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2023.03.22 06:33 darcerin This one nearly got me. Slimy bastards.

I consider myself pretty scam-saavy. That said, I am taking care of my father full-time (he's currently in the hospital) and am unemployed while I take care of him.
I got an email today about an application for a "financial hardship program" that I had sent in, and they wanted to talk to me.
I thought my brother, who had come to visit after our father was hospitalized, signed me up.
But I read the email several times and a couple read flags popped up.
1) "received the application you filled out". Nope, I didn't and I KNOW my brother would have told me if he did (and he would have sent me the link, not signed up for me.)
2) This person was HONORED to work with me and my application (I think this is the new "kindly"!)
3) Email address wasn't exactly the usual gibberish, but it definitely wasn't lastname_first name or any variation thereof.
4) Googled the phone number, can't find any place it ties back to, legit business or otherwise.
Reported as phishing. No free fake money for me!
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2023.03.22 06:33 exitpro_software Get Culture Insights Instantly with ExitPro Exit Interview Software eNPS Dashboard

Get Culture Insights Instantly with ExitPro Exit Interview Software eNPS Dashboard

See your new eNPS Dashboard for instant company culture insights. eNPS Dashboard is a temperature check on how many employees “would recommend your organization as a good place to work.” eNPS is defined as the Employee Net Promoter Score. It is a predicative indicator of employee engagement and loyalty based on data from active surveys including exit interviews.
The eNPS Dashboard pulls from every active exit survey where your organization has that question to generate your score. So you can see the widest breadth of your company culture in seconds! You can always filtecut/report by a specific survey, demographic, or your aspects like location, department, division, or title.
An eNPS is divided into 3 categories. These categories help identify your most connected employees, who value what the company provides, verses staff just there to get a paycheck.
The 3 categories are:
  1.  Promoters: "The Cheerleader," which are in green 
  2.  Passives: The "Meh, I could care either way" employees, who are indicated in yellow 
  3.  Detractors: "I am here to get a paycheck" employees, labeled in red 
Click here to see your company’s eNPS. If your ExitPro plan does not include the Analytics Module, contact the exit interview company here https://exitpro.com/exit-interview-experts/.

ExitPro’s secure exit interview software is the leading provider of global exit interviews. Created from the most successful exit interview survey questions, ExitPro automates and streamlines exit interview templates for 50 to 50,000 employees. ExitPro’s one-click exit interview forms are available in 20 languages in 59 countries, with customizable Turnover Reports and Advanced Dashboard analytics to predict staff turnover. Additional Live Voice (phone), SMS Text, & Kiosk services are available.
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2023.03.22 06:33 Miss-Medicated Mini Musk Lollies

This is a bit random. I had totally forgotten about these lollies until the other day. You used to be able to get them at shopping centres. At least in NSW. There would be a dispenser and you would put in $1-2 for some. I used to love them as a kid and I have been looking online for them. The ones I have found are either out of stock or no longer available.
Does anyone know where to get some? I also like the rainbow version. I think they are called mini florals but I prefer the pink musk ones.
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2023.03.22 06:32 un_affiliated Mark mentions himself in the gospel of Mark?

