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Western Frontier Traders: The Best Range of Jewellery Supplies in Australia

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Candida, IBS, Crohn, etc

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A subreddit dedicated to pictures, care, and anything relating to lucky bamboo. Also known as curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo, or friendship bamboo.

2023.03.30 14:20 Different-Leg-5999 Diagnoses that have lasting impact on record

Hi everyone :) i’m about to graduate my counseling program and have been practicing individual therapy at a group practice, which i’ll continue to do post graduation. I just read a comment on a previous post here that said diagnoses like PTSD can impact a persons ability to get life insurance in the future. Id like to know, are there any other diagnoses I should be extremely cautious and mindful about giving for similar reasons? Professors and supervisors have said things in passing on this topic, but i’d love to hear what everyone here thinks.
Right now i’m in this weird grey zone where i’m being taught how to give someone an accurate diagnosis, but cautioned about how certain diagnoses could impact a person. Like, if the client is struggling with anxiety due to PTSD, but they meet criteria for GAD as well, is it best to just give them a GAD diagnosis, and address the PTSD in sessions, without applying a diagnosis? How important is it to be “right” when diagnosing a client, if the diagnosis itself could cause damage to the person, effectively breaking the “do no harm” guideline? am i thinking too much? should i put down the coffee?
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2023.03.30 14:20 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator Course (Here)

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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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2023.03.30 14:19 Sufficient_Pie_8434 Get Love problem solution in Delhi NCR by experienced Astrologers

Get Love problem solution in Delhi NCR by experienced Astrologers
Mahakali Jyotish Kendra is the best place to get love problem in Delhi NCR. We have a great experienced astrologer in Mahakali Jyotish Kendra who can deeply analyze your situation and solve your love problems. Their guidance gives you inner relaxation and you can see the effects shortly. Our customers are enthusiastic about our services. Please contact us at +91 9818321754 for more information.

love problem solution in Delhi NCR, love problem solution in Delhi
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2023.03.30 14:19 DiligentPeak2107 26M London, UK. Positivity Anyone?

Everything seems to be so negative lately. Cost of living crisis, global warming, inflation and war. Everyone is so bloody miserable and I am fed up of it.
For me life has never been better and I want to be able to share the best years of my life so far with people who are worth my time.
I am 26 living in the UK and really just want to make new connections with people wherever you may be. I am happy to share a photo to prove I'm real and we can voice chat if you prefer.
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2023.03.30 14:19 lilpmoney420 Independence of the Seas... tips and drinking package?

Hi everyone! I've been surfing cruise critic and youtube for helpful tips for the independence but I haven't been able to find anything worth while (except a giant ship tour which is helpful).
But my best friend and I are taking a quick 3 day cruise to celebrate our 30th birthdays and I was wondering if anyone has sailed on the Independence recently and has any tips for us? Are there any restaurants that are really worth the upcharge? For people who aren't heavy drinkers, is it worth it to get the drink package, even if we maybe get 5 drinks a day? Any suggested/preferred excursions in Nassau that anyone has taken recently?
I've been on Carnival and Norwegian in the last 6 years but I haven't sailed Royal Caribbean since the mid 2000s (I also think that was the last time I was in Nassau lol) so any tips are greatly appreciated! :)
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2023.03.30 14:19 SabrinaRashid A Ultimate Guide to Buying Property in Dubai, UAE LDN Realtors

How Can I Buy Luxury Property In Dubai?

The cool sea breeze, year-round sunshine, and exquisite skyscrapers make Dubai a dream destination. The city boasts its opulence with the world’s tallest buildings, gorgeous man-made islands, and a huge mall that keeps on giving.
📷 While Dubai’s many indulgences make it a spectacular place to visit, its boosting economy has propelled investors to make it a permanent home. Dubai’s leading real estate is now attracting buyers around the globe, thereby increasing competition for the best real estate in Dubai. However, buyers are now more interested in luxury development projects that mimic the city’s glorious lifestyle. So, if you’re also attracted to the leading real estate in Dubai, it is the best time to invest. With this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about buying luxury properties in the lavish city.
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2023.03.30 14:19 GovernmentBig5638 BEST CHILDREN DOCTOR IN PIMPLE SAUDAGAR

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2023.03.30 14:19 HistoricalEconomy540 Best SEO Service in Delhi

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2023.03.30 14:19 daytondailynews Barstool Sportsbook founder reviews Marion’s Piazza: ‘I actually like this’

Before choosing where to go, Portnoy took to Twitter on Wednesday, March 15 to ask where to get the best pizza in Columbus and Dayton. Suggestions included Marion’s Piazza, Cassano’s Pizza King, Flying Pizza, Pizza Express, Dayton Pizza Factory, LaRosa’s Pizzeria, Milano’s, Old Scratch, Dewey’s, among several others.
He ended up giving the pizza a 7.4/10.
Read more here:
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2023.03.30 14:19 K7sweetshrooms Ozempic 0.25-0.5 mg/dose pen 1.5 ml


If you have type 2 diabetes, your doctor might suggest Ozempic (semaglutide) as a treatment option for you.

