Ephesians 4 king james version


2021.02.01 00:05 InteractionFit6934 themillennialkingdom

Jesus Christ, Christianity, Church, Youth, Ministry, Fellowship, Praise, Worship, New Jerusalem, Kingdom of God, Bible, King James Version, Apostles, Priests, Disciple

2017.08.07 10:55 Sessamy God’s PERFECT word to the English speaking people. The King James Bible.

First and foremost, is our belief in the perfect authority and innerancy of the KING JAMES VERSION. We do not teach that it is an “accurate translation” or that it “contains the words (or message) of God”, but that the text of the KING JAMES VERSION itself, are the actual written words of God to the English speaking people.

2021.01.05 15:17 Sessamy God’s PERFECT word to the English speaking people. The King James Bible.

First and foremost, is our belief in the perfect authority and innerancy of the KING JAMES VERSION. We do not teach that it is an “accurate translation” or that it “contains the words (or message) of God”, but that the text of the KING JAMES VERSION itself, are the actual written words of God to the English speaking people.

2023.03.21 21:05 whitejaguar [H] Steam gifts, collectors games and removed games [W] TF2 keys, Tether, Bulk offers

Have - Steam gifts (ROW, unrestricted, if you can't see the game in my inventory, it is still available, so add me for the trade)
Game name Price Notes Stock Game Status
3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures offers Gift
A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Aerena - Clash of Champions 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Age of Empires Legacy Bundle 25 keys Gift
Agricultural Simulator 2011: Extended Edition 2 keys Gift
AirMech 2 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Amnesia Memories 3 keys Gift
Arena Wars 2 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Awesomenauts Power Pack 1 TOD Ticket subID 36025 Gift
Back to the Future The Game 25 keys removed game subID 6970 Gift
Barbie Dreamhouse Party 400 keys removed game Gift
Battle Los Angeles offers removed game subID 11488 Gift
Borderless Gaming 5 keys Gift
Broken Age 2 keys Gift
Call of Duty World at War 25 keys Gift
Castle of Illusion 3 keys Gift
Circuits 2 keys Gift
Cities XL 2012 15 keys removed game Gift
Clive Barker's Jericho 40 keys removed game subID 531 Gift
Commandos Pack 2 keys Gift
Crusader Kings II Collection 5 keys subID 26483 Gift
Deadpool + Merc with a Map Pack DLC 500 keys removed game 28777 + 29453 Gift
Deathgarden BLOODHARVEST 4 keys Gift
Defy Gravity Extended 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Demigod 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition 2 keys Gift
DiRT 2 50 keys removed game subID 14293 Gift
Dirt 2 50 keys removed game subID 2493 Gift
Don't Starve Soundtrack 5 keys Gift
Droplitz (Holiday Sale 2011 Gift) offers removed game subID 12638 Gift
Ducati World Championship 2 keys Gift
Dungeon Defenders 3 keys Gift
E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy 2 keys Gift
Euro Truck Simulator 2 4 keys Gift
F1 2011 offers removed game subID 11620 Gift
F1 2011 offers removed game subID 12677 Gift
F1 2012 offers removed game Gift
Faerie Solitaire 2 keys Gift
Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium Edition 9 keys Gift
Fast and Furious Showdown 30 keys removed game subID 27803 Gift
Football Manager 2014 20 keys removed game subID 30274 Giftable copy/add me
Fortified 1 TOD Ticket Steam key/add me
FUEL offers removed game subID 1878 Gift
Ghostbusters The Videogame offers removed game subID 1693 Gift
Grid offers removed game Gift
Grim Fandango Remastered 3 keys Gift
Hero Academy - Tribe Pack - Hatless Gift 4 keys Gift
Hitman Collection (ROW) 23 keys subID 49903 Gift
Hospital Tycoon 2 keys Gift
Ice Age 4 30 keys removed game subID 19227 Gift
Infestation Survivor Stories Classic 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Insecticide Part 1 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Iron Storm 6 keys Gift
Iron Warriors T - 72 Tank Command 2 keys Gift
Jurassic Park The Game offers removed game subID 7705 Gift
Kane & Lynch 2 DLC Alliance Weapon Pack offers Gift
Kane & Lynch 2 DLC Multiplayer Masks Pack offers Gift
Kane & Lynch 2 DLC The Doggie Bag offers Gift
Kerbal Space Program 10 keys Gift
Kingdoms Rise offers removed game Gift
Left 4 Dead 4 keys Gift
Legendary 2 keys Gift
Lord of the Rings War in the North 50 keys removed game subID 12158 Gift
Lucius 2 keys Gift
Lunar Flight 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Maelstrom The Battle for Earth Begins 3 keys Gift
Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne 12 keys Gift
Medieval Engineers 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Metro Last Light Complete offers removed game subID 39286 Gift
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Season Pass 4 keys removed game subID 51210 Gift
Mount & Blade Complete 6 keys subID 38003 Gift
Move or Die 2 keys Gift
NASCAR The Game 2013 45 keys removed game subID 28448 Gift
Natural Selection 2 2 keys Gift
NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Edition offers removed game subID 73028 Gift
Nexuiz 2 keys Gift
Painkiller Hell & Damnation 2 keys Gift
Paradox Grand Strategy Collection 6 keys Gift
PAYDAY 2 Gage Weapon Pack 02 1 TOD Ticket Gift
PAYDAY 2 The Goat Simulator Heist 3 keys Gift
Pinball FX3 - Star Wars Pinball 5 keys Gift
PlayWay's Sim Bundle 5 keys subID 51669 Gift
Please Hold 50 keys subID 92974 Gift
Post Apocalyptic Mayhem 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Pro Cycling Manager 2012 offers removed game subID 15175 Gift
Pro Cycling Manager 2013 offers removed game subID 28407 Gift
Pro Cycling Manager 2014 6 keys Gift
Punch Club 3 keys Gift
Puzzle Dimension 2 keys Gift
Ratz Instagib 2 keys Gift
Razor2 Hidden Skies 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Resilience Wave Survival 4 keys Gift
Retro City Rampage DX 2 keys Gift
RIFT offers Gift
Roogoo 2 keys Gift
Rush Bros 2 keys Gift
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bundle 10 keys Gift
Saints Row IV - Child's Play Pack 1 TOD Ticket removed game subID 35488 Gift
Section 8 Prejudice offers removed game subID 11106 Gift
Shannon Tweed's Attack Of The Groupies 2 keys Gift
Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai Collection 10 keys subID 17095 Gift
Sins of a Dark Age Early Access Gift 2 keys Gift
STAR WARS Empire at War Gold Pack 7 keys Gift
SteamWorld Dig 1 TOD Ticket Steam key/add me
Sugar Cube Bittersweet Factory 3 keys Gift
Super Meat Boy 3 keys Gift
Super Meat Boy Soundtrack offers removed game subID 12323 Gift
Super Monday Night Combat 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Team Fortress 2 15 keys Gift
Test Drive Unlimited 2 offers removed game subID 12636 Gift
The Amazing Spider-Man offers removed game Gift
The Amazing Spider-Man - All DLC Bundle offers removed game Gift
The Bureau XCOM Declassified 5 keys Gift
The Desolate Hope 2 keys Gift
The Holiday Express 4 keys subID 35154 Gift
Incredible Adventures Van Helsing 4 keys Gift
Incredible Adventures Van Helsing Arcane 1 key Gift
Incredible Adventures Van Helsing Blue Blood 1 key Gift
Incredible Adventures Van Helsing Thaumaturge 1 key Gift
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified 6 keys Gift
The Lord of the Rings Online Helm’s Deep Base offers removed game subID 32781 Gift
The Lord of the Rings Online Quad Pack offers removed game subID 32775 Gift
The Lord of the Rings Online Steely Dawn Pack offers removed game subID 18483 Gift
The Political Machine (2012) offers removed game Gift
The Ship 1 TOD Ticket Gift
The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff 10 keys Gift
The Sims 3 Generations 10 keys Gift
The Sims 3 Pets 10 keys Gift
The Sims 3 Seasons 10 keys Gift
The Walking Dead Survival Instinct + Herd DLC 40 keys removed game 26399 + 27013 Gift
The Wolf Among Us 7 keys Gift
theHunter Primal offers removed game Gift
Total War Master Collection Sept 2014 15 keys subID 51362 Gift
Train Simulator 2013 - Trains vs Zombies 2 10 keys Gift
Trine Collection 4 keys subID 28358 Gift
Tropico 4 Collector's Bundle 2 keys Gift
Uncrowded offers removed game subID 67613 Gift
Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor's Choice Edition offers removed game Gift
Velvet Assassin 3 keys Gift
Watch_Dogs Complete 20 keys Gift
What's under your blanket !? offers removed game subID 89803 Gift
Who Wants to be a Junior Millionaire offers removed game subID 26732 Gift
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire offers removed game Gift
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Football offers removed game subID 14925 Gift
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Movies offers removed game subID 14928 Gift
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Music offers removed game subID 14923 Gift
Who Wants to be a Millionaire SciFi Pack offers removed game subID 17122 Gift
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Sports offers removed game subID 14926 Gift
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Star Trek offers removed game subID 14927 Gift
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Trivia Booster offers removed game subID 14924 Gift
Who Wants to be a Millionaire Video Games offers removed game subID 15611 Gift
Winter Voices Episode 1 Those who have no name 2 keys subID 6648 Gift
World Basketball Manager 2010 2 keys Gift
Xcinerator 3 keys Gift
Your Doodles Are Bugged! offers removed game subID 8256 Gift
Z1 Battle Royale 3 keys subID 90424 Gift
Zombie Driver HD 2 keys Gift
Zombie Driver HD Apocalypse Pack 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Zombie Driver HD Brutal Car Skins 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Zombie Driver HD Burning Garden of Slaughter 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Zombie Driver HD Tropical Race Rage 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Sending Trade Offers
Trade offer link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=99041861&token=oT95zjCo
Steam inventory: https://steamcommunity.com/id/routemasteinventory#753_1
Inventory listing by TradeStarter
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2023.03.21 21:05 AutoModerator [Get] Justin Welsh – The Content Operating System

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2023.03.21 21:04 Efficient_Concert403 The Kingfish Triumphs! 1936L Blind Run.

