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A community for people who ship Castiel & Dean (supernatural). Fanfic/art/videos, photos of Dean, Cas, Jensen or Misha.

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Subreddit dedicated to the TV show Supernatural on the CW Network, starring Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins.

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This is a sub made for anyone who has inquiries/needs help with unexplained events (often labeled as 'paranormal' or 'supernatural'). Mod & select contributors have experience in that kind of subject matter which they make available for those who need assistance or information. If you have an issue relating to the above, reach out to the mod & we'll do our best to assist.

2023.03.30 12:43 sableheart Norn9: Vars Commons Megathread

Norn9: Vars Commons will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 30!

Please post all questions and minor discussions about Norn9 in this thread and please use the search function as well.
Please also use spoiler tags when talking about details that are only revealed when playing a particular route. >!spoiler text!< spoiler text

Norn9: Vars Commons Play-Along

Whether you have just bought the game, played the Vita version or in Japanese, you are welcome to participate in our play-along! There will be a new post once a week for a different route in the following order:
  • Common Route and General Impressions - April 6
  • Heishi Otomaru - April 11
  • Senri Ichinose - April 13
  • Sakuya Nijou - April 18
  • Kakeru Yuiga - April 20
  • Masamune Toya - April 25
  • Itsuki Kagami - April 27
  • Akito Shukuri - May 2
  • Ron Muroboshi - May 4
  • Natsuhiko Azuma - May 9
Each post will be linked here for easy reference.
You do not have to play in the above order at the rate of two routes a week, you can binge it all in a day if you wish.
  • You must play as Koharu for Kakeru, Senri and Masamune's routes.
    • Masamune is locked until one of the other two routes is completed.
  • You must play as Mikoto for Natsuhiko, Sakuya and Itsuki's routes.
    • Natsuhiko is locked until one of the other two routes is completed.
  • You must play as Nanami for Akito, Ron and Heishi's routes.
    • Ron is locked until one of the other two routes is completed.
Comments unrelated to Norn9: Vars Commons will be removed - please post in the Weekly Questions threads or the Free Talk Friday threads instead.
Please use spoiler tags liberally as people checking this thread may not necessarily want a lot of information. Save your route thoughts and discussions for the play-along threads or the What Are You Reading Wednesday threads.
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2023.03.30 12:43 Flammenkrieg Coincidence? I think not! (aka dumb train of thought joke living rent-free in my brain from three years ago)

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2023.03.30 12:43 Legitimate-Scheme996 Who is the Supreme (Aadi Ram) God? Must read the sacred book Gyan Ganga.

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2023.03.30 12:43 julijow 8gb vram enough?

I was pretty much sold on bying a new gaming laptop with a 4060(8gb vram) this year, assuming 8gb vram would be enough for my needs wich are the following:
- multiplayer games like Hunt Showdown, Valorant, CS... which usually require pretty low specs and I play them on low settings anyway (1080p/1440p-lowToMediumSettings/100+fps)
- (turn based) strategy games which also do not require high specs and are fine to play with less fps(1080p/1440p-mediumSettings/60fps)
- occasionally playing AAA games on the TV with my gf (like Elden Ring, A plague Tale, etc) in which 1080p/mediumSettings/60fps(for slower paced games even 40-50 fps) would be enough
I expected 8gb vram to be enough for this kind of low needs for the next (at least) 4 years to come. But the recent reports for new games like TLOU remake or RE4 remake (which i planned on to play both) got me thinking if it is really enough
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2023.03.30 12:42 sayitloud-sa Advice please

I have been talking to this older lovely woman who’s super nice and gentle,we have exchanged numbers and talked a lot on the phone and video chat many times. I’ve been clear from the beginning that it’s just casual thing however over time she fall in love with me and keep asking me to marry her and she would pay for everything. The hard part is she’s obsessed with me and wants me to move from my country to hers which is something hard to do.
Any have this experience before could help with an advice?
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2023.03.30 12:42 -Roby- Panic Attacks while playing

I'm sorry, I play slow. I do this to prevent myself from having panic attacks. I am a Afghanistan war veteran and suffer from ptsd. High stress situations throw me into fight/flight mode very easily. I intentionally play slow and calm so I can watch and monitor my breathing to prevent these, but it seems like this playstyle is the cause of alot of pain in this community. If I play too fast I will get over stimulated and will not enjoy the game. So I apologize to all the mordex mains who throw me a thumbs down after a good game, I'm doing my best to enjoy and learn the game, let an old man take his time will ya? EDIT: The panic attacks are a normal part of life, if I wanted to avoid them completely I would play a different game obviously, I'm just gonna play at a snails pace and send my condolences to anyone who feels like I'm ruining their fun.
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2023.03.30 12:42 Ireng0 Starting an Anarchy campaign, and I've questions