Ozempic is a prescription medication that’s used to:

Ozempic belongs to a group of drugs called glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists.
This article describes the dosages of Ozempic, including its form, strengths, and how to use the drug. To learn more about Ozempic, see this in-depth article.
Note: This article covers Ozempic’s typical dosages, which are provided by the drug’s manufacturer. But when using Ozempic, always take the dosage that your doctor prescribes.

What is Ozempic’s dosage?

You receive Ozempic as an injection under the skin of your thigh, abdomen, or upper arm.
When you start treatment with Ozempic, your doctor will provide dosing instructions. They’ll also show you how to self-inject the drug. This way you can give yourself doses of Ozempic at home. Your pharmacist can also guide you on the best way to take your dose of Ozempic.
For a detailed dosage guide, visit the manufacturer’s site.
The information below describes dosages that are commonly used or recommended. However, be sure to take the dosage your doctor prescribes for you. Your doctor will determine the best dosage to fit your needs.

What is the form of Ozempic?

Ozempic comes as prefilled disposable pens you use to inject the drug. The pens contain a liquid solution, which is available in different strengths.
Ozempic is given as a weekly dose. Each pen has several doses. The number of doses will depend on the dose your doctor recommends that you take.

What strengths does Ozempic come in?

There are three Ozempic pens, which each differ in the amount of drug they contain and the doses they deliver. The pens’ strengths and sizes are described below:
Pen strengthThe dose given per injectionNumber of doses that can be injected2 mg/1.5 mL (2 milligrams of semaglutide in 1.5 milliliters of solution), which may also be written as 1.34 mg/mL0.25 mg or 0.5 mg
Starting doses plus maintenance doses: Four 0.25-mg doses to start, followed by two 0.5-mg doses
Maintenance doses: Four 0.5-mg doses
4 mg/3 mL (1.34 mg/mL)1 mg• Maintenance doses: Four 1-mg doses8 mg/3 mL (2.68 mg/mL)2 mg• Maintenance doses: Four 2-mg doses

What are the typical dosages of Ozempic?

Typically, your doctor will start you on a low dosage, also called a starting dosage. The low dosage allows them to see how you respond to the drug. Then they’ll adjust your dosage over time to reach the right amount for you.
When you begin using Ozempic, your doctor will adjust the weekly dose every 4 weeks. This is done until you reach a dose that is effective at managing your blood sugar levels. The maximum dose for Ozempic is 2 milligrams (mg) given weekly.
Your doctor will ultimately prescribe the smallest dosage that provides the desired effect.
The following dosing chart shows how your doctor may adjust your dosage of Ozempic.
Dosage strengthStarting doseMaintenance doseDosing schedule2 mg/1.5 mL, used for starting and maintenance dosages0.25 mg, given for 4 weeks0.5 mg, given after 4 weeks of the starting doseOnce per week, any time of day4 mg/3 mL, used for maintenance dosages 1 mg, given after 4 weeks of the 0.5-mg dose if blood sugar levels are still unmanagedOnce per week, any time of day8 mg/3 mL, used for maintenance dosages 2 mg, given after 4 weeks of the 0.5-mg dose if blood sugar levels are still unmanagedOnce per week, any time of day
The 2-mg dose is the highest dose your doctor will prescribe.
When using Ozempic, try to take your dose on the same day each week. This helps make sure you’ve got a consistent amount of the drug in your body.

Is Ozempic used long-term?

Yes, Ozempic is typically used as a long-term treatment. If you and your doctor determine that Ozempic is safe and effective for you, it’s likely that you’ll use it long-term.
Your doctor can provide more information about Ozempic as part of your complete diabetes treatment plan.

Dosage adjustments

If you’re taking certain medications, they may affect how well Ozempic works. This also applies to certain herbs, supplements, and foods. So your doctor might need to adjust your dosage of Ozempic. Before starting Ozempic treatment, tell your doctor about any medications you take.
Changes to your blood sugar levels may also mean your dose needs adjustment. Your doctor will monitor your blood sugar levels while you’re using Ozempic and adjust your dosage if needed. Be sure to check your blood sugar levels regularly, and let your doctor know of any changes.

Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to a few commonly asked questions about Ozempic.
Always talk with your doctor or pharmacist if you have specific questions about your Ozempic dosage.

What is Ozempic DualDose?

Ozempic may be marketed under other names, such as Ozempic DualDose, outside of the United States. In the U.S., Ozempic isn’t officially available as Ozempic DualDose.
However, one option for Ozempic pens available in the U.S. does contain two different dosages. This pen delivers 0.25 milligrams (mg) or 0.5 mg per dose.
Your doctor or pharmacist can provide more information on Ozempic products available in the U.S.

Can Ozempic be used for weight loss? If so, what’s the dosing for this use?

Ozempic isn’t approved for weight loss, but it may be used off-label for this purpose.
If you’re using Ozempic with a healthy diet and exercise as part of your diabetes management plan, you might lose weight.
Losing weight too quickly may cause a drop in your blood sugar levels which can be dangerous. It’s important to keep checking your blood sugar levels regularly. If your levels become too low with your current dose of Ozempic, contact your doctor right away.
If you have questions about weight loss during Ozempic treatment, talk with your doctor.

I have kidney disease. Will I need to have my dosage of Ozempic adjusted?

If you have kidney problems, your doctor will check your kidney function before recommending an Ozempic dose for you.
Studies suggest Ozempic doesn’t require renal dosing adjustments (changes to dose based on kidney function) for people with kidney disease. But if you have severe kidney disease, Ozempic may not be the right drug for you. Your doctor will discuss if Ozempic is safe for you to use and what your dose should be.
Kidney problems may make certain side effects of Ozempic worse. These include:
If you have kidney problems and you experience serious side effects from Ozempic, contact your doctor right away. And for more information about Ozempic’s side effects, you can read this related article.

What should be done in case of overdose?

Do not use more Ozempic than your doctor prescribes. Using more than this can lead to serious side effects from hypoglycemia (a severe drop in blood sugar levels).
Ozempic is a long-acting drug. It stays in your body longer and requires monitoring and treatment for low blood sugar for longer times.
Symptoms of hypoglycemia include:

What to do in case you use too much Ozempic

Call your doctor right away if you think you’ve used too much Ozempic. You can also call 800-222-1222 to reach the American Association of Poison Control Centers, or use its online resource. However, if you have severe symptoms, call 911 (or your local emergency number) immediately or go to the nearest emergency room.

What if I miss a dose?

To maintain a normal blood sugar range, try to follow your prescribed dosing schedule.
If you miss an Ozempic dose and less than 5 days have passed from your last dose, take the missed dose. But if more than 5 days have gone by from your last dose, skip the missed dose.
Do not take two doses at once. You could have hypoglycemia (a severe drop in blood sugar levels) that lasts a long time. This is because Ozempic is a long-acting drug that stays in your body for a week.
It’s important to check your blood sugar levels regularly to maintain normal levels.
If you need help remembering to give yourself a dose of Ozempic on time, try using a medication reminder. This can include setting an alarm, downloading a reminder app, or setting a timer on your phone. A kitchen timer can work, too.
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2023.03.30 14:19 PhoenixDiagnostic How Can You Find The Best OPG Test In Kolkata?

How Can You Find The Best OPG Test In Kolkata?
If your dentist has prescribed you an OPG Test and you are searching for an OPG Test Near Me, then contact Phoenix Diagnostic Center. The Best Diagnostic Center in Kolkata can offer you the superlative OPG Test in Kolkata. We have all the necessary equipment to conduct a correct OPG test and provide you with satisfactory and clear results. Reach out to us and experience an incredible test with utmost care.
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2023.03.30 14:18 Stranger_Door Advice for techno event (lgbtq+ friendly)

I’ll be in cologne for a bit and looking for a nice electronic music club for Easter (best on the 9th). I’m 25M, looking to go with a very kinky, fem outfit and take hard drugs. Bootshaus has a nice lineup (Easter rave), how open-minded and “chill” is this place? Does it usually have a good vibe? Alternatively, advice for other venues? Thanks!
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2023.03.30 14:18 swizacidx i just discovered lorn and came straight to reddit, im amazed and lost

ive never felt such a feeling, i forgot the first track i listened to but i went to Acid Rain and then anvil and sega sunset.
i wanted to describe the feeling they gave me, my grandfather died two days ago, im also going thru hell in lmy life with becoming disabled, heart issues otu of my control and constant pain

somehow lorn hit me in a spot i didnt even know i had, its like between despair and bliss and i love it, even if i dont know if its healthy for me
i feel like is it making my emotions sadde more realistic or depressed or am i just in a slump right now kniowing i have to attend a funeral monday/tuesday coming

i dont know, but i know this music is amazing, and ive never ever felt this way from a song, ever, this exact feeling, and in so long, general feelikng from music
thankyou lorn for giving me a feeling, even if its one im not comfortable with.
i dont know why it hits so hard, but it fucking does. im driving my car listening to it at night 20 mins ago and holy fuck
thankyou, this is a realm of music i never normally touch. (im only hardstyle and metal mostly) and this opened my brain to a ridiculous new level.

