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2023.03.30 13:59 TacticalBreakfast Mastery Priority Guide - Updates for An Obscure Wanderer

Well, this is unexpected. I was prepared for either Mlynar or Stainless to be next, but I’ll admit I was expecting Stainless more. Not that I'm complaining. The skins in this patch are to die for. That Utage skin? Unf... It would have been a bigger crime than Dorothy to delay that. Oh ya, I guess there's some good new units here that people have been waiting for too.
This article specifically covers the new units from the An Obscure Wanderer event. The main guide covering the rest of the game can be found here on Gamepress. The Gamepress version of this update can be found here. Please note that although the reddit version of the main guide still exists, I no longer maintain it to the same extent and it may be out of date. Refer to the Gamepress guide for the most up to date information!

FAQ and Banner Discussion

Q: Should I pull?
A: An emphatic yes. Many consider Mlynar to be the single best unit currently in the game. Sure, some might argue for Texas2, Surtr, or Ch'en2 instead, but everyone with any sense of the game will still have him among the very top. Plus, if one of the best units in the game wasn’t enough to convince you, the supporting 5★, Proviso, has the best RIIC base skill in the game. Speaking in terms of meta value, there is no reason to skip this banner

Q: Wait, Mlynar is next? I thought we expected him to be delayed? What does this mean for Texas2?
A: Mlynar is indeed next, and it is indeed unexpected. Much of the schedule prediction talk was predicated on the idea that Il Siracusano would be run during Golden Week. The idea was that Texas2 during Golden Week would necessitate moving Mlynar’s release since there wouldn't be enough time to run the required Chapter 11 events on top of Mlynar. That’s where the idea that he would be delayed came from.
I talked about this topic a bit in my Dorothy Schedule article, if you want to see some of the speculation (it’s near the end).
Yostar, though, seems to have thrown us yet another curve ball. I don't want to get into too much detail here since this isn't a schedule prediction article. However, it now seems that Texas2 will not be during Golden Week. It is still possible, but would involve both the Near Light Rerun datamined date (April 14th) being changed and the Chapter 11 pre-banner being skipped. Those options, while possible, are unlikely, so odds are that Yostar will now run the events in order which would place Texas sometime in May instead.
As for why? We can only guess.

Q: I already have what I think is a powerful team, should I still roll for Mlynar?
A: Probably, yes. The thing with Mlynar is that he is so powerful that he opens up a new tier of power. Mlynar (and Texas2) don't expand the current top crust of the meta. They add a new layer to it. Of course, if you already find the game to be easy with your current team and have no interest in things like Ascension 15 IS#3 and high risk CC, that may not matter to you. However, a very top meta team pre-Mlynar will perform noticeably worse than a team with Mlynar (and/or Texas2).

Q: Should I skip this banner to roll for Texas the Omertosa?
A: No, don't skip this banner. The only exception in terms of meta-value is if you feel Texas2 is completely unmissable due to being a Limited. That matters to some people; however, there is a tremendous opportunity cost to skipping Mlynar. Mlynar is every bit as valuable as Texas is and this will be by far the best chance we will ever have to get him. Opportunity cost is an aspect many people overlook when it comes to pull decisions. By skipping Mlynar, you are removing many good total outcomes (getting both units) to increase the odds of a mid-level outcome (only getting one unit).
Only you can decide where that balance is for you, but know that if you choose to skip Mlynar you are giving up a lot of value.

Q: Does Mlynar powercreep SilverAsh?
A: Yes, Mlynar is better than SilverAsh. Sure, SilverAsh maintains some niches thanks to his strong Talents. However, the damage difference is staggering, and a large majority of the time Mlynar is the preferable pick.
The long answer is far more nuanced due to the type of game Arknights is. Powercreep means different things to different people. Many casual observers less familiar with Arknights would see discussions of meta and powercreep through the context of multiplayer. That is, using the non-meta options puts you at a disadvantage. However, that isn't really what happens in Arknights. In another game, Unit A powercreeping Unit B often makes Unit B worthless. That isn't the case here. Unless the stage design itself begins to change as a result of the powercreep (which so far it hasn’t), SilverAsh is no worse than he was before this patch, and he is still a top-shelf unit.

Q: Why is Mlynar only graded S++ when SilverAsh has been graded S+++?
A: This is the first part of a larger grade adjustment I'm working on. I wasn't planning on doing it yet, but the event being moved up has left me little choice in this aspect. One of the changes I am intending to make is to remove the S+++ grade. It looks silly and the nuance it adds isn't really helpful, not to mention it closes some doors as the game increases in power. Should the next busted unit be graded S++++ if they happen to be better than Texas2? Would I be using S+++++ in a couple years?
Essentially from here on out, S++ is the ceiling. The best of the best skills will be in this category since the nuance between them loses a lot of meaning. Thus, Mlynar and SilverAsh have the same grades (or will when I push the update). Is Mlynar's S3 better? Yes. Does the difference between two of the best skills in the game matter enough to complicate the guide? No.
I will be considering alternatives in the future, so if you have any feedback, please let me know!

Q: Should I pull for Mlynar Potentials?
A: No! Unless you are an endgame player, in which case you're not reading this article in the first place, it is never worth pulling for pots. Even Bagpipe’s SP pot, and Texas2’s redeploy time pot are minor upgrades in the grand scheme of things. It simply costs too much in pull resources for a difference that will only matter if you are pushing the very very very endgame.
With all that said, Mlynar has some of the most valuable Potentials in the game. Strangely so. His Talent and ATK pot add over 9% more DPS over pot1. Again, I am not telling you to pull for pots here. If you are a non-spender, do NOT pull for potentials! However, if you've ever considered spending a little bit to go that extra mile on a unit, Mlynar is the one to do it on.
Just don't miss out on Texas2 because of it.

