Why do chinchillas hold things

Cats bite anything, everything.

2018.08.08 22:50 CaptainDroopers Cats bite anything, everything.

Photos and videos of cats biting things.

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The sub that asks, "Why do people do the things they do?"

2013.11.20 22:18 IAMmojo DiWHY

Ever try fixing things on your own? Didn't come out the way they were supposed to? Do you stand there questioning your whole life? If so, post your results here to DiWHY (Pronounced: Dee Eye WHY). Where shitty projects from DIY live prosperously. If at any time you feel that a specific post isn't living up to the sub (be gentle as this is a humor sub, not meant to be taken seriously), please feel free to report (give exact reason) and let your voice be heard with downvotes and comments.

2023.03.25 03:04 Ned_Jr I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

The past week I finally started to commit to God. Everything I was hooked on from Videogames, secular music, porn/lewd stuff, food etc. I'm going for one clear sweep to get this stuff outta my life. Through these positive changes and reading my Bible more I feel better though, I've slipped up a few times but I'm not giving up.
I've been watching and listening to Christian videos, and a vast majority feel like we're in the last days and I'm inclined to agree, before, when I was living of the world, I would skip these videos. It's hard to talk to my family about this, talking to older people where I'm from, people seem to not take stuff seriously because they experienced things when they were young, so I guess they feel like they're an expert in everything I try to talk about.
I want my family to be safe spiritually and physically. It's maddening almost because I feel like I can't get through to them. I've learned so much this past week from other people but my folks write it off as Internet conspiracy. They don't believe the famine that is to come, the war on our health etc. They watch the news all day and blame everything on certain politicians and continue to do the same stuff. This post is long enough but I just want some thoughts. How do you all feel about events going on?Are you having a hard time convincing others?
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2023.03.25 03:04 caramelcornz why do some people make it seem like you’re weak for blocking an abusive ex?

i see things like “you won if they blocked you” or “you hurt them so bad that they had to block you” like it’s something to be proud of… how am i weak for protecting myself? how am i seen as a “weak” person if i went through years of mental torture by a person and finally got the courage to cut them out?
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2023.03.25 03:04 Bitter_Key1253 Aero position on the hoods vs aero bars

Which one is more aero and more comfortable? If the aero position on the hoods is good enough, why do people install aero bars? Is that only because it's easier to hold that position for longer?
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2023.03.25 03:03 JoeDonnell1 Do you enjoy time alone and if so why?

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2023.03.25 03:03 crystal_plays280 I'm worried everything is my fault

I really hope my friends don't find this haha it be really embarrassing if they did.
I've been talking to this new person and I really genuinely like talking to them, I appreciate their time and everything but I constantly worry maybe im doing something to make them uncomfortable, maybe there's something about me that's quite annoying to them. they haven't been feeling the best and I tried my best to be supportive and check up on them, help in anyway I can, I'm sort of worried Im just annoying or burdening them.
I truly do care and wish to help though, awhile ago they asked me for some space cause they weren't feeling well, I asked how long they needed and there were no more responses after that. I just left a long message supporting and wishing them well. I've asked some other people and they tell me I haven't really done anything wrong, all I did was try to be supportive and help even if at times I kept messeging to check up on them.
So I have asked them if perhaps there's something with me and they said no, that should be enough I guess but I still overthink it
I guess right now I'm super worried that they won't chat me back or talk to me again, I'm worried they'd forget to talk to me after awhile, I really badly wished I knew what to do I wanna fix things I wish I could talk but I know right now I'm not needed. I wish I understood more about everything but I don't.
It's been a day, I don't know if they're feeling okay or not still but I doubt whatever they're going through is something that takes a short amount of time, i really am hoping they're alright, I'm worried abt them. I'll try not to but I can't help but worry it's so hard.
Some friends told me I should just wait for them to talk to me again or to chat, that seems logical but I don't know I'm really worried they'd forget about me and not talk to me again,or not wanna be around me again, I don't know how long I can take waiting I mean I'm not rushing them by all means but, I guess the wait is sort of making me think too much, I tried doing other things to help it's sort of hard.
Oh and I got like quizzes next week to study for and it's sort of hard to focus, I have so much schoolwork it's really drowning me. It's tough all of this is tough. I wish I knew what to do, does anyone know what I should do please?
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2023.03.25 03:03 kayenano The Villainess Is An SS+ Rank Adventurer: Chapter 3

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Juliette Contzen is a lazy, good-for-nothing princess. Overshadowed by her siblings, she's left with little to do but nap, read … and occasionally cut the falling raindrops with her sword. Spotted one day by an astonished adventurer, he insists on grading Juliette's swordsmanship, then promptly has a mental breakdown at the result.
Soon after, Juliette is given the news that her kingdom is on the brink of bankruptcy. At threat of being married off, the lazy princess vows to do whatever it takes to maintain her current lifestyle, and taking matters into her own hands, escapes in the middle of the night in order to restore her kingdom's finances.
Tags: Comedy, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Copious Ohohohohos.

