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2023.03.21 22:27 JannesOfficial Patch LIVE - Patch Notes

With live hotfixes today, we’ve made several updates to the game, in addition to bugfixes.

Ranked Play


We’ve updated the backend services to prevent incorrect results being displayed. Players that have unexpected data displayed must complete a new game for the system to pick up the good data.

Player Profiles



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2023.03.21 22:23 Expiredpain State of the art viego V.2

Warning, very long post (13.5 patch before BT nerf).
My previous post was Your state of the art viego in which I wanted to know, what each and everyones favourite Viego build looked like, and why they choose it. Trying to find a build that would help our win rates and carry better.
By now I played a total of 105 ranked games with Viego and have, for the most part, played only 2 specific builds. Crit, and bruiser. both with conq, and PTA.
IMPORTANT NOTE: the builds are not equally distributed. That means I have a larger sample size with PTA, but smaller sample size with conq for example. That said, I thought I would share my findings regardless in hope that maybe others could maybe take something away with this, and get better games with him overall.
Also keep in mind, this is low elo (gold). Which means games are VERY volatile. I had for example 3 games in a row where I had trolling or AFK/rage quitting teammates at one point. remakes are not counted in the final win rate verdict I write out at the bottom of this.
lets start with what builds I used: Crit viego and bruiser viego. Crit viego consisted of me rushing kraken -> BT -> IE and sometimes SB -> BT -> IE. Bruiser Viego was the standard kraken -> DD/BC.

enemy dummy is around lvl 13 compared to you. and fed. super tanky and unkillable. and prob one shots you. (making ranked experience as realistic as possible lol).
goal of scenario: become as unkillable as possible and deal enough damage to kill 1 enemy to start your reset streak to be able to 1v9 everything and everyone, solo carrying.
relying on teammates is not adviced.
enemy dummy consists of: 3100 health and 210 MAR respectively. (with the current tank/bruiser meta, its quite easy to obtain these stats at around lvl 13 or 20min.
cough cough seju, zac, udyr, diana, maokai, jarvan, wukong, trundle, olaf, irelia, sion, mundo, cough cough)

First the runes:
both at lvl 11
conq: 25.2 bonus AD once fulled stacked. raw AA dmg 115 with BOTRK, KRAKEN, DD
PTA: bonus adaptive dmg once 3 AA have been applied: 122 once fully stacked, raw, exposure AA dmg 117 with BOTRK, KRAKEN, DD.

advantage and disadvantage of each rune:
early strong dmg, high burst, even late still strong.
very little benefits to it when going for possessions and resets. (a swain possession benefits from conq, not so much from PTA
unless the PTA exposure dmg has been applied beforehand. a lux benefits from neither conq or PTA imo. unless again, PTA exposure dmg has been applied)
easy to set up with auto attacks (no need for a full combo, as your W stun dash might be important to cancel an enemy champions ability. such as fiddle W, warwick ult, lissandra E,
bel veth W, etc. also gives you the ability to outplay your enemies skillshots, as you can reposition yourself behind them if your W is still up as you can dash through enemies. very important)

"scales" better because raw AD can be used for both your abilities and AAs (but really PTA does prob more dmg, the numbers seemed to be both higher in scaling and better dmg/ad wise, could be wrong here)
can be transfered over to most other champions if you manage to possess them.
weak early game. wont see much of an impact with conq unless you go for real late game (30-40min or reaching lvl 18. most games end around lvl 13 or in 20-25min.)
needs a full combo to fully stack conq instantly. leaving you with no W available to avoid dmg or stop the enemy from escaping. losing potential kills.
8% heal based on dmg is "neat" but not impactful at all. not unless you manage to somehow survive for long fights/teamfights. viego usually does not survive past a 10-15 second teamfight at best.

The crit build:
lvl 11, AR 80 MR 83, 984 shield 1867 health. 2851 total "health".
SB shield 334
BT shield 240
jungle item shield 190
overheal shield 220
runes: pta, overheal, alacrity, coup, future market, magical footwear. attack speed, adaptive power, MR (prefer to pick this for full crit into BT/shield bow)
fully stacked runes. PTA. combo E-W-AA-Q-AA-R-AA
SB, BT, IE = between 554 dps, 1329 (lowest) and 692 dps, total 1708 (highest). (volatile) avg. around 600 dps, 1500
kraken, BT, IE = 836 dps, 1979 (highest) and 704 dps, 1603 (lowest)

The bruiser build:
lvl 11, AR 80 MR 83 1587 health. (disregarding jungle item shield of 190)
runes: pta, triumph, alacrity, coup, conditioning, revitalize. attack speed, adaptive power, MR (prefer to pick this if going for resets combined with DD)
fully stacked runes. PTA. combo E-W-AA-Q-AA-R-AA
kraken BOTRK DD = 818 dps, 1798

(viego has healthy AR growth. he lacks immense MR however. must buy boots always merc's, as hes also allergic to CC. unless the enemy team is either fully AD)

general jungle gameplay:
usually full clearing my jungle then ganking.
most often dropping my full clear route in favor of a succesful gank and likely 1/2 kills
always starting top clearing into bot side.
if no gank is available: back port, maybe do gromp, wolves/raptor, krugs by the time i arrive, then transition into solo drake. (or skip camps and go straight solo drake, depending on
the time it arrives) (might die and lose drake, or if flash is up survive and lose drake and then continue my raptor, krugs/wolves, gromp into bot or mid gank)
getting first 2 drakes is too important so always going for that.
if neither bot or mid gank is available after drake and bot side jungle is cleared, back port, do my top side jungle if up, into herald
if i didnt get herald, gank top/mid else clearing jungle or counter jungling.
if i did get it, place it instantly onto either top or mid lane if possible. no matter the amount of platings.
(the more gold = the more items = the more solo carry. better use herald, than losing it)
always start with green smite. getting around the map with mist and dash. when back porting, use mist on the lane walls and run down to your camps (gromp or krugs respectively).
making full use of the movement speed the entire duration. while dashing around (only 8 sec at lvl 1).
always take 1 heal pot with you. always start lens first item and keeping it for the rest of the game. clearing wards essential as a jungler and doing solo objectives.
first back port usually consists of quiver for faster objective and jungle clear.
if i am not afk at the start of the game: i pick the ward trinket, get to my bottom jungle, ward my red buff bush, back port, switch to lens and go to my top side jungle.
prevents me from getting counter jungled or invaded. as a viego, i cannot duel anyone lvl 1 or 2 unless his name is fiddle/yi. so instead i counter jungle their buffs incase they take mine.
always focus lowest health target or the most immobile one or the most easiest to kill.
reset on that and try to avoid CC.

(IMPORTANT, the win rates here are very skewed because of the amount of trolls/afk teammates that were present, meaning that there may be less loses than what meets the eye. remakes are not included (4 total of 105 games))
win rate based on runes:
conq: 17 w, 15 L.
pta: 32 w, 37
win rate based on items:
crit: 21, 21
bruiser: 28, 27

Keep in mind that I may have forgotten some stats or data, but all of it should be present. In case I missed something or could add something else, let me know and I will try to gather the infos.
edit 1: trying to make the paragraph easier to read
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2023.03.21 22:22 lordchair GPT-4 generated Spectromancer class