take care everone here, i wish you the best
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2023.03.30 14:18 cutewidddlepuppy Alternatives to a router at home in the USA while abroad?

I’m looking into setting up a router / vpn back in the USA when I visit there. I’m currently abroad. I’ll be working from a country in EST zone in South America probably come autumn. I will be using my own laptop and no equipment from the company. I’ve done some research and there are recommendations and a lot of information about setting up a router in the USA. I’m going to talk to my dad about leaving it at his place and having him manage it but if something goes wrong I would have to go back to service it. So what I’m looking for are the next best alternatives to this that provide just as much cover or nearly the same amount, if that makes sense. What are my options?
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2023.03.30 14:18 chooowww 35 [M4R] in search of my new best friend!

It's looking like today is going to be another boring day for me. I guess as I got older my friend group slowly started diminishing. Now I'm down to about 2 haha oh well! So here I am on reddit looking for friendship. Hopefully there's someone who will stick around instead of disappearing
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2023.03.30 14:18 St-Teresa-School Top Schools In Indirapuram

Top Schools In Indirapuram
St Teresa School is one of the top schools in Indirapuram, delivering the finest and excellent education to the students. The school endeavors to provide students with a brilliant learning environment, qualified teachers, as well as top-class facilities. The school has been following numerous advanced methodologies for teaching students & emerging their skills. To get your child to enroll, contact us today!
Top Schools In Indirapuram
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2023.03.30 14:18 Nate_chill [34][M4F][San Gabriel][California/USA] Virgin looking to make a connection

Hello, this is me trying other avenues in order to meet someone to make a connection and possibly have some passion involved. I have never been on a date, I have kissed I think 2 women in my life (so long ago I honestly don't remember), but I have always wanted to be with a women in a passionate way, so much so that here I am. Hoping for the best. I am extremely introverted and shy, although I have been told I can come off as confident at times.
I know attraction is a very important thing so I am 5'9" Black/Mexican, enjoy going to the gym (athletic/muscular build), I don't believe I am hideous, of course I am willing to exchange photos and have conversations to get to anyone who is willing to try and make a connection. I can be very quiet and shy and I tend to get tongue tied conversing with people, but can also get comfortable with people very quickly. I am not the biggest fan of small talk (because I am horrible at it) but enjoy talking to people, and love hearing about their passions. I share an apartment with my older brother and have a vehicle for any traveling needs. I have recently started to try coming out of my social anxiety shell by trying things I have always wanted to do, so I have started taking dance classes, art classes, love to travel to see different museums and try different food, cant cook but I am definitely learning soon. I am an anime nerd and also enjoy lazy days watching movies (love all genres but mostly enjoy horror and romance), also enjoy to dress up and get out and listen to live music with a couple drinks.
I like to think I am a romantic, but honestly haven't had the opportunity to pull off any romance. I don't really have strong preferences when it comes to woman, but attraction is important. I look forward to meeting you.
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2023.03.30 14:18 sagedad31 Free Water Testing + Gifts

Hey all, I do water testing at your homes and demonstrations with our alkaline water, upon request. I get paid only to educate, and personally I’ll be staying away from tap and bottled water that isn’t filtered. Clean water should be a human right, and that’s why I’m hoping to reach as many people with this message especially my loved ones. If you’d like to know the truth, and be introduced to the best alkaline water in North America, book a short 30 minute demo with me (click the link below).
We’re constantly giving away free products- the value we provide is priceless. Don’t miss out.
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2023.03.30 14:18 Illustrious-Sale-274 [TOMT] Pop song released around the year 2000