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2023.03.21 21:00 BelleMuerte Fantasy Grounds Game Days March 23rd & 25th

Fantasy Grounds Game Day
March 23rd
Try out new rulesets and Fantasy Grounds.
This week's games are D&D5e and Pathfinder 2.
PFS2 4-09: Killer in the Golden Mask
5e: Ooze Tomb of The Oathbreaker [FG Beginner Friendly] [Streamed - No Webcams]
Pathfinder for Savage Worlds: Crown of the Kobold King - Level 2 [Play to Learn]
PF2: Beginner Box - Menace Under Otari [FG Beginner Friendly]
PFS2 Intro 1: The Second Confirmation

D&D Adventurers League on Fantasy Grounds
Game Day
March 25th

DDAL04-04 The Marionette
DDHC-MORD-02 The Lich-Queen's Begotten
Adventure to Be Determined
Player sign-ups are now live on Warhorn!

These are Free events!
Note: will use Fantasy Grounds Unity - you will need the Free Demo version installed and a Free Fantasy Grounds account.
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2023.03.21 21:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread

This thread is for casual conversation, anything that doesn't warrant it's own thread (repeated topics, surveys, polls etc) and off-topic content. It will only be lightly moderated - basically just don't abuse each other and you're good to go. It's a place for the community to connect and interact a little more freely, so play nice and respect your fellow community members.
If you have a newsworthy article or sub-relevant content please post it directly to the sub as a New Post.


Upcoming AMAs

A big thanks to Bennelong who is reaching out far and wide to bring some new AMAs to the sub. Please note that our AMAs will be heavily moderated to ensure rules are adhered to. We have MPs graciously putting their hands up for questions and don't need people unduly emboldened by anonymity to start breaking rules.
For a view of how MPs have voted on various issues please use They Vote For You. Please note that your research should not end there as many MPs vote along party lines whilst personally advocating internally for another position, but it can be a useful starting point.

Completed AMAs


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2023.03.21 20:59 Ralpo_DTB Dave vs the coyotes

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2023.03.21 20:59 IceJD 📨🗣 VILLAIN EVENT: King Candy (w/Rainbow Falls) -- Discussion Thread -- Mar. 22, 2023 -- ONE DAY ONLY

📨🗣 VILLAIN EVENT: King Candy (w/Rainbow Falls) -- Discussion Thread -- Mar. 22, 2023 -- ONE DAY ONLY submitted by IceJD to disneyemojiblitz [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 20:58 TagProLeaderboards Daily Leaderboard Log/Statistics for Tuesday, March 21, 2023