Chapter 3: Kingdom In Debt
There were more empty chairs than usual today.
Dinner was becoming a rather solitary affair, wasn't it? In my memories, I could hear the grandstanding and the laughter as my brothers and sisters fought, argued, laughed, and did something that was a mixture of all three.
That was many years ago now.
A tragic thought, considering I surely wasn't old enough to be able to look back on times gone by. Yet time ran swiftly for royalty. Especially at dinner.
I placed my napkin down on my plate, satisfied at a meal shorn of any wonky carrots, if not the crumbliness of the sweet potatoes.
The plates belonging to my mother and father were long cleared. Clarise was dining alone in the observatory, dabbling as she did in her trinkets and toys. The rest were working. Dinner, still. But working dinners nonetheless.
My eldest siblings were enamoured with politics, and were thus exempt from our mother and father's fussing. Even without being given the choice, they would dine with the daughters and sons of the Ducal Houses.
Already, there were rumours of factions as influence ebbed and flowed between them.
I didn't believe any of it, of course. In other nations, other kingdoms, perhaps. But not this one. House Contzen did not do in-fighting. Except when Roland let out the most abominable of smells while sharing a carriage with Tristan. Then there was blood. Usually when Mother put a stop to it.
Otherwise, we were well behaved … if not exactly normal.
Yes, even for someone as far removed from normality as I, even I could recognise that what I was seeing in front of me was not normal. And I was not referring to the untouched confit de canard braised with hot oranges. No, that was just eccentric. And disgusting. Please don't ever make it again.
No, what I knew was not normal … was the 14 layer cake that was threatening to either touch the ceiling or collapse the table beneath its weight.
“Did you enjoy today's gratin dauphinois de patates douces, dear?” asked Mother, beaming with excitement as she lowered her teacup. She'd finished drinking it over ten minutes ago. “The spring harvest is truly bearing fruit this year. Everything was delectable.”
Next to her, Father gave a chuckle as he toyed with an orange from the fruit basket. I wondered if that's why they all tasted somewhat shrivelled up.
“The stewards say that this year's yields will be our finest yet,” he said. “The markets will be teeming with people from all across the continent for our seasonal wares.”
I cocked my head and gave a puzzled smile. Wasn't that what the stewards said last year? And the year before last?
If so, it'd mean that quantity was truly no replacement for quality. What good was more food if I could only stomach less of it? The bourguignon d'agneau was overdone, the gougeres were dry and the oeufs en meurette were the consistency of tepid pond water. How could I live in these conditions?
Why, if I didn't know better, I'd almost say that the food tasted ... old. It's a wonder I was still alive!
“That brings joy to my heart,” I replied, pushing my semi-emptied plate away. A maid immediately scooped it up and retreated to the kitchens. “Our beautiful kingdom can only be made richer still by the presence of so many curious visitors experiencing the fruits of our labours.”
“Well spoken, my dear. Wealth begets wealth. Ours is a prosperous land. And it is only both wise and fair that it's enjoyed by people from across every realm.”
My father smiled with unabashed enthusiasm. I couldn't help but smile in return. Even though I knew that we were simply avoiding the main subject here.
The extremely gaudy 14 layer cake smothered in cream and strawberries.
“Mother, Father.” I let out a small cough. “The cake. I can't help but notice that the maids began assembling it during dinner.”
“Oh, goodness, did you notice?” said Mother, looking sheepish. “I hope it didn't ruin the surprise. I actually hoped that the construction process would have been rather more discreet.”
“No, Mother, they were very discreet. Why, when the topmost layer began toppling over, I barely noticed as three of the maids locked arms to prevent a collapse, while another utilised a halberd from the wall to lodge it back into position.”
My mother let out a sigh of relief.
“Good, good. Then I suppose it hasn't all been to waste.”
“That would depend. The question needs to be asked. Why, Mother and Father, do we have such an extravagant cake prepared?”
“For you, of course!”
Both Mother and Father smiled at me. I smiled back, as all my tutelage taught me. I was quite proud of this. Because inside, I wasn't smiling. Oh no. Not at all. I was peering down a chasm as wide as the ground once this table inevitably collapsed under the weight of this cake.
Because as certain as the fact that all the maids had conspicuously retreated from the hall, a cake on a day where no cake should be served was the guillotine for my good, if slightly strange day.
“I see.” I swallowed. Hard. “Thank you. It looks wonderful.”
“You're very welcome, dear. The strawberries are your favourite variety. And the cream was only whipped minutes before the cake was assembled.”
“Yes, the gleam is very enticing. However, I must apologise. The occasion has completely evaded me. If I may be so bold as to ask, why are you gifting me with such a luxurious cake, topped with my favourite strawberries and freshly whipped cream?”
My mother elbowed my father, who elbowed my mother, who kneed my father, who shouldered my mother, who headbutted my father.
“My dear,” said Father, his eyes spinning slightly. “Do you remember Duke Hallingsey?”
“I do. He visited two years ago. His beard left a strange trail on the floor as he walked. I could not tell whether it was hair or something living inside it.”
“That's the fellow! And what do you think about his son?”
“I'm afraid I didn't meet him. He was, if I recall, too busy introducing himself to the statues in the gardens. Should I ask them if he was charming?”
My father's smile quivered momentarily. I couldn't tell if he was struggling to maintain his forced expression, or if I'd simply said something to actually amuse him.
