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The Reddit community for the online game, Taonga, The Island Farm. Hello there~πŸ’ž I'm Soup, your Head Moderator, and welcome to the first community for the online game, Taonga, The Island Farm. Welcome! We are so excited to meet you! Please, have a look around and if you need anything, don't hesitate to contact the mods. We will do our best to answer your questions!β™‘

2016.03.06 00:26 FarmyFarm Farms of Stardew Valley

Share and discuss the farm designs you've created in Stardew Valley!

2019.04.10 20:11 Rhia1 Decurse

Design your dream island where pandas 🐼, wizards, and mermaids are just the beginning! BEDAZZLE, CRAFT and FARM your way through enchanted lands as you free a world submerged in water! Can you reverse the curse with the power of smiles and rainbows to bring happiness to the villagers? 🌈 ****Please note that this isn't the official Decurse Reddit page. There is no official Decurse Reddit page! So, the creators may or may not even look at this Reddit community, but you never know.****

2023.03.30 17:44 Ok_Worldliness8344 Noob question?

Hi all ,
I've been playing for 104 days, got a query about stoneskin gear?? Where do they drop or are they crafted?? Another question, is there anyway to get the component champions to get justicar champion, I've been farming like crazy and none of the bastards are dropping, it for a quest as justicar is a bit crap. Thanks all in advance for your words of wisdom
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2023.03.30 17:43 HardworkPanda Farm Puzzles

Play Farm Puzzles
Farm Puzzles Jigsaw is a free online game from genre of puzzle and jigsaw really suitable games for kids! You can select one of the 14 different animals and then try to complete all image! Have fun and enjoy with your little one!
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2023.03.30 17:43 PostingSomeToast All the Kia/Hyundai on the "ineligible for insurance" list because of the Kia Boys Tik Tok theft scandal..... FYI

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2023.03.30 17:43 Medical_Switch_7131 What should one actually spend their diamonds on?

I've been playing the game on/off for like 8 years now and I have now realized that I have an abundance of gems. I don't have enough to buy a 1500 gem island but I have 500+. What should I spend them on?!
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2023.03.30 17:42 reporm4d4 Should I keep ice or use rubber?

I'm in the first sea at the magma island
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2023.03.30 17:41 sandcrawler2 Ranking Every MWII Multiplayer Map

