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2023.03.28 04:58 SimpleIllustrator215 Does it hold true?

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2023.03.27 02:45 jkim545 [Megathread] Summer/Fall 2023 Registration & Housing

Any and all registration questions and housing questions should be made in this megathread. All other separate posts will be removed.
Previous Megathreads:
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2023.03.27 01:01 livewire52 MS courses at GA tech.

Hi, I am international student applying for MS EC for fall 2023. I have heard that many of the professors of GAtech are on a sabbatical or have left. This has led to a huge decrease in the variety of courses offered for MS in EC atleast. Is this true? Are there any other good reasons why I can accept the offer from Georgia Tech despite lack of courses? Posting it here instead of gatech because I didn't qualify to post under their subreddit.
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2023.03.12 18:50 admissionsmom If you’re Waitlisted, here’s what you need to know. AdmissionsMom’s Top Tips and Advice about what to do and when – Plus how to write The Love Letter of Your Life – the Waitlist LOCI!

👋 Hello, beautiful seniors and other applicants. Look, I know this week and the next couple of weeks are gonna feel just super fucked up and shitty for a lot of you. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all better and make college admissions somehow feel fair and like they make sense, but I haven't discovered that power in me yet, so I'm gonna stick with providing as much information as I possibly can for those who want it and can use it. Here's the deal: If you've been waitlisted, you have some decisions to make... Let's get started!
IMPORTANT PSA ABOUT YOUR PHONE: If you accept or have accepted waitlist positions, be sure that your phone is charged and working and that you can accept voicemails. And be sure that the number they have is one you will be checking. Often colleges will call you about a waitlist offer before they email you or text you, so they need to be able to reach you. You don’t have to answer in the middle of your English Lit or Calc class, but you do want them to be able to leave a voicemail. Also, make sure to read random texts and check spam and junk email folders fairly regularly. Don’t check it obsessively. That’s not healthy.
❤️‍🩹A note: I know for some of you, getting that waitlist decision is incredibly painful. It is, in lots of ways, a soft rejection, and I believe that’s by far the healthiest way to look at it, but that’s also what makes it sting even more. So, be sure to take care of yourself. Give yourself some grace and time to process and adjust if you need to. I’ll be writing more about caring for yourself emotionally in the incoming weeks as we start feeling the full brunt force of decisions, but here are a couple of my posts from the fall that might help you through your feelings now.
You can handle this. College decision time is hard -- and it really sucks sometimes, but you're gonna grow stronger. Find your inner tree and inner lotus -- and be a good person.
It’s time for emotional planning. Spoiler Alert: You’re gonna be ok.


