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Improv, one word at a time.

2012.08.26 06:20 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic plushes

I'm too lazy to put a description

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We are a community of word enthusiasts, hobbyists, and friends. We enjoy dictionaries, language learning, word games, and educational tools. Word related posts and questions are encouraged. In particular, please always feel welcome to ask about the meaning of a word or ask for help finding a word for a specific situation. Thank you for being a part of our community!

2023.03.30 13:31 acrowscaw Can feeling my "inner child" also feel like dissociation? + a ramble

So I've had some funky moments this month. A vunerable combination of a bad antidepressant + withdrawals from that med + emotionally relying on my mother so much (💜) + connecting with an old childhood coping mechanism has opened up a young, unexplored part of myself I think.
I've been dissociating a bit recently. A dreamlike feeling, a sense of lurking doom. Like shadows looking down on me from the ceiling. And then came yesterday. A sense of happiness and wonder so foreign it felt worrying and unreal. Like I had shadows creeping up my back, like the world was trying to pull me between the two extremes.
I cleaned some old toys, and felt childlike after and disconnected from my current self almost. I started journaling and shaking out of nowhere. This has happened one other time this month, the shaking. I couldn't stop rocking either. But I wasn't panicked like before. I felt like child me was hovering around me. It was exciting in a way, but intimidating. When alone, words started forming before I could understand their meaning. Things she needed to be told, I guess? That we're all safe now, this house is safe, that just because he's not here doesn't mean I'm the next monster in line (I have OCD and my intrusive thougths have been bad lately, plus sprinkle in some "raised by my abuser to think I was like him" which I thought I had healed), that him understanding didn't matter. It was such a tangled web of feelings. I realized I felt myself in three parts. Ages 0 to 11-13. 13 to around 18. 18 to now.
I can't say I feel this way, the dissociation, because that's how I felt like as a child. I can only theorize I did, since I can't remember much. I don't usually dissociate, at least from around 15 till now I don't think so. Younger me I wouldn't know.
All this, rushed at 4am to say, can it feel like this? Feeling her with me, and feeling unreal along with it. I don't have DID btw, just a very poor memory and disconnected self I think. I might delete this as it's probably abhorrently written given the hour, but it's worth a chance. Love to this sub, thanks for reading.
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2023.03.30 13:31 based_trad3r The king for now, but

So I want to say UI is a tremendous company. so much so that it's one of the most significant holdings at our main fund at work. I see a freight train headed forward with little regard for whoever is in the way. That's how a good company runs. I think it's more on point. I am getting fiber run to the house; the local fiber company is finally lighting up my street. They have 5 and 10GB options. That might seem excessive, but my mom comes to work in my office a lot for the computer screens, and she is an OBGYN, so she is transferring massive files/scans of babies; who knows? But the file size of these things is out of control big, big enough that my 14tb NAS is at risk of running out of space... That's just background. So I will very likely be switching from Spectrum 1 GB (940) to FIbger 5, maybe 10, depending on what the costs are (I also trade full-time from my home, I'm not too far from Chicago, so I have a little going for me, but my latency is absurd on Spectrum. I've been told fiber will improve this significantly, which is great because that means it will improve by entries on stocks. So with all that, some unnecessary said, here is the proposed hardware I anticipate getting. Do I have my eye on the right stuff? And if not, are there other brands I should consider with significantly higher connection speeds?
I plan on sticking with the Dream, of course; I currently have the baby PoE switch (by the way, if you are finding your APs aren't as strong as they should be, check the limit of power available from the switch and do the math on your APs, you might not be getting enough juice. I learned this recently; fixing it took me from 3-400s to 800s almost immediately. Also - I have 5 U6 Enterprises, so I'm suitable up to at least 2.5.
And again, I want to stress yes 10GB is very overkill for anything we can do now with our computers, but I pull and push lots of files to both a local server where I test algos and pull and push a lot of data off of an offsite "cloud" network I suppose you could say, all. The computer simulates and trains on the behavior, so a bigger pipe is alluring. with that and my mom getting super high res medical scans pushed to her at home (iv seen them on other internet connections, and they take, like, legitimately 45 minutes to load), I am intrigued. Also, as an aside, I am working on a start-up project, nothing exciting just something to work on when I'm bored; maybe it makes it, perhaps it doesn't, but i want to do my development work on my server at my house, and a 10/10 connection would make that very agreeable.
Set up as of now:
Dream Machine SE
Switch Enterprise 24 PoE (this makes sense to me; still have PoE, and has 12 2.5s and 2 10G SFP+
The switch would then feed to 5 U6 Enterprises (which fly with wifi 6E, tried it with my iPad, and I was getting 950 vs. 970 on my dream unit right from the cable. Really impressive. I can't wait for 7... There is only a tiny amount of ethernet wiring in the house; it's a very old house with stone walls, so getting ethernet run through has been a devil. And it's not been the best relationship; I was pretty mad when they had all the wires 45'd and dangling by the rack rather than fitted with female ends; I figured electricians would know that's the right move, especially since I had rack with the parts for it. Whatever, they were all nice from what I heard; just a little frustrating. I'm 98% sure I will have them re-run the wires; two have already gone bad since he did it the first time. I have no idea what cat they used; I could easily see him having gone with a cheap option thinking I wouldn't care or notice. I know the CAT classifications get pretty crazy; I currently hear CAT 11 is the best and what you need, but is it too much to think, ok, lay cat 7, considering these walls won't open up for another 20-30 years?
ALl that said, I hate to ask this, but is there another company on par with Ubiquiti or in the same general league that is more equipped for 10GB networks? As I understand it, hypothetically, I got my hands on an AP that had a 10GB input, with the constraints of wifi 6/6e and the constraints on my MacBook pro and studio, for example (studio will be plugged in just wanted to mention), would the 10g be even able to register on my computer or devices?
Thanks again for any help, if I asked anything too dumb, I accept the beatings in the square.
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2023.03.30 13:30 LocationOk1668 Domain Hosting: How to Choose the Best Provider for Your Website

When it comes to creating a website, one of the most important decisions you'll make is choosing a domain hosting provider. Your domain hosting provider is responsible for storing all of your website's files and making sure your website is accessible to visitors at all times. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this article, we'll take a closer look at domain hosting and how to choose the best provider for your website.
What is Domain Hosting?
Domain hosting is a service that allows you to store your website files on a server, which is connected to the internet. When someone types your website address (also known as a domain name) into their browser, the browser sends a request to the server where your website files are stored. The server then sends the website files back to the browser, which displays the website to the visitor.
There are several types of domain hosting available, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is the most common and affordable option, as it allows multiple websites to share the same server. VPS hosting provides more resources and flexibility, while dedicated hosting gives you complete control over the server.
How to Choose the Best Domain Hosting Provider
Choosing the right domain hosting provider can make a big difference in the performance and reliability of your website. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a provider:
  1. Reliability: Look for a provider with a high uptime guarantee (ideally 99.9% or higher) to ensure your website is accessible to visitors at all times.
  2. Speed: A fast website is essential for providing a good user experience. Look for a provider with fast servers and optimized software.
  3. Security: Your website and your visitors' data should be protected from potential threats. Look for a provider that offers SSL certificates, firewalls, and other security features.
  4. Support: Choose a provider with responsive and knowledgeable customer support to help you with any issues that may arise.
  5. Pricing: While cost shouldn't be the only factor you consider, it's important to find a provider that offers a good balance of features and affordability.
Raksmart: A Reliable Domain Hosting Provider
If you're looking for a reliable domain hosting provider, Raksmart is a great option. Raksmart offers a range of hosting solutions, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, fast servers, and 24/7 customer support, Raksmart provides everything you need to ensure your website is accessible and secure. Plus, with affordable pricing and a user-friendly control panel, Raksmart makes it easy to manage your website hosting.
To learn more about Raksmart and its hosting solutions, visit https://www.raksmart.com today.
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2023.03.30 13:30 AutoModerator [Get] Chase Reiner – Fortune Bots Course Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Chase Reiner – Fortune Bots Course Download Instant Delivery
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/chase-reiner-fortune-bots/
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What You Get IN Chase Reiner Fortune Bots :