# Name Points Time Win% G W L Pup% Save% Tags Popped Grabs Caps Hold Prevent Returns Support DCs
1 Wilma 1786 06:52:17 69% 78 54 24 10% 100% 515 629 616 74 01:25:42 00:44:47 417 1588 0
2 springroll 1496 06:37:32 31% 92 29 57 4% 0 569 664 552 23 00:39:40 01:11:41 511 2493 6
3 cantstop 1272 05:05:28 51% 61 30 27 12% 0% 445 429 414 38 00:50:24 01:00:55 353 1368 1
4 Rumpski 1164 04:48:53 55% 56 31 24 11% 0 393 425 377 34 00:36:38 00:45:20 362 1610 1
5 FreakBall 1083 04:31:38 59% 61 35 22 9% 33% 400 429 377 40 00:38:35 00:46:29 340 1236 2
6 Junkrat 1066 04:27:45 49% 56 27 27 11% 0% 307 442 384 24 00:32:16 00:43:13 254 1508 1
7 JonahJameson 1045 03:35:45 79% 44 35 7 7% 0 448 283 275 33 00:29:28 00:45:55 408 1131 2
8 lil idiot 946 03:32:01 64% 43 27 14 8% 50% 303 346 311 38 00:31:47 00:31:22 259 1215 1
9 archedrapier 922 03:56:31 56% 54 29 22 9% 0% 316 400 368 39 00:36:37 00:36:03 265 1181 0
10 Helen Keller 893 03:14:58 81% 38 31 7 16% 0 349 298 289 33 00:32:12 00:34:52 273 964 0
11 Wegon Windis 852 03:09:47 64% 37 24 13 18% 100% 296 290 268 23 00:29:23 00:24:13 227 997 0
12 cooliox 822 03:52:09 36% 48 17 30 4% 50% 228 404 316 10 00:19:26 00:45:32 199 1128 0
13 ban the guns 810 03:22:16 50% 44 21 21 13% 33% 282 257 245 26 00:28:58 00:25:16 225 856 0
14 Update 810 03:20:23 48% 47 22 23 7% 0% 226 236 195 13 00:19:17 00:39:47 198 844 0
15 Werth 793 03:13:49 48% 40 19 20 10% 0% 244 294 253 25 00:24:14 00:33:44 185 1218 0
16 lim 761 03:12:24 39% 42 16 20 14% 0% 310 276 252 24 00:27:43 00:34:08 263 1053 5
17 Kemba Walker 745 03:01:43 47% 34 16 18 11% 100% 243 251 231 23 00:22:12 00:27:35 184 716 0
18 Pig Bodine 744 02:48:37 74% 32 23 8 12% 0% 238 238 217 15 00:26:16 00:27:30 202 696 0
19 Doris 743 02:42:11 59% 37 22 14 17% 0 279 224 242 45 00:29:14 00:21:50 216 735 1
20 Taddy Mason 733 02:43:20 63% 30 19 11 16% 0 320 251 246 33 00:27:12 00:22:35 242 669 0
21 bearcum 733 02:49:07 61% 34 21 13 11% 0 258 225 210 17 00:24:42 00:26:24 222 926 0
22 Tunabomber 729 02:50:44 61% 34 21 13 12% 0 244 280 253 31 00:22:55 00:23:50 201 817 0
23 'ArryKane 727 03:03:55 44% 35 15 19 8% 0% 273 263 225 16 00:18:50 00:31:23 228 891 0
24 chord 718 02:49:31 59% 32 19 13 10% 0 264 257 241 17 00:31:34 00:33:25 221 889 0
25 Don't touch. 709 03:11:24 34% 38 13 24 7% 0 161 322 272 15 00:21:02 00:29:53 137 779 1
26 AtomicStorm 680 02:51:00 58% 36 21 14 7% 0 197 288 261 29 00:28:35 00:27:57 183 789 1
27 JukeBerallta 677 02:53:23 50% 34 17 15 8% 50% 191 213 189 16 00:28:19 00:19:54 150 698 2
28 DaddyLongLeg 675 02:35:58 46% 28 13 14 16% 0 235 248 239 24 00:28:12 00:19:57 193 854 1
29 360broscope 674 02:28:26 56% 30 17 13 12% 0 279 164 159 21 00:18:05 00:27:31 220 717 0
30 BaotsnThrows 660 02:36:50 48% 31 15 16 7% 0 262 206 174 6 00:18:17 00:28:46 227 718 0
31 tha king 659 02:41:19 60% 35 21 14 7% 0 281 247 239 26 00:22:59 00:32:55 245 921 0
32 ToruYano 655 02:53:32 47% 39 18 20 3% 0% 175 250 207 11 00:16:36 00:31:10 165 733 0
33 ohh 644 02:25:05 63% 31 19 11 9% 0% 203 193 171 17 00:15:45 00:31:35 181 898 0
34 First 635 02:29:15 67% 29 19 9 14% 50% 204 215 179 13 00:16:56 00:18:33 179 722 0
35 EDTA 632 02:34:42 48% 27 13 14 10% 0 149 251 220 13 00:22:52 00:22:21 125 695 0
36 dryfus 620 02:48:16 25% 32 8 22 6% 0 185 288 225 8 00:19:02 00:21:34 170 756 2
37 Anagram 614 02:50:13 38% 33 12 18 11% 33% 216 277 238 15 00:21:28 00:21:43 178 770 1
38 Sugar 613 02:02:55 88% 26 23 3 14% 0 242 169 174 26 00:27:06 00:23:23 206 550 0
39 agoprt 610 02:29:56 67% 32 21 9 12% 0% 186 210 161 12 00:15:57 00:28:41 144 726 1
40 Gyara 607 02:18:46 56% 30 17 10 21% 0% 243 185 166 13 00:16:08 00:24:18 176 768 3
41 Dirichlet 603 02:39:02 41% 29 12 15 13% 0 244 219 162 9 00:12:47 00:33:47 183 646 2
42 ATXcloud 601 02:23:40 59% 32 19 10 12% 0 191 205 175 9 00:16:45 00:19:57 175 772 3
43 Yuju 600 02:24:26 53% 26 14 12 8% 0 241 222 202 17 00:19:41 00:24:35 224 701 0
44 >= 10 tags 590 02:11:26 66% 30 20 10 13% 0 236 180 166 21 00:16:48 00:25:24 172 727 0
45 Frank 586 02:05:32 78% 29 22 6 11% 0% 195 167 165 30 00:23:53 00:18:22 159 485 0
46 Freak's Wife 582 02:44:10 37% 40 14 22 6% 25% 147 225 159 10 00:16:18 00:24:39 134 595 1
47 T_y 577 02:19:00 59% 33 19 13 8% 50% 190 162 143 17 00:16:41 00:31:55 157 745 0
48 Archon 576 02:36:26 33% 31 10 20 12% 0% 163 246 211 9 00:24:34 00:20:35 130 685 0
49 ZippyDoodah 568 02:22:40 53% 30 16 14 8% 0 167 176 146 6 00:14:11 00:21:02 144 559 0
50 noefekts 565 02:36:09 38% 34 13 20 11% 0 224 271 219 12 00:18:41 00:22:36 180 705 1
51 interfaced 565 02:22:25 51% 28 14 13 7% 50% 161 206 170 14 00:17:10 00:19:43 144 793 0
52 anduin 553 02:07:33 59% 22 13 9 11% 0 201 185 173 11 00:17:16 00:29:28 177 813 0
53 your grandpa 538 02:07:32 50% 28 14 13 9% 0 190 180 176 23 00:15:22 00:20:15 161 600 1
54 gay. 538 02:21:45 35% 28 10 18 6% 0 147 211 181 8 00:16:40 00:22:27 132 668 0
55 d4nk 531 01:52:07 78% 23 18 5 13% 0 198 178 161 19 00:19:46 00:11:37 159 415 0
56 THarsenal4 514 02:30:41 42% 33 14 19 4% 0 187 216 158 11 00:16:28 00:30:37 156 601 0
57 spills 512 01:54:17 60% 24 14 5 13% 33% 162 161 161 16 00:20:05 00:19:54 119 543 4
58 SnowPlow 511 02:09:58 42% 27 11 15 9% 0% 144 222 180 8 00:16:49 00:19:09 127 700 0
59 hamsun 510 01:49:03 69% 23 16 5 20% 0 223 175 173 19 00:18:08 00:17:44 149 630 2
60 Gasol 510 01:56:34 66% 21 14 7 8% 100% 166 207 180 15 00:22:26 00:12:10 148 500 0
61 LionHearted 509 02:11:58 28% 25 7 16 4% 0 161 173 149 11 00:13:09 00:27:30 138 781 2
62 ish 508 02:18:10 40% 27 11 16 7% 0 204 236 198 11 00:17:02 00:25:43 182 737 0
63 Akko 505 02:05:05 61% 28 16 10 2% 0% 148 204 192 15 00:16:06 00:26:43 141 752 0
64 kmichael 500 02:16:16 36% 30 11 19 8% 100% 133 176 153 12 00:13:38 00:32:07 119 821 0
65 o_O 490 01:54:09 68% 23 15 7 14% 0% 130 163 159 21 00:23:19 00:11:41 106 338 0
66 Chex 480 02:05:14 52% 27 13 12 5% 0% 145 170 159 14 00:14:58 00:22:26 135 483 0
67 laserpig 479 02:04:15 48% 25 12 11 13% 0 165 204 175 9 00:14:28 00:20:31 117 660 2
68 Glimmer 475 02:23:00 24% 31 7 20 8% 0% 165 213 189 14 00:21:21 00:17:31 127 715 2
69 Zig! 474 01:49:48 65% 20 13 7 5% 0 160 168 129 6 00:08:53 00:30:11 142 677 0
70 hide on kush 473 01:45:13 76% 21 16 5 7% 0 182 175 145 14 00:15:23 00:10:50 175 593 0
71 Jdubya 471 02:09:30 51% 29 15 13 12% 0 201 166 145 13 00:17:34 00:22:30 176 550 1
72 RollingScone 468 02:20:14 22% 32 7 17 8% 0% 187 193 155 10 00:12:14 00:29:51 150 828 7
73 H.D. 460 01:57:27 33% 22 7 14 18% 0% 191 186 143 9 00:12:56 00:20:34 139 579 0
74 black orchid 457 01:53:39 65% 26 17 7 10% 0 186 182 170 25 00:25:57 00:13:56 156 452 2
75 Jason Bourne 456 01:46:05 56% 23 13 10 7% 0 118 189 181 20 00:21:45 00:12:33 110 495 0
76 cloudz 455 01:50:11 54% 23 12 10 5% 0% 144 119 102 8 00:09:47 00:23:02 135 579 0
77 hihi! 447 01:48:24 57% 21 12 9 9% 0 127 141 127 12 00:12:18 00:22:05 120 570 0
78 WhiteBallker 441 01:57:00 41% 25 10 13 10% 0% 143 181 160 11 00:15:32 00:19:17 128 596 1
79 phlasid 4.9 439 01:41:57 45% 20 9 10 4% 0 130 141 141 14 00:14:22 00:15:18 121 834 1
80 Dr. Toboggan 435 01:36:13 66% 18 12 6 13% 0 133 148 148 13 00:16:16 00:18:42 106 526 0
81 cereballsy 430 01:47:04 45% 24 11 10 14% 100% 159 171 157 12 00:13:48 00:19:30 122 609 3
82 Roll Player 428 01:58:01 56% 23 13 10 5% 0 160 204 194 22 00:19:13 00:18:05 142 841 0
83 Veto 428 01:37:39 52% 19 10 9 14% 0 168 139 122 11 00:15:03 00:15:45 145 409 0
84 Farva 421 01:42:13 54% 23 12 8 15% 0% 143 166 146 18 00:16:48 00:11:10 116 338 2
85 .__. 421 01:40:55 55% 20 11 9 10% 0 133 126 113 7 00:10:54 00:12:26 111 381 0
86 sb army 420 01:37:14 66% 21 14 7 6% 0 175 162 153 23 00:15:20 00:14:10 151 568 0
87 BallMcNeal 416 01:51:57 45% 24 11 13 2% 0 128 214 191 8 00:12:50 00:17:45 124 746 0
88 ffgr 412 01:31:57 66% 18 12 6 11% 0 140 147 128 15 00:13:29 00:16:20 112 414 0
89 grambo 410 01:50:14 40% 21 8 11 1% 0% 173 155 134 8 00:12:12 00:24:14 169 675 1
90 green peen 407 01:55:25 40% 27 11 12 3% 0 112 171 135 8 00:11:21 00:19:06 100 556 4
91 Galoop 405 01:37:13 55% 20 11 8 4% 0 127 136 123 7 00:12:05 00:19:52 110 655 1
92 Killshot 399 01:50:23 39% 23 9 10 5% 0 137 171 161 12 00:16:49 00:18:19 127 590 4
93 ylime22222 396 01:39:31 52% 20 10 9 8% 0% 101 137 119 7 00:07:00 00:22:59 96 904 0
94 Carl McFly 394 01:35:59 55% 18 10 8 5% 0 111 134 122 11 00:14:41 00:12:33 98 497 0
95 snackpack 391 01:41:39 54% 22 12 8 5% 50% 168 167 140 14 00:13:10 00:18:57 147 581 2
96 Diencash 385 01:31:54 36% 19 7 12 12% 0 161 129 109 8 00:11:18 00:17:34 149 545 0
97 Sharingan 382 01:40:42 36% 22 8 14 6% 0 120 172 137 7 00:12:30 00:19:47 107 509 0
98 baked F 381 01:38:05 40% 22 9 11 3% 0 107 157 136 9 00:12:29 00:14:13 96 552 2
99 R. 380 01:37:59 42% 23 9 8 7% 0% 98 151 134 10 00:12:58 00:15:41 84 364 4
100 Errmergerd 376 01:34:37 52% 17 9 8 7% 0 113 134 119 11 00:12:18 00:20:10 101 423 0
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2023.03.21 20:56 istorm [Team P1.5] Chapter 3: Heavy On The Heart

When the words
Weigh heavy on the heart
I am lost
And lead only by the stars
Cage me like an animal
A crown with gems and gold
Eat me like a cannibal
Chase the neon throne
Breathe in, breathe out
Let the human in
Breathe in, breathe out
And let it in
December and January at a Glance
  • December 14: Lots of Fish
  • December 19: Last Day of Class
  • December 21: Winter Solstice, Yule Festival, Adalin’s Birthday
  • December 31: Oidhche Challainn (New Year’s Eve
  • January 5: First Day Back
  • January 17: Mission
  • January 21: Ursula’s Birthday
With the mess of Muirfeur behind them, the students make the 9 day journey back to Cennaire, arriving on the night of Friday December 5th 436 PD.
As the other Houses come back from their eventful trips, and friends see one another again, the students at Cennaire have but two weeks of class left.