I don’t know about y’all, but I just have this sneaky feeling we are gonna have another big ole humongo pile of waitlists this year, just like last year and the year before that. Colleges just don’t have any way to predict their enrollments because of the way everything has been upended in the past couple of years and the huge waves of applications that have continued to happen at So. Many. Colleges.
As they did in the past couple of years, I think many will try to manage their yield and freshmen classes with the waitlist -- and I know y’all are beginning to feel the effects of that now. Rick Clark, Director of College Admission at Georgia Tech, said a couple of years ago, “Right now, admission and enrollment leaders around the country are obsessing over the models they developed to predict student “yield” behavior. They are looking back at pre-pandemic information and weighing that against 2020, in addition to praying more, sleeping less, and stretching out to make the “leap.” You should read the whole linked blog post, by the way.
We did see a wave of applicants get accepted off waitlists in both 2020 and 2021 and even in 2022, but that was a new trend. Usually, I say think of it as a gentle rejection -- and I still do for the most part. So, although I encourage you to be proactive if that school is one you’re truly interested in (read what to do below), you still need to move forward and embrace the colleges who have shown you love and accepted you (or find some if you don't have them). You can do both at the same time. While you’re reading Rick Clark’s blog, make sure you read his latest: The Two Most Important Letters in College Admission. If you’re not sure what they are, he says they’re IP. Institutional Priorities – If you’re not sure what that entails, you definitely need to read his blog to get a better understanding of your college decisions.
One of our former moderators here on A2C, u/LRFE, had a great post about what the waitlist is and what it all means. I’m just gonna copy and paste some of it here (with some of my revisions):
“Colleges use a waitlist mainly to manage yield and class size. They have an idea of how many students they want in the class and admit some amount that will end up being around the class size. However, since they can't predict yield perfectly, they sometimes turn to the waitlist to fill up the rest of their class. Colleges often have an FAQ about waitlists or an FAQ that answers questions about waitlists. It varies from college to college: do your own research... Schools often release some statistics on waitlist acceptance rates: for example, Amherst states 500 people accept their waitlist spot, and on average, accept 20 per year.”
Be sure to check out the Common Data Set for any info that’s been shared about waitlists from the years prior. How many did they waitlist? How many did they take off? Be sure to Check out my YouTube chat with Marcella De Laurentiis, aka u/Novembrr, where we talked about how to use the Common Data Set and just about waitlists more generally. She shared so much amazing information, and if you're writing a LOCI, I highly recommend you watch it so you can learn from her as she answered questions from students like you.
DO NOT STAY DEVOTED TO YOUR WAITLIST COLLEGE(S): Just like with admissions -- it’s ok to hope for the best, but you need to expect the worst. Maybe it's just my Gen X brain (I'm not quite a boomer), but in my experience, "Manifesting" just isn't gonna cut it when it comes to admissions once the application is in and the LOCI is written for a waitlist. As u/chumpydo so wisely commented, “Submit your LOCI and then treat it like a rejection. You might be surprised in the future, but just don’t even consider it an option because statistically, it isn’t.”
FALL IN LOVE WITH AN ACCEPTANCE: Fall in love (or strong like) with at least one of your acceptances. Learn as much as you can about them through various virtual visit sites: hang out on their webpages, follow their social media, and do their tours and info sessions. I love this idea from u/yourfriendgumby: Make a class schedule so you can see all the cool courses they offer!
WAITLISTS AREN’T BINDING: You can accept spots on as many waitlists as you like. You can stick with the school where you’ve deposited (and you do need to pick one to deposit to unless you’re sure you want a gap year or to attend community college) or choose to attend your waitlisted school, but more than likely, you’ll lose your deposit at the college where you’ve accepted a spot -- and you should accept a spot somewhere.
COMMIT TO ANOTHER SCHOOL: And when I say commit, I mean send in your money when the time comes that you need to do so, and also emotionally and mentally commit. Accept a place from one of your acceptances where you’ve fallen in love (or strong like or you can see yourself there) by the May 1 deadline or whatever your accepted college’s deadline is. Mentally Move On. Once you’ve made your deposit at a college, if your waitlist college comes along with some great news and you decide you want to pivot that way, then you just accept that spot and let the college where you’ve committed know. It’s common -- it’s called Melt, and colleges expect it. You will more than likely, though, lose that deposit. (An aside: Don’t let go of your accepted spots before the deadline unless you are 100 percent sure that you won’t attend. Be doubly sure that all finances are gonna work out before you let go of spots.)
YOU STILL HAVE CHOICES: If you don’t have a school you’re ready to commit to, there are still lots of amazing schools accepting applications. Check out this post with some awesome colleges that are still accepting apps. I’ll be making an updated post with colleges that are still open within the next couple of weeks. (Or you could also decide to do a gap year or start at community college -- all great choices.)
KEEP UP YOUR GRADES: You need to be keeping those grades up so that if the waitlist goes on into the summer and you want to stay on the list, you’ll be able to send them an update showing that you’re still going strong.
DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID AT SCHOOL OR ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL: If trouble finds you or you find trouble, I'm pretty sure that the waitlist offer won't be extended, and yes, you'll have to be honest.


