trip for his birthday and we went. The first night there, the night after his birthday we find out his sister had overdosed on fentanyl with her kids there. I have no relationship with my SIL due to her hate for me. I knew of her in high school. But didn't actually know her personally. I had conversations with her over the years because we shared the same midwife. But when I got with my husband, that blew anything. She hated me. It caused a lot of frustration because her publically talking crap. The kids were immediately placed into emergency foster care. My husband and I filed for custody afterwards. It decently ruined the mood of our trip. But it was still fun and we had a good time. We got custody of them mid november. She was livid to say the very least. But we knew it was best for the boys to be with their uncle and close to their grandparents.
What my husband and I didn't see was how out of control the situation would be. I have four kids, I have been a parent for 12 years. But the violence from the 7 year old was highly aggressive. Even more so when my husband wasn't here. We had just bought a house to flip for me to sell. So we were busy to say the least. But we got the older one in school. We handled the problems. My kids were not. This kid was decently aggressive towards my daughters 7 &6. They are used to a pretty chill house (as chill as you can be with four kids). I do have high expectations of keeping a clean house and try to be organized but it doesn't always work. But with six kids, it was over the top. We also found out we were pregnant the weekend we went to his birthday weekend trip. So my anxiety for another loss was hard. It literally killed me watching my husband be so upset at losing our babies. So on top of being pregnant, working a full time night shift job in surgery, going from four kids to six in a 3 bed 1 bath house. It was a lot. A LOT. My husband isn't the impulsive one, he takes things better than I do. We knew that. I have anxiety, I have an order that I have to keep, to keep myself sane. But I wasn't handling it, I was not sleeping. I was not functioning. I wasn't seeing when the kids were doing better. All I was seeing was them doing worse, my kids were withdrawing from normal life, they weren't happy, they wanted to move in with their dad which wasn't an option.
We made it through Christmas. Then on December 27th, my husband came home in tears. I knew something happened to his sister. I had a feeling early that morning when she wasn't blasting crap on social media (it was a regular thing). She had committed suicide. I burst into tears. I was a wreck. How do we tell her sons this? His parents didn't know yet. We called my sister to come watch the kids so we could tell his parents. We were both distraught. It was miserable. Then we went to her apartment which was hard because I do respect his sister as a single mom, I understood she had mental health issues and she hated me. So going to her apartment was a massive stressor for me because I felt as though it was disrespectful to her. Her parents and my husband went through her stuff. I barely could be in there. It was just so awkward.
My husband and I were managing with this news. We got messages about how we killed her, etc... We took her kids, Blah blah blah. No one realizing that the police had been called to her apartment 27 ish times in 5 months. It was horrible. He blamed himself, I blamed myself and we still do.
Then fast forward some days, the older boy pointed a knife at my daughter and she told him to put it away it was a tool, not a toy. Then he held it at his own throat and said he wanted to go be with his mom. We contacted his counselor. We did punish the behavior for pointing knives at my daughter. We know his mom used to do this exact behavior in front of them. He was having social/emotional trouble in school. It was just hard.
Then at the end of January my husband and I got into an argument because my anxiety and anger towards all this was so bad. I see it now. I saw it, and as much as i Tried to control, I could not. Between working, doctor appts, kids sick, a house to remodel, grieivng, blaming myself for her death and blaming myself for my husband hurting, and the kids hurting, it was all my fault. It was too much. I was breaking. We got into it, I left. I needed a break. I needed silence. I needed peace. I knew what I needed. I kept asking for it while trying to care for everyone and give my husband time to grieve. We seemed to do better after this. The boys ended up moving in with grandparents hoping they would emotionally do better.
Then Feb 28 comes. My husband has been giving the silent treatment. Which I find to be a miserable problem. I was blaming everything on myself. Causing my anxiety to sky rocket. Was I too fat, Was he not attracted to me, was he mad at me? Did he hate me? What was going on. I told him what I needed. While trying to give space. I need physical touch. I have been to the counselor at this point twice. He finally tells me after I beg him to that he had gone through some of my stories I have told him and that they were lies. Stuff from 20 years ago, 10 years ago, and one from recent. He said he tried to verify them and they weren't real. I was so freaking stunned. THis was blindsiding. and he was thinking that he was probably going to divorce me because of it. I was utterly confused and still am. Then I had to go to work right after.
Then thursday, he finally tells me he wants a divorce. I beg him not too. He said I flipped my shit. These are two days I do not remember or four days really. I became suicidal. My world was crashing down. I kept saying I wanted to die. I didn't want to die. My soul wanted to die. My heart wanted to die. My brain. But I still didn't. None of it made sense. It still doesnt honestly. I had him leave. He went to my sisters. I kept texting them. Once came over at 3 am to sit with me because I hadn't slept. My other sister called the cops with my husband after he spent the night with her. She told him all these stories were lies, except that my aunt and other sister confirmed all of them. He talked to her and was deadset that I am a liar. I ended up in the behavioral unit.
Fast forward I have been back and forth with him. Hes my human. I talk to to him about everything. I was wishy washy about abortion and adoption and coparenting. And it wasn't me trying to hurt him specifically. I was trying to figure out wtf to do. How does this all come about. How does this make sense. Now, seeing it, I finally feel like I am not crazy. I am doing better. Trying to be civil with him. I have an ultrasound today, and I am freaking out. Every time he stops by and goes to leave, I lose it. It triggers me. He won't talk to me in detail about this divorce and exactly why. Why are you looking for mistakes. But I am going to get a psych eval after talking to multiple counselors. I am so scared to tell him they think I have a type of bipolar. His sister had it and now I know he wont accept me at all. He will just know I am crazy. I thought I had it a while ago. I used to cycle like this more often but I have been going for 4 years. I am scheduling a psych eval. Do I tell him the what they think the diagnosis is. I dont know really. I dont want him to hurt. I dont want to scare him. I am a good wife. I am a good mom. I am a good employee. I am a good person. As much as he is grieving and not seeing that he is going through probably one of the most traumatic experiences of a life time, I can't hurt him anymore. I have to be healthy for me. I have to take care of myself. I feel so bad. What if I am bipolar? What if I am just as crazy. What if I can't coparent with him because I love him so freaking much. He is still my rock. He is still my human. And I do not want him to think bad about himself or about me. I Do not know where to go from here with him. I want him at the appointments and the birth, but its so awkward with us right now. I am so broken. And I do not really understand why he thinks I lied and why this came about. We are supposed to do family therapy to learn to co parent. But sitting in a room is going to be hard. But I know I can do it. I can do it for our daughter and do it for him.
The last 6 months have been a shit show. But I just know we can get through it. I dont even know if any of this makes sense anymore.
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2023.03.31 18:58 be4tnut What accessories to get started with first smoker?

