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2010.07.28 21:30 Hayley Williams

Hayley Nichole Williams (born December 27, 1988) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and businesswoman who is best known as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter, and keyboardist of the rock band Paramore. She has also released two solo albums and owns the hair-dye company Good Dye Young.

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A subreddit for fans of Emily VanCamp.

2023.03.25 01:43 Helpful-Gene9957 New video

Hey everyone! I'm uploading a new video on my YouTube channel! I'm playing through Mass Effect on Veteran mode as an engineer
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2023.03.25 01:43 ducking_idiot How do people prep for precision pistol?

If you want to shoot action pistol, you buy a book or class from Ben Stoeger. And there’s plenty of YouTube videos.
So let’s say I’m looking to get into bullseye / precision pistol. My accuracy at 25 yards is okay, but at 50? I’m not confident in my ability to shoot beyond the maximum effective range of my pistol.
I’m told that getting a good instructor will accelerate my learning and help me identify and prevent bad habits. I have the goal of one day competing in the President’s 100, so I really want to use whatever resources I can.
That all to say, I’m looking for a bullseye / precision pistol instructor or class, and am willing to travel (Midwest is easiest, though). I’m open to other resources as well. Any suggestions?
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2023.03.25 01:42 tiagojpg E é isto, quando se vai buscar conselhos de cripto a um canal do YouTube obscuro com 100 “inscritos” é o que se tem.

E é isto, quando se vai buscar conselhos de cripto a um canal do YouTube obscuro com 100 “inscritos” é o que se tem. submitted by tiagojpg to literaciafinanceira [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 01:41 SeaSecurity5460 Gackt- Redemption (Piano cover)

This is a cover of a song I've done
Gackt- Redemption (Piano cover) - YouTube
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2023.03.25 01:41 T0ysWAr Can YouTube be trusted

Few channels have been compromised. LinusTechztips, OpenAI
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2023.03.25 01:40 UltrawideTech Stop Watching YouTube with Black Bars! Works for 21:9 and 16:9 monitors.

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2023.03.25 01:40 Turi53 I rebuilt a GMC Vandura in Forza Horizon the video is on my YouTube channel TuriCars

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2023.03.25 01:39 RedLightGreenArrow1 Simple but works for me. Lock Screen has widgets to open public transit app, app for my car and app for mobile drivers license.

Simple but works for me. Lock Screen has widgets to open public transit app, app for my car and app for mobile drivers license. submitted by RedLightGreenArrow1 to iOSsetups [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 01:37 JustOutrageous Why 4 Altstore and 3 youtube? Havent even gotten to installing something. (Popcorn time didn’t even download)

Why 4 Altstore and 3 youtube? Havent even gotten to installing something. (Popcorn time didn’t even download) submitted by JustOutrageous to AltStore [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 01:37 SeaSecurity5460 Into The Rush (Piano cover)

Into The Rush (Piano cover) - YouTube
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2023.03.25 01:37 SmuglyMcWeed Is there a way to cut mic audio from VOD when uploading to YouTube

I'd like to stream a game from PS5 to twitch and then upload that VOD to YouTube without the microphone audio? I can't seem to find anyone talking about this.
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2023.03.25 01:36 Electrical_Ad_1626 Know I had to share don’t know y she just don’t make a YouTube channel if scared tic tok gone take her stuff down

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2023.03.25 01:36 ThrowawayHomesch 29M Virgin. New to dating. How does the process typically work for below average looking guys?