Read the waitlist letter: Be sure to carefully read the waitlist letter from your college and see if they are even open to a LOCI. If they are and you decide you still want to take a spot on the waitlist, this WL-LOCI is your chance, so write the love letter of your life during the next couple of weeks. Hint -- maybe don’t wait for Ivy Day to write your WL-LOCI for colleges where you’ve been waitlisted now. I don’t know if it makes a difference or not, quite frankly, but it’s good to get moving on those letters and let those colleges know how important they are to you.
Read the waitlist letter and any waitlist FAQs on the portal or the webpage: Read the directions carefully that they send you in the waitlist letter or on the portal. I know I’m repeating myself here -- it’s because that’s the most important thing to do. If they don’t say not to send something -- SEND SOMETHING.
Show Interest: Attend info sessions, look into their social media, read their school newspaper, devour their website, and let them know in your letter how you have and will connect with the different aspects of their college that they are highlighting. Some thoughts from u/Novembrr during our Livestream: reach out to a professor or club leader or students you know on campus and talk to them about their experiences on campus so that you can more strongly create a picture of who you'll be on their campus. Your goal is to paint a picture of yourself on their campus.
Be Honest: If you will definitely attend if you are admitted, tell them so. If you will jump at the opportunity and IMMEDIATELY accept a spot, let them know. If you are turning down all your other waitlist offers but only keeping theirs, let them know that too. If you’re so interested in attending and you’d consider a gap year or starting the second semester, you should let them know that, too. Don’t lie. Also, if your financial circumstances have changed and you might be able to afford more than you initially applied with, that can be helpful info also.
Be nice: Be Positive. Thank them for the continued opportunity to be considered. Don’t complain or whine about being waitlisted in your WL-LOCI. Don’t ask them why you weren’t admitted. Don’t assume you know why you weren’t admitted -- you might end up highlighting an aspect of your application they were overlooking.
Be yourself: Just like in your personal essay, use your normal word choices and voice. Be friendly. This is like your chance to sit and have a cup of bubble tea with them, letting them know why y'all are a great match.
Bare your soul: Tell them why you are so enamored with them, and give them reasons to be enamored by you. There is no holding back now. This is your time to let it all out. Show them why they need you. You’ve basically got nothing to lose here.
Create a picture of yourself on their campus: Draw connections between yourself and the college. Watch all the virtual videos -- especially from their website, read their website and the school newspaper, learn their school motto, and then tie all that into how you are the right person for that campus. Your goal is to create a picture of you on their campus. Show them why they need you and why you need them. Think of this as really the ultimate Why College Love Letter.
Five hundred words are enough: Keep it at around 500 words -- about a page.
Updates: Include any updates to your application. You can bullet-point these so they are easier to identify. If you’ve improved any test scores or grades, tell them. If you’ve won awards or competitions since your application or last update, tell them. But updates can be more personal, too; maybe you reached a personal goal of walking 3200 miles, benching 200 pounds, writing one poem a day for six months, winning a game in Fortnite, building toothpick houses, or building a castle out of toothpicks. You can start this paragraph with something like “since my application or my last update....”
Be Specific: Describe something specific from a virtual tour, info session, an Instagram story, school newspaper, or even a live tour if you were lucky enough to go on campus. If you haven’t done any of that stuff, do it now. Mention classes, profs, clubs, news, stories -- do your research.
About the Format: Most importantly, follow the instructions they send you or share on the portal! If they don’t give clear instructions, here’s what I suggest: Send an email with the text of your LOCI in the email. You can also attach a PDF version, and I suggest uploading a PDF to the portal if they have one. You don't need to use some funky colorful font or weird format here. Let your words, your love for the school, and your voice do the work.
Who: Unless they say otherwise, address the email to the admissions officer who signed your letter and to your regional admissions officer if you have one. Additionally, copy the email to the general admissions office and the director of admissions, and upload it to your portal if that's available to you. I get lots of questions about whether to include the letter in the text of the email or as a pdf. After doing a little research, I’m suggesting both! You can just say at the end something like, “I’ve attached a pdf of this letter in case it’s easier for you to upload it to my file.”
When: If they don't give guidance about their deadline, I advise sending the letter by mid-April and then perhaps a short follow-up in the first or second week of May (again, instructions from the college either in the waitlist letter or on the admissions portal preempt any advice I give, so read everything they send you carefully)
Find your Inner Elsa: Still, even after you’ve sent that letter, don’t plan on the waitlist working out — no matter how much solid soul-bearing you did in your WL-LOCI. Make other plans. Write your letter, send it, be like Elsa, and let it go. Life’s too short to wait around on college acceptances.


UPDATE YOUR INTERVIEWER: Consider updating your interviewer and letting them know. Maybe they have some advice, but either way, it’s a courtesy to them no matter what the decision.
ADDITIONAL LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION: Consider sending in one new or an additional letter of recommendation if the school doesn’t say NOT to. I suggest having that letter present a side of you they might not have seen -- maybe from a boss or a club coordinator. When you ask someone to write a LOR for you, be sure to let them know why you're specifically asking them and how important they've been to your personal growth and development (and in which specific ways). Again, read the directions from the college. If they say not to send any additional materials — don’t.
REACH OUT TO YOUR REGIONAL ADMISSIONS OFFICER: Make sure they know of your interest, but don’t be a bother.
TALK TO YOUR SCHOOL COUNSELOR: Let them know you are planning to pursue the waitlist and ask if they have any helpful suggestions. They could potentially even reach out to the schools for you.
Wise Words from u/ScholarGrade: "Actually, send something. Letters of Continued Interest are actually fairly rare, considering the volume of waitlisted students, so your letter will probably be read and considered. Most students take a waitlist as an L and move on. Briefly tell them why you are a great fit for their school and why it's your top choice. A lot of schools consider demonstrated interest, especially for waitlisted or borderline applicants."
Read More from u/Novembrr in her post from last year: Waitlisted? How to write a LOCI by Novembrr (former Berkeley and UCHicago Admissions Reader)
💖 One last note: I’m here to chat if you want to discuss LOCIs or your feelings. And I know there are tons of others around our amazing A2C ready to give support and advice, too, so please reach out.
XOXO AdmissionsMom
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2023.03.08 20:15 YIRS Best prep path for me (quantitative BS/BA, limited cS coursework)