Hello folks. Like I said above I'm starting an Anarchy campaign. I would like to ask: 1. Which version of Shadow Amps is better, 2050 or Surprise Threat? As 2050 seems to incorporate ST's advice.
  1. Some people reconvert karma to nuyen. Do you recommend the street cred ST rule, as a middle point?
  2. I'll be playing in roll20, that has a nice sheet made by a player. Are there any publicly available macros written to speed up gameplay?
  3. Finally, any advice? I haven't played Catalyst SR a lot, mostly FATE and PBTA hacks.
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2023.03.30 12:42 StepwiseUndrape574 Watch GTA 5 Morph Into A Photorealistic Sim With Machine Learning Sorcery From Intel

Some people are concerned about games like GTA 5 affecting peoples' behavior in real life, but what if those games actually looked like real life? Researchers at Intel Labs may have figured out how to do just that using machine learning to make rendered footage look photorealistic. This technology could just bring gaming into a new era if it is used in the wild.
Since the dawn of video games, people have been trying to make them as realistic as possible to achieve the most immersive experience. PC and console hardware has grown over time as well, which nicely complements this goal. Take, for example, the Tomb Raider games, the original of which looks to us more like a Cubism art piece versus what we have now. It seems that things have somewhat stagnated, though, as Moore’s Law can only take you so far on hardware, and the equivalent law in software can only go so far as well. However, Intel Labs researchers may have found a way to circumvent any traditional notion of what a game looks like by using machine learning techniques.
lara croft gta v looks like real life with machine learning techniques from intel labs Tomb Raider I Released In 1996
The Intel Labs team’s project abstract describes how they can enhance synthetic images through a convolutional network, which is a type of deep neural network. This neural network was trained using the rendered images from the game alongside intermediate rendering buffers (G-Buffers), which “provide information on the geometry, materials, and lighting in the scene.” The G-Buffered are processed and used as input for the image enhancement network “where they are used to modulate image features.” While there is a lot more that goes into it, this work culminates in the footage you see below from GTA 5.
If we did not know it was from GTA 5, it would be hard to tell that it was not real. Of course, some minor issues appear, such as license plates becoming a blurry mess, but that pales compared to the rest of the video. Besides, are you looking at license plates while driving around in GTA? In any case, this sort of technology is wild, and we cannot wait to see where it goes. If you are as excited as we are, let us know what you think about it in the comments below.
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2023.03.30 12:41 Snoo37734 Moondeck Keyboard Input

I have set up the MoonDeck Buddy Plugin on my deck because Steam Remote Play does not work well for me. I don't really have any problems with Moonlight. However, it seems that no keyboard input is sent. When I put a keyboard key on the back paddles it does not work in the game. I then used the WASD controller layout and saw that no keyboard input is sent at all. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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2023.03.30 12:41 TrendingETC Rumored: Clayface to Play a Significant Role in 'The Batman' Sequel

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2023.03.30 12:41 aquadora 21/GMT+1/PC Looking for people to play Valorant with

Hello! I’m 21f in GMT+1 time zone and am looking for other people, preferably 18+, to play comp with! Especially cool if you happen to be female as well, though it’s not a must or anything. Specifically looking for people who doesn’t get super mad or cry if we lose a match lol, and who are mainly playing for fun and enjoyment. I don’t mind some friendly bickering or whatever, just no genuine toxicity. Sometimes I do shit plays, sometimes you do shit plays, let’s laugh at it rather than getting mad about it :)
Currently I’m plat 3, though I haven’t played much recently so I’m playing pretty badly and with a lot of inconsistency. I’m usually down for VC in Discord, though I’m fine with communicating in game as well. Let me know by dm if you’d like to play sometime :)
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2023.03.30 12:40 LiveHelicopter24 New to the area and want to learn/play DnD

Hello, I’m new to Iowa City and I’ve always been interested in DnD, but I never got the chance to try it. I’m hoping there’s somewhere I can go to learn to play (or even join a campaign) and make new friends in the city. Any ideas? Thank you :)
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2023.03.30 12:40 cuckyboy66 In first pic this is my girl’s ase i Need a brutal mean bull for my gf who has a bigger cock than mine and can make her squirt like the second pic

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2023.03.30 12:40 StepwiseUndrape574 Rockstar Games confirms development of GTA 6