WEEK 1: Overview and Program Setup – Getting Started with Software, Proxies, Basic Project Setup & Overview of Steps, VPS/RDP Setup, & more.
WEEK 2: General Project Setup – Redirect Links, Call To Action Strategy
WEEK 3: What to Sell – Services & Affiliate Offers
WEEK 4: Automatic Captcha Solving, Landing Pages
WEEK 5: Sending – Scraping Websites, Keywords, and Buying Lists
WEEK 6: Landing Page Optimization, Message Optimization, Troubleshooting
WEEK 7: Filtering Auto Replies on your mailbox, Handling Opt-Outs
WEEK 8: Open Q&A and Troubleshooting
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2023.03.30 13:30 Psicoguana [FOR HIRE] Python dev here, coding bots and web scrapers just for you!

I'm a programmer, mostly experienced in Python, making web-scrapers, bots and scripts.
Some of the things I can do:
If you want to see some of the code I've written feel free to checkout my portfolio here and one of my repos which received +100 ⭐ on Github.
I'm starting with $15/h. I can also do commissions
• Payment method: I prefer crypto, but also accept Wise and PayPal.
If you have any doubts please feel free to send me a DM or a chat and I'll reach out asap!
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2023.03.30 13:30 Course_Coach Morten Storgaard –Passive Income Geek - [FULL]

Passive Income Geek by Morten Stogaard is what I have.
This course will teach you all you need to know to start making a full-time living from scratch.
It doesn't matter where you are right now in the process.
There is a tonne of really useful material for individuals who have been playing the game for a while, however several modules can be skipped if you already have a website.
Please post a comment below with the word "interested" or send me a direct message if you are interested in buying these courses from me.
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2023.03.30 13:30 Course_Coach [FULL] Stirling Cooper – Dirty Talk 101

I have Stirling Cooper’s Dirty Talk 101 course at hand!
Are you ready to take your love life to the next level? Look no further than Stirling Cooper's "Dirty Talk 101" course! This comprehensive program will teach you the art of irresistible communication, helping you to connect with women on a deeper level and heighten their attraction to you. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this course is guaranteed to improve your skills and bring excitement to your relationships.
If anyone is interested in purchasing these courses from me, please leave a comment below with the word "interested" or send me a direct message.
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2023.03.30 13:29 Entire_Muffin_6714 An 8 year old classmate accused my 8 year old son of threatening to shoot him and the schools response has left fuming

Due to the current climate, hear me out.
My son just turned nine and is in the 3rd grade is RI. He is in a school with both behavioral and mainstream classrooms. He is in the behavioral classroom. Let me preface this by saying that my son is not a loaner, he has lots of friends in both his classroom and the mainstream. He’s actually pretty “popular.” He is by no means alone and miserable and he does not hate the kids at school. His behavior used to be worse but ever since his med change a couple months ago, I haven’t herd a peep for the school.
Yesterday I got a call from the school saying that another child in his behavior class told a teacher that my son threatened to shoot him. Apparently no adult or other children witnessed this even though they are supposed to be heavily supervised ( this is not The first time they’ve called me about a situation that nobody actually saw happen.)
Here’s what the school did BEFORE calling me. They had the school social worker question him where he denied saying anything like that. She then asked if anyone had a gun at home. He didn’t understand why she asked and answered honestly and said yes (it’s his teen step sisters airsoft gun that he apparently thought was real). So they called the police and then AFTER the police had already arrived at the school is when the decided to let me know what was going on and that I needed to come down to the school. Btw, they already knew at this point that my son did not have a weapon on his and was also In a state of complete calm both before and after the incident.
Basically the end result is the police have to check his dads house to make sure there is no gun before he can come back to school and even then he is suspended the rest of the week. Suspended for what? The word of one disturbed 8 year old and a non existent gun? Furthermore, they’re telling me this incident of a “gun threat” is going to go on his school record and basically follow him to any school goes to next. I also want to mention that while my son is only in 3rd grade, he is 5 feet tall and black. I don’t want to say this extreme reaction was racially motivated but I’m also having a hard saying it’s not… This could ruin his educational career and on the word of one mentally disturbed 8 year old. Between this and other situations, I don’t even feel safe sending him back to this school while we wait for his spot to open up on the waiting list for a private school which may also be effected by this alleged gun threat that they have no proof of.
I guess my question is how do I get them to put this to bed? Theres no guns at home and no one witnessed it happen and he vehemently denies doing it. How is it that something he didn’t even do is going to effect his entire future, that’s absolutely ridiculous. In Rhode Island if that helps.
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2023.03.30 13:29 krotoff [FM 22. Curzon Ashton] 9. Third season. Trophy, but still same problems.

[FM 22. Curzon Ashton] 9. Third season. Trophy, but still same problems.
Hello FM Community!
I am at the finish of third season with Curzon Ashton and still dream about a squad that contains only trained in club players.
Here is my intro: [FM 22. Curzon Ashton] 1. My new career and old-new challenge.
Previous chapter: [FM 22. Curzon Ashton] 8. Third season. Failure again. So far


As you could notice from the title, we won a trophy. But it's not league trophy: FA Trophy Cup.
In the league, we finally reached playoffs, but were dropped just in the first fixture.
Club's best result in VNL.
A path to 7th place was very unstable in the first part, but then we did such a beauty run of 16 fixtures without loses, including 10 wins in a row. I was very proud of the team in this sequence. Some matches we won just with strong mentality comebacks, as I used to see from our opponents.
Look at these results. I am proud tbh
Even two loses can't catch our determination to win a trophy
Sure thing, we are amazing at attacking. Even with some unstable fixtures from W.Lankshear and Co.:
We even over performed xG with goals a little bit
With the arrival of new DC and reserve DL we found a little bit more solidity in defense:
But opponents still over performed their xG

Transfers Out

We let to leave 3 players of very different importance for the club at winter:
  • Dominic Knowles (ST, 31y.o.) - €1.5K to Chester.
    • Dominic was the best goalscorer of the club in history, and the best goalscorer of the club (and sometimes of the league) each season with me. Also, he was a captain, so it was even harder, but Will Lankshear just arrived and replaced him in the starting XI.
  • Kobbie Mainoo (DM, MC, AM (RLC), 18y.o.) - €66K + 50% of next sale + free loan back to the end of the season to Barnsley.
    • Kobbie just arrived at summer and I can't say he was an incredible player, but many clubs just became crazy about him. So even with understanding that he is the strongest DM in my squad, it was not hard decision.
  • Kevin Aubeck (AM (RLC), ST, 17y.o.) - free to Peterborough.
    • Kevin arrived last season and played some not so good games. He had no contract with us, so he was an easy target for clubs.
Overall stats of the guys for our club:
Name Arrived Fixtures Goals Assists G+A Rating POTM
Dominic Knowles 01.10.20 106(7) as ST 80 6 86 7.10 10
Kobbie Mainoo 15.5.23 30(3) as DM/AMC 3 3 6 6.85 0
Kevin Aubeck 17.7.22 12(17) as AMAMC/AML/ST 2 4 6 6.67 0