I have bachelors degrees in economics and statistics (I graduated recently). As an undergrad, I took a lot of math courses (calculus 1-3, differential equations, linear algebra, real analysis, complex analysis). I also took a lot of statistics courses: the two semester mathematical statistics sequence (intro to probability and intro to statistics theory), regression analysis, design of experiments, categorical data analysis, statistical learning, and statistical computing. My GPA was above 3.9.
I only took a single Java CS course for non-majors. I did a lot of R coding as part of my statistics courses. For my job, I write very basic SQL queries and sometimes Python.
As I see it, there are two ways I can go about preparing for OMSCS:
Community College Path:
My local community colleges offers programming 1 & 2, discrete structures (theoretical foundations of CS), and data structures & algorithms online. I would take programming 1 this summer and 2 in the fall. Then I would apply for OMSCS fall 2024 by March 15, 2024. In spring 2024 I would take discrete structures (theoretical foundations of CS), and then data structures & algorithms in summer 2024.
MOOC Path:
I can start taking the three MOOC listed on the OMSCS website now, using the verified certificate tracks. If I work diligently, I think I can finish all three by March 15, 2024.
I would appreciate everyone's thoughts on this. My biggest concern with the CC path is that I wouldn't have credit for data structures & algorithms by the March 15 2024 application deadline for fall 2024. My biggest concern with the MOOC path is that admissions committee won't take the coursework as seriously as CC courses.
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2023.03.06 06:43 gooey_bluey UPDATE: @gtmarriagepact deadline extended to Monday afternoon!

link to the original post
Hey guys! We decided to extend the deadline to Monday afternoon! The goal is 2k submissions so don't hesitate to share it with your friends!! (especially female ones considering the gender ratio started climbing after the first Reddit post lol)
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2023.03.01 12:30 AutoModerator Monthly Prospective Evaluation Thread

Hello All,
We know that you guys would like us to have your chances of admissions evaluated. Fine. We will now consolidate them in an evaluation thread automatically created around 6.30am ET every first day of the month.
First of all, read the entry requirements very carefully. They are found on the right hand side of the screen if you are using your desktop. No matter how good your SOP are, if you do not meet them, there is no way GaTech would accept you.
Also check out our Wiki and Hall of Fame too.
In the comments below, you can choose either to evaluate your SOP (Statement of Purpose) or, in a separate comment, your probability of acceptance.
Posting individual threads pertaining to the below will be removed. Repeated offenders will be permanently banned from OMSA.

Statement of Purpose

Yes, Statements of Purpose are deal-breakers. You need to craft them properly to increase your chances significantly in acceptance. More so if you lack either your GPA or working experience. You can check out some ideas and writing process provided by
You can then show us your draft here for critique. To prevent people stealing your SOP, you can choose to edit/remove them after evaluation.

Probability of Acceptance

You must follow the following format. This is similar to the admissions thread with some slight modifications.
Any deviations from this format will have your comment locked.
* Education * Georgia Tech, BS, Comp. Sci., 3.00 / 4.00 * Community College, AS, Eng. Lit., 3.57 / 4.00 * Test Scores * 2021 TOEFL - 9 * 2020 GMAT - total 720, quant sub 52, essay 6 * Experience * 2018 - 2021; Microogle; .NEX * 2014 - 2018; Banana; Python 3.6, VBA; Math * Recommendations - 3 (My uncle, my auntie, my dog) * Comments - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, blah blah blah. 
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2023.03.01 06:01 jkim545 Meta Thread - March 2023

Hello gatech!
This is a monthly meta thread that renews on the 1st day of each month @ 12:00 AM EDT.
Please remember to follow all rules.
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2023.02.23 17:39 krishh15 r/gatech_msa_fall23 Lounge