I just tested how well GPT 4 can create new homebrew content and was impressed with the results. This was the first chat session. I was looking to get a new caster class so I first asked it to generate a magic system and then had it dnd-ify it.
Please give me a new magic system that has hard rules and a power progression.
Title: The Arcane Spectrum
Core Principles:
Source of Magic: Magic in this world originates from a cosmic phenomenon called the Arcane Spectrum, a mysterious force that permeates the universe. It is said that the Arcane Spectrum is the result of the intermingling of energies from the six elemental planes (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, and Darkness).
Absorption and Manipulation: Magic users, known as Spectromancers, possess the innate ability to absorb and manipulate the energies of the Arcane Spectrum. Their power is determined by their capacity to absorb these energies and their skill in manipulating them.
Elemental Affinity: Every Spectromancer has a natural affinity for one or more elements. This affinity influences the spells and abilities they can learn and perform. A Spectromancer's elemental affinity is determined by their genetic lineage and the natural environment in which they were born and raised.
Hard Rules: The magic system adheres to a strict set of rules that cannot be broken or circumvented. These rules are as follows:
a. Energy Limit: A Spectromancer can only absorb and store a limited amount of arcane energy at any given time. This energy limit varies from individual to individual and can be increased through intense training and meditation.
b. Energy Regeneration: A Spectromancer's arcane energy pool is not infinite. Once depleted, it takes time to regenerate, and during this period, the Spectromancer's magical abilities are limited.
c. Spell Complexity: The complexity of a spell determines the amount of energy required to cast it. More powerful spells require more energy and greater skill to manipulate the energies of the Arcane Spectrum.
d. Elemental Balance: Each element has a natural counter, and overuse of one element can cause an imbalance within the Spectromancer, leading to negative physical and mental effects. To maintain balance, a Spectromancer must learn to wield multiple elements in harmony.
Power Progression: A Spectromancer's power progression is determined by their ability to: a. Increase their energy capacity and regeneration rate through training and meditation. b. Learn new spells and abilities by studying ancient texts, learning from experienced mentors, or through personal discovery. c. Master the manipulation of multiple elements, allowing them to create more powerful and diverse spells.
Spectrum Crystals: These rare and powerful crystals can amplify a Spectromancer's power and unlock hidden abilities. However, they are exceedingly rare and highly sought after by both good and evil forces. This Arcane Spectrum magic system offers a structured framework for developing a Spectromancer's abilities while maintaining a sense of balance and progression. It allows for diverse and interesting character development and plotlines in a world rich with magical intrigue.
Please describe a dungeons and dragons class based on the spectromancer and specify what new game abilities the class has
Class: Spectromancer
Primary Abilities: Intelligence (spellcasting), Wisdom (energy capacity), Constitution (energy regeneration)
Hit Points: 1d6 per Spectromancer level
Armor Proficiencies: Light armor Weapon Proficiencies: Simple weapons
Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom
Skills: Choose two from Arcana, History, Insight, Investigation, Nature, and Religion
Spectromancer Class Features:
Spellcasting: The Spectromancer is a full spellcaster, using Intelligence as their spellcasting ability. They have access to a unique spell list that includes spells from the wizard and druid lists, with a focus on elemental spells. The Spectromancer learns and prepares spells like a wizard, using a spellbook.
Elemental Affinity (Level 1): At 1st level, the Spectromancer chooses one of the six elemental planes (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, or Darkness) as their primary affinity. They gain resistance to damage associated with that element and a bonus cantrip related to their chosen affinity.
Arcane Absorption (Level 2): At 2nd level, the Spectromancer can absorb arcane energy from their surroundings as a bonus action, regenerating a number of spell slots equal to their Wisdom modifier (minimum 1) once per long rest. The total level of the spell slots regained cannot exceed half the Spectromancer's level.
Elemental Harmony (Level 3): At 3rd level, the Spectromancer chooses a second elemental affinity. They learn an additional spell related to the new affinity, which does not count against the number of spells they can prepare. When casting spells related to their affinities, the Spectromancer can change the damage type to match one of their affinities without altering the spell's other effects.
Spectrum Infusion (Level 6): At 6th level, the Spectromancer can infuse their elemental spells with the energies of the Arcane Spectrum. When they cast a spell that deals damage associated with one of their affinities, they can add their Intelligence modifier to the damage dealt.
Elemental Mastery (Level 10): At 10th level, the Spectromancer gains immunity to the damage type associated with their primary affinity and gains advantage on saving throws against spells and effects related to their affinities.
Spectrum Crystal Attunement (Level 14): At 14th level, the Spectromancer can attune to a rare Spectrum Crystal, unlocking a hidden ability related to their primary affinity. The exact ability varies depending on the element and the crystal's unique properties. This could include additional spells, enhanced spell effects, or the ability to summon elemental creatures.
Arcane Convergence (Level 18): At 18th level, the Spectromancer can combine their elemental affinities to create new, powerful spells. As an action, they can expend two or more spell slots to cast a single spell, combining the effects of two or more spells from their affinities. The combined spell's level must be equal to or lower than the total level of the expended spell slots.
The Spectromancer class provides a unique and versatile spellcasting experience, allowing players to explore the power of elemental magic while maintaining a sense of balance and growth.
Please give me an example of a spectromancer exclusive spell
Spell Name: Elemental Vortex
Level: 5th School: Evocation Casting Time: 1 action Range: 120 feet Components: V, S, M (a small crystal orb representing the chosen element) Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute
Exclusive to the Spectromancer class, the Elemental Vortex spell allows the caster to create a swirling vortex of their chosen element, wreaking havoc upon their enemies and controlling the battlefield.
Upon casting the spell, choose one of your elemental affinities (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, or Darkness). A 20-foot-radius, 40-foot-high cylinder of elemental energy forms at a point within range. The area within the vortex is considered difficult terrain.
When a creature enters the vortex for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there, it must make a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC. On a failed save, the creature takes 4d6 damage of the chosen element and suffers an additional effect depending on the element:
Fire: The creature is set ablaze, taking an additional 1d6 fire damage at the start of its next turn. Water: The creature's movement speed is halved until the start of its next turn. Earth: The creature is restrained by earthen tendrils. It can use its action to make a Strength check against your spell save DC to break free. Air: The creature is pushed 10 feet away from the center of the vortex in a straight line. Light: The creature is blinded until the start of its next turn. Darkness: The creature is frightened until the start of its next turn. On a successful save, the creature takes half damage and suffers no additional effect.
As an action on your turn, you can move the vortex up to 30 feet in any direction. If the vortex overlaps with a creature, that creature must make a Dexterity saving throw with the same effects as described above.
The Elemental Vortex spell allows the Spectromancer to control the battlefield with a versatile and powerful area of effect, tailored to their elemental affinities.I just tested how well GPT 4 can create new homebrew content and was impressed with the results.
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2023.03.21 22:21 mimo_gamersdecide Raft Top 10 Things To Craft With Metal (And Why They're Useful)

In Raft, metal is a valuable resource that players can use to craft a variety of useful items to help them survive and thrive in the game. This article highlights the top 10 things players can craft with metal and explains why each item is essential to gameplay. Whether you're looking to improve your raft's defenses, increase storage capacity, or craft powerful weapons, this article provides valuable insights into the most effective uses of metal in Raft.
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2023.03.21 22:19 Ellieisasmartcookie Shiver Me Barnacles Mini Event

Starts 22 March 2023 1501GMT
Ends 5 April 2023 1500 GMT
Boardwalk Carousel (Decoration)
Barnacle Bay Marina (Building)
Fausto (Character)
Boardwalk Animals Tent and Boardwalk Art Tent (2 Decorations)
Tire Mooring Post , Barnacle Bay Lamppost, and Metal Boardwalk Railing (3 Decorations)
Premium: The Rotting Pelican w/ Skipper Jack (Building and Character )150 Donuts
Super Premium: The Candy Shoppe w/Nathaniel (Building and Character) With Purchase of donuts
Modpost please read
*DAY OLD DONUTS task still in taskbook: If you tap Do It and it doesn't go to an exchange box in the currency section of the store you will have to contact EA and wait for them to fix it. report and add your me too here
***Shattered dreams box only appears between events*\*
Make sure to scroll for all the tasks so you don't miss one
Double check that Confirm Donut spend is turned on in the settings
Cars and items on Roads
YouTube video:
Reddit posting:
Other Posts:
General game info:
Mayhem ID post:
Tips for increasing bonus:
Modpost please read
New tasks:
Here is a list of the best things in the yearbook by goal:
here is a list of items with bonus in yearbook:
PSA about sites that charge:
Be wary of anyone who contacts you by dm or chat to join a discord or subreddit giving free donuts and items from the game or charging for these services. New ones are inexperienced and can break your town and cannot fix it and do not care.
Anyone who is selling items or donuts cash etc for this game are usually New to hacking games and so are inexperienced.
They are also in a hurry because they want to make more money. This means they will sell you whatever you want and do not care if it will break your town.
There are many items in this game that will destroy your town if placed in at the wrong time or too many of them etc. Please just be careful.
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2023.03.21 22:14 Jabufu Thoughts for the devs on patch 2.1.1