The December 21st Homebase Week is an Activity Week only, as in there will be no following 1-on-1 and Weekly Learning that week. Only Fight, Study, Explore.
There will be a Yule Festival activity that will be posted once we get to the December 21st Homebase. It will not require Explore to be picked in order to participate.
Forging Update
Forging is receiving an expansion, detailed more in the Blacksmith post of this thread.
Elemental Bonus Damage
An allied unit on the map had an Iron Blaze Knife, a carryover weapon from importing a VEX-C sheet for updating our sheet. This weapon and a few others in their description described dealing bonus damage to enemies weak to a certain element. While this was just a cool flavour thing I did cause the NPC was based on a build I was toying with for VEX-C, and the items hadn’t been deleted yet, this brought up concern about this feature being suddenly added.
Upon thinking on it a little more, I felt like eh, it can’t hurt to add in. Enemies that have weaknesses will be far and few between, at least in Chapters 3 and 4, but I have decided to implement it in some degree.
To implement this I’ve added an extra step in Forging where Seals can be added to physical weapons to grant an elemental bonus damage. Beyond the VEX-C imported Blaze (Fire), Shock (Lightning), Frost (Ice), and Gale (Wind) Seals, I’ve added two more. Hydro (Water) and Tera (Earth).
Magic spells will use their damage type for bonus damage.
New Study Option
A fourth Seminar option has been unlocked, but in addition to that, that 4th slot can instead be used to Teach.
3rd year students will be eligible to run a Tutorial Section for 1st and 2nd year students when selecting to Study for the Homebase Activity. Afterall, one of the best ways to learn is through teaching.
To do so, under Seminar Option 4 select Teach and then under Teaching Subject select the subject you wish to teach.
You can only Teach one Rank and will only get EXP towards that Rank.
You must have a Rank B or higher in the Rank you wish to Teach
Earned Experience is calculated as a difference between Ranks where the Rank of the class you are teaching will be considered as E+. So E+ and B is 5 difference meaning 54 for Strength, 36 for a non-Strength
Major Quests
Added in this Homebase are a new type of Quest that require successful Checks to be Completed in order for the Quest to be considered complete.
A Character that is Exploring, may make a single attempt per quest. For example, there are currently three Quests requiring checks, Caoimhe while exploring may attempt to succeed at a Check for Quest 1, as well as attempt one for Quest 2, as well as attempt one for Quest 3.
These Checks represent helping the Quest Giver out in solving issues, finding information etc.
Fishing is receiving an overhaul because honestly, fuck processing fishing the way it was. All bait will berefunded at full value to each character soon.
Instead now, characters will pay to go fishing selecting the tier of bait and receive a heap of fish with the quality of and quantity depending at what tier of bait they bought.
Fishing is not up with the launch of this Homebase but will be up soon.
Support Points
With Cathan no longer with us, some characters will have refunded support points. Going back and tracking each individual investment is tedious at best so I’m just refunding half the value between Cathan and your character, assuming a 50-50 investment.
Character Points
Cerys 10
Marceline 37
Moireach 150
Ursula 14
Waaseyaa 110


The class gains 75 Unassigned WEXP, 40 Unassigned CEXP, 2000 GP, 500 Renown, and 50 Support Points for completing the chapter. All of this has been added to the sheets already.
As we will not be leveling up between Chapter 2 and 3, rather than a level boost every character will receive a Tome of Knowledge and a Trait Manual

Glance At The Future

Most students stay at Cennaire over the Winter Holidays, for many it wouldn’t be feasible to return home over a two week holiday anyway. The academy dons the festive spirit, playing host to the Yule Festival starting on the Winter Solstice and lasting for a whole week.
On the last day of the year, Oidhche Challainn, the school throws an absolutely magnificent ball for the students. There is even an age old rumor about wishes coming true on this magnificent night or something. The rumor has run through the mill so often no two versions are the same.
Afterwards we will return for 2 more weeks of class, and the have our mission, with exam season on the horizon.
In terms of glancing at the future in terms of mechanics,
There have been questions about whether or not some of the classes that were introduced to VEX, plus Eibhear’s new class, will be available to students. The answer to that is yes. The following classes will become available to students here during the Chapter 4 Homebase where we will be hitting level 20 before heading into the Two Parter.
In addition to that, two other class lines, and one additional Master Class that I’ve been working and sitting on will also become available. They are the Herbalist and Strider at Advanced, and the Apothecary and Ranger at Master. The last one is Eagle Eye, a Sniper promotion in Master
Don’t worry if none of the classes introduced since we started the team are feasible for your character - we will be having the option for partial respecs during the Chapter 5 Homebase, after the Chapter 4 Two-Parter.
You can read Class Descriptions, mostly copied from a VEX DLC batch for P3H, on this doc here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LflAQkLE6GYijWnbOeqdvldyk5gLjhykN2h3v7gCT_U/edit?usp=sharing
Additionally there are some other changes being made you can read here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H3jF-bNZV7-fGZ1z0gj_RPtzLyX4SQV-3uaf1B5EJmE/edit?usp=sharing

Useful Links

As always, all links can be found in the Index
But for the purposes of Homebase RPs, these may be the most relevant:
Cennaire Academy
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2023.03.21 20:55 cfdsrety Where To Watch John Wick: Chapter 4 Online Streaming Free?

Here are options for downloading or watching John Wick: Chapter 4 streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch the iconic action movie franchise continues with a new chapter at home. John Wick: Chapter 4 2023 available to stream on? Is watching John Wick: Chapter 4 on Paramount Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming service/media.

Watch Now: John Wick: Chapter 4 Online Free

Get ready to add another superhero movie to your queue! Four years after Shazam hit theaters, it’s finally getting a sequel with John Wick: Chapter 4.

The DC movie follows Billy Batson (Zachary Levi) and his foster siblings as they turn into superheroes upon saying the word, “Shazam!” In the 130-minute film, the group must stop the Daughters of Atlas from using a weapon that could destroy the world.

So where can you watch John Wick: Chapter 4? Is it on HBO Max? What about Netflix? Here’s everything we know about the upcoming movie:

When Will John Wick: Chapter 4 Be Released?
John Wick: Chapter 4 was set to be released in theaters on march.

Will John Wick: Chapter 4 Coming to Movie Theaters?
Yes, John Wick: Chapter 4 will be released exclusively in theaters on March 24, 2023. Originally, the movie was expected to be released on April 1, 2021, but was then pushed to November 4, 2021, and again to March 17, 2023, with these delays ultimately being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Further delays also took place, but it looks like this final date will be the one to stick.

Where To Watch John Wick: Chapter 4:
As of now, the only place to watch John Wick: Chapter 4 is to go to a movie theater when it drops on Friday, March 17. You can find a local showing on Fandango.

Other than that, you will have to wait for it to become available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Prime Video, Apple, and Vudu or stream on HBO Max. Read on for more information.

Will John Wick: Chapter 4 Available for Streaming Online?
Right now, there are currently no confirmed plans for streaming John Wick: Chapter 4. As more cinemas open up and theater attendance continues to rise post-pandemic, simultaneous streaming and theater releases are becoming less common. However, if past titles are anything to go by, it’s a safe bet that Fury Of The Gods will join its DCEU siblings on HBO Max within the next few months. It’s possible that you’ll also be able to rent or buy copies of the movie on other

streaming platforms, such as Amazon or YouTube but again, it’ll be a while before the movie becomes available anywhere other than in theaters.

When Will John Wick: Chapter 4 Be Streaming On HBO MAX?
Since John Wick: Chapter 4 is being distributed by Warner Bros. Discovery, it will, indeed, join HBO Max. However, unlike last year when the company would drop their movies on the streaming platform the same day they were released in theaters, we are going to have to wait at least 45 days before we can watch from the comfort of our living rooms.

While there is no official streaming release date yet, Black Adam, another Warner Bros. movie, was released in theaters on Oct. 21 and didn’t make its way to HBO Max until Dec. 16 — just over 45 days after it debuted. If John Wick: Chapter 4 follows the same trajectory, it’s possible we won’t be able to stream it until early May 2023.

Is John Wick: Chapter 4 Be On Netflix?
No, John Wick: Chapter 4 is not on Netflix — and it likely won’t be any time soon seeing as it is going to stream on HBO Max. In the meantime, you’ll just have to head out to a theater or wait for it to become available on streaming and VOD.

Is John Wick: Chapter 4 Be On Hulu?
Viewers are saying that they want to view the new action movie John Wick: Chapter 4 on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. It will be exclusive to the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.

John Wick: Chapter 4 Cast And Character?
Keanu Reeves as Jardani Jovanovich / Jonathan “John” Wick, a professional hitman and assassin who has gained legendary reputation for his set of skills and is now hunted by the High Table.
Donnie Yen as Caine, a blind High Table assassin and an old friend of John Wick.
Bill Skarsgård as the Marquis Vincent de Gramont, a powerful member of the High Table whose position is challenged by John Wick.
Laurence Fishburne as the Bowery King, a former underground crime boss who was left for dead by the High Table and is now sponsoring John Wick.
Hiroyuki Sanada as Shimazu Koji, the manager of the Osaka Continental Hotel and an old friend of John Wick.
Shamier Anderson as the Tracker / Mr. Nobody, a bounty hunter pursuing Wick.
Lance Reddick as Charon, the concierge at the Continental Hotel in New York.
Rina Sawayama as Akira, Koji’s daughter and concierge of the Osaka Continental.
Scott Adkins as Killa, the head of the German Table and an individual who has one thing in common with John Wick: they have the same enemy.
Ian McShane as Winston Scott, the manager of the New York Continental Hotel and friend of John Wick.
With the price on his head ever increasing, legendary hit man John Wick takes his fight against the High Table global as he seeks out the most powerful players in the underworld, from New York to Paris to Japan to Berlin.

Release date: May 27, 2022 (USA)

Director: Chad Stahelski

Distributed by: Lionsgate Films

Based on: Characters; by Derek Kolstad

Music by: Tyler Bates; Joel J. Richard
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2023.03.21 20:55 BoredMigraine ChatGPT humor

ChatGPT humor submitted by BoredMigraine to ChatGPT [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 20:54 simoncolumb Vinyl and Download Code on Songs of Surrender?