Transfers In

We found some good guys to fill our defense:
  • Callum Hay (DL, 17.y.o.) - free from King's Lynn
    • Not starting, but good reserve DL. Saved our left wing when it needed.
  • Ciaran Thompson (DC, 18y.o.) - free from Newcastle
    • The tall, great jumper that has pretty close to average BPD attributes of our starting DCs. Played awesome, especially at corners
Name Fixtures Goals Assists G+A Rating POTM
Callum Hay 4 as DL 0 2 2 7.40 0
Ciaran Thompson 14(4) as DC 5 1 6 7.52 3
Also, arrivals from start of the season filled up their stats:
Name Fixtures Goals Assists G+A Rating POTM
Lucas Cooper 35(8) as AML 14 16 30 7.12 2
Max Woodcock 39(2) as AMC 11 10 21 6.89 2
Rhys Thompson 47 as GK -74 0 0 6.98 1
Kian Toyne 10 as AMC 3 2 5 6.71 0
Owen Barker 17(7) as ST 7 3 10 6.90 2
Saja Manafa 20(18) as AMAMC 4 4 8 6.91 0
Will Lankshear 38(6) as ST 22 (1st) 4 26 7.04 5
Henry Cartwright 28(7) as DM/AMC 2 4 6 6.60 0
Isaac Heath 38(12) as AMAMC/AML 3 11 14 6.75 2
Manni Norkett 14(7) as AMAMC 2 2 4 6.52 0
As you can see, some guys, like L.Cooper, M.Woodcock, K.Toyne, O.Barker improved their play. Maybe with these improvements, we became better as a team. But some just stuck, and I don't know for how long.

Youth Intake

In addition to a transfer market, we received fairly well youth intake this season. Some of the guys even managed to participate in official fixtures:
Name Fixtures Goals Assists G+A Rating POTM
Ahmed Mathew 5 as DC 2 2 4 7.48 1
David Cumming 1(1) as AMR 0 0 0 6.45 0
Alex Chamberlain 1(1) as AMR 0 0 0 6.35 0
John Holliday 1 as DR 0 0 0 6.50 0
Lassina Traoré 0(1) as AMR 0 0 0 6.60 0
Yeah, I know, that only one is good. But how good he is! He is tall, brave, good jumper, fairly sporting. So I guess, he's our future as Rob Allan or Niall Wilson, who presents our youngsters very well.


  • Most G+A - L.Cooper
  • Best goalscorer - W.Lankshear (as we can expect, but I wanted more for sure)
  • Best assistant - M.Waters
  • Most POTMs - M.Waters
  • Best average rating - M.Waters
Another great season for Matty Waters, so he totally deserved all the awards I will share below.
Name Fixtures Goals Assists G+A Rating POTM
Matty Waters 38(7) as DL/DR 9 19 (1st) 28 7.60 (1st) 6 (1st)

Awards and records

  • Awards
    • 1x Me as Manager of the Month
    • M.Waters:
      • 1x League Player of the Season
      • 1x Fans' Player of the Season
      • 1x League Goal of the Month
    • W.Lankshear:
      • 1x League Player of the Month
      • 1x League Young Player of the Month
    • O.Barker:
      • 1x League Player of the Month
      • 1x League Young Player of the Month
    • R.Allan:
      • 2x League Young Player of the Month
    • L.Cooper:
      • 1x League Young Player of the Month
  • Records
    • K.Mainoo - Highest transfer fee received (66K)
    • L.Cooper - Fastest goal (26s)


As we reached some standings, sure, I want at least repeat this success. It became obvious that we need to drop some players, so it's time to make some hard decisions. But I hope, the best future is waiting for us.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading!
Share your thoughts, love football and win all games!
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2023.03.30 13:29 daniellehunter5828 Importance Of Application Software: A Complete Guide

All of us have used Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint and so on, right? We are talking about the golden time of our lives when we used to feel like the smartest person alive after applying the sum total in the equation. That was the time when we started depending on the application software to manage our day-to-day chores. Even though we were not aware of the fact that those are the application software, we understood the importance of automation in our lives. Advanced tools, technologies, software applications and various others have enhanced our lives through automation. Even though you are about the fact that Microsoft products are a great example of Application software, we should clearly define what application software is.

What Is Application Software?

If we browse the literal definition of the Application software Wikipedia quotes "An application program is a computer program designed to carry out a specific task other than one relating to the operation of the computer itself, typically to be used by end-users. Word processors, media players, and accounting software are some of its examples." In simple words, any software or a program that helps us to fulfill a specific task that we can perform with the help of a computer falls under the category of application software. Any web browsers, games, audio-video players and various others are known as application software. The world of application software is much bigger than our understanding. Different types of application software fulfill different kinds of user requirements.

What Are the Types of Application Software?

As our lives now revolve around technology much more than usual there are various types of application software we use even without realizing the type of application and even that they are even application software.

Presentation Application Software

The software applications that help the user to organize their content such as texts, images, video files and so on in a presentable manner are known as presentation software. Microsoft PowerPoint is a great example of presentation software. Apart from Microsoft, various other software development companies have produced various presentation software such as Google Slides, Keynote, Visme, Canva and many more.

Web Browsers Application Software

Web browsers are not new inventions that need a particular introduction but defining them can not be any simpler than quoting as a window that supports the connection between a digital device and user allowing them to browse through everything without asking for a password. Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and various others are an example of web browsers.

Multimedia Application Software

Application software that permits clients to create pictures, audio, or video recordings is known as multimedia software. The application software development allows users to take a look at the saved videos, audio, and images on the computer. Such application software is particularly significant for animation and other comparative purposes. The application software development such as VLC media player, windows media player, iTunes and so on are great examples of multimedia software.

Educational Application Software

Software applications that allow students to understand the educational content through instructional exercises, other instructional courses and so on are known as educational software. Various educational organizations hire software developers to develop educational software such as Google earth, Encarta and various others.

Graphic Design Application Software

Application software that allows users to edit digital photos, videos and various others with the help of graphic designing software. Some of the popular examples of graphic design software are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, CorelDRAW and various others. Graphic designing application software development is one of the most popular categories when it comes to application software development.

Spreadsheet Application Software

Application software that allows users to perform different calculation functions leveraging different formulas is known as spreadsheet application software. The spreadsheet application software allows users to in the lines and sections that converge to frame cells. These cells can store messages, dates, times, and mathematical equations on which different computations and capabilities can be performed. Some of the popular spreadsheet application software are Google Sheets, iWork Numbers, LibreOffice and various others.

Database Application Software

The database application software allows the users to store the collected data through database management systems. Every web and app development needs a database management system to create, store and manage the data in a precise manner. Some of the popular database application software are Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and so on.

Word Processing Software Applications

A word processing software application allows the users to write, process and change the text and save them in the system through a word processing software. The word processing software application allows the users to use different styles, fonts and various other features and functionalities.

Simulation Software Applications

The simulation software application is utilized in a ton of fields to simulate life-like circumstances. Some of the simulation software applications are used in video games or instructional courses for specific occupations. In circumstances where the real hardware can't be worked without training, application software development organizations help various professions to develop customized simulation application software. Some of the simulation software applications are TeamCenter, Autodesk, Teamviewer and many more.

Freeware Software Applications

The Application software which is available for free to use for every user is known as a freeware software application. One of the amazing things about these freeware software applications is no matter how proficient the software developers can be, no one can make any changes or customization to this software except your hired software developers somehow illegally got a chance to access the codebase. Adobe Reader, Skype, and Winamp are some of the popular examples of Freeware software applications.

