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KuCoin exchange is een gebruiksvriendelijke en efficiënte cryptocurrency exchange met meer dan 6 miljoen gebruikers wereldwijd. Naast de traditionele handel biedt KuCoin ook services als staking, lending, marging, futures, spotlight en meer. KuCoin 50% van haar dagelijks gegenereerde fees met haar $KCS holders. KYC is niet verplicht op KuCoin. Join onze officiële kanaal op Telegram:

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LPC is a crypto-currency based on proof-of-stake (POS) and masternode. Our main emphasis is to maintain the conditions that it is more profitable to keep your coin in our wallet then their sales.

2014.01.27 07:17 chrono000 BlackCoin Subreddit

BlackCoin is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. It is a pure Proof of Stake coin, except stage of initial distribution, when it was mixed PoW and PoS coin. For more info, go to

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FunZippy lets you quickly find fun things to do near you and all local upcoming events in your location. We also provide you with a platform where you can plan, organize, manage and track your personal, private & public events.
Visit our website:
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2023.03.30 16:36 Affectionate_Leg8772 My (23f) friend (23f) is acting very obsessed and I don't feel the same anymore.

Long post. Please help. I have been friends with her since my undergrad days. COVID brought us more closer and we shared all our problems and goals etc. We used to text each other everyday about silly daily mundane activities. Were there for each other all throughout.
Then I started dating a boy who was our friend and it has been ldr since the start. Eventually it so happened that when we all started working, life caught up on us, she started dating a guy near her place and I started sharing more with my bf than my friend. But she knew every single imp thing in my life, before he knew. After about a year of dating obviously he became my first go to person. Me and her had a small misunderstanding, when she started saying I have stopped sharing everything, don't trust her, hate her and this and that and started really assuming things and misunderstanding everything I told. Basically she felt replaced which I understand but for me she was still my best friend, a person I could just tell anything at anytime. Eventually her taunts got too much, our fights were a daily thing that I kind of drifted off because peace for me is imp.
She was still my best friend but we just didn't talk as much. I was of the opinion that we don't need to talk much. Anytime I spoke to her she used to bring the same topic of how I don't talk to her like before.
I have been at home for the last 3.5 years with exactly same routine and I am a home buddy with no interest in shows or movies. I don't have much to talk is what I try to tell her but she tells I am lying because I call my bf. When I call my bf it's he who speaks and I enjoy listening to him about his day, plus we have been in ldr and only met 3 times so for me the calls and texts are everything. She started telling me she sees me like a partner(she has a bf and she cries to him about me), maybe bi, that for her I am first etc but I can have only one partner my bf.
Last year my mom was detected with carcinoma. I have been handling hospital visits, taking care of cooking and other household things, taking care of my mother and juggling work( which again I have no idea if I am even progressing but that's another post in another thread). I have been at my lowest and all she does is tell she cries everyday for me. I don't have the energy to talk to anyone daily for hours altogether. And even if I do I want some positivity. I can't listen to someone cry about their life choices or their life. At this point she kept putting stories about how a friend should be, how she learnt about bad friends which really hurt me. I can't go back to how we were and all she does is tell others she is crying everyday for me.
What am I to do ?
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2023.03.30 16:35 mspropst Warriors of Æsir