I'm keen to buy the new Songs of Surrender album but I'm fearful that the 4 X LP deluxe set won't include a digital code too.
Amazon sometimes include a digital version but it's difficult to know if it is included or not as I can't se on the specifications.
I purchased a brand new 2023 album (Sam Smith's Gloria) and, inexplicably, there was no download code so I can't listen unless I sign up to a streaming service, which I really don't want to do.
Thanks so much
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2023.03.21 20:54 Arsh6900 fun fact gorilla king have aura

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2023.03.21 20:53 dr_tenet Qual é o melhor hambúrguer do Brasil?

Qual é o melhor hambúrguer do Brasil? submitted by dr_tenet to jovemnerd [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 20:52 kadedoll [want][send]manga/fiction in US.

I have the following books I can trade / send. I’m interested in dark romance, reverse harems, horror, or similar. Show me what you have. I’m willing to pay for shipping for the books I want. I’d love any Caroline peckham, k Webster, ker dukey, j rose, yolanda olson, Eric larocca, Nikki st crowe, and similar. Also would love the divergent series, Harry Potter illustrated versions.
Have to trade:
Manga: soul eater volume 1 and 2; Pokémon xy volume 2; Sword art online progressive volume 3; Little devils volume 1; Ragnarok vol 4; Fist of the North Star vol 1 hardcover
Books: -The southern book clubs guide to slaying vampires: bully me by Selena; Postsecret confessions in life; queenie; boy meets boy; witch born; in real life- my journey to a pixelated world; The book thief; price and prejudice and zombies; Anne of green gables; Lady Alexandra’s lovers; Sapiens
Arcs: The return of faraz Ali by aAmina Ahmad; Road of bones by Christopher golden; The lady rogue; The day she died
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2023.03.21 20:51 Impossible_Leg4606 Please does anyone have an idea of the wattage of this laptop’s gpu… asking for someone…. Thanks for your replies

Please does anyone have an idea of the wattage of this laptop’s gpu… asking for someone…. Thanks for your replies submitted by Impossible_Leg4606 to HPOmen [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 20:50 Radion4k [Guide] The Krangle event starts in 1 hour! Unsure how to progress? Here's some quick theorycrafting to plan your start to the event.

Which skill should I play?

The world is your oyster. However, your safest bet will be to play some kind of attack build. Casters, Summoners and other builds which rely on somewhat niche notables to get damage will be kind of screwed by the sheer amount of attack nodes. However, these may become viable once people have started revealing the entire tree.
I expect Attack Builds to be the best, because they benefit not only from a lot of generic damage notables, they also get a ton of niche notables on the tree that you can mix and match. Found 3 great axe notables in your starting area? Hey, your an axe build now! Oh, there's some dual wielding nodes up next? Congratulations, your swinging two of them now! You get the idea.
In addition, they also get the most amount of ascendancy notables. I've sorted all of them into a spreadsheet, which you can find here.

How do I plan my tree?

I’ve divided the entire thing into clusters with the least amount of travel nodes between them. You can find the entire graphic here.
The basic idea is to start by revealing as many notables as possible (the blue and green areas), then progress into specialized masteries once you know which good notables/keystones/ascendancy notables you want to plan your build around.
Notables are King. While there can be travel nodes that are great (+1% max res, 6% life, etc.) or at least somewhat useful for your build, revealing as many notables as possible will obviously give you the best chance to get the juiciest bonuses.

Which ascendancy do I play?

In order to have the best chances to get useful ascendancy notables, you'll want to reveal as many of them as you can! That makes Deadeye and Chieftain the best ascendancies to pick, because they both get 8 of them.
In addition, you want the fewest amount of "nestled" notables, because if a good ascendancy hides behind a terrible one, you're kind of screwed. You can find a list of ascendancies down below.

Ascendancy Tier List

#1: Ranger - Quick access to the busted shadow starting area and it’s good jewel socket, goes through attribute notables to get there - Has one of the best theoretical ascendancy choices in deadeye Deadeye (6 direct, 1 semi-nestled, 1 nestled) Pathfinder (5 direct, 2 nestled) Raider (3 direct, 3 nestled)
#2: Marauder - Can get to good jewel socket at duelist or templar while grabbing their notable clusters - Gets the best theoretical ascendancy in Chieftain Chieftain (7 direct, 1 semi-nestled) Juggernaut (5 direct, 2 nestled) Barbarian (5 direct, 2 nestled)
#3: Shadow - Best starting cluster and access to a good jewel socket - Below average ascendancies Assassin (5 direct, 2 nestled) Trickster (5 direct, 2 nestled) Saboteur (5 direct, 2 nestled)
#4: Duelist - Most flexible choice - Below average starting cluster, but good jewel socket to make up for it - Below average amount of ascendancy notables Slayer (5 direct, 2 nestled) Champion (5 direct, 2 nestled) Gladiator (4 direct, 3 nestled)
#5: Templar - Decent starting cluster with good jewel socket and the best wheels on the edge of the tree - Average ascendancy choices Hierophant (5 direct, 3 nestled) Guardian (5 direct, 2 nestled) Inquisitor (4 direct, 3 nestled)
#6: Witch - Shittiest starting cluster, has the best notable per point value in there with the fire/lightning/frost walker wheel but very few notables with easy access - Bad jewel socket, shortest path to good jewel sockets does not travel through attribute notables - Worst big clusters on the edge of the tree Elementalist (6 direct, 2 nestled) Necromancer (5 direct, 3 nestled) Occultist (5 direct, 2 nestled)
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2023.03.21 20:49 Herenottherenorton Issues getting into the hobby

For the past 3 - 4 years I've attempted to get into the FPV hobby. I'm located in Minneapolis, MN. I work in tech and have a strong coding background. For one reason or another every last one of my projects have stalled out due to an electronic failure, unclear diagnosis, lack of motivation, and eventual shelving of the project.
I started getting into this with purchasing a Nano Talon from ZOHD, a Taranis X9D 2019 SE, a pair of Fatshark dominator HDOs, a tbs fusion module, crossfire tx, crossfire rx nano, a battery charger, 2 3s batteries, a multimeter, soldering iron, and misc parts.
I got the plane into the air after minimal fuss and the propeller spun off on maiden, the prop was a pusher and the nut was special -2 weeks for part delivery of new prop and washer; along with some loctite.
At the time, I was attempting to set up a second plane with crossfire but the module didnt update properly and I could never get a bind. Even after complete disassembly, i was stuck with the internal taranis module and just was so frustrated, I couldn't get it to work.
I did the logical thing and bought a tiny whoop to figure this all out, it is a nano whoop TBS from TBS. Ideally, I purchased this to work with my crossfire system and of course the TBS sold nano whoop works off non-tbs hardware. During triage of this tiny whoop; I got my goggles working and no bind to the rx. I shelve the project for another day.
1 year passes and I buy a mobula 7, same issue, no bind, but vtx works. Shelve the projects.
This year I make the pledge to get everything working and buy a Joshua Bardwell beginner kit. As I wait for the kit from GETFPV; I buy an upgrade board for my fusion kit and get all of my crossfire things ready for when it comes. Obviously the upgrade kit crashes on boot and I have to jumper the connection after a call with TBS support.
I have to say in the last 2 years, TBS infrastructure has made working with these projects WAY easier and all of the flashing and upgrading works like a charm now. I get the module working, goggles up and running and now flash edgetx to the taranis; which crashes on upgrade, and I flash back to the opentx image. Then slowly upgrade flashes to now have a working version of edgetx.
The JB kit comes and I religiously follow the steps. I get to the point of testing the motors; success. I test the vtx, black screen. I test the receiver and... FINALLY get a crossfire bind to the transmitter. But betaflight is showing smartaudio undefined and the quad is in RX failsafe because it cant get the instructions from the receiver.
This whole journey and I have flown 100-120 flights with no fpv system on an fpv plane, and 0 flights with 3 different quads. Just looking for some help or guidance to get me in the air. I've got the drive and passion to make this work, but am just hard stuck on troubleshooting with no prior experience.
Thanks, -Matt
Current Projects:
Failed VTX on a Nano Talon Failed Binds on TBS Tiny Whoop and Mobula 7 Black Screen VTX on JB Analog Build NO RX connection to FC on JB Analog Build
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2023.03.21 20:49 nonexistentgreen EN players - let's talk about cheating