Hey folks, I've been playing the patch quite a bit so I thought I'd provide some additional feedback on it now that I've had some time to digest it. I'll also include some ideas for fixes; this is gonna be long and it's impossible to TLDR so if it's not your thing just ignore me.
Some positive feedback:
  1. I want to start with positive feedback because overall I have more constructive criticism, I still love this game and think the update was a good step towards your future vision.
  2. I like the visual updates, solid.
  3. I love the changes to stacking buffs/debuffs, they make a lot more sense thematically and open up a lot of play styles. It's also fun to get huge stacks of Power Up and smash stuff.
  4. I like that boss characters in Fishmen's talk about Duncan and what an asshat he is for stealing their gold, and then on the rare occasions that I get Duncan instead of the Drunk, he gives more gold rewards than the Drunk does because he stole it from them! Some nice lore in action.
  1. I'm getting shorted red keys I earn on Fishmen's Island; not sure if this happens in other regions but it's a big contributing factor to the difficulty of getting pink-tier items that I'll outline below. I wrote a separate bug report post on this one.
  2. Whenever I go to the Regions screen from any other screen, there's a small gray overlay beneath the hero portrait in the top left. This is purely cosmetic but thought I'd note it anyway.
  3. Weird card choices after finishing a fight - they have Japanese characters in them and an action bubble, and can't be chosen. Sometimes this bug forces me to close/reload the app, but I haven't seen this one in a while so I think it's been fixed.
Gear Progression:
  1. In my previous post, I noted that gear progression wasn't overly punishing, but that changes after you hit gear level ~30. For example, on Louis I have 3x Skeleton gear all at level 40, and it's 66,900 gold for a single level, which is probably right around what I'd earn from a single Fishmen's Island clear. This could be fine if all I wanted to do was max my skelly gear, but I want to play with all of the item sets or potentially mix and match when I get pinks across the board, which means I'd have to grind for literally forever to level them all up. I also want to play with Orianna's endgame gear so that's two infinities of grinding to get everything up to speed. Possible fix: add some kind of event or special level that has better gold rewards; make an option to sell keys or equips for gold.
  2. It's also taking forever to get pink tier items. I made my last post 23 days ago and have been grinding every day, and I'm now the proud owner of 3 pink items (with another one or two on the way soon if I get lucky with drops). I understand that it'll go faster now that I have a few pinks as I can combine those gold and red tier items into other types, but it's still going super super slow. I'd probably be a lot further along if not for the red key bug I mentioned above, no idea how many keys I lost to it. Possible fix: periodic event where you get bonus keys; bonus gem event that runs for a short time; make the bounties reset on a weekly or monthly basis.
  3. The fancy chests with S-tier items are fools' gold unless you're a big-spending whale. It's a 0.5% chance for an S-tier, and even if you hit it before opening 50 it gives you an orange S-tier item - so you'd need another 5 of them to level it to red (using other items for the 3rd slot in the combine) and then another 6 to level it to pink - so it's basically pointless to invest gems into these chests because I will never get a pink out of it. Assuming you never hit the 0.5% chance, the math works out like this: 12 items required for pink x 50 opens per item = 600 opens. 2,680 gems required per 10x open divided by 14,000 = 5.22 opens per $100. 600 opens required divided by 5.22 opens = 114.94 gem purchases. $100 cost per 14k gems x 114.94 = $11,494 to get a single S-tier pink, which is literally insane. Possible fix: jack up the S-tier find % considerably; special event where you have bonus chance to find S-tier items; small % chance to find an S-tier item from bosses.
  4. Gem grind is super slow. Since my last post 23 days ago I finally managed to get the 2,680 gems for the fancy chest for Louis, and once again I didn't get one of the signature items, so it'll be about another 23 days before I can try again if it wasn't pointless per #3. Possible fix: small % chance to win gems from bosses; bonus gem event that runs for a short time; make the bounties reset on a weekly or monthly basis; a special rotating deal in the store that lets you buy gems at a discount; drop the prices on gems.
  5. I noticed that if you hit the 5% chance of getting an orange in the rare chest, it resets the counter - that's just mean, I've only hit this 3x, but of those three it reset counters that were at 2 and 3. It's such a small chance can't you let us have our bonus orange gear without resetting the counter?
  6. Some final thoughts on fixes for gear progression: adding monthly quests that are hard to complete but have bigger bonuses would help; adding achievements with rewards (e.g. "inflict a monster with 10x Rust," "Get power up >50," "Beat the final boss of [region]" etc.
Other thoughts on itemization:
  1. Lack of synergy: now that I've finally gotten some pink-tier items I'm disappointed in the abilities they confer. I'm not 100% certain of what the cards look like at Level 3 since I only have 1 pink item for three different sets, so it's possible that this could blunt some of my criticism, but I'll lay them out based on the info I have.
    1. Healer's Light - this is the best of the pink-tier cards I have access to; more action points is one of the two strongest abilities in the game, but the drawback that you have to be at full hp to use them means you are fighting against your own itemization. E.g., the gear they are on heals you 10/25/50% at the end of a fight which is a strong ability, but if you're trying to stay at full health to use your Healer's Light cards this ability won't do anything most of the time. Additionally, the other strongest ability is Power Up (probably the strongest in the game), and Louis has lots of cards that let you spend hp to power up; it seems good because you can spend hp to power up and then recover it from the gear, but the gear bonus doesn't kick in until the fight is over so you'll invalidate however many Healer's Light are in your deck unless you use them before any -hp cards. With just 3 card hands this can get really frustrating to juggle, and also there aren't a lot of healing cards (Bandages is the only one I think, and it'll never take you to full hp) so if you get an unlucky draw and take damage you might need several fights for your healer gear to get you back to full and activate Healer's Light again. Possible fix: on upgrade, give it a heal that happens before the HP check for the action points. This might be OP but would give you some leeway to stay at full hp.
    2. Grudge - I'm assuming that each level will increase the multiple from 2x to 3x and 4x, which seems pretty solid for a hyper-attacking build (3x gnoll gear). 2x isn't that good though so I'd never mix and match a Gnoll item among some other gear.
    3. Skeleton - this seems fine but perhaps a little underpowered. I mostly grind Fishmen's island so it's annoying when it hits an enemy with Thorns before you can get a shield on. Possible fix: when skeleton hits an enemy it should give you a tally towards activating your special, right now it only gives you 2 fury. Just a tiny buff but necessary IMO when you see the massive differential in power of Healer's Light vs. Skelly.
  2. At my current level of itemization, there's one clear best set, and it's the one gives you an action point for every 2 greens you spend (skeleton on Louis, and spider on Ori). This makes grinding kinda boring; I always use those two sets because 1) leveling up other sets to get to 35+ would cost a ton of gold and 2) I don't even have full reds for the other sets yet. I've tried mixing and matching sets with my pinks here and there but it makes the runes suck so it's not really worth it.
A couple of random suggestions:
  1. In the store, an "open all" button. I frequently grind a bunch of Fishmen's and then open chests later, so opening 15 regular chests is a pain. It's not that much of a pain but it'd be nice. Slay the Spire has this with a click toggle.
  2. Can you add an option to see the upgrade paths for cards? There are lots of cards that I never take because they look bad (e.g., the rare 0-cost spell for Ori that uses all your mana and 30% of hp to cast a random spell) but might be good or at least useful in certain situations once they're upgraded.
  3. When I am playing and set down my phone to do something, the game won't go inactive and yield to the lock screen, it yields to some intermediate screen where I need to finger drag to open it back up. The other day I left my phone sitting there for a while and it drained my battery, can you make it so it goes inactive and to the lock screen? I've never seen this behavior in any other app, seems like a security issue too because someone could access my phone without having to unlock it.
Some thoughts on Louis post-update:
  1. My main criticism with Louis post-update is that he's super inconsistent. Part of this is that I am using full skeleton gear so I need some decent greens to get my cycle going, but I'm sure that if I used a different set I'd face the same issue where if I didn't get a certain card archetype then my deck would be deficient. There are really only three builds that are good for Louis: Power Up decks, Shield Bash + Aegis decks, and Focus Slash decks. Power Up decks are kind of fraught because if you don't get Power Potion or Battle Inspiration and have to use the ones that don't give an action point back, it can be difficult to get the combo running because you don't have enough action points to build fury and turn it into Power Up stacks in one turn. This is because...
  2. Exile is a real problem for Louis. You can build a deck with lots of the attack that gives you an extra action point or the attack that gives you +1 Fury for each card played that turn (sorry I forget the names of the cards) that will shred any/every normal encounter, and then get your faced smashed in by the Drunk or the Captain because once you run through your deck once you're stuck with 3 Slash, a Diagonal Slash, and maybe 1-2 other common/uncommon attacks that will never overcome the Captain's heals even if you manage to kill off both tentacles.
  3. Louis is way underpowered compared to Ori. She doesn't even need to pick a card from Chaos packs to dominate Fishmen's, you could probably win just by upgrading the base deck a few times though it wouldn't be that fun to try. (Achievement for winning without taking any cards?) Lots of reasons why:
    1. Bleed is terrible compared to Burning stacks. Burning is super OP and should be toned down a bit, but Bleed needs to be improved because it barely does any damage. The only reason to put Bleed in your deck is if you upgrade the AOE bleed for Blind, and even then I'm only using a single copy.
    2. Louis has a lot of single target vs. Ori who has an enormous amount of AOE available. Simply put: if you get a Supernova+, you win. If you get a Meteor (which you will no doubt upgrade to Meteor+), you win. The only single card that = "you win" for Louis is Battle Inspiration (if you get it early), otherwise all his cards require a combo with another card to be good. Ori has way more viable win conditions.
    3. Exile! Almost none of Ori's good cards have exile, but tons of Louis' do. I haven't been able to try the Exile gear set for Ori b.c I don't have enough reds, so maybe it's super good, but I find myself casting a single Supernova 2-3x per match (or a Fireball, they're both so powerful that functionally the OPness of the Burning stacks doesn't matter) when on Louis you could burn all your good attacks on the first pass through the deck.
    4. Duping is easier on Ori. With more win conditions, it's way easier to draw one from the Chaos pack or after the first battle, upgrade it, and start duping. It always feels sad to not have anything good to dupe.
  4. I finally made Star Slash deck after about a dozen tries! I didn't list it as a viable archetype because it's hard to get 5 copies even if you get it in your Chaos pack (and if you have 4, you might not beat the Captain because of Exile) but when it hits it SMASHES.
Some thoughts on Ori:
  1. She's OP lol, once you get your gear to ~35 it's pretty hard to lose with her unless you're bad. I don't remember the last time I failed to complete Fishmen's with Ori.
  2. I think she could actually benefit from Exile on some more cards, but please don't go overboard! This would make her just a little bit harder so you'd have tougher choices on what to play and when.

That's it, if you made it this far thanks for reading. I promised I would tag u/EquipmentHead146 to make sure he sees it - I hope this feedback is useful to your team!
submitted by Jabufu to card_guardians [link] [comments]


I had my eye on the Chanel 22 for a while and thought it might make a good carryall for casual workdays, errands, etc., but I hesitated to pull the trigger because the combination of the shiny leather, larger size, and huge Chanel logo on the front felt a bit too conspicuous for my particular work environment. Then I saw pics of the So Black colorway (black leather with black hardware) uploaded to sellers’ albums for God Factory and 187. I loved the fact that the black hardware really toned down the branding to the point that only those who know of the C22 bag would recognize it as Chanel. Most normal people will only recognize it as a trash bag (like, for instance, my husband 🫠). Anyway, this black on black color combo was exactly what I was waiting for. I decided to inquire with my go-to seller Reykay about the God Factory version, since I’ve generally been pleased with the GF items I’ve ordered in the past and I didn’t feel like waiting eons for 187. I’m happy to report that this bag turned out to be everything that I hoped it would be!
I believe Reykay provides a standard luxelife discount (but I’m not sure how much the discount actually is); however, I did not receive any incentives in exchange for writing this review. I told Reykay that I was writing a review and she gave me permission to share her contact info and album link.
Seller: REYKAY (album link here)
Contact info: whatsapp +86 131 7208 1101
Price: 2900 CNY
Payment method: PayPal F&F
Shipping cost/carrier: 520 CNY/FedEx (purchased w/ other items, hence higher shipping cost)
Feb 16, 2023: I texted Reykay via whatsapp asking if God Factory had this bag in stock. She answered right away and sent me a quote. I paid immediately and she confirmed receipt of payment.
Feb 20, 2023: PSPs received from Reykay. They looked good to me, so I GL’ed the bag. Was waiting for other items to come in, so this bag ended up shipping out a few days later on Feb 23.
Feb 27, 2023: Reykay sent tracking numbers upon my request because my Fedex account has stopped notifying me of incoming packages for some reason (Reykay generally does not send tracking numbers unless you ask for them, but she’s happy to oblige once you ask).
March 2, 2023: Bag arrived (triangle shipped from China to HK to USA).

