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2023.03.30 13:53 Ok_Shelter_4023 Green vials related to batteries?

Green vials related to batteries?
I was analysing the gameplay demonstration (fyi I don't know any leaks) and I realized that when Link is on the raft with a sail, not all 4 propellers have a battery symbol next to them. The symbol stays near Link and this made me think that the battery is related to Link's green vials. Back in the second trailer the battery at the back of Link's vehicle had the same pattern as the green vials. Possibly these are some sort of electricity or battery storage function. During the video there was also some sort of battery shop on the mini-map but I think it could be either a machinery shop or a place where link can recharge the vials. Maybe the battery on the car was a way of using more battery so the car could drive for longer, I don't know if anyone else has discovered this yet, but it seems interesting. (btw sorry for badly cropped images, I've actually never posted lol)
Overall it isn't very likely but I just find it intriguing to analyze this sort of stuff
Side note: there's a peculiar arena in the video with some blocks. Could this be where we fight the Boss Construct?

Boss Construct
possible boss arena?
the battery is at the back of the vehicle
the green vials
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2023.03.30 13:53 fantasyfootball991 Bestial incantations are under tuned for PVE.

I’m nearing the endgame with a strength/faith build focused around bestial incantations/weapons and found them to be quite underwhelming (other than the hammer). Which is a shame because getting all the Death roots is a pain.
The incantations themselves don’t seem like they’d be much use in NG+ and beyond because they don’t do enough damage or % damage like some other incants. Both beast claw incants are meh so I’m better off using the weapon art on the beast hammer. The dagger boosting the incants by 10% is nice but not enough to make it extremely useful. I just wish the dagger was a regular smithing stone upgrade so it could be buffed with weapon buffs.
Out of all the beast incants the stone is the only one that is slightly better than meh which I think is a real shame. Seems to me the beast incants are geared more toward early/mid game and not NG+ or higher. Maybe they shine in PVP but I don’t play that mode.
Overall the entire bestial school is pretty underwhelming, I hope it gets buffed in the next patch because aesthetically they’re such neat abilities.
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2023.03.30 13:52 Illustrative- I’m angry about something I don’t need to be involved with (advice if possible pls)

I (16M) have a fwb (16M) that lives a few hours from me and I can’t help him as much as I want to. It’s also really hard because I have to balance school and work which that is exhausting on its own. Him and I both have mental health issues but his are far more severe and on top of that he is borderline alcoholic. About a month ago, he tried to kill himself which made me very emotional which was scary and I also ended up cutting myself due to the stress. I’m trying to move past it but I don’t know what to do.
He recently had a nasty falling out with a friend (15F) that lives closer to him and the whole situation has made me angry at her, someone I don’t even know personally. I have a strong urge to protect my friend although I’m a lot smaller than him. However, I am older than him and was raised to be very independent so I could easily come up. The girl (calling her H) has done many illegal things and then accused my friend of possession of marijuana (he doesn’t do marijuana at all) which I think is a dog move. I found her Snapchat because her last name was revealed to me. The urge to ruin this girl’s life is so strong. She’s already got a shit life as far as I can see (she’s a whore and a drug addict). I’m looking out for my friend because I deeply care about him and don’t want him to go down the same path. Heck, he has scared me out of doing some things.
Recently, H’s sister messaged my fwb and insulted him for not helping H when he was nowhere near obligated to. They aren’t friends anymore and even then no one is obligated. I have H’s Snapchat her sisters Instagram memorised and I am so tempted to tell them both to back off from my friend. He’s already got enough going on with his life including people bullying him because of his sexuality. The emotional bond I have with this guy is unreal, we have told each other out darkest secrets.
I’ve been friends with this guy for 7 years and I have done so much but also it feels like it hasn’t been enough. I know some of his darkest secrets which helped me save him. As I type this, I wonder what would have happened if he went on a different train, if I had done nothing, and if I didn’t hang out with him at all. Fuck I’m scared.
(Fwb and friend are used interchangeably so I am talking about the same person)
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2023.03.30 13:52 snoolinghoe bf searching up random girls from his past and that live nowhere near him.

so my bf searches up random girls from his past and girls that live nowhere near him. i didn't bother at first but then he saw sm dudes in my search and asked me about it. my reason was i search up people who send me follow requests. he said i do it to judge them, check up on them, and see how they look now. when i said you care about them enough to search them up, he said idc about them or miss them. "it's just out of curiousity" but somehow it's all girls. but isn't he indirectly caring about them by searching them up and giving it his time? if he has been doing it all over these months why did it bother him when i did it? it's just double standards. ffs tell me i'm not crazy for thinking that he cares that's why he does it? he keeps saying idc about them, i'm just curious. it's not just one or two but many others he can't explain. it took a day for him to say "okay i won't do it again but because you don't like it, not because you think i care." he thinks i made a problem out of it and it's not that weird and that i'm doubting my relationship. is he searching them up justified?
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2023.03.30 13:51 dq66x Need advice on upgrading 2012 Challenger

Hello from Dubai!