Q: Should I be raising Proviso for her base skill?
A: I want to emphasize something first. You should NEVER E2 a unit for their base skill alone. The best ones take literal years of ideal play to pay off. It is not worth it!
Except… Proviso might be the first exception to that rule. Not only is her Trading Post (TP) skill ridiculously good, but it double-dips by allowing an extra factory slot in 2-5-2 bases. Her skill works just as well (if not better) in a 2-slot TP which frees up power to upgrade a factory to 3-slots, which would normally need to be left at 2. It's difficult to calculate the exact returns on the skill, but some rough estimates place the break-even point (under ideal circumstances) at around 6-8 months instead of the more typical 3+ years.
A word of warning though, the above assumes ideal circumstances. If you're running 2-4-3, that break-even time goes way up since you don't get the extra factory slot (it still is likely worth it long term). It also assumes you're doing good rotations and have otherwise good units to round things out. However, Proviso is a pretty decent unit herself, and big base numbers are extremely satisfying.

Never Vowed


Skill Story Advanced Roguelike
S3M3 S++ S++ S+++
Mlynar is the best Physical Melee DPS unit in the game, and possibly the best DPS unit period, depending on who you ask. His S3 is his key skill, and the Mastery gains on it are big. Units of Mlynar's caliber are simple to evaluate because of how game-defining they are. Their primary skills should be your highest priority among Masteries. Simple as that.
I would not bother with his S2 Masteries and they are ungraded here. It has a fairly high Mastery rate among secondary skills, but that is more a reflection of his overall power and popularity as a unit. Compared to S3, niches that his S2 might be useful in are much more narrow compared to other secondary skills on other top-tier units. His S2 Masteries will be an expensive alternative you're not likely to ever practically use.


Skill Story Advanced Roguelike
S2M3 B- C+ B-
Given how valuable her base skill is, many people will promote Proviso anyway, which makes the Mastery decision relatively interesting. Proviso is essentially a slightly better Podenco. She has better damage and duration, but a worse cycle time. That isn't amazing, given that her promotion and Masteries cost twice as much, but it still makes her a more than functional utility option. Her S2 Masteries are very important to using S2 since they provide big boosts to both damage and uptime. The interval reduction at M3 is especially valuable for her DPS, though her overall damage is relatively low still. While she is not as cost effective, her Masteries are reasonable, if low-priority considerations to make a unit you likely are investing in anyway capable on the field. Her S1 is ungraded. It may be useful to those who want to use Proviso as a regular member of the team and has big Mastery upgrades, but it’s easily outclassed by a myriad of other, better options.