I'm 29M, Indian-American, and work in IT. I grew up with pretty strict parents and had a very sheltered upbringing (homeschooled after 8th grade, was not allowed to have friends, etc.), so aside from long distance relationships, I never really dated in my 20s. Looks wise, I'm about 5'9" and 5/10 facially. I look very similar to this Indian Actor named Varun Dhawan.
A couple years back, I decided to take more control over my life, so I left my parents' house and cut off contact with them. In July of last year, I decided to start dating and joined some dating apps like Bumble and Hinge.
On the apps I usually get around 1 - 2 matches per week. Over the past 8 months, I've gone on dates with maybe around 30 different girls. Of those, about 6 or 7 girls agreed to go on multiple dates. (most of them are either Indian-American or recent immigrants from India)
One thing I'm puzzled with is how one would progress from going on dates with girls to something further. I'm still a pretty much a virgin at this point, and never even kissed a girl. After how many dates would it be considered appropriate to make a move or bring up the topic? On the Internet there seems to be a lot of conflicting advice. A lot of the dating gurus on YouTube say that a guy should definitely make a move within the first couple of dates. But I've heard several girls online mention that they want to wait several month or even years into a relationship before kissing or having sex. I have some close male friends who try and give advice but it's not that helpful. They are all very tall and attractive so they just invite girls from Tinder or the club straight back to their apartment and have sex.
I'm wondering how the process typically works for guys that aren't that physically attractive or tall. If anyone was in my shoes previously who can give some advice, it would be a big help.
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2023.03.25 01:35 datavortex Connecting 011D Evo Distro Plate to Radiators

Connecting 011D Evo Distro Plate to Radiators
I am currently in the middle of my first watercooling build and I have a quandry. I'm using all EK parts for my loop. In particular for this issue, I have an EK-Quantum Reflection² PC-O11D EVO D5 PWM D-RGB inside my Lian Li 011D Evo. I have it set up "chimney style", with an intake EK-Quantum Surface P360M on the bottom, and the same radiator on the top for exhaust. My problem is I can't figure out how to connect the distro plate to the radiators.
Distro plate with a Quantum Torque Micro Rotary 90° and the bottom radiator with a Quantum Torque HDC 14 fitting which doesn't quite align.
I seem to have a couple of problems:
  1. The connections seem to be "off" by a few millimeters, with the radiator connections more toward the rear (where "rear" means the long end of the case, farthest from the large glass pane) compared to the designated connections on the distro plate. I thought getting a distro plate meant that I wouldn't have this kind of problem, but it seems like I do. I'm not sure if this is expected, the result of poor manufacturing tolerances, or what. It seems like perhaps I could solve this with a Quantum Torque Rotary Offset 3 fitting, but it seems like that might be a tight fit. Which brings me to...
  2. The distance here it very small, and I'm not sure the best way to bridge this gap. I think I read that others have done this sort of connection using fittings only and no tubing. If I were to use my EK Loop Hard Tube 14mm, it would be just a few millimeters in length, which seems particularly challenging. And I have absolutely no idea how I would screw all of this in given the 90° difference and lack of clearance, that seems impossible? I bought some EK-Quantum Torque Push-In Adapter M 14 fittings, which are listed as "Compatible distribution plates: EK-Quantum Reflection² Series", but they seem like they are too big to "push directly into the distro plate without screwing" as the EK website suggests. Even if they did I'm not sure how I would do it given the tight fit for the radiator.
This is confounding because I thought by sticking with EK and the Quantum Reflection² Series stuff designed for my case, and following EK's own loop configurator, that this stuff would just work.
Anyone who has used this (fairly common, I think) setup, how did you solve this dilemma? Did you even encounter problem #1 at all? Did I make some obvious newbie error?
Thanks for your suggestions.
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2023.03.25 01:35 CMV1986 Minnie Van Drop-off Spot at Magic Kingdom

Where do the Minnie vans drop you off at Magic Kingdom? I know Uber and regular Lyfts drop off at the Ticketing Center, but I read Minnie Vans get you closer, but was hoping to confirm with someone who’s used it.
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2023.03.25 01:35 FriskyShadow15 Trying to save my replays to upload

I can't find them browsing files through steam. On steam deck so I can't search %appdata% anyone know how I can find them so I can upload to YouTube?
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2023.03.25 01:35 AutoModerator [Get] Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Google Performance Max Blueprint

[Get] Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Google Performance Max Blueprint
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Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Google Performance Max Blueprint

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2023.03.25 01:34 EdmInfinity Google targed ads are wierd.