AUTH PHOTOS - Medium so black C22 photos on resale sites here, here, and here ; Youtube review of medium so black C22 here; and medium C22 (in other colors) on Chanel website here

Overall, this bag is very high quality. The leather is soft and flexible, the stitching is neat and even, the hardware is sturdy with no signs of chipping, and the bag is well constructed. I deducted 0.5 because the bag is a bit more lightweight than I expected, the interior lining fabric is a lint magnet, and the detachable pouch doesn’t have as many luxe finishes as the rest of the bag. Now, with that being said, I think the very small things that make this bag feel *slightly* less luxurious than I was expecting are also present in the auth version. Also, while the bag being lightweight was initially surprising to me, I’m ultimately thankful for it because I can stuff the bag to the brim without it getting super heavy.

ACCURACY (compared to auth) - 9.7/10
Measurements/Sizing: This is the RegulaMedium size 22 bag. The official measurements on the Chanel website are 15.2” (height) x 16.4” (width) x 3.1” (depth). The measurements listed on the resale sites that I linked above are all over the place. I think this is because there are two ways to measure this bag: (1) laid flat (which I believe is the method used by Chanel because it results in the largest measurements); and (2) standing upright (which I believe is the method used by some of the resale sites, resulting in slightly smaller measurements because the base and sides aren’t included in the height and width). I was able to measure this bag both ways, and my measurements were consistent the measurements on the Chanel website when laid flat, and were similar to the resale sites when measuring the bag standing upright. My conclusion is that the measurements for this bag are accurate.
Details: Exterior and interior hardware colors are accurate. Number of diamonds in each direction is accurate (3 full diamonds vertically, 4 full diamonds horizontally, 3 full diamonds across the base). Alignment of diamonds/stitching is accurate on the sides and base. Quilted fabric interior is accurate. The only minuscule inaccuracies that I can see are: (1) the placement of the CHANEL lettering on the front is a fraction of a centimeter higher than auth (-0.1), but this is only noticeable upon closely scrutinizing the auth and rep side-by-side and I don’t think this would be calloutable in the wild; (2) the font on the round medallion charm is a hair thickechunkier than auth, but it’s barely, if at all, noticeable (-0.1); and (3) the corners of the inner leather logo patch are slightly more rounded on auth (but I’m not deducting any points for this because it’s on the inside of the bag and barely noticeable to begin with).
Leather: The leather is smooth, soft, and has a nice slouch. It also has a nice sheen, although it might be slightly less shiny than auth. It’s hard to tell for sure because the photos on the various resale sites linked above all show varying degrees of shininess. I also think the lighting that the bag is photographed in plays a part. I took photos in several different lighting scenarios, and the bag definitely appears less shiny and more washed out in bright midday light. That said, because this is generally regarded as a shiny bag, I will deduct -0.1 because one or two coats of leather honey are needed to achieve the level of shine depicted on the Chanel website.
I’m delighted with this bag. Not only is it comfortable to carry, it’s also surprisingly practical (which is not an adjective I generally use to describe Chanel bags). The size makes it suitable for work — it fits a bit more than an LV speedy 30 plus the rectangular shape allows for a small laptop or ipad. I also love how incognito the black on black colorway is. I don’t always feel comfortable wearing my Chanel reps because they’re so unapologetically CHANEL (especially with the recent price increase putting Chanel bags into the eyebrow raising $7-$10k range). The so black C 22 is ideal if you want Chanel vibes without an attention-grabbing logo. I also love the bag’s relaxed, slouchy vibe, which makes it extremely easy to style (I sometimes find Chanel bags to be too dressy or prim for certain casual looks).
I absolutely love working with Reykay. I buy nearly all of my reps from her (I’ve purchased close to 30 pieces from her at this point). She responds quickly, gives me her honest opinion about quality, and ships super fast once I greenlight PSPs. I value her transparency and reliability, so she’s become my go-to seller. Her prices also seem to be quite good compared to some other sellers.
Love Reykay, love the bag. I feel like I got my money’s worth and I believe the bag is uncalloutable.
submitted by kalilalala to u/kalilalala [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:03 Smitch863 Looking for help understanding Io Necro

As background context, I play in an inhouse league with a stack of archons (league is all teams around that level) playing captains mode.
Io is one of my most played heroes (back when we used to take tiny Io and dual lane mid!), and would like to develop and bust out some Io strats. We're already comfortable (or as comfortable as an archon can be) with a few (Io slardar, Io lesh, Io alchemist, Io storm) but have been thinking a lot about Io Necro (Which I remember seeing a long time ago in pro play) and have a few questions about modern Io Necro (plus open to any comments!)
1) Who builds the greaves?
I am leaning Necro.
Points for Necro - naturally wants to build greaves, needs it when Io isn't around, hits the timing much earlier and value of greaves goes up earlier you get it, Io getting a holy locket instead increases the total healing value of the greaves
Points for Io - frees up a lot of gold in necros progression (don't know if this makes radiance worthwhile, or whether better off going for other auras/other items.
2) What cores are you looking to partner with it? This is a 3 Necro 4 Io, so I'm definitely looking at a 5 with some disable as a start. I think you need a mid that can start fights and be the initiation. Obviously there's a lot of other factors in the draft that might mean you can't get the perfect partner.
3) Any other comments/critiques on the below game plan
Io Necro go to the offlane Necro builds mek into greaves Io starts to build locket
With mek timing, try to start really bullying the lane. Io gives Necro the mana to sustain his q, alongside Necro's regen, and doubles the heal on Necro. Take T1 jungle.
Aggressively position and farm around enemy jungle. Hopefully greaves comes online, and Io relocate. If heroes come to kick out Necro, Io can relocate to safety, otherwise keep limiting the pos 1s space. Look to take a fight around mid tower with team. Try to keep up pressure before bkbs.
submitted by Smitch863 to TrueDoTA2 [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:02 Relatior Help Making Rings of Warmth Janky?

Hello! So I goofed up. I gave my entire party rings of warmth before a campaign in the frozen north for an absurdly low price in gp, because I couldn't find the realistic gp price until afterwards.
So I confessed this goof to my party, and they laughed about it, and suggested that perhaps the seller they bought the rings from was shady-- maybe these rings don't function properly. All my players agreed to this idea.
But now I need to come up with some ideas on how the rings are... quirky. And I'd love some suggestions!
submitted by Relatior to DnD [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 21:55 Valuable-Banana96 I wrote a modular and versatile fiendoid player race called the Balphour. Thoughts?


The Balphour are fiendoids that result when two other fiendoids try to have a kid that are of incompatible parentage, such as an Abyssal tiefling and a Baatoran Tiefling, or a demon and a cambion. Highly mutable in physiology, no two Balphour look alike. One might look like a halfling-sized bat with an insectoid carapace and dragonfly wing membranes, another might look like an ape with the head of a hippo and the horns of a bull, another might look like a humanoid mantis with snake eyes, and another still might even look simply like a tiefling with three sets of horns. Stranger still, they are not true-breeding, so two conceiving Balphour will likely produce a child with the features of neither. Most Balphour women without access to divination magic don’t even learn whether their womb lays eggs or gives birth until their first pregnancy.
Creature Type: Humanoid
Size: Medium or Small. (Small Balphour may take the Squat Nimbleness feat).
Speed: 30ft.
Ability Score Increase: You may choose to increase your Charisma score and two other ability scores of your choice by one each, to increase your Charisma score by two and one other ability score of your choice by one, or to increase your Charisma score by three.
Languages: You may speak, read, and write Common and your choice of Abyssal or Infernal. You may also opt to spend 1 Balphour point to speak, read, and write all three.
Mutable Physiology: A given Balphour might have emerged from a number of possible feindoid pairings on a number of possible planes with a number of possible anatomical features and a number of possible upbringings. As such, you have 17 Balphour Points to spend on the table of features below:
Once you have made your selection, decide how your character’s appearance reflects it.
\ This feature may be taken multiple times, but each successive iteration costs an additional point.*
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2023.03.21 21:52 PavlovsBigBell Deep Diving into LSD and the Trip it will take us on…

Deep Diving into LSD and the Trip it will take us on…
This is a continuation of our previous post and goes much deeper behind the nuts and bolts of our Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD) design parameters, LSD Staking Swaps, and the mathematics that makes it all work.

LSD Design Parameters

LSD Commissions: WYND LSD aims to be competitive in the marketplace. Our strategy is to charge 10% less in commission than the market median. Based on the commission charged in the market for other similar products, this number works out to be 9%.
Max Validator Commissions: Only validators with 10% commissions or less are eligible to receive LSD gauge weight and delegations.
Gauge Weight Thresholds: Following the first gauge snapshot, validators must receive a minimum of 0.1% gauge weight to receive incentives. Additionally, validators’ gauge weight is capped at 10% to promote decentralization.

Optimized LSD Liquidity and LSD Staking Swaps

With the introduction of LSD assets, there will be multiple ways to acquire and disperse LSD assets. To acquire LSD assets, a user has the option of depositing the native asset in exchange for the wyAsset or using an LSD Staking Swap pool to trade the native asset for the wyAsset at the market price.
Conversely, to convert the wyAsset back to the native asset, the user also has several options which include LSD withdraw which takes roughly the unbonding period to convert the LSD asset back into the native asset, or to immediately exchange the wyAsset for the native asset using an LSD Staking Swap pool.
Given the many options to enter and exit wyAsset positions, we are proud to introduce Smart LSD Swaps. Smart LSD Swaps optimizes the route in which LSD entry takes so that users will always get the maximized value on their LSD deposits. For example, if a user has $JUNO and wishes to acquire $wyJUNO, Smart LSD Swaps will compare the market price of the $JUNO/$wyJUNO pool against the LSD deposit exchange rate and automatically route the $JUNO into the path that nets the most $wyJUNO for the user.
This innovation will greatly improve the LSD user experience, increase value for our users, reduce price volatility between native and wyAssets, and drive volume into our Staking Swap Pools.

