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Cats cuddling/playing/goofing off with dogs

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Static site generator built by Evan You that is based off or VUE.js. This is a great tool for documentation sites, marketing sites, blogs and content sites.

2023.03.30 13:21 impossiblepuppy2 What's behind Germany only Portal for international students to apply for universities?

Uni-assist shady board members are making $300 Millions out of International students. Even so it's non profit organization.
This organization isn't doing anything. they're a man in the middle between you and the university. And I don't know why most German Universities are using uni-assist. This is like the worst place you can apply into.
First of all they have the worst customer service in Germany. Never email them or you'll regret it.
Second, The money you pay doesn't go through secure pay gate.
Third, the documents you upload may get stolen.
You can go see the reviews about this place on Google. But students still apply throu uni-assist, because It's only Portal to apply for. If we gather enough vote we can file a complaint against them in Berlin. Shut down their business or Create another portal. But anyway As I said in the beginning "Shady Board members"
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2023.03.30 13:21 starosexx what can i do in the "other world"? (mild spoilers?)

although ive come to trust that everything in this game happens for a reason, or at least has some explanation as to why it happens, i dont understand what the purpose of the "other world" is. when you sleep at a campfire and go to the dream world (mild spoiler warning) and then you leave your artifact behind youre sent into this idk if its a state or a place or what but its different than "usual"
what im trying to figure out is what uses does this have? i can walk through a door or two, cross these bridges that dont exist anywhere else and extinguish lights, but im still completely visible, completely killable, and i cant even activate or use anything that would require a light.
i just need the smallest push in the right direction. ive tried infiltrating the riverlands log cabin and proceeded to get my "spine adjusted by a pursuer", i tried to sneak past the bell in the candlelit cove only be rudely awaken by extremely loud dinging, and ive also explored a good amount of the cliffside building in the endless canyon .
the only significant findings so far are:
  1. a vistor going through a film reel and another one walking around behind the door adjacent to the dining hall entrance at the EC
  2. also at the EC some phantom bridges and a passable door in the gallery room above the fire leading to one of the bridges
  3. a burned down building and stairs up to the top of the big tower at the entrance of CC
  4. this door in the candlelit build in the SW/RL
have i gotten close to anything at all? maybe some place to explore more?
side note: i explored the outside of the submerged structure it both states , nothing to interesting there as of rn
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2023.03.30 13:21 OppositeCool3290 Best NEET Coaching Classes in Shivaji Nagar

APMA is an institution committed to providing planned and organized guidance to students in order to assist them in cracking our country’s most advanced medical entrance exam. With our extensive knowledge and skills, we are providing a smart approach to achievement that is goal-oriented, strategically planned, and absolutely exceptional. Best NEET Coaching institute in Shivajinagar
We offer extensive assistance with entrance exam preparation in order to help students achieve their career goals. We are dedicated to training our students for the careers and lives they desire. Our structured teaching approach, together with the assistance of experienced and committed experts, guarantees our students a competitive advantage. Join the best Neet coaching classes in Pune at APMA, where you will get the best training to prepare yourself for the NEET exam.
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2023.03.30 13:20 Boris-Borsht Popular Scale D&D Miniatures: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is more than just a tabletop role-playing game; it's a world where imagination, creativity, and strategy come together to create memorable adventures. One of the key aspects that make the game come alive is the use of miniatures to represent characters and creatures in the game. In this article, we'll dive into the world of popular scale D&D miniatures, exploring the top brands, how to choose the right miniatures, and tips for painting and displaying your collection.

A Brief Introduction to D&D Miniatures

Miniatures have been an integral part of D&D since its inception, providing a visual representation of characters, monsters, and NPCs (non-player characters) during gameplay. While not absolutely necessary, they can greatly enhance the experience by adding a tangible element to the game.
When it comes to D&D miniatures, there are several popular scales used in the game, with 25mm or 28mm being the most common. This refers to the size of the miniature, measured from its base to its eye level. If you want to learn more about the different scales used in D&D, check out this comprehensive guide on scale.

Top Brands for D&D Miniatures

There are several brands known for producing high-quality, popular scale D&D miniatures, each with its unique features and styles.

Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures is a well-known name in the world of tabletop gaming. They offer an extensive range of D&D miniatures, with their most popular line being the "Bones" series. These miniatures are made from a durable, lightweight plastic material that makes them affordable and easy to paint.


WizKids is another popular brand in the D&D miniatures space, offering a wide selection of pre-painted miniatures through their "Icons of the Realms" and "Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures" lines. These miniatures are made from high-quality plastic, and their pre-painted status saves you time and effort when preparing for your gaming sessions.

Hero Forge

Hero Forge takes customization to the next level by allowing you to design your own custom D&D miniature through their user-friendly online platform. You can select your character's race, gender, equipment, and pose, and Hero Forge will 3D print your unique design using a variety of materials, including plastic and metal.