Shareware Software Applications

Sharing the files with others has been an easy task all thanks to shareware software applications. The shareware software application allows users to make duplicate files and share them with others no matter how small or big the file size can be. Some of the popular shareware software applications are WinZip, Adobe Acrobat and so on. The proficient software developers develop such software as they are giving source code access to the users.

Open-source Software Applications

Open-source software is the one that allows users to access the source code of the software openly available and accessible to any user. Anyone with internet connectivity can access the source code of this software application to remove the bugs, enhance its features and functionalities of it and alter them as per their need. Linux, VLC media player, Apache, and JQueary are some of the open-source software applications that users can browse through.

Closed-source Software Applications

Just as opposed to open-source software applications, users can not browse through the source code of the closed-source software application even though you have the premium plan. Almost every software application falls under this category. Java, Microsoft office, WinRar, Microsoft windows, and macOS fall under the category of closed source software applications. Also Read Software Development Life Cycle: Everything You Need To Know In 2022

What Are The Benefits of Application Software?

Even though you know all the types of application software, you won't work with it until and unless you know what this software development can offer you. So, here are some of the benefits your business can get through application software development.

Enhanced Productivity

The software application can help you and your employees to enhance work productivity. It will help to automate the tedious work process and minimize manual working. The customized application software development will enhance productivity and the working of the software application will truly reflect your business goals. Along with that, you can add and maintain all the business data under one platform that will allow authorizing personnel to browse and monitor the data as and when needed.

Better User Experience

As the software application will allow managing the customer data through digitization it will allow the businesses to understand customer behavior by analyzing various sources and information with the shareable data resources. It can help the marketing, sales and even business analysis department to offer the solution that can turn more profit for the company and at the same time fulfill all the client requirements. The customize application software to get better data analytics with predictive analysis that can enhance the future sale with minimum investment. Along with that, it will help to identify the responsive visitors that have higher chances to turn around as a loyal customer base.

Better Decision Making

To achieve a feasible upper hand, CEOs ought to put resources into data analytics as a core capability of the organization. This incorporates a solid obligation to get reliable information from every one of its business frameworks. Data is more significant when it is in a structured format in a sorted and single place so it can help to identify the upcoming trends that can boost the business ROI.

Enhanced Usage of Data

Even though you have lots of data in a more secured and sorted place, what will you do if you have no idea how to utilize them or even if you have understanding, how will you turn that into informative analytical information to enhance the ROI. Well, that's where your customized software application does wonder. As the application system will be built keeping your business requirements and goals in the center, it will help you to utilize them well minimizing the chances of risks.

How To Choose The Best-Fit Application Software?

So, now you are convinced that you will need application software to enhance your business processes, the only thing you need to figure out is how to take the first step. The first step will be to choose the best-fit software application that can deliver you maximum output demanding minimum effort from your end. These first steps will decide the future of your business and the growth it can achieve. We can help you take that first step in the right direction to help you and your businesses to reach newer heights. Our application software developers will understand your business and project requirements thoroughly and will be there for you till the end to provide extensive support.
Originally published on Hyperlink InfoSystem
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2023.03.30 13:29 Pytine Paul does not represent the views of Jesus

