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2023.06.05 12:22 koavf Yes, Puerto Rican licenses are valid in the U.S., Hertz reminds its employees

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2023.06.05 11:33 FrontpageWatch2020 [#121+8056173] TIL despite the Native Taino Indians of the Caribbean being extinct by the 16th century, the average Puerto Rican still has 15.2% Taino ancestry. [r/todayilearned]

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2023.06.05 11:29 Infinite_Pen3667 Is this type of comments from my In-Laws and their family racist or are they just shallow persons?

Is this type of comments from my In-Laws and their family racist or are they just shallow persons?
Hello. I'm 33f married to my husband 31m, soon for 10 years with a 7y/o son.
First of all, we are all latinos (Puerto Ricans), but all my husband family (his uncles/aunts/and mother) were mostly born and raised in the states, my in laws came to live to Puerto Rico when my husband was about 3 years old. The way they talk and express themselfs has always been the same.
I always hear coments like: "ohh that persons has a great personality but she's black(morena, they call black people morenos), or, that guy is really fun to hang out with, even though he's fat, that woman there is so beautiful, until you see her teeths, the places I like to hand out are always filled with morenos", coments like that.
Well everytime my husband grandparents/aunts/uncle's come visit us from the states, they are always talking like that everytime. Even with me.
My husband and his family skin color is very pale, I'm more of a darker shade, not black entirely (I'm just trying to explain my shade of skin), but a very light brown what they call trigeña (all of my friends/family call me Pocahontas because of my shade, body and black long waist-length hair), our son is lighter but has a bit more color not as pale as my husband. His family are always talking to me, mentioning my skin color, and saying that everyone would know at first sight that my son is my husband's but would never figure out it was mine because of "his lighter tone". I've heard some comments saying that they don't like much that darker people culture because they are loud, and messy, every single time when they introduce me to someone else it's always like: this (trigeña) here is my daughter in law, and that is my grandson, even though his skin color is lighter.
In the past I just I thought nothing of it, but recently I just notice this behavior and the way they talk about me and others, my son is usually all the time with me, he had a school work where he had to draw and paint his family, and he used a darker shade for me and him, he shows the drawing to them, and they told him that that wasn't his skin color, that he was supposed to be the same as his father, and my son just kept telling them that he wasn't, that he had more color than him, my son came crying to me, because they yelled at him because he was wrong, my husband was not present at that moment, but when he came home I explained the situation, he was ashamed and apologized to us in their behalf, later he talk to them about that behavior that he didn't want his son to have/learn.
They haven't said anything to us, is like nothing ever happened, everyone is just like normal. I've been more quiet with them than usual(I'm very shy, introvert, and I'm very mad), only talking when I'm addressed, and now they are calling me anti-social because of it. I would really like to kick them all out of my house, but I don't say or do anything out of the respect.
Am I overreacting about this??
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2023.06.05 10:45 Billymays76 Which DNA test is the best, most accurate kit for my race and ethnicity?

I really wanna learn more about myself. I'm Latino/Puerto Rican but I'm pretty light skinned, while both of my parents are dark skinned. I'm not too familiar with terms like genealogy and genotype. So I want to choose the best and most accurate DNA test to find out both about my biological race and my ethnicity. My mom has told me that we also have some Native American in our family too, but I don't know which exactly.
I hear ancestory and 23 and me are some of the best ones. I don't mind taking both of them but I feel like just taking one of them. Which one should I take? Thanks.
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2023.06.05 09:25 orallyseductive 26 years old and Puerto Rican... Felt cute here 🥰❤️

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2023.06.05 08:53 UrCatTastesFunny Learning Portuguese 💕

I've started learning Portuguese today with duo lingo, ik it's not the best sorce but u take what you can get. I'm Hispanic n so far the beginning courses are words I understand just written differently and sound abit off. I love it alot so far but ik I'm gonna dread the actual sentences n such later on lol. This'll be the 2nd new language to learn so far (I hope to learn at least 6 Languages at my life. Kindergarten level atleast with all of em.) I know English, Spanish (Puerto Rican and Mexican Spanish) with my newer languages being Japanese, (ive been learning it for almost 2 years now, im very proud at how far ive gotten with it.) and now Portuguese💕
I've always wanted to learn Japanese so when I visit Japan some day I'll be able to communicate if someone or myself needs help, plus being able to talk to someone in their native tongue if they're ever in need I can give them some comfort in knowing someone understands what they're saying n such. Bonus on anime n Mangas too (I can't read Japanese well yet but I can speak and understand it pretty good.)
I started learning Portuguese because of a VA here on reddit. They came out with a few audios of them reading their favorite book in Portuguese and one where they're just talking casually. I understood bits & pieces of em and it sorta drove me to wanna understand more.
Anyway. Sorry to ramble. I don't have ppl to really share this with irl. But have any of yall gotten the chance to learn a new language lately or at all? How's it going/ gone so far? I'd love to know💕 Stay safe out there, eat & drink something, blessing & love💕
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2023.06.05 05:43 Bitter_Annual_2890 TIL despite the Native Taino Indians of the Caribbean being extinct by the 16th century, the average Puerto Rican still has 15.2% Taino ancestry.