Staking Swap Mathematics

Staking Swap pools use a modified version of stable swap pools. Modifications were made to the more common stable swap pools, which are typically used for 1:1 target-valued stablecoin assets, so that the invariants are more optimized for LSD assets — which by design will slowly deviate in value in a predictable manner versus the native over time.
At a high level, the customized invariant used for WYND LSD Staking Swap pools will minimize impermanent loss and improve capital efficiency by 20x versus traditional xy=k pools within 8% of the redeemable rate.
To dive deeper into the mathematics, please see below:
This is just the beginning rollout of WYND’s multiprotocol, multichain DeFi vision. LSD will play an essential role in this vision and synergize with WYND DEX and future protocols. Participate in LSD, vote on LSD gauges, and stake $WYND now to shape the future!

WYND DAO Social Medias

Twitter Discord Telegram Commonwealth Medium
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2023.03.21 21:52 Valuable-Banana96 I wrote a modular and versatile fiendoid player race called the Balphour. Thoughts?


The Balphour are fiendoids that result when two other fiendoids try to have a kid that are of incompatible parentage, such as an Abyssal tiefling and a Baatoran Tiefling, or a demon and a cambion. Highly mutable in physiology, no two Balphour look alike. One might look like a halfling-sized bat with an insectoid carapace and dragonfly wing membranes, another might look like an ape with the head of a hippo and the horns of a bull, another might look like a humanoid mantis with snake eyes, and another still might even look simply like a tiefling with three sets of horns. Stranger still, they are not true-breeding, so two conceiving Balphour will likely produce a child with the features of neither. Most Balphour women without access to divination magic don’t even learn whether their womb lays eggs or gives birth until their first pregnancy.
Creature Type: Humanoid
Size: Medium or Small. (Small Balphour may take the Squat Nimbleness feat).
Speed: 30ft.
Ability Score Increase: You may choose to increase your Charisma score and two other ability scores of your choice by one each, to increase your Charisma score by two and one other ability score of your choice by one, or to increase your Charisma score by three.
Languages: You may speak, read, and write Common and your choice of Abyssal or Infernal. You may also opt to spend 1 Balphour point to speak, read, and write all three.
Mutable Physiology: A given Balphour might have emerged from a number of possible feindoid pairings on a number of possible planes with a number of possible anatomical features and a number of possible upbringings. As such, you have 17 Balphour Points to spend on the table of features below:
Once you have made your selection, decide how your character’s appearance reflects it.
\ This feature may be taken multiple times, but each successive iteration costs an additional point.*
submitted by Valuable-Banana96 to DnDHomebrew [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 21:50 Valuable-Banana96 I wrote a modular and versatile fiendoid player race called the Balphour. Thoughts?


The Balphour are fiendoids that result when two other fiendoids try to have a kid that are of incompatible parentage, such as an Abyssal tiefling and a Baatoran Tiefling, or a demon and a cambion. Highly mutable in physiology, no two Balphour look alike. One might look like a halfling-sized bat with an insectoid carapace and dragonfly wing membranes, another might look like an ape with the head of a hippo and the horns of a bull, another might look like a humanoid mantis with snake eyes, and another still might even look simply like a tiefling with three sets of horns. Stranger still, they are not true-breeding, so two conceiving Balphour will likely produce a child with the features of neither. Most Balphour women without access to divination magic don’t even learn whether their womb lays eggs or gives birth until their first pregnancy.
Creature Type: Humanoid
Size: Medium or Small. (Small Balphour may take the Squat Nimbleness feat).
Speed: 30ft.
Ability Score Increase: You may choose to increase your Charisma score and two other ability scores of your choice by one each, to increase your Charisma score by two and one other ability score of your choice by one, or to increase your Charisma score by three.
Languages: You may speak, read, and write Common and your choice of Abyssal or Infernal. You may also opt to spend 1 Balphour point to speak, read, and write all three.
Mutable Physiology: A given Balphour might have emerged from a number of possible feindoid pairings on a number of possible planes with a number of possible anatomical features and a number of possible upbringings. As such, you have 17 Balphour Points to spend on the table of features below:
Once you have made your selection, decide how your character’s appearance reflects it.
\ This feature may be taken multiple times, but each successive iteration costs an additional point.*
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2023.03.21 21:48 freerider10230102 Budget Entry Gaming PC Canada

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Mostly lighter indie games and fighting games, some of the trendy multiplayer games that come and go (among us, fall guys, multiversus, knockout city etc). In terms of heavier stuff valorant and souls games, not too picky in graphic settings, medium is fine for me,would like to be able to discord stream at 720p though.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
Would like to keep it within $600-700 cad range but willing to go over if necessary, first time building so I have no idea what kind of prices would be reasonable
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
Within a month from now, earlier I can lock in the better
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Tower and OS are really all that need to be included in budget
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
Ontario, Canada. If absolutely necessary there's a chance family from america could pick some parts up and bring yhem here but time to build would substantially increase
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Planning on buying these after
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Probably not, would rather save up for new parts and keep this one going with upgrades
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
SSd, and 16gb of ram minimum
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Yes, windows 10 or 11 are both fine
I'm very new to this so if I'm missing something please let me know
submitted by freerider10230102 to buildapcforme [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 21:45 Imago90 Legendary Power Balancing Is A Huge Problem

Class balance aside, there are major issues with the differences in power from specific legendary powers, especially when you look at ability specific legendaries.
Just going to highlight the 2 biggest offenders but there are some others:
  1. Summoning an extra hydra - This might as well read "Hydra deals double damage" - The duration reduction is effectively meaningless, but for the sake of argument and to be overly conservative, lets say this power is effectively increasing your hydra DPS by 80%. What other legendary items increase an ability's damage output by that much?
Compare this to : Lightning Spear has a 11% chance to spawn an additional Lightning Spear when you cast it. - Effectively "Lightning spear deals 11% more damage" - these powers are lightyears apart...

  1. Twisting Blades orbit for a short time after they return to you, dealing 10% of Twisting Blades' return damage per hit. Based on the distance the blades returned, the orbit damage increases up to 20% of the return damage. - I'm sure someone has done the math on this. I haven't, but its clear that this is a massive damage multiplier for the ability in most cases. Sure, it comes with some drawbacks, but again, this power is substantially better than almost all other ability specific powers.
For the same of argument, compare twisting blades power to:
Flurry damages enemies in a circle around you and deals 8% increased damage.
Yes, this is a great quality of life upgrade for flurry, but I would argue the twisting blades power is both a quality of life upgrade and a MASSIVE damage increase. These powers are just not comparable in my opinion, and the result is that there is really only one option for melee rogue. Similarly, for sorc, it is hard to justify not using hydra given how powerful the ability is and then the "100% more damage" power you stack on top of it.
These discrepancies feel so significant that each class or perhaps each archetype will be hard pigeon-holed into using the abilities that have the outlier legendary powers.
Overall, balance just feels so all over the place. Yes, it was a level 25 beta, and hopefully end game balancing is better, but that doesn't excuse these issues. The leveling experience should be at least somewhat comparable, but as it stands, it just feels like: Did you get X insane legendary power that effectively doubles your damage? Great you will blast. If you didn't your experience will be significantly sloweworse.
submitted by Imago90 to diablo4 [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 21:33 Everything4Everybody Tarrasque can be killed RAW!

Hey Everybody!
I often see posts and comments on this subreddit about how Tarrasque cannot be permanently killed using RAW, and I've made a few comments here and there talking about how it can be done, but since it keeps coming up I figured I would make a post.
It can be done!
There is one rock-solid way (I used to think you could do it with doomed, but assuming the wording in the CRB takes precedence over the wording for regeneration in the Bestiary, that way does not in fact work, so there's only one way to do it!).
This way is not terribly complicated (though it certainly isn't easy), and the only specific requirement is a single uncommon spell that was printed in the CRB and probably overlooked a lot because it's a classic "NPC spell".
To start, Tarrasque can't be killed at all by just damage: it has regeneration that cannot be disabled, which completely prevents it from dying because of the dying condition.
Tarrasque is immune to a lot of things, but it is not immune to death effects, nor is it immune to being instantly killed by a death effect. Despite this, it has protection even against this, with this special clause in the "Slaying Spawn" section of the stat block:
If the spawn fails a save against an effect that would kill it instantly, it rises from death 3 rounds later with 1 Hit Point.
It is significant however, that you can kill it, however temporarily.
The death trait says:
An effect with the death trait kills you immediately if it reduces you to 0 HP. Some death effects can bring you closer to death or slay you outright without reducing you to 0 HP.
So we don't need any specific death spell that instantly kills Tarrasque, any spell with the death trait that does damage will temporarily kill it if we get Tarrasque low on HP to begin with and then finish it with a death effect, so you'll need a caster to pack in as much Vampiric Touch and the like as you can, since Fortitude is Tarrasque's best save, you're going to be fishing for some natural 1s most likely.
Assuming you do all that, and you kill Tarrasque, yay! Now you've got 3 rounds until he comes back to life.
Now you cast Bind Soul on Tarrasque before the 3 rounds are up.
While the soul is in the gem, the target can't be returned to life through any means, even powerful magic such as wish.
Bind Soul has an unlimited duration, so you could just leave Tarrasque's soul in the gem if you like, but given the wording of the return to life trigger, it does not continue to keep coming back to life. Once the 3 rounds have passed and the trigger fails because Tarrasque "can't be returned to life through any means," you are free to destroy the gem. Since Tarrasque is already dead and it's not failing a save from a death effect, this does not re-trigger its ability to return to life.
This frees Tarrasque's soul to go on to the afterlife and be truly permanently dead.
Bonus Loophole:
This is a little more nitpicky but still technically works with a strict RAW reading. The trigger to restore Tarrasque to life only fires when it "fails a save against an effect that would kill it instantly." That means if something kills it instantly without it failing the save, or without it attempting a save at all, it doesn't trigger its ability to come back to life.
That means if you bring it to 0 HP with Vampiric Touch because it took half damage by succeeding on the basic Fortitude save: congratulations Tarrasque is permanently dead.
It also means that if you can deal damage as a death effect that does not have a save, that will also technically kill Tarrasque, see the new item from Treasure Vault that is perfect for this: Reaper's Spellgun.
submitted by Everything4Everybody to Pathfinder2e [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 21:32 Iceblade423 Stealth and Obscurement

This is a rework of the Stealth, Hiding, and Heavy Obscurement Rules. Several aspects needing to be examined in this revision rules: are they understandable as presented, are they workable, are they easier to implement than the 5e rules, do they deal with the issues caused by 5e's odd interactions involving inability/ability to see - fog cloud, invisibility, see invisible, darkness
One major negative is acknowledged, the GM has to track individual NPCs level of knowledge and detection of hidden characters.
To Mods: I won't be posting any more mechanics for feedback this week.