A place for members of gatech_msa_fall23 to chat with each other
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2023.02.19 14:46 nolandirhomealone Duke vs. Georgia Tech Grad Studies (Mech/Aero) Comparison

I'm interested in a field (aeroelasticity) which has great faculties at both GaTech and Duke.
Which of these, specifically the culture and capacity w.r.t grad school, is better? Any opinions or comparisons are welcome.
Currently, need to decide between the two.
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2023.02.19 13:22 autotldr New Water Disinfection Method. When electricity was applied at 40 kilovolts per centimeter for 200 nanoseconds, 95% of nanowedges killed the bacteria. Compared to conventional EFT, LEEFT lowers applied eclectic field strength by eight times — and shortens the treatment time by 1 million times.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 16%. (I'm a bot)
When water and bacteria are exposed to electricity, the bacteria cell membrane acts like a capacitor in a circuit.
Typically, in CEFT, water's low conductivity means nanosecond pulses won't charge the membrane fast enough to kill bacteria.
The researchers created a locally enhanced electric field that brought the electricity directly to the bacteria.
The electrodes have gold nanotips that build up concentrated charges instantly when connected to electricity, enabling the charges to travel to the membrane and kill the bacteria much faster.
"This ultra-fast bacteria inactivation just using the nanosecond pulses is a surprise because, theoretically, nanosecond pulses are just too short to kill the bacteria in conventional electric field treatment because the membrane takes time to charge," Wang said.
"But with LEEFT's nanowedges and nanostructures, the bacteria cells can be charged directly by the nanometal, quickly disinfecting water."
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: bacteria#1 charge#2 membrane#3 water#4 kill#5
Post found in /science and /technology.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.02.14 20:39 Dull_Koala_6109 I'm here to save you: Application portals of some of the most popular colleges

I would like one of the moderators to pin this post. This list is designed for all those who at some point have lost the links or emails to access their application portal. Even if this is not your case, save this list, it may be useful to you! :D If you have contributions from more portals to add to the list, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments or write to me by chat. I am expanding the list so some of the institutions listed here are not schools I have applied to.
List (in alphabetical order):
1- Bowdoin College
2- Brandeis University
3- Brown University
4- California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
5- Case Western Reserve University
6- Claremont McKenna College
7- College of the Holy Cross
8- Columbia University
9- Colorado College
10- Cornell University
11- Dartmouth College
12- Denison University
13- Duke University
14- Drexel University
15- Franklin & Marshall College
16- Georgia Tech
17- Georgetown University
18- Harvard College
19- Hobart and William Smith Colleges
20- Johns Hopkins University
21- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
22- New York University (NYU)
23- Northeastern University (The most loved by A2C)
24- Northwestern University
25- Occidental College
26- Pomona College
27- Princeton University
28- Pitzer College
29- Stanford University
30- Tufts University
31- University of Chicago (UChicago)
32- University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)
33- University of Rochester
34- Vanderbilt University
35- WashU r clothes
36- Wesleyan University
37- Yale

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2023.02.14 15:28 SpirallingToNowhere kill the cancer (eagle) by giving the cat cannabis. This guy's eagle must be 6ft under, so enlightened.

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2023.02.03 00:00 Detective-Raichu Fall 2023 Cohort Admissions Results

Let's use (and update) this template !

Using this template will help make the results searchable & help with parsing to automatically compile statistics. We will be able to include in the next iteration of the thread for acceptance rates or patterns in backgrounds that are successful in applying for the program.
Thanks to u/rilienn, we have a spreadsheet of every redditer who has submitted their information from as early as Fall 2017.
Please note that this spreadsheet is only updated when, (1) all the results are out for that semester, and (2) after all the acceptance/rejection letters have been sent out. Don't spam our moderating volunteers on this.

The template looks like this

How do you apply this template in markdown mode?

First switch from Fancy Pants Editor to Markdown Mode if you're in Desktop! If you're in mobile, you're in Markdown Mode already!
You can copy-pasta! This is the first of many markdowns you will learn in OMSA, trust me.
* Status - Applied * Date of Application - 01/12/18 * Date of Decision - *In Progress* * Education * Georgia Tech, BS, Comp. Sci., 3.00 / 4.00 * Community College, AS, Eng. Lit., 3.57 / 4.00 * Test Scores * 2022 TOEFL - 9 * 2021 GMAT - total 720, quant sub 52, essay 6 * Experience * 2018 - 2022; Microogle; .NEX * 2014 - 2018; Banana; Python 3.6, VBA; Math * Recommendations - 3 (My uncle, my auntie, my dog) * Comments - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, blah blah blah. 
Failure to follow the template will cause yourself to be downvoted by the community and blacklisted by the TAs. The latter part is just kidding - but we do survey on which accounts belongs to who, eventually.