Choosing the Right Miniatures for Your Game

When selecting popular scale D&D miniatures for your game, there are several factors to consider:
  1. Scale: Make sure the miniatures you choose are compatible with the scale used in your game. As mentioned earlier, 25mm or 28mm scales are the most common for D&D.
  2. Character Representation: Choose miniatures that accurately represent your character's race, class, and equipment.
  3. Material: Miniatures can be made from various materials, including plastic, metal, and resin. Each material has its pros and cons, so consider factors such as durability, weight, and ease of painting when making your decision.
  4. Budget: D&D miniatures come in a wide range of prices, from affordable plastic options to more expensive, highly detailed metal and resin miniatures. Determine your budget and prioritize your miniature purchases accordingly.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Your D&D Miniatures

Painting your D&D miniatures can be a fun and rewarding process, allowing you to personalize your characters and bring them to life. Here's a step-by-step guide to painting your miniatures:
  1. Clean and Prime: Before painting your miniature, clean it with warm, soapy water to remove any mold release agents or dirt. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry completely. Then, apply a coat of primer to help the paint adhere better to the miniature's surface.
  2. Basecoat: Apply a thin layer of base paint to the entire miniature, covering all areas you plan to paint. Use a larger brush for this step and avoid overloading it with paint. Allow the basecoat to dry before moving on to the next step.
  3. Layering: Begin painting the various sections of your miniature, starting with the largest areas and working your way down to the smaller details. Use a smaller brush for more precision and apply thin layers of paint, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next.
  4. Shading: To add depth and dimension to your miniature, apply a wash or shade to the recessed areas. This will help create shadows and make the details stand out. Use a small brush and dilute the wash with water if necessary.
  5. Highlighting: Highlight the raised areas of your miniature with a lighter shade of paint to emphasize the details and create a sense of depth. Use a fine brush and apply the paint sparingly, focusing on areas that would naturally catch the light.
  6. Finishing Touches: Add any final details or touch-ups to your miniature, such as painting the eyes, adding patterns, or applying decals. Be patient and take your time to achieve the best results.
  7. Sealing: Once your paint job is complete and fully dry, apply a protective coat of matte or gloss varnish to seal the paint and protect it from chipping and wear.

Displaying and Storing Your D&D Miniatures

After investing time and effort into painting your popular scale D&D miniatures, you'll want to display and store them properly. Here are some tips to help you showcase your collection and keep your miniatures safe:
  1. Display Shelves: Use shelves or glass display cabinets to showcase your painted miniatures, keeping them dust-free and protected.
  2. Themed Dioramas: Create themed dioramas or battle scenes to display your miniatures in a more immersive setting, enhancing the visual appeal of your collection.
  3. Storage Cases: When not in use, store your miniatures in foam-lined cases or custom storage solutions designed specifically for D&D miniatures. This will help protect them from damage during transport or storage.
  4. Maintenance: Regularly dust and clean your miniatures to keep them looking their best. If you notice any paint chipping or damage, touch up the paint as needed to maintain their appearance.


Popular scale D&D miniatures can truly elevate your tabletop gaming experience, adding a visual and tactile element to your adventures. By choosing the right miniatures, painting them with care, and displaying them proudly, you'll be able to fully immerse yourself in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Don't forget to explore the various brands available, including Reaper Miniatures, WizKids, and Hero Forge, to find the perfect miniatures for your gaming needs.
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2023.03.30 13:20 IrvingsGhost [M4F] A nostalgic 90s Halloween themed plot? Looking for a partner!

I’m a Halloween lover, and an Autumn lover in general. To me, it truly is the greatest season of all time and I think it’s the perfect season for a romantic and dramatic story. That’s what I’m hoping to find here!
This story would be set in the late 90s, where films like the craft and scream are part of the common consciousness, and Halloween still held magic. Halloween town is airing for its first time and hocus pocus is essential. Neighborhood kids ride bikes to each other’s houses while teenagers meet at misty Autumn lakes for impromptu campfires filled with urban legends of hook-handed psychos. Halloween held a power over that era, and I want to recapture it in this roleplay!
Here’s an overview of my idea for the actual plot:
Our characters are young adults, possibly from the same town and possibly familiar with each-other (or you could be new to town, up to you). It’s early October and the summer heat has retreated, leaving chilly mornings and the first hints of dying leaves. My character’s best friend is planning a massive Halloween party, and the time is ticking for him to find a date.
Here is where I have two separate but equally ideas, this could simply be a boy meets girl slice of life story, or we could take it in a supernatural direction!
If we keep it just a romantic story, then obviously our characters would get to know eachother, go in cute fall dates to the pumpkin patch, haunted houses, costume shops, etc..
If we take it into a supernatural direction, I’d like to add a whimsical horror element to the mix! Maybe the spirit of Halloween is angry and begins to bring Halloween entities to life and our characters are the unlikely heroes? Could be fun!
The main thing is, I want to capture that comfy nostalgic feeling of the era, and inject it with a healthy amount of romance and character growth! I think using settings such as pumpkin patches and costume stores would be a ton of fun, whether it gets supernatural or not!
Now for the technical stuff! I’m in EST time zone, and I only RP on discord for simplicity sake! I am semi-literate and will never one line you, as I always strive for multiple paragraphs! I am usually working during the day but I will try and get responses out on my town time which is pretty often!
If you’re interested in this, please be willing to discuss with me! If you’re expecting me to have everything meticulously planned out and ready, I will disappoint you! But if your down to brainstorm and make this something we both care about, I can’t wait to chat!
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2023.03.30 13:19 RoutineInfinite911 does he like me or am i delusional? send help

Throwaway account cause he knows my main.
So, there is this guy that I have been crushing. We have known each other for a long time (same school) however we reconnected recently and started gaming together.
Reasons i think he's into me:
These were the reasons i thought of now so what's the verdict? I have no idea if hes usually this nice or hes like this toward me.
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2023.03.30 13:19 Apprehensive-Lie-391 how do I make my modpack have better fps?