I’m trying to find the name of a pop or r’n’b song with a female lead singer (US), released sometime around the year 2000 (give or take a few years, but definitely no later than 2010). It was not done by a very popular or well-known artist (i.e. not Destiny’s Child or TLC), but the song itself was reasonably popular for a while, similar to a one-hit wonder. I don’t recall the melody, just the narrative of the lyrics.
I tried Chat GPT first but they’re not giving the right answer.
This is the best information I have so far:
The song was released in the late ‘90s or early ‘00s. It describes at least two high school students. One was a teenage male basketball player and the other was a teenage female. Both teenagers have names in the song. The narrative of the lyrics describes how the teenagers had potential but never had the chance (to fulfil their goals). It says something specifically about each teenager. Of the basketball player it might say “he never had/got the chance to shine” (i.e. to take his basketball career further). Of the teenage girl it might say she “never had/got the chance to fly.”
After its release, some listeners speculated that the the teenagers (whether real or fictional) were victims of a mass shooting, and that the song was about a school shooting, but this is not explicitly mentioned in the lyrics.
This is really bugging me because I am usually very knowledgeable about this sort of thing (walking juke box). But I’m not having luck Googling lyrics. I’m sure I saw a YouTube video with this song in the past decade, so it’s out there, but proving difficult to locate.
So… does anyone know it?
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2023.03.30 14:18 embaressedrequest A4A Danganronpa minus the despair

Hello there everyone, I’ve recently been replaying the been in the dangantrenches recently. Had lots of fond and nostalgic memories for the good old day of doing danganronpa roleplays everyday. So I come here to you lovely people asking if anyone else shares this desire?
First and foremost I want to say, I don’t mind cannon x cannon, or cannon x oc or even stuff without romance at its base, (though I will admit I have a weakness for fluff and romance) But please if you want to do cannon x Oc please be willing to double, you’d be shocked at how many requests I get for a selfinsert x a cannon character, who immediately vanish when I ask if they’d be willing to do the same for me, I have no problem with oc x cannon I indulge in it a lot but don’t want it to be a one was street and please don’t come into this with pure smutt on you mind.
I’m open to playing most any character with most any plots, though I have a preference for non despair stories with a more slice of life/romance angle to them. For length I try not to be picky since I’m not the best writer either but I’m looking to be able to reliably get 1 paragraph responses on both ends. I’m very open to any ideas you and would love to hear from you, and if you are interested please tell me about some of your favorites characters and pairings as well, or headcannons no matter how wild, me personally some of my favorite characters have always been Junko and komeada they were always such screwballs and I adore the crazy head cannon idea of them being half or whole siblings, the concept of sibling rivalries and such between them has always fascinated me. As far as casts I’ve always had a fondness for the dr1 and sdr2 casts specifically, maybe it’s just the difference in how old I was when I first played them compared to v3, the cast of v3 feels like they are a generation younger than the other games, which certainly isn’t a bad thing in fact it opens interesting ideas and angles to set up interesting settings and connections, ie v3 characters being children of older characters is always fun to me. Again these are just me sharing some of my personal favorites they are not required and I’m very open and excited to hear your ideas and hope we can figure something fun out together and thank you very much for reading this far.
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2023.03.30 14:18 invoxieaglobal Invoxie Global is the best overseas education consultants in hyderabad

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In conclusion, Invoxie Global is the best overseas education consultant in Hyderabad that provides comprehensive services, has experienced consultants, a strong network of partner universities, and offers visa assistance and H1B visa consultancy. Contact them today to kickstart your study abroad journey.
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2023.03.30 14:17 StepwiseUndrape574 Here Are Rockstar's Alleged Remaining Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaked Game Maps

GTA 6 rumors seem to be popping up and disappearing just as quickly, like the recent news about Rockstar hiring game testers for GTA 6 or any other game the company is working on. Since 2018, it seems that the new map, or at least part of it, may have been leaked online, giving us a glimpse into GTA 6 and what it will look like.
Over the last couple of years, four images have been leaked, showing what appears to be a map with a larger landmass with smaller surrounding islands. Reports are that the first image showed an incomplete overview of the map, with the larger island having some things drawn in while other islands were entirely drawn in. The newest leak fills out the missing portion of the larger island, but there is not much to see here spare for an airport, and a major roadway, it seems. You can see the oldest and more recent image below.
earliest gta 6 map possibly leaked online The earliest leaked map image
gta 6 map The most recent map
Though these leaks seem to track with other rumors we have heard, they most certainly need to be taken with a grain of salt. They have been released over the last year by anonymous sources on 4Chan and some of the content there can be considered dubious at best. On the other hand, the city on the main island looks vaguely like Vice City, which we have heard is the main area for GTA 6.
Whatever the case may be, Rockstar has been incredibly silent, and this will not likely change. Hopefully, we will get some signal or head nod, at least, saying that GTA 6 is on the horizon rather than the stoic silence we have gotten so far, though. Either way, stay tuned to HotHardware as we provide updates on the mounting news surrounding GTA 6.
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