What to do after this?

Brush up on ALL your pre-requisites.

The list of pre-reqs are conveniently located at the right hand side of the screen if you are using a desktop browser. If you think you are ready, check out the OMSA Readiness Test here.
Failure to meet your pre-requisites will make your OMSA life suck and the OMSA community thanks you for willingly providing the school fees. We are not joking. Trust us. We have seen it countless times in countless semesters in the forums, Slacks, here.
If your pre-reqs are well done, take a break, really. You will only get social on StackOverflow and OMSA Slack once you embark on your part-time study with us.
Say goodbye to your social life once OMSA starts.

Head to Slack (if possible)!

If you are given an GaTech ID number in your Application status, you can attempt to join our huge community (students, TAs, Profs) in omsa-study.slack.com.
  1. Go to https://passport.gatech.edu/activation/select-affiliation as an Applicant to claim your GT account with your given gtID number at https://gradapp.gatech.edu/apply/.
  2. With you account set up, head to https://gatech.enterprise.slack.com/ for first login.
  3. Search for OMSA Study Group and join :)! Please don't forget to announce your arrival at the channel #introduce-yourself!
If you are not given a GaTech ID number over there, you can try to locate over here. Otherwise, tough luck. You haven't paid the school fees yet, so it's up to them to give you access, really.

What about other Social Media channels?

We don't advise on creating new Slack, Discord, and WhatsApp (anyone still uses FB?) groups specific to your cohort.
From our experience, this would indeed be a case of the blind leading the blind and you will have loads of spammy messages and possibly get yourselves into Honor Code violation, even if you're unwittingly innocent.
Stick to what we all have and you'll do well. Don't fret.

Not forgetting also ...

Still waiting for acceptance? Don't fret!

Giving out acceptance is manual. They have a criteria and batches to award the acceptance letters to. As much as the criteria is unknown to us, we are kinda convinced now that there is a trend on the type of applications they tend to admit first.
Use the template above. It will increase clarity to us, the administrators, and those around you, the type of profiles that are still waiting. What we believe is those on the early decision deadline + strong profiles are being accepted at this time of posting. The others will have to wait.
Merely describing that your application is holding up only fuels uncertainty. Merely describing that your application is rejected only fuels anxiety. This is not helpful to everyone, and therefore we will not hesitate to delete them.
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2023.02.02 06:19 ieatmyass1234 thank god for ut 🙏🙏🙏

Intended Major(s): CS 🤪🤪
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
Extracurriculars/Activities: Mine r pretty dogshit lol - Band (section leader + librarian) (but a pretty unique instrument + a decent amount of success in comps) + a whole lotta random music stuff like transcribing, (kinda) self-taught piano - Science competition club co-pres - Keyboard assembly (coding custom firmware, handwiring bc I'm poor) - Music honor society (secretary) - Regional science comp - Some random stem summer program at a local university (not very presitgious) - Jazz band (outside of school) - Tutor for math/number theory - I did some random phone/text-banking w some random organizations lol nothing crazy - Bike repair volunteering, was leader for a year but quit due to covid and other factors
Awards/Honors: - 1st place in science comp (~7 schools) - Most outstanding student in aforementioned summer program - NMSF - AP Scholar with Distinction - State Ensemble Award
Essays/LORs/Interviews: (briefly reflect/rate) - Essays were pretty bad (I also talked abt mental health 😀 Ig is ok bc it wasn't like a pity party) - I thought my major one was pretty good though (if not generic though, I talked abt my fanaticism of my ti84 throughout middle school and how that translated to CS) - Personal statement was alright
LOR: - Chem teacher - probably a 7-8 I had a pretty good relationship w them + asked many questions, but I was pretty quiet and unsociable - Lang teacher - probably a 6-7 talked w them lot abt random stuff idk, I think we had a pretty good relationshipbut I never really was that good at English lol - Private lesson teacher - for music supps, we have a very good relationship but I've not had them for that long
Waiting on: - MIT - CMU - Cornell - UCLA and Berkeley - (Realistically I wasted like 500$ applying to these)
Additional Information: Still don't know how I got into UTCS especially w much more qualified applicants around me everywhere. Friday was pretty sucky but y'all sleep on the lesser state schools, I realized that regardless of my ut decision (I got it on Monday) tamu would have been amazing anyways + the only real reason I wanted to get into a t20 was so my parents wouldn't be disappointed and maybe jobs but I'm planning on grad school anyways
Also note how I had like barely any EC's in cs lol
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2023.02.01 17:59 innocence_in_hiding Schools outside T20 for Finance/Consult/Tech