Mastery Look Ahead

MonHub collab units are added below, but Chapter 12 isn't out yet. Looks to be an interesting patch though!
Unit Type Comments
The Legend of Luo Xiaohei
Luo Xiaohei Collab Welfare There isn't a lot to say about this collab unit. He is fine, but nothing special, and you'll be better off just using Arene for your low rarity ranged Guard needs. That said he will definitely appeal to a lot of people and doesn't cost much, so go with S2 if you want to Master a skill which gets a decent increase to his damage output and is the more impactful skill. S1 is certainly a novel skill, but the low damage per hit means it just isn’t that useful for anything but cuteness.
Mizuki and the Caerula Arbor
Highmore Welfare Highmore is very similar to La Pluma to the point their S1 is literally identical. La Pluma is still the better unit in general since her ASPD talent is better for what the class does, but Highmore will still be a very viable alternative (or addition, double reaper go brrrr). This is especially true in IS#3 where she is the better pick with some big advantages thanks to her mode specific talent. There is a much bigger difference across their S2s however, with Highmore’s being far less valuable. The bulk that her S2 brings isn’t as useful and is much more niche in addition to some pretty poor gains. Stick with just her S1 for Mastery which makes her a very consistent and reliable option in IS#3. La Pluma will perform better elsewhere though.
Chapter 11 - Return to Mist
Dagda Welfare Brawlers have always been a bad archetype (the best Brawler only becomes good by turning into a Centurion instead), and Dagda doesn't change that. Her damage is subpar even with her skill active, and is comically bad when her skills are down. And she can only block 1. There is very little to like here. Even her Mastery gains are poor, which makes any suggestion difficult. Go with S2 if you insist on raising her. Who the hell thought Defensive Recovery on her S1 was a good idea?
Totter Gacha Totter is a pretty good unit for what he is. His niche is a helpful one, though not quite enough to put him into the top tiers of 4★s. Instead, he’s a solid unit that can be useful to have at times. He incidentally comes out at the same time as a new SSS stage that plays to his strengths extremely well. He's still unlikely to be graded, but both of his skills will have use if you want (favor S1 for SSS specifically).
Paprika Gacha One has to wonder why Paprika exists. She isn't bad in the absolute sense, but she serves no purpose in the broader game, competing directly with some very strong units while offering no special value herself. If you need the healing, there are plentiful other options that provide much better support or much lower costs (or both). She will be ungraded and you shouldn't be raising her, but go with S2 if you insist. It at least brings her healing up to a respectable total compared to her S1.
Stainless Gacha The only good unit from the Chapter 11 patch; however, Stainless is still pretty niche. He does have plenty of support use, so he is far from a bad unit, but the setup he requires puts him on the gimmicky side of things. He'll have pretty low Mastery grades. Without Mastery he can still be a pretty effective support unit, with neither his S1 or his S2 being exceptionally worth a Mastery; in particular, his S2 is a great skill, but it only needs SL 7). S3 will be his best Mastery option. The setup it requires can be a burden, but it has a huge attack multiplier with a lot of flexibility. If that DPS aspect doesn't interest you though, he can still be safely used at M0. Be wary of overvaluing his S1. Although the final number is good, it requires much more setup than other comparable buff skills.
Il Siracusano
Vigil Welfare Vigil looks to be the weakest 6★ of 2022. Even on paper, his kit isn’t very good. It has low DP gen, no ATK improvement, and no real utility. However, it's even worse than that. His wolves, which his skills are reliant on, are incredibly weak. They are statistically worse than Beanstalk's or Blacknight's pets, and the supposed benefits of them come nowhere close to making up the difference. If that weren't enough, there are many bizarre interactions in his kit, bordering on bugs, which remain unfixed as of this writing. There's too many to list here in this look ahead, but check this write-up by Boelthor for some more info. You'll get much better value raising Blacknight, or even Beanstalk. I hope this changes by his release on EN, but as it stands, he'll be among the lowest graded 6★s post-Module upgrades.
Lunacub Gacha Lunacub’s permanent stealth will certainly have some uses, but her DPS isn't high enough to justify the added investment. Her cycle time is perplexingly long for a year four unit, and the lack of attack multiplier on her S2 means she'll struggle more compared to her competition. She's a bit like Kirara in that regard: a nice idea hamstrung by poor damage and skill uptime. She'll be ungraded, but go with S2 if you particularly like her.
Penance Gacha If you relied only on the initial flurry of highlights, you could be forgiven for thinking that Penance is the hyper meta unit of this banner. She is a cautionary tale of not using only Youtube/Bilibili highlights to guide your opinion. Of course, she’s still a monster of a unit. She hits hard, has a mountain of bulk, and an absolutely incredible damage reflect. She is potentially the best solo lane holder in a lot of scenarios. However, for general purposes, Mudrock remains the go to choice, as Penance’s kit works poorly in a full team comp. Because she is reliant on having enemies to kill in order to maintain her bulk, she ends up rather inflexible compared to her competitors. S3 will be her main skill worth Mastery. Her other two skills are fine, and big Penance fans will find both of them useful, but her S3 is far and away the best option. They won't justify the investment cost for most.
Texas the Omertosa Gacha Limited Texas is the banner’s real winner and the latest to power creep an older unit (RIP in pieces Phantom). She is extremely powerful and is at the very tip-top of the meta. She has better ST Arts DPS than both Surtr and Eyja. Not only that, she also has a mountain of utility; her S2 has a strong RES debuff which makes her effective against nearly all enemies, her S3 has range, anti-air, and heavy crowd-control, and that's on top of the benefits of being a FRD. Both her S2 and S3 will receive top tier grades. She will be the highest graded M6 yet, so plan for both.
Quartz Red Cert Shop Quartz certainly has an eye-catching stat-line, but she isn't any better than other alternatives, even at her rarity. She mainly seems to be here to tease the ridiculous stats the eventual 6★ on the archetype will have. She'll be ungraded due to said alternatives. There just isn't much value in raising her beyond novelty. However, you'll want to prioritize S2 should that appeal to you.
Qanipalaat Red Cert Shop Qanipalaat is a fairly interesting unit with some unique aspects to his kit. He's pretty decent too, for his rarity, with good crowd control and reasonable damage. However the ever present problem with the 5★ Casters is present here. It's a crowded group and being just decent isn't enough to particularly standout. Ultimately he doesn't justify the investment, especially with the added red cert cost. The Mastery gains on his S2 are pretty good, so he may end up with a low grade, but he shouldn't be on most people's planners for any reason but personal desire. Pass on his S1 which is just a worse version of Amiya's S1.
What the Firelight Casts
Puzzle Welfare A lot of people, myself included, initially scoffed at Puzzle. He clearly isn't as good as Cantabile (who almost everyone has) and has fairly high SP costs for a Vanguard. However, he's proven himself to be a solid option, especially for a Welfare. To be clear, he is nowhere near as valuable as Cantabile. He is more DPS oriented, which is nice, but not really the purpose of the role. However, his DPS and utility are good enough that his S2 warrants moderate consideration. It charges surprisingly quickly and outputs a ton of damage on top of his flexible archetype. His S1 may be worth considering as well, but it only gains damage at M2 and M3 so odds are it will be ungraded aside from the M1 breakpoint.
Harmonie Gacha Within the realm of 5★ Casters, Harmonie is pretty decent. How many times have I said that before? It's a crowded group. Harmonie is still far from a must-raise, but she stands out as having a well designed kit. It has decent damage, good utility, and it all works well together. Niche players especially will find her quite nice. S2 will be the obvious choice for Masteries and will likely end up with a modest grade. Although she exists in a crowded space, her utility along with solid gains will make it something to consider on the lower end of priority.
Reed the Flame Shadow Gacha How do you improve the often subpar Caster class? By making them a Medic, of course. Makes total sense. Duh. Reed's alter form is just the most recent big meta unit. There's a lot of those lately and I only have so many adjectives to describe how busted these units tend to be. Reed is a tremendous unit. She features the highest Arts ST DPS in the game, alongside some of the highest HPS and extremely flashy mass crowd-clearing to boot. However there is some reason for caution. Certainly she will be an upper crust unit, but a few small usability quirks may keep her off the very top. Unlike units like Surtr or Ch’alter she has to choose between ST or AoE damage, she needs other units to deal full ST damage, and Arts Weakening isn’t as good as RES shred. She is extremely strong but we’ll need some time to judge just exactly how strong. Regardless, Reed will be a top graded M6. Plan for both S2 and S3.
Where the Vernal Winds Will Never Blow
Jie Yun Welfare Jie Yun is one of those units that's quite good... for her rarity. While she lacks the utility that elevates the more meta 5★ options, she has solid damage and a surprisingly good cycle time. Beyond that, there isn't much else to say since her kit is pretty straightforward. Most players tight on resources won't want to invest, but she is good enough and has enough appeal outside of the meta that she'll garner a modest grade. Stick with S2 for Mastery. It is the better skill and has extremely strong gains. S1 has significantly worse DPS and its only real benefit is being auto recovery.
Firewhistle Gacha Fire Whistle is a good unit because her archetype is inherently strong. However, she has a slightly different niche than Ashlock. While Ashlock is useless if forced to block, Fire Whistle’s skills work mostly as normal (like Horn’s S2), making her an effective blocker as well as a long range nuker. In my opinion, this isn’t as valuable since effective blocking isn’t why you bring the archetype to begin with and Ashlock does the nuking part better. Still, Fire Whistle is quite good and much more forgiving. Both of her skills are usable and likely to be graded. While S2 has the greater total damage and is better for blocking, it has a notable lack of burst and a high SP cost. S1 meanwhile will be more consistent, reliable, and better against armor.
Lin Gacha HG disappoints yet again with the Phalanx archetype. The perplexing decision to make Lin a Phalanx caster aside, they just can't seem to get it right after Beeswax and Mint. She rates slightly better than Carnelian (not a compliment), and really only because she requires no ramp up for her damage. Overall, her damage is nothing special by current standards and she has a shockingly long cycle time. There is a decent chance she finds some fringe use in the meta thanks to her shield, and should still be more than serviceable for those who like the character. However, given the relative strength of recent 6★s, her grades will end up fairly low. Both S3 and S2 are worth considering, though S2 may end up ungraded due to awful gains.
Chong Yue Gacha Limited Yet another hilariously busted unit. Chong Yue hits hard and fast over a long range. He also gets a lot out of buffs, meaning that he should scale nicely into difficult content. His kit can be deceptive since unlike other dual strike units, his hits count independently. This means he gains SP twice as fast and can even trigger his S3 off of the second attack. In fact, he activates his S3 so often that he is the new king of voice-line spam – to the point some might consider it a major drawback. edit: DV took so long to come out this was already patched. RIP. Anyway... However, he isn't quite very tip-top busted thanks to a few drawbacks. They are relatively minor but with how the power level of the game has escalated recently, they are worth at least acknowledging. He's a relatively frail one block unit with no self-sustain who also requires a fair bit of wind-up. Sharing his rate-up with the disappointing Lin also hurts his value. It should make pull decisions quite interesting. His S3 is the only Mastery worth considering and it will have a top-tier grade. On top of being an extremely strong DPS skill, it has large improvements to his SP cost that are nearly mandatory to use him effectively.
A Death in Chunfen
Wind Chimes Gacha When Quartz was released, many were curious as to what the higher rarities of the Crusher archetype would bring. Turns out the first 5★ attempt is... really bad. Her primary gimmick is just too weak and her cycle time is just too long. Even if her S2’s SP cost was halved, she wouldn’t be good – but it isn’t, and she has a perplexing 30 second cycle for a paltry amount of damage. Wind Chimes is a unit to avoid, but if you were intent on raising her anyway I'd actually consider S1 instead despite the fact that it’s a generic Attack Up skill. The power on S2 is just so anemic that only two hits from S1 will out damage it (in less time than the 5 second wind-up), but even then she's quite a bit worse than the commonly available Centurions.
Qiu Bai Gacha Qiu Bai is a difficult unit to rank, and she has caused quite a bit of discussion. I suppose that means she's actually well balanced compared to the hyper-meta state of many recent units. Qiu Bai has some significant drawbacks such as an RNG factor, a lack of RES shred, and an unusually long downtime. However, her range, control, and strong multi-target DPS still give her a ton of potential. S3 is likely to be her "meta" skill when she appears in high end gameplay due to its extremely high DPS, but S2 will often be the better "every-day" skill due to its much shorter cycle. S1 may be appealing, too, since it is her most consistent control skill, though I am unsure if it will garner a grade. Regardless of how you intend to use her, S3 should be your highest priority target. It has some of the most extreme gains over Mastery of any skill in the game; Mastery will be essential to using it at all.
Leaves Chasing Fire
Rathalos S Noir Corne Collab Gacha Noir Corne is an interesting iteration on the Musha archetype. While the shortcomings are still there, his kit comes together better in total, and he brings enough burst and utility to make him something to consider, though far from mandatory or meta. His Mastery selection will be similar to his counterpart, Akafuyu, but will be graded higher. Both skills are strong, but have differing uses, so you will likely want to pursue both. If you only did one it's really a matter of preference, but I would start with S1. It handles both trash due to its reset and elites thanks to its block, plus the Offensive Recovery plays better to the archetype.
Kirin X Yato Collab Gacha Yet another super strong Limited Fast-Redeploy. Thanks HG, very cool. Yato isn’t quite as busted as Texas the Omertosa, but that’s hardly an insult. There is certainly room for both. For Masteries, Yato will range anywhere from a simple M3 all the way to M9 depending on your preferences. For many players, just Mastering S2 will suffice. It is the easiest skill to use and does so much damage that it covers the majority of use cases. S3 is also quite powerful, but it requires more planning and map knowledge to effectively use. While a strong skill and Mastery, not everyone will get as much use out of it. Finally, her S1 is a fringe consideration. It has extremely long uptime for an FRD and is buff receptive (think of Exusiai’s S3); however, it is much harder to use effectively and her other skills will be more than enough most of the time.
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2023.03.30 13:55 upstarsdev Travelling to Spain