Okay so this might be a stretch, but let me know what you think.
Mark 14. Just after Judas betrays Jesus, Jesus' disciples flee. Then we read verses 51-52:
A young man was following Him, wearing nothing but a linen sheet over his naked body; and they seized him. But he pulled free of the linen sheet and escaped naked
This young man is not mentioned anywhere else in Mark, or the other gospels of Jesus. So who could this be, and why is he mentioned here? Here are some addional clues, which could indicate that this was Mark, and that he was also one of the followers of Jesus.
Mark 10: 46-52. This is the story of the blind man who had faith in Jesus, and asked Him to heal his sight. Only in the Gospel of Mark, is this man given a name; which is Bartimaeus son of Timaeus. And after Bartimaeus' sight was healed he began to follow Jesus.Typically when someone is named, especially with their father's name, they are of some significance to the book. So if Mark was also a follower of Jesus, he could have been on a first name basis with other followers, such as Bartimaeus.
Mark also seems to know a lot about Simon of Cyrene, the man who carried the cross for Jesus. He specifically names his sons Alexander and Rufus, who are also not mentioned in any other Gospel; only in Mark's. They could have been locals of the area, that were acquainted with Jesus's following, or just as likely additional followers of Jesus.
At the very least, we can say that Mark most likely was a follower of Jesus, and possibly the man who ran from Gethsemane.... naked.
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2023.03.22 06:32 Ucanji UCanji: Empowering Young Dancers with Online Hip Hop Dance Classes in Gurgaon and Beyond

UCanji: Empowering Young Dancers with Online Hip Hop Dance Classes in Gurgaon and Beyond
If you're looking for a way to unleash your inner dancer, you're in luck! UCanji is an online dance learning platform that offers a wide range of hip-hop dance classes for all levels, including beginners and kids. With its expert instructors, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment, UCanji is the perfect place to explore your passion for hip-hop dance.

One of the unique features of UCanji is its emphasis on accessibility and convenience. No matter where you are in India, you can easily access UCanji's online dance classes from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi, or any other city in India, you can participate in UCanji's hip-hop dance classes without any hassle.
At UCanji, we understand that learning to dance can be a daunting experience, especially for kids. That's why we've designed our online dance classes to be fun, engaging, and age-appropriate. Our experienced instructors are not only skilled dancers but also excellent teachers who know how to inspire and motivate young learners. With UCanji, your kids will have the opportunity to explore their creativity, build confidence, and develop their coordination and motor skills.
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, UCanji's hip-hop dance classes in Gurgaon and beyond will challenge you and help you grow as a dancer. Our classes cover a range of hip-hop styles, from old school to new school, and are designed to help you master the fundamentals of hip-hop dance, including popping, locking, and breaking.
One of the best things about UCanji is the sense of community that it fosters. When you join our online dance classes, you become part of a vibrant and supportive community of fellow dancers who share your passion for hip-hop. You'll have the opportunity to connect with other dancers, share your progress, and learn from each other.
In conclusion, if you're looking for a way to learn hip-hop dance classes in India, UCanji is the perfect place for you. With its online hip-hop dance classes in Gurgaon and beyond, expert instructors, and commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment, UCanji is the ultimate destination for young dancers who want to explore their creativity, build their skills, and have fun. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for UCanji's online dance classes today!
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2023.03.22 06:32 helpmyassignment160 What is an Assignment Writing Expert and How Does it Actually Work?

What is an Assignment Writing Expert and How Does it Actually Work?

Assignment writing is a service that helps students write their academic papers and assignments. Assignment writing expert services are on the rise and are present in universities, colleges, online learners, and professionals The service is offered by an expert in the field who has already been through the process of writing a paper or assignment. With their expertise, they make sure that you have mastered what needs to be mastered before you hand it over to them.
Assignment writing is so tough for students on their own because they simply don't have the skill set to complete them. This makes document handling, peer review, and resubmission a hassle for the student. Assignment writers can come up with unique ideas that are relevant to their assignment topic and students can get an idea of what they were thinking while they were creating the work.
An Assignment Writing Expert is a writing service that will provide assistance to students who need to complete their assignments on time and with excellent quality. An Assignment Expert will help students brainstorm ideas for their writing assignments, as well as create content for them. The services also include proofreading, editing, and formatting the work of students or completing complex projects or reports that require a lot of research. Students can contact the service at any time to get help and advice on how they can improve their writing skills. The company is able to provide assistance 24/7 with experts available around the clock.
Assignment writing is a challenging task for students. It requires them to combine three separate skills: memorization, higher-order thinking, and creativity. As a result, the average student spends up to 40 hours on this assignment type alone. Because of workloads like these, many students stop trying at all and fail in their education it. One way some colleges are attempting to minimize this issue is by giving assignments that are shorter and require more creativity over memorization or higher-order thinking skills.
There are many benefits to taking assignment services for students' academic needs. One of them is saving time on a high-pressure workload. Some students take time off or go abroad during the breaks and often forget that they still need to be doing their coursework. Meanwhile, assignment services can help them stay on task by not only doing their work for them but also learning new skills as they do it. Another benefit is that you can pass assignments by other services to ensure your grades are not lowered because of plagiarism or low-quality work.
Assignment writing is a stressful and difficult task for students. Doing research, gathering information, finding suitable sources, summarizing them, and crafting the paper into a work report is too much for the students to handle on their own. Assignment writers will accelerate the process of writing essays and other assignment papers by eliminating some tasks and automating others while still retaining the necessary creativity.
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2023.03.22 06:32 xtahse Are there any tips to land an entry-level remote job?

