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Buying a car with a damaged timing chain - am I silly?

2023.03.29 09:46 Adventurous-Fall6804 Buying a car with a damaged timing chain - am I silly?

Hi team!
Long time lurker, first time poster in need of some help on my first major car purchase :)
TLDR would you buy a used car from a dealer if the timing chain was damaged (circa 140 k km) and the dealer was fixing it prior to delivery?
Last weekend I test drove a used 4wd (land rover freelander 2 2014 model) at our local dealership. It has about 130k on the clock and otherwise looks in good condition.
Before I got into the car the dealer told me it had just come in and hadnt been checked yet. He told us it was idling a little funny and would need to be checked by the mechanics, serviced etc prior to sale.
We liked the car so put a refundable deposit on it, conditional on the idling issue being fixed. He came back to us today and said the issue is a damaged (but not broken) timing chain. He gave us the option of them fixing it or us backing out.
I should also mention that the car is also under a statutory (not dealer) warranty for the next 3 months or 5000 km (in Australia there are statutory protections for used car purchases that mean the dealer has to rectify any issues which show up in the first 3 months).
So I guess my question is would you still buy the car (subject to repair) and then take it to your mechanic to get everything else checked, or is a failing timing chain a sign that somthing else is likely to be wrong with the cait hasn't been serviced regularly?
I know that when the chains snap they can damage the engine or cause misfiring, but i am not sure if there is an issue with one which is damaged but has not broken yet....and the articles i have read are not super clear!!
any advice would be greatly appreciated :D
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2023.03.29 07:35 Sunuxsalis Best LEJOG guidebook

I'm going to do Land's End to John o'Groats this spring, and I am unsure which guidebook to get. I want one that I can navigate with, because I don't want to be looking at a screen all the time. I am in no hurry (I've got 6 weeks lol, some of that time is reserved for extra trips but it gives you an idea) and want to get the quiet roads and nice scenery as much as possible. The guidebooks I've found so far are:
Does anyone have experiences with any of these? Are they useful for navigation, do they have nice routes?
Other suggestions also welcome of course
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2023.03.28 23:16 Own_Telephone_3427 [CA] Is BM being unreasonable??

In process of filing a CO. thank you to those who offer advice.
BM has an unreasonable approach when it comes to me asking for extra time. I’m aware it’s her time, therefore her decision. She has told me to stop asking for the kids on her days, including holidays, school events. I have given her extra time when she asks, and I keep track. She also doesn't want me to attend school events that land on her days.
We used to split holidays but not anymore and she has always had the kids on Easter, Thanksgiving, NYE. I want to ask for the kids on Easter around 5pm or 6pm since they will be on Spring break, and I get them the following Monday anyway. But I know it will be a guaranteed no. Should I just not even bother asking and avoid issues?
Mother’s Day lands on my day during my custody time. Do I refuse her extra time on that day? Is that me being unreasonable? I don't want to do the same thing she is doing but it is unfair. Just trying to see what the best option is moving forward meanwhile I get the CO in place.
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2023.03.28 22:28 Aggravating_Froyo990 The greatest personal statement of all time

My African driver springs to his feet.
“Yes, Sahib.”
“Pass me another baby, I think this one has died.” I lay the dead infant in the pile by my feet. What I’d really like him to do is pass me an ice-cold bottle of the local beer. Compassion is hot, thirsty work. There is no ice in this wretched refugee camp, mores the pity, but as I’m here to help I will suffer in silence. I stare into the eyes of the African baby who is suffering from HIV or dengue fever or something gross and look out into the hot, dusty savannah and ask, “Why? Why gender-neutral and non-judgmental Deity (or Deities) does this have to happen?”
“And Why, Mbuto, is the air-conditioning on my Land Rover broken again?”
“One thousand pardons, Sahib, but the parts have not arrived.”
I will suffer. I have lived a life of privilege and my suffering serves to link me to the suffering of mankind. I roll the window down. God it’s hot. How can people live here? Why don’t they move where it’s cool? Still, I see by the vacant stare from the walking skeletons who insist on blocking the road that they appreciate my compassion and I know that in a small way, I am making a difference in their lives.
Africa. Oh wretched continent! How long must you suffer? How long will you provide the venue to compensate for a low MCAT score? How many must die before I am accepted to a top-tier medical school?