Travelling to Spain is an experience that will leave you breathless, at every corner you will find something unique and special about the country. Spain is a country rich in history and culture, with vibrant cities, stunning natural landscapes, and amazing food. From the beautiful beaches to the historic monuments, there is so much to explore.
One of the most popular cities to visit in Spain is Barcelona. The city is known for its striking architecture, which was designed by the world-famous architect Gaudi. La Sagrada Familia, one of Gaudi's most impressive works, is a must-see attraction. Barcelona also has an array of museums, art galleries, bars, and restaurants, providing a fantastic mix of culture, entertainment, and relaxation.
Another city worth visiting is Madrid, the capital of Spain. Madrid is renowned for its art collections, including the famous Prado Museum, which houses some of the world's best artworks by the likes of Velazquez and Goya. Madrid also has a lively nightlife and is famous for its open-air terraces and cafes, where you can enjoy some delicious Spanish fare.
Spain has incredible beaches that attract millions of tourists each year. The Costa del Sol and Costa Brava are two of the best-known coastal areas in Spain. It's quite easy to rent a car in Spain and discover the stunning beauty of the coastline. From hidden coves to long stretches of sand, there are so many beaches to explore. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming, surfing, and snorkeling.
Spain is known for its culinary delights, from tapas to paella. The delicious cuisine varies from region to region, and you must try the local specialties. Spanish food is centered around locally sourced ingredients, with seafood being a significant feature in many dishes. Patatas Bravas, Gambas al Ajillo, and Tortilla Española are some of the must-try dishes.
In conclusion, Spain is an incredible travel destination. The country has so much to offer, with its culture, history, stunning landscapes, and mouth-watering cuisine. Whether you're an art lover, beach bum, or foodie, you will find something to suit your interests. Travelling to Spain is a must for any traveler who wants to experience everything that Europe has to offer.
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2023.03.30 13:50 redlaire How to start a podcast on Spotify in 2023