Despite my best efforts, I've had no luck in my search for a remote job.
My experience includes; cleaning, stocking, and customer service. I always went above and above at every job I've ever had. I got absolutely nothing for doing this, but it's simply who I am.
I always tailor my resume to match the job description and write a cover letter. Any tips? Any piece of advice helps.
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2023.03.22 06:32 PelotonMod [WRFL 23] & [WSRFL 23] Results for Trofeo Alfredo Binda

WRFL and WSRFL results for the 2023 Trofeo Alfredo Binda


  • The second monument of the WSRFL season delivered a cracking race. With the exception of players who picked late non-starter Cecile Uttrup, nearly everyone finished in the points!
  • There was a three-way tie for first place! A trio of players finished with 175 points: u/AwakenTheBacon_ was a solo winner with Mavi Garcia while u/MacJokic and u/ZBGT split the spoils from winner Shirin van Anrooij! Congratulations to all of you!
  • Three others managed scores over 100: u/Mjkittens and u/Salty-Level took home 140 points each from second place Elisa Balsamo while u/burden321 earned 112 from Kasia Niewiadoma.

Full Results!

WSRFL Standings
  • u/mcrorigan scored points with Elise Chabbey for the third time and climbed to second in the Love Struck classification, just behind burden123 who leads after scoring points with Niewiadoma for a second time.
  • Mjkittens broke their duck in a big way after making their fifth pick. Meanwhile, burden123 and ZBGT both extended their season opening streaks to seven successful picks! 11 others made their best pick of the year, too.
  • u/KhaledHisham_22 keeps the overall lead, but saw their margin shrink to "only" 300 points!

Complete Standings!

Anyone can join the game! To start playing, send u/Ser-Seaworth or u/GregLeBlonde a message and they will make an code for you!
Entries are already open for Brugge-De Panne on March 23 and Gent-Wevelgem on March 26. Click here to enter!
If you believe there is a scoring error, please message u/GregLeBlonde


  • Predictions. We didn't do so great on this. Only 3 of us picked Shirin van Anrooij on our team at all. We figured the 2nd and the 4th place. Half us had 6 and 10. 0 picks for 3,7,8, & 9!
  • We scored a pretty low average of 36.2
  • Leading the way in this race, u/ZBGT scored 56.2 with this team. Rounding out the podium are u/mcrorigan (54.8) and u/nahgoe16 (53.4)
  • Full results
  • Full GC
  • This race qualifies for Overall, Spring Classics, Veni Vidi Vici, and Better than Vos.
  • You can check your entries in the entry thread.
Flair updates
  • With their podicum our new GC Leader is u/nahgoe16
  • The Points Competition is still u/mmitchell30 with 20. There is now a 3 way time for 2nd with 16 points though.
  • u/MrR2D grabs the Ghost Flair as our previous owner podiumed this race!
  • The race of VVV and Better than Vos have the same races so far. The leader is u/ZBGT Veni, Vidi, Vici Scores
  • Spring Queen is heating up. Current Standings also have nahgoe16 leading that race.
Join us next for Brugges on March 23, and don't forget to participate in WRFL, WSRFL, RFL, SRFL and TFTPT! Plenty of exciting fantasy games hosted right here in peloton and all of them will give you the opportunity to become a Hall of Legends voter!
As always: If you have any concerns about the scoring or about these updates please send a message (not a chat) directly to u/fewfiet or u/iamczecksy or the mod team using the "Message the Mods" button.!
2023 Fantasy Guide
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2023.03.22 06:32 Elhessdi Newcomer to Canada (from US) - what's a good company recruiting engineers or modelers?