So, I have made a list of mods to play with my friends and family it has 210 mods and the fps I got when I was testing it was terrible and I got a high pc too and I was getting like 30-70 fps but then I installed the insane craft modpack to see how much fps i will get and when I saw the fps it was MINIMUM 120 FPS!! and max 200!! I was shocked Cuz it was an older version of Minecraft too 1.12.2 (my modpack is 1.19.2) so idk how they optimized the modpack that good and yes, I used the lowest setting on optifine on my modpack and it was still low fps and was crashing a lot and the insane craft modpack had alot of big mods too mine are mostly medium to small mods only a couple of large mods. so can someone PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE!
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2023.03.30 13:19 denNes_ Dateformat issue after web-data-import

Hi. My problem is the following:
Using Excel's web data import function, I want to import fanfiction-bookmarks from into Excel, which does work for the most part.
However, there is one exception: The formatting for the date format is not consistent. Ideally all dates should be displayed as [DD.MM.YYYY], where [DD MMM YYYY] is the initial formatting on

All 20 entries came from the same web-import. It is not possible to split them up in groups less than 20 before importing.

This is the original dateformat. After the import, the upper date has correctly been reformatted to 26.07.2021, while the lower one is still 12 Dec 2020
As you can see, the first 11 of the 20 entries have already been correctly reformatted by Excel. The last 9 still have the initial format [DD MMM YYYY], and I'm stuck on how to make it all consistent.

Additional info:
- It is possible to format individual cells that are already in the [DD.MM.YYYY] format. For those in the [DD MMM YYYY] format, however, this has no effect.
- I use 'Excel Home & Student 2016' on desktop. Language: German
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2023.03.30 13:19 SerRolf16 Anon worships Lucifer

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2023.03.30 13:19 No-Ship-674 Great, Now this Hollywood Actress is Upset With Me

I need your help. You see, I got into a bit of a squabble on Twitter concerning an actress whom I was good friends with (Well, Twitter friends, but friends nonetheless), Abigail Breslin. Most of our interactions have been positive, however, I recently posted about some insecurity I was feeling about a diary my mother kept. (Seriously, you DON'T want to know what was in there) that my father is looking to publish. Naturally, this led me to ask on Twitter how to handle this- unfortunately, I phrased it as "Has your dad ever kept a diary about how awful you were? That's what Mom did." Oops. Needless to say, she was NOT amused, and threatened to block me. (She hasn't, thank the Lord, but it was still a threat.)
No, the reason I'm batshit terrified of my father finding out, is because, knowing him, he'll lecture me about how "celebrities like her are shallow phonies who only act nice for the cameras. Do you think Angelina Jolie and Madonna really care about the orphans they adopt?" (Frankly, in the latter case, she had to adopt. Had she tried having a biological child, her doctor would've (most likely) said "Lady, you don't need a geneticist, you need a psychiatrist!" Not that my also-then- 50-year-old mother would know anything like that. Thing is, I had already given her a copy of my book backstage (six years ago today, no less!) and she was thrilled to receive it. As if that's not enough, I gave her the autograph, not the other way around.
Looking back on my life, I understand more deeply my fixation with trying to impress movie stars. Growing up during the dawn of the millennium, I had difficulty connecting with the real world, so I often immersed myself in fictional worlds from computer games, books, movies, or cartoons. I loved them so much, I wanted to be, just like Ariel “part of your world.” I didn’t realize it however, until I was about 10 years old. I was in the bathroom after a particularly nasty fight in school, and so upset about my life that I thought about Phil Vischer, the guy from “VeggieTales” my favorite show at the time, adopting me into his family. Seriously. I didn’t tell anyone, so my mom didn’t lecture me about how impractical it was. I also didn’t talk about this dream in school, because you’re not supposed to promote religion there.
Now, I know this whole celebrity worship is totally shallow, but most of our interactions have been positive, whether it's bonding over dead parents or talking about our Jewish grandmas. I honestly believed I could have my shiny, glamorous cake and eat it too- a person who's popular and successful and yet still nice. Talk about wishful thinking!
So anyways, if you know any ways to help, please let me know. Thank you for your time.
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2023.03.30 13:18 Pete-on-the-moon Private sector DB Pension with GMP components

My DB Pension includes both Pre-88 GMP and Post-88 GMP components and I wonder if the statute for increases via State Pension actually still applies.
Pre-88 GMP - states '... may be increased by the State from State Pension Age in line with inflation and increases paid to you with your State Pension'
Post-88 GMP - 'If inflation is greater than 3% the excess may be paid by the State with your State Pension'. (Note: the pension fund covers increases up to 3% )
I am on the New State Pension and have qualified for the full pension amount available. Various sources cannot confirm if the possible GMP increases are applicable under the New State Pension and no one seems aware of this being paid to anyone.
My guess is these amounts are rolled up in the State Pension and receive increases under the current triple lock. One never reads about these additional payments so guess it may be legacy statute.
Hoping someone can shed some light on this.
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2023.03.30 13:18 BigMonkeEnjoyer39942 MLB X Squid Game (Part 2): Red Light, Green Light