How to start a podcast on Spotify in 2023
There are two major ways to start podcasting on the Spotify directory.
1) Record your podcast right on Spotify (yes, currently, you can do that directly on the directory).
2) Record your podcast with some other tool, upload it to a podcast hosting provider, and let the host distribute your show across multiple directories, including Spotify.
We’ll consider both these options in this piece.
🔴 If you opt for the second way, you’ll need to record the show first. You can do it with Waveroom, a virtual podcast recording service. With Waveroom, you can record both audio and video podcasts, make solo shows or invite guests to record engaging interviews and record high-quality podcasts remotely.

How to start a podcast on Spotify with a podcast hosting provider

When you've recorded your podcast episode, it's time to choose the right host. All podcast providers work similarly: they let you create an account and upload podcast episodes there. Then you're offered with automatic distribution of your podcast episodes to Spotify and other primary podcast directories. All you need to do is to sign up for the podcasting provider of choice, create an account there and upload an episode (or multiple episodes) of your podcast show. Toggle Spotify on and allow the platform to pull your show from the hosting provider.
Podcast hosting providers better for Spotify are, Anchor, Transistor, and Buzzsprout. After you upload a podcast episode to the podcasting provider, you’ll have an RSS link that you will use when uploading your podcast to Spotify.
Alternatively, you can start a podcast on Spotify directly via an account on Spotify for Podcasters.

How to start a podcast on Spotify with Spotify for Podcasters

Below are the steps to take if you want to create your show right on Spotify.
  1. Head over to Spotify for podcasters and hit Log In if you already have a Spotify account or Sign Up if you don’t. We recommend creating a new account even if you already have a Spotify page.
After this step, the paths are different depending on whether you already have a podcast or want to create one from scratch.
2.1. If you want to start podcasting on Spotify from scratch, choose the I want to start a podcast option and fill in the registration form.
Then you’re good to go and record your first podcast episode or upload an existing one from your computer, add the podcast’s details, set up monetisation tools, and check how your show performs.
That’s it! Spotify will approve it and start distributing your show.
2.2. If you already have some episodes uploaded to a podcast hosting provider, choose I have a podcast and select your provider. You can switch from your current hosting provider to Spotify right from this step.
  1. Verify that you are the podcast owner — submit a code that will be sent to the email address.
  2. Add more details about your podcast, such as podcast category, language, and country.
  3. Review and submit.
Once your show is live on Spotify, share it with your audience on social media. Note that Spotify doesn't notify you when the podcast is approved.

Start a podcast on Spotify: FAQ

🔴 Is uploading a podcast to Spotify free?
Yes, you won’t spend a penny to upload your show to Spotify.
🔴 Can anyone start a podcast on Spotify?
Anyone who hosts their podcasts on hosting providers can submit it to Spotify free of charge.
🔴 What’s the difference between Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts?
Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts are all podcast directories, i.e.spaces where people can discover and listen to your shows, and podcast hosting providers can pull your shows to distribute them across the directories. They aren’t much different functionality-wise; the major difference is how many people visit the directory monthly to listen to podcasts. If you want to attract maximum reach to your show, distribute your podcast to as many directories as you can.
🔴 How long does it take to have my podcast live on Spotify?
It depends. Sometimes, it might take just a few hours, but it can also take up to five days. Note that Spotify doesn’t notify you once the podcast is approved and live, so make sure you check the directory on your own.
🔴 Can I change my podcast category on Spotify?
No, unless you host your podcast right on Spotify for Podcasters. Once you’ve selected the category of your show when submitting it to Spotify, the category can’t be changed. If you host your podcast with Spotify for Podcasters, you can update your category from your Podcast Settings.
🔴 Can I get paid for a podcast by Spotify?
Starting from April 2021, you can now monetise your podcasts on Spotify. The platform now has monetisation tools, such as a tool for subscription, which allows you to earn revenue from listeners. Beyond the native Spotify monetisation opportunities, you make money podcasting using multiple methods we’ve described in our guide.
🔴 How do I see my podcast’s stats on Spotify?
When you upload your podcast to Spotify through a podcasting host or directly through Spotify, you'll be able to access your stats. If the latter is the case, open the Spotify podcasting page and log in to see how your show performs.
Check the full version of this guide in our blog!
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2023.03.30 13:37 Defiant-Snow8782 South American Map, but is wider and large with more countries