When did I first discover that I, myself, desired to be a doctor? Some come to the decision late in life, often not until the age of five. The non-traditional applicants might not know until they are seven or even, as hard as it is to believe, until the end of ninth grade. I came, myself, to the realization that I, myself, wanted to be a doctor on the way through the birth canal when I realized that my large head was causing a partial third degree vaginal laceration. I quickly threw a couple of sutures into the fascia between contractions so strong was my desire to help people.
My dedication to service was just beginning. At five I was counseling the first-graders on their reproductive options. By twelve I was volunteering at a suicide crisis centefree needle exchange hot-line for troubled transgendered teens. I’ll never forget Jose, a young Hispanic male with HIV who had just been kicked out of his casa by his conservative Catholic parents. He had turned to black tar heroin as his only solace and he was literally at the end of his rope when he called.
“How about a condom, Hose,” I asked. The J, as you know, is pronounced like an H in Spanish.
Annoying silence on the line. Hesus, I was there to help him.
“Condoms will solve all of your problems,” I continued, “In fact, in a paper of which I was listed as the fourth author, we found that condoms prevent all kinds of diseases including HIV which I have a suspicion is the root of your depression.”
More silence. No one had ever had such a rapport with him. He was speechless and grateful and I took his sobs as evidence of my compassion.
“Hey, it was double-blinded and placebo controlled, vato.” Cultural competence is important and I value my diverse upbringing which has exposed me to peoples of many different ethnicities. I always say “What up, Homes?” to the nice young negroes who assemble my Big Mac and I think they accept me as a soul brother.
“We also have needles, amigo. Clean needles would prevent HIV too.”
My desire to be a physician has mirrored my desire to actualize my potential to serve humanity in many capacities. This may be something unheard of from medical school applicant but I have a strong desire to help people. I manifest this desire by my dedication to obtaining all kinds of exposure to all different kinds of people but mostly those from underserved and underprivileged populations. In fact, during a stint in a Doctors Without Borders spin-off chapter I learned the true meaning of underserved while staffing a mall health care pavilion in La Jolla, California.
Most of my friends are black or latino and I am a “Junior Cousin” of the Nation of Islam where I teach infidel abasement techniques to the Mohammed (PBUHN) Scouts. I also am active in the fight for women’s reproductive rights except of course for women in Afghanistan who were better off before our current racist war.
As Maya Angelou once said, “All men (and womyn) are prepared to accomplish the incredible if their ideals are threatened.” I feel this embodies my philosophy best because the prospect of grad school is too horrible to contemplate.
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2023.03.28 21:36 Medium_Sir_8773 where in the nine realms is team rwby.

possible spoiler warning you have been warned.
ive been away from the rwby community for a while due to reasons I feel like not getting into right now. but volume nine brought me back with a vengeance and this season is the best of all so far. and also a bit of an ironic number as well.
to those of you who are not aware of Norse mythology there is a tree of great power, the world tree Yggdrasil, which holds up the nine realms in there places till the coming day of ragnorok. and while I do belive it is mere coincidence the world tree holds up upon it's branches and in it's roots nine realms, much like the volume number which I find rather fascinating even if just happenstance.
now because of this possible reference to Norse mythos not just allice and wonderland many believe that they are in one of the nine realms. and that the ever after is a realm. and while I don't personally proscribe to this I do love a good conversation about mythology and so I will give a brief explination of the tree and it's features and then try to see if we can sus out where rwby and co are if they are indeed in yigdrasil.
the realms.
I will be starting at the top. then working my way down the branches to the roots. then I will give a brief explanation of the denizens of the tree itself. as well as going through a list of all the important defining features of each location.
  1. asgard. the home of the asiar gods. to those who don't watch marvel or play god of war this is the home of the main Nordic gods. it is akin to Olympus from Greek mythos. this is where most of the heavy hitters live like odin king of the asirir live also known as the all father, as well as his children, like thor god of thunder wielder of thor's hammer mujnir.
or others like balder the invincible god who his mother made the spirits of all things sware not to harm, save missle toe who's spirit was to young to sware and who's death heralds the start ragnorok, and even odins blood brother loki till the day his pranks killed balder where he was cast out.
it is where some fans ive seen speculate where the brother gods reside waiting for the day the relics return to remnant to cast judgment. it is also the home of vallhalla the hall of honored dead where those who died a glorious death or those who died in battle go to drink, eat and train till ragnorok begins.