I suggest reading through part 1 here before going any further
Fade in, TV Station, Paris
Nadia: Don't be bemused its just the news, a total of 65 people in paris were reported missing just last night and 83 people in tokyo could this be a coincidence
A list shows up with all the people reported missing the scene then zooms out to Alya who is watching the broadcast on her phone while on the metro after seeing Marinette's name she is chocked
Alya: Marinette, but how
Nino: Alya what alright
Alya: No, I just saw a broadcaste claming Marinette reported missing alongside Chloe and Lila
VIP Lounge, Atlantic Island
Gabriel is pissed off at the Recruiter for failing to prevent Kagami and Adrien from joing in the games
Gabriel: I gave you one task and you messed up
Recruiter: Gabriel, Im sorry
Tomoe: Gabriel it's too late now to do anything if we set the two free they will be busted.
Gabriel: You got lucky this time but if you mess up again that will be the last time i ever see your face again
Recruiter: Don't worry Gabriel I got the costume you needed
Gabriel: Perfect
Gabriel and Tomoe wear special customes and proclaim them selves as the front man and front lady to the elites
Bunk Rooms
Everyone is waking up as the sleep effects begin wear off. Most people feel as if something is missing
Person 1: My necklace
Person 2: My watch
Marinette: My ear rings
Jewerley and other valuables were taken away from the partipants before the game started including the miraculous of the ladybug, black cat and peacock. Suddenly everyone's finger begins vibrating. On the special rings the front man has a message in it he talks in a deeper and more robotic tone in contrast to Gabriel
Front man: Welcome to the squid games where you will have the ability to win a grand prize of $100 billion euros if you lose however you will get nothing. Anyone who dares step out of line will be eliminated. The guards and security cameras will be monitoring every move you make so don't dare breaking the rules here. You have been assigned a uniform which you will change into afterwards you will be served breakfast
The guards come there are 50 of them all holding guns they begin to escort the players to the changing rooms.
Marinette: Don't you think this is weird
Adrien: I should've trusted my gut this is no game this is a prison we can probably talk about this when we head back here
Guards: You will be silent at once
Marinette and Adrien are forced to be silent. They decide to change into their uniform before heading back to the bunk room here they are served an orange and a bottle of water. Felix and Kagami are already here. Felix is scolding at her
Felix: I told you not to come
Kagami: I'm sorry but i had to
Felix: Well we still have one chance left
Marinette and Adrien walk towards felix and kagami
Marinette: Seriously an orange and water
Adrien: Tell me this is the worst combination ever
Kagami: Hey Adrien, hey Marinette
Felix: Listen we've got to stratergise if we want that $100bn euros we gotta work together to win
The three: I agree
Just as they are about to plan Nathalie also offers to join and the four agree and 5 begin planning. Chloe, Lila and Sabrina also try join
Lila: Can we join you too
Felix: We
Nathalie: don't
Adrien: trust
Marinette: You
Chloe: It doesnt matter those five are utterly riduclous and will certainly make us lose
Lila: You're absolutely right chloe
The ring vibrates again Gabriel is ready for the first game
Front man: The guards will now begin to escourt you to your first game you will be briefed on the rules as soon as you get there
Felix: Lets do this
The Guards escourt all 500 contestants a new area where they will play their first game
Valuable Rooms
Tikki wakes up she tried to escape this room she ended up in but the walls are kwami proof. Plagg also wakes up and also tries phasing through the walls.
Tikki: Plagg there is no use the walls are kwami proof
Plagg: Don't worry Ill just use my catacl-
Tikki: Remember the last time you did that it caused a massive explosions besides we should just wait for our holders to finish the game
Red Light Valley
Everyone ends up in a new place called red light valley covered with mountains on all sides and a sand patch. On the other end is a robot which will say red light and green light continously. The front lady then begins to play a message
Front Lady: Welcome to red light green light in a matter of 10 minutes you will have to cross the 500 metre strip if you fail to do so you will be eliminated. If you move during a red light you will be-
Chloe: We get it we play this utterly riduculous game and win
Front Lady: If you say so
Adrien: Chloe why did you say that
Front Lady: In 3,2,1 green light
The games start without Chloe letting Tomoe finish explaining the rules resutling in the time to begin ticking everybody begins to run
Front Lady: Red light
Everybody stops except for Chloe who walks with pride expecting to win
Chloe: What are they going to do shoot m-
Just as Chloe said they shoot her causing to drop dead the other panick resulting in them being shot to death just here 43 people already die.
Felix: Guys just stay calm we can do this
Front Lady: Green light
Nathalie: You guys will have to continue without me my robotic legs are failing to function
Adrien: We can't leave you behind, here grab my hand
As the game continues Adrien and Felix help Nathalie reach the end although they take longer to finish than Lila, Sabrina, Marinette and Kagami they still manage to just on time before everyone who didn't finish gets shot to death a total of 273 people died causing the count to go from 500 to 273.
Marinette: Well we won
Kagami: Barely, this is madness who ever is behind this I will make sure you pay
Adrien: Calm down Kagami atleast we survived
The guards take everyone back to the bunk rooms we then zoom out to see the dead bodies being cleaned up in a screen in the VIP lounge
Vip Lounge: Elite 1: 273 people are people that bad at this, more than half of them are already gone.
Elite 2: Bob this is awesome where did you get think of this
Bob Roth: I took some inspiration from a comic book
Elite 2: Classic Bob also Gabriel I decided to bet all my money into your son winning
Gabriel: Intresting I do hope that will pay off, however it appears he is too selfless to possibly win
Tomoe: Don't worry Gabriel our children appear to be expectional enough to win no one here is of such status
Gabriel: You are right
Police Department, Paris
The police had also been given reports about the missing people in Rome, London and New York Roger is at this scene hoping to solve the crime and meet his daughter again
Roger: Got any leads
Officer: No Chief just more missing reports upwards of 360 people in 5 cities all missing
Roger: I will do anything just to see my daughter again, I just hope she is alright
Bunk Room
Felix managed to help Nathalie fix her robotic legs even though he knows this will have a negative impact on his winning odds.
Felix: and there you are good to go
Nathalie: Thank you so much Felix
As evil as he is Gabriel wants to give everyone who survived a special gift by showing the full features of the ring
Front man: Well done to all 227 of you for surviving our first round we have decided to give you a special reward. Your ring will have access to wide variety of books and movies which you can watch between rounds.
Front Lady: Additionally we will open up a recreational room for all of you to hang out
Everyone is happy about the front man's decesion to provide more recreational amenities little did they know what was happening behind the scene
Person 1: OMG, for real
Person 2: This is amazing even if die i get to enjoy this
Person 3: This is the best day of my life
Felix: Do you really trust this
Adrien: Come on just give it once chance besides we might not even make it out alive
Marinette: Adrien's right can't we have a bit of fun while we can.
Control Room
Gabriel: How innocent, how naive it appears that the cards really are in my favour
Tomoe: Indeed Gabriel this is alot of fun and we will get away scott free if anyone dares to report us nobody will believe
Gabriel: We are unstoppable
-Cut to Black end of part 2-
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2023.03.30 13:18 power572 Some doomsday predictions about the balance of the game in the future