So, Rank Match is coming to EN (in less than 12 hours as I’m writing this!). Maybe you’ve seen a few posts crop up on your twitter TL or randomly on this subreddit bringing up fear of cheaters. Maybe you haven’t and have only seen the ones saying “I’m no good, I’ll probably only languish in bronze” or something like that. But all the same, I think we need to treat with the topic.
Let’s talk about cheating. It’s rampant, and it needs to be recognized. It’s worth addressing. It’s worth keeping EN’s integrity as a server.
A little context, before I do: I'm a user from the community Sekai server (henceforth referred to as Sekaicord) linked on the sidebar. By habit, I am not a reddit user, and I apologize if this comes off too strong as a consequence. I understand this is a contentious topic, and I recognize that I might have perception bias if the only posts I see from here showcase the "worst" posts and not the actual "average" opinion on this — but, my impression is that, in general, this subreddit has a terrible track record when it comes to identifying cheaters, and an equally awful slate of defenses for their behavior. I'm writing this post not just to address some of these defenses, but also to open the conversation. The less we know about it, the less we can push the devs to take action on it. And likewise, the more we’re aware…
Some context for my viewpoints / experiences on the matter:
- I'm a Day 1 JP player, with 240+ Master FCs. I played EN from day 1 up until around Scramble, when the amount of external tiering drama got too much for me (and, if my handle on what happened during White Day is right, it hasn't gotten better). Level-wise, I’d be about Lv31-32 for FC skill and 26-28 AP-wise. Ask me for a handcam if you want. On Sekaicord I frequently talk to much better players — yes, even ones who can FC/AP 33+ songs (which are probably the most likely to get doubted). I asked a player with Lv34+ FCs (AMARA, 16bit, Intense Voice, Disappearance/END) to review this huge treatise before I wrote it out. I'm pretty confident as to their legitimacy and generally see some patterns that emerge as to why they are. I'll explain some of these here.
- I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to APs up to around Lv32 in the wild, but a lot of Lv33+ FCs tend to be more suspect for any number of reasons you can see from the co-op results screen.
- The atmosphere in Sekaicord around cheating is, as you can probably infer from my tone, highly distrusting. Cheaters are banned on sight once proof is established beyond doubt – so in fact, it surprises me that technically speaking, the rules on the subreddit’s sidebar don’t concretely penalize cheating!
But like many communities, it didn't start out like that. The dedicated gameplay channel was VERY happy to celebrate players' accomplishments (we used to have every 33+ FC pinned) and generally didn't ask for much proof — until Rank Match came on JP, and a player who we all thought was just insanely good got exposed (because JP caught and banned him). Here's the thing — he was a good player in his own right (i.e., Lv. 32+, but not good enough for the results he cheated), and the way he hid his results was much less blatant than some of the people later banned from the server for cheating, who… well, put in about as much effort as some of the cheaters that have been linked to me from here. This is how it goes for pretty much any community: break the established trust, and obviously nothing's the same afterward.
I will try to write this in such a way that it gives cheaters as few hints as possible on how to make their plays look more "legit"; I simply want to point out some of the common patterns that emerge when a cheater really is afoot (and which are never an issue for a legitimate player), and refute some of the more common defenses.
Another thing: yes, not everyone condescends to the level of some of these defenses I’ve written out. However, I’ve seen them appear enough in more or less these exact forms, unchallenged, that it’s worth quoting them in exactly the same way to give you an idea of what’s wrong with these viewpoints. This is not meant as a personal attack (moreso if you may have said something to these effects in the past); it’s simply an attack on the logic behind them.


(1) "Has it ever occurred to you that someone might just be that good? / Or maybe they're just that good?"
Statements like these are, to put it bluntly, passive-aggressive and condescending towards people who might have genuine grounds for suspicion. People weren't born yesterday; we're fully aware that people on the level of HPS, MaengZombie, nanoflower, REN, STK, SkisK… exist. (I've specifically excluded jack just because he's the low-hanging fruit and also to point out that if one’s only knowledge of a "good player" is jack, well… there’s a whole world out there).
But the reason people don't cast doubt on those players is because they have put in the effort to be deserving of that trust. Every one of the players I've mentioned has videographic evidence — YouTube, Twitter clips, the list goes on. They frequently compete to get world-first on APs, and they're well aware that if you do not have a video that shows your hands, your play means nothing. For example, tweets purporting to show world-firsts on Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story were, pretty much without exception, disregarded by JP players when the user was silent on the question of handcams.
(The first recognized AP of Six Trillion Years is from SkisK , at 1d 1h 19m after release.)
(A little aside: JP players can be pretty ruthless about cheaters. From the official JP Discord, I passed by this message of someone posting a Yaminabe AP tweet with no proof on release day and was (not) surprised to see a slew of X-to-doubt reactions -- and, as with the tweet above which I had to resort to Wayback Machine to show you, it was later deleted presumably after getting called out.)
I also want to be clear on this: this also means that a player you don't expect CAN come out of nowhere and stake their claim on an achievement, as long as they have the proof to back their claim up. Here's a good example: the maxed score on Arcaea's hardest chart, Testify BYD, was achieved by a player (005saikou) who otherwise wasn't known for any other world-firsts! And — you guessed it — he had an annotated video to back up his claim, commenting on which parts he thought was hardest, and other peculiarities of the chart.
There's a common counterargument to (1) that goes something like
(2) "Well, maybe some people just don't want to show their hands / dox themselves / don't know how to record / etc."
Let's do this point-by-point.
2a) "...don't know how to record / not everyone has a second phone or camera to record handcams with..."
The trial-and-error process required to reach the level of play we're talking about 99% demands the ability to record, review, and rewatch your play. Even if you're not going to post it, you almost certainly will have tried it at some point on the road to 33+ just for your own "where did I go wrong?" purposes.
This argument is also an insult to the intelligence of a player; recording ISN'T EVEN HARD. Recording is built-in on iOS. Recording on Android is as simple as typing "screen recorder app" into Google Play Store (or its equivalent, for Xiaomi and other no-Google builds) and downloading the first free option that doesn't have ads every 0.1 seconds. While screen recordings are less trustworthy than handcams because, well, you can’t see what the player is doing in order to get that result, they’re trustworthy enough in conjunction with players who, besides a recording, can talk about what, why, and how they do what they’re doing (more on this below).
As for handcams, please don't be intimidated by the fact that most well-known YouTubers have professional-looking, crisp 1080p setups: even a grainy 480p view is enough as long as it's clear you're not pretending to mash away while a bot automatically PERFECTs the 200BPM portions of Intense Voice. Google "handcam setups", or DIY one by cutting a slit at the top of a cardboard box and pointing a camera lens down while you play from the bottom (my preferred solution). I have seen players who record themselves using cheap $20 webcams not even clipped to anywhere stable, players who ask to borrow a family member’s phone or camera for a paltry five minutes… anything to be honest! For as many cheaters I’ve seen accused, I’ve also seen nearly as many people who put in the effort to be honest, which deserves a good mention.
Just about every case I know of someone who wasn't a cheater was willing to provide a handcam of some sort. It doesn't matter if they took 30 minutes, five hours, or three days — they came back and defended themselves. I've even seen it on the EN discord! The first instinct of a cheater, by contrast, is to either stay completely silent and let other people do the defending for them, or to get extremely defensive and use some of the many arguments here.
Incidentally, there are legitimate examples I know of of completely unknown players who pop up one day in Sekaicord with some godlike play, and the reason they were believed on the spot? Handcam.
2b) "...don't want to show their hands / dox themselves..."
I suppose nothing can be done about that, but on this point I'd like to point out that Sekai is hardly the first (and will not be the last) rhythm game community to have doubters. This is frankly small-time compared to osu! players doing this like it's a JOB. And that comes down to a fundamental truth about rhythm games: difficult skill-based achievements have always had value because people SHOW they can be done. Consequently, if there is no proof, there is no value; if you're willing to make an outrageous claim; you best be prepared to show some outrageous play, or risk it not being worth anything at all.
There are other ways to show you clearly did what you're claiming to that don't involve a handcam, mind you — but they involve knowing what you're talking about, describing the chart / your strategies in detail, and, well, generally a certain level of passion about the intricacies of the game that most cheaters don't really seem to have, because they're only really here for the one fleeting shot at attention (mentioned this above already; skip to “spotting cheaters” below if you’re curious enough to know how).
Moving on…
(3) "But they posted a recording of…"
Let me be clear on this point: I personally (and many others) are not wondering if they photoshopped a rainbow clear diamond on a song; anyone can do that in three minutes. I am also not wondering (and do not care) if someone has a recording of themselves scrolling through a list of songs with a shiny line of rainbow diamonds, because that doesn't really mean anything if they cannot demonstrate the ability to repeat it (and that a bot didn't do it for them). On this point, most players aren't so letter-of-the-law obsessed as to demand a recording of a re-AP (understandable: players like Mita Kousuke take months even to get a singular AP on What's up? Pop! and there's no guarantee the perfect moment will be caught on camera for most players) — I (and many others) just want to see a level of play that reasonably LOOKS like they can do what they’re claiming to have done. Put simply, I really just want to see someone’s fingers dancing where the notes are landing, not their hands flailing miserably against the glass screen while a bot does the actual playing.
What would "reasonable" look like? Take a look at the Mita video as an example. While he lists some of his current personal bests at the top, you'll find that the majority of these streams are him failing, sometimes incredibly early, sometimes amazingly -- but the overall level of play is high. Players who've just finished with a feat from the night before / day before / two hours / 30 minutes before don't "rust over". A few hours' rest (if necessary) for exhausted hands is almost always enough to show something approaching legitimate if the player in question is legitimate -- again, no one's asking for a second AP.
(4) "You're just jealous!"
And? So what if I am? Since when was emotion a valid reason to stop reading and avoid the possibility that even people driven by emotion can make valid points? But part of why this argument is unusually effective is because most aren't aware of the common patterns that drive cheaters, and so valid arguments are often dismissed as being down to jealousy if you're not aware of why some of these defenses for cheaters just don't stick.
Part of why I shared the context of where I come from with this was partly to dispel this argument. I've long since accepted that there are people much better than me, and I want to explain why people (who don't necessarily have that chance) react the way they do towards cheaters without resorting to ad hominems like this.
But never mind me. If me potentially being jealous is enough to discount it at my sub-33 skill level, then would you believe the distaste for EN cheating if it came from the world-first AP on Kusaregedou to Chocolate? Incidentally, I assure you he's got nothing to be jealous of: after all, he's going to Tokyo for Spring CS and rubbing shoulders with HPS and the rest of the Sekai gods.
(5) "It's just a game, why would anyone cheat on Sekai?"
If you've ever heard a variation of the common schoolyard boast (or jokes about it) "my dad works at Nintendo / Game Freak / Activision / [insert AAA video game company here]", the answer is: it’s for exactly the same reason immature people have lied since the dawn of society — attention and self-esteem. Of course they gain nothing from this, it is just a game, after all — but kids literally lie just to win arguments as petty and easily-forgotten as those in a schoolyard. Why would Sekai be the first skill-based game (of many, many rhythm games out there) immune to this?
(6) "It's just a game, calm down lol"
I genuinely struggled to write an answer to this without getting a bit irritated; I’ve seen this so many times in so many places for so many wrong reasons. But what’s wrong with being passionate about a game? What’s wrong with wanting the pastime you settle into after a stressful day of work or school to be a fair playing ground? Why shouldn’t a game be taken seriously when competitive PvP games fuel multi-billion industries, have university scholarships, and round-the-clock teams and sport scientists analyzing them, and ignite the passions of people just as intensely as any “traditional” sport?
“Because that’s esports, and this is just Sekai”? Here, tell me you can’t feel the room shake when Mita APs Brand New Day live on stream.
What’s wrong with being passionate about something in the same way others, you included, are passionate about things besides Sekai – enough to be offended if someone said this exact same thing to you? What’s wrong with wanting fairness for one thing and not another?
(7) "Trust the cheat detection!"
I hate to have to say this, I really do, but automated cheat detection for EN is TERRIBLE. It might not even exist. As evidence I'd like to point towards some of the more infamous cheaters: the T2 for Mesmerized by Mermaids in EN. There are some pretty damning threads from long-time tierers that have explained the point in much more detail than I could eloquently say. Now, this exact cheater was defended by someone using the exact same argument I'm about to reply to, and it's just as fallacious now as it was then.
Allow me to explain exactly why "trust the cheat detection" doesn't fly.
- T2, as the threads I've linked demonstrate, was clearly botting, and did so for the entire week the event ran. So why didn't the supposed "cheat detection" pick this up? Why was T2 allowed to play all the way until the EVENT ENDED? Why was the event title AWARDED to T2, denying the T4 (nara) the T3 as a result?
- The appeal to authority argument particularly disgusts me because of one thing: JP has had its own issues with cheaters of a different nature: those who share accounts so that they can tier 24/7 with no downtime. The example I know of is from Unnamed Harmony: not only did they outright admit to account sharing (and insinuated that the t2 who lost was probably also cheating), they weren't banned. I use JP as an example for this reason: JP, which actually, proactively bans botters in Rank Match, still has cheaters that are left completely alone. How then, can you expect EN to have better scrutiny when even botters need a public outcry and a LOT of angry support desk mails just to get one T2 banned? (oh, and come back, and get that account banned too, and admit to committing about 7k euros worth of chargeback fraud…) No offense, but EN can't even herd its official discord channels together; how am I supposed to believe they have time for botters?
T2 Mermaids is hardly the only example there is — only the most notorious one. But if even the cases of people high enough to be in the ranking spotlight take so much effort to call out (no thanks to people spouting uneducated defenses and convincing enough people), how much more botters who just roam the wilds with all perfects that show with 0 notes hit?
Put another way: why use a tiering cheater as an example for skill-based cheating when tiering skill boils down to whoever has the stamina to slap Envy for the longest time? Answer: they use the same tools. The person running around with an EmpErroR AP in public rooms may be doing it to show off, while a tiering cheater may be doing it so they doesn’t lose sleep or struggle the same way their competitors do, but the means are (almost) always the same: a machine does the work for them. And if the game isn’t banning one of them… how can you be confident they’re banning the other?
“Well, that was months ago! They’re better now, I hope!”
The proof is in the pudding. If you’re right, then I’d be happier than anyone else.