Hello my friends.
This is a plea for help (jk). I've let a few people in my circle know that I've been admitted to US MBA programs. This was clearly a mistake, because now I have had to advise lots of second/third degree connections on business school applications. While I am familiar with the top schools (T20 US News), I find myself woefully ignorant when people ask about non-top-schools. I want to be of better help to people when they ask, so I need your help.
Can you good people please help me compile a list of non-T20 schools that are good for finance, consulting, and tech? For the benefit of the MBA readers, I shall update all your feedback within the post body as below:
FINANCE: Rice Jones, <>
CONSULTING: Emory Goizueta, <>
TECH: UW Foster, IU Kelley, GATech Scheller, Rochester Simon, <>
Thank you very much in advance
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2023.02.01 12:30 AutoModerator Monthly Prospective Evaluation Thread

Hello All,
We know that you guys would like us to have your chances of admissions evaluated. Fine. We will now consolidate them in an evaluation thread automatically created around 6.30am ET every first day of the month.
First of all, read the entry requirements very carefully. They are found on the right hand side of the screen if you are using your desktop. No matter how good your SOP are, if you do not meet them, there is no way GaTech would accept you.
Also check out our Wiki and Hall of Fame too.
In the comments below, you can choose either to evaluate your SOP (Statement of Purpose) or, in a separate comment, your probability of acceptance.
Posting individual threads pertaining to the below will be removed. Repeated offenders will be permanently banned from OMSA.

Statement of Purpose

Yes, Statements of Purpose are deal-breakers. You need to craft them properly to increase your chances significantly in acceptance. More so if you lack either your GPA or working experience. You can check out some ideas and writing process provided by
You can then show us your draft here for critique. To prevent people stealing your SOP, you can choose to edit/remove them after evaluation.

Probability of Acceptance

You must follow the following format. This is similar to the admissions thread with some slight modifications.
Any deviations from this format will have your comment locked.
* Education * Georgia Tech, BS, Comp. Sci., 3.00 / 4.00 * Community College, AS, Eng. Lit., 3.57 / 4.00 * Test Scores * 2021 TOEFL - 9 * 2020 GMAT - total 720, quant sub 52, essay 6 * Experience * 2018 - 2021; Microogle; .NEX * 2014 - 2018; Banana; Python 3.6, VBA; Math * Recommendations - 3 (My uncle, my auntie, my dog) * Comments - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, blah blah blah. 
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2023.02.01 06:00 jkim545 Meta Thread - February 2023

Hello gatech!
This is a monthly meta thread that renews on the 1st day of each month @ 12:00 AM EDT.
Please remember to follow all rules.
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2023.01.30 04:25 dusky186 Who should new applicants go to when GT ID/passport is not working correctly?

As I mentioned in another thread, I have been contacted by several recent applicants who are having trouble finding there GTID in order to access the OMSA slack, OMCS slack, and pretty much anything Georgia Tech related.
Emails confirming the GT email are not being sent out weeks after application.
The claim your GT account no longer works properly if you have the same name as someone who has been a student at Georgia Tech
In terms of emails, I suspect recent changes to SSO at Georgia tech when mixed with the recent changes to how outlook handles extern/internal messages is to blame. And even back as early 2011 the original passport website always broke down when two people with the same first, last name, and year of admission tried to claim there Georgia Tech email.
Where should they for help locating and getting there GT ID if the steps listed in the wiki are not working properly? How should they contact OIT given that most methods of OIT support now require a GT ID?
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2023.01.28 03:01 Regular_Wind_7317 Mission Failed: GATECH, UIUC, UNC, UMD, and Purdue

