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2023.03.29 13:03 Horse-Cock-Enjoyer A strange World War II, German mod for Morrowind.

Hello, recently I've started taking interest in game oddities, like strange mods and bootleg versions. I rememberd that one of my old friends bought himself a weird Morrowind CD while we were on a trip in Germany. It must've been somewhere around 2013... He found it on a flea market, sold by some younger guy; he had a whole basket full of newer and retro games that he got from his uncle if I remember correctly. He gave us better price for buying at least 5 games and among those my friend got a German version of Morrowind, packed in some cheap looking paper Morrowind CD cover, the ones you could usually get in gaming magazines; the CD itself was a regural CD you could buy in most electronics stores, with Morrowind and some German words written on it with a marker.

It turned out that it was some heavily modded version of Morrowind, of course all in German, and it was supposed to be like a stylized WW2 mod or something... I don't remember much about it, beause I've seen my friend play it maybe two or three times and I tried it once, but I remember that it had some poorly implemented gun models (which were "working") and you could join Germans, Russians and Americans/British. It must've been an unfinished project because some locations looked just as they do in Morrowind and some were completely remade, with new buildings and NPCs. The entierty of Balmora and Seyda Neen were completely changed, that I remember for sure.

The game was VERY unstable and would crash at least every half an hour or so, and when my friend got himself a laptop with Windows 10 he couldn't even run it anymore, the game would crash in the main menu. Couple weeks ago I've asked if he still has it but because it didn't work he donated it to a local charity house alongside with some other games. It's been years now so I highly doubt that they still have it lying around.

I was wondering if perhaps some of you know if such a mod exists somewhere on the internet or at least something similar to it? I tried looking around but haven't found it.
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2023.03.29 13:03 meagles44 Birthday drama round two

Last year my MIL threw a tantrum because my husband had a 30th birthday with his friends and didn’t invite his parents. Instead, he went to their house for dinner and cake a different night. Even with that additional plan made, she still was very angry that she wasn’t invited to the friend party.
Since then, he has expressed he is sick of going to my in laws for his birthday at all. He does not want to do cake and presents with them because it makes him feel like a child and MIL is very condescending and just stressful to be around.
This year she has plans on his birthday and we have plans together and with friends that weekend. She brought up having him over to celebrate later next month, and he mentioned that at this age he probably won’t be celebrating every birthday with them. She was very upset and said he needs to sit down with her and my FIL to talk about this. I am trying to support from the sidelines. Is there something I’m missing? I thought his birthday was supposed to be about him and what he wants, but that’s not something she has ever inquired about. We have started asking to spend time with them outside of their home because these toxic dynamics play out when we go over there, like playing out his childhood all over again. He is going to call her tonight and I’m hoping she can come to an understanding.
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2023.03.29 13:02 I_want_pudim Alternative for this Sling/day pack?

Hello, I don't leave my house with either a backup or a Sling, doesn't matter what I'm going to do, half a day, one day, three days...
My backpacks are ok, but I'm struggling to find a good Sling/day carry.
I currently have a cheap one, Mark Ryden MR 7069 https://markrydenglobal.com/products/mini-compacto-pro
It's ok-ish, but not very good, and I'm looking for alternatives with the following criteria:
Multi pockets/compartiments would be nicer but I'd be ok with at least two.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.29 13:01 msarianne Info regarding group stops!

Hi all. I recently attended a meeting with management at our station about some DSP specific concerns, but they did provide some insight into how group stops are created and managed, and it effects us in 2 ways.
First, where you scan the package is very important. The system sees where you scan, and uses that information for determining the center of the geofence. If the geofence is within 50 meters of another, this becomes a group stop. For instance, if you are scanning in the van before going into an apartment complex, and then do that again for another building, the system will set that as a group thinking you are able to do it in one stop. Same with driveways and suburban houses. The geofence is completely unrelated to the GPS location, and is set by where the package is scanned, not where you swipe to finish.
The second important thing to realize is that it effects TIME. If you have 15 packages for 15 apartments, and you scan each one in the van and not at the door, the system thinks that the stop now takes under a minute to complete.
We do have agency to change this, but it takes 3 full cycles of a stop for the system to recognize the change.
In short, don't scan in the van. I have actually been testing this on a new route that I have and have managed to 'clean it up' over the last few weeks.
The shitty thing is that you can go through making sure the scan locations are set, clean the route, and eliminate all of the bullshit, and then another driver can come along and fuck it all up.
Additionally, your warehouse/station is not the one that makes the routes. This is handled by a "central OPS" location somewhere in the region.
Hope this helps.
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2023.03.29 13:00 Exciting-Risk9078 Claiming PIP and difficult partner on current joint UC claim (England) - who gets PIP payment?