Long post, summary at the end.
About two thousand years ago, there was a group in the Jewish holy land. This group called themselves ‘The Way’. They believed in the messiah, a new covenant, and that the kingdom of God was near. They considered the temple in Jerusalem to be corrupt. They performed an immersion ritual for the forgiveness of sins and communal meals. I’m talking of course about the Essenes.
This description also describes the views and practices of John the baptizer. Some scholars think that John was an Essene, but whether he was actually an Essene or not is not too relevant now. John is a major figure in several religions including Islam, Baha’i, Druze and above all Mandaeism, where he is seen as the most important prophet. Of course he also has a role in Christianity, and using several sources I will argue what kind of role that was.
Some scholars of Mandaeism think that Mandaeism traces back all the way to (some of) the disciples of John. Since this is still debated, we can’t really draw any conclusions from it. A major source for the historical John is Josephus. In book 18, chapter 5, paragraph 2 of Antiquities of the Jews he writes about John. This paragraph provides evidence that John was the leader of a large movement, that he was killed by Herod Antipas and that he was baptizing people. This is a great source because it was written by a historian, relatively soon after it happened, and it shows no signs of later interpolation. This source is relatively unbiased, since John had no religious relevance for Josephus himself so there was no incentive to change the story in any way.
Next we have several books from the New Testament. In John 1:35-51, we read that John the baptizer instructs disciples, including Andrew, to follow Jesus. Later in John 3:22-30 we find a story of Jesus and John baptizing together, though more people are baptized by Jesus. Thus Jesus and John are part of the same movement.
In Luke 7:24-30 (attributed to the Q source and thus considered to be a very early textual tradition), we read how Jesus speaks about John. He calls him more than a prophet and says that among those born of a woman no one is greater than John.
In Luke 3:10-14 we find some sayings of John. He calls the people to share their property and feed the poor. It also shows that John accepted tax collectors in his movement. In Luke 11:1 Jesus’ disciples ask him to teach them how to pray like John taught his disciples. Jesus then replies with the Lord’s prayer.
Now let’s turn to the baptism of Jesus. Mark 1:9-11 describes the baptism of Jesus by John without any objections. The author of Matthew copies this story (Matthew 3:13-17), but adds objections from John. In this version, John protests that he is not worthy of baptizing Jesus. In the version in the gospel of Luke (Luke 3:21-22), John is even more marginalized. He is not even mentioned as explicitly baptising Jesus. It says that Jesus had been baptized and that the Holy Spirit descended upon him when he was praying, not during the baptism by John. In the gospel of John, Jesus’ baptism is left out completely. The idea that John had baptized Jesus became so embarrassing that the later gospel authors marginalized John’s role in Jesus’ baptism.
In all gospels we find that John preaches that he baptizes with water, but that someone else will come who will baptize with the Holy Spirit. However, this is contradicted in Acts 19:1-7. There we read that Paul met people who were called disciples and believers. Pauls asked them if they received the Holy Spirit when they became believers, and they answer that they don’t know about the Holy Spirit. Thus the later baptism by the Holy Spirit was not a clear teaching of John, otherwise all of his followers would know about it. This passage is also further evidence for the popularity of John the baptizer. Paul meets his followers all the way in Ephesus, which is far removed from the area where John lived and preached.
We see that some followers of John later became followers of Jesus. John taught similar messages to what Jesus taught and they baptized people together. Jesus spoke very highly of John and was baptized by him. Later Christian authors downplay his role in the baptism of Jesus because of embarrassment. The most reasonable conclusion from this is that Jesus was a disciple of John. Later they were leading the movement together. When John died, some of his disciples followed Jesus, while others continued without Jesus.
Like John, Jesus is also mentioned by Josephus. The passage is interpolated by later Christians, but we can still figure out what the original would have said. Additionally, we have an Arabic version without the interpolations. Here on page 16 they are side by side.
John the baptizer started an apocalyptic movement in the first century. When he died, Jesus was the clear leader of the main branch of this movement, although as I mentioned earlier there was at least one other branch by this time. While John was an ascetic or semi-ascetic, Jesus deviated from this (Matthew 11:18-19). But like John, Jesus teaches about giving to the poor. We find this throughout the gospels, for example in Mark 10:21-25, Matthew 5:3, Matthew 6:24, Luke 6:20-26, Luke 12:13-21, Luke 14:12-14, and so on. Voluntary poverty was a key part of the message of Jesus.
An important part of the discussion on Jesus is his views on the law. But before we can understand the views of Jesus, we need to look at the context. Many people today view the Pharisees as legalistic, and that is certainly how they are portrayed in the gospels. In the first century, there were two main schools of thought among the Pharisees. These are called the House of Hillel and the House of Shammai. The House of Shammai was popular among the zealots, and with the tensions between Jews and Romans they were very dominant in the time when the gospels were written. They are very strict and can easily be seen as legalistic.
On the other hand the House of Hillel is rather mild. When asked to explain the whole Torah while standing on one foot, Hillel said: “What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow: this is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation; go and learn.” Another maxim attributed to Hillel is: “My humiliation is my exaltation; my exaltation is my humiliation.” These are very similar to Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 7:12 and Matthew 23:12 respectively. These are just some out of many similarities between the views of Hillel and those of Jesus. What is important here is that this is a mild view of the law, but that’s very different from abolishing the law. Rabbinic Judaism today follows the House of Hillel.
With that in mind, we can look at what Jesus said about the law. Jesus is very explicit about keeping the law in Matthew 5:17-20 and Matthew 19:17. We see this in action in places like Mark 2:23-28 or Matthew 12:9-14. Here Jesus shows that he doesn’t abolish the Sabbath, but that it is less important than human wellbeing. In other words, it represents his mild views of the law. He also participates in Jewish holidays like Passover (Luke 22:7-13), Sukkot (John 7:10), and Hanukkah (John 10:22-23). Jesus also observed the Sabbath (Luke 4:16). Thus Jesus lived like the other Jews at his time, and his disciples did the same.
After Jesus died, his followers still went to the temple (Acts 2:46, 3:1). Several early sources show that James, the brother of Jesus, became the first leader of the church. Eusebius gives reports of early church fathers who said that James was the first bishop of Jerusalem. Eusebius quotes Clement of Alexandria in book 2, chapter 1, paragraph 3 and Hegesippus in book 2, chapter 23, paragraph 4 of his book Ecclesiastical history. Josephus also reports about him in Antiquities of the Jews book 20, chapter 9, paragraph 1. However, he doesn’t say much about him like he did with John and Jesus. Thus we need to look at other sources to find out more about James.
The Epistle of James is written by a Jewish Christian who viewed James as a high authority. He represents the views of the Jerusalem community. Note that if you hold to traditional authorship, this automatically follows. The epistle mentions Jesus only twice, which is the least amount of any New Testament book. The first time is right in the first sentence, where the author identifies himself as James the servant of both God and Jesus. The epistle has a strong focus on voluntary poverty, giving away to the poor and against being rich (James 1:9-11, 1:27, 2:5, 5:1-6). It also emphasizes keeping the whole law (James 2:8-13). Then it continues about how man is justified by works and not by faith alone and how faith without works is dead (James 2:14-26). It also shows some parallels with the teachings of Jesus in James 4:10 (Matthew 23:12 and the quote from Hillel earlier) and James 4:11-12 (Matthew 7:1).
Another epistle written by Jewish Christians is the Epistle of Jude. The author identifies himself as Jude, servant of Jesus and brother of James. Mentioning both of those names shows that both were seen as important figures in this community. Jude 4 talks about intruders who have perverted the grace of God. This is given as the reason for writing the letter (Jude 3). So who is the author talking about? In verse 8 we see that this group defiles their body, rejects authority and slanders angels. They are worldly people, devoid of the Spirit (Jude 19). The slander against angels can help us identify the group. In Hebrews 1, Colossians 2:18, and 1 Corinthians 6:3 we find statements that could be seen as slander against angels. Thus it is possible that the author of Jude means the Pauline Christians, though it’s not very clear from the text.
Another text from early Christianity is the Didache, written in the first or early second century. It describes how Christians should live. It contains teachings similar to the sermon on the mount and it refers to the Lord’s prayer. It is consistent with the earlier movement on baptism, giving to the poor and keeping the law. Chapters 11-13 describe how apostles and prophets should acts and how they should be received in the wider community. The apostles were mendicants, travelled from place to place and spoke in the Spirit. Jesus is described as the servant of God, but never as the Son of God.
The next person is Paul. In Galatians he reports that he first persecuted the church (Galatians 1:13) before his conversion. Only after 3 years did he go to Jerusalem to meet Peter. He stayed with him for 15 days and he also saw James. After 14 years he went to Jerusalem again.
Paul frequently mentions that some people preach a different gospel from the gospel he preaches (Galatians 1:6-9, 2:4-5, 2:12, 5:7-10, 1 Thessalonians 2:16, 1 Corinthians 1:10-17, Romans 16:17). Paul also frequently argues for his own authority as an apostle or against the authority of others (Galatians 1:10-12, 1:20, 2:6, 1 Corinthians 9, 2 Corinthians 10-12). This would not be necessary if everyone accepted his authority. Thus, if we combine the fact that he keeps arguing for his authority and the fact that he warns people for another gospel, it shows that there was another group that didn’t accept Pauls authority or theology. This group is the Jerusalem church led by James and churches following their message.
Contrary to the Epistle of James, Paul preaches justification by faith rather than works of the law (Galatians 2:16, Romans 3:28). He specifically tells people not to circumcise themselves (Galatians 5:2-3, 6:12-15, 1 Corinthians 7:18-19), and often says that people in Christ are no longer under the law. Thus, contrary to John, Jesus and James, Paul teaches against Torah observance. His religion is no longer a Jewish sect, but a religion for both Jew and Greek which replaces their previous religion.
1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 describes how people ought to live in order to please God. It doesn’t mention giving to the poor. Along with passages like 1 Corinthians 6:9-20, Paul mainly focuses on sexual immorality. In 2 Corinthians 8:1-9, Paul talks about the poor churches in Macedonia who gave away their belongings. This corresponds to the teachings of John, Jesus and James. However, this seems to be rather new to Paul, resulting in the confusing verse 9. He thinks that Jesus was rich, and that he became poor in order for his followers to be rich. Romans 15:26 describes the poor among the saints in Jerusalem, which is in agreement with our other sources about the Jerusalem church. Aside from this, Paul never talks about giving to the poor even though this was a central part of the movement.
Acts 15 describes the council of Jerusalem. Some people from Judea protested that uncircumcised men were allowed in the church, so Paul and Barnabas went to Jerusalem to settle the dispute. The fact that they went to Jerusalem tells us how important Jerusalem was, and that the people in Jerusalem had the highest authority among the early Christians. Paul also describes the council in Galatians 2, where he says that he went in response to a revelation. In Jerusalem he met the pillars of the church, which were James, Peter, and John.
Both Acts and Galatians report that some people wanted the gentiles to be circumcised, but that the final decision was that gentiles didn’t have to be circumcised. In Galatians Paul describes himself as the apostle to the gentiles, while in Acts Peter calls himself the apostle to the gentiles. In Galatians, the condition for this was that Paul and his followers would remember the poor. This is completely in line with what I’ve been arguing so far to be a core part of the movement. Note that the opponents of Paul ask for this, and that Paul agrees to it. Acts makes it clear that James is the one who ultimately makes the decision, showing that he was regarded as the leader of the church by the people who were present.
In Acts 21 Paul visits Jerusalem again. Acts 21:21 reports that there was a rumour that Paul taught the Jews not to observe the Torah. Instead of saying that he did indeed teach that to the Jewish Christians, Paul agreed to join a purification ritual. This shows that both parties knew that the earlier council in Jerusalem was only about gentile Torah observance, and that Torah observance among Jewish Christians was still required.
After Paul
Pauline Christianity grew way faster than Jewish Christianity. It required no voluntary poverty or circumcision from its adherents, had a wider target audience, and had a highly educated leader. Later Marcion came around and took the ideas of Paul a step further and completely rejected the Jewish origins of Christianity. In the second century the proto-orthodox Christians emerged. They were Pauline Christians who simultaneously rejected Jewish Christianity, Marcionism, and Gnosticism. At the end of the second century, Irenaeus was the first to use the term Ebionites for a group of Jewish Christians, which he declared as a heresy.
The term Ebionite comes from the word poor. They believed in the authority of John the baptizer, Jesus, and James, with Jesus being the highest authority among them. They believed Jesus was the messiah, but not the Son of God or that he was born through the virgin birth. They observed the Torah and lived in voluntary poverty. This shows the consistency in the movement starting with John, then continued by Jesus and later James and represented in early texts like the epistle of James or the Didache.
While the proto-orthodox Christians were dominant, the Jewish Christians remained an influential minority for centuries. In the late fourth century John Chrysostom argues against the Jewish Christians, telling them they can’t participate in Jewish holidays. Centuries later, we clearly see that Islam is influenced by Jewish Christians rather than Pauline Christians. Thus the Jewish Christians survived for a long time, but they eventually died out. The Epistle of James represents Jewish Christianity and made it into the canon, but it was disputed for a long time. It’s not very surprising that Martin Luther later had issues with it on theological grounds.
In the early first century, a new movement emerged. It was started by John the baptizer. One of his disciples was Jesus of Nazareth, who became a prominent person in the movement. When John died, Jesus took over most of the movement. Later Jesus died, and his brother James became the leader of the church soon thereafter.
This was a Jewish movement, who believed that the kingdom of God was near. They baptized people for the forgiveness of sins. They lived in voluntary poverty and gave away their possessions to the poor. They believed that Jesus was the messiah. They observed the Torah with an interpretation similar to that of Hillel.
Then Paul came around. He changed it from a Jewish sect to a universal religion. Rather than the message of Jesus, he preached a message about Jesus. This message still had some aspects of the original movement such as the Eucharist, but the core of the message was changed. Pauline Christianity marginalized John the Baptist and James the brother of Jesus and focused on Jesus alone. But even with Jesus, his teachings fell to the background and it only focused on the resurrection. Pauline Christians believed that Jesus was the Son of God, who pre-existed and incarnated and later died for our sins. The central belief of this new religion was that faith in the resurrection of Jesus was all that mattered for salvation. This is completely different from the teachings of John, Jesus, James, and the movement that they started.
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2023.03.30 13:28 FarToHeaven Problems with diactivating account, and triuble with FACEIT support team