  1. Liossalheim. sitting just below asgard some times known as alfheim is the land of the fae and light elves. this is a realm of light and magic the likes most even the gods could only dream of. and the elves and fae folk are considered the most pure by some. it's also the realm that some people think partly inspired a mid summers night dream and Oberon's children, as well as one of the inspirations of elves in the lord of the rings. if you wish to find unusual spirits of light. and the realm representing air.
  2. muspleheim. tied for third in order the realm of fire and the home of surt, or surter the fire giant and his people who await the final battle of ragnorok. not much to say about this realm outside the fact that this and one other realm are said to have been there before the other realms and helped to create midguard.
  3. vanaheim. right next to musplheim on the tree the land of nature and home of the vanir gods as well as the realm representing the sea for some reason. it is associated with growth, life and fertility and basically the complete opposite of the war like Asgardians. though littler information is left beyond this, so all we know is that it's where gods of nature and life reside.
  4. mudguard. in the literal middle of the tree the land we all know and the one most consider to be remnant in rwby Midgard is the land of we all know it so I won't waste anymore time explaining.

  1. joutinheim. much like musple and vana joutinheim is also tied for fourth place in ascending order with its neighbor. it's the land of the giants and is said to be home to some of the biggest of mountains and people, though ironically many of the joutin are actually rather short, so weather the giants are actually giants or it's a mistranslation is hard to say.

7 nifelheim. in a tie for fourth is nifelheim the realm of ice and cold and is said in some stories to be the second of two reams that created Midgard. the cold mixing with the heat to create the changing seasons and water we drink.
8 svartalheim. my personal favorite sometimes called nidevalir is the realm of the dwarves and represents earth. the home of the greatest blacksmiths and craftsmen in all the realms and the greatest's reserves of metal fit only for the gods, but also a realm of hording and greed with many dwarves turning into dragons the ultimate symbols of green in norse myth.
  1. helheim. the final realm the land of hel the land of the dead where all those who did not die in battle go to wait ragnorok's coming and join the final battle. and the hole of hel the goddess of death with half her body a corpus and half her body alive and the last child of loki. as well as hrasvelger the six winged bird who shall caw at the start of ragnorok to awaken the armies of the dead to the final battle.
  2. Yggdrasil - finally Yggdrasil it'self the world tree. the tree is not a physical location in the traditional sense and few depictions of it exists in verse so not much is known what the tree actually looks like.
what we do know is that at the base four stages guard the trunk and eat the leaves of the tree that hang down.
atop the tree is a mighty hawk who sits between the eyes of a larger eagle (mythology is weird) and they watch the worlds and manipulate weather as well as baring great knowledge and wisdom.
next is a favorite rototusker the squirrel god. who hops about the branches of the tree sending messages between the bird and the stags, while the hawk sends messages from the bird to the dragon.
and lastly the dragon who knaws at the roots of the world nidhogg. fun fact calling someone ah nidhogg or to be a nidhogg is to call someone a thief, an adulterers', a murderer or a cannabil. (you can not make this stuff up it's so crazy)
possible realms.
now there are a couple theories in this vain and I will go over two in brief and then at the end I will give my take. now if you have your own theories or have more information and want to know more that I didn't cover I encourage you to look things up for yourself and learn something.
A. one theory is that the vaults are actually realms of the world tree. so ozpin somehow used the realm the gods already made to hide the relics, two relics in realms created by the god of light, and two in realms created by the god of darkness.
this theory also posits that before remnant there were four realms each per god. with the god of light having asgard, Liossalheim, vanaheim and svartalheim. while the god of darkness having helhiem, muspleheim, nifielheim, and joutinhiem.
now while the exact order of these realms could be debated slightly, having the god of light having realms of life and light and one of dwarven craftsmen makes some logic, while the god of dark having the land of the dead, and the other more chaotic realms of fire and ice and the dangerous and sometimes evil giants also makes some sense.
and if true the realms then we could simply roughly guess where the relics where based on where the area the relics where found in there vaults.
though for me this theory is already up a creak, as there are no vast deserts in any of the realms that the god of light controls by this theory, save maybe svartalheim land of the dwarves. but for the lamp that makes little sense unless ozpin mixed them up on purpose for some reason.