Besides the whole "they get really defensive" / [insert argument above] things listed above, there are a few more tells that really go a long way towards sniffing out a cheater, and I'd like to go over some of them here (since they didn't really fit naturally into the counterarguments presented above). I'll skip over directly critiquing their results in the case that a prospective cheater reads this and takes notes on how to avoid getting caught.
Now, a little disclaimer, for fairness: most of the posts I’m aware of don’t actually involve the cheaters themselves risking getting caught on here, and so the uses for such red flags may not be easily applicable. But all the same, they go hand-in-hand with the (fallacious) defenses for cheaters, and it’s important to know what you’re looking for when someone inevitably comes here asking why they got banned (for “no reason”) assuming EN is any trustworthy when Rank Match hits.
Keep in mind: each of these ALONE does not mean someone is a cheater — it's when red flags like these, ALONG with refusing to provide videographic proof, come together, that someone becomes more and more suspicious.
(1) Unrealistic timeframes for improvement
Let's not mince words here: the highest levels of Sekai are HARD. As in, it competes with "pure" rhythm games like Arcaea, Lanota, Phigros, Cytus, Dynamix, CHUNITHM, maimai, ONGEKI… levels of hard. Sekai itself is unusually hard for a popular rhythm game (sorry Tokyo 7th Sisters, no one knows you) with funny PNGs you roll and pay for, in a market where the closest competition (and therefore most people's previous frames of reference for existing difficulty) is Bandori or Enstars. And, well, no offense… but Bandori doesn't have six Hell or Hell SPs (and it took THIS long to release the 33+ specials…) and a release schedule that promises more every three months, like we're getting with Yaminabe and Jinsei. As for Enstars? Two years to release Awakening Myth and Seishun Emergency SP (and they’re only roughly as hard as ~32lv. Sekai charts).
What this results in are cheaters who grossly underestimate the time needed to get to Sekai's highest level. You might hear things like "i was up all night / week / month getting this omg my fingers are so tired". To use an example from sekaicord / experience: most players who commit to the improvement grind tend to find that they'll improve really quickly from 26 to 30 — and then hit a major wall at Lv31, where the difficulty then spikes exponentially. The average time it takes legitimate players to go from Lv31 to 32? Six months or more. 32 to 33? You'll be lucky or just insanely good if it takes you six months.
Anyone claiming to be the exception to this pattern, put simply, needs the proof. People are willing to believe someone’s good if they can see someone play good.
(2) Not recognizing patterns when questioned
An actual story about a banned cheater from sekaicord: they claimed to have AP'd Don't Fight the Music on Master, and immediately fell through when people started asking them about patterns from other charts, including Hibana and KING. The issue? They were told that those patterns were from Don't Fight the Music. This is pretty much self-explanatory: you'd at least be expected to know the charts you're claiming to have beaten!
But besides that, people who have pulled off such feats (hell, pretty much anyone) always has a devil of their own. Everyone has That One Pattern they find, and which they hate. And if you're a devilish enough little Pattern (hello Greenlights / Bitter Choco Decoration), you'll be so absolutely evil that everyone will know you, not the other way around. Someone who picks out a pattern that is pretty obviously free to someone actually at that skill level OR doesn't have a least favorite pattern at all tends to stink from a mile away.
(3) Low-quality / vague explanations and/or misuse/lack of terminology/jargon
A common trope in TV shows, video games, and so on is a smart character (usually a scientist) who launches into a convoluted explanation with a LOT of jargon you're not supposed to understand, before a character stops them and says you're making my brain hurt. While silly, this trope has some basis in the fact that people who are good at something tend to be really passionate about it, and often won't hesitate to explain in a lot of detail exactly how they pull off what they do. The same almost always goes for rhythm game players — it's common for people who have just conquered a chart in sekaicord to follow up their FC / AP screenshot with a long-ass postmortem of the parts they hated the most, the strategy that finally got them through it, and pretty much everything in between.
As a cheater, it would be pretty difficult to emulate this. There's no adrenaline rush as you get through the part that you've been struggling on for weeks, possibly months, no sitting down staring at a chart viewer cursing the disgustingly hard part, no detailed "L-R-L-R(index)-R(middle)" big brain strategy just to pass something extremely cursed. There is nothing to explain. Most often, you will get "i was just shaking throughout it's all so hard", "uhhh i just mashed as hard as i possibly could" “go watch a video instead of bothering me” without reference to a specific pattern, and almost no way to describe their solution in terms any reasonably practiced regular would be familiar with. Did you jack this part here? Two fingers or multiple? Is there a BPM divisor that helps you get the rhythm down on this?
Let's go back to the 005saikou Arcaea example I mentioned earlier. Pretty much anyone at that level will have thoughts about their own achievements, and which parts they found hardest to conquer; look at the pinned comment (translation of the CCs) on his Testify video and see just how detailed they can get. I'm not saying everyone has to get to that level of detail, but someone with practically nothing to say about their achievements AND no video either is a serious red flag.