Exciting news for Grand Theft Auto fans as Rockstar Games has officially confirmed the development of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. The announcement was made on the official Rockstar Games website, with the company stating that they are "hard at work on the next installment of the beloved franchise."
Details about the game are still scarce, with Rockstar Games keeping tight-lipped about what players can expect from the upcoming release. However, rumors and leaks have been circulating online for some time, with many speculating about the game's setting, characters, and features.
Despite the lack of official information, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the game, which is expected to push the boundaries of open-world gaming even further. And for those looking to enhance their experience with previous games in the series, GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts http://Furymodz.com // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: http://patreon.com/furymodz 🎪 offers a variety of mods and accounts that can make playing GTA V even more fun and engaging.
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2023.03.30 12:40 razeultimate Traffic court for misdemeanors

Hey y'all, I was charged with four misdemeanors. I was driving perfectly, but cop ran my plates and gave me four misdemeanor tickets for suspended registration, suspended license, and no insurance. Two of the tickets were identical. This is on Long Island.
The thing is, I have insurance and my license is good. My registration was suspended due to a lapse of insurance three months before for 30 days, but the DMV never sent a notification telling me to turn in my plates (and I had physically gone to the DMV to show them my new insurance and they never said anything). After the ticket, I went straight to the DMV as soon as I could and turned in my plates.
I couldn't afford a lawyer, but my friend who went through something similar said that as long as I plead not guilty, I'll probably just end up paying lots of fines.
I have a folder with my registration, licence, insurance card, drivers records from the DMV, the tickets, my receipt for turning in my plates, and a piece of paper the cop printed out to show me that my registration was suspended.
I also have a letter from the DMV dated to before I went in with my new insurance stating that I needed to send proof of insurance, and stating that they will send me a letter of how many days, if at all, I need to turn in my plates.
Unfortunately, I've gotten tickets for speeding (all under 10mph over the speed limit except one) in the past and I just pleaded guilty over mail, so I know that that will look bad.
Now, today's the date of court, and I am so nervous. I am really regretting not getting a lawyer. What are the chances the cop doesn't show up? What do I do if he does? Aka do I still plead not guilty?
I am 21F so do you think that will affect my chances in a negative way? Am I gonna go to jail? And if I do, do I have to tell my job?
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2023.03.30 12:40 MurkyPeace2725 Bybit clone script: launch a crypto exchange platform instantly

Bybit clone script: launch a crypto exchange platform instantly
Bybit is a popular cryptocurrency derivatives exchange offering users a wide range of trading products and services. With its user-friendly interface, advanced trading features, and robust security measures, Bybit has become a favourite among traders and investors who want to trade cryptocurrencies with leverage.
Bybit clone script
A Bybit clone script is a software program replicating the functionality and features of the Bybit platform, allowing users to launch their own cryptocurrency derivatives exchange quickly and easily.
By using a Bybit clone script, entrepreneurs can save time and money on development costs and instead focus on building their brand along with growing their user base.
A Bybit clone script typically includes a range of features and functions that are similar to the original Bybit platform, such as:
  1. User-friendly interface: The Bybit clone script usually includes a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and intuitive to use, allowing users to place trades, manage their portfolios, and access other features with ease.
  2. Trading engine: The trading engine is the core component of the Bybit clone script that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with leverage. It typically includes advanced features such as order types, margin trading, and risk management tools.
  3. Security features: The Bybit clone script usually includes robust security features, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), anti-DDoS protection, and cold storage for user funds.
  4. Liquidity: A Bybit clone script typically includes a liquidity module that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies with high liquidity, ensuring they can buy and sell assets quickly and easily.
  5. Customization: A Bybit clone script can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of the exchange owner, such as branding, language support, and trading fees.
Overall, a Bybit clone script can be an excellent option for entrepreneurs who want to quickly and easily launch their cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.
However, choosing a reliable and reputable clone script provider is essential to ensure the platform is secure and scalable.
Coinsclone is a reputed company that offers Bybit clone software at an affordable cost. They have been providing services in the blockchain industry for several years and provide delivery on time.
You can choose them to start your entrepreneurial journey in the crypto niche.
Get a live demo >>>Bybit Clone software script
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2023.03.30 12:40 AutoModerator [Get] Ryan Moran – 5 Days To 7-Figures Challenge Full Course Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Ryan Moran – 5 Days To 7-Figures Challenge Full Course Download Instant Delivery
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/ryan-moran-5-days-to-7-figures-challenge-full-course-download-instant-delivery/
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Leave with your own roadmap for success with clear, actionable steps to hit 7-figures in 2023 Achieve better & faster results by avoiding the common, critical mistakes the other guys are making Stop trying to figure it all out yourself. Build your million dollar brand with help from million dollar coaches who will lead you through 5 days of live calls
Find the suite of products your customers crave, so you can take sales from day 1
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2023.03.30 12:40 Syednaqvi927 Can someone from iraq translate this from me?

