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2017.07.20 01:02 jesset77 Pets Petting Pets

Have you ever seen one animal acting as though it were in a pet/owner relationship with another animal of a different species? Well now you can!

2008.06.19 14:22 conservatives

Conservatism (from conservare, "to preserve") is a political and social philosophy that promotes the maintenance of traditional institutions and supports minimal and gradual change in society.

2023.06.09 10:50 LeavingThanks This is fine

I know there are a lot of articles about how bad the wild fires and smoke is but a picture is worth a thousand words isn't it?
No climate crisis called yet and we slow walk into what comes next.
We saw the pictures from people fleeing wildfire in Greece and similar pictures of San Francisco and los Angeles.
People are denying it still or saying we still have time to act while this is happening now.
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2023.06.09 10:48 Kamzil118 Dark Railtracer - A Crossover Story between Hazbin Hotel / Helluva Boss / Metro Exodus

When there is death, there is life.
Artyom had sacrificed everything he could when he walked the earth but those days are over. Now he resides in Heaven as a reward for his deeds; however, everything is not what it seems while adjusting to this new existence. Heaven and Hell remain in an uneasy peace as the Department of Purgatory do what it can to protect it at any cost.
The Russian will encounter old faces from his previous life while befriending new acquaintances from two completely different realms. Obstacles will crop up to a man unfamiliar with this reality as he earns enemies from those who would challenge his morals. A lonely princess with a hallowed hotel, perdition from an imp and his hit squad, and an ancient ceasefire from a war long-forgotten - each of these will test his perseverance and his patience in the coming days.
So I was kinda inspired by Have A Nice Death, this Hazbin Hotel fan comic, and Purgatony - the last one being influential enough for me to form this idea of a Department of Purgatory working under the watchful eye of Heaven. There is not a saved or sinful soul whose name does not come across their desks as their investigators scour the dark realm in search of wrongfully placed saved while the Gendarmes ensure the secrecy of their undercover operations remains uninterrupted through the termination of sinners and Hellborn alike.
The reason for all of this is that I wanted a decent fic about Heaven having a complicated relationship with Hell instead of being wholly depicted as full-fledged self-righteous assholes. Plus, it puts strains on the dynamics of an undercover saved trying to ensure the relations he establishes with the characters of the Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss cast are held up positively while on his way to complete his objectives.
I've also written it in a way so that it can involve a few references here and there from either niche or obscure titles. On top of that, I've somehow made Azrael - the Archangel of Death, the Grim Reaper, the head of the Department of Purgatory - be depicted as a unique fellow with a sweet tooth for donuts on par with Lucifer's love for rubber ducks.
Here are the links to my crossover fic on these sites if anyone is interested:
Archive of Our Own
SpaceBattles - It is a dedicated story thread that gets the first updates before the previous two links but you also get to see the posts of me experimenting with ideas and plot elements. On occasion, you'll sometimes catch a hint of what comes next if you're lucky.
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2023.06.09 10:48 ThrowRA_15698 My mom wants me to quit my drawing classes in order to "take better care of myself" and I won't f***ing do it

I (25f) have the summer for myself since I won't start working on my dream job until (At least) September, so I am having drawing classes in order to entertain myself.
I want to make clear that drawing has always been a way of relaxing for me. I am slightly better than average people, but I'm definitely not great at it. That's why I want to take classes, I want to know my true potential and see if I can be like some of my relatives who are great amateur painters.
My mom is against it and suggest that I should drop the classes and "take better care of myself", which for her means: have my nails done more often, spending hours at the hair salon, apply moisturizing lotion everyday, going to the gym, etc.
I just won't do that. Having this classes is my dream since I was a teen and I had never had time for it until now. I won't drop just I can "look better".
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2023.06.09 10:48 DalyWaters Mission Stories