Warriors of Æsir is looking for Valheim players!
The Warriors of Æsir are a multi-platform gaming community founded on June 1st, 2001. Our goal is to create a safe haven outside all of the toxicity and rage so rampant in the games we play and to foster feelings of camaraderie among one another. WA draws inspiration from military organization as well as heroic Norse concepts, ideas that have been central to our clan since its inception. Songs are sung for brave heroes, titles are awarded to those worthy of remembrance, and lineage is treasured and carefully recorded. All members of the Warriors of Æsir can trace their ancestry back through countless generations of members. Members of WA are part of a House and a Family, both of which are based upon that same lineage, but may also form their own Platoons/Divisions and based upon shared games and interests.
WA currently contains six Houses: Cammander, Dane, Dippity, Kilroy, Blitzkrieg, and Thief. Members are encouraged to adopt a new Norse name and identity using our Norse vocabulary resources, and even to create a character through which they can be portrayed in our songs and stories. However, members of WA are not allowed to name themselves after Norse gods or heroes. All Warriors of Æsir must conduct themselves properly and abide by our rules. New recruits are expected to avoid causing drama, respect the clan’s laws and traditions, respect friend and foe alike, and respect the Chain of Command.
We are in search of those hardy adventurers who take a liking to our lore, culture, and history, as well as those simply looking for friends to game with. While the list of games taken up by our clan is nearly endless, current game channels include (in alphabetical order): Battle for Middle Earth, Command and Conquer, Destiny, Diablo, Elden Ring, Epic RPG, Eve Online, Final Fantasy, Genshin Impact, Guild Wars 2, Kerbal Space Program, League of Legends, LotR Online, Minecraft, Northgard, Paradox (EUIV, Victoria, Crusader Kings, etc), Path of Exile, Runescape, Sea of Thieves, Skye, Starcraft, Total War, Truck Simulator, Valorant, Warframe, Wargaming, Warhammer (40k and Vermintide), World of Warcraft, and Valheim.
We host weekly events for more popular games and there are usually people playing other games on on a given night. We encourage members to host new events when looking for friends to play with. Our clan is primarily based in North America, although members from across the globe have graced our ranks. Please contact me on Discord (Bassivald#4527) if you have any questions or are interested in joining.
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2023.03.30 16:35 ellismartin95 Stump Grinder for Sale near Me

Casco Rent All is the renowned equipment rental company serving contractors and homeowners across Michigan. Company are providing complete tool and equipment rental center for professional contractors.
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2023.03.30 16:34 Choice_Muffin2233 I don't know what is the meaning of this dream.

What is the meaning of this dream..
Before i starts sorry for my bad english my english is not good.
last year I had a dream and until now my dream continues, it's about a flaming eye with a ring and wings and on its wing there are small eyes around it but before that in my dream I was there in a grass that there are many trees and on the side of that there is a stream and in that stream there are people shouting but because I am far away all I can understand is that they are shouting for help and it seems random to listen because I am far away... I try to approach but there is a man there with wings but he doesn't have a face because he is covered with a blue and black robe and he is holding a cane... I asked him if what is going on here why there are so many people stuck in the creek but he answered me that "you can't go here because it's not your time yet, and the people here are the ones who didn't pass because of the test of faith" and I was surprised because he pushed me so hard and I just saw that I changed places in the woods and then I saw the flaming eyes with a sounding trumpet and like lightning that is incomprehensible but good to listen to the ears... I hid because of fear but he saw me and said " why are you here you can't come here! " that screamed and then I ran and ran while he was following me and suddenly I bumped into a small eye with a sing sing and a lot of wings and he pulled me up even though he didn't touch me then he said at the same time " why are you here who gave you permission to enter the clock of life? "then because I was so scared I threw a stone at him but he didn't hit him and he kept saying things I couldn't understand except for a few words like "I am the one who watches over time and life, I am the one who crosses life and death, I am the one watching over him" then suddenly the place moved to the house and I opened our door and then looked for something that I could throw at him until I didn't see him but when I was approaching my room I saw an old man who was very perfect to the point with no flaws in his appearance then he didn't let me near my body until I took a pair of scissors and stabbed him in the head but he cursed because the color of his blood was different like light yellow white which was very hot in my hand then when I stabbed him he pulled my hand on his head and I pulled his hair then when I woke up there was a yellow liquid on my hand but after a few seconds that yellow liquid disappeared but I felt very tired and my tears kept falling... I just let it go until I calm down for a few hours until you fall asleep again because I'm just thinking it's a dream or im having a sleep paralysis. and I fell asleep again.
and according to my dream I see my body falling asleep but I'm flying high as if I'm free.... I enjoyed myself as in but I saw the old man I stabbed and he changed form with eyes that were burning and he is very wise but the trumpet and lightning are still playing around... I asked him "who are you why are you following me?" he answered me that "I am the clock of life, I am the one who gives orders to people like me, I the one who will watch over him" but now he seems to be neutral towards me... until he asked me "do you want to see where I live?" but I hesitated and said no but suddenly I changed place and saw the garden it's so beautiful but this time it's different that I see it's a big place that's all white with lots of plants and a lot of trees that are very dazzling to the eyes and have fruits that you can't see here in our world... but while I was walking I heard what the eyes say (that's what I named him until now because I always see him and with him while I'm there in my dreams) "wait, im hungry then he suddenly changed to huge eyes with a ring and he was full of wings then he suddenly reached for the flying one that looked like a square with wings and ate it, he was filled with a yellow liquid that looked like their blood and when it was all gone he returned to his human figure then I was sitting in fear but he just told me "don't be afraid because you chose this thing, you can't get out of it even if you want to" then he says a lot that I don't understand idk what dialect that is but I've searched and searched and still can't find it...
This is what I'm going to tell you because I want to know what does this dream means.
I have a lot more to follow here because I want to understand what's going on because I feel like I'm going crazy (I'll tell you why next time) if anyone ever knows about this please reach out to me I need help.
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2023.03.30 16:33 abaganoush Big brain business name