Situation/Question in brief : I have a joint claim UC, partner receives the payments into her bank account.
Q - If I claim PIP in the next week or two, will that PIP payment come directly to me or will my partner pocket all that too?
I have a "benefit advisor" in the general sense that my outpatients group put me in touch with but they don't know definitively if the PIP payment is a personal thing or if it will only be paid to the UC designated bank account holder. She advised asking here as she said you people are awesome :)
I have a joint claim with my partner, or possibly, my soon-to-be ex-partner. She manages all the finances and gets the UC payments but won't let me see what the money is spent on at all.
I haven't seen a penny of any UC since the claim started in June or July last year. (I moved in with her a couple of months earlier when I gave up my rented bungalow)
We don't have a joint account so I can't see what she spends the UC on, but when challenging her to justify the "there's nothing left after the bills and food are paid" I just get an angry tirade about "trust".
As I'm classed as LCWRA (and that will not change with a serious degenerating condition) there's an additional 350 quid or so a month that appears to be "magically dissapearing" somehwere.
Enough moaning: I've been advised to claim PIP as according to my work/benefits advisor (from a charity - relating to my health conditions) I should "sail through" at higher rate daily and lower mobility rates
I'm pretty ill and have GP, specialist, CPN and support worker who are all encouraging me to claim PIP and have categorically stated they will write in support of my claim. I think they have been in touch with each other regarding the PIP as I was very reluctant initially as the health process for the LCWRA was absolutely horrendous
I scored 0 on my UC50 review - been very ill and in Support Group/ESA for almost a decade, condition only worsens and got much worse lately. So as you would expect I scored a big fat zero at mandatory reconsideration too, then scored 40+ points on appeal and scored max on 2 of the "important 15 pointers" as my benefits advisor puts it. I'm currently bedridden as I type this but hopefully only temporarily, I'm "gently mobile" around the house for 3/4 of the year on average unless I have a setback. Stairlift, carer for meals/meds if partner is not around (she's jobsearching so out 3+ days a week jumping UC hoops) , carer with car to go out, that sort of level.
So, last month or so I have been researching the whole PIP thing and I am finally going to go for it.
My mental health has taken a huge dive with the whole LCWRA thing and also the mysterious missing UC money/partner situation, so a few months of PIP saved up and I should be able to look to moving out of this awful financial arrangement.
I could maybe afford to live alone if I get PIP, but if I ask the UC to pay me direct my half of the UC partner will boot me out - which she confirmed last night in another blazing row. She doesn't know I'm going to apply for PIP. I'm in no physical position to move anywhere so status quo as all I can manage for now - it's already caused one full-on mental breakdown so I don't want to risk another until I have an exit strategy.
FML lol
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2023.03.29 13:00 ZeaIousSIytherin I'm an incel and don't know if that'll ever change

I have a few friends but they’re all guys. I don’t know how to talk to girls. As a kid my best friend was a girl but then I shifted schools and here boys and girls don’t really mix. I turned 17 a few days ago and am pretty sure this problem will bleed into adulthood. It’s not that I don’t WANT to talk to girls I just don’t really know what to say. I kind of have 1 friend who is a girl but she mostly just asks me academics-related questions and that is kind of how our friendship even started.
I currently feel quite depressed because today it was raining,albeit lightly,and my crush was going to the same bus-stop as me. I had the perfect opportunity to ask her whether she would like to share the umbrella but began overthinking shit.I don’t want insecurities or limiting beliefs to hold me back in life:/
There’s nothing I CAN do except move on. I want to talk to girls but I don’t know what to talk to them about. This is weird but even though I have feelings for her I’m more disappointed about not going out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there rather than about “throwing my chance”. Probably because at the end of the day,she’ll be gone. But if I remain in inaction,my social anxiety will continue to fucking haunt me.
I am gonna try breaking my chains though. I’ve decided to stop taking myself so seriously. I think I’m too risk-averse. I love stability,I love working towards concrete goals that are in my control. But I fear making a fool of myself.I’m stuck in this catch-22 situation where in order to socialise with girls I need to talk to them and in order to talk to them I need to not be socially inept. But I want out. If practise makes near-perfect like it does with most things in life then perhaps making a fool of myself is indeed worth the short and long-term reward of being able to talk to girls again.
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2023.03.29 12:59 melissaps12 How to choose best private house manager in Uk