Hi neighbors! I work in the US, and my girlfriend got accepted into BCU for a two-year program. It means I will temporarily primarily provide for us two.
The truth is, I'm struggling with student debt, I just finished a PhD in mechanical engineering (emphasis on fluid modeling), so we need money.
If you had to put your ethical considerations aside, what company would you advise to a young motivated engineer?
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2023.03.22 06:32 M4NOOB WH1000-XM4 solution for left ear cup intermittent rattle

Not sure if this is known, the first time I had this issue I googled around and saw some people experience similar issues. However nobody had a solution and some RMAd their headphones.
I then just sucked it up and lived with the rattle. However a few weeks later I wanted to clean my ear cups and after removing them I noticed 3 hair strings wedged between the driver and the plastic holding it.
After removing the hair and putting it back together the rattle sound was also gone!
After just having experiences the rattle again for the first time in a while, I checked for hair on the driver and yes there was one! Removed it and rattle is gone again.
Just thought I'd put it out there if others also experience this
As it's only the left (and online I also saw mentions for left side), I assume hair somehow gets in via the proximity sensor.
TLDR: left ear cup sometimes "rattles"? Remove the ear cup cover and check if there's hair on the driver
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2023.03.22 06:32 leafstub27 male friends coddling me

so I have a few guy friends who I know mean well but this frustrates me so much. They will sometimes talk about "protecting me" and "keeping me safe" and will walk me places, sometimes even in daylight. One of them was even calling me "delicate" and "fragile" which really pissed me off. They're really nice people and I know in my heart they are just trying to help, but it honestly feels shitty to be treated like a helpless child by my male friends. It especially annoys me because I am weak (strength wise) and afraid to go out in certain times/places, but I also don't want to feel like I have to rely on men to be safe. that just makes me feel even more shitty and helpless, especially considering the reason I am afraid to go out at night or alone in some places to begin with is because of men.
Do you guys have experiences like that too? Am I being an asshole?
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2023.03.22 06:32 AdRepulsive1719 Worth trying to compete

18 been training for a bit. Interested in competing but not sure if I’m ready/big enough. Would want to try men’s physique natural show. Would complete a prep and come in leaner possibly hire a coach . Just wondering if there is potential or if I should keep trying to put in more muscle first.Just would like to compete and not stand out and actually be able to be competitive.
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2023.03.22 06:32 trivik0 The following places are nearby Chikmagalur hotels and resorts:

The following places are nearby Chikmagalur hotels and resorts:

Trivik Lodgings and Resorts We explore each chance in offering the best help, eating, and redirection to make your visit a truly critical one. We put sincerely in furnishing you with the best combination of luxury, entertainment, and solace across our properties as a general rule, while faultlessly blending in with our customary normal environmental factors. We guarantee that we care for the environment and live as one with the climate of agreement and peacefulness gave to us by our lovely natural components.
Loosened up walks around thick coffee homes, certain visits, a gathering with copious untamed life, and energetic excursions in the Western Ghats. Hotels in Chikmagalur offer you an unprecedented event understanding
Spots to visit close to Chikmagalur hotels and resorts:
  1. Mullayanagiri Rising above high at 6316 feet, the Mullayanagiri in the Chandra Dhrona Slant Extents of the Western Ghats is the most important top in Chikmagalur, and conceivably the best top between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris. Being one of the most marvelous venturing complaints in Karnataka and South India, people head out from everywhere to experience the dumbfounding nightfalls from the most elevated place of this apex. DISTANCE: 5 KMS from an luxury homestay in Chikmagalur.
  2. Baba Budangiri There is a famous traveling trail between Mullayanagiri and Baba Budangiri. Baba Budangiri is a slant in the Baba Budangiri Mountain Reach and is known for its sacred spot to the Sufi-blessed individual Hazrat Dada Hayat Khalandar. Close by the Mullayanagiri, these zeniths are overall known as Chandradrona Parvatha Shreni (Chandradrona Mountain Reach) as they typically structure the condition of a bow moon. DISTANCE: 15 KMS from luxury hotels in Chikmagalur.
  3. Hebbe Falls A mid-year retreat of Ruler Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, as an indication of respect, is generally called Sri Krishnarajendra Incline Station. Arranged at a level of 1434 meters above sea level, this wonderful region is enclosed by the Baba Budangiri Reach. It displays stunning mountain valley sees and brilliant extravagant nurseries; A land truly befitting a Ruler. DISTANCE: 95 KMS from luxury resorts in Chikmagalur.
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2023.03.22 06:32 jyz_jun Townsend Harris or Bronx Science

Alright so I know it’s been a while since high school results came out, but I’ve been busy with midterms and other school related things (and still am busy with them).
I got into Townsend Harris and Bronx science, which I was extremely happy about, but now I’m more so burdened because I genuinely don’t know which to choose. For me, Townsend is way closer in distance (20-30 mins by bus and roughly the same amount of time by walking) which is why I initially wanted to go there. However, it seems to be more humanities based (which isn’t exactly a strong aspect for me) plus you have to learn two languages, which I’m not sure if I’m capable of doing. On the other hand, Bronx science is pretty far for me (around 1 hr and a half by multiple subways) and if I do choose to attend, then my parents are considering signing me up for a paid bus service (but it’s really expensive considering the span of four years). I just don’t want to come to regret my decision. Everyone I’ve spoken to all have said it’s up to me, which is the truth, but it’s a huge decision that’s gonna dictate a lot of my life.
For anyone who goes to either one of these schools, how is it? How are your grades, when do you typically sleep, how are classes, etc.?
also sorry for the rant lol Thanks in advance :)
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2023.03.22 06:32 Mundane_Ad8680 Should I 30F end my marriage with 34M?