So I settled on a recteq RT-1250 for my first smoker, just waiting a bit in hopes of a sale to save a few bucks.
What accessories do you recommend to get started as a newbie to smoking? I have a Thermoworks instant read thermometer, but that’s about it. I’m the type who rather spend a little more for a better product so I only buy it once versus keep buying cheaper replacements when things break, so with that in mind, what do you guys suggest for the below items? And if I’m missing anything definitely let me know.
Probe thermometers. I was at first eying Meatr but thinking the Thermoworks BBQ Signals may be better as you can but replacement probes.
Nice BBQ tools. Everything I see seems flimsy and not made for long term use. Tongs, grill scraper, spatula…
BBQ gloves. Thinking the heat resistant ones would be nice to have with rubber gloves over them. Looking for recommendations on both the heat resistant and disposable gloves.
Mesh mat. For things like bacon.
Any specialty trays for holding things? I’m thinking like smoked stuffed jalapeños, wrapped in bacon here.
Searing kit. I’m thinking to throw one of my cast iron pans in there and use that or get a flat griddle plate for the occasional sear after a cook. Thoughts? I also saw a propane “flamethrower” essentially used for searing too which I could be open to if it works well.
Resting trays? Anything special about trays to rest meat on after a cook or anything?
Drip bucket liners?
Anything I should know about different pellets?
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2023.03.31 18:58 paydaycityca Can You Get A Mortgage With No Income Verification Mortgage in Ontario?

If you’re looking for a mortgage that doesn’t require income verification, you may be interested in a no-income verification mortgage in Ontario. A no-income verification mortgage is a mortgage that doesn’t require you to provide proof of your income. This type of mortgage can be great if you’re self-employed or have irregular income. To find out more about these mortgages, go through our information post at

A Few Introduction Mortgage with No Income Verification And Its Modus Operandi

No income verification mortgages can be an excellent option for those who don’t have a good credit history or enough money to borrow on their own. They are cheaper than other types of mortgages and lower interest rates. The lender will check your credit history and financial stability and then communicate with the lender’s representatives.
Always keep in mind that a mortgage is recognized as one of the riskiest obligations not only for the borrower but also for the lender since it is characterized by an extended credit period (it can be almost a third of a person’s life) and an impressive financial burden, due to the high annual interest rate and large loan volumes.
The bank considers the borrower’s solvency to justify potential costs in advance and exclude cases of non-recovery of funds. Therefore, the indicator of income is the decisive argument in forming a verdict for issuing a bank loan. In cases where a client who wants to give a mortgage obligation does not have a certificate of income and other evidence of official employment, he may encounter the following features: increased interest rate, more guarantors, provision of other property on collateral, the shorter loan period for full repayment of debt.