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2023.03.30 13:37 Competitive_Hat_8518 Cultural differences

My best friend just moved here and I am visiting. She is painfully shy, but having a hard time navigating the vastly different cultural norms, but too nervous to ask for help navigating them. If anyone could answer how to do these (simple, yet very different) things it would be greatly appreciated!
1) Making restaurant reservations- Going out to eat for her has been a surprise as most places require a reservation, but when she calls they will hang up on her.
2) Buying produce or bread at the market. She has attempted, but has been yelled at and was unsure of what she did incorrectly. (She puts the produce in the bag, but unsure of what step she is missing).
3) Finding boarding for animals. She has a unique situation where pet sitters must have access to base and finding pet boarding has been a challenge.
4) Making friendships. She is rather isolated here, but would love to make friends who are local here to help her navigate!
She is trying to learn the language, her husband was stationed here rather rapidly. She is taken aback by the beauty of the country, but is just having a difficult time navigating.
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2023.03.30 13:36 Wandering_Texan80 Display Advertising - Lead Gen or Awareness?

Thoughts on the best use for display advertising?
Do you think it’s a good channel for lead Gen or a waste of money?
We’ve used Choozle for industry targeting and remarketing, but lead quality is low-medium. Most aren’t high revenue generators.
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2023.03.30 13:34 e_e_e_eeee I can't believe my eyes

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2023.03.30 13:32 KindAffect6254 When to ask out/ general advice

I 22M met 19F through a summer job. We study at different colleges in the same city. I didn’t talk to her a lot during the summer job until the last few weeks and she invited me to study with her & friends at the college.
I took her up on it about a month after the job finished. We all had a great time as far as I could tell.
I messaged her about a week later. We chatted a bit but she has been pretty slow to reply, like 8 hours or so typically. I know she is single though.
I know it is not advisable to get attached to someone you aren’t yet even dating but I really like her.
I have no idea whether to ask her out at this stage or play the long game. I am willing to risk wasting some time that could otherwise be spent chasing other women. I just want to give it my best shot.
Any advice on how long to wait or how to proceed would be amazing!
Thank you
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2023.03.30 13:31 ResponsibleAerie4611 Ultrasonic Sensor Market - Forecast(2023 - 2028)

Ultrasonic Sensor Market Non-invasive diagnosis has always been an imperative aspect pertaining to the ongoing outcome-based care trend in the healthcare sector. Ultrasonic sensors delivering real-time visual analysis is capitalizing over the increasing instances of intricate medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, orthopedic, and cranial nerve disease, which necessitates non-invasive detection and measurement before diagnosis. One of the foremost medical ultrasonography is the obstetric ultrasound, picturing of fetuses of pregnant women. Ultrasonic sensor measures the echoes from radio or sound waves to calculate the attributes of the subject, thus apart from healthcare it has found remarkable scope of application in several sectors including automotive, F&B, and agriculture. Abundant opportunities has driven the global ultrasonic sonic sensor market to be $3.62 billion as of 2018, progressing with a CAGR of 9.56% during the forecast period of 2019-2025.
Download Report Sample

Ultrasonic Sensor Market Outlook:

Adjustability in terms of pesticides sprayer’s elevated position has to be precise as too much elevation can blow away the dispensed pesticide while too low stationary position will not evenly distribute or even crash with the crops and ground. Ultrasonic sensors employed in the sprayers with its range measurement mechanism detects the irregular ground level of the terrain and adjust the level of sprayer for accurate dispense. Thus its application in the farm equipment market size worth $170 billion to $175 billion (2018) is generating substantial ultrasonic sensor market demand.

Further analysis of the application segment identifies automotive sector to be the most lucrative industry in terms of demand, progressing with an application CAGR of 11.96% during the forecast period of 2019-2025. According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), United States, around 14% of vehicle damaging collisions occur in parking lots enforcing the employment of ultrasonic sensors by automotive manufacturers which selling approximately 91 million units globally (OICA, 2018).
Also, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) is an emerging automation trend to counter human errors with ultrasonic sensors as its most crucial element. It delivers numerous applications in the automotive sensors, like parking assist, security alarms, anti-collision, object distance detection and ABS (automatic braking system). Mobileye, an Israel company, has manufactured a fully autonomous car ‘Environmental Model’ equipped with various sensors including ultrasonic, for a 360 degree awareness to sense, identify, and classify moving objects, drivable paths, barriers and guard rails, pavement markings, traffic signs and traffic lights, and know where each path leads. Hence, with autonomous vehicles with every requisite potential to become commonplace, the automotive application of ultrasonic sensors foresees no limitations of perpetual demand and opportunities.
Following a critical demand analysis as per the regional viewpoint of the ultrasonic sensors market, APAC was reckoned to be the most profitable region encapsulating 26.62% of global demand in 2018. The sheer affluence of this terrain constituting manufacturing nucleus of China and India can be attributed to the rapidly innovating and robustly developing agricultural machinery, automotive and healthcare sector. Some factors supporting the argument-
· Automotive production in India witnessed a surge of 7.98%, Malaysia 12.18% and Indonesia 10.31% (OICA, 2018) augmenting the demand for ultrasonic parking sensors by automotive manufacturers.
· APAC is the leading region in terms of demand for farm equipment market, gripping 40%-45% of the global demand in 2018. Automation in farming equipment in the markets of China is creating demand for ultrasonic sensors is pesticide sprayers, agricultural drones.
· Densely populated economy of India and China in APAC, contributes more than 30% towards global population. Pregnancy rates being escalating is generating demand for obstetric ultrasonic transducers in the healthcare sector.