Awful Tier - Maps that I regularly back out of - ranked below a 4/10
Border Crossing - Overall 1/10
Theme - 4/10
Design - 0/10
Fun Factor - 1/10
6v6 - 1/10
10v10 - 2/10
This is legitimately the worst designed 6v6 cod map ive ever played. I would not care if they removed it from multiplayer and used it for other modes only like invasion where it actually plays pretty decent.
Museum - Overall 2.5/10
Theme - 8/10
Design - 2/10
Fun Factor - 2/10
6v6 - 1/10
10v10 - 6/10
Visually stunning, bright colors, good lighting, nice theme. Just way too big and a terrible layout. This map should absolutely not be in 6v6 but plays okay in 10v10.
Crown Raceway - Overall 3/10
Theme - 1/10
Design - 2/10
Fun Factor - 2/10
6v6 - 3/10
10v10 - 4/10
This one is just plain boring, ugly, and disappointing. A cool concept and theme on paper but executed poorly and is further ruined by horrible map design and atrocious lighting. Visually the worst looking map, so unfortunate what could have been a 9/10 theme is instead a huge weakness. For some reason everything is lit up to indicate that its night, yet the sky is still dark blue. Additionally the way they laid everything out is a travesty. Ridiculously long sniping lanes and cookie cutter interiors that make it feel samey everywhere you go. I wont play this one unless its 10v10, and its still mediocre even then.
Mediocre Tier - These maps are very flawed but I wont always skip them - ranked 4 to 6.5/10
Taraq - Overall 4.5/10
Theme - 7/10
Design - 4/10
Fun Factor - 5/10
6v6 - 4/10
10v10 - 5/10
Probably the most realistic map theme and design. Theres actually quite a few cool spots, map knowledge goes a long way here. This isnt shipment, you gotta play at a slower more calculated pace, mindlessly rushing everywhere will get you killed. Its not a great map but I like having a more open layout for variety.
Breenbergh Hotel - Overall 5.5/10
Theme - 5/10
Design - 5/10
Fun Factor 4/10
6v6 - 5/10
10v10 - 7/10
Im not as big on hotel as a lot of people seem to be, imo its the most overrated map in the game. I just cant get excited to play any mode on this map. Definitely some awkward sights and angles too, its not like they designed the place IRL with pvp combat in mind. Overall theme is okay but nothing special. Much better on 10v10
Al Bagra Fortress - Overall 6/10
Theme - 9/10
Design - 3/10
Fun Factor 6/10
6v6 - 6/10
10v10 - 5/10
Smaller size, cool theme, whats not to love other than the cheesy camping spots and the notorious spawn trap. The more I play this map the less I like it. I will say its not so bad for hardpoint and other modes outside of domination. Probably the hardest to rank because it plays so differently depending on the teams. I dont think 10v10 is an improvement on this map.
Zaya Observatory - Overall 6.4/10
Theme - 2/10
Design - 4/10
Fun Factor - 7/10
6v6 - 6/10
10v10 - 4/10
Ive actually never played Dome before so this was new to me. Not much of a theme here and its cluttered with junk randomly scattered throughout the map. A bit awkward to play, not a fan of the building chokepoint with the only other option being exposing yourself on the ladder route. Pretty terrible design but at least its small so there is plenty of action on 6v6. On 10v10 this map gets somehow simultaneously spammy and campy
Good Tier - Maps that can be great on certain modes but have inherent flaws that keep them out of top tier - ranked 6.5 to 8/10
El Asilo - Overall 7/10
Theme - 2/10
Design - 7/10
Fun Factor - 6/10
6v6 - 7/10
10v10 - 5/10
Pretty underrated map. There are sightlines for sniping but not enough to constantly be killed out of nowhere like Taraq or Musuem. The center building allows use of close range weapons. ARs and medium range split the difference. Hardpoint is a blast here if you play the objective. Yea I know its El Ass but honestly there are a lot of maps that play worse than this.
Zarqwa Hydroelectric - Overall 7.6/10
Theme - 7/10
Design - 6/10
Fun Factor- 8/10
6v6 - 6/10
10v10 - 9/10
One of the best looking maps with good lighting and beautiful water. The underwater passages are the x factor, allowing me to play this map differently from the rest and enjoy it for the uniqueness. Best for domination or hardpoint rather than TDM. If it was a bit smaller it would easily jump up a tier. Other than Musuem this map is improved the most by 10v10 and becomes top tier.
Great tier - I rarely have bad matches on these maps. Ranked 8 to 9/10
Shipment - Overall 8/10
Theme - 8/10
Design - 6/10
Fun Factor - 10/10
6v6 - 7/10
10v10 - na
I dont care what anyone says, this map is great for throwing on some music, having a beer or a joint, and just fucking shit up. Liking shipment doesnt mean you have adhd, you can enjoy the map and still appreciate slower paces of combat. A godsend for those of us who dont have much time to grind out camos or challenges. Design is better than previous Shipments, not much they can really do there with the size of the map. Best themed ship as well and the rain is a nice elemental touch. Just make it 24/7/365 already so I dont have to hear people constantly bitching about other people constantly bitching about not being able to play shipment. A 3v3 or 4v4 playlist would be a improvement over 6v6 imo, would be way less spawn deaths.
Embassy - Overall 8.4/10
Theme - 6/10
Design - 7/10
Fun Factor- 9/10
6v6 - 8/10
10v10 - 8/10
Very underrated map in MWII. Not too large, good verticality, lots of different sightlines that allow for gun variety. Lowkey the best map to get longshots. My favorite spot is the recessed corner right next to the tennis court. Just go prone and throw up a shield on your blind side. Theres a few cheesy window spots that prevent it from being a top tier map but still great overall.
Himmelmatt Expo - Overall 8.6/10
Theme - 9/10
Design - 8/10
Fun Factor - 9/10
6v6 - 8/10
10v10 - 8/10
The first original map added to the game, and it only took over 4 months. Some of the indoor areas of the map can be annoying, specifically the theater, but the rest of the map is top tier. I love diving in the pool while attempting trick shots and knife throws mid air. If you play to have fun instead of taking it too seriously its a great map. The theme and visuals are top tier as well and visibility of enemies is excellent.
Shoot House - Overall 8.8/10
Theme - 3/10
Design - 9/10
Fun Factor - 7/10
6v6 - 9/10
10v10 - 8/10
Is it overrated? Maybe a tiny bit. A nearly perfect map on paper, but it plays a bit too predictably, especially with all the camo grinders. Still a very good map with a good variety of sightlines. Little known fact : you can perch up on the rock climbing wall next to to broken cars if you sprint jump and even hop from peg to peg.
Top Tier - Maps that have no real flaws in their designs and work well for every weapon class - ranked above a 9/10
Farm 18 - Overall 9.2/10
Theme - 8/10
Design - 9/10
Fun Factor - 9/10
6v6 - 9/10
10v10 - 8/10
Nice overgrown post apocalyptic theme. Adequate size for 6v6. A great variety of guns from snipers to shotguns can be used effectively if you go to the right areas. Map knowledge is huge on Farm, theres a spot you can climb on inside the center building that has a direct sight on the slanted rooftop. Also a few lesser known ways to climb up certain places for unsuspecting counter plays. Top tier map, we need more like this.
Mercado Las Almas - Overall 9.5/10
Theme - 9/10
Design - 9/10
Fun Factor- 9/10
6v6 - 10/10
10v10 - 8/10
Visually the best color palette, great lighting, and more importantly the one of the best map designs. This map is made for 6v6. Small enough for plenty of action, big enough to allow various sightlines so any gun is viable. A good longshot alley that has enough cover to advance forward and have some good gun battles. Different routes available to flank with no major choke points. Some closer combat corners and small buildings for shotgun and smg users. My favorite spot is going prone on top of the RV and challenging opposing snipers down the alley. Good for pretty much all playstyles and game modes. Its not quite Highrise or Terminal but for me it ranks among some of my all time favorites.
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2023.03.30 17:40 FilipinoAko_ guys can u all make me suffer more?