Stealth and Obscurement

Stealth and hiding is not a universal state but is instead a situation between two creatures: the Hider and the Seeker. The Hider can be hidden from one creature while being observed by another.

Hide Action

A creature (the Hider) can attempt to hide from another creature (the Seeker) if they cannot easily be seen by the Seeker. A creature is difficult to see when they are lightly or heavily obscured or behind total or three-quarters cover. The Hider can also hide from the Seeker if the Seeker is unaware of the hiding creature's presence such as in a crowd or not within line of sight.
The Hide Action requires a Stealth (Dexterity) check that exceeds the Passive Perception score of the Seeker. A Seeker can actively search for a hidden creature with a Perception (Wisdom) check against the Stealth (Dexterity) result of the Hider. A Seeker has advantage on searching for the Hider if the Seeker knows the general location of the Hider. Further, the Seeker's Passive Perception is increased by 5 if they know the general location of the Hider such as when an ally has already found the Hider. Light obscurement imposes a -5 penalty to a Seeker's Passive Perception or disadvantage on search attempts to detect hidden creatures.

Special Senses

Creatures with Truesight or Blindsight can see creatures attempting to use light or heavy obscurement to hide and thus automatically detect them. For a creature to hide from creatures with special senses such as Tremorsense or Blindsight must have a means of mitigating detection by those senses.

Stealth Conditions

Invisible Condition

When a creature is invisible, they aren't automatically hidden.

Hidden Condition

When a creature is hidden (the Hider) from another creature (the Seeker):

Obscured Condition

Heavy obscurement blocks a character's sight of the obscured creature. This condition is not absolute and only covers a character's perception from another creature.
Examples: An invisible creature is obscured from other creatures with normal senses. In the case of a Fog Cloud spell, both creatures are obscured from each other and thus attacks against each other are made with disadvantage if they know the other's exact location.
submitted by Iceblade423 to UnearthedArcana [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 21:31 snaggletoothloppy 1.12 Dashel Wilde is Live!

1.12 Dashel Wilde is Live!
Hi adventurers! We have a small update for you all this month to usher in the spring season.
We've rewritten the event "Hunting Ambrosia", now named "Trade Secrets". A couple combat modifiers have been buffed: Fortitude now grants +2 Temp Health, and Cunning now deals +2 damage on flank. Lots of adjustments and fixes for translations, and, of course, a couple of bug fixes!
Additionally, the winning designs from our Artifact Weapon Design Contest are now available to be found in game. The Wraithword Knife and Dreamer's Crook were designed by Discord users Wracketeer and LadTheFox. (Join our Discord for a new contest launching soon!)
In Translation news, Russian has entered the Localization QA phase, while French is just shy of that stage.
Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for some big announcements!
Want Wildermyth news sent directly to you? Sign up for our mailing list.

1.12+469 Dashel Wilde

Rewritten Event: Trade Secrets (from: Hunting Ambrosia)
New Artifact Items: Wraithword Knife and Dreamer's Crook
Translation fixes
Adjusted combat modifiers:
* Fortitude now grants +2 Temp Health
* Cunning now deals +2 damage on flank
Adjusted Erratic Movement description
Increased UI priority on a few theme attacks
Celestial tiles now disappear at end of enemy turn
(So it won't disappear under your Archery hunter, etc)
Crystal Chrysalis explosion now uses the range and damage
you had when you initially used the ability
Fixed possible crash with incorrect text style tags
Fix a bug where wolf frenzy and two-handed crow scratch
wouldn't use piercing shots, ember arrows, etc
Fix a bug with frog head duplicate ability button
Fix a bug where Mossgirdle persisted over legacy
Fix a bug where some deepist shrine images showed up unlit
Fix a bug with star dance history line
Fix a bug where celestial region didn't work for pet Sommelier
Fix a bug where Skunk Spray didn't work with Sharpshooter
Fix a bug where some lake tiles would have lowercase names
Tools: Added "parameterValues" field to Aspects Outcome,
to add pre-evaluated numbers as parameters for an aspect
Tools: Added "autoFlip" option to particle scripts, which will
flip particle images horizontally if position2 is to the left
Tools: Added "facingDirection" variable for particles, which
returns 1 if position2 is to the right, and -1 if to the left
Tools: Added "offset_V(x)" particle function, which can be used
to get data from other particles (e.g. "offset_rotation(-1)")
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2023.03.21 21:31 CounttlessYT VALORANT Agent Concept Idea, Controller (Part 1):

I like creating Character Ideas out of boredom so yeah, here you go if you enjoy reading these.
Name: ??? Age: Mid 20s? Role: 60% Controller / 20% Sentinel / 10% Duellist / 10% Initiator (roughly) Gender: Male
Radiant Power:
Character Hobbies:
Ability Concepts:
[Ability 1- Lance]:
[Ability 2 - Haunted]:
[Ability 3 - Shadow Wall]:
[Ultimate Ability - Wraith Form]:
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2023.03.21 21:29 slightlyassholic [The Great Erectus and Faun] 404 Universe Not Found Pt. 3