Choosing the best private house manager can be very difficult. Our team of experts provide a range of services to meet your needs and make sure you are comfortable with your choice.

For More Info Visit Us:-https://melissaps.com/hire-private-staff/estate-household/house-managers/
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2023.03.29 12:59 sloppyjoesandwich Conflicting advice for main panel upgrade

I’ve had 4 electricians come do estimates for replacing my main panel which is 100a and currently out of spaces. My ultimate goal is to add at least 1 20a breaker for running dust collector and table saw simultaneously but I also want to get a little more to future proof my panel in case I want more down the line.
2 of them said I would be fine with 100a based solely on the size of my house (~1500sq ft), and they could just upgrade to a panel with more spaces if I want. 1 suggested just adding a sub panel. However I did get estimates for 200a service as I am leaning towards that. Is there some reason why no one wants to do 150a panels? Most offered the upgrade to 200 but said it would be way more than I need but didn’t offer a 150 unless I specifically asked. The last guy is the only one who opened my panel and said there is some rusting so I definitely don’t want to just add a sub panel. I guess I’m wondering if anyone has a recommendation between 150 vs 200a service considering 200 is way more than I need.
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2023.03.29 12:58 Crasher_7 ‘Don’t talk nonsense, the whole world is watching’

‘Don’t talk nonsense, the whole world is watching’
KUALA LUMPUR – Lawmakers in the Dewan Rakyat were left dumbfounded after an opposition MP contended that the lower House could potentially be the target of spies seeking to uncover information on the nation.
While debating amendments to the Penal Code to criminalise stalking, Datuk Mohd Suhaimi Abdullah (Langkawi-PN) voiced his concern over the “security” of matters discussed in the august House, to the bemusement of other MPs who appeared perplexed at the assertion.
“What kind of security does this House have to prevent what we say from being spied on? What laws ensure our protection?
“There could be companies hiring consultants to stalk (lawmakers) speaking and debating. How safe is our Parliament WiFi?” he asked.
In response, Chong Zhemin (Kampar-PH) pointed out that Suhaimi’s arguments are “nonsensical” as Parliament proceedings are streamed online on various platforms for anyone to view.
“Don’t talk nonsense. We are live now. The whole world can watch us,” Chong said.
Suhaimi subsequently doubled down, saying: “I know there is a livestream, but there are some things we (lawmakers) talk about that should not be known (by the public), like when we talk about issues involving foreign nations.
“How can we be certain that ministers who use their handphones in their offices at Parliament are not being stalked?” he added.
Earlier during his debate, Suhaimi recalled how he had attended a briefing in the Johor assembly while he served as a senator, noting that he had issued similar queries then.
“I asked them about the security of this hall since we are too close to Singapore. They couldn’t answer me.” – The Vibes, March 29, 2023
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2023.03.29 12:58 Overall_Equivalent26 Are my emotions justified? Dogs shit in my yard and i really don't like it.

Dog walkers letting their dog do their business on my lawn. I've caught some surprises that were not picked up but for the most part owners pick up the waste. This is where I feel most people will not relate. I'm still bothered by it. I don't want your dog on my lawn.
I like walking barefoot it's a major reason i bought a house with a lawn and i feel i can do that because it isn't also a puppy pad.
I don't really get it there is s park and Greenway very close to our neighborhood.
Ready for the dissent of the internet to pour in!
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2023.03.29 12:58 YellowCurious7620 Our time has finally come!