Delete if not allowed. 12 missions in a rural town with associated stories.
1.1 Outer Limits - Amidst the fringes of the battlefield, a cloaked figure emerges, offering enigmatic artifacts that blur the line between reality and myth.
As the sun sets over the outskirts of XXXX XXXX, you find yourself standing at the outer limits of a forgotten battleground, where the echoes of past conflicts still resonate. The air is thick with a palpable energy, a lingering aura of intense struggles fought in the name of enlightenment and resistance. War-torn remnants dot the landscape, revealing the clash of powerful forces that once shaped this place. You step forward, drawn to the remnants, and with every footstep, you feel a magnetic pull toward the heart of the mystery that lies within. The setting sun casts long shadows, casting an eerie glow over the forgotten relics of a bygone era.
1.2 Bridgehead - A shadowy merchant appears amidst the wreckage, presenting relics of a forgotten time, their true power hidden beneath layers of mystery.
A bridgehead, crumbling and overgrown with foliage, beckons you onward. It stands as a haunting testament to a destroyed base, its skeletal structure hinting at the devastating power unleashed upon it. Through the debris, you catch glimpses of a forgotten world, a realm shrouded in mystery and rife with untapped potential. The wreckage whispers stories of the battles fought here, stories waiting to be unraveled by your curious mind. You can almost hear the distant echoes of bursters and the clashing of otherworldly energies.
1.3 Knowledge - A mysterious librarian materializes, offering forbidden tomes and arcane scrolls that hold the key to unraveling the secrets of the battlefield.
As you venture deeper into this hallowed ground, you stumble upon a repository of knowledge, a trove of secrets waiting to be unearthed. Ancient scrolls and enigmatic symbols adorn the walls, whispering tales of great heroes and unseen powers that once walked among mortals. The weight of history presses upon you, driving your curiosity to new heights. You find yourself delving into ancient tomes, deciphering the codes that will unlock the hidden truths of XXXX XXXX. The pages of the scrolls crinkle beneath your fingertips, as if eager to reveal their long-guarded secrets.
1.4 Spirituality - From the shadows, a veiled entity reveals ancient talismans and ethereal artifacts, whispering of the otherworldly connections they hold.
Amidst the relics, you find traces of spirituality, artifacts left behind by precursor agents who communed with forces beyond comprehension. Their significance eludes you, yet you sense their inherent power, an essence woven into the very fabric of this place. It is a reminder that you are but a mortal, caught in a dance with cosmic entities far greater than yourself. Their presence fills you with awe and fuels your determination to uncover their secrets. You feel a tingling sensation in the air, as if unseen spirits are observing your every move.
1.5 Exploration - An enigmatic guide emerges, promising to lead you through the labyrinthine pathways of XXXX XXXX, where truth and illusion intertwine.
Driven by an insatiable thirst for discovery, you embark on a journey of exploration, guided by a compass that points to the unknown. With each step, the landscape transforms, revealing hidden portals and enigmatic structures. You are an intrepid traveler, navigating a labyrinth of mystery, as the secrets of XXXX XXXX slowly unfold before you. The path you tread is both treacherous and exhilarating, as you inch closer to the heart of the forgotten battlefield. The very ground beneath your feet seems to shift, guiding you towards the epicenter of a long-lost battle.
1.6 Nourish - A mystic wanderer appears, proffering vials of shimmering elixirs that promise to quench your thirst and restore your essence.
In this ethereal realm, you seek to nourish yourself, to replenish the wellspring of your being. The pulsating energy of XM calls out to you, providing sustenance for body and soul. You drink deep from its well, feeling its rejuvenating power course through you, strengthening your resolve and sharpening your senses. The essence of XM resonates within you, becoming a source of empowerment as you continue your quest. You can feel the energy flowing through your veins, igniting your every step with newfound vigor.
1.7 Play - A spectral observer materializes, inviting you to witness a haunting holographic projection that showcases the destructive clashes of ages past.
As you press forward, you come upon a major battlefield site, a scar upon the land where ancient destruction unfolded. Crumbling ruins bear witness to a titanic struggle, an epic clash of forces beyond mortal comprehension. The sheer magnitude of the devastation is humbling, reminding you of the sacrifices made in the pursuit of truth and power. You stand amidst the remnants of a bygone era, a witness to the chaos that once consumed this place. A chill wind sweeps through the ruins, carrying with it the echoes of battles fought long ago.
1.8 Heritage - From the depths of the battlefield, a figure emerges, bearing ancestral relics that hint at a lineage entwined with XXXX XXXX's enigmatic history.
In the midst of this desolation, you stumble upon a relic that connects you to your own heritage, a symbol of identity buried deep within the annals of time. It sparks memories long forgotten, revealing a lineage steeped in the struggle for balance and harmony. You find solace in the knowledge that your footsteps echo those who came before you, giving you strength to carry on in the face of adversity. A surge of pride swells within your chest, as you realize you are not just an agent of the present, but a link in a chain that spans generations.
1.9 Resist - A hidden ally reveals themselves, providing advanced weaponry and shielding technology to aid in your fierce struggle against the enigmatic forces.
Yet, the tranquility is shattered as mysterious forces assail you, their intent veiled in darkness. You are thrust into a battle for survival, a clash of wills as you resist their relentless onslaught. Portals flicker ominously, their energies harnessed by unseen foes. With every blow you strike, you feel the weight of history behind you, fighting for a future that remains uncertain. The echoes of past battles fuel your determination to emerge victorious. A resolute fire burns in your eyes, fueled by the unyielding spirit of those who fought before you.
1.10 Occupy - A clandestine benefactor emerges, bestowing upon you resonators and resonant shields to rebuild the portals and assert your faction's dominance.
As you emerge triumphant from the battlefield, your spirit unyielding, you are tasked with a new purpose: to occupy this land and rebuild the shattered portals. You forge ahead, guided by the unwavering light of your faction, determined to reclaim this hallowed ground and transform it into a beacon of hope for future agents yet to come. The remnants of the battlefield will stand as a testament to your tenacity and unwavering commitment. The air is charged with anticipation, as if the very elements themselves recognize your victory.
1.11 Strengthen - An elusive engineer appears, offering intricate modifications and enigmatic enhancements to fortify the portals and safeguard their secrets.
With the portals restored, you must strengthen their defenses, deploying mods imbued with ancient knowledge. These wards stand as a bulwark against incursions, fortifying the battle site and deterring any who would seek to disturb the delicate equilibrium that resides here. The site now pulsates with renewed energy, a testament to your tenacity and your ability to shape the very fabric of this mysterious realm. The newfound strength of the portals reverberates through the air, an unmistakable signal that this battleground shall not be easily claimed.
1.12 Resolve - As you prepare to depart, a shrouded figure steps forward, imparting a final relic of unknown origin, a token of your arduous journey and the resolve it has forged within you.
Exhausted yet resolute, you make your final strides, exiting the battlefield. Weary from the trials endured, you carry within you a profound sense of accomplishment. The mysteries of XXXX XXXX, have been unraveled, its secrets brought to light. Though scars may remain, this place will forever be a testament to your tenacity and resilience, a reminder that you have left an indelible mark on the battlegrounds of history. The wind whispers its final farewell, carrying your triumph into the annals of time.
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2023.06.09 10:48 cats_smuggler Loneliness