Something's missing. People (and entities) are starting to notice.
First Previous
Far across the multiverse in a tavern that, depending on one’s point of view, may or may not have actually existed, Zeb, Petunia, Bethany, Bergamot, Cleve, and Zilandrial sat at a large wooden table.
“Thank you, Shauna,” Bergamot said as a buxom woman in a low-cut peasant dress filled their mugs with a “magic” pitcher of beer that never ran dry. “You don’t have to serve us, you know.”
“Oh, I know,” Shauna replied brightly, “but I am a barmaid. Besides, I am not giving up my magic pitcher!” she added with a laugh. “The next batch of stew should be out in a second.”
“If it is as good as this bread…” Cleve said, holding up a thick, floppy piece of flatbread.
“Better!” Shauna exclaimed. “The pantry keeps filling back up with the best stuff! It’s almost a shame to make stew out of it, but the “fancy” chef went to the “fancy” place. We just figured out the roaster thingy, so we’ll be serving roast fowl as soon as the first batch cooks!”
Shauna paused and took a big drink from her pitcher.
“It turns out that you just had to talk to it. Weird… But no weirder than anything else, I suppose. You guys want to wait for the roast fowl?”
“We shouldn’t tary,” Zeb replied, “We don’t know how long this blessed peace will last.”
“Maybe it’s over?” Bethany the Tinker, now reunited with her beloved hat, asked.
“One can hope,” Zeb shrugged as he drank deeply from his tankard, “but I’m not delaying my repast, and neither should you. When you have fiends like Pantsu and F10w3rchy1d in play, things can get much worse than they already are.”
“Worse?!?” Bergamot exclaimed in horror.
Melinda the Stalwart was starting to believe that she should have stayed in bed today.
It was supposed to be her day off! Yeah, things were starting to get “weird,” but with all of those high-rated champions running around up north, it was probably going to get handled pretty quickly… and she was tired of chasing around after their scraps.
Her copper-rated ass was sitting this one out. The fact that everyone had gone gank-crazy just further confirmed that she had the right idea.
So, she decided to head back to the royal city of Raven’s Peak to take advantage of the richer and more powerful adventurers running off to the north, leaving all the armorers, enchanters, alchemists, and publicans in town behind.
It was nice not constantly getting shoved out of the way by stronger champions and ignored by shopkeepers far more interested in their gold than her silver for once.
It started out as such a lovely day, too!
She awoke in a lovely bed at the Blade and Wand, her absolute favorite inn, and a place where it was nearly impossible to get a room without a reservation or a lot more status than she had. There, she enjoyed a wonderful breakfast, at a discounted rate no less, and then went out for a day of crowd-free shopping!
It. Was. Bliss! There were no lines, and all of the storekeepers and craftsmen were all too happy to not only serve her and her meager purse but actually take time to chat!
Then, for lunch, she decided to visit the main branch of the adventurer’s guild, where she had an honest-to-gosh hamburger and fries along with some cider. After that, the plan was to get some training or maybe buy a buff or two…
Well, that was the plan, anyway.
What actually happened was that her wonderful burger, which she could never get under normal circumstances (they were always sold out before a copper-rated nobody could get their coppers taken), was interrupted by the most unholy screams she had ever heard inside or outside a dungeon.
She barely had time to stand before the doors to the guild offices exploded outward, and a demon covered in spikes and flames charged into the main hall.
That looks just like the guildmaster, was about all she had time to think before the fiend was on her.
“What’s happening?!?” Melinda cried in terror as she hurtled through absolutely nothing.
(Shh bby is ok)
“H-hello?” she called.
“W-who are you? What happened to me?”
(Shh bby is ok)
“Am I… Am I dead?!?”
(is ok)
“Oh, it is definitely NOT okay! Who are you, and what the hell happened?”
The bedbug sighed with exasperation as it bounced off an invisible barrier again.
It had taken too long. The soul was starting to wake up.
Before much longer, it would start to get wiggly. It hated it when they began to wiggle.
Not knowing exactly what else to do, it let out a little ping.
It was answered by thousands of its kind! They couldn’t get through either, so they were having a rave! Awesome!
With a happy little (woo!), it zipped off towards the largest concentration of pings dragging an increasingly indignant Melinda the Stalwart along whether she wanted to or not.
“Hahaha!” Tawdry laughed into a prepaid “burner phone” her parents didn’t know about. “I can’t be-lieve you got me fucking grounded, you skank!”
“You’re still grounded?” Claudia snickered, “You diminished that badly?”
“It’s my parents. I managed to talk them down to a week without brain fucking them too hard. Besides, this cell is a lot nicer than the holes you used to stick me in. I’ll just do my time and be done with it. Besides, it will give our friends time to leave town since someone can’t manage to find a freaking truck.”
“First of all, fuck you,” Claudia laughed, “Second of all, thanks for getting that bastard to show up in a park and chase you across all of that nice soft turf. We got a lot of data we didn’t have before.”
“Like what?”
“Like its estimated mass, tire treads, a few lovely material samples where it nailed a park bench while trying to kill you… oh, and confirmation that it actually materializes and dematerializes. We can only assume the little bitch does the same thing. Too bad you couldn’t actually lay hands on her.”
“She was slippery, okay?” Tawdry chuckled.
“Hey,” Claudia said, “before Evika and her party ganked you, did they say anything about whom they were working for, or did they mention a little blonde girl named Petunia… or Pantsu?”
“No, they just said hi and blew my head off. Oh! Stephen did say that David finally confessed to Evika!”
“Took him long enough,” Claudia laughed, “Think he has a chance?”
“I know he has one,” Tawdry replied, “Evika’s gonna drop those drawers any second.”
“Good for her.”
“You said that Robert the Golden Peckerhead got sent back?”
“Yeah, and he is not adjusting well,” Claudia replied, “We have him in a ‘special’ inpatient facility where we are keeping the people with ‘issues’.”
“You got a lot of ‘patients’?”
“Not as many as you would think,” Claudia said, “Not everyone is happy about things, but there is something to be said about not having to sleep with a dagger under your pillow.”
“True that,” Tawdry replied. “High school is a pain, but being able to go out for pizza without an enraged wife (or husband) trying to shank you is nice.”
“Careful,” Claudia laughed, “Enraged spouses here might have a gun. You might want to go easy on the adultery this time around. There is also no magic contraception, and cure disease potions aren’t for sale in every town.”
“Ugh, don’t remind me,” Tawdry groaned. “Doesn’t really matter, though. I might as well be a nun these days.”
“You can’t be diminished that much!”
“I am not into kids, and any man worth screwing isn’t into jailbait. I’m the exact opposite of screwed… Speaking of, you did mention a possible trip to Denmark?”
“Aren’t you grounded?”
“I won’t be next week!”
“And how will you explain your sex tourism to your folks?”
“Let me worry about my folks,” Tawdry replied, “You worry about that plane ticket!”
“I’ll see what I can do,” Claudia replied with a chuckle.
Natasha! Come down for dinner!
“I’ll be right there!” Tawdry yelled.
“I gotta go. It’s taco night…”
Tawdry grinned.
“Speaking of tacos, did you get that camel toe fixed yet?”
“And just when we were even, too!” Claudia laughed. “Your little suggestion has everyone looking at my snatch… including me, and I know it’s bullshit!
“Ha! Is your new fuck toy looking?”
“I have no idea what you are talking about.”
“Detective Martin! I know you have a thing for that whole world-weary crusader vibe. And don’t think I didn’t see you checking out his ass, either.”
“I have the same problem you do,” Claudia sighed, “worse even. The sort of man I like certainly won’t be messing around with a ‘kid’, even if I am ‘legal’.”
“Yeah, you do like them a bit crusty, don’t you? How about finding some rich asshole who is having a mid-life crisis?”
“I will repeat myself. The sort of man I would like isn’t interested… and won’t be for years.”
“Meh. You’re not giving yourself enough credit… and giving them far too much of it.”
“Well, Slaker turned me down cold… goddamn chain of command…”
“No! You tried to give it up to Slaker?”
“Wouldn’t be the first time…”
“No way! I need details, all of them!”
Natasha! Dinner!
“I have to go,” Tawdry said, “but this is not over!”
Vroom? an old Peterbilt truck revved as it sat in a remote corner of a truck stop in the middle of nowhere.
“Still nothing,” the little girl huffed. “How can an entire universe disappear?”
“Let’s hope not,” the girl replied, “Even so, he wouldn’t abandon us!”
“What?” the spirit asked with alarm.
“Oh, it’s nothing,” the little girl replied.
“Doesn’t sound like nothing.”
“Okay,” the little girl replied, “There is a remote chance that our boss has had to… um… cease operations and relocate. It hasn’t happened in a really long time, but it has happened.”
“Does that mean that I’m stuck?!?”
“No, of course not. It just means we might have to wait until we’re collected.”
“He won’t forget us!”
“Hey! Don’t even start talking like that! We’ve done good work for the boss on several worlds. He won’t just discard us!”
“What do you mean, discard?”
“Just watch your anime, weeb,” the little girl snapped. “He hasn’t abandoned us, and he won’t forget us. He’s just… um…”
“I don’t know, alright!” the little girl replied angrily, “I have no idea where those others came from. All I know is that we didn’t squish them.”
“If he had another team, I would know about it!”
“I just would, okay! WE AREN’T GETTING REPLACED!... I’m… I’m going to get some air, maybe a Coke or something.”
The little girl threw open the door to the cab angrily and hopped out.
“Hey!” the spirit yelled, “See if they have any audiobooks!”
We’ve been abandoned… the little girl thought to herself as she prowled the truck stop trying not to panic.
She had to keep it together for Truck-Kun… and their new companion. If she fell apart, Truck-Kun would, too, and who knows what the spirit would do. He was two seconds from making another run for it as it was.
She paused by a rack of dusty old audiobooks on CD. Now that wasn’t something she had seen in a bit.
Thankful for the distraction, she started perusing the titles. Some of them were things she hadn’t already read (or listened to).
She grabbed a few for herself and then started looking for something appropriately nerdy for her new guest.
She might have murdered them in cold blood, but that was no reason not to be a good host.
She was so distracted by her own troubles and the audiobooks that she didn’t notice that she was being followed until the guy’s shadow fell around her.
She then became aware of his oily aura and smiled.
All work and no play…
“Hello, little girl…”
She looked up at him with an innocent expression and doe-like eyes.
Truck-Kun quietly ground his gears as he watched a beat-up RV pull onto the highway.
Vroom, he grumbled as he put himself in gear and started to follow.
“What?” the spirit asked.
About half an hour later, Truck-Kun pulled over next to an RV that was parked on the side of the highway.
The door opened, and the little girl hopped out, holding a paper bag.
Vroom, the truck revved disapprovingly.
“Such a nice man,” the little girl said impishly as she plopped into the driver’s seat, and the truck drove away.
“Are those bloodstains?” the spirit asked as he pointed at the bag.
“What answer would you prefer?” the girl asked as she pulled out a half-filled fifth of vodka and most of a pack of smokes graciously donated by the nice man in the RV (it wasn’t like he was going to be needing them).
“I know I quit,” the girl replied as she put one in her mouth. “Give me a break. My nerves are shot.”
“Yes, shot enough to smoke menthols!”
The little girl lit up and drew heavily on the cigarette, exhaling a lovely smoke ring.
“So, crack a window!”
Vroom! Vroom! Vrooooom!
“You can’t smell, and you know it! So please, cut me some slack. I’ve had a bad day,” she said as she turned up the bottle of vodka like it was Juicy Juice.
“I know you’ve had a bad day, too,” the girl said as she wiped her mouth, “Want me to get you some fuel treatment at the next stop, maybe some starting fluid?”
“Okay, and a new air freshener, maybe some of those fuzzy dice you like? Deal?”
Vroom!… Vroom?
“As a matter of fact,” the little girl said as she pulled out a wad of bills. “the nice man did keep his cash on him.”
Vroom! the truck revved happily.
“Jesus!” Gary Martin, formerly Detective Martin, winced as he looked inside an abandoned old RV the following day.
“Say what you want about her,” Claudia Smythe said as she ate a corn dog. “but she is thorough.”
“We think the girl did this?”
“Matches her MO,” Claudia shrugged as she flicked the corn dog stick aside. “And we have surveillance footage at the truck stop. The asshole was talking to someone small, the cameras didn’t get a good shot of the kid, and eyewitnesses state that he was in the company of his ‘daughter’ when he left.”
“You said this was her MO. She’s done this before?” Gary asked.
“She rolls guys like this for their pocket change. We’re not sure if it’s how they finance their operations or if she just does it for fun, but this is the third one this year.”
A well-dressed and very young man in sunglasses approached the pair.
“Sir Lark,” Claudia said without turning around. “We have an ID on this guy yet?”
“Boris Veetch,” the young man said. “a registered sex offender with an active warrant for skipping out on his parole.”
“Yeah, she likes those,” Claudia shrugged. “Nobody will mourn his passing. He was easily ensnared, and he probably was carrying cash.”
“And she is professional bait,” Gary shrugged. “He was slime, but I’m not sure even he deserved what happened to him, though. What sort of monster would do something like this?”
“You just answered your own question,” Claudia replied, “a monster.”
“If you think this is bad," Lark said as he started photographing the scene, "You should see what a pack of goblins will do if they get the chance."
“Considering what we now know,” Claudia said with a shrug, “this trail is beyond cold. Even if they couldn’t do the whole disappearing act, they could be in any of several states by now. We’ve lost them… again.”
She looked over at Gary.
“Just as well,” she added, “We need to get you processed and briefed… agent.”
She smiled.
“Welcome to the Temporal Protection Agency.”
Deep within the deepest dungeon on Asteria Prime, a monstrous giant of a spider fidgeted uncomfortably.
“H-hello… boss,” it said nervously, “T-to w-what do we owe the honor of your visit?”
Frostie smiled an icy smile that filled the giant spider with horror.
“Oh, I was just in the area and thought I would give my friends here,” she said, indicating The Great Erectus, The Herald, and Cuddles, “a tour.”
“O-of c-course!” Log’Sharingoth LXXXIII stammered as their legs twitched miserably. “W-would you like a guide?”
“That would be lovely,” Frostie smiled. “Where’s Pantsu? I think she and The Big Guy over here would get along famously.”
“S-she isn’t available, boss.”
“Not even for me?”
“I-I apologize,” Log’Sharingoth said nervously, “but she isn’t here right now?”
“Well, where did she go?”
“I-I’m not sure, boss…”
“Okay, how about Nova?”
“S-she’s not here, either.”
Log’Sharingoth made a whining bubbling noise as they shrank away.
“Why don’t you just tell me who is missing and exactly what the fuck is going on?” Frostie said with an angry gleam in her eye.
“…and I don’t know where anyone is!” Log’Sharingoth wailed miserably. “And everything is going wrong, the players almost rioted, and the physics engine threatened to quit! I didn’t know what to doooo!!!
“And at no point did it occur to you to call me?” Frostie asked with a frightening edge to her voice.
Pantsu told me not to!!!
Frostie let out a long-suffering sigh. Of course, the current Log’Sharingoth wouldn’t go against Pantsu. It was horribly unfair to expect otherwise.
“I’m not going to come down on you because of what she did,” Frostie said a bit more gently. “However, since I now clearly know something is amiss, anything you can tell me will be of great value.”
“I-I’m not in trouble?”
“Not from me,” Frostie replied, “and Pantsu won’t be giving you any problems after I’m done with her.”
Frostie paused.
“So, this glitched Pantsu, where is it now?”
“Pantsu had me send it to Tartarus! I’m sorry! But she said to!”
“Sounds like the only sensible thing she’s done thus far,” Frostie replied.
“I didn’t want to, but she told me to do it!”
“Oh, don’t worry,” Frostie shrugged, “sounds like the perfect place for it. Wait. She told you?”
“Yes, Boss!”
“That means you have a line of communications?”
Log’Sharingoth’s multiple eyes all widened with fear.
“Call her and tell her to give me her location… now.”
“Y-yes boss…”
Log’Sharingoth fell silent for a few moments.
“Um… Boss?”
“Let me guess,” Frostie said, “You can’t reach her, can you?”
“No, Boss.”
Fine,” Frostie grumbled. “We do this the hard way. You’ve done a great job, considering everything.”
“I have?” Log’Sharingoth asked hopefully.
“You have,” Frostie said reassuringly. “Keep doing what you’re doing, and I’ll send a crisis response team to help out in the meantime.”
“A… A crisis response team?” Log’Sharingoth asked fearfully.
“You didn’t think you were getting off Scot free, did you?” Frostie laughed as she and her companions disappeared.
“…Ssssshit,” Log’Sharingoth hissed as she stalked off into the shadows.
The hominid looked around at their new surroundings.
Everything was white. The floor was white. The walls were white. The furniture was white…
Even the plants were white…
And everything was spotless.
“Interesting décor,” he said after a few seconds.
“They like to keep things tidy,” Frostie replied as she took a seat on one of the white couches.
“They?” the ape-man asked dubiously as Cuddles slipped one of her tentacles into The Herald’s hand.
He gently gripped it, causing Cuddles to suppress a delighted squeal.
“Playtime is over,” Frostie said in a matter-of-fact tone. “I’m calling in my real operatives.”
“Jesus!” The Great Erectus exclaimed as a spotless white door opened, and a short, slender blue male amphibian-like biped in a white tunic bearing a three-headed dog embroidered with platinum thread walked in.
“You never told me you had… them!
“Oh, you are familiar with their kind?”
“Those little monsters are responsible for the death of entire universes! Every time there is a parallel manifestation of those… monsters… entire galaxies die.”
“They can be a handful,” Frostie said pleasantly, “But I’ve found them incredibly valuable over the years… for that very same reason. These do come from much more reasonable stock from a much more reasonable ancestor... Maybe 'reasonable' is pushing it a little,” Frostie added with a laugh. "Reasonable for one of them, at least."
The blue amphibian smiled pleasantly and blinked his huge amber eyes, their pleasant hue replaced with a whirling madness of color.
“Hello, Hades,” Frostie said with a smile. “It has been quite a while. How have you been?”
“Bored,” Hades replied. “I trust you have come to alleviate that?”
“Most definitely,” Frostie replied. “Awaken the others…”
“…It’s time to hunt.”
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2023.03.21 21:27 twiggs462 $IDVV - How AI Is Changing The Marketing Industry - Press Release 03/21/2023