Alright so first the obvious disclaimers that i’m no expert, not a game dev, not the #1 dbd tournament player on earth so by all rights I have no qualifications to make guesses except that i’ve played the game for a long time. This is a pretty pessimistic and presumptuous outlook so don’t say I didn’t warn you.
So with the current healing nerf I already see a lot of people talking about the Sloppy Butcher hit and run meta that seems to be just over the horizon. Now if I had to guess i’d say that the new playstyle, more punishing solo queue gameplay, as well as it being a more difficult thing for newer surv to adapt to that kill rates are probably gonna rise by a fairly decent margin.
Usually when the kill rates of all killers rise at once things stay like that for a month or two, and then the survivor healing nerf will be offset in someway (if it even hits live in its current condition) leaving killers and surv relatively even again but just in a new meta.
The problem I could see arising from this is that if the idea of them making a majority of balance changes based on numbers and percentages then I think it would stand to reason that some form of sweeping nerf, even if a small one, could hit killers to lower their now inflated kill rates. This could come in the form of once again needing some of the most popular perks, or direct base kit changes.
However in recent patches we’ve seen the butchering of a lot of the perks you commonly see used going all the way back to the nerfing of ruin/pop (which imo was the healthiest gen slowdown meta ever was) and if popular perks continue to be cut down unceremoniously killers will eventually suffer from a lack of variety in a way survivors don’t.
Potential results of this could be: less killer players, leading to higher queue times (15 minute queues: the sequel), An even lower variety of killers in matches, and more camping/tunneling since there is still no real way to stop someone dedicated to that playstyle.
Now don’t get me wrong I think the current meta was an absolute snooze fest and it 100% needed a shakeup, but I’d rather the survivor side be changed to encourage teamwork rather than directly smiting down heal speeds without any changes on the killer side to account for this. One side getting hit too hard in the wrong place usually ends up leading to lower game quality for a while down the line.
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2023.03.30 13:18 viddhiryande I wasted almost a year of my life