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2023.06.05 05:22 MaraMerce TIL despite the Native Taino Indians of the Caribbean being extinct by the 16th century, the average Puerto Rican still has 15.2% Taino ancestry.

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2023.06.05 05:20 ersan191 Super ticket is... a reservation???

In Orlando we have a Verizon Up super ticket that appears to literally just be a reservation at a relatively unpopular restaurant with wide open availability on OpenTable.
No free food, no drinks, just a reservation.
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2023.06.05 04:36 clint_weaver AITA for telling my wife I won’t let her name our daughter after her mother?

For context, I, 32 male, and my wife, 28 female, found out that we are expecting in January of this year. Recently, at one of her ultrasound appointments, we found out that we are having a baby girl. A few nights ago my wife and I began to talk about possible baby names. She mentioned her mother, Ana, and asked me how I would feel if our daughter inherited her name. I told her that I loved that idea, not only because Ana is a pretty name, but because my wife is Puerto Rican and I know how important it would be to her family if we carried on her mothers name since it has been in the family for ages. I figured that the conversation was over after I agreed, but just last night at dinner my wife brought it up again. She said that she thinks it’s so meaningful that I am letting our daughter have “her grandmother’s middle name.” When she said this I was shocked. I had assumed my wife was talking about her mother’s first name, not her middle name. This might not have been a huge deal, but my mother in law’s middle name is- wait for it- Princess. I told my wife that I am sorry, but I don’t want our daughter to be named Princess. Upon hearing this she burst into tears, calling me “a disgrace to her family” and “an awful father” for “excluding our kid.” I told her that she was acting crazy, and that I would be fine with the name Ana but Princess is not a name I am comfortable giving our newborn. She’s been avoiding me all day, and I’m starting to wonder if I’m going nuts. I don’t want our kid to be bullied, but family is so important to me and my wife. So, am I the asshole?
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2023.06.05 04:19 RKasso666 35 bi f in Philly seeks romance

Alittle about myself I’m very Puerto Rican originally from nyc moved out to Philly and couple of years ago. I manage a vegan restaurant and like to hang at the bar and watch tv in my spare time. I love the summer and going to the beach(miss that the most about home), camping, hiking. I’m chubby but working on it. Would consider myself attractive for sure. Haven’t had a lot of luck in the dating scene here with men or woman. Finding someone on Reddit seems like a long shot but worth a try i guess. cops/Christians/alpha bros need not apply.
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2023.06.05 03:56 bocaratondotcom The Munchies Report competes at Boca Burger Battle on Sat, July 15th in downtown Boca Raton's Sanborn Square Park - Get tickets at www.BocaBurgerBattle.com

BocaBurgerBattle.com announces a NEW Battle Contender, The Munchies Report, the culinary sensation that brings #Peruvian and #PuertoRican flavors to the forefront! Led by the talented Executive Chef Giovanni Ramirez, their mouthwatering #SmashBurgers and #Tacos are an explosion of deliciousness. With a rotating menu that showcases their cultural backgrounds, their food truck is a must-visit for flavor seekers when visiting u/PompanoBeachBrewing Company. Join us at the Boca Burger Battle and witness their culinary magic firsthand and a Craft Beer. Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable experience and show your support for #TheMunchiesReport. Don't miss out on this flavorful journey on Saturday, July 15th in downtown Boca's Sanborn Square Park! Get your Tickets at www.BocaBurgerBattle.com
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2023.06.05 02:17 Live-Degree1570 My family has done nothing for me nor have they helped me. They are pathetic and I hate them so much