A brief conclusion

Why I took the time to write all of this is pretty simple: I would very much like if people were more aware of the players they're defending who don't deserve to be defended. Not only are there legitimate players out there much more deserving of your attention, but there's also a glut of illegitimate ones out there cruising along with the potential to make Ranked Match completely unplayable if we're just going to sit here and pretend it's not a problem. Perhaps you’re thinking it’s not going to be a problem for you if you only stay in Bronze / Silver / Gold / Plat. Good for you, but then that leaves Diamond and Mastery completely unplayable wastelands fit only for people who jump onto sites-that-shall-not-be-named for modded apps. Pretty much every time I talk to a JP player about EN and the prospect of ranked match, I universally hear back the words “cheating” and smell the implication that there’s no point to even touching it. There’s already so few legitimately skilled players on EN (let alone those who aren’t simply imported / previously JP players) and the last thing EN needs is to drive those players away.
Genuine question: If the playerbase is capable of raising enough of a stink to get an entire event memory-holed out of existence (I have not forgotten RMD), please tell me why it's not possible to push the devs to take action on people who will undermine the legitimacy of an entire game mode? It's easy enough to ignore if you're just running around co-op getting event points and can forget about someone who's not playing the game, but in a game mode whose basis is a fair and even competition between two players, surely there's some reason to get them to do something.
Call me jealous, salty, misguided, whatever you want, but if at the end of the day this post has you thinking a bit more critically about why people can be so suspicious of others (and why it's more legitimate than just jealousy), then writing it will have been worth something. Please, don’t throw these words by the wayside, and keep a more critical eye out for the people you meet, be it in ordinary rooms, on social media, or, well… on Ranked Match. If you could do something about RMD, you can do something about cheaters.
If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for your attention and time.
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2023.03.21 20:48 Filberto_ossani2 Question about Star Finger

How the hell it ties to Star Platinum's other abilities? It's not like when you are super strong, super fast or can stop time you suddenly get ability to extend your fingers
Other stands with multiple abilities [part 4 and part 5 spoiler] like Killer Queen or King Crimson have common theme of bombs or time while Star Finger feels off because main theme of Star Platinum is strength, precision and speed and even stopping time fits this theme better than Star Finger because I can imagine Star Platinum being so fast that everything around appears to be stopped in time
Star Finger just sticks out like a sore thumb [pun intended]
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2023.03.21 20:45 MysticSkies AMD Display driver on Windows update removing Adrenaline issue.

AMD Display driver on Windows update removing Adrenaline issue.
Hi everyone, I just want type a tutorial here on how to resolve this really annoying AMD driver issue that is really common with many people but I didn't find a clear solution to it so I am typing it here so other people can hopefully find this.
The issue here is: You have an AMD GPU and you install the latest Adrenaline software and driver. But after you restart your PC or after a bit when you open the Adrenaline software back up, you find a weird error saying there is a version mismatch or AMD Adrenaline is not available.
This is because Windows automaticall updates old AMD drivers which removes your new Adrenaline software and driver.
  1. To resolve this, install the latest Adrenaline drivesoftware. Do a full clean install.
  2. Use these commands to check Windows Updates without installing/downloading them. This is needed because when you click check updates for some reason they auto download and start installing.
  1. Next, you will need to run a software called Windows Update Show/Hide. Find it here.
  2. There is a tutorial on that website on how to use it. Basically run it, click Hide udpates, you will see that stupid AMD driver, select it and click next and it should be done. This driveupdate will be prevented from installing from Windows updates.
Hope that helps.
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2023.03.21 20:43 AC_the_Panther_007 Rebooking WrestleMania: Part 3 (WrestleMania XI to WrestleMania XV)

Part 1:

Part 2:

WrestleMania XI (April 2, 1995 at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut):
Alundra Blayze (w/Wendi Ritcher) def. Bull Nakano (c) (w/Luna Vachon) - No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere for the WWE Women's Championship (TITLE CHANGE)
Hakushi def. Razor Ramon
The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) def. Jeff Jarrett (c) (w/The Roadie) - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match (with Larry Young as Special Guest Referee) (TITLE CHANGE)
Men on a Mission (Mabel and Mo) (c) (w/Oscar) def. The Smoking Gunns (Billy and Bart Gunn), The Quebecers (Jacques and Pierre) (w/Johnny Polo), The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott Steiner), The Allied Powers (Lex Luger and The British Bulldog), and The Blu Brothers (Jacob and Eli Blu) (w/Uncle Zebekiah) - Tag Team Gauntlet Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Bret Hart def. Owen Hart by Submission - "I Quit" Match with Roddy Piper as Special Guest Referee
The 1-2-3 Kid def. Yokozuna (w/Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette) by Countout
Lawrence Taylor (w/Carl Banks, Rickey Jackson, Steve McMichael, Ken Norton Jr., Chris Spielman, and Reggie White) def. Bam Bam Bigelow (w/Ted DiBiase, King Kong Bundy, Kama, Irwin R. Schyster, Tatanka, and Nikolai Volkoff) (with Pat Patterson as Special Guest Referee)
Diesel (c) (w/Pamela Anderson) def. Shawn Michaels (w/Jenny McCarty and Sycho Sid) - WWE Championship Match

WrestleMania XII (March 31, 1996 at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim in Anaheim, California):
Vader, Owen Hart, and The British Bulldog (w/Jim Cornette) def. Ahmed Johnson, Jake Roberts, and Yokozuna (w/Mr. Fuji)
Goldust (c) (w/Marlena) def. Razor Ramon and The 1-2-3 Kid (w/Ted DiBiase) - Three-Way Dance Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin (w/Ted DiBiase) def. Savio Vega by Technical Knockout
The Ultimate Warrior def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Sable)
Alundra Blayze (c) def. Bertha Faye (w/Harvey Wippleman) by Escaping the Cage - Steel Cage Match for the WWE Women's Championship
The BodyDonnas (Skip and Zip) (w/Sunny) def. The Godwinns (Henry O. and Phineas I. Godwinn) (w/Hillbilly Jim), Men on a Mission (Mabel and Mo) (w/Clarence Mason), and The Smoking Gunns (Billy and Bart Gunn) (c) - Four-Way Dance Tag Team Elimination Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship (TITLES CHANGE)
The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) def. Diesel
Shawn Michaes (w/Jose Lothario) def. Bret Hart (c) 1-0 by Pinfall in Sudden Death Overtime - 60-Minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship Match (TITLE CHANGE)

WrestleMania 13 (March 23, 1997 at the Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, Illinois):
Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon def. The Headbangers (Thrasher and Mosh), The Godwinns (Henry O. and Phineas I. Godwinn) (w/Hillbilly Jim), The New Blackjacks (Bradshaw and Windham) (w/Uncle Zebekiah), and The New Rockers (Leif Cassidy and Marty Jannetty) - Tag Team Gauntlet Match to Determine the #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Vader (w/Jim Cornette) def. Brian Pillman
Ahmed Johnson and The Legion of Doom (Animal and Hawk) (w/Paul Ellering) def. The Nation of Domination (Faarooq, Savio Vega, and Crush) (with Clarence Mason, D'Lo Brown, J. C. Ice, and Wolfie D) - Chicago Street Fight
Mankind (w/Paul Bearer) def. Shawn Michaels (w/Jose Lothario) by Technical Submission
The British Bulldog (w/Diana Hart) def. Owen Hart - European Final Tournament Match for the Inaugural WWE European Championship (NEW TITLE)
Rocky Maivia (c) (w/Rocky Johnson) fought Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chyna) by Double Disqualification - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
The Undertaker def. Sycho Sid
Bret Hart (c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin by referee stoppage - Submission Match for the WWE Championship (with Ken Shamrock as Special Guest Referee)

WrestleMania XIV (March 29, 1998 at the FleetCenter in Boston, Massachusetts):
LOD 2000 (Hawk and Animal) (w/Sunny and Paul Ellering) won by last eliminating Owen Hart and The British Bulldog - Tag Team Battle Royal to Determine the No. 1 Contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championship
Taka Michinoku (c) def. Aguila - WWE Light Heavyweight Championship Match
Jeff Jarrett (c) (w/Jim Cornette) def. Sycho Sid - NWA North American Championship Match
Triple H (c) (w/Chyna and Rick Rude) def. Brian Pillman - WWE European Championship Match
Marc Mero and Sable def. The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust and Luna Vachon - Mixed Tag Team Match
Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie def. The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) (c) (w/Chyna and Rick Rude) - Dumpster Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship (TITLES CHANGE)
The Rock (c) (w/Faarooq, D'Lo Brown, Kama Mustafa, and Mark Henry) def. Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson, and Vader - Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
The Undertaker def. Kane (w/Paul Bearer)
Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels (c) (w/Chyna and Rick Rude) vs. - Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship (with Mike Tyson as Special Outside Enforcer) (TITLE CHANGE)

WrestleMania XV (March 28, 1999 at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania):
Owen Hart and The British Bulldog (c) def. Edge and Christian (w/Gangrel) - WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Brian Pillman def. Goldust, Val Venis (w/Ryan Shamrock), Shawn Michaels, Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra), and Ken Shamrock (c) - Six-Pack Challenge for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Sable (c) def. Chyna - WWE Women's Championship Match
Jim Neidhart def. X-Pac (c) - WWE European Championship Match (with Shane McMahon as Special Guest Referee) (TITLE CHANGE)
Jacqueline (w/Terri Runnels) def. Ivory (w/D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry) - Evening Gown Match
Vader def. Al Snow and Hardcore Holly - Triple Threat Hardcore Match for the WWE Hardcore Championship
Marc Mero def. Bart Gunn (w/Jim Cornette) by 8th Round Knockout - Boxing Match
Kane def. Triple H (w/Chyna)
Droz, LOD 2000 (Animal and Hawk), and The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) (w/Paul Ellering and Michael "P.S." Hayes) def. The Ministry of Darkness (Sycho Sid, Faarooq, Bradshaw, Viscera, and Mideon) (w/Paul Bearer and Luna Vachon) - 10-Man Tag Team Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Big Show (with Mr. McMahon as Special Guest Referee)
The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) def. Big Boss Man - Hell in a Cell Match
Bret Hart def. Mankind and The Rock (c) by Submission - Triple Threat Elimination Match for the WWE Championship (TITLE CHANGE)

Part 4 is coming soon (WrestleMania 2000 to WrestleMania XX)
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