And the staff of creation is located in in a grassy field which some pose may be Liossalheim, or vanaheim. and while I could see the latter being a good place being that the vanir are gods of life and fertility a form of creation, It would make more sense for the dwarven realm of svartelheim to house the staff.
further more my biggest problem is if these realms are truly the other of the nine then what is to stop anything from going to another realm from remnant for some reason or any of the not so nice creatures of the eight of nin going to remnant or middguard.
this the second is while less unlikely to me it's not my favorite. the second is that the vualts are not actually different realms of the tree but representations of four of the realms. namely ones based on seasons and elements. air, water, stone, and fire. however in sorta an opposite realm to suppress there power, like holding a fire bender in a freezer or a water bender in an oven to keep there power in check and from drawing more grimm then wanted.
so knowledge opened by spring would be hidden in a place of decay like svartalhiem, or musplemeim. while creation opened by winter would be in muspleheim, of fire.
thus by extension the destruction opened by summer would be in a land of winter nifelheim, and the crown opened by fall would be in a land of spring and life like vanaheim.
while I can see the logic behind this and the theming is kind of neat I just don't see the point outside being a cool visual nod. which if that is the case I'm down for that I just don't see the point.

C? as a quick side some people think that ever after is a vault and if one goes through the door properly you won't end up in the vault like rwby and co did. or it's actually the beacon vault, which if ever after is the beacon vault I could see that as an interesting way of doing things.
my thoughts.
my personal choice to which you can agree or disagree with if this theory is true is that I belive that the team are actually in Helheim the realm of the dead. and now before anyone blows a dust cartage hear my out.
if the world tree thing is real the land of the dead ironicly makes the most sense. hel in norse is sorta more like a waiting room for the dead as hel is actually believed by some to be the norse word for hall so while vallhalla is the hall of the slain hel is just a hall. and to add to this in some interpretations of hel from norse myth living people could visit the dead. as hel is part of the world tree and thus a physical location, as such the only rule being the dead couldn't leave.
and the ever after is a world where people can't die, sort of and the residents are basically in a constant state of limbo, they can't live there own life, but they also can't die ether.
now before anyone say's that means pyrrha will be here no she would not.
hel is the hall of the dead, pyrrha was slain in battle thus would be valhalla not Helheim. now Valhalla is also a phisical location as well but unless rwby decides to have the relics coming together be ragnorok I can say with near certainty we will not see her again as they would have to go to asgard to see valhalla.
no if this is hel the tree could just be a physical manifestation of yiggdrasill that is present in all realms. and thus they need it to get out, and the blacksmith who was curiously making butterfly wings just after the caterpillar ascended could be Hel herself loki's daughters. as notice how parts of her body are machine like or even cybernetic, maybe even half her body much like a goddess of death. and they will need her help to get out as after all only the living can leave the land of the dead, a land where people stay for an eternity after they die.
something to think about.
again I do not personally think this theory is true but I do find it interesting and worth talking about. now that I have shared everything I know what do you think. share your thoughts and idea's and have a wonderful day and don't forget to love yourself.
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2023.03.28 20:53 Poet-or-Prophet-1313 Pertinent Prophesied Portions of Purity

While it is true that there have always been evils, it is now also apparent that they have been relentlessly after us. And now with renewed concerted and direct methods, the world is nearly lost in their grasp. They have taken so many, and They seek to forever mute our Light, our birthright, and this will only become more and more dangerous and dire for all beings as the hold they have gets tighter and the very breath of Creation is all but smothered under the Darkness. The things that many of us have been witnessing and experiencing over the past 5 years or so (not to mention all our lives) are exactly what we've always thought. Spirit has been calling for us to be prepared, and we have all been growing and building our strength for the coming storm. We are being called to take up our place in Christ and let Jesus' teachings spring forth in our lives. My fellow Humans, I have been receiving a message for my whole life, but only have just been able to decipher it as of late. Four years ago I was privy to an experience that I've been denying myself to acknowledge out loud to almost anyone I've met, and now I know that I must end this Fear of failure and take up my duty to God and to you all, as I now have found the Truth within my Heart. I swore to uphold my duty, my responsibility to these Gifts and the Holy Spirit from which I've been given them, so now hear me. I promised to Great Spirit while in my darkest hour, whilst so caught up in believing that maybe everyone was right and i was losing it. Fooled into almost fully believing that All of the things i was seeing and feeling and knowing, were all either outlandish or sacrilegious depending on who i tried to talk to. All I could do was retreat into My Self and spent much time seeking answers within all the while peering out into the world, and as i did this I became more and more alienated from my children and family and friends. I'd moved us around the country thrice and we'd landed here in Colorado City, CO. Living in the basement of two of the kindest and trustworthy people who ever lived. True believers and followers of the Word of God. Mormons by choice, God's children by design. I'd been going through a transformation of spirit and mind, and had witnessed some incredible things that are described in other portions of my story. But when I finally opened my mind to the fact that I was being led to something, that i was on a path set before me by my Creator...... In a fit of tears walking alone in the foothills of southern Colorado, I looked to the sky and spoke to God for the first time since I was a small child. I called out to the Universe with every last bit of my ego leaving me with those words flying from my mouth. "Please! Please, Great Spirit I have to know what is happening to me! Are they a right about me? Am I going crazy? Please Just Give Me That! Is this an illusion or are my visions to become reality? Are there really monsters out here disguised as humans, some even being inside those we know and love? PLEASE JUST GIVE ME ANSWER OR EVEN A SIGN SO I KNOW WHETHER OR NOT TO TAKE MY WIFES ADVICE AND SEEK MEDICAL HELP OR JUST BLOW MY HEAD OFF AND SAVE THEM ALL FROM MY MADNESS!!