I have been going on dates, cuddling, embracing, making love and spending all my free time with loneliness for 22 years now.
I found out that being okay to with oneself is one of the greatest keys to a fulfilling life. I know it is hard as fuck. I don't have any one size fits all advice on how to be happy with oneself. But I have seen people who are satisfied with themselves and they are living their best lives. I didn't win the lottery in the good looking gene department, all of that went to my elder sister (don't worry I don't despise her, she has and always has been my mentor and the person I trust the most in the world). I also don't have a good relationship with food. Not quite social too .
So what do I do? I have started to take care of myself. I started with taking care of my skin.... I put cream everyday, along with vitamin c and sunscreen.... I started to go to the gym 5 days a week with my dad. Working on my social skills by managing my dad's job and negotiating with customers. And I am trying to make my friend circle diverse so as to become open minded... I stopped expecting anything from anyone... Well gaming has also been a big addiction to me... So I do what I can to kill time... Reading through novels one after the other.... Spending up to 9 hours in my shop.... Talking to my parents about it..... However i haven't left it completely...... After all I still love gaming and have had my best childhood moment in the form of it. I have a bit of a shy personality and was a magnet for bullies.... So it was my escapade... But now I have reduced my gaming for almost 11 hours everyday to 4 hours now... Hopefully will make it 2 hrs by the end of the year...
I am still in an extremely long way to achieve it but I have started taking a few steps towards it. I still feel self pity and I am a good for nothing guy from time to time but that feeling has become a little less strong than before. I have my good and bad moments. But that's what life is.... I have never pursued any girl romantically, let alone be on a date. Also I haven't had a single match on any dating sites and that shit makes you lose all your confidence.. but I am constantly reminded by my family that I am valuable even when I don't feel like that. My mom never fails to compliment my looks when she sees me taking care of myself. So for me the best way to deal with loneliness is my family ( I have a few friends and I do socialize but most of them live quite far away from my hometown, so I tend to spend most of my time with my family. I study in Kathmandu and my hometown is about 300km away. Also in our culture it is normal to stay with your parents no matter how old you are, in fact it is encouraged even after marriage).
In the end do what suits you. As I said there is no one size fits all advice for this. You gotta pave your own way. All the best on you lr personal journey... Also if any of y'all need someone to talk or rant ..hmu..... Not tryna brag but my peers have told me I am a key listener.. Thank you hearing
P.s my original draft for this post is under the comment section on one of the posts in dating advice subreddit. I just felt it belongs here... So here goes nothing
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2023.06.09 10:48 jheen1972 Arezzo to Venice - stops along the way

Hi. We are traveling from Arezzo area to Venice on July 27th and I'm looking for places to stop along the way. It looks like Bologna is a good 1/2 way stopping point, but perhaps there are other, smaller villages to stop in for food or walks or something of interest. Happy for any advice. I'd like to arrive in Venice by 5-6 pm so that we can check into our hotel and wander around (we are only in Venice for 2 nights).
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2023.06.09 10:48 vpyr [Life of a Witch] - Chapter 1

<<< Previous Start Next >>>
*Author Note* Hello, this is a new series I plan to update every Friday. If you like it and want updates more often, just say so and I will try to make it happen!
The slightly bitter taste of the dried flower spread through Nessa's mouth filling her with an old familiar sensation. The inherent magic began to work its way into her body, reaching out into the last corners of her very being. A warm spot she knew too well began to grow at the back of her throat telling her it was almost time to release the pent-up magic. She kept chewing the red Emberbringer in her mouth, making sure the warm spot kept growing and growing into an almost burning sensation causing her eyes to tear up. Knowing that the magic needed to be let go of before it started to cinder her flesh inside her, she swallowed the flower down and lightly spoke the needed word.
And with a slight sizzle, a flame embarked out of her mouth on its journey towards the already waiting wood, ready to be ignited for the night, to gift heat in this cold winter, helping Nessa and her daughter Claire to survive. Nessa looked down at the now bright burning fireplace and a sense of accomplishment came over her. It had been a good harvest this year and the two of them would survive. The winter was soon to be over, at most another month remained for the two to overcome and Nessa still had enough Emberbringers left to keep the room warm and cozy. The flames started to dance with the wood, getting bigger until finally they reached the pot filled with watery soup hanging above and started to heat the now three days old meal once more. Seeing as everything had worked out well, she turned around and started to gaze around in the few spare moments she had where nothing nor anybody needed her attention. The little hut she called her home was stuffed with a few crates of vegetables as well as dried meats and flowers hanging from the