“Darling,” said Mother. “Duke Hallingsey's son is a worthy match for you. Although it's true that in the past he was known for his eccentricities, he has been tempered into a fine young man. Just as you are a fine young lady. All we're asking for is a meeting.”
“A meeting.”
“Just a meeting?”
“Just a meeting. And also marriage plans.”
“I see. Thank you, Mother and Father. It's as you say, the son of Duke Hallingsey is a fine match. I will, of course, consider this meeting in due course. Once I've made my decision, I'll inform you immediately.”
I nodded, smiled, and rose from my—
Rose from my—
Rose from—
I looked down.
Hmm. Interesting. I wasn't rising from my seat.
Despite my legs clearly working to eject me from this chair, the fact remained that I was firmly stuck to it. Only the chair itself moved, its heavy wooden frame budging by approximately half an inch as I forced my muscles to push against what felt like a wall.
I smiled at my parents.
“Why am I stuck to this chair?”
Mother leaned forwards and cut a small slice of cake. She placed it over a plate, considered me, then began nibbling on the end instead.
A wise choice. Offering me the cake would have been offering me a weapon.
“A troll caravan visited the villa earlier. They touted us a new invention created by the greatest minds of the Mage's Guild. The traders called it … what was it, darling?”
“Super glue.”
“Yes, that's it. Super glue. Its efficacy is stunning, wouldn't you say? It creates an unbreakable bond between almost any material. Why, we even managed to fix the crookedness of your grandfather's portrait. It no longer tilts on its own.”
Crank. Crank. Crank.
I scraped the chair across the marble floor as I forced it to move one chair leg at a time.
“Yes, highly impressive,” I replied. “Almost as much as your attempts to marry me off.”
“Really, dear!” said Mother. “There could be worse matches. If Duke Hallingsey's son isn't quite your cup of tea, then there's also—”
“Neither Clarise nor Florella are married. And Roland and Tristan's engagements are indefinitely postponed.”
“Your brothers and sisters are working hard to secure the future prospects of this kingdom in their own ways, dear. It's not necessary for them to remove themselves from a table they may still use for their advantage.”
“I can do that when I'm older. The same as them. Why is this being discussed now? What is this about? This is quite clearly out of the blue. Your last attempts to marry me off at least came with a hint of subtlety.”
“Oh? You actually knew?” Mother's eyes lit up with triumph as she turned to Father. “You see? I told you she wasn't tone deaf to social nuance. She was just being difficult.”
“I'm not tone deaf and I'm not difficult,” I said, continuing to noisily slide my chair towards the nearest door. “Now, why are we, and I mean the both of you, suddenly seeking a marriage arrangement for me?”
My mother looked at my father. This was all the bad news she was willing to give.
“We're bankrupt,” he cheerfully said, before accepting a piece of the cake being offered by my mother. “Gosh, we overpaid for these strawberries, didn't we?”
“Dry as a wicker basket. I told you so, darling.”
“I apologise. Next time, do ignore me if I try to go with my gut instincts. You need to be more incessant.”
“I try. But you've failed so much with your gut instincts that you're always convinced the next will be correct.”
“Well, a streak has to break at some point, doesn't it?”
“Mother! Father!”
I slammed my palms down on my thighs. I could hear the glue setting even further. My regret was deep.
“How are we bankrupt?! Do you mean to say that we're … that we're … poor?!”
Father nodded as he slid a crystal glass of amber wine towards himself.
I almost fainted on the spot. Although I wasn't sure how much of it was due to physical exertion. Chairs were remarkably heavy.
“The truth is that the previous years have been rather difficult for the kingdom, dear. The promised crop yields never materialised. Ships have ceased to trade at our ports owing to the pirates in our straits. Rival criminal syndicates plague the capital and monsters stalk the open roads, all the while our soldiers must stand vigilant against the continued skirmishes on our eastern border. Our forests are beset with unfathomable snow and a hole into the abyss has been discovered in our mines. Oh, and Duke Valence is in open revolt. Really, it's been one thing after another. We've done what we can do stifle the effects. But there is only so much we can do. Our vaults are now empty. Would you like a slice of cake?”
I stopped skidding forwards, then slowly, twisted my chair around.
This … This sounded awful?!
“Why didn't I hear about this before?!”
My father smiled kindly at me.
“There was no need to tell you, dear. And in truth, we may well have not needed to. Your brothers and sisters are securing alliances, loans and deals as we speak. There are promising winds, if nothing more. If all goes well, then perhaps this marriage proposition is not needed, after all.”
My arms fell to the chair's sides.
My brothers and sisters. So they knew. But of course they did. They were the shining stars of the kingdom. And what was I, but a princess in her tower?
I thought back to the days of sloth I enjoyed. To the scandals and the villainy I read about in my books. To the countless hours I'd spent tending to the apple trees, napping in the grass and shooing away any force of nature that dared disturb me. I … well, I did not regret a single moment of any of that.
But I did feel terrible. I wasn't a help. I was a burden.
This … This cannot be allowed to continue!
I am Juliette Contzen … and I refuse to be poor! I had ... I had living standards to maintain!
“I understand, Mother, Father. Please rest assured that I'll devote all thought towards restoring our family's … no, our kingdom's finances. As your daughter ... and as the 3rd princess to the throne, I solemnly promise that I will not permit our noble country to fall into the throes of destituteness.”
The expressions on my parents' faces were brighter than even my sword, which had lit up the orchard as though I were wielding a star.
In that moment, I knew what I had to do.