Key Specifications At A PaydayCity

Pick Up A Reputable Mortgage Broker With Research & Analysis

Mortgage brokers are essential in the mortgage process. They can help you find the right mortgage product for your needs and verify your income and credit. Working with a lender who requires this verification is essential, as not all lenders do. Make sure that the broker you choose is reputable and has been in business for a long time. Additionally, always ask questions when meeting with the broker. You may be surprised by the information they can provide you.

Share All Available Documents With The Credit Lender in Canada

No matter your situation, always work with established private lenders. . They will help you through the entire process and avoid potential problems. If you don’t have income verification documents, try offering documents such as bank statements, tax returns, and assets showing you can pay back your mortgage loan in full and on time.
Make sure to answer all questions your private credit lender has – even if they seem unusual or out of the left field! They need to know as much about your financial history as possible to give a fair assessment of whether this loan is right for you. Finally, ensure you understand everything before signing anything – there’s no point in getting into debt just because something seems easy!

How Can You Get A No-Income Verification Mortgage In Ontario?

There are a few ways to get a no-income verification mortgage in Ontario. If you want to use the government’s Home Buyers Plan program, make sure you apply early, as space can be limited. Alternatively, you can use a broker who specializes in no-income verification mortgages. Ensure you fully understand the requirements before applying, as one mistake can mean your application is denied. So start shopping for a no-income verification mortgage today and get started on the home of your dreams!

What Are The Benefits of No Income Verification Mortgage Ontario?

Buying your first home can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can be expensive. That’s where an NOI mortgage comes in – it’s a mortgage that doesn’t require a down payment. As a result, you can qualify for higher loan amounts and reduced interest rates, making it an excellent option for people looking to buy their first home or switch to a more affordable loan product.
It’s essential to compare different NOI mortgage products to find the right one for your circumstances. So, whether you’re looking for a mortgage that doesn’t require a down payment or want to switch to a more affordable loan product, an NOI mortgage in Ontario is something to consider!

Get Yourself Ready For A Higher Interest Rate

No Income Verification mortgages may be a good option for you. These loans have low-interest rates and flexible terms, making them popular among borrowers. In addition, NOI mortgage loans have lower payments and shorter waiting periods compared to other types of mortgages.
Ensure you understand the eligibility criteria for an NOI mortgage before applying – some requirements may conflict with your financial goals. Also, be prepared for a higher interest rate when you use it – it’s essential to factor in all the fees involved with getting approved for this type of loan. With some pre-planning, you can minimize the stress and worry that comes with mortgage shopping.

Check Your Credit Before Applying For No Income Verification Mortgage Ontario

Mortgage applications can be long and tedious, but you must do everything possible to ensure you’re approved. One of the best ways to check your credit score is to use one of the many verification methods available. You can also get help from a financial advisor to better understand your credit score and ensure all of your application information is accurate. If there are any mistakes, they can lead to delays or rejections. Ensure your documentation is ready before applying to save time filling out forms or chasing up information.

How To Improve Your Chances For Approval For No Income Verification Mortgages Ontario?

Direct credit lenders before issuing a mortgage loan, credit lenders look for all the borrower’s weaknesses. The reason for refusal may be due to delays over the past ten years. Even social networks are checked – all of a sudden, there are dubious reposts on your page (about possible fraud with finances or how to deceive a bank. To improve your chances of loan approval, you should-

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Why Is It Important To Get A No-Income Verification Mortgage In Ontario?

A no-income verification mortgage can help people in Ontario who don’t have a steady source of income. This mortgage allows you to borrow up to 95% of the value of your home, regardless of your income level. You just need to provide essential identification and proof that you can repay the loan.

How Can I Determine If My Income Qualifies Me For A No-Income Verification Mortgage?

You will need to consider a few things if you’re trying to qualify for no-income verification mortgage in Ontario. The requirements can vary depending on your income and down payment amount, but here are a few basics:
If everything looks good and you have the required documents, then submitting an online application can get you started on getting approved!

What Are The Risks Associated With Not Having An Up-To-Date Income Verification Mortgage In Ontario?

Direct lenders will be less likely to loan you money for a mortgage if you don’t have an income verification mortgage in your name. This could lead to problems such as building delays or needing help to purchase the property of your dreams. In some cases, it could also lead to legal fees and interest rates that are higher than usual. So, it’s essential to make sure that you have this documentation in place before trying to buy a home.

Should I Contact My Bank Or Mortgage Company Before Applying For A No-Income Verification Mortgage In Ontario?

Before you apply for a no-income verification mortgage in Ontario, it’s essential to contact your bank or mortgage company and inquire about the requirements they may have. Most banks and mortgage companies will ask for documents such as pay stubs, bank statements, loan applications, etc., to verify your income. Some other requirements that banks may look for include proof of residency, the credit score(s), etc.