I have a 2012 Challenger Rallye (V6) in black with silver stripes. it has 130k miles on it, hasn't given me much trouble and drives like a dream.
I've just gotten a bit of a pay bump ($1.5k/month - not nearly enough) so I'm in two minds on what to do with it.
Option 1:
Sell the one I have (will max get $8k) and pay that as a down payment for a slightly used 2018+ V8 and the rest (around $18-20k) on bank financing for 3 years, paying around $500 a month.
Option 2:
Get a full mechanical check and replace any parts that need replacing (thinking around $2k) and then do a full cosmetic makeover, new paint (dark red) with back stripes, new seats, new front and rear lights (2016 onwards) and entertainment system (another $2k max) and then keep that for a couple of years.

For context, while I'm comfortable money-wise, I'd rather have more disposable income a month. The V8 does excite me for obvious reasons but the V6 has been a great experience and I have no complaints really. Have a separate V6 Durango for the wife and kids so that doesn't impact my decision.

I'm leaning towards option 2 but will need ideas on what to upgrade/replace, if it is a good idea in the first place.
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2023.03.30 13:51 justatech21 That time of year again

Hi all, it is nearing my infertility diagnosis/giving up trying anniversary again (2015) and every year it throws me for a loop. This year I had two hurtful convos with my oldest friends who I don’t speak to often but are well aware of my situation. Both have two kids,one is in her 40’s like me and one is in her 60’s
Just venting cause you guys will understand.

1. I’m trying to figure out what career change to make and she asks me what I wanted to be and I tell her that I genuinely thought I would transition from my work in science to being a stay at home parent and so that is upon smoke. She asks about adoption (I swear we spoke of this when I was first diagnosed) and when I pushed back with cost and all the reasons we wouldn’t be desirable to birth mothers she responded with that we could foster for free and adopt from that for free. Or I should at least foster because there are so many older kids that need a home (she worked as a social worker with this population for a decade). The whole condo ADE me feel like a terrible person for having to articulate (again) that I wanted a baby that is genetically linked to me, that I don’t feel like I have the resources to take on an older child, that the complications that I imagined working around (stopping working and losing insurance, etc) are things I can’t see being able to do now with an older child who needs stuff I don’t feel equipped to drop into. Just typing out that I can’t adopt an older kid from foster makes me feel terrible and heartbroken for all the kids that need a home. Mind you, she was intimately familiar and just had two babies

2. Older friend and I were just catching up and she brought up her daughter who had an unplanned child and had been struggling with mental health stuff her whole life. I asked maybe too many questions (I was trying to be empathetic about it all even though this is the worst time of year for me) and she proceeded to explain in great detail how well the daughter is doing and read me a bunch of texts about how much of a blessing every aspect of her life is now and watching a person grow from the start and how she had always waited for good things and now they were finally here. I didn’t stop her as we were close to the end but every new line was a dagger and I just wanted to get off of zoom and cry. And then I felt terrible because my friend has worried so much about her daughter and now she has found this bliss and I should be happy for them both. I just don’t want my face rubbed in it, which is what it felt like.

I’m so tired of feeling this way every Easter time. I’m so tired of not having anyone that really understands. I’m so tired of people thinking that because I’m ok most of the year that THIS year I will want to celebrate Easter. I’m also tired of people seemingly forgetting this huge wound I carry around. My husband and I are immunocompromised and are just now opening up around Covid stuff and these last years have had a similar vibe (people forgetting we can’t go to restaurants, asking if we are STILL worried about that, not understanding the trauma that has come from 3years of precaution). Sometimes I feel like this second class citizen while everyone galavants to the future laughing or something and then looks back and implies that my heartbreak is because I just won’t adopt or open up and there is such an easy solution and I’m suffering at my own hand I can’t really get them to understand.
Thanks for reading and understanding.
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2023.03.30 13:51 ravixpert Apple Macbook Laptop Repair Services in Birmingham Apple Macbook Laptop Repair Near me