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2023.03.25 03:03 Dalejrfan5150 Kinda a dumb question but why do diesels make a metal sound when turning off? Even newer ones seem to do it (although much more quieter)

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2023.03.25 03:03 Bitchnah101 Need help with My Mini Australian Shepherd.

My Adult Dog Winchester whom I got sometime last year. Who's a very good boy. Stays near me whenever possible and follows me around and always stays close. He's been well trained before I got him and I'm still learning the commands he had been taught before I had got him. But a problem has occurred, He runs up to strangers and sometimes strangers with dogs, and just, barks? He ain't aggressive about It, and he doesn't go all up in their face. He keeps a safe distance away. But he just keeps doin It?? I'm planning to keep him on a leash soon, but It kind of upsets me that I even have to do It. Before I adopted him he was always caged up, I don't want him to feel like that ever again and It wouldn't be fair to him If My Other Dog, a German Shepherd Puppy, could run around freely and he couldn't. We Live In a very Lazy type of town, but also Active? There are a lot of dog walkers around the neighborhood but you won't see many people out on their porches or having parties or things like that. I don't worry for our dogs' safety around the streets either because It's a one-way street, nobody ever really goes through our street either, and the dogs all know not to go into the street at all.
But Winchester just keeps on running over to people or people with dogs and just barking at them. The last straw was when he ran up to a person with a Great Dane and he just wouldn't back off. I couldn't get him to come to me or anything when usually just saying or shouting his name is all it would take. The Great Dane was well-trained and also a Very Good Boy. But I felt bad that My Dog had spooked the owner and her dog.
I plan to take him to get a training evaluation and then actual training if everything goes well. I was originally planning to get a training evaluation for my Puppy and some actual training for him. But he's not a desperate case, He's doing good with our own personal training and he listens perfectly. Winchester though is a Desperate case, Cause I have no Idea what I am getting into anymore with him. I have no Idea about any of his previous training and I have no Idea why He could be doing the whole running up to people and their dogs and just barking! Does anyone have any Idea what I'm dealing with? Why he could be doing this? Am I Not doing a good job at making him feel Safe? Is My High Stress Levels affecting his Behavior? What am I doing wrong that could be causing this??
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2023.03.25 03:03 your-fav-throwaway How am I doing financially? Currently trying to see if I’m on the right path