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2023.03.30 16:33 marsmanofearth3000 two teenaged girls got sent off my school for bullying me

am i the gerk for getting two 13 year old girls sent off school because of bullying me

im a 13 year old male and i live in bergen op zoom in the netherlands. i go to middle school and i get bullied alot. so this particular day i was having a nice day and i haddent been bullied yet. in comes the karen, whom we will call sarah. sarah is a 13 year old female who anoys the crap out of me. so i try to get past her without her seeing me but of cours i cant get by. she walkes up to me and askes what i was doing. i tell her that its none of her buisness. she then goes on to say: are you talking to me? you should back off. now this is when her idiotic friend comes in, we will name her luci. she, not knowing what is happening just strait up calles me fat. now i am not fat. so sarah just starts laughing at me and i just walk away, that was a bad decision because that just made her mad. she grabs my back pack and starts emtying it onto the ground. now i am a cristion and im not sepposed to punch girls but i punched this girl so hard. she punched me back and then proceeds to fake cry while im laying there not understanding what just happened. so some teachers come and ask what is happening and luci tells the that i punched her for no reason. now something that i didnt say is that i always hae a web cam filming at all times. i usually get rid of the videos after i get home but this time i had the upper hand and i knew she had messed up. so me finally on my feet told the teacher that they were lying and that they started it all. the two girls said: no its two vs one. so i hope to see you in the principle office. than i pulled out the webcam. now these girls faces went pale when they saw it. now my webcam is very small so i can hide it in some pretty sneeky places. but anyway the teacher asked what it was because it lookes like a marble. so i said that it was a webcam. and that i caught every thing on camera, and that i use it to protect myself. the girls were blaming me for breaking one of the school rules and filming inside the school, witch is a rule that we arent sepposed to break. but i do it anyway sinds i get bullied all the time. so the teachers egnore the girls and ask me to see the footage. now my school is very strict about bullying. so they will send kids off school for bullying. after they reviewd the footage they send the parents of these girls a email saying that their kids are getting sent off school. these parents were pissed but it had nothing to do with me. im just glad im never gonna have to see these karens ever again. so am i the gerk for getting these girls sent off school?
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2023.03.30 16:33 PrimeMichaelJordan Let’s talk about Chris Bosh in game 6 of the 2013 finals

In OT of that game, after Allen hit that insane shot, with 30 second remaining, Chris Bosh blocked a potential go ahead bucket by Tony Parker, and then he blocked a potential game tying shot by Danny Green at the buzzer. However, when discussing the 2013 NBA finals, the only things that get talked about are Allen’s shot and sometimes LeBron’s 16 4th quarter points, but rarely if ever does anyone bring up what Bosh did.
Even when discussing all time great finals blocks the only 2 that ever come up are LeBron’s chase down on Iguodala, and Giannis’s block on Ayton (rightfully so), but the fact that nobody ever brings up Bosh seems crazy to me, these are not 1, but 2 championship deciding blocks in a 30 second span.
Why does nearly nobody ever mention his late game efforts in deciding one of the closest and most contested NBA finals in history?
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2023.03.30 16:33 GalaxiGazer The only one who could ever reach me ... was the son of a preacher man 🥰