As soon as the last was out, I heard it. Even through my tears and the dirt blowing in my eyes, I could see the change. Just like a layer of fog or movie magic, a new dimension lowered down toward me. Like diving into water, but instead the pool is coming from above. I could see two worlds. The one upon which I stood was where I'd lived and grown and been led to this moment. The one coming slowly down, (now nearly to my head) was something like this one, but much different. My 3d view was a beautiful valley with wildflowers and all the colors and smells of spring in Colorado City. The new ?d world which was pouring over me now looked to have much the same geographic formation, but instead the ground was barren of life, the dirt and rocks covered with a brownish film of dirt and disgust. Across the path to my right i could see some remnants of the tree that had stood there moments ago. A giant pine tree with life just radiating from its every inch, it was now only a petrified stump with a few chunks of it Lying around. Long dead and forgotten, it had reached its final moments millions of years or minutes through an unknown multitude realms ago. There had been a great and awful kind of disaster here, and I knew deep down that this would be the case in every corner of the world in which I was now peering with squinting and dusty, tear filled eyes. Whatever happened, it had all but erased Life from the face of The Earth. But still, there was a sense of there still being something somewhere that yet lived. But there was no sense of Evil or darkness anywhere. Only the memory of it's passing, along with those beings which would not refute it and cast away the hold it had upon them, and the creatures which went with them into the ground to begin a new cycle of Creation once more. The descending layer was now at my waist, and i remembered holding my breath as it first covered my head. I gasped a lungful of another world and it sustained me, but tasted acrid and hot and so very old. As I drew my attention back to my own condition, I could see the layers of existence meeting as the strange new layer of reality stayed over me, and I had suddenly a thought to test my perception by ducking my body and head down out of the (pool?). Sure enough, as i squatted down i could see my body in its original place and time, and the stark difference beginning where the divide cut across my view. I could see the rippling base of the new world hovering above in all directions. I could see the ground under my feet and the valley before me, unchanged and beautiful beyond description. And looking up I saw the yellowed and half lit sky of a sun that had not broken through the haze for an untold length of time, causing a lack of essential life force to be withheld and the Earth to remain nearly desolate. For reference I will liken it to sepia vision above and true color below, I suppose that's pretty accurate and descriptive. So after I'd proved to myself that I was experiencing something real and ducked all the way out, after I'd looked up through the surface of this reality which had just come out of to gather my wits. I humbled myself and remembered that I'd asked for this. I had begged for this moment of realization and now I must face it for better or worse. I then closed my eyes for a moment, took a slow deep (possibly last) breath and stood once more gazing at the blasted landscape within the realm I'd been allowed to enter. I then openly acknowledged that the voice addressing Me in my heart and in my mind, sounding just like My own voice, ( the one I'd always called my conscience) was saying something, calling Me and my entire existence to take my focus and put it where it belongs. Speaking with a trembling and cracked yet affirmative and direct voice, I spake "Here I Am." The reply was instant and commanded my complete attention with such authority that cannot be described in any other way than to be likened to the very words of Creation; " NOW THEN, DO YOU NOT SEE? CAN YOU NOT SAY THAT YOUR SIGHT IS TRUE? DO YOU YET DENY THAT