About Me
Total Debts - ~$7,000
Net Worth - $300
I currently use the zero budget approach to budgeting, which basically means all the money I net is allocated to something different. I will define which ones are fixed & which are one sinking funds/variable. Keep in my mind, this only includes my full time job. I do not include my second job as that income varies. I budget every two weeks, and split all my bills into half payments. The numbers listed are the half payments. My current deductions from my full time job include: 7% 401k, dental insurance, medical insurance, accidental insurance, critical illness insurance, and vision insurance. My job pays short/long term disability insurance in full as well as our life insurance policy. After my deductions, I’m left with $1,101.00 biweekly, which is broken into the following:
** Please note fixed expenses are ones that have no to little wiggle room and cannot be adjusted; sinking funds are ones that either adjust depending on how much I use; and carry over to the next pay day. If I use less one pay period, I have more the next, and they slowly build over time.
Rent (fixed): $350 (I pay $700/month - no utilities includes)
Food (sinking): $115
Hygiene (sinking): $20
Entertainment (sinking): $25
Car insurance (fixed): $100
Gas (sinking): $50
Car Maintenance (sinking): $33
Subscriptions (sinking): $30
Life Insurance (fixed): $25
Renters Ins. (fixed): $5
IRA: Not contributing
Any Debt (sinking): $36
College (fixed): $136
Coffee (sinking): $5
Emergency Fund (fixed): $15
Health insurance: Covered thru my job.
Utilities (sinking): $60
Car Payment (fixed): $96
So I guess my big question is: How am I doing, and how can I improve?
What should I do with the extra income outside of my budget? For example, my second job? The extra income when my deductions are not taken out (twice a year)? Should I work on building my 3-month emergency fund?
I have a couple of goals I would like to work on. I want to save enough money towards a down payment on a home. At the bare minimum, $12k. My income should increase over the next few years; in todays income standards, I’ll go from 39.5k to almost 60k if things pan out right.
I also want to be debt free in two years, which should be doable if I knock it our using the funds from my 2nd job. I have no plans on buying a new car until my current car is dug into the ground. My current car payment will be utilized towards a bigger car maintenance/car buying fund, and my IRA when my car is paid in full.
Closing Notes
A few things to add;
I do not pay for a phone plan. My father handles that, and I don’t see myself coming off his plan any time soon.
My apartment does not have a washedryer, but I’m able to do my laundry at my parents once a week.
My job reimburses the costs for two of my classes a semester as long as I get a C or higher, however, I do not rely on that.
Any thoughts or recommendations for me?
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2023.03.25 03:02 Medical-Support-4489 Is this normal?

I (16F) got my period when I was 10 and it's always been excruciatingly painful. Along with sharp cramps, I also get long and painful stoumach aches that feel like my guts are being ripped out of my body and the only thing that even slightly helps it is pepto bismol.
It's so bad that I know when my period starts by me waking up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain. I literally can't do anything for the first few days of my period because of how much pain I am in, all I can do is sleep and cry while waiting for the pain to go away
When I was joking with my sister about how much I hate how painful periods are, she told me it's not supposed to be anywhere near that painful?
I should also mention that my period is also very irregular, sometimes it won't come for months and it lasts anywhere from 4-10 days
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2023.03.25 03:02 Throwaway_urtrash3 “If you’re so scared of him, why do you live in the same town then?”