It all started with my will to delete my account the-_-worst I googled up what i have to do I've tried to log in faceit support site (pic.1-3) I tryed a lot of things: Enable VPN Change proxi Change brauser Changed email of account ( were was an issue but u/FACEIT_Darwin helped me and changed my email manualy) All of this steps didnt help and i cannot sumbuit a ticket to a support team from my account. My idea was to make a ticket without log in and tell support in discription what i want and issues i have Now circus is starting I have second account (GoneToHaven) with different steam connected, all diferent This account have zero registred games and no activity at all I sumbited a ticket thats main information was: "Hello, i was playing faceit for 4 years. I want to delete my account and play without issues on my new account if let me because of new multi-acc policy. Please delete my account the-_-worst this account detail (phone number, email, password, some more info)" After that i notieced an email (pic.4-5) I sent email back (pic.6) Recieved email (pic.7) I just thought. Oh, good, its allright my account deleted, BUT My account the-_-worst is steal working (i can log in and play) but my ****** account GoneToHaven IS DELETED Repete, i sad in ticket delete pls the-_-worst They deleted GoneToHaven )))))))))) Okey, i created a new account FarToHeaven connected all things to it (Steam & Social Medias) And on the next day tryed to delete the-_-worst again In moment i watched YT video of russian guy that saying my error is error from faceit noticed my multi-acc. I start to think maybe i have old account. I found and old account uzurbator and deleted it without issues but it dont fix main issues with account the-_-worst And circus 2.0 starting)))))) (pic.8-10) after many mail all ended without fixing anything
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2023.03.30 13:27 chetuboy101 Creality Ender 5 - this has just started happened with no setting changes

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2023.03.30 13:27 BladeRuner 1250pts Tempest of War list

Hi all! Just looking for some feedback on my list for a Tempest of War event I'll be attending in April. For those of you unfamiliar with Tempest, you draw your secondaries at the beginning of the turn. Quite a few of them require you to do an action, sometimes with infantry, sometimes without, hence the stealth suits and piranha. The point of the list is obviously to kill things, in my experience there aren't many units that can stand up to a big crisis unit or 2 commanders, while the stealth suits and piranha run around scoring my points. For reference, the event ruled that the 1st warlord trait and relic are free, so I'm actually starting with 3 cp
++ Arks of Omen Detachment (T'au Empire) [62 PL, 1CP, 1,250pts] ++
+ Configuration +
Arks of Omen Compulsory Type: Elites
Battle Size [6CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)
Detachment Command Cost
Game Type: 5. Chapter Approved: Arks of Omen
Sept Choice: Bork'an Sept
+ Stratagems +
Stratagem: Heroic Support [-1CP]
+ HQ +
Commander in Coldstar Battlesuit [8 PL, -2CP, 185pts]: (Bork'an): Overdrive Power Systems, (Bork'an): Seeker of Perfection, Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, Burst Cannon, DW-02 Advanced Burst Cannon, High-output Burst Cannon, Stratagem: Emergency Dispensation, Stratagem: Promising Pupil
Commander in Crisis Battlesuit [9 PL, -2CP, 205pts]: 1. Precision of the Hunter, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Iridium battlesuit, Missile Pod, Stratagem: Relic, Stratagem: Warlord Trait, T'au Flamer, The Be'gel Hunter's Plate, Thermoneutronic Projector, Warlord
. 2x Marker Drone: 2x Markerlight
+ Elites +
Crisis Battlesuits [21 PL, 410pts]
. Crisis Shas'ui: Burst Cannon, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Missile Pod, Target Lock
. Crisis Shas'ui: Burst Cannon, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Missile Pod, Target Lock
. Crisis Shas'ui: Burst Cannon, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Missile Pod
. Crisis Shas'ui: Burst Cannon, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Missile Pod
. Crisis Shas'vre: Burst Cannon, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Iridium battlesuit, Missile Pod, Stimm Injectors, Target Lock
. Marker Drone
. 2x Shield Drone: 2x Shield Generator
Stealth Battlesuits [4 PL, 75pts]
. 2x Stealth Shas'ui w/ Burst Cannon: 2x Burst Cannon
. Stealth Shas'vre: Burst Cannon
Stealth Battlesuits [4 PL, 75pts]
. 2x Stealth Shas'ui w/ Burst Cannon: 2x Burst Cannon
. Stealth Shas'vre: Burst Cannon
+ Fast Attack +
Piranhas [4 PL, 60pts]
. Piranha: Piranha Burst Cannon
. . 2x Gun Drones
. . . 2x Gun Drone: 4x Pulse Carbine
+ Heavy Support +
Broadside Battlesuits [6 PL, 120pts]
. Broadside Shas'vre: Heavy Rail Rifle, Stabilised Optics, Twin Smart Missile System
. 2x Marker Drone: 2x Markerlight
Broadside Battlesuits [6 PL, 120pts]
. Broadside Shas'vre: Heavy Rail Rifle, Stabilised Optics, Twin Smart Missile System
. 2x Marker Drone: 2x Markerlight
++ Total: [62 PL, 1CP, 1,250pts] ++
Created with BattleScribe
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2023.03.30 13:27 Beginning-Maximum-64 Luv (sic) Grande Finale Piano Sheet

Hello guys,
I'm quite a big fan of Nujabes (I created this account especially for this request), and with a friend of mine we decided to make covers of all the Luv (sic) parts, starting from Grande Finale. The thing is, I can't find music sheets of Nujabes compositions anywhere on the internet (except for famous ones such as pt.3, flowers, etc...).
So my question is: do you have piano music sheets of Luv (sic) Grande Finale? I would be very happy if you can send them to me!! This is such as huge project for me, I'm thinking about it for about 3 years now, if you could upvote this even if you don't have them this would mean a lot to me.
PS: I would also be very glad if you have music sheets for Luv (sic) pt.1, pt.2, pt.4, pt.5 and pt.6 😊 I will share to you guys all the covers when they will be done.
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2023.03.30 13:27 vivekz_991 GPT generated pickup lines!