WHAT I HAVE LAIN BEFORE YOU IS TRULY BEFORE YOU? DO YOU DENY YOUR VERY CREATOR HIS PLAN FOR YOU ON THIS DAY? " I spake in reply to God Almighty, with wonder and fear and complete submission to the Power that was being awakened inside Me. "Im not crazy. I knew I wasn't crazy. I have always known that I can see more than most others, and that all of those who I'd tried to share my visions with must have just been lacking something fundamental that kept them from understanding or even trying to look and see for themselves." "But Great Spirit, what does it mean? Why Me? Why have i been given this Sight and why has it been so intense and mounting within Me over the past few years? Why does it seem like there is about to be an absolute shift and why does it feel so frightening and exciting at the same time? " The Voice Of God, Speaking with the sound of My own Voice but with more authority and more than just Power from within: " YOU ARE HERE BECAUSE I HAVE PUT YOU HERE. YOU CAN SEE BECAUSE I HAVE SHOWN YOU HOW. YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN SEEKING TRUTH BECAUSE YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ABLE AND FINDING THINGS THAT OTHERS DO NOT. SO IS YOUR PURPOSE, AS I HAVE MADE IT TO BE" Aloud i said " Why Spirit, why do I have to be seen as a fool by the ones Whom I need the most to understand what is happening to me and all around to all of Us? I know something big is coming, something that will end many lives and change everything that we know And I don't want them to be unprepared. I just feel so sad and afraid that nobody else will listen and I will have failed them, failed everything, even You Dear God" Then I added " How can I show them how to see like me when they refuse even to look about without disdain and doubt? How do I get them to feel that which is so plainly about to be? I'm so confused and scared and I am losing Hope for All of Us." " YOU CAN SEE, SO YOU CAN SHARE. YOU HAVE ASKED, AND NOW YOU SHALL ANSWER." "WILL YOU TELL THEM WHAT I'VE SHOWN YOU HERE, WHAT YOU'VE BEEN ALLOWED FOR YOURSELF TO SEE? THIS I COMMAND OF YOU, FOR KNOWLEDGE OF LOVE AND TRUST IN YOUR MAKER IS TO SHARE WITH ALL WHO KNOW IT NOT. YOUR'S IS A VOICE THAT CAN BE HEARD, AS I HAVE MADE IT TO BE." "IF YOU WANT TO SAVE ANY ONE OF THEM, YOU MUST TEACH THEM ABOUT THE CYCLE AND WHERE YOUR PLACES ARE IN THIS ONE. AND YOU MUST CARRY MY LAWS WITH YOU TO TEACH AGAINST THE DARKNESS THAT SEEKS TO CLAIM EVERY SOUL FROM SALVATION" "DO YOU ACCEPT THIS PATH, NOW THAT YOU HAVE INSISTED ON ASKING OF ME THAT YOU MAY CATCH A GLIMPSE AHEAD TO KEEP FROM LOSING YOUR WAY?" "GIVE ANSWER, I COMMAND IT. OR TURN AWAY AND EMBRACE DAMNATION AS YOUR JUDGEMENT. FOR EVEN MY ELECT MAY BE LOST THIS TIME, FOR THIS CYCLE WILL BE THE LAST."
The fog was rising now, slowly up my stomach and chest. My tears were so many that my shirt was getting wet. Without hesitation, as I'd already known I would someday do. With all the Love and all of the Fear that makes Me what I am. I closed my eyes once more to the sights around Me and spoke once more: " I accept and I beg forgiveness for my doubt, Dear Lord. I shall make it my focus to fulfill My duty and answer My calling. I will gladly take My Creator's Path, which was laid before me even at the beginning of Time as You've Made it, Great Spirit. I will seek to to discern all Truth that I can using your gifts. Yes I, Your humbled and grateful Creation do swear that once I have the words to speak that I will find a way to reach all who will but hear them. I will not allow myself to be swayed by the darkness, for this is my lot and I Thank You for giving it to me to Have and to use for Your work."
Just as I'd finished my words, the vision was gone. But the Sight was stronger than ever within Me, and I now am eager to tell of the things I have seen since that Day. Praise God and seek penance. These things I have not done enough. There can never be enough for any of Us. I think I understand that Now, four years and lifetimes later.
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