I’m looking for honest advice and honest opinions. I’m feeling very lost and confused right now. My husband and I have been together for about 7 1/2 years and been married for 3.
I want to start by saying, that he has been the most giving, gentle, consistent and overall wholesome person I could’ve ever dreamed to have ended up with. But of course no one is perfect…
As time has moved through our relationship, I find myself becoming somewhat invisible to him. For example, he rarely strikes up conversation with me, or when I try to talk to him he gives me one word responses that do not continue conversation. Sometimes it’s like he sees right through me and doesn’t even look me in the eye. He doesn’t take a lot of initiative when it comes to planning things with me or any other social gatherings. All of this being said he goes out of his way for me in someway almost every day whether that be taking me to and from work or surprising me with treats here and there. Etc. But I can’t help feeling like a piece of furniture collecting dust in his life beyond these things. I even worry if I am the one that’s just completely uninspiring to him in the first place.
Recently, we got into a huge argument.This happened after having sex. (Which he also never initiates, only I do). He went through the motions, but wasn’t engaged, and then couldn’t finish and rolled over without even looking at me. The being completely disengaged has been something that has been happening for a few months now. I asked him for attention, and that I felt like I was being overlooked. He got defensive and told me that all he’s the only one to ever do anything in this relationship, and that our relationship was one-sided. And that even during sex, I was a selfish person, and that I couldn’t even make him orgasm.
This is the first time he has said anything like this about our sex life in particular, but throughout our relationship here and there he has called me things like, “dependent” “lazy” “I’m the only one who works in this household” “I’m the only one who earns money between us” etc. The thing is I do have a job and I do earn money, but I can’t help but feeling that may be he is right about me and I don’t do enough for him. Maybe I’m just not good enough, but this is all I am and I’m doing my best every day and I just feel like a loser. I definitely haven’t been perfect at times I I know I’ve been downright mean to him too.
He has since taken it all back and apologized, like he always does. But for some reason, I just can’t shake it anymore. The “me being selfish/not enough” has now reached out sex life too. I swing between hating myself and believing that I’m not good enough for him even at best or feeling the complete opposite and feeling like it’s him that doesn’t deserve me.
All of this happened a couple months ago. We’re going to couples therapy, but honestly it doesn’t feel like it’s going much of anywhere. My feelings for him have changed, I love him deeply, but I don’t feel romantic towards him anymore, I am too insecure to have sex with him either he’s heartbroken and wishes he could take it all back and he tells me he loves me. He tells me he wants to make me fall in love with him again and that he thinks it’s all fixable. What I truly want is to just be in love, but every time I look at him, I see all of my failures or all of his transgressions towards me. And I’m scared to make any rash decisions.
I am open to advice and opinions or similar stories, if you have them.
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2023.03.22 06:32 DentalPractice_Blog Insights and Strategies for dental practices

As a dental industry professional, I've experienced the challenges dental practices face when it comes to patients paying for their treatment at the time of service. It's not always easy, and sometimes patients can be resistant to the idea.
That's why I wanted to share a resource I recently found helpful: an episode of the Less Insurance Dependence podcast. This episode dives into strategies and insights for dental professionals to overcome patient resistance and encourage payment at the time of service.
Personally, I found the episode to be informative and useful, and I thought it might be beneficial for others in the dental community who are facing similar challenges. You can access the episode at the link below.
Link to the episode
I hope this resource helps you in your practice or even if you're dental student, you can still get valuable information from this podcast
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2023.03.22 06:32 ManicMelancho1ic New Swing Is Pissing Me Off

As the title suggests, my store’s new Swing Manager is pissing me off.
Long ish rant so get ready to read 🧍‍♂️
Today we had him transfer over to our store from a different store in our franchise for reasons that I don’t know about.
For context, I’m a 19 y.o. male working in Western Canada. I picked up a short 12pm-4pm shift earlier today. I came in and we we r so busy (we r walking distance to four schools, two sports arenas, lots of businesses, and next to the City’s busiest freeway). In all this chaos, he tells me to go clean the washrooms. I told him that three other ppl cleaned it before me so it didn’t need to be cleaned, but he insisted that I clean it still, so I oblige, and it took me like two mins to restock the paper towel and wipe the counters. He said, “U were too quick.”, but that’s only cuz it was already clean. So I go back and stand on my phone for like ten mins.
I come back to go on MCDEL and help on FC w a trainee, and he tells me to put a hairnet on. Mind u, I have nothing wrong w wearing a hairnet in the Kitchen or on Fries, but I was doing FC and MCDEL. I was so confused cuz he didn’t have a hairnet on (he was running for DT), and neither did anyone else in FC or DT have a hairnet on, neither did the trainee. I didn’t have time to argue so I threw a hairnet on for like 15 mins to make him happy and then I took it off after cuz I deemed that it was unnecessary to have one on.
I walk by him and he gets mad saying, “Hey, u threw ur hairnet away. Go put another one on.”, again, although I was pissed and confused, it was busy and I had no time to argue.
Fast forward, and I’m running for McDelivery (DoorDash, UberEats, etc.). I’m doing great managing the orders myself and then he comes up to me and says, “I’ll take it from here, go on Fries.” Now, we have no DT Runner during the lunch rush. While I’m on fries, there’s one trainee doing FC, the Swing Mngr is doing MCDEL, and our DT times are in red. I don’t mind wearing a hairnet on Fries, but in my opinion, the trainee should be on Fries, he should be the DT Runner, and I should be on MCDEL and FC. But that’s just my opinion as a Team Leader (called an “Area Leader” at some stores).
Fast forward, and I’m on BDAP (which is basically the drinks station). I’m doing my best making all these hot and cold drinks and milkshakes and smoothies all while taking orders on lane two. He comes up to me, and tells me to, “We r in red, get us out of red.” At that point, I’m all like ??? Cuz first he tells me to clean the already clean washrooms then to put on a hairnet for FC and MCDEL. And then he takes me off MCDEL/FC to go on Fries, making the Presenter do Running and Presenting, and has a trainee to FC all by himself. THEN, he takes me off Fries to go on BDAP, and tells ME to get us out of red, even tho he was the one who left his station.
I did lots of looking around and I was the only one who was being treated like this by him. In my opinion, I just think it was unfair to be singled out like that and to be blamed for a problem that he created. I’m tryna give him the benefit of the doubt cuz he just coulda been stressed on his first day at his new store, but if he continues I do plan to talking to him about it cuz it was really annoying
Anyways. Rant is done 😅
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2023.03.22 06:32 8thPaperFold I am a student from Mexico trying to write a chronicle about life in the Philippines, I am looking for students who want to support me in this