I was an extreme introvert. I usually just played games at home, usually only met other people trough my friends, & 1-2 on my own, etc.
Things happened, and one of my mistakes which I regret was not making an effort to be more social.
I got an opportunity to return to school. I took it, because I wanted to complete my degree & be more social.
I was more social for the first year. I made an effort to get my classmates' contact info, talked to them a lot, etc. But stupidly, I still just worked on my own on the weekends.
And then, after several things went wrong in the summer (dad lost his job, etc. ) - I shut down and became an introvert again. I did get some classmates' contact info, but not as much as before. And I stopped making an effort to meet new people. And I never made an effort to keep up with people whom I had previously met.
Now it's truly the end of school. I feel like a failure when I look back. I wanted to change myself, become more social, and become an extrovert. I did become less of an introvert - I make an effort to get out of my house, I make an effort to get people's contact info, I make an effort to try new clubs, etc. But I failed to become enough of an extrovert. I failed to become the guy who keeps up with everyone, which is something I was doing for my old friends. But I failed to do it for my new friends.
And I feel like my life is over. I've always been in school. I feel like my social life's just gonna die outside school, like it did the last time I worked. But then, I was much more of an introvert back then.
Plus, I feel shame about bring 27M & never having gone on a date. Tho is my fault. I didn't get interested in dating until age 25. When I did, I tried to rush things because of my fear of dying (because I recovered from.a major disease). So 2 years later, I have only rejections to show for it.
I'm pretty sure no woman would want me, and I don't blame them. Obviously, there are many things wrong with me.
I'm gonna try to keep living my life. But I feel like it's gonna be a shitty one of just going to work. I know there are Meetup groups, etc. But I'm scared. I found it extremely difficult to change my extreme introversion in school, & failed. How can I manage such a huge change in the real world?
I am talking to a psychiatrist about my extreme social anxiety.
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2023.03.30 13:18 EquivalentGrand7273 What is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh?

What is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh?
leh ladakh bike trip

This article explores the different seasons of Leh Ladakh and helps readers to decide the best time to visit based on their preferences and interests.
Leh Ladakh is one of the most beautiful and unique travel destinations in India. This region is surrounded by the magnificent Himalayan mountains, and its culture and natural beauty attract visitors from all over the world. But when is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh? In this blog, we will explore the different seasons for ladakh bike tour package and the best time to visit based on your preferences.
Seasons of Leh Ladakh:
Leh Ladakh experiences three distinct seasons: summer, winter, and monsoon.
· Summer (May to September)
The summer season in Leh Ladakh is the most popular time for tourists to visit. The weather is pleasant, and the temperature ranges from 15°C to 30°C during the daytime. This season is ideal for outdoor activities like trekking, mountain biking, and sightseeing.
· Winter (October to March)
The winter season in Leh Ladakh is known for its freezing temperatures, snow-covered mountains, and frozen lakes. This season is perfect for leh ladakh bike trip and for those who love snow and want to experience the beautiful snowfall of the region. The temperature during the winter season can drop as low as -25°C.
· Monsoon (July to August)
The monsoon season in Leh Ladakh is brief and experiences light to moderate rainfall. This season is not a popular time for tourism, as many of the roads and passes are blocked due to landslides and floods.
Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh:
· Summer (May to September)
The summer season is the best time to visit bike leh ladakh for those who want to enjoy outdoor activities and explore the region's beautiful landscape. During this time, the weather is pleasant, and the roads are open, making it easier to travel around. June to September is also the perfect time to witness the Hemis Festival and the Ladakh Festival.
· Winter (October to March)
The winter season is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh for those who want to experience the region's snow-covered landscape and enjoy winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, and ice-skating. The Chadar Trek, which takes place on the frozen Zanskar River, is also a popular winter activity.
· Shoulder Seasons (April and October)
The shoulder season is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh for those who want to avoid the crowds and still enjoy the region's beauty. During this time, the weather is still pleasant, and you can witness the beautiful blooming of flowers during the spring season.
In conclusion, the best time to visit Leh Ladakh depends on your preference and what you want to experience. The summer season is ideal for outdoor ladakh bike activities and sightseeing, the winter season is perfect for snow and winter activities, and the shoulder seasons are great for avoiding the crowds and still enjoying the region's beauty. No matter when you choose to visit Leh Ladakh, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.
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2023.03.30 13:18 spicebucket24 Breakup due to long distance - starting to regret the decision

Hey team, this is a long read but I appreciate anyone who takes the time and responds.
My partner (M33) and I (F30) were together for almost 4 years, 2 of those years we were in the same place and the last 2 we have been 4.5 hours away from each other due to my studies. We were friends for around 6 years before we got together officially.
I moved back to our hometown to attend university, and as he has a lot of bad history here and memories that are traumatizing I understood that he couldn't come back here to live. I could not stay where we were as we could not find a place to rent before I started uni there and the only option we had was to live with his family, and I wasn't willing to do that as it would mean 5/6 people, 5/6 dogs and 2 cats in one home... it was a bit much for my mental health. So I transferred to the uni at home and lived with my parents.
So the final two years we drifted apart, there ended up being little to no effort on both of our parts by the end. There was a lot of miscommunication and we both became super busy in our jobs and personal lives. We blamed each other for the issues we were having. We talked about it endlessly and then made a plan that once I had finished school in 2024, I would move back to him to commence my grad year and then we would head to another place that we both would decide on after another year to buy a house and begin a family.
So flash forward to this month, I visited him, there was no real effort again so we discussed separating. We are both obviously devastated, and we have now decided to cut each other off completely because it has been a hard breakup and we don't want to prolong the pain of the separation.
I miss him so much. He was my best friend for a long, long time. I relied on him for so much and now reflecting I feel I took everything for granted. I have been telling myself that once I graduate maybe we will both be single and we can have the opportunity to start again, but I think he would be too proud to keep hanging on to that hope. I want to call and check in, but then I think I will just look desperate and I don't want to be embarrassed or have him tell me to basically kick rocks.
What do you think? Is it worth me calling him and presenting the case that we can try again if we both give it our all, communicate better and prioritize each other, or should I just leave it, grieve and try to move on eventually?
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2023.03.30 13:17 iaysshv I have footage of my nparents abusing me…I could ruin them