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2023.03.30 17:40 snowthejohn POH loot table?

Title. Does anybody have a loot table for this dungeon or where the premonition drops? Looking to farm for a good roll while it’s the weekly rotator. Thanks I’m advance
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2023.03.30 17:40 zenbrush Fuel farming ideas for the challenge completion ^_^ The fuel tank hides well behind tracks, just don't get destroyed

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2023.03.30 17:39 PlantBasedPoker Sea toad near Wake Island, a coral atoll in the western Pacific Ocean

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2023.03.30 17:39 joydeepdas027 Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Recipes

Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Recipes
Hi, Are you looking for a versatile and delicious ingredient to take your baking to the next level? Look no further than Pepperidge Farm puff pastry! This buttery with flaky pastry is perfect for both sweet and also savoury dishes can be used in a variety of creative ways.
Puff pastry is a light with flaky pastry made from layers of butter and dough puff up when baked. It's a staple in French so it also European baking is used in everything from croissants to palmiers. Pepperidge Farm puff pastry is a popular brand that of pre made puff pastry can be found in the frozen section of mostly in grocery stores. Read More
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2023.03.30 17:39 kl1169 TOGC Release?

Now that Ulduar is on farm for many people it is only natural we think to the next tier? I am leaning towards August personally, but who knows?
View Poll
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2023.03.30 17:38 Nalyak Saphire Help

Im stuck at the quest of the 6 saphire to provide to gem tower. What is the fastest way to farm gems/ scrolls? Stupidly long to wait for every other mines to produce lower tier gem to convert them.
Also after this quest when will i be able to go back to explore islands?
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2023.03.30 17:38 b12ftw Bridget wasn't hatched yesterday, she knows she's living the good life at Charlie's Acres Farm Sanctuary

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2023.03.30 17:38 Rasd-Coduresa-Diziet IOS No Green Bonus Icons?

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2023.03.30 17:38 Ars0nandt3a So, I just realized what the big rock island does (NMT)... sweet

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2023.03.30 17:37 FocusLoud8015 My Prediction For An Oli Pop Off

With Mcc Scuffed in 2 days, I want to go over why I think Oli (OrionSound) will have one of his best individual placements in this event.
Firstly, Oli has appeared on 3 different Mcc practice streams on islands with Callum, FBM and Beky. I think this will applie in Mcc as playing alot a few days before can help you improve the things that need improving like PvP or movement. He has also played every islands game in the practice streams so he will have some connections to the real event and will do very well!
Secondly, the games are actually in his favour. His best 3 games are SOT, HITW and BM, BB is actually his 5th best game. There are two games that do hurt him which are SG and TGTTOS. So if his best games are played in the second half he can break his individual record of 21st in the last Mcc he played where he won.
I think that Oli will have a pop off this event and might have a chance to get that coin along side his team mates. Also, if it is really all Build Mart, Green actually is an allround team as it's Oli's 3rd best game, Krinios has it as his 6th best game but he is an all round player and is like 20 coins from it being his best game, it's beky's 4th best game but, Punz has it as his 11th best game which could hurt the team alot.
Do you think Oli has a potential Pop Off this event?
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2023.03.30 17:36 PlentyWonderful1717 I don't believe this. I posted yesterday about a pit bull and today a stray one showed up at our farm