A sentence said by my (F20) sister (F19) literally 10 minutes ago. “You’re paranoid” “You’re over reacting” “Why’d you stay then?” “That didn’t happen” “It is what it is, it’s what you wanted” Why are you saying those things to me?
Story: In July of 2020 I left my abusive partner I had since January of 2020. Since the breakup, even two years later, he has been finding ways to physically, or psychologically intimidate me. Stalking, 3rd party rumors, death threats, swerving his car into my lane with my daughter (not his) in the car, running my family & Friends off of roads etc. I have PTSD, still, 2 years later.
After the latest incident I decided to apply for a domestic restraining order. He didn’t show up to court. So, Thursday, I was granted an 18 month restraining order with the ability to extend if necessary. Since he’s been a subject recently, my sister has been speaking about him to her significant other. Asking me questions about him so she can “look him up” etc. (she has a history of having intercourse with my exes, spreading rumors and constantly making fun of me/bullying me about this situation behind my back. I was also accused of being on drugs). I know she’s wanting this information so she can do her own “research” and start drama, tell her friends and what not. But she doesn’t understand how dangerous this is. She doesn’t understand why she needs to keep her damn mouth shut about him to anyone. He’s dangerous, so much more than any of my family know. And if he even gets a hint that someone close to me is talking about him, it will cause unpredictable hell for anyone involved. Upon trying to explain this to her, she stated I am paranoid. Court day, when I explained I was afraid to go, she stated “it is what it is, it’s what you wanted”. When I told her I cried after the order was approved, she said “what? Why?” In an judgmental, snotty tone.
Why don’t they get it, Reddit? What are they not understanding? How do they not know we don’t want to talk about it? How do they not understand it’s not safe for THEM to talk about it? How do they not know what it triggers for us?
TL;DR sister is insanely dismissive of my domestic violence situation. She doesn’t car, and bullies me for it. She is disrespectful and digs for information. She has never been able to be trusted with information as she opens her mouth to literally everyone, and she doesn’t understand that in this case it could put her in physical danger.
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2023.03.25 03:02 abc123def321g Women, why do you think men will date one girl and marry the other?

Not talking about casual dating but like dudes who have had long-term relationships just to dump it and marry someone else in a short period of time.
They never seem to completely get over the previous relationship but don't want to stay committed to it either.
I've seen this on several occasions and I can't help but feel bad for the wife and the ex girl.
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2023.03.25 03:02 JD_Pliskin Why do we suffer. I cannot play an MGS game without torturing myself with a BB run

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2023.03.25 03:02 delaneyfrye Best friend in town recommendations

Looking for recommendations for tomorrow and Sunday to do with my best friend in town! We have the zoo so far and powells bookstore. Any events, breweries, brunch, lunch and dinner spots, or things to do recommendations?
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2023.03.25 03:02 isodonedistime I can tell he's been drinking tonight from his texting..

UGH🙄 every Friday lately is a 50/50 shot he'll be drinking. Insecure constant texts that aren't making sense.. looking to pick a fight it seems. I guess the smart thing to do is put the phone down for the night (and wake up to a lovely smattering of missed calls and mean texts just for me not responding).. his codependency really comes out when he drinks. Which doesn't feel fair since I'm already struggling to deal with my own because of him.
Would ALSO love to text him back "cool, I can tell you've been drinking" but that's just the firestarter he's looking for isn't it. Then he can pretend I did something worth fighting about for daring to accuse him of drinking when he is.
On the other hand I'll still get chewed out for going to bed and not responding. Suck suck suck.
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2023.03.25 03:02 OkBelt686 What's the most absurd thing you've ever agreed to do for a friend?

What's the most ridiculous outfit you've ever worn in public and why did you choose to wear it?
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2023.03.25 03:02 Zestyclose_Cat6494 Why am I making memes right now? I have stuff to do

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2023.03.25 03:02 we-could-be-heros Growing up?

Growing up is a part of life that we all go through but honestly I've been feeling like the more u grow up the less u care and the less u fight for small details or for what u want.
U simply look for what makes u comfortable even if its not the right thing to do u start ditching most of ur connections and friendships and maybe limit all ur social life to 3 or 2 friends other than ur family.
As an example one time I was looking at a place and I was impressed and dreaming about working there it became true after a couple of years and now I don't see it like I used to be its like shit I gotta go there to spend 9 hours with ppl I don't like in return for money lol.
Is this normal at this point?
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2023.03.25 03:01 Several-Highway-6394 Should I (19F) break up with my boyfreind (20M) because he's not doing well in school?