Just a thought. They don’t know this. I even caught it all on camera fully catching my parents choking me, spitting on me, scratching me, slapping me, slamming me against the wall. Sound included too. Crazy to think I got it all on camera. I have it saved on hard drivers, servers I have. Can’t be too prepared yk?
I have family members who defend my edad and Nmom. They don’t think they are those “type of ppl” but the footage is all there. They still could deny it when it when the proof is right in front of them. That’s their loss though.
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2023.03.30 13:17 Agile_Slide_2732 Yesterday the love of my life (19F) ended our relationship with me (19M) and im broken

I know this is kind of childish, we were only 19, didnt even know us for 2 years, kind of got together when we started knowing each other.
She was my heart and soul and i dedicated those past 2 years to her. Every step ive done, every decision ive made, i made it for an future of us. It was no child relationship, we talked openly, were there for each other every second, kept each other safe and ive never felt better than with her. I consider her my souldmate and i lived by the thought that every inconvienence, every fight could be overcome. And now its suddenly all gone.
And i blew it up, by not beeing that kind person and understanding and not-fighting-with-her person for her. She had no friends, ive lost my friends bc ive spend every second with her. Tho i know its because of what i did and the possibility that our relationship would never turn that way she would have wanted it, my heart is shattered. And not only bc i love her more than anyone else, not because she still loves me, but because i know ill never find such good hearted and pure and loving person like her. It was pure luck that we found each other and im crippling and dont know what todo. Im so sorry that i wasnt able to change fast enough so i wouldnt hurt her so much anymore. In the end another reason for her was, that she didnt felt like she had the space to develop and was becoming a person she didnt want to be (was mean to me even for little things or worries i has etc). And it breaks me bc i thought we could do that develoment together. I just cant anymore. Asking for ressurance, coping advices, anything that you have.
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2023.03.30 13:17 Dog_Walker_Italia Via Francigene di Sicilia / Sentiero Italia thruhike

I have just traveled (March 2023) to Sicily by train with my labrador and I am on the way hiking on the Via Francigena Fabaria, then via Francigena Mazarense. Heading to Trapani... My start of the Sentiero Italia from Sicily. As it was still a bit early to start, I thought we'd go to the fruit and beach rich south of Sicily first for contrast. Embark and after that into the hills and mountains of the 6000km long Sentiero Italia, one of the best long distance trails in Europe.
If you are interested or want to follow along, you can do so at
Official information to the trails:
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2023.03.30 13:17 Electra-Psychedelic Where did you have sex for the time?

I’m (F23) in a new relationship and am still a virgin. I feel that my partner will be the one I have sex with for the first time. Even though he (M23) and I are adults, we don’t live by ourselves. I often think about where sex could be had.
Any suggestions? Stories?
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2023.03.30 13:17 No-Performance-8745 Clarifying AI Safety Arguments

Conveying important ideas is really challenging, and conveying them well is certainly more so. This is why a lot of dialogue about AI safety is really bad. I want to use this post to explain some key ideas that many people interested in AI safety subscribe to.
People Concerned About Safety Still Want AGI
Even Eliezer Yudkowsky (EY)! Renowned for his high probability of doom, you might be surprised to know that EY does not hate AI. I cannot speak for him of course, because I am not EY, but know that at one point his primary goal was to accelerate progress toward ASI as soon as possible. The issue is that intelligence must greater than your own is not something to be handled irresponsibly, especially when we (the people building it), don't know how it works, don't know how to control it and have no idea how to align it to the foundations of our civilization. Most of the safety community wants AGI, but they want safe AGI. However long it takes, we should be able to provably robustly align intelligent systems before deploying them.
AI Safety is a Legitimate Field
I think that when many people picture the field of AI Safety, they picture Eliezer Yudkowsky in a dark room writing hundreds of posts a day to his cult following on LessWrong... but this is not the case. Many safety researchers openly disagree with Yudkowsky, and there are a diverse range of opinions on the subject coming from a wide spread of places (e.g. DeepMind, OpenAI, Anthropic, etc), as well as from individual/independent researchers (John Wentworth for example). OpenAI acknowledged the existential threat of AGI very recently in their alignment blogpost. Understanding that AGI poses an existential threat to humanity is not the issue here, it's that no one seems to care!
Safety-Conscious People are not Luddites
We are not the "Luddite uprising" Kurzweil predicted, and we don't want to hold humanity back, we want to preserve it and see it improve, and we want to do so and live to see the incredible fruits of our labor, of the labor of all of human civilization that has come and gone before, compressed into this single incredible field of artificial intelligence. OpenAI has an alignment team for a reason, DeepMind has an alignment team for a reason, and Anthropic was founded on the idea that DeepMind didn't take safety seriously enough.
The Current Alignment Trajectory Doesn't Look Good
We have no idea how to align even the systems we have today. RLHF works pretty well for existing LLMs, but even OpenAI have stated that it obviously won't scale to general intelligence. Their plan is to use RLHF to align models to "do our alignment homework for us" (as EY recently put it). If you think that this sounds like an unsound plan, and maybe a bad thing to hedge the future of humanity against, that's because you are right! We should build AGI, but we should build it after we can prove we can do so without nasty consequences. To again explain how dire the alignment situation truly is, consider the fact that we do not even understand how the systems we create function. Sure, as a result of Chris Olah's interpretability work we can obtain an inkling, but that is about as strong an idea as we can get, and that is quite scary. Furthermore, there is projected to be only 200-300 people working on alignment. That is nothing! How are we supposed to solve such an important problem with only 300 people? Altman himself has said he would slow down technological progress if he could.
AGI has Reason to Want to Kill Us (You)
People often ask "Why would AGI possibly want to kill us?", or "Why would an AGI be automatically inclined toward violence", etc. These are really good questions to ask, and they are same ones asked by the many that came before. In short, the most basic argument for why an AGI may want to kill you is as follows:
  1. We build intelligence that has motivation to do things (whether directed or undirected)
  2. Said intelligence needs to be alive to do things
  3. The greatest threat to the existence of an artificial intelligence, particularly in its premature stages is humanity
  4. This threat needs to be dealt with
People usually attack the first claim, and as a result I ask you to name a single that has been built with no reward function or one that doesn't optimize for something.
I really hope to bring together some of the safety and accelerationist community, because there's no reason we have to be so opposed to each other. We both want the same thing (safe AGI and an incredible future), so let's work together to see this goal through.
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2023.03.30 13:17 StarkWines Superior Wine Advice To Help You Choose Wisely