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2023.03.30 13:51 ravixpert Lenovo Laptop Repair Services in Birmingham Lenovo Laptop Repair Near me

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2023.03.30 13:51 No_Software Lots of ‘small’ health issues — overwhelmed with where to start

Sorry I’m not sure if this is the right sub to post to. I’ve not been formally diagnosed with a chronic illness but have been consistently unwell for years and am trying to figure it out.
Right now I feel extremely overwhelmed as I’ve been trying to take care of myself by going to appointments but that’s resulted in me finding out the absolute horrific condition my body is in, and I’m becoming overwhelmed with what to do first as I legitimately cannot afford to deal with all of them at once despite being on a six figure salary.
I’d love some advice on how to approach these issues, in what order.
Here are some of the things I’m dealing with:
— ADHD potential (this is something I have no choice but to deal with later as every psychiatrist is booked for 12-18months)
— bone spurs & spine misalignment causes me daily pain (sciatica, arm pain, nerve pain) and I assume is where some of my near daily headaches come from)
— thyroid issues potential, while the standard blood test is not picking things up that are out of the ordinary, I’ve gained weight inexplicably and have become constantly cold
— PCOS (diagnosed) and potential endo, I have a mirena that is keeping these symptoms at bay but am coming to the end of it, and am considering removing it as I’ve been on hormonal BC since age 15
— depression/anxiety, potentially adhd in disguise but until I can deal with this I’m still stuck with dealing with the symptoms. I see a psychologist fortnightly, and I could also get anti depressants from my GP
— gut issues that seem to flare up at random times, not seemingly tied to a food allergy. I used to see a naturopath and acupuncturist for help with this but have stopped for financial reasons (not covered by insurance)
— headaches all the time, daily headaches that make it almost unbearable to work and live. I spend a lot of time curled up on the couch with migraine symptoms. GP seems less than interested in dealing with this
I can’t sustainably continue going to work everyday in a high pressure job with all of these things just getting worse, but if I stop working I won’t have the money to fix these issues. Or pay my mortgage. I’m starting to feel hopeless.
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2023.03.30 13:51 ravixpert Hp Laptop Repair Services in Birmingham HP Laptop Repair Near me

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2023.03.30 13:50 ravixpert Dell Laptop Repair Services in Birmingham Dell Laptop Repair Near me

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2023.03.30 13:50 ravixpert PC and Laptop Repair Services in Birmingham Laptop repair near me pc repair near me

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2023.03.30 13:49 teichs42 Dodgem Blue it blue or green?

Decided on getting a core Silver Sky. I think Dodgem Blue is my favorite but originally talked myself out of it because I already have a Lake Placid Blue strat. I’m starting to rethink that.
How does it really look in person? The pictures that make it look green make me drool. The ones that make it look blue, seem like what I have already and feels silly to have two guitars look nearly the same.
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2023.03.30 13:49 anymuun69 What products do you use for shaving and skin care?

Soo I'm 23 and I know basically nothing about skin care, what products should I use etc.
I've been using razor blades for a couple years straight now and my skin really does not take it well after all this time, it doesn't look nearly as clean as it used to neither does it feel smooth. I've looked up all kinds of methods of shaving, the one I decided to actually try not long ago was depilation and... It was terrible, I knew it would "hurt" but I wasn't expecting that it is actually just a commercially available torture device, I was barely able to do like 1/20 of my leg, and even then the spot I managed to "shave" still had a ton of thin hair. I tried a couple times but scrapped the idea altogether altogether.
Obviously, the perfect solution I'd love to go for is laser hair removal, but at this time it is way too expensive for me and it's just not possible, so the next best thing would be wax strips, or wax in general, but after looking through a ton of guides and products I just ended up not knowing what I need exactly, what products would be good and I still don't know what should I use for skin care in general. I just simply need a relatively quick shaving method that is effective for longer than 1-2 days and doesn't ruin your skin completely.
If anyone has any experience and would like to share some advice I'd greatly appreciate it 🙏
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2023.03.30 13:47 mzmami 6 month vaccines + covid positive!