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2023.03.30 13:26 imaginarysunday Is my friend taking advantage of me financially?

My good friend has decided to start a new business and leave their professional job and live off a small amount of savings. They are always taking about not having enough money and feeling bad that their partner supports them.
My friend came to stay with me on holidays and extended their time further and further, until they ended up staying for three months. They had the guest room to themselves and did not offer to pay rent. If they had just stayed a few weeks (as I initially thought they would) I wouldn’t have even considered them making any contributions, as they are my guest. Had they asked me from the outset to stay for 3 months I would have asked for a small contribution to bills etc.
I also let them borrow my car often when they were staying with me. I never asked for fuel money or anything and they didn’t offer. Although my friend bought a lot of their own food during this time and didn’t always eat mine, whenever we went out or ordered takeaway I would pay the bill. They would sometimes offer by saying “can I give you some money” and I’d say let’s sort it out later, or to just pay what you think is fair, as I felt sorry for them. They never paid me. They did buy me a nice gift when they left and would usually offer me any of their cooking, but that was about it.
I have just returned from a one week holiday with my friend, staying at their house this time. Their partner was away for work so it was just us. A few things bothered me about their money habits on this trip. The first was they hardly offered me any food. I was hungry almost the whole time and I felt like a child having to ask for food almost every meal. They’d offer me “some bread in the freezer” or they would offer me a coffee and there would only be a tiny amount of grounds left in the packet. In my opinion if someone is staying as a guest for a short amount of time, it is customary to offer them breakfast and dinner etc, so I found this strange that I didn’t get fed. I ended up buying a heap of groceries just so I could eat. Of course I ended up offering my food to my friend, which we both ate for the week and I left all the unopened items for them too.
On my last day we went on an day trip in my friends car and then they dropped me to the airport. They casually mentioned to me that they would let me know how much the fuel for the trip and airport travel would cost.
As my friend has started their new business I’ve purchased many products from them, totaling a few thousand dollars. They have been my good friend for a long time and have supported me emotionally through some of the hardest times in my life, so I feel I want to help them. But they had a professional job and they chose to leave it to start their business. They are normally a very kind person and are generous with their time. They also know I have a stable income and I believe they assume that I’m happy to be spending money, or that this doesn’t affect me.
I feel silly that I let them do this to me. I’m very annoyed and feel I’m being taken advantage of. But I’m conflicted because I do think my friend stresses about money a lot and I care about them. Still, I think their attitude towards money is damaging our friendship and I feel I’d like to have a less close friendship with them as a result.
I tried to bring it up with them, but I’m not very assertive and I don’t think my words had the intended impact.
Am I being taken advantage of, or should I view this as a temporary thing I should just suck up for the sake of my friend? Is this a big enough deal to go from being close friends of many years to more distant friends?
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2023.03.30 13:26 tmwnm Advice/feedback on current learning regimen

Hi fellow piano enthusiasts!
I’ve recently started learning piano on a self-taught basis, no previous experience of playing an instrument.
I’m about 5 weeks in and loving it so far, but was hoping to get some feedback on the current structure of my learning, thoughts on its effectiveness, and welcome any suggestions for improvement.
Currently, I am able to dedicate an hour or so for 5-6 days per week, and I split this hour as follows:
Warmup: 5-10 mins - Hanon exercises (currently 1 and 2) - A couple of the Piano Superhuman drills (5 finger gauntlet, flow drill)
Scales: 10-15 mins - Working on a new scale each week, started with C Major for week 1, then working ‘up’ through the major scales each week thereafter, where black keys are gradually introduced. After I’ve cycled the major scales, plan to do the same with the minors. - Scale practice consists of slowly playing up the scale with each hand individually, usually 2 octaves (to practice use of all 5 fingers) paying close attention to correct fingering. Repeat for going down the scale. Towards the end of the week I try to practice both hands together, VERY slowly but aiming for consistency and ultimately some semblance of legato!
Piano learning: 25-30 mins - Working through Alfred’s book 1. Usually work through 1-2 pages per day sitting at the piano. Try to stick to one ‘section’ per week where possible (e.g. this week I’m focusing on the pages associated with Middle C position) but also taking some time to revisit previous pages to practice previous songs & exercise to assess improvement.
Free play: 10-15 mins - Have a go at practising small sections of songs I like myself, or whichever nursery rhyme/cartoon theme my kids are currently into! Sometimes I’m happy to continue to practice a song from Alfred’s book in this time instead.
In time, I’d like to enlist the help of a teacher, but current work/life commitments means that’s not a particularly easy option for now, which is why I’d like to make sure my own structure seems sound and is effective.
Any and all feedback and suggestions welcome!
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2023.03.30 13:26 behraoui77 TalkingFaces OTO 1 to 5 OTOs’ Links + Bonuses Upsell +Review

Is top-tier TTP equipment something you're looking for? You may find anything you require in TalkingFaces OTO. Despite the widespread availability of specialized software designed for this purpose, this remains the standard approach. Even technophobes can benefit from the tools I've assembled for producing "Humatar" films. Create the most engaging and engaging websites you can think of. Spread the word about this limited-time deal from TalkingFaces.
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I think we need to have a real person in our films if we want to attract visitors to our websites. Avatars and other digital human representations have their place and may be modified, but they will never be able to take the place of actual human interaction. Websites that use videos with actual people are more likely to leave a positive impression on visitors and convert them into paying clients.
The best part of TalkingFaces is that I can make each human spokesperson seem and sound unique by combining their features with those of other human faces.
There are a number of call-to-action buttons in TalkingFaces. We can put in a delay timer, an opt-in form with icons, and more using our overlays. Since TalkingFaces allows us to select "auto-play" motions to convince visitors to take action, I never have to worry about videos not instantly playing on some browsers again.
I recently shown the incredible capabilities of this program. Real people may now act as representatives on your website (or really any website), and their look, demeanor, and interactions can be easily modified to suit your needs.
Act immediately. The world's most popular website builder is at your fingertips the moment you click the "Buy Now" button below. Business owners and marketers are the only ones who can notice this.
Usage of TalkingFaces When?
When to use TalkingFaces:
Shopify with Amazon Affiliate Marketing:
Producing and distributing market-specific 360-degree product demos is a breeze. With the push of a button on your smartphone, you can create a fully interactive, 360-degree demonstration of a product's features and benefits, therefore assisting businesses in converting browsers into buyers.
Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing
Email marketing campaigns that feature interactive product demos are becoming the industry norm. You can expect a rise in conversion rate and income when you use this JVZoo-only 360-degree product spin builder and video creator.
Marketing at regional businesses and government agencies:
In a single sitting, you can use ThreeSixtyMaker's white-label-ready infrastructure and tools to launch your own 360-degree product-spinning agency. This fully-customizable product spin viewer is yours to use and resell to companies in any field.
Marketers Who Make Use Of Videos
ThirtySixMaker's special features are designed to sway even the most traditional shoppers. Provide an exciting online experience for your site visitors, and they'll be far more likely to become paying clients.
Distribute It to Local Stores and Garage Sales:
Millions of traditional shops would benefit greatly from having access to these innovative 360-degree product rotations. It works wonderfully for any object that customers would like to hold in their hands before making a purchase, such as cars, jewelry, suitcases, chairs, and so on.
In addition, ThreeSixtyMaker offers shops the option of commissioning high-quality, one-of-a-kind backgrounds for use in 360-degree product displays.
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2023.03.30 13:26 Myk1984 Pro Heard stans need to stop straining their tiny brains trying to find a reason she lost the trial...