Hi, my name is Fernando and im a student from the Universidad Autónoma de México, specifically from the History department.
Long story short, i was assigned this homework about chronicles, and i decided to make one about the daily life of filipinos, and how it relates to the daily life of a Mexican (since we have so many similarities and sole converging history)
I just need some people willing to talk about their commute, their favorite food, the elderly, the young, all those small things that ya'll do from day to day.
I post this here because i think students will be the most relatable 😊
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2023.03.22 06:32 _______spidget Questions about shipping a small desktop computer (and some other things)

I have a Hyte Revolt 3 PC that I need to ship to a different location. I still have the original box and was planning to put it in there to ship it in.
Should I worry about taking anything out of this PC before I ship it? I know that it would potentially be an issue in a normal-sized PC, but since the computer is always standing up with the GPU facing downward, I feel like there wouldn't be any issues, but I want some other opinions.
Also, who should I go to for shipping this + about 8 other boxes of electronics/other stuff?
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2023.03.22 06:32 Uniezinha Searching a MV kpop who takes place at a wedding and the groom falls in love with the singer

i spent my night looking for this clip and i cant find a hit
is a solo kpop singer who, as the title says, is at a wedding and the groom keeps looking at her as if he has fallen in love with her
Please help
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2023.03.22 06:31 foxxyfafalove99 If people on r/askteengirls voted this is it fair to say she is average

She is black and pics were posted of her on different ages. She lives in a predominantly white and Asian city and has been fat for about 10-15 years now. On askteengirls a poll was posted asking who is more attracted to her (white or Asian) and there were 4 votes for “white,” 2 for Asian, and 1 for “neither”
She is 49 years old in the most recent photos
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2023.03.22 06:31 meeseeksab8rway Unable to complete Ashen Heart?

I've been Googling for hours and I cannot figure out how to finish Ashen Heart. When I attempt to put the masks on the mannequins in the Ashfalls Tear armory it tells me they're quest items and cannot be removed from my inventory.
After getting frustrated enough I cheated and used commands to walk through the gate and get the note, and the game then told me to k*ll the priest of Dagoth Ur, but when I go to the graveyard the priest isn't there.
And yes, I already finished the prerequisite quest Ghost of the Tribunal
I can only assume that without the masks being placed and the gate properly opened that the quest will not progress, but it won't let me do that.
Any ideas?
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