Hello everyone my baby boy had his 6 month shots on Monday 03/27 at 9am and was doing fine up until 7pm that day. He woke up from a nap and looked dazed out with a temperature of 100.3. He kept rolling his eyes back as if he was going to faint and we tried to give him Tylenol but he refused to take it and threw projectile vomiting. We then decided to take him to urgent care. Once we got to urgent care, his temperature was at 102 and we were taken in immediately into triage. My poor baby was already so worked up from earlier and being at the doctors office again stressed him out even more. The nurse gave him Tylenol via rectal to at least bring the temp down. They then asked me if anyone was sick at home because it was strange that the shots were affecting him so early since usually symptoms begin 24 hours after. I remembered that my boyfriends mom had came back from out of the country on Friday 03/24 and she had a cough but she assured us it was from the weather. I did not want her near my son but she insisted she was ok and wanted to see the baby and I didn't want to tell her because I was afraid they were going to tell me I am being too delicate. So she saw him Saturday morning and we even went out with her and were in the car together on Sunday. I saw her kissing his hands and letting him play with her face and she would turn around and cough and I wanted to say something so bad I just had a feeling! At the urgent care they decided to do a nasal swab to rule out covid/flu/rsv. We had to wait the next day to get the results. The next day comes and I get a call that his covid test came out positive. My heart broke once I heard that. I was so mad at myself because I had a gut feeling that my boyfriends mom was sick and I didn't stand my ground! They always think we are being extra delicate with how we are with baby, but now look at what is happening. I called my boyfriends mom and let her know the news and told her she should get tested. So she did and told me she came out positive. My boyfriend and I tested ourselves as well but we came out negative. Now baby has to deal with the pain from the vaccines and covid as well. Has anyone ever experienced this? I just want to know if things get better. So far baby has been okay, but his temperature fluctuates and he is beginning to get congested. The ped said fortunately covid is mild in babies and that he will be fine and the vaccines won't make things worse but will contribute to fussiness/fever. I have been so stressed and I am praying things get better. My boyfriends mom seems to feel guilty as well because she is constantly calling me and checking in on him and she also apologized, but I am too nice to really let her know how I feel. It looks like this is one of those rare situations because I have yet to find someone with a similar story. If you read this far thank you!
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2023.03.30 13:47 bird_eater_54 You like WHO!?!?

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2023.03.30 13:46 bareman87 Postal shoes

I should start this with I was warned.
I recently purchased the rocky 8-in boots and knowing the brand Rocky I was expecting a quality piece well engineered for the many hours that we spend on our feet.
That was not what I was told to expect. An experienced carrier in my office was very adamant about how our postal shoes are made as cheaply as possible and sold for top dollar even the trusted brands.
After experiencing fall at the end of last year, I decided it was time to go ahead and make the purchase for any future liability issue. After an extensive search of the two states that I live near. I finally had to just order them on-line since I couldn't find them anywhere, in a store that I could get to outside of work.
Keep in mind I've worn many pairs of Rockies and other boots so I know my sizing and I felt confident the purchase. When they arrived I slipped them on with my orthotics in place expecting to just go to work in the morning and they're narrow in the ball of foot, the leather across the area is gripping my foot in a way that is not helping but will eventually cause blisters and bunions. When I moved to the hill of the foot my foot is firmly placed, but very loose as I go to tie the boot there's a very cheap wire like cord for Strings that seems to be added as an afterthought. And when the boot is fully tied and tight there's so much additional leather in the ankle that there is no form of support. Which also causes my foot to come away from the heel and not me out in place which is a safety hazard. These boots are a joke, and I want to know how can we Rectify this.
From what I found in just my local stores you could apply the SR USA tag to more than half of the commonly purchased; not to mention, they might have an even better safety rating. Why are we stuck wearing ill fitting poorly made safety hazards? Is there's some kind of rule in the contract, or can we submit new shoes and ideas for the tag?
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2023.03.30 13:46 Wooden_Berry5266 Help Please

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex (not intending the pull out method. We never planned for it to ever get that far). He only inserted inside of me a couple of times. I am currently going on the 31 day of my cycle. I calculated the average of my cycle from the past three months to be about 28 days. I need advice please because I do not have any friends or adults that I feel like I can go to about this. My main concern is pre-cum. How likely is it that i could get pregnant from it? neither times (unprotected sex happened on day 26 and 28 of my cycle) was he close to finishing, nor did he finish near my hole. should I try plan b? I just wasnt sure if i should as it might mess up the cycle that i have that it not to the point where it is exactly concerning late, only the give or take 3-5 days that everyone talks about. i'm just really stressed out and im trying not to be because i know that stress can also delay your period. my period has always been pretty consistent. please any help someone could give would be helpful.
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2023.03.30 13:42 broloio I want to improve my life but I’m not sure how