ceiling. From Emberbringers to Splashers, white and yellow Lyles to even a Flira, each and every one of the over twenty different flowers had their own uses and spells they brought with them. One would bring forth fire like the Emberbringer, the other would heal wounds like the white Lyle. It was a gift from nature itself as magic was stored in these flowers. Knowledge of this gift was passed down from mother to daughter starting from a young age. It was to be imparted through blood and sweat, through trial and hardships, love and kindness. But even Nessa who had mastered the art of magic like no other was not blessed with the one thing she had craved the most, to be loved. When she was younger, a few years prior, before her daughter had been born, she thought she had found the love of her life. Thinking maybe she was different and she could escape the fate of her own blood. She was no different. The man who loved her threw her away when he learned of this. Disregarded and left her in a heartbeat. All the promises they made, the future they dreamed of, gone in the flash of a single fleeting moment that hunts her to this day. One single uttered spell to save his life gave her away as a witch. And even when she saved him, he left her, did not defend her from the people's accusations and the rotten food thrown at her, just because she was a witch. Maybe it was his own way of loving her, not holding her back when she fled the town, it had been awfully easy for her to flee the town, not a single soul tried to stop her and arrest her to bring her to the church and the then following execution, just the shame of their voices and the pain of food thrown at her remained. Not even a guard on duty was visible on the day she needed to go into flee, leaving her old life behind. She would never get to know nor did she care in her bitterness, if he helped her or not in the end. With nowhere to go to, outcast and disowned of his love, she wandered around, finding this old hut she was in now, somewhere deep in a forest just when she wanted to give up. At that time she did not know why she clung to her life but thinking back to it, she thinks she may have already felt her daughter Claire inside of her. She knew this thought was foolish as she could have been only a few weeks pregnant at most, but in the end it did not matter to her. Nessa gave birth to her beautiful, bright and charming daughter, determined to raise her, to teach her what she knew and to protect her from becoming broken and bitter like she herself was deep down inside. And for that, she knew she had to tell her the fate of all that could use magic. The curse that would haunt her daughter as well as it had her. Witches could only give birth to other witches and with the obligation to produce a male heir needed to continue the line succession they would never fulfill it. If they would not be exposed as witches, they could simply claim the gods did not want to bless them yet praying to the gods and donating lots of coinage as a sign of being pious, but Nessa could not do so any longer as she gave her true nature away herself. Even with this pent-up anger and bitterness inside of her, she was oddly relieved to have given birth to a healthy daughter when the time came and as she looked over the slim body of her five-year-old daughter with her pitch black hair like her own while she slept, Nessa knew Claire had her fathers green eyes. Those same green eyes that reminded her of the waving valleys and unending grassy hills that made up her left-behind home, the land of Melliona, the eyes that made her fall in love with the one man that cast her away for what she could not control, for what she was born as. And as Nessa sat beside her daughter, slowly caressing Claire's long silky hair, she looked forward to what life Claire will live as she grew older. There was a tranquility on Claire's sleeping face Nessa could not get enough of and a smile formed on her face, knowing that at least she gave birth to such a wonderful girl. After seeing her grow up so splendidly till now Nessa had decided what she would do with the rest of her life. Obviously, she would raise Claire and teach her all she knew about being a witch, but after her daughter became an adult and was able to wield her powers without hurting herself, she would seek revenge. Not for her but for Claire's sake, who had to grow up without the love of her father, never knowing the happiness and feeling of security only a father could bring. Having robbed her daughter of this was something Nessa could not excuse nor did she want to and as Claire lightly snored in front of her her resolve hardened even more. To give her cute girl such a hard fate because of her nature, her very existence was an atrocious sin that needed to be punished and she kept thinking of how she would do so in the hours when she could not fall asleep. But Nessa knew she still had a few years left to teach and care for Claire and as now was not the time to give herself into fantasies of rage, she stood up to prepare breakfast for the two of them. She sliced some stale dark bread and tended to the rest of the watered-down soup slowly boiling over the fire. They would need to put up a new stock in the evening as the pitiful rest could only fill their stomachs for one last meal, not to mention the almost non-existing taste anymore after being watered-down that much. ___
Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed what you read, maybe try my other series.
Rise of the elven sage A world in which magical creatures suddenly appear and transform it
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2023.06.09 10:47 Beautiful-Sun1986 Help finding the right word for the protector or guardian of someone