Google targed ads are wierd.
So I just watched the we got hacked video. Then I started to do some research because I'm trying to find out is on if a space ship on star wars is an Easter egg (I've seen it before just don't know where and im sure its not from star wars.). Google ads threw in the latest LTT video on 6 year old blog.
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2023.03.25 01:33 Elera7 Minecraft: Speedrunning in depth guild (Mostly)

Before I begin, sorry if there is alot of repeated words in this. It was hard to make this guild and type this up and to try to go in such detail on how speedrunning means/works. Also sorry for any spelling mistakes! Thanks for reading!
Now let's begin!
Minecraft - How do speedruns works & what they do: Find a seed where he spawns next to a lava pool and a village. Next he has to collect wood, food and iron. To get the iron he needs to kill the iron golem that is in the village. After he can find the wood and food easily by destroying there village for resources. Next he has to find gravel, to make flint and steel to light the portal. Then once he is prepared to go to the nether. He has to find a lava pool. Once he made a lava pool, he makes the portal and goes into the nether. Once in the nether he has to find a bastion or nether fortresses. Preferably the bastion first because you get fire potions which helps you kill the blaze when you get to the fortress. After he finds and enters the bastion. He has to collects and finds the gold, after he finds the gold, he has to give the gold to the piglin. After the trades are done, he will need enderpearls, string that will be made into beds so he can blow up the dragon, fire potions for fighting the blades and many other things. After he gets out of the bastion and finds a fortress.Once he finds the fortress. He has to navigate to find the blaze spawners. Once he finds the blaze spawner, he drinks the fire potions. Next he kills blazes untill he get 7 blaze rods. After he builds a nother portal with the obsidian that he got from the piglin trades. He lights the portal and enters thru the portal. Now he is in the overworld again which lead him to either underground or above the ground when his portal leads him to the overworld. Preferably you want your portal to spawn you above ground so it is easier to throw/ calculate where the stronghold is. He crafts the ender pearls and blaze rods together and that makes a endereye. Once he does that, next he throws the eye. The eye points to the direction of the stronghold is. After he throws one more eyes and calculates where the stronghold is with his calculator. After he follows the direction of the eyes. Once he is at the location where the stronghold is, he has to dig down until he finds the entrance of the stronghold is. Once he enters the stronghold. He navigates to the end portal which is in the stronghold. He sorts he inventory one last time so he is prepared to kill the ender drago. He jumps into the portal. He goes to the middle of the island and shoots most of the crystals down which heals the dragon. After he goes to the end of the island, he waits until the dragon perches at the center. Once the dragon perches, he throws the enderpearls and lands where the dragon is, at the middle of the island. After he places 5 beds and one cycles the dragon. Which kills the EnderDragon. After 10 more seconds of waiting, the end portal in the middle opens and he falls into it. Finally he is met with the end credits and the Speedrun is finished, hoping he gets a personal best or world record!
Thanks for reading! This is guild for people that needs help understanding how Speedruns works for Minecraft. Hopefully this helped! Thank you!
Source: From my 8 years of experience of playing Minecraft and watching YouTube Minecraft Speedrun for a long time.
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2023.03.25 01:33 AutoModerator [Get] Steven Dux – Traders Edge 2023

[Get] Steven Dux – Traders Edge 2023
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[Get] Steven Dux – Traders Edge 2023
First, they listen to outdated YouTube advice designed to steer them in the wrong direction.
Second, people spend far too much time looking for a winning product rather than learning how to market to customers’ emotions properly.
Third, newcomers frequently focus on the least important factors, such as building the store, rather than learning how to market and scale appropriately.
Traders Edge 2023 may not have coined the names for some of his strategies, but he has certainly added his spin to everything he employs. Discover his distinct twists and how he profits from them.
You Will Also Learn How Dux Manages Risk

  • Using Different share size variation
  • What is the max stop for a different pattern
  • How Dux knows when to stop trading a particular pattern
  • And so much more…
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2023.03.25 01:32 Soul_Sleepwhale Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming / LCS 2023 Spring Playoffs - Upper Bracket Semi-Final / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

Cloud9 3-1 Counter Logic Gaming

Cloud9 move on to face FlyQuest in the upper bracket. Counter Logic Gaming will face Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket
C9 Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Subreddit CLG Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Subreddit