This is to you, J.S.,
This truly unsent letter has been in the making for almost the past 30 years. But it's about time that I finally give voice to my 12-year-old self, to that 12-year-old girl who really liked you and honestly crushed on you. You, at the time, were 16. So even though we're nearing our 40's (well, you're already there lol), I'll first address you as that 16-year-old boy then close out addressing you as a man.
I remember that note I wrote and gave to you after church that night. I saw you from a distance and noticed your reaction. You were blushing as you and James were laughing. I wasn't sure how you took my being forward, so I approached you later to talk. When I showed up, you noticed me right away and you complimented, "Your note was appealing." We were starting to talk until my parents showed up and we went home and we couldn't talk anymore.
What was it about you that I was drawn to, that I really liked? While the other girls saw you more as a status symbol ("He's the pastor's son! giggles), I saw beyond that. I noticed how calm yet confident you were, that you didn't feel the need to brag on yourself. You had a clear head on your shoulders. There was always something to learn from you whenever we would talk. I liked the fact that I could be real with you, you took me seriously, and you treated me with respect.
Eventually our brief story would come to an end. While my 15-year-old self was enjoying Six Flags in Hotlanta, you were being prayed over as you were preparing to leave The Aloha State in pursuit to follow your dreams of becoming an actor in Los Angeles. I checked your MySpace page (circa 2006) and, from what I could tell, you're doing quite well for yourself. No, you're not exactly on the A-list quite yet, but I know that you will get there someday. You have that talent, that passion, that gift. I remember during the Hallelujah Celebration '96, you played one of the journalists reporting on the live action as Joshua and company advanced into the Promised Land and leaving Jericho behind in the dust ... literally. You guys even danced to the chorus "Let the walls fall down" (Joy was sitting on your right, I definitely remember her! Lol). I knew that you were destined for and going to do great things. You'll get there someday, I know you will.
So, what's prompted me to reach out after all these years? I'm taking a serious inventory of my life, more specifically my love life, and seeing where I had gone wrong. I went from a 12-year-old who was attracted to guys who had common sense, who were responsible, who demonstrated real maturity, and knew where they were headed in life to being a 38-year-old woman who seems to attract broken, toxic, unhealthy and unavailable men. I'm trying to figure out where I had gone wrong so I can start putting myself back together and get on the right road for myself.
As I look back now, you're a template that I can now use moving forward. It is possible for me to one day be with a man like you. Maybe one day I can be with a guy mature, responsible, available, healthy, and he knows where he's headed in life. One day. For right now, though, my focus needs to be on fixing myself and foing some serious overhauling on myself so I can be a healthy and better woman.
As for you, I do appreciate the blessing of your memory. Even though I'm not able to tell you these words directly, I do thank you for the brief time I had gotten to know you. I know that you still have great things in your future. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the very best in your journey. I look forward to the day when I hear, "*And the award for Best Actor goes too ..." and see you beaming with pride on that stage. Then I can give my own "I remember him when" story.
Take care of yourself and good luck!
~ K
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2023.03.30 16:32 DeepestReader Afterlife

I am sure the majority of you knows what the ancient Greeks believe what happens when they died so you can stop reading here and answer my question was it true or true to an extent? As this is one thing I just didn’t know.
If not keep reading
The Greeks believes that once you die you need to be buried with an obol in your mouth (a Greek coin that was 1/8th of a drachma I believe I may be wrong on this and I actually have 2 obols as I collect coins) and then once you begin to enter the land of the dead you go to the river bank where you’ll need to cross the river Styx that has 5 rivers flowing into it: the river Acheron (the river of woe), the river Cocytus (the river of lamentation), the river Phlegethon (the river of fiery), the river Styx (the river of the unbreakable oath by which the Gods swear), and the river Lethe (the river of forgetfulness, this means the dead would forget their previous lives) where the ferry man who is called Charon will take you across the river if you pay him (this changes a lot some days if you don’t you wonder the shores for 100 years, or the payment is just a tip) once you get across you would encounter Cerberus (who’s job is to make sure only the dead pass through and don’t leave), then you would come in front of 3 judges: Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Aeacus, they would direct the soul to to one of three places: Elysium/Elysian Fields which is paradise, and the Gods only out heroes or people they really like there, Tartarus which is where Kronos is kept, and those who are bad would go and be punished, and finally Asphodel Meadows where there ordinary souls were sent. Those who weren’t evil but also weren’t heroes. (I may not have gotten this 100% right so if you find any little mistake please do let me know)
So is this true for when we die? Or just something like it happens?
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2023.03.30 16:31 ellismartin95 Stump Grinder for Sale near Me