No income verification mortgage in Ontario can be a great way to get your mortgage without putting down a sizeable down payment. First, however, work with a reputable mortgage broker who can help you understand all the details of the mortgage application process.
Furthermore, be prepared for a higher interest rate, as many lenders require a down payment of at least 20%. Once you have everything you need to know about no-income verification mortgages in Ontario, check out the lender’s for more helpful advice and apply for the loan as per the requirement.
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2023.03.31 18:58 strawberryjellyjoe WTS Quantum Gen1, Microtech Combat Troodon Hellhound, and more

All these knives are either like new or very gently used, have never been disassembled, and have their factory edge. I am the original owner. No trades and if you don’t like the price shoot me an offer. Some are automatic so as always you are responsible for knowing your knife laws. All prices are PP G&S, shipped, CONUS only.
Shirogorov Quantum Gen1 $850
Has been carried, but babied. I love this knife but I’m funding another hobby. No wear marks of note and I can provide more pics on request.
Microtech Combat Troodon $700
Signature series in merlot and bronze. Carried but gently used. Only signs of wear are two small marks on one side and only visible if really looking for it in the light.
Off-Grid Knives Scorpion $190 $120
BNIB Great action, solid lock up.
We Knives Array $150 $120
Great action, very slim
ZT 0452 cf $190 $120
Only signs of wear are on the pocket clip. Great action and lockup.
I also have a Medford for sale, but I know they’re disliked here. If interested shoot me a pm.
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2023.03.31 18:58 Rude-Illustrator-884 Suggestions for automatic feeder for wet food?

I’m currently feeding my cats a wet food only diet. I switched to wet food because my 2 yo cat was throwing up his dry food. I think it’s due to him eating too quickly. He’s been doing wonderfully on wet food.
The issue is that since both my partner and I work, we aren’t home most of the day to feed them wet food in small increments. They don’t eat the full can of wet food at once and so a lot of it goes bad. If I give them a portion of the can food, I feel like I’m not feeding them enough since I’m not home to give them a little bit more food through out the day.
I was wondering if there’s a good automatic wet food feeder? I found one in petco but a review said that it wasn’t good for wet food. Any recommendations? Any suggestions? Coming home during lunch isn’t an option for me.
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2023.03.31 18:57 EggplantAstronaut Tried to go to the new location in town last night but the line was out the door & around the corner

My town Crumbl finally opened yesterday. Crumbl sent me an email code for a free birthday cookie. I was going to run in on the way home from dinner and get a few cookies but the line was crazy! The nearest Crumbl before this one was 20 miles away, so I guess people were excited.
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2023.03.31 18:57 Latter-Camera-7010 Stadiums without covers

It's nights like these that are a let down for the game.
Hasn't stopped raining all evening in the Dublin area as far as I'm aware, and probably won't clear up.
Travelling 4 hours to shelbourne to stand in the rain for 90 mins and to go home again. I'm still going however, I just think it's terrible that away fans have got uncovered areas.
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2023.03.31 18:57 Fuzzy_Elderberry5108 Home Office Space Expense for Homeowners

A.) If you own your house outright with no mortgage or rent, is there any way to deduct your home office space expense from your taxes? I'm not talking about utilities, but the amount of rent or mortgage that renters or borrowers are able to deduct?

B.) Can an Corporation or LLC that you own, for example, pay you a certain amount of reasonable rate rent for a room in your home? Or would this fall into some sort of loophole?
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2023.03.31 18:57 RobbedOddUs Survivor: Undateable, or what more recent early boots would you bring back?

One thing Survivor has been doing pretty well these last several years is finding great people to cast, but it's inevitable after all the scouting and interviewing and work, some of these players are going to go home early. At least now that Extinction Island is out of the way, we get to see so little of some of these people before they're gone. A lot of these players could really show something if they got another chance-- just look at Chris Underwood for proof!
I'm trying to lean particularly to first/second boot types that didn't get much of a chance to make themselves known. I'd probably like to see JD back, or Brad Reese, but at least those players had a story. Who did we never even get to see?
Morriah Young - Not sure if she's got winner potential, but seemed like a hard luck boot whose recent appearance on RHAP really impressed. She was so fully of energy!
Molly Byman - She was at first in the majority but fell victim to the 3D chess players who wanted to use Noura and who saw her as Parvati 2.0. She deserves to go another round with that clam.
Zach Wurtenberger - Zach has been everywhere since his season. We saw Romeo make it all the way to the end, now let's see what the second half of the Skinny Guys alliance could do.
Stephanie Gonzalez - All the exit interviews basically stated she didn't do anything wrong, but Brendan booted her as a "unity vote" and out of sympathy for Donathan iirc.
Darnell Hamilton - Reaching back a bit further here, but King Darnell didn't get to take enough aqua dumps in his season. I really think he got robbed.
Darnell is already going kind of far back here. Please don't say Zane Knight.
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