Okay. Here's my rant. I'm your standard below-average Asian Male in CS. Like many others in this sub, I applied to GATECH, UIUC, UMD, UNC, etc. this fall and was rejected to pretty much all of them. Honestly, I feel dead inside. I worked so hard all for naught for 3.5 years. Honestly, I don't know what the point of all of this. Maybe things would've gone differently if I just lied on my application. I don't know. (Please don't tell me "CHEATING IS WRONG" because most people who cheat in school definitely don't get karma)
I kept on telling myself throughout the year that I wasn't going to get in to most of my colleges because of my below average stats, but maybe it was just a sliver of hope, I really wanted to get in. So it hurts badly getting rejected like this, having your sliver of hope erased from existence.
And don't tell me "FoR CS IT DoESN"T mAttER wHat CoLLeGE YoU GO TO". Because we all know that deep inside that isn't true. CMU has unique competitive programming courses with helpful mentors. GATECH has the threads program. And with a "prestigious college" you can basically pass the first-round of interviews with ease and break into a FAANG or HRT much easier. AND DON'T FORGET THE BRAGGING RIGHTS.
Also don't say "YoUR CoLLEGE DoEsn't DeFiNE You!" because who actually believes in the crap. I'm a disgusting materialist and a prestige-whore. I can never seek validation from myself and can only get it from others. Knowing I'm part of one of the greatest colleges would define me and heighten my self-esteem. And the fact everyone else will look up to me would make me so happy.
I'm your standard A2C CS guy. The guy who wants to get a FAANG Company job, maybe start a tech startup in the future, and maybe even try to break into quant. I know that I have no chance at quant rn and barely any for FAANG in freshman and sophomore year with my stats and knowing that hurts so much.
I just wanted to let everyone on A2C know that I really want to give up. I really do. Except for the fact I don't know how. I'm your typical antisocial grinder. If I get rejected from CMU tmrw too, I'm going to start on the non-academic competitive programming grind. For those have also been deferred and rejected, I promise I'll make sure to defeat GATECH'S, UIUC'S, UMD'S UNC'S, AND Purdue's teams in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), and make them regret rejecting/deffering me so don't give up hope yet.
Ahhhh, that's all for now. Sorry for the cringe. I'm sleepy and thanks for listening to my rant. Good Night.
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2023.01.25 16:29 GTMarineRobotics Do you know about the Marine Robotics Group?!

Hello everyone! The Marine Robotics Group will be having a new membe kickoff meeting this coming Monday at 6:30 pm in Weber 112. All are welcome to attend, and no experience is required!
Short descriptions of subteams we have: 1) Software, which works on the autonomy for all of our boats 2) Mechanical, which builds the hulls and mounts 3) Electrical, which works on the motors, safety systems, and controllers!
We are currently preparing for the RoboBoat competition and have a team dedicated to building an autonomous sailboat for the Microtransat challenge. To find out more check out our website at: https://marinerobotics.gtorg.gatech.edu/
If you're interested in joining, fill out our interest form here: https://forms.office.com/i4rM0gPstC Hope to see some of you this Monday!
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2023.01.15 07:58 TheSpectrumLazer Chance an Asian male in CS wishing he could turn back time

Demographics: Gender, race/ethnicity, state, type of school, and hooks (URM, first generation, legacy, athlete, etc.)
Moved to China in middle school. Severely blamed the lack of research, competition prep classes (fk AMC), and internship opportunities on my move + my mediocre Chinese. But, it was this world outside my comfort zone that was the source of my interests, growth, and essays (so I'm bing chilling now)
Intended Major(s):
UW/W GPA and Rank:
Coursework: AP/IB/Dual Enrollment classes, AP/IB scores, etc
Took every AP offered by my school except Music Theory, Art, and Psychology. Had to take CSA and APUSH online due to scheduling issues, and took advanced math from online universities for college credit. Honestly surprised I was able to power through and get decent grades with so many classes in online format, along with ~200 SCHOOL DAYS OF ONLINE LEARNING (government restrictions...). Maybe CS:GO, Osu!, and LoL have some intrinsic healing powers...
Extracurriculars: Include leadership & summer activities
I feel like my ECs fall into that "asian male in CS" cookie cutter mold - a lot of it was what was available to me. No spike, no research, no internship, no competitions. However, a lot of ECs were filled with learning experiences as well: developing my growth and most specifically my interest in connecting and communication (hopefully expressed through my essays)
Essays/LORs/Other: Optionally, guess how strong these are and include any other relevant information or circumstances.
Schools: List of colleges, ED/EA/RD, etc
(I can't even touch the rim though)
Why I want to turn back time:
So chanceme, what do you think? Is my desire to time travel justified? Sorry for the wall of text, and thanks for any responses!
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