Casco Rent All is the renowned equipment rental company serving contractors and homeowners across Michigan. Company are providing complete tool and equipment rental center for professional contractors.
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2023.03.30 16:31 DcrypttYT review for ranked lp gains and loss ? HELP

Can someone help me understand why im gaining 21lp for s+ games and losses are -28lp when i have a positive winrate this season and in ranked overall with 55%. How does the ranked system work. I was under the impression it was based on win rate.
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2023.03.30 16:31 UnicornStar1988 Giants scare me

I’ve had a phobia of giants since I watched a animated movie of the BFG as a child. It was created in 89 and there’s a giant in it called the Fleshlumpeater and in one scene it shows him looking in a little boy’s room and he uses his index finger like a skewer, you don’t see the kid get eaten but you do see the giant chewing. I’m 35 and to this day it scares me badly that I have nightmares and I’m terrified of being eaten alive as well. I’ve nearly blocked up my windows and sleep with a projector on. I don’t know what to do about it, I have anxiety and depression and I lost my mother on Halloween last year and I’m still grieving. I will let you see the scene so you know what I’m talking about.
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2023.03.30 16:31 DeltaTesseract Seems I'm joining the club... yikes guys!

I'm no stranger to pain, but usually it's the prostate and surrounding areas. Last year I had an awake cystoscopy... that said, this hurts!
I just want to make sure that I fit the general symptoms. I'm waiting on neuro to schedule me after an ER visit the other day (to make sure I wasn't having a stroke or something)
So after my scan without contrast, the doc told me that I don't have a brain bleed and am not in an emergency situation, despite the pain and tingling. I'm thinking neuro is going to either give me a TN diagnosis or find that my cervical radiculopathy is somehow irritating the shit out of the Trigeminal nerve.
The doc did mention TN and asked me questions that seemed to be checking for MS (like is your sense of taste distorted/gone, which it isn't) after the questions he was still talking TN/radiculopathy.
How my symptoms showed up:
Is this a pretty normal story for this community? Is cervical radiculopathy (or generally any spine issue) common or unheard of around here?
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2023.03.30 16:30 Bosko_the_Fox Question about breakaway collars

So I just want to start by letting everyone know that as soon as we move into a house, our lovely little Beans will become a full inside cat. Beans came to us unexpectedly as a sick stray. We were asked by the other apartments if we could keep in inside so he didn't infect the other neighborhood cats.
I'm someone super allergic to cats, but for some reason I don't react negatively to him. And when I do, it is nowhere NEAR the day-ending debilitation I've had in the past. So... watching the little guy struggle with sneezes just made me bond and fall in love with him and I'm the one who chose to keep him. He has all his shots, fixed, and medicated against fleas and ticks, but our current apartment (Which we intend to leave within the year or two) is too small to satisfy his curiosity. So he spends some time exploring outdoors
I am acutely aware of the damage cats do outdoors, which is why I acted on advice to get him a break-away collar and bell to scare off potential prey. Problem: he lost the breakaway collar (along with the little metal tag the vet gives to prove he got his shots) the first day. Is this super common? What's your budget for these collars? Should we just keep a supply of tags and collars until we move somewhere with more inside space? Do we just need to bear his cries and keep him inside at all times? Thank you
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2023.03.30 16:30 was_ist_passiert I am lost, what should I pick for my career?

Background, [tldr and question at the bottom]
An international student in Aus, graduated with a psychology degree last year. I speak Mandarin and English to a native lvl and currently learning German. I always want a job that would allow me to travel (like going to trade show) and my ultimate goal is to work my way and establish my career and life in Europe. I am 100% sure that's what I want.

I first land an internship at a local apparel SME working in the ops team after graduation. I was exposed to demand planning, excel etc. The analysing data part interested me.I also took online courses to bridge my knowledge gap and learn new stuff like SQL, netsuite along the way. They didn't offer me a perm job after 6 months so I search for jobs again.