Ultrasonic Sensor Market Trends and Growth Drivers:

· Driverless vehicles is a major trend disrupting the demand for ultrasonic sensors. In December 2018, Waymo, a company that established itself from Google’s autonomous vehicle project, legitimately commercialized its self-driving-car service in the suburbs of Phoenix, capiyal of Arizona, U.S. Tracing the development, ride rentals giants such as Uber and Lyft are propelling to adapt the innovation to cut down profit consuming human-drivers. Hence, the commercialization of driver-less vehicle will upsurge the demand for ultrasonic sensors from automotive manufacturers.
· Robotics is a trend leveraging ultrasonic sensors for performance enhancement. MaxBotix Inc., is a manufacturer of ultrasonic sensors for robot’s autonomous navigation, providing information on distance and direction to the target. Robots are going to be an inevitable asset for mankind in future and have already captured employment in several domains pertaining to process automation such as manufacturing, medical, F&B services, and geriatric companions.

Ultrasonic Sensor Market Challenges:

Lower reaction speed and precision in comparison with optical sensors are some of the aspects restraining the development and implementation of ultrasonic sensors market, however in medical care ultrasonic sensors are risk-free substitute to radiography solutions and economical alternative to piezoelectric sensors.

Ultrasonic Sensor Market Players Perspective:

Siemens AG, Pepperl+Fuchs, Honeywell International Inc., Cambridge Ultrasonics, Hielscher Inc., Baumer Ltd., Crest Ultrasonics Corp., Branson Ultrasonic Corp., Inrix Inc., Rockwell Automation and Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. are the key players operating in the ultrasonic sensor market.
Cambridge Ultrasonics have a wide range of product portfolio for several industries such as pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, construction industry, motor vehicle industry, oil and gas, sport and leisure, food and drink, cosmetic industry, and processing materials.

Ultrasonic Sensor Market Research Scope:

The base year of the study is 2018, with forecast done up to 2025. The study presents a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape, taking into account the market shares of the leading companies. It also provides information on unit shipments. These provide the key market participants with the necessary business intelligence and help them understand the future of the ultrasonic sensor market. The assessment includes the forecast, an overview of the competitive structure, the market shares of the competitors, as well as the market trends, market demands, market drivers, market challenges, and product analysis. The market drivers and restraints have been assessed to fathom their impact over the forecast period. This report further identifies the key opportunities for growth while also detailing the key challenges and possible threats. The key areas of focus include the various applications in ultrasonic sensor market, and their specific advantages.
The Ultrasonic Sensor Market report also analyzes the major geographic regions for the market as well as the major countries for the market in these regions. The regions and countries covered in the study include:
• North America: The U.S., Canada, Mexico
• South America: Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica
• Europe: The U.K., Germany, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Denmark
• APAC: China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong
• Middle East and Africa: Israel, South Africa, Saudi Arabia
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2023.03.30 13:31 Zealousideal_Owl_401 DB Tickets and City tickets

Hello everyone. I am planning to go to München in like 2-3 weeks (right know I live in Ostbevern), I would be in München for 4-5 days. I was looking in the DB site and app about what is the better option to go. I wanna ask if its better to buy like a round trip ticket o buy it individually and then what is the major difference between the Sparpreis Young and the Flexpreis ticket.
The other thing that confused me a lot is the City Ticket of the DB, that ticket is for going around or I have to buy like a day ticket or something from München? And the other thing if I want to go around all the city what is the best ticket to buy in München for being there for 4-5 days. Because I saw that they have some special Tickets that give you discounts in some museums and restaurants (City tour card and München card single).
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2023.03.30 13:24 TermBusy1912 Boyfriend (26M), and girlfriend(22F), having issues about money

Hello , I come from a privileged background and of-course still spend money wisely. My boyfriend on the other hand has some responsibilities. We both are students. I need advice on how to deal with money disparity in a relationship as I end up feeling horrible in such situations.
My boyfriend was supposed to get a full time in April but he chose another internship of his keener interest to a more expensive city and that had pissed me off as I was waiting for the money issues to get solved.
We split our groceries to what we eat but that was something he never liked and it started pinching me as well as I was dependent on my parents. He is into gym so he eats more to gain and I on the other hand am always trying to lose weight.
I was honestly waiting for him to get a full time , I don’t even know if it’s going to be a LDR as that is something I personally know doesn’t suit me and I’m always going to be pissed that even after having a good job and life he threw everything for an internship of his choose ( worse part they aren’t allowing him to convert full time and he is paying so much more for other expenses in the new city so he kind of is guilty but doesn’t admit )
Now we are planning to go for a trip, we are having a lot of fights. It is very difficult to get cheap trips to go to the beach in summer months. He doesn’t understand and I am not able to get anything round trip lower than 180 euros I feel like horrible. It’s my bday the next month and I told him I don’t want a gift , don’t pay for me but try to come for a trip, he is even troubling to spend 500 euros just for himself.
I’m honestly pissed as if he planned his career better we would atleast not have fights on this.
I come from a pampered house, sacrificing on gifts abd staying at even a basic place but he still doesn’t budge
I have been telling since months about this trip and we haven’t gone to one since 6 months +
Idk what to do. We do have a lot of fights on money Should I be patient and wait for him to get a full time ( uncertainty if we even stay in same city as he will go where the money takes him- but I believe he will try his best to stay in the same city or should I just breakup )
The worse part is that it is much easier for him to get a job as he has experience but he is so ambitious that he is adamant he wants this particular job. I still don’t have a full time job. I even said we will shit together but he can’t even say which city as he is super flexible
I don’t want my prime years fighting on long distance as already with the internship we have had many fights.
It’s very far fetched with all his student debt and elder sisters wedding on his head ( she is treated more like a baby even though she is 6 years elder ) when he will get a car so that we can meet often and when I will be the priority
We had discussions that we will get married one day but honestly do guys who want to marry behave like this?
I do love him but these things are bothering me Please tell me if I’m unreasonable I just need suggestions
Thank you
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2023.03.30 13:17 Economy_Wafer_8262 Restaurant suggestions in San Jose.