I was never close to my family cuz my parents never cared to spend time with me. My mom was busy at work carrying the family when I was young and at school while my dad was at home all day unemployed doing nothing. He never spent time with me by choice. Never made a connection with my family because of this. My mom had to force my dad to hang out with me cuz he never did.
We never went on any vacations together, cruise trips, travel trips together. Never did anything together as a family. It’s so depressing. we never had parties with other family members, I am Puerto Rican and I never touched my roots. My mom never taught me the lanaguge of my race never spread the culture vibe into the family. I wanna have that cool bilingual family that speaks Spanish. My family is like a white bland uninspiring no-good boring fucked up family.
Everything is so boring. My family is so boring. They are so fucking disappointing. My parents never made any sacrifice. They never did anything with their life and never did anything after they had me. My mom dropped out of high school then got her GED, never went to college, married an unemployed man. And that’s the start of a fucked up family whos going nowhere. My dad went to a 2 yr college but did nothing with his degree. Nothing at all, been unemployed for 20 years. They live this being day to day lazy life style.
My mom is addicted to drugs, drinks daily, drinks after work and come to her alcohol shrine to drink some more. Hangs out with her shitty boyfriend. He’s abusive as well, he never abused me bt my mom randomly told me more boyfriend would hit me for her. My mom won’ts spend any time wieh me nor will she take a few hours out her day to teach me how to drive. She just doesn’t want me to drive anywhere or be anywhere but she’s allowed to drive her car everyday. Make it make sense. You won’t teach your kid how to drive but YOU drive in and out everyday while I’m wondering if I’m EVER going to drive??? She won’t even give me rides! Like wtf am I suppsoed to do?? Is this the life she really wanted for herself??? They are extremely lazy and messy. Never clean after themselves. I really wish they got some sort of diagnosis. I really want to know what’s wrong with them. Not that I am concerned but I want to know why they are so royally fucked up.
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2023.06.05 01:22 SloaneWulfandKrennic [Event] Two Referendums - Two States

In the months before the referendums in DC and Puerto Rico, President Biden and several other key Democratic leaders wanted to take action to secure Puerto Rico as a future state and a future Democratic state at that. Much less attention has been placed on DC since that one is as close to a given as possible.
One major grievance to Puerto Ricans has been the Debt Oversight Board, created by the 2016 PROMESA Act. This board has hampered the finances and economics of Puerto Rico, been shielded by secrecy and conflicts of interest, and made many Puerto Ricans feel like they’re living in a colonial state. To provide an incentive to vote for statehood, build some goodwill for the Democratic party in PR, and help PR get back on its economic feet, Congress has passed a new law. This law will assume all of Puerto Rico’s current debt into the national debt if Puerto Rico votes to become a state while the board itself will be abolished by virtue of Puerto Rico becoming a state.
3 months after the passage of the two bills to offer the referendum to DC and Puerto, the time has come for those votes to take place. In each location vigorous campaigns have been undertaken for and against statehood. In DC the pro-statehood movement has been driven by very strong student movements and the city’s dramatically democratic voting base while the ineffective anti-statehood movement has been led by conservative lobbyists panicked over the prospect of guaranteed Democratic congress members, along with a greater chance of future amendments to the constitution. This lobbying, although highly funded, was overall ineffective, and in the referendum, the city voted 85% in favor of statehood.
In Puerto Rico, the campaign was much more contested and complicated. In Puerto Rico the movement for statehood, as shown through past non-binding referendums, has a slim majority of support for statehood, but past referendums have had low legitimacy since they were non-binding after all. This referendum is the one that really matters. The ranked-choice voting system provided greater legitimacy and turnout for this referendum but it also meant that the statehood movement could not count on a split vote. Instead, they, mostly led by the New Progressive Party, the current dominant party of Puerto Rico and a pro-statehood one, had to point to the benefits that statehood would provide. The potential abolition of the control board and the fresh start for Puerto Rico were appealing and with their promises to extend FEMA aid to Puerto Rico, amend the Jones Act, and the extension of Build Back Better Funds, they had an appealing message. When the vote came, the referendum saw a 57% vote for statehood, meaning that DC and PR are the newest states, the newest stars, and will elect the newest Senators and Representatives.
A third post about this will come at some point.
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2023.06.05 01:02 hd016 Puerto Rican accent

I’m trying to learn some conversational Spanish so that I can interact with more people when I’m staying with my friend in PR. He’s fluent ofc and most people I’ve talked to speak English so I will be okay with my gringo Spanish or plain English, but I was told it’s more polite to use Spanish plus I’ve been wanting to learn for a while.
A lot of vocab I picked up accidentally from listening to Latin trap and reggaeton 😅 I noticed something that a lot of times if an ‘s’ is in a certain place it is just not pronounced but on language learning sites it is. For example, Bad Bunny says “gusta” and does not pronounce the ‘s’. Is that a Puerto Rican thing or a slang thing ? Am I just hearing things?
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2023.06.05 00:42 Jaded-Literature-214 Puerto rican

Where I live most Latinos are P.R. I know puertorican is mostly spanglish especially here but which dialect / pais would be closest to how PR spanish is spoken ?
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2023.06.05 00:34 MainEstimate9522 Good beachy or islandish places to live in nica?