It has nothing to do with misogyny, men’s rights activists, online smear campaigns, Russian bots, tik-toc videos, or any other form of social media.
It has to do with the brutal beatings Heard described, and then the laughably pathetic photos she produced as evidentiary support.
Remember when she described being punched in the face so many times she lost count, by JD who was wearing a fistful of rings? Horrific!!
Until she produced a photo of a bruised arm.
Or when she described the “monster” JD would turn into. Terrifying!!
Until she produced photos of JD looking chilled AF taking a nap in a chair on his tropical island, or asleep on the floor.
Oh, and then there were audio recordings.
No, not the tiny snippets Heard produced of JD calling her a "stupid fuck”, a “cunt” or a “fat ass”. Nor the audio of JD moaning, or cutting himself. Or even when he “confessed” to head-butting her.
It's the hours upon hours of audio produced by JD, in which Heard admits to being physically abusive, starting physical fights, getting so mad she just loses it, and being unable to promise she won't get physically violent again.
It has to do with Heard screaming like an unhinged lunatic.
It has to do with Heard repeatedly calling JD a “washed-up piece of shit”, a “fucking joke” and a “fucking baby”
It has to do with the hours of her continuous complaining that JD immediately “splits” at the beginning of a fight.
But most importantly, it has to do with JD sounding perfectly calm, reasonable, rational, coherent, understanding, and exceedingly patient.
Unfortunately for Heard and co, there is absolutely nothing they can do to surpass the photos & audio. No unsealed documents, no open letters from “experts”, no groundbreaking evidence of rampant misogyny. Nothing. Zip. Nada.
They cannot change what the world saw & heard, and therefore, they cannot change our opinions.
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2023.03.30 13:25 Help4Not0Found4 I'm done

I'm done trying to find help, support, or any sense of community in fb phallo fb groups. I haven't tried reddit for trans support, but it seems even less moderated than fb, and uncomfortably close to the very people that target us.
I'm done being ostracized, kicked out, banned, yelled at, told my experience isn't valid. I'm tired of feeling like I don't fit in anywhere. I've had 2 of 3 stages of phallo, but I still don't feel like I'm welcome in the gay community, plus I know I'm not in the young and attractive category, not by a long shot. I sure as fuck don't fit in with any of the trans communities, not in person, not online, and not for lack of trying. Over and over and over again I'm rejected or thrown out, and not just for trans groups, but for anything - school groups, friend groups, groups around hobbies or interests, even professionals like therapists and doctors all get sick of me eventually. I feel like I'm just not fit for human interaction. Therapists have tried to tell me it's not me, but I'm clearly the only common denominator in all of those situations. Even with other people who have experienced trauma, they don't seem to be able to relate, or they just don't care to.
Being where I am now in life, having missed so much of it because I wasn't comfortable with my body, having an actual relationship seems like it will never happen, and I'm increasingly seeing my inevitable reality of being alone. I barely even have friends, and only 1 of them ever talks to me, the few others only talk if I start the convo. No one checks in on me, no one asks if I'm ok. No one wants to spend any time with me.
So, I'm done. For the first time ever I looked up how to buy a gun. It's surprisingly easy even in a reliably blue state line mine. There's nothing in my background check that'd cause a denial or even a waiting period. I can even pretend I'm some pro-gun conservative to smooth the transaction. I had to get very good at pretending to just get through life and survive abuse.
I'm buying a gun, and I'm going for a long drive, out into the woods. There's very few people there. I always liked it in the forest, and a part of me will live there. They'll find my car, they'll find my apartment just as I left it, no note or anything to indicate soemthing's amiss, aside from a few amazon packages stacked on the table outside my door. I wonder how long it will take for anyone to even notice I'm gone? It's not like anyone talks to me regularly. Work would probably be the first to notice, but I still have time while I'm off recovering from my latest surgery, so even they wouldn't notice for a few days.
All I do is bring misery to anyone who meets me. Any "friendship" I touch eventually falls apart. No one listens or cares what happens to me. No one believes me about the things that happened, and they just cut off my last lifeline to support and community.
I don't even know why I'm posting this here. Maybe so someone knows what happened, straight from me rather than through word of mouth from others? Maybe on the off chance that the people who pushed me to this point, who are themselves in the trans community, will see the real affects of their actions, and stop playing as if they're the victims, while silencing my voice. Maybe I still hope someone actually, genuinely cares.
This will probably be deleted, so maybe only a few people will see it. Please remember me.
And please... try to be kinder to each other. We don't need all this infighting and taking sides. We have enough enemies and obstacles to fend off without turning on one another. Have more compassion for people coming from other experiences, especially before you excerise control and censorship to cut them off from resources. Hear people out, let them have their say, and genuinely listen when they talk about their experiences. Remember the human on the other side of the screen.
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2023.03.30 13:24 StepwiseUndrape574 Why Rockstar Is Banning Anyone From Talking About GTA 6 On Twitch

In February, Rockstar confirmed that development of Grand Theft Auto VI is well underway. In July, the TakeTwo subsidiary publicized that it would no longer work on Red Dead Redemption 2 or its online offering to focus on the development of the next title in the mega-popular GTA series. Despite this, talking about the next installment in the 25-year-old franchise is discouraged, at least on the official Twitch channel of Rockstar Games. This follows behavior the company started exhibiting on YouTube as well.
When users attempt to type GTA VI or GTA 6, they are greeted with the message that appears when a banned word or filter is applied on Twitch channels – "Your message wasn't posted due to conflicts with the channel's moderation settings." Publishers hushing people on their own platforms about titles is nothing new. Wild speculation can often draw attention to things the developers may not wish to reveal or may not have information about yet.
twitch chat no gta vi Screen Capture of Rockstar Twitch Chat Censoring GTA VI
Grand Theft Auto VI is not expected to be available until sometime in 2024. The belief right now is that Rockstar wants to focus marketing on the Grand Theft Auto Online portion of their business. GTA Online has shown a regular player base and persistent earnings for the company. There's potential for a loss of funds if people's focus is shifted away from what is currently earning them money.
There is very little known about the new title. Some people have ventured guesses that we may see a return to Vice City, the fictional city based on southern Florida cities in the United States. As of right now, the only information anyone has from Rockstar for sure is that it is being worked on. Anything else is most likely speculation.
gta cuban plane Screenshot of Cuban Airplane from Grand Theft Auto V
There are also concerns that Rockstar employees are not necessarily staying on very long right now. This follows some trends that have been occurring recently in the game development world. Poor worker treatment at Activision-Blizzard led to employees at one of its subsidiaries forming a union. Hopefully things remain stable enough at Rockstar and TakeTwo for GTA VI to arrive on time, though.
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