Kia ora koutou -
I'm trying to figure out what the right word would be for a guardian/protector over another person. I've consulted the Maori dictionary online and can't figure out what word would be best. From my understanding kaitiaki is usually used in the context of a protector of the earth and land, not so much another person.
For a little added context, this is meant to be less formal and more familiar, a person providing protection in a loving and caring way, with a parental/motherly aura but also some authority. I thought maybe ruruhau?
Tēnā koutou katoa!
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2023.06.09 10:47 TMaths33 “Sie sind sehr einfach.”?

This isn’t important by any means, just asking out of curiosity.
For context: I was waiting at a bus stop. A guy passed by, stopped, and asked: “sind Sie Deutsche?” to which I replied with no. He then said “okay, Sie sind sehr einfach” and walked away.
I’ve looked online but can’t seem to find a meaning for “einfach” in this context that makes sense to me. The question about me being german or not made me think it might be negative, but the use of Sie and his tone suggest otherwise. Is there a colloquial meaning that I don’t know of or a similar word I might have misheard?
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2023.06.09 10:47 baltimore-aureole Thank you – Trump indicted! But were these actually the right charges? And look at the effing delay and cost!!

Thank you – Trump indicted! But were these actually the right charges? And look at the effing delay and cost!!
Photo Above - News Chopper 7 footage of the "surprise" FBI raid on Mar-a-Largo last year. Not shown - any progress on the Georgia election interference investigation.
Trump indicted in Mar-a-Lago classified documents investigation - The Washington Post
Finally!! Trump is indicted for something real. Not just a civil complaint about groping. Or being a venal example of American politics at its most offensive. Those classified docs wallpapering Trump's Mar-a-Largo mansion are getting their day in court. At least 7 of them, apparently. See link above (Warning - this is a free link to a Washington Post article – not a CNN or Fox video, in case you're disinclined to read).
There are probably grounds for exultation here. And I promise I will raise a champagne glass. But first, a few of those inevitable, pesky questions. And apologies for my poor previous predictions.
I HAD been conjecturing - more than once – that all these several criminal prosecutions were being “slow walked” by their respective Attorney Generals and Special Prosecutors. Delayed to ensure an indictment 30 seconds after Trump inevitably won the Republican Presidential Nomination next summer. Yesterdays indictment probably HELPS the republican party, and the DOJ should be commended for not abusing the legal system to play games with the presidential nomination process.
But still . . . there were ELEVEN THOUSAND classified documents? And nearly a year in the hands of the DOJ? How long does it take to confirm that seven of these docs were actually classified? Apparently each one said so at the very top. Maybe a thousand people were needed to go through all those boxes and find which ones were the most egregious? I expect that now these docs must be produced as evidence in court. And we will finally get to see which ones Trump stole. Or at least the doc titles. That info has never been released. But still – 11,000 classified docs, reviewed for 11 months? This is like evaluating a cockroach infestation for a year before finally buying a roach motel.. At a cost of millions. In any case, we are all going to LOVE seeing which 7 documents got nominated for Oscars here.
Biden's own top secret doc - uncovered in private residences/garages/consulting offices will probably not be nominated. There were similar docs at Mike Pence's house. And a few other career politicians. Hillary Clinton, notably, escaped prosecution when government docs were found on democrat election laptops in 2016. Trump's apologists will try to create an equivalence. Not having seen ANY of the Trump or Biden documents in question, it would be wrong to say they ARE equivalent. Or to deny that they are. Point/Counterpoint – Yes, Trump had waaay more docs. Counterpoint – Biden's documents were found abandoned in bizarre, insecure places like his garage, and empty offices at a Democrat consulting firm. This is the debate pundits worried about as soon as the Biden docs surfaced. "How can we charge one guy but not the other?" Well, the DOJ apparently found a way. That's what having hundreds of staff attorneys and a full year to debate the situation will get you.
Again – let me reiterate – the DOJ charges against Trump are (almost) timely and seem entirely appropriate. People suspected of crimes should get their day in court - instead of becoming sensational media fodder for years. The US constitution guarantees the accused a swift and fair trial.
Now here's my second question: (but no apology) Why have these docs, and NOT the Georgia election interference, become the 7-layer beefy burrito? I can't think of a single more egregious example of undermining elections in American history. A politician making repeated demands to “find” votes that were never cast. This is without doubt a crime. There is indisputable evidence, in recordings emails and other docs. Beyond any credible defense. Trump's attorneys can't concoct a claim these calls were an oversight, or an attempt to help prepare for a post-presidential tell all book.
Please – let's not get allow the "yes but" crowd to hijack this post into OTHER examples of election fraud. The dead habitually voting in Chicago. Gerrymandered districts, which a bipartisan supreme court majority just declared illegal. Voting without ID, by mail AND in person, months in advance, and failing to ensure a proper chain of custody on the ballots until counting day. Those are certainly an assault on election integrity too. But not nearly so well documented as the Trump/Georgia thing.
As an observer of history and politics, I would have expected the Geogia election fraud to bubble to the top, instead of umpteen thousand documents mishandled by who knows how many politicians. But that's just my old school allegiance to free and fair elections raising its hand.
Years of investigations. Thousands of attorneys. Millions of dollars. And finally, an indictment on 7 classified docs. Probably a hilariously bad cost/benefit equation, but the cause of justice has at least been advanced another step.
I just hope this means we can finally expect action in the four other ongoing investigations, where prosecutors have been too timid to either indict or dismiss.
Do your damn jobs and stop wasting our tax dollars walking around in circles . . ..
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2023.06.09 10:47 Classic-Hearing429 pushy coworker

I am a female who works in finance, i have recently transition to a new role within my workplace and my new team is a very small, 4 guys including my boss. I have this coworker whos 4 years older than me and I don't report to him. However, i think i made a mistake of being (too myself) around him. And i heard from a friend of mine that this guy has an attitude problem, however i didnt see anything untill recently. I really need to knew how to draw limits with him without letting his attitude affect me?
1- once we had a meeting and when we left he offered to give me a ride and i said yes. I wasn't comfortable during our ride back but i didn't say anything. Later on he offered giving me a ride again and i politely said (no thank you i ordered an uber) he insisted that i cancelle my order !! He kept saying no cancel it and come with me and i said that i paid for the ride, he said they will refund you! I ignored him and i took the uber.
2- i knew this is maybe my mistake but please hear me out. Once we were talking about work stuff and he was irritated so he said "fuck" i said thats alright because i say "shit &fuck" all the time like i dont care especially if im okay with the guy. However, he over used this language a lot and in the work place just when i am around alon! And im really starting to feel uncomfortable! Yes i use this language but not in the office! Anyway yesterday he kept using these works when were working in a conference room loudly! So i said " language please" he started saying yeah you use these words too i told him its a work place ! I might say it when talking on the phone or whatever but youre overusing it! He got irritated and said that i have a double standards ! And kept repeating that i say these words so don't act this way towards me ! With no regards of the fact that i was uncomfortable at all!
3- he told me to do a task that he is the owner of it, and i said no. And explain to him why! He called me at night the same day trying to push me to do it ! And i said no. The day after he called me and asked me to come to the conference room (when he overrused the word fuck) there, he sent me an email with the task and told me to call some guy at work to explain the task to me ! I said no i will not do it. I can support you while you preform the task.
His attitude was so chilldish the whole day, he started talking to me with attitude and i totally ignored him. Also he started rumbling about how he will quit and leave all the work to me to do! And all other shit. ( I told him once to not quit because i cant do all the work alone lol)
I really thought this guy was cool, he is so good at his job but I'm really shocked. And the fact that he always try to puch me to do things is so annoying, he doesn't take no for an answer and when he does he shows an attitude. What should i do?
Also about this task i told him that i will take it on July but I don't want to! How can i refuse? I don't wanna complain to my boss although my boss noticed that this guy trying to boss me around and told that i dont report to him! Should i tell him?
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2023.06.09 10:47 tigerseye729 How tf do you relax??