I'm considering moving to nicaragua, I've originally considered moving to Puerto Rico since its a island and it's close to me (I'm in florida) and I wanted to live in latin america.
But I'm not Puerto Rican or any type of Caribbean Hispanic (well I'm quarter cuban i believe)And I'm learning Spanish and trying to sound and talk like a native nicaraguan. I want to be amongst my people, I have family who live there and i believe they run some sort of business on my dad's childhood farm there.
I do want to live a beach life or island life, is there any good places within Nicaragua where people live that sort of life but where it isn't too overun with non nicaraguan American expats or tourtists?
Also I'm considering converting to islam and i was wondering if there are any known mosques in nicaragua.
I'm 100% willing to assimilate into my culture and give up any americaness i may have. Finally how hard is it to become a citizen in Nicaragua?
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2023.06.04 23:09 paislinn Give Me YOUR Intel on Planning a Trip to Puerto Rico

I need intel from the people on Reddit on planning a trip to Puerto Rico. Yes, I know many travel blogs are out there, but I want Reddit's advice (please). I'm very decisive when planning trips, and I'm starting to get overwhelmed to the point where I'm considering consulting a travel agent... if that's even a thing anymore?
My partner and I are thinking of a week-long trip -- we are Americans, and this will be their first time “out of the country,” so they are very nervous. I have experience traveling to other countries and am fluent in Spanish, so I'm captain now. I've considered staying in multiple parts of PR while we're there since we plan on getting a rental car. I was thinking:
- Rio Grande for hiking, waterfalls, the El Yunque National Forest
- Ponce or Old San Juan for sightseeing and history
- Rincon or Isabela for the beaches, surfing, and seafood
I want to avoid highly touristy areas such as San Juan (unless you recommend visiting there). Please let me know if you have any recommendations on places to stay/travel to, activities, restaurants, hiking trails, etc.! I want to plan a coffee plantation tour.
Thanks, everyone!
EDIT: I understand that PR is not out of the country and is a US territory.
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2023.06.04 23:05 Gamer_Geek98 WWE PLE Calendar Rest of 2023/2024/2025

7/1/23: Money in the Bank(O2 Arena, London, England)
8/5/23: Summerslam(Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan)
9/9/23: International Incident(Optus Stadium, Perth, Western Australia)
10/7/23: Extreme Rules(TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts)
11/4/23: Crown Jewel(KSU Stadium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
11/25/23: Survivor Series(Chase Center San Francisco, California)
12/16/23: WarGames(Allstate Arena, Chicago, Illinois)
1/27/24: Royal Rumble(Camping World Stadium, Orlando, Florida)
2/24/24: Elimination Chamber(Accor Arena, Paris, France)
4/6/24-4/7/24: Wrestlemania 40(Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
5/4/24: Backlash(Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
6/1/24: Money in the Bank(Jeddah Super Dome, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
6/29/24: WWE x AAA: Battleground(Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico)
8/3/24: Summerslam(Wembley Stadium, London, England)
9/7/24: Global Warning(Olympiastadion Berlin, Berlin, Germany)
10/5/24: Extreme Rules(Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseo de Puerto Rico, San Juan Puerto Rico)
11/2/24: Crown Jewel(KSU Stadium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
11/30/24: Survivor Series(State Farm Arena, Atlanta, Georgia)
12/21/24: WarGames(Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, Michigan)
1/25/25: Royal Rumble(Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
2/22/25: Elimination Chamber(PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
4/5/25-4/6/25: Wrestlemania 41(US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota)
5/3/25: Backlash(Jeddah Super Dome, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
5/31/25: Money in the Bank(Kaseya Center, Miami, Florida)
6/28/25: WWE x NJPW: Super Showdown(Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan)
8/2/25: Summerslam(Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts(Boston))
9/6/25: Mayhem in Manchester(AO Arena, Manchester, England)
10/4/25: Extreme Rules(Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle, Washington)
11/1/25: Crown Jewel(KSU Stadium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
11/29/25: Survivor Series(Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles, California)
12/20/25: WarGames(Toyota Center, Houston, Texas)
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2023.06.04 23:00 Espinita_Boricua Are Puerto Ricans being pushed out of the Island?

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2023.06.04 22:47 Joshymo American Coin Iceberg

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2023.06.04 22:36 throwaway00665758888 is it normal I don't feel white?

I was raised by my sister (I'll call her M) and was never close to my parents cause they weren't there much growing up so by the time M was 17/18 she had gotten a job and was mostly only around POC (mainly Hispanic ppl) and had developed an appreciation for Hispanic culture
since she was my only role model I eventually fell in love with the music, culture, THE FOOD OHH MY GOD, and the language to where now I want to learn spanish and mainly talk in Puerto Rican Spanish because it feels most natrual to me (at least while I'm learning and singing)
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