Going to be staying near the airport (Marriott Hacienda Belen) for the 1st night we get to Costa Rica. Looking for some good restaurant suggestions other than the hotel options. Thanks!
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2023.03.30 13:16 Edd_boiiKS Solo travel

Hello, going to Myrtle beach alone for a couple of days. (Going for an event)
I was wondering what’s the best thing to do alone there? Bars? Restaurants? Experiences? Live music? Museums? I’ll have about 2 days of leasure
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2023.03.30 13:11 Time-Introduction614 I’m drowning

The more I keep looking for flats and jobs, the less confident I am. Everything is a business exchange, homes are seen as assets rather than a human right and jobs are just bullshit. To get a job you lie to some person who lies back to you, whoever lies the best wins. Flats are like a lottery, unless your situation matches exactly up to a landlords standards you aren’t getting anything. The fact that people can just offer more for rent to push out other potential tenants is dystopian. The amount of time it takes for estate agents to get back to about whether or not you got a place is agonising.
Fuck landlords and fuck whoever set the standard for minimum wage jobs so high.
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2023.03.30 13:10 truthtrulytasty234 Best Halal Takeaway Glasgow Southside-Truth Truly Tasty

If you're looking for the best halal takeaway in Glasgow Southside, Truth Truly Tasty is the place to go. This cozy Mediterranean restaurant offers a variety of delicious halal dishes made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Their menu includes a range of options, from classic falafel and shawarma to grilled chicken, lamb chops, and kebabs. All of the meat served at Truth Truly Tasty is halal, so you can enjoy your meal with peace of mind.
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2023.03.30 13:10 bachstueblleipzigde Bestes Restaurant in Leipzig

Bachstüb'l Leipzig ist ein Bestes Restaurant in Leipzig,bekannt für seine außergewöhnliche Küche und gemütliche Atmosphäre. Mit einem Fokus auf regionale und saisonale Zutaten bietet das Restaurant eine Vielzahl von Gerichten, die den Geschmack Sachsens hervorheben, darunter traditionelle Gerichte wie Sauerbraten und Leipziger Allerlei. Das charmante Ambiente und der aufmerksame Service des Restaurants machen es zu einem beliebten Ziel für Einheimische und Besucher, die nach einem unvergesslichen kulinarischen Erlebnis in Leipzig suchen.
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2023.03.30 13:08 adityathakare11 Explore The Best Options For Luxury Flats In Gurgaon

Located in Haryana, India, Gurugram, also known as Gurgaon, is one of the nation's busiest cities. It has become a popular destination for those seeking luxury apartments and flats. The area offers plenty of choices for those who want to live in style, thanks to several top-class real estate developers.
One of the most sought-after projects in Gurgaon is Elevate by Conscient & Hines. It is a luxurious residential project that offers premium living spaces to those who demand the best. The project is located in Sector 59, Gurgaon, which is one of the most desirable locations in the city. The apartments in Elevate by Conscient & Hines are designed to offer a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and style.
The flats in Gurgaon are built to provide the residents with all the modern amenities and facilities that they need. Elevate by Conscient & Hines is no exception, and it offers some of the best amenities that you can find in any residential project in the city. Some of the highlights of the project include a swimming pool, a well-equipped gymnasium, a spa and sauna, a yoga deck, and a clubhouse. In addition to these facilities, there is also a dedicated children's play area, a jogging track, and a landscaped garden.
The apartments in Gurgaon are built to cater to a wide range of needs and preferences. Elevate by Conscient & Hines offers 3 and 4 BHK apartments that are spacious and well-designed. The apartments have large balconies and windows that provide ample natural light and ventilation. The interiors of the apartments are done in a modern and elegant style that exudes luxury and comfort. The kitchens are equipped with high-quality appliances and fixtures, and the bathrooms are fitted with the latest sanitary ware.
Projects in Gurgaon are known for their attention to detail and their focus on providing a holistic living experience. Elevate by Conscient & Hines is no different, and it offers a host of services that make life easier for its residents. There is round-the-clock security, power backup, and water supply, and the project has a dedicated maintenance team that takes care of all the upkeep and maintenance tasks. The project also has a concierge service that can help with a range of tasks, including booking tickets, arranging transportation, and making restaurant reservations.
In conclusion, if you are looking for luxury flats in Gurgaon, Elevate by Conscient & Hines is one of the best options available. The project offers a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and style, and it has all the modern amenities and facilities that you need to live a comfortable and convenient life. The apartments are spacious, well-designed, and equipped with all the latest fixtures and appliances. The project is located in one of the most desirable locations in the city, and it offers easy access to all the major business and entertainment hubs. So, if you want to elevate your lifestyle, consider investing in Elevate by Conscient & Hines.
Ref Note — This Article is Already Published on Quora
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