I am shaking I am so upset. I heard a dog barking and thought it was our border collie farm dog dreaming/barking in his sleep (he was in the basement with my husband thankfully). It kept going on so I looked out the window and saw a massive 100lb+ pit bull shredding our chicken coop door trying to get at our hens. Thank goodness our momma goats and their babies are secured inside the barn. The dog destroyed the very sturdy, well made door.
We got the dog on a leash...crazy I know...secured him in an outbuilding. The state police came and filed a report. The cop found the owner and she came and got the dog. Her husband owns a construction company and is supposed to stop over to see about the door. You just know he's going to be a total a-hole. The owner said they have 2 pit bulls. Ugh.
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2023.03.30 17:35 Rossage196 i made a zine about the current seattle (bham) live music scene.

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2023.03.30 17:35 SpiralGMG Is this deck good?

Hello, im getting back into MTG through arena. so far I've been enjoying my time with it, however, when i initially made a post about getting back into the game. someone commented this list and recommended that i play this deck.
34 Island (BRO) 2712 Aetherflux Reservoir (BRR) 24 Reliquary Tower (M19) 2544 Treasure Hunt (WWK) 424 Ivory Tower (BRR) 234 Seek New Knowledge (HBG) 361 Bounty of the Deep (J21) 82 Gate to Seatower (HBG) 791 Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant (NEO) 594 Mystic Sanctuary (ELD) 247
after looking at this deck and asking one of my friends who knows the game better than I do**(who commented that this deck "Looks really annoying to play against")**, it seems like a cool deck. copying spells to draw a tone of cards and gain a tone of life and then killing your opponent with aetherflux seems very cool, but I don't know if this is a good deck to play, especially on the ranked ladder. does anyone know if this deck is good? if not what deck would you recommend building instead?
edit: I should also specify that I'm building a deck with the intent to play eternal formats like Historic and explorer.
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2023.03.30 17:34 Lobo0084 Xbox Wishlist

Playing on Xbox without mods, on a dedicated server. Absolutely loving the game and have put more hours than is healthy on a game that I wasn't looking forward to and just gave a test run before falling hard.
And I recognize the game is still in active (if small and far between) development, and that the devs don't really consider reddit as an active communication channel.
But here's my wishlist so far: - Coarse wood, core wood and ancient wood furniture. I think some fine wood items look good, but most could belong to a lower quality of wood, and darkwood looks great. - Core wood log walls and evergreen nettle roof pieces - Ancient wood walls and mossy roof pieces (that don't take water damage) - Traditional video game ladders to go with current stair types - 4x wood beams - Copper, Tin, Bronze and Iron 'joint' pieces that could be used to hide beam seams - The ability to plant mushrooms and berry bushes. Maybe requiring a new farm tool at Iron age - More boat types, possibly just skins on current classes of boats, that include a slow boat with an animal pen and a low draft, or a boat karve class with a bed to sleep overnight (the 'I'm still sailing' call for a multiplayer server makes this difficult) - A server notification that someone is trying to sleep would be very nice, and having it as an option similar to 'show my position on the map' could prevent some abuses - Missing weapon types filled in, like more two handed hammers and axes - Customization, like Karves and Longboats with different colored sails and matching to one of the current sets (dragon, wolf, bear) - Bear mobs are suspiciously absent from the black Forrest and meadow zones - 2x1 roof pieces, and 1x1 roof pieces - A 3x2 and 3x3 Stakewall Gate - A 3x2 and 3x3 iron Gate meant to be combined with another Gate instead of having its own frame - Hitbox changes to weapon swings to include more vertical hit range since the slightest difference in positioning can make enemies impossible to hit despite being aligned with the enemy animation, while enemies can strike more reliably against us.
Still playing, still having a blast, and still seeing the potential of the game. Here's to wishing in one hand.
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2023.03.30 17:33 Camboinho Transformation Scrolls question

What is the best way to farm/get? Also, I didn't see any pack to buy that offers Transformation scrolls, am I correct?
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