Can someone from iraq translate this from me?
It's about a girl who got murdered and some dude was blaming iraq for it. Can someone tell me what is being said in the vid?
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2023.03.30 12:40 _Erithacus_ 25 [F4R] Europe/Anywhere - Looking for musicians/artistic friends

I play electric guitar (shred, metal, djent) but I am currently on a break from playing because of elbow tendonitis + other issues, however I get really sad and bored any time I'm unable to make music, hence this post. I have a chronic illness that causes random inflammation, so I have to take things slow but I am still very motivated to accomplish things, even if it takes awhile. I'll just go at my own pace.
So, I am looking for people, who have some creative abilities; all types of musicians are welcome (guitarists, sax players, drummers, keyboard players...) as long as you are pretty skilled and able to compose original music, good at using a DAW (I use Cubase right now personally) recording/mixing/mastering, making videos/editing, crafting costumes/masks, 3D modeling, etc
For now, we can just discuss and see if we fit well together :)
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2023.03.30 12:39 Fit-Cranberry-5655 Battle pass is low effort

Having recolors for the skin (arguably better than the later skins) as huge parts of the battle pass seem so lame and low effort.
Furthermore the amc skins of late are reusing the hives from his previous skins and just recoloring them. Personally, that pisses me off. If you’re going to give a god skins, can they at least be cool and new and different from his other ones? I expected a recolor of his hive for the recolor skin, but it should have a whole new hive, and not just a recolor of one of his skins that was introduced years ago.
The dark angel skin reused his moth man hive skin.
The lich amcs reuse the red robot amc hive skins.
It’s lazy and im not purchasing a battle pass with lazy effort that costs more, and had the dumbass restriction of completing quests the week they are released or the player loses the option to earn those points…. To reward consistent play… rather to punish those players who can’t complete the Bp quests the week of the pass and try to force them to play… FOMO bullshit. (Yeah they reverted.. as they fucking should)
I have spent quite a bit of money on this game in just this year alone, however I’m not buying into this lazy shit anymore and it’s sad and frustrating to deal with shit like this for my favorite god.
The hud fiasco and shitty ass store as rubbed me the wrong way too… finally an awesome desirable feature of being able to edit the hud… and it’s tied to the incredibly ineffecient navigation bullshit of the new store.
*Edited for clarity as I’m on my phone and it’s 6am lol
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2023.03.30 12:39 Starimax [PC][All Platforms] Introducing Raiders Of The lost Shank

Attention all Destiny 2 players! Do you enjoy challenging raids, exploring new worlds, and battling alongside a group of like-minded individuals? Look no further than "Raiders of the Lost Shank"!
We are a friendly and dedicated clan of Destiny 2 players who are passionate about taking on the toughest challenges that the game has to offer. From the Vault of Glass to the Deep Stone Crypt, we have conquered them all, and we're always looking for new members to join our ranks.
As a member of "Raiders of the Lost Shank", you will have the opportunity to participate in regular raids, complete weekly challenges, and earn exclusive rewards. We welcome players of all skill levels, whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game.
Our clan is more than just a group of players - we're a community of friends who enjoy playing together and helping each other achieve our goals. Whether you're looking for a group to complete a raid with, or just someone to chat with while exploring the galaxy, we're here for you.
So what are you waiting for? Join "Raiders of the Lost Shank" today and start your journey to becoming a legend in Destiny 2!
How to Join Join one of our in-game clans here: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=5045726 Join our the100 group here: https://www.the100.io/groups/v2/910452 Join our Discord group here: https://discord.gg/VtkHHeCQ
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2023.03.30 12:39 llaw1iett Nose Ring Too Early…Infected

for starters i’m really new to piercings, and part of this is definitely my fault. i didn’t do much research into the nose ring before getting it done. went in january, piercer without hesitation put in this ring, no stud to start off, didn’t mention the risks of going straight for a ring, nothing.
as you can see, she is infected!! it ended up this way for a bit after the initial healing period, and then it went away, now it’s back worse. bit of pus (more blood tbh), bump, and it hurts to touch or play with but it isn’t sore unless i touch it.
i just need some advice. i’ve been cleaning it with salt water but it’s uglyyy and i really dont wanna get the piercing out. im not going back to the original piercer because they clearly dont know what theyre doing.
yeah i know call a doctor - i will, but i’m trying to resolve this on my own first. im a broke college student away from home. advice?
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