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2023.03.29 12:58 Invisible_Scene I need to rant

I am in a parking lot in Oregon. I started getting this fantasy when i was around 14 to just leave me life behind and be a nomad. I've lived a normal love since then. I went to college. I got fat. I moved back in with my parents, had a suicide attempt, got even more fat. I moved out of my parents house, and kept on guessing at life. All the while, I just grew to dislike living more and more. I have some kind of executive dysfunction that took over. I can barely do anything now. I went back to school, but still didn't Care about it at all. So, i quit my job, and packed up. I really wanted to explore this park in Ashland, Oregon. I never got around to it when I lived here. I thought it would be a great place to start my nomad journey. Well, my car started crapping out on me on the way. I made it to a parking lot in Ashland. But the car will go no further. I checked the engine, everything is fine. So, why the car is violently shaking and smelling of smoke, i don't know. And, i get overwhelmed by change. So, i couldn't sleep tonight. I've just sat here in my car thinking about life. What do I actually know about being a nomad? What do I do for money? What to do when I eventually need to leave my car behind? It all seemed so simple somehow. But I guess i forgot I'm afraid of people. How will I beg when i don't like to talk to people nor be seen? I hate the cold, and i got myself stranded in the coldest place ever! Not to mention, I hate this town! I lived here for four years, and hated every minute of it. I couldn't wait to leave. So when i decide to be homeless i go here?! I decided to tell my parents via letter. I do not have a good relationship with them. I would've gone no contact with my family years ago, but i knew i wouldn't be able to support myself. I hated the life i had in California. I don't want to go back. My roommates smoke so much I become physically ill every time I'm home. But can I afford to move? No. I am good at nothing. I make plans to persue my interests but then don't because know i will suck and i will fail. The only thing I've ever been good at is quitting. The world is shit. I feel like my country is turning into Gilead. People suck. And capitalism is stupid. People everywhere are suffering and in danger and I can't fix it. I'm so Fucked in the head i can barely take Care of myself. And I'm pretty sure I'm going through withdrawals from a medication that didn't even help me. So, i quit on a normal life. I left it all behind. But for what? Life is still shitty. It's just moved to a different place. I'm still proving the people who have been immortalized as voices in my head right. I will probably starve along the streets of Southern Oregon. And my childhood friend-turned-bully will laugh. My family will laugh. But I'm doing so great out here. Living my best life. A little nomad. Ugh!
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2023.03.29 12:58 Housemeee [IWantOut] 32F New Zealand -> Estonia

I went to Europe last year in the summer and I really loved Tallinn. I felt so safe and comfortable there. I went to the beaches and the forest and the old town. I could see myself living there. Maybe not for the rest of my life, but for some time, to experience something new and for an adventure. I would love to see a real white winter. Just for the life experience. I travelled to about 10 cities in Europe and Tallinn felt like home.
I had a health scare and it made me realise that if I stay here in NZ for another year I am going to regret not exploring the world while I'm young and able. I can't stay in NZ just incase my parents or grandparents need something. I have to live while I can.
I have no formal qualifications. I work at a shipping port as an administrator. I'm computer savvy and learn new things quickly. But I don't know coding or anything. I use a program called Navis N4 to coordinate shipping container movements. I communicate with dispatchers, freight companies, shipping lines, via phone and email all day. I love my job, I wish I could work at a shipping port or in the logistics industry in Estonia, but it's probably not possible without speaking the language.
I worked very hard to buy property in NZ. I receive passive income from my rental properties equivalent to $1300 euro per month (net). That's including if I moved overseas I would rent out the house I currently live in.
My big dream would be to take a year off, work some cruisy job part time as a barista, dishwasher, farm hand, baby sitter. I'm not looking to "hustle" or be rich. I just want a simple comfortable life. I could live off my savings for 1 year, but I'd get bored, and then would start to worry about having no salary income.
I'd want to learn the language too.
I'm too old for the working holiday visa. I can get the long stay D Visa, it seems like people arrive in Estonia and apply once they get there. I would like to try it. Otherwise, I can only stay in the Schengen area for 90 days. I would even like to study Estonian language, if I couldn't get a job, that would be my job.
I can get a UK passport, through my grandmother, but since brexit that won't help me with living in mainland Europe. I don't want to live and work in the UK.
Has anyone got out to Estonia or the Baltics?
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2023.03.29 12:58 askf0ransw3rs I’m trying to be less reactive/selfish and get my shit together for my kids. Does my natal chart offer any insight as to how I can best evolve?