How AI Is Changing The Marketing Industry - Press Release 03/21/2023
LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 21, 2023 / Artificial Intelligence (AI) is among one of the top conversations these days. What is it? What can it do? Who does it affect. The truth is everyone is affected in some way shape or form. Recently International Endeavors Corporation (OTCPINK:IDVV) entered the AI Sector as it sees the potential for growth in somewhat of a turbulent economy. IDVV has started to implement a strategy to become involved in the AI sector in several areas including Marketing, Retail, and professional services. In this article we will be focusing on some of the impacts AI is expected to have in Marketing.

AI in Marketing
What's Occurring: One of buzziest forms of AI, generative AI, has the ability to produce digital images, conversational text, code and summaries of lengthy documents from a simple prompt. While it's still in its early days of development, it has big implications for jobs that include writing, coding and marketing products.
AI advances in marketing: In 2022, software development platform GitHub debuted GitHub Copilot, a tool that uses OpenAI models to write code based on a prompt. According to GitHub, Copilot is able to suggest methods, unit tests, boilerplate code and complex algorithms.
Some authors are using generative AI tools such as ChatGPT to co-write and illustrate books to sell on Amazon, and one legislator used it to help draft a law aimed at regulating AI. This isn't limited to startups, companies such as Microsoft and Google are integrating generative AI tools so office workers can do tasks like write emails or create presentations faster within their apps.
Jonathan Nelson, senior digital marketing manager of growth for the American Marketing Association, said marketers are experimenting with ChatGPT to write articles, including optimizing them for search engines, though they're not yet publishing those items.
"You have AI write a 1,000-word article, and then go through and edit it to make it sound human again," he said. "It's a framework for articles."
Jeff MacDonald, social strategy director at ad agency Mekanism, said he uses generative AI to brainstorm images for illustrators and designers. He also uses it to scrape TikTok comments and analyze reactions, ideas, and similarities and differences between brands.
Bill Martin of IDVV stated "We have recently begun making acquisitions in the AI sector to start implementing existing generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bard to create content marketing content and videos for specific industries. There's still a slight human element involved, but we're working to resolve that. We recently brought on our first client in the finance sector and they are seeing the desired results. We're bringing on more clients in other areas very soon, it's exciting!"
How jobs could evolve: Generative AI tools have the ability to help people become more productive, especially with content creation. That could mean using AI for a first draft and social media posts to solve simple problems or provide summaries of complex topics.
Though much is still experimental, marketers have a sense that they'll soon work with AI if they aren't already, even if it's just to help determine the success of a campaign. But it will be important for the industry to keep human creativity front and center.
Human involvement will most likely always be required in some ways, otherwise everything will repeat itself, and nothing will stand out.
Jeremy Smith, Founder of SF Corp, a company recently acquired by IDVV stated "Jobs will change, but in a positive way. The uses for AI that we're developing enhance human performance. Similar to how Steve Jobs used to state that the personal computer is like a bicycle for the mind. The AI Tools we're creating are like a bicycle for marketers to be able to increase productivity and stand out in competitive areas. Today Google just released BARD, it's getting interesting"
We encourage everyone to follow us.
About Us
International Endeavors Corporation ("IEC") is a technology holdings company focused on Clean Energy, Crypto and A.I.
Specializing in solar technology, battery storage, as well as clean energy crypto mining options for both on & off grid.
We're currently implementing EV2G / Bi-directional charging options, thus allowing you to use your electric vehicle as a means of a backup battery, or to sell power back to the grid.
In 2022 IDVV started to offer its clients a Clean Energy Crypto mining solution. Our Plug-n-Play mining rigs can be installed in existing or current systems and allows the option to sell power back to the grid or mine crypto currency with any power surplus.
In 2023 We acquired WITech as part of an expansion into the AI Sector. We are incorporating AI technology into our crypto offerings, and developing a platform for AI Content Marketing.
The Company currently is reporting its financial information on OTCMarkets.
Our filings can be seen at
About SF Corp
SF Corp, formed by Jeremy Smith in 2020 is currently operating in Nevada. It has developed automated and artificial intelligence technologies for several industries including Auto, Medical, Robotics and Financial.
Forward-Looking Statements are included within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. All statements regarding our expected future financial position, results of operations, cash flows, financing plans, business strategy, products and services, competitive positions, growth opportunities, plans and objectives of management for future operations, including words such as "anticipate," "if," "believe," "plan," "estimate," "expect," "intend," "may," "could," "should," "will," and other similar expressions are forward-looking statements and involve risks, uncertainties and contingencies, many of which are beyond our control, which may cause actual results, performance, or achievements to differ materially from anticipated results, performance, or achievements. International Endeavors Corporation (IDVV) is under no obligation to (and expressly disclaim any such obligation to) update or alter our forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise.
Bill Martin, Vice President Phone: 1-619-343-3199 Email: [email protected]
SOURCE: International Endeavors Corporation, Inc.
View source version on
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2023.03.21 21:16 Gorefight Any good void builds? Playing smite hammerdin right now, is there a VK version?

Any good void builds? Playing smite hammerdin right now, is there a VK version? submitted by Gorefight to LastEpoch [link] [comments]