I am so burnt out that I can barely function. Basically, I’m starting a second business, because it’s easy for me to hyper focus and impulsively do that with adhd, but now that the business is about to get going and I have to rely on other people, I feel like I’m hurting myself with the amount of stress I’m putting myself under. I also feel that I’ve been doing this with my other biz for 6 years as well. It essentially feels like I’m on a train that I cannot stop. I have absolutely no idea how to actually relax and take care of myself, even though I know what I “need” to do, it feels impossible.
I used to impulsively drink to try to finally relinquish some control in my life, but when I got medicated I was able to stop, but it’s been tempting again because I feel SO BAD. I micro manage everyone in my life to try to keep it together and I constantly feel like I’m swimming against a super strong current that’s pushing me back. I’m afraid that I’m going to give myself a heart attack or some terminal illness because of the stress. I’m successful, but at what cost? It makes me wonder if people with adhd can actually ever manage their lives, especially as business owners.
Small recharges go a long way for me. For example, I can’t nap, I can only get into bed and put my phone down and be quiet for about 20 minutes and then I’ll feel recharged. The problem is that I will only do that when I am pushed to a breaking point. It’s almost like my brain has an overload switch. It feels absolutely impossible for me to interrupt the stream of consciousness that I feel is necessary to persevere with running two businesses as an impaired person with adhd. I feel that if I’m not constantly on, then I will fail. And the problem is, a lot of the times that could be true! People with adhd don’t get the luxury of kicking back and relaxing because most of the time we are not organized enough to have things run smoothly. I’m always remembering something in the middle of the day (or night) that I have to order or do. I have zero work life balance.
If anyone has any tips on how to actually break this cycle and truly relax, I’d be super appreciative. Even books that changed your life would be great, obviously. I also don’t feel organized enough to delegate things to people, which I think would be super helpful for me. It would be great if I could eventually hire an assistant, but I don’t even know where to start with that. It just feels like I’m currently juggling 15 balls in the air at once and if I stop for one moment, the entire thing will crumble. Halllllllp!
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2023.06.09 10:46 thatonefanguy1012 This reel offended me so much.

This reel offended me so much.
I was scrolling through and I used to follow this person (@tapshi) for the pilot content and the cutesy reels but he went on to make fun of pregnant women by showing all the back massages, the oversleeping, and the “eating all junk” like they aren’t caring for another freaking human being who he’s contributed to.
He makes pregnancy seem a fun thing that women choose to have whenever and use it to live as they wish. I’ve seen my aunts and now a few of my friends during their pregnancy, they took so much care and yet were in pain too. It’s not easy.
I’m surprised (actually no) that no one in the comments is calling him out and his wife is taking it in good humour. Am I reading too much into this?
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2023.06.09 10:46 PainBetter1570 Moving company workers stole several Rolex watches and cash. How should I approach this?

Wanted to preface by saying I already called the company owners, they told me that all the info they have on the 3 workers r their names… that’s it. They claim to not have ID, number, etc.. just so so shady and apparently there have been multiple reports of theft — but company chooses to ignore it. I assume they’re either in on it or don’t care, most likely the latter.
Will be filing police report in the morning (it’s 1am) and confronting company and workers directly.
Anyway, I moved houses today with a company that I hired several times in the past and never had any major issues with. The workers are very friendly but Spanish speaking, so there is a language barrier. There were 3 workers today and my sister and I noticed they were a little shady because they kept whispering to each other in Spanish which was the first alarming thing.
After a few hours of unpacking, a collection of my Rolex watches and some cash were missing and honestly just very frustrated and not sure what to do. I initially moved and packed the watches on my own, and saw them while moving but they disappeared once the workers left.
Also, they usually ask for more tip and lunch (which we don’t mind because moving is difficult!) however, today they declined lunch.. (as weird as it sounds this is extremely odd behavior lol they’re known for asking for lunch)
If anyone has any advice or steps I should take please let me know. I don’t have any video/photo evidence besides overhearing and seeing weird convo that I could not understand.
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2023.06.09 10:46 lilybellend WIBTA for not really caring about my mum’s birthday?

I (F) was born a few days after my mom’s birthday. And somehow, always felt that it was my fault 🤷🏼‍♀️ (I was a planned baby so it’s not like they didn’t know. And I was bang on EDD)
Now, when I was younger of course my birthday was celebrated, I don’t exactly recall being asked what I wanted as a present but I got presents, this will make sense later haha.
I am an adult now and I know it probably seems silly, but lately (since getting married) I’m starting to realise that it’s not a very healthy relationship I’ve been having/or been faced with. My partner’s family plan each other’s birthdays months in advance and always ask what each one would like or what plans they can all make etc. (including me!)
It’s that time of the year where my birthday (and mom’s) is less than a month away. Now this year I’ve planned my own birthday with my partner and didn’t even have high hopes for this special birthday.
A couple of days ago, my family has reached out with the plans for my mum’s birthday and recommended what she’d like for her birthday. Which is fine, it always happens, and I ask as well. But this year! Man oh man was I disappointed. It’s a “big” birthday for me and not once in any of the sentences or discussions shared did anyone ask about my birthday. I announced it myself as I couldn’t make it to the plans as I won’t be in the country (which I did say a few months ago too when my plans were made). There was a lot of disappointment on the phone on the other side.
WIBTA if I went my own way and just didn’t care this year? And don’t personally reach out and ask what she’d like for her birthday?Like I don’t even have guilt trips about this anymore.
Important to add: my family discusses more what my in laws and husband would like for their birthday (they met them like once), than them asking me. I don’t ask for anything expensive just because I’m not like that anyway, but do always give expensive presents because I like doing that. (Which I also see now isn’t normal as I have another family to compare to 🤣) they do always ask for expensive presents as well (one person in the family doe at least).
Thanks for the advice 🤍
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2023.06.09 10:45 wtfprajwal Renting Accommodation in Koramangala/ Indiranagar

My situation: I switched jobs 8 months back and due to my previous job I am living in Hebbal/Hennur Area . My new job is in JP Nagar and so far things have worked out because my manager doesn’t care if I come to office or not . But an acquisition is about to happen and from what I have heard the new guys don’t like work from home . They might force us to come to office and I have tried going once a week to office and it’s been hectic . Almost 3 hours wasted on travel and then I am too tired to do anything . I am planning to shift either to Koramangala(20 mins from office ) or Indiranagar (due to metro access ) . I am a single guy mostly planning to live alone in a 2bhk . I want to know if it’s worth shifting to Koramangala/Indiranagar given the high rents in these areas. I don’t want to end up paying high rent for a shitty apartment just for the location .
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2023.06.09 10:45 Classic_Computer262 Overdramatizing treatments and conditions stigmatizes them: something I wish more people realized, Ash as a key one