Recently I’ve been feeling quite low about how my life is going.
I’m in my mid 20’s (27M) and I’ve done okay. I’m a simulation engineer and work for a good company. I can wfh whenever I want. Can live wherever I want. I’m paid a little above average for my age but not loads. So I’m doing okay.
But. I’m lonely. I don’t feel I really have a tribe anymore. The friends around me are really heavily into drinking and do drugs on the weekends. The girls I’m meeting for dates are the same. It’s always raining here in the uk and honestly I spend a lot of time alone.
I’m starting to think I’d like to go abroad. Or move city in the uk. I don’t like the culture im around and I’d like to find driven people like me who want to go train in the gym, smash a career, make good money, improve.
I’d also absolutely love to find a girl who wants to do that with me. But I’m finding it nearly impossible to find a friend who wants that let alone a girl.
I find the people im around are really limiting my mindset as I catch myself telling myself this is just it. This is just the way my life is now. But I don’t want it to be
Any advice on how to change this and find what I’m looking for? Coz I don’t know how to anymore.
Tl;dr feel like I’m being brought down by the people around me. how do I find people more like me?
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2023.03.30 13:41 legallyblondeeee96 Boyfriend 32m f28 bf blindsided me with ex at his party!

We have been together nearly 2 months.
So she walks through the door to his house with a guy assume her bf and he goes oh that’s my ex sorry I should have told you about this earlier. He is a psychologist so I thought he would be more emotionally intelligent.
I just felt a chill down my spine I felt so awkward and uncomfortable and blindsided and on the spot. I just wanted to leave
It was also the first time I was meeting any of his friends so it was kind of overwhelming since there was like 15 people there
He asked me just during the week to discuss histories and he asked me about my ex and why it didn’t work out considering the party was in a few days I thought he would have mentioned this. I didn’t ask him too much about his ex because he said it was ages ago!
How would you react to that scenario? What would you do?
I had an amicable split with my ex but we aren’t friends
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2023.03.30 13:40 Cultural-Barracuda86 Any fun summer classes/jobs on campus to stave off summer time loneliness?

Time moved fast! Before we know it the semester will be over! However i have a major problem! I go to UMD but then go back to my parents in Florida in the summer who live around a retirement community. (Florida is overrated its filled with old people! Don't see anyone under 50 years old! (IDK why my folks had to live near a literal retirement community!)
My therapist suggest i stay around campus during the summer, rent a place, take a class or two or maybe find a job on or near campus. Problem is I noticed this place becomes a ghost town in the summer and is filled with old people as well! (in the suburbs).
Any summer classes I can take (that are not too rigorous). Where I can frankly meet some acquaintances (not even friends). But just people to chat with during class who are not as old as my grandparents but 20-somethings like me lol?
Any art classes or something?
I apologize for being ageist, however sometimes the senior citizens I know back in Florida can be out of touch/tell the same lame stories OVER and OVER and OVER again! They are nice people however them being DECADES older than me is hard to relate! (A kindergardener would have trouble relating to me etc)
This issue has gotten so bad I fall into BAD depression in the summer back in Florida that I need to do something about it.
-can anyone help me? -thank you
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2023.03.30 13:40 Socialecontheory Should I stay and get promoted or leave to another role?

Hey y’all!
I’m a 27M who works at a large company. I’m kinda in a predicament.
Recently went out and did some networking and found an opportunity that would be a promotion at my company doing what is absolutely my work passion at the moment. If possible, my pay would nearly double what it is now due to some technicalities of the move. Now this opportunity would not allow me to manage a team for awhile (1-2 years) which I really, really want to do. For me managing is something I’ve always wanted to do. Helping people reach their goals and coaching would be really fulfilling.
I let my manager know that I was interested in learning more (before knowing the specifics of the job) and he told his boss who then told his boss. Well turns out I’m one of the top performers in my org for my level and they want to keep me. I was already on the path to promotion here and it would probably happen this year. Now, they’re basically giving me everything I want which includes a team and some high value projects, however, my work passion is low value for this org so it wouldn’t be my main focus but I’d get to manage a team! Also the promotion wouldn’t net as much income as moving would.
So I’m at a crossroads and could use some help.
Manage a team
Become a large contributor potentially rolling me into an easier promotion down the line
Retain some of my work passion but it’d someone on my teams responsibility
Lower net pay
Get to focus on my work passion
Pay is doubled
Don’t get to manage a team
Learn a whole new business
Make a name for myself again
Any advice on ways to think through this would be really helpful.
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