Throw away account. I 19 F and my boyfreind 20 M have been dating for ove a year and a half now, and been freinds for longer, we have been in a long distance realtionship but met in person at the same highschool and are now both in college. He is my first ever relationship, which is why when we were first getting involved I thought to myself that this wouldn't be long term, and I was waiting for something to happen to end the relationship, but we had really good communication with each other and were able to tough it out through any rough patches that we had. At the begining when I asked about his dreams and ambitions he said he wanted to be in the NFL, and anyone would be skeptical of this being a plan A, but I fully beleived in him, I really did. However, in the time that I have known him he has not shown any real progress in accomplishing that goal, as well as not show any real drive for it, by only working out on his own maybe about once every two weeks. He missed try outs the first year he was there because he didn't find out soon enough when they would be held, and this year they aren't being held, so he has to wait till next season again. But also I should mention he's not completley stupid, he obviously had a plan B going into such a risky career, which was Areospace engineering. He didn't take any advanced classes in highschool saying, "he wanted his senior year to be easy as possible", which would be fine, but not for something as advanced as engineering, let alone literal rocket science. But he pursued it none the less and found himself miserably failing, barely passing his base chem class and math, and is taking physics 1 for the 3rd time and still failing. Recently he has decided to change his major, probably the best decision, but he hasn't really lowered the bar for himself, choosing to go into criminal law with the hopes of being an FBI special agent. I do not beleive he has enough motivation or drive complete such a loughty goal. And on top of all of this, over the spring break when we got to be in person, I decided I wanted to have serious conversation with him, about our future together, and how it might look. In the past over the phone, he has turned away wanting to speak about future plans as he "feels rushed" and "wants to live in the moment", but when I finally was able to speak about it with him he again shut me down, however he did ask me that if he were to make it to the NFL if I would go with him across the country, I essentially told him no, because I have planned on staying closer home and don't really want to move out of state, I feel bad but he started crying, demanding I take him home, and later got him to tell me that he was considering breaking up with me right then and there. He obviously didn't, but I keep thinking about the fact he was willing to leave me behind because I didn't want to conform to his dream, that he is barely even putting any work into. He is a C average student at the most and I am an A student, going to graduate in only 3 years of being at school, and he is now looking at being in school for a total of 6 years. I'll be graduating before him and have to live on my own for awhile, but I'm worried that based on his behaviors and priorities that he is just going to use me as a crutch, and is going to put in the same amount of effort that I am into our relationship let alone his own life and career. I've been going back and forth on whether to leave him for awhile, and I keep coming to the answer "no" but the doubt won't leave my mind. He's done nothing wrong to me and been nothing but kind supportive and loving, but our futures just aren't lining up. He says that its not right to end the relationship just based on something that could happen in the future and should wait to cross that bridge when we get there, but also I don't want to waste away my time just for everything to crash and burn. Everyone I explain the situation to says that I should leave, including my family, I just don't feel that he deserves that pain or hurt simply because I think he's failing in school. Should we break up?
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2023.03.25 03:01 tCanadensis Account Issue

I’ve had a ROTH ira account setup for a few months now and today I decided I wanted to move my day to day investment funds from Robinhood and set up an individual brokerage account with Schwab so I have my things all under one app.
I opened an individual brokerage account on the website and was puzzled to find that it was nowhere to be found on my account. I thought maybe something went wrong so I opened another one and nothing. Then I checked my app and noticed two individual brokerage accounts along with my ROTH.
Any idea why my individual brokerage accounts won’t show up on the website but show up on the app? I want to set up some direct deposit things and also be able to view those accounts on the website. Will try calling customer service in the morning but figured I’d try here too. Thanks for any help
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2023.03.25 03:01 BinaryEvangelist Farm? to Table... Counter to Table 😎

Farm? to Table... Counter to Table 😎
Fun video I made while making a snack for my kiddo from my Aerogarden Harvest Strawberries. While I love subscribers, one thing I've tried to do is make advertisements for Hydroponics in general and draw people in to at home hydroponic growing. Would love to know your thoughts, or join in making cute videos like this (feel free to share!) 🙂 let's make more friends join our addictive plant growing ranks.
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2023.03.25 03:01 FazeWeelchair i'm here for anyone if you need someone to talk to! i'm also able to voice chat (18M) [friendship]

a little background on me is that I was born with a disability which put me in a wheelchair, it's always been hard for me to find friends irl so I came here! Some of my favorite things to do are play video games and meet new people.
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