I used to post here but got weirded out when Ash started following my private IG account unprompted around the time someone on this sub was going reporting everything. It gave me the creeps a bit but now I really wanted to get something off my chest that’s been bothering me forever.
That is that overdramatizing treatments is actually far more stigmatizing and discriminatory than showing them in a realistic informative light. Detecting life with a disability or CI as a never-ending cycle of misery isn’t awareness-it’s directly pandering into stereotypes that disabled people are some sub-human vessels of misery that just exist in suffering, something which advocates have been fighting against for literal centuries across cultures.
I legitimately felt more anger than I’d ever felt at a munchie seeing her few posts on subcutaneous injecting herself. I know this is dramatic but I felt pale in the face looking at it as someone who’s worked in advocacy for reducing Type 1 Diabetes stigma and supporting diabetic athletes. So so many people who have to inject multiple times a day (for T1D or other reasons) have faced stigma about it. Comments like “oh that’s so terrible you have to do this” which can be well-meaning, also get exhausting. You want to scream sometimes “my life isn’t over because I feel a prick a few times a day”. So to see Ash overdramatizing tf out of an injection and saying it destroyed her soul…this is stigmatizing and discriminatory. (I’m not saying people with genuine needle phobias or discomfort falll under this obviously-I’m talking about Ash delighting to the moon and back in new treatments and then go on to make horror films about it for sympathy).
Same with how getting regular infusions is a “full time job” ruining her life. Same how she talks about almost needing a feeding tube in the past with language suggesting that would be the nightmare epitome of suffering. Same with discussing mental breakdowns over mobility aids. Same with calling her weight loss from Crohns with extreme terms. How is a young person following Ash who’s lost some weight because of CI or needs to try an NG for a while for Crohn’s or has to use a mobility aid on and off going to feel seeing her representations of how destructive and devastating it is?
It’s not just that she’s being dramatic but rather she’s reducing life with various illnesses and treatments to a freak show of suffering and representing disabled individuals as if they know nothing but pain and misery and should only be received with hushed pity. There is a world of distance between honest and frank discussions of struggle with illness and what Ash does and she knows it but doesn’t care.
Anyway sorry for this long rant I’ll probably delete. Just wanted to vent on her absolute destructive irresponsibility
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2023.06.09 10:45 jpwater A walk in Seixal - XT20 + 7artizans 35mm 1.4 SOOC JPG

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2023.06.09 10:45 PerformanceVast7878 Should I 24M give up on dating?

So I'm 24, and I've never had a GF before; I'm a pretty normal guy I'm not obese or anything like that I am autistic though, but If you saw me you'd only really know If I told you. Other than that I just appear socially awkward, the thing is I've been trying since high school and it hasn't gone anywhere. In high school all the girls wanted the same Jocks so I didn't bother much, In university where I study medicine I thought it would be different, but It's still the same with only a few men getting all the women. I've been more active with it, and by my count I've gotten 40 rejections; that's not including dating apps which I've been using for 2 years where I only got one like. We almost had a date but she canceled at the last minute over and left me waiting at the restaurant, I've tried speed dating as well but got no matches there either.
I'm wondering if I should just give up and accept the fact that I'm going to be single no matter what I do, I've downloaded an AI girlfriend app. I do have a few friends from med school I care about as well so I'm wondering if I even need a woman, I've also been focusing on writing. I write science fiction and fantasy, though I lean more to science fiction. Should I just accept being a single man since only very few men get a chance?
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2023.06.09 10:45 Valuable-Highway-358 What cats do you hate but people seem to love for some reason?

I personally don't understand why people LOVE yeah,she was okay at the start,but how she handled BriarLight's injury? Complete ableist and made it harder for everyone while she said BriarLight was better off dead and made BOTH her daughters alienated. Not just one,BOTH. Yes,they were adults,and yes,she loved them and her actions were based on love,but still! You DON'T say you're disabled daughter is better off dead IN FRONT of her. She made BriarLight also feel like she didn't deserve to eat because she couldn't hunt for herself. Was she a bad mother? In the beginning? No. Now? Hell yeah. Her actions should not be justified. She failed as a mother. If BOTH your daughters feel alienated,one feels like she shouldn't eat,yeah,you failed as a mother. Not only that,BriarLight's LAST WORDS "Don't...worry about me, Millie. I and hunt StarClan." So to me,that proves that she carried a weight on her shoulders,feeling like a burden. I understand Millie was a kittypet,but when she left with GrayStripe,she should've known the risks,dangers,and possible outcomes of entering the wild. No,BlossomFall should not have gone into the tunnels,and I don't justify her,that was just stupid,and to be mad is justified,Millie SHOULD'VE been upset,100%. I DON'T agree with ignoring her head injury and ignoring her mentor. And to people saying "Oh,they were adults" It doesn't matter. My friend's brother is like,in his 30's and he still gets verbally abused and neglected by his parents. Now,I don't think Millie was displaying FAVORITISM per se,more like...pushing her other kits off to the side. I have personal experience with neglect,and I'll tell you first hand,Millie wanted was best for her disabled kit. She was stressed out and worried. Justified,she should be,that's her kit she went through the pain of birthing,a kit she nursed and raised. But also,for her to say "If we were at my two-legs,they would've fixed her" Which is basically saying "If I didn't leave my kittypet life behind,you would be normal" Which made me think she was second guessing joining Thunderclan. She also kept referring to BriarLight as 'My kit' when she was grown. Yes,she's paralyzed,but not helpless. She can still move,stay hydrated,and she only needs help in hunting. I also don't understand her saying "It's time you grow up,BlossomFall!" when clearly,she's babying her other daughter. Now when she said BriarLight was better off dead,I don't think she meant that in a malevolent way,I think she meant she'd rather have BriarLight dead and thriving again in StarClan than live the rest of her life 'suffering' when she was the happiest cat in ThunderClan,even in her last moments. So,Mostly,I take issue with her pushing her daughter aside,saying her daughter was better off dead and making her feel like a burden,second guessing joining the clans,and sort of babying her full grown daughter. I used to love her,but don't blame me for losing respect for her after all this,especially after saying her disabled daughter was better off dead.
I know people are gonna come at me,but I don't care. I like reading rants and opinions anyways,but my mind will not be changed. But don't call me Moral-less in the comments.