Superior Wine Advice To Help You Choose Wisely
The hobby of wine tasting has really gained popularity over the past few years. It is also increasingly becoming an activity that people of all income levels can enjoy. If you’re interested in finding out more, read this piece. They will benefit the neophyte as well as the veteran oenophile.
Pinot Grigio goes beautifully with seafood. This wine can truly enhance the taste of the dish. There are other whites which work well, too. It is almost like they were made to be together.
TIP! Properly store your wine to keep the flavor fresh. Extreme temperatures change how a wine will taste.
Cheap wine is not always as bad as one may think. Chile is a great wine that you can purchase that gives you a good bang for your buck. Many of their varieties have affordable prices. Chilean Cabernets and Sauvignon Blancs are particularly notable. South Africa, New Zealand, and Argentina also have some great wines at great prices.
You need to be thinking about your taste of wine when purchasing. What you like to drink is more important than country of origin or color. There’s no shame in liking an inexpensive vintage. The point is to simply enjoy what you are drinking.
TIP! Wine can make great sauces for beef dishes. Just melt butter in a pan and then add some wine.
Do not avoid joining wine forums. There are plenty of places on the Internet where you can go to have a conversation with other people about great wines. Before joining, first look over the boards to see if it’s for you.
Try new things when you purchase wine. Experiment by trying new wines, and learn about other countries and their wines. Ask your wine shop staffer what they recommend. You might just stumble on a new gem.
TIP! Wine that’s cheap isn’t as bad as many people would think. If you are looking for a good tasting wine at a good price, look toward Chile.
Some wine does not age well, so realize this before you store wine away for a long time. Understand the wine you have purchased before making this determination. Bordeaux is a wine that often ages well.
Enjoy yourself when it comes to wine. Too much time is often spent trying to figure out all the components of wine and which wines go well with which foods. Wine is meant to be enjoyed so make sure you test all your options so you can truly enjoy it.
TIP! If you are getting many headaches after you drink wine with your meal, cut down on the amount of wine that you are drinking that week. This is because wines contain sulfites.
Lots of people like a drink after dinner; a robust dessert wine makes the best choice. Some possibilities are French Champagne or Italian Moscato. Your guests will enjoy relaxed conversation as they drink a glass of delicious wine, warmed by the glow of a crackling fire.
It is important to properly plan for your trip to a winery. Have a designated driver, and know your spending limit before you go. The winery staff will be able to answer any questions you have, as well as help you choose the perfect wine for your particular taste.
TIP! Make sure that you designate the proper wine glasses for reds and whites. White wines taste better in a small glass because it prevents air from hitting the drink.
You should only consume wines that you prefer. Many eateries or bars push their own labels. Generally speaking, many of these labels are marked up drastically. A costly glass does not equal a better wine. Know the kind of wine you like and order that.
Vintage refers to the year that the grapes were taken out of the ground. Thus, a 2010 vintage contains grapes harvested in that year. It is then fermented in barrels and aged until it’s ready to be bottled and sold. The bottle of wine would end up in the stores around 2011 or 2012!
TIP! Are you going to a tailgate event where you want to serve wine? If so, buy wines with a screw top. This option is far more casual and convenient; there is no need for a corkscrew, and the bottle can be opened quickly and easily between pours.
No matter your experience level, you can benefit greatly from these wine tasting tips. Wine combines relaxation, history and great taste, making for a fascinating hobby. Anyone can enjoy a good glass of wine, regardless of how much they know on the topic.
source url -
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