I’m trying to be less reactive/selfish and get my shit together for my kids. Does my natal chart offer any insight as to how I can best evolve?
Of note: Sagittarius stellium ♐️ ☀️🌙🌅 (also includes Mercury, Saturn and Uranus).
Also have ♎️ libra midheaven with a “critical 13 degree” in my 9th house…not sure what that means. Something something balance?
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2023.03.29 12:58 goldenboii23 Refrigerator water filter

I have a water softener in my house and my refrigerator dispenses water. Do I still need to change the refrigerator’s water filter? I spent all this money on the water softener! -thank you in advance!
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2023.03.29 12:58 maxl3ell 4/12 pitch - I need snow to slide!

Hi, first time poster. I've searched on this topic and already asked several of you your roof pitch.
We're in South central BC and get fairly good dumps of snow (ski town). Our metal roof shed its snow fairly regularly with its south facing 4-12 (20degree pitch). We're covering it with 15kW of panels. I was wondering if the snow will continue to slide (I don't care if it doesn't produce power, but I worry about snow load accumulation and damage to panels/house), or if the extra ridges from the panels will hold the snow.
Please post your angle, and if it slides. It helps if you can tell me where you are or how much snow you usually get in a year (we get 10-20ft snowfall).
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2023.03.29 12:58 After4yearsthey I am back

The day before my last post, me and Sarah spent some time together whilst junior was with Jack.
Sarah arrived at home before Jack and Junior did.
She greeted Junior at the door and Jack asked to talk with her. He begged her to take him back to which she said no.
The next day, Sarah was getting ready to take Junior to school when she and Claire found my brother's body hanged on tree in front of the house.
Claire called the cops and Sarah called me. She was crying and explained what had happened.
Its has been a weird time. Sarah has told me she hated Jack but this has all been overwelming for her. She inncially blammed herself for everything which i reasurred her she wasn't.
She is better now. She has started grieve therapy with Junior. Spekaing of him, i have meelt him a couple times and i hope we can have a good relationship.
My daughters found out about me and Sarah and have said they will support me no matter what.
I will update if something happened.
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2023.03.29 12:57 yh_karl I just had a wacky dream man

I just had a dream where I was hanging out with my bf (now ex 😔) and they were wearing a maid costume while I snuck them into a hotel bowling alley. We bowled for awhile then we went to their house where their mom started going off about how LED lights and curtains were racist because they clashed with the purple patterned window frame in her room. It was really odd and a tad bit funny. I wanted someone to share this with.
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2023.03.29 12:57 brokendream1 An honestly Really Fucked Up Situation (not suicidal)

I know that this probably doesn´t belong in this community, however I´ve got bassically noone to talk with and with those I could talk with about this problem, I don´t want to because I´m feared that if I show weakness or that if expose my struggles to my friends, that they will have a different view on me.
I have the feeling that my family and the society form me into a person that I don´t want to be. My life is marked by injustices that I can barely influence. The most obvious and most hurting of these injustices is my relationship with my family and how I´m being reviewed by my parents. Basically since my birth I´m standing in the shadow of my sister. My parents value education very high. Although I got better grades, I am much more sportif than she is and that I got a very good social life I´m being reviewed as the failure in the family. Every argument, every complicated situation is turned into me being the problem. I don´t know why my parents do that. Everytime I try to communicate the way I feel about this, my mother tends to ignore me. And she does that in a very obvious way. She just switches the topic like asking me what I will cook today or if I could clean the house, showing me that she really doesn´t give a shit about how I´m feeling. And if I tell her that she should stop ignoring me, she listens to what I´m saying, nods her head and just says: "Okay.". And that´s all. She never responds, showing me (again) that she doesn´t care about me at all. And I seriously don´t get that.
I always had the perception that parents are supposed to make you feel loved, but somehow my parents make me feel like shit, which I´d like to think I am not. I am not shit. I feel like they should be proud of me but instead they push me down.
I overcame depression all by myself. I´m disabled since my birth but never made a thing out of it. I basically beared every challange life has giving me ALONE. That´s why I think I´m a strong person and I don´t get why my parents don´t view me as such. I just want them to be proud of me. And I´m giving my all. I´m trying my hardest but they don´t recognize my effort, neither my results.
And that´s why the urge to just give a fuck, drink much alcohol, smoke and hurt anyone that bothers me is so tempting.
I don´t want to hurt me or others but it´s really hard to not do so.
It´s just that I really really want to become a better human being but that the circumstances are holding me back. Everything seems to be working against me and I don´t know how long I can withstand the urge to destroy myself and everything in my environment.
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2023.03.29 12:57 UnjustlyInterrupted some advice... please?