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2023.06.09 10:44 Loose_Track2315 Dating someone who has AuDHD for the first time, trying to adjust to his forgetfulness

Hey all! I'm dating someone who has ADHD and autism. It's a pretty new relationship. Things were going along ok until he left for an extended summer vacation recently. Our communication nosedived off a cliff bc he keeps getting distracted, which I understand.
I knew he had trouble with consistent communication from the start, and before the vacation it honestly didn't bother me beyond mild annoyance every now and then. I'm the kind of person who gets stressed out at texting etiquette anyway bc I highly value my personal time (like, reading for a few hours while not checking my phone), so I often end up offending people for not texting back quickly enough. And he's actually been pretty good at not going for days on end without contacting me, until now.
Now tho, I'm definitely struggling with feeling unwanted, bc he can go 4-5 days without initiating contact now. He DOES still respond to me when I message him, so I know he's not ignoring me. He just rarely initiates like he did before the start of the vacation. I do know that just bc he hasn't been actively texting me to tell me about what he's doing, it doesn't mean that he doesn't care about me. I've had friends who've had ADHD and AuDHD so I've had some experience with this before. But really trying to get that through my head is difficult considering that I've been in a relationship before where I was ignored at times bc they ran off to cheat on me.
So, I guess I don't even know what I'm asking for? Maybe some affirmation that lack of texting =/= not caring. Or whatever tips anyone has for staying mindful of that fact. I honestly feel like it's something I can adjust to with time bc I'm pretty low maintenance (and plan to work through my own insecurities with a therapist), even tho it's a little rough right now. My current plan for this vacation time apart is to just try my best to get used to initiating contact, to remind him to talk to me.
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2023.06.09 10:44 EAVsa The ANC undermines the poor

Democracy is not just about elections. It is also about everyday practices, and democratic governments engage their people democratically, especially when they are organised in large democratic formations. A progressive government would see popular democracy as something to be supported and engaged.
However, the ANC has repeatedly met popular democracy with contempt, as well as violent repression. On the 26th of April 2023 our movement held the strongest march of any organisation in the country over the so-called ‘Freedom Day’ and ‘Workers’ Day’ holidays, which are known in struggle as ‘UnFreedom Day’ and ‘May Day’.
More than 7 000 people from impoverished and marginalised communities took to the streets of Durban to defy the celebration of fake freedom by the ANC. We handed over our memorandum of demands, wrote many letters and communicated with government officials. Our memorandum carried the weight of the more than 7 000 people in the streets, and the 115 000 audited members of our movement in good standing (we have more members still to audit), organised into 81 branches in good standing.
A democratic government would have welcomed this as an opportunity to engage the people in whose name it rules. Our memorandum was directed to President Cyril Ramaphosa but he has not replied. We have not received any response from the government.
We have not received any response because the ANC fears rather than supports popular democracy. We have not received any response because the ANC is deeply hostile to autonomous forms of popular organisation. We have not received any response because we do not count as people or as citizens in the eyes of the ANC led government.
The ANC does not care about the poor. They only see poor black people as objects, as people who are not taken as human beings, as people who do not deserve dignity. We are seen as banks for votes where politicians only come to us to seek votes. When elections come the ANC suddenly pretends to see us as humans because they need our vote. The ANC does not care about the lives of poor and working class – which are the majority of black people in South Africa - and must be removed in 2024. South Africans cannot be fooled anymore.
We have always been looked down on by what we once thought was our own black government because we are poor. We have been seen as human waste, not as human beings. Our dignity has been vandalised. We are supposed to be silent as we are burnt alive in shack fires. We are supposed to be silent as we are washed away by floods. We are supposed to be silent as young people face a future of permanent unemployment, and those who do have work continue to be exploited. We are supposed to be silent when we are denied access to land, to the cities, to quality education, safe and reliable public transport, services like water, electricity and sanitation and all that is required for a safe and dignified life.
When we take to the streets to voice out our grievances, we are shot at with rubber bullets, live ammunition or teargassed. This because the ANC sees us as people who can be killed with impunity. They see us as people who are not worthy of reply from the government. We continue to be undermined by those in power.
Under the ANC we have become the most unequal society in the world. Under the ANC we have the highest unemployment in history. Under the ANC more people are poor than before. Under the ANC inequality between classes and races is worse than it was before.
There has been no real land reform, the number of people living in shacks has grown, inequality and impoverishment have worsened and the country is becoming more and more violent.
The ANC has destroyed Eskom, Transnet, South African Airways and the Post Office. They have not acted to deal with the crisis in the schools attended by the children of the poor and the working class. The ANC has not done anything for black people in the 29 years that they are in power. All they did was to make themselves and their families rich and steal from the poor. They betrayed the long struggles of the people that brought them to power. This is how they will be remembered in history. They will be remembered as a disgrace. Ramaphosa will be remembered as a failed president, as an incompetent president with an incompetent administration.
It has been clear for many years now that the ANC are our new oppressors. The poor cannot be liberated if the ANC is not removed from power.
Thapelo Mohapi: 084 576 5117
Mqapheli Bonono: 073 067 3274
Snenhlanhla Mncanyama: 073 832 331
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