MATCH 1: C9 vs. CLG

Winner: Cloud9 in 38m Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
C9 sejuani taliyah vi lucian kalista 70.8k 13 10 HT1 H2 C3 CT7 CT8 B9
CLG draven elise annie gwen chogath 67.3k 16 3 H4 CT5 B6
C9 13-16-23 vs 16-13-29 CLG
Fudge jayce 2 2-2-4 TOP 1-1-9 1 sion Dhokla
Blaber maokai 2 1-5-8 JNG 4-4-4 1 wukong Contractz
EMENES yone 3 4-2-4 MID 6-4-3 2 sylas Palafox
Berserker varus 1 5-3-1 BOT 3-0-5 3 zeri Luger
Zven heimerdinger 3 1-4-6 SUP 2-4-8 4 rakan Poome

MATCH 2: CLG vs. C9

Winner: Counter Logic Gaming in 34m Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
CLG heimerdinger draven varus leblanc syndra 60.6k 9 7 H3 M6 M7
C9 sejuani annie taliyah yone sion 55.8k 6 3 H1 CT2 I4 M5
CLG 9-6-17 vs 6-9-12 C9
Dhokla gwen 3 0-1-2 TOP 2-2-2 4 kennen Fudge
Contractz elise 1 0-3-5 JNG 1-1-4 1 leesin Blaber
Palafox jayce 3 4-1-1 MID 0-3-1 3 ksante EMENES
Luger zeri 2 5-1-3 BOT 1-1-3 1 lucian Berserker
Poome lulu 2 0-0-6 SUP 2-2-2 2 nami Zven

MATCH 3: C9 vs. CLG

Winner: Cloud9 in 28m Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
C9 sejuani taliyah vi thresh lissandra 52.2k 9 7 O1 H2 H4 HT5 HT6 B7
CLG elise annie heimerdinger chogath syndra 44.1k 5 3 C3
C9 9-5-24 vs 5-9-15 CLG
Fudge gragas 3 2-0-2 TOP 0-3-2 1 sion Dhokla
Blaber maokai 1 1-2-6 JNG 2-1-3 1 wukong Contractz
EMENES jayce 2 2-1-4 MID 1-1-3 4 veigar Palafox
Berserker zeri 2 3-1-4 BOT 2-2-2 2 jinx Luger
Zven soraka 3 1-1-8 SUP 0-2-5 3 lulu Poome

MATCH 4: CLG vs. C9

Winner: Cloud9 in 34m Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
CLG draven varus leesin heimerdinger lulu 58.4k 13 3 H2 M3 I5 I8
C9 sejuani vi annie jinx aphelios 68.1k 19 8 C1 H4 I6 B7 B9
CLG 13-19-33 vs 19-14-53 C9
Dhokla sion 2 1-4-9 TOP 1-5-11 2 ksante Fudge
Contractz elise 1 4-5-6 JNG 3-6-11 1 maokai Blaber
Palafox jayce 2 3-4-5 MID 5-1-6 3 leblanc EMENES
Luger xayah 3 5-4-3 BOT 7-2-10 1 zeri Berserker
Poome rakan 3 0-2-10 SUP 3-0-15 4 renataglasc Zven
This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.
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2023.03.25 01:32 rwsvitu [for hire] Freelance Web Designer/Developer Redditor for hire. smooth transaction and ready

[for hire] Web DesigneDeveloper Redditor for hire 10yrs+
I'm looking for new clients! Please do not hesitate to ask!
Please do not hesitate to ask!
What I offer:
WordPress theme development
PHP/MySQL (PostgreSQL etc.)
Responsive Web Design
Android/iOS app development
Other platforms I have experience with (scaling, migration to professional self-hosting)
Covering technical aspect of popular products/brands/services... (anything related to, any data to work with)
Can cover JS heavy and Python tasks
More to offer...
About me:
Dm me while I'm available!
Link to portfolio (cold start server) click here
starting at: 20 USD/hr
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Services Portfolio Get a quote Google form
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