I (32m) and my partner (31f, let's call her bob) are having some relationship woes. That seem awfully muddled between real poly issues and standard relationship stuff, and I'd appreciate some guidance.
A little context, we've been dating 2 years. When we met, she was living with her nesting partner (m28) , they had an open relationship and were exploring polyamoury, motivated by her. I was fully polyamourous dating 3 other people with a variety of set ups, no np and no primary really. Some of those partners had other partners, some didn't. I was also dealing with messy stuff involving my ex and me still owning a house together and her moving in and out when times got tough, despite remaining broken up.
Over the next year or so, all those other relationships of mine died off/cycled out and I've fixed the situation with my ex and we are now fast friends again. Bob's NP was unhappy with the situation and ran off with someone else he met, me and Bob have grown much closer and are now definitely primarys.
Now, I prefer some degree of parallel poly most of the time, with a slow slide into more info and eventually even KTP. But I struggle massively with jealousy and NRE in other directions from my partners, especially primary partners, so I try to know less. This wasn't always the case, this is something I've learnt about myself.
Bob, does not want this.
She prefers to talk about everything, loves discussing potential matches, loves giving and receiving details. The more, the merrier. We started out very much with me telling her everything (that I felt was within the realms of conversational consent from partners, nothing squicky) and her telling me most stuff, but over time I felt controlling urges from me creeping in and jealousy and sadness, culminating in a first date debrief from her where I told her she was absolutely wrong about her assessment of a guy and he was a threat to our relationship and it would be reckless of her to pursue anything. She, did not like that. And rightly so. So, I sort of insisted that we do at least one sided parallel poly. And Bob agreed.
Well, Bob wasn't great at that, letting things slip, not being able to organise stuff or take space alone in order to be less reactive to my schedule. But, she didn't want to do it? So I am very understanding of her efforts and try not to criticise. At one point she came to me in tears because she wanted to change our plans, to travel across the country to meet someone for a first date. And, that was tough, but I rolled with the punches. I accepted that I'd been monopolising her time while I went through a rough patch, so it would have been harder to meet anyone, and there was a time sensitive element to meeting this guy.
She went on the date, had a nice time, I stayed home and self soothed and it wasn't so bad dear reader.
Anyway, turns out, the guy was an asshole, and the first time she tried to say no to him about anything, he blocked her number stating he didn't want to be controlled. This, really shook her and devistated her.
She felt it had been so hard finding someone she connected with and got on with and was attracted to, so hard arranging it in "secret" and dealing with the relationship stuff solo, that it was impossible to have what she wanted.
Here comes some sysmic shifts in our relationship, up until this point she had been pushing me to go out and find people. Encouraging group stuff for both of us, and telling me to give things a shot and to just try stuff with other people. Still wanting all the details she can get.
Since this breakup, everything has changed. It's like she's experiencing jealousy for the first time. Me spending time with others hurts, she feels sad and alone. She can't sleep when I'm not around. She is upset if I don't text enough while on dates with others and a multitude of other things that just show she's struggling.
To combat this we've tried putting structure into the week as to when I will stay at my house, and when she will stay at hers. We've tried specific standards of communication for me on days when I've got a date. We've tried formalising debriefs, where before they were often sexy or fun for her, they went through a patch of making her cry, and now they're done over the dinner table.
Finally, this week, I had a date on Monday with someone (I am currently seeing one person who is fairly new to me, and one comet, this date was with the comet) and the next day she kind of froze me out. She laid out that she was struggling too much, didn't want to talk about it but that we were going to have to do what I wanted and what I'd been suggesting all along, which was to go full parallel. Not what I wanted, not what I've asked for, not my idea, something I've offered when she's been struggling, sure, but not my idea.
We met up that night, and she was very cold, and seemed very angry. She also dropped a weird bomb on me that she didn't want to play with any of my other partners anymore, something she had always been keen on the idea of, but had never happened. Stating, again that this should make things easier for me, was better for me and would be my preferred option. Let me tell you, it is not, though there is zero pressure for that to happen and the reason it's never happened is because it would require a very unique set of circumstances and people to happen naturally! I tried to press on where this was coming from, what I had done, but she kept insisting she was just tired so I let it go, we had a nice night but it was virtually silent and very sedate (watched a show). After I went back to mine, she texted me explaining that was what it's like when she's thrown in the towel, that we have nothing to discuss if we can't talk about our relationships, and she hopes I'll pick up the conversational slack now. She also explained that my behaviour the night before, the lack of texting while I was on the date had been unacceptable (despite her telling me I could text as I wished that night)
On top of this, she has now started expressing that she's sad we don't live together, and that she doesn't want to spend any time at my house. I live a 6 minute drive away, I have a nice home. She has a nicer, bigger home, and has pets.
The domestic set up, feels very like a monog issue, and worries me that it's a fundimental incompatibility, like, if she wants a primary partner who lives with her and I'm not certain that's me, we either need to deescalate so she can find that, or break up, right?
Basically I feel like I'm down a rabbit hole of poly issues like I haven't faced in years, like the person I'm dating is jealous and doesn't want to face it, has no methods of self soothing, and is taking parallel poly as a punative choice, probably because that's how me doing it to her feels (which I don't want either)
Wtf do I do?
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2023.03.29 12:56 Sasha57 Cerec vs lab onlay?