Two fields currently interested me; digital marketing and procurement.
For digital marketing, I will be working on SEO, google ads, PPC campaign. Lots of data to analyse and kinda related to psychology as well. My internship shows my data analytical skills can be transfer to this job and increase my odds by taking some online course to show my initiative to the hiring manager.
For procurement, I will be dealing with vendor, negotiating, planning strategies but entry role will be more like consolidating data. My old colleagues have praise my people skills highly which is crucial in this industry. My language skills could be a plus. I don't have any idea for which industry I want to work for procurement, FMCG or f&b, hotel seems interesting. However, to convince the hiring manager I am a good candidate would be way more difficult. Especially procurement is rarely an entry lvl job.

I worried that I could be looking into the wrong field since I didn't get much reply for supply chain related or data analyst job. I know job hunting is a numbers game but hiring manager would still view a candidate field of study as an important factor right?

Currently I work as a fabric merchandiser targeting mid-high fashion label, it is a fam business, recent start up in Aus but it was established somewhere else for two decades. Currently, one man fits all hats, it gives me plenty opportunities to learn the whole process and I ain't complaining but I worry that could limit my future career path.
Tldr: Got an internship working in ops team of apparel SME but left because no perm offer. Now confused at what kind of job should I look for.
  1. Which career pathway should I take, digital marketing, procurement or stay with my merchandiser job if I want to establish my future career in Europe?
  2. Am I looking for work in a wrong field, because of my field of study?
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2023.03.30 16:30 Winter-Ask-1681 Cold Plunge is a huge help

Fellas, let me share a tool that has helped me on my journey: Deliberate Cold Exposure. (DCE)
DCE is a potent stimulus to our brain and body and is relevant to nofap in several ways.
  1. Massive increase in dopamine. A short ice bath can increase dopamine by 250% for many hours afterward. Unlike other sources of dopamine, there is no drop below baseline levels later. In fact, DCE has been used successfully to defeat addictions to cocaine. Fapping, like all addictions, is compulsive due primarily to dopamine. DCE is a reliable (and much longer lasting) source of dopamine and can help to break addictions.
  2. Increase in top-down control ie. "grit". Getting in the ice bath, and staying in, requires a massive amount of grit. Adrenaline and noradrenaline levels spike by 350% which means we are under incredible stress. DCE trains our ability to remain calm under stress in other areas of life, and use our pre-frontal cortex (top-down control) rather than succumb to our limbic system, which is screaming at us to exit ASAP. This translates to a greater ability to say no when every fiber of our being wants to blow a load.
  3. The general health benefits of DCE lead to a greater sense of well-being. There are a plethora of health benefits that come with this practice. Strong mental and physical health is a huge part of becoming a better man, and defeating our vices. DCE helps with this.
So, how to get started? while you can just fill your bathtub with ice, this can get expensive if you are doing this every day. What I did is I modified a chest freezer into a cold plunge for under $200 total. This cold plunge is as good as most cold plunges which sell for $10,000 to $20,000, though it does not look as good. (dm me for details on how I built it). If $200 is a barrier to entry, just take cold showers. While not nearly as good as an actual cold plunge, cold showers still give the same benefits to a lesser degree.
I use my cold plunge every morning, first thing. Getting in 35-degreee water within minutes of waking up is the hardest thing I do each day. I dread it. But as soon it's done, I am 110% percent awake, and in a great mood for the rest of the day. Hard physical tasks, difficult or boring cognitive work, and resisting unhealthy temptations are much easier to conquer. And the good news is, the more you dread it, the bigger the benefits.
See this episode from the Huberman lab podcast for a fascinating scientific review of DCE:
Anyhow, I just had to share this incredible routine I recently discovered. It has been a massive help to me, and I hope it can be for you guys too. Stay strong fellas, much love.
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2023.03.30 16:29 geargun2000 /uj post

Today in witchesvspatriachery I saw this post that made me very uncomfortable and I didn’t know where else to talk about it. I need to know if I’m overreacting. So, this cis women made a post about how transphobia negatively effects women (which it does) and at first I was totally on board with the post but it quickly went downhill, OP specified trans women in this post (and she prefaced it in a weird way) and at the end she said “Remember, when they come for trans women, they’re coming for cis women too” and while I agree with that sentiment it just felt wrong. It felt like she was making it about cis women and excluding trans men and nonbinary people. It felt weird, especially when this tragedy just happened. It felt like bad timing and bad wording. If I’m overreacting please tell me. Here’s the link:
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2023.03.30 16:28 Fast-Cow8820 Help, I am being buried in mail from Questrade

How do I stop this madness? Besides being a complete waste of paper and an unnecessary expense for Questrade, it is filling up my mailbox and causing the mailman to have to stop delivery of legit mail. Depending on the time of year, I could get 50 or more letters from Questrade in one week and I don't check my mail every week. Sometimes I go away for months at a time only to come back to a massive box of mail waiting for me at the post office.
I have asked Questrade 3 times to stop all mail to me or just send an email instead. I told them I will sign anything they want, just stop the damn mail. It's all completely useless stuff on behalf of the Funds I own telling me they paid a distribution, or informing me that there is a new financial report available online or some other completely unnecessary stuff I don't need to get in the mail. Why can't they just send me an email instead?
What is the solution??? There are probably a lot of people who own more ETFs than me so how do they deal with this? I have had accounts with other brokers and it seems much worse with Questrade for some reason. The problem seems to mostly be with US listed ETFs in my RRSP. Questrade just can't seem to stop the mails for some reason. I didn't seem to get nearly as much when I had my RRSP with one of the big banks.
No, I don't care if there are rules and regulations. It should be my decision and when I can no longer receive useful mail its a problem that needs to be solved. I should be able to sign something absolving them from all responsibility promising I won't sue or whatever. Just stop the damn mail.
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2023.03.30 16:28 passbroshop Interesting AK build question

I have two receiver flats that I can’t do anything with now that I can’t “manufacture” an “assault weapon”.
However, I also have a nearly complete Childers receiver. It’s complete enough that I had to FFL and 4473 it though it’s gutted and not populated.
This bare receiver is legally a pre ban firearm, so completing it isn’t manufacturing. Is there anything stopping me? I can’t get 30rd AK mags yes, but is there anything stopping me from getting a threaded AK barrel? A trunnion? A flash hider? The “firearm” itself predates the ban. What can and can’t I order to complete it?
Not a legal question, more so asking if anyone has interpreted the new law as “No, you can’t order a slant muzzle brake now”.
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2023.03.30 16:27 bristowski Guidance vs Minor Illusion - Mage Madness Bronze Match

Good morning, folks! I have gotten approval from the mod team to host a March Madness-style bracket tournament to determine the "best" cantrip in 5e! It's Mage Madness!!
Each day I'll post a poll for you all to vote, matching two cantrips head-to-head. You simply decide which should win. You can base your vote on which is mechanically stronger, which has the best flavor, the best memes, or just your personal favorite.
I'll be updating this Challonge bracket with the results as we go. You can also check out the hub post.
Seeding was done by me, with input from nearly a dozen 5e veterans. It is certainly subjective, but the votes will bring the best forward.
--------VOTE HERE---------
MATCHUP 42 - Guidance [4] vs Minor Illusion [3]
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2023.03.30 16:27 redjamesg Searching for a proper 10inch Rack cabinet

I have been in a transition with down sizing my homelab from full 19inch gear to power efficient tiny/micro/mini PCs that I now will gather in a 10inch rack cabinet.
Here is my challenging part, one of the tinies I have gotten hold of requires 29,5cm (11,5inches) in depth, and finding a half size rack or as we europeans know as 10inch rack cabinet which supports the following meassures seems near impossible:

Width: apropriate for 10inch gear, this is not a limiting issue with the gear I currently have if I need to alter the side rails in some form to support the position of my gear I have no trouble doing so.
Height: preferably 15U, but 12U will do in a pinch.
Depth: support 11,5inches in depth, doesn't matter if it's the depth from the door to the back wall when the door is closed, I will not be limited by the usable depth which dictates the depth from the side rails to the back wall, it is the depth from the closed front door to the back wall which is my main concern.

Do anyone of you know of a rack cabinet that supports these meassures?

Most of the cabinets I have found will state they are 30cm in depth, but this is outside meassures not counting the thickness of the front panel or mouting hardware for securing the rack to a wall, which leaves me unsure if this specific tiny case that needs to fit will actually leave space for the door to close.
I have even thought of removing the door and having the rack more like a four post open rack, but the spot I want to place it in would diminish the astetics if this were to be the solution, which is why I ask you minilabbers for help in pointing out suitable gear to fulfill my requirements.
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