Chipped tooth 18 on the inside on Friday and been to the dentist who has advised there is further decay (already have white filling on this tooth).
In the UK, Cerec is £500 and the lab onlay is £283 (through the NHS). I know the Cerec is one appointment over 2, but what are the other differences? Is Cerec a better material/will it last longer etc?
I’m guessing the dentist makes more money from cerec because it’s all in house and not NHS
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2023.03.29 12:56 Butwhatdo1know Need to know leaving is worth it.

After years of cheating and abuse and mental torture… My narcissist, I believe found a new supply. In that sense I’m overjoyed, and I was ready for us to just be “friends “and coparent from the same house. I wanted so badly for my daughter to have her father live with her, she loves him so much. But, the drinking is getting worse, and the last three days he didn’t even come home. He came home briefly last night and put her to bed and then went back out, it’s almost 7am and he’s still not here and she’s asking for him. I had to call out of work because of him not being home in time to watch her one of those days. I can’t even depend on his reliable childcare anymore. My daughter asked for him all day the last three days, he won’t call me back, even just to talk to her because he’s mad that I’m mad that he keeps lying about where he is. I think it’s really because he is with some girl who probably doesn’t know we exist.
I need to know that I will be making the right choice for my daughter if I left. I guess I just want to hear from anybody else with similar experiences who can tell me that I’m not going to ruin her life by taking her father away. My only option is to move 800 miles away with my mom. I don’t want to take her 800 miles from her dad, and I know that he’s just gonna get worse with the drinking and maybe even kill himself but he can’t wait here for him to get better. It’s so bad for her and I can see it it’s not fair for her to constantly be looking for him. But it also breaks my heart to think about being back home with my mom and her asking for him and not even being able to visit. He barely pulls his weight and I’ll be taking the car I bought with me. He let the car I bought him die and then instead of towing it with the insurance I pay for he left it on our street you can only park on three days a week until it got impounded. He will be losing it completely any day. Essentially he cannot survive without me so there’s no chance of him visiting, he probably won’t even make